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00:57 wizzyrea does anyone else find adding baskets in acquisitions kind of... awkward?
01:00 wizzyrea also, jebus this is time consuming.
01:03 jcamins_away Very. I don't use acq though.
01:28 wizzyrea how much better has my life gotten since git bz
01:28 wizzyrea let me count the ways
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03:10 wizzyrea regarding bug 7001, does anyone have an opinion on that last comment (is it ok when we do not have independent brances that everyone can edit notices for all branches)
03:10 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7001 enhancement, P3, ---, srdjan, Needs Signoff , User Configurable Slips
03:10 rangi everyone who has permissions to edit notices that is?
03:11 rangi cos i think its fine, thats the current situation
03:21 wizzyrea yea, that's what I just said
03:21 wizzyrea on the bug
03:22 rangi cool :)
03:23 wizzyrea i'm sure it could come up someday
03:23 rangi yes
03:23 wizzyrea someone will have a personnel problem they don't want to deal with
03:23 wizzyrea and
03:23 rangi exactly
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03:23 schuster
03:23 rangi i wont fire you, ill punish the entire world instead
03:23 wizzyrea you *could* just take away their tools permissions :P
03:23 schuster oops wrong window,
03:24 wizzyrea or "edit notice" permissions
03:24 wizzyrea it does in fact go that granular, which is nice.
03:24 rangi yup
03:24 * wizzyrea forgot that
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03:35 schuster so I was looking at bug 7284
03:35 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7284 major, P3, ---, jcamins, Needs Signoff , Authority matching algorithm improvements
03:35 schuster bug 7284
03:35 wahanui somebody said bug 7284 was the first step to making that happen.
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03:36 Amit_Gupta hi bag
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03:43 Schuster12 so 7284 is the bug
03:45 Schuster12 with I did git bz apply 7284 it told me bz is not a git command so i must not have something in BZ right.
03:46 Schuster12 So I have to do the "manual" process..??
03:48 eythian you need to install it first
03:48 eythian[…]_bz_configuration
03:49 eythian wahanui: git bz
03:49 wahanui git bz is so much fun :) or[…]_bz_configuration
03:52 Schuster12 I tried that but I must have something botched up someplace
03:53 eythian presumably you haven't symlinked it to somwhere in your path.
03:54 Schuster12 I guess...  I'm going to try the manual process until I have a chance to work more on the git bz stuff - one step at a time.
03:59 wizzyrea oh but the git bz stuff will make your life so much better.
03:59 wizzyrea it's totally worth the time to figure out why it's broken
03:59 wizzyrea git bz enables my laziness.
04:02 Schuster12 I just want to download and test 7284 to see how it works...  but now I think I'm stuck again.  I downloaded the patchs but there is installing stuff...
04:09 wizzyrea well yea
04:09 wizzyrea you'd need to update the database
04:09 wizzyrea just log in with your koha db user/pass
04:10 wizzyrea and if you can't remember it, it's in koha-conf.xml
04:17 Schuster12 well that might be it for me tonight.  Tomorrow i have great hopes of committing something!
04:17 Schuster12 besides me to the nutty bin that is.
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04:58 cait morning #koha
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05:06 eythian hi cait
05:07 cait evening eythian
05:27 Amit_Gupta heya cait
05:27 cait hi Amit_Gupta
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06:21 Judit1 if i have a child patron with a parent patron: can i set koha to send the first overdue warning to the child, and the second notice to do parent?
06:21 Judit1 the email goes to the first available meail address, no
06:22 eythian I don't think you can do that. Least, I've never heard of it.
06:24 Judit1 tha
06:24 Judit1 nks
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06:34 Suzzane Hi mib-owuink
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07:04 mib_tt23k0 can anyone help me with koha v3 marc_word thing. I am new to koha v3. My marc_word table seems to be corrupted, is it possible to rebuild it from other table? I googled but I only find scripts for koha v2.2 only. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Also welcome to reply me through
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07:25 mib_neg20l hey
07:26 mib_neg20l No items available in opac do you know my error
07:27 mib_neg20l Suzzane
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07:34 reiveune hello
07:34 wahanui bonjour, reiveune
07:34 Suzzane Hi Mib
07:34 Suzzane am also a learner
07:34 mib_neg20l hi
07:34 Suzzane hopefully will be a guru then that i will lender my advisory services
07:35 mib_neg20l you custemize koha
07:36 mib_neg20l reiveune
07:36 wahanui somebody said reiveune was working for biblibre
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07:36 Suzzane am customizing koha for our library use
07:37 magnuse kia ora #koha!
07:38 indradg morning #koha
07:39 mib_neg20l my problem is No items available in opac
07:39 mib_neg20l no one anwser my Qn
07:42 mib_neg20l suzzane
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07:42 Suzzane ops!!! cant be of much help here
07:44 mib_tt23k0 did you check your database?
07:45 alex_a bonjour
07:45 wahanui what's up, alex_a
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07:49 julian_m hi
07:49 Suzzane Hi Julian
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07:53 paul_p good morning #koha
07:55 magnuse bonjour paul_p
07:55 paul_p hi magnuse. What's new ?
