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00:33 mib_3byp05 anyone still here?
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01:29 mib_3byp05 can we batch import from a list of isbn numbers ?
01:38 rangi you would have to write/find a script to do that, afaik one is not included in koha
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02:12 druthb <.<
02:12 druthb >.>
02:12 druthb o/
02:13 chris_n should we avoid HTML5 foo?
02:20 ibeardslee rangi: back now, didn't get to meet the hordes
02:20 rangi ahh :)
02:22 chris_n no takers?
02:23 * chris_n is considering using File and FileReader to handle uploading in the QOD feature
02:23 rangi chris_n: don't really have a firm opinion, in general i think we should be moving to html 5, not sure if yet
02:24 eythian QOD?
02:24 chris_n quote of the day
02:24 chris_n mozilla says FF 3.6 supports html5
02:24 chris_n chrome 7
02:25 chris_n IE 10
02:35 mtj wots the mobile browser support from html5 like?
02:35 mtj /me has no idea
02:46 eythian generally reasonable I think
02:46 eythian they're all naturally modern browsers.
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03:26 Amit_Gupta heya druthb
03:27 druthb Hi, Amit! :)
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04:48 fr_george Koha is great! Our library has been up for about 3 weeks now. The only issue I have noticed is that extended characters show up as question marks. For example, a Russian language book in our collection with ISBN # 589577038X in the OPAC is a good example of the issue. I have tried the Unimark flavor as opposed to USMARC to see if there is any difference in
04:48 fr_george I am finding no difference.
04:48 fr_george You may look at my opac located at to see what I am asking about.
04:50 fr_george I am using the UTF-8 character set. The MARC record appears to pull correctly if I pull it through MarcEdit.
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05:00 Oak kia ora #koha
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05:21 cait morning #koha
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06:06 Oak Guten Morgen cait
06:07 Oak question: in OPAC results and item detail page, this is how publisher is shown: Publisher: Place Publisher Year
06:07 Oak how can I make it: Publisher: Publisher Place  Year ?
06:11 Oak I changed <xsl:with-param name="codes">abcg</xsl:with-param> to <xsl:with-param name="codes">bacg</xsl:with-param> in /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tmpl/p​rog/en/xslt/MARC21slim2OPACResults.xsl but nothing happened on refreshing.
06:11 Oak just took a guess that may be this will work. don't know actually how to do what i want
06:12 Oak *sigh*
06:13 cait hi Oak
06:13 cait reading
06:13 Oak ah good :)
06:14 cait hm not sure
06:14 cait I mean I know how you can do it
06:14 cait but
06:14 cait not sure what the right order is :)
06:14 Oak should not do it?
06:14 cait @marc 260 a
06:14 huginn cait: Place of publication, distribution, etc. May contain the abbreviation [S.l.] when the place is unknown. (Repeatable)
06:14 cait @marc 260 $b
06:14 huginn cait: unknown field/subfield combination (260/$b)
06:14 cait @marc 260 b
06:14 huginn cait: Name of publisher, distributor, etc. May contain the abbreviation [s.n.] when the name is unknown. (Repeatable)
06:15 cait Oak: why do you want to change the sequence?
06:16 Oak well, it will read like this then: Publisher: Harvard Business School Publishing. USA. 2004.
06:16 Oak that seems better (when reading?)
06:16 cait hm there are rules :)
06:16 Oak okay
06:16 Oak and
06:16 alex_a bonjour!
06:16 cait I mean you could change it - but I think it's correct that way, checking now
06:16 Oak what was I supposed to put after 260 a? a comma?
06:17 cait
06:17 cait place : publisher, year I think
06:17 cait take a look at bug 7845
06:17 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7845 normal, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Pushed to Master , Multiple 260s don't display properly in search results
06:18 cait I wrote a patch to improve display and the punctuation
06:18 Oak uh oh. now I have to change all books i cataloged to look like: Publisher: USA: Harvard Business School Publishing, 2004.  ? :(
06:18 cait Oak: no, only when you had the wrong fields :)
06:18 cait if you put the informatoin in the fields like they were labelled, all is ok
06:19 Oak okay then... it's just that i put a full stop after Place, then a full stop after Publisher, and after year also... it looks kind of bad. but well.
06:19 Oak okay. Good Morning to you cait.
06:20 cait Oak: perhaps try the patch
06:20 Oak Bonjour alex_a
06:20 cait it might make it look better
06:20 cait and bonjour alex_a
06:22 Oak hmm, looking, meanwhile, this is how my results look:
06:22 alex_a bonjour cait Oak :)
06:24 Oak cait, if I apply the patch, i should first remove the full stop from all records one by one?
06:25 cait it might be the xslt cuts off the full stop
06:25 cait I am not sure it does, but it has functions to do that in other places
06:25 cait so it might work without changing the records
06:25 Oak hmm.
06:26 Oak what is link to your library cait ?
06:26 cait Oak: I have no library using the patch right now - it just got into master yesterday
06:27 Oak oho i just want to see things .... how it looks etc
06:27 Oak not this patch
06:27 Oak just how things are done in your library in a general way
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06:38 francharb hi
06:38 wahanui what's up, francharb
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06:39 cait Oak: not working in a library :) but you can try searching here
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06:40 reiveune hello
06:40 wahanui privet, reiveune
06:42 Oak by the way, in /cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/ it shows publisher like this: "Publisher: Pearson Education India 2003 ." but in OPAC results it shows "India" at start. Why is that?
