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00:34 * chris_n looks in
00:34 jcamins chris_n: I had a question for you.
00:35 jcamins C4::Barcodes.
00:35 jcamins What is it for?
00:35 * chris_n has no idea
00:35 chris_n never used it that I recall
00:35 jcamins Really? It's copyright FBC.
00:35 chris_n ich!
00:35 * chris_n goes off to look
00:35 jcamins I think...
00:36 jcamins Ah, no, maybe not.
00:36 jcamins Maybe it's that was copyright FBC.
00:36 chris_n hmm
00:36 chris_n try the infamous LibLime
00:37 jcamins Yeah.
00:37 chris_n lemme look some more though
00:37 jcamins I came across *something* relating to barcodes that was copyright FBC, and I couldn't figure out what it was for.
00:37 jcamins Clearly I need to keep notes, though.
00:37 chris_n ahh
00:37 chris_n this generates barcode numbers for the barcode plugin
00:38 chris_n and I have touched it.... a very long time ago, and in galaxy far, far away
00:38 chris_n ;-)
00:39 chris_n what you see there at present is a total rewrite of the old code by atz (joe atzberger) moving it to more OO style
00:40 * chris_n wonders what the code base would say if it could talk
00:40 jcamins Heh.
00:40 chris_n jcamins: most of the labels/pcard stuff is copyrighted by FBC and it does have some barcode foo in it
00:40 jcamins "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH​HHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ?
00:40 * chris_n holds on
00:41 chris_n oh
00:41 chris_n that's what the code would say?
00:41 jcamins Yes.
00:41 jcamins :)
00:41 chris_n hehe
00:42 * chris_n will now right 100x's on the chalkboard: I will add my AAA server configuration to my nightly backup job.
00:42 * chris_n hates getting spanked by hdd failures
00:43 jcamins Long night ahead of you?
00:44 chris_n no, but its been a long last week
00:44 chris_n I took advantage of the disaster to get rid of the last w2k server on site
00:44 jcamins \o/
00:45 chris_n I replaced it with ubuntu quantal + samba 3.6.6
00:45 chris_n the samba build on precision is buggy
00:46 jcamins Quantal?
00:46 jcamins Ah.
00:46 chris_n but rebuilding user accounts, groups, etc from scratch is for the birds
00:47 chris_n the crash left the file server directory structure orphaned from a perms standpoint
00:47 jcamins Ouch.
00:47 chris_n fixing the standard *nix perms was not bad with 'find'
00:47 chris_n but the *nix acls were another story altogether :-P
00:49 * chris_n wanders off to re-join xp clients to the new domain....
00:49 rangi back
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01:53 jenkins_koha Starting build #115 for job Koha_3.8.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
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02:56 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.8.x build #115: SUCCESS in 1 hr 3 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]b/Koha_3.8.x/115/
02:56 jenkins_koha 7368 Adjustments for Perl dependencies
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03:13 Judit hi
03:13 Judit is down?
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03:14 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
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03:15 dcook Looks like, Judit
03:15 dcook I was just about to ask the same thing ;)
03:18 mtompset I hate arriving in the middle of a conversation.
03:18 mtompset :)
03:19 rangi probably amazon again
03:20 dcook Amazon?
03:20 rangi its hosted in aws
03:21 rangi NEKLS look after it, but its in the cloud
03:21 rangi NEKLS?
03:21 wahanui NEKLS is using those
03:21 rangi wahanui: forget NEKLS
03:21 wahanui rangi: I forgot nekls
03:21 dcook Ahh
03:21 rangi NEKLS is North East Kansas Library Service
03:21 rangi (i cant ping it)
03:21 mtompset mailing lists?
03:21 wahanui mailing lists are at[…]ha-mailing-lists/
03:21 dcook Google search brings it all up pretty quickly
03:21 dcook Interesting
03:22 wahanui Interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
03:22 dcook True
03:22 dcook Darn, I was half hoping to get it going..
03:22 rangi they arent hosted in the same place
03:22 dcook By chance, does anyone know if the marc subfield structure data is cached in older versions of Koha such as 3.2?
03:23 dcook Mmm, sorry, I meant the info about it. Rather than the site
03:23 rangi we have done a pretty good job of spreading stuff around
03:23 rangi[…]te_Administration
03:25 rangi so we occassionally lose bits but never all of it, the debacle showed how important spreading things around are, and the dns is controlled by a charitable trust ... we learn from our history :)
03:26 rangi its 10.30pm in kansas, so probably will be out for a few hours if it does need hands on stuff
03:26 dcook :)
03:26 dcook Mmm, makes sense
03:26 * dcook is a fan of decentralization
03:26 dcook Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have written that...
03:26 mtompset We are borg, you will be assimilated. :)
03:26 dcook So long as I can vote and have health care, I'm pretty happy
03:27 dcook But back to my question...there really shouldn't be any reason why that data is being cached, right?
03:28 rangi nope dcook
03:28 dcook Hmm, that's what I thought. Thanks, rangi
03:28 dcook In retrospect, one of my test cases already proved that, lol
03:28 rangi but for giggles, just make sure you dont have memcached running
03:29 dcook Well, we have memcached running for our 3.8 installs
03:30 rangi right, it might be that it is being cached but not cleared in 3.2 .. easy way to tell
03:30 dcook How might that be? I'd love to check
03:30 rangi look at C4/
03:31 rangi does it have
03:31 rangi memoize_memcached( 'GetMarcStructure'
03:31 rangi round line 107
03:32 dcook line 138, it seems
03:32 rangi right, so yep it is being cached
03:32 dcook Hmm
03:33 dcook But when I look at my test case, it has the same code, but it doesn't seem to be cached
03:33 rangi if memcached is switched on in the conf file that is
03:33 mtompset Is there any documentation on the wiki that explains how to set up a memcache server?
03:33 rangi its pretty much outside the scope of Koha
03:34 rangi theres nothing special to do with koha in setting it up
03:34 rangi so linking to a page about memcached would be better imho
03:34 dcook Make sense
03:34 rangi else its something else we have to maintain
03:34 dcook In terms of the conf file, which one might that be?
03:34 rangi im just checking out a 3.2.x
03:34 rangi what version is it dcook ?
03:35 dcook
03:35 dcook I'm running two different ones, and they have different results, but I'm quite sure they have the same code...
03:35 dcook The conf files would be different though, so I'm thinking that might be where it is
03:36 rangi yeah
03:36 rangi should be near the bottom in a <memcached> bit
03:36 rangi <memcached_servers>__MEMCACHED​_SERVERS__</memcached_servers> <memcached_namespace>__MEMCACHED_​NAMESPACE__</memcached_namespace>
03:37 dcook Yep, and there it is
03:37 dcook Perfect. Thank you once again, Chris
03:37 dcook When I do finally get over to Wellington, I believe that I owe you quite a few drinks ;)
03:38 dcook I figured that it had to be caching in the memcached servers...
03:38 dcook But when we did a lookup, there wasn't anything about the 3.2 installs. I wonder if we were looking at a different namespace.
03:38 * dcook trots off to investigate
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03:52 dcook rangi++
03:55 rangi :)
03:56 mtompset @karma rangi
03:56 huginn mtompset: Karma for "rangi" has been increased 626 times and decreased 5 times for a total karma of 621.
