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00:01 mtj here's some more info about google's penguin update ->[…]thm-update-122518
00:02 mtj 'Google Penguin Update Recovery Tips & Advice' ->[…]ips-advice-119650
00:04 mtj[…]m-for-that-119698
00:05 bencahill Wow, that site has a lot of deets.
00:06 bencahill They say the Penguin update was April 24th, though. I know I searched for 'koha' (I'll look back in my Google Web History in a sec) less than a week ago, and was second (after liblime). :-/
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00:10 mtj looks like the google f*ck-up hit on 4th june - 2 days ago...
00:10 bencahill Yup, 8:04pm (Central time) Jun 1, I searched for 'koha' and went to from there. So it's within the last 4 days.
00:10 bencahill mtj: Ok, that makes sense.
00:11 * bencahill searches a lot, according to Google's history. 25,175 total (and that's just since I've had this account!)
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02:00 mtompset Hello #koha.
02:00 mtompset Anyone awake out there?
02:04 * mtompset waits for the administrator types to resurface.
02:05 Oak administrator types may pop up.
02:05 Oak we wait.
02:06 mtompset What bugs me is that I saw nengard online yesterday, but forgot to mention my registration issues.
02:07 Oak you'll get another chance :)
02:07 mtompset She's #3 on the list of potentially 6 people that might be able to help me.
02:07 Oak you have a list?
02:07 Oak kidding
02:07 mtompset[…]
02:07 Oak nengard and bengard were here yesterday, yes.
02:08 mtompset I don't have a list. It's on the wiki. :P
02:08 Oak :)
02:09 mtompset By the way, Oak. I tried clicking the pretty tabs at the top of your page link you gave me yesterday.
02:09 mtompset They didn't work.
02:09 Oak yes, i need text / content for those tabs.
02:10 Oak will add them soon.
02:11 mtompset Did you generate those pages by overriding some opac CSS page?
02:11 Oak yup
02:11 * jcamins_away wanders in.
02:12 Oak hello jcamins_away :)
02:12 Oak come in come in
02:12 mtompset Greetings, jcamins_away.
02:14 mtompset So you just tweaked a setting in the system preferences somewhere, and added your own CSS?
02:14 Oak yup
02:16 mtompset what version are you running?
02:17 Oak 3.6.4
02:18 * Oak is cleaning his hard disk -- deleting stuff
02:22 mtompset I'm doing a fresh install of koha under Ubuntu 12.04
02:25 mtompset base install: 1.5 hours
02:25 mtompset apt-get update, upgrade: 20 minutes
02:26 mtompset getting same copy as what is running: 5 minutes
02:26 mtompset ./install_misc/ | grep none | cut -f1 -d' ' > ~/
02:27 mtompset shoot ... should have | sort first
02:31 mtompset then a nice :%s/^/sudo apt-get -y install /g
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02:41 mtompset I figure that should take until mid-afternoon. :)
02:51 bencahill mtompset: I'll be installing on 12.04 soon as well...I'll hang around to see what your outcome is :P
02:53 * bencahill is going to bed now, will be back in a bunch of hours :P
02:53 mtompset Sure... I've done it a couple times, but I'm trying to do it cleanly this time and document steps.
02:53 mtompset I am doing this with 3.6.3, which is NOT current.
02:54 mtompset But the NEXT test is to do an upgrade.
02:54 bencahill Ah, cool.
02:54 mtompset I'm hoping to transport from Ubuntu 10.04
02:54 mtompset to Ubuntu 12.04
02:54 mtompset and then from koha 3.6.3
02:54 mtompset to koha 3.8.1
02:54 bencahill Oh, so not a fresh install?
02:55 mtompset the Ubuntu 12.04 is frensh.
02:55 mtompset fresh
02:55 bencahill Fresh install of koha...
02:55 mtompset The koha 3.6.3 install on ubuntu 12.04 is fresh
02:55 bencahill Oh, you mean just transfer the db and settings, not the actual install of koha?
02:56 mtompset Install Ubuntu 12.04: check
02:56 mtompset Install empty koha 3.6.3: check
02:56 mtompset Import mysqldmp of koha 3.6.3 being used on ubuntu 10.04
02:56 * bencahill is getting a box with an i3-2120 for new build
02:57 jcamins_away bencahill: woohoo!
02:57 bencahill heh
02:57 mtompset sounds nice.
02:57 bencahill jcamins_away: I figure that will be a massive upgrade from our current P4 2.4 :P
02:57 jcamins_away bencahill: yeah, I think so.
02:57 bencahill ;)
02:58 mtompset But why not an i7-2600k?
02:58 bencahill I think we're planning on getting a dell costing $355...a 500GB HDD and just 2GB RAM...
02:58 mtompset Is i3-2120 the third generation intel?
02:59 bencahill mtompset: The intel pages said 2nd
02:59 jcamins_away bencahill: if I were trying really hard to save money, I probably would've gone with a smaller HDD.
03:00 jcamins_away With 2GB RAM, you're not going to be able to run a whole lot on that machine.
03:00 bencahill jcamins_away: Yeah, we're not paying extra for that...
03:00 jcamins_away bencahill: can't you pay less for a 250?
03:00 bencahill 250?
03:00 wahanui 250 is, like, the number all of those wicked, naughty grant reviewers ask for
03:00 bencahill Oh d'oh
03:01 jcamins_away 250GB.
03:01 bencahill jcamins_away: Not really...we could pay $330 for a tiny computer, but we really don't want that.
03:01 jcamins_away Right.
03:01 bencahill jcamins_away: No, you can't drop it lower than it lets you...the one in question is an Inspiron 260, base model with upgraded CPU to i3-2120
03:01 jcamins_away Well, never mind that idea.
03:02 bencahill I spent the better part of a day figuring out what to buy and scouring eBay and such...
03:02 mtompset Actually, if you are getting a server, why not go with the optiplex?
03:02 bencahill mtompset: Budget is $300-400
03:02 jcamins_away Ahh. The last time I actually bought a desktop, 80GB was standard.
03:02 bencahill (oh, and 'tiny computer' = 10.4" tall o.0)
03:03 * jcamins_away sells bookshelf-sized Koha appliances.
03:03 mtompset That's a tiny budget for a server.
03:03 bencahill jcamins_away: Yeah, most of our computers (including the current P4 server) have been given to us by friends and such.
03:03 bencahill mtompset: church...
03:03 mtompset Ah... I understand.
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03:04 bencahill jcamins_away: In fact, the last time we bought a computer before our latest (AMD 5000+, 2GB DDR2, 160GB SATA, Radeon HD 3450) was probably about 10 years ago o_o
03:04 bencahill jcamins_away: Bookshelf-sized? Cool.
03:06 mtompset Where are you located, bencahill?
03:06 bencahill mtompset: Texas, USA
03:07 mtompset Okay... just looking up what you are describing. :)
03:08 mtompset But I find that you need to look up at the right site location in order to find things. :)
03:08 bencahill mtompset: Ah, I see
03:09 mtompset I've done computer support for our organization, and I'd have to keep asking people: "Where did you buy this computer?"
03:09 mtompset Because it was a model sold in Hong Kong, but not the US.
03:09 mtompset Or the US, but not the Philippines.
03:09 jcamins_away bencahill:[…]1338952082&sr=1-1
03:09 jcamins_away ^^ bookshelf-sized computer for the Koha appliance.
03:09 bencahill jcamins_away: I see...I saw some of those in my searches a few days ago.
03:10 jcamins_away bencahill: I didn't realize you worked for a church library... I thought you had an elementary school.
03:10 bencahill hehe
03:11 mtompset So what kind of inspiron are you thinking of bencahill?
03:11 bencahill mtompset: 260 I think...
03:12 bencahill Also I think we were looking at the Vostro 620 MT
03:12 bencahill It was 349 a few days ago, but is now 399 :(
03:13 bencahill Nope, guessing it's Vostro 260 and Inspiron 620
03:13 bencahill (I knew they were switched, but couldn't remember which was which :P)
03:14 mtompset laptop or desktop or all-in-1?
03:14 bencahill mtompset: desktop
03:15 mtompset vostro 260 mini tower... got it... okay.. looking at the specs now. :)
03:16 mtompset by the way... good choice on vostro over inspiron.
03:17 bencahill mtompset: Why so? We're looking at the Inspiron because its $50 cheaper (and has a bigger HDD, but that doesn't really matter for us)
03:17 bencahill (actually $45)
03:17 mtompset Well, here in the Philippines... heat and environment is a major kill factor.
03:17 mtompset vostro survives better. :)
03:18 bencahill Ah.
03:18 bencahill brb
03:21 mtompset @wunder EDI
03:21 huginn` mtompset: The current temperature in Edinburgh, United Kingdom is 10.9°C (4:20 AM BST on June 06, 2012). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: 11.0°C. Pressure: 29.53 in 1000 hPa (Steady).
03:22 mtompset @wunder Toronto
03:22 huginn` mtompset: Error: No such location could be found.
03:22 mtompset @wunder YYZ
03:22 huginn` mtompset: The current temperature in Toronto Pearson, Ontario is 18.0°C (11:00 PM EDT on June 05, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: 10.0°C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Steady).
03:24 mtompset Oh, and while I think of it, bencahill, Trend Micro is one of the worst Anti-Virus packages in the world!
03:26 jcamins_away mtompset: fortunately Koha runs under Linux, and if you keep your security fixes up-to-date, Debian doesn't tend to get that many virii.
03:26 bencahill mtompset: Hehe...I've never used it. We used to use AVG, then MSE for a while, and now Avast! (because its updates work through our proxy, unlike MSE)
03:26 bencahill jcamins_away++
03:26 bencahill (just for using virii :P)
03:27 * bencahill is now on a slow Windows computer, RDP'ed into his linux box
03:27 jcamins_away bencahill: RDP? Use SSH.
03:28 mtompset Because he probably is used to the gui.
03:28 bencahill jcamins_away: I normally would, but I wanted to use a web browser.
03:28 bencahill jcamins_away: 99% of time is SSH (putty)
03:28 * mtompset likes putty. :)
03:28 bencahill It's nice to have the possibility though.
03:28 bencahill mtompset: Nice and simple...I use putty portable (
03:29 * jcamins_away wanders off to get some sleep.
03:29 mtompset why not web browse in the host?
03:29 bencahill jcamins_away: cya, I will be soon as well ;)
03:29 mtompset Have a good night, jcamins_away
03:29 bencahill mtompset: Slow ;)
03:29 bencahill mtompset: Probably a years-old XP install on a P4 2.66 with 512MB ram
03:30 bencahill (years-old = painfully slow)
03:30 mtompset you are telling me that web browsing in your VM is FASTER than browsing on the houst?!
03:30 mtompset ^houst^host^
03:30 bencahill mtompset: RDP..not VM, but yes.
03:30 bencahill (RDP is a remote access protocol)
03:30 mtompset I'm aware. :)
03:31 bencahill I don't know what you mean by host though...
03:31 bencahill I'm on danlap, viewing RDP on cahilllapa (linux). Web browsing is faster on cahilllapa than on danlap, so I'm doing it there.
03:31 mtompset Are you running a VM?
03:31 bencahill No.
03:31 mtompset Ah, so your linux server is a separate machine.
03:31 bencahill Yes. ;)
03:32 bencahill mtompset: It's the one I was on a few minutes ago (thus why I didn't disconnect)
03:32 bencahill tmux ftw!
03:33 bencahill It feels odd browsing the web so fast on this computer, like something is terribly addition to the superior font rendering...
03:34 * mtompset grins.
03:34 mtompset 28/88
03:35 mtompset = about 32% done the script I generated.
