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00:29 cait-m hi koha
00:34 Space_Librarian hey cait-m
00:34 chris_n wizzyrea about?
00:34 eythian_bucklame cait-m: go to bed!
00:35 chris_n cait-m still up?
00:35 chris_n @seen rangi
00:35 huginn chris_n: rangi was last seen in #koha 4 days, 4 hours, 22 minutes, and 16 seconds ago: <rangi> bbl
00:35 eythian_bucklame a lot later...
00:35 chris_n really
00:36 * chris_n was thinking it must be getting late by now :)
00:38 chris_n @later tell wizzyrea if there are fields advertised which do not print on labels in the current head, I'd be obliged if you'd open a bug for it; thanks
00:38 huginn chris_n: The operation succeeded.
00:39 eternalsword rework is done.  won't be making that mistake again.
00:39 chris_n @later tell wizzyrea and if you have time to sign off on bug 7615, I'd send along lots of chocolate
00:39 huginn chris_n: The operation succeeded.
00:42 eternalsword Fellowship One has blessed my use of their API.  I just need to make a few minor adjustments and it should be ready for inclusion in koha.
00:42 * chris_n waves goodnight
00:43 eternalsword my current work is up at in the f1 branch
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02:28 druthb o/
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03:30 Amit_Gupta heya bag
03:34 bag heya Amit_Gupta
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04:01 druthb heckuva storm in Lawrence, KS right now.  100 kph winds, amazingly heavy rain, and 2.5 cm hailstones reported just outside the city.
04:01 druthb @wunder 66046
04:01 huginn druthb: The current temperature in Jeff's Weather Lab, Lawrence, Kansas is 13.0°C (10:00 PM CST on February 28, 2012). Conditions: Heavy Thunderstorms and Rain. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 29.56 in 1000.9 hPa (Rising). Tornado Watch 41 in effect until 1 am CST Wednesday...
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07:11 alex_a bonjour koha
07:16 Amit_Gupta heya alex_a
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07:16 alex_a heya Amit_Gupta
07:16 drojf good morning #koha
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07:48 reiveune hello
07:48 wahanui hola, reiveune
08:00 magnuse kia ora #koha
08:01 magnuse @wunder boo
08:01 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 2.0°C (8:50 AM CET on February 29, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 0.0°C. Windchill: 0.0°C. Pressure: 29.50 in 999 hPa (Falling).
08:01 magnuse yay
08:01 magnuse @wunder marseille
08:01 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 5.0°C (8:30 AM CET on February 29, 2012). Conditions: Fog. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Windchill: 4.0°C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Steady).
08:01 magnuse hm, rather cool?
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08:13 gaetan_B hello
08:13 wahanui niihau, gaetan_B
08:14 magnuse bonjour gaetan_B and julian_m
08:14 julian_m hi magnuse :)
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08:14 gaetan_B ohayo wahanui and magnuse ;)
08:29 Amit_Gupta heya gaetan_B
08:43 gaetan_B hi Amit_Gupta :)
09:05 clrh_ hello all
09:12 Amit_Gupta heya clrh_
09:17 Amit_Gupta @bug 6440
09:17 huginn Amit_Gupta: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6440 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Patch doesn't apply , Koha's OAI-PMH does not support sets
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12:31 cait hi #koha
12:31 kivilahtio hi cait!
12:31 cait hi :)
12:31 jwagner hi cait
12:32 cait on a train, hope the connection will work
12:32 jcamins_away How did your presentation go? :)
12:34 cait hm
12:34 cait I think it was ok
12:34 jcamins_away Yay!
12:34 jcamins_away cait++
12:36 jcamins_away schuster++
12:37 kivilahtio does Koha support credit card payments?
12:37 kivilahtio from OPAC
12:37 jcamins_away kivilahtio: no.
12:37 kivilahtio jcamins_away: any plans?
12:37 jcamins_away kivilahtio: you can use SIP for that, though.
12:37 jcamins_away Not to my knowledge.
12:37 kivilahtio hmm
12:37 kivilahtio SIP
12:37 jcamins_away That seems like a whole kettle of fish that we don't want to deal with.
12:37 kivilahtio yeah, its a big issue
12:38 cait kivilahtio: I think you can use sip to integrate third party applications to koha
12:38 kivilahtio I'll make a proposal about that to our leaders, about cutting the Gordian knot
12:38 cait to do that
12:38 cait you can use sip for payment machines? (how do you call that in english?)
12:38 kivilahtio how about epayments?
12:38 cait it's only a recent development though
12:38 cait so not sure how much it can do
12:38 cait same thing, koha can only do manual payments
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12:39 kivilahtio like paypal or some bank services?
12:39 cait or you can use sip
12:39 kivilahtio ok
12:39 kivilahtio but it is not such a biggie to implement
12:39 kivilahtio we already have open source web stores
12:40 kivilahtio we have a free ePayment and personal verification service here in Finalnd
12:40 kivilahtio well, I'll note that
12:40 kivilahtio thanks again
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12:47 marcelr hi koha
12:47 jcamins_away marcelr: does 7310 need a new sign off?
12:47 jcamins_away No it doesn't.
12:47 jcamins_away Thanks.
12:47 marcelr hi jcamins: i do not hope so
12:47 marcelr changed only fk requirements
12:48 cait hi marcelr :)
12:48 cait bug 7310
12:48 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7310 normal, P3, ---,, Signed Off , Improving permissions on lists (virtual shelves)
12:48 marcelr hi cait
12:49 marcelr paul_p not around today?
12:50 jcamins_away Is everyone suitably excited by the fact that schuster signed off on bug 7284?
12:50 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7284 major, P3, ---, jcamins, Needs Signoff , Authority matching algorithm improvements
12:50 jcamins_away But forgot to change the status.
12:50 * jcamins_away will do that for him.
12:51 marcelr was that the patch with huge test plan ;)
12:51 jcamins_away Yup.
12:51 jcamins_away wizzyrea requested a test plan.
12:51 jcamins_away I delivered.
12:51 * magnuse cheers and applauds for bug 7284
12:51 marcelr good
12:51 marcelr did you also provide a qa plan :-)
12:52 cait schuster++
12:52 magnuse and a "push to master" plan?