03:56 mtompset What did you do wrong, rangi? ;)
03:56 mtompset @karma mtompset
03:56 huginn mtompset: Karma for "mtompset" has been increased 17 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of 16.
03:57 dcook Relatively speaking, I think rangi's ratio is rather unparallele
03:57 dcook d
03:57 * mtompset blames drojf for the -1. :P
03:57 rangi heh
03:57 dcook @karma dcook
03:57 huginn dcook: Karma for "dcook" has been increased 2 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 2.
03:57 dcook Slowly but surely ;)
03:57 rangi probably making bad jokes
03:57 mtompset dcook++
03:58 mtompset For being an active contributor. :)
03:58 dcook Thanks, mtompset
03:58 mtompset Oh, dcook ... you're running on RPM-based machines, right?
03:58 rangi[…]no-not-like-that/
03:59 dcook To the best of my knowledge, mtompset
03:59 rangi any typoes id be happy to hear about
03:59 mtompset I'll critique it later, rangi. :)
04:00 mtompset Do I have a script for you!
04:00 mtompset Let me see if I can find it. :)
04:00 dcook Intriguing
04:01 dcook I have noticed your love of unit testing, but I admit that I don't know anything about it
04:01 mtompset As you may be aware I was working on
04:01 dcook I could help with those typos though
04:01 mtompset Well, I have a baby version for yum. :)
04:01 dcook I vaguely remember this, yes :P
04:02 mtompset how would you like to get it?
04:02 mtompset This really isn't bugzilla worthy.
04:03 dcook Hmm, it's probably something that I'd rather look at a bit later
04:03 dcook At the moment, I'm just about to pop off for lunch
04:03 mtompset Ooo... lunch. good idea.
04:03 mtompset After lunch then.
04:04 dcook Sure.
04:05 dcook Thanks again for your help before, rangi :)
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04:09 mtompset Greetings, cait.
04:09 cait hi mtompset
04:11 rangi hi cait
04:12 cait hi rangi
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04:16 rangi sites back
04:19 mtompset YAY! There's the mailing list page.
04:23 mtompset rangi: The only things I was wondering about were some commas like "Yes, you should rewrite it, NO! Not like that!" -- should that be a comma before the 'NO!'?
04:23 mtompset Oh, and "Have you run the xt/tt_valid.t on that?" -- is that supposed to be xt?
04:24 mtompset and “Oh I wrote a unit test for that” is missing a period.
04:24 ibeardsl1e and probably a "," after the "Oh" ?
04:25 mtompset Or an exclamation point.
04:25 rangi yep that should be xt
04:26 rangi changing the others now
04:26 mtompset In short,[…]no-not-like-that/ is good.
04:27 mtompset And the "But seriously, if we invest time in writing tests, forcing us to learn the behaviour of the current implementation [comma here?] we can then make sure our refactor/rewrite still passes these tests. "
04:27 rangi ah yes
04:29 rangi changed
04:29 mtompset The next sentence needs a bit of clean up too, I think.
04:30 mtompset Like the last part becoming its own sentence.
04:31 mtompset I always take like a whole day to write documentation, because I keep running over mine to see if I made tiny mistakes.
04:31 mtompset It becomes so tedious.
04:31 mtompset What does korerorero mean?
04:32 rangi discussion
04:32 wahanui discussion is always constructive :)
04:32 * mtompset nods.
04:33 cait wahanui: optimistic :)
04:33 wahanui cait: sorry...
04:34 cait poor bot
04:38 * mtompset smirks, "Yes, poor bot."
04:39 mtompset git
04:39 mtompset packages
04:39 wahanui packages is at
04:39 mtompset tarball
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05:00 mtompset git?
05:00 wahanui git is[…]Control_Using_Git
05:01 mtompset tarball?
05:01 wahanui i heard tarball was uploaded just will do announce this evening, you just reminded me :-)
05:02 mtompset forget tarball
05:02 wahanui mtompset: I forgot tarball
05:03 mtompset tarball is available at -- though if you are on a debian-based OS, try the packages.
05:03 mtompset tarball?
05:03 mtompset wahanui: tarball is available at -- though if you are on a debian-based OS, try the packages.
05:03 mtompset tarball?
05:04 mtompset wahanui the tarball is available at -- though if you are on a debian-based OS, try the packages.
05:04 mtompset tarball?
05:04 mtompset the tarball?
05:04 cait the tarball?
05:04 cait tarball?
05:04 cait tarball is available at -- though if you are on a debian-based OS, try the packages.
05:04 cait wahanui: tarball
05:04 wahanui cait: sorry...
05:04 cait ?
05:04 cait mtompset: sorry, not sure what's with him
05:05 rangi tarball?
05:05 mtompset i
05:05 mtompset Oops..
05:05 rangi yeah, not wanting to learn at the moment
05:06 mtompset dcook_away: tell me when you are back. I'm working in another screen. :)
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05:18 Guest1334 hi there,I wanted to create .db for my koha offline module, how can i go about it?
05:18 cait are you using the firefox plugin or the separate software?
05:19 Guest1334 am using the separate software.
05:19 Guest1334 are they different in requirements?
05:20 cait the firefox plugin just works, you don't need a db, but it can't do as much
05:20 cait[…]line-circulation/
05:20 cait sorry, I am not sure how to create a db for this
05:20 Guest1334 so how do you handle it yourself?
05:22 cait our libraries are not using offline circ atm
05:22 cait http://manual.koha-community.o[…]/offlinecirc.html
05:22 cait but I think I woudl tend to use the firefox plugin for when the network goes down
05:22 cait it doesn't need any preparation
05:22 cait http://manual.koha-community.o[…]/offlinecirc.html
05:22 cait the second has more information
05:23 cait which version of koha are you using?
05:23 Guest1334 am using 3.4 currently
05:23 cait ah :( the firefox plugin will not work with that
05:24 cait maybe try mailing the mailing list with your question
05:24 cait not a lot of people are here this time of the day
05:24 Guest1334 thats a great idea, thanks for your assistance
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05:52 mtt hi there,
05:53 mtompset cait++
05:53 mtompset kf++
05:53 cait hm?
05:53 mtt i was going through the offline module, anyone aware of creating a .db file for the borrowers?
05:54 mtompset Good customer support.
05:54 cait ah
06:01 cait mtt: I would still recommend the mailing list :)
06:02 mtompset mailing list?
06:02 wahanui mailing list is at[…]ha-mailing-lists/
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06:13 francharb joined #koha
06:14 francharb hi
06:14 wahanui hi, francharb
06:15 mtompset I hope the mailing list doesn't get spammed as a result. :)
06:15 cait hi francharb
06:15 mtompset Bonjour, francharb
06:16 francharb Good morninb cait, mtompset !
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06:39 schnydszch what is the optimal requirements for koha?
06:40 schnydszch somebody asked me that question
06:40 schnydszch good afternoon koha users
06:42 mtj optimal? a beowulf cluster
06:47 julian_m joined #koha
06:50 mtompset
06:50 mtompset Minimal, I believe.
06:51 mtompset As for hardware requirements... there are none expressly.
06:51 mtompset If it can run a debian-based OS Server Version, that's a good start.
