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00:12 eythian_bucklame Judit1: I don't think that was me
00:13 Judit1 hmm, yeah that eythian was walking, not cycling
00:13 Judit1 :)
00:14 eythian_bucklame also, I'm in auckland, unfortunately.
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03:40 Amit_Gupta heya bag
04:03 bag heya Amit_Gupta
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07:08 alex_a hello #koha
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07:41 reiveune hello
07:43 magnuse kia ora #koha!
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08:03 ephazz i would like to delete all duplicate records, hw do i do that guys
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08:10 asaurat hello
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08:24 ephazz i would like to delete all duplicate records, hw do i do that guys
08:35 paul_p good morning everybody
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10:10 cait-m hi all
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10:12 cait hi #koha
10:14 asaurat hi!
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10:29 * magnuse wonders if cait has managed to figure the cloning bug
10:30 cait heh
10:30 cait working on it
10:30 cait but it's really not stable yet
10:31 magnuse hehe
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10:33 cait interesting
10:33 wahanui interesting is good
10:33 cait that's cait from the mobile phone
10:33 cait there should be no ___ hmm.
10:36 hdl wahanui: forget interesting
10:36 wahanui hdl: I forgot interesting
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11:00 vfernandes hi guys
11:17 * magnuse wonder briefly if DBIx::Class::Migration might be applied to our discussion of how to handle database upgrades etc, then forgets about it
11:18 vfernandes it's possible to migrate only items (XML format) to one record?
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11:23 cait_ T
11:25 vfernandes there is any tool to do bulk item import
11:25 vfernandes ?
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11:27 cait_ bulkmarcimport
11:27 wahanui i guess bulkmarcimport is different perhaps, than the staged marc import scripts we patched
11:27 cait_ Forget bulkmarcimport
11:27 wahanui cait_: I forgot bulkmarcimport
11:28 vfernandes the records are already in the database... then the client sent me some new items to add to some records
11:28 vfernandes which is the easiest way to do this?
11:30 vfernandes I know the biblionumber where the item will be added... maybe I can create the item directly in the database an then rebuild the marcxml of the record
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11:31 cait_ Hmm
11:31 cait_ Do you to which records they belong?
11:31 vfernandes yes
11:31 cait_ Reindexing should do it
11:32 cait_ Rebuilding the xml
11:33 cait_ In the past we created brief marc records with the items (for migrations)
11:34 cait_ So not sure
11:36 vfernandes AddItems from C4::Items maybe is the correct method to use
11:37 vfernandes or maybe AddItemBatchFromMarc
11:38 vfernandes this afternoon will see this better
11:39 cait I think there is no ready to use way to do it, you will have to script something
11:39 cait or generate records
11:41 vfernandes do a script is not a problem :) I've already done many scripts for data migration to Koha from another systems like Aleph, Millenium, BiblioBase...
11:43 cait :)
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12:58 chris_n slow for anyone else this morning?
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13:01 * jcamins_away falls asleep.
13:01 jcamins_away (waiting for
13:04 jcamins_away So, yeah, pretty slow.
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13:22 magnuse doesn't seem too bad from here
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13:44 tcohen hi #koha
13:44 oleonard What's up #koha?
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13:59 kivilahtio We have been gathering our software requirements specification, and one large
13:59 kivilahtio issue troubling us is tha lack of support for library departments. We would
13:59 kivilahtio like to define separate loan rules for the musics department than the serials
13:59 kivilahtio department. Childrens area has no costs for returning late. Loan rules for the
13:59 kivilahtio same material is different depending on the department.
13:59 kivilahtio To alleviate this we are planning to extend the branches-functionality by
14:00 kivilahtio modifying the branches-table, to contain a parent/sibling-relation. So we can
14:00 kivilahtio define some libraries as departments.
14:00 kivilahtio This way the departments would be like libraries, when it comes to funds, and
14:00 kivilahtio loan rules etc.
14:00 kivilahtio We would have to modify the OPAC-view to hide departments from libraries facet
14:00 kivilahtio And modify the search queries to include departments, or just use search groups
14:01 kivilahtio but search groups area a keyword mess when you have 10+ libraries in it
14:02 jcamins_away kivilahtio: what's wrong with using item types?
14:06 kivilahtio jcamins_away: we would have to define item types for every department
14:07 jcamins_away kivilahtio: but you're going to have to define the same number of circulation rules in the end, so why not use the existing code?
14:07 kivilahtio jcamins_away: Book for childrens department, Book for adults department
14:08 jcamins_away That seems to me to be the way it works for all libraries: children's book, adult book, local history book, etc., etc.
14:09 kivilahtio jcamins_away: It doesn't seem to be the right way to do it
14:09 kivilahtio jcamins_away: we can have sam item types in many departments
14:09 jcamins_away kivilahtio: I come from the school of thought that says "if it's less work and gets the job done, it's the right way to do it."
14:09 kivilahtio jcamins_away: and about serials, we can have them in the serials departmant, as wel las in the adults department
14:10 kivilahtio jcamins_away: So we would have serials department serials vs adults department serials
14:10 kivilahtio jcamins_away: and not everyone of our libraries has the same department
14:10 jcamins_away Remember that any customizations you do have to either get into mainline Koha (which means that it can't break any existing functionality, and has to meet community standards), or you have to maintain the code.
14:11 kivilahtio jcamins_away: That is what I want to hear. Could we do it to match community standards?
14:11 jcamins_away kivilahtio: I'm sure you could.
14:12 jcamins It's just additional work.
14:12 kivilahtio jcamins: Is there anybody else who would benefit for having departments?
14:12 kivilahtio It is
14:12 jcamins I'm sure there is.
14:12 kivilahtio jcamins: but it would make things more streamlined
14:12 jcamins kivilahtio: Provided you're aware that this is going to be more work, I strongly support you adding the new feature. :)
14:12 kivilahtio jcamins: and in some cases we will run into trouble, not solvable by item types
14:13 kivilahtio jcamins: If we move to OS ILS, I already suggested we hire a project team of 4 persons for the duration of 1 year
14:13 jcamins Good, so you already thought about this.
14:13 kivilahtio jcamins: To do the migration, code more functionality, make it more suitable to our standards, make localizations
14:14 jcamins A lot of libraries don't think this through, and end up stuck on an old version of Koha permanently.
14:14 kivilahtio jcamins: If we go OS we definetely weant to be a part of the community
14:14 kivilahtio jcamins: reap the benefits and bear the burden
14:16 jcamins kivilahtio++
14:16 jcamins Good for you! We get a lot of people who don't feel the same way, so I have a prepared speech about open source not meaning "someone else will do your work for free." :)
14:18 jcamins I think the method you proposed makes sense, but I foresee problems with the circulation rules.
14:19 jcamins You'll need to think very hard about how "most specific to least specific" would work in this case.
