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00:31 mtj ooh, mod_pagespeed plugin for apache - looks helpful for Koha performance debugging
00:32 mtj[…]oad#mod_pagespeed
00:32 mtj
00:35 mtj "mod_pagespeed is an open-source Apache module that automatically optimizes web pages and resources on them. Optimization is done by rewriting the resources using filters that implement web performance best practices. Webmasters and web developers can use mod_pagespeed to improve the performance of their web pages when serving content with the Apache HTTP Server."
00:35 mtj aah, its not for debugging, but does actual optimization before sending to browser
00:36 mtj ... could be a nice easy speed win
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01:05 chris_n mtj: I downloaded all 3.2G of it last evening hoping to pound koha with it a bit :)
01:08 mtj man, this oracle/google java case in the tech news is beyond belief :/
01:09 mtj ... i cant even be bothered attempting to understand it
01:10 mtj[…]d-not-use-suns-ip
01:12 mtj actually, i lie.... i *have* attempted to understand it - and i can't
01:14 jcamins_away rangi, excellent, I hopwd you would.
01:15 * chris_n wonders if jcamins_away found his nail
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01:34 * chris_n wanders off in search of sleep
01:40 jcamins_away Nope.
01:52 Judit do you know any Koha library with Library Thing's Library Anywhere app working?
01:53 mtj heya Judit
01:53 mtj hmm, i dont... :/
01:53 mtj eythian might?
01:54 eythian I don't either
01:54 mtj meh, ok :)
01:55 mtj .. ive always been curious to see functionality it offers
01:55 mtj s/see/see what/
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03:03 druthb o/
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03:40 Amit_Gupta heya bag
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04:00 vkm Dear Vimal,  I am using field 942$c commonly for BOOK (BK) item in my all records and making dividing items like reference book (REF), Reserve book (RB), Book bank (BB) in field 952. But when restricting the search in OPAC by Book only it shows also records which contain reference items only in field 952 which may be because of field 942$c where Book is ente
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04:00 vkm So please advice me what to do to handle this problem? May i remove all field 942$c because 952 already contain information about each item type? Please see below my record structure and also let me know any solution/patch for auto indexing through cronjob.
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04:07 dgl-library Hi #koha
04:11 dgl-library Anybody here have experience successfully backing up the database? I'm having a problem.
04:11 mtj dgl-library:  just use mysqldump
04:12 mtj $ mysqldump mydb > mydb.sql
04:12 eythian dgl-library: I just use the backups that the koha-common package makes.
04:13 mtj eythian++ even better :)
04:16 dgl-library eythian: how do I make those backups?
04:17 eythian run koha from the packages and it just happens
04:17 Judit :)
04:17 dgl-library I was trying mysqldump -u kohaadmin -p koha > mydatadump.sql … but it didn't like my username/password combination
04:17 dgl-library eythian: I don't know what that means. where do I start? koha's staff client is up and running.
04:18 eythian dgl-library: if you installed Koha from the debian packages, then backups are made for you automatically.
04:18 eythian however, your command should work provided the username, password, and database name match your koha config.
04:19 mtj dgl-library look in your koha-xml.conf file - for the user/password
04:19 eythian If it's not working, then they don't match.
04:19 dgl-library eythian: where are those backups stored?
04:19 dgl-library mtj: thanks, I'll check
04:19 eythian /var/spool/koha
04:20 mtj dgl-library:  i guess 'koha' is not your password
04:20 eythian mtj: you're reading the command wrong
04:21 mtj ah, yep ;)
04:21 dgl-library mtj: it asks for the password in a dialogue after that :)
04:21 mtj -p is 'prompt for password'
04:21 mtj -p koha != -pkoha
04:21 dgl-library mtj: but you were on to something… I realized koha is not the db name!
04:22 mtj yep, all those details are in the .conf file
04:23 dgl-library eythian: thanks, I found the backups you were talking about. very useful to know about! I didn't see /var/spool/koha mentioned in[…]i/Backing_up_Koha
04:23 eythian I think it's documented on the package wiki page
04:23 eythian but should be elsewhere too
04:26 dgl-library mtj: so if I do it without -p, I'm not asked for my password, but I still get all the same info?
04:26 dgl-library mtj: never mind, that didn't work either
04:33 eythian dgl-library: your password is in your koha-conf.xml
05:00 Amit_Gupta heya eythian, mtj
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05:05 vkm i used 942$c commonly for item BOOK (BK) in all records at the time of importing data and used 952 for separating item types like reference etc, but in searching when i restrict by Book it shows reference also
05:06 vkm please advice what to do can i remove field 942$c because field 952 already contain information about each item type??
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05:09 vkm hello koha users seeking help please
05:23 vkm after importing the records i could not search by author, subject browse options
05:23 vkm what need to be done before importing to browse options
05:24 Judit canyou search and find the records
05:24 vkm yes
05:29 vkm hello answer please
05:29 vkm i used 942$c commonly for item BOOK (BK) in all records at the time of importing data and used 952 for separating item types like reference etc, but in searching when i restrict by Book it shows reference also, please advice what to do can i remove field 942$c because field 952 already contain information about each item type??
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05:29 renren_28 hi guys
05:29 vkm hi
05:30 vkm i used 942$c commonly for item BOOK (BK) in all records at the time of importing data and used 952 for separating item types like reference etc, but in searching when i restrict by Book it shows reference also, please advice what to do can i remove field 942$c because field 952 already contain information about each item type??
05:30 renren_28 i have a question on my koha virtual appliance
05:31 renren_28 help me guy with this error •DateTime::Format::ICal
05:31 renren_28 Version: 0.09
05:31 renren_28 Usage: Core
05:31 renren_28 •Modern::Perl
05:31 renren_28 Version: 1.03
05:31 renren_28 Usage: Core
05:31 renren_28 please help me
05:31 dgl-library eythian: thanks. found it.
05:32 dgl-library renren_28: I tried using the koha virtual appliance and had nothing but problems. are you using the configured or unconfigured version?
05:32 renren_28 same version
05:32 renren_28 same result
05:33 renren_28 im using the virtual box
05:34 dgl-library renren_28: right, but you downloaded the koha virtual appliance, right? there are 2 versions: "configured" and "unconfigured" … which one do you have?
05:34 renren_28 the configured version
05:35 dgl-library renren_28: that's good, because we had endless problems with the unconfigured version. unfortunately very few people in this group use the virtual appliance, so if I were you I wouldn't mention the virtual appliance when asking your questions. btw, what country are you in?
05:36 renren_28 philippines
05:37 renren_28 do u have ym dgl-library?
05:38 dgl-library here's my suggestion: if you prefer to do things via virtualbox, download the virtualbox image of Debian Lenny from http://downloads.sourceforge.n[…]debian-5.0-x86.7z
05:38 dgl-library and then install virtualbox on that debian OS in the normal way. fewer problems.
05:38 vkm i used 942$c commonly for item BOOK (BK) in all records at the time of importing data and used 952 for separating item types like reference etc, but in searching when i restrict by Book it shows reference also, please advice what to do can i remove field 942$c because field 952 already contain information about each item type??
