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00:04 chris_n those must be some good waffles magnus_waffles
00:05 rangi heh i think he fell asleep on them
00:06 * chris_n has some baby-fell-asleep-in-plate pics of his children
00:07 rangi heh
00:08 jcamins_away chris_n: I think there's a picture of me sound asleep in a birthday cake when I was about two.
00:09 chris_n lol
00:09 * chris_n tries to imagine magnus asleep in a plate of waffles :-)
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00:13 Space_Librarian o/
00:15 rangi hi Space_Librarian
00:15 Space_Librarian heya! When are you off?
00:16 rangi sunday evening
00:16 Space_Librarian awesome
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00:50 seanb anybody have experience running koha and drupal on the server?  looking to cut some troubleshooting steps...
00:51 seanb *same server
00:51 rangi same people here as last time you asked :-)
00:51 seanb just checking :)
00:52 rangi you might want to try the mailing list, did you read what mtj posted too?
00:52 seanb this is purely an apache issue, so maybe you can point me in a healthy direction?
00:52 rangi yep
00:52 seanb i did read mtj paste and used it
00:52 rangi
00:53 seanb and i am now using dns for my test server, for a proper test
00:53 seanb the problem is that no matter what i type for the subdomain in the url, it only hits the drupal site
00:54 seanb i already have that help page up :)
00:54 seanb on vhosts
00:54 rangi[…]l#namevirtualhost
00:54 seanb that one too
00:54 rangi well thats the answer there
00:55 seanb by adding a vhost for drupal, i was able to bring it up.  but now i can't access koha, which isn't addressed in the apache help files
00:55 seanb the way koha is implemented, i'm not real clear on that
00:55 rangi its a virtual host too
00:55 rangi 2 of them in fact in one file
00:56 seanb yup
00:56 rangi theres nothing more to it than that
00:56 seanb but after adding a vhost for drupal, i can no longer surf to the koha instance
00:57 rangi yes
00:57 rangi and its most likely because you dont have a namevirtualhost entry
00:57 seanb but if both named vhosts reference the same ip address and have the correct ServerName entries, then it should work... at least to my knowledge
00:58 rangi if you haev a namevirtualhost entry
00:59 seanb oh wait.  i don't
00:59 seanb i found that entry sitting in ports.conf, but that didn't seem right.  so i was going to put it in httpd.conf
00:59 seanb but i didn't
00:59 seanb because i forgot
01:07 seanb and that solved it
01:08 seanb thank you very much for the equivalent of "did you check to make sure it was plugged in?"
01:08 rangi its always best to ask the easy questions first
01:08 rangi cos 90% of the time, thats what it is :)
01:09 seanb indeed
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01:55 druthb o/
01:55 Space_Librarian \o
01:55 druthb !
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02:40 eythian is it possible to make Koha have the first fine at $1, the next at $3, the next at $5, etc.
02:40 eythian I could see doing $2, $4, $6, but not how to start with an odd number
02:59 rangi yeah thats a tricky one
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03:41 Amit_Gupta hyea bag
03:49 Amit_Gupta rangi around??
03:49 rangi yep
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04:03 Oak ah. ChanServ means we cannot talk about other stuff now?
04:03 Oak kia ora #koha
04:04 rangi hm?
04:04 Oak -ChanServ- [#koha] Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
04:04 Oak :)
04:04 rangi yep
04:04 Oak or was it always there?
04:04 rangi not the other thing that people sometimes think is koha
04:04 Oak what other thing? :)
04:22 Amit_Gupta heya Oak
04:22 Oak heya Amit_Gupta
04:22 wahanui i heard Amit_Gupta was from Nucsoft Osslabs
04:22 Amit_Gupta heya wahanui yes i am
04:22 Amit_Gupta 4?
04:22 Amit_Gupta ?
04:23 Space_Librarian ignore the bot Amit_Gupta. :)
04:24 Oak i'm not a bot
04:24 Space_Librarian no Oak, you're not. :)
04:24 Oak i know
04:24 Oak :)
04:24 eythian I've never seen Oak and wahanui in the same room together, so how do you know?
04:24 Space_Librarian but are you a philosopher dreaming you're a hobbit?
04:25 Space_Librarian or a hobbit with too much pipeweed?
04:25 Space_Librarian And eythian makes an excellent point. How would we know?
04:25 Oak oh man. i better run
04:25 Oak if cait were here, she would have defended me
04:26 Space_Librarian it's alright, we know it's you.
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05:24 cait hi #koha
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05:24 Space_Librarian hey cait
05:24 cait hi Space_Librarian :)
05:26 Oak_ guten morgen cait
05:30 cait hi Oak_ :)
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05:38 cait hi francharb :) next week?
05:38 francharb hi cait! yep! next week!
05:39 cait yay!
05:39 francharb :)
05:53 magnuse kia ora #koha!
05:53 magnuse @wunder boo
05:53 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 4.0°C (7:20 AM CEST on May 30, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 1.0°C. Windchill: 0.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Steady).
05:53 magnuse well, it was under 3 and sleet half an hour ago...
05:54 eythian magnuse: thems some long waffles, magnuse
05:55 magnuse yeah, all night waffle party!
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06:45 reiveune hello
06:48 cait hi reiveune :)
06:48 cait ... and bbl :)
06:48 reiveune hi cait :)
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07:08 magnuse Oak
07:08 Oak magnuse :)
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07:08 magnuse :-)
07:08 mib_pzd2m8 Hello!
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07:10 Amit_Gupta Bug 8166
07:10 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8166 enhancement, P1 - high, ---, amit.gupta, Needs Signoff , Adding new currencies & exchange rates if not fill any field it save blank record
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07:12 gaetan_B bonjour :)
07:13 mib_pzd2m8 When I try log in koha, I get error: Software error: Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /opt/perl5/lib/site_perl/5.16.0/​x86_64-linux-thread-multi/ line 2054. koha-opac-error_log Thank you in advance for help!
07:14 Amit_Gupta heya gaetan_B
07:14 wahanui gaetan_B is working at Biblibre and did the nice new start page together with asaurat or a fan of icons
07:14 gaetan_B hi Amit_Gupta :)
07:15 kf mib_pzd2m8: which version of Koha are you using?
07:15 mib_pzd2m8 koha-3.8.1
07:15 kf is this a new installation? did you update from a previous version? did it ever work?
07:17 mib_pzd2m8 it's new. I can log in in admin panel 8080
07:18 mib_pzd2m8 /usr/share/koha/misc/koha-install-log
07:18 kf did you change settngs recently?
07:19 kf there is a CAS error - is this feature activated?
07:20 kf ah, the paste was the logs, and the error on login is different?
