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01:19 eternalsword recent changes to sco has caused a hiccup.  see[…]pare/selfcheckout
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01:35 Judit2 hi
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01:37 Space_Librarian hey
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02:38 Judit1 hi- again
02:39 Judit1[…]k-battle-heats-up
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03:49 Amit_Gupta heya bg
03:49 Amit_Gupta heya bag
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05:36 bag heya Amit_Gupta
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05:55 cait hi #koha :)
06:33 Amit_Gupta heya cait
06:33 cait hi Amit_Gupta
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07:04 halfie hi, how do I enable sending emails in Koha? ./koha-email-enable script for an "instancename" which I don't know about.
07:07 cait halfie: you have installed koha using the packages?
07:08 cait you have to set up an mta on your system that koha can use
07:08 halfie cait: I installed Koha from source distribution. I already have postfix working on the system.
07:08 cait and if you used the packages the instancename will be the name of the koha installation you want to activate mails for
07:08 cait I am not sure what source distribution menas - did you use the koha-common packages?
07:09 halfie cait: I used source distribution and did "make install". source distribution implies koha-latest.tar.gz tarball distribution.
07:09 cait halfie: ah ok
07:09 cait then you are not using the packages
07:10 cait there are debian packages and the koha-email-enable script is for those
07:10 cait have you set up the cronjobs for koha?
07:10 cait for most mails
07:10 cait koha writes the mail into a database table message_queue and will send them out when the cronjob process_message_queue (might have a typo here) is run
07:11 cait for generating overdue mails you need the overdues cronjob
07:11 cait for date due and reminder mails the advance_notices cronjob
07:11 cait it's in the documentation I think
07:11 cait documentation?
07:11 wahanui documentation is probably at
07:12 halfie okay, I followed[…]ki/Koha_on_Ubuntu and currently, I only have a single job in cron.
07:13 cait ah
07:13 cait what kind of mails were you trying to send?
07:13 cait having the rebuild_zebra is good
07:13 cait you only miss a little bit of configuration for the mails
07:14 cait and you said you already have postfix - so should not be hard :)
07:14 halfie cait: user (patron) creation mails. I was trying to inform users when their accounts are created.
07:14 cait hmm
07:14 cait those are a special case
07:15 cait because they circumvent the message_queue
07:15 cait no cronjobs required here
07:15 cait do you have a notice set up under tools > notices?
07:15 cait and also
07:15 cait the message will only be sent out, if you add a password on creation of the user
07:15 cait I have tested that a while ago - hope it still behaves like that
07:16 halfie cait: cool, trying it out
07:16 cait the notice should be in module members and named ACCTDETAILS
07:17 cait there is a sample notice that comes with Koha - but you have to select them during installation I think
07:22 halfie cait: I created a user with email and password set but the new user still didn't receive an email. trying to debug ..
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07:22 marcelr hello koha
07:22 cait halfie: the latest version - 3.6.3? right?
07:23 cait halfie: I can try and test perhaps when at work
07:23 cait good morning marcelr
07:23 cait :)
07:23 marcelr hi cait :-)
07:23 halfie cait: yes 3.6.3
07:23 cait halfie: perhaps it was username and password... I remember it would not send out the mails when editing the patron after its first creation
07:24 cait halfie: I guess you have activated the system preference?
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07:25 halfie cait: yes, I have set email in system preferences. I also crated a new user with username and password set but didn't receive an email.
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07:30 cait hm sorry
07:30 cait running out of ideas :(
07:30 cait AutoEmailOpacUser is the one to look at
07:30 cait that should be set to send
07:33 halfie cait:I am checking the logs now. that fiels is already set to send. I am clearing the logs and creating a new user for debugging.
07:33 cait sounds good :)
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07:41 halfie cait: after restarting postfix email notifcations are working :). thanks for all the help.
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07:41 halfie Can I configure Koha to show local time instead of UTC?
07:41 reiveune hello
07:42 marcelr hi reiveune
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07:44 julian_m hi
07:44 wahanui privet, julian_m
07:46 marcelr hi julian_m
07:47 julian_m hi marcelr
07:48 cait halfie: I think it uses  the time on your server/locale
07:48 cait hi julian_m
07:48 cait halfie: and glad it worked :)
07:48 julian_m hi cait
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07:57 halfie cait: do I need a cron job for sending an email when somebody puts a book on hold?
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08:03 gaetan_B hello #koha!
08:04 marcelr hello gaetan_B
08:04 marcelr hi magnus_afk
08:04 magnus_afk kia ora #koha amd marcelr
08:04 magnus_afk s/amd/and/
08:04 magnus_afk @wunder boo
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08:04 magnus_afk yay!!
08:04 magnus_afk wunder marseille
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08:05 magnus_afk @wunder marseille
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08:05 magnus_afk gah
08:05 magnus_afk heh!
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09:04 kf hi
09:04 kf #koha
09:08 slef morning kf and #koha
09:08 kivilahtio guten morgen
09:12 magnus_afk hiya kf slef kivilahtio
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10:29 paul_p hello everybody
10:30 marcelr hi paul_p
10:30 marcelr QAing 5877
10:30 mveron Hi everybody at #koha
10:30 marcelr hi mveron
10:31 mveron We stubled over a nasty little bug in Patron Categories.
10:32 paul_p bug 5877
10:32 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5877 enhancement, P1 - high, ---, paul.poulain, Signed Off , Offline circulation improvements : upload all files, apply at once
10:32 paul_p marcelr++
10:32 paul_p !!!
10:32 kf hello again
10:32 mveron If you use the + sign in the category code, like +TEST you can not edit or delete the category.
10:33 mveron You have to emove it using sql
10:33 marcelr sounds like a good catch!
10:33 mveron Hello kf
10:33 mveron marcelr: Seking about my little bug?
10:33 mveron peking..
10:33 marcelr talking
10:33 mveron Speaking.. Should put my glasses :-)
10:33 marcelr peking is in china
10:34 marcelr at least in dutch
10:34 marcelr beijing
10:34 mveron Spreek jeNederlands? :-)
10:34 marcelr jazeker
10:34 mveron Ik studeerde Neerlandistiek in Utrecht, het is heel lang geleden...
10:35 marcelr en waar ben je nu?
10:35 mveron Allschwil vlakbij Basel
10:35 marcelr ok
10:36 kf :)
10:36 kf mveron: I would always be careful using alphanumeric values in codes
10:37 marcelr kf can read dutch too, i suppose
10:37 mveron Leuk...
10:37 marcelr so be careful
10:37 kf mveron: we tend to use only capital letters and numbers
10:37 kf mveron: safe :)
10:37 kf marcelr: guessing words - but not really reading :)
10:37 mveron kf: I know, but our librarians did not and comlained :-)
10:38 marcelr mveron: will you make a patch?
10:38 * mveron Phone call
10:39 kf mveron: there was some discussion about a javascript check
10:39 kf mveron: for authorized values - I think you could look at that bug and code to figure something out
10:39 kf bug 7013
10:39 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7013 normal, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, adrien.saurat, In Discussion , required format is not enforced for authorized values
10:45 paul_p julian_m++ (for bug 7169 follow-up, that will please kf )
10:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7169 enhancement, P3, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Change booksellers search results display
10:46 kf ooh
10:46 kf let's see :)
10:47 kf ah, and Julian fixed the warning
10:47 kf :)
10:47 kf and the xhtml
10:47 kf julian_m++
10:48 kf mveron: hope that's nto a blocker ;) would say it's partly training. Codes are Codes - be careful with spaces too
10:48 * mveron Back from phone
10:50 mveron kf: No, not a blocker, just a little bit nasty. JavaScript check would be fine.
10:52 julian_m :)
10:52 kf julian_m: I was traveeling and forgot to retest - glad you were able to fix the warning and xhtml
10:54 marcelr QAing bug 7557
10:54 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7557 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Signed Off , Change hardcoded routing list note into a system preference
10:54 julian_m kf the error message you wrote was sufficient to fix the warning ;)
10:55 kf cool :)
11:03 marcelr kf?
11:03 wahanui rumour has it kf is cait or really, really sweet. or <reply>she gives me memory loss or a holds expert
11:04 marcelr how are you, wahanui?
11:04 wahanui peachy
11:04 marcelr ;)
11:05 marcelr no kf?