14:20 kivilahtio jcamins: what I wanted to hear is that, how large a task you feel this added functionality would be? I have come to think we could do it in 1 month
14:20 kivilahtio I am not looking for hard dates, just some general idea about how demanding it might be
14:20 kivilahtio I mean 1 man/month of work
14:21 jcamins Yes, that seems reasonable.
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14:22 jcamins However, keep in mind that it can take a while for features to get into Koha, so you'll need to maintain the code, rebasing it to work with the latest master, until it gets in.
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14:24 kivilahtio jcamins: ok, but that wont be a major issue, right?
14:24 jcamins Generally speaking, it's pretty easy.
14:24 kivilahtio jcamins: It's some extra work but it wont take more than days.
14:25 jcamins Right.
14:25 jcamins But if you're outsourcing the development, it's something you want to keep in mind.
14:25 kivilahtio ok
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15:22 libsysguy random question
15:23 jcamins Never!
15:23 jcamins ^^ Random answer
15:23 libsysguy I a serial comes in say spring, winter, summer, and fall
15:23 jcamins Witty comeback!
15:23 libsysguy how would you go about denoting that with a timestamp
15:23 jcamins You mean in planning?
15:23 libsysguy oh jcamins you have outwitted me this time
15:23 jcamins Isn't there a 1/quarter option?
15:24 libsysguy I think so lol
15:24 wizzyrea tangentially related problem that may or may not be really related but that is sure to spark contentious debate
15:24 libsysguy there is, but a subscription start date is required
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15:24 wizzyrea so say, start it on the 1st day of that season
15:24 jcamins Ah. I use July 1.
15:25 jcamins Or October 1 if the Fall issue is first.
15:25 wizzyrea june 21 :P
15:25 libsysguy I wish there was a better way :'(
15:25 libsysguy wants manip back lol
15:26 jcamins Someone drilled a hole in this CD case.
15:26 libsysguy monsters
15:26 jcamins What I'm wondering is "why?"
15:26 wizzyrea duly noted one should *not* take certain antibiotics on an empty stomach
15:26 * wizzyrea almost ralphed in the parking lot of spud's daycare.
15:27 wizzyrea *almost*
15:27 libsysguy grozz wizzyrea
15:27 jcamins Thanks for sharing. :P
15:27 wizzyrea you're welcome.
15:27 libsysguy jcamins, one is not to ask why where there are librarians involved :p
15:27 wizzyrea @quote get 123
15:27 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
15:27 wizzyrea ^^ this
15:27 libsysguy exactly
15:27 jcamins libsysguy: granted, but this is my wife's CD.
15:28 wizzyrea @quote add libsysguy: one is not to ask why where there are librarians involved :P
15:28 huginn wizzyrea: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
15:28 jcamins (there's no hole in the CD, just the case)
15:28 oleonard Is it used?
15:28 jcamins The CD is. Not the hole.
15:28 wizzyrea O.o
15:28 wizzyrea @quote get 23
15:28 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #23: "<gmcharlt> /msg huginn register nick password" (added by wizzyrea_ at 04:25 PM, August 06, 2009)
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15:28 jcamins And I can't really see how one could hang the case in a useful fashion.
15:29 wizzyrea is huginn ignoring me?!
15:29 * wizzyrea pokes huginn
15:29 wizzyrea did I not give you enough cookies?
15:29 oleonard I've seen used CD cases notched or with holes in them before... some kind of record store secret code
15:29 jcamins oleonard: hm. I guess that could be it. I don't know whether she got the CD new.
15:29 oleonard Ha... "record store." You know, like where you get 78s for your gramophone.
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15:31 wizzyrea now I can't remember what the quote was I was trying to add
15:32 wizzyrea oh right
15:32 wizzyrea @quote add libsysguy: one need not ask "why" where there are librarians involved :P
15:32 huginn wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.  Quote #189 added.
15:32 wizzyrea @quote random
15:32 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #103: "<cait>: Nobody can find you hiding in ;)" (added by wizzyrea at 09:18 PM, November 13, 2010)
15:33 jcamins Very true.
15:33 wahanui I know. That's why I said it.
15:33 * wizzyrea hides in
15:33 wizzyrea y'all better get your machetes, it's gonna be a trek to get me outta here.
15:34 * oleonard finds wizzyrea hiding behind "# FIXME: WHY?"
15:34 kivilahtio sounds like someone/or something is in a need for rewrite
15:34 wizzyrea ok that was really funny :)
15:34 jcamins lol
15:35 jcamins kivilahtio: you have no idea.
15:35 wizzyrea you're hired. Now get to it.
15:35 * wizzyrea gets the popcorn
15:35 * jcamins gets the vodka for kivilahtio.
15:35 kivilahtio :D
15:35 kivilahtio vodka to numb the pain
15:36 jcamins Exactly.
15:36 kivilahtio I have a feeling I someday took a look at it
15:36 kivilahtio I never went back there
15:36 jcamins Heh. That's the response of all intelligent individuals.
15:37 kivilahtio but its time for me to go home
15:37 kivilahtio cheerios gents and mladies!
15:37 jcamins And maladies! (like;)
15:38 asaurat who's sick ?!
15:38 asaurat bye kivilahtio
15:39 tcohen someone said vodka?
15:41 * tcohen is a big fan of that spirit
15:42 jcamins All of our CDs and DVDs fit in one suitcase.
15:42 jcamins And it's not even that full yet.
15:43 jcamins Pretty heavy, though.
15:44 slef morning #koha
15:44 * slef returns to get sru working
15:45 jcamins Hehe. "Guillotine: the revolutionary card game you win by getting a head"
15:46 asaurat lol
15:46 asaurat I mean "mdr"
15:46 asaurat I played this game I think
15:47 asaurat not bad =)
15:47 slef @quote add <jcamins> Hehe. "Guillotine: the revolutionary card game you win by getting a head" <asaurat> lol <asaurat> I mean "mdr"
15:47 huginn slef: The operation succeeded.  Quote #190 added.
15:47 slef @quote random
15:47 huginn slef: Quote #97: "chris_n shakes his fist (again) in the direction of Redmond" (added by wizzyrea at 03:21 PM, October 08, 2010)
15:59 libsysguy jcamins: I think i figured out what the issue was (no pun intended).  She wants the next issue publication date changed so she can set a loosely defined date
16:00 libsysguy and accout for combined issues etc
16:00 jcamins libsysguy: ah. Yeah, I hate combined issues.
16:01 libsysguy yeah im not entirely sure how to handle that
16:01 wizzyrea question - syndetics & librarything... the same thing? or different?
16:02 libsysguy she said she would basically be happy is she could set a defined pattern from one year to the next
16:05 jcamins wizzyrea: they're different services.
16:05 jcamins Syndetics provides covers and reviews, I think.
16:05 wizzyrea ltfl provides.... covers and reviews?
