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01:40 dcook allo #koha
01:42 rangi hey dcook
01:43 dcook Have a good weekend?
01:44 rangi yeah not bad at all
01:47 dcook I've been looking a bit more at the "blib" directory in my local git, and I'm wondering a bit about its purpose and the status of the files it contains. I figured it was used so that I could Koha as a dev install
01:47 dcook But the files look like they're quite up to date, while my current branch is 3.8.0 O_o
01:47 rangi its used by any install
01:48 rangi (except packages of course)
01:48 rangi when you run make
01:48 rangi it makes all the files and puts them in blib
01:48 rangi then make install copies them
01:48 dcook Hmm
01:48 rangi don't commit the blib dir :)
01:49 dcook Fair enough :p
01:50 dcook Why would the files currently in there be 3.9 though?
01:51 jcamins dcook: because you didn't rerun make.
01:51 dcook That's my thought too, but I ran make the first time when 3.8.0 first came out
01:51 dcook Does updatedatabase re-run make? :S
01:51 jcamins No.
01:55 dcook So how does a dev install use blib...? The files in there are much more recent than the ones I have checked out and which run when I go to the dev site
01:55 jcamins It doesn't.
01:58 dcook Perfect. Thanks for the info.
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03:49 mtj rangi:  about?
03:49 mtj is there are json output of ->[…]bin/ ?
03:50 mtj i think i remember you showed me one, some time ago....?
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03:53 tcohen hi #koha
03:53 tcohen 1am here
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04:15 cait good morning #koha
04:17 mtj morning cait
04:17 cait morning mtj :)
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04:25 mtompset Greetings, #koha
04:26 cait hi mtompset
04:26 mtompset Greetings, cait
04:26 mtompset I'm finally going to get back to looking at koha bugs today.
04:26 cait hm I should do taht too
04:26 mtompset I think I dealt with my backup scripts task well enough so far. :)
04:27 mtompset I'll finally get to deal with that email message that I left unread in my koha lists folder.
04:28 mtompset related to bug 7368
04:28 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7368 trivial, P5 - low, ---,, ASSIGNED , General staff client typo omnibus
04:29 cait oh
04:29 mtj rangi:  np, i got it sorted... :)
04:30 mtompset can't hurt to triple check. But that's good to know.
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04:43 * mtompset frowns, "I don't understand git."
04:43 mtompset I don't want to clone master, I want to clone 3.6.x
04:46 mtj mtompset:  clone master, then make a new branch 3.6.x
04:47 mtj change to branch 3.6.x, then 'git reset --hard v3.6.6'
04:47 wahanui mtj: that doesn't look right
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04:48 mtj i do this often, myself...
04:49 mtompset Because I'd like to have 3 clones: master, 3.8.x, and 3.6.x, so I don't have to figure out more git commands when working on things that need fixing in all three, but don't necessarily need the same fixes.
04:50 mtj sure, thats exactly what i have too :)
04:50 cait you can checkout the tag too
04:50 cait git branch -b yourname v03.06.03 or something
04:50 cait if you need a specific version
04:51 mtompset Yes, but when you lose track of branches, it becomes a pain.
04:51 mtompset If you have three repos for the three versions, there's no confusion.
04:52 mtj well, i guess.... ? i never lose track of well-named branches
04:52 mtj of course , if you need a koha 3.8 and a koha3.6 to *compare* , you need 2 repos...
04:53 mtj (you cant have a repo set to 2 different commits at the same time)
04:53 mtj so, you would need 2 repos -  for that debugging situation
04:53 mtompset And that solves my forgetfulness problem too. :)
04:56 mtj 'compare' here, means compare the run-time behavior of 2 systems
04:57 mtj not compare, as in git-diff
04:57 * cait nods
04:58 mtj ... if you want to compare (giff-diff) 2 branches, you want to use *1* repo, not 2 repos
05:03 mtompset Yes, but if you make a fix, you should at least try to run it.
05:03 mtompset So multi-repos makes more sense.
05:14 mtompset can you rename the directory the git repo is in without breaking git?
05:15 cait yes
05:15 cait I think so
05:17 mtj yes, absolutely
05:18 mtj mtompset:  there's nothing stopping you from 'running'  a fix, using a single repo?
05:20 mtj testing a fix on many Koha branches, is easier on a single repo
05:21 mtompset depends on the state of the surrounding code between versions.
05:21 mtompset Sometimes things get added between versions which makes a patch not applicable across branches.
05:23 mtj sure, but you are still going to have exactly the same problem applying your problematic patch using many repos
05:23 mtj ... so whats your point?
05:23 mtompset do a diff between repo directories, and make the changes myself.
05:25 mtj hmm, thats precisely what an scm is designed for
05:26 mtompset don't trust them. :P
05:26 mtj ok, good luck, then....
05:26 cait mtompset: why notmake a patch file?
05:27 mtompset the scenario is a problematic patch across versions.
05:27 cait I think that would perhaps work a bit better than manually moving patches around. or you could have a central repo you push your changes to
05:27 mtompset that I want to test too.
05:28 mtompset No sense submitting a busted patch. :)
05:30 mtompset Okay, so mtj, how would you do a patch on 3.6.X that doesn't apply properly to 3.8.X, but the bug still exists in 3.8.X?
05:32 mtj thats a nice tricky situation :)
05:32 mtj id apply the patch to my 3.8 koha
05:32 mtj test that the patch works
05:33 mtj if it does, apply the patch to my 3.6 koha
05:33 mtj (and after i apply the patch - fix the conflicts, of course)
05:34 mtj and , if the patch was written against master, then  apply/test it to master 1st
05:34 mtompset next question in my git education... how to apply a patch?
05:35 mtj mtompset:  does that logic make sense to you?
05:36 mtompset I'll re-iterate what you said in my words, and hopefully they are the same.
05:36 mtompset Make the patch in the version you found the error in.
05:36 mtompset Take the patch and attempt to apply it to another version.
05:37 mtompset If it applies, great... test it... everyone should be happy.
05:37 mtompset If it doesn't apply nicely, make the necessary tweaks... test it... generate version'd patch.
05:37 mtj depends.. do you want to submit  the bug to - or go for a quick-fix?
05:38 mtompset Why would I be only think of myself in the short term?
05:38 mtompset That's not long term efficient for me.
05:39 mtompset Always attempt to bug report it and provide a patch to
05:39 mtj why? , its quicker, less short-term effort, and its an emergency
05:39 mtompset The bugs I fix aren't emergencies.
05:40 mtj depends, if its a critical production bug - always fix the bug 1st, submit  a fix to later...
05:40 huginn Bug[…]show_bug.cgi?id=1 major, P2, ---, chris, CLOSED FIXED, Missing uploadedmarc table definition
05:42 * mtompset laughs.
05:42 mtompset Yes, I do too, but the time difference between the two is very small.
05:44 mtompset But since 3.6.7 came out, I doubt we'll have anything of significance once we upgrade.
05:45 mtompset So, since I think I got the general gist of that... back to my next question: how to apply a git patch?
05:45 mtj $  git am -s  ./0001-Bug-6466-hung-socket-read-causes-SIP-tests-to-fail.patch
05:45 mtj you can google all that stuff...
05:46 mtompset Okay.
05:59 cait mtj: if it's a critical bug - we need the patch even more :)
05:59 * mtompset is reading up on git merge.
05:59 cait mtompset: I never merge :P
05:59 mtompset It's an easy way to copy files between branches.
06:00 mtompset if you've only added files.
06:06 mtj git cherry-pick , is a nice way to do that too (what i use)
06:06 cait yes, I use that too
06:06 mtj cherry-pick a commit(s) from another branch
06:06 cait but was not sure it's the right advice :)
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06:08 cait morning
06:22 mtompset Greetings, mbalmer
06:22 dcook_away git cherry-pick can also be used with tags, if you find that to be a handy way of identifying a commit
06:23 dcook_away After a great introduction to git from rangi and jcamins, I found the best way to learn about git was to experiment and test out different scenarios. As a result, I'm certainly a convert to developing in git.
06:24 cait :) git++
06:25 dcook_away :D
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06:28 ala_3v0 can anyone help on the installation of koha on debian squeeze
06:29 julian_m joined #koha
06:30 julian_m hello
06:30 wahanui salut, julian_m
06:30 ala_3v0 I've followed an online tutorial but have difficulties at the end when launching browser
06:32 mtj ala_3v0:  always look on the koha wiki, for the latest install information
06:34 ala_3v0 mtj - thanks
06:34 mtj or in your koha directory ->[…];f=INSTALL.debian
06:35 mtj[…]gory:Installation
06:36 mtj[…]on_Debian_Squeeze
06:36 mtj etc...
06:36 ala_3v0 mtj: I have a message on browser that states system maintenance when launching http://localhost:80
06:37 mtj try  http://localhost:8080 first...