12:52 cait I still have the data but not tested :(
12:52 magnuse schuster++
12:52 marcelr jcamins++ schuster++
12:52 jcamins_away marcelr: "1. Look at code. 2. Mark passed QA"
12:52 marcelr 3. Push
12:53 jcamins_away Right.
12:53 magnuse good plan!
12:54 cait hi magnuse :)
12:54 magnuse guten tag cait
12:58 jcamins_away Okay, time to get ready to go.
12:58 jcamins_away Have a good day, #koha.
12:58 marcelr same
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13:28 oleonard Hi #koha
13:28 marcelr hi oleonard
13:29 marcelr oleonard: the pref in 3516 was no problem for me (marked it passed qa at the time..)
13:31 oleonard Thanks marcelr
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13:33 cait hi oleonard
13:36 oleonard Hi cait, you're cait early today :)
13:37 cait oleonard: travelling back from munich where I had a presentation
13:38 cait lots of travelling in march :)
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13:42 magnuse is there a way to hide whole records from the opac, not just items? (i don't think there is, but i might be missing something)
13:42 cait I think if oyu hide the items
13:42 cait with the new pref
13:42 cait it should hide the record too - with the last item - but miht be wrong about that
13:42 magnuse ah, i'll check!
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13:45 magnuse cait: doesn't seem to work that way - this record has one item that is hidden with OpacHiddenItems:[…]?biblionumber=344
13:45 cait hmm
13:46 cait Ithought it would because there was a lot of discussion about the numbering in search results having holes for the records that are not shown
13:46 cait there was a recent change because it also hid serials and ebooks and things... perhaps this is a side effect ?
13:47 magnuse dunno
13:47 magnuse i'm testing on master from last night, at least
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13:57 magnuse cait: looks like bug 6488 was hiding records without items, but that was fixed
13:57 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6488 critical, P2, ---, srdjan, Pushed to Master , opachiddenitems not working in master
13:57 cait yes, that's the one I was thinking about
13:58 cait so there is logic to hide the record too
13:58 cait now the question is, why it doesn't work for youu
13:58 magnuse no the other way around, as i understand it
13:58 magnuse hiding records without items was a bug and that got fixed
13:58 magnuse because it was hiding e-books and periodicals
14:04 cait yes
14:04 cait but I still think it should
14:04 cait if you have a record with items
14:04 cait that are hidden
14:04 cait hide the record
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14:09 jcamins_away Augh!
14:09 jcamins_away It's so expensive!
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14:11 cait :(
14:11 cait the contractor?
14:13 jcamins_away Yeah.
14:13 jcamins_away Actually, it seems like a great deal.
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14:13 jcamins_away But it's a lot of money.
14:13 Shane-S morning :)
14:14 jcamins_away He looked at the fuse box and said "this is going to be a problem... we need to punch holes in all your walls to replace the wiring.
14:14 cait oh ouch
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14:20 oleonard jcamins_away: Second opinion? New wiring is all well and good, but contractors have a bad habit of automatically rejecting other people's work.
14:20 jcamins_away oleonard: yeah, the next guy is coming in four hours.
14:21 jcamins_away Unfortunately, I opened up the fuse box yesterday and said "oh ****, they're going to have to punch holes in all our walls and replace the wiring."
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14:23 jcamins_away I asked druthb about it, and she agreed.
14:25 cait old?
14:26 cait oh cool
14:26 cait I can download firefox for my phone!
14:26 jcamins_away cait: very.
14:26 jcamins_away cait: it's the same age as my grandparents!
14:27 jcamins_away Not old for people, but old for wiring.
14:27 cait and opera :)
14:27 magnuse probably past the retirement age
14:28 jcamins_away magnuse: for people, too!
14:28 magnuse yup :-)
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14:35 Shane-S who does the documentation management?
14:36 cait Shane-S: do you mean documentation?
14:36 cait wahanui
14:36 wahanui yes, cait?
14:36 cait ?
14:36 cait documentation?
14:36 wahanui hmmm... documentation is at
14:36 Shane-S I see chris_n modified the files to enable branches, I will have to apply those changes, but it should allow more then just branchname
14:37 oleonard Shane-S: Check the "About Koha" page, "Koha Team" tab, "Koha Release Team" section
14:37 Shane-S it should allow all the fields in the branches table "I think". I have to test it, so I was curious how I can submit that, would that be a "bug" submission as well
14:37 oleonard nengard is documentation manager
14:39 cait Shane-S: if you want to submit code - add a bug - then add your patch to it :)
14:39 Shane-S I just want to submit further documentation on the fields usable by the patch chris_n release to bug 7615 if I determine more work
14:39 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7615 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, cnighswonger, ASSIGNED , Give option to use description for homebranch/holding branch in label creator instead of the branchcode
14:41 Shane-S I mean I wanted that change, only fair I help submit the new fields :)
14:43 * jcamins_away heads off to 66th and Lex.
14:50 magnuse Shane-S: if you want to change the documentation you can clone[…].git;a=summaryand submit patches to the documentation mailing list
14:50 magnuse Shane-S: http://lists.koha-community.or[…]istinfo/koha-docs
14:51 oleonard Why can't logged-in users search using tags they've added but which are not approved?
14:51 * oleonard whines
14:51 Shane-S magnuse: ty, still learning git, so can I just copy it manually then email the change in or is it patched via git as well?
14:51 magnuse oops (with https, not http) is giving some nasty security warnings
14:52 magnuse Shane-S: i think git is preferred, but ask nengard when she shows up
14:52 Shane-S kk ty
14:52 chris_n Shane-S: all fields from the branches table should be available, although probably not all are useful
14:52 chris_n that entire bit of code needs to be cleaned up
14:53 oleonard We'll continue to peer-pressure you about git Shane-S ;)
14:53 chris_n that select really returns way too much data
14:53 Shane-S Have it at home now...just have to learn it :D
14:53 Shane-S chris_n: yeah, I can trim the fat of the branches down easily. I can look into trimming it all if you like.
14:54 Shane-S It was just quicker to fetch it all :P
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14:54 chris_n well, the problem is larger than that sadly
14:54 Shane-S the script is bloated?