11:12 paul_p marcelr++ (for QAed bug 5877)
11:12 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5877 enhancement, P1 - high, ---, paul.poulain, Passed QA , Offline circulation improvements : upload all files, apply at once
11:12 marcelr Qaing bug 7379
11:12 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7379 normal, P3, ---, adrien.saurat, Signed Off , copynumber is displayed 'as is' when linked to autorised values
11:13 paul_p marcelr could you favor biblibre patches for QA, because I plan to QA non-biblibre patches this afternoon (or more probable, tomorrow)
11:13 paul_p (there should be 4 or 5)
11:13 marcelr paul_p: 7379 is such
11:13 paul_p right, perfect then !
11:13 marcelr paul_p: could you take a look at 7310 again too?
11:14 marcelr bug 7310
11:14 paul_p yep, it's on my list
11:14 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7310 normal, P3, ---,, Signed Off , Improving permissions on lists (virtual shelves)
11:14 marcelr fine
11:14 paul_p but I've the RM monthly newsletter to write and some mail for inviting more ppl to the hackfest (some french librarians)
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11:14 paul_p to do before. Then back to QA/pushing
11:14 marcelr we'll see
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11:21 * magnus_afk tries to sign off bug 6440
11:22 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6440 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Koha's OAI-PMH does not support sets
11:29 marcelr QAing bug 7178
11:29 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7178 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Signed Off , Improve order item creation
11:38 Amit_Gupta
11:39 jcamins_away marcelr: you know what would be fun to QA? bug 7284!
11:39 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7284 major, P3, ---, jcamins, Signed Off , Authority matching algorithm improvements
11:40 marcelr :-) i guess so
11:40 jcamins_away marcelr: you know you want to. :)
11:41 marcelr yes that is the problem..
11:41 magnus_afk good morning jcamins_away :-)
11:42 marcelr jcamins++ for the name of 7284 at first only
11:43 jcamins Good morning, magnus_afk.
11:43 marcelr was that english?
11:43 marcelr hope so
11:45 jcamins marcelr: it was a little confusing, but I think you were saying you like the description "Authority matching algorithm improvements"?
11:45 marcelr yes finally
11:45 marcelr :-)
11:46 jcamins :)
11:47 jcamins Platform... HP?
11:49 marcelr Huge Problems
11:50 jcamins lol
11:50 jcamins Sounds about right.
11:51 mveron kf: Patron categores: I changed the JavaScript, it first makes a trim, then if not empty checks for allowed characters. Works. Will file a bug.
11:51 magnus_afk mveron++
11:54 mveron Thanks, magnus :-)
12:15 mveron bug 7628
12:15 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7628 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW , Required format is not enforced for Patron Categories
12:18 * mveron Has to leave for the weekly Koha meeting
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12:23 jcamins Ooh! I can get auto insurance for $12/month! What a deal! Until you consider that it costs an infinite amount per car, anyway.
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12:31 marcelr julian_m around ?
12:31 julian_m marcelr, yes
12:31 marcelr hi julian: question about 7178
12:32 marcelr my quantity on neworderempty is always readonly?
12:32 marcelr seems to be so in current master too
12:32 marcelr with acqcreateitem=ordering
12:32 kf marcelr: sorry, was at lunch
12:33 marcelr we normally use cateloging there
12:33 marcelr hi kf
12:33 marcelr see the problem report..
12:34 marcelr julian_m: understand my problem?
12:34 kf marcelr: yes,when you have it on order it is
12:34 kf marcelr: there is an enh request
12:34 kf but it's not regressing
12:34 kf only staying the same
12:35 julian_m marcelr, not sure of what you are talking about, when acqcreateitem='ordering' you create items in so quantity is automatically increased when you create new items
12:35 marcelr so can only order one there now
12:35 kf marcelr: you can only fill in quantity manually when creating items in cataloging or on receive
12:35 marcelr though that it also was so with receiving? will check that
12:35 kf marcelr: it's a request from big libraries to change it - but it's like that now and after the patch, so I think it should not fail qa for not fixing another bug
12:35 kf marcelr: yes, when creating on receive, it's like that too :)
12:35 kf on the receive
12:37 marcelr well ok
12:42 marcelr julian_m: with your patch, i cannot edit quantity while it is zero; so i cannot save and i am stuck at neworderempty..
12:43 marcelr the item block is completely empty
12:43 julian_m marcelr, with acqcreateitem='ordering' ?
12:43 marcelr yes
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12:44 julian_m marcelr, be sure to refresh entirely the page (.js included), with firefox I had some problems until I press <Ctrl>-F5
12:44 marcelr try
12:45 marcelr no change.
12:45 julian_m marcelr, ok.. :(
12:45 kf marcelr: you can never order less than 1
12:46 marcelr it is 0 and readonly
12:46 kf oh
12:46 kf sorry
12:46 kf misunderstood the question then
12:46 kf you have always to add at least 1 item
12:46 marcelr cannot do it
12:46 marcelr no item block to see
12:46 kf marcelr: did you just start testing? I had it happen to me once while testing, but after F5+ctrl it worked
12:46 kf that the item form didn't showup
12:46 marcelr did some refreshes just now
12:46 kf and after that it worked
12:46 kf I thought it was because of that, so didn't note as a bug
12:48 julian_m marcelr, i want to be sure to understand, does the item form show up once, and disappear after clicking on save, or just never shows up?
12:48 marcelr see 7178 uploaded a screenshot
12:50 * jcamins looks to see if there's anything to sign off on this morning as he tries to wake up.
12:50 jcamins 7609.
12:51 jcamins marcelr: are you working on bug 7609?
12:51 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7609 normal, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Needs Signoff , Improving links to find analytics and volumes when using UseControlnumber
12:51 marcelr not now
12:51 marcelr 7178 currently
12:51 marcelr well working..
12:51 marcelr it does not work
12:52 kf jcamins: that is a good idea
12:52 julian_m marcelr, tested just now, freshly rebased on master, I reproduce your problem, but when I hit ctrl-F5, the form appears :-/
12:53 marcelr julian: added a comment
12:53 marcelr about template neworderempty
12:53 marcelr that is the problem
12:53 kf marcelr++
12:54 kf successful qa - found what I missed :)
12:54 kf sure it can be fixed and then it will be awesome
12:54 marcelr julian: your patch introduces that line
12:56 slef any suggestions for who's got a nice library logo on their koha?
12:56 jcamins slef: ACPL?
12:56 kf ^^
12:56 jcamins It's very popular in India.
12:56 slef wahanui: ACPL?
12:56 wahanui slef: no idea
12:56 julian_m marcelr, I don't think readonly is your problem, this is the normal behaviour. The problem is that you don't see the form and therefore can't add items
12:56 slef jcamins: ?
12:56 jcamins ACPL is Athens County Public library.
12:56 jcamins slef: right.
12:57 marcelr julian: it is the combination of 0 + readonly?
12:57 slef I'd like one that is using prog templates if possible, to give a small library an idea
12:57 kf julian_m, marcelr: I think that is right
12:57 jcamins oleonard uses prog.
12:57 jcamins slef: I think I'm missing something about what you're looking for.
12:57 slef ACPL bust their logo out of the usual logo position (opacCss maybe)
12:58 kf slef: I think most libraries use prog, others don't work well, it's all css and js
12:58 slef I'm looking for a nice logo in the usual logo position (sorry for not qualifying it)
12:58 jcamins Ah.
12:59 jcamins Well, this one is... not awful, maybe:
12:59 kf ?
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13:00 julian_m marcelr, the quantity is automatically incremented as you add items. This behaviour is not different from master, right? (the difference is that on master quantity start at 1 instead of 0)
13:00 slef jcamins: it'll do as an example
13:00 slef kf: nice one
13:01 marcelr julian_m: but cannot add items too
13:01 marcelr see jpg
13:03 julian_m marcelr, yes, that is the problem, did you see any javascript errors (with firebug or other) ?
13:03 marcelr no but will look
13:05 marcelr lots of errors there
13:05 marcelr Waarschuwing: Onbekende eigenschap ‘zoom’.  Declaratie genegeerd.