06:42 Oak that /cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/ is in Koha admin area...
06:43 cait Oak: because it's a bug :)
06:43 Oak cool.
06:43 Oak :)
06:43 cait it's the only place where it was wrong - my patch also corrected that
06:44 Oak ah :)
06:44 cait ok, have to go :)
06:44 cait bbl
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06:49 julian_m hello
06:49 wahanui what's up, julian_m
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06:57 mveron Good morning #koha
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06:58 Oak hello julian_m, mveron :)
06:58 mveron Hi Oak
06:58 mveron Hi Julian
06:59 julian_m hello Oak, mveron
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07:12 kf hi #koha
07:13 esofiane Hello everybody
07:13 mveron hi kf, esofiane
07:14 kf hi mveron and esofiane
07:14 kf mveron: was tired yesterday :( - if you want to start on german translation, you can do that now - all files are updated
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07:15 kf hi gaetan_B :)
07:15 mveron kf: Coffee ready, files ready, mveron ready...
07:15 gaetan_B hi kf :) hello koha !
07:15 kf mveron: :) - and a good idea, I should make tea
07:15 mveron hi gaetan
07:15 drojf good morning #koha
07:16 kf hi drojf :)
07:16 drojf hej kf :)
07:16 mveron hi drojf
07:16 drojf hi mveron
07:31 mveron kf: How to proceed? I'm on Deutsch » Koha 3.8 » de-DE-i-staff-t-prog-v-3006000.po, used "Schellübersetzung" to go there, see Entry 1867. Just type in and "Vorschlagen"? Or "Senden"?
07:32 kf Senden
07:32 kf if you are sure :)
07:32 kf Vorschlagen requires that I go through all of them and decide if it's good or not
07:32 mveron kf: OK, I give it a try...
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07:37 magnuse kia ora #koha!
07:38 mveron Hi magnuse
07:38 drojf hi magnuse
07:38 magnuse hiya mveron and drojf
07:39 mveron kf: biblionumber?
07:39 kf hm link?
07:39 wahanui i guess link is right, but the website is gone, apparently
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07:39 kf mveron: if it's in context to the database I would keep it, or you could use Titelsatznummer
07:39 mveron kf: thanks
07:41 kf hm is bugzilla down?
07:41 samuel joined #koha
07:42 samuel hi everybody!
07:42 mveron kf: Had the same impression, does not load. Bug limit reached?  :-)
07:42 kf hi samuel :)
07:42 kf hope not
07:42 kf rangi did an update yesterday - perhaps related to that?
07:45 mveron kf: I had a look at bugs about 60 minutes ago, then it worked.
07:46 mveron kf: OK like this?  http://translate.koha-communit[…]html?unit=3526458
07:49 kf mveron: looks good to me:)
07:49 magnuse bugzilla works for me now
07:59 mveron kf: Thanks.  Who sets the checkbox "fragwürdig"?
08:05 kf mveron: the translation scripts mark thing sas fuzzy = fragwürdig in some cases. I think when there are minor changes? (
08:05 kf ich hab das nie ganz entschlüsselt :) )
08:05 kf I think that we have so many fuzzy strings now is due to the capitalization changes in the english templates
08:05 kf but it's a chance to correct the typos hidden in there... (founds lots of typos...)
08:05 * magnuse thinks so too
08:05 kf found.
08:07 mveron kf: Seems to be related with things like http://translate.sourceforge.n[…]sts#endwhitespace
08:08 kf oh right
08:08 kf whitespace
08:08 wahanui whitespace is[…]patches-with-git/
08:08 kf be careful to keep all %s
08:08 kf you can move them to make sentences work better, but the sequence can not be changed
08:09 kf and if there is whitespace at the end of a sentence (shown by a red line) - keep that too
08:09 mveron kf: Ok, will take care
08:11 mveron kf: Is there kind of history to trace back changes?
08:12 magnuse mveron: nope, no version control :-)
08:13 magnuse for people collaborating it might actually make sense to use git, to keep track of changes and for merging work
08:13 kf magnuse: I think merging po files does not work all too well :(
08:13 magnuse bah!
08:14 mveron maguse, kf: Ok, good to know. I go carefully ahead...
08:14 kf mveron: we can always search and change strings later
08:14 kf mveron: I do that all the time when I run into something weird in the interface
08:14 kf nothing is set into stone :)
08:15 mveron kf: Good to know.
08:29 Amit_Gupta heya kf
08:33 mveron kf: Consitency: Lokaler Rechner or Lokaler Computer?
08:46 kf mveron: no idea :)
08:46 esofiane joined #koha
08:47 kf mveron: we used to have a wiki page with terms we agreed on on the old wiki - but it got lost and I didn't recreate it because not many german translators
08:47 kf perhaps we should create a new one
08:47 drojf kf: yes please
08:48 drojf it is very confusing for some people if terms for one thing change within the interface
08:48 kf drojf: it's never by intention
08:49 mveron Agree (einverstanden, stimme zu, richtig)
08:49 drojf no but it happens
08:49 kf drojf: and it's not easy to do :( but I agree whole heartedly and I am trying to have things consistent
08:49 magnuse and sometimes it's just really hard to understand what meaning of e.g. "item" is appropriate
08:49 kf yeah or issue
08:49 magnuse yeah!