06:52 julian_m hello
06:52 * magnuse waves
06:53 mtompset Greetings, magnuse and julian_m
06:54 magnuse hiya mtompset
06:55 mtompset Memory requirements will vary based on the size of the catalog, circulations, and other factors.
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07:08 kf good morning #koha
07:08 gaetan_B good morning !
07:08 kf hi gaetan_B :)
07:10 paul_p joined #koha
07:10 kf bonjour paul_p
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07:12 asaurat joined #koha
07:12 kf guten morgen asaurat
07:12 kf :)
07:13 paul_p guten morgen kf
07:13 asaurat 'morgen!!
07:13 asaurat wie geht es dir, kf? :)
07:14 kf gut, viel zu tun - und dir?
07:15 asaurat gut, und viel zu tun auch :D
07:16 kf :)
07:20 rangi Raus!
07:21 kf lol
07:21 kf rangi: sorry, but we are going to stay
07:21 rangi worth a try :)
07:23 rangi my uncle used to yell that out at 5am
07:23 rangi when we were supposed to be doing chores
07:23 rangi (moving sheep and the like)
07:23 rangi worst holiday job ever
07:25 kf heh
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07:26 mtompset what a weird disconnect.
07:31 mtompset I'm positive wizzyrea, I, and some others had a discussion about minimum memory requirements.
07:31 mveron joined #koha
07:31 mtompset But I can't for the life of me find it in the irc logs.
07:32 mveron Good morning #koha
07:32 mtompset Good afternoon, mveron. :)
07:33 mveron Koha never sleeps :-)
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08:05 kf Ilike tweetbot
08:05 kf even if he doesn't eat cookies
08:18 mtompset tarball is available at -- though if you are on a debian-based OS, try the packages.
08:18 mtompset tarball?
08:18 mtompset bad wahanui. :P
08:26 drojf ha![…]u-810-a-tutorial/
08:26 drojf good day #koha
08:27 kf tarball is <reply> something
08:27 kf tarball?
08:27 wahanui something
08:27 kf ah
08:27 kf there you go
08:27 kf now you can teach him
08:28 drojf the poor bot is probably just tired
08:29 drojf wahanui botsnack beer
08:29 wahanui :)
08:29 kf making him drunk will not help the problem! .)
08:29 drojf i make him happy, as you can see ;)
08:29 rangi drojf++
08:30 kf rangi will give him irn bru next... I see it coming
08:30 drojf heh
08:30 mtompset tarball is <reply> The tarballs are available at -- though if you are on a debian-based OS, try the packages.
08:30 mtompset tarball?
08:30 wahanui something
08:30 drojf he likes something more
08:30 mtompset forget tarball
08:30 wahanui mtompset: I forgot tarball
08:30 drojf it's easier to remember too
08:30 mtompset tarball is <reply> The tarballs are available at -- though if you are on a debian-based OS, try the packages.
08:30 mtompset tarball?
08:30 mtompset tarball
08:31 mtompset I think wahanui doesn't like me.
08:31 drojf tarball is <reply> can i have more beer please?
08:31 drojf tarball?
08:31 wahanui can i have more beer please?
08:31 drojf :)
08:31 drojf good bot
08:31 drojf wahanui botsnack beer
08:31 wahanui :)
08:32 mtompset wahanui forget tarball
08:32 wahanui mtompset: I forgot tarball
08:32 mtompset wahanui tarball is <reply> The tarballs are available at -- though if you are on a debian-based OS, try the packages.
08:32 mtompset tarball
08:32 mtompset tarball?
08:32 rangi take the -- out
08:32 rangi also no wahanui
08:32 mtompset AH!
08:33 rangi tarball is <reply> The tarballs are available at though if you are on a debian-based OS, try the packages.
08:33 rangi tarball?
08:33 wahanui The tarballs are available at though if you are on a debian-based OS, try the packages.
08:33 mtompset packages?
08:33 wahanui somebody said packages was at
08:33 mtompset That's sort of correct.
08:35 mtompset It should be redirecting to​/Koha_3.8_on_Debian_Squeeze ... The cascading redirect doesn't seem to work.
08:36 mtompset git?
08:36 wahanui git is, like,[…]Control_Using_Git
08:37 mtompset which install to use?
08:37 wahanui If you're developing, you should use git. If you're not developing on a deb-based system, you should use packages. If you're not developing on a different flavour of Linux, you should use the tarball.
08:37 mtompset There, I think we've got that covered well. :)
08:50 magnuse mtompset++
08:51 mtompset It was a group effort, magnuse, but thank you. :)
08:51 mtompset The 'which install to use' is a quote of jcamins_away.
08:55 mtompset Hmm... I think appendix G in the manuals need updating. :)
08:56 mtompset What's the syntax of @later or is it @tell?
08:57 schnydszch joined #koha
08:58 rangi @help tell
08:58 huginn rangi: (tell <nick> <text>) -- Tells the <nick> whatever <text> is. Use nested commands to your benefit here.
08:58 rangi @help later
08:58 huginn rangi: Error: There is no command "later".
08:58 rangi @help tell later
08:58 huginn rangi: Error: There is no command "tell later".
08:58 rangi it is @tell later
08:59 mtompset Thanks, rangi.
09:17 drojf @later tell drojf blub
09:17 huginn drojf: The operation succeeded.
09:17 drojf hm
09:18 drojf @tell later drojf bla
09:18 huginn drojf: Error: I haven't seen later, I'll let you do the telling.
09:18 asaurat that's not the other way around ? later tell ?
09:18 drojf @tell drojf hello
09:18 drojf yes it is
09:18 drojf later tell works
09:19 asaurat oh yes you did it earlier, didn't see
09:24 mtompset Oh well... I found nengard's facebook page.
09:24 drojf that sounds… stalky
09:26 mtompset Is it wrong to want appendix G updated?
09:27 drojf i don't even know what that is, but why not just send an email instead of searching her in fb?
09:27 mtompset because I don't have an email.
09:27 rangi theres a koha-docs mailing list
09:28 mtompset DOH! That would have been better.
09:28 rangi and a koha-docs git repository, you can even send a patch
09:30 drojf also there are probably a million emails of her in the main ml
09:32 mtompset hindsight is 20/20. Oh well.
09:34 drojf someone got a spare 6v sealed lead acid battery? i think i ordered everything else i need for a self sustaining solar koha in a box
09:35 kf !
09:35 kf no battery but I like the idea :)
09:35 * dcook_away agrees from the land of tax
09:36 drojf well, the battery and maybe sunshine would also be nice :D
09:38 drojf i guess i need a wind- and rain-option to use it in germany soon
09:38 mtompset solar koha box?
09:38 mtompset Who needs library services in the middle of nowhere?
09:38 drojf everybody!
09:38 wahanui it has been said that everybody is so enthusiastic today :)
09:39 drojf see
09:39 drojf :D
09:39 dcook_away Agreed
09:39 mtompset land of tax?
09:39 dcook_away A few months ago, I was going to do a class on international librarianship
09:39 dcook_away It looked at librarianship in war zones, third-world countries, etc.
09:39 drojf cool
09:39 dcook_away Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts didn't allow for me to take it :(
09:39 dcook_away I'll have to pick the brains of my colleagues...
09:40 dcook_away Yep. I have to do my taxes before I leave Australia.