03:35 mtompset Yep... estimating 4.5 hours.
03:36 mtompset And that's before trying to compile up koha.
03:36 mtompset I mean install.
03:37 bencahill lol
03:38 mtompset So are you more of a librarian type or a developer type, bencahill?
03:38 bencahill mtompset: The latter...sort of...I'd just say I'm a power user.
03:38 bencahill I write bash scripts though. :P
03:39 mtompset Okay... so my command line wasn't confusing to you?
03:39 bencahill Like this one:[…]master/picrenamer
03:39 bencahill mtompset: Your command line?
03:39 mtompset ./install_misc/ | grep none | cut -f1 -d' ' | sort > ~/
03:40 bencahill mtompset: Ah, no, looked pretty normal.
03:40 bencahill mtompset: I didn't bother to look at the file to see what it did, though. :P
03:41 mtompset Well, I did have to vi it.
03:41 bencahill Yeah, I noticed that.
03:41 * bencahill loves vim
03:41 mtompset :%s/^/apt-get -y install /g
03:41 bencahill mtompset: ofc, you could also do that with sed/perl
03:42 mtompset I did it the way I'm familiar with.
03:42 bencahill Yup...I would as well. ;)
03:42 mtompset I suppose I could do a for loop
03:42 bencahill ?
03:42 bencahill Oh.
03:43 mtompset for i in `...`; do sudo apt-get -y install $i; done
03:43 bencahill while read -r pkg; do sudo apt-get -y install "$pkg"; done < <(./install_misc/ | grep none | cut -f1 -d' ' | sort)
03:44 bencahill That's what I would've done, actually.
03:44 mtompset mine's shorter. :P
03:44 bencahill See this:
03:45 bencahill mtompset: Yes, but will fail in some cases. See above ^^
03:46 bencahill It's best to learn things the correct way, and then you avoid bad things when they might bite you.
03:47 mtompset Why did you $(<file.txt)?!
03:47 bencahill mtompset: I didn't.
03:47 mtompset `cat file.txt` is more legible
03:48 bencahill Ouch...
03:48 mtompset
03:48 bencahill I didn't read lines with for... :-/ did :-?
03:48 mtompset No, you aren't understanding...
03:49 mtompset You are saying don't use for, and then proceed to use $(<file.txt) in your example
03:49 bencahill No...where?
03:49 mtompset
03:49 bencahill mtompset: Where am I doing $(<file.txt) ?
03:49 mtompset It must be late, or I'm not being clear. :)
03:50 mtompset for i in $(<afile); do echo "$i"; done
03:50 mtompset from the URL I have said twice.
03:50 bencahill mtompset: Isn't something you run to get the desired output?
03:50 bencahill mtompset: Thus, I'm running it...not reading it.
03:50 mtompset Yes, but why not `...`?
03:51 bencahill mtompset: With a for loop?
03:51 mtompset Why the whole $(...) mess?
03:51 mtompset Yes.
03:51 bencahill mtompset: Because of the links you and I linked to. :-/
03:51 mtompset Yes, if you next `'s you'll have to escape and it gets ugly.
03:51 mtompset That doesn't explain it.
03:52 mtompset Okay... let's say file X has:
03:52 mtompset ef gh
03:52 bencahill mtompset: There are many pitfalls to using for that the wiki explains.
03:52 mtompset It doesn't explain why you used the sample for you used.
03:52 bencahill mtompset: You mean for a command rather than a file? It's the same, just a different source of input.
03:53 mtompset
03:53 bencahill mtompset: And the 001 FAQ for <( on it.
03:54 bencahill mtompset: PRECISELY! for failed.
03:54 bencahill mtompset: And you don't want to cat anyway!
03:54 mtompset Oh, because you want the \s on the same line?
03:54 bencahill Yes.
03:54 bencahill mtompset: while read -r line; do echo "$line"; done <test.txt
03:55 mtompset okay... just a second.
03:56 mtompset Okay cool.
03:56 bencahill mtompset: If you include quotes in yours as well (always a good thing), then it is two characters shorter...that's a very lousy excuse for using something that will fail.
03:56 mtompset I now see what you are talking about.
03:56 bencahill mtompset: Yeah, don't trust that wiki. It is awesome.
03:58 bencahill mtompset: I'd highly recommend reading the BashGuide on that website; it is quite short, but will correct many of the common misconceptions I'm guessing you have. :)
03:59 mtompset Hmmm... looking into IFS
04:00 mtompset You can always change IFS to be a different delimiter (eg. \n), then for works. ;)
04:00 mtompset But then while becomes shorter. ;)
04:00 bencahill mtompset: Nope, read the page you linked. It's still globbing, and doesn't get empty lines.
04:01 bencahill mtompset: Not everything is possible; do things the right way, and you'll be safe. :)
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04:02 bencahill mtompset: Also, as that page talks about, bash is much more inefficient using for to read a file, because it has to read the entire file twice into memory, rather than one line at a time.
04:02 mtompset which is why someone used $var = q{}
04:02 mtompset and some qa person asked by not ''?
04:02 bencahill I don't know what that is...
04:02 mtompset and there was a link to some Perl::Critic page.
04:03 bencahill Oh, perl...
04:04 mtompset It got me thinking that perhaps there should be a mass hunt for '' and "" in the entire koha system to bring it up to spec.
04:05 * bencahill doesn't know the first thing about perl
04:05 mtompset Okay, I must conceed that the while method is superior and less fraught with side effects.
04:05 bencahill mtompset: heh, you wouldn't last long in freenode/#bash ;P
04:06 mtompset I don't claim to be a #bash expert.
04:06 bencahill ;)
04:06 mtompset I claim to write usable bash, not good bash. :P
04:06 mtompset thanks for the education.
04:07 bencahill No, I just mean that they don't explain things to you in long ways like I did; they whip you into shape quickly :P
04:07 bencahill mtompset: np :)
04:07 mtompset that's because #koha folks are friendlier.
04:07 bencahill This is true.
04:08 mtompset I'm just so familiar with 'for', I hadn't got to using 'while'. :)
04:08 mtompset Anyways.. lunch for me, and bedtime for you. :)
04:08 mtompset Have a good night, bencahill.
04:08 bencahill #koha and freenode/#darktable are two IRC channels I'd describe as friendly...although koha is a bit more organized :P
04:08 bencahill mtompset: re: while...that's perfectly understandable
04:09 bencahill mtompset: Good lunch to you as well. ;)
04:09 * mtompset laughs, "organized?!"
04:09 bencahill cya
04:09 bencahill lol
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04:21 mtompset @wunder EDI
04:21 huginn` mtompset: The current temperature in Edinburgh, United Kingdom is 11.0°C (5:20 AM BST on June 06, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: 11.0°C. Pressure: 29.50 in 999 hPa (Steady).
04:21 Oak @wunder islamabad
04:21 huginn` Oak: The current temperature in Islamabad, Pakistan is 30.0°C (9:00 AM PKT on June 06, 2012). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 37%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1004 hPa (Steady).
04:22 Oak good night bencahill
04:22 mtompset That sounds much more pleasant than:
04:23 mtompset @wunder MNL
04:23 huginn` mtompset: The current temperature in Manila, Philippines is 32.0°C (12:00 PM PHT on June 06, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: 26.0°C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1004 hPa (Falling).
04:25 mtompset You're not a perl geek, are you, Oak?
04:25 Oak nope.
04:26 Oak but i want to become one. so i can help Koha :)
04:26 Oak but you are right?
04:27 Oak perl geek i mean
04:27 mtompset Sucky... I just ran a mass grep, and was wondering what the difference between "use blah::blah;" and "use blah::blah qw();" is.
04:27 chilts use Something::Something qw(this that); # imports this and that to your namespace
04:27 mtompset I'm a perl geek novice. :)
04:28 chilts if qw() is empty, it'll _not_ import anything
04:28 mtompset then what is the point of the use statement then?
04:28 chilts (assuming the module exports something by default, which it shouldn't)
04:28 chilts the use statement brings the module in and if it doesn't import anything, you can still call Something::Something::this
04:28 chilts and Something::Something::that
04:29 chilts so either you import it with qw(this) or call it using Something::Something::this
04:29 mtompset but you can't this and that directly, unless it was qw(this that)?
04:29 chilts same thing
04:29 chilts correct
04:29 chilts some people like importing things into their own namespace, others don't - your judgement
04:29 mtompset Shouldn't this be something that is more consistent in Koha?
04:30 chilts can't comment on that I'm afraid, don't know the source enough - but I know enough Perl to answer your previous question :)
04:30 Oak chilts++
04:30 mtompset
04:31 mtompset There is also a use YAML::Syck;
04:31 mtompset Does qw(f1 f2) reduce the amount of memory used?
04:31 Oak mtompset, you can also use this if you like:
04:32 Oak okay you guys discuss stuff, me go work on fixing my laptop.
04:32 mtompset I learned about paste.koha last night, but I just want quick and dirty.
04:33 mtompset So in terms of memory use, does Use blah::blah; use more memory than use blah::blah qw (f1 f2);?
04:39 chilts I don't think it would make much difference and I personally wouldn't worry about it
04:39 chilts better to worry about how the code looks and feels than a few bytes of memory
04:40 chilts in fact, if anything the qw(f1 f2) would probably use more, but honestly, don't worry about it
04:44 mtompset Hmm...
04:45 mtompset is there a constant library?
04:45 mtompset use constant;
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05:09 mtompset So, are any #kohacon12 folks really idling here?
05:12 mtompset @wunder EDI
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05:18 jenkins_koha Starting build #40 for job Koha_3.8.x (previous build: FIXED)
05:23 mtompset hello, jenkins_koha
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06:00 mtompset @wunder EDI
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06:06 cait quite grey outside this morning
06:06 cait no sun waking me up
06:08 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.8.x build #40: SUCCESS in 50 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.8.x/40/
06:08 jenkins_koha * colin.campbell: Bug 3638 Self Check Should Capture Hold Items
06:08 jenkins_koha * colin.campbell: Bug 3638 : Captured Holds may need to generate a transfer
06:08 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3638 normal, P2, ---, colin.campbell, Pushed to Stable , Status of hold not changed when item checked in via SIP2 Interface
06:08 jenkins_koha Starting build #41 for job Koha_3.8.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
06:12 mtompset good morning, Cait.
06:13 mtompset I suppose you aren't any of:     Galen Charlton     Thomas Dukleth     Nicole Engard     Chris Cormack     Paul Poulain     Magnus Enger
06:13 mtompset I was hoping one of them might be able to get me wiki access. :)
06:14 rangi maybe, what's your username?
06:14 mtompset mtompset
06:14 wahanui you are doing this with 3.6.3, which is NOT current.
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06:14 mtompset wahanui forget mtompset
06:14 wahanui mtompset: I forgot mtompset
06:16 rangi nope i cant, you need nengard, thd, or gmcharlt for that
06:17 mtompset[…]
06:17 mtompset Says your six names.
06:17 mtompset nengard is not listed in the top list of two.
06:17 mtompset So, I guess it's thd or gmcharlt
06:17 mtompset unless the documentation is out of date. ;)
06:18 rangi[…]Users&group=sysop
06:18 rangi you need a bureaucrat, not just an adminstrator, i can block, delete pages etc, i cant elevate privileges, only a bureaucrat can do that
06:19 mtompset Ah... so the documentation needs tweaking.
06:19 mtompset[…]
06:20 mtompset The above link should have Nicole's name as person three in the first list.
06:20 rangi no
06:20 rangi thats shell access
06:20 mtompset perhaps even adding a see also link to the page you pointed me at would be useful.
06:20 rangi thats quite different
06:21 mtompset Ah....