05:39 cait vkm: I think repeating the same question here again and again will not make people help you
05:39 cait you could try to write an email to the list with all necessary informationa nd examples what you want to do
05:40 renren_28 ok thanks i will
05:40 vkm sorry but i am new to system but trying to implement koha in a big organisation
05:40 vkm from where i can get mail of relevant peoples please tell me
05:41 cait mailing lists?
05:41 wahanui mailing lists are at[…]ha-mailing-lists/
05:41 Judit vkm, so you have itype in 942c
05:42 vkm yes commonly used in all recor at the time of importing
05:42 Judit and in 952 you have an "extended" itype
05:42 vkm yes
05:42 Judit 952y is the itemtype field in koha bydefault
05:43 vkm e.g Book in 942 than if 3 copy of book we divided it as reference, reserve and again book in 952y
05:44 vkm at searching in opac when restricting by Book item it shows reference item also
05:44 vkm because may be Book i used in 942c even the biblio contain only reference
05:45 Judit do you have itemtypes set up for reference and reserve?
05:45 vkm yes everything ok
05:46 vkm if restrictes search by reference than result is fine only reference
05:46 dgl-library mtj: I successfully entered the backup commands "mysqldump -u kohaadmin -p koha > mydatadump.sql" … where is that backup stored?
05:46 Judit what do you need the information in 942 for?
05:46 vkm but if i use restrict by Book it gives all item result i noticed
05:46 Judit the itemtype tells you wjat it is, right?
05:47 cait dgl-library: the file should be in the same directory you ran the command in
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05:48 cait morning Oak
05:48 Oak morning cait :)
05:48 dgl-library cait: thanks! found it.
05:48 Oak kia ora #koha
05:49 Judit sorry vkm i cannot help you
05:49 dgl-library Tēnā koe Oak
05:49 Oak hello dgl-library :)
05:49 vkm can i ignore item type in field 942c
05:50 Judit Koha to MARC Mapping
05:50 Judit go there
05:51 Judit in biblioitems, 942c is pointing to itemtype
05:51 cait Judit: I think I would be very careful changing that
05:51 Judit yes i know
05:51 Judit but he wants to
05:51 cait it seems more safe to just not make the field mandatory perhaps
05:51 Judit and i never said to change that
05:51 Amit_Gupta heya cait, Judit
05:52 Judit also in items, 952y is pointing to itemtype
05:52 Judit hi
05:52 dgl-library hi amit, are you here in india?
05:52 cait Judit: sorry
05:53 Amit_Gupta heya dg-library
05:53 Amit_Gupta heya dgl-library ya i m in india
05:53 Amit_Gupta ..
05:54 dgl-library so am I
05:54 Amit_Gupta dgl-library are you also from india
05:54 Amit_Gupta ?
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05:54 vkm so can i remove 942c from all my records bcz 952y already contains item information, and can i remove mandatory from 942c?
05:56 dgl-library Amit_Gupta: I am also in India
05:57 Amit_Gupta from where?
06:17 dgl-library I am in HP, and you?
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06:18 eythian vkm: removing mandatory from a koha internal field is probably a very bad idea.
06:18 alex_a bonjour
06:19 vkm than advice what to do
06:20 eythian change how zebra is searching, perhaps, so it excludes 942?
06:20 wahanui eythian: that doesn't look right
06:21 eythian I'm not really capable of helping you with that though.
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06:23 dgl-library vkm: if it's bothering you, go into Subfields and make it hidden
06:23 dgl-library vkm: but do not change the Default framework
06:23 Oak Amit_Gupta, any Z39.50 servers' details you can provide from India... that have Management Sciences LPE / Indian Editions of foreign books
06:24 vkm searching my problem is searching in opac
06:24 vkm somebody told me it is bug
06:25 vkm when i limit search by Boo it also shows reference because for reference item in field 952y i used Book in field 942c uniformly for all the records at the time of importing
06:26 vkm =942  \\$cBK =952  \\$aMAIN$bMAIN$p5683$yREF$o621.8002 O15M
06:26 vkm =942  \\$cBK =952  \\$aMAIN$bMAIN$p1271$yREF$o621.01 MAN =952  \\$aMAIN$bMAIN$p1564$yRB$o621.01 MAN
06:26 vkm =942  \\$cBK =952  \\$aMAIN$bMAIN$p1000$yBK$o621.3 KNO =952  \\$aMAIN$bMAIN$p663$yBK$o621.3 KNO
06:27 vkm please above my record structures in marc format i used for importing
06:27 vkm 942c is common than used 952y for each item type
06:30 vkm i think if there is no Book in 952y field than i have to use item REF/BB/RS etc. in 942c so searching by book only will not pick the data from 942c field
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06:30 marcelr hi koha
06:30 vkm but i wanted to use book as a common item/material type
06:31 vkm above are my problems please advice
06:31 Oak hello marcelr
06:33 marcelr hi Oak
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06:35 francharb morning #koha
06:36 marcelr hi francharb
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06:41 Oak morning francharb
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06:46 magnuse kia ora #koha!
06:47 vkm magnuse hi
06:47 magnuse hiya vkm
06:47 vkm probably you resolve my problem
06:47 magnuse sorry probably not
06:47 vkm =942 \\$cBK =952 \\$aMAIN$bMAIN$p5683$yREF$o621.8002 O15M
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06:48 vkm biblio contain only reference item
06:48 julian_m hi
06:49 vkm but i used book in 942c uniformly at the time of importin so when i search by item type book only it sows reference also
06:50 eythian You could write a script that sets 942$c to be equal to whatever the item type really is.
06:50 vkm there is two option either not to make 942 mandatory or not to use book if it contain item reference only etc
06:51 vkm 942c must be equal to 952y in my case but for searching book type only it does not
06:52 vkm if i search for reference it pics only reference
06:53 vkm so if i will make 942c also reference than it will work fine but loose uniformity of Book in 942c
06:53 vkm please advice
06:53 wahanui please advice is there any other easy and friendly method to do the job on server machine i wanted to implement it in mib_ex6ial's library
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06:54 vkm what is difference between 942c field and 952y field
06:55 eythian 942c is at the biblio level, and provides the default item type.
06:56 eythian 952y is the item type for a specific item.
06:57 dgl-library Bye for now #koha
06:57 vkm than if i have two same book one for reference and one for BooK(general issue) what data should i fill in 942 and 952
06:58 vkm have defined BK for general book and REF for reference
07:03 eythian whatever is most appropriate for the situation.
07:03 eythian If you bought another one, what would it most likely be
07:04 eythian that kind of thing, I don't think there's a rule.
07:05 vkm actualy i wanted to use one biblio for many items type
07:06 eythian that's not uncommon
07:06 eythian 942$c is used as more of a default than anything.
07:07 vkm but 942c accepts only one which i want to use as a book type material uniformly, but if i use book by default in 942c even the book is reference in 952y field it creates problem in searching
07:08 vkm when restricting search by item book it shows the reference also but there is no reference in 952y field
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07:09 eythian vkm: you could always ask on the mailing list, not everyone is awake at this time here.