13:05 marcelr oops dutch
13:05 marcelr Unknown property zoom
13:06 marcelr same for Xposition
13:06 marcelr all coming from yui/skon
13:06 marcelr all coming from yui/skin
13:08 julian_m marcelr, still talking about neworderempty o_ô ? I never seen these messages before... :-/
13:09 marcelr yes one refresh there generates tens of warnings
13:09 marcelr from skin and staff-global mostly
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13:12 marcelr julian_m: if i repeat on current master, i also have lots of warnings but they are not all the same (!)
13:12 julian_m marcelr, ok, it seems that some javascript fails and so the piece of js that should load the item form is not executed. don't know what to do since i do not reproduce
13:12 jcamins marcelr: do you have any custom javascript in intranetuserjs?
13:12 marcelr no
13:12 julian_m marcelr, any special version of yui libraries maybe? :)
13:12 * jcamins is out of ideas, then.
13:13 oleonard joined #koha
13:13 marcelr no special yui too
13:14 marcelr dutch firefox though??
13:15 marcelr julian: do you test with english or french firefox?
13:16 marcelr or another browser?
13:17 julian_m marcelr, without the patch do you get the same error messages?
13:17 julian_m marcelr, firefox 10 (french)
13:17 marcelr not all message are the same
13:18 marcelr in both cases lots of warnings
13:18 jcamins marcelr: you've had other instances of javascript problems.
13:18 jcamins There was that bug in cataloging that I couldn't duplicate.
13:18 jcamins What version of FF are you using?
13:18 marcelr was that javascript?
13:18 marcelr 9.0.1
13:19 jcamins marcelr: oh, no, I guess it wasn't javascript.
13:19 jcamins Well, browser-related problems.
13:19 marcelr yeah
13:19 edveal left #koha
13:20 jcamins What OS are you on?
13:22 marcelr windows 7
13:22 wahanui windows 7 is starting to tick me off
13:22 jcamins lol
13:22 marcelr yes
13:22 magnus_afk hehe
13:22 jcamins I think other people are using Windows 7 too, though, so I have no idea what the problem could be.
13:24 marcelr submitting nice comment on 7178 :-)
13:26 kf marcelr: commented bug 7557
13:26 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7557 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Failed QA , Change hardcoded routing list note into a system preference
13:26 marcelr julian_m: got another idea, checking some security things on linux now
13:26 kf marcelr: :)
13:26 marcelr selinux
13:26 kf hope you can follow
13:26 marcelr hi kf
13:26 marcelr understood that?
13:27 kf hm?
13:27 marcelr reading it
13:27 kf I meant hope my comment on 7557 makes sense :)
13:27 ago43 joined #koha
13:28 marcelr kf: would you be changing the note regularly then?
13:28 kf no, but each library can have a default note
13:29 kf like: please keep the issue only for 2 days max before giving it to the next person on list
13:29 kf and if they want, they can add an individual note too (that's already there), like: CD is in the office of ...
13:30 * marcelr starts to understand it ;)
13:30 kf :)
13:32 marcelr kf: will let it pass qa
13:32 kf very cool - thank you :)
13:33 kf marcelr: reading my own comment it does not make much sense.. glad you understood anyway :)
13:34 marcelr boom
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13:34 kf is boom good or bad?
13:34 marcelr in this case good
13:35 marcelr :-)
13:35 mbalmer joined #koha
13:35 kf phew
13:35 mbalmer good afternoon from the swiss meeting ;)
13:35 marcelr hi mbalmer
13:35 kf hi mbalmer and members of the swiss meeting
13:35 * magnus_afk waves at the swiss meeting
13:36 mbalmer that's mveron and brigitte bruederlin
13:36 julian_m marcelr, at the end of your error messages, i see this "http://libdevelop.rijksmuseum.[…]frameworkcode=ACQ
13:36 julian_m [HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error 1279ms]" is the script that retrieves the item form. If something fails here, there should be something in logs. Could you check when you have a moment?
13:39 marcelr yes i was looking already
13:39 marcelr security stuff
13:39 marcelr from selinux
13:39 kf marcelr: in the koha logs?
13:39 marcelr yes
13:44 marcelr julian_m: we found it; the item box is doing something now; will look at it again; thx
13:44 * marcelr thinks that security is a great thing, except when forgetting your keys
13:45 julian_m just by curiosity marcelr, why selinux was 'blocking' this script?
13:46 marcelr script in a new folder did not have the right label for a perl script
13:46 marcelr unconfined_u:object_r:httpd_sys_script_exec_t:s0
13:46 julian_m ok
13:46 marcelr ?
13:46 marcelr forget the smilies
13:47 marcelr :o
13:47 marcelr :s
13:57 kivilahtio do you have electronic material?
13:58 kivilahtio how does Koha deal with eBooks for ex.?
13:58 oleonard kivilahtio: We have MARC records for ebooks and use the 856u field to point to the URL
13:59 oleonard[…]levance&do=Search
13:59 kf nice links :)
14:00 kf kivilahtio: you will have to ask oleonard how he did that :)
14:02 kivilahtio how do you control that patrons delete eMaterial after the loan period expires?
14:02 oleonard kivilahtio: We don't. the DRM is handled by the service we subscribe to.
14:03 kivilahtio oleonard: ok, that's good to hear
14:03 kivilahtio oleonard: makes our job much easier
14:03 kivilahtio oleonard: out of curiosity? how much does this service cost?
14:04 kivilahtio oleonard: the eBook services for us are ridiculously expensive
14:04 talljoy joined #koha
14:04 oleonard I don't know the numbers because I don't handle the money. We're part of a consortium of libraries and we are obligated to spend a certain amount of money each year
14:04 kivilahtio with no way to control how many eBooks can be concurrently loaned, we will run out of budget in a flash
14:07 magnus_afk huh, suddenly my dev install gives a 500 error and the logs say "Premature end of script headers". weirdness!
14:10 marcelr ay
14:12 kf magnus_afk: ouch!
14:13 magnus_afk /var/log/apache2/error.log says No such file or directory: exec of '/home/magnus/kohaclone/opac/' failed
14:13 edveal joined #koha
14:13 magnus_afk but $ ls -l /home/magnus/kohaclone/opac/
14:13 magnus_afk -rwxr-xr-x 1 magnus magnus 32144  1 mars  14:58 /home/magnus/kohaclone/opac/
14:14 slef magnus_afk: mount | grep home ?
14:15 magnus_afk no output?
14:15 slef I'm thinking of two possibilities: whatever fs that is on is mounted noexec, or the perl isn't where the first line of says
14:16 magnus_afk $ which perl
14:16 magnus_afk /usr/bin/perl
14:16 slef possible third problem is that the apache configuration is misdirecting it somehow (handlers, suexec, or something else) but the error seems a bit confusing
14:16 slef ah I knpw
14:17 slef can you: sudo -u www-data ls -l /home/magnus/kohaclone/opac/ ?
14:17 Guillaume left #koha
14:17 magnus_afk yup: -rwxr-xr-x 1 magnus magnus 32144  1 mars  14:58 /home/magnus/kohaclone/opac/
14:17 slef that was looking for a fourth possibility: could be missing o+rx on a parent folder, most likely /home/magnus
14:18 slef well, that's an odd one. Can it run any CGI scripts? Any perl CGI scripts?
14:19 slef If yes to both, can it run a simple from /home/magnus/kohaclone/opac/ ?
14:19 slef I'm curious as to what the problem is :)
14:19 magnus_afk me too ;-)
14:19 magnus_afk other pages in the opac work fine
14:20 magnus_afk and give errors
14:20 magnus_afk but not
14:20 slef git diff doesn't suggest anything unusual changed about it?
14:21 magnus_afk nope
14:21 slef try: file
14:21 magnus_afk $ file opac/
14:21 magnus_afk opac/ a /usr/bin/perl\015 script text executable
14:21 slef yay!
14:21 magnus_afk \015 ?
14:22 slef you've got a file encoding problem
14:22 marcelr magnus: save changes and git reset?
14:22 slef probably someone been editing it from Windows with an unclean tool?
14:22 slef open it in an editor that handles both DOS and Unix encodings and change it back to Unix
14:22 slef or use fromdos if you have it installed
14:23 marcelr dos2unix?
14:23 * magnus_afk shudders at the thought of unclean windows-tools
14:23 slef marcelr: I was thinking tofrodos
14:23 marcelr ?