14:54 chris_n there were some differences of opinion as to what should be available or what needed to be available
14:54 chris_n so to please all of the people all of the time, that's how it ended up
14:55 Shane-S I don't see how the entire description is needed for a "labels" module
14:55 chris_n restricting it w/o lots of commenting by the community might result in a few not able to print what they are used to printing
14:55 Shane-S QR code MAYBE :P
14:56 * chris_n heads out
14:56 Shane-S hmm...*ponders radio/checkboxes and a "case" statement
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15:08 mveron Good afternoon #koha
15:18 marcelr oleonard: i am just thinking that my git clone had some resets and abort too many or so; probably must start a fresh one..
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15:38 marcelr joined #koha
15:38 marcelr back
15:38 marcelr oleonard?
15:38 wahanui it has been said that oleonard is the master UI designer of koha or an awesome bug wrangler
15:38 oleonard Yes
15:38 marcelr it must be vim instead of git
15:38 marcelr replacing tabs by spaces
15:38 marcelr changed my rc file today
15:39 marcelr even in a fresh clone same problems..
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15:49 kyleh have there been any problems with using Date::Calc::Day_of_Week? It's telling me today is an invalid date!
15:50 oleonard I'll say it is.
15:50 * oleonard goes home
15:51 kyleh it's also telling me that the 27th is also invalid.
15:52 wizzyrea chris_n: testing your patch now
15:52 wizzyrea ... and that was before I read your @later :)
15:54 wizzyrea chris_n++ that works a treat :)
15:54 magnuse wizzyrea: if and when you have the time, could you take a look at the "bugs to be signed off" link on - and maybe change the kohaCon11-link to one for KohaCon12?
15:54 magnuse kthxbai
15:54 wizzyrea yep
15:54 wizzyrea lol
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15:55 magnus_afk yay!
15:55 magnus_afk 2 bugs that need sign off is a little bit too good to be true...
15:55 * magnus_afk takes the dogs for a walk
15:55 wizzyrea :)
15:56 wizzyrea chris_n: labels.t gives some funky messages in the tests - but passes
15:57 pastebot "wizzyrea" at pasted "messages from tests for chris_n" (9 lines) at
15:57 pastebot "wizzyrea" at pasted "messages from tests for chris_n" (9 lines) at
15:57 wizzyrea (may be unrelated, idk. will check master too.)
15:58 nengard question about master - is anyone else noticign that the help files aren't loading? is it just my set up? or a bug?
15:58 nengard or i should say the help file on the main page
15:58 nengard other pages seem to work
15:59 oleonard nengard: It may just be mentioned in another bug, but it is a known issue
15:59 nengard okey dokey, will search
15:59 nengard another question - why were the table sorters removed on the patron search? and when?
15:59 oleonard If you're at it doesn't work. If you're at it does work
16:00 oleonard nengard: I assume they were removed around the time the results got split into pages
16:00 oleonard ...since sorting one page of many pages of results doesn't make much sense.
16:01 nengard hmmm
16:01 nengard got people complaining that it disappeared after an upgrade
16:01 wizzyrea part of the unified patron search routine?
16:01 wizzyrea possibly?
16:01 wizzyrea I know it was a speed suck.
16:27 Shane-S nengard: how best should I submit documentation changes based on a patch. I want to add more detail to the tools section 2.3.1 on the fields available. However, I can't use git (yet..working on it @ home)
16:28 nengard if you can't use git them email me the text of your changes and i'll put it in
16:28 Shane-S okay, using the http://lists.koha-community.or[…]istinfo/koha-docs page emails?
16:29 wizzyrea Shane-S: I just signed off on the patch for your bug :)
16:29 Shane-S awesome thanks :P (not sure what that means though)
16:36 alex_a left #koha
16:36 wizzyrea it means it's only got QA and RM approval before your bug will be fixed :)
16:36 wizzyrea (in master)
16:37 wizzyrea does someone have the link for kohacon12?
16:37 wizzyrea slef?
16:37 wahanui slef is an encyclopedia of FOSS knowledge
16:37 wizzyrea ^ true
16:37 wizzyrea kohacon12?
16:37 wahanui kohacon12 is[…]ategory:KohaCon12 or Conference Tue 5 June 2012 to Thu 7th, Hackfest Sat 9th June-Mon 11th June
16:37 wizzyrea AHA
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17:02 eternalsword in the templating system, with the [% IF %] blocks, is it possible to check if a variable, whose value is grabbed from the database, is NULL
17:03 wizzyrea template toolkit?
17:03 wahanui template toolkit is apt-get install libtemplate-perl or
17:04 wizzyrea this may help you:
17:05 eternalsword thanks
17:05 slef wahanui++
17:06 Shane-S nengard: email you with the change, hopefully I I covered my bases.
17:20 melia has anyone noticed a problem with RenewalBasePreference set to "the old date of the checkout"? one library is saying that if they renew a book today that isn't due until 5 days from today, the new due date is 2 wks from today instead of 2 wks from the actual due date...
17:33 wizzyrea melia - i haven't heard that
17:34 wizzyrea but can test it
17:35 gaetan_B bye #koha!
17:35 melia I'm only hearing it from one library. am wondering if maybe some other settings could be affecting it…
17:35 wizzyrea could be
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17:40 oleonard Seems to be working for me in master melia
17:40 fabio_t Hi #koha!
17:40 melia ok thanks for testing oleonard :)
17:41 * oleonard needs to stop finding things he doesn't like about the way tags work
17:41 * jcamins_away needs to stop finding things he wants done to his new apartment.
17:42 oleonard I'm sure I could get lots of things I want if I threw money at the problem jcamins_away
17:43 * wizzyrea read that as "throw money at the problem jcamins"
17:43 wizzyrea he's not a problem
17:44 wizzyrea paul_p, see 5586 in regard to your SIP issue
17:44 oleonard I'm sure he wouldn't mind if we threw money at him wizzyrea
17:45 jcamins_away wizzyrea: you canstill throw money at me. I wouldn't mind.
17:45 jcamins_away It would go towards cat6 cabling.
17:48 kivilahtio what is accountlines.accountno used for?
17:48 wizzyrea schema?