07:09 vkm ok
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07:28 gaetan_B hii #koha!
07:31 magnuse bonjour gaetan_B
07:41 Oak magnuse
07:49 magnuse Oak
07:50 Oak magnuse, do you know how to set-up postfix for Koha?
07:50 Oak for email notifications
07:51 magnuse Oak: not really - i think last time i tried i pretty much just did "sudo apt-get install postfix", but i might misremember...
07:52 Oak i have installed it, but cannot get email notifications to work:
07:53 Oak this is from /var/log/syslog by the way
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07:53 kf hi #koha
07:53 magnuse Oak: try googling "User unknown in local recipient table"?
07:53 magnuse guten morgen kf
07:54 Oak welcome back cait
07:54 Oak hmm
07:54 magnuse Oak: just a friendly tip: has less commercials :-)
07:55 Oak aah
07:55 Oak cool
07:55 eythian magnuse: you don't have adblock?
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07:56 narcisgarcia Hello!
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07:57 magnuse hola narcisgarcia
07:57 magnuse eythian: only a well developed one between my ears :-)
07:59 narcisgarcia Once configured all categories of Koha, I don't know how to enter books.
08:00 magnuse narcisgarcia: http://manual.koha-community.o[…]n/cataloging.html
08:01 narcisgarcia Is only the installation user who can catalog books?
08:01 narcisgarcia I've created user categories and don't know how to allow librarians to catalog.
08:02 narcisgarcia Ok, I'll read carefully that manual chapter.
08:04 rangi Also read the chapter on adding staff users
08:04 magnuse narcisgarcia: don't do things as the installation user, do what rangi says :-)
08:05 narcisgarcia I see the global parameter "IndependantBranches" (very interesting for us), but I don't know how to setup branches.
08:07 magnuse narcisgarcia: have a look through the manual, there's tons of good stuff in there :-)
08:17 Oak magnuse!!!!!
08:17 wahanui magnuse is afraid that we added another 10000 bugs while he was eating pizza.
08:17 Oak it worked
08:17 Oak mail working
08:17 magnuse yay!
08:17 Oak now question... the mail I received from my Koha server says:
08:17 Oak If you have any problems or questions regarding your account, please contact your Koha Administrator.
08:17 Oak Thank you,
08:17 Oak Koha Administrator
08:17 Oak
08:17 Oak where is that coming from? seems like from Koha?
08:18 magnuse probably :-)
08:18 magnuse there is a setting for admin emai
08:18 Oak where??
08:18 Oak hmm let me see
08:18 Oak this is coooool
08:18 magnuse :-)
08:19 magnuse KohaAdminEmailAddress is worth a look
08:19 narcisgarcia Administration -> Global system preferences -> Administration -> Interface options
08:19 Oak hmm, that field is already set to my email address
08:20 Oak i think i can grep
08:21 narcisgarcia What means the "Authorities" concept in Koha?
08:21 magnuse Oak: it might be hardcoded in notice, see :8080/cgi-bin/koha/tools/
08:21 pastebot "Oak" at pasted "[root@aridkoha var]# cd /usr/s" (13 lines) at
08:22 magnuse Oak: looks like you need to edit some notices
08:22 Oak yup :)
08:22 Oak just the 'en' one
08:22 narcisgarcia Oak, looks like you found only default sample values.
08:23 magnuse narcisgarcia:
08:23 rangi You might want to do a course in library science, its a big field, authorities aren't specific just to koha
08:24 narcisgarcia Then "authority" refers to the protocol?
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08:25 narcisgarcia I want to make the application begin to produce, to librarians catalog some books and public can see them from internet. No much more.
08:25 reiveune hello
08:25 narcisgarcia Hello reiveune
08:25 narcisgarcia (and librarians are common people)
08:26 magnuse narcisgarcia: excuse me?
08:26 Oak hmm. magnuse, editing intranet/cgi-bin/installer/data/m​ysql/en/mandatory/sample_notices.sql had no effect. so it *is* just a sample
08:26 wahanui magnuse: telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
08:26 rangi No they are well trained informational professionals
08:27 magnuse Oak: the stuff in intranet/cgi-bin/installer/data/m​ysql/en/mandatory/sample_notices.sql was loaded into your db when you did the web installation
08:27 rangi Cataloguers especially
08:27 magnuse Oak: you need to edit them through the WebUI
08:27 Oak so I edit the DB?
08:27 Oak phpMyAdmin?
08:27 magnuse Oak: Home › Tools › Notices & Slips
08:27 narcisgarcia The librarians in the libraries I'm configuring are common people, not professionals.
08:27 Oak aaah
08:28 magnuse Oak: there should never be a need for phpMyAdmin...
08:28 Oak found it magnuse !!
08:28 Oak changed it. cooool. thank you!
08:29 * mtj greets the herd
08:29 rangi You will need to read the manual and then train them then
08:29 mtj narcisgarcia:  ->
08:29 mtj 'Understanding MARC Authority Records'
08:30 * magnuse greets mtj
08:32 narcisgarcia Then an authority can be a key word?
08:32 Oak okay now time to check if the overdue notices work or not... i have issued a book. how do i make it's due date expire?
08:33 narcisgarcia "Shakespeare" can be an authority?
08:33 Oak for testing that is
08:33 narcisgarcia
08:33 magnuse Oak: you wait... ;-)
08:33 magnuse Oak: you can set a due date in the past when you issue
08:33 Oak no no i think i found something... the "Renewal due date: " option...
08:34 narcisgarcia An abbreviation can be an authority?
08:35 Oak nah that does not work... hm. i'll keep trying.
08:35 narcisgarcia In my country, the "authority" term generally means "people with power" or "people with intellectual reputation"
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08:35 narcisgarcia Hello mbalmer
08:35 mbalmer good morning!
08:36 magnuse narcisgarcia: you are entering a new and strange country now, it's called library land... :-)
08:36 narcisgarcia You mean "English library land"
08:38 narcisgarcia Then "authority" refers to data and not to field structure, right?
08:38 rangi Magnuse is Norwegian, so no
08:38 rangi I'm not English either fwiw
08:40 narcisgarcia I see that we'll need a professional librarian to make the setup, or look for a simpler application.
08:40 narcisgarcia First I tried with Invenio, and someone recommended me Koha better.
08:41 narcisgarcia Note that the spanish translation of the manual is incomplete, and for example there is not the "Implementation Checklist" chapter.
08:43 magnuse narcisgarcia: getting some input from a pro on how to set things up might be a good idea - Koha is pretty hard core, in a way
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08:45 akg what difference between deleting the stage imported in catalog record and deleting before importing in catalog stage records
08:48 mtj narcisgarcia:  improvements to the spanish translation of the Koha manual are graciously accepted ;)
08:50 narcisgarcia Of course, but first is needed to understand the english librarian country
08:51 narcisgarcia I'm having dificulties with the english version. As I understood some installation steps, I added some tips to the wiki, for example.