14:24 slef I had one site, years ago, where someone kept breaking scripts and refused to fix or change their tools, so I actually made a "perl\015" symlink to perl :-/
14:24 slef palliative care FTL!
14:25 marcelr ;)
14:26 magnus_afk dos2unix opac/ fixed it!
14:26 magnus_afk slef++
14:26 magnus_afk marcelr++
14:26 magnus_afk it would have taken me the rest of the day to figure that out!
14:27 marcelr great
14:28 magnus_afk as to why it happened, i have no clue! it's on a vm that only i use
14:28 magnus_afk as far as i can remember i just started it up and did normal things
14:28 marcelr keep doing so !
14:32 magnus_afk :-)
14:32 kf marcelr++ slef++ koha++
14:33 oleonard Undefined subroutine &main::CanBookBeIssuedCheckout called at /home/oleonard/kohaclone/opac/sco/ line 135.
14:34 kf oh
14:34 kf denesting strikes again?
14:34 marcelr oleonard: please check if it is moved by the Denesting packages report?
14:35 marcelr kf++ for being faster
14:35 oleonard I find no other references to "CanBookBeIssuedCheckout" other than that one in
14:36 marcelr me too
14:37 oleonard[…]b3036c166d#patch6
14:37 oleonard I wonder if it's a typo for CanBookBeIssued?
14:38 marcelr looks like it
14:38 wahanui looks like it is a replicate of /usr/share/koha/misc
14:39 oleonard Seems to be. I get the correct response now
14:39 marcelr mostly reindentation :-)
14:40 * marcelr leaves the room
14:41 slef magnus_afk: can you check a current clone of the head? I'd hate it if that's come from git.k-c.o
14:41 maximep joined #koha
14:42 oleonard slef: file opac/ ?
14:42 oleonard I get opac/ a /usr/bin/perl script text executable
14:43 slef oleonard: thanks. All's OK then :)
14:43 magnus_afk i did a git pull, but that said i was already uptodate, so the changes did not come from there
14:43 slef magnus_afk broke his own vm somehow
15:00 kf hi all
15:00 * wizzyrea scolds magnuse for using unclean windows tools
15:00 kf can I get some opinions on bug 7602?
15:00 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7602 normal, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Failed QA , Spent and Ordered pages require full acquisition permissions
15:00 wizzyrea just kidding
15:00 wizzyrea :)
15:01 wizzyrea oh, slef
15:01 kf wizzyrea: please *smiles nicely*
15:01 wizzyrea is there a page you wanted to have be the landing page for kohacon2012
15:01 wizzyrea I guessed for the website
15:02 wizzyrea kf: I think I'm with you - if you can't change it, what's the harm in viewing it?
15:03 wizzyrea but then again
15:03 kf I am torn
15:03 wizzyrea we don't use acquisitions
15:03 wizzyrea and I know people are titchy about money
15:03 kf so looking for opinions
15:03 kf it still assumes you have general access to the module
15:04 kf only not limiting to a special permission one of them is enough
15:04 magnuse wizzyrea: :-)
15:04 kf I really not sure what's best, but will make it work like people suggest it shoudl :)
15:04 magnuse kf++
15:07 wizzyrea paul_p - about?
15:07 paul_p wizzyrea yep (writing RM newsletter #4)
15:07 wizzyrea re: bug 7629, what was your symptom?
15:07 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7629 trivial, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Update sco.css to include CSS Gradients and prevent error upon missing background image file.
15:07 wizzyrea no, wrong lol
15:07 wizzyrea sec
15:07 wizzyrea bug 7619
15:07 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7619 blocker, P2, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED , 3M self checkout don't work in France
15:07 wizzyrea there
15:08 * oleonard notices Bug 7629 needs signoff, how interesting...
15:08 wizzyrea we have a site that just upgraded their self check machines, and have noticed rather odd behaviour out of them, but they are not *broken*
15:08 kf wizzyrea: what is the behaviour?
15:08 kf we updated a library last week :)
15:09 wizzyrea they connect then time out then reconnect and time out and the SIP services never terminate at the server side.
15:09 wizzyrea ending up with a zillion hung SIP processes.
15:09 paul_p wizzyrea without the patch = present a borrower card / wait 10 seconds minimum / message OK / present book 1 / "can't be checked-out" / present book 1 / message "ok, checked out / present book 2 / "can't be checked-out" / present book 2 / message "ok, checked out"  /...
15:09 wizzyrea ! that's alarming.
15:10 paul_p with the patch : present borrower card / immediate OK / present book 1 / OK, checked out / present book  / OK checked out
15:10 kf uh
15:10 kf weird!
15:10 kf it seems to work
15:10 kf we had problems with the sip server (it died sometimes) but now it seems ok
15:10 wizzyrea kf weren't you talking about something like that a week or so ago?
15:10 kf yes
15:10 paul_p yes, very weird. And not specific to this customer, as frederic told me he had the same problem
15:10 kf rangi recommended changing the settings for min spare
15:10 kf or whatever this is called, I told uli and he did... and now it's still alive
15:10 wizzyrea right, and you know what I bet that helped
15:11 kf we want to change it back sometime, testing if that really was the problem
15:11 kf but seems stable now
15:11 wizzyrea because it doesn't reach the limit of sip servers
15:11 paul_p kf we looked at 3M parameters, and haven't found anything about that. But the library said they'll ask 3M
15:11 kf paul_p: this library is using a german vendor - but we have another with 3m that is waitin gfor the update
15:11 kf last library we have to update
15:12 wizzyrea I think what you're seeing is the timeout problem.
15:13 wizzyrea that colin was talking about on bug 5586
15:13 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5586 normal, P3, ---, colin.campbell, Pushed to Master , SIP line-endings should use proper SPEC-compliant \r
15:13 kf hm right number?
15:13 wizzyrea yep
15:13 wizzyrea info's in the comments
15:14 wizzyrea we changed it -> colin started having trouble with timeouts
15:14 wizzyrea traced it back to the \r
15:15 wizzyrea we just got an update to our 3M machines, and an update to our Koha - with the old ones, it was no problem
15:15 wizzyrea with the new ones, we see this weird behavior
15:16 wizzyrea but I think because we have a high min spare and/or because we have a cron that checks for too many SIP processes and restarts the sipserver when it reaches a threshold
15:16 wizzyrea we don't see the actual *problem*
15:16 wizzyrea because there is always a sipserver to (re)connect to
15:18 kf for us it was the sipserver dying - not the self check
15:18 kf perhaps file a bug report?
15:19 kf I think documenting would be good
15:19 kf see if others had similar problems
15:27 wizzyrea oh, but the symptom of the two things is essentially the same
15:27 wizzyrea "the self check doesn't work right" because "the sip server is dying"
15:27 kf ah
15:27 kf thought you said the self check died
15:27 wizzyrea it hangs up it's connection with the server, afaict
15:28 wizzyrea and obsessively tries to reconnect until you run out of spare servers
15:28 wizzyrea and then it stops working altogether
15:30 kf :(
15:34 JesseM joined #koha
15:40 wizzyrea ooo proper iTiva support
15:41 wizzyrea oy wow that's gonna be fun to test.
15:41 magnuse wassat? the voice message thing?
15:41 wizzyrea yea
15:42 * wizzyrea hopes and hopes for bug 7001 to go through qa soon
15:42 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7001 enhancement, P3, ---, srdjan, Needs Signoff , User Configurable Slips
15:42 wizzyrea as people are adding things right and left to notices >.<
15:42 wizzyrea needs signoff! blarg.
15:42 jcamins Wasn't it signed off on already?
15:43 wizzyrea oh there's a followup
15:43 wizzyrea for transferslip
15:43 oleonard I have a poll for you all. Here's where the patron image on self checkout is now:
15:43 oleonard Better like this?
15:43 kf yes
15:43 oleonard or this?
15:43 kf third :)
15:44 kf quick poll for bug 7602 ?
15:44 wizzyrea MMFV35ZOC
15:44 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7602 normal, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Failed QA , Spent and Ordered pages require full acquisition permissions
15:44 jcamins Third.
15:44 oleonard Great, that's what I thought too.
15:45 wizzyrea hehe
15:45 magnuse lol
15:46 wizzyrea kf I'm really torn about that one - I just don't know what people want in regards to letting less-privileged users view stuff about money.