17:48 wahanui i heard schema was tracked in git. or found at
17:49 wizzyrea boo it doesn't say
17:49 wizzyrea but afaik, the accountno is the number of the fine for that patron
17:49 wizzyrea so the very first fine a patron ever gets, will be 1
17:50 wizzyrea the next, 2
17:50 wizzyrea and so on
17:50 kivilahtio what I wanted to find out is can we find out from what library does the fine originate from
17:50 kivilahtio @wizzyrea: hey thats true,
17:50 huginn kivilahtio: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
17:50 wizzyrea well... you can link the borrowernumber with issues
17:51 wizzyrea or old issues, if the book has been returned
17:52 wizzyrea and look at issues.issuingbranch
17:52 wizzyrea or issues.branchcode
17:52 kivilahtio @wizzyrea:yeah it seems legit
17:52 huginn kivilahtio: I suck
17:52 kivilahtio huginn: why is that?
17:52 huginn kivilahtio: I've exhausted my database of quotes
17:52 wizzyrea which would tell you where the item was checked out from
17:52 wizzyrea he's a bot :)
17:52 wizzyrea he does that when you say @anything
17:52 wizzyrea at the beginning of a line
17:53 kivilahtio @wizzyrea: so you have strategically added @ to the start of your name?
17:53 huginn kivilahtio: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
17:53 kivilahtio how cool is that :D
17:53 wizzyrea lol naw
17:53 wizzyrea @something
17:53 huginn wizzyrea: I've exhausted my database of quotes
17:54 wizzyrea see :)
17:54 kivilahtio I have a issues-table full of returndates and lastrenewdates of NULL
17:54 wizzyrea @quote get random
17:54 huginn wizzyrea: Error: 'random' is not a valid id.
17:54 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
17:54 wizzyrea @quote random
17:54 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #162: "oleonard: I think DRM is inherently incompatible with any lending system which will be friendly to patrons." (added by wizzyrea at 04:03 PM, October 28, 2011)
17:54 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
17:54 wizzyrea right
17:54 wizzyrea issues never have a returndate
17:54 luisb joined #koha
17:54 wizzyrea because once they do
17:54 wizzyrea they are copied to old_issues
17:54 kivilahtio ahaa!
17:55 wizzyrea s/copied/moved
17:55 wizzyrea they *would* have a renewaldate
17:55 wizzyrea if there were renewals
17:56 wizzyrea but, of course many items are never renewed.
17:56 kivilahtio so backtracking accountlines.borrowernumber & itemnumber to issues and oldissues we can determine from which library this transaction emits
17:56 wizzyrea exactly.
17:57 wizzyrea something like select * from old_issues join accountlines using(borrowernumber) where borrowernumber = <the number>;
17:58 kivilahtio good, I can mark good scores for the requirement "Can we see from the fines display, from which library the fines originate from" to existing functionality supports addon :)
17:59 kivilahtio How about custom created fines?
17:59 kivilahtio @wizzyrea: fines that dont have a item attached?
17:59 huginn kivilahtio: I've exhausted my database of quotes
17:59 wizzyrea hmm
17:59 wizzyrea you want to know who added that?
18:00 wizzyrea let me think
18:00 kivilahtio well it doesnt matter
18:00 * wizzyrea tests something
18:00 kivilahtio we can backtrack according to time and patron
18:00 wizzyrea now I want to know ;)
18:01 wizzyrea because there is a "manager_id" in there
18:01 wizzyrea and i wonder if it means anything
18:01 kivilahtio but issues has no manager_id
18:01 wizzyrea no
18:01 wizzyrea but accountlines does
18:01 kivilahtio manager_id is the staff patron who created the fine
18:01 kivilahtio or participated in the payment
18:01 wizzyrea right - and that would lead you to which library added it
18:02 wizzyrea or, at least it would in my system
18:02 kivilahtio so true
18:02 wizzyrea because every library has their own user.
18:02 wizzyrea several, even.
18:02 kivilahtio unless the staff was at some other library
18:02 wizzyrea nah, the id's correspond to patrons
18:02 wizzyrea you would always be able to tell who did it
18:02 kivilahtio and patrons have fixed homebranches
18:02 kivilahtio yeah who, but from where?
18:03 cait joined #koha
18:03 wizzyrea well, unless a staff member logged in as themself with a set branch in a different library
18:03 kivilahtio yeah but thats so rare
18:03 wizzyrea you do have to assume that the staff member was at the library they were signed in at
18:03 kivilahtio and its user fault
18:03 wizzyrea exactly
18:03 kivilahtio you cant blame a system for that
18:03 wizzyrea nope
18:03 cait hi :)
18:03 wizzyrea hi cait :)
18:03 kivilahtio hi
18:03 wahanui salut, kivilahtio
18:03 wizzyrea we missed you yesterday
18:03 wizzyrea how did it go?
18:03 kivilahtio wahanui
18:03 wahanui yes, kivilahtio?
18:04 wizzyrea (also a bot)
18:04 kivilahtio wahanui: what?
18:04 wahanui i haven't a clue, kivilahtio
18:04 wizzyrea (friendly sort though)
18:04 kivilahtio :D
18:04 kivilahtio luv your bots
18:04 wizzyrea they are fun :)
18:04 kivilahtio totally confuse me
18:04 wizzyrea true.
18:04 kivilahtio damn its 20:00 here already
18:05 kivilahtio should try to get to work earlier than 12:00
18:05 wizzyrea where is "here?"
18:05 kivilahtio but its nice and peacefull
18:05 kivilahtio Finland
18:05 wizzyrea ooooo
18:05 kivilahtio and @wizzyrea? where do thee hail from?
18:05 wizzyrea Kansas, USA
18:05 wizzyrea flyover country ;)
18:05 kivilahtio ok
18:06 kivilahtio Koha is bustling in the states
18:06 wizzyrea as in "the part most everyone only sees from the air"
18:06 kivilahtio getting solid market share
18:06 wizzyrea it's doing alright here :)
18:06 kivilahtio I wonder how do you deal with consortia of say 200 libraries?
18:06 wizzyrea with lots of hardware and a few staff, I'd guess.
18:07 * wizzyrea has 40 in her consortium
18:07 kivilahtio but Koha doesn't handicap it in anyway?
18:07 wizzyrea not the way we use it, no.
18:07 kivilahtio we have a dire need for departments inside libraries
18:07 kivilahtio and if we go Koha we definetely need to add that functionality
18:07 wizzyrea hm, explain
18:07 kivilahtio and atm we have around 20 branches
18:07 wizzyrea define "departments inside libraries"
18:08 kivilahtio like musics department, childrens department
18:08 wizzyrea the first question?