07:55 Suzzane Hi Paul-p
07:55 magnuse hm, not much
07:55 Suzzane i need your help
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07:56 magnuse kia ora hdl!
07:56 paul_p magnuse there's something new that is undoubtfull, at least here = the day is longer and longer !
07:56 paul_p Suzzane what's your problem ?
07:56 magnuse paul_p: here too! and 3x yay for that!
07:56 Suzzane we are trying to search in OPAC
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07:57 Suzzane and error is cropping up
07:57 Suzzane let me copy paste the error
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07:57 hdl hi magnuse
07:57 hdl shorter and shorter in NZ
07:58 Suzzane This is the first error when you search all libraries:: Software error: Can't call method "data" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 1488.    The second error when you narrow the search to a specific library is still the same: Software error: Can't call method "data" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 148
07:58 Suzzane Paul, what to do?
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08:08 paul_p Suzzane : it's one of the trickiest error you can get... can be caused by *many* things.
08:08 paul_p one of them being that your zebra database is not synched correctly with your SQL DB
08:08 Suzzane Paul, what do i do?
08:08 Suzzane please guide me
08:08 Suzzane ok...
08:09 Suzzane is it possible to handle the error?
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08:15 gaetan_B hello #koha :)
08:16 Suzzane paul, i lost you.....
08:18 Suzzane where do i tell out programmer to do?
08:19 Suzzane sorry, what do i tell him to do?
08:22 paul_p Suzzane that's where it's tricky = I have no concrete suggestion to do...
08:23 Suzzane ops!!!!
08:23 Suzzane what might have happened coz the programmer has no idea
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08:26 kf hi again #koha
08:26 paul_p Suzzane did it work ?
08:26 kf morning paul_p
08:26 kf my coworkers transformed over night... I amworking now with a cowboy, a carrot, a hairy monster, a rabbit and an alien
08:27 paul_p if yes, what's the difference between now (don't work) and the time it worked ? that can be a change in your configuration, or an invalid data added
08:27 Suzzane ok....
08:27 Suzzane let me talk to the programmer
08:28 hdl kf frightening.
08:28 kf it is
08:28 kf today is the day all Konstanz goes crazy
08:29 kf oh
08:29 kf and a knight
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08:37 kf and an escapee (from jail)
08:37 kf hi francharb
08:37 francharb hi kf
08:37 paul_p kf and you, what do you look like ?
08:37 kf like myself - I kinda forgot to take care of a costume
08:37 kf I brought sweets... hopefully that will keep me safe
08:40 paul_p kf put sweets on your ears, your hairs, and become a "sweet tree" or something like that ;-)
08:40 paul_p (could work if you've a colored shirt ;-) )
08:40 kf things formthe bakery...
08:41 kf but the idea is good
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09:29 kf paul_p: red straw hat and colorful scarf now... my coworkers wouldn't let me escape :)
09:38 paul_p kf a few minuts for a functionnal question ?
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09:39 kf yes
09:39 * magnuse was wondering if kf had put something strange in her breakfast...
09:39 kf magnuse: my breakfast was ok... but the others are acting strange
09:40 magnuse hm, something in the water, perhaps? ;-)
09:40 kf paul_p: what's your question?
09:42 paul_p kf it's about issuingrules. When you enter nothing for a given value in issuingrules, shouldn't it mean "set null, so the usable value will be retrieved from the more general rule".
09:42 kf no
09:42 paul_p For example, issuinglength=21, qty=7, hold = nothing is entered for BOOKS
09:42 paul_p so there is no inheritance at all ?
09:42 kf there are some inconsistencies here I am not so happy about, but no inheritance
09:42 kf there is
09:42 kf but only for rules
09:42 kf so if you have a rule for books
09:42 kf and a general rule
09:43 kf but none for dvds the general rule will work
09:43 kf if you leave it empty it will either mean unlimited or none
09:43 kf there are some inconsistencies about that (sadly)
09:43 kf but it's either none or unlimited
09:43 kf when you leave max checkouts empty = unlimited, leaving maxreserves empty = no holds
09:44 * kf adds a big brown bear to the list of her new coworkers
09:46 paul_p bad news...
09:46 wahanui bad news is that you're probably royally screwed
09:47 kf paul_p: I think inheritance for single values would make it very very very confusing
09:47 paul_p (and probably some space for an improvement that would say "if there is nothing entered, use a more generic rule". 0 NOT being "nothing"
09:47 kf no
09:47 kf I think it works correctly
09:47 kf you don't enter circulation rules every day
09:47 kf and you can configure every possilbe combination
09:47 kf adding something like that would only make it more error prone and very confusing (in my eyes)
09:48 kf what we need is an option to edit rules
09:48 paul_p that's true. But when you're a 55 branches library, with 8 itemtypes and 12 patron categories...