08:50 kf isssue can be a zeitschriftenheft and a problem and a ausleihe
08:50 mveron Had a nice one: Check Items In = Prüfe Exemplare in
08:50 drojf yes
08:50 drojf hihi
08:50 kf cat = katze (short form of category on one page)
08:50 drojf :D
08:50 mveron Google translate
08:51 magnuse oleonard++ for his work on capitalization - i think that reduced the number of "duplicate strings" considerably
08:51 mveron Once I got Taufbeckenverwaltung for Font Manager
08:51 kf magnuse: and makes out the few corrections we missed :)
08:51 kf rofl
08:52 kf mveron: I have seen professional translations for library related texts that were really awful
08:52 kf missing the right vocabulary
08:52 mveron Maybe after the translation process we can do a search on the usual suspects
08:52 drojf isn't there an english german dictionary for libraryspeak? i think i saw something like that, and i think it was online, but i cannot find it anymore
08:53 kf yep
08:53 kf we had links to those
08:53 kf if someone starts a wiki page
08:53 kf I can add some links later on
08:53 kf that is one:
08:53 drojf maybe we write an open access dictionary while we#re at it :D
08:54 drojf yes that's the one. thanks
08:57 kf und stimmt nicht mehr - budget = Etat, fund = Konto (seit der neuen Erwerbung)
08:57 kf ok, meeting, will be back later
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09:10 magnuse Oak
09:10 Oak magnuse
09:10 Oak :)
09:10 magnuse :-)
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09:13 vk hello friends
09:13 magnuse hiya vk
09:14 vk please tell me is it necessary to define shelving location at the time of data import
09:15 vk because my item type itself clear that it belongs to which section of the library i.e reference, general, book bank etc.
09:24 magnuse 952$c is not mandatory, but if it wasn't too much work i think i would fill it, even if it does not say anything different than the item type, to perhaps make future changes easier...
09:25 vk ok than i will also try for that
09:26 vk in 3.6 search limit items available only is not working is it bug or anything wrong which i do not know
09:26 magnuse vk: it's a bug
09:27 vk so how and when it could be corrected and till that time how can i hide it?
09:27 magnuse there was talk about it yesterday, let me see if i can find the log
09:29 vk i am using live CD of 3.6 how to run zebra with -z
09:29 vk to update the records which changes recently
09:30 magnuse you need to have cron set up to run with the -z option at regular intervals
09:31 magnuse the cd might have set that up for you already, i don't know it
09:31 magnuse i mean, i don't know how the cd sets up things
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09:32 paul_p good morning #koha
09:32 magnuse kia ora paul_p!
09:32 vk ok thanks,
09:32 wahanui hmmm... thanks, is there a fix coming down the pipe?
09:36 magnuse paul_p: any chance the patch for bug 7984 can make it into 3.8? local cover images are broken for nb-NO-installations without it
09:36 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7984 major, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Needs Signoff , Fix the upload_local_cover_images permission
09:37 paul_p magnuse = i'm checking patches that already have a sign-off and/or passed QA. I'll give a try to 7984 this afternoon
09:37 magnuse yay!
09:37 magnuse paul_p: and i have a question for you at[…]3.8_Release_Notes :-)
09:38 paul_p magnuse yes
09:38 paul_p magnuse i've answered your concern about translation
09:39 magnuse yay, cool, thanks!
09:39 magnuse paul_p++
09:40 magnuse i'll wander off to lunch and leave you in peace now :-)
09:41 Oak paul_p++
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10:29 mveron magnuse: intranet-tmpl/prog/en/xslt/NO​RMARCslim2intranetResults.xsl should keep original text, no?
10:30 magnuse if you are trnslating you can just copy the strings from the NORMARC* files, yes
10:30 magnuse you will never, ever need normarc in german :-)
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10:35 slef paul_p: Changes to attachment 8544  of bug 7729 submitted
10:35 huginn Attachment[…]=8544&action=edit patch, Bug 7729 : svc/bib: support appending ?items=1 to the URL to fetch or modify items, Bug-7729--svcbib-support-app​ending-items1-to-the-U.patch
10:35 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7729 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mjr, Needs Signoff , svc API should allow modification of items
10:35 Oak joined #koha
10:36 mveron magnuse: I supposed so...
10:38 magnuse good
11:01 Amit_Gupta heya gaetan_B
11:01 wahanui gaetan_B is looking at bug 7693
11:01 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7693 minor, P5 - low, ---, gaetan.boisson, Pushed to Master , clear screen button misaligned
11:01 Amit_Gupta bug 7970
11:01 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7970 major, P1 - high, ---, amit.gupta, Failed QA , Allow OPAC holds per library policy without default rule
11:01 Amit_Gupta bug 7739
11:01 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7739 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, shinoy.m, Needs Signoff , Batch edit items of a title
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11:35 jcamins Good morning, #koha.
11:36 mveron Hi jcamins
11:37 jwagner joined #koha
11:38 jcamins How's the German translation going?
11:38 kf_mtg hi jcamins :)
11:39 mveron I did 95 this morning, not so much as kf  :-)
11:39 kf_mtg looks like mveron has pushed it down another 1000 words :)
11:39 kf_mtg ah, perhaps drojf1?