08:52 Oak magnuse, a silly question. if EnhancedMessagingPreferences is set to 'Don't allow', then where was the setting (check boxes) for that located? Where i can choose which notices should be sent or not?
08:52 Oak got dc... sending again.
08:52 Oak magnuse, a silly question. if EnhancedMessagingPreferences is set to 'Don't allow', then where was the setting (check boxes) for that located? Where i can choose which notices should be sent or not?
08:54 magnuse well, i think you have to set EnhancedMessagingPreferences = Allow to see the checkboxes
08:55 Oak but then users will be able to choose whether they receive overdue notices or not.
08:55 magnuse if they should not choose you don't need the checkboxes
08:56 magnuse then you just configure notices
08:56 akg what difference between deleting the stage imported in catalog record and deleting before importing in catalog stage records
08:56 Oak configure them in "Tools" yes?
08:59 magnuse Oak: Home › Tools › Notice triggers
08:59 Oak yup
08:59 Oak thank you!
08:59 Oak magnuse++
09:07 narcisgarcia About  AllFinesNeedOverride: if set to "no", means that the override will be automatic?
09:08 narcisgarcia (Administration -> System Preferences -> Circulation preferences -> Checkout policy)
09:14 akg cronjob for auto indexing with zebra -z is not working in version 3.6
09:16 akg others cron job are working fine
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09:21 narcisgarcia Oops, I made an installation for all the languages, but I see that the bottom list of languages in interface is limited to browser window width.
09:22 narcisgarcia Language links that don't fit in the bottom bar, aren't available (the bar doesn't scroll)
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09:26 slef I thought it was a drop-down. Am I obsolete again?
09:27 Oak yes you are
09:27 Oak kidding
09:27 Oak not sure
09:32 narcisgarcia It's like a fixed frame.
09:33 * Oak wondering if it is possible to send an email message to all patrons...
09:46 slef wahanui: ILL?
09:46 wahanui no idea, slef
09:46 slef anyone got an overview of the current state of ILL in koha?
09:47 slef Oak: select email from borrowers in a report, drop it into a mailshotter?
09:47 mib_utlihq joined #koha
09:47 slef Oak: may be a nicer way but I like using listservers
09:51 narcisgarcia About  OPACShowCheckoutName: If set to True, is it shown to public too?
09:51 mib_utlihq yes
09:51 narcisgarcia (Administration -> System Preferences -> OPAC preferences)
09:51 narcisgarcia Ok.
09:52 narcisgarcia Thanks.
09:57 slef ok this is odd
09:58 Oak ah thank you slef ... let me see
09:58 slef I get logged out when I try to place an order in acq
09:59 slef place an item into the basket
09:59 slef but it added it anyway
09:59 slef something to investigate later
09:59 mib_utlihq i get massage hold can not be put, but i saw there was hold finaly
10:00 kf_mtg slef: permissions
10:00 slef kf_mtg: superlibrarian
10:00 wahanui superlibrarian is one of the permissions
10:00 slef Am I right in thinking we cannot move a basket between vendors?
10:00 kf_mtg slef: try giving yourself all acq permission
10:00 kf_mtg s
10:00 kf_mtg sorry, have to run
10:00 slef kf_mtg: will do. Later.
10:00 kf_mtg slef: not yt, there is a patch somewhere I think
10:01 mib_utlihq cronejob for zebra-z not working is there any pathc for that
10:01 mib_utlihq in version3.6.4
10:02 * slef goes searching
10:02 slef mib_utlihq: define "not working" but probably not as if there was a serious problem there would be a 3.6.5 including it ready but search the bug tracker
10:02 slef wahanui: the bug tracker?
10:02 wahanui slef: i don't know
10:03 slef wahanui: the bug tracker is
10:03 wahanui OK, slef.
10:04 mib_utlihq not working means after check out/check in opac does not shows updated record it simply shoes item not available
10:04 mib_utlihq but in details view things are ok
10:04 slef[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7757 Edit basket vendor after it has been created (Failed QA)
10:04 slef thanks kf
10:28 mtj francharb / hdl  - about?
10:28 francharb mtj, 0/
10:28 francharb what is it about?
10:29 mtj heya francharb, a little question...
10:29 francharb tell me!
10:30 mtj me ask in private :)
10:30 francharb oki
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11:58 narcisgarcia About  yuipath: Are the Yahoo UI libraries free software?
11:59 narcisgarcia (Administration -> System Preferences -> Staff Client preferences -> Appearance)
11:59 jcamins_away narcisgarcia: yes.
11:59 narcisgarcia Which license use?
11:59 jcamins_away No idea.
12:00 narcisgarcia Are written in PERL?
12:00 jcamins_away No, Javascript.
12:00 jcamins_away There's really no reason to change that syspref.
12:00 magnuse YUI is BSD license, according to Home › About Koha › Licenses
12:01 narcisgarcia Do Yahoo get statistical data with the use of its libraries, or some other communication?
12:03 magnuse only if you use the hosted option, not for the local option
12:03 narcisgarcia Ok, thanks.
12:03 narcisgarcia About  HidePatronName: does this affect to public/anonymous view?
12:03 narcisgarcia (Administration -> System Preferences -> Staff Client preferences -> Options)
12:04 jcamins_away narcisgarcia: did you read the manual? If you plan on looking at every single syspref, you'd probably be best served by reading through the manual.
12:06 narcisgarcia In the manual, basically is written the same explanation as in the administration interface.
12:06 narcisgarcia "the names of patrons that have items checked out or on hold on detail pages or the "Place Hold" screen"
12:06 narcisgarcia (for the major part of options)
12:08 jcamins_away Ah. I have no idea what that syspref does.
12:08 jcamins_away I generally only change sysprefs when there's something I don't like about the way my system is working.
12:08 narcisgarcia I don't completely understand when an option talks about showing or not showinf something in OPAC, if it refers to anyone or to logged users or to self logged user.
12:09 jcamins_away It probably depends on the option.
12:10 narcisgarcia I don't want to anonymous visitors see any patron name in any place.
12:11 magnuse narcisgarcia: that's the default
12:11 narcisgarcia Ok, then I can suppose, with the defaults, that if some option is already set to show it's only for logged users.
12:12 magnuse logged in users will see their own stuff, as a default no users can see what others have borrowed
12:15 narcisgarcia Thanks.
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12:28 oleonard Hi #koha
12:29 magnuse kia ora oleonard
12:37 asaurat joined #koha
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13:03 kf hi oleonard
13:06 Oak kf if free kindly check if this works?
13:07 kf hm
13:07 kf it's still loading
13:07 magnuse in norway too
13:07 kf hm it timed out for me
13:08 * jcamins_away too
13:08 Oak :( *sigh*
13:08 Oak okay thanks!
13:21 maximep joined #koha
13:22 * chris_n steps in and out
13:24 narciagrcia joined #koha
13:25 narciagrcia Hello everybody.
13:28 narciagrcia I've registered a "patron", assigned to a patron category of "Staff" type, but Koha doesn't allow it to login to the administration interface.
13:28 narciagrcia Am I leaving some more permissions to set?