09:48 kf yes, the interface is crap
09:48 kf sorry, but it is
09:48 kf I do them in calc and load them with sql
09:48 kf calc > csv > some regex/search&replace > mysql
09:49 kf hm
09:49 kf perhaps a csv import option
09:52 kf paul_p: perhaps some import/export as we have now for frameworks would make things easier
09:53 paul_p you're right, but that doesn't exist yet too ;-)
09:54 kf no it doesnt :(
09:54 kf what you can do is copy rules from one branch to another
09:55 kf paul_p: and there is a bug report about default rules not working correctly sometimes - I always do all combinations explicitly - makes it easier later to change them
09:55 kf not missing some combination by accident
09:56 kf bug 4530
09:56 kf hm sleepy bot? :)
10:01 kf paul_p: the main problem with the interface is, that if you have a lot of rules it's very hard to spot problems or missing combinations
10:01 kf paul_p: and very easy to make mistakes when manually adding rules :(
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10:24 * kf nick kf_mtg
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10:38 Amit_Gupta gaetan_B around???
10:41 hdl hi Amit_Gupta
10:42 Amit_Gupta heya hdl
10:43 gaetan_B hi Amit_Gupta ! i'm here :)
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10:59 slef hi all. Is there a way to see the past loans for a patron?
11:08 hdl circulation history
11:08 hdl page.
11:22 slef wrong question
11:22 slef my fault
11:22 slef thanks hdl and sorry
11:22 slef trying again: hi all. Is there a way to see the past holds for a patron?
11:29 slef ah, now you see that's a harder question, so people run away ;)
11:40 hdl the whole hold Module amkes ppl run away. slef patches welcome
11:41 slef hdl: if it's not there, we might get funding to add the feature and do some related cleanup. We're bidding for all sorts of projects again.
12:01 kf_mtg slef: a report on old_reserves?
12:01 kf_mtg using a runtime parameter for the cardnumber/borrowernumbr
12:02 slef kf_mtg: wow I'd not noticed old_reserves before
12:03 kf :)
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12:27 jcamins_away Whoah!
12:27 jcamins_away marcelr++ # lists permissions patches
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12:41 kf hi jcamins_away
12:41 jcamins Hello.
12:42 * jcamins is rebasing 7284 and squashing in the follow up this morning.
12:42 jcamins I will also write an executive summary.
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12:42 kf bug 7284
12:42 wahanui i heard bug 7284 was the first step to making that happen.
12:42 kf huginn missing?
12:43 kf gmcharlt: around?
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13:12 magnuse Bug 7284 - Authority matching algorithm improvements[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7284
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13:25 paul_p hi back from lunch
13:30 slef @later tell Amit_Gupta please say what you want to say and I'll read it later, or email me.
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14:04 jcamins nengard: I wrote a detailed commit message for bug 7284 so that it'll be easy to incorporate information about it into the manual.
14:06 jcamins A detailed test plan, too.
14:06 jcamins Isn't that convenient... makes it easy to test!
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14:13 nengard thanks jcamins
14:20 magnuse jcamins++
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14:29 jcamins_away schuster++
14:30 kf paul_p: around? :)
14:32 janPasi which distro would you guys recommend for running koha?
14:32 janPasi i've been using slackware because i pefer it's simplicity
14:33 janPasi but i've been having massive problems with new slackware and new koha versions
14:33 janPasi they just don't seem to work well together :(
14:33 kf I think Debian is probably the easiest, Ubuntu is easy too
14:34 kf there are Debian packages...
14:34 janPasi i've been thinking of maybe switching to ubuntu 11.04 LTS
14:35 janPasi i'm currently running ubuntu based mint lxde on my laptop, so i know ubuntu pretty well
14:35 paul_p kf yep
14:36 janPasi all the servers that i maintain are still running slackware, though ;)
14:36 kf paul_p: I have edited the google docs :)
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14:47 janPasi hmm... maybe i'll go with debian afterall
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15:02 jenkins_koha Starting build #629 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
15:03 mbalmer paul_p. tnx fer info!
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15:12 * oleonard is running out of time to dredge up his knowledge of French from high school...
15:12 mbalmer hallo mveron!
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15:13 mveron mbalmer: hello
15:13 wahanui salut, mveron
15:13 mveron hello everybody
15:13 mveron kf around?
15:14 * mbalmer likes mveron's IP address ;)
15:17 mveron Question about z39.50 import: how can we map fields from imported data to our custom framework, e.g. 003 to 040?
15:19 kf mveron: in a bit
15:20 slef mveron: Last time I looked (3.0), that's a tricky one. I've pondered an enhancement to read the MARC over z39.50, convert to marcxml, run through a XSL Transformation, then use the transformed record. I don't think I've even got as far as an RFC for that yet. Got any funding?
15:21 * slef waits for the howls telling him this was all fixed in 3.6
15:21 * mbalmer waits for that, too ..
15:22 mveron kf: Just wanted to tell that I scceeded with the update, including German language
15:22 kf yay :)
15:22 mveron Finally it was done in a couple of minutes... I just had to find out how. Thanks fpr your support :-)
15:23 oleonard slef: I wonder if you have any opinion on the usability of tag clouds? I'm struggling with a way to present a tag cloud in a way that distinguishes the user's tags from others' tags.
15:23 oleonard The use of color as a distinguishing element seems not universally friendly to me
15:24 * oleonard considered this, but that doesn't help the user of a screen reader
15:24 slef oleonard: colour combined with dotted underline?