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07:23 mib_pzd2m8 in broweser when log in Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /opt/perl5/lib/site_perl/5.16.0/​x86_64-linux-thread-multi/ line 2054. in /var/log/koha/koha-opac-error_log CAS disable in admin panel, I show you config file now
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07:26 rangi Check the borrower has an expiry date set
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07:27 mib_pzd2m8 koha-conf.xml
07:28 mib_pzd2m8 how check? please
07:30 mib_pzd2m8 I'm sorry, I just do not know much English
07:32 mib_pzd2m8 mysql> SELECT * FROM borrowers; Empty set (0.00 sec)
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07:34 rangi mib_pzd2m8: the first thing you should do after logging into the admin side, is create a borrower and give it permissions and then use it to login from then on
07:34 rangi mib_pzd2m8: what is your native language?
07:34 paul_p good morning #koha
07:34 mib_pzd2m8 Russia
07:35 rangi hmm im not sure if the manual has been translated into russian yet
07:35 Amit_Gupta heya paul_p
07:35 mib_pzd2m8 wiil try create borrower
07:36 rangi http://manual.koha-community.o[…]dstaffpatron.html
07:38 rangi mib_pzd2m8: we should make it say a better error but the cause of it is, that the admin user isnt a real user, and so doesnt have an expiry date set
07:39 mib_pzd2m8 Oh
07:39 mib_pzd2m8 now read and try
07:39 rangi mib_pzd2m8: we do have some russian speakers who use koha
07:40 rangi but in the ukraine
07:40 kf rangi++
07:40 rangi if you get stuck you could email the koha-translate mailing list, and ask on there if any russian speakers could help
07:41 mib_pzd2m8 not scary, it is possible in English, I'm just slow reply (read)
07:41 rangi ahh, i bet you read english much faster than i can read russian :)
07:42 rangi hi paul_p
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07:53 kf back
07:53 rangi wb kf
07:55 Oak wb :)
07:55 kf :)
08:00 magnuse wb kf
08:10 rangi how many weeks now magnuse ?
08:10 mib_pzd2m8 :) A huge THANK YOU!  Should just read the instructions (or ask advice)
08:11 rangi mib_pzd2m8: all working now?
08:13 mib_pzd2m8 yes, but still have some error in log koha-opac-error_log
08:13 clrh When Owen wakes up generally?
08:13 clrh (hello :)
08:13 magnuse rangi: 4 weeks yesterday (but od course, only 5% arrive on the due date...)
08:14 rangi yep .. kahu was 5 weeks early
08:14 magnuse rangi: oops ;-)
08:14 rangi clrh: not before i go to sleep .. so not in the next 2-3 hours
08:15 clrh so maybe in 4 or 5 hours I can see him ? ;)
08:15 magnuse clrh: i'd guess 4 hours
08:15 mib_pzd2m8 this error important?
08:15 clrh great thansk :)
08:15 rangi mib_pzd2m8: i think its just a noisy warn, don't think you need to worry about that
08:16 mib_pzd2m8 THANK YOU! thank you! thank you! THANK YOU!
08:16 mib_pzd2m8 I'll go read the manual more carefully
08:17 rangi :)
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08:17 mib_pzd2m8 Goodbye, good luck!
08:20 rangi thats a 1/100 success rate
08:20 rangi :)
08:21 * rangi very rarely manages to help a mibbit user
08:27 magnuse rangi++
08:27 slef :)
08:46 magnuse sekjal++
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10:11 Oak oleonard++
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10:22 slef bloody paypal now apparently asking me to choose between breaking UK law or doing unfeasible amounts of work to regain access to the kohacon12 donations... trying to avoid it... not happy
10:23 kf :(
10:23 kf and hi slef
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10:24 slef kf: I left cait a message but I think you have not got it yet.
10:24 slef thanks for the updates to programme
10:25 kf np
10:26 Oak we can all write emails to paypal individually protesting this. slef you prepare the draft, we all email. :) crazy idea huh.
10:29 slef Oak: how about doing that from KohaCon if they've not fixed it by then? The co-op has good credit at our real banks, so I think we can finance it until something like 20th July if we must.
10:30 slef Oak: but they are being a massive PITA
10:31 Oak hmm. we can wait till then.
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10:42 rangi paul_p: if you register there
10:42 rangi you can have a play
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11:32 kf slef: still around?
11:40 slef kf: yes intermittently for next 20mins or so
11:40 kf ah
11:40 kf only wanted to ask if the other speakers did confirm?
11:40 kf hi jcamins :)
11:40 jcamins Good morning.
11:41 magnuse hiya jcamins
11:43 slef kf: not yet, still emailing them.
11:43 slef kf: no further concellations TTBOMK though
11:43 kf ttbomk?
11:43 kf have mercy with me ok?
11:46 magnuse ttbomk is To The Best Of My Knowledge
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11:47 magnuse (according to teh googlez)
11:48 kf :)
11:57 slef heh, sorry, moving too fast
11:58 slef IOTTMCO
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12:11 magnuse iottmco is probably Intuitively Obvious To the Most Casual Observer
12:11 magnuse IOTTMCO?
12:11 wahanui IOTTMCO is probably Intuitively Obvious To the Most Casual Observer
12:12 magnuse @wunder boo
12:12 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo Vi, Norway is 4.0°C (2:00 PM CEST on May 30, 2012). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 0.0°C. Pressure: 29.90 in 1012 hPa (Rising).
12:12 magnuse guess "light rain" is a euphemism for something between hail and sleet
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12:16 oleonard Hi #koha
12:16 magnuse kia ora oleonard
12:17 * magnuse whispers "he's here!" to clrh
12:18 clrh yeah! he's here!
12:18 clrh ^^
12:18 * jcamins passes out the celebratory strawberries.
12:18 magnuse let the party begin!
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12:19 Joubu hi
12:19 wahanui hey, Joubu
12:20 oleonard I'm right on time too!
12:21 clrh oleonard: I don't want to take to much time but I wanted to talk to you and other of one work we are beginning
12:21 oleonard Okay
12:22 paul_p rangi = I like gerrit !
12:22 clrh this discussion can be followed by julian_m Joubu asaurat and francharb
12:22 clrh and paul_p
12:22 clrh a customer ask us to do a full design integration for opac-detail and opac-results
12:23 clrh it is not only 2 colors ;)
12:23 clrh we would like to avoid specific theme and specific patches for this custome
12:23 clrh r
12:24 clrh and begin to talk about this with you seems a go step
12:24 clrh what about you?
12:24 oleonard I don't know what you mean by "full design integration"
12:25 francharb hi oleonard
12:26 clrh oleonard: I'll show you just a minute
12:29 clrh[…]ique_opac_MAJ.pdf
12:30 jcamins You want to make Koha look like that?
12:31 clrh we don't know exactly what to do in how many days :)
12:31 clrh I think we can't do everything
12:31 jcamins I think you are right. :)
12:31 clrh but begining to work on opac structure to provide a more themable structure could be a good thing
12:32 clrh my first first quesion was to ask if you heard about similar initiative
12:32 jcamins +infinity!
12:32 clrh :)
12:32 kf not sure structure is the problem :) I mean there will always be some limitations
12:33 magnuse themability++ :-)
12:33 oleonard It may be possible that we can do some things to increase flexibility, but I agree with kf that there will always be limitations
12:33 clrh of course...