15:46 alaquerre joined #koha
15:46 magnuse btw: looks like my problem with the line endings was caused by me setting core.autocrlf=true instead of core.autocrlf=input
15:46 wizzyrea people get awfully weird when it comes to money
15:46 alaquerre Hi All, Is there a way to exchange information between Koha and Symphony ( SirsiDynix ). Basically, we have a city where the city Library is with Symphony and the college would like to implement Koha and still have access to the documents of the city and vice versa. Is there some kind of bridge for that ?
15:47 magnuse wizzyrea, kf: sounds like the safest thing is to restrict access then?
15:47 kf magnuse: yep, I think order_manage it is then :)
15:47 kf I have no problem with that
15:47 kf only didn't want to go the wrong way
15:48 jcamins alaquerre: you could use Z39.50, possibly, but what is it you're trying to do?
15:49 wizzyrea the first question?
15:49 wahanui the first question is probably "What are you trying to do?"
15:50 alaquerre jcamins - Most important feature is PEB... dont know how to say that in english... "Custom Hold "
15:51 alaquerre So that the city will be able to ask a document from the college.  Just like site transfert in Koha but with another system.
15:51 jcamins alaquerre: Inter-Library Loan.
15:51 alaquerre Exactly!
15:51 jcamins fulfillment?
15:52 jcamins Bah. wahanui doesn't know about fulfillment.
15:52 jcamins FulfILLment might be worth looking at.
15:52 jcamins It's an open source ILL thing.
15:52 oleonard FulfILLment is
15:53 alaquerre Interresting! I'll have a look
15:53 alaquerre Thanks!!
15:53 oleonard FulfILLment is also an open source project designed to link library catalogs no matter which integrated library system his or her library uses
15:53 wahanui okay, oleonard.
15:56 magnuse but it's not ready for use yet, i think?
15:59 jcamins magnuse: I don't know. It's probably the best option for a "local" ILL facility, though.
16:03 alaquerre The hard part is that we will still need to ask Symphony to somehow use this connector... :-)  I can do it easily on Koha and try it... But not with Symphony.  If at some point I have the same kind of situation with Evergreen it will be possible...  Thanks again for your help.
16:03 wizzyrea I think symphony is one of the first systems to have a connector built for it
16:03 wizzyrea by fulfillment
16:03 * wizzyrea could be wrong about that
16:04 wizzyrea there are... 6-7 connectors that are being initially developed?
16:06 slef wizzyrea: can I have a kohacon12 page on k-c.o that I can edit as needed? We'll set something else up later.
16:07 wizzyrea sure, of course
16:07 slef thanks!
16:07 slef Do I have power to just Add Page?
16:07 wizzyrea give it a try, and if you don't, I will give you that :)
16:08 wizzyrea you should have rights to do that with your openid account
16:18 asaurat left #koha
16:18 matts_away joined #koha
16:23 reiveune bye
16:23 reiveune left #koha
16:23 gaetan_B bye !
16:23 kf bye gaetan_B
16:24 jwagner joined #koha
16:30 nengard joined #koha
16:32 melia joined #koha
16:38 laurence left #koha
16:39 Brooke joined #koha
16:39 Brooke @later tell Oak drop me a line, it's getting hot in Tejas.
16:39 huginn Brooke: The operation succeeded.
16:41 wizzyrea that sounded like secret mafia talk.
16:41 kf it was Brooke :)
16:41 kf ok, bye #koha
16:41 kf left #koha
16:45 adnc joined #koha
16:49 wizzyrea hm, question, where is "previous borrower" kept in the db? Items? comes from old_issues?
16:53 schuster Brooke - yes Tejas is getting warm! supposed to get up to 85 today!
16:54 oleonard wizzyrea: See line 1310 of It queries old_issues.
16:56 oleonard Oh crap, when did Windows update me to IE9 without asking?
16:56 * oleonard gives Windows the finger...again
16:57 oleonard Must have been one of those late night unattended "urgent updates"
16:58 * oleonard give IE9 the finger for being a hot mess of usability nightmares
16:59 * oleonard gives Overdrive the finger for making him use IE in the first place
16:59 luisb joined #koha
16:59 * oleonard looks around for who else wants some
17:00 * wizzyrea does not want any
17:01 wizzyrea aha.
17:02 wizzyrea oleonard++ thanks
17:03 wizzyrea I was just getting ready to look at, walked away for coffee and poof you have the answer. :)
17:03 wizzyrea doing anything in requires hipwaders.
17:03 wizzyrea and coffee.
17:05 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "need report help with finding patrons without a specific attribute filed in ... anyone around to help?" (9 lines) at
17:06 jcamins wizzyrea: requires a hazmat suit.
17:10 wizzyrea truf.
17:15 oleonard And working with tags requires this:[…]5/Powerloader.jpg
17:15 * wizzyrea laughs
17:17 jcamins lol
17:18 Shane-S joined #koha
17:19 Shane-S What are Street Number and Street Type for...I am not familiar with breaking them out of the "Address" field, but still having them present as well
17:19 oleonard I think it's mostly a French library thing Shane-S
17:20 oleonard it doesn't work very well with American-style address output
17:20 Shane-S okay, I will skip those then :P . Trying a batch patron upload, and working on the template
17:21 * oleonard wonders why Bugzilla doesn't have a theme that's all peach and teal
17:22 Shane-S does order matter for batch patron upload, ie, if I put "sex" on say column 2, versus 20 would it matter?
17:23 oleonard I assume so Shane-S. Did you download the starter CSV?
17:23 Shane-S I did, but I am cutting fields out, hoping it goes by the header "name" not the order
17:23 * oleonard hasn't played around with it much
17:24 Shane-S I will find out my answer the hard way then :P
17:27 * oleonard remembers he was working on some tags stuff yesterday and wonders whether he should strap on the ole power loader...
17:30 jcamins Shane-S: you cannot remove columns.
17:30 jcamins Shane-S: the format has to be *exactly* the same.
17:31 Shane-S hmm..that is a pain to "paste" data into
17:32 Shane-S have to do it column by column
17:32 jcamins Shane-S: a script might be your best option.
17:33 Shane-S nah, I can do it. Just more time then sorting it down to the columns we will actually use
17:34 * paul_p almost finished deploying the 10 sandboxes (7 done...)
17:34 Shane-S I might have to look at the import script, maybe I can modify it to be more "smart" and if a non-required column isn't included it NULLS the value for you.
17:34 cait joined #koha
17:34 paul_p RM newsletter writen, will publish it tomorrow
17:34 jcamins Shane-S: of course you *can* do it, but a script might be less trouble.
17:34 paul_p another very busy week !
17:35 paul_p bye #koha
17:36 cait bye paul_p
17:36 Shane-S hmmm... "OR choose which fields you want to supply from the following list:"
17:37 Shane-S I think it is already smart by that line
17:39 jcamins Shane-S: I was under the impression it didn't work. You could try.
17:45 mib_qsx0jn joined #koha
17:45 mib_qsx0jn !list
17:45 oleonard ?
17:47 sekjal joined #koha
17:47 oleonard Hi sekjal
17:48 sekjal hey, oleonard
17:48 wahanui i think oleonard is the master UI designer of koha or an awesome bug wrangler
17:48 sekjal hi, wahanui
17:48 wahanui hey, sekjal
17:49 jcamins sekjal! I bet you would *love* to QA bug 7284. :D
17:49 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7284 major, P3, ---, jcamins, Signed Off , Authority matching algorithm improvements
17:50 sekjal jcamins:  well, my afternoon meeting *was* cancelled
17:50 jcamins Good news! You can! :D
17:52 jcamins You should totally do it. Just think how many happy academic libraries there will be. :)
17:53 nengard_lunch need report help with finding patrons without a specific attribute filed in ... anyone around to help? at
17:53 wizzyrea there's also 7001 :P
17:54 jcamins wizzyrea: that's true, but 7284 is more fun.
17:54 wizzyrea but 7001 is... oh bother.
17:54 oleonard Hah, Marshall Breeding just retweeted a tweet that was quoting himself. Classy.
17:54 * sekjal would love to see some happy academic librarians...
17:57 jcamins Okay, time to head to my next client's.