15:24 slef oleonard: I think in the past we've resorted to having global/user/combined tag clouds, but that's not great.
15:26 slef oleonard: are the blue-on-white ones the other tags? If so, dotted border would work.
15:27 oleonard You would prefer a border to the white-on-blue?
15:28 slef no I meant as well on the blue on whites
15:28 slef lets you guess the clickable area more easily
15:28 slef but yours isn't bad... doesn't solve for screen readers though, you're right
15:28 slef but I guess they can just set 0 other-people's tags
15:32 * oleonard finds it strange that the border and background don't wrap the same way the text does
15:32 kf mveron: there is an enhancement waiting for some more tests
15:33 kf slef: also interesting for you too perhaps, allows applying a stylesheet to incoming marc21 records via z39.50
15:33 slef kf: got link?
15:33 mbalmer that sounds like what we are looking for.
15:33 kf slef,mveron: I tested with some easay transformations, it works great, there is only a problem with the unimarc stylesheet
15:33 kf bug 6536
15:34 mbalmer can the stylesheet be defined on a per server base?
15:34 kf it's included in the sru bug :)
15:34 kf a description with test plan is on the wiki
15:34 kf yes
15:34 slef where's huginn?
15:34 wahanui huginn is a bot too veera, not a person
15:34 kf slef: on vacation? I hoped for gmcharlt to show up
15:35 slef gmcharlt: could you restart huginn please?
15:36 * oleonard hopes huginn is offline for re-education
15:36 kf mbalmer: yes, you can define one for each z39.50 target
15:36 mbalmer perfect!
15:36 slef oleonard: lobotomy?
15:37 oleonard Re-educating him on the new Bugzilla statuses
15:37 kf mbalmer: it's only stuck because there is a problem with unimarc :(
15:37 mbalmer what is that problem?
15:37 kf mbalmer: a working unimarc to marc21 xslt is needed to make it move forward
15:37 kf it's all in the comments on the bug
15:38 jcamins_away I loathe driving, bu it sure can be convenient to have a car at times.
15:39 slef oh wow. Did someone really post a whitney scam link to koha's facebook page?
15:39 * slef goes to see if someone else has removed it
15:40 slef jcamins_away++
15:40 jcamins_away slef: what did I do?
15:41 slef jcamins_away: said wise words
15:41 mbalmer hmm, I don't find that xsl file..
15:41 mbalmer a, found it.
15:42 jcamins Are we talking about marcelr's super-cool Z39.50/SRU processing patch?
15:42 mbalmer yes
15:42 jcamins Isn't it super-cool? :)
15:42 mbalmer bug 6536
15:43 slef cool, looks like facebook spam's been deleted already
15:43 kf it is super-cool
15:43 mbalmer he who wrote that XSLT fk
15:43 kf so we should fix it and make it go in
15:43 mbalmer … file is crazy ;)
15:43 kf I think the unimarc to marc21 is based on work from biblibre
15:43 mbalmer yes.
15:46 kf I haven't looked at it - could be too traumatic :)
15:46 kf but it seems to work well enough
15:47 kf for unimarc-to-marc21
15:47 jcamins Myshkin is missing.
15:48 jcamins What a nuisance.
15:48 kf myshkin is missing??
15:48 kf where did you loose him?
15:48 jcamins Oh, he's in hiding because he knows he isn't allowed into the basement.
15:49 jcamins (and when I came home, he had opened the basement door)
15:49 jcamins (and gone into hiding so he wouldn't get in trouble for it)
15:50 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #629: SUCCESS in 47 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/629/
15:50 jenkins_koha * oleonard: Bug 7080 - Revised - Clean up interface on fine payment screens
15:50 jenkins_koha * juan.sieira: Previous and next functions are not used, since this code was removed from
15:50 jenkins_koha * robin: Bug 7238 - make packages deal with SIP config
15:51 jcamins But I'd like to know where he is.
15:52 kf jcamins: shake the package with the dried cat food?
15:52 jcamins kf: lol
15:53 jcamins I was actually just thinking I should do that.
15:53 * jcamins goes to feed Myshkin more.
15:53 oleonard Or open a can of tuna?
15:53 jcamins Or, at least, pretend he's feeding Myshkin more.
15:53 kf sssh
15:53 kf don't tell him
15:53 kf ok, leaving - bye all!
15:53 kf left #koha
15:54 oleonard When I had cats they would get a crazed look in their eyes around tuna
15:55 jcamins Well, I don't know where he was, but he must've been pretty close to the closet where we keep his food.
15:56 oleonard Guest2198 around?
15:56 jcamins Who's Guest2198?
15:56 oleonard I'm assuming it's wizzyrea
15:57 jcamins Ah.
15:57 jcamins Yeah, probably is.
15:57 oleonard She changes her nick to see if we talk about her behind her back
15:58 jcamins lol
15:58 * jcamins makes a snarky comment about her.
15:58 jcamins So she doesn't feel like she wasted the effort.