13:30 narciagrcia Librarians are registered as patrons (in staff type categories), or there is another way to work with this kind of users?
13:31 magnuse narciagrcia: http://manual.koha-community.o[…]npermissions.html
13:31 narciagrcia Thanks, I didn't find so clear.
13:34 narciagrcia There isn't the same kind of permissions for whole patron category?
13:35 jcamins_away No.
13:38 ArunRV joined #koha
13:40 vfernandes joined #koha
13:40 vfernandes hi guys
13:41 vfernandes can you tell me how to search by the creation time and by the time last modified?
13:41 vfernandes UNIMARC version
13:41 slef raileasy bloody ticket price gougers
13:42 slef </rant>
13:42 slef vfernandes: maybe check if those item fields are indexed by zebra?
13:42 slef wahanui: @marc 952
13:42 wahanui The 952 field is used by Koha to store item data in MARC21 and is described at[…]_fields_%289xx%29
13:43 ArunRV Hello. We have a school campus management system that has accounts for all students. We have a Koha installation as well. We'd like to have single-sign-on facility for students into Koha using their SCMS id/password.
13:43 vfernandes 099$c date-entered-on-file
13:44 vfernandes but no results obtain :/
13:44 gaetan_B joined #koha
13:44 ArunRV What's the best way to achieve this, please?
13:44 ArunRV I am thinking we have to write some code to link the SCMS (which is in Rails) and Koha?
13:44 jcamins_away ArunRV: you could use LDAP, but it's not going to be simple.
13:45 jcamins_away I believe there's also support for SSO in process, but, again, it's probably not going to be a particularly easy thing to set up.
13:45 magnuse biblibre is working on shibboleth, i think?
13:46 magnuse at least i think that is sso...
13:46 jcamins_away Yeah, that's what I was thinking of.
13:46 jcamins_away I just couldn't remember exactly who was doing it.
13:47 ArunRV We had a similar situation with Moodle. The way we got around that was to figure out where users/passwords etc. are created/set in Moodle, and write hooks that basically updated Moodle DB whenever data was entered into our SCMS
13:48 ArunRV AM I right in saying that all Koha code is (in a standard installation) present in /usr/share/koha?
13:49 jcamins_away Yes, but don't make any code changes in a standard installation.
13:49 jcamins_away You should use git if you're doing any code customizations.
13:49 jcamins_away git?
13:49 wahanui git is[…]Control_Using_Git
13:49 jcamins_away ^^ see that document.
13:50 ArunRV Ouch.
13:51 ArunRV We didn't install it via git - I think we just downloaded the tar.gz file (if I'm not wrong), and followed the instructions on the koha website.
13:51 ArunRV Would it be OK to create our own local repository of Git and push /usr/share/Koha to it, and modify it from there?
13:54 slef ArunRV: not as easy, but it's OK for you to do whatever you like, sweetie ;)
13:54 slef ArunRV: but if you break it, you get to keep both pieces ;)
13:55 ArunRV *gulp*
13:58 ArunRV Well, we do have a development installation of Koha - I will play around with it there and see how it goes.
14:12 kayser joined #koha
14:15 mbalmer we (swiss kohaistas) discussed printing to epson thermal line printers in Unix/Linux environments (for which EPSON does not provide printer drivers).
14:17 Oak sweetie? slef?
14:20 Oak :) okay time to go... be back in 2 hours God willing.
14:23 gaetan_B joined #koha
14:27 GWolverton_ joined #koha
14:29 GWolverton_ what is the preferred method of running zebrasrv?
14:30 libsysguy joined #koha
14:32 ArunRV joined #koha
14:32 ArunRV joined #koha
14:33 ArunRV Hello all. An issue with a fresh install of koha: when a user logs into the OPAC, they get this error: Date::Calc::PP::Add_Delta_Days(): Date::Calc::Add_Delta_Days(): not a valid date at /usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac/ line 115
14:34 ArunRV Seems to be the same as this prioblem:[…]12-01-19#i_871714
14:34 ArunRV[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6978 seems relevant - any idea how to fix this?
14:39 wizzyrea what version of koha?
14:39 ArunRV 3.6
14:40 ArunRV koha-3.06.04
14:42 ArunRV I am guessing it's some configuration issue.
14:42 wizzyrea is your date preference set to ISO?
14:42 wizzyrea ping kf
14:45 ArunRV Ah. Where do I set this, please? I couldn't readily find it in Administration -> System Preferences
14:45 ArunRV My apologies - relatively new to Koha.
14:45 wizzyrea :) sok
14:45 wizzyrea sec
14:46 wizzyrea the pref is "dateformat" and it's under I18n/L10N preferences
14:46 ArunRV Thanks! 1 sec.
14:47 wizzyrea but I wonder if - since kf reported a similar issue, if it is in fact sample data related.
14:47 wizzyrea I assume your fresh install used at least some of the sample data
14:47 wizzyrea possibly your patron doesn't have an expiry date?
14:50 slef wizzyrea: "e's gone orf"
14:51 wizzyrea ah well.
14:51 ArunRV I set it to yyyy/mm/dd
14:51 ArunRV still the same error.
14:51 ArunRV :-(
14:51 wizzyrea then I bet it's data
14:51 wizzyrea make sure you have an expiry date set for your patron?
14:51 ArunRV ok.. lemme try that.
14:51 ArunRV 1 sec.
14:52 ArunRV (quite a few secs, actually..:-)
14:55 narciagrcia Does someone know which is the difference for MARC between 952.y (Koha item type) and 942.c (itemtype) ?
14:55 wizzyrea hehe is np
14:56 narciagrcia (MARC21)
14:56 narciagrcia And for Koha?
14:58 narciagrcia Does Koha use the configured item types for the field 952.y, for 942.c or for any of them?
14:58 ArunRV Thanks for waiting. Maybe this is a case of RTFM, but the problem seems to happen when I try to log into OPAC using the admin account - is this a valid thing to try?
14:58 ArunRV No problem with other logins.
15:00 reiveune bye
15:00 reiveune left #koha
15:00 narciagrcia When I try to login OPAC with the installation admin account, I get "Software error"
15:01 ArunRV And I can't seem to set the expiry date for admin. Not sure if this is even possible - don't know if the admin is a patron in the koha world.
15:01 narciagrcia I suppose that it cannot be done, but the software doesn't expect this circumstance.
15:02 narciagrcia I feel that only patrons can login to OPAC.
15:02 wizzyrea ohh, ArunRV don't log in with the admin user. Create a new staff user and give that user superlibrarians
15:02 wizzyrea only log in with the admin user for upgrades.
15:02 narciagrcia installation admin account seems to be hardcoded apart, and it's not a patron.
15:02 wizzyrea strange things happen with the admin user
15:02 wizzyrea ^^ what narciagrcia
15:03 ArunRV Right. My bad. Won't login as admin user from now on. Lesson learned.
15:03 wizzyrea :)
15:03 ArunRV Thanks!
15:03 asaurat left #koha
15:03 narciagrcia Except for upgrades, superlibrarians can do everything that does the admin?
