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00:41 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.8.x build #72: SUCCESS in 51 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.8.x/72/
00:41 jenkins_koha oleonard: Bug 8194 - Layout problem on subscription add when showing manual history
00:41 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8194 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Stable , Layout problem on subscription add when showing manual history
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00:56 SJeffery Thank god ala is over
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01:05 rangi SJeffery: crazy?
01:05 wahanui it has been said that crazy is if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder
01:06 SJeffery Exhausting is a good way to describe it
01:06 rangi yeah i went to my first one last year, in new orleans, exhausting is exactly how id describe it
01:09 rangi SJeffery: are you from california?
01:09 SJeffery no, az.
01:10 rangi ahh not too far away at least
01:10 SJeffery Yeah, I will head back tomorrow afternoon.
01:11 rangi did you go to any sessions?
01:11 SJeffery Plenty, also involved in committee stuff
01:11 rangi ahhh
01:12 rangi what was your pick of the conference?
01:13 SJeffery There was a good one on IT strategic planning this afternoon...but really, you get more out of the networking and committees than the sessions,.
01:13 rangi yup thats what i always say, the hallway track is the best conference track
01:15 SJeffery ALA is not well-suited for corporate libraries, but you can get a lot out of it if you work it
01:15 rangi is there a corporate libraries association?
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01:17 Oak kia ora #koha
01:17 rangi hi Oak
01:17 Oak hello rangi :)
01:19 SJeffery There is, SLA, that one has its own advantages and disadvantages
01:35 jenkins_koha Starting build #73 for job Koha_3.8.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
01:50 rangi ah ha
01:51 rangi bug 7818 breaks the packaging
01:51 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7818 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Pushed to Stable , support DOM mode for Zebra indexing of bibliographic records
01:53 rangi dh_install: etc/koha/zebradb/zebra-biblios-dom.cfg exists in debian/tmp but is not installed to anywhere
02:26 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.8.x build #73: SUCCESS in 51 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.8.x/73/
02:26 jenkins_koha veron: Bug 7368 - General staff client typo omnibus
02:26 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7368 trivial, P5 - low, ---, veron, ASSIGNED , General staff client typo omnibus
02:26 jenkins_koha Starting build #74 for job Koha_3.8.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
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03:18 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.8.x build #74: SUCCESS in 51 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.8.x/74/
03:18 jenkins_koha * Bug 7143 Followup for timeline
03:18 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 8255: allow local cover images to be cached
03:18 jenkins_koha * sophie.meynieux: Bug 8191 : Adding a new value to 8 position of coded data field 100
03:18 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7143 trivial, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, ASSIGNED , Bug for tracking changes to the about page
03:18 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8255 normal, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Stable , Local cover images should be cacheable
03:18 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8191 minor, P5 - low, ---, sophie.meynieux, Pushed to Stable , New value for 8 position in coded data field 100 in unimarc
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03:37 mtj- hmm this looks new...
03:37 mtj- C4::Output version 3.02 required--this is only version at /home/mason/git/head/tags/ line 33.
03:37 cjh_ heh
03:38 mtj- i'm not sure what is the best fix...
03:39 mtj- i think simply remove the '3.02' stuff , its unnecessary
03:41 cjh_ is it possible to fix the faulty comparison?
03:42 cjh_ although most places in koha dont mention the version they require so it does seem superfluous
03:44 mtj- cjh_: yep, agreed, its something related to 'use' ->
03:48 mtj- logged a bug 8315 ...:)
03:48 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8315 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , fix 'C4::Output 3.02' errors in Koha
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04:46 * Oak wondering where cait is
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06:32 alex_a bonjour
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06:37 cait hi #koha
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06:50 julian_m hi
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07:06 reiveune hello
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07:07 gaetan_B hello
07:07 wahanui hola, gaetan_B
07:08 gaetan_B hola wahanui ;)
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07:38 * rangi answers stacy
07:42 rangi and evening all
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07:59 rangi heya asaurat1
08:01 asaurat1 hi!!
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08:03 mib_cvux1w Hi, need help about KOHA theme change!
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08:11 mtj- rangi++, nice email  :)
08:11 rangi thanks, it was tricky to write
08:11 mtj- yeah, i can imagine...
08:14 mtj- and a nice plug for jenkins too
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08:19 Oak cait!
08:19 Oak where wert thou?
08:19 Oak magnuse
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08:20 drojf good morning #koha
08:22 cait Oak:!
08:22 cait :)
08:23 Oak :)
08:23 cait I was visiting my new baby nephew
08:23 asaurat1 ooooh
08:24 asaurat1 what's his name ?
08:24 Oak ahhh coool
08:24 cait asaurat: markus
08:24 cait son of my older brother :)
08:24 Oak awesome name
08:24 asaurat nice =)
08:26 mtj- pretty interesting stuff ->[…]egexp/
08:27 mtj- Damian _Conway++
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08:33 cait morning eythian:)
08:33 eythian hello
08:33 wahanui hey, eythian
08:34 rangi hi eythian
08:35 eythian g'morning
08:38 cait bye all :)
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08:42 mveron Hi #koha  :-)
08:42 rangi hi mveron
08:42 mveron Hi rangi
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08:44 mveron Hi drojfl :-)
08:44 drojf1 hey mveron :)
08:47 drojf1 omg i'm in the koha newsletter. i'm a celebrity *autographs some pictures of himself*
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09:22 magnuse did we ever decide on a time for the july meeting?
09:22 drojf yes
09:22 magnuse 10 utc?
09:22 drojf should be 10
09:22 magnuse ok
09:23 magnuse i'm creating the page now
09:24 drojf there was a final mail from brooke. i'm on my tablet, don't have my email archive here. but the discussion was 2 or 10 i think
09:26 magnuse[…]ing,_18_July_2012 says 10 now, anyone is free to edit, of course
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09:34 drojf magnuse++
09:34 magnuse ooh :-)
09:35 drojf i think we should have kohacon12 also, we didnt talk about it besides i said it was awesome. if there is more to say about it that is
09:35 drojf but im off to nonkoha work now
09:35 drojf later
09:37 * magnuse added kohacon12
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10:28 eythian[…]refox_for/c55ec4d <-- the "mentored bugs" thing here is interesting.
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11:55 drojf hi #koha
11:55 cait1 hi #koha
11:56 drojf i said it first ;)
11:56 drojf hi cait1
11:57 jcamins Hi cait1 and drojf.
11:57 cait1 hi drojf and jcamins
11:57 drojf hey jcamins
11:57 cait1 bought a second screen... is there a trick to make my laptop see it?
11:58 drojf plug it in?
11:58 hdl1 cait1: which os, which version ?
11:58 drojf depends on your os though
11:58 hdl1 xrandr --auto
11:59 hdl1 should could fo the job on Linux machine
12:00 drojf also depends on the dektop environment, not only os
12:00 cait1 ubuntu
12:01 cait1 newest ubuntu... forgot the name again :)
12:01 cait1 hm nothing happening so far
12:02 eythian open the screen settings?
12:02 cait1 xrandr without auto indicates there is nothing plugged in
12:02 eythian but on mine, I just plug it in
12:02 cait1 eythian: I tried that... :(
12:02 cait1 eythian: there is no indication that something was plugged in
12:02 cait1 I am trying something, brb
12:02 eythian is the other end of the cable plugged into the screen? :)
12:02 cait1 yes it is! :P
12:03 drojf in kde there come up screen settings when you plug in the monitor. worked in ubuntu and debian
12:03 drojf lol
12:03 eythian what video card?