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16:00 oleonard I'm looking at Bug 7549 ([…]_bug.cgi?id=7549) but I don't know where the auto generated user name and passwords are coming from
16:00 oleonard A system pref I'm not aware of?
16:06 wizzyrea joined #koha
16:07 reiveune bye
16:07 reiveune left #koha
16:10 * wizzyrea waves
16:10 * oleonard glares at Guest2198
16:11 oleonard wizzyrea: I'm looking at Bug 7549 ([…]_bug.cgi?id=7549) but I don't know where the auto generated user name and passwords are coming from
16:11 oleonard A system pref I'm not aware of?
16:14 mveron We have media rated by different age, e.g. 12, 14, 15 years old.
16:14 mveron How can we prevent under aged patrons to check out such media without using tons patron categories?
16:16 oleonard mveron: You have to use some combination of item type and patron category. Koha doesn't have any circulation limitations based on age or rating
16:18 wizzyrea hmm I'm not sure
16:19 Guest2198 was kicked by wizzyrea: Guest2198
16:19 wizzyrea stupid guest.
16:19 * wizzyrea has been home with a sick kid all day
16:19 wizzyrea er, s/day/week/
16:19 * oleonard sends Popsicles
16:19 wizzyrea *nods* you know the drill :)
16:20 wizzyrea possibly the most alarming influenza/pneumonia thing we've seen yet.
16:20 oleonard :(
16:20 * mbalmer looks at mveron..
16:20 wizzyrea but ultimately conquered by the little man
16:20 cait joined #koha
16:20 * mbalmer and smiles
16:20 wizzyrea (he's getting better)
16:21 jcamins I need to leave in forty minutes. Myshkin has climbed into my lap and fallen sound asleep.
16:21 * mbalmer things, mveron should to be told about /me ...
16:22 cait what did I miss? :)
16:22 wizzyrea hm that may not be long enough for myshkin's nap
16:22 wizzyrea can you reschedule?
16:22 * mveron thanks mbalmer for IRC smiling instructions
16:22 jcamins cait: Myshkin fell asleep in my lapt, putting my legs to sleep, and making it difficult for me to eat lunch before I leave.
16:22 mbalmer cait, mveron learning about IRC ;)
16:24 nengard joined #koha
16:25 * cait is peeling violet potatos
16:25 jcamins More violet potatoes?
16:25 jcamins Do they taste like regular potatoes?
16:26 cait I didn't eat them yesterday
16:26 cait ended up eating the normal potatoes
16:26 cait but the one I tasted didn't taste too different
16:31 cait jcamins: do you want a photo? :)
16:31 jcamins cait: yes please. :)
16:32 oleonard wizzyrea, if you're still around, any suggestions about testing Bug 7549?
16:32 wizzyrea well what I did
16:33 wizzyrea was create a new patron, put in the required fields, do nothing to the login/password, and click Save
16:33 chris_n interesting:[…]-growth-analysis/
16:33 wizzyrea (or whatever the affirmative button says
16:33 wizzyrea )
16:33 wizzyrea in my case it was populated with the auto generated card number?
16:33 wizzyrea the login, I mean
16:33 wizzyrea and ther were 4 stars in the 1st password box
16:36 oleonard wizzyrea: And you were blocked from saving?
16:36 wizzyrea when i clicked save, it told me my passwords didnt match
16:36 oleonard What required fields do you have defined?
16:36 wizzyrea just surname and zip
16:36 wizzyrea letme double check that
16:38 * oleonard is able to save just fine
16:38 oleonard I wonder what's different
16:39 trea1 joined #koha
16:40 wizzyrea not sure... let me check my preferences
16:41 oleonard I have autoMemberNum set to "Do"
16:41 wizzyrea ah oleonard
16:41 wizzyrea do you have automembernum set
16:41 wizzyrea mine's set to                                                                                                                                  Do
16:41 wizzyrea DO
16:41 oleonard Me too
16:42 wizzyrea hmmm
16:42 wizzyrea this is my defaults: zipcode|surname|cardnumber
16:42 wizzyrea required, I mean
16:43 wizzyrea minpasswordlength set to 3...
16:43 wizzyrea should be standard.
16:44 wizzyrea this DB came from the sample data + some bibs.
16:44 wizzyrea so it shouldn't be anthing out of the ordinary
16:45 * oleonard still can't reproduce
16:45 oleonard The *** in the password field appeared after you tried to save?
16:46 wizzyrea it appeared before
16:46 wizzyrea maybe a chrome thing?
16:46 * wizzyrea is using chrome on linux
16:47 wizzyrea it says "the following fields are mandatory: the passwords entered do not match"
16:47 wizzyrea I can make it do it every time
16:47 mbalmer bye folks, see you on the other side!
16:47 wizzyrea (bye
16:47 wizzyrea )
16:48 mveron good bye everyone
16:48 wizzyrea later :)
16:50 * oleonard mutters, 'what do you mean there's already a Han Solo registered?'
16:50 * chris_n goes for another "We are upgrading from Koha to" run
16:51 wizzyrea @quote add ***oleonard mutters, 'what do you mean there's already a Han Solo registered?'
16:51 oleonard wizzyrea: Sorry to ask, but you're sure there's nothing in the username/password fields before saving?