06:21 rangi ie, those 2 can ssh into the box
06:21 rangi gmcharlt: about?
06:21 mtompset but bureaucrats will use the same web UI that you are trying to use?
06:21 * mtj waves to chris o
06:22 mtj (ive been tramping in sth-island for last week :) )
06:22 * mtompset has yet to see gmcharlt to be active here.
06:22 rangi heya mtj
06:23 mtompset well, thanks for the attempt, Chris.
06:23 mtompset I think I saw thd once in the last couple days.
06:30 sophie_m joined #koha
06:30 rangi hi sophie_m
06:31 rangi ready for day 2?
06:31 sophie_m hi rangi
06:31 sophie_m almost, I haven't got breakfast yet
06:31 mtompset Hello, sophie_m. :)
06:32 sophie_m hi mtompset (what is your real name ?)
06:32 mtompset Mark Tompsett
06:32 sophie_m ok :-)
06:32 mtompset yes, my user id is chopped.
06:33 mtompset intentionally a reference to when userids could only be 8 characters. :)
06:33 hdl joined #koha
06:33 mtompset I'm not at #kohacon12. :(
06:34 sophie_m where are you from mtompset ?
06:34 mtompset I'm a Canadian in the Philippines.
06:34 mtompset Yourself?
06:35 sophie_m france
06:36 mtompset Oh right... I remember now... I had to move two test files while installing Koha.
06:37 paul_p sophie_m = si tu veux venir petit-déjeuner, tu es la bienvenue ;-)
06:37 mtompset mv Koha_template_plugin_KohaDates.t db_dependent/
06:37 reiveune joined #koha
06:37 mtompset mv Reports.t db_dependent/
06:37 reiveune hello
06:37 wahanui bonjour, reiveune
06:38 sophie_m j'arrive paul_p ;-)
06:38 rangi what version mtompset ?
06:38 mtompset 3.6.3
06:38 mtompset I don't know if it is still in 3.6.5
06:38 rangi ahh i think fixed already
06:38 * paul_p think too
06:39 mtompset I think it was fixed in 3.6.4
06:39 rangi yep
06:39 rangi i checked, fixed in master, 3.8.x and 3.6.x branches
06:40 mtompset I'm installing 3.6.3, so transposing data, etc. will be much easier... the goal is OS version update. :)
06:41 mtompset koha version update is the NEXT step.
06:43 mtj bbiab
06:45 cait left #koha
06:54 mtompset A bit is obviously more than 10 minutes. ;)
06:56 mbalmer joined #koha
06:56 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.8.x build #41: SUCCESS in 48 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.8.x/41/
06:56 jenkins_koha * oleonard: Bug 8161 - Cataloging home page should be accessible to users with permission to edit catalog or edit items
06:56 jenkins_koha * colin.campbell: Bug 8176 [SIGNED-OFF] Assign an intial value to $sqlwhere
06:56 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8161 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Stable , Cataloging home page should be accessible to users with permission to edit catalog or edit items
06:56 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8176 normal, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, Pushed to Stable , $sqlwhere is undefined in C4::Serials in GetSubscriptions
06:58 mtompset Sweet! That's my bug. :)
07:00 gaetan_B joined #koha
07:00 gaetan_B hello :)
07:00 mtompset Hello, gaetan_B.
07:01 mtompset Are you at @kohacon12, gaetan_B?
07:01 mtompset ^@^#^
07:03 gaetan_B mtompset: am not ;)
07:03 mtompset Neither am I.
07:04 mtompset What country are you in currently? Seeing as it is 3AM EST, so I'm guessing not North or South America. :)
07:11 julian_m joined #koha
07:32 stuartyeates joined #koha
07:32 slef stuartyeates: why aren't you here? could do with more star turns ;)
07:33 slef the ones who are here are good... but some are pulling out :/
07:34 slef biab, walking to teviot
07:34 mtompset pulling out?
07:36 mtompset thd-away`: are you really away?
07:37 bag evening
07:39 mtompset afternoon. ;)
07:40 mtompset -- that's why I stick with 'good day'. As a 24 hour period, day is always correct. ;)
07:44 jransom joined #koha
07:45 jransom Liz :)
07:45 jransom Millie loves her shoelaces - thank you so much or sending them
07:47 mtompset Hello, jransom.
07:49 bag hey jransom
07:51 jransom heya all
07:58 mtompset It would seem that the mibbit irc client doesn't notify when someone connects.
07:58 mtompset unless bag = Liz.
08:00 jransom nope - thats Brendan Gallagher from Bywater
08:02 mtompset Well, if someone sees nengard, gmcharlt, or thd_away`, please let me know.
08:02 mtompset oops... thd-away`
08:02 mtompset I'm hoping to get wiki access to contribute documentation.
08:04 mtompset rangi said I need a bureaucrat level person to do it. :(
08:04 mtompset[…]Users&group=sysop
08:07 matts hi !
08:08 mtompset Hello, matts.
08:09 nengard joined #koha
08:09 clrh hello
08:10 mtompset Hello, clrh
08:11 mtompset I find it funny that the message says if it doesn't redirect you in 5 seconds...
08:11 mtompset but the redirect command is 10 seconds.
08:12 sophie_m joined #koha
08:15 talljoy joined #koha
08:17 alex_a joined #koha
08:17 alex_a bonjour
08:17 wahanui what's up, alex_a
08:18 mtompset hello, alex_a
08:18 alex_a hello mtompset
08:19 mtompset okay, here goes my rusty french... comme ca va? (sorry, don't know how to type a cedilla)
08:20 clrh mtompset: très bien et toi :)
08:21 mtompset comme si comme ca... So so... :)
08:21 clrh :)
08:21 alex_a mtompset: good :)
08:21 alex_a mtompset: ca va très bien merci !
08:22 paul_p joined #koha
08:22 mtompset Are you at #kohacon12?
08:24 alex_a mtompset: yep
08:25 alex_a mtompset: and you ?
08:25 asaurat joined #koha
08:25 francharb joined #koha
08:26 mtompset Nope.
08:26 mtompset :(
08:28 francharb good morning #koha
08:31 Viktor joined #koha
08:35 mtompset greetings, francharb.
08:35 jransom Francois - how are you?
08:36 francharb hey jransom I'm good! you?
08:36 francharb hi mtompset
08:36 drojf joined #koha
08:38 mtompset @tell later mtompset hello
08:38 huginn` mtompset: Error: I haven't seen later, I'll let you do the telling.
08:38 mtompset @tell mtompset hello later
08:39 francharb @later tell mtompset hi!
08:39 huginn` francharb: The operation succeeded.
08:39 francharb ;)
08:39 matts mtompset,, it's @later tell :)
08:41 mtompset Ah... thanks...
08:41 francharb time to listen to the first presentation!
08:42 mtompset @later tell nengard I was wondering if you, or someone else might be able to help get me registered with the wiki. My userid is mtompset, as I am using here on the channel. Thank you in advance! :)
08:42 huginn` mtompset: The operation succeeded.
08:42 nengard mtompset unfortunatly I can't help - I know that emails aren't going out but I'm on the one who manages the wiki ....
08:43 mtompset Oh? But you have bureaucrat access, supposedly.
08:43 mtompset Is this really a thd or gmcharlt problem?
08:45 nengard I have rights to delete pages, but nothing related to users - so it's something for someone with access to the admin section of the wiki - whatever controls the sending of confirmation emails
08:45 nengard I think it's gmcharlt
08:46 mtompset But you are listed as a bureaucrat... don't you have such access?
08:46 mtompset So this is a SSH access issue.
08:47 slef eek why is my laptop messin up?
08:47 mbalmer off to kohacon12, cul
08:48 slef can you not auth accounts?
08:48 slef only gmc and thd?
08:50 slef bbl
08:54 francharb cul?
08:54 francharb oh, see you later I guess...
08:54 francharb back to the presentation
08:55 francharb I need to focus
08:55 mtompset Focus. :)
08:56 eythian joined #koha
08:57 aguri joined #koha
09:03 rangi hey david
09:03 david morning
09:08 irmaB joined #koha
09:16 kylemhall joined #koha
09:28 mtompset DOH! Belated hello, david.
09:34 cait joined #koha
09:34 * cait waves
09:44 dpavlin Did anybody saw problems with extended partron attributes lately?
09:45 dpavlin members/ seems to list ALL values available in database as opposed to providing empty form to enter value.
09:45 rangi hmm in master?
09:45 dpavlin yap
09:45 dpavlin and on our production which was updated before comming here :-(
09:46 dpavlin but, it's one of changes from last two weeks because our last update worked ok.
09:46 talljoy joined #koha
09:46 rangi i hadnt noticed but will try to look
09:46 rangi hm you run master not 3.8.x ?
09:46 dpavlin yap. I'm testing plack on our librarians ;-)
09:46 rangi ahh fair enough :)
09:46 rangi git bisect will help you find it
09:47 dpavlin but it's not plack related since it doesn't work in cgi mode anyway.
09:47 rangi yep
09:48 rangi dpavlin: have you used bisect before?
09:48 dpavlin once or twice before, but I will find my way around it ;-)
09:49 cait it's fun :)
09:50 rangi[…]ug.cgi?id=7975#c2
09:50 huginn` Bug 7975: blocker, P1 - high, ---, gmcharlt, RESOLVED FIXED, can't use patron import
09:50 rangi a bit of a tutorial
09:52 mrenvoize joined #koha
09:54 cait hi mrenvoize :)
09:54 dpavlin Bug 5742 is to blame, commmit a6c6946dfc89b523988fc9478a94040d81d287a8 -- it changes C4/Members/ in such way that it hungles WHERE without borrower number.
09:54 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5742 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , batch edit patrons
09:55 dpavlin I must admin, I read through the code instead of using git bisect, but revert does help ;-)
09:56 dpavlin s/admin/admit/
09:56 cait dpavlin: ouch
09:57 rangi phew not in 3.8.x
09:58 mrenvoize Hi cait, and all..
09:58 rangi hi mrenvoize :)
10:00 mtompset Well, if anyone sees gmcharlt or thd, could you ask them about wiki access for me? :)
10:00 mtompset I am taking off.
10:00 rangi will do
10:00 mtompset Oh, and I think I'd like to chat more with you dpavlin regarding your PHP patchwork for SAML 2.0 authentication later.
10:01 Viktor joined #koha
10:01 mtompset Bye, #koha folks.
10:05 Oak joined #koha
10:06 Oak Ahoy me hearties in a land far far away
10:10 davidnind joined #koha
10:22 talljoy1 joined #koha
10:35 david joined #koha
10:45 david i have 60 Perl pre-requisites missing when installing Koha for the first time.  Is that norma? :)
10:46 rangi are you using the packages? and yep thats about right
10:46 cait hi Oak :)
10:47 rangi david:[…]on_Debian_Squeeze
10:47 rangi that's how i install
10:47 david rangi: installing from git files with 'sudo perl Makefile.PL'
10:47 david right, this'll be the first perl based environment i've put on this laptop so maybe not so surprising :)
10:47 rangi ah yep, that works too, the nice thing with the koha-common package is it will pull in all the dependencies for you
10:48 david right, i'll try that then
10:49 rangi then you can do the perl Makefile.PL and you should be all good
10:49 medmondson : )
10:49 eythian soon there will be a package that lets you just pull in the perl deps
10:50 rangi yep
10:52 medmondson can someone in Teviot tell Lee that I am on hold about to pay customs charges for the bags. : )  groovy hold muzak. tumdee dum.
10:53 talljoy joined #koha
10:55 medmondson pls? :)
10:56 nengard slef around?
10:56 nengard or anyone - what time is the singer tonight? and is it in this room?