12:03 eythian (intel, nvidia, ?)
12:03 eythian oh
12:03 drojf wrong cable
12:03 eythian clearly
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12:14 cait I think ubuntu doesn't like the graphics card
12:14 cait it's using the integrated and perhaps that's why it's not working...
12:15 jcamins Maybe you need to install proprietary drivers for it?
12:15 cait yeah
12:15 drojf you also bought an external graphics card for the monitor?
12:15 cait maybe
12:15 cait no
12:15 cait it has too
12:15 cait gr 2
12:15 cait optimus
12:16 cait which is not supported by linux right now I think
12:16 * cait is not a hardware geek
12:16 drojf your chance to become one
12:16 drojf ;)
12:16 cait yay ;)
12:16 eythian oh
12:16 eythian optimus
12:16 eythian that's terrible
12:16 drojf just write a driver :)
12:16 eythian and nvidia is refusing to support it
12:17 cait drojf: you do one, I learn from htat? ;)
12:17 eythian have you tried "bumblebee"
12:17 eythian ?
12:17 cait eythian: I think they made some progess on it, but it's still very experimental, I didn't try it
12:17 jcamins What about installing the proprietary drivers for the Intel video?
12:17 cait I don't care if it doesn#t support optimus I think but it would be nice if it didn't send me to command line when I switch to the nvidia in bios
12:18 cait that's why I was gone so long :)
12:18 sekjal cait:  first graphics card I bought for my Ubuntu desktop didn't work very well at all... even with proprietary drivers.  had to swap out for a more robustly supported card
12:18 jcamins sekjal: oh, I found a website that you might find interesting:[…]ng-down-now-what/
12:18 cait sekjal: it's a laptop - so I hope it will work :)
12:19 jcamins cait: which laptop?
12:19 eythian jcamins: I don't think there are proprietary intel drivers
12:19 eythian intel puts its drivers into the kernel tree, in general
12:19 jcamins eythian: really? There used to be.
12:19 jcamins Of course, that was on Ubuntu 6.4.
12:19 eythian ah right. They've gotten a lot better.
12:19 cait um
12:19 sekjal cait: ah, I imagine laptops are even more difficult to work with there
12:19 cait anyone any hints how to find the right drivers?
12:20 jcamins cait: Ubuntu used to have a "find proprietary drivers" program.
12:20 jcamins Then they redid everything and made it weird.
12:20 eythian I think now it comes up automatically if needed.
12:20 jcamins Oh.
12:20 jcamins Well, that might be it then.
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12:21 eythian or, search for however "Extra stuur programma's" is translated into english, that'll find it too.
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12:21 eythian (or type "jockey" into dash, that'll make it show up)
12:22 sekjal jcamins:  we're probably just going to switch over to LibChat, and only offer limited legacy support for chat over single networks
12:22 jcamins sekjal: makes sense.
12:22 cait lol
12:22 cait extra stuur - sounds like extra stubborn in German :)
12:22 sekjal I looked at libpurple, the Pidgin core, and wondered how much effort it would take to make our own chat solution
12:23 sekjal a lot, I think is the answer
12:23 cait eythian: it reported "no proprietary drivers used"
12:23 jcamins Hehe. Yeah, I'd imagine.
12:23 jcamins What laptop do you have? Maybe there's some way to tell it to use the external monitor with the integrated video?
12:23 cait jcamins: that's not what I want
12:24 drojf what do you want?
12:24 cait thinkpad w520
12:24 cait a second screen
12:24 cait ah, maybe I misunderstood jcamins
12:24 jcamins It's not just an external monitor?
12:24 cait it is
12:24 drojf but with the intel card and not the nvidia optimus
12:24 jcamins Right.
12:24 drojf can you disable the nvidia in bios?
12:24 cait sorry, already getting  bit confused here... meh.
12:24 cait drojf: yeah, I did theat
12:24 drojf ok
12:25 cait there are 3 settings, nvidia, optimus and integrated
12:25 drojf but it still tries to use it for external monitor?
12:25 cait the external just doesn't work at all... I was trying to find out why
12:25 drojf nvidia and optimus? ok i thought the optimus is nvidia and guessed the integrated is intel. now im confused
12:25 eythian[…]ys-with-bumblebee <-- I think the problem boils down to "nvidia hates you"
12:26 cait no, I think you are right
12:26 eythian drojf: no
12:26 cait eythian: that's not helpful!
12:26 * cait doesn't want to be hated...
12:26 jcamins http://zachstechnotes.blogspot[…]hinkpad-w520.html
12:26 eythian "optimus" is a dual nvidia-integrated thing, it'll "seamlessly" switch between them depending on graphics load and battery needs.
12:27 jcamins http://zachstechnotes.blogspot[…]4/post-title.html
12:28 * jcamins would go with option 2 on that first page, at least to start with.
12:28 cait I am still reading :)
12:29 cait jcamins: I tried hat... and I ended up on command line
12:29 drojf cait: it's about a docking station, but that may be irrelevant for the graphics part
12:30 jcamins cait: oh, you already installed and enabled the drivers?
12:30 jcamins You'll have to enable the drivers the first time from the TTY, I suspect.
12:31 cait the package manager shows nvidia-common as installed
12:31 cait jockey-text -e xorg:nvidia_current < this doesn't work
12:31 cait says unknown driver
12:31 jcamins It's nvidia-current that you need.
12:31 cait oh yes typo
12:31 cait but that is installed
12:31 jcamins Hm.
12:32 jcamins Not sure, then, sorry. :(
12:32 jcamins Maybe try xorg:nvidia-current?
12:32 cait yeah, I tried that - instead of _ - still the same
12:33 jcamins sudo modprobe nvidia-current
12:33 eythian no -current on the module I think
12:33 jcamins ^^ does that do anything?
12:33 eythian I don't think you drive the nvidia side in linux anyway
12:33 cait fatal: module nvidia not found
12:34 jcamins eythian: the instructions on that page were how to use the nVidia card.
12:34 eythian oh right
12:34 cait I think it should be possible and maybe it even worked in the past... but not totally sure
12:34 cait *sigh*
12:34 cait ok
12:34 cait more ideas hints?
12:34 eythian you can tab-complete modprobe
12:34 eythian so 'sudo modprobe nv<tab>'
12:35 jcamins sudo dkms status
12:35 cait FATAL: Error inserting nvidia_current (/lib/modules/3.2.0-25-generic/u​pdates/dkms/nvidia_current.ko): No such device
12:35 cait jcamins: nvidia-current, 295.40, 3.0.0-17-generic, x86_64: installed
12:35 cait nvidia-current, 295.40, 3.2.0-24-generic, x86_64: installed
12:35 cait nvidia-current, 295.40, 3.2.0-25-generic, x86_64: installed
12:35 cait nvidia-current-updates, 295.49, 3.2.0-24-generic, x86_64: installed
12:35 cait nvidia-current-updates, 295.49, 3.2.0-25-generic, x86_64: installed
12:35 cait ah sorry, looked not so much on the screen
12:35 eythian I guess they renamed the module since I last looked.
12:36 eythian do you maybe have the nvidia bit turned off in the bios?
12:36 jcamins Okay, so it's installed but not loadable.
12:36 cait eythian: I kinda had to to come back...
12:36 cait ok
12:36 eythian you can't load the module if it's turned off I'd expect
12:36 jcamins cait: right, so you need to enable discrete graphics in the BIOS, and then do the jocky-text bit.
12:36 cait ok
12:36 cait Iwill be back, thx all for helping me :)
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12:49 cait-m__ grrr
12:49 cait-m__ old laptop hates the access point
12:49 cait-m__ no luck with my devices today
12:50 cait-m__ ok trapped on command line... what can i do?
12:51 jcamins Did you try sudo modprobe nvidia-current?
12:53 eythian and/or jockey-text
12:53 cait-m__ did now - no output
12:53 eythian to which?
12:53 cait-m__ jockey says the same as before ,
12:54 cait-m__ none indtalled
12:54 eythian > C4::Output version 3.02 required--this is only version at /home/robin/kohaclones/ca/opac/ line 41.
12:54 jcamins Okay, that means the modprobe line probably succeeded.
12:54 jcamins Run startx?
12:55 jcamins Or maybe just switch to VT-8?
12:55 cait-m__ hm have to wait for jockey right now
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12:56 magnuse eythian: bug 8315
12:56 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8315 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , fix 'C4::Output 3.02' errors in Koha
12:57 eythian magnuse: cheers
12:57 eythian looks like I'll be able to test and sign-off on this...
12:57 nengard can someone remind me how to find conflicts in a file that i'm trying to commit?
12:58 jcamins Search for <<<
12:58 wahanui joined #koha
12:58 magnuse eythian++
12:58 jcamins But you had to apply the patch with 3-way merge.
12:58 jcamins (git am -3iu patchfile)
12:58 eythian I think the conflict markers appear the same no matter what merge type you use
12:59 cait-m__ i tried the jockey line from the wesite takes forever no output
12:59 nengard thanks jcamins
12:59 nengard for some reason i thought it was ----
13:00 eythian it's ==== in the middle
13:00 cait-m__ hmm startx looks not good
13:02 cait-m__ failed to liad module nv
13:03 cait-m__ api mismatch between driver component and kernel mkdule?
13:03 cait-m__ that could be the problem maybe?
13:03 jcamins nv?
13:03 jcamins You don't want to load nv. You want to use nvidia.
13:03 jcamins I think.
13:04 jcamins Maybe.
13:11 cait-m__ hmpf :-(
13:13 drojf blacklist nv
13:13 cait-m__ ?
13:13 drojf you can blacklist the module if you dont want to use it
13:14 cait-m__ dont think thats the prob
13:14 eythian it sounds like it is
13:15 eythian well, part of it
13:15 eythian Am I wrong, or does bug 8062 introduce a dependency on HTML::FormatText and not declare it?
13:15 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8062 critical, P5 - low, ---, frederic, Pushed to Stable , Cart email broken for non english templates
13:16 eythian I can't actually see that it uses it
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13:17 jcamins Ah.
13:18 cait hah
13:18 cait ok, first problem solved
13:18 cait bot the second laptop to connect to the internet
13:18 cait that's progress
13:18 jcamins cait: you probably need to uninstall the nvidia module, then reinstall.
13:18 cait ok...
13:18 cait tell me how maybe?
13:19 cait sorry, my linux vocabulary is still terrible :(
13:19 cait sudo apt-get remove nvidia_current?
13:19 eythian apt-get install --reinstall ...
13:19 cait ok
13:19 cait trying
13:20 cait and for the record... the second screen works on my old old old laptop without any problems... only had to plug it in :(
13:21 cait eythian: I did it, no change in xstart
13:21 eythian this is because nvidia hates you
13:22 cait I can feel it
13:22 eythian not that that's helpful I'm afraid.
13:23 drojf cait: got the nv message again?
13:23 cait yeah, not helpful :)
13:23 cait drojf: if you want I can sent you a photo of the screen... heh
13:23 cait the first 2 errors from starx are:
13:24 cait Failed to load module 'nv' (module does not exist)
13:25 cait then: Error: API mismatch: the NVIDIA kernel module has ersion 295.49 but this NVIDIA driver component has version 295.40. Please make sure that the kernel module and all NVIDIA drier components have the same version
13:25 cait and some more errors along those lines after that
13:25 eythian when you did the  reinstall, did it do dkms stuff?
13:26 eythian like "rebuilding module"
13:26 cait it was a long list of things
13:27 cait not sure...
13:27 cait some blog post suggests blacklisting nv - but blacklist does not exist as command
13:27 drojf /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf
13:27 drojf add "blacklist nv"
13:27 drojf and add "blacklist nouveau" while you are there
13:28 drojf also i suggested that before the blog post :P
13:29 cait I did add both lines, same output for startx
13:29 drojf reboot
13:31 * jcamins is glad drojf actually knows something about all this... he was just making stuff up that sounded good. ;)
13:32 drojf i had to do that somewhen, long ago. but it worked then
13:32 drojf also agrees
13:32 cait restarting
13:32 drojf good luck
13:33 cait and thx again to all helping :)
13:33 cait drojf: I have a desktop!
13:33 drojf helping each other: cait-drojf 1000:1 <-- now \o/
13:34 drojf woohoo
13:34 cait lol
13:34 cait not sure yet it's really using the nvidia thing... but I have a desktop
13:34 cait trying to find out now :)
13:34 drojf heh
13:35 jcamins It probably is using nvidia, because you disabled the Intel graphics.
13:35 cait it shoudl
13:35 cait but I am not trusting it
13:35 cait how can I check?
13:36 cait hm xrandr looks different now
13:36 jcamins It'll be somewhere in your X log
13:37 cait ok=
13:37 cait ?
13:37 * jcamins doesn't know exactly where that would be. <-- no X
13:40 * drojf inhales gummy bear
13:40 drojf s
13:40 cait heh
13:40 cait does that help my problem?
13:41 drojf it helps watching ;)
13:41 sekjal aaaand, that makes 5 meetings today, starting in 20 min, and going straight through the rest of the workday
13:41 jcamins sekjal: productive day!
13:41 drojf depends on the meetings ;)
13:42 cait hm
13:42 sekjal 1 Q&A session, 1 survey discussion, 1 committee meeting, 2 website consultations
13:42 cait more suggestons?
13:42 eythian cait: run nvidia-settings
13:42 eythian if it works, nvidia. If not, not.
13:43 cait runs
13:43 eythian (and says something useful, like what you have plugged in)
13:44 eythian rather than just "hey, you don't seem to have an nvidia card"
13:44 cait no
13:44 cait lots of tabs with configuration options
13:45 jcamins Definitely using nvida, then. Still no working external monitor?
13:46 eythian what does the appropriate configuration screen say?
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13:47 cait no working external monitor
13:47 eythian why not?
13:47 cait and switching this here back so I cna copy and paste :)
13:47 eythian what does the nvidia-settings say about your monitor?
13:47 cait1 ook
13:47 drojf unplug and put in again?
13:47 eythian and click the detect button?
13:47 jcamins mveron: I like your suggestion on bug 8058 a lot.
13:47 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8058 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, chrish, Needs Signoff , Circulation empty barcode field redirect to pay fines screen if borrower has outstanding fines
13:48 cait1 eythian: tried it - no change
13:48 eythian does it not see it?
13:48 mveron jcamins: Thanks :-)
13:49 cait1 eythian: exactly
13:49 cait1
13:49 cait1 that's from running xrandr
13:50 eythian that looks relatively normal for having one screen...
13:50 jcamins 320 x 175? Why would anyone want to do that?
13:50 jcamins cait1: are you trying with VGA or DisplayPort?
13:50 cait1 vga
13:50 jcamins Darn. That's what I was going to suggest you do. :(
13:50 maximep joined #koha
13:50 mrenvoize joined #koha
13:50 cait1 I have no other cable... so anything else would require a trip to the shop right now
13:51 cait1 hi maximep and mrenvoize
13:51 mrenvoize joined #koha
13:51 maximep good morning =)
13:51 mrenvoize Good morning..
13:52 cait1 drojf, jcamins: before it said nothing was plugged in - now it does not now about vga at all?
13:52 * jcamins speculates wildly that maybe there's a box somewhere in the configuration program that  you have to check to enable the VGA interface.
13:53 cait1 aha
13:53 cait1 heh
13:55 drojf cait1: in the nvidia program or the general graphics settings?
13:55 cait1 searching
13:55 wahanui well, searching is not working
13:56 eythian does anyone see "webpage has expired" messages in the staff client when the back button is use with IE?
13:56 drojf also
13:57 eythian and know what to do about it?
13:57 eythian (aside from the obvious)
13:57 sekjal meeting time
13:57 wahanui somebody said meeting time was always going to favour one section of the globe
13:57 sekjal later, all
13:57 cait1 eythian: I think it#s a known bug with ie
13:57 cait1 might be on bugzilla too
13:57 eythian cait1: OK cool. In that case, I can just tell them that.
13:57 cait1 and I think there was no solution (afaik)
13:57 jcamins eythian: there's nothing to do about it.
13:58 eythian[…]b4f7-439b7348194f <-- "solution"
14:00 schuster joined #koha
14:00 cait1 brb ( I hope)
14:02 tcohen joined #koha
14:02 schuster I have a question about opac language and setting cookies.  I am seeing a lot of errors in my koha-opac-error-log and was investigating. calls to look at the KohaOpacLanguage cookie, but I'm not seeing it set when I go into pac anywhere.
14:02 schuster Is anyone else getting that cookie?  3.6.5 Koha.
14:02 schuster I used one of the demo systems and don't see the cookie get set there either...???
14:02 eythian I have seen it, not sure what situations it comes up in, maybe only when you change from the default?
14:04 jcamins schuster: there was a problem with that recently, I think.
14:04 jcamins Did you look in bugzilla?
14:04 cait ohfun
14:04 cait installed a different nvidia driver and now I can#t log into my system???
14:04 jcamins Uh-oh.
14:05 drojf hm
14:05 cait yeah
14:05 cait uhoh :(
14:05 cait *cries*
14:05 eythian from the gui or the command line?
14:06 cait gui
14:06 eythian hmm ok
14:07 ryehex joined #koha
14:08 schuster I did go to bugz and there was a problem but it reffered to the staff client only.
14:08 cait eythian: no, not ok. grrrrr.
14:08 cait ;)
14:08 drojf cait: cat /var/log/gdm/:0-greeter.log
14:08 drojf says the internet
14:08 eythian maybe your vga plug is broken?
14:08 jcamins Hm. I thought there was something about the OPAC.
14:11 cait ok
14:12 cait logged in as my koha user (thatworked ... not sure why
14:12 cait and I got the second screen working for a minute
14:12 cait in "twinview"
14:12 cait so I think we can at least rule out broken hardware
14:14 eythian OK
14:15 eythian twinview is nvidia's "special" way of doing dual screen.
14:15 eythian future releases are going to be able to use xrandr apparently
14:16 cait drojf: says the internet about my logging in problem? do you have a link?
14:17 collum joined #koha
14:17 tcohen does anyone have +30 koha's in the same server with cron-ed zebra -z every minute?
14:17 cait drojf: I would really like to fix that :(
14:18 cait lol
14:18 cait now i can't log in as my normal user... but dual screen works...
14:18 jcamins tcohen: no.
14:18 * cait laughs hysterically
14:18 drojf i think that link was not really helpful, only if you have the same error. they also said something about disabling ubuntu splash screen
14:18 drojf mom
14:18 drojf[…]-ubuntu-10-04-lts
14:19 jcamins tcohen: I use fredericd's daemon.
14:19 tcohen jcamins: using cron does not scale for us. Using a daemon does
14:19 jcamins tcohen: agreed. That's why I use the daemon.
14:19 tcohen i'll give it a try
14:19 jcamins Though I don't have 30+ instances.
14:19 jcamins Do you use packages?
14:19 tcohen no
14:20 tcohen we have our own svn for deployment
14:20 jcamins In that case my modifications of fredericd's daemon won't be helpful.
14:20 jcamins Which is just as well, since I still haven't set up a new public git repo.
14:20 tcohen will it be included into koha any time soon?
14:21 jcamins No, you just install it using apt or cpan.
14:21 tcohen i didnnt have the time to set a deb building service for our infrastructure
14:21 tcohen i'm trying to convince our users to accept the stock koha
14:22 tcohen but we added some fancy stuff to our 3.0.x setup
14:22 tcohen they don't want to lose
14:23 jcamins tcohen: I don't use stock Koha.
14:23 tcohen but you build your own packages.. ?
14:23 jcamins Yup.
14:23 tcohen how hard is to set everything for tha?
14:23 jcamins Instead of using the recommended flyswatter for killing that gnat, I use an ICBM!
14:23 jcamins
14:25 tcohen i just understand the meaning of a few of that words!
14:26 jcamins tcohen: hehe.
14:26 jcamins tcohen: if you look at in that repo, it does basically everything.
14:26 tcohen intercontinental ballistic missile?
14:26 jcamins Yup.
14:26 tcohen hehe
14:26 jcamins Open up, and you'll see what I mean.
14:26 jcamins Normal people have a ~10 line script.
14:27 jcamins I have a 1000-line script.
14:27 jcamins (with, granted, several hundred lines of POD)
14:27 tcohen !
14:27 tcohen an ICBM!
14:28 jcamins Told ya. :P
14:28 jcamins I should probably have a list of packages that are required for to work.
14:29 jcamins You need that, and you need this:[…]g_Debian_Packages
14:30 cait ... and all because I wanted a second screen...
14:31 eythian cait: remember the hating bit?
14:33 ryehex We want to migrate our old koha db from to a clean 3.8 koha install. I read that tables 'sessions' and 'zebraqueue' have no value to migrate over. Is there anything in the 'deleted*' or 'import_*' tables that is necessary to migrate the the new install?
14:33 jcamins ryehex: keep deleted_*, but you can remove all the import_*
14:33 drojf cait: what came out of the greeter log thingy?
14:34 cait eythian: it burns...
14:34 cait drojf: working on it
14:34 eythian ryehex: it's not usual to do it at such a low level that this is something you'll encounter.
14:34 eythian usually you just work on the database as a whole, not individual tables.
14:35 jcamins ryehex: also, what eythian said.
14:35 drojf cait: you should be able to get in using startx. but that is not the direct way…
14:35 cait seems there is no such file?
14:36 drojf what desktop are you using?
14:36 cait drojf: ?
14:36 eythian look in /var/log/lightdm
14:37 eythian gdm is not used in ubuntu 12.04
14:37 drojf ok, link was old probably
14:37 jcamins Oh, speaking of which.
14:37 jcamins I found a desktop manager I really liked.
14:37 jcamins I've forgotten which one, but it was startlingly nice.
14:37 ryehex u mean just let koha do the db updates and I shouldn't worry about specific tables?
14:37 jcamins ryehex: right.
14:39 cait hmfound the file now, but what am I looking for?
14:39 ryehex ok cool
14:40 eythian errors and such from when you tried to log in but it failed
14:40 eythian (also, what exactly is happening when you try and it doesn't work?)
14:41 cait it goes black for a second, then some lines of text are shown (too short to read anything) and I am back on the log in screen - there is no error message like wrong password
14:41 drojf this is because the pw is ok ;
14:41 drojf ;)
14:41 drojf but the lines that appear shortly should be in the log
14:42 eythian yeah, there was a bug where it just sat there doing nothing after entering the password, about 50% of the time
14:42 eythian that was fixed though
14:42 drojf also you could disable the ubuntu splash screen on startup and see if that helps. i think nosplash in grub
14:43 cait someone else said a problem with the xserver dying?
14:44 eythian that is what it sounds like
14:44 eythian try the nosplash thing
14:44 jcamins Any errors that show up during boot should also show up in dmesg.
14:45 drojf1 joined #koha
14:45 jcamins drojf1: how do you pronounce your nick? I have been wondering this for ages.
14:46 drojf1 just like it's written ;)
14:46 * jcamins isn't a German speaker.
14:46 cait or you read it and say mirko
14:46 jcamins lol
14:46 drojf1 heh
14:46 * jcamins will go with that option.
14:47 tcohen jcamins, when you have the time, please send me that version of fredericd's daemon
14:47 eythian really we should use a real queuing system
14:47 jcamins tcohen: if I can figure out how to create a new repo on github quickly, I'll push it now.
14:47 jcamins eythian: agreed.
14:48 tcohen thanks
14:48 * jcamins isn't really satisfied with his modified daemon, but at least it works.
14:48 jcamins What it really *should* be doing is using one event loop.
14:48 jcamins But Perl OO is weird.
14:49 schuster jcamins - found the patch that was pushed thanks!
14:49 jcamins (and I couldn't figure out how to attach an object to an event)
14:49 schuster To fix my pac error messages..
14:49 jcamins schuster: excellent!
14:49 jcamins I thought I'd seen that at some point.
14:52 eythian @wunder brighton, uk
14:52 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Brighton, Brighton, United Kingdom is 16.4°C (3:45 PM BST on June 26, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 97%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Steady).
14:55 jcamins tcohen: I'm uploading now.
14:55 tcohen :-D
14:55 jcamins It should be finished with that soon.
14:56 jcamins tcohen:
14:56 jcamins Another thing for my to-do list: public git repo.
14:59 NateC joined #koha
14:59 hdl1 tcohen: you also have that on iirc
15:00 jcamins hdl1: I modified it.
15:00 jcamins fredericd's original daemon code creates one daemon per instance.
15:00 jcamins I create one daemon with one process per instance.
15:00 hdl1 jcamins: And now you can send merge request to Frederic :D
15:01 jcamins hdl1: yes, I plan to. :D
15:01 jcamins I've been meaning to figure out how to push that to a public repo for weeks now.
15:01 jcamins tcohen++ # for giving me a reason to do it _now_
15:01 gaetan_B bye !
15:02 tcohen hahha
15:04 cait nvidia--
15:04 cait drojf++ jcamins++ eythian++
15:04 drojf can you log in again?
15:04 jcamins @karma
15:04 huginn jcamins: Highest karma: "rangi" (594), "oleonard" (517), and "wizzyrea" (346).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-109), "failed" (-84), and "-" (-51).  You (jcamins) are ranked 4 out of 2131.
15:04 jcamins @karma jcamins
15:04 huginn jcamins: Karma for "jcamins" has been increased 342 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of 341.
15:04 jcamins Ooh.
15:05 * jcamins is catching up to wizzyrea!
15:05 drojf Lowest karma: "<!" (-109) <- haha
15:05 wizzyrea :)
15:05 wizzyrea <!++
15:05 drojf :D
15:05 wizzyrea ;)
15:05 jcamins @karma <!
15:05 huginn jcamins: Karma for "<!" has been increased 8 times and decreased 116 times for a total karma of -108.
15:05 mveron @karma mveron
15:05 huginn mveron: Karma for "mveron" has been increased 29 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 29.
15:05 jcamins It's been increased eight times!
15:05 wizzyrea hehe yea
15:05 wizzyrea pity party, probably
15:05 drojf poor <!
15:06 eythian @karma C
15:06 huginn eythian: Karma for "C" has been increased 14 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 14.
15:06 jcamins Hehe.
15:08 reiveune left #koha
15:09 cait drojf: not yet
15:10 cait hehe
15:10 cait now
15:10 cait oook
15:10 cait now going to try the second screen again...
15:12 paul_p hey, <!-- is the syntax for HTML::Template, we used before Template::Toolkit !
15:12 paul_p costed <! a lot of -- :D :D
15:12 paul_p <!-- TMPL_VAR name="somevariable" --> is now [% (somevariable) %]
15:14 jcamins paul_p: look at that, H:T:P lost karma just by existing.
15:15 cait heh:)
15:15 cait ok... crossing fingers that I will have 2 working screens and a working login soon
15:16 drojf cait: i still had this here from before…[…]etzliche-Monitore[…]schirme-betreiben one of these is going to help
15:17 drojf but it will probably just work now :)
15:17 drojf only took, like, hours?
15:18 cait omg
15:18 cait it wors!
15:19 cait works even
15:19 cait and it's super fast
15:19 jcamins Yay!
15:19 drojf well that was easy
15:20 drojf :)
15:20 cait in case someone wants to know: activating the second screen from the nvidia tools works and the login was wrong permissions on .Xauthority in my home directoy
15:20 drojf where did the wrong permissions come from?
15:20 drojf the nvidia driver?
15:21 cait1 joined #koha
15:21 drojf[…]ghtdm/+bug/871667 sounds great
15:22 cait no idea :(
15:22 cait probably
15:24 cait thx again everyone forkeeping me sane and keeping my laptop from flying out the window :)
15:24 jcamins lol
15:24 drojf hehe
15:25 cait the only good thing about problems like this is that I learn something new everytime :)
15:25 jcamins :)
15:28 asaurat left #koha
15:28 eythian cait: however next time you'll probably buy a laptop with just intel graphics, and everything will be nice and happy anyway.
15:29 cait probably :)
15:29 jcamins eythian: fortunately, now that it's working, cait will probably not need to get another laptop for years.
15:29 cait but next time is still far away - I tend to use my hardware for a longer time
15:30 cait jcamins: exactly hehe
15:30 eythian yeah, the manufacturers goal for the one I got was about a 6 year lifetime.
15:30 eythian I could probably see that, too
15:30 cait mine is not even 1 year old yet
15:30 eythian mine is about a month.
15:30 tcohen hdl1: can you elaborate on how to test bug 8071?
15:30 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8071 blocker, P1 - high, ---, henridamien.laurent, Needs Signoff , link beween bib and authorities with the authid
15:30 jcamins I don't imagine my laptop is going to last 6 years, but I expect it will last me three or four.
15:31 jcamins Though it will have to be supplemented by a desktop at some point, the same as my last one was for the last year or two.
15:31 nengard can anyone tell that i'm working on the 3.10 manual? lots of string fixes submitted today :)
15:31 jcamins nengard: yes, I had a feeling. :)
15:31 nengard hehe
15:32 jcamins nengard: Shari will be submitting patches to the manual once she's learned Docbook. :)
15:32 nengard don't need to learn docbook - just xmleditor from xxe
15:32 nengard that's what i use
15:32 nengard it's on the wiki
15:33 jcamins Ooh, interesting.
15:33 * jcamins never saw that before.
15:34 drojf unfree. unfree. *hides*
15:34 jcamins Hm, but it's shareware?
15:34 jcamins Eww.
15:36 nengard it's freeware - not shareware and it works and I don't have an open source/free option to use
15:36 jcamins nengard: it says you can only use it 30 days?
15:36 nengard i'm a practical computer user - if it works I use it - if it's open source that's better - but I'm not gonna not use something just cause it's not open source
15:37 jcamins Or is there a missing "or" there?
15:37 nengard I have the free personal version -
15:37 nengard forever free
15:37 nengard let me find it
15:37 jcamins Okay, that's fine then.
15:37 eythian xmlcopyeditor?
15:37 nengard
15:37 jcamins I just read the license, and it looked like it was saying you could use it for 30 days on open source projects.
15:38 jcamins However, I didn't read it closely.
15:38 nengard eythian, that doesn't look like a visual editor
15:38 nengard that's a code editor
15:38 nengard and I need something that works on Mac OSX
15:39 nengard Trust me others have come before you all when we first looked for an option for the manual - and this is what we ended up picking
15:39 * eythian doesn't use OSX because he's a practical computer user who doesn't want other people to have control of what I can do.
15:39 cait lol
15:40 cait sorry
15:40 eythian jcamins: no, it's 30 days if it's not an open source project
15:40 jcamins eythian: oh, that's okay then.
15:40 eythian (or non profit or educational)
15:40 * eythian doesn't approve of restricting usage of something either
15:40 jcamins You're right. It doesn't say anything about "in thirty days I'm turning into a lemon bwahaha" when I start it.
15:41 eythian > Licensee may use the Software for the purpose of evaluation of XMLmind XML Editor, for a limited time period that shall not exceed 30 days.
15:41 eythian if you're not matching a condition above, it turns into a legal lemon.
15:41 jcamins Got it.
15:41 drojf a legal lemon is called a lime
15:41 jcamins Hehe.
15:42 drojf whats with this?
15:43 eythian <-- this one maybe
15:43 drojf or rather. i dont see the license but there was gpl in a wikipedia list
15:43 drojf yes
15:44 jcamins drojf: it's open source, but it asks you to contact them to download it?
15:44 eythian jcamins: nope
15:44 eythian
15:45 drojf
15:45 drojf narf
15:45 drojf should actually look in the window before pasting
15:45 jcamins Well, they have a lousy website.
15:45 eythian they do
15:45 jcamins That doesn't seem to be linked from any of the links that say "Downloads."
15:45 nengard how about we let people use what they want to use - as long as you submit valid code I don't care what tool you use - we should all have the "freedom" to make our own decisions
15:46 * jcamins doesn't care.
15:46 eythian because we were seeing if there was a properly free visual editor out there.
15:46 drojf nengard: i did not want to take away your freedom to choose a non-free product
15:46 * wizzyrea gets the popcorn
15:46 jcamins I've never been on the market for an XML editor before, but I'd like the best one.
15:47 eythian Because I'd rather not use non-free stuff, and haven't learnt the docbook schema yet.
15:47 nengard I don't know what the best one is today - but when we switched to docbook I tried a bunch - this was the best for me personally
15:47 nengard eythian, you can use whatever you want - that's what I'm saying - as long as the code comes across right I don't care what tool others use and they shouldn't care what I use
15:47 jcamins nengard: I will let you know which the best one is today.
15:48 jcamins At least out of those two, since I don't care enough to look for other options myself. :)
15:48 nengard okay
15:48 drojf jcamins: i had oxygen for a university class. i think its ~$350
15:48 drojf ;)
15:48 jcamins drojf: yeah, oXygen is very popular. If I do a lot of XML editing, I'll consider it.
15:48 eythian nengard: I'd moved on from a commentary on what you use onto seeing what was out there :)
15:49 nengard okey dokey
15:49 brylie joined #koha
15:50 eythian this said, I can't actually work with visual editors.
15:50 eythian Writing a thesis in LaTeX broke me of that ability.
15:50 * wizzyrea pats eythian
15:50 drojf and that's a good thing
15:50 jcamins Pfeh. Serna wins, I think.
15:51 wizzyrea I've used serna, it's alright
15:51 eythian <-- this I'm going to have to read in more depth
15:51 drojf my download did not even finish, they also have a slow website
15:51 eythian (also, see the programs list at the bottom)
15:51 drojf jcamins: how did you try that already?
15:51 eythian It's time I updated the manual pages really.
15:51 jcamins drojf: I opened up the same sample in both.
15:51 jcamins (a sample that was included with Serna)
15:52 eythian <-- also a good list
15:52 eythian (mostly not visual)
15:52 jcamins Yeah, Serna wins my vote. It shows you the structure.
15:53 drojf ah its in kate. thats enough for me i guess
15:54 jcamins Yay! Awesome selection from the CSA this week!
15:54 jcamins :D
15:54 jcamins :D
15:54 jcamins Maybe we'll even get fennel!
15:55 eythian You get fennel from the Celiac Sprue Association?
15:55 drojf i've seen you talk about fennel before. you seem like a fennatic
15:55 jcamins Community-Supported Agriculture.
15:55 jcamins drojf: blame cait.
15:55 jcamins It is *all* her fault.
15:55 drojf she made fennel good?
15:56 cait heh :)
15:56 jcamins Also lots of lettuce.
15:56 melia joined #koha
15:56 jcamins And zucchini.
15:56 jcamins And blueberries!
15:56 jcamins And summer savory and lemon thyme!
15:56 cait drojf: apparently I have a fennel salad recipe that meets international taste
15:57 jcamins And black turtle beans, pinto beans, wheat berries, hard red spring wheat, farro, whole wheat pastry flour, and cornmeal!
15:57 wizzyrea cait's fennel salad is uh may zing.
15:57 * jcamins does a happy dance, and wishes it were here now so he could have a huge salad.
15:57 drojf i try to not eat wheat, seems its not good for me. you can have it all ;)
15:57 jcamins drojf: I love baking.
15:57 jcamins Though I need to clean my oven before I can do it again.
15:57 drojf i bake with spelt now. or what that is called in english
15:58 jcamins Spelt.
15:58 jcamins Or, "expensive."
15:58 jcamins :P
15:58 drojf not so much here
15:58 jcamins I think it's $1/lb!
15:59 drojf the bigger problem is that you cannot eat anything outside. or somehow processed
15:59 jcamins $1+!
15:59 drojf i did not even try in edinburgh
15:59 jcamins Often $2/lb.
15:59 jcamins drojf: oh, you should have told me. There are two restaurants that have special Celiac-friendly menus.
15:59 jcamins (probably more, but I only went to two with any regularity)
16:00 * wizzyrea is strongly considering going gluten-restricted
16:00 wizzyrea (I don't want to say "gluten free" because, well, life is too short to not enjoy bread now and then)
16:00 drojf jcamins: discovered by accident a little time before edinburgh. after baking and eating spelt bread for a week and feeling much better suddenly
16:01 * jcamins couldn't do it.
16:01 wizzyrea ^^^ is a common refrain
16:01 wizzyrea (both)
16:01 jcamins Hehe.
16:01 drojf i think its doable as long as i can cook for myself
16:01 jcamins I know that I definitely don't have any gluten sensitivity (or at least didn't used to), because I went on a gluten free diet for about four months.
16:01 drojf have not tried much baking, as in sweet things
16:02 wizzyrea they tell me coconut flour works well.
16:02 jcamins Which is good, because I looooove baking, and $0.45/lb is a lot more affordable than $1.5-2/lb
16:03 drojf wizzyrea: ounds interesting. not sure where to get that here
16:03 drojf sounds even
16:03 jcamins wizzyrea: coconut flour? Never heard of it.
16:03 jcamins I have some rice flour, though.
16:04 drojf i have some too, have not used it yet
16:04 jcamins I'm trying to cut down on wheat by judiciously mixing other varieties of flour.
16:04 drojf omg
16:04 drojf coconut flour is REALLY expensive
16:05 jcamins drojf: what? You didn't realize we were all such geeks about baking?
16:05 jcamins Ah.
16:05 wizzyrea yes, that was what I understood about it
16:05 * jcamins dies.
16:05 drojf like in 5€+ for a pound
16:05 jcamins drojf: consider yourself lucky.
16:06 jcamins Right, we're just going to grind our own coconut flour.
16:06 jcamins Possibly in a blender.
16:06 jcamins Which we don't own.
16:06 jcamins Anyway.
16:06 jcamins Koha, yeah.
16:06 jcamins :)
16:08 drojf meh too lazy to drive home
16:09 * mveron wishes a nice evening (or other daytime) to everybody. Good bye  :-)
16:09 jcamins drojf: but you could buy fennel on the way home...
16:09 drojf jcamins: or coconut flour
16:09 wahanui coconut flour is REALLY expensive
16:09 drojf heh
16:10 drojf actually i would like something else
16:10 jcamins drojf: lettuce?
16:10 jcamins We're going to have such a yummy salad...
16:10 jcamins I guess I'll make blueberry vinaigrette.
16:10 jcamins (I can no longer eat store-bought salad dressing... it's just so disappointing, every time)
16:11 drojf no… a spätzle grater, or what that may be in english. because i would like to make spelt spätzle :)
16:11 drojf seems they are spaetzle in english
16:13 drojf ok hungry, will manage to leave the office :) see you later #koha
16:16 jcamins There are spaetzle *graters*?
16:16 jcamins TIRTMI!
16:18 cait hehe yes they are
16:18 adnc joined #koha
16:18 cait you can do them 2 ways
16:18 cait[…]1340727458&sr=8-2 with something like this
16:19 cait or someting like this
16:19 cait[…]1340727487&sr=1-1
16:19 cait and there are some variants...
16:19 cait tirtm?
16:20 * cait goes back to dusting
16:20 jcamins_away This is Relevant To My Interest.
16:20 cait aaah
16:20 cait I think there is also something like the second with holes like the first...
16:20 wahanui okay, cait.
16:20 cait lol
16:20 cait I?
16:20 wahanui That's Ms. Cait to you! or in a very good mood today :) or a librarian, you will get wahanui's information or a hero or signing off on wahanui's patch :)
16:20 cait you?
16:20 cait ah
16:20 cait forget I tink there
16:20 cait forget I think there
16:20 * jcamins_away uses the second.
16:20 jcamins_away I think there?
16:21 jcamins_away Hehe.
16:21 * jcamins_away heads into the city.
16:21 cait I think there?
16:21 cait hmmm. wahanui, help?
16:22 cait @later tell jcamins_away[…]1340727526&sr=1-1
16:22 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
16:24 cait finally found the grater :)
16:33 cait left #koha
16:44 NateC joined #koha
16:50 laurence left #koha
16:58 eythian[…]lecoms-XT-network <-- and this is why free software should be used.
16:58 eythian also, ha ha telecom.
17:18 drojf joined #koha
17:36 maximep left #koha
17:36 maximep joined #koha
18:14 drojf joined #koha
18:19 schuster Want to check placement of robots.txt - ../kohaclone/koha-tmpl/ the best place or where for the bot to find it.  I want to make sure I have it in the right place!
18:19 cait joined #koha
18:22 wajasu joined #koha
18:43 rangi @quote get 115
18:43 huginn rangi: Quote #115: "chris: friends don't let friends use proprietary software." (added by chris_n at 05:36 PM, January 19, 2011)
18:44 * wizzyrea giggles
18:45 cait morning rangi :)
18:45 rangi morning
18:45 * rangi wanders off again, back later from the bus
19:01 nengard anyone want to help me with some mysql regex? I'm looking for everything before the first space in the call number ....
19:12 drojf @wunder leeds
19:12 huginn drojf: Error: No such location could be found.
19:13 drojf @wunder leeds, england
19:13 huginn drojf: Error: No such location could be found.
19:13 drojf hm
19:13 wizzyrea @wunder lawrence, ks
19:13 huginn wizzyrea: The current temperature in Channel 6 Downtown, Lawrence, Kansas is 32.9°C (2:12 PM CDT on June 26, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 47%. Dew Point: 20.0°C. Pressure: 29.82 in 1010 hPa (Falling).
19:13 wizzyrea crikey.
19:13 drojf uh
19:14 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
19:14 huginn drojf: The current temperature in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany is 16.5°C (9:12 PM CEST on June 26, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 53%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
19:15 wizzyrea hm, nice in germany
19:15 wizzyrea bit chilly even.
19:15 drojf not really
19:15 drojf mostly grey
19:15 drojf but i prefer that ober 30°+
19:15 drojf over
19:16 wizzyrea you should come visit KS, it's gonna be like that for a week or so
19:16 maximep @wunder cyqb
19:16 huginn maximep: The current temperature in Quebec, Quebec is 18.0°C (3:00 PM EDT on June 26, 2012). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 17.0°C. Pressure: 29.59 in 1002 hPa (Falling).
19:16 wizzyrea :P
19:16 schuster @wunder 75074
19:16 huginn schuster: The current temperature in Brookview, Plano, Texas is 39.9°C (2:08 PM CDT on June 26, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 20%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa (Falling). Air pollution watch level Orange in effect for today...
19:16 maximep wow
19:16 wizzyrea ok that's just eccessive
19:16 wizzyrea excessive
19:16 maximep but only 20% humidity
19:16 wizzyrea i mean, the temp.
19:17 wizzyrea yea, feels a lot hotter here. ;)
19:17 schuster HOT and DRY - meaning AC in the car does almost nothing!
19:17 wizzyrea but you can have the windows down and have a nice drive that way
19:17 maximep 34C and 80% humidity last week here was just killing me
19:17 maximep felt like 45
19:18 wizzyrea ouch.
19:19 drojf the more i read, the more i like my <20° and grey sky. thanks :)
19:21 cait same here :)
19:21 cait @wunder Konstanz
19:21 huginn cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 20.0°C (9:00 PM CEST on June 26, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 57%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 30.17 in 1022 hPa (Rising).
19:41 rangi Back
19:41 rangi @wunder nzwn
19:41 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 6.0°C (7:00 AM NZST on June 27, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 57%. Dew Point: -2.0°C. Windchill: 3.0°C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Steady).
19:42 drojf hey rangi
19:42 drojf you win
19:42 rangi Blue skies
19:43 rangi Nice winters day
19:43 * rangi is still smiling about natlib Venezuela
19:43 rangi 9 million records
19:43 drojf take wellington and brookview, put in shaker, shake well and serve in fancy glass
19:44 rangi Hehe
19:44 drojf what did i miss? new koha bib?
19:44 drojf ah i see it now
19:44 drojf have not been reading mails
19:45 drojf but that was already on the catalyst flyer at kohacon, with 7mio?
19:47 rangi Yep they've been in the process for 2 years but only staff side
19:47 rangi Now they have the opac too
19:47 drojf nice
19:48 drojf they should host a kohacon ;)
19:48 rangi I'm sure they would come to Argentina
19:48 rangi USA not so much
19:50 drojf they link to i wonder if that is good for the ranking *hides*
19:51 rangi Hehe that site is cool remarkably up to date given they handtranslate it all
19:52 wizzyrea ^^
20:00 drojf is there a way to see what subdomains of actually exist? how would i know about i don't see a link anywhere
20:01 rangi Should be on the wiki
20:02 rangi If not we can add it
20:02 rangi There's a list of sites on the main page we should update
20:04 schuster Are they using Zebra to index those 7 mil records?  Must be a monster server!
20:05 rangi I've indexed a lot more than that
20:05 rangi You just need diskspace
20:05 drojf how much space does that take?
20:06 drojf approximately
20:06 rangi With grs lots 20 gigish
20:06 drojf heh
20:07 rangi I need to try with Dom
20:08 drojf i'd love to index that on the pi
20:09 wizzyrea
20:11 drojf hm i looked at that page. didnt see the link. maybe i should sleep more :/
20:11 drojf thanks
20:12 jcamins_away rangi: hasn't the National Library of Venezuela been on Koha since 2.something?
20:13 kathryn joined #koha
20:16 * jcamins_away tries to figure out something to do with frozen spinach and mango.
20:19 rangi back again
20:19 rangi jcamins_away: not the opac
20:20 cait wb
20:20 cait hi kathryn :)
20:20 rangi[…]_kindergarten.png
20:21 kathryn g'morning cait!
20:21 cait jcamins_away: together?
20:21 cait mango sorbet and spinach pizza?
20:21 rangi do you eat meat jcamins_away ?
20:21 wizzyrea hmm spinach and mango. Sounds like a recipe for a smoothie.
20:22 kathryn jcamins definitely indian food! spinach and something curry with fresh mango chutney?
20:22 * kathryn advises that this is also a good time to make cheese
20:22 wizzyrea ^^
20:24 rangi kathryn: that was where i was going, but chicken not cheese :)
20:25 kathryn aha rangi :)
20:26 jcamins_away cait: together, yeah.
20:26 cait I agree with kathryn then :)
20:26 jcamins_away rangi: not much. I used to eat a lot more meat.
20:27 jcamins_away I was going to make saag tofu, but there is no tofu to be had at the local grocery store (a fact which I forget about once a week), and I don't have time to make paneer.
20:29 jcamins_away So I'm leaning towards mango curry.
20:29 jcamins_away Over rice.
20:29 jcamins_away Ooh, maybe I'll do a side of saag sans tofu/paneer.
20:29 jcamins_away This is a plan!
20:29 * jcamins_away sets off to execute it.
20:29 kathryn seeya jcamins_away
20:30 wizzyrea ohh now I want saag
20:31 wizzyrea curse you.
20:33 cait I don't know what that is :)
20:33 Topic for #koha is now Happy birthday nengard
20:37 wizzyrea cait:[…]cA5FrPdtZWlz1dTQQ
20:37 wizzyrea oh boy.
20:37 rangi that url needs more su83y2-4823907529075207525-8252=5293​590275028973590279057209572908t92592​3750275-9279-20rifjiofjwe008u20u234
20:37 wizzyrea try this one:[…]recipe/index.html
20:38 wizzyrea rangi: :P
20:38 rangi :)
20:38 wizzyrea :D
20:41 cait hm
20:54 drojf TEDGlobal 2012: Radical Openness, happening now in Edinburgh.
20:54 drojf should have stayed a little longer
20:56 rangi oh yeah
21:15 jcamins_away It's good, but it's missing something.
21:15 rangi bacon
21:16 jcamins_away lol
21:16 jcamins_away Probably not.
21:16 rangi :)
21:17 nengard left #koha
21:19 jcamins_away You know how sometimes you taste something you cooked and think "gee, this is perfect except it is missing some sort of green spice?
21:19 jcamins_away I hate that, and I can never figure out what the spice is.
21:19 rangi oregano
21:19 rangi :)
21:19 * rangi randomly picks one
21:19 drojf chili ;)
21:20 jcamins_away Ooh, I'll toss in some of the fresh herbs Shari's picking up right this moment.
21:20 drojf all purpose spice or what that is called at the asian market :D
21:20 jcamins_away I already put in the chilies. :)
21:21 jcamins_away Also the curry and cayenne pepper.
21:21 jcamins_away Sadly I inhaled some cayenne pepper in the process.
21:21 jcamins_away I always forget that it's a little too finely ground.
21:21 drojf heh
21:21 drojf it's supposed to go in the pot, not the air ;)
21:24 jcamins_away drojf: heh. Good advice.
21:24 jcamins_away Where were you when I was opening the jar?
21:24 drojf i thought you might need it :P
21:26 kathryn joined #koha
21:37 * magnuse cheers for venezuela!
21:38 * cait waves at magnuse :)
21:38 rangi heya magnuse !
21:38 magnuse hiya cait and rangi
21:46 jcamins_away The curry is done.
21:46 jcamins_away Looks delicious.
21:46 * jcamins_away goes to eat it.
21:47 magnuse rangi: are you sure it's 9million records and not items? i can't seem to find records with biblionumbers that high...
21:48 rangi the opac might only have the ones they lend
21:48 magnuse ah, true
21:48 rangi according to libwebcats they say 7mill, but i heard on the twittervine it was 9
21:48 rangi id expect either of those numbers for a natlib the size of it
21:55 drojf or zebra is not working correctly :P
21:56 rangi 99.9% zebra is fine
21:56 rangi all of the problems we have with zebra, are problems we made
21:56 rangi C4::Search--
21:56 drojf hehe
21:57 rangi blaming zebra is like blaming the boxing glove when someone is punching you in the face
21:57 cjh_ heh
21:57 drojf :D
21:58 magnuse have fun #koha!
21:58 drojf time for bed, try to sleep before 3am once in a while. night #koha
21:58 rangi good night
21:59 edveal left #koha
22:06 cait night :)
22:07 rangi night cait
22:07 cait left #koha
22:18 hankbank joined #koha
22:18 maximep left #koha
22:25 BobB joined #koha
23:06 papa joined #koha
23:31 Irma joined #koha
23:57 melia left #koha

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