12:33 kf hm some nice ideas there
12:34 clrh there is a lots of "koha curstomisations" behind
12:34 kf clrh: is this only a picture or does it exist somewhere?
12:34 francharb kf, just a picture
12:35 clrh we have pictures elements and color
12:35 clrh but the work to do is integration ;)
12:35 jcamins kf: I think there are some structural issues with the results page. The checkboxes, numbers, descriptions, and cover images are in table cells with no identification.
12:36 jcamins That's the big one I noticed. You have to resort to :first-child, that sort of thing.
12:36 clrh julian_m: and Joubu began to list features or specific behaviour and classify if it can be done in xslt, css, templates or if it is a new feature
12:37 kf clrh: yes, I think a mix of all
12:38 clrh jcamins: can you reword this: (don't understand)  You have to resort to :first-child, that sort of thing.
12:39 jcamins Sure.
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12:41 jcamins If you want to modify the layout of a record on the results page, it's difficult because you can't use CSS to, for example, shift the checckbox. You have to use jQuery with the selector "tr td:first-child"
12:43 julian_m jcamins, about the search results table, we thinked about replacing table,tr,td... by a list of <div> because it could be much more customizable
12:43 francharb joined #koha
12:43 julian_m what do you think?
12:43 jcamins julian_m++
12:43 * jcamins doesn't have the expertise to do it, but if it can be done, thinks it would be a great idea.
12:47 julian_m what's your opinon on this oleonard ? kf ?
12:47 kf I am not sure about the consequences of that change
12:47 kf owen might know
12:49 magnuse fwiiw, i'm with jcamins: if it can be done, it's a great idea
12:50 oleonard sorry, got called away from my desk. reading back.
12:51 oleonard I think looking at a new grid system to help replace that table would be very beneficial
12:51 oleonard I haven't had the time to work on that project myself. I still think the Bootstrap grid is a good candidate to try.
12:52 oleonard I could even be that adding the Bootstrap grid is a possibility without (or before) doing a full OPAC template restructuring
12:52 francharb oleonard, bootstrap is css framework right?
12:53 oleonard Bootstrap includes a CSS grid and javascript tools, but I was looking only at the grid
12:53 chris_n what about jquery's theme system?
12:53 oleonard jquery doesn't have a grid system
12:53 oleonard The theme system is for changing the look of jqueryUI widgets
12:53 * chris_n is pretty ignorant about these things so keep that in mind :-)
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13:26 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.8.1 and 3.6.5 Now Available | Koha Community Website - | General IRC meeting, 13 June 2012 at 18:00 UTC+0
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13:35 magnuse @wunder Narsarsuaq
13:35 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Narsarsuaq, Greenland is 21.0°C (10:50 AM WGST on May 30, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 23%. Dew Point: -1.0°C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Steady).
13:36 magnuse @wunder boo
13:36 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 6.0°C (3:20 PM CEST on May 30, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 66%. Dew Point: 0.0°C. Windchill: 2.0°C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Steady).
13:36 magnuse hm...
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13:44 drojf good day #koha
13:46 * drojf drafts talk for edinburgh
13:46 kf hi drojf :)
13:46 drojf hi kf :)
13:47 * kf installs koha in vb on her new computer
13:47 drojf new computer? nice
13:47 kf at work
13:47 drojf ah ok. still nice ;)
13:49 drojf is the koha website really slow/ unresponsive or is it just me?
13:50 oleonard Slow for me too drojf
13:50 drojf database error now
13:51 drojf better hit f5 a lot, that will help ;)
13:51 julian_m joined #koha
13:55 kf hm
13:55 kf looks like wiki mail is broken?
13:56 drojf the website is back though
13:56 maximep joined #koha
13:56 * wizzyrea just fixed the website, nice of you to notice ^.^
13:56 drojf :)
13:57 magnuse wizzyrea++
13:57 drojf wizzyrea++
13:57 kf drojf: you are talking to me encrypted
13:57 zioha_ joined #koha
13:58 Oak wizzyrea++
14:10 kf wizzyrea++
14:10 kf websites?
14:10 kf hosting?
14:10 wahanui Koha Support Providers can be found at
14:10 kf hm, that's not what I was looking for
14:10 wizzyrea and good morning, btw
14:10 oleonard web sites?
14:11 * oleonard shrugs
14:11 wizzyrea website administration?
14:11 wizzyrea nope. Lol.
14:11 kf administration?
14:11 jcamins administrators?
14:11 kf I thoguht slef taught him
14:11 jcamins folk with the keys to the kingdom?
14:11 drojf admins?
14:11 drojf meh
14:11 magnuse caratakers?
14:11 wizzyrea website administration is at[…]te_Administration
14:11 kf website administration is[…]te_Administration
14:11 wizzyrea LOL
14:11 kf jinx
14:12 kf wah.
14:12 magnuse website administration?
14:12 wahanui i guess website administration is at[…]te_Administration
14:12 jcamins website administration?
14:12 wahanui website administration is, like, at[…]te_Administration
14:12 * kf takes it back
14:13 jcamins solr demo?
14:14 jcamins solr demo is at
14:14 magnuse yay
14:14 jcamins Uh-oh.
14:14 jcamins clrh: the solr demo doesn't appear to be working.
14:14 jcamins It says "Error: Bad request! help message ?" when I enter in a keyword.
14:15 * magnuse replicates
14:15 hdl1 jcamins: maybe needs some reindexing
14:15 drojf oh yes i had the same problem a while ago. forgot to tell anyone :(
14:16 drojf stupid brain
14:17 jcamins hdl1: the authorities browser doesn't work, either.
14:17 jcamins hdl1: error about hashrefs.
14:18 clrh jcamins: I'll have a look
14:18 clrh solr can be down
14:19 clrh jcamins: it works for me
14:19 clrh wich url please?
14:19 jcamins http://catalogue.solr.biblibre[…]
14:20 clrh jcamins: because it moves http://catalogue.solr-demo.bib[…]q=russie&filters=
14:20 clrh moved
14:20 jcamins Oh.
14:20 jcamins Thanks.
14:20 jcamins forget solr demo
14:20 wahanui jcamins: I forgot solr demo
14:21 jcamins solr demo is
14:21 jcamins clrh: that works. :D
14:21 jcamins Thanks!
14:21 jcamins I'll update the wiki.
14:21 clrh 03/05/2012 14:16 <- mail on koha-devel
14:21 clrh sorry for the trouble
14:21 jcamins No problem.
14:24 jcamins I updated the wiki so those of us who can't remember will see the correct URL. :)
14:24 magnuse jcamins++
14:26 jcamins Okay, I need opinions.
14:26 jcamins I need to add more authority search options to the OPAC.
14:26 Oak jcamins++
14:27 jcamins (Preferred heading, any heading, and keyword [what we have now])
14:27 kf gmcharlt: ping
14:27 clrh thx
14:27 kf jcamins: perhaps make it optional? I think it would be overwhelming for our libraries
14:27 jcamins kf: yes, that wasn't the opinion.