06:39 ala_3v0 I've un-installed the debian but thanks anyway
06:41 mtj ala_3v0:  you should have asked your question here *before* un-installing the debian ;)
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06:43 mbalmer morning, kohaistas!
06:46 ala_3v0 Hi, mbalmer.
06:47 laurence joined #koha
06:48 ala_3v0 If I backup or dump a koha sql from a debian and restore it on ubuntu, can the koha system be fully functional?
06:50 BobB_ joined #koha
06:52 mtj ala_3v0:  if you are lucky, yes
06:53 mtompset I don't see why not.
06:53 mtompset from a mysqldump that is.
06:53 ala_3v0 yes from mysqldump
06:54 mtj depends.... different mysql versions between systems - could be a problem...
06:54 mtompset a mysqldump should be generic enough to transfer.
06:55 mtompset especially if ala_3v0 only dumped the koha database (whatever it is called)
06:58 ala_3v0 Is there any koha live cd on debian squeeze around as I can only find koha live cd on ubuntu
07:00 mtj mtompset:  they 'should be' yes, but my experience has been otherwise
07:03 ala_3v0 when books have been inputed into koha on the cataloging section, how long does it take to be able to be searched and found in OPAC?
07:04 mtompset really, mtj?
07:04 mtompset what koha live cd for ubuntu?
07:04 mtompset That version of koha may be out of date.
07:05 ala_3v0 There is a Koha 3.8 live on ubuntu
07:05 mtompset Really? Cool.
07:05 mtompset I did not know this.
07:05 mtompset url, please.
07:06 ala_3v0 check linux halwa
07:07 mtj ala_3v0:  no koha live-cds are officially supported, yet
07:07 mtj live-cds many work, or not.... use them at your own risk
07:08 ala_3v0 I have downloaded a copy, not sure where from
07:08 mtompset That much is true: not officially supported.
07:09 dcook_away 'night #koha
07:09 mtj ... and people here on #koha-irc wont be able to help you much, if you have problems with your live-cd
07:10 * mtompset nods.
07:10 mtompset which install to use?
07:10 wahanui If you're developing, you should use git. If you're not developing on a deb-based system, you should use packages. If you're not developing on a different flavour of Linux, you should use the tarball.
07:11 ala_3v0 what is koha-common then?
07:11 mtompset that is packages.
07:11 mtompset packages?
07:11 wahanui rumour has it packages is at
07:12 mtompset[…]on_Debian_Squeeze
07:12 mtompset That was the URL I was thinking about.
07:12 mtompset I have not tried it, but these instructions should work under Ubuntu as well.
07:13 mtompset[…]ki/Koha_on_Ubuntu
07:13 mtompset These instructions will guide you to do a tarball install.
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07:20 ala_3v0 thanks all... night... #koha-irc
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07:21 kf morning #koha, morning paul_p
07:21 paul_p good morning #koha & kf
07:21 paul_p last week before holidays for me ;-)
07:21 kf :)
07:22 kf lots to do I bet
07:22 kf how many weeks will you be gone?
07:22 paul_p kf = fortunately, most if not all our customers are on vacation already, so lot of things to do, but not the usual one
07:22 paul_p 3 weeks
07:22 kf ah ok
07:23 kf and not pushing at all during this time?
07:26 mtompset Someone is counting down. :)
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07:37 bartsimpson @rangi hello, it's Bart, I'm just about to start trying some unit testing so i'll message you if i need help :)
07:37 huginn bartsimpson: downloading the Perl source
07:38 rangi yay! thats cool bartsimpson
07:39 kf hi bartsimpson :) you don't need an @ - just say rangi:
07:39 rangi i meant to say, if you can remember how to do a commit and then format-patch you can attach the tests you did on thursday
07:39 rangi to bug 5327
07:39 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5327 major, P3, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED , Unit tests required for all C4 modules
07:40 rangi git add t/ItemType.t
07:40 rangi git commit
07:40 rangi Then
07:40 rangi git format-patch origin/master
07:41 bartsimpson oh thanks kf :) and allright i'll maybe put a add a few lines of test first then try to commit it
07:42 rangi excellent :)
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08:03 bartsimpson rangi: Hello, whats the code to run a unit test? eg I'm currently trying to run Itemtype.t
08:03 rangi perl t/ItemType.t
08:03 rangi or prove t/ItemType.t
08:04 bartsimpson hmmm
08:05 bartsimpson one sec
08:05 bartsimpson oh I was already in the t layer :) so the t/ at the start was wrong, thanks
08:06 rangi ahh yep
08:09 mtompset kohails?
08:09 kf yes
08:09 kf our official tag
08:09 kf for twittter - ils is integrated library system
08:10 mtompset oh right... my brain didn't parse koha ils... I was thinking ko hails.
08:13 mbalmer let's see...
08:16 bartsimpson rangi: I've gone through the steps to submit you wrote previously ^ but am wondering what I need to do now
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08:17 tweetbot` ..
08:17 tweetbot` ..#arcapos"
08:17 mbalmer funny, that works, indeed ;)
08:17 mbalmer didn't know we track tweets in this channel
08:18 rangi bartsimpson: ahh now you need to go to[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5327
08:18 huginn Bug 5327: major, P3, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED , Unit tests required for all C4 modules
08:18 rangi and click add attachment and upload the file
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08:20 rangi mbalmer:[…]2-07-11#i_1019931
08:20 rangi short memory :)
08:20 mbalmer hehe, I obviously changed my mind.
08:21 mbalmer and short memory, too
08:21 mbalmer but if you think of it, it is indeed a bit dubious to post in a public channel what has been posted in a different public channel
08:26 bartsimpson rangi: so do i just upload the Itemtype.t file itself from the /t directory?
08:27 kf mbalmer: I don't think so, once it's public, it's public
08:27 rangi bartsimpson: ahh nope, you have to do the git commit stuff, and git format-patch from earlier
08:28 bartsimpson rangi: right, yeah i did do that git commiting, but I'm not sure where to find that file to upload? sorry if that seems silly :)
08:28 rangi ahh
08:29 rangi when you do the git format-patch
08:29 rangi its should make one on the dir you are in it will be 0001-somethingsomething.patch
08:30 bartsimpson oh right that
08:30 wahanui right that is, like, what I was thinking :D
08:31 mtompset That's why I like to personally add '-o ~' on the end, so I know the patch file is always in my home directory.
08:37 bartsimpson rangi: cool i'm fairly certain that worked ;) :) I'm going to try start some work on the Matcher.t file you suggested on thursday
08:40 rangi excellent :)
08:40 rangi yep that patch looks good :)
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08:51 bartsimpson rangi: Hey, Im unsure of where to get a data table for the Matcher.t file... Any suggestions?
08:51 rangi lemme look
08:52 rangi http://schema.koha-community.o[…]arc_matchers.html  <-- does that help ?
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09:02 bartsimpson ummm
09:03 m23 Hello, can i report problem with here?
09:04 kf m23: yes you can, but a bit better is the translate mailing list :)
09:05 m23 ok, thanks
09:05 bartsimpson rangi: nah I'm still confused about that, semi-relatedly im getting this error "unable to locate Koha configuration file koha-conf.xml at C4/ line 360" when i perl the matcher thing
09:07 * mtj thought mbalmer was blocking his stupid tweetbot...
09:07 rangi bartsimpson: you can do this
09:07 kf !tweetbot botsnack cookie?
09:08 rangi export KOHA_CONF=/etc/koha/sites/​yoursitename/koha-conf.xml
09:08 kf tweetbot botsnack cookies
09:08 kf mtj: your bot has a bug :(
09:10 mtj whats the bug?
09:10 kf it refuses my cookies
09:13 mtj kf, aaah - that feature is the 'enterprise' edition of tweetbot
09:14 kf oh
09:15 kf *sniff*
09:16 pastebot "rangi" at pasted "some mock data" (6 lines) at
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09:20 mveron hi #koha
09:29 rangi bartsimpson: gonna crash out soon, but drop me an email if you are still stuck and ill try to help out
09:33 bartsimpson rangi: yea i've gtg to, ill talk to you later :)
09:33 bartsimpson rangi: thanks for all the help
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10:23 Joubu Hi #koha
10:25 Joubu Someone could say me how can I call a subscription closed ? terminated ? ended ? I want to add a new boolean field subscription.closed. But I don't know if it is the most adapted term
10:37 kf hm
10:38 kf Joubu: perhaps try in half an hour or so?
10:38 kf I think America is not awake yet maybe
10:40 Joubu kf: ok thanks :)
10:40 kf and I Like the idea :)
10:40 kf perhaps we could have even more status? we migrated a library and they had differentiated between
10:41 kf hm. serial has a new name, serial subscription ended (serial died), subscription was ended by the library
10:41 kf (saving money)
10:41 kf something like that
10:44 * magnuse waves
10:47 kf hi magnuse :)
10:50 magnuse hiya kf
10:55 mtompset Greetings, kf magnuse Joubu
10:56 * kf sends cookies
11:01 mtompset Thanks.