17:58 * jcamins_away should be back from there, but regardless, don't let my absence stop you from having fun with authorities and bug 7284. :)
17:58 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7284 major, P3, ---, jcamins, Signed Off , Authority matching algorithm improvements
18:05 sekjal jcamins: thanks for writing detailed documentation.  it's daunting to take on, but once one is in it, it's nice to have a full and clear picture
18:08 * chris_n head off for a cold boot
18:12 Shane-S joined #koha
18:18 bag @seen rhcl
18:18 huginn bag: rhcl was last seen in #koha 5 weeks, 5 days, 22 hours, 36 minutes, and 0 seconds ago: <rhcl> I guess I'm not very territorial, and don't see a problem with occasional collaboration or comparison between projects.
18:18 Johnindy joined #koha
18:28 jcamins_away sekjal: my pleasure.
18:29 sekjal jcamins_away:  if I was further along with my home cataloging project, I'd be able to put your code through much more of a wringer.  Right now, though, I'm bib-less and auth-less
18:29 sekjal scanning the Perl for any obvious code-level issues
18:31 chris_n joined #koha
18:33 jcamins_away sekjal: schuster tested it with a pretty large database, and I tested it with...
18:33 jcamins_away five different datasets.
18:34 sekjal jcamins_away:  cool
18:34 sekjal I'll keep reading though the code, looking for possible edge cases and such
18:34 jcamins_away A mixture of LC, SZB-SW, local, other, and what-the-heck-do-you-call-that-oh-my-god-my-eyes.
18:34 jcamins_away :)
18:35 jcamins_away It was not any more broken for the last option than the current functionality.
18:39 rangi awesome III is dead
18:39 rangi when you are bought by an equity company, thats your death warrant signed
18:40 jcamins_away rangi: what?!?
18:40 rangi III just got sold to vulture capitalists
18:40 rangi[…]-equity-club.html
18:43 Shane-S hmm using the original template...and isn't reading the header file of the .csv, anywhere I can look for more then the feedback?
18:44 sekjal huzzah the bell tolls for III, but is that going to mean more III to Koha migrations?  those are a bear
18:44 jcamins_away sekjal: we'll get it down to a science.
18:44 jcamins_away :)
18:45 sekjal jcamins_away:  we'll need to do a lot of work on Koha Acquisitions first... the two structures just don't match up
18:46 sekjal and librarians do all kinds of work arounds in III, so even a canonical mapping needs to be double-checked or completely redone if their workflows are adapted
18:46 sekjal it's doable
18:46 sekjal but ugh
18:46 jcamins_away sekjal++ # that sounded like volunteering to me!
18:47 sekjal well, my library's consortium *is* looking at looking at a new ILS in the next few years.... maybe
18:47 sekjal but we're Aleph now
18:58 rangi they got sold to equity firms too
18:58 rangi III was the last one left
18:59 nengard joined #koha
19:00 rangi[…]ics-for-february/
19:02 sekjal rangi:  glad to see I'm still doing a significant amount of the QA work
19:03 Shane-S Can I disable change your password for Patrons? Also, it was MS Excel that broke the CSV, OpenOffice healed it :P
19:03 rangi sekjal: yep, you actually did more in feb than jan
19:04 chris_n joined #koha
19:05 rangi 37 in jan, 47 in feb .. a good trend :)
19:05 sekjal rangi:  interesting
19:05 rangi 2 days less in the month too
19:06 rangi actually total numbers are up too
19:06 rangi so thats all good
19:06 * jcamins_away signed off more than twice as many bugs in February as in January.
19:06 sekjal I wonder how busy March and April will be...
19:07 * jcamins_away suspects the number of sign-offs from him will be directly proportional to the amount of frustration the contractors cause..
19:10 chris_n heya rangi
19:11 rangi Heya chris_n
19:12 rangi Jcamins:
19:12 rangi Near u?
19:13 rangi Showing an nz film tomorrow
19:13 jcamins_away Oh, there's the address.
19:14 jcamins_away Yeah, everthing in Manhattan is nearby, basicall.
19:14 rangi Cool
19:15 oleonard Just like everyone in NZ knows everyone else, right?
19:15 jcamins_away oleonard: lol. Except that Manhattan really is tiny.
19:15 rangi My wife is at the Hilton somewhere near there too
19:15 jcamins_away Well, except for the parts at the top of the island, which don't really count.
19:17 oleonard Shane-S: Did you find it? The preference is called OpacPasswordChange
19:18 Shane-S Didn't look yet, my ADD kicked in and I wanted to populate my cart and see what I can do :P
19:18 Shane-S And though I have available item I can place a I am looking for that setting now
19:20 jcamins_away Shane-S: if you meant "can't place a hold," the problem might be that you don't have circ rules configured.
19:20 Shane-S probably
19:21 Shane-S I remember that somewhere..and wasn't sure what it was for...but now I see that is what you do as a normal patron...put items on hold so they are available for you when you arrive to check them out
19:24 Shane-S Can I make a branch that can only see its own books and not the main libraries?
19:24 Shane-S An administrator here loans out books, and she thought it would be great to have her own branch for "Staff" Patrons to reserve and checkout books
19:25 jcamins_away Shane-S: not easily.
19:26 wizzyrea ooh, I knew I had done a lot but didn't realize it was *that* many
19:26 Shane-S so basically they just see all the books, and it just shows that branch having availability?
19:27 Shane-S I wasn't even thinking of branches till the principal asked if her books could be stored and checked out with it as well
19:28 Shane-S then I got to thinking, we could do that with DVDs as well, and each room can be a branch and people could search and know who has what DVD and "hold" it
19:28 wizzyrea well you can do that with itypes or ccodes as well
19:28 cait perhaps usevlocations?
19:28 wizzyrea or locations
19:28 wizzyrea jinx :)
19:28 cait easier :)
19:28 Shane-S isn't libraries.branches, locations that same screen?
19:29 wizzyrea ccode might make sense for the principal's collection.
19:29 wizzyrea no
19:29 wizzyrea we are talking about the location that's in the item record, the one defined by authorized values.
19:29 rangi Woot bug 7284
19:29 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7284 major, P3, ---, jcamins, Passed QA , Authority matching algorithm improvements
19:30 cait woot!
19:30 wizzyrea woot!
19:30 * wizzyrea pokes bug 7001
19:30 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7001 enhancement, P3, ---, srdjan, Signed Off , User Configurable Slips
19:30 sekjal wizzyrea:  going to need a short break before tackling QA on a second large feature
19:30 wizzyrea :)
19:31 jcamins_away Yippee!
19:31 sekjal but getting those two knocked off the list would go a long way towards making me feel productive
19:31 wizzyrea ^.^
19:31 jcamins_away sekjal++ # for a herculean QA effort
19:32 cait sekjal++
19:32 jcamins_away Ooh, I like the idea of having the "Machine generated authority record" be translatable.
19:32 jcamins_away Even just a syspref would be an improvement.
19:32 sekjal jcamins++  schuster++
19:36 sekjal okay, brb, getting coffee
19:43 oleonard Oh, Bug 7636 looks like fun
19:43 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7636 major, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , error when trying to email cart when opacuserlogin set to don't allow
19:46 nengard sorry oleonard :)
19:46 nengard i say just hide the email button if that preference is set to don't allow
19:46 nengard that's the easiest thing to do
19:46 nengard i would think
19:47 oleonard I think you're quite right
19:57 kathryn joined #koha
19:57 oleonard The "recent comments" link should be hidden too, right? Since comments cant be added if you're not logged in?
19:58 cait hm but you can look at the comments form others?
19:58 wizzyrea this is for sites with opacuserlogin is never allowed though, right
19:59 oleonard The only way it would work is if opacuserlogin was on for a while, then turned off
19:59 oleonard ...that seems a fairly unlikely scenario
19:59 cait but woulnd't you just turn off the comments view then?
20:01 jcamins_away You could add comments from the staff client, no?
20:01 jcamins_away Ah.
20:01 jcamins_away Never mind then.
20:01 oleonard You can't add comments from the staff client
20:02 oleonard [% IF ( opacuserlogin && reviewson && OpacShowRecentComments ) %]
20:04 oleonard This is why we need sub-preferences. Turning off opacuserlogin could disable a bunch of stuff that doesn't make sense with it turned off (comments, tagging, etc)
20:10 oleonard Bam!