15:04 wizzyrea it's on the table to fix that - create a separate admin user at install time.
15:04 wizzyrea narciagrcia: exactly.
15:04 narciagrcia I was doing everything with the current admin account.
15:04 wizzyrea the admin user should be used exactly once - to log in and define first library, create first patron category, with the goal of creating another superlibrarian.
15:05 wizzyrea then you log out, and log back in as that user. :)
15:05 wizzyrea it doesn't *hurt* anything to use the admin user, but operations that require, say, an expiry date or a branch defined won't work with the admin user.
15:06 narcisgarcia The difficult for this is that installer people walks a large path before finding the users creation, its categories and permissions.
15:06 wizzyrea yep, it's a problem, there's a push to fix it.
15:06 wizzyrea mostly because we don't create a default library, we offer the *option* to
15:06 wizzyrea which I think is weird.
15:06 wizzyrea so some people think they'll be clever and not install the default library, then struggle.
15:07 narcisgarcia The web installation wizard is too short.
15:07 wizzyrea yep[…]ller_improvements
15:07 narcisgarcia I installed a lot of optional components, but I didn't know about any superlibrarian registered.
15:08 wizzyrea no, none of that happens now it's all proposed.
15:08 narcisgarcia (and I only have seen the patrons I registered manually)
15:08 wizzyrea you create a super librarian by going to the patron detail
15:08 wizzyrea click more -> permissions -> check "superlibrarian"
15:08 wizzyrea save it
15:08 wizzyrea log out, log in as that user.
15:11 wizzyrea creating a superlibrarian?
15:11 wahanui Create a new user with login/password, and go to more -> permissions -> and check "superlibrarian." Click save. Then log out and back in with that user.
15:11 wizzyrea using the admin account?
15:11 wahanui don't use the admin account. Create a new user with login/password, and go to more -> permissions -> and check "superlibrarian." Click save. Then log out and back in with that user.
15:12 ArunRV Thanks wizzyrea and narcisgarcia. You've been of great help!
15:12 wizzyrea yvw. :)
15:13 wizzyrea (I was just teaching the bot these things so I don't have to keep typing it over and over)
15:19 narcisgarcia Is it possible to customize links in the home page for librarians? For example "Add item with default framework"
15:22 wizzyrea yea, there are a couple of ways to handle that
15:22 wizzyrea 1. create a link in the header using the system preference "intranetnav"
15:23 wizzyrea 2. create a link in the footer using "intranetfooter"
15:23 wizzyrea 3. create a link in a news item, and display that on the home page of the intranet.
15:23 wizzyrea 4. use jquery to add it to the list of items currently there.
15:23 wizzyrea (4 will be a less beautiful option in 3.8, however)
15:24 narcisgarcia I prefer first option (header)
15:25 wizzyrea yup, that's  probably what I'd do too.
15:25 wizzyrea that or a news item.
15:28 narcisgarcia Ok, works perfectly with only an HTML <a> tag.
15:30 wizzyrea oh sorry there's no intranetfooter, there's intranetmainuserblock
15:30 wizzyrea which reminds me I should see what that looks like in 3.9
15:30 wizzyrea 3.8
15:30 wizzyrea well, 3.9 I guess now >.>
15:31 wizzyrea not so bad really:
15:31 wizzyrea pretty good :)
15:40 oleonard Surprise 3-hour meeting! But I'm back now.
15:40 wizzyrea yay oleonard
15:41 wizzyrea if you have a minute, look over 7998 for obvious stupidity?
15:41 adnc joined #koha
15:41 wizzyrea i'm not as superpro as you are :)
15:42 wizzyrea and I have a few more things that I've since fixed.
15:42 wizzyrea other things
15:44 edveal Anyone have a quick and easy way to change the default search from keyword "Library Catalog" to "Title"
15:44 edveal I would rather not build a custom search bar...
15:44 wizzyrea there might be one in the jquery library that does that
15:44 kf edveal: but title is wrong?
15:44 wizzyrea I can't remember
15:44 edveal I didn't see it but I could have missed it.
15:44 kf edveal: what about keyword? that would make it the same as on the advanced search
15:45 kf and yes, I think you can do it with jquery
15:45 wizzyrea something about using jquery to pick a different default
15:45 edveal This is a work around for apostrophe bug
15:45 wizzyrea apostrophe bug?
15:46 Callender joined #koha
15:46 oleonard Try this: $("#masthead_search option[value='ti']").attr("selected","selected");
15:49 nengard joined #koha
15:55 oleonard who's got a demo running master?
15:55 kf edveal: ok, I misunderstood :( I thought you wanted to change the label - that's what one of my libraries asked for - sorry
15:56 kf oleonard: magnuse - but it's normarc :)
15:56 edveal oleonard thanks
15:57 wizzyrea hm bywater's is out of date...
15:58 wizzyrea so is equinox's
15:58 wizzyrea libriotech is running 3.8
16:01 slef I must move our demo to a new server. I've a semi-private demo running master if you can edit /etc/hosts oleonard
16:02 oleonard It's no big deal slef, if you want to keep it private
16:02 oleonard Thanks
16:03 slef it's mainly because it's for our testing
16:03 slef so it's just not in DNS... not really very private
16:03 slef else it would be on the VPN
16:05 alex_a left #koha
16:06 melia joined #koha
16:06 narcisgarcia I've made a framework with fields 000, 020.a, 100.a, 245.a, 300.a, 300.c, 440.v, 520.a, 856.u, 942.c, 952.1, 952.4, 952.5, 952.7, 952.a, 952.b, 952.c, 952.d, 952.e, 952.t, 952.v, 952.y but when I use it to "add MARC record", I really see the fields 000, 020.a, 082.2, 082.6, 082.8, 082.a, 082.b, 100.a, 245.a, 300.a, 300.c, 440.v, 520.a, 856.u and no more.
16:07 narcisgarcia Why Koha adds the 082.* and hides 952.* ?
16:12 Guillaume left #koha
16:15 slef 952 is item-level data, set in Items pages, not in bibliographic record editing
16:16 slef but you might be able to control some of it through hide/show options in the framework editor... sorry I don't have time to look now.
16:22 laurence left #koha
16:22 narcisgarcia 082 can have any relation with the value in  itemcallnumber ?
16:24 kf yes
16:24 kf check system preference itemcallnumber
16:24 kf it can be used as a suggestion when cataloging items
16:25 narcisgarcia it has "082ab", but the framework shows 082ab268
16:25 narcisgarcia (subfields 2 6 8 a b)
16:25 kf you can try adding more subifields, but not sure it will take all of them into account
16:26 kf bye all
16:26 kf left #koha
16:36 SJeffery joined #koha
16:38 gaetan_B bye #koha!
16:49 ArunRV joined #koha
16:50 cait joined #koha
16:58 ArunRV Hello I am trying to understand Koha codebase related to creating/updating patron information. Could someone more familiar with the codebase and perl please point me to the location where the patron data is actually saved to the DB in members/
17:00 oleonard Revised (again) fix for Bug 4048 now available
17:01 jwagner ArunRV, most patron information is in the borrowers table. There are some related tables for messaging preferences, permissions, etc.