11:03 mtompset On a positive note, I cloned master three times. Now to set one to 3.6.x and the other to 3.8.x
11:04 mtompset scrolling back to see what mtj said.
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11:25 mtompset Greetings, jwagner
11:27 jwagner hi mtompset
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11:35 * mveron is back from lunch
11:35 mveron Hi everybody
11:38 laurence joined #koha
11:56 mtompset Greetings, mveron
11:56 mtompset Greetings asaurat laurence
11:56 mveron Hi mtompset
11:56 asaurat hi!
11:58 mveron hi asaurat
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12:14 * mtompset is happy to have 3 different git clones: 3.6.x, 3.8.x, and master. YAY!
12:17 mtompset jcamins_away: Are you still away? I have updated
12:17 mtompset I was going to check my changes against my three new git directories. :)
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12:26 mtompset Greetings, tcohen
12:26 tcohen hi mtompset
12:26 tcohen i was thinking of talking to you
12:26 * mtompset runs away. :)
12:26 tcohen but I'll let my new bug will talk for itself
12:27 mtompset Which bug?
12:27 tcohen I need to finish our -> 3.8 upgrade right now
12:27 tcohen but will beback soon!
12:27 mtompset I'm about to run the script I wrote for 3.8.x :)
12:27 tcohen :-D
12:28 mtompset I finally have a 3.6.x, 3.8.x, and a master git
12:28 mtompset I can run the script without having to do git commands in between. :)
12:29 McCloud Anyone know why apt-get upgrade would "keep koha-common back" when ran?
12:31 mtompset Oh, and I did get a -b -r version of done too...
12:31 mtompset Just some of the things I hope to get up to bugzilla in the next couple days.
12:32 drojf McCloud: not sure why that is but apt-get dist-upgrade will probably work
12:33 tcohen mtompset++
12:37 McCloud Yep, that worked!
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12:45 kf hi drojf
12:45 drojf hi kf
12:49 NateC joined #koha
12:49 mveron hi drojf
12:49 drojf hi mveron
12:55 ago43 joined #koha
12:56 mtompset It would seem that I found one library that wasn't in the ubuntu.packages for 3.6.x -- libgd-gd2-perl
12:57 kf hm
12:57 kf wonder for what that is used
13:00 chris_n joined #koha
13:01 mtompset C4::Images, tools/, tools/
13:01 asaurat1 joined #koha
13:03 mtompset And ubuntu 12.04 does not have Template::Plugin::HtmlToText
13:03 mtompset So, using the repo is necessary.
13:04 oleonard joined #koha
13:04 mtompset And there are thirteen libraries not listed in the ubuntu.packages for 3.8.x
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13:06 edveal joined #koha
13:06 nengard Good morning #koha
13:06 nengard I'm training a new Koha library in PA
13:06 nengard say Hello!
13:06 oleonard Hi PA!
13:06 mtompset Greetings, folks in PA! :)
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13:07 laurence joined #koha
13:07 nengard Quiet in here
13:07 * mtj waves to peepz in PA
13:08 nengard talk to you all later!! :)
13:08 mtj heya nicole :
13:09 kf Hello :)
13:10 mtompset Oh my! lots more missing in master.
13:14 * McCloud[A] is now away - Reason : Auto-Away after 30 minutes
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13:16 asaurat joined #koha
13:17 mveron drojf ++
13:17 drojf :)
13:17 kf drojf++ :)
13:18 mtompset What's the +'s for?
13:18 oleonard @karma drojf
13:18 huginn oleonard: Karma for "drojf" has been increased 19 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of 18.
13:19 mveron mtompset: Bug 8518
13:19 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8518 minor, P5 - low, ---, veron, Needs Signoff , Self checkout does not display debt amount if syspref AllowFineOverride is set to allow
13:19 kf mtompset: increasing karma - in this case for signing off a patch :)
13:20 kf and for a cool new domain name ;)
13:21 laurence joined #koha
13:21 mtompset marcelr++
13:22 drojf thanks to mveron's bug i now know the koha self checkout ;)
13:22 asaurat1 joined #koha
13:22 kf yep
13:22 kf testing is a great way to learn more about Koha's features
13:22 kf *hint hint*
13:23 mveron ^^^^^^
13:23 drojf heh mveron got my point for the dashboard because he changed it to signed off :P
13:23 mveron Sorry, drojf, I did not mean it!
13:23 drojf yeah right!
13:23 drojf :D
13:24 mveron You can get my next one, I will give you a hint...
13:24 drojf lol
13:25 drojf hmm if the count goes by that i guess you can change the status of a bug a few times to get more points
13:25 drojf and cheat your way to the top ;)
13:28 asaurat joined #koha
13:31 drojf is that number of 115 needed signoffs hardcoded? sometimes it feels that way.
13:34 mgeist joined #koha
13:35 jcamins drojf: hehe. No, but that does seem to be the patch equilibrium.
13:37 Joubu Could someone (a native english speaker by preference ) tell me how I should name a new boolean field in subscription for a closed/terminated/ended subscription ? Currently I choose "closed", but I don't know if it is the most adapted term.
13:38 jcamins Joubu: I'd probably use "closed" here, too.
13:38 asaurat1 joined #koha
13:39 asaurat1 joined #koha
13:39 mveron joined #koha
13:39 Joubu jcamins: ok, thank you for the confirmation :)
13:45 Shane-s joined #koha
13:50 tcohen bug 8519
13:50 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8519 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , Make koha-index-daemon run on startup
13:50 Shane-s questions 952$o has no descriptions if it is arbitrary (user can fill it in) or system generated. I am using MarcEdit and I have  an 852$h from follet that is a call number is 952$o the right field to use?
13:52 maximep joined #koha
13:53 talljoy Shane-s: yes it is
13:54 talljoy 952$o is the call number for the item record.
14:00 mtompset jcamins... I'll email you the latest version of shortly.
14:00 jcamins Take your time. I probably won't be doing anything with it today.
14:00 mtompset Now you can have you --noupdate.
14:00 mtompset ^you^your^ (second one)
14:01 mtompset and --full
14:01 mtompset shortly in this case means later this week. :)
14:01 mtompset I want to try to get some patches up before going to bed close to on time.
14:02 mtompset But I just discovered some more tweaks I need to make to the documentation. ARG!
14:11 SJeffery joined #koha
14:15 kf left #koha
14:32 Shane-s okay before I go importing 7655 records, lets say I find I missed a few fields is there a quick and easy way to drop the records in Koha or the MySQL DB?
14:32 * wizzyrea waves sleepily
14:32 wizzyrea at 9:30 oy.
14:34 gmcharlt Shane-s: bibliographic and item records?  if so, one option is to pass the -d switch to, which will make it delete all bibs and items prior to performing the record load
14:36 Shane-s gmcharlt: yes, but say after it has imported the records and we are testing the data imports and I find I missed or improperly located a record, so the system has bad data
14:37 jcamins Shane-s: you can always do a 'DELETE FROM biblio' but there is no situation I can think of in which that would be anything other than a bad idea.
14:37 gmcharlt right; when it comes time to reload the records, -d would clear out the previous bib/item record set
14:39 Shane-s thanks, I am trying to get this as perfect as I can, but it was just me testing my non-production system. This will all be going into the production system, and I had missed call number, and I need to modify the barcode field as follet pre-prends a T to many barcodes. I didn't find other issues, but who knows come school opening when my Librarian is in
14:41 jcamins Shane-s: a useful saying in this situation: "the perfect is the enemy of the good."
14:52 mtompset I so hate "triggers for mandb". It's so slow!
14:54 Shane-s anyone good with regex that marcedit might use, I want to get subfield $p and if it begins with a "T" remove that. I am thinking ^T*, but I don't know how to make it spit back out just the rest less the T
14:54 Shane-s maybe just a find and replace on $pT would be better
14:54 jcamins s/^T\(.*)$/\1/
14:57 jcamins Shane-s: that was a response to you, not the cat.
14:57 jcamins ;)
14:58 JesseM joined #koha
15:03 * wizzyrea giggles at jcamins, waves hi to myshkin
15:04 mgeist Hrm, that does look like something a cat would type.
15:06 jcamins mgeist: I have a remarkably smart cat.
15:06 wizzyrea ^^ myshkin is a cat genius.
15:07 jcamins And he's been particularly rambunctious of late. Not only has he been bored for the last two weeks, Shari's away this weekend, and he is not amused.
15:07 edveal left #koha
15:08 mgeist laser point imo!
15:08 drojf cats can be bored?