10:58 medmondson singer is 7.00 for 7.30
10:58 cait I don't know - perhaps slef can say something about it between sessions?
10:58 medmondson it is in the same room
10:58 cait thx medmondson
10:59 medmondson singer details: Norrie 'Tago' MacIver
10:59 medmondson if you want to google him.
11:01 rangi i think this discussion needs to adjourn to lunchtime
11:02 medmondson ACk
11:02 medmondson singer is 7.30 for 8.00
11:06 medmondson please can someone in Teviot tell Lee that I have located bags.  : )
11:06 rangi i would but im about 8 rows away from her
11:06 rangi i will at the break
11:07 medmondson ty rangi
11:19 jwagner joined #koha
11:37 WaqarAzeem joined #koha
11:56 schuster joined #koha
11:57 samuel joined #koha
11:57 schuster anyone with apache knowledge here? I'm having some trouble with virtual hosts
11:57 samuel hi everybody
11:58 jcamins_away schuster: I have a little bit of Apache knowledge.
11:58 mtompset joined #koha
11:59 mtompset joined #koha
12:00 schuster I'm looking at koha-httpd.conf - when I restart apache I am getting NameVirtualHost *:80 has no VirtualHosts
12:00 schuster When I look at the configuration file I can't tell what I have done wrong.  The server is up and running, but not all of my virtual hosts are accessible yet.
12:01 * mtompset looks around. "Is anyone else here?"
12:01 * medmondson waves
12:02 samuel anyone with ldap knowledge? I'm also having troubles, certainly of mapping, because i've the following error "Unknown column 'flags"
12:02 mtompset Sorry, I know nothing of LDAP.
12:03 jcamins schuster: probably the hosts are listening on ipaddress:80
12:05 schuster jcamins - sorry that means nothing to me.???  so what should I look at?
12:07 mtompset How are you planning on setting up your koha? the default way with staff client at 8080 and opac at 80?
12:07 schuster yes
12:07 hdl schuster: check that your vhost declaration
12:07 hdl has  :
12:08 hdl *:80
12:08 mtompset just a second... I just did a "fresh" install on ubuntu 12.04... let me look.
12:08 hdl And not
12:08 jcamins schuster: if you open up the koha-httpd.conf, check that it says <VirtualHost *:80>
12:08 hdl or any.
12:08 jcamins Exactly what hdl said.
12:08 schuster That is working when I do the standard, but I want to add another virtual host for the opac, with a special configuration and it won't take that.
12:08 mtompset Are any other websites running of this same machine?
12:09 schuster yes that is set on koha-httpd.conf
12:09 schuster no other websites just koha.
12:09 hdl samuel: paste your koha-conf (only the part for ldap mapping)  on
12:09 mtompset Oh, so you want another opac on let's say 1234?
12:09 schuster - - urls work.
12:10 mtompset that's not the default configuration.
12:10 hdl schuster: would you mind pasting your koha-httpd.conf ?
12:10 schuster I'm trying to do - and it will open basically koha but with a different css
12:10 mtompset those are different site names.
12:10 schuster Yep just a minute
12:10 jcamins schuster: okay, I see.
12:10 hdl not on irc.
12:10 jcamins You're going to copy the entire <VirtualHost> stanza for the OPAC.
12:10 hdl But paste.koha-community;org
12:10 druthb joined #koha
12:10 druthb o/
12:11 jcamins \o
12:11 pastebot "schuster" at pasted "part one of koha-httpd.conf" (189 lines) at
12:12 schuster hey druthb... and all thanks again for helping me out.
12:12 drojf jwagner: slef asks if you could try phoning in please?
12:12 jwagner drojf, now? I thought it wasn't for another hour
12:12 drojf to test things
12:12 druthb you're welcome, schuster. :)
12:12 drojf its lunch break
12:13 jwagner OK, give me a few minutes
12:13 samuel hdl: ok, i'll do it :-)
12:13 mtompset anyone here know a nice what to check between, %hash = undef, %hash = (), and %hash('a'=>'q');?
12:13 mtompset ^what^way^
12:13 hdl schuster: I would have only NameVirtualHost *
12:13 jcamins schuster: if you copy from <VirtualHost *:80> to the end of that part, then adjust the ServerName to "", try that.
12:13 hdl And not NameVirtualHost *:port
12:14 hdl %hash=()
12:14 hdl our undef %hash
12:14 hdl %has('a'=>'q') : no way
12:15 hdl mtompset:[…]/perl/howto/hash/
12:15 jwagner drojf, calling now
12:15 oleonard joined #koha
12:16 jcamins Well, that was a pretty incoherent sentence.
12:16 jcamins schuster: but the suggestion still stands.
12:16 druthb mtompset:  The second one can be found with "if (scalar keys %hash == 0) { "
12:17 pastebot "samuel" at pasted "connection ldap" (33 lines) at
12:18 schuster jcamins - what do you mean by end of that part?  Take out the whole virtualhost?
12:19 jcamins schuster: I meant, copy <VirtualHost *:80>...</VirtualHost> so that you have a third virtualhost identical to that first one.
12:20 julian_m joined #koha
12:21 oleonard Hi #koha
12:27 JesseM joined #koha
12:31 mtompset scalar keys %hash == 0 is also true for %hash = undef;
12:34 druthb hm..  In the past, I've never cared about the difference.  I darn-near always initialize them as %hash = () on purpose.
12:35 mtompset Well, okay... here's the reason I am asking.
12:35 mtompset if (! defined (%hash) ) {...}
12:35 mtompset deprecated
12:35 mtompset proper translation?
12:36 mtompset I'm assuming it requires knowing the difference between empty keys and undef.
12:37 mtompset Sorry, it doesn't really have to do with koha, but I figured perhaps some perl geeks might be intrigued by the question.
12:38 ago43 joined #koha
12:43 hdl samuel: pm
12:43 kylemhall joined #koha
12:58 nengard joined #koha
13:01 edveal1 joined #koha
13:02 alex_a joined #koha
13:04 asaurat joined #koha
13:05 talljoy joined #koha
13:09 slef aha we are on
13:09 NateC joined #koha
13:12 libsysguy joined #koha
13:13 slef hello everybody...
13:14 sekjal joined #koha
13:15 rangi <-- tracking my beer drinking
13:16 LBA joined #koha
13:16 cait hi slef
13:16 slef all ok back there?
13:16 rangi yup
13:17 sekjal rangi:  nice!
13:17 slef got to stop drinking coffee now...
13:18 slef first question
13:18 wahanui "What are you trying to do?"  "What is the goal?" or "What problem are you experiencing?"
13:20 rangi im currently drinking an irn bru
13:21 rangi im pretty sure there is the same amount of sugar as there is fluid in it
13:21 slef anything that bright orange cannot be good
13:21 rangi heh
13:21 rangi thats a good rule
13:21 slef sticky too
13:21 medmondson irn bru++
13:21 cait slef: i told him, he likes it
13:22 slef one of their truck got stuck in Somerset
13:22 slef bbc will have pics but Iam text only here
13:22 slef he medmondson ... can you call S if you have not spoken with her?
13:23 slef hi
13:23 medmondson slef I called S just before she went into the delicery depot
13:24 slef riiight... so she has your number
13:24 slef cool I think
13:24 medmondson rangi I like your beer tracking page.
13:24 medmondson slef depends on when i was meant to call her
13:24 rangi its an android app, like foursquare, but for beer
13:24 medmondson its great
13:24 slef she calledme for your number at 2
13:24 medmondson Deuchars++
13:25 * medmondson rings S
13:25 slef rangi I have beer for you...
13:25 slef not with me today
13:25 rangi i have wine for you .. also not with me :)
13:26 slef saturday maybe
13:27 slef am yellow carding nengard meanly
13:28 rangi saturday sounds like a good idea
13:29 NateC Hi Everyone! I hope the conference is going well!
13:29 medmondson rangi.  I just moved near here:  its by far the best in Edinburgh and is the most impressive rare/weird alcohol retailer that I have ever found
13:29 rangi ohhh
13:29 medmondson oh yes
13:29 rangi is it near the uni?
13:29 medmondson last night I was drinking kriek
13:29 medmondson not really
13:29 medmondson 25/30 minutes walk. short bus
13:29 slef final tips from nengard
13:29 rangi NateC: yeah it's going well
13:30 rangi ahh bus, good idea
13:30 medmondson rangi: these guys rock.
13:31 NateC I thought you might like to hear a recent quote from one of our newly switched library partners (Ex Voyager Library)
13:31 rangi maybe we can do a craft beer night one of the evenings
13:31 NateC I wanted to add this to our press release for them but decided to go with a less colorful one
13:31 * rangi waits
13:31 NateC "Working with our old ILS was like licking the anus of a dead squirrel that’s laying bloated in the sunshine in the middle of the road on a hot summer day.  And there was also a negative side.  Koha is a wonderful improvement."
13:31 rangi hehe
13:31 medmondson : >
13:32 rangi thats a shiny endorsement of voyager :)
13:32 cait ouch
13:32 NateC heh
13:33 medmondson very special
13:34 medmondson newsflash #####
13:34 medmondson conference bags have been located and are not in conference-organisers possesion
13:34 medmondson woop woop
13:34 medmondson ack
13:35 medmondson conference bags have been located and are noW in conference-organisers possesion EVEN
13:35 sekjal NateC: awesome.  flat out
13:35 NateC :)
13:35 talljoy conference bags full of awesome bling?
13:35 NateC I thought so too
13:35 rangi w00t!
13:36 medmondson talljoy: wot bags themselves are not enough, sigh. ; )
13:36 * talljoy will settle for sparkly or just plain shiny
13:40 drojf that shop looks quite nice
13:40 drojf even
13:45 mtompset I blink, and there's conversation!
13:46 mveron joined #koha
13:49 cait hi mveron :)
13:50 wizzyrea joined #koha
13:50 rangi hi wizzyrea
13:50 wizzyrea heya
13:50 cait hi wizzyrea :)
13:50 cait my surprise arrived!!!
13:51 wizzyrea :D
13:51 wizzyrea yep!
13:51 cait I was really worried by now!
13:51 druthb wizzzzeeeeeee!
13:51 * druthb offers hugs.
13:51 cait I hear the coconut chocolate has melted :(that one was especially for you
13:51 wizzyrea aww, that's ok :) it's hot here.
13:51 * druthb will be brining goodies from Germany to NEKLS this morning, once we all get stirring around.
13:51 * jcamins tries to think of an additional pro to the "traditional" workflow for analytics, so that the slide will be balanced.
13:52 libcoop joined #koha
13:52 slef ok we are running
13:52 cait jcamins: :) thx!
13:52 * wizzyrea will go try to find one just like it at au marché
13:52 rangi hi libcoop
13:52 francharb joined #koha
13:52 cait au marche?
13:52 libcoop hi
13:52 wahanui bonjour, libcoop
13:52 wizzyrea our little european market here
13:52 cait oh :)
13:52 wizzyrea they sell all kinds of things :)
13:52 cait hard to find something that is not already sold in US!
13:53 cait didn't know for example you had haribo (although i should have guessed that)
13:53 bencahill It's active in here this morning! Is the conference still in action?
13:53 rangi yep, day 2 today
13:53 wizzyrea well, it's ever so much more special when it actually comes from the place it was made :D
13:53 bencahill cool
13:53 slef oi
13:53 * bencahill is going to go run now (2 miles) :)
13:53 wizzyrea slef: I haven't had a chance to look at your link yet
13:53 rangi oi?
13:54 cait wizzyrea: hope it's all yummy and you enjoy it :)
13:54 francharb oï
13:54 rangi oishi
13:54 rangi i know
13:54 bencahill oiboiy
13:54 cait means delicious in japanese?