17:01 ArunRV I can see that there is some data sanity checks happening followed by a template output - the code also has an unused $dbh variable. But where is the call to the DB actually made?
17:02 cait ArunRV: I suspet somewhere in the C4 module for patrons
17:02 jwagner Probably
17:02 oleonard ArunRV: I assume calls a function in C4/
17:02 cait ^^ :)
17:03 ArunRV Thanks jwagner, cait and oleonard - will take a look again!
17:03 cait ArunRV: what are you trying to do?
17:05 ArunRV Well. We have a school campus managmheent system  - I want to synchronize the user information between that and Koha. LDAP is not an option since the system doesn't support it. My only option is to write some code to hook koha and the scms.
17:05 cait have you checked if you could perhaps use the patron import tool`
17:05 cait ?
17:06 cait i am not sure if there is a command line script for that yet - but it allows matching on a cardnumber or other id
17:08 ArunRV I just googled patron import tool - ideally, the synchronization should not be a one time affair. If a student updates his/her password on the SCMS, it should get reflected in Koha as well.
17:09 jwagner You might investigate SIP protocols -- I don't know if there is anything that would allow changing patron data, but there are already some routines in Koha that might be expanded.
17:13 ArunRV If there's no ready made solution that caters precisely to this scenario, I'd rather write a small script to do the synching - this was fairly straightforward with Moodle. Was hoping it'd be the same for Koha. :-)
17:14 cait ArunRV: yes, you could reimport the data every night
17:14 cait ArunRV: the interface for the koha patron import is in the tools menu
17:16 ArunRV Hmm.. I think that could work. Does the import feature allow updating records as well?
17:16 cait yes
17:16 cait you match on a unique elment - cardnumer or something you have defined in patron attributes to be unique
17:17 cait and tell it what to do when it finds a match - overlay or ignore
17:17 ArunRV That's great! I could simply import precisely the changed record when the update happens on the SCMS. WIll take a look at how it's done.
17:18 ArunRV Thanks a lot for pointing this out.
17:18 cait ArunRV: not sure how good iw tould work for you - but it's perhaps worth checking out :)
17:37 pastebot "chris_n" at pasted "cron-style patron imports" (5 lines) at
17:37 chris_n ArunRV: ^^^
17:38 chris_n those are few lines from an automated patron import script I wrote some years ago for a client
17:38 chris_n it should be enough to give you a few ideas of what is possible w/o munging up the core code
17:43 cait left #koha
17:47 chris_n bug 8000
17:47 chris_n wahanui?
17:47 wahanui yes, chris_n?
17:47 chris_n bugs?
17:47 wahanui bugs is found at Please fix any bugs you find. :) or reporting them is helpful, too.
17:48 * chris_n pokes gmcharlt
18:10 ArunRV Thanks, chris_n - will take a look.
18:10 ArunRV Bye everyone. Thanks for all the help. :-)
18:17 oleonard anyone else tried the offline circ tool lately?
18:17 oleonard It was working for me a couple of months ago and now it isn't
18:30 oleonard Software error: Usage: Date::Calc::check_date(year, month, day) at /home/oleonard/kohaclone/C4/ line 462.
18:33 oleonard Looks like it comes from having borrowers.debarred = 1 (instead of a date I presume?)
18:41 oleonard Rhubarb rhubarb fatal circulation error rhubarb rhubarb
18:41 * oleonard keels over dead
18:41 Oak joined #koha
18:41 jcamins_away oleonard: that seems like a big problem.
18:42 Oak kia ora #koha
18:42 jcamins_away Was debarred boolean until fairly recently?
18:42 oleonard Until not so recently
18:42 oleonard So something must have happened since to upset things
18:43 * oleonard will git bisect
18:46 hdl joined #koha
18:55 chris_n jcamins_away: did you get your picture hung?
18:55 hdl joined #koha
18:55 * chris_n hands hdl some glue
18:56 liw joined #koha
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18:56 jenkins_koha joined #koha
18:56 adnc joined #koha
18:56 Guest1540 joined #koha
18:56 jcamins_away chris_n: I did not yet, alas.
18:56 Oak joined #koha
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18:56 jcamins_away This afternoon I'll buy more nails.
18:56 chris_n hmm tons of netsplits
18:57 jcamins_away And picture wire, since a couple of our pictures don't have picture wire.
18:57 * chris_n will add picture rail when remodeling three rooms w/ 12' ceilings in his house
18:57 chris_n and then hang lots of nice pictures :)
18:58 * chris_n wonders why jquery's unbind method does not...
18:58 jcamins_away That's a good idea.
19:08 edveal joined #koha
19:20 mveron joined #koha
19:20 mveron Good evening #koha
19:28 mbalmer joined #koha
19:28 mbalmer grumblings..
19:35 mbalmer does Perl's IO:Socket support IPv6 ?
19:35 rangi Morning
19:36 wizzyrea hey rangi
19:36 jcamins_away Morning.
19:36 wahanui morning is a state of mind. or whenever the cat wants breakfast.
19:37 mveron Good day- or nighttime, everybody around the world  :-)
19:37 * rangi is still suffering from stupid headaches but is gonna try work anyway
19:37 wizzyrea :(((
19:37 mbalmer cats are evil..
19:37 wizzyrea !
19:37 wizzyrea !!
19:37 mbalmer <- allergic
19:38 wizzyrea jcamins has a hypoallergenic cat.
19:38 jcamins_away So are we. We have a wonderful hypoallergenic cat.
19:38 wizzyrea and myshkin is adorable.
19:38 mbalmer the /bin/cat on my Unix is non-allergic, too. ;)
19:38 wizzyrea now, if they can make one that is hypoallergenic, has fluffy hair but doesn't shed/puke hairballs
19:38 wizzyrea I'd be in cat heaven.
19:39 oleonard "Whenever the cat wants breakfast" is an awfully expansive definition.
19:39 wizzyrea as long as you're not keeping the cat in the bin, that's alright.
19:39 oleonard wizzyrea: I would add "does his business outside" to that list
19:39 mbalmer however, mveron and I discussed and a found a way to print to POS printers.  we guess.  email to devel@ tomorrow.
19:40 wizzyrea oh, and cat byproducts should not smell either.
19:40 * oleonard makes a POS printer joke
19:40 mbalmer in which hotel are most folks staying in edinburgh?
19:40 mbalmer oleanard, go for it.  I never heard a POS printer joke … ;)
19:41 wizzyrea POS also = piece of s***
19:41 hdl joined #koha
19:41 mbalmer yes, that far I am informed, but now for the joke….?
19:42 wizzyrea never know around here which TLA's people are going to understand ^.^
19:42 wizzyrea (and in what context)
19:42 oleonard TLAs like "TLA"
19:42 wizzyrea ^^ precisely
19:43 mbalmer an SQL statements enters a bar and sees two tables… "may I join you?"