15:08 jcamins drojf: so it would seem.
15:11 jcamins mgeist: I probably should get one of those and use it to tire out Myshkin.
15:11 Shane-s jcamins: Thanks...struggling with it in MarcEdit
15:11 mgeist jcamins just be sure not to point it at airplanes
15:11 Shane-s on windows
15:12 jcamins Shane-s: I use neither, so I can't really advise.
15:13 mtompset jcamins: Just to point out the apt-file index isn't there for the repos yet. ;)
15:13 jcamins mtompset: I have no control over those repos.
15:13 jcamins I left a message for eythian.
15:14 edveal joined #koha
15:14 mtompset I was just trying to wean my machines dependency on your repo to k-c.orgs :)
15:14 asaurat1 left #koha
15:15 mtompset apt-file indexes would have been nice. :)
15:15 jcamins Oh, yes, that would be good, because I took my apt repo down temporarily.
15:15 mtompset Not to mention your apt isn't in the ubuntu installation instructions. :P
15:16 jcamins That too.
15:18 SJeffery joined #koha
15:19 mtompset How do I tell what I have installed, and where it is from?
15:20 jcamins apt-cache policy
15:20 jcamins I don't know exactly how to use it, but it has something to do with apt-cache policy.
15:21 mtompset okay thanks for the pointer at least.
15:22 trea joined #koha
15:23 oleonard The "[off]
15:23 oleonard ..always makes it seem like tweetbot` is gossiping
15:24 jcamins Heh.
15:26 Shane-s question in MarcEdit some field begin with \\ others don't anyone know if that matters for MARC?
15:26 jcamins Yes.
15:27 jcamins Those are indicators.
15:27 Shane-s so the \\ is needed?
15:27 jcamins Yes.
15:27 jcamins They are indicators.
15:28 Shane-s to append marc edit just swap $h from 852 to 952 $o, but it put it in like =952 $o001.9ASI
15:28 jcamins I have no idea, sorry.
15:29 jcamins As I said, I use neither MarcEdit nor Windows.
15:29 Shane-s has an indicator box, I guess I add \\ ill find out :P
15:30 Shane-s that worked
15:31 Shane-s can I have mutliple line of =952 \\ with different subfields per line?
15:42 logbot joined #koha
15:42 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.8.3 and 3.6.7 Now Available | Koha Community Website - | General IRC meeting, 8 August 2012 at 02:00 UTC+0
15:42 * oleonard whistles innocently
15:42 mtompset Greetings, eythian. I'll try not to mention how much I'd like index files so apt-file can work for ;)
15:43 eythian mtompset: I have no idea how that would even work, to be honest :)
15:43 mtompset I think we are supposed to ask about the hamsters. ;)
15:43 eythian well, rather, I have no idea how I'd do that..
15:43 eythian heh
15:45 jcamins eythian: it's easy.
15:45 jcamins eythian: did you get my @later from huginn?
15:45 eythian jcamins: I did
15:45 eythian just looking into it now
15:45 jcamins Didn't it have instructions?
15:45 jcamins Or did I say "ask me for instructions"? :)
15:47 eythian No, it has instructions, I'm just curious about what the impact would be: I'm not sure about the options that that file can take, so looking that up.
15:47 jcamins Ah.
15:49 mtompset impact?
15:50 mtompset My beautiful baby script can run nicely and list things to include for ubuntu related files, and detect what should be added to the repo too. :)
15:50 eythian jcamins: seems sane, aside from making things a bit slower, but that's not a big deal.
15:50 jcamins eythian: yeah, that was my conclusion.
15:52 mtompset Going to bed... late again. :( At least it isn't past midnight, yet.
15:52 mtompset Good night, $koha./
15:52 mtompset #kohas
15:52 mtompset #koha
15:53 mtompset I'll get it right eventually. :)
15:56 Joubu good bye ++
15:58 oleonard Are the patches on Bug 8391 complementary or competitive?
15:58 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8391 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Signed Off , Cannot view reading record through staff client
15:58 oleonard Oh, khall just signed off
16:02 Morthland joined #koha
16:03 eythian jcamins: can't find a way to make the contents regenerate, it might only take effect as new packages get added.
16:03 jcamins eythian: you use reprepro, right?
16:03 eythian yeah
16:04 jcamins reprepro -b /home/jcamins/repos/apt/koha rerunnotifiers
16:05 Morthland Hey, I'm trying to figure out how to configure the authorities browser
16:05 eythian jcamins: that returns immediately
16:06 jcamins Morthland: the browser is UNIMARC-only.
16:06 jcamins eythian: really? That took a while on mine, and generated the indexes.
16:07 Morthland I mean to refer to the browser associated with the opacbrowser system preference.
16:07 jcamins Yes.
16:07 jcamins That is UNIMARC only.
16:07 Morthland That is not my issue.
16:08 Morthland Our library is cataloged LCC
16:08 Morthland and it is building a list by LCC
16:08 Morthland but by the end of the list, it searches : Dewey-classification: BS2
16:08 Morthland for example
16:09 jcamins Morthland: it only supports UNIMARC, which you are not using, and Dewey, which you are also not using.
16:09 melia joined #koha
16:09 Morthland Oh. Thanks.
16:12 Morthland I get this error on the tag cloud: C4::Output version 3.02 required--this is only version at /usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac/ line 41. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac/ line 41.
16:13 jcamins Morthland: that was fixed in 3.8.3.
16:14 Morthland Allright.
16:14 Morthland Thanks!
16:17 eythian jcamins: yep, definitely doesn't work
16:18 eythian can't really look into it right now though, have some time-sensitive stuff to get done
16:18 jcamins eythian: odd. That's how I did it.
16:18 jcamins Wait, sorry: reprepro -b /home/jcamins/repos/apt/koha export
16:19 eythian ah, that does it.
16:20 eythian only takes a few seconds, too
16:20 jcamins You may have it running on a faster system than I do.
16:20 eythian possibly :)
16:21 eythian anyway, uploaded
16:21 jcamins eythian++
16:21 jcamins mtompset will be happy.
16:21 eythian @later tell mtompset apt-file will possibly work now
16:21 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
16:21 jcamins And it'll help when I build 3.6.8.
16:21 eythian to be honest, so will I, it'll mean I can remove that change to list-deps to handle the non-debian stuff
16:22 jcamins Yay!
16:26 cait joined #koha
16:27 * tcohen has now 38 koha setups upgraded to 3.8 @ Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
16:27 cait congrats :)
16:27 tcohen wiiiiiiiiii
16:27 tcohen :-D
16:28 oleonard Nice work tcohen
16:28 cait and hi all :)
16:28 oleonard We're live on 3.8.3 as of today
16:28 tcohen that's great oleonard
16:29 khall joined #koha
16:29 oleonard The only glitch we've found so far has been Bug 8522
16:29 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8522 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Markup errors cause problems with customized CSS
16:30 tcohen I find it a bit resource-consuming than our old 3.0.x setup
16:32 mbalmer joined #koha
16:34 tcohen oleonard, r u working on that?
16:34 oleonard Patch sent.
16:35 oleonard Ha, the CSS example in my patch didn't come through because it was prefexed with #
16:41 wizzyrea oh yea i was going to ask how it was going today oleonard
16:41 wizzyrea and you answered my question :)
16:42 wizzyrea glad it's going ok
16:44 SJeffery joined #koha
16:44 SJeffery Are there any plans to make the 78x fields a standard display field? I have not found anything in the tracker.
16:46 mtompset joined #koha
16:46 mtompset tcohen: you there?
16:46 drojf mtompset: having nightmares?
16:46 drojf sleep kohaing?
16:46 jcamins SJeffery: 780 and 785 are already displayed.
16:46 mtompset Nope... I just wanted to get my patch up for a bug.
16:47 mtompset bug 8478
16:47 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8478 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, NEW , Update Ubuntu related files
16:47 mtompset Submitted a 3.8.X and master patch.
16:48 mtompset Since tcohen said he was thinking of tweaking install instructions, so I wanted to make sure he could use the latest version I had.
16:48 jcamins At least in the OPAC.
16:49 SJeffery Hmm, weird, how did I miss that? Must be a Monday.
16:49 jcamins SJeffery: it does seem to be, doesn't it?
16:52 talljoy joined #koha
16:55 mtompset Woo hoo! jcamins we have index!
16:56 jcamins mtompset: yep.
16:56 mtompset going to do a test run of
16:56 mtompset the missing file should become empty. :)
16:57 drojf mveron++
16:57 mveron drojf ++
16:57 talljoy1 joined #koha
16:58 * mveron ...needs dinner
16:58 * oleonard ...needs lunch
16:58 * SJeffery ...needs breakfast
16:59 * drojf needs icecream
17:00 drojf mveron: what's in the dishwasher tonight? :)
17:00 * cait needs dinner and icecream
17:02 * mtompset jumps with joy.