18:08 wahanui the first question is "What are you trying to do?"
18:08 kivilahtio serials deparmtnet
18:08 kivilahtio every library has its own departments, not all have the same. And every department needs to be able to define different loan rules
18:08 wizzyrea rather, what's the goal and how does Koha fall short
18:08 kivilahtio have its own funds
18:08 wizzyrea oh sure you can do that I think
18:08 kivilahtio nope
18:09 kivilahtio well atm we havea a library for every department and can do searching using search groups
18:09 kivilahtio but it makes the search display extremely cluttered
18:09 kivilahtio we have 20 libraries, but those extra 150 departments really clutter the OPAC search
18:10 kivilahtio search groups dont fix that
18:10 kivilahtio departments need to have their own open periods
18:10 wizzyrea you can't do this with item types?
18:10 kivilahtio so basically every department is a library of its own, with its own rulesets regardin even how fines are formed
18:11 kivilahtio but I feel it's not such a big issues to extend Koha to support departments
18:11 wizzyrea so have Serials - subtype
18:11 wizzyrea childrens - subtype1
18:11 wizzyrea childrens - subtype2
18:11 wizzyrea set fines/rules based on those itypes
18:11 wizzyrea per library
18:11 wizzyrea sure you end up with a zillion itypes
18:11 wizzyrea but it might be better than what you're doing now
18:11 kivilahtio what about finding with itemtypes?
18:12 kivilahtio searching*
18:12 kivilahtio you havea agazillion to choose from
18:12 kivilahtio patrons wont like it, no one will
18:12 wizzyrea use collection codes for searching?
18:12 wizzyrea and only have a few of those?
18:12 kivilahtio or shelf locations?
18:12 wizzyrea sure or that
18:12 wizzyrea i mean
18:13 wizzyrea you can only base rules on itypes
18:13 wizzyrea well and patron categories
18:13 wizzyrea but I think you're more concerned with *things* and not *people*
18:13 kivilahtio and you think adding departments is such a huge issues?
18:13 wizzyrea @quote get 123
18:13 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
18:13 kivilahtio what i gather it might take 2 months
18:13 wizzyrea I think it might be one of these, and that is *ok*
18:14 kivilahtio add a parent column to branches
18:14 kivilahtio to define hierarchial relationship
18:14 wizzyrea but it is always worth thinking about how to make koha fit in your mad scheme the way it is now
18:14 wizzyrea :)
18:14 kivilahtio well we would like to have it in master
18:14 kivilahtio you know to work with you guys to find the common ground
18:15 wizzyrea sure sure
18:15 kivilahtio scratch your back, and get scratched
18:15 kivilahtio and what I gather from talks around here, some libraries will definetely be interested
18:15 kivilahtio and that functionality streamlines Koha use, and gets rid of playing around with gazillion item types
18:16 wizzyrea i'm not disagreeing with you ^.^
18:16 kivilahtio anyway
18:16 wizzyrea just thinking about how it could be done *now* and without a bunch of dev work.
18:16 wizzyrea if you're willing to do the work - more power to ya :)
18:16 kivilahtio dev work wont be an issues if we go OS ILS
18:17 kivilahtio we are planning to havea team of 3-4 persons for 1 year to do the migration, setup, extra developments
18:17 kivilahtio to have things running more our way
18:17 wizzyrea yep - submit early, submit often
18:17 kivilahtio but it will be important for us to stick to master branch
18:17 wizzyrea steps are bigger than big chunks in our world
18:17 kivilahtio so we wont get version locked
18:17 wizzyrea big chunks often get bogged down in testing.
18:17 wizzyrea little chunks often sail right through
18:18 kivilahtio ok
18:18 wizzyrea :)
18:18 kivilahtio thats some solid advice
18:18 * wizzyrea has seen it again and again
18:19 wizzyrea version control using git
18:19 wahanui version control using git is at[…]Control_Using_Git
18:19 wizzyrea you are familiar with this eh
18:19 wizzyrea and....
18:19 wizzyrea[…]gn_off_on_patches
18:19 wizzyrea and[…]n_a_pushed_branch
18:20 wizzyrea and[…]i/SubmitingAPatch
18:20 fabio_t Bye!
18:20 wizzyrea bye :)
18:23 mveron wizzyrea: I hope my little chunk in Bug 7621 can sail through :-)
18:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7621 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW , Circulation: Match age restriction of title with borrower's age without using categories
18:23 wizzyrea me too, that looks really helpful
18:24 wizzyrea what do you think about adding it to reserves as well?
18:24 mveron I just commented it. Seems that it would lad to som architectural changes.
18:24 * wizzyrea imagines a scenario where a kid places a hold on a R rated movie, the item is transited ($$, often), but the kid is denied checkout and the item has to be transited back home (more $$)
18:25 kivilahtio hmm ok, ill dig into those tomorrow, good night gents
18:25 wizzyrea later :)
18:26 mveron wizzyrea: I take this as comment to my comment. We need the functionality urgently.
18:26 libsysguy joined #koha
18:26 wizzyrea yep, it can be added later
18:26 wizzyrea but I think it's worth thinking about
18:27 wizzyrea (it's not a requirement for your functionality to get in)
18:27 wizzyrea (at least not for me)
18:27 wizzyrea (someone else might complain, I can't speak for them)
18:27 libsysguy ill complain
18:28 * libsysguy wonders what he'll be complaining about
18:28 wizzyrea lol
18:28 wizzyrea stop you are giving mveron a heart attack.
18:28 mveron Why? Oh. :-) About the weather... ?
18:28 wizzyrea no, about libsysguy being sarcastic and complaining about your age functionality ;)
18:28 wizzyrea but he won't really
18:28 wizzyrea WILL HE
18:29 * wizzyrea gives libsysguy the stink eye
18:29 mveron Nobody should complain about age :-)
18:29 libsysguy hehe
18:29 cait mveron: do you think it could be extended to take a field from items into account?
18:29 cait :)
18:29 cait iam thinking about hte restricted value
18:29 mveron Hi cait. Yes I do.
18:29 * libsysguy runs giggling from wizzyrea
18:29 cait I don't think it's actually used for something right now
18:29 cait and with our union catalog schema we would need soomething on item level
18:30 mveron I pondered about using the public notes field on items.