11:39 kf_mtg I haven't done anything today so far - meetings
11:40 drojf1 i didnt do anything, im working on my import
11:40 kf hm
11:40 kf ghosts? :)
11:40 drojf1 2000 more records magically appeared after fixing a bug :D
11:40 * jcamins would help, but his suggestions yesterday were rejected for being gibberish. ;)
11:40 mveron Wie war es docz zu köln vordem mit Heinzelmännchen so bequem...
11:40 kf mveron++ :)
11:40 mveron doch
11:42 slef :) Ampelmännchen :)
11:43 slef 3 registrations processed, 10 more papers added to[…]2_Schedule#Papers
11:43 drojf1 kf: maybe you did them yourself while thinking about something else :D
11:43 kf scary thought :)
11:46 jcamins slef: Is it too late to submit a proposal? I've been too focused on this development proposal (finally finished last night, late) to do anything else.
11:47 jcamins Do you even need another proposal?
11:48 jcamins Probably not, I think.
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11:51 jwagner slef, I see the schedule seems to be in hour blocks in the morning & 1.5 hours in the afternoons.  Are you looking for papers to fit a particular timespan?  I guesstimated 30-45 minutes, but can make mine fit any length you want
11:52 slef jcamins: deadline is today. The more the merrier I think. I should check times.
11:53 slef jcamins: FSVO "today" like GBSD
11:53 slef jwagner: schedule is still in flux, I suspect 30-45 is the sweet spot.
11:53 jcamins Okay.
11:53 jcamins I will submit my proposal, then.
11:54 slef I am not sure whether to submit one. I also want one from mle.
11:54 slef mle_: hey. Are you better? ;-)
11:55 * slef tests what sort of alerts mle has configured...
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11:59 slef jwagner: I'm thinking we won't use the 1630-1800 for papers
11:59 slef lunch :)
11:59 * jcamins notices that there isn't any paper on authorities, either.
12:01 jcamins I'll propose that for KohaCon 2013.
12:01 mveron slef: Good Idea :-)
12:03 jwagner OK, thanks slef.  I have to get started writing the thing now, so I wanted to get a good idea of how long to make it
12:05 slef mveron: ?
12:05 mveron slef?
12:05 wahanui slef is an avid cyclist
12:06 mveron slef: lunch is a good idea :-)
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12:26 oleonard Hi #koha
12:27 jcamins Good morning, oleonard.
12:29 kf hi oleonard :)
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13:09 chris_n oleonard: any opinion on doing development in koha w/html5 at this point in history?
13:10 Guillaume joined #koha
13:11 chris_n lunch?
13:11 wahanui lunch is a good idea :)
13:11 chris_n that's my kind of bot ;-)
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13:19 oleonard chris_n: I haven't thought much about it yet
13:20 chris_n I've been messing around with the FileReader() support in html5 to handle uploads
13:21 oleonard Is that kind of thing backwards-compatible?
13:21 chris_n FF 3.6+
13:21 chris_n depending on how backwards one wants to go :)
13:22 chris_n chrome 7+
13:22 chris_n although chrome entirely locks out local fs access by js and friends
13:22 chris_n which stinks unless you're paranoid
13:22 * oleonard often is :P
13:23 chris_n oleonard:
13:25 chris_n since we effectively support "only" FF for the staff client, it "probably" would not be a problem
13:25 oleonard I wonder if support in Safari lags because Apple focuses so much on mobile Safari that they don't care about file upload
13:25 * chris_n doesn't know... perhaps they're after bigger lions than file upload
13:26 * oleonard doesn't see much progress from Safari
13:27 * chris_n resists the urge to make another really stupid play on words :-)
13:28 chris_n well, I'll work this up as a separate set of patches and let folks take it for a spin; we can all decide after playing a bit
13:28 oleonard What's it for?
13:29 chris_n I'm adding the ability to upload quotes in csv format
13:30 nengard left #koha
13:30 chris_n my plan is to let the browser slurp up the csv into memory, create an editable datatable, allow the user to review/edit the quotes to be uploaded
13:30 chris_n and then submit for storage in the db
13:31 chris_n it the idea flies, it may be useful in conjunction with other file import features of koha
13:32 chris_n with FileReader() one can slice a file up so as to keep memory usage low and then simply "page" through the file
13:33 magnus_afk chris_n++
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14:33 oleonard Anyone else having trouble fetching from git?
14:33 wizzyrea hm I'm not
14:35 oleonard[0:]: errno=Connection timed out
14:36 oleonard fatal: unable to connect a socket (Connection timed out)
14:38 wizzyrea hmm
14:39 gmcharlt works for me
14:42 gmcharlt don't see anything unusal in the server's logs
14:42 gmcharlt oleonard: still giving you problems?
14:43 oleonard Well, I just tried it using my Windows git client and it worked, so it must be something to do with my Ubuntu VM
14:44 oleonard I wonder what could have changed between today and yesterday...
14:47 gmcharlt oleonard: are you able to clone other Git repositories from that VM?
14:49 oleonard Whoops, magic. Now it works.
14:49 * oleonard suspects it was gmcharlt's brainwaves
14:54 gmcharlt git pull gmchart # ERR: unsupported, painful operation
14:54 * wizzyrea giggles
15:03 jcamins oleonard: you suspended your computer?
15:04 jcamins Try restarting your VM.