14:27 kf jcamins: I got positive feedback about the simple interface now
14:27 jcamins I already planned that.
14:28 kf cool :)
14:28 kf sorry then
14:28 jcamins kf: the problem is that the library in question is planning on loading several *million* authority records.
14:28 jcamins So they need to be able to search more precisely.
14:28 magnuse yay! :-)
14:29 kf jcamins: makes sense, but glad we don't have to do that
14:29 jcamins The opinion I need is "add different boxes, or add a dropdown that says 'in keyword, main entry, any heading."
14:32 Oak by boxes you mean checkboxes>
14:32 jcamins I'm thinking adding a dropdown at the end of the line would make sense.
14:32 jcamins They don't need to do sophisticated boolean searching, they just need the ability to specify that they only want records where the heading is X (as opposed to notes).
14:32 jcamins No, textboxes.
14:32 Oak ah
14:32 jcamins Like we have in the authority plugin right now.
14:32 jcamins I think that's kind of daunting.
14:33 Oak
14:33 kf yeah
14:33 kf it's also creating problems
14:33 kf because you can't combine them really, can't you?
14:34 jcamins Right.
14:34 jcamins Well, you can, but it's really hard to do so in a meaningful way.
15:01 reiveune bye
15:01 reiveune left #koha
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15:07 slef wahanui: sysadmins?
15:07 wahanui i guess sysadmins is[…]te_Administration
15:08 jcamins Oh my.
15:08 jcamins Word to the wise: do not look at opac/
15:08 slef gmcharlt: thd-away: can you check that the wiki is sending out confirmation emails? (see koha@lists today)
15:09 slef jcamins: I think I spotted opac/ appearing to repeat code that is in C4 today, but I didn't want to know (kohacon to do!) so didn't look too closely.
15:09 slef @seen gmcharlt
15:09 huginn` slef: gmcharlt was last seen in #koha 1 day, 17 hours, 20 minutes, and 41 seconds ago: <gmcharlt> huzzah
15:09 slef @seen thd
15:09 huginn` slef: thd was last seen in #koha 6 days, 19 hours, 45 minutes, and 51 seconds ago: * thd runs off to work
15:09 slef @later tell gmcharlt please can you check that the wiki is sending out confirmation emails? (see koha@lists today)
15:09 huginn` slef: The operation succeeded.
15:10 Joubu bye
15:10 slef @later tell thd please can you check that the wiki is sending out confirmation emails? (see koha@lists today, I also asked gmcharlt )
15:10 huginn` slef: The operation succeeded.
15:10 jcamins slef: probably the same code.
15:11 jcamins Eww.
15:11 jcamins It generates links in the Perl.
15:17 jcamins Huh. Actually, it doesn't generate links at all. Go figure.
15:24 jcamins Okay, now it generates links.
15:29 kf jcamins: I thik if you toss the file out and rewrite it it's probably best :P
15:29 kf jcamins: and the part of it that lives in C4 too
15:30 jcamins lol
15:30 kf jcamins: it has untranslatable strings!
15:30 kf jcamins: it's outputting html
15:30 kf it's evil
15:31 asaurat left #koha
15:32 jcamins Does anyone have a demo with AuthDisplayHierarchy enabled and working?
15:33 hdl1 jcamins:[…]
15:33 kf ?
15:33 hdl1 here you are.
15:34 jcamins hdl1++
15:34 jcamins Thanks!
15:34 kf I didn't even know that existed :)
15:34 hdl1 kf: it is quite Unimarc specific. But works quite nicely
15:35 hdl1 s/nicely/fairly/
15:35 hdl1 (not so cute in fac)
15:35 hdl1 fact even
15:35 kf :)
15:35 kf I trust in jcamins to make authorities awesome
15:45 jcamins unimarc authorities?
15:45 jcamins unimarc?
15:45 wahanui well, unimarc is[…]ted-documentation
15:45 jcamins Good enough. :)
15:47 jcamins hdl1: a UNIMARC authority can only have one 2xx field at a time, right?
15:48 jcamins magnuse: around?
15:48 hdl1 jcamins: it is supposed to be so...
15:49 hdl1 It may have more than one though
15:49 hdl1 for translitteration purpose
15:49 jcamins hdl1: hmmm... well, I guess it's not so hard to handle that.
15:49 jcamins Maybe.
15:53 gaetan_B bye !
15:57 melia joined #koha
16:01 zioha joined #koha
16:16 jcamins hdl1: what is a 4xx field with a subfield 2 specified in an authority record?
16:16 jcamins I can't figure out if that's a reference saying "use this other authority instead," or a reference saying "use this authority instead of this other authority."
16:17 mib_7iphba joined #koha
16:17 hdl1 $2 Subject system code
16:17 mib_7iphba How can I search using the Library of Congress Catalog Card number in z39.50?
16:18 jcamins hdl1: oh, so that's a reference to a different authority file?
16:18 hdl1 jcamins:[…]ll.htm#CONTROLSUB
16:18 jcamins Hm. This is better than the document that I had.
16:18 jcamins Thanks.
16:18 hdl1 $2 is only a name of the reference .... Like Rameau
16:19 hdl1 It is old standard.
16:19 hdl1 but still quite usefull
16:20 hdl1 jcamins: what you want is rather $5
16:20 hdl1 (relation)
16:20 jcamins hdl1: I figured out what $5 meant.
16:21 jcamins I was trying to understand some old code in C4::AuthoritiesMarc::BuildSummary.
16:21 pastebot "jcamins" at pasted "the code in question" (6 lines) at
16:22 hdl1 $2 contains the name or code of the thesausrus it is originated from
16:22 hdl1 $2 rameau
16:23 hdl1 $2 LCSH
16:23 hdl1 $2 MASH
16:23 hdl1 s/MASH/MESH/ (end of day here)
16:23 hdl1 for instance
16:24 jcamins Hm. So that's to make sure it only shows references from other authority files.
16:25 hdl1 jcamins: *nod... It is really old code that may have been quite specific for one network of libraries
16:26 hdl1 one could remove the id $field->subfield('2') condition
16:26 jcamins Okay. I will do that. It makes it more inline with the MARC21 code.
16:28 jcamins *in line
16:38 drojf left #koha
16:44 talljoy joined #koha
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16:48 bag joined #koha
16:48 kf left #koha
16:52 bag left #koha
16:52 bag joined #koha
16:52 mib_7iphba How can I search using the Library of congress catalog card number?
16:52 jcamins mib_7iphba: what do you mean?
16:53 mib_7iphba in Z39.50
16:53 mib_7iphba For example
16:53 mib_7iphba I have in my hands "The reader's companion to World Literature."
16:53 jcamins Control number.
16:53 mib_7iphba yes.
16:53 mib_7iphba But when I search for it
16:54 mib_7iphba it doesn't show up
16:54 jcamins It may be that the library you are searching doesn't support that.
16:54 mib_7iphba The library of Congress?
16:54 jcamins Did you try it with LC?
16:54 jcamins Okay, that's not it.
16:54 mib_7iphba Yes.