20:12 nengard oleonard you are right
20:12 nengard lots of things shouldn't show up  if you can't log in
20:13 nengard add to that list: add to private list, place holds
20:14 oleonard Where do you see the option to place holds with opacuserlogin disabled?
20:14 cait most of them can be switched off separately
20:14 cait I have done it
20:14 cait for a project
20:14 cait it can all be done by using the existing system preferences
20:18 eythian_ joined #koha
20:21 Shane-S joined #koha
20:22 rangi this is due to be launched today
20:22 Shane-S does my bug 7615 fix bug 1219 ?
20:22 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7615 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, cnighswonger, Signed Off , Give option to use description for homebranch/holding branch in label creator instead of the branchcode
20:22 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1219 enhancement, P2, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , New plugin for MARC21 branch
20:22 rangi
20:22 jcamins_away Shane-S: the two don't have anything to do with each other, no
20:22 ibeardslee rangi: we threw a couple of retired PCs at them
20:23 Shane-S okay, as I saw homebranch in there
20:23 oleonard and 1219 is old and should be WONTFIX
20:23 jcamins_away Oh, yeah, that's you. :)
20:23 rangi ibeardslee: *nod* i figured catalyst would had to have done something for it :)
20:24 Shane-S Okay, I was just going through and saw homebranch but didn't understand the scope
20:24 Shane-S well down to 8% battery time to go home :P
20:37 sekjal wizzyrea:  7001 no longer applies... but it looks like it's just a DB update issue
20:37 wizzyrea yea, that happens every time
20:37 wizzyrea want me to fix it and resub or...
20:38 jcamins_away If you use git am -3iu /tmp/${WHATEVER} it might fix itself.
20:38 sekjal jcamins_away:  it did not
20:38 sekjal I'll see if I can resolve it myself
20:38 jcamins_away Ah well.
20:40 sekjal yup, easy fix
20:45 wizzyrea woot!
20:46 * wizzyrea hopes and hopes there hasn't been shifting sand underneath that one
20:47 oleonard updatedatabase conflicts are usually easy to fix. I don't think anyone should have to resubmit for that kind of conflict
20:48 cait oleonard++
20:49 rangi oleonard: heard of jean shin?
20:49 oleonard No
20:50 rangi oleonard++ # i agree
20:50 rangi oleonard: ahh good its not just me then :)
20:50 rangi my wife is an art conf in nyc and was all excited about her
20:51 oleonard I'm so out of touch with the art world. My art school self would be sorely disappointed in me.
20:51 oleonard I don't have much patience for it anymore.
20:52 rangi it does take a lot of effort to be up to date
20:52 wizzyrea i don't know how hipsters do it!
20:52 rangi laurel is now a sole trader, so a registered company essentially, and does her teaching on contract
20:52 rangi so she can now go to things like this, as tax writeoffs
20:52 wizzyrea niiice
20:52 oleonard Looks like some fun stuff:
20:52 rangi if you cant beat the capitalist scum, join them
20:57 wizzyrea hee
20:58 sekjal wizzyrea: was it intentional that the print checkout slip should now show borrowernumber instead of barcode in the "Print Receipt for.." line?
20:58 wizzyrea it's configurable
20:58 wizzyrea you can have it do either I think
20:58 sekjal right
20:58 wizzyrea but no, not strictly intentional afaik
20:59 sekjal but just doing a straight upgrade, no customization, that's the only significant difference in how slips render
20:59 sekjal (checkout receipts, anyway)
20:59 wizzyrea *nod*
20:59 wizzyrea should probably change that eh
20:59 wizzyrea to be how it is now
20:59 wizzyrea I can do a followup?
20:59 wizzyrea have to add transitslip anyway
20:59 wizzyrea via followup
20:59 libsysguy joined #koha
21:00 libsysguy yo
21:00 wizzyrea hey
21:00 libsysguy so I have an ebook that is showing up as checked out
21:00 libsysguy but its not in the issues table
21:00 wizzyrea old_issues?
21:00 libsysguy where else could that info get putted from?
21:00 wizzyrea (maybe it's indexing?)
21:00 wizzyrea and where is it showing as checked out
21:00 wizzyrea on the results or on the detail
21:00 cait libsysguy: onloan
21:00 libsysguy the opac
21:00 wahanui hmmm... the opac is for patrons
21:00 cait in items
21:01 libsysguy it can get set in items
21:01 libsysguy ??
21:01 cait the duedate is set in items
21:01 cait items.onloan - it always was :) used to be boolean, now is a date
21:01 cait and gets indexed by zebra for availability
21:01 wizzyrea sometimes the indexes get out of whack
21:01 wizzyrea and you'll see somethign in the results that's checked out, when it's really available
21:02 cait ^^
21:02 jcamins_away Or there's data in the onloan from migration.
21:02 schuster give it the interval for rebuild to catch up.
21:02 wizzyrea usually updating the record in some small way (i like putting a space in the public note) and saving it triggers another zebraqueue index process
21:02 libsysguy hmm ok ill give that a shot
21:02 wizzyrea and then it's all happy again
21:02 jcamins_away schuster: I don't know if you saw, but sekjal passed the patch for bug 7284. :)
21:03 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7284 major, P3, ---, jcamins, Passed QA , Authority matching algorithm improvements
21:03 libsysguy so onload should be set to a 0-ed out timestamp?
21:03 oleonard jcamins_away: You need a new hobby now!
21:03 libsysguy onloan**
21:03 wizzyrea libsysguy?
21:03 wahanui libsysguy is Koha's hottest developer or partying with swedes on his deck
21:03 libsysguy hehe
21:03 sekjal wizzyrea:  it looks like it's not actually the content of the slip, just the page header, which likely wouldn't show on most receipt printers.
21:04 sekjal so I think it's a non-issue
21:04 wizzyrea oh cool.
21:04 jcamins_away oleonard: as soon as it's pushed, I'll start searching couch cushions for funding for the other authority-related projects I proposed.
21:04 * wizzyrea waits for the shakedown
21:05 libsysguy jcamins_away is in the authority mafia
21:05 jcamins_away "That's a real nice authority record you got there. Real nice. Would be a shame if something happened to it."
21:06 libsysguy ^^ LOL
21:06 libsysguy omg is that a headless authority in my bed
21:07 libsysguy or perhaps that should have read "omg is that an authority header in my bed"
21:07 eythian_bucklame *leader
21:07 jcamins_away eythian_bucklame: we spend too much time around MARC. I was thinking that, too.
21:08 eythian_bucklame far, far too much time
21:08 * jcamins_away is sure there is a "take me to your leader" joke in here, but can't quite find it.
21:08 oleonard Oooh, quitting time!
21:09 eythian_bucklame quitter
21:09 oleonard Bye #koha. All-day meeting tomorrow, so, uh, weep for me.
21:09 eythian_bucklame weekend tomorrow!
21:09 eythian_bucklame fly back home this evening.
21:09 jcamins_away Meeting with a contractor tomorrow.
21:09 jcamins_away Possibly all-day.
21:10 cait hi eythian :)
21:10 eythian_bucklame hi cait
21:11 libsysguy ok si its not in issues, old_issues, onloan is set to 0 date...i ran an index after adding something to the public not...still says its checked out
21:11 libsysguy im not sure what im missing
21:11 eythian_bucklame make onloan set to null?
21:11 jcamins_away libsysguy: it shows up as checked out on detail and results, or just results?
21:12 libsysguy just the results
21:12 jcamins_away And it displays properly on the staff client
21:12 jcamins_away *?
21:13 wizzyrea and on the detail?
21:13 eythian_bucklame sounds like a zebra reindex needing issue
21:13 libsysguy if I go to look at the item in the checkout status i see "not checked out"
21:13 wizzyrea yea, it still sounds like an index issue to me
21:13 libsysguy hmm
21:13 wizzyrea eythian probably has it, it should be null
21:13 wizzyrea items.onloan
21:13 wizzyrea but
21:13 libsysguy but I don't wanna do a full index :'(
21:13 wizzyrea what you should d
21:13 wizzyrea no
21:13 wizzyrea just go in
21:13 libsysguy it take sooo longgg :p
21:13 wizzyrea edit the record
21:13 wizzyrea save it
21:13 wizzyrea wait for the zebraqueue
21:14 wizzyrea or check it out and back in
21:14 wizzyrea which would do the same thing
21:14 wizzyrea more or less.