13:54 asaurat cait: yeaaah oishiii
13:54 rangi yep
13:54 cait oishii dese ne!
13:54 cait desu
13:55 slef wizzyrea: I managed to post a new atta... wait no another topic...
13:55 rangi su mi ma sen
13:55 slef ignore me
13:55 jcamins slef: I'm going to be recording my talk today, and uploading it so you can play it tomorrow.
13:55 cait doumo arigatou gozaimasu?
13:55 wizzyrea Google was also hitting websites for aggressive anchor text for keywords in backlinks even before Penguin. Post-Penguin, anchor text diversity becomes more critical. < this is what our problem is, I think.
13:55 francharb slef : does "oi" really mean "hey you"?
13:55 sekjal meeting time (about Ex Libris' Aleph... must control my disdain)
13:55 francharb or something like that.
13:55 slef jcamins: cool. do you want to phone in fo q and a or linphoneor what?
13:55 rangi komban wa, kore wa chris desu
13:56 SJeffery joined #koha
13:56 francharb that's what I heard
13:56 bencahill @wunder 75654
13:56 huginn` bencahill: The current temperature in RAWS HENDERSON TX US, Minden, Texas is 23.9°C (8:06 AM CDT on June 06, 2012). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 83%. Dew Point: 21.0°C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011 hPa (Falling).
13:56 wizzyrea 1 million+ identical backlinks from a single site = bad.
13:56 cait rangi: douzu yorushiko
13:56 rangi my fave is still iceu creamu
13:56 cait hm actually that looks wrong
13:56 cait hea pin
13:57 cait or
13:57 cait kurisumasu
13:57 sophie_m joined #koha
13:57 slef francharb: oi is more what do you mean by that
13:57 jcamins slef: I'd prefer linphone. I'll be at NEKLS during the Q & A, so we'll need to test from there.
13:57 cait so wh did we start talking japanese?
13:57 slef is edi not as special as nz?
13:57 jcamins And, of course, if it doesn't work I can just phone in.
13:58 slef ;(
13:58 rangi slef: ?
13:58 slef jcamins: ok we have changedlaptop but = will install linphone and co tonight
13:58 mtompset Wow, lots of people... just not one of the two people I want here. ;)
13:59 bencahill heh
13:59 bencahill mtompset: Good evening ;)
14:00 mtompset Hello again, bencahill.
14:00 slef can someone come get mic2 for questions please?
14:01 slef ok I go kick mjkaye
14:03 slef any feedback for jwagner?
14:03 slef any questions?
14:04 slef may be as easy here
14:04 mtompset Seeing as I am not at #kohacon12, no questions. :P
14:05 slef hehe
14:06 slef if you want to watch slides
14:06 slef but we fell back to phone for sound
14:06 maximep joined #koha
14:09 samuel left #koha
14:09 mtompset Meeting number?
14:10 JesseM left #koha
14:10 francharb jwagner, don't have any question for now but your presentation was very interesting!
14:10 francharb thank you
14:10 francharb ;)
14:10 jwagner francharb, thanks -- how was the audio?
14:11 francharb will your slides available
14:11 francharb on the wiki
14:11 wahanui i guess on the wiki is more information about the packages
14:11 francharb jwagner, the sound was ok
14:11 francharb :)
14:12 francharb great!
14:12 francharb thank you
14:12 jwagner I'm going to reboot to get my normal setup back -- will be back online in a couple of minutes
14:12 mgeist joined #koha
14:13 JesseM joined #koha
14:13 SJeffery Wow, that is a great presentation. I have a meeting with all of our staff on Monday and I will make use of that.
14:14 mtompset DOH! I can't join, because the meeting is over. :(
14:14 slef and we mosee pdf link now mtompset
14:14 slef blurgh
14:15 slef I am juggling again
14:16 mtompset Nice PDF presentation!
14:18 jwagner joined #koha
14:18 slef wb jwagner
14:20 jwagner thanks -- I shut down a lot of my normal desktop stuff so I wouldn't get interrupted -- needed to reboot to get it all back :-)
14:21 mtompset I have to bite my tongue when I think of users having a capital silent L. ;)
14:21 slef mtompset: you do cust support?
14:22 mtompset not all the time, thankfully. :)
14:22 mtompset much less now, which is good. I can focus on my strengths. :)
14:26 mib_wbjkre joined #koha
14:32 bencahill I ran 2 miles in 18:36 :( ...gotta work on that...
14:32 mle_afk rangi:  best ale pub
14:33 mtompset 18:36... that's better than my 20 minutes.
14:33 mtompset Of course, I doubt I could do it in 20 minutes now.
14:35 bencahill mtompset: How old are you? I'm 18, and going to Basic Training (although not military) in 7 weeks. To get PT Excellence, I need to be faster than 12:54
14:35 rangi mle_afk: ooh thanks
14:37 mtompset I'm over double your age. ;)
14:37 bencahill mtompset: Right, that's what I figured. ;)
14:37 * mtompset jabs the young one for disrspecting his elders. ;)
14:37 bencahill :(
14:38 * talljoy hands poking stick to mtompset.  lol
14:38 * mtompset laughs, "It's okay."
14:38 bencahill mtompset: I was just saying that I can expect myself to run faster since I'm younger. :P ;)
14:38 mtompset bencahill and I were talking bash earlier. We have an understanding. ;)
14:38 bencahill hhe
14:38 bencahill *hehe
14:39 mtompset On second thought...
14:39 bencahill My brother once ran an 11:18... o_O
14:39 * mtompset uses the poking stick excessively on bencahill.
14:39 bencahill lol
14:39 bencahill hey!
14:39 * bencahill pulls out his gaffer's tape and tapes the stick to the wall
14:39 mtompset Has anyone seen gmcharlt or thd-away`
14:40 mtompset I just emailed off that PDF link to my colleagues on this koha project I'm involved with.
14:41 bencahill slef: How's the video/storage working out?
14:49 mtompset Well, I think I'll call it a day.
14:49 mtompset Have a good day, bencahill.
14:50 * mle_afk waves to mtompset
14:50 mtompset Bye, mle_afk.
14:55 alex_a joined #koha
15:01 jcamins cait++
15:02 chris_n jcamins: out delivering fudge?
15:02 mgeist jcamins had fudge and didnt bring any to nekls yesterday?  Im hurt.
15:02 druthb joined #koha
15:02 jcamins chris_n: no, we're enjoying cait's chocolate.
15:03 chris_n cool
15:03 jcamins :)
15:03 * chris_n is learning perl xs foo
15:03 jcamins chris_n: why are you learning XS?
15:04 chris_n I need to cook up a module to interface some perl scripts with the usps imb c libs
15:04 jcamins Ah.
15:04 chris_n imb == intelligent mail barcode
15:04 chris_n although the intelligent part is in question
15:04 jcamins Heh.
15:08 mtompset joined #koha
15:09 mtompset okay, okay... a weirdness got my attention before getting to bed.
15:09 mtompset use lib '/home/chris/git/koha.git';
15:09 mtompset in the misc/translator/ program.
15:12 jcamins mtompset: don't use
15:12 jcamins It's deprecated.
15:12 jcamins Use translate.
15:13 mtompset I'm not using it... I was just looking for perl use statements, to make sure the package lists were up to date.
15:13 gaetan_B bye !
15:13 jcamins mtompset: okay, good.
15:13 jcamins mtompset: definitely a bug, though. I'd report it.
15:13 jcamins Eventually the script will be removed, I think.
15:14 mtompset when was it deprecated?
15:15 jcamins mtompset: not sure, exactly. A while ago.
15:17 mtompset translate has 2010 in the (c)
15:20 gmcharlt @quote random
15:20 huginn` gmcharlt: Quote #197: "<chris_n> half-baked things are asking for trouble" (added by slef at 04:10 PM, April 05, 2012)
15:21 wizzyrea_mib joined #koha
15:21 mle_afk @help
15:21 huginn` mle_afk: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.
15:21 mle_afk @help commands
15:21 huginn` mle_afk: Error: There is no command "commands".
15:21 mle_afk @help command
15:21 huginn` mle_afk: (command <network> <command> [<arg> ...]) -- Gives the bot <command> (with its associated <arg>s) on <network>.
15:21 mle_afk : p
15:21 wizzyrea_mib mle what are you wanting to do?
15:22 mle_afk play with the bot
15:22 zioha joined #koha
15:22 mtompset Ah! I see gmcharlt. :)
15:23 mtompset I've been hoping to see you, gmcharlt, so I could confirm my email address which I registered with the Wiki.
15:24 mtompset jcamins, what category do you think this deprecated misc/translator/ should be under?
15:24 mtompset component, I should say.
15:24 jcamins mtompset: I think there's translation/i13n?
15:25 shari joined #koha
15:25 shari hello!
15:25 wizzyrea_mib heya :)
15:25 * jcamins welcomes Shari to the #koha IRC channel.
15:25 cait hi shari :)
15:25 * cait waves too
15:25 shari hi! thanks for the box of goodies!
15:25 cait hope you like it!
15:25 shari I'm looking forward to digging in.
15:25 cait so glad the package finally arrived
15:25 cait I got worried it wouldn't make it in time
15:26 shari Well, it's a bit early for chocolates, but very soon I'll be indulging, I'm sure.
15:26 mtompset Hmm... maybe command-line utilities? it says mainly in misc/
15:26 shari I'll be back to editing, and that makes one hunger for sweets.
15:26 shari It arrived at the same time we did.
15:26 shari :-)
15:26 cait perfect timing then even :)
15:26 cait so druthb got no chance to eat them all up *hide*
15:26 wizzyrea_mib rental charges on itemtypes - makes sense but OY hard to find
15:27 shari lol
15:27 shari she wouldn't do that!
15:27 cait chocolate ....
15:27 wizzyrea_mib nomnomnomnomnom
15:28 cait :D
15:28 jcamins mtompset: there's no section for internationalization?
15:28 cait rangi was refusing the sweets I offered to him... so glad you know what is good
15:28 cait ;)
15:28 shari I've been well trained with Jared's fudge. I respect the goodies.
15:29 cait :)
15:29 slef I'm behind (some of) you!
15:29 slef </panto>
15:30 mle_office no your not
15:30 mle_office (or oh no youre not)
15:31 mle_office I am heading back to Teviot now.
15:31 slef sorry... I'll go stand outside
15:32 mtompset There is... but is this really an internationalization problem? or is this a misc utility that needs to be deleted?
15:32 mtompset I went with the latter.
15:32 mtompset Hopefully it will get noticed.
15:34 * mtompset is sad...
15:34 mtompset Still no wiki access.
15:34 cait mtompset: I am sory, we will try to work something out
15:35 mtompset I was wondering if someone who does have access could tell me what groups they belong to.
15:35 mtompset Because I am part of users and autoconfirmed users.
15:35 cait yes, I think it's a permission problem
15:35 slef mtompset: try to update a translation and see if it no longer works?
15:36 cait but we have to find someone who has permission to give permissions...
15:36 cait I think
15:36 mtompset gmcharlt was here briefly.
15:36 mtompset I missed him by 8 minutes.
15:36 druthb shari:  cait:  Yes, she would eat them all up.  Yes, she would.  :P
15:37 cait mtompset: not usre, I haven't seen him - perhaps an autoated reconnect?
15:37 slef @later tell gmcharlt mtompset would like to talk to you
15:37 huginn` slef: The operation succeeded.
15:37 slef @seen gmcharlt
15:37 huginn` slef: gmcharlt was last seen in #koha 16 minutes and 25 seconds ago: <gmcharlt> @quote random
15:37 druthb why do you think I put them at the other end of the table?  At least now, I have go *get up* and go get munchies.