15:04 oleonard I did restart and it was still a few tries before I got through
15:05 jcamins Hm.
15:05 jcamins Well, it was an idea.
15:05 jcamins I also didn't notice that it had started working.
15:10 * mveron Enough for today...
15:10 mveron By #koha
15:10 jcamins fredericd: around?
15:17 fredericd jcamins: ?
15:18 jcamins fredericd: I had a question about your indexer.
15:20 fredericd I listen
15:20 jcamins How hard would it be to adjust the indexer to index not based on the done field but based on the primary key.
15:20 jcamins *?
15:20 fredericd primary key?
15:20 jcamins The auto_increment primary key.
15:21 jcamins Sorry, in between when I asked if you were here, and when you got back, the alarm started going crazy.
15:21 jcamins I'll try to restate that more clearly.
15:21 fredericd What would you want to do exactlty?
15:21 jcamins I want to be able to have multiple indexers run on one database.
15:22 jcamins kohastructure?
15:22 jcamins koha structure?
15:22 jcamins Aw, wahanui doesn't know that.
15:22 wizzyrea schema
15:22 wizzyrea schema?
15:22 wahanui schema is tracked in git. or found at
15:22 jcamins Woohoo!
15:22 jcamins wizzyrea++
15:23 fredericd jcamins: to parallized indexing?
15:23 jcamins So I want to have the indexer say "okay, I indexed up to the row with last run, now I start with the row where
15:23 jcamins Actually, so I can have completely different indexing configurations with one data source.
15:24 fredericd take a look at that:[…]l/
15:25 fredericd This is the records reader use by the index
15:25 fredericd I suppose it could be extended to select records based on various criteria
15:25 jcamins Oh, I see. In the BUILD sub.
15:26 jcamins Right there is the part where it checks for done = 0.
15:26 jcamins :)
15:26 jcamins Thanks!
15:26 jcamins fredericd++
15:28 edveal joined #koha
15:29 fredericd jcamins: you have some doc here:[…]/Tamil/
15:29 fredericd you have some doc line 183
15:30 fredericd the idea could be to add criteria to the indexer, and the pass them to the record reader
15:30 jcamins Ah, yes, that would be perfect.
15:30 jcamins Do you accept patches? :)
15:31 fredericd who will sign-off :)
15:31 jcamins fredericd: does anyone other than me want to do something this crazy? ;)
15:32 asaurat left #koha
15:33 fredericd you know you're unique
15:33 jcamins fredericd: :D
15:33 jcamins But just think how *useful* this would be!
15:34 alex_a left #koha
15:34 fredericd sure, even if I can't figure it how exactly
15:35 fredericd I had demands from people who want to inject into record related bilio records... UNIMARC 4xx fields
15:36 jcamins fredericd: I hope to add that. :)
15:37 jcamins To Koha, using the new filter added with the DOM biblio indexing.
15:41 gaetan_B joined #koha
15:44 reiveune bye
15:44 reiveune left #koha
15:49 chris_n oleonard: does this reflect your followup on bug 7647?
15:49 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7647 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, srdjan, Needs Signoff , Checkout History Sort
15:49 chris_n opps
15:49 chris_n wrong bug
15:49 oleonard No
15:50 * chris_n wonders if the sandboxes pick up from bz or from the bug branch in the main repo?
15:50 oleonard bz
15:50 oleonard
15:51 chris_n hmm... I just created that one from 7979
15:51 jcamins chris_n: bz
15:52 oleonard chris_n: Notice the text in the News box
15:52 * chris_n must be confused on how to set up the sandbox
15:52 chris_n now its really busted :P
15:54 kf chris_n: it says something went wrong
15:54 oleonard chris_n: The third patch on the bug is a follow-up based on the first patch so it won't apply if you apply the second patch
15:54 oleonard The sandbox system just tries to apply them all on top of each other
15:54 chris_n kf: yes ;)
15:54 kf okok :)
15:54 * kf goes back to answering mails
15:54 chris_n at any rate, the video looked nice
15:55 * chris_n hands kf a few oreos
15:55 jcamins Maybe I'll eliminate the cataloging home page altogether, and just make the main page into sliders.
15:55 kf ah
15:55 kf chris_n: you are brillant! Istill have some hidden in my backpack
15:55 chris_n lol
15:57 chris_n lunch anyone?
15:57 jcamins Maybe I'll eliminate *all* the module home pages.
15:57 jcamins Bwahahaha!!!
15:58 jcamins Oreos?
15:58 jcamins I was thinking bread and hummus, myself.
15:58 * kf has eaten them up
15:58 chris_n gmcharlt: the weekend works for me #re git prune
15:58 oleonard Do you make your own hummus jcamins ?
15:59 kf meh, seems the browse result feature also comes with a hardcoded untrasnlatable "by"
15:59 jcamins oleonard: usually I do not, but I think I will start again.
16:01 * oleonard makes himself hungry by thinking about hummus with cilantro
16:01 jcamins Mmmm.
16:01 gmcharlt chris_n: thanks
16:02 jcamins gmcharlt: I'll be RMaint for 3.6 starting Tuesday, but any time you tell me not to do any Maint'ing, I will not Maint. ;)
16:02 gmcharlt jcamins: oh, you can continue to Maint during the gc, but only locally ;)
16:02 jcamins Right.
16:03 jcamins Not to mention, it'll probably take me a while to figure out how to push things anyway.