09:45 mtompset bug 8485
09:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8485 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, NEW , Make batch friendly
09:45 mtompset I'm patching it up to have a -b and -r. :)
10:26 eythian joined #koha
10:32 mtompset How would I write tests for Just a shell script? Or is there a .t way?
10:35 magnuse kia ora eythian
10:37 eythian hello
10:38 mtompset Greetings, eythian
10:38 mtompset Thanks for the apt-file Contents.
10:38 mtompset the script works wonderfully as a result.
10:39 eythian øarsome
10:40 mtompset BTW, Datapaginator or whatever those two libraries are...
10:40 mtompset I know they aren't required, but if I wanted to load them... I couldn't.
10:40 mtompset Ubuntu doesn't have them.
10:40 Oak joined #koha
10:40 Oak kia ora #koha.
10:41 Oak kf
10:41 Oak magnuse
10:41 Oak hello rangi :)
10:41 mtompset I feel so out of it. I don't feel right saying kia ora. :P
10:41 mtompset Greetings, Oak
10:41 Oak greetings mtompset :)
10:41 magnuse Oak
10:42 mtompset and salutations to you too, Oak
10:45 drojf Bug statuses
10:45 drojf Passed QA - 7
10:45 drojf Failed QA - 91
10:45 drojf sounds like we write a lot of bad code :P
10:47 dcook_away What are the date ranges for those :p
10:47 * dcook_away pretends that he didn't say anything and actually goes away this time
10:55 mtompset I think one of those is mine... I haven't gotten back to it yet.
10:55 mtompset It's an enhancement, so it's low priority.
10:56 * mtompset goes back to working on shell script to prove that his changes are okay.
11:08 drojf scumbag delivery company. asks to reschedule delivery if i am not at home, does not tell me when the delivery is supposed to be.
11:13 * mtompset tries to calm drojf
11:16 drojf i am calm ;)
11:26 jwagner joined #koha
11:27 eythian enhance your calm, citizen.
11:38 oleonard joined #koha
11:45 oleonard Hi #koha
11:54 NateC joined #koha
12:01 mtompset Greetings, oleonard jwagner jcamins  and NateC
12:01 NateC Hi mtompset!
12:03 jcamins Good morning.
12:07 mtompset YES! I have a shell script skeleton which I can modify to prove my changes. :)
12:07 jwagner hi mtompset
12:10 jcamins rangi++ # good blog post
12:35 oleonard In Lithuania. Interesting.
12:35 oleonard (a non-sequitur for the log)
12:36 jcamins Huh.
12:37 tcohen joined #koha
12:37 mtompset I think oleonard was trying to confuse log readers by stating that.
12:37 jcamins mtompset: possibly. However, it *is* interesting.
12:38 oleonard I find it interesting that a Lithuanian library would be comfortable choosing a US-based support company when US-based libraries would probably not be willing to do the reverse
12:38 tcohen hi #koha
12:38 oleonard Unless someone has an example to the contrary?
12:39 jcamins oleonard: CALYX supports two libraries in the US.
12:40 oleonard They don't seem to be in lib-web-cats
12:41 jcamins Don't they? I thought CALYX supported a couple.e
12:41 jcamins s/e$//
12:43 jcamins You're right. Not finding them in lwc.
12:44 talljoy joined #koha
12:45 asaurat left #koha
12:45 asaurat joined #koha
12:46 drojf1 joined #koha
12:46 talljoy joined #koha
12:51 oleonard Hmm... we really need a new permission "View borrower information" as one step down from "Add or modify borrowers"
12:52 kf it would be nice
12:52 kf for students working the late night shifts and such
12:52 oleonard And maybe another one just for handling fine payments?
12:53 kf hm
12:53 jcamins +1
12:53 kf so you can see fines but not pay?
12:53 kf I think maybe having a perm for waiving fines would be nice
12:53 oleonard So you could pay fines but not edit patron records?
12:53 * oleonard doesn't know if that matches anyone's reality
12:53 kf I am not sure
12:53 jcamins Ah, no, we need a permission so you can edit patron records but not handle money.
12:53 kf I think you get a summary on the patron record
12:54 kf so that might be ok if we had a view patrons
12:54 oleonard jcamins: So if we had the separate fines permission you could have it either way
12:54 jcamins oleonard: yup. That's why I agree with you. :)
12:55 oleonard I was just looking at Bug 3886 and noticing how silly it is that some print views have circ permission and some have borrowers permission
12:55 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3886 normal, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, oleonard, Failed QA , Can't print receipt w/out allowing "Add or modify borrowers" permission
12:56 oleonard On the other hand, I don't know of a way of saying "This page is accessible to people with either X or Y permission"
12:56 kf ah
12:56 kf I think you can do an ||
12:56 kf I have seen that
12:56 kf in acq somewhere
12:56 kf I think... hm. at least we are already doing it somewhere.
12:56 oleonard Have you? I tried to figure that out for Bug 8161 and never got it working
12:56 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8161 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Stable , Cataloging home page should be accessible to users with permission to edit catalog or edit items
12:57 oleonard The only reason that bug fix worked is because there are sub-permissions (what do we call those?)
12:57 kf subpermissions soudns fine to me
12:58 kf hm give me a few minutes and I can try to find out where I saw it :)
12:58 matwebmiss joined #koha
12:58 chris_n joined #koha
12:59 edveal joined #koha
13:11 libsysguy joined #koha
13:12 trea joined #koha
13:16 ago43 joined #koha
13:28 mtompset You know your testing is crazy thorough when you have to write a script to write the script for testing. :)
13:32 larryb joined #koha
13:36 * jcamins wonders who is integrating Spring and Pubmed into Koha, and how.
13:38 kf hm perhaps ebook packages?
13:39 mgeist joined #koha
13:40 tcohen mtompset, what's the situation of bug 8478?
13:40 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8478 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , Update Ubuntu related files
13:40 drojf "connecteurs" klingt für mich mal nicht so richtig nach integration, eher nach link
13:40 drojf lol
13:40 drojf too many languages
13:41 drojf connecteurs sounds more like a link, not "real" integration
13:41 mtompset Just that I noticed you didn't RM ubuntu_maverick.packages in your patch.
13:41 mtompset The modified version of -- I'm working on that.
13:42 mtompset bug 8485?
13:42 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8485 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, NEW , Make batch friendly
13:42 kf drojf: lol - the think is I thought it sounded weird
13:42 kf thing...
13:42 wahanui it has been said that thing is in ephazz's current system, holdings information is held in field 852a - Lcation, 852k - Call number prefix e.g. HF, 852h - Classification part e.g. 5415, 852i - Item part e.g. SMI. Now i want to map do i do these to koha what
13:42 mtompset It took a while to right the script to write the script to do the testing.
13:42 kf but didn't get you were writing german
13:42 drojf :D
13:43 kf forget thing...
13:43 wahanui kf: I forgot thing
13:43 mtompset Other than that... go ahead with whatever you want for bug 8487.
13:43 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8487 critical, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, RESOLVED DUPLICATE, C4::Installer::PerlDependencies needs Test::Strict hash corrected
13:43 drojf i was slightly confused. first i thought it was just the wrong window, but my german conversation in the next window is not about koha :D
13:43 mtompset Oops... bug 8478
13:47 maximep joined #koha
13:47 libsysguy joined #koha
13:47 jcamins kf: I know what pubmed and springer are, I was just wondering who was doing the work.