16:54 jcamins I do that all the time.
16:55 mib_7iphba Dashes are zeros, correct?
16:55 jcamins No, dashes are ignored.
16:55 jcamins I think.
16:56 * jcamins tries.
16:56 jcamins Interesting.
16:56 jcamins It doesn't work.
16:56 mib_7iphba Ignoring the dashes gets another book
16:56 mib_7iphba And when I do find my book by the title,
16:56 mib_7iphba the catalog number shows up under LCCN
16:56 mib_7iphba correctly listed
16:57 mib_7iphba with dashes as 0s
16:57 * jcamins doesn't use LCCNs when copy cataloging from Koha, so had never noticed that it doesn't work.
16:58 mib_7iphba It works apparently when I enter it in RAW
16:58 jcamins The box is missing.
16:58 jcamins There used to be an option to search by LCCN, but it's not there anymore.
16:59 jcamins I'd just go with raw for now.
16:59 mib_7iphba is there a way to add a new MARC field to my Z39.50?
16:59 jcamins The problem is the interface.
16:59 jcamins All the code is already there.
17:00 mib_7iphba Is it not the "Control No."?
17:00 jcamins You'd have to use either jQuery or edit the templates manually.
17:00 mib_7iphba I presumed that was short for LCCN
17:00 jcamins No, that searches something else.
17:00 jcamins I thought it was, too.
17:00 mib_7iphba What is the template for the z39.50?
17:01 jcamins cataloguing/
17:02 jcamins Unless you are comfortable with programming, I cannot stress enough what a bad idea it is to modify the templates directly.
17:02 mib_7iphba I can rename and replace
17:02 mib_7iphba that way I keep the old template as a backup
17:02 mib_7iphba I presume it is PHP?
17:02 Oak joined #koha
17:02 jcamins No.
17:02 jcamins Koha is written in Perl.
17:03 jcamins The templates are written in Template::Toolkit.
17:03 mib_7iphba Right.
17:03 mib_7iphba Well.
17:03 mib_7iphba I will take a look at it.
17:04 cait joined #koha
17:17 oleonard Isn't everything written in PHP?
17:17 Oak funny
17:17 Oak Hola cait
17:19 mib_odnodf joined #koha
17:19 mib_odnodf I think I solved the lccn issue
17:21 mjkaye joined #koha
17:23 jcamins Hmmm... guess it's still too early for rangi.
17:23 mib_odnodf No luck. Thought I had.
17:24 mib_odnodf I can't seem to find what displays the elements
17:24 jcamins I want a T::T filter that is entirely T::T
17:24 mib_odnodf I understand the pearl easy enough
17:24 jcamins mib_odnodf: it's probably called
17:25 slef @marc 952
17:25 wahanui The 952 field is used by Koha to store item data in MARC21 and is described at[…]_fields_%289xx%29
17:25 huginn` slef: unknown tag 952
17:25 mib_odnodf I have
17:27 jcamins mib_odnodf: that's the Perl. In htdocs there is going to be a template.
17:28 mib_odnodf Ah
17:28 mib_odnodf I see
17:28 mib_odnodf Thanks!
17:31 mib_odnodf Got it!
17:39 drojf joined #koha
17:44 * drojf got a lonely planet edinburgh in the mail o/
17:44 slef edinburgh's a planet now?
17:45 slef cait, mjkaye: we need to change travel plans! ;-)
17:45 drojf yes it is :P
17:45 mjkaye lol
17:46 cait :)
17:56 slef kohacon meeting in 3+ mins
17:57 * cait waves
17:58 * slef waves back, bemused
17:59 * drojf watches cait and slef waving
18:00 slef cait: are you chairing?
18:00 * slef waves at drojf
18:00 cait I can
18:00 cait only forgot how to start the bot again
18:00 cait #startmeeting
18:00 wahanui if there is a meeting then Brooke must want me
18:00 huginn` Meeting started Wed May 30 17:59:54 2012 UTC.  The chair is cait. Information about MeetBot at
18:00 huginn` Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
18:00 * drojf waves back
18:00 slef it's #startmeeting (nice try at tricking me)
18:00 cait welcome to the last kohacon12 volunteer's meeting
18:00 cait please introduce yourself with #info
18:00 slef last IRC one before we start anyway ;)
18:00 slef #topic Introductions
18:00 wahanui #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
18:01 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ Germany
18:01 slef heh, huginn` ignores me
18:01 cait #topic introductions
18:01 wahanui #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
18:01 Topic for #koha is now introductions
18:01 slef #info MJ Ray,, Somerset... no, wait, that was last week... Norfolk, England
18:01 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ Germany
18:01 mjkaye #info Michael J Kaye,, slef's colleague.
18:02 cait jcamins?
18:02 wahanui jcamins is an outstanding cook, well-traveled and brilliant, trying to think of a solution, or the wizard that forges queries in the deep fires of zebra or an authorities expert
18:02 slef wahanui?
18:02 wahanui slef?
18:02 slef wahanui: are you OK?
18:02 wahanui i haven't a clue, slef
18:02 drojf #info Mirko Tietgen, HU Berlin, just curious
18:02 slef wahanui: awww, never mind, have a botsnack.
18:02 wahanui thanks slef :)
18:03 cait slef: do you want to give as a short update?
18:03 slef cait: shall we go for Roadmap or start to questions?
18:03 cait #Roadmap to KohaCon12
18:03 slef straight to questions... ahem
18:03 slef #topic...
18:03 cait #topic Roadmap to KohaCon12
18:03 Topic for #koha is now Roadmap to KohaCon12
18:03 slef #info Email summary sent to volunteers about 2 hours ago
18:04 slef #info One error in it... should have said about 80 registrations.
18:04 cait yay!
18:04 slef #info It's probably a tie for what has taken most time this week, between preparing for printing and trying to get Paypal to release our donations.
18:05 slef #info Thanks to cait, rangi, kyleh, jcamins and my colleagues mjkaye and mle_ for their help and work this week.
18:06 cait slef++ # for all his hard work and battling paypal
18:06 slef Any questions? Anyone not seen that email who wants to see it?
18:06 cait slef: do you have an idea of how many people will attend the hackfest?
18:07 slef cait: not right now. That will be revealed as part of preparing the attendee lists.
18:07 cait ok
18:07 techbee joined #koha
18:07 slef I can see if the IMAP server will let me query it
18:07 cait is there something we can help with?
18:07 slef ask other questions while I do that :)
18:08 cait I think for now the schedule should be ok
18:08 cait so for conference, is there something you need help with on site?
18:08 cait most of us arrive monday I think so should be possible to be around a bit earlier helping with things
18:08 slef #info IMAP server claims 38 people for hackfest
18:08 cait oh nice
18:10 slef To be frank, part of the problem is that it was something like 12 years since I last co-organised a conference and I only had a small role then and we usually used expensive event managers so I probably don't know what needs doing on the site.