16:07 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 3969 follow-up = budget name field is budget_name, not name <[…]e36178c0cd60333f7> / Bug 3969: Budget search in acquisition does't work (search) <[…]6cf7064abade499e6> / Bug 6931 : Only update frameworks for the correct marcflavour <http://git.koha-commun
16:19 jenkins_koha Starting build #717 for job Koha_master (previous build: FIXED)
16:31 sekjal joined #koha
16:52 kf bye all happy weekend
16:52 kf left #koha
16:52 wizzyrea happy weekend :)
16:58 chris_n weekend?
16:58 wahanui somebody said weekend was near!
16:58 chris_n which end?
17:09 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #717: SUCCESS in 49 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/717/
17:09 jenkins_koha * mjr: Bug 6267 custom http user-agent in (fix for 401 error)
17:09 jenkins_koha * juan.sieira: Bug 7855 - marcflavour files changed to set the maxlength field into fresh installs. Include NORMARC in updatedatabase to change maxlength.
17:09 jenkins_koha * tajoli: Bug 7861 : Update of italian sql files for 3.8
17:09 jenkins_koha * tdavis: bug 7849 Instant Fine Calculation\n Adds functionality of calculate fines instantly. This is very important for Hourly loans becuase of a loophole from the cron.
17:09 jenkins_koha * paul.poulain: Adding Marc Veron
17:09 jenkins_koha * mjr: Bug 1577 - update INSTALL to mention need to translate templates
17:09 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6267 trivial, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Pushed to Master , custom http user-agent in (fix for 401 error)
17:09 jenkins_koha * tajoli: Bug 7759, update of install files to use background indexing (and some whitespace tidy)
17:09 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 6931 : Only update frameworks for the correct marcflavour
17:09 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7855 major, P5 - low, ---, juan.sieira, ASSIGNED , Bug 7263 does not include maxlength field sets into a fresh install
17:09 jenkins_koha * Katrin.Fischer.83: Bug 3969: Budget search in acquisition does't work (search)
17:09 jenkins_koha * paul.poulain: Bug 3969 follow-up = budget name field is budget_name, not name
17:09 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7861 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tajoli, Pushed to Master , Update of Italian sql files for 3.8
17:09 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7849 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Pushed to Master , Instant Fine Calculation at Checkin
17:09 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1577 enhancement, P3, ---, gmcharlt, Pushed to Master , installer and language
17:09 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7759 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tajoli, Passed QA , Use Koha-Contrib-Tamil to update Zebra data in background
17:09 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6931 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Pushed to Master , hardcoded insert incompatible with UNIMARC
17:09 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3969 major, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Passed QA , Budget Search Doesn't Work
17:33 adnc joined #koha
17:42 SJeffery joined #koha
17:42 SJeffery Does anyone know if there is any kind of gathering planned for Koha users @ ALA?
17:43 jcamins SJeffery: I don't know, but I'd think there would be something.
17:43 jcamins I think last year vtl organized something.
17:44 SJeffery vtl?
17:44 jcamins Vicki Teal Lovely.
17:44 jcamins I think I spelled her name right.
17:45 sekjal yes
17:45 jcamins Woohoo!
17:45 SJeffery jcamins: *cookie*
17:47 jcamins I think bag organized something at MW, too.
18:04 cait joined #koha
18:04 * oleonard would like to do some kind of in-country Koha meetup but never goes to the big library conferences
18:04 jcamins oleonard: you should visit Lawrence during KohaCon. :)
18:05 cait or also called: counterkohacon :P
18:05 cait hi all :)
18:06 cait only joking :) I think it's great, but wish I could be at 2 places at once :)
18:06 SJeffery Some of us go to the big conferences but cant go to the Koha-specific conferences
18:07 jcamins SJeffery: if there isn't anything planned yet, you could certainly get something together easily by e-mailing the mailing list.
18:07 SJeffery That is the plan:)
18:17 * chris_n wants to know why a js function would fail to execute properly when called immediately after a page load, but then work find the second time it is called (with no intervening page load).
18:17 jcamins chris_n: I know this, actually.
18:18 jcamins It has to do with the difference between onload and ready()
18:18 jcamins One of them doesn't actually make sure that the entire file has been downloaded.
18:18 chris_n its part of the ready()
18:18 jcamins If the file hasn't been downloaded, the script doesn't work.
18:18 chris_n which should do that i think...
18:19 chris_n but then, I am a mere mortal
18:19 chris_n and very green w/js :)
18:19 jcamins chris_n: like I know anything about js? :P
18:20 chris_n hehe
18:20 * chris_n drinks java
18:23 jcamins chris_n: how hard was hooking jeditable and datatables together?
18:23 * sekjal wrote in Java for the first time in a long time the other day...
18:23 jcamins sekjal: I'm so sorry.
18:24 chris_n pass the sugar please...
18:24 chris_n it seems that the event handler may not be binding the first time around
18:24 * chris_n wonders if he sounds proficient yet
18:26 sekjal jcamins:  plugin for Minecraft
18:27 jcamins sekjal: Minecraft-based reference services?
18:28 sekjal someone apparently *has* made the W.E.B. Du Bois tower in Minecraft
18:28 sekjal lotta brick
18:42 jcamins You know what is going to be very cool? Browsing catalogs by printer.