18:30 cait hm
18:30 cait i would think restricted
18:30 wizzyrea seems like a hack to me
18:30 mveron Our librarians asked the same thing.
18:30 cait it's an item field
18:31 wizzyrea oh you mean like a "not for loan" value
18:31 cait and I think the descriptions for the restricted values are already shown on opac now
18:31 cait would have to try, but I think owen(?) did some work on that
18:31 cait wizzyrea: yes, authorized value :)
18:31 wizzyrea an authorized value might work well there.
18:31 wizzyrea ever a chace of having a restricted item that is also not for loan?
18:32 wizzyrea becuse that situation would be impossible with an auth value in not_loan
18:32 wizzyrea @quote get 123
18:32 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
18:32 cait you could make the value the age perhaps, and the description whatever you like
18:32 cait wizzyrea: it's a separate field
18:32 cait not the not for loan one
18:33 cait you can have both
18:33 mveron I try to follow...
18:33 wizzyrea oh, hm
18:33 cait the rest is a matter of display
18:33 wizzyrea oh, $5
18:33 wizzyrea use restrictions
18:33 cait yep
18:33 cait was looking up the field - you beat me :)
18:33 cait 953$5
18:33 * wizzyrea had uh, not seen that one before
18:33 cait it's been there all the time
18:33 cait but I don't think we do anything with it
18:33 wizzyrea rather, overlooked it
18:33 cait except I think we display it now
18:34 wizzyrea possibly
18:34 wizzyrea so, mveron
18:34 wizzyrea in the authorized values
18:34 cait mveron: still confused? :)
18:34 wizzyrea you can define restrictions
18:34 wizzyrea that will show up per item
18:34 wizzyrea in a drop down
18:34 cait you could do something like 16 (value) =  FSK 16 (description)
18:34 wizzyrea
18:35 wizzyrea you would set those up here:
18:35 mveron Wow
18:36 * wizzyrea waits for the "look at all of those tabs!"
18:37 cait mveron: I think checking marc in circ will make things really slow
18:37 cait mveron: item level would be a lot faster
18:38 mveron I think we should do the one and not forget the other. Some libraries would prefer to restrict on titles, athers to restrict on items.
18:38 wizzyrea and we can *not* have slow circ
18:38 wizzyrea circ must not get any slower.
18:38 mveron cait: In my implementation I did not hae the impression that it is slow. It is just one SQL statement more, it includes the XML extraction.
18:39 cait mveron: I am a bit worried about using tha tmarc field
18:39 cait xml extraction with xml is not so fast in my experience
18:39 cait with sql
18:40 cait sorry, tired
18:40 cait just came home, sitting in trains all day
18:41 mveron Hmm, it runs fine on my server.
18:41 wizzyrea under load?
18:41 cait oooh
18:41 cait what you could do
18:42 cait use the value in the marc
18:42 cait and make a plugin
18:42 cait that will fill the restricted field in the items
18:42 wizzyrea oh yea! that's a great idea
18:42 cait and
18:42 cait make the field configurable using a syspref
18:42 cait then you could match the descriptions from field x to descriptions from an authorized value even...
18:42 wizzyrea like the classification scheme thing.
18:42 wizzyrea kinda
18:43 cait wizzyrea: exactly!
18:43 cait use it to preset the value, would make it easy to catalog
18:43 wizzyrea that solves both problems.
18:43 wizzyrea cait++
18:43 cait and keep the functionality on item level
18:43 wizzyrea for fast circ :)
18:45 cait mveron: hm, I wonder if xml functions are mysql specific
18:46 mveron cait: I'm in discussion wit mbalmer about this, regarding postGre . B.T.W. it is used at other places, I found the idea in the Wiki (Reporting)
18:47 cait mveron: yeah for reporting I think it's ok
18:47 cait we will have different sections maybe later
18:48 cait mveron: reports are done by each library, and you can configure it
18:49 cait not so much of a problme then :) libraries using a different database system can write different reports, it's not built in
18:49 mveron cait: I know.
18:49 mveron So we have 3 concerns:
18:50 schuster joined #koha
18:50 mveron a) Fastness, b) Is the field appropriate c) XML extraction
18:50 wizzyrea fastness probably being the most important
18:52 mveron wizzyrea: Hmm, how to test?
18:53 wizzyrea i'd ping sekjal about that sort of thing
18:53 wizzyrea we always find out about performance problems the hard way - by putting it into production and suffering.
18:53 mveron And if fatness would be an issue for big libraries, thy do not have to use the function.
18:53 mveron Sorry, fastness,,,
18:53 wizzyrea :P
18:53 mveron Shoud put my glasses...
18:53 wizzyrea lol, fatness is often a problem for big libraries.
18:54 wizzyrea get it? har har har
18:54 cait mveron: make the field configurable
18:54 cait but I really think item level would be more flexible
18:54 cait and perhaps not so much harder to implement really
18:54 mveron I can make it configurable (you mean the field)
18:55 mveron For us it is really very important, because we deal with small and middl public libraris an school libraries.
18:55 mveron The librarians in our group said that I killed a killer by implementing the function.
18:56 mveron Really ._9 Not only a 3 letter code :-)
18:56 wizzyrea yup, it will be helpful for us too
18:56 wizzyrea as we are thinking of adding a school
18:56 wizzyrea and they may want to do this
18:56 wizzyrea another way to extend it, would be to make it a per branch setting
18:56 wizzyrea per-library
18:56 cait _9?
18:57 wizzyrea so patrons of a school would be subject to age restrictions
18:57 mveron Looks nice... New emoticon.. Says "MArc, put your glasses"
18:57 wizzyrea but not patrons of the other publics
18:57 mveron ^^^Would have to find out how
18:59 * mveron _9 could maybe something like "working until 9 PM"
19:02 * mveron Will try to find out where to implement settings per branch
19:15 cait oleonard++
19:15 wizzyrea because oleonards make everything better.
19:15 * oleonard thought maybe it was for polishing off my lunch with such dispatch
19:17 cait :)
19:17 cait oh
19:17 cait oleonard: marseille! squee!
19:17 oleonard :)
19:18 cait oh
19:18 cait and I wanted to ask you to take a look at order notes
19:18 cait ...