17:02 mtompset It works! It works! Woo hoo!
17:03 mtompset Unfortunately, that means I need to redo the patch I just submitted. ARG!
17:03 mtompset But that's not a now problem.
17:04 * mtompset waves bye.
17:08 Shane-s okay just remembered, but forgot how/where, I changed the Zebra Index delay. Where/how do I do that again? I think it was like 4 hours, I want it to be every hour
17:08 jcamins crontab -e
17:08 jcamins Shane-s: why every hour?
17:08 jcamins Most places do five minutes or so.
17:08 Shane-s we maybe add 5-10 book and I want there to appear ASAP
17:09 Shane-s oh yeah 5 works
17:09 Shane-s i thought it was longer then that by default through, I remember waiting a long time for my imported books to appear before I modified that.
17:10 jcamins 10 minutes by default.
17:10 Shane-s oh really...I'll go eat lunch
17:10 Shane-s See if they are in there
17:10 Shane-s I swore it was forever on my 3.6 test system
17:10 Shane-s I made it ever minute on that thing
17:11 Shane-s jcamins: thanks, I will check it out after my pop-tart and soda :)
17:28 JoeLib001 joined #koha
17:28 * mveron is back from dinner. ..
17:29 kyleh joined #koha
17:29 tcohen mtompset: Bug 8519
17:29 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8519 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , Make koha-index-daemon run on startup
17:30 tcohen maybe my patch will have to wait, so you dontneed to wait fr it
17:31 khall joined #koha
17:33 Shane-s okay so my import put them in the reservoir... not sure how I make them active
17:35 jcamins Go to "manage MARC import" and choose "import."
17:36 libsysguy joined #koha
17:36 Shane-s tree for that?
17:37 jcamins Tools->Manage MARC import.
17:37 jcamins Right by "Stage MARC for import," which you used to import the records.
17:38 libsysguy joined #koha
17:39 Shane-s Manage staged MARC records ? All I see other then the import one
17:39 Shane-s 3.8 if it matters
17:39 jcamins Shane-s: how did you import your records?
17:40 Shane-s with the Stage MARC for Import using the browse button
17:40 jcamins Yes, so you go through the process.
17:40 jcamins Then you click "Manage staged MARC records"  on the Tools screen.
17:40 jcamins Then you view the batch you staged, and import it.
17:40 jcamins documentation?
17:40 wahanui i think documentation is at
17:40 jcamins ^^ if you look at the chapter on tools, there should be screenshots
17:41 Shane-s I just have a "clean" button I don't remebering that from 3.6
17:41 jcamins Don't click that.
17:41 jcamins It's always been there.
17:41 jcamins Click on the link to view the batch.
17:42 Shane-s oh I couldn't tell it was a link....lcd issue
17:42 Shane-s the angle made it black
17:43 Shane-s got it now thanks!
17:43 jcamins You're welcome.
17:44 drojf jcamins: when i use export database, i get a file with filesize 0. any idea why that may be the case? i can confirm that bug 8437 makes me see the file with plack, but it's 0 both with and without plack
17:44 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8437 major, P2, ---, jcamins, Needs Signoff , Plack and database backup
17:44 jcamins drojf: the patch doesn't work? :P
17:45 drojf heh. since it must have worked for others (the non plack version) i doubt that
17:45 jcamins I meant for 8437.
17:46 jcamins There should be a message in the log if there was any sort of problem.
17:48 drojf oh. yes there is. [Mon Jul 30 19:39:05 2012] [error] [client] [Mon Jul 30 19:39:05 2012] A suspicious attempt was made to download the db at 'backupd.sql.gz' by someone at, referer:[…]a/tools/
17:48 wolf joined #koha
17:49 cait oh
17:49 cait fast wolf
17:49 drojf heh
17:49 cait drojf: that looks like you are a villain
17:49 drojf :(
17:50 jcamins drojf: did you configure backupdir in your koha-conf.xml?
17:51 drojf yes, i would not see a file to download otherwise i guess?
17:51 jcamins True.
17:52 jcamins I'll just confirm that the patch works for me.
17:53 drojf i should go back one patch. i think i did not try it without the plack patch, i just assumed that would work and confirmed it did not work with plack
17:55 drojf i have the same just with bug 8268
17:55 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8268 critical, P2, ---, jcamins, Passed QA , Koha should offer way to backup entire db
17:55 libsysguy joined #koha
17:56 jcamins Hm.
17:56 ogg joined #koha
17:56 drojf hm but the file is not owned by my koha user
17:56 jcamins So as far as you can tell, it's broken on master?
17:57 ogg left #koha
17:57 jcamins That didn't take long.
17:59 bbw joined #koha
18:01 drojf jcamins: there is only a "signed followup" attached to bug 8268 and everything else is obsoleted. maybe i'm missing something?
18:01 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8268 critical, P2, ---, jcamins, Passed QA , Koha should offer way to backup entire db
18:01 jcamins drojf: the feature is already in master.
18:02 drojf ah. i did not know that
18:03 jcamins Has been for a while.
18:03 jcamins And it worked initially.
18:03 drojf hm maybe i broke something myself, at least it is not workin for me atm
18:03 jcamins I'm testing it, and I'm having issues, too.
18:03 tcohen koha-index is broken for multiple-site single koha user setup!
18:04 jcamins tcohen: yes, that's why I wrote my daemon.
18:04 tcohen :'-(
18:04 jcamins tcohen:
18:04 jcamins That's an old version, though.
18:05 tcohen i'll hook it so it uses mktemp to create a new dir
18:05 tcohen will check your code after that
18:06 drojf annoying music from one floor up, i better go shopping
18:09 drojf joined #koha
18:10 jcamins drojf: found the problem.
18:12 drojf jcamins: what is it?
18:12 wahanui rumour has it it is not
18:12 drojf lol
18:13 jcamins drojf: a misbehaving regular expression.
18:13 jcamins I just attached a patch that fixes it to bug 8268.
18:13 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8268 critical, P2, ---, jcamins, Passed QA , Koha should offer way to backup entire db
18:14 drojf bad regexp, no cookie
18:14 jcamins Waiting for signoff. :)
18:15 drojf cool, i'll test it when i'm back
18:20 oleonard What's with this error?
18:23 cait uh
18:23 cait it looks similar than the "checkout in the past" one
18:23 cait similar to?
18:24 oleonard Similar to... I think it's the same. But I didn't submit a date with it
18:24 oleonard Just a regular scan
18:28 cait hm
18:28 cait and there is a valid circ rule?
18:28 cait perhaps it asks ... for something?
18:29 cait I have no idea really :)
18:30 chris_n` joined #koha
18:37 oleonard Interesting... turns out it has an item type for which I specified a loan period in hours
18:39 oleonard That can't be the whole problem though or no one could be doing hourly loans
18:42 * cait nods
18:43 oleonard variable "today" evaluating as "2012-07-30T14:38:00" variable "duedate" evaluating as "2012-07-30T10:00:00"
18:45 cait ok, now you lost me :)
18:47 oleonard C4/ compares $today (current date and time) with $duedate and finds that $duedate falls before $today, hence the error
18:47 oleonard ...but why is $duedate coming through as ~4hrs ago?
18:47 oleonard Loan period for the item type is set to 2 hours
18:48 cait sounds like a new serious bug :(
18:48 jcamins oleonard: is duedate set with javascript?
18:49 oleonard I think this shows we all need to be sure to have at least 1 circ rule for an hourly loan when testing.
18:49 cait that too
18:50 oleonard jcamins: I was just going to try to find out where duedate comes from, because nothing is getting passed to CanBookBeIssued() in this instance
18:51 oleonard On the other hand, neither does $duedate appear to be coming through with another item type either
18:52 oleonard does not contain a form field for duedate, just duedatespec
18:58 rambutan joined #koha
19:01 oleonard rambutan:
19:01 drojf jcamins: Applying: Bug 8268: improve error checking / error: patch failed: tools/ 7 error: tools/ patch does not apply
19:01 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8268 critical, P2, ---, jcamins, Needs Signoff , Koha should offer way to backup entire db
19:02 bbw_ joined #koha
19:03 Shane-s so in the labels we have barcode, how do I get the number to print, or is that part of the barcode? Basically I want book data, [||| || |||| |], 12367
19:05 Shane-s would 952p issue the number is the code word for barcode generates the scanner code?
19:05 oleonard Can anyone reproduce the error I'm seeing with an hourly loan?
19:06 oleonard I've stepped back through a few random commits over the last two months and get the same error, so it wasn't something recent
19:06 oleonard ...assuming it's not an error in my configuration.
19:07 cait i can try, but it might take a while
19:11 wizzyrea oleonard what's the error?