16:06 wizzyrea but they are different, but both run by bowker?
16:06 jcamins LTFL provides covers, reviews, and related items, I believe.
16:06 libsysguy yes we use Syndetics
16:06 wizzyrea this is why I am confused.
16:06 jcamins Different APIs and data.
16:06 jcamins I believe.
16:06 * wizzyrea sighs
16:06 wizzyrea so they do the same thing, in a different way, and are run by the same company
16:06 wizzyrea this makes *perfect* sense
16:08 oleonard Wait... Syndetics and LibraryThing are owned by the same people?
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16:11 schuster but librarything has more user related info doesn't it?  we use B&T for jackets a LOT cheaper not as cheap as Amazon or Google, but we're ok ...
16:12 jcamins No, I think they're owned by different people. Just managed by the same company.
16:13 schuster jcamins - where are we with the authority patch?
16:14 schuster bug 7284
16:14 wahanui rumour has it bug 7284 is the first step to making that happen
16:14 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7284 major, P3, ---, jcamins, Needs Signoff , Authority matching algorithm improvements
16:14 jcamins schuster: the decongestants are finally taking effect, so I'm sitting down to trace out the problem you reported. :)
16:15 schuster OK then I will go back to work on the "enhancements" in command line scripts that I am trying to get packaged for submission...
16:15 jcamins schuster: I should have a revised patch for you in about ten minutes.
16:15 jcamins Sorry it took so long... I've been incoherent all weekend.
16:16 schuster I won't be able to do anything with it until tonight so no rush.
16:16 jcamins Okay.
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16:18 jcamins Grr. marcelr isn't around.
16:20 reiveune bye
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16:22 * oleonard tries to calm jcamins before he hulks out
16:22 * wizzyrea goes for a refresh on the popcorn
16:22 jcamins wizzyrea: I met someone who started a kettlecorn store in New York.
16:22 * jcamins thinks that's very cool.
16:25 schuster ooo  kettlecorn is great!
16:25 wizzyrea *nod* it is
16:28 jcamins Yeah, she brought some to class once.
16:28 jcamins schuster: I sent you a PM when you get a chance. :)
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16:30 wizzyrea hm I wonder if it would be possible to show the patron notes onthe patron detail page as well as on the checkout page
16:31 wizzyrea also, we have 2 kinds of patron notes
16:31 wizzyrea which I think is a bit confusing?
16:31 wizzyrea there's the "messaging system" and then there is the standard edit patron -> opac/intranet note
16:31 oleonard Time to get rid of the "old" kind?
16:31 wizzyrea well I don't know
16:31 wizzyrea what do you think?
16:32 wizzyrea I'd kind of be "for" that
16:32 * jcamins votes for adding a third.
16:32 * wizzyrea gives jcamins the eye
16:34 edveal I need to hide a column in the holdingst but am having a hard time figuring it out.  Can someone give me some hits?
16:34 edveal hints?
16:34 oleonard edveal: In the OPAC?
16:35 edveal Yes, they don't circulate items so they want the Due Date column hidden.
16:35 wizzyrea jquery library
16:35 wahanui jquery library is found at[…]ki/JQuery_Library
16:36 edveal Yes, I found something there that is close but can't get it to work.
16:36 wizzyrea yea, I was thinking of one there
16:36 wizzyrea that is similar
16:36 wizzyrea which one?
16:36 wahanui i think which one is it
16:37 edveal I found "Remove the textual item type description from the OPAC holdings table" But it is not the same. I have tried changing it around to try to get it to work but because the column is multiple <tr> I can't get it to do anything but remove the text.
16:38 wizzyrea k, sec
16:38 wizzyrea it's gonna be something like this
16:38 wizzyrea[…]_check_out_screen.2FPatron_Detail_page
16:38 edveal I have tried using to lines one for thead and one for tbody and that didn't work either.
16:39 oleonard Try: $('#holdingst td:nth-child(6),#holdingst th:nth-child(6)').hide();
16:39 wizzyrea (different divs, of course)
16:40 edveal Thanks oleonard that did it.
16:51 schuster Question - I just registered a user on my "clean" test system and discovered it didn't ask for "First" name just other name.  So how do I get that back?
16:52 melia joined #koha
16:52 wizzyrea it's in the sysprefs
16:52 wizzyrea under patrons, I think
16:53 wizzyrea yea, BorrowerMandatoryField
16:53 wizzyrea pipe separated
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16:58 schuster But when I register patrons First name doesn't show at all in the display so how will making it mandatory do me any good.
16:59 oleonard Are you registering an institutional patron?
16:59 schuster AH so Library - "Category" is an institution?...  oleonard is a quick one!
17:00 wizzyrea schuster, did you install the test patron categories?
17:00 schuster Yes - There it is I changed it from "Library
17:00 schuster " to Board member ...
17:00 wizzyrea Patron is probably a better one to test with
17:04 jcamins Lunch time!
17:10 schuster Oh glad to see the bug I just uncovered in my Live system is resolved in community!
17:11 schuster Looking forward to the new features and software!!!
17:11 wizzyrea :)
17:12 talljoy1 joined #koha
17:12 oleonard Too bad we keep our bug fixes super secret
17:12 wizzyrea ^^
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17:31 Shane-S quick question using the barcode layout and I want the location which is in a&b of an items 952, so I put 952a, it comes out empty, but title and itemcallnumber did come out. Anyone know what I can use to get location?
17:31 wizzyrea there might be a special name for that, sec
17:32 wizzyrea I think you can try just
17:32 wizzyrea location
17:32 wahanui location is the Landman Library, right?
17:32 wizzyrea forget location
17:32 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot location
17:33 Shane-S lol, bot is funny, thank you
17:33 wizzyrea yea, the bot is often funny
17:33 wizzyrea because we are often funny :)
17:34 wizzyrea Shane-S: I'm not *sure* that location will work, but it is the name of the field in the db where the location is kept
17:34 wizzyrea so it would seem to follow that it would work.
17:34 wizzyrea *but I haven't tried it*
17:34 Shane-S location = blank, itemlocation maybe
17:34 Shane-S let me try
17:35 wizzyrea hmm no
17:35 wizzyrea ping chris_n
17:36 Shane-S 952a = biblio not item I am guess that is why it came out blank?
17:36 wizzyrea that's a bit fuzzy really - 952a is the marc field where koha keeps its item info
17:36 sekjal joined #koha
17:36 wizzyrea er 952
17:36 wizzyrea is
17:36 wizzyrea with all of it's subfields
17:37 wizzyrea a isn't location though, is it?
17:37 wizzyrea oh I guess it is, sorry
17:37 Shane-S on the item page the fields with location have a&b in bold in fromt of them, so it was a guess
17:37 Shane-S there is nothing in the MARC/Biblio
17:37 wizzyrea chris_n would know for sure
17:37 wizzyrea if you can do that
17:38 wizzyrea permanent_location maybe?