16:52 pastebot "chris_n" at pasted ""We are upgrading from Koha to" errors" (10 lines) at
16:52 wizzyrea no, they are autopopulating with the generated cardnumber
16:52 wizzyrea and who knows what password
16:52 chris_n ^^ for anyone interested in misc harmless errors during upgrade
16:53 * wizzyrea curses at the lack of decent screencasting for linux.
16:53 wizzyrea if anyone has an open solution suggestion I'm willing to take it (for that)
16:53 oleonard wizzyrea: Before submission? In the otherwise blank entry form?
16:54 wizzyrea right
16:54 oleonard No custom javascript? Not browser-based auto-population?
16:54 wizzyrea I don't think so but I will double check - seems odd that it would autopopulate with the generated cardnumber though
16:55 sophie_m left #koha
16:55 JesseM joined #koha
16:55 wizzyrea nothing in intranetuserjs
16:55 wizzyrea or intranetusercss
16:58 oleonard Is it a javascript alert?
16:59 wizzyrea ok, you may be able to slap me with a trout
16:59 melia joined #koha
16:59 JesseM joined #koha
16:59 * oleonard readies a trout
17:01 wizzyrea it looks like my browser is autofilling it :( sorry
17:01 wizzyrea commence the trout slapping
17:03 * oleonard swings, but the trout escapes
17:03 wizzyrea but what *is* interesting
17:03 wizzyrea is that I don't see, in chrome
17:03 wizzyrea where to clear that
17:03 gaetan_B bye!
17:03 cait wizzyrea: perhaps there is something we can add to the field to prevent autofilling? like we did for the barcode fields?
17:04 oleonard I think auto-fill is different than auto-suggest
17:04 wizzyrea yea
17:04 cait oh :(
17:05 cait that would have been to easy I guess?
17:11 oleonard wizzyrea: Did you find it? Preferences -> Personal stuff -> Passwords.
17:12 oleonard I'll be Chrome isn't clever enough to tell the difference between the Koha login form and the patron entry form
17:12 oleonard s/be/bet
17:12 magnuse joined #koha
17:13 wizzyrea I suspect you're right
17:13 wizzyrea oh passwords, that makes so much sense. <eyeroll>
17:14 * wizzyrea is annoyed at chrome, not at oleonard
17:15 oleonard Good, because I don't have another upgrade due for a while
17:15 wizzyrea hehe
17:19 francharb hi
17:19 wahanui niihau, francharb
17:20 francharb can a patron renew a book if it's an overdue book?
17:20 luisb joined #koha
17:20 oleonard Depends on a few things, but generally yes francharb
17:21 francharb depends on what? if you allow renewals or not and if there are renewals rules, right?
17:22 oleonard You can set renewal limits (only renew X number of times)
17:22 * wizzyrea suspects that oleonard v2 is already done with production, and undergoing a growth cycle at the moment. They changed the name though.
17:23 francharb it seems strange to me, that even if you allow renewals and set up rules, a patron can renew a book with overdues
17:23 Guillaume joined #koha
17:23 francharb but thanks oleonard for the answer!
17:23 oleonard francharb: You think that if it's overdue one should not be able to renew?
17:23 francharb yes
17:24 oleonard I don't know that Koha can do that...
17:25 cait I think it can't
17:25 cait and should be an option
17:25 cait I think we have an option for 'over amount x can't renew'
17:25 francharb I think so too
17:25 cait but not sure
17:25 francharb there is an option
17:25 francharb a syspref
17:25 francharb to overide
17:25 francharb renewalls limit
17:26 francharb but I think there should be a syspref to block patron from renewal on overdue books too
17:26 francharb something like : OverduesBlockCirc but for the opac renewals
17:28 oleonard I would think that OverduesBlockCirc should be blocking opac renewals already
17:28 francharb humm
17:28 francharb apparently not
17:28 francharb one of our library complain about it
17:28 cait oleonard: they block circulation of new books instaff
17:28 francharb and patched it
17:28 cait I think it's out of scope
17:28 cait the reneals
17:28 francharb they may have open up a bugzilla tix
17:28 oleonard An oversight, or just the way that library's policy worked?
17:29 wizzyrea chris_n did I already ask you about bug 7090 and 3.6.4?
17:29 oleonard[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7090
17:31 chris_n wizzyrea: I don't recall.. I can't remember...
17:32 chris_n where's huginn when you need it?
17:32 chris_n should it go into 3.6.4?
17:33 wizzyrea well NEKLS would like it to, but I don't know if it's a feature or a bugfix.
17:34 * sekjal has QA'ed up a storm.  time for lunch
17:34 wizzyrea certainly it fixes a perceived "bug"
17:34 wizzyrea but it's labeled as enhancement
17:35 * chris_n finds that is a not-so-uncommon occurrence
17:35 chris_n having what is really a bug labeled as enh
17:35 chris_n but if it fixes a problem it is a bug even if it is an enh
17:35 chris_n imho
17:36 oleonard What if I think it's a problem that I don't have a pony?