18:50 libsysguy joined #koha
19:05 oleonard When Chrome recommends warns in its audit that resources are "missing a cache expiration" what does that mean in terms of what we can change?
19:05 oleonard Modify default Apache conf?
19:06 jcamins oleonard: yes.
19:06 jcamins oleonard: there's a page somewhere that explains that.
19:06 jcamins I don't have the link here.
19:21 libsysguy So if I submit a patch that probably nobody currently developing for koha can test to see if it works, what happens?
19:21 libsysguy do you just make sure it doesn't break anything?
19:21 wizzyrea :/ nothing
19:21 libsysguy sad day
19:21 oleonard You don't get a signoff, so nothing
19:21 wizzyrea so, uh, make a good test plan
19:22 oleonard Why would nobody be able to test?
19:22 wizzyrea provide relevant datas
19:22 libsysguy its for AD LDAP integration
19:22 libsysguy but its a special case
19:22 wizzyrea also detailed configuration information
19:22 libsysguy hmm
19:23 jcamins libsysguy: provide instructions for setting up a similarly broken configuration with OpenLDAP? :P
19:23 libsysguy that could work
19:23 * libsysguy goes to learn openLDAP
19:24 libsysguy i suppose "it doesn't break current ldap configs" won't fly huh?
19:24 libsysguy :p
19:24 jcamins If you can get someone to sign off on that fact, sure, that'd work.
19:25 libsysguy offers cookies and milk to sign-offers ;)
19:25 libsysguy *bait*
19:25 * jcamins doesn't use LDAP.
19:25 jcamins Probably should, but I don't.
19:26 libsysguy I sometime feel like im the only one
19:26 libsysguy i just don't want my library stuck forking and rebasing after im gone
19:26 jcamins You might be able to get a sign off from MDAH.
19:26 jcamins Actually, I think they may have the exact same configuration you do.
19:26 libsysguy oh?
19:26 jcamins Yeah.
19:27 libsysguy what library is that
19:27 jcamins You'd have to ask though, because I don't remember.
19:27 libsysguy google doesn't have an immediate answer
19:27 jcamins Mississippi Department of Archives and History. Linda Culberson would be the person to talk to.
19:27 nengard left #koha
19:27 libsysguy ahh so google did give the right answer
19:29 drojf "crazy/ rare configurations" would be a nice section for the wiki so people can find someone to ask
19:30 libsysguy could we change the logo in that secion to someone pulling their hair out?
19:30 jcamins lol
19:30 drojf lol
19:31 * jcamins puts his name down for "one database for two or more Koha instances"
19:31 libsysguy one database - two kohas
19:32 libsysguy kinky
19:32 jcamins I even came up with a method to use zebraqueue instead of needing to reindex the second.
19:32 libsysguy wizzyrea: you still around
19:33 jcamins I only thought of it today so I haven't actually tested it.
19:33 drojf what real life use does that have? why would one need two kohas to search the same data?
19:33 libsysguy haha
19:33 wizzyrea libsysguy?
19:33 wahanui libsysguy is, like, Koha's hottest developer or partying with swedes on his deck
19:33 * wizzyrea nods
19:33 jcamins drojf: testing index configurations.
19:33 jcamins Also, load-balancing.
19:33 wizzyrea failover!
19:33 libsysguy do you know what the average search time is for your collection?
19:33 wizzyrea average search time.
19:33 libsysguy you have one of the larger ones right?
19:33 wizzyrea Not empirically.
19:34 libsysguy oh
19:34 wizzyrea anecdotally, it's between 1 and 10 seconds.
19:34 wizzyrea so probably average 5
19:34 libsysguy hehe
19:34 libsysguy i like that logic
19:34 jcamins I like this name: Frambotto.
19:36 wizzyrea I like this cake:[…]olate-Cake-102238
19:36 wizzyrea also, top it with *ginger cream*
19:36 * wizzyrea faints
19:36 jcamins Oooh.
19:36 jcamins Ginger ice cream is amazing.
19:36 libsysguy aka soulless cream?
19:36 libsysguy hehe
19:37 * wizzyrea gives libsysguy the eye. You know the one.
19:37 libsysguy there are no pictures...geez do you guys think i work in a library or something?
19:37 oleonard What does this mean? "The following resources are explicitly non-cacheable. Consider making them cacheable if possible: :88/"
19:37 libsysguy heh wizzyrea
19:37 libsysguy doesn't that mean they have do not cache in the header?
19:40 libsysguy oleonard you could try verifying the headers look correct with jsfiddle?
19:40 libsysguy oops
19:41 libsysguy not jsfiddle...fiddler2
19:41 libsysguy too many web fiddling tools
19:43 stuartyeates joined #koha
19:44 oleonard What I don't understand is why Chrome's audit tool is showing a comment about ":88/" all by itself
19:45 oleonard What is the scope of that warning?
19:46 libsysguy can you shoot a link on screencast?
19:46 libsysguy i haven't seen it either
19:46 libsysguy but im curious as to the context
19:47 oleonard Okay, be back in 10 minutes after Jing finishes launching :P
19:47 libsysguy hahaha
19:47 libsysguy ill settle for a normal screencap :p
19:48 oleonard
19:49 libsysguy wth that looks like a port #
19:49 oleonard It is
19:49 libsysguy oh
19:49 libsysguy well there's your problem :p
19:49 libsysguy jk
19:50 libsysguy oh i actaully get that error on my opac page too but for something specific
19:51 libsysguy oleonard:
19:53 libsysguy ok i had a crazy thought the other day
19:53 libsysguy what if I wanted to find the average age of our collection
19:54 libsysguy could i do that in mysql using the marc records?