17:38 wizzyrea the field in the db is simply "location"
17:40 Shane-S ill try it :)
17:41 wizzyrea location worked for me
17:42 wizzyrea location = Shelving location
17:42 wizzyrea is that what you're wanting
17:42 Shane-S second...
17:42 wizzyrea or location = home branch
17:42 wizzyrea or location = holding branch
17:42 wizzyrea because 952a is "permanent_location"
17:43 wizzyrea 952c is "shelving location"
17:43 wizzyrea or just "location" in the db
17:43 Shane-S I want permanent
17:43 wizzyrea you want the home branch then
17:43 Shane-S or current
17:43 wizzyrea so try
17:43 wizzyrea homebranch
17:43 wahanui i heard homebranch was $a, as I recall.
17:43 wizzyrea or permanent_location
17:43 Shane-S wahanui is a genius :)
17:44 wizzyrea but try homebranch first :P
17:44 Shane-S thanks wizzy, ill try homebranch
17:45 sekjal Shane-S:  are you looking for the building to which the item belongs, the building in which it is currently housed, or the shelf/room within the building where the item is?
17:45 * wizzyrea didn't ask the first question
17:45 wizzyrea the first question?
17:45 Shane-S hokebranch worked...kinda
17:45 wahanui i guess the first question is "What are you trying to do?"
17:46 wizzyrea kinda?
17:46 Shane-S I want its "ownership" location, which homebrand did...but in the code
17:46 wizzyrea oh, you want the description?
17:46 Shane-S NPSD I was hoping for the name NPSD has which is "National Park School"
17:46 * wizzyrea is not sure that is possible.
17:47 wizzyrea if you want that, file a bug on it
17:47 sekjal Shane-S:  I got in late, so I'm sure I missed a lot
17:47 wizzyrea he wanted homebranch :)
17:47 sekjal but are you looking for an SQL report, or something in the MARC?
17:47 wizzyrea label creator
17:47 sekjal oh
17:47 wizzyrea wants to print the homebranch on the labels
17:47 wizzyrea the homebranch *description*
17:47 Shane-S I just wanted homebranch, and tried 952a versus keyword :P
17:47 wizzyrea which I'm not sure is possible
17:48 Shane-S Yeah, once it spit the code out...then I was like "darn" I need the "description"
17:48 sekjal not at this time, no.  though it would make a good enhancement to let users pick whether they want the code or the authorised value
17:48 wizzyrea ^^ so file a bug
17:48 wizzyrea bugs?
17:48 wahanui bugs is, like, found at Please fix any bugs you find. :)
17:48 wizzyrea bugs is also reporting them is helpful, too.
17:48 wahanui okay, wizzyrea.
17:49 wizzyrea bugs?
17:49 wahanui i think bugs is found at Please fix any bugs you find. :) or reporting them is helpful, too.
17:49 Shane-S once I learn git I may help :P
17:49 wizzyrea reporting it would be the first step.
17:49 wizzyrea ;)
17:49 Shane-S I am
17:49 wizzyrea awesome
17:51 wizzyrea report it?
17:51 wahanui you can report wahanui's bugs at It's nice to report them, it's great to fix them, and you'll make someone's day if you sign off on them.
17:51 wizzyrea !
17:51 * wizzyrea giggles
17:51 wizzyrea let's try that again.
17:52 wizzyrea report it
17:52 wahanui one can report wahanui's bugs at It's nice to report them, it's great to fix them, and you'll make someone's day if you sign off on them.
17:52 * wizzyrea makes the marge simpson noise
17:52 maximep making someone's day sounds good
17:53 wizzyrea report it?
17:53 wahanui one can report bugs at It's nice to report them, it's great to fix them, and you'll make someone's day if you sign off on them.
17:53 wizzyrea there we go.
17:55 Shane-S bug 7615
17:55 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7615 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, cnighswonger, NEW , homebranch
17:56 Shane-S I will check my MYSQL DB and append the SQL statement if I can figure it out :P
17:57 Shane-S I used to be proficient with mysql back in the day I wrote my own CMS (16yrs 30) been awhile :D
17:57 Shane-S no wait..18
17:57 wizzyrea :)
17:57 wizzyrea fwiw,
17:59 wizzyrea the descriptions are held in the table "branches"
17:59 wizzyrea schema/
17:59 wizzyrea schema?
17:59 wahanui rumour has it schema is tracked in git. or found at
17:59 wizzyrea branches.branchname, to be exact.
17:59 collsk12 joined #koha
17:59 wizzyrea if that puts you on the right track. ;)
18:00 Shane-S that helps thanks :)
18:01 Shane-S are the packages updated from the master or current release only?
18:01 wizzyrea stable release. You have to roll your own if you want packages based on master.
18:02 jcamins_away Are you sure? I thought eythian was doing packages off of Master as well.
18:02 * jcamins_away rolls his own either way.
18:02 wizzyrea I had only observed the stable ones
18:02 wizzyrea but I could be wrong. I'm wrong a lot.
18:03 jcamins_away There's a version from February 13.
18:03 jcamins_away (based on master)
18:03 jcamins_away Shane-S: but if you're doing development, use git.
18:03 wizzyrea well there you have it
18:03 jcamins @quote search git
18:03 huginn jcamins: 6 found: #120: "<sekjal> I think time is less like a continuum,...", #129: "jcamins: take to heart the old saying- 'don't...", #139: "library_systems_guy: I guess I could put (git-...", #153: "<rangi> merging code in git doesn't make me...", #186: "trea: git-fu --tiger style /whooosh", and #25: "<wizzyrea> ha, in #koha we don't pick each..."
18:03 jcamins @quote get 129
18:03 huginn jcamins: Quote #129: "jcamins: take to heart the old saying- 'don't be a git, use git." (added by wizzyrea at 07:01 PM, April 27, 2011)
18:04 jcamins This is very relevant.
18:04 Shane-S yeah I am making a VMmachine @ to do a git based install so I can easily edit the files
18:04 Shane-S my laptop here doesn't have half the drivers and was just for testing, so I am just figuring out how to make it work for us
18:04 Shane-S @ -> @home
18:04 huginn Shane-S: downloading the Perl source
18:12 libsysguy left #koha
18:27 adnc joined #koha
18:28 Guillaume left #koha
18:32 juan_sieira joined #koha
18:35 wizzyrea oleonard, about?
18:38 wizzyrea also, loving the way you did search to hold. Really brilliant
18:38 wizzyrea every time I use it i'm so thankful.
18:42 * oleonard is here now
18:42 wizzyrea i was just putzing about in cataloging, I imagine that catalogers get annoyed that they have to tab through all of those links
18:42 oleonard
18:42 wahanui is a tangled mess, and every time we touch it we break something.