13:48 magnuse jcamins: someone called YvesTomic, by the looks of it?
13:49 * kf is confused now
13:50 jcamins magnuse: do you know who that is? I'd be interested in asking the developer to consider releasing their code, since Koha is open source.
13:50 larryb left #koha
13:51 * wizzyrea waves
13:52 oleonard Hi wizzyrea
13:53 drojf jcamins:
13:54 jcamins Ah.
13:54 jcamins Nifty.
13:54 jeff mtompset: if you have to write a script to write the script for testing, does your test-writing script have tests? :-)
13:54 mtompset No, I don't recurse that far back.
13:55 mtompset It's just writing out 512 test cases by hand would be torture.
13:56 mtompset How do you force a line break in the perlpod stuff?
13:57 * oleonard pictures rangi handing out Professor Umbridge-style punishments for not writing tests: "I will write tests, I will write tests..."
13:57 chris_n` joined #koha
13:58 mtompset How do you force a line break in the perlpod? I don't want my example calls to all be blurred into a run on line when the help is displayed.
14:00 ago43 joined #koha
14:02 sekjal joined #koha
14:02 mbalmer btw, I found a quite unbiased comparison between mysql and pgsql, in case anyone is interested in it:
14:03 oleonard mbalmer: How is your work on making Koha db-agnostic coming along?
14:03 mtompset Found an answer: add a space at the front of the line.
14:04 mbalmer oleanard, still not able to run the installer for real
14:04 libsysguy joined #koha
14:08 drojf jcamins: apparently he uses php to get data from external sources and displays that in koha. does not sound like the best idea to me
14:09 jcamins drojf: no, it sure doesn't.
14:13 mtompset external connectors... *cringes*
14:19 mtompset You know you have done too much bash scripting when your perl scripts mess up because == is numeric in perl, but a string in bash.
14:21 * kf mutters
14:21 kf subject can have 3 differnt meanings in German
14:21 kf but we can only make one translation...
14:21 * mtompset hands kf some cookies.
14:21 kf thx needed
14:22 mtompset Well, I'm sure you could mention this problem to whoever controls the po strings. They could add the other two cases, even if they are the same in other languages, right?
14:23 kf mtompset: the problem is more difficult
14:23 kf the way our po files owrk, you can only do 1 translation for each string
14:23 kf and each string is only translated once
14:23 kf well 2 times max, once for opac and once for staff
14:23 drojf that sounds stupid
14:23 kf and in this case, both are on the same template... *sigh*
14:24 kf drojf: it's subject
14:24 mtompset oh, that's even more frustrating.
14:24 kf and you don't want to translate them every time a word occurs
14:24 kf subject = Betreff, Thema, Schlagwort
14:24 mtompset What are the differences in nuance?
14:25 kf subject of a mail, subject in library speak (6xx fields) and a topic
14:26 mtompset Perhaps the English can change to accomodate the three nuances?
14:26 drojf kf: then we have to find and use the most differentiated language as the base for all translations
14:26 kf yeah, that's my best hope
14:26 jcamins @marc 520
14:26 huginn jcamins: Unformatted information that describes the scope and general contents of the materials. This could be a summary, abstract, annotation, review, or only a phrase describing the material. (Repeatable) [a,b,u,3,6,8]
14:26 jcamins ^^ see, not "subject."
14:26 kf jcamins: will you write a patch? :P
14:27 kf or suggest a term so I can?
14:27 mtompset kf said 6xx fields.
14:27 mtompset @marc 600
14:27 huginn mtompset: A subject added entry in which the entry element is a personal name. (Repeatable) [a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,j,k,l,m,n,o,p​,q,r,s,t,u,v,x,y,z,2,3,4,6,8]
14:27 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
14:27 jcamins 520 should have the label "Summary"
14:27 Shane-S joined #koha
14:27 kf I am checking matser now
14:28 Shane-S when I click a book in the admin cataloging it takes me to the MARC tab, can I change it to default to normal?
14:29 kf hm yes
14:29 jcamins Shane-S: yes. In the sysprefs there's a "Default[something]View" syspref.
14:29 Shane-S wizzyrea: you were right btw, labeling is working, I needed users :)
14:29 Shane-S jcamins: okay will check thanks!
14:29 wizzyrea YAY!!!
14:29 * wizzyrea highfives Shane-S
14:29 wizzyrea (srsly, that's great. :))
14:29 kf jcamins:[…]68bafe8a6002#l684
14:30 Shane-S now I am fixing barcodes...has I know the padded 00 was missing from one label, I would have removed T00 not just the T....
14:30 kf
14:30 kf meh.
14:31 Shane-S I think jcamins said it yesterday.. something like perfect gets in the way of good
14:35 Shane-S little confused its says on cataloging show records on [normal view] in the drop down already, but it opens in MARC
14:36 kf have you checked if there aredifferent prefs for opac and staff?
14:37 Shane-S nope...looking now
14:38 jcamins IntranetBiblioDefaultView
14:38 jcamins Try to set it to something else then set it back.
14:38 kf oh good hint
14:39 Shane-S hmm...think I need to clear my session to see that change?
14:40 jcamins No.
14:40 jcamins You do need to refresh the results page, though.
14:41 Shane-S I edited a barcode, then did a new catalog search, clicked the title, still MARC
14:41 Shane-S I will check the setting saved (though the black confirmation and log notification bar came up it was saved both times)
14:41 jcamins Shane-S: wait, are you having this problem in the staff client or the OPAC?
14:41 jcamins I understood the problem to be with the staff client.
14:42 jcamins Also set BiblioDefaultView to "in simple form."
14:44 Shane-S staff client
14:44 wahanui hmmm... staff client is for the staff in the library, OPAC is for patrons
14:44 rambutan joined #koha
14:44 Shane-S ill move systems soon and screencast it if need be
14:45 jcamins Shane-S: try changing BiblioDefaultView as well.
14:45 jcamins It's on the OPAC tab.
14:45 jcamins Could be the two sysprefs are reversed.
14:48 Shane-S changed both, then set both back to simple...I will go to my screen cast system and record it. That will also give me a new session to test too
14:48 mtompset Did I send you the yum version of the script, jcamins?
14:48 jcamins mtompset: yes, I believe so.
14:48 mtompset I just realized that depends on bug 8485
14:48 jcamins Shane-S: are you running memcached?
14:48 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8485 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, NEW , Make batch friendly
14:49 jcamins If so, restart it.
14:54 Shane-S2 joined #koha
14:54 Shane-S2 jcamins: I am pretty sure I did it right
14:57 Shane-S jcamins: where can I check on memcached? I don't remember checking that during install as it had a not about issues if I recall
15:00 jcamins Shane-S: just run "sudo service memcached restart" from the command line.
15:02 laurence left #koha
15:04 jcamins Shane-S: is there a reason, though, why you are using the cataloging module search?
15:04 jcamins It may be that the Cataloging module always brings you to the MARC view, now that I think about it, because the only reason you would *be* in cataloging module is to work with MARC.
15:06 jcamins I'm checking now.