19:11 Shane-s okay I have a ton of errors in my log, 15,910 lines, there is not much detail just cataloging , action ADD then object is basically incremental. 1,1;2,2;3,3 where can I find a more detailed event?
19:11 oleonard wizzyrea: This error when checking out something with an hourly loan rule
19:12 oleonard Koha thinks it's an invalid date because the duedate Koha calculates is actually 4 hours ago rather than 2 hours from now
19:12 wizzyrea server time messed up maybe?
19:12 oleonard Nope
19:12 jcamins Shane-s: that's what's recorded in action logs. There isn't any more detail. It tells you what the record looked like prior to the change, I believe.
19:12 cait oleonard: just a circ rule for 4 hours?
19:12 cait or 2?
19:12 wahanui 2 is pretty awesome
19:13 wizzyrea mysql server time off?
19:13 oleonard circ rule is for 2 hours
19:13 jcamins 3?
19:13 jcamins 4?
19:13 wahanui 4 is the attribute in bib1.att for title
19:13 jcamins Hehe.
19:13 oleonard How would I check the mysql server time?
19:13 Shane-s okay, well I went there because adding a book to the label creator errored, I guess I will search again without cataloging
19:13 cait hm i think it would be the same as the server time
19:13 cait with date?
19:14 wizzyrea wouldn't have to be
19:14 cait oh ok
19:14 wizzyrea I don't think.
19:14 wizzyrea can you do a select now(); from the command line
19:15 jcamins Shane-s: oh, you're looking for error logs?
19:15 wizzyrea from the mysql command line
19:15 wizzyrea I mean
19:15 jcamins Apache saves those.
19:15 wizzyrea or possibly even from the mysql reports
19:15 cait oh good idea
19:15 Shane-s okay, log is emtpy outside of how can I track down why the label "Add Item" search is failing when I find a book, check the box, and click the add item button and I get the yellow error box
19:15 oleonard mysql gives the correct time
19:15 wizzyrea k, sorry just checking the obvious things :)
19:15 cait configuring rules now :)
19:15 jcamins logs?
19:15 wahanui it has been said that logs is
19:15 jcamins No.
19:15 jcamins Server logs?
19:16 jcamins Apache logs?
19:16 wahanui Apache logs are only showing chobbs's import job
19:16 jcamins Error log?
19:16 Shane-s jcamins: not sure if that is where I should look or not
19:16 wizzyrea so the rule is for 2 hours in the future, but the date assigned is 4 hours in the pst
19:16 wizzyrea past*
19:16 jcamins Well, it'll be at /var/log/apache2/koha-error.log, most likely.
19:16 * cait catalogs
19:17 jcamins Or something like that.
19:17 wizzyrea oleonard: can you screencap your rule?
19:18 cait oleonard: it happens for me too
19:18 cait my rule is: default default 2 hours
19:18 oleonard
19:18 cait in a fresh sample base
19:18 cait with all english sample data, only added the rule and record and an item
19:18 Shane-s jcamins: hmm...checked the error.log it just has 3 lines from the apache restart on Sunday
19:18 oleonard Actually the due date isn't 4 hours in the past, it's exactly 10AM today.
19:18 oleonard every time
19:18 wizzyrea whoa
19:18 Shane-s nothing for koha-error.log, I will run updatedb
19:19 cait whoa?
19:19 wizzyrea exactly 10am sounds like a math problem.
19:19 jcamins Shane-s: what error did you get?
19:19 wizzyrea what about a 3 hour loan?
19:19 jcamins updatedatabase will have nothing to do with it.
19:19 oleonard Math is hard!</barbie_voice>
19:19 cait wizzyrea: I will check
19:20 cait there are some wanrs in the logs
19:20 cait [Mon Jul 30 21:16:14 2012] [error] [client] [Mon Jul 30 21:16:14 2012] Reference found where even-sized list expected at /home/katrin/kohaclone/circ/ line 97., referer: http://localhost:8080/cgi-bin/[…]borrowernumber=19
19:20 cait [Mon Jul 30 21:16:14 2012] [error] [client] [Mon Jul 30 21:16:14 2012] Use of uninitialized value $findborrower in substitution (s///) at /home/katrin/kohaclone/circ/ line 101., referer: http://localhost:8080/cgi-bin/[…]borrowernumber=19
19:20 wizzyrea is there something about multiples of 2 hours?
19:20 Shane-s jcamins: one second I have to go back into the label maker
19:20 jcamins Shane-s: I should point out that I have never used the label tool, and probably never will
19:20 cait wow
19:20 cait 5 works
19:21 Shane-s jcamins: WARNING: An error was encountered and item(s) not added to batch 1.
19:21 wizzyrea see that "reference found where even-sized list expected
19:21 oleonard Not for me cait. duedate: 2012-07-30T10:00:00 with a 5-hour loan period
19:21 cait crazy
19:21 cait perhaps it's something to do with the time?
19:21 Shane-s I have to re-make all my barcodes, only 1 out of 3 label types we have work
19:21 oleonard Oh wait, no
19:21 cait 5 hours for me is tomorrow already
19:21 cait 07/31/2012 00:00       < looks wrong?
19:21 cait what should it be?
19:22 Shane-s jcamins: that error isn't clueing me in as to a Koha, DB, Apache, or other issue
19:22 * oleonard can't edit a circ rule
19:22 jcamins Shane-s: are you able to add those same items to the other types of labels?
19:22 wizzyrea well, it would have to be 00:20 for a rightful 5 hours
19:22 rambutan oleonard: used to eat them frequently in Thailand
19:22 oleonard rambutan: That's where I took that photo
19:22 Shane-s jcamins: I can sec.
19:23 rambutan hummm
19:23 jcamins Shane-s: however, if you got that error message, it has to do with the data you are giving to Koha.
19:23 oleonard I can't even save a new circ rule
19:23 jcamins Any error further back would have resulted in a much more dramatic error.
19:23 * oleonard grumbles
19:23 wizzyrea O.O
19:24 Shane-s jcamins: nope, when you do a batch, you have to add item before the label/profile/layout I am stuck
19:24 cait oleonard: hm that works for me :(
19:24 wizzyrea oleonard: got anything in your logs?
19:24 * oleonard has a mixed-up db from bug testing
19:25 jcamins Shane-s: but 1 of the three types of labels work?
19:27 Shane-s jcamins: nope...just tried typing the barcode in, I know it is 0061184 as I looked it, typed it in the box, hit add item, and it errors. So I can not even try a label
19:27 cait oleonard: mine is brand new and I can reproduce
19:27 cait oleonard: I don't think it's you
19:27 cait it might have something to do with crossing dates?
19:27 Shane-s I just have the template/layouts/profiles Koha's install put in there, but no way to see if they work, should I make my own?
19:28 oleonard Oh, no, it's not my db after all.
19:28 jcamins Shane-s: if you can't use the defaults, you won't be able to get a custom one working.
19:28 jcamins I have no further advice, sorry.
19:28 jcamins As I said, I don't use the label tool.
19:28 cait I have it with 1 and 2 hours circ rules now
19:29 Shane-S joined #koha
19:30 wizzyrea well I can't get it to do anything but the default rule
19:30 oleonard wizzyrea: Are you not able to add a rule?
19:30 wizzyrea I can add a rule
19:31 wizzyrea but it's always picking the All:All default rule, i.e. it's circing for one day
19:31 wizzyrea as per my default rule
19:31 wizzyrea if I do say, All:Reference, and try to circ a reference book
19:31 wizzyrea it still does one day
19:31 wizzyrea let me double check that
19:32 oleonard DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Unknown column 'overduefinescap' in 'field list' at /home/oleonard/kohaclone/admin/ line 133.
19:32 oleonard I guess I missed a db update?
19:33 wizzyrea [Mon Jul 30 04:51:29 2012] [error] [client] [Mon Jul 30 04:51:29 2012] Use of uninitialized value in string ne at /home/liz/kohaclone/admin/ line 388., referer: http://koha-staff.lan.nekls.or[…]*
19:33 Shane-S okay I am f'ed at this point...if I enter 61184 and click add item, no error, but it doesn't add the item. If I type 0061184 it errors, and still doesn't add the item....How else can I get barcodes for all our books?
19:33 wizzyrea what is the actual barcode on the itme?
19:33 wizzyrea item/
19:34 Shane-S in Koha 0061184, on its old label 61184
19:35 wizzyrea it's not a bug, mine does it just fine
19:35 wizzyrea is there a space on the end of the barcode possibly?
19:35 wizzyrea or on the front?
19:35 Shane-S no I am typing it by hand
19:35 wizzyrea no i mean, in your data.
19:35 Shane-S or you mean in the DB?