19:43 mveron About Hotels in Edinborough, some of them ask £10 extra for 1 day Internet access  :-(
19:43 * wizzyrea rimshots
19:43 wizzyrea ok that actually was pretty funny
19:44 rangi I'm just gonna get a sim for my phone
19:44 rangi And tether that
19:45 mbalmer mveron, so you pay 10 bucks and all you get is koha commit messages.. ;)
19:46 mbalmer mveron, but we should slowly start to find a hotel… or else we will be bridgeing..
19:47 jcamins_away Apparently Pollock still had rooms as of a few days ago.
19:47 jcamins_away (they're dorm rooms, but perfectly acceptable ones)
19:48 mveron Thanks, jcamins, will have a look.
19:49 rangi Yep olugbenga is staying there
19:49 * mbalmer envisions mveron staying in a students dorm...
19:49 jcamins_away rangi: that's how I knew.
19:49 jcamins_away I lived a bit further south.
19:49 jcamins_away (than Pollock)
19:49 jcamins_away It's a very pleasant walk up to Old Town.
19:50 mbalmer I will ask the queen if we can stay at the castle, after all we host the second best know military tatoo in Basel, right, mveron?
19:52 mveron Does the castle belong to the queen? I think her residence is near the  Parliament building?
19:52 rangi Bbiab
19:52 mbalmer I will ask her for exact directions.
19:52 jcamins_away mveron: presumably it's state-owned, but you are correct, the Palace is where she lives.
19:53 mveron Ok, thanks for the clarification.
19:53 jcamins_away ("it" being the castle)
19:54 jcamins_away I don't think there's a private conservancy, because I'm pretty sure they share a membership scheme with the other national monuments.
19:54 mbalmer did you guys know that the winning entry for the best joke was selected in edinburgh?  There was a joke festival there. Dunno the name, but the joke is nice.
19:55 mbalmer "I had to choose a password of at least eight characters, so I chose snow white and the seven dwarfs"
19:59 oleonard Can someone please try editing a patron in master and setting the 'restricted' flag with no date?
20:00 wizzyrea sure
20:01 wizzyrea works for me
20:02 oleonard Ah, I see the problem. I should have checked this first.
20:02 oleonard | debarred            | tinyint(1)   | YES  |     | NULL    |                |
20:02 oleonard borrowers.debarred should be a date now eh?
20:03 wizzyrea what problem were you having?
20:03 wizzyrea because either I did it wrong, or I'm not seeing your issue
20:04 jcamins_away oleonard: probably another error in kohastructure.sql, since you did a new installation.
20:04 wizzyrea oh good point
20:04 oleonard I think rather an import of an older-version borrowers table because kohastructure.sql looks correct
20:05 wizzyrea also a good point. >.>
20:05 kathryn joined #koha
20:07 jcamins_away We should have an optional test to ensure that kohastructure.sql and result in a database with the same structure.
20:07 * jcamins_away will ponder how to do that.
20:09 jcamins_away Okay, I'm calling it a day early.
20:09 jcamins_away So long.
20:09 oleonard Bye jcamins_away
20:15 cait joined #koha
20:18 chris_n heya cait
20:18 cait hi chris_n
20:18 * chris_n scrambles up some css
20:19 rangi back
20:20 * chris_n wonders if a 'delete all' option in the QOTD editor would be dangerous
20:20 * oleonard would think so
20:20 wizzyrea well yea
20:21 wizzyrea perhaps name it more ominously "purge all quotes"
20:21 cait hi rangi
20:22 chris_n it sure would save time if, indeed, one wanted to do such a thing
20:22 wizzyrea what about a "select all" checkbox with the option to delete all on that page
20:23 wizzyrea and the option to view outrageous numbers at once
20:23 wizzyrea 500 or something
20:23 cait hm why not have a delete all with an alert?
20:23 chris_n I was thinking of doing an alert thing
20:23 wizzyrea an alert thing would be fine by me
20:23 cait I mean... limiting what people can do only because they can do it wrong
20:23 chris_n that's what I do when deleting a single quote
20:24 chris_n maybe a double alert?
20:24 cait feels not right to me
20:24 wizzyrea WARNING WARNING WARNING you are deleting all quotes WARNING WARNING WARNING
20:24 cait triple? quadruple?
20:24 chris_n do you really, really want to
20:24 mbalmer backquotes!
20:24 wizzyrea are you absolutely positively sure
20:24 chris_n and then "do you still want to"
20:24 mbalmer fwiw ;)
20:24 wizzyrea backflips!
20:24 wizzyrea fwiw.
20:24 cait cookies?
20:24 wahanui Cookies are delicious delicacies
20:24 mbalmer potatoechips!
20:26 wizzyrea what, are we talking about things we could do/eat that might eventually hurt us?
20:26 wizzyrea is this jeopardy?
20:27 cait cookies can hurt???
20:27 mbalmer trying to avoid sleeping under bridges in edinburgh, actually.
20:27 * oleonard waves goodbye to all
20:27 chris_n bye
20:28 wizzyrea depends on your definition of hurt
20:28 mbalmer gn8
20:28 wizzyrea bye oleonard
20:34 * chris_n heads off in search of cookies... very carefully
20:36 cait heh
20:38 mbalmer hotel booked.
20:38 mveron The same...
20:39 mbalmer heh, it is your fault, mveron!
20:41 mveron Holyrood PAlace is big...
20:41 mveron You get a room in an other part of the building...
20:57 mveron Good night #koha
21:00 JesseM left #koha
21:05 mbalmer left #koha
21:29 libsysguy left #koha
21:29 maximep left #koha
21:35 edveal left #koha
21:39 cait left #koha
21:50 eythian hi
21:51 * chris_n munches a snickerdoodle
21:51 rangi yum
21:52 ronald Hiya #Koha
21:53 chris_n while waiting for the baked potatoes and chili to get done cooking
21:53 rangi hi ronald
21:54 ronald Good morning rangi:)
21:54 eythian hello ronald
21:55 ronald hey hello eythian
21:59 wizzyrea oh snickerdoodles,
21:59 wizzyrea i love those
21:59 wizzyrea my favorite simple cookie
22:00 wizzyrea there is something funny with perl include paths in ubuntu 12. will have to work that out.
22:00 wizzyrea don't think it's koha tho, I think it's ubunut.
22:00 wizzyrea ubuntu*
22:00 eythian hmm, I should probably build a 12.04 vm some time and test the packages there.
22:01 * wizzyrea will probably do that here soon.
23:01 cait_ joined #koha
23:02 cait joined #koha
23:03 cait left #koha
23:06 * jcamins_away joins the Ubuntu upgrade party.
23:07 jcamins_away Well, I think I know why it's taking so long... everyone is downloading Ubuntu right now.
23:14 cait joined #koha
23:16 cait left #koha
23:35 druthb joined #koha
23:35 druthb o/
23:36 rangi hi druthb
23:36 druthb hi, rangi!  :D
23:41 nengard joined #koha
23:42 Kickaha1 joined #koha
23:48 rangi[…]rise-amendme.html  <-- yuck
23:59 Irma joined #koha

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