18:10 techbee Hello all , have installed koha on virutal machine but wen i try to access web access it redirect to
18:10 slef #idea please put any suggestions into[…]aCon12_Volunteers
18:10 slef #info (suggestions for what needs to be at the event, that is)
18:10 cait perhaps mle does know more?
18:11 slef techbee: hi. Can you give us a few minutes (20 max I think) to finish the meeting?
18:11 cait like if the chairs and all will be set already or if we have to move stuff? set up a registration desk?
18:11 cait this kind of things
18:11 techbee sure slef
18:11 cait mle_: around? :)
18:11 zioha_ joined #koha
18:11 slef cait: probably mle_ knows more. I think chairs will be site, but some stuff will need moving, including setting up a registration desk.
18:12 slef chairs will be set up, even
18:12 cait if we have room and tables, some tables like in nz would be nice
18:12 slef dyslexia + autocomplete = gibberish
18:12 cait in the back for people blogging and twittering
18:12 slef I think mle_ will be here next on Friday.
18:13 slef Yes, it looks like we will have room for that...
18:14 cait ok, so perhaps you can send a mail when you know
18:14 slef If I remember right, the max for the talks room without tables is 120, and we may lose 10 or 20 for the registration.
18:14 cait and we can be there earlier
18:14 slef mjkaye: don't suppose you fancy reading the case file for SC #2612 to see if it says? ;-)
18:15 * mjkaye looks
18:15 cait ok, no more questions from me
18:15 slef OK, I think no-one else has any?
18:16 slef let's give mjkaye a minute though
18:16 slef and anyone else can ask if they think of any
18:16 slef and I can grovel for not testing the projector yet
18:17 slef I'll do that as soon as this meeting is finished
18:17 slef I have it right here by my desk
18:17 cait #action slef, mle_ or mjkaye to mail the mailing list if volunteer's can help with somethong on site or before the event
18:17 slef and paul_p offered to bring one too
18:17 slef which would be helpful
18:17 jwagner slef, any word on remote presentation plans?
18:18 mjkaye I can see that we said we wanted room for 120 people, but can't find confirmation yet.
18:19 slef jwagner: we'll definitely have some sort of inbound link for that, as I understand it. I'm still less sure what sort of outbound link for the audience we have.
18:20 slef mjkaye: ok, no matter.
18:20 slef mjkaye: one of us should call them, else dump it on mle on Friday ;)
18:21 slef jwagner: as to exactly what software, I don't know. I suppose if we do have two projectors, then we could have slides on one, presenter on other.
18:22 jwagner OK, thanks. Will need enough advance notice to install & test whatever connection software you want to use.
18:23 slef jwagner: expect you and jcamins to get cc'd on an email about connection software Real Soon Now
18:23 jwagner OK
18:23 cait ok, I think we can wrap up the meeting here?
18:24 cait as this is the last meeting before KohaCon - I will skip the last topic :)
18:24 cait #endmeeting
18:24 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.8.1 and 3.6.5 Now Available | Koha Community Website - | General IRC meeting, 13 June 2012 at 18:00 UTC+0
18:24 huginn` Meeting ended Wed May 30 18:23:45 2012 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
18:24 huginn` Minutes:        http://meetings.koha-community[…]-05-30-17.59.html
18:24 huginn` Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community[…]2-05-30-17.59.txt
18:24 huginn` Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]30-17.59.log.html
18:24 slef aw I was going to say Monday 6pm Library Bar ;)
18:25 slef techbee: so, you were asking?
18:25 cait slef: sorry!
18:26 mjkaye left #koha
18:26 techbee slef: yes, i am not sure about issue but when i try to web access after installation it redirects to
18:26 techbee[…]ha/
18:27 slef cait: never mind.
18:27 slef techbee: you need to run the web installer on the librarian interface first
18:27 slef techbee: you might find that on :8000
18:28 slef or not
18:28 slef check your koha-httpd.conf to find the other VirtualHost
18:30 techbee i did set both to 8080 , should i define other port
18:31 slef ah no
18:31 slef not necessarily
18:31 slef you need to call the other one by its ServerName then
18:31 slef assuming you have a suitable NameVirtualHost
18:31 slef then apache will select between them based on which ServerName you use
18:32 slef wahanui: VirtualHosts?
18:32 wahanui wish i knew, slef
18:32 slef wahanui: VirtualHost?
18:32 wahanui i think VirtualHost is
18:33 slef techbee: wahanui just gave a link for a general guide, but this is a webserver setup problem more than a koha one.
18:33 slef techbee: The Right Way To Do It depends on what "It" is for you.
18:33 techbee VirtualHost configuration: wildcard NameVirtualHosts and _default_ servers: *:80          (/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default:1) *:8080                 is a NameVirtualHost          default server (/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/kidasia:4)          port 8080 namevhost (/etc/apache2/sites-ena
18:34 techbee apachectl -S output
18:35 techbee not sure what's problem here?
18:38 jcamins techbee: the problem is that you aren't using name-based virtual hosts.
18:39 jcamins If you want to have them on the same port, you have to access them by *name*.
18:39 jcamins Alternatively, you can put them on different ports.
18:43 wizzyrea does anyone out there use autoblogo?
18:45 * oleonard can't even look up what it is because the site is down
18:45 wizzyrea O RLY
18:46 techbee thanks jcamins it worked
18:46 * wizzyrea was wondering because it's doing some irritating things in regards to fetching feeds from
18:46 wizzyrea and I was wondering who out there was using it
18:46 jcamins techbee: glad to hear it.
18:51 RA joined #koha
18:54 mib_8b1ypd joined #koha
19:02 slef wizzyrea: is it hammering tags?
19:02 wizzyrea no, it's requesting the full feed every 5 seconds
19:02 wizzyrea or some nonsense.
19:05 slef ow
19:06 slef we had someone hammering tags on our servers, I know not why
19:08 jcamins cait: where do the horrid untranslateable bits appear, other than the cataloguing plugin, the authorities module, and the OPAC?
19:08 cait isn't that enough?
19:08 cait :)
19:09 cait I think you covered it with those, not aware of other places
19:09 cait we don't do much with authorities yet, so it has not spread
19:11 jcamins That's good. :)
19:21 jcamins cait: is there a bug about the strings being untranslateable?
19:22 cait yes
19:22 cait give me a second to find it
19:22 cait bug 7943
19:23 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7943 normal, P5 - low, ---, frederic, NEW , Untranslatable strings in OPAC's authority search
19:24 oleonard Speaking of which, Bug 7599
19:24 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7599 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Cart JavaScript contains untranslatable English strings
19:24 jcamins Bug 7943 is perfect, thanks.
19:26 jcamins @query autocomplete
19:26 huginn` jcamins: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5481 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Replace YUI JS libraries with Jquery UI
19:26 huginn` jcamins: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7747 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Passed QA , Replace YUI autocomplete with jQueryUI
19:26 huginn` jcamins: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7400 enhancement, P3, ---, matthias.meusburger, Pushed to Master , Add auto-completion on auth_finder
19:26 huginn` jcamins: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5009 enhancement, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, dpavlin, Pushed to Master , add autocomplete="off" to borrowernumbers and barcode forms
19:26 huginn` jcamins: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5180 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Stable , Autocomplete broken on overdues report
19:32 rangi Morning
19:33 pastebot "jcamins" at pasted "cait: bug 7943" (15 lines) at
19:33 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7943 normal, P5 - low, ---, frederic, NEW , Untranslatable strings in OPAC's authority search
19:33 * jcamins will attach it to the bug as soon as it works.