19:36 Shane-S nothing ok the Koha Catalog screen with the item type and details, let me try direct in MySQL
19:37 wizzyrea oleonard: mine sets it for 10am too
19:37 wizzyrea finally got my rules ironed out
19:38 wizzyrea but it didn't get mad about the due date in the past
19:38 * oleonard too, db updated
19:38 oleonard wizzyrea: You mean when you specified a due date?
19:38 wizzyrea no, when I checked it out
19:38 wizzyrea I didn't specify, it didn't complain
19:38 cait so we confirm it's a bug?
19:38 wizzyrea it just set the due date in the past
19:38 wizzyrea yes, I think we can definitely call it an evil bug
19:38 oleonard Is that controlled by a syspref?
19:39 * wizzyrea guesses so
19:39 cait hm?
19:39 wizzyrea but not sure which
19:39 cait the hourly?
19:39 cait or the due date in the past?
19:39 * cait is confused
19:39 cait bit tired too
19:39 oleonard Whether to allow you to set a due date in the past
19:39 cait no
19:39 cait not a syspref
19:39 cait it just is
19:39 * wizzyrea switches it to US date format
19:40 wizzyrea maybe that's why
19:40 oleonard From what wizzyrea?
19:40 cait but is used to work... and we didn't set one in the past... so this is all very weird
19:40 wizzyrea from dd/mm/yyyy
19:40 wizzyrea to mm/dd/yyyy
19:41 cait hm
19:41 cait happens for every frmat for me
19:41 wizzyrea well mine is mad about fines too just a sec
19:41 wizzyrea which is probably another bug -
19:41 wizzyrea i'm over the limit and it doesn't prompt for a proper due date
19:42 oleonard Yeah, date format doesn't change the outcome for me (with no fines)
19:42 wizzyrea no, date format doesn't change it, and it still doesn't prompt me for a proper due date.
19:43 wizzyrea 7/30/2012 10:00
19:44 cait it doesn't happen when the hours push me after midnight
19:44 cait so it happens with 1 and 2 hours for me right now
19:44 wizzyrea does it stick at 00:00
19:44 wizzyrea or does it compute properly
19:44 wizzyrea and it's whole hours not partial hours
19:44 cait when past midnight it was 0:00
19:44 cait whih seems wrong
19:45 cait but i haven't tested hourly in the past
19:45 wizzyrea so if you check something out at 12:20 and it should be 2 hours, it is due at 1500?
19:45 cait I am not totally sure what it should do :(
19:45 Shane-S wizzyrea: no spacing in MYSQL it is 0061184
19:45 wizzyrea ping libsysguy
19:45 cait hm no it should be 15:20 I think
19:45 wizzyrea right, that's hat I thought
19:45 wizzyrea so it's wrong past midnight
19:45 wizzyrea too
19:45 jcamins wizzyrea: no, it should be due at 14:20.
19:45 cait ok, so we agree :)
19:45 jcamins I'm helping!
19:45 cait hehe
19:45 wizzyrea hehe
19:45 * cait hands jcamins a cookie
19:46 * Shane-S ponders if restarting the server might fix it
19:46 jcamins Shane-S: no.
19:46 wizzyrea um, if anything I'd clear your cache and cookies
19:46 jcamins ^^ that'd be more likely to help.
19:46 wizzyrea and re-login
19:47 Shane-S okay be back....
19:47 wizzyrea you may have hit refresh or back and bonked your session.
19:47 wizzyrea wow, that sounds dirty.
19:47 * wizzyrea waits for the kiwis to see that.
19:47 wizzyrea they will laugh a lot.
19:47 cait heh
19:48 libsysguy joined #koha
19:49 cait libsysguy: be careful - we are testing hourly
19:49 wizzyrea and it seems QUITE borked.
19:49 cait yep
19:49 wizzyrea hours greater than 1 uh, yea no work.
19:49 wizzyrea well did we test 1?
19:49 cait i did
19:49 wizzyrea did it work?
19:49 cait I get the owen screenshot
19:49 Shane-S joined #koha
19:49 wizzyrea 10am?
19:50 cait will recheck
19:50 wizzyrea HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
19:50 oleonard Smart guy
19:50 libsysguy joined #koha
19:50 cait 0:00
19:50 wizzyrea weird.
19:51 Shane-S wizzyrea, jcamins : same thing... even a working barcode number 55553 in the text area box, click Add Item button, no error but nothing happens, try 0061184 and it errors...
19:51 cait I get the wird confirmation
19:51 cait and then it sets 0:00 today - which is in the past
19:51 cait so it's overdue immediately
19:51 Shane-S could it be the biblio import? My install is from the packages if that matters
19:51 wizzyrea oh there was a thing
19:51 wizzyrea where it was setting due dates at 00:00 instead of 23:59
19:52 wizzyrea maybe that's what we're seeing
19:52 wizzyrea I think there's a patch for it
19:52 wizzyrea but not sure it's gotten through qa yet?
19:53 cait not sure
19:53 cait circ is not my expert area :(
19:53 wizzyrea yea let me look
19:55 mveron Good night #koha
19:55 wizzyrea bug 8165
19:55 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8165 blocker, P1 - high, ---, kyle.m.hall, RESOLVED DUPLICATE, due date of 00:00 instead of 23:59
19:56 oleonard 8182
19:56 oleonard Bug 8182
19:56 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8182 major, P1 - high, ---, gmcharlt, Pushed to Stable , Problem with overdue fine calculations after upgrade
19:58 Shane-S wizzyrea: maybe I have a deeper issue, if you enter a barcdode in the textarea of label creator "New Batch" what does it do, because in Internet Explorer add item(s) opens the search box
19:58 wizzyrea oh, IE
19:59 wizzyrea did you try firefox?
20:00 jcamins Shane-S: oh, you're using IE? I should've asked.
20:00 jcamins Chances are good it Just Won't Work.
20:06 Shane-S jcamins: no FireFox but wanted to try IE to ensure FFX wasn't the issue
20:07 wizzyrea can you give us a screen capture of your process, like a mini movie
20:07 jcamins Ah. Well, nothing will ever work in IE if it doesn't in FF.
20:07 Shane-S FireFox clears the number when I hit "Add Item(s)"
20:07 wizzyrea well here, I will show you what it looks like on mine
20:08 Shane-S I didn't know if I am supposed to hit Add Item(s) or if its an ajax type smart text area
20:09 wizzyrea
20:09 wizzyrea you click add items
20:09 wizzyrea and that is master.
20:10 wizzyrea not any particular version
20:10 Shane-S I don't have all those buttons...I will see if I can do that
20:10 wizzyrea if you don't have anything in your queue, I think there is only add items
20:10 oleonard As far as I can tell, the loan period is being calculated correctly at least up until we get into the Koha::Calendar section of CalcDateDue
20:10 wizzyrea well and there's drama in calendar too
20:10 * oleonard hasn't been following that drama
20:11 wizzyrea bug 8110
20:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8110 blocker, P1 - high, ---, kyle.m.hall, Signed Off , Fines accruing on closed days
20:11 wizzyrea bug 8418
20:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8418 critical, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Patch doesn't apply , Koha::Calendar is_holiday ignores all user data
20:11 * Shane-S is installing Jing
20:11 jcamins libsysguy was looking at Koha::Calendar, trying to figure out wth its problem was, I think.
20:12 wizzyrea bug 6398
20:12 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6398 normal, P5 - low, ---, dpavlin, ASSIGNED , Holidays cause date due to be improperly calculated
20:12 * libsysguy perks up
20:12 wizzyrea oh NOW you perk up
20:12 wizzyrea ;)
20:12 libsysguy sorry you have to say
20:12 libsysguy libsysguy?
20:12 wahanui well, libsysguy is Koha's hottest developer or partying with swedes on his deck or koha's youngest developer
20:12 libsysguy and yes I am re-working all of hourly loans
20:13 wizzyrea all of it? yikes.
20:13 libsysguy but it is a cluster****
20:13 wizzyrea hah.
20:13 wizzyrea oy.
20:13 * oleonard accuses libsysguy of hard-coding a 10AM due date in hourly loans
20:13 libsysguy well I told jcamins…but it was storing all of the effing weekdays in an array
20:13 * libsysguy ducks
20:13 libsysguy then pushing that array to the db
20:14 libsysguy bug 8133 is what started my quest
20:14 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8133 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, elliott, ASSIGNED , hourly loans doesn't know when library closed
20:14 libsysguy now im just pissed at the whole Koha::Calendar file
20:14 * libsysguy is bitter
20:15 * oleonard picks this as a good time to disappear
20:15 kathryn joined #koha
20:15 libsysguy heh
20:15 * oleonard waves goodbye
20:15 libsysguy later oleonard
20:15 * libsysguy gets off soap box
20:19 Shane-S wizzyrea: if it helps..
20:20 wizzyrea it always helps ;)
20:20 wizzyrea perhaps because you are logged in as the super super librarian
20:20 wizzyrea log in as a user that is not the DB user
20:20 Shane-S really...that causes issue?