18:42 wizzyrea fair enough :)
18:43 wizzyrea (but yes, that's what I was looking at)
18:49 oleonard I can't imagine what a solution might be. Changing tabindex would be a nightmare
18:50 jcamins A new cataloging interface, probably.
18:51 Shane-S does Koha use PHP anywhere?
18:51 oleonard No, slef forbid
18:51 jcamins lol
18:52 Shane-S I suck at perl...only got anywhere with php (maybe a good decision to keep rookies like me out of the code) :)
18:54 oleonard Shane-S: You'll find places where your PHP knowledge will give you enough to go on to puzzle stuff out
18:54 * oleonard is better at PHP too, but manages to get small stuff done
18:57 wizzyrea just don't go rewriting and you'll be fine.
18:58 oleonard joined #koha
18:59 Shane-S oh so I was on LibLime and notice version 4...I thought LibLime Koha and Koha-community were close in version
18:59 Shane-S or is it just a marketing number
18:59 jcamins Shane-S: no, LibLime's software is very different.
19:00 hdl joined #koha
19:00 wizzyrea they version like firefox does, or something.
19:00 jcamins They made up a new versioning scheme after they forked off of 3.0.
19:00 oleonard Liblime Koha is based on an older version of Koha, but with a higher version number.
19:00 oleonard So yeah, marketing.
19:00 jcamins Or 3.1.
19:01 Shane-S Ah, do they contribute to the community at all?
19:01 oleonard Not at all anymore.
19:01 wizzyrea not in the last couple of years. Occasionally you'll see someone answer a question here or on the list, but that hasn't happened in a while.
19:01 wizzyrea it's not the same software, it would be hard for them
19:02 wizzyrea to participate.
19:02 jcamins PTFS Europe contributes, but they're a different company that shares a name with PTFS, apparently.
19:02 oleonard Plus it's counter to their goal of promoting their version to the exclusion of Koha
19:02 wizzyrea that too.
19:15 Shane-S man I can not figure out trying to figure out where the user-input fields like "branchcode" are processed so I can find the variables and query to the I can contribute code to my bug
19:16 wizzyrea you probably want to look in C4/Labels
19:16 wizzyrea (just a guess)
19:16 jcamins Or C4/Labels/Something
19:16 wizzyrea C4/Labels/
19:16 wizzyrea possibly
19:17 Shane-S ah okay I will have a look
19:17 oleonard Shane-S: The path I take is often: 1) Identify the variable name in the template 2) Search for the variable name in the .pl file 3) Find the subroutine which is creating the data in the variable 4) Examine the subroutine in the .pm file to find out where the information came from
19:18 wizzyrea wow is uh, pretty succinct.
19:19 jcamins Whoah.
19:19 wizzyrea may be what you're looking for
19:19 patric joined #koha
19:19 * wizzyrea is amazed by chris_n sometimes
19:19 jcamins Whoah.
19:19 jcamins is *more* succinct.
19:20 * chris_n perks up
19:20 wizzyrea we were looking at the label creator ;)
19:20 jcamins Yeah, probably C4::Labels::Label.
19:20 patric joined #koha
19:20 wizzyrea Shane-S would like to have the branchname available in addition to the branchcode
19:21 wizzyrea which seems reasonable.
19:21 Shane-S yeah...haven't opened it yet, have to find the one that takes the usercode, related to the database fields, and see if I can add in a "new" code and add some SQL
19:21 chris_n 952a give the branch code
19:21 chris_n oh
19:21 chris_n hmm
19:21 chris_n I'd have to look
19:22 wizzyrea actually 952a didn't - homebranch did though
19:22 chris_n its been a looong time since I looked at labels
19:22 wizzyrea :)
19:22 chris_n 952a works here for branchcode
19:22 wizzyrea weird!
19:22 chris_n so maybe it's broken beyond 3.2.x
19:22 patric Hey all, I'm having a horrendous time with duplicate records ... reimported, with a barcodes, could've sworn I unimported the old ones first, had dupes, unimported the new stuff, and am now wishing for a wipe out the old one's button, since a clean button isn't showing up, feel free to advise, but for the next few minutes I'm going to read the docs on ...
19:22 * wizzyrea will check, I took Shane-S at his word.
19:23 patric ... "replace when "
19:23 Shane-S I swear I typed 952a, :)
19:23 Shane-S I will double check now
19:23 chris_n C4::Labels::Label does the grunt work of label creation
19:24 Shane-S chris_n: I will do my best...but I can just do php/mysql and very basic at that :(
19:24 chris_n its an attempt at OO style
19:24 wizzyrea yea 952a doesn't seem to work for me
19:25 Johnindy joined #koha
19:25 wizzyrea homebranch definitely does though
19:25 Shane-S yeah same here (I installed from packages though)
19:25 jcamins Maybe because it's not in biblioitems anymore?
19:25 wizzyrea ^^^^^^^^^
19:25 wizzyrea this
19:26 wizzyrea yes, that's exactly why.
19:26 wizzyrea good call.
19:26 jcamins Ooh, headache came back.
19:26 Shane-S I did homebranch,952a,title,itemcallnumber and all worked less 952a
19:26 wizzyrea go lie down
19:26 * jcamins bangs his head against the desk in an effort to equalize the pressure inside and outside his head.
19:26 * wizzyrea cringes
19:27 Shane-S jcamins tried a drill? back in ancient times they use to bore holes for that :D
19:27 * chris_n hands jcamins lots of motrin/tylenol and caffien
19:27 chris_n caffine even
19:27 jcamins caffeine?
19:27 jcamins :)
19:27 chris_n lol
19:28 chris_n but yes, labels was never brought up to speed when items were removed from bibs
19:28 * chris_n cringes
19:29 Shane-S <-- is clueless to that, just started using Koha
19:31 chris_n in short, labels will work, but some fields will not be available as advertised
19:31 Shane-S chris_n where does it take the table structure names and extract them, ie. title, itemcallnumber, etc. is that in
19:32 Shane-S Label*
19:34 chris_n it happens in the draw_label_text method of C4::Labels::Label iirc
19:39 chris_n the exact SQL used for retrieval is at line 81
19:39 cait-m__ joined #koha
19:40 chris_n probably if that is fixed life would be good again in label land
19:46 wizzyrea ...linus uses a macbook air.
19:46 Shane-S hmm let me try modifying that :P
19:46 wizzyrea this seems all kinds of wrong to me.
19:46 wizzyrea my illusions, they burn.
19:47 Shane-S I am on a MacBook Pro why is an Air an issue?
19:47 wizzyrea don't get me wrong, macs are lovely.
19:47 Shane-S what are you one?
19:47 jcamins wizzyrea uses a Mac. :)
19:47 wizzyrea i'm using a mac right now ;)
19:48 jcamins As do I.