19:35 cait morning rangi
19:35 cait :)
19:35 wizzyrea mornin
19:35 jcamins I have a question.
19:35 jcamins Authority autocomplete.
19:36 cait ?
19:36 rangi No
19:36 jcamins Do we really want all the information about see from references to show up?
19:36 cait I am not sure
19:36 jcamins The way I use it, it'd make a lot more sense if it just gave me the heading.
19:36 cait but I wondered that myself
19:36 rangi I stand by my answer
19:36 cait I think the heading
19:37 cait and the thing that made it show up in search would be nice
19:37 jcamins cait: hahahaha.
19:37 cait what?
19:37 cait it's an honest wish :)
19:37 cait serious?
19:37 jcamins Choose one! :P
19:37 cait my brain is tired
19:37 jcamins You should go to sleep so you can get up early to do accounting.
19:37 cait you can do magic, why can't you do that?
19:37 cait now you are being mean *sniff*
19:38 cait I think it was once possible for normal search
19:38 cait it used to show you what matched
19:38 jcamins I could do that, but it falls under the heading of "things that would take so much time that someone would ahve to be paying for it." :(
19:38 cait it would be nice having that :)
19:39 jcamins have, even
19:39 cait ok, enh request then
19:39 cait but it would be nice, right? :)
19:39 jcamins It would be very nice.
19:39 jcamins I'm going to go with the heading-only option.
19:40 jcamins If the BibLibrans feel that it's better with everything I'll add that, but I'd just as soon not add any T::T processing to the autocomplete.
19:42 rangi Bywater++
19:43 * rangi checks sponsors page
19:43 cait jcamins: don't get the autocomplete part
19:43 cait can you explain?
19:43 jcamins cait: what do you mean?
19:44 cait what you said about autocomplete
19:44 jcamins That I'd prefer not to add any T::T processing?
19:44 jcamins Right now we just use "print"
19:44 cait hm
19:45 cait are you doing a better detail display?
19:45 cait because i was just thinking that I killed the detail display, so without the see/seealso in the list, there is no way to see them
19:45 jcamins Right now I'm just modifying the search result display.
19:45 cait but the existing marc display.... is really not good for users in opa
19:45 jcamins Wait, there used to be a detail display?
19:45 cait c
19:46 cait a marc style detail display
19:46 cait ugly
19:46 jcamins cait: oh, yeah, we need a nice one.
19:48 rangi Hmm 4 cello on this bus now
19:49 wizzyrea like, stringed instrument cellos?
19:49 wizzyrea or… something else
19:50 rangi Yeah that
19:50 wahanui somebody said Yeah that was fine as it is
19:50 rangi Music students
19:50 oleonard Cello bus flash mob
19:52 cait jcamins: so I am ok with removing if oyu manage to add a user friendly detail display
19:54 rangi My stop bbiab
19:57 slef hi rangi. Gave you a shout-out during the kohacon meeting.
20:00 rangi back
20:00 rangi oh?
20:00 * rangi reads back
20:01 rangi ah :)
20:03 jcamins You know, I'm just going to squash the two patches together.
20:07 RA joined #koha
20:31 oleonard Okay, I think the jQueryUI tabs patch is just about ready
20:31 rangi wooo
20:31 oleonard On to datepickers next!
20:31 rangi oleonard++
20:31 rangi and then nosepickers!
20:31 * rangi resorts to 3year old humour
20:32 oleonard Yesterday when I dragged my 3yo's finger out of her nose she told me seriously, "it's okay I wasn't going to eat it"
20:32 wizzyrea ^^ is epic.
20:34 oleonard And with that I bid you good night!
20:34 cait good night oleonard :)
20:40 rangi[…]rademark-defended
20:41 wizzyrea oo good article
20:42 cait yep nice
20:56 mib_ail2yz joined #koha
20:56 mib_ail2yz How can I change the default Koha cataloging framework to something other than default
21:04 jcamins "Autolocation independent venues"?
21:05 jcamins Don't think I've ever heard of that.
21:05 rangi hmm
21:05 rangi might be a translation thing
21:05 rangi but you can restrict by ipnumbers there is a syspref for that
21:06 rangi lemme find it
21:06 rangi Autolocation it is called
21:06 rangi in the administration tab
21:07 jcamins Ah, guess that's what the problem is, then.
21:07 jcamins Or has something to do with it.
21:07 rangi i bet they need that switched to don't require or specify the ip ranges when setting up the library
21:07 rangi i bet they turned it on
21:08 mib_ail2yz How can I change the default cataloging framework for after a z3950?
21:08 jcamins mib_ail2yz: I don't think you can.
21:09 jcamins I may be mistaken, though. I don't use frameworks.
21:10 mib_ail2yz What do you use
21:10 mib_ail2yz ?
21:11 jcamins mib_ail2yz: the default framework.
21:11 wahanui i think the default framework is ok in this case
21:12 mib_ail2yz I'm going to try to inspect the element and trace it back, I guess
21:12 jcamins The first question?
21:12 wahanui "What are you trying to do?"  "What is the goal?" or "What problem are you experiencing?"
21:16 mib_ail2yz yes.
21:16 mib_ail2yz the first question
21:16 wahanui "What are you trying to do?"  "What is the goal?" or "What problem are you experiencing?"
21:17 jcamins mib_ail2yz: that was for you.
21:17 jcamins (the first question)
21:20 mib_ail2yz Wait,
21:20 mib_ail2yz what?
21:21 jcamins mib_ail2yz: I was wondering what problem you were trying to solve.
21:21 jcamins @quote search typo
21:21 huginn` jcamins: 2 found: #135: "rangi: $tempate->{VARS}->{'LoginBranchname'} -..." and #82: "<pianohack> nengard: If you were using a..."
21:24 mib_ail2yz I am trying to get the framework to default to BKS
21:24 jcamins mib_ail2yz: right, why?
21:25 jcamins There must be a reason you decided it was important enough to dive into the code when I said I didn't think it could be done.
21:26 wizzyrea mib_ail2yz: it might be able to be done with jquery ,but I haven't tried it.
21:26 wizzyrea koha itself doesn't let you specify a different default framework than the default (that I am aware of)
21:26 mib_ail2yz right,
21:27 mib_ail2yz I am just trying to make life easier on our catalogers
21:27 wizzyrea speaking from experience, they will learn.
21:27 mib_ail2yz And am not daunted by PERL
21:27 mib_ail2yz They have
21:27 mib_ail2yz it's an efficiency thing
21:28 wizzyrea power to ya then.