20:20 wizzyrea yes
20:20 wizzyrea it
20:20 wizzyrea keeps the batches based on branch
20:20 wizzyrea and the superlibrarian has no branch set
20:20 Shane-S oh
20:21 wizzyrea and never has a branch set.
20:21 wizzyrea and never will.
20:21 Shane-S okay I will make a user tonight when I remote in
20:21 wizzyrea you can do that right now
20:21 wizzyrea create a patron
20:21 Shane-S I will but they are kicking me out
20:21 wizzyrea ah
20:21 Shane-S custodians want to lock up
20:21 wizzyrea i see
20:21 wizzyrea but yea
20:21 wizzyrea that should fix your issue
20:21 Shane-S okay, thanks! never thought of that
20:21 wizzyrea see, a simple picture
20:21 wizzyrea :)
20:21 wizzyrea jing is awesome ;)
20:22 Shane-S yeah pretty painless too :P
20:22 wizzyrea really, you don't want to "do stuff" with the db user
20:22 Shane-S okay probably be back on tomorrow
20:22 wizzyrea you use it for db updates and that's it
20:22 wizzyrea create a superlibrarian?
20:22 wizzyrea i thought wahanui had something in his brain about this
20:22 cait left #koha
20:22 Shane-S I was just trying to get it done, I didn't feel I needed an account. The librrarian will though
20:23 wizzyrea you do, definitely, need an account.
20:23 wizzyrea and it's no deal to have one
20:23 Shane-S thanks for the help as always have a good day/night
20:23 wizzyrea later :)
20:39 jcamins Remind me why making the XSLT sysprefs into text fields was a good idea?
20:40 libsysguy it wasn't
20:40 libsysguy reminder succeeded
20:40 libsysguy :)
20:40 jcamins Ah.
20:45 libsysguy on a scale of 1 − 10, 10 being the most important thing in Koha, how important is it to differentiate between what type of holiday your closure is.  Ex: Weekly, Yearly, etc...
20:51 rangi 1
20:51 rangi It's pure a ui thing
20:51 libsysguy ok awesome…i can make it happen without that stuff easily
20:52 libsysguy I have to jump through hoops to make it pretty and color coded
20:52 rangi Koha::Holiday
20:52 libsysguy is that where you want it?
20:52 rangi Then we can retire c4::calendar
20:52 libsysguy I was just putting it in Koha::Calendar
20:53 rangi Hmm I like that it's just getters
20:53 libsysguy I was porting over the stuff from C4::Calendar to Koha::Calendar
20:53 rangi Yeah  i wouldn't
20:53 libsysguy okay
20:53 libsysguy I have been calling holidays closures
20:53 libsysguy since it doesn't really have to be a holiday to be closed
20:54 rangi Check the bugs list Colin had a great comment about it
20:54 libsysguy the hourly bug?
20:54 rangi Bug 7351
20:54 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7351 enhancement, P3, ---, christophe.croullebois, Needs Signoff , ability to edit a range of holidays
20:54 rangi Last comment there
20:55 libsysguy haha that is exactly what I was doing
20:55 libsysguy poop
20:55 rangi Basically we don't want to pollute koha::calendar
20:56 rangi It's solid and well tested now
20:56 rangi Ie unit tested
20:56 libsysguy ok it is
20:57 rangi So a new module where we write tests first would stop us just creating new mess :-)
20:57 libsysguy hehe
20:57 libsysguy where are the unit test for Koha::Calendar?
20:58 jcamins Koha_Calendar.t... somewhere?
20:59 rangi t/Calendar.t
20:59 wizzyrea (unless it's db_dependent_
20:59 wizzyrea or do we not write db dependent ones anymore
20:59 rangi It's not :-)
20:59 jcamins wizzyrea: we do, though we're trying to stop.
20:59 rangi Check it out it's cool
20:59 libsysguy heh that can't be it
20:59 rangi Yes it is
20:59 libsysguy 0_0
21:00 libsysguy use_ok('C4::Calendar')
21:00 rangi Then later
21:00 libsysguy is all that is in there
21:00 rangi Hmm u on master?
21:00 libsysguy as of last week
21:01 rangi Look at it in 3.8.x
21:01 rangi Or latest master
21:01 rangi Has 21 tests
21:01 rangi And even does neat mock thingd
21:01 libsysguy where the hell is all that in mine
21:02 rangi Also peep the patch from Bart on bug 5327
21:02 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5327 major, P3, ---, paul.poulain, Needs Signoff , Unit tests required for all C4 modules
21:02 rangi Old master?
21:02 libsysguy ill update
21:02 rangi That patch shows u how to mock a db connection
21:04 rangi I will buy u 5 beers in Reno
21:05 libsysguy haha
21:05 rangi If you do unit tests
21:05 libsysguy unit tests it is
21:06 libsysguy ahh there they all are
21:06 eythian libsysguy: he didn't mention that they'll be cheap beers ;)
21:06 jcamins eythian: after the fourth, he won't be able to tell that the fifth is cheap, too. ;)
21:06 libsysguy heh
21:06 eythian good point well made :)
21:06 libsysguy beer is beer
21:06 eythian libsysguy: heathen
21:07 libsysguy fine I am still in college
21:07 libsysguy for the next 2 weels
21:07 libsysguy weeks
21:07 libsysguy im allowed to drink cheap beer till then :p
21:07 gmcharlt heh
21:07 eythian College is a fountain of knowledge, and the students go there to drink, eh? :)
21:08 jcamins eythian: trying to come to a deeper understanding of the difference between cheap and non-cheap beer?
21:08 libsysguy we are learning how to properly control ourselves under the influence
21:08 jcamins Interestingly, almost all my college friends have turned into beer snobs.
21:08 eythian jcamins: it's a natural progression, I think.
21:08 libsysguy haha
21:08 libsysguy i have found my taste have gotten darker with age
21:09 gmcharlt @quote add <eythian> College is a fountain of knowledge, and the students go there to drink, eh? :)
21:09 huginn gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.  Quote #212 added.
21:10 * gmcharlt is still dealing with the consequences of that fact that my first beer (years ago) was a Guiness
21:11 gmcharlt not, perhaps, the best introduction
21:19 rangi Heh
21:21 larryb joined #koha
21:21 larryb left #koha
21:22 bbw_ joined #koha
21:24 jcamins Bug 8525 is ready for sign off if someone wants to play with some eye candy.
21:24 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8525 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Needs Signoff , Highlight matches on details page
21:31 libsysguy rangi, for writing unit tests without doing work first, do I create the file and stubs?
21:33 jcamins libsysguy: you write the tests first, with the first one being use_ok(). Then, you work your way through writing Koha::Closure, making it pass each successive test.
21:33 rangi I write the test then write the file and sub to pass it
21:33 rangi What he said
21:33 libsysguy ahh ok
21:33 jcamins Oh, and make sure it is object-oriented.
21:33 libsysguy is there any other way
21:33 jcamins (Koha::Closure not the test)
21:33 jcamins NO!
21:33 libsysguy heh
21:33 jcamins :)
21:36 wizzyrea it's like, omg, making a plan.
21:36 rangi What was that patch u did recently
21:36 jcamins Me?
21:36 wahanui you are A-Grade developper on Koha willing to rewrite it from top to bottom. Good Luck jcamins
21:36 * wizzyrea giggles
21:36 rangi Yup
21:37 rangi Might help to look at
21:37 jcamins Bug 8209.
21:37 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8209 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Needs Signoff , "Did you mean?" suggestions based on authorities
21:37 rangi Yeah
21:37 rangi Kickarse
21:38 jcamins Though actually my development process for that was a little harder because I had two tests.
21:39 rangi And DBD::Mock is ur friend
21:39 rangi Bug 5327 again
21:39 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5327 major, P3, ---, paul.poulain, Needs Signoff , Unit tests required for all C4 modules
21:39 jcamins Also, I didn't know about DBD::Mock yet when I wrote that, so I was at a huuuuge disadvantage.
21:39 rangi U don't even need tables in the db to test
21:39 jcamins Ooh, tests needing sign off?
21:39 jcamins :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D (etc.)
21:40 rangi Needs a follow-up
21:40 rangi For the new dependency
21:40 rangi I didn't want to make Bart do that
21:40 rangi But the test is good
21:40 * jcamins will provide one.
21:40 rangi Yay
21:41 rangi Community++
21:41 rangi Right off to treasury I go
21:46 jcamins DBD::sqlite2?
21:46 jcamins Ah, koc.
21:51 wizzyrea gl at treasury
21:57 edveal left #koha
22:01 trea left #koha
22:01 bbw left #koha
22:15 rambutan left #koha
22:36 maximep left #koha
23:21 papa joined #koha
23:32 JesseM left #koha

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