17:36 * chris_n is trying to find time to get 3.6.4 cherry-picked :-P
17:36 * wizzyrea thinks that it is a definite bugfix to get oleonard a pony
17:36 chris_n oleonard: that's in the horse family rather than the bug family
17:36 chris_n or is that specie
17:37 wizzyrea hehe
17:37 * wizzyrea recognizes that one is a 123
17:38 chris_n I suppose then that oleonard cannot be expected to pony-up?
17:38 * wizzyrea thinks that the pony would also need a saddle
17:38 chris_n yup; and food and hay
17:38 chris_n just think of the gas you'd save getting to work
17:39 * oleonard isn't sure my pony would be up to a 10-mile gallop each way
17:40 paul_p if someone could signoff bug 7545, Koha would thank you : atm, serials module is badly broken...
17:40 chris_n this:
17:40 chris_n DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Data too long for column 'isbn' at row 1 at /home/cnighswonger/Repositories​/koha.3.2.labels//C4/ line 3378.
17:40 chris_n is a bug that has been around too long
17:40 paul_p wow... 20 bugs passed QA recently...
17:40 paul_p (18 today)
17:41 paul_p good job sekjal & marcelr & joubu
17:43 sekjal paul_p:  sorry for letting such a backlog build.
17:43 sekjal I'm finally getting settled at my new job, so I had some time today to throw at QA work
17:43 paul_p if you pass QA the 24 that are still waiting today i'll accept your apologizes :o)
17:44 wizzyrea paul_p: i'm working on that right now
17:44 paul_p sekjal++
17:44 paul_p wizzyrea++
17:44 paul_p well, now i've 20 patches to test & push...
17:44 paul_p and it's almost 7PM...
17:45 paul_p fortunatly, tomorrow i'll be available for all the day.
17:45 paul_p sekjal if you could concentrate on QAing biblibre patches, I think i and/or joubu will be able to deal with others tomorrow
17:45 oleonard Is there a patch or bug for adding patron images to self checkout?
17:46 sekjal paul_p:  that sounds reasonable
17:47 wizzyrea paul_p: I"m going to squash 7545 if that's ok
17:48 paul_p wizzyrea no problem
17:48 schuster oleonard - isn't there a syspref?
17:49 oleonard schuster: For the staff client. As far as I know it doesn't apply to self checkout
17:49 schuster I think there is a second one...  just a sec
17:49 cait 7113 would be nice...
17:49 sekjal paul_p:  going to have to come back to this after lunch, though... getting too hungry to think straight
17:49 cait or it will probably have to be rebased again :(
17:50 schuster ShowPatronImageInWebBasedSelfCheck ?
17:50 cait if oyu use patron images
17:50 cait you can show them in the self check
17:50 cait I think so the patron will see if he is himself? not sure :)
17:51 oleonard You're right schuster, thanks
17:51 * oleonard wonders how that relates to Bug 3516
17:51 * chris_n wonders why patrons would want to look at a picture of themselves while executing a self-checkout
17:51 chris_n photo-id maybe?
17:51 cait oh
17:51 * cait concentrates on her dinner again
17:51 schuster great in schools...  That is you right...
17:51 cait sorry, i missed the questoin :(
17:51 * chris_n can believe that some may need such assurance
17:51 wizzyrea paul_p: that patch causes some problems in the tests for serials
17:52 wizzyrea or at least, it did in mine, but it might be due to my data possibly
17:52 schuster made me nervous there for a minute..  That was an "enhancement" we put forward 3+ years ago1
17:52 wizzyrea (and it may be that the tests are broken now, too)
17:52 schuster where did my morning go...  drat
17:53 * chris_n looks around for it
17:53 chris_n must be where ever mine is
17:53 oleonard Myshkin is asleep on it
17:55 * chris_n wishes there were such a thing as a nomenclature cheat-sheet for koha
17:56 * cait misses a whole day
17:56 cait !
17:56 wizzyrea nomenclature cheat sheet?
17:56 wizzyrea what do you mean
17:56 chris_n re paul's email to the list
17:56 chris_n something to map vars from templates all the way back to db fields, etc.
17:57 oleonard that would require that we be consistent with regard to variable names :P
17:57 wizzyrea yes, holy wow yes that would be so nie
17:57 wizzyrea nice
17:58 slef refactirubg work
17:58 slef refactoring even
17:58 slef when your right hand is not off-by-one
17:58 chris_n consistent naming... now there's a novel idea
17:58 laurence left #koha
17:58 wizzyrea some of that is caused by the automated translation from htp to tt
17:58 slef sort of dirty work I did a little of ages ago that no-one ever wants to pay for and disrupts all outstanding patches
17:59 oleonard Did the patron images feature always store images in the database?
17:59 chris_n and the marc editor is particularly gnarly iirc
17:59 chris_n oleonard: yes
18:00 chris_n it avoided a nasty file system permission issue which the general consensus stated was needful to avoid at the time I wrote the feature
18:00 sekjal part of our move to the Koha:: namespace could be consistent data objects with well-defined fields
18:01 oleonard chris_n: I assumed from the comments on Bug 3516 that it didn't (then), but I think that was a misunderstanding
18:01 sekjal and we can then correspondingly move to an HTML5-based template to take advantage of new data
18:02 chris_n descriptive var names are another nice thought
18:02 jenkins_koha Starting build #630 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
18:02 chris_n oleonard: looking
18:03 chris_n interesting
18:03 wahanui interesting is sometimes bad or sometimes good
18:03 chris_n exactly
18:03 chris_n in this case I'm not sure
18:04 chris_n oleonard: so what is that bug for?