21:28 mib_ail2yz I'm almost there
21:28 mib_ail2yz Now,
21:28 jcamins mib_ail2yz: my experience has always been that catalogers get irate if you start taking away the less common fields.
21:28 jcamins :)
21:28 mib_ail2yz The first option is listed as BKS
21:28 mib_ail2yz but acts like default
21:28 mib_ail2yz unless I switch to another framework
21:28 mib_ail2yz and then back
21:28 mib_ail2yz in which case
21:28 mib_ail2yz it acts like BKS
21:29 jcamins Default is the framework with the id ''.
21:30 mib_ail2yz I can't change that ID, can I?
21:30 jcamins Not easily.
21:31 * wizzyrea states the obvious "you could always make your default framework just like your BKS"
21:32 wizzyrea using export - import
21:32 mib_ail2yz Rookie to koha.
21:33 jcamins wizzyrea: yeah, but then you'd lose your Default framework, which would be awful.
21:33 wizzyrea or
21:33 wizzyrea you export the default
21:33 wizzyrea make a new framework
21:33 wizzyrea import the default into that
21:33 wizzyrea then overwrite the default
21:33 wizzyrea then you lose nuthin.
21:33 wizzyrea :P
21:33 jcamins Fair enough.
21:33 wizzyrea I mean, *I haven't tried it*
21:34 wizzyrea *try it at your own risk*
21:34 wizzyrea meaning: don't do it on production
21:34 mib_ail2yz :D
21:34 wizzyrea consider yourself warned >.>
21:34 wizzyrea :D
21:34 wizzyrea I have, however, done the whole "export a framework, edit it, then reimport it" thing
21:34 wizzyrea and that works quite well.
21:35 mib_ail2yz I wish I had just a tiny bit more experience with perl
21:35 wizzyrea in all truth, probably easier to work with the tools koha gives you
21:35 wizzyrea though admittedly it's fun to hack around on koha
21:36 rangi editing the perl is pretty much a bad idea UNLESS you send your changes upstream
21:36 wizzyrea ^^^^^^^^^
21:36 wizzyrea what he said.
21:36 rangi koha does 6 monthly feature releases, and more importantly 1 month bug and security releases
21:36 wizzyrea upgrades are ouchy if you have local changes.
21:36 rangi local changes, make it hard to do that
21:36 mib_ail2yz I haven't updated at all
21:37 jcamins ... and it's generally a good idea to keep your system at least somewhat up-to-date because we can't help all that much with old versions, simply because we don't have copies installed.
21:37 jcamins Also, security and bug fixes are considered a good idea to keep current on. ;)
21:37 wizzyrea plus … gah I'm too slow.
21:38 wizzyrea we fix lotsa stuff
21:38 wizzyrea out of curiosity, what version are you running?
21:39 mib_ail2yz Let me check
21:40 wizzyrea more -> about koha
21:40 mib_ail2yz
21:41 mib_ail2yz I was looking about some other things
21:41 wizzyrea decently up to date :)
21:41 jcamins Okay, only one version behind is good. :)
21:41 mib_ail2yz My koha is mostly default
21:41 mib_ail2yz 3.8 is out?
21:41 jcamins When you said "I haven't updated at all," I was picturing 3.0.0. ;)
21:41 jcamins 3.8.1.
21:41 jcamins And 3.6.5.
21:41 jcamins The 3.6.x line will be maintained until 3.10 is released.
21:42 mib_ail2yz I only added that LCCN box to the z39.50. That's a crime that it's not default
21:42 mib_ail2yz and my OPAC is customized
21:42 jcamins mib_ail2yz: you should file a bug and submit your patch.
21:42 mib_ail2yz for the LCCN?
21:42 jcamins I'd sign off on it so it could get into Koha proper.
21:42 jcamins Yup.
21:42 mib_ail2yz How can I do that?
21:42 cait I think it used to be there?
21:42 jcamins Clearly it was supposed to be there, but it vanished.
21:43 jcamins cait: yeah, all the code is there.
21:43 cait I remember repairing tha tfor someone once
21:43 jcamins cait: not sure why it disappeared, since it's useful.
21:43 jcamins bugs?
21:43 wahanui i think bugs is found at Please fix any bugs you find. :) or reporting them is helpful, too.
21:43 cait or I thought that was that lccn thing
21:43 jcamins cait: it probably was.
21:43 jcamins mib_ail2yz: report a bug at
21:45 jcamins We have a page on getting started developing for Koha on the wiki.
21:45 jcamins Let me find it.
21:46 jcamins[…]pment_Environment
21:46 cait bug 5092
21:46 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5092 normal, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, katrin.fischer, RESOLVED FIXED, No results when searching by LC Call Number: in Z39.50 Server
21:46 jcamins cait: oh, that's LC call number.
21:46 cait and what is lccn?
21:47 mib_ail2yz Catalog number
21:47 cait hm
21:47 cait which field is that in marc?
21:47 cait and is it only for loc?
21:47 jcamins 010
21:48 jcamins cait: it's used for cataloging-in-publication.
21:48 mib_ail2yz the perl syntax is incorrect, is all
21:48 mib_ail2yz and so it's not in the template
21:48 mib_ail2yz presumably because it wasn't working.
21:49 wizzyrea patch!
21:49 wizzyrea version control using git?
21:49 wahanui version control using git is probably at[…]Control_Using_Git
21:49 wizzyrea ^^^ see here
21:49 jcamins Also eythian's detailed instructions on setting up a VM which I linked earlier.
21:49 mib_ail2yz Wait, what?
21:49 wahanui Wait, is it only in items?
21:50 mib_ail2yz I am listing more than at bugs.koha-community?
21:50 wizzyrea you don't have to, but if you have a patch to fix a problem
21:50 wizzyrea we'd love to have it
21:50 mib_ail2yz I do.
21:51 mib_ail2yz Where can I put that
21:51 wizzyrea you can attach the patch to your bug
21:51 mib_ail2yz ok
21:51 wizzyrea and probably you'll want to email it to koha-patches@lists.koha-community org (after registering for that list)
21:53 cait left #koha
21:53 mib_ail2yz list?
21:53 wahanui i guess list is not ready yet =)
21:54 wizzyrea koha-patches is a listserv you have to be a member of
21:54 wizzyrea lists?
21:54 wahanui lists is probably a good idea
21:54 wizzyrea hrmph.
21:54 wizzyrea koha lists?
21:54 * wizzyrea scowls at wahanui
21:54 wizzyrea koha mailing lists?
21:54 wizzyrea koha mailing lists are found at[…]ha-mailing-lists/
21:55 wizzyrea now he'll know what to say :P
21:55 wizzyrea forget list
21:55 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot list
21:55 wizzyrea forget lists
21:55 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot lists
21:58 * jcamins heads out to an event.
22:01 NateC joined #koha
22:02 mib_ail2yz Can I add more than one attatchment?
22:07 eythian yes
22:10 mib_ail2yz Patch posted and emailed.
22:23 kathryn joined #koha
22:40 Soupermanito joined #koha
22:59 maximep left #koha
23:21 papa joined #koha
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