19:54 jcamins Crazier than "why don't I set up two Koha installations connected to one database"?
19:54 libsysguy well that is pretty crazy jcamins...i feel like you just applied an inverse operation to the idea of database redundancy :p
19:54 jcamins libsysguy: you could do it using pubdate, couldn't you?
19:55 libsysguy i think so
19:55 jcamins That's what I'd do. Use pubdate or copydate.
19:55 jcamins Whichever is appropriate.
19:55 libsysguy ohh publication year
19:56 libsysguy I was worried that id have to query marc
19:56 libsysguy phew
19:56 libsysguy eff...all null
19:56 jcamins Check the other one.
19:57 libsysguy i see copyrightdate in biblio
19:57 libsysguy but nothing in items or biblioitems
19:58 jcamins Okay, copyrightdate?
19:58 libsysguy yeah that one is populated
19:58 jcamins Use that.
19:58 libsysguy working on that now
19:59 jcamins Okay, time to go.
20:17 * oleonard slinks away
20:18 * chris_n follows oleonard
20:27 libsysguy left #koha
21:05 wizzyrea man I wanna go too.
21:09 sekjal hmmm... yes, going....
21:09 sekjal night, #koha
21:10 * drojf watches the tumbleweed
21:11 jcamins drojf: I'm here.
21:11 jcamins Though I'll go work on cleaning my desk once my cat is slightly less hysterical.
21:11 drojf heh
21:11 drojf valerian? catnip?
21:12 jcamins drojf: hehe. My wife left *with a suitcase* this afternoon, which leaves him very insecure.
21:13 drojf oh :(
21:13 jcamins On the plus side, this means I'll get lots more attention from him than I usually do.
21:14 maximep left #koha
21:15 * drojf would like to have a cat
21:15 drojf but allergic, yeah :/
21:16 jcamins drojf: so are we.
21:16 jcamins Particularly my wife.
21:16 jcamins We have a hypoallergenic cat. :)
21:16 drojf did you… shave it?
21:16 drojf ;)
21:16 cait myshkin is hypoallergenic?
21:17 jcamins He's a Siberian. Siberians don't have the protein most people are allergic to.
21:17 jcamins cait: yup. :)
21:17 drojf i didnt know there is such a thing as a hypoallergenic cat. thats brilliant
21:18 cait :)
21:18 * wizzyrea giggles at drojf
21:18 wizzyrea re: the ...shaved... cat
21:20 wizzyrea gah, this is the 3rd time I've answered the "can I print all of the fines" question.
21:21 wizzyrea people just don't think to do file -> print on that screen.
21:24 drojf is customizing facets in zebra something a sane person would consider?
21:25 jcamins Uhhh...
21:25 cait drojf: I did it - it's not that bad
21:25 jcamins What cait says. :)
21:25 cait and it would be really nice to have it configurable from somewhere in the interface
21:25 wizzyrea lol @cait's calm german answer.
21:25 cait not sure why jcamins is screaming
21:25 drojf :D
21:26 cait jcamins: did myshkin eat up your cookies?
21:26 cait look at
21:26 jcamins cait: because when I want to "customize" Zebra facets, it's painful.
21:26 wizzyrea I thought he was getting ready to sneeze.
21:26 jcamins wizzyrea: lol
21:26 wizzyrea you know, from the hypoallergenic cat.
21:26 jcamins This is so weird.
21:27 cait jcamins: can we do something to make you feel better?
21:27 jcamins Recently "instant message a representative" windows haven't been working right for me.
21:27 drojf i thought he tried to say "i did it, do i look lile a sane person?"
21:27 jcamins drojf: exactly.
21:27 cait jcamins: ?
21:27 cait oh
21:27 cait you are sane
21:28 cait now go bake some cookies
21:28 cait drojf: you want to take a look at
21:28 jcamins cait: the box where you type in your text is disabled.
21:28 cait ?
21:28 jcamins That was about the "message a representative" windows.
21:28 jcamins I thought that's what the question mark was about.
21:29 cait I am very confused by now
21:29 jcamins I have to use Chrome's developer tools to remove the disabled attribute, it works fine.
21:29 drojf cait: your link looks promising!
21:29 jcamins *then it works fine
21:29 jcamins cait: then I am doing my job demonstrating that I'm not sane.
21:29 cait hm
21:29 cait ok
21:29 cait you are not sane
21:29 cait go and bake me cookies!
21:30 cait or make yummy fudge :)
21:30 cait oh
21:30 cait and book a flight to edinburgh
21:30 drojf i read funny fudge. its getting late
21:31 cait yeah it is
21:31 cait for us at least
21:39 drojf cait: just edit and reindex?
21:39 cait did you change an existing facet?
21:39 cait or added a new one?
21:40 drojf i tried to add a new one
21:40 cait if you have a new facet you also have to put it in the template file
21:40 cait but no reindexing needed :)
21:40 cait the template file is in the includes directory of opac templates
21:40 drojf ok cool
21:48 bgkriegel joined #koha
22:26 ibeardslee joined #koha

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