15:06 Morthland joined #koha
15:06 jcamins Yeah, that's why.
15:06 jcamins The Cataloging module search always brings you to the MARC view.
15:07 Morthland I got an email from the cron daemon, sent to
15:07 jcamins You should just use the regular search.
15:07 Morthland How can I change that to send to
15:07 jcamins Morthland: you'll probably need to set up a mail aliases file.
15:07 Morthland In postfix?
15:07 jcamins Morthland: you can probably find instructions for that in the documentation for your MTA of choice.
15:07 jcamins Yes.
15:08 Morthland Fantastic. Thank you.
15:08 jcamins Though- you might be able to change which e-mail messages are going to by editing the crontab.
15:08 jcamins You could find about that in the cron documentation.
15:08 * jcamins would go with setting up an alias, though.
15:11 Morthland I will set up the alias. It seems to make the most sense.
15:16 mtompset Shoot! My 512 test cases are still running!
15:16 mtompset I'll submit the patch anyways. :)
15:18 francharb joined #koha
15:23 Shane-S jcamins: sorry got pulled away, I am using it to fix barcodes, so I am searching for books by title, clicking the right one, seeing MARC, click normal, find the book with the bad barcode and click the barcode #, then I click Edit Item so I can fix the barcode
15:23 jcamins You should just use the regular search if you don't want to look at the MARC.
15:24 Shane-S the one with checkout/checkin/patron/catalog under it?
15:26 jcamins Yes. "Search in catalog."
15:27 jcamins Click the link "Search" to get to the advanced search screen.
15:27 Shane-S jcamins: okay I see, I thought cataloging make more logical sense, but it does what you say and the barcode testing works as well
15:27 mtompset jcamins, patch for bug 8485 has been uploaded.
15:27 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8485 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , Make batch friendly
15:28 Shane-S Search I didn't like as I have to specify  what I am looking for. I need "speed" right now to just verify barcodes
15:28 Shane-S making 2 and don't work, then 2 piles from the "don't work" fix and replace
15:28 jcamins Shane-S: then use the search box that appears on almost every page.
15:30 Shane-S I was just trying to save a click, you have to pick search the catalog or cataloging from more. However, you are right the search from cataloging saves 3 clicks over the cataloging search
15:32 Shane-S jcamins: Thanks for the help, now I can start making my giant piles
15:32 jcamins I'm still not exactly clear on what you're doing, but I'm glad I could help. :)
15:33 Shane-S I personally am just doing a trial, so I can direct the librarian in the quickest manner to correct barcodes in Koha and make barcode labels for the books that need their label replaced
15:34 Shane-S It seems all the labels from the Circ/Cat system need to be replaced.
15:35 Shane-S Our label from a vendor, don't have the T00 hidden in the barcode, so we can just make the numbers match exactly. In Koha they have 2 leading zero's the barcode label does not
15:36 jcamins Shane-S: why don't you take out the two leading zeros?
15:36 Shane-S hmm...wonder if I should just do an SQL query looking for barcodes starting with 00 and strip them out
15:36 jcamins I would.
15:36 * Shane-S hasn't done a complex query in a while...goes to
15:47 oleonard If I create "modify_patrons" and "view_patrons" permissions is someone going to complain that a user with "modify_patrons" permission can do all the same things someone with "view_patrons" can do?
15:48 oleonard "Hey, I said he could only modify patrons, not view them too!"
15:48 jcamins Hehe.
15:48 kf not me
15:48 kf did you find out about the permissions?
15:48 kf sorry, I got distracted :(
15:49 oleonard At this point I don't need to do "flagsrequired => { A or B }", so I'm not waiting to find out if it can be done
15:50 mveron By #koha
15:50 * oleonard grumbles about FIXMEs which say simply "this script needs to be refactored"
15:51 trea2 joined #koha
15:51 kf oleonard++ for going there :)
15:52 kf into scripts that need refactoring
15:52 kf and bye all :)
15:52 mtompset Bye, kf.
15:52 kf left #koha
15:53 mtompset gbsd... sit in a corner and fix all the FIXMEs.
15:53 mtompset jcamins?
15:53 wahanui i guess jcamins is A-Grade developper on Koha willing to rewrite it from top to bottom. Good Luck jcamins
15:54 gmcharlt developper?
15:54 gmcharlt I like it -- "developper. noun.  One who improves code by removing some."
15:54 mtompset Hey, I didn't type. Someone else did.
15:54 oleonard developper = cross between developer and tree-trimmer?
15:56 eythian "must have negative LOC count"
15:56 trea joined #koha
15:57 rambutan joined #koha
15:57 jcamins Hehe.
15:57 nengard joined #koha
15:57 jcamins I don't think I do.
15:57 nengard jcamins you're just the person I need :)
15:57 melia joined #koha
15:57 nengard I'm training
15:57 nengard say hi to the catalogers :)
15:58 nengard the question is what do i search if i want to find things with the subject of united states and the subject subfield of encyclopedia
15:59 oleonard Hi catalogers!
15:59 jcamins And searching for "united states -- encyclopedia" in subject doesn't work?
15:59 mgeist Hi catalogers.
16:00 jcamins Hi catalogers.
16:00 mtompset Greetings, catalogers.
16:01 oleonard jcamins' search will return results for subjects like " Urban folklore -- United States -- Encyclopedias."
16:01 oleonard Don't know if that's okay or not?
16:01 jcamins oleonard: yes, but any search we can come up with will do that.
16:02 jcamins (any search we can come up with without using less-than-memorable syntax)
16:02 oleonard I just think it's important to note since the question may be about a more exclusive search
16:03 drojf joined #koha
16:03 jcamins oleonard: I know. But I wanted to start with the "things that people will be able to remember" option.
16:04 jcamins nengard: does that simple query meet the needs?
16:04 mtompset He didn't want to scare with the PQF. ;)
16:05 jcamins mtompset: actually, we can avoid PQF for this query, provided they're using DOM indexing.
16:05 mtompset PQF?
16:05 wahanui PQF is Prefix Query Format or at
16:06 mtompset I know, but people should know what a knowledgeable expert you are. ;)
16:06 jcamins Thanks.
16:07 * mtompset waves bye to #koha and the catalogers. :)
16:11 paul_p chris_n = bug 7167 updated ! (could not work on it yesterday morning, but we took the whole day on it with joubu !!!)
16:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7167 enhancement, P1 - high, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , updatedatabase improvements
16:11 jcamins gmcharlt: was a patch lost on bug 7818?
16:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7818 critical, P1 - high, ---, robin, Pushed to Stable , support DOM mode for Zebra indexing of bibliographic records
16:12 jcamins There are no "index_heading" calls.
16:14 paul_p nengard = hi from France, catalogers !
16:14 gmcharlt jcamins: where, specifically?  I'm seeing references in several files in both master and 3.8.x
16:14 jcamins gmcharlt: in biblio-koha-indexdefs.
16:15 * oleonard finds several staff client scripts with authnotrequired => 1
16:16 jcamins oleonard: that doesn't seem like such a good idea.
16:17 * oleonard wonders if there's a better way to handle the error pages (, etc) than authnotrequired => 1
16:18 oleonard We don't have a generic "can be logged in to the staff client" permission
16:18 jcamins oleonard: staffaccess?