21:14 jcamins_away ^^ that's what I'd do.
21:14 libsysguy fixed
21:14 libsysguy set to null and indexed
21:14 libsysguy thanks :)
21:14 jcamins_away And, with that thought, I think it's time to call it a day.
21:14 jcamins_away Good night, #koh.
21:14 jcamins_away #koha
21:15 jcamins_away Wish me luck with the contractor tomorrow.
21:15 eythian_bucklame cya
21:16 wizzyrea gl jcamins_away
21:19 rangi libsysguy: there is a bug that im not sure what status its in, that allows partial reindexes
21:19 rangi ie you can give it a range of biblionumbers
21:19 wizzyrea oh yea
21:19 rangi you might want to find and test it
21:19 rangi itw ould be super helpful in situations like this
21:19 rangi run an update query limit 1000
21:19 rangi then then just reindex those, rinse and repeat
21:20 rangi helps do mass changes less disruptively
21:21 wizzyrea Bug 7246
21:21 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7246 enhancement, P2, ---, paul.poulain, Pushed to Master , --limit option to allow partial re-indexing
21:23 sekjal uhoh.  found a problem with 7001
21:23 wizzyrea noooo
21:23 sekjal it's not mod_perl (and thus presumably Plack) compliant
21:23 wizzyrea gurg.
21:23 sekjal sub getletter modifies a variable declared outside itself
21:25 sekjal there's no in-line documentation around it, either, so I'm not entirely sure why it's doing this
21:25 wizzyrea :/
21:26 bag huh?  mod_perl standards
21:26 bag I missed that memo
21:26 bag but that would be sweet
21:27 sekjal mod_perl, or any tool other speedup that precompiles entire scripts as subroutines are going to run into a problem with this
21:27 wizzyrea does it pre-exist 7001?
21:27 sekjal no
21:27 sekjal introduced by
21:27 wizzyrea boo.
21:27 bag yeah no I'm just saying - that mod_perl would be sweet
21:28 sekjal I'll write it up in the bug report, and maybe Srdjan can explain what that particular bit of code is doing.  It may be worth the trouble down the line for the immediate gains, if reimplementing it would be hard
21:29 wizzyrea i've no doubt that he'll fix it post haste if he can. :)
21:30 sekjal in other news, love the variable name $want_librarian in GetPreparedLetter().
21:30 sekjal yes, always!
21:30 eythian_bucklame huh, srdjan should know better: the other big perl project he works on is mod_perl
21:30 wizzyrea :)
21:31 sekjal eythian_bucklame:  perhaps he's got more up-to-date information than I.
21:31 sekjal but from what I know, that set up is problematic
21:31 eythian_bucklame it's possible, I'm not sure. Could it be something that doesn't change?
21:31 eythian_bucklame that's the only reason I could think of off the top of my head.
21:36 sekjal it may be... it looks like it could be a hash of a hash of a hash that stores everything in it's own little cubby
21:37 wizzyrea "perl cubbies"
21:40 eythian_bucklame hmm, that's still something that could grow problematically.
21:48 JesseM left #koha
21:49 maximep left #koha
21:51 sekjal notes made.
21:52 rangi @later tell maximep[…]-dates-announced/
21:52 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
21:52 sekjal now it's time for me to wrap up my day here and trundle on over to the bus.  got to get some food and caffeine going on before coming back to work at 10pm tonight
21:52 rangi @later tell ebegin[…]-dates-announced/
21:52 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
21:54 sekjal good <<localtime>>, #koha!
21:54 wizzyrea you're working at 10pm tonight?!
21:54 wizzyrea later sekjal
21:54 sekjal wizzyrea:  yeah, 10pm to 2am
21:54 wizzyrea ewww
21:54 wizzyrea syschange?
21:55 sekjal library's Get Your Game On! event
21:55 wizzyrea oh, so "work" ;)
21:55 rangi ahh
21:55 rangi i used to get my game on, but then i took an arrow to the knee
21:55 sekjal trying to keep the students out of the bars on Thursday night
21:55 cait lol
21:55 * wizzyrea giggles at skyrim jokes
21:56 sekjal night, all
22:00 wizzyrea ok
22:00 wizzyrea I have a bit of a stumper. Well, it's a stumper for me
22:00 Space_Librarian joined #koha
22:11 edveal left #koha
22:25 * jcamins_away has one too.
22:26 jcamins_away wth was wrong with "dumb" phones that worked, that we needed to switch to "smart" phones that don't?
22:26 Space_Librarian that is one of life's big mysteries
22:26 wizzyrea hah
22:26 wizzyrea I just realized that I never finished my stumper
22:26 jcamins_away wizzyrea: what was your stumper?
22:26 wizzyrea so I'm looking to get a report
22:26 wizzyrea hahaha
22:26 wizzyrea oh.
22:27 wizzyrea right, a report that lists patron name + all of their lost items + what they owe
22:27 wizzyrea this sounds easy
22:27 wizzyrea but I keep getting every item that is lost that the patron has checked out
22:27 wizzyrea so say, this person checked out jane eyre
22:27 wizzyrea but they didn't lose it, another patron did
22:27 wizzyrea I get those.
22:29 pastebot "wizzyrea" at pasted "my stumper, my stumper, my lovely lady stumper" (11 lines) at
22:30 jcamins_away Join accountlines to borrowernumber.
22:31 wizzyrea see I knew I was doing something dumb.
22:33 jcamins_away Why didn't I think of that...
22:34 jcamins_away Software error? Remove and replace the battery!
22:34 wizzyrea ?!
22:34 Space_Librarian lol.
22:34 wizzyrea oh, on your smart phone.
22:34 Space_Librarian Which smartphone is giving you grief?
22:34 jcamins_away HTC Incredible.
22:34 jcamins_away Let's see... did that fix it?
22:35 Space_Librarian HTC's are usually pretty good
22:35 jcamins_away That's what I've been told.
22:35 wizzyrea also, even iphones do nonsense like that
22:35 Space_Librarian Wait - is it running ice cream sandwich or gingerbread?
22:36 jcamins_away wizzyrea: I'd expect it from an iPhone.
22:36 jcamins_away Space_Librarian: I don't know, it's running whatever version of Android it updated to.
22:37 wizzyrea mine runs gingerbread and it's alright
22:37 jcamins_away That did fix it, BTW.
22:37 Space_Librarian which may be ice cream sandwich and it is a little buggy
22:37 wizzyrea but I had to replace the UI, samsung's UI made me feel itchy.
22:37 jcamins_away That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of.
22:37 jcamins_away Pull the battery for a software error.
22:37 * Space_Librarian is still waiting for hers to upgrade to ice cream sandwich
22:37 wizzyrea dunno, you'd reboot a PC, which is basically what you've got
22:37 wizzyrea a PC in your pocket.
22:37 jcamins_away Why don't you just, I don't know, *turn off* when I choose the "turn off" button.
22:38 jcamins_away wizzyrea: but when I choose "shut down" on my computer, I expect it to do that.
22:38 wizzyrea but it doesn't always :)
22:38 * wizzyrea argues
22:38 jcamins_away lol
22:38 jcamins_away You have a point there.
22:39 jcamins_away But we're not talking about a locked up phone.
22:39 jcamins_away We're talking about a phone that shuts off and then takes fifteen minutes to turn on very happily.
22:39 jcamins_away Android version 2.3.4.
22:39 jcamins_away And this problem goes back at least 1.5 years.
22:40 wizzyrea O.o that's a bit extreme
22:43 jcamins_away Did the report work with the revised join?
22:43 * wizzyrea was waiting for it to run
22:43 wizzyrea let me check
22:50 wizzyrea no I don't think that worked
22:56 wizzyrea hm no, gonna have to revisit that tomorrow
23:06 Space_Librarian dearest wise and venerable denziens of koha. riddle me this: Where do I switch on the holds placed email?
23:07 Space_Librarian (before I break something again?)
23:08 cait left #koha
23:11 * Space_Librarian re-fixes the tools area again
23:34 Space_Librarian @dice 1d20
23:34 huginn Space_Librarian: 5
23:35 * Space_Librarian breaks the admin area again...
23:54 Johnindy joined #koha

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