18:04 chris_n oh
18:04 chris_n nm
18:04 chris_n rangi's patch does it right
18:04 chris_n am I missing what you're getting at?
18:05 oleonard The patch attached to that bug (which was written by nengard) calls in the staff client
18:06 oleonard Instead it looks like we need to adapt for the opac
18:06 luisb joined #koha
18:07 chris_n ahh, yup, to avoid permissions issues
18:07 * chris_n seems to recall having this discussion long ago
18:08 chris_n really the functionality needs to be moved off to a pm
18:08 chris_n then it could be called from anywhere
18:08 chris_n I think jcamins and I had a similar discussion recently
18:09 chris_n gmcharlt: we miss huginn
18:10 oleonard Hmmmm... You can put in anyone's cardnumber and view their patron image in self-checkout
18:10 oleonard That sound like a bug to anyone else?
18:11 huginn joined #koha
18:11 gmcharlt @quote random
18:11 huginn gmcharlt: Quote #184: "slef: IF YOU STARE TOO DEEPLY INTO MARC21, MARC21 STARES BACK INTO YOU!" (added by wizzyrea at 06:58 PM, January 30, 2012)
18:11 edveal oleonard: I don't have much experience with graphic programs and only have access to Gimp and was wanting to work on the cart/list buttons. I read your blog but don't quite get what I need to do. Might you provide me some assistance?
18:11 * gmcharlt suffers a brief moment of existential crisis
18:11 oleonard edveal: Certainly. What are you trying to do?
18:12 edveal I am working on fixing the blue border.
18:12 edveal I have a different background color and it looks funny?
18:14 chris_n gmcharlt: lol
18:14 chris_n oleonard: sounds buggy to me
18:14 * oleonard fires up Gimp
18:14 chris_n does it also follow that I can put anyone's card number in and check books out to them
18:14 chris_n keep them
18:15 chris_n and then they pay
18:15 chris_n ?
18:16 chris_n bbl
18:17 Syneran joined #koha
18:17 oleonard edveal: Did you try opening the Photoshop file from my blog post?
18:18 edveal Yes, I have opened the photoshop file and it when right to gimp.
18:18 nengard joined #koha
18:20 Syneran Anyone have any experience with "DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Field 'marcxml' doesn't have a default value" from (when cataloging an item)?
18:21 edveal oleonard: I also want to remove the blue outline from the Koha image. I know how to switch the image but not how to edit it.
18:22 oleonard edveal: I'm not a Gimp expert, but I think it may not be able to export the right kind of PNG image...
18:22 edveal oleonard: darn.
18:23 ibeardslee joined #koha
18:23 oleonard edveal: I can easily modify the cart/list button background image to make the corners match the color you want
18:23 oleonard ...and send it to you.
18:24 edveal oleonard: that would be great. Here is the color code for the background #E3DB71.
18:25 oleonard Or maybe I should spend the afternoon on a patch to style those buttons with CSS3... :P
18:25 * oleonard inadvertently joins IRC channel  #E3DB71
18:27 edveal I like the idea of the patch! Would make my life much easier!  :)
18:28 sekjal oleonard++ (CSS3 is a great idea for those buttons.  checkout for an example, if you need)
18:28 wizzyrea edveal - I was able to restyle the buttons with css3 by hiding the images
18:28 talljoy joined #koha
18:28 wizzyrea let me see if I can find what I did
18:30 pastebot "wizzyrea" at pasted "for edveal" (32 lines) at
18:30 wizzyrea that went into opacusercss
18:30 wizzyrea there might be more i'm still looking :P
18:30 oleonard edveal:
18:30 schuster so how did marlboro get the reserves lists setup?  interesting...
18:31 cait oh
18:31 cait I have a permission quesiton
18:31 cait serials: if I don't have routing permission, should i still be able to print routing lists?
18:31 cait I think it would make sense to be able to print, but not change them
18:31 cait and hide all routing list things when the system preference is deactivated
18:32 sekjal schuster:  they use Lists
18:32 oleonard sekjal: Is that hard-coded into opacmainuserblock?
18:32 sekjal and then create a News entry (manually) each semester to highlight them as shown
18:32 francharb no more work for today!
18:32 schuster OK so it isn't anything new and fancy...
18:32 francharb see ya
18:32 wizzyrea schuster: I suspect they created those lists by hand with the name Reserve: Profname
18:33 sekjal schuster: no they're on straight community Koha
18:34 * cait thinks community Koha is very fancy :)
18:37 cait wizzyrea++
18:37 Syneran Heya all.  I'm new to IRC, in general, and this chat in particular.
18:37 Syneran I'm having a problem with install.  Would this be the right place to bring it up?  or should I post some