15:37 shari @drruthb: Pixel will protect my share.
15:37 huginn` shari: downloading the Perl source
15:37 mtompset @seen mtompset
15:37 huginn` mtompset: mtompset was last seen in #koha 1 minute and 23 seconds ago: <mtompset> I missed him by 8 minutes.
15:38 mtompset Well, my timezone is telling me it is bed time.
15:38 mtompset Enough installation work for one day.
15:39 mtompset 0 to installed in 1 day... another day to harden, reconfigure, and import data.
15:40 mtompset Good day to you, #koha folk. :)
15:40 wizzyrea_mib later :)
15:41 mtompset Be back in 10. ;)
15:49 clrh bug 6874
15:49 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6874 enhancement, P3, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , File upload in MARC
15:50 jcamins clrh: I've tried it several times, and I just can't get it to work.
15:51 clrh erf
15:51 clrh I see your comments
15:52 clrh the patches are a litle bit old, did you tested the last rebased patch?
15:52 jcamins clrh: yes I did.
15:52 jcamins Exact same problems.
15:52 mtompset joined #koha
15:52 mtompset brainwave! his email address was on some bug reports I submitted. :)
15:53 clrh :/
15:53 mtompset :/? Did I miss some context?
15:53 jcamins clrh: yeah, discussing bug 6874.
15:54 mtompset bug 6874
15:54 mtompset where's the bot?
15:54 cait hm
15:54 jcamins mtompset: he's sulking because we just said bug 6874 so many times.
15:54 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6874 enhancement, P3, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , File upload in MARC
15:55 cait wahanui botsnack luxemburgerli
15:55 wahanui :)
15:56 mtompset *smirk* the template extensions aren't bad... someone didn't go reading the code for the substitution in C4::Templates. :)
15:57 * mtompset made the same initial mistake too.
15:57 alex_a left #koha
15:58 cait left #koha
15:59 mtompset That is one ugly bug description.
15:59 mtompset have fun discussing it.
16:01 sophie_m left #koha
16:01 Ccorrales joined #koha
16:02 asaurat left #koha
16:08 melia joined #koha
16:12 wizzyrea_mib i'm working poor jcamins hard today
16:13 JesseM joined #koha
16:23 SJeffery lol so am I
16:25 * jcamins works frantically.
16:38 paul_p everybody at the pub, except me who is trying to test but 7818 to push it...
16:38 paul_p (and except zeno, that is sitted near me)
16:38 paul_p in 2 hours, we will have a scottish singer
16:38 jcamins Bug 7818
16:38 wahanui Bug 7818 is waiting for my QA. Should be pretty painless, as it works a charm.
16:38 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7818 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Passed QA , support DOM mode for Zebra indexing of bibliographic records
16:39 jcamins Ah.
16:39 jcamins paul_p++
16:42 paul_p OK, I could make it work. The thing now is to make it reproductible :D (and write how I made)
16:43 paul_p Just for fun, I got many zebra errors, the funniest one being :
16:43 paul_p 18:23:08-06/06 zebraidx(11130) [warn] extract error: generic
16:43 paul_p (to say everything : Entity: line 84: parser error : Extra content at the end of the document
16:43 paul_p <record
16:43 paul_p ^
16:43 paul_p 18:23:08-06/06 zebraidx(11130) [warn] extract error: generic
16:43 paul_p )
16:43 paul_p seems it happens when your records are somehow invalid
16:43 paul_p (in biblioitems page)
16:44 paul_p worked well with grs1
16:46 jcamins paul_p: GRS-1 just failed to handle those records, I think.
16:46 jcamins (and any records after it)
16:47 paul_p jcamins not sure that's it. dom indexing work without -x flag, fail with -x. it's not related to my invalid record as I thought
16:48 * druthb blames jcamins
16:49 jcamins paul_p: in that case, you don't have an invalid record, just an invalid marcxml blob.
16:50 jcamins paul_p: how did you do that?
16:50 jcamins :)
16:56 wizzyrea_mib jcamins++
16:56 wizzyrea_mib popularity is officially fixed - someone QA it!
16:56 wizzyrea_mib bug 6557
16:56 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6557 normal, P3, ---, jcamins, Signed Off , biblioitems.totalissues unused
16:56 jcamins sekjal: funness awaits!
17:01 SJeffery Does anyone have any thoughts on removing the 505/520 from the either the main display or the description tab of the opac so that it only displays once?
17:04 wizzyrea_mib oh hey, mgeist was here :)
17:04 * wizzyrea_mib waves to her fellow kansan
17:04 mgeist Still here.  It set me away.  I guess because im not talking?
17:04 SJeffery No wave for me?
17:04 jcamins SJeffery: yeah, I've thought about that... a lot, actually.
17:07 jcamins I think the conclusion I reached was that probably we need to remove the fields from the Descriptions tab.
17:07 jcamins Unfortunately, that's non-trivial.
17:08 wizzyrea_mib ... i didn't know you were a fellow kansan :P
17:08 wizzyrea_mib did I?
17:09 wizzyrea_mib sometime's I'm like a goldfish -- ooh, a bubbler! ooh, a bubbler!
17:10 druthb hi, mgeist!
17:10 * druthb waves at SJeffery
17:10 SJeffery jcamins: IMO it needs to be done. We would probably do that in combination of bug 6617, which should make a big difference.
17:10 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6617 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , table of contents not printing right if entered right
17:10 SJeffery (I spent 5 years in KS and sitll think of it has home)
17:10 wizzyrea_mib ohhhhhh
17:11 * wizzyrea_mib has lived here for... a long time.
17:11 SJeffery In fact, I was out there last October...I love the Linda Hall library
17:11 SJeffery There is one we need to recruit to Koha!
17:11 wizzyrea_mib ah yea good pt
17:12 jcamins SJeffery: we really need the ability to hide any arbitrary 5xx fields from the Description tab.
17:12 jcamins Oh, the Linda Hall science library is in KS? I thought it was in Chicago.
17:12 * jcamins knows the director of special collections.
17:12 SJeffery no, Kansas City (I cant remember which side of the border it is on)
17:13 jcamins Hm. MO, apparently.
17:13 SJeffery Ideally showing/hiding fields in the opac/serps would be a set of simple configuration changes.
17:14 * mgeist grew up in KS, moved to DC for about 10 years, then moved back to KS
17:14 wizzyrea_mib i think it's technically in MO
17:15 SJeffery *checks the LHL job openings* dangit!
17:15 jcamins SJeffery: agreed. Unfortunately, it's a bit non-trivial to do it.
17:15 jcamins (to make it like that)
17:16 SJeffery k. Well fwiw we will be taking care of 6617 one way or another.
17:17 jcamins SJeffery: don't misunderstand me... I know *how* to do it. This isn't a mystery. It's just big enough a project that it will require some serious work.
17:17 wizzyrea_mib plus, $$
17:17 jcamins wizzyrea_mib: well, yeah, that's what 'serious work' means.
17:17 wizzyrea_mib :) I'm just being *explicit*
17:18 SJeffery Yeah. Since it involves such a fundamental change it is probably something we would want to pull in other libraries for
17:18 wizzyrea_mib if someone did a quote, you could like, kickstarter it or something.
17:18 jcamins wizzyrea_mib: good idea!
17:18 SJeffery I just don't want us to end up being the only ones funding every major change:D
17:19 wizzyrea_mib who is "us"
17:19 * wizzyrea_mib is forgetful, remember
17:19 wizzyrea_mib lotta strands in old duder's head.
17:19 SJeffery The corporate library that I work for:D
17:20 * wizzyrea_mib notes SJeffery's skillful skirting of the question
17:20 SJeffery Nah, I just don't like the name showing up in search results, and since the chan is logged...
17:21 wizzyrea_mib ah.
17:21 jcamins Lunch time!
17:24 mgeist Ooh good idea
17:24 bencahill Yeah, me too.
17:25 SJeffery All these east coast people!
17:25 trea joined #koha
17:25 bencahill_lunch SJeffery: Texas!
17:25 paul_p lunch time ? what a strange idea ? it's dinner time !!!
17:28 mgeist_lunch Its okay, you can have eggos for either meal.
17:29 * bencahill_lunch is cooking some hotdogs on an electric skillet
17:29 druthb1 joined #koha
17:32 bencahill_lunch I haven't done this before; let's hope I don't burn them...
17:42 zioha joined #koha
17:42 druthb joined #koha
17:47 zioha_ joined #koha
18:06 sophie_m joined #koha
18:25 mbalmer joined #koha
18:26 mbalmer anybody speaks gaelic and can translate?
18:31 YoungPublicLibrarian joined #koha
18:33 YoungPublicLibrarian Hello everyone, I am in need of assistance with writing a Fines and Fees report for my library. I need help writing some code into it that will designate the patron's homebranch or allow us to select the homebranch at the beginning of the report.
18:38 YoungPublicLibrarian Anyone, any advice?
18:40 sekjal YoungPublicLibrarian:  have you used the Runtime Parameters in SQL reports?
18:41 sekjal
18:50 YoungPublicLibrarian Thank you sekjal! That was perfect!
18:51 sekjal YoungPublicLibrarian:  glad to help :)
18:52 sekjal there are lots of other Koha videos, too, most of them produced by our documentation manager Nicole Engard (nengard)
18:52 sekjal she takes requests
18:52 wizzyrea_mib joined #koha
18:52 YoungPublicLibrarian Yes, I've watched quite a few of them. I just didn't realize Runteime Parameters in SQL was what I was looking for... :/
18:52 sekjal ah
18:53 sekjal yes, it's not the most intuitive name for the function, I'll give you that
19:00 mgeist Gotta boot to my XP partition, so I will be back later.
19:04 sekjal random idea:  what if, instead of storing the binary MARC record in biblioitems.marc, we stored the MARC::Record object?
19:05 jcamins sekjal: intriguing.
19:05 sekjal then we could get that data structure without having to invoke MARC::Record every time to serialize and deserialize from the binary or xml
19:06 jcamins sekjal: I like this idea.
19:07 sekjal we'd still have to pass MARCXML for indexing
19:07 sekjal well, at least for XML-based indexers
19:08 sekjal but doing that every X seconds is less intense that reading/writing it for every single biblio-modifying transaction
19:09 jcamins We still have to deserialize the XML into a MARC::Record for indexing.
19:11 sekjal ... yeah, I think this might be a good thing.  store the data in the format it's most often used
19:11 sekjal save on processing
19:11 jcamins At no point is MARCXML used directly.
19:11 jcamins Nor the binary MARC.
19:12 sekjal hmmm, how susceptible to corruption would the stored MARC::Record object be/
19:12 jcamins sekjal: not very.
19:12 jcamins Serialize it with Data::Dumper.
19:13 sekjal ... I'm liking this.  let's us abstract the data structure from the presentation a little bit more
19:13 jcamins sekjal: at least, no worse than with MARCXML.
19:14 sekjal jcamins: so long as it's not relatively worse, it's all okay by me
19:14 jcamins I'm not sure that using a MARC::Record object abstracts significantly, but it does seem like an improvement anyway.
19:16 sekjal would save on processing, and we could access the object directly with SQL, instead of having to use GetMarcBiblio or the like
19:17 jcamins We'd also need the marcxml for reporting.
19:20 sekjal hmm, yes, folks are depending on that as a workaround to get non-mapped MARC fields
19:22 magnuse MARC must die!
19:24 wizzyrea_mibbit left #koha
19:24 * druthb waves to magnuse.
19:25 * magnuse waves to druthb
19:25 jcamins magnuse: congratulations!