19:48 wizzyrea but! it's *linus torvalds*
19:48 oleonard[…]k-battle-heats-up
19:48 wizzyrea i expected... dunno, more open source open hardware open-etc from him I guess.
19:48 Shane-S <--loved PCs until he became a build IT admin and finds it annoying that a Mac can have apps "dropped" to them but with M$ you have to use a GPU get or make an MSI and WAIT at login/startup
19:49 Shane-S OSX is built on Unix though :D
19:50 patric OSX is unix these days, one of the very few certified
19:50 oleonard "Computerworld has not yet found a spokesperson for PTFS/Liblime to give its side of the story." Typical.
19:51 * wizzyrea uses ubuntu at home now
19:51 * oleonard wonders if Computerworld checked for comments on library-related blogs for official PTFS statements
19:51 wizzyrea and I actually think I like it better than osx
19:51 wizzyrea hah.
19:51 jcamins oleonard: have there been any interesting comments recently?
19:51 oleonard Not that I'm aware of
19:52 patric My starcraft box runs pc-bsd, which is very nice for perfomance, but I still love my macs
19:52 * wizzyrea is totally aware that osx is unix. It's why I started using it in the first place.
19:52 wizzyrea but it's not open.
19:52 jcamins patric: you have a Starcraft box? Now that is dedication!
19:53 jcamins PC-BSD? Wow. It's been a long time since I heard about PC-BSD.
19:54 slef Box Shifters Direct!
19:55 jcamins I didn't realize it was still active. I heard a bunch about it in 2006, and then it just fell off my radar.
20:00 Shane-S okay I changed line 81...gonna try it *prays he did not break it*
20:01 jcamins Shane-S: well, if you did, you can use git to go back to the way it was prior to your change easily. :)
20:02 Shane-S I am a backup of the original...hmm it didn't work...didn't break...but using branchname didn't do anything
20:02 mbalmer joined #koha
20:02 Shane-S I just added the branches table to the MYSQL
20:02 wizzyrea Shane-S: that's probably because you'd have to join items on branches
20:03 Shane-S I did :P
20:03 Shane-S have to copy the code to MYSQL and see what it does :P
20:04 patric BSD, you know that little group that brought us tcp/ip
20:05 patric It's not so much dedicated and occupied
20:05 Space_Librarian joined #koha
20:06 Shane-S hmm worked in it is joined...I can see the data...perhaps wrong name...checking schema
20:07 hdl joined #koha
20:09 Shane-S must be more to it...
20:15 kathryn joined #koha
20:17 Shane-S
20:18 Shane-S That is line 81 of C4/Labels/ it works if I take the SQL and put it in MySQL command line replacing the ? with 25317 (itemnumber of one of my books)
20:19 Shane-S However, using branchname in the label layout isn't working :(
20:24 Shane-S That is about as far as I can take it, should I append that to my bug?
20:24 eythian_ joined #koha
20:29 Space_Librarian morning all from chilly Wellington
20:30 Shane-S I added a comment to the bug, hopefully I can figure it out or someone can comment further on it
20:31 wizzyrea morning Space_Librarian
20:31 Space_Librarian morning wizzyrea
20:33 eythian_bucklame hi
20:33 wahanui hello, eythian_bucklame
20:33 Space_Librarian hey eythian_bucklame  - how's Aucks?
20:40 eythian_bucklame it's still here. alas.
20:41 Space_Librarian Oh woe indeed.
20:47 cait-m__ joined #koha
20:48 jcamins Wow. That was really weird.
20:48 libsysguy joined #koha
20:48 wizzyrea ?
20:48 jcamins I called the power company to set up service, and it was painless!
20:48 wizzyrea we can do it online here
20:48 wizzyrea which is nice
20:48 eythian_bucklame jcamins: just wait
20:48 jcamins When was the last time you called a utility company and were not driven to drink?
20:48 eythian_bucklame they're lulling you into a false sense of security
20:48 Space_Librarian there's always a catch
20:48 * wizzyrea has never called. I do it all online.
20:48 eythian_bucklame Oh, I just start drinking before I call them. Softens the blow that way
20:49 jcamins wizzyrea: I think I could've done it online if I'd ever had an account with them before.
20:49 wizzyrea even outage reports (from my phone)
20:49 Space_Librarian eythian_bucklame: agreed
20:49 wizzyrea the most I have to complain about them is that the guy who does their twitter is a bit of a knob.
20:53 jcamins wizzyrea: hehe.
21:03 Shane-S just a thought does Koha cache files in memory, like the /usr/share/lib files?
21:03 wizzyrea it can use memcached
21:03 Shane-S I made a change, but have seen no effect, and thus it occured to me maybe I should restart apache or the whole systme
21:04 eythian_bucklame Shane-S: no, it doesn't.
21:04 eythian_bucklame flush your browser cache
21:04 eythian_bucklame that's often the issue
21:04 wizzyrea no, not like that.
21:04 jcamins What did you change?
21:04 * Shane-S beats head on desk
21:04 wizzyrea i think he's looking at
21:04 jcamins Ah.
21:04 wizzyrea did it work?
21:04 wizzyrea >.>
21:04 Shane-S I am, in MySQL perfectly
21:05 Shane-S but in the code, it hasn't broken anything...but branchname isn't coming out
21:05 wizzyrea oh, I htought maybe you were facedesking because you flushed the cache and now it works.
21:05 Shane-S no...that can't be cached, as it generates a PDF
21:06 Shane-S I will try another browser after my system restarts...Im doing it just to make sure...
21:07 Shane-S if it works in mysql, and that line is what fetches all the table data and lets you use database table field should work
21:08 eythian_bucklame I like to chuck some debug code in mine to make sure my changes are being picked up, or introduce an error for a one-off check.
21:09 Shane-S I am thinking it might be table position...perhaps after the biblio info it drops the fields
21:10 Shane-S perhaps if I move the order that table is merged in...
21:12 * oleonard wonders why he would think he could work on tags code so soon before time to leave
21:12 * oleonard unsquints his eyes and waves bye to #koha
21:12 wizzyrea byee
21:12 Shane-S bye
21:12 jcamins Shane-S: I'd recommend using debug code.
21:13 Shane-S <-- does not know how to get a message out using Perl...only PHP and this portion is I am even more lost
21:14 eythian_bucklame Shane-S: print "this is my message!\n";
21:14 Shane-S where will it go, HTML head?
21:14 eythian_bucklame it'll show up in the apache logs
21:14 Shane-S ah okay
21:15 eythian_bucklame actually, perhaps do 'print STDERR "this is a message\n";' which I know will show in the error log.
21:15 eythian_bucklame I forget where stdout goes
21:15 eythian_bucklame some log somewhere I think
21:15 eythian_bucklame probably still error...
21:16 jcamins stdout goes to the browser.
21:16 jcamins It'll break your HTTP headers.
21:17 Shane-S is . or + used to concatinate variables and strings?