16:18 oleonard staffaccess = "Modify login / permissions for staff users"
16:18 chris_n paul_p: fantastic
16:18 jcamins Oh.
16:19 chris_n I'll schedule some time tonight or tomorrow for it
16:19 jcamins Uhhh...
16:19 paul_p chris_n++ !
16:19 paul_p jcamins = you're also welcomed to test bug 7167 !
16:19 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7167 enhancement, P1 - high, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , updatedatabase improvements
16:19 jcamins paul_p: yes, I was just thinking I would.
16:19 jcamins Full disclosure: I tend to find things that I want changed. :P
16:20 paul_p jcamins = if that's things we can improve later, I've no problem with it ;-)
16:21 gmcharlt jcamins: no missing patch, just something awaiting tuits
16:21 jcamins gmcharlt: ah.
16:25 nengard oleonard and jcamins thank you!!
16:25 nengard we moved on to serials but that does help us and that is what we watn
16:25 nengard want
16:31 jcamins There is a cat sitting on my keyboard. It makes work very difficult.
16:36 Shane-S jcamins: I think I am missing something, I did a test query to remove leading zero's and the item shows the barcode change, but I have to search with the leading zeros. I went to lunch for 20 minutes to give time for a zebra index
16:36 Shane-S do I need to run the query on more then the "items" table?
16:37 jcamins Shane-S: you have to reindex everything if you change things in MySQL.
16:37 jcamins Zebra doesn't know you've changed it.
16:38 Shane-S is there a way to do it via Koha so I can avoid that step?
16:38 Shane-S batch edit perhaps?
16:39 jcamins No.
16:39 rambutan Interesting behavior:   <- search "I am number 4" results in DVD only...
16:39 jcamins The batch edit functionality won't allow you to edit the barcode in that way.
16:39 rambutan search "I am number four" results in both DVD and book
16:40 Shane-S okay, I will search the wiki for re-indexing I remember doing that in the past with my 3.6 test system
16:40 rambutan Correct title for both is "I am number four".
16:40 jcamins Shane-S: koha-rebuild-zebra --full instancename
16:40 libsysguy joined #koha
16:40 oleonard rambutan: The DVD has "I am number 4" as "other title"
16:41 rambutan harumpfff
16:41 jcamins rambutan: B&T's record is... somewhat less complete.
16:41 jcamins Based on a DLC record.
16:42 jcamins And of course AACR2 says you don't list numerals in 246, just spelled-out numbers.
16:42 jcamins (silly? Why yes!)
16:42 oleonard How does AACR2 suggest you handle such cases?
16:43 jcamins oleonard: AACR2 says that the book record is correct, and "I am number 4" should not appear anywhere in the record.
16:43 oleonard Ha
16:43 * oleonard gives AACR2 the finger
16:46 rambutan I have so informed the reference librarian in question and cc'd: the cataloger of this MLS-level information. They will possibly think I'I'll wait 24 hours before giving the proper citation.
16:46 rambutan canx above
16:46 rambutan I have so informed the reference librarian in question and cc'd: the cataloger of this MLS-level information. They will possibly think I'm very smart. I'll wait 24 hours before giving the proper citation.
16:48 jcamins Heh.
16:51 * chris_n dutifully notes that his "round 'tuit" is carefully hidden away in a little used drawer at home
16:56 edveal left #koha
17:01 cait joined #koha
17:04 oleonard I wonder if there is a situation where you would give someone circ permission but not want to grant them view_patrons permission?
17:05 cait hm
17:05 * oleonard has learned never to trust his common sense in these situations
17:05 jcamins Hehe.
17:05 cait if you can circ, you will have to check the name, not sure if it makes sense to not see the rest?
17:05 cait I think unless someone asks for it... I would not take it into account
17:14 Morthland is upgrading as simple as sudo make upgrade?
17:15 Morthland from 3.8.1 to 3.8.3
17:15 Morthland ?
17:16 jcamins Morthland: and running the webinstaller.
17:17 Morthland Will the webinstaller run if I have a database already?
17:17 jcamins Yes.
17:17 jcamins It runs automatically when you try to log in the first time.
17:17 Morthland Fantastic. Thanks!
17:18 jcamins It's even easier when you use packages.
17:18 Morthland packages?
17:18 wahanui well, packages is at
17:19 Morthland Well. That's pretty nifty.
17:22 libsysguy joined #koha
17:57 edveal joined #koha
18:18 oleonard Bug 7955 says "signed off" but a statistics tab is already on patron records? I'm confused.
18:18 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7955 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Statistics tab in patron module
18:19 oleonard Is it a follow-up which makes it signed-off?
18:19 oleonard Oh, I guess so:[…]ivity.cgi?id=7955
18:20 oleonard Will the follow-up make it work correctly? :|
18:22 Brooke joined #koha
18:22 Brooke o/
18:23 oleonard Hi Brooke, what brings you 'round?
18:23 Brooke felt like logging on :)
18:23 Brooke how's it going, Owen?
18:24 oleonard Fine.
18:24 oleonard Working on Bug 8535 and discovering all kinds of messes
18:24 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8535 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Granular permission for viewing patron information
18:25 Brooke icky
18:44 JesseM joined #koha
18:46 JesseM Has anyone come across an issue viewing purchase suggestions in Suggestions Management after an upgrade to 3.8.3?
18:47 oleonard What's the issue JesseM ?
18:47 JesseM Old suggestions not showing at all
18:50 oleonard I certainly don't have that problem in master JesseM
18:50 oleonard We don't do suggestions in our production system so I can't help by checking there
18:51 cait JesseM: try refreshing the page
18:51 JesseM ok thanks oleonard
18:51 cait also only the current library will show now I think
18:51 cait so if you have old ones... could be related to the branchcode maybe
18:52 JesseM Thx cait
18:52 cait only guessing mostly, but maybe
19:00 Morthland2 joined #koha
19:00 mbalmer joined #koha
19:00 Morthland2 I'm getting this error: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 758. Compilation failed in require at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 31. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 31. Compilation failed in require at /usr/share/koha/intran
19:01 jcamins Sounds like a branchcode issue.
19:01 jcamins Morthland2: sounds like your MySQL server isn't running.
19:02 cait Morthland: did you just reimport the database?
19:11 clrh joined #koha
19:13 drojf joined #koha
19:15 dpavlin joined #koha
19:16 oleonard See ya later #koha
19:16 rambutan joined #koha
19:19 jcamins nengard is telling people to use 001 for OCLC number, isn't she?
19:19 * jcamins sighs
19:20 cait she is
19:20 cait I wonder why not downloding directly?
19:20 cait creating the order from external source?
19:21 rangi Morning
19:22 trea morning rangi
19:22 jcamins Because most libraries don't pay the exhorbitant rates for Z39.50 access to OCLC, I think.
19:23 cait oh
19:23 cait morning rangi
19:23 jcamins The problem is, if you get vendorload records prior to your OCLC overlay, the 001 could have god-knows-what.
19:23 jcamins Which would be exactly why I say to use 035.
19:24 rangi Yea
19:24 rangi Makes sense
19:25 jcamins Of course, I've been saying that for a year with no effect.
19:26 mbalmer joined #koha
19:26 cait where do you put the source with 035 again?