19:25 magnuse jcamins: thanks!
19:29 roybivovac joined #koha
19:31 sekjal magnuse:  yes, congratulations indeed!
19:31 magnuse sekjal: thanks! ;-)
19:31 druthb congrats, magnuse!  jcamins just showed me the picture.
19:31 magnuse druthb: thanks!
19:32 jcamins sekjal: adding a follow-up for 6557.
19:32 sekjal awww!
19:34 magnuse ;-)
19:35 jcamins sekjal: passing in $record, $frameworkcode, and $totalissues (costing logical routine separation) for a performance gain seems to be going the wrong way in terms of code cleanup.
19:35 jcamins It means we're duplicating code everywhere that we want to update the totalissues.
19:36 jcamins That said, if you feel strongly, I don't care enough about code organization/duplication to argue any more than that. ;)
19:36 trea manguse that's a handsome fellow!
19:36 magnuse thanks trea ;-)
19:37 sekjal jcamins:  looking at 6557 was what prompted me to think of finding some kind of faster way to store and share the MARC
19:37 jcamins sekjal: agreed that it'd be nice to have a faster way.
19:37 sekjal efficiency is really important for anything circ related
19:37 jcamins But computers will keep on getting faster.
19:37 magnuse fastest of all: get rid of it! ;-)
19:37 magnuse (nah, guess i don't really mean that, for now...)
19:38 jcamins That's why I recommend against enabling instant popularity update.
19:38 jcamins The expensive thing is always going to be writing the MARC record.
19:43 mtj morning #koha
19:44 wizzyrea_mib fwiw, I don't think that instant popularity calculation is even worth it - I don't see the point of updating that stuff more than once a day - unless you have an extremely, extremely small or particularly active catalog, the popularity of items isn't probably going to change all that much.
19:44 * druthb chucks handfuls of Skittles at mtj.
19:44 wizzyrea_mib and certainly, imo, knowing what is popular today vs. what was popular 5 minutes ago... I don't see the point
19:46 * magnuse doesn't know the backstory, but thinks what wizzyrea_mib says sounds reasonable
19:47 sekjal jcamins: you mention in the bug report that with DOM, the addition of item circ info could be handled at indexing time
19:47 sekjal is that right?
19:47 jcamins sekjal: yes, that's a follow-up bug.
19:47 jcamins Somewhere.
19:47 jcamins sekjal: but I want to get this in first, because it might change the way the DOM indexing bit needs to be handled.
19:48 jcamins Bug 8115.
19:48 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8115 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, ASSIGNED , DOM indexing configuration should compute totalissues from items.issues
19:49 sekjal I would think that the total number of holds should also factor into a material's "popularity"
19:49 sekjal but that's complicating the algorithm
19:49 sekjal out of scope
19:49 jcamins sekjal: yes, and "totalissues" is specifically about the number of times a bib had an item circulated.
19:50 libsysguy left #koha
19:50 jcamins sekjal: there are sneaky ways to do better, though.
19:50 * jcamins is a sneaky kind of guy.
19:50 wizzyrea_mib yea, out of scope, definitely should be an improvement though
19:51 mtj wizzyrea: hiya - did you get my /msg before?
19:51 wizzyrea_mib uh... just got it
19:52 wizzyrea_mib ok answered you
19:54 mtj woah, anyone seen the cat-copter yet?
19:54 sekjal mtj:  yes, last night
19:54 mtj[…]l-flying-death--2
19:57 sekjal jcamins:  your patch for 6557 really is awesome
19:57 sekjal well documented, clean in it's implementation (nearly surgical)
19:57 magnuse bug 6557
19:57 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6557 normal, P3, ---, jcamins, Signed Off , biblioitems.totalissues unused
19:58 sekjal and what you're saying about code atomicity and cleanliness is very valid
19:58 sekjal coming up with a more efficient means of getting biblio data may just be a project of it's own
20:02 wizzyrea_mib pop u larity :)
20:08 eythian_ joined #koha
20:09 chris_n mtj: don't you have work to do? ;-)
20:11 bencahill_lunch magnuse: I haven't been on in a while, but congrats! :)
20:11 kathryn joined #koha
20:15 jcamins sekjal: I'm glad you like it.
20:15 jcamins :)
20:16 shari joined #koha
20:17 * jcamins is just about to sign off on a patch by shari. :)
20:17 shari yay!
20:17 shari patches!
20:17 wahanui patches are on the bug
20:22 trea confusing?
20:22 wahanui confusing is "Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?"
20:22 trea left #koha
20:23 eythian joined #koha
20:24 kathryn hi everyone especially rangi and eythian :)
20:24 * kathryn sits by herself and eats the chocolates on eythian's desk
20:26 magnuse bencahill: thanks!
20:26 mtj kathryn, i bet he has more stashed in his top-draw
20:27 kathryn mtj: good tip!
20:27 kathryn and hi mtj!
20:28 mtj hi hi yourself :)
20:36 magnuse shari++
20:38 shari thanks for the karma!
20:39 magnuse shari: keep the patches coming and there will be more :-)
20:41 atmanning joined #koha
20:42 atmanning I am frustrated with koha after bringing in MARC records nothing is showing up in my catalog - what is wrong?  Using 3.8 that came with the live DVD iso
20:43 jcamins faq?
20:43 wahanui faq is found at
20:43 atmanning I can't even seem to be able to manually update my catalog - do I have to run this zebra script every time?  it takes about 1/2 hour!
20:44 jcamins atmanning: take a look at the FAQ I just linked to.
20:44 jcamins Where did you get a LiveDVD, BTW?
20:45 shari I'll be working on more patches later, I think.
20:45 shari Brain needs a rest now. I'm new at this.
20:45 shari Perhaps this summer will be a koha bootcamp for me.
20:45 shari I do have an in-house tutor.
20:45 magnuse yay!
20:46 magnuse koha_bootcamp++
20:46 magnuse shari: and you have #koha, full of wonderful people
20:46 wizzyrea_mib ^^
20:46 shari Indeed!
20:46 wizzyrea_mib magnuse - the fam home yet?
20:47 magnuse wizzyrea_mib: nope, things take a little time
20:47 magnuse perhaps on friday?
20:47 wizzyrea_mib *nod* i know how that goes :)
20:47 magnuse :-)
20:47 atmanning I found the koha 3.8 live DVD found on sourceforge:​livedvd-mk/?source=directory
20:49 atmanning I had that faq and did run that script (before manually attempting to change the item count on one book and changed location after adding authorized values for LOC) - this is all very confusing grrr...
20:49 jcamins Huh.
20:49 jcamins I have absolutely no idea who that is.
20:49 atmanning the faq referred to the script misc/migration_tools/ -b -r -v     which I have run a few times
20:50 sekjal atmanning:  are there any error lines output by the script?
20:50 atmanning I just jumped in trying to get help with a new Koha install - looking for help from wise people here..
20:51 wizzyrea_mib a good plan :)
20:51 wizzyrea_mib though I've not ever looked at that dvd before.
20:51 jcamins atmanning: unfortunately, none of us have ever heard of this livecd, so chances are good we won't be able to help much.
20:51 atmanning you want me to paste the output here?  it's 1/2 a screen of messages... no apparent errors
20:51 wizzyrea_mib you can use
20:51 jcamins atmanning: use
20:51 wizzyrea_mib :)
20:53 sekjal atmanning:  yes, the 1/2 screen of messages are the first place to look: will give us some clues as to what's working and what (if anything) is not
20:53 atmanning I'm happy to use something else if I well get better performance long term..    I first tried an install of community version on Ubuntu 12.04 - tons of missing dependencies when running  perl Makefile.PL, backed down to Ubuntu 10.04 - same problems, so I gave up and tried the live DVD 3.2 - big MARC import bug-  now 3.8 live DVD - MARC imports worked ...
20:54 jcamins atmanning: you should always read through the installation instructions.
20:54 jcamins They tell you how to install the dependencies.
20:54 YoungPublicLibrarian joined #koha
20:54 atmanning did that - I'm now an expert at cpan, but it couldn't resolve them all
20:55 * druthb waves at YoungPublicLibrarian.
20:55 jcamins atmanning: you wouldn't have needed CPAN.
20:55 YoungPublicLibrarian Hello druthb!
20:55 jcamins atmanning: pretty much everything is packaged.
20:56 jcamins koha on ubuntu?
20:56 jcamins ubuntu?
20:56 magnuse is there a preferred way to delete things in the staff client? js-confirmation dialog v.s. an extra html confirmation page v.s. just delete once "delete" is clicked?
20:56 jcamins Koha on Ubuntu is[…]ki/Koha_on_Ubuntu
20:57 wizzyrea_mib it's not uniform, magnuse
20:57 wizzyrea_mib afaik
20:57 atmanning hmm.... the install instructions said cpan for missing dependencies...   I'm happy to try something better supported...  there seem to be several versions floating around.  What is the recommended platform?   CentOS?
20:57 wizzyrea_mib most people use debian.
20:57 jcamins Debian!
20:57 jcamins Or Ubuntu.
20:57 druthb magnuse: you could create a button that says, "delete all these", that actually truncates the table, not just the ones showing on the screen.  that's a good idea.  Suuuuure.
20:57 wizzyrea_mib
20:57 jcamins CentOS is only recommended if you feel that your anticipated lifespan is too long.
20:58 wizzyrea_mib @quote get 123
20:58 huginn` wizzyrea_mib: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
20:58 wizzyrea_mib no, uh....
20:58 wizzyrea_mib @quote get 23
20:58 huginn` wizzyrea_mib: Quote #23: "<gmcharlt> /msg huginn register nick password" (added by wizzyrea_ at 04:25 PM, August 06, 2009)
20:58 druthb @quote search bacon
20:58 huginn` druthb: 2 found: #16: "< wizzyrea> i mean, the point of american bacon..." and #17: "<wizzyrea> holy flaming bacon batman!"
20:58 atmanning I thought Ubuntu *is* Debian variation - am I wrong?
20:59 YoungPublicLibrarian Okay, I have a report question if someone has time...
20:59 jcamins atmanning: no, you are correct. :)
20:59 sekjal atmanning: you are correct
20:59 wizzyrea_mib it is a debian variant, but not debian :)
20:59 druthb "Debian variation" != "Debian."
20:59 wizzyrea_mib YoungPublicLibrarian: go
20:59 sekjal there is enough divergence in what's in Ubuntu that it can sometimes create surprising 'gotchas'
20:59 wizzyrea_mib ^^ this
20:59 jcamins I wanted to clarify that Ubuntu was close enough for Debian for Koha work.
20:59 jcamins Though I only use Debian anymore.
20:59 sekjal I'm running Koha on Ubuntu right now (as I type)
21:00 * wizzyrea_mib runs it on ubuntu too
21:00 * magnuse too
21:00 magnuse (not in production, though)
21:01 jcamins I have one production server running Ubuntu 10.04.
21:01 wizzyrea_mib I run one server on ubuntu, simply because I needed it right away and the OS was already installed :)
21:01 jcamins Soon to switch to Debian, 'cause I got angry with 12.04, and don't believe in second chances.
21:01 wizzyrea_mib harsh!
21:01 atmanning Is there a general consensus on the best platform for a fresh install?   I wanted to use Ubuntu 12.04 and Koha 3.8
21:01 wizzyrea_mib most people use debian, and it's got the fewest real gotchas.
21:01 wizzyrea_mib debian squeeze.
21:01 atmanning I thought the live DVD thing was a great deal but I'm not so sure anymore....
21:02 druthb Debian Squeeze.  3.6.x or 3.8.x, dealers' choice.