21:17 Shane-S so like "Shane's Error" + $sth
21:18 eythian_bucklame Shane-S: '.';
21:18 eythian_bucklame -;
21:18 eythian_bucklame so "something: ".$val
21:18 Shane-S ah okay like php :P
21:19 eythian_bucklame no, php is like perl, not the other way around ;)
21:23 Shane-S okay its way beyond me...gave me DBI::st=HASH(0x9ff49d8) after $sth->execute($item_number); which is the line after the MYSQL I changed
21:24 jcamins Shane-S: that's because you printed out the statement handle.
21:24 bag @seen rangi
21:24 huginn bag: rangi was last seen in #koha 4 days, 1 hour, 10 minutes, and 58 seconds ago: <rangi> bbl
21:24 maximep left #koha
21:24 bag @wunder 93109
21:24 huginn bag: The current temperature in K6LCM-Westside/Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 15.3°C (1:22 PM PST on February 28, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 48%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Pressure: 30.16 in 1021.2 hPa (Falling).
21:26 Shane-S $sth= $dbh->prepare(MYSQL Here), was the line i made the SQL change to, but I have no idea what is going on with the sth stuff :(
21:26 Shane-S oh well...time to leave...gotta let me dog out, can't be at work all day :P
21:29 eythian_bucklame sth is a statement handle
21:30 eythian_bucklame it's an object that does stuff with the prepared statement, you can't really just print it out.
21:30 wizzyrea could probably print $data tho
21:31 jcamins schuster: around?
21:33 schuster here
21:44 hdl joined #koha
22:01 wizzyrea
22:01 wizzyrea basic gist: distance light can go in a nanosecond = 11ish inches
22:01 wizzyrea distance light can go in a microsecond = 900some feet
22:01 wizzyrea so, don't waste your microseconds.
22:02 libsysguy LOL
22:02 libsysguy i love that
22:13 eternalsword joined #koha
22:16 * wizzyrea hates bug 6645
22:16 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6645 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , attaching items loses hold
22:16 wizzyrea no matter how many times you tell people how holds get this way, they never get it
22:18 eternalsword so I cloned from git://, created a repo on github with a couple of branches.  origin now points to github.  I added a remote called upstream for git://  I am now pulling updates from upstream master.  git pull upstream master merges with conflicts.  Why are there conflicts as I made no changes from upstream.  shouldn't the merge apply cleanly?
22:19 Shane-S joined #koha
22:20 Shane-S I am @ home trying this git thing, can I make a working version from it as well? I just did git clone
22:21 Shane-S Also since I am running 3.6 at work, how would I go about modifying or checking out for that version?
22:22 wizzyrea sure you can, it's a bit of a different process though
22:22 wizzyrea version control using git?
22:22 wahanui somebody said version control using git was at[…]Control_Using_Git
22:22 wizzyrea really most every question is answered there
22:22 wizzyrea eternalsword: I'm not sure exactly what your issue is
22:23 wizzyrea but you might try a git fetch && git rebase origin
22:23 wizzyrea I've had better luck with it than "git pull"
22:23 wizzyrea pull = merge, rebase, well, rebases.
22:24 eternalsword I've tried git pull --rebase upstream master and it freezes.  I'll see if running the separate commands makes a difference.
22:24 Shane-S wizzyrea: I am on that wiki, and I am down to the checkout section...and I am not sure what I should contribute/use any suggestions as I don't have a "production" system in place yet?
22:24 eythian_bucklame I don't think it's freezing.
22:24 eythian_bucklame I think it's taking a long time because what you have is perhaps a hugely different branch, or something like that
22:25 wizzyrea you mean "doing work on koha"
22:25 wizzyrea don't worry about the terminology of production
22:25 eternalsword eythian_bucklame my master has no changes from upstream, so that shouldn't be the issue
22:26 Shane-S wizzyrea: no no...I mean the system at work is for I am not "locked" to a version I am using yet
22:26 eythian_bucklame if that were the case, then you wouldn't be seeing conflicts
22:26 eternalsword thus my confusion
22:26 eythian_bucklame I'd do a got log and see how it compares to git log upstream/master
22:26 wizzyrea is this the branch with your changes for f1?
22:26 eythian_bucklame *git
22:27 eternalsword I keep the master branch the same as upstream.  I do all my work on different branches, even when pushing to github.
22:27 * wizzyrea is not sure
22:27 eythian_bucklame that's the best way to do it.
22:28 Shane-S wizzyrea: like the label and OPAC results changes I would like to contribute those, but I am not sure if I should do that on the master, or should I use a branch?
22:29 eythian_bucklame always use a branch
22:29 eythian_bucklame but, base that branch of master
22:29 eythian_bucklame *off
22:29 Shane-S that just confused me more :)
22:29 eythian_bucklame I never ever modify master on any of my repos
22:29 Shane-S I have no clue how this git stuff works
22:30 Shane-S and the wiki is kinda assuming I know WTF git is/does and how it basically works
22:30 eythian_bucklame git checkout upstream/master -B bug1234-fix-the-widget
22:30 Shane-S I know how to use a text edit, backup files, and make changes...that is it
22:30 eythian_bucklame creates a new branch from master
22:30 eythian_bucklame git is easy in essence, but it takes a lot of messing around and being confused before you really get what's going on :)
22:31 magnuse ooh, that sounds like a quote :-)
22:31 Shane-S okay this is going to take more then an hour huh :P
22:31 eythian_bucklame it's easier to think of in terms of tree theory, if that's your thing :)
22:32 Shane-S tree theory...I think I am gonna leave...and find a new career..I know none of this
22:32 eythian_bucklame haha
22:33 eythian_bucklame my suggestion is to learn that git reset is your friend, and git reflog can give you the information to recover from almost any screwup.
22:33 wizzyrea @quote add Eythian: git is easy in essence, but it takes a lot of messing around and being confused before you really get what's going on :)
22:33 huginn wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.  Quote #191 added.
22:33 magnuse thanks wizzyrea
22:33 wizzyrea lol, I hadn't seen your statement
22:33 wizzyrea I read it and was like "quote add!"
22:33 Shane-S I can setup a windows server, install AD/DHCP/DNS/File Share, install a webserver on Ubunut (wait it does that for me now) make a site in HTML/PHP/MySQL that is about it though :D
22:33 magnuse great minds... :-)
22:34 eythian_bucklame well, if you're writing stuff in php, you're using version control, right?
22:34 wizzyrea Shane-S: every. single. one. of. us. started out where you are
22:34 wizzyrea (with git)
22:34 wizzyrea which is "OMGWTFBBQ"
22:34 wizzyrea <run around screaming>
22:34 magnuse agrees with wizzyrea
22:34 wizzyrea "it gets better"
22:34 Shane-S eythian_bucklame: NO...I have a file, I back it up with .old instead of .php and make changes :D
22:35 * wizzyrea used to do that
22:35 wizzyrea now I use git
22:35 eythian_bucklame Shane-S: hmm. You should learn git for your own sake then :)
22:35 wizzyrea and I am happy.