19:18 cait can bring chocolate? :)
19:20 * wizzyrea steps away briefly to fetch lunch.
19:22 oleonard what about order notes cait?
19:27 cait oleonard: sorry, got a phone call
19:27 cait finding the bug number for you
19:27 cait 7166
19:32 cait I think having a popup is not good - because of printing and because you don't see them
19:32 cait not sure what we could do to make it look good
19:32 cait was thinking perhaps you had a suggestion
19:47 mveron wizzyrea: About branch settings, am I right that this is done via the group configuration?
19:47 wizzyrea the groups were never finished afaik
19:47 wizzyrea maybe gmcharlt can speak to that?
19:48 mveron With two branches belonging to two different Properties Groups I can have different settings.
19:48 wizzyrea i have never fiddled around with the groups because I assumed they didn't work, because at some point someone told me they were incomplete.
19:49 wizzyrea or didn't work as expected
19:49 wizzyrea if it were me, I'd just add it to the branch definitions.
19:50 mveron In Home › Administration › Libraries and Groups -> Modify Library?
19:51 wizzyrea yep
19:53 oleonard I spend twenty minutes looking at acquisitions templates and now the word "basket" looks totally wrong to me.
19:54 * wizzyrea has had the same problem with the word basket
19:54 wizzyrea does anyone else have an idea on what exactly is going on in 7624?
19:54 wizzyrea bug 7624
19:54 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7624 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW , Constrain new category code field to 2 Characters in
19:55 oleonard wizzyrea: I'd say wait for a detailed error message before spending any more time on it
19:56 cait oleonard: I think I have changed it in german to 'order' = bestellung
20:01 * oleonard got distracted by issues with; will look now at
20:01 cait thank you :)
20:01 cait it didn't feel 'right' to me
20:01 cait but not sure what will work
20:03 mveron wizzyrea: Adding something to the branch definitions would need an additional database field in the branches table, am I right?
20:03 wizzyrea i would guess so, yes
20:05 mveron Hmm, would propose to stick with system preferences (as longas  they "listen" to property groups)
20:09 oleonard cait: what about simply giving the note a little space? ...and a proper label?
20:09 wizzyrea aside: that note is pretty priceless.
20:10 cait oleonard: keep it simple - I like it
20:10 cait priceless?
20:10 wizzyrea awesome?
20:10 * oleonard will submit a follow-up patch which includes that and other changes
20:10 wizzyrea funny?
20:10 cait yay
20:10 cait thank you!
20:10 cait oleonard++
20:15 Space_Librarian joined #koha
20:15 Space_Librarian o/
20:17 fabio_t joined #koha
20:18 fabio_t Hi
20:18 eythian_ joined #koha
20:19 mtj morning #koha
20:19 fabio_t Hi mtj
20:19 * mtj waves to eythian_bucklame from hamiltr0n
20:19 mtj heya fabio_t
20:20 fabio_t I can't search authorities in UNIMARC Koha 3.6 packages
20:21 wizzyrea and they've been indexed?
20:21 fabio_t I did -a -r
20:21 fabio_t but no way
20:21 eythian_bucklame mtj: why on earth would you be there?
20:22 wizzyrea hm, you're using packages
20:22 fabio_t auth_header table isn't empty
20:22 wizzyrea I wonder if it was a problem with permissions
20:22 mtj on the way back to wgtn, from a wedding in ak
20:22 fabio_t and authority records seem fine
20:22 wizzyrea perhaps you need to do
20:22 wizzyrea koha-rebuild-zebra -a -r instancename
20:23 fabio_t it says that -a switch is not compatible with -x
20:23 wizzyrea eythian - any thoughts on that one?
20:23 eythian_bucklame if you just do koha-rebuild-zebra --full instancename, it'll rebuild everything.
20:24 fabio_t so I ran the reindexing in the old fashioned way :
20:24 fabio_t :)
20:24 wizzyrea authorities too?
20:24 eythian_bucklame I'd be very careful doing it the old fashioned way
20:24 eythian_bucklame yep, authorities too
20:24 eythian_bucklame I think there's an option to just do thing, will check
20:24 eythian_bucklame *just do them
20:24 wizzyrea oh
20:24 wizzyrea -u -a -r
20:24 fabio_t I'm giving it a try, thanks
20:24 wizzyrea or -u -f
20:25 wizzyrea for no -x
20:25 fabio_t what does -u stand for?
20:25 wizzyrea process as USMARC rather than default of MARCXML
20:25 * wizzyrea was reading[…]e_Debian_packages
20:25 laurence left #koha
20:25 eythian_bucklame koha-rebuild-zebra currently only has the ability to do both bibs and authorities at the same time
20:26 wizzyrea there you have it, thanks eythian
20:26 * wizzyrea adds that to the wiki
20:26 eythian_bucklame but it is smart enough to always do usmarc for authorities :)
20:29 wizzyrea so you can't do just bibs, or just authorities
20:29 wizzyrea you have to do both
20:29 fabio_t wizzyrea: you were talking about permissions... what kind of permissions? operative system user (sudoer or not) or staff user permissions set in the backend of Koha?
20:29 wizzyrea operating system permissions
20:29 wizzyrea i.e. the permissions on the zebradb itself.
20:30 fabio_t k
20:30 fabio_t hm
20:30 fabio_t zebra seems to run fine
20:31 eythian_bucklame I tend to find that as soon as someone does a sudo rebuild_zebra... it breaks the permissions on the packages.
20:31 fabio_t should I change ownership or other rights on some zebra file?
20:31 eythian_bucklame or rather, on the package managed zebra db
20:31 wizzyrea ^^ this was my concern
20:32 kathryn joined #koha
20:32 wizzyrea but I didn't have any direct evidence
20:32 wizzyrea but you do :)
20:32 fabio_t eheh
20:32 eythian_bucklame fabio_t: when you ran rebuild_zebra, exactly what was your command?
20:32 eythian_bucklame brb meeting
20:33 oleonard Weird... The notes I added via are not showing up on
20:33 oleonard ...but other notes are.
20:34 fabio_t hm, I've made many attempts eythian_bucklame... do you need to know the first one?
20:37 oleonard cait, have you noticed that ^^
20:37 wizzyrea that would probably be the one that made the problem originally
20:37 cait sorry, noticed?