19:26 jcamins (OCoLC)ocm123456789
19:26 jcamins :)
19:27 cait ew
19:27 cait but ok
19:27 jcamins Add "(OCoLC)" as a default value to the 035$a.
19:28 cait hm?
19:28 jcamins To save typing.
19:28 jcamins If that's what you were objecting to.
19:28 cait ah, only not a fan of the () syntax
19:29 jcamins Nor am I, but that's the way it is.
19:29 cait agreed
19:42 jcamins cait: can't you use the ACQ framework to add additional fields to the acquisitions module?
19:42 cait not to the new order form
19:42 jcamins Ah.
19:42 cait only the items 952 is used
19:42 jcamins Got it.
19:43 cait hm
19:43 cait it would be nice tho :)
19:47 libsysguy joined #koha
19:50 jcamins Well, I tried.
19:56 rangi sekjal: yep I do  :)
19:57 cait hm?
19:57 rangi was answering a later
19:59 rangi hmm thats the first lithuanian library i know of using koha
19:59 cait cool :)
20:00 jcamins But they've been using Koha for a while.
20:00 jcamins Didn't it say they went live in 2008?
20:00 mbalmer joined #koha
20:00 rangi ah yeah, its an upgrade
20:04 sekjal rangi:  figured Wellington was a small enough open source IT community that you may have had some overlap
20:05 kathryn joined #koha
20:10 rangi sekjal: i used to run into them a lot more when i went to curry thursday
20:11 rangi
20:14 rangi right, new month, new scoreboard
20:14 rangi can anyone beat jonathan this month
20:15 cait ah
20:15 cait are you going to reset totally?
20:15 rangi[…]cs-for-july-2012/
20:15 rangi just the signoff stats
20:15 rangi its now showing signoffs for august
20:15 cait we can try to
20:15 cait but I guess it's from qaing?
20:16 rangi nope, its from marking signed off
20:16 cait ah ok :) cool :)
20:49 mbalmer joined #koha
21:00 trea left #koha
21:24 libsysguy does anybody else find the template toolkit loop variables name strange
21:24 libsysguy foreach *_LOO in *_LOOP
21:25 jcamins Very strange.
21:25 eythian libsysguy: it's a legacy of template conversion
21:25 jcamins It's because it was automatically converted.
21:25 jcamins I've decided it's endearing. :)
21:25 eythian me too :)
21:25 libsysguy I've decided to hate it
21:25 libsysguy i keep wanting to do mine as holiday in holidays etc
21:25 jcamins You don't have to do that in new code.
21:26 libsysguy 0_0
21:26 jcamins But, I think it's probably good to do all caps.
21:26 * libsysguy goes back to delete all the bad loo vars
21:26 rangi and dont do $template->param either
21:26 libsysguy i can do that
21:26 rangi thats an html::template thing
21:26 jcamins (and all caps only when your code could easily get missed)
21:26 rangi that we have a shim for, but it should go away
21:27 jcamins Shims_going_away++
21:27 jcamins You know what we should do in 3.12?
21:27 jcamins Put in a warning.
21:27 rangi good idea
21:27 jcamins "You have set a parameter incorrectly."
21:28 jcamins Or move it into C4::Template::Shims, and only include that in legacy code.
21:28 libsysguy then an ascii hand to come smack you down
21:28 jcamins Or something.
21:28 rangi that'd work
21:28 mgeist Time to go. Have a good evening!
21:29 libsysguy rangi or jcamins do we typically put TT vars in arrays or hashes
21:29 libsysguy I can't for the life of me figure out how to loop through a hash in TT
21:29 rangi its up to you
21:29 jcamins Hashes.
21:29 jcamins Well...
21:29 jcamins No, I guess we usually do arrays of hashes.
21:29 jcamins What are you trying?
21:29 rangi $template->{VARS}->{fishface} = whatever the hell you want :)
21:29 libsysguy it was arras of hashes before
21:29 libsysguy heh
21:30 rangi it could be a scalar, a hashref or an an arrayref
21:30 libsysguy oh i bet the calendar code was using template param
21:30 * libsysguy goes to look
21:30 libsysguy and it would be using template->param
21:31 rangi yeah
21:32 eythian rangi: $template->{VARS}{fishface} = ... ;)
21:33 rangi :)
21:38 * wizzyrea imagines the ascii spanking libsysguy would apply, laughs
21:39 libsysguy Anna is the only one allowed to do any spanking around here :p
21:39 wizzyrea O RLY
21:39 jcamins Oooh... I know... we always use $template for the template, don't we?
21:39 libsysguy YRS RLY!
21:40 jcamins YRS?
21:40 wizzyrea I think you mean YA RLY
21:40 libsysguy bad caps grammer
21:40 jcamins We can add a check for "$template->param" to the git hook.
21:40 rangi jcamins: we dont have to, we just do
21:40 jcamins rangi: this is good. It makes automating the QA failing easier. :)
21:41 * wizzyrea refrains from critiquing your spelling as well.
21:41 libsysguy ug
21:41 * wizzyrea giggles
21:42 wizzyrea libsysguy?
21:42 wahanui rumour has it libsysguy is Koha's hottest developer or partying with swedes on his deck or koha's youngest developer
21:42 libsysguy I can't find the site I was looking for
21:42 libsysguy wizzyrea have you seem the goosberms meme
21:42 wizzyrea regrettably, no
21:42 wizzyrea oh wait
21:42 wizzyrea yes
21:43 wizzyrea
21:43 wizzyrea er no
21:43 wizzyrea[…]7cb73_3456208.jpg
21:43 wizzyrea yes that
21:43 libsysguy
21:44 jcamins I do believe... yes, the cat stole my socks.
21:44 * jcamins goes to pick up some herbs, flour, and dried grains from the CSA, after reclaiming his socks from the cat.
21:44 libsysguy!/translate
21:46 wizzyrea my favorite was the one with Councilor Troi from star trek
21:55 rambutan joined #koha
21:57 rangi coffee time brb
21:58 wizzyrea later peps
21:59 * wizzyrea is off to fetch the kiddo
21:59 wizzyrea (yes, you can imagine that as it comes from the wizard of oz. I am a kansan after all)
22:03 maximep left #koha
22:07 edveal left #koha
22:08 eythian I don't think the wizard of oz is set in kansas, toto.
22:18 * magnuse wonders why there is no mention of koha-create in "man koha-common"
22:18 rangi mistake ?
22:19 magnuse most likely
22:19 eythian also koha-remove
22:19 magnuse and "man koha-foreach" has koha-list in the synopsis... gah!
22:20 magnuse koha-remove seems to actually be in the docbook in master
22:20 magnuse but not in the man page i'm looking at
22:20 rambutan left #koha
22:21 magnuse man, someone messed up - i wonder who... ;-)
22:21 eythian no idea :)
22:22 magnuse good :-)
22:26 * magnuse wishes everyone a good night or other time of the day
22:26 rangi cya magnuse
22:26 magnuse have fun rangi
22:28 Morthland2 joined #koha
22:28 Morthland2 My OPAC seems to be denying non-local IP addresses
22:35 JesseM left #koha
23:21 papa joined #koha
23:36 tomas joined #koha
23:44 chris_n` joined #koha
23:48 chris_n joined #koha

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