22:35 * Space_Librarian ponders the magic 8-ball to answer these questions...
22:35 eternalsword stupid me.  I forgot to run git fetch upstream after adding it as a remote
22:35 * magnuse didn't evenb used to do that
22:35 * wizzyrea suspects magnuse spent a lot of time screaming.
22:35 Shane-S <-- is very guilty of live updates...hits save...then edit undo = broken...and cries
22:36 magnuse well, a little
22:36 * Space_Librarian agrees with wizzyrea
22:36 eythian_bucklame watching a friend of mine do 'cc -o program.c program.c' made me start commiting to version control regularly
22:36 eternalsword lol
22:36 magnuse i assume that would overwrite the source code with the compiled program or something?
22:37 eythian_bucklame magnuse: yeah
22:37 eternalsword at least in that case, a decompiler should work.
22:37 eythian_bucklame not really, decompilers aren't all that great.
22:37 eythian_bucklame especially for a university assignment, and an all-nighter of work :)
22:37 Shane-S what does upstream do?
22:37 magnuse ouch
22:37 eythian_bucklame (it's also a lesson to use makefiles)
22:37 Shane-S its not on the wiki
22:38 Shane-S in an example
22:38 wizzyrea "upstream" is the main repo, or
22:38 wizzyrea if the koha git were a river, your local clone is like a tributary
22:38 * magnuse has make on his list of things to learn
22:39 Shane-S where are the birds and bees...we have water and trees ;P
22:39 * wizzyrea goes for rivers, since trees aren't your thing
22:39 eythian_bucklame Shane-S: your git repo can point to a number of others. e.g. at catalyst we have our internal one (which I call origin) and the public one (which I call kc.) If I do git checkout kc/master, I have the upstream master.
22:39 eythian_bucklame The names can be anything you like though, e.g. "upstream"
22:39 * Shane-S just issues the dman command and see's what happens :P
22:40 wizzyrea worst case? re-clone
22:40 wizzyrea i mean, I think I have messed up at least 15 koha clones
22:40 wizzyrea with bad git maneuvering
22:41 eternalsword That's why I don't pull upstream until origin has been pushed.
22:41 wizzyrea (these days I could probably get myself out of it, but a year ago? yea not so much.)
22:43 Shane-S ...which can not be resolved as commit..... any help
22:43 Shane-S for upstream/master
22:43 Shane-S git checkout upstream/master -b my-koha what I issued
22:44 eythian_bucklame Shane-S: do you have a remote repo that you called "upstream"
22:44 eythian_bucklame ?
22:44 wizzyrea I think you want git checkout -b my-koha origin
22:44 wizzyrea that will check out a new branch called my-koha based on origin
22:44 magnuse g'night #koha
22:44 wizzyrea gnite magnuse
22:44 wizzyrea whoa, I just realized we haven't heard a thing from kf/cait today
22:45 eythian_bucklame the order isn't importent
22:45 * wizzyrea wonders where she is
22:45 * wizzyrea is a creature of habit
22:45 Shane-S wizzyrea: worked
22:45 eythian_bucklame but I always include the branch name, to make it a little less magic
22:45 Shane-S says Switched to a new branch 'my-koha'
22:45 wizzyrea ++ win!
22:45 eythian_bucklame wizzyrea: does that base off master?
22:46 Shane-S so how do I mod stuff? normal text editor?
22:46 eythian_bucklame because there probably isn't a branch named 'origin'
22:46 wizzyrea yup
22:46 eythian_bucklame I'd always say 'origin/master' then
22:46 eythian_bucklame oh hey, 'git remote -v' is useful
22:46 eythian_bucklame Shane-S: yeah, normal text editor
22:47 eternalsword that's weird, the commit hash is different for the commit made Fri Feb 17 15:03:52 2012 +0100 between my master and upstream/master.  How is that possible?
22:47 wizzyrea view remotes right?
22:47 Shane-S there are some git gui's should I use those?
22:47 wizzyrea I never have used them.
22:47 Shane-S can I don't know the command line at all
22:47 eythian_bucklame Shane-S: not until you understand it from the command line :)
22:47 eythian_bucklame eternalsword: if you applied it with a rebase, that might happen, maybe.
22:47 eythian_bucklame eternalsword: or if any part of its history is different
22:48 Shane-S can I at least use a gui editor...I hate vim and pine, and I like pico but its ctrl key crap sucks
22:49 eythian_bucklame you can use any editor
22:49 wizzyrea yup, any editor will work
22:49 * wizzyrea always appreciates eythian's git-fu
22:53 Shane-S so where do I edit my "branch"?
22:53 Shane-S does it make a folder or something?
22:53 eythian_bucklame Shane-S: you edit it in place
22:54 eythian_bucklame git knows that you've changed things, so if you run 'git status' it'll tell you
22:54 Shane-S so in the kohaclone folder
22:54 eythian_bucklame yep
22:54 Shane-S oh okay
22:54 Shane-S and since I have all the files I take it I can build a working koha from there? (I have a document printed and remember seeing "git" in there
22:55 wizzyrea yea, it's in install.(os)
22:55 Shane-S okay have to try that another night :P
22:55 Shane-S GF wants me there now for dinner...blowing up my phone :D
22:56 Shane-S Guess I should have said 7 not 6 for pizza
22:56 Shane-S thanks guys/gals...hopefully I will get there to help contribute.
22:56 eythian_bucklame I actually just run from the git directory, with some apache config to make it work
22:56 eythian_bucklame that way I can edit and hit refresh and see it straight away
22:56 * wizzyrea too
22:57 * Shane-S would like to do that as well...I might need help
22:57 Shane-S as this system will be my "code" system
22:57 Shane-S Its running in a Virtual Box VM
22:57 wizzyrea :) we're always around. Well, some one is
22:58 Shane-S I onyl have 12Gb of ram in my computer so I should be fine giving it 2Gb ;)
22:58 wizzyrea uhyea
22:58 wizzyrea you'll be fine :P
22:59 Shane-S bye until tomorrow @ work...I am determined to get branchname working
22:59 wizzyrea :)
22:59 Shane-S freaking works in somewhere is all this OO stuff it gets lost or broken
23:02 eternalsword okay, so I'm getting diffs of my current work and repatching in fresh clone from upstream.  If it works, I'll overwrite my github repo with that.  I remember I did do some history modifications cause I added a file to github that I didn't want public.  Didn't realize that would change the hashes on the master branch too.
23:04 eternalsword shouldn't have used --all.  lesson learned.
23:07 eythian_bucklame never use commit --all :)
23:07 eythian_bucklame (for exactly that reason)
23:07 edveal left #koha

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