20:37 cait oleonard: oh
20:37 matts_away joined #koha
20:37 cait I think i only checked basket summary
20:37 cait perhaps
20:37 cait :(
20:38 cait what other notes?
20:38 cait one other thing about the change is, that we copy footnotes into that field
20:38 cait in neworderempty
20:38 oleonard Notes which I must have added at the time of ordering
20:38 cait which I always found a bit weird
20:39 cait oleonard: probably automagically copied footnotes?
20:39 cait oleonard: it is the same field as on the order form - it's not a new field
20:39 cait only that you are not supposed to change the order lines after ordering and I think that's a first step tomake that happen
20:41 cait hope I make sense...
20:42 fabio_t I've just ran sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -f -v  myInstanceName
20:46 wizzyrea did it work?
20:46 pastebot "fabio_t" at pasted "output of sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -f -v instanceName" (86 lines) at
20:46 fabio_t no...
20:47 fabio_t I still can't search authorities
20:47 fabio_t as NPs
20:49 eythian_bucklame those warnings look a bit dubious, but I don't really know what they mean
20:49 fabio_t I thought it could be bug #3072 but I get no results with any option
20:49 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3072 critical, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, jcamins, RESOLVED FIXED, 'Heading-Main' authority-index breaks authority searching in STABLE
20:50 cait the warnings look really weri
20:50 cait d
20:51 fabio_t I've always got those warnings, even if I don't reindex authorities
20:51 cait I have never seen those index names I think
20:51 cait are you using marc21 or unimarc?
20:51 fabio_t UNIMARC
20:52 cait eythian_bucklame: could that be the problem?
20:52 fabio_t but bibs indexing and searching work
20:53 eythian_bucklame cait: I don't know. fabio_t, did you add '--marcflavor unimarc' when you ran koha-create?
20:53 mveron wizzyrea: You were right with the Library Property Groups. I mistaked with my tests.  I read the manual for Verion 3.6, but there is no explnation what the groups do.
20:53 mveron See: http://manual.koha-community.o[…]s.html#libsgroups,
20:53 wizzyrea I vaguely wonder why we don't rip them out.
20:54 cait mveron: I think search group swork, but property groups not
20:54 wizzyrea aha
20:54 cait mveron: I think features that got lost sometime, but should be revoked
20:54 cait because it#s a cool idea :)
20:55 wizzyrea yea, it was a 3.0 thing
20:55 cait I think it was possible to use groups to express attributes
20:55 wizzyrea sorry, was supposed to be a 3.2 things
20:55 cait like 'non-circulatiing'
20:55 wizzyrea but it never got finished, because the company that was doing it left the community.
20:55 mveron Found an explanation here: (for what they do and not do actually, with a text for the manual):[…]March/027861.html
20:55 cait I was thinking about have a library with ILL function (to own ill materials)
20:55 oleonard Liblime took it with them when they took their toys and went home.
20:55 cait wizzyrea: I think it's probably much older
20:56 fabio_t eythian_bucklame: I don't know if I did it for this instance
20:56 cait when I remember correctly what rangi told me
20:57 fabio_t but I've fixed pathProfile or something in one instance that I didn't installed properly
20:57 fabio_t ...pathProfile in a zebra configuration file
21:00 fabio_t just ran history | grep koha-create
21:00 fabio_t it returns sudo koha-create --marcflavor unimarc --create-db kohaauth
21:00 fabio_t I did it
21:01 eythian_bucklame hmm OK
21:01 oleonard[…]System_groups_RFC
21:01 eythian_bucklame I don't know then really, never used unimarc. It's possible the packages aren't setting up some path for unimarc correctly, but that's just a guess.
21:02 * mveron Hmm, remembering wat wizzyrea said earlier today about small and big chunks: I would really like to get the age thing sail through as soon as possible.
21:02 cait mveron: I can understand
21:03 cait mveron: only not too happy with it like it is now for myself :(
21:03 fabio_t should I open a new bug?
21:03 eythian_bucklame fabio_t: worth a shot, it at least gives you somewhere to focus research on
21:04 eythian_bucklame however, I'd collect as much information as you can to work out where the issue is, my only ideas are just guessing
21:04 eythian_bucklame (also, I'm not doing koha work today, so can't really look in detail)
21:05 fabio_t ok, thank you anyway
21:05 fabio_t wizzyrea, cait: what do you think about it?
21:05 fabio_t any clue?
21:05 cait fabio_t: sorry, I am not familiar with the packages or unimarc - and have not followed all of the discussion
21:05 wizzyrea sorry, I only use MARC21 too
21:05 cait not much use here
21:06 cait and about to sleep :)
21:06 cait cya all tomorrow
21:06 fabio_t bye cait
21:06 fabio_t and thanks
21:06 fabio_t wizzyrea++
21:06 fabio_t cait++
21:06 fabio_t eythian++
21:10 Johnindy joined #koha
21:15 mveron Oh, it's getting late. Good night.
21:15 * oleonard heads out too
21:16 mveron left #koha
21:28 slef morning #koha
21:29 Space_Librarian morning slef
21:45 * wizzyrea looks at the clock
21:45 * wizzyrea checks the world clock
21:45 * wizzyrea thinks slef is bluffing about it being morning.
21:46 * Space_Librarian checks the clock - it's morning for her
21:46 wizzyrea oh I am *sure* it's morning for yOU :)
21:46 wizzyrea you*
21:48 Space_Librarian hehehehe.
21:55 eythian_bucklame it's also morning for me.
21:55 wizzyrea *nod*
21:55 eythian_bucklame so far, evidence points to morning everywhere
21:56 wizzyrea world clock says it is NOT morning in the UK or here ;)
21:56 eythian_bucklame outliers.
21:56 eythian_bucklame don't count
21:56 wizzyrea hehe
21:56 wizzyrea you're right, the world *does* revolve around NZ
21:58 eythian_bucklame I knew it!
22:01 mbalmer joined #koha
22:15 magnus_afk g'night #koha!
22:21 Johnindy_ joined #koha
22:27 BobB joined #koha
22:27 nengard left #koha
22:33 Soupermanito joined #koha
22:41 fabio_t bye all
22:43 libsysguy left #koha
23:27 maximep left #koha

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