21:02 wizzyrea_mib you know, personally, I'd go for 3.6
21:02 YoungPublicLibrarian I want to use the generic report for "Fines w/ Patron & Item Info" from the "SQL Reports Library - Koha Wiki", but I want to have it ask to select a branch before running the report.
21:02 wizzyrea_mib but that's just me
21:02 wizzyrea_mib aha
21:02 wizzyrea_mib YoungPublicLibrarian: ez
21:02 wizzyrea_mib one min.
21:03 YoungPublicLibrarian I tried to use the Runtime video as a guide, but it came back with an error when I ran it...
21:03 atmanning not debian 6.0.5 (latest stable)?
21:03 jcamins atmanning: Debian 6.0.5 = Squeeze.
21:03 magnuse atmanning: on debian you can install with packages:[…]on_Debian_Squeeze
21:04 pastebot "wizzyrea" at pasted "for YoungPublicLibrarian" (16 lines) at
21:04 magnuse atmanning: "sudo apt-get install koha-common" - that will install all the dependencies
21:04 jcamins atmanning: yes, that's the best way to do it.
21:05 atmanning Downloading squeeze now....  Will be testing in virtualbox...
21:05 YoungPublicLibrarian Okay, so now if I want the borrowers address there as well I can just add things like b.address,, b.state, Is that right?
21:05 jcamins The 3.6 packages are still on an underpowered server of mine, though.
21:06 wizzyrea_mib yep
21:06 YoungPublicLibrarian Awesome! Thanks Wizzyrea_mib! You've been an awesome help!
21:06 sekjal atmanning:  are you looking for an installation to test using, or did you want to be edit/add to the code?
21:09 atmanning I am testing whether this will work to port our library from Winnebago - hoping to import 135K marc records after successful install
21:11 wizzyrea_mib YoungPublicLibrarian: did it work?
21:12 sekjal atmanning:  sounds like the packages will work very well for you
21:14 druthb atmanning: You'll probably need to rearrange the item data fields some; MARCEdit can do that, or write a little perl script.
21:15 atmanning this last install (3.8 on Ubuntu 10.04) imported with no modification of export from Winnebago, but then I have problems with items showing up in searches
21:16 druthb the 952 formatting is a little tetchy.  if stuff isn't in just the right place, then the items won't get imported.
21:16 YoungPublicLibrarian Wizzrea_mib: It did not. It gives me this error - <h1>Software error:</h1>           <pre>Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /home/koha/kohaclone/reports/ line 618.  </pre>             <p>             For help  please send mail to the webmaster (<a href=""></a>)  gi
21:17 YoungPublicLibrarian *Wizzyrea_mib (sorry, apparently can't type...)
21:18 wizzyrea_mib <<Pick your branch|branches>> is what's in the documentation
21:18 wizzyrea_mib so the problem may be that you have a space at the beginning of the report
21:19 wizzyrea_mib that was for you YoungPublicLibrarian
21:21 YoungPublicLibrarian Okay, so you think I have a rogue space somewhere?
21:21 shari @karma
21:21 huginn` shari: Highest karma: "rangi" (583), "oleonard" (507), and "wizzyrea" (342).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-109), "failed" (-83), and "-" (-50).
21:22 shari @karma shari
21:22 huginn` shari: Karma for "shari" has been increased 4 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 4.
21:22 wizzyrea_mib I think you have a rogue space before the report sql
21:22 druthb shari++
21:22 wizzyrea_mib and/or, you just need to take out the line breaks in the report
21:22 jcamins @karma jcamins
21:22 huginn` jcamins: Karma for "jcamins" has been increased 318 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of 317.
21:22 wizzyrea_mib @karma wizzyrea
21:22 huginn` wizzyrea_mib: Karma for "wizzyrea" has been increased 342 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 342.
21:22 jcamins @karma jcamins_away
21:22 huginn` jcamins: Karma for "jcamins_away" has been increased 14 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 14.
21:23 druthb @most increased
21:23 huginn` druthb: "rangi": 588, "oleonard": 512, "wizzyrea": 342, "jcamins": 318, "gmcharlt": 311, "chris_n": 300, "cait": 291, "sekjal": 237, "paul_p": 226, "nengard": 216, "kf": 186, "magnuse": 166, "slef": 153, "druthb": 145, "eythian": 97, "fredericd": 71, "hdl": 68, "biblibre": 64, "hdl_laptop": 60, "jwagner": 54, "marcelr": 52, "kmkale": 46, "thd": 46, "atz": 44, and "pianohacker": 39
21:24 wizzyrea_mib YoungPublicLibrarian: any luck?
21:26 YoungPublicLibrarian Yes and no. I can't get the silly thing to run, but someone else in the consortium took it and tweaked it a bit and now it runs fine. So thanks for the help and I think we got it now!
21:26 sekjal alrighty, time for me to jet off for the night.  cheers, #koha!
21:26 wizzyrea_mib woot :)
21:26 wizzyrea_mib later sekjal
21:27 YoungPublicLibrarian Yes, thank you Wizzyrea! You have been a great help!
21:27 magnuse wizzyrea++
21:28 jcamins There we go. Another followup attached to bug 7936.
21:28 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7936 major, P5 - low, ---, nengard, Signed Off , general ticket for 3.8 help file updates
21:30 druthb jcamins++
21:30 druthb shari++
21:32 magnuse wow, time to catch some sleep
21:32 magnuse have fun, #koha!
21:32 * jcamins records his presentation.
21:33 * druthb makes funny faces at jcamins_presenting
21:35 mtj interesting ->[…]he-penguin-update
21:36 mtj ... looks like is in a similar situ to
21:39 mtj thanks $god we can now use our google-anal data to help solve the problem, at least
21:39 wajasu joined #koha
21:40 wizzyrea_mib yep, that was the example that I found that seemed most like ours
21:41 LBA joined #koha
21:41 jcamins_presenting Oh my.
21:41 wizzyrea_mib I took off the SEO plugin that did a lot of keywords
21:41 jcamins_presenting I _do_ say "aboot."
21:41 wizzyrea_mib it *may* help?
21:42 jcamins_presenting I have the weirdest accent.
21:42 wizzyrea_mib if the link text doesn't contain a keyword it may help, I mean.
21:42 * jcamins_presenting apologizes in advance to the non-native English speakers in Edinburgh.
21:42 wizzyrea_mib it's ALL about relevancy now
21:43 * jcamins_presenting can't watch himself.
21:43 wizzyrea_mib that's common :)
21:44 jcamins_presenting However, the first part recorded fine.
21:44 wizzyrea_mib another option would be to give the syspref several different options of what to use as link back
21:44 wizzyrea_mib so that it seems relevant
21:46 mtj looking like the short version is... footer links to $your_domain is a no-no ?
21:46 mtj thats my hunch...?
21:47 wajasu i've got my shell script that can create a debiansqueeze+mysql+apache2+koha-common  (it creates a kvm image file via libvirt/virsh in 5min with debian network install.iso and the image in my /dev/shm  /tmp directory.  upon boot its ready on port 80/8080) .
21:47 wizzyrea_mib yes, and I think if we got MDAH to turn theirs off
21:47 wizzyrea_mib and bsz\
21:47 wizzyrea_mib that would be pretty huge.
21:47 bag mtj[…]delicious-oatmeal
21:47 jcamins_presenting wajasu: oh, did you did the livedvd?
21:48 mtj wajasu:  congrats...
21:48 wajasu now, i am working on adding git based dev environment for patches.
21:48 bag mtj make sure you have your sound on when you watch that
21:48 wizzyrea_mib someone was in earlier having trouble with indexing
21:48 bag ;)
21:49 bag wizzyrea_mib: what's m i b ?
21:49 druthb m-i-b-bit, bag.
21:49 mtj bag:  not now please!  i'm building my radio-controlled cat-helicopter...
21:49 mtj bag:  short for mibbit..
21:49 bag heh that's why I thought of you mtj
21:50 bag I was totally thinking it was Men In Black…
21:50 wizzyrea_mib because I'm using a <spew> windows computer
21:50 * wizzyrea_mib was in a wow guild once called the "merciless iry brigade"
21:50 wizzyrea_mib or the MIB
21:50 bag like wizzyrea_mib is all spy like
21:50 druthb oi!  Careful with the spew, wizzyrea...I'm in the line of fire.
21:50 * wizzyrea_mib does not spew on druthb
21:51 wajasu jcamins_presenting: no livedvd.   just a script that i wrote that pulls abd builds from deb repos, and with a debian preseed file that does all the koha needed cusomizations.
21:51 jcamins_presenting wajasu: oh, okay.
21:51 jcamins_presenting wajasu: you should share that. :)
21:51 wizzyrea_mib ^^ this
21:52 wajasu yes.  i'll put it in pastebin, when i get the next part done.  git patch support.
21:52 jcamins_presenting :)
21:52 wajasu then later  in the wiki if folks want it.
21:52 wizzyrea_mib oh, or, you could ask for push permission to contribs
21:52 wizzyrea_mib that might be cool
21:54 wajasu i saw that contribs. and i'll do that.  (one shell script to run).  its runs under my archlinux just fine.  (it assumes one has configured a bridge to the internet right now, and dhcp assigns an ip address, but that can be added later.
21:55 wajasu does anyone know how big a git clone is in megabytes.  I need to know off hand for my kvm image size build.
22:00 YoungPublicLibrarian joined #koha
22:01 YoungPublicLibrarian Okay, I was wrong...the report I thought was perfect was missing a few things...So, Wizzyrea, still willing to help?
22:01 edveal left #koha
22:02 wajasu it will be nice for trying out difference distributions, or perl versions, etc.  i can't wait to try to run  koha unit tests.
22:03 shari goodbye, all!
22:17 sophie_m joined #koha
22:18 maximep left #koha
22:19 wajasu ok git clone just over 1GB
22:38 slef hi
22:38 wahanui what's up, slef
22:38 slef the sky
22:39 slef wahanui: the sky
22:39 wahanui the sky is, like, the limit
22:42 drojf joined #koha
22:43 slef hi drojf
22:43 drojf hey slef
22:43 drojf hope you all had a nice musical evening
22:43 drojf i have a presentation now for tomorrow ;)
22:43 slef where were youuuuu?
22:44 drojf had to finish my slides, took way longer than i thought :/
22:51 jcamins_away slef: are you still here?
22:51 drojf slef: is there some place now where we collect all presentations?
22:51 jcamins_away slef: I'm having some transcoding issues, but I think I've got it licked.
22:51 jcamins_away What format do you prefer the presentations in?
22:53 jcamins_away (MPG, OGG, etc.)
22:54 drojf jcamins_away: video or audio?
22:54 jcamins_away drojf: both.
22:55 drojf from a free software point of view i would say ogg theora/ vorbis, but that is just me.
22:57 jcamins_away Maybe... one ogg theora/vorbis option, and one mpg/mp3 option?
22:59 slef jcamins_away: yep, am still here, but switching windows slowly
22:59 jcamins_away slef: mpg/ogg/what would you like?
23:00 slef I think we have mplayer if I have the same laptop as this afternoon so whatever you think
23:00 jcamins_away Okay, thanks.
23:00 slef display is as described on email
23:00 jcamins_away Yep. :)
23:00 slef bit me this morning
23:01 slef my own laptop does not seem to like that display
23:01 jcamins_away I'm sending a 640x480 video. The PIP said "just go and die."
23:02 jcamins_away Aaaand, that didn't work.
23:04 * jcamins_away kills his terminal by mistake.
23:24 sophie_m left #koha
23:26 drojf better get some sleep. good night
23:33 papa joined #koha
23:43 cait-m_ joined #koha
23:57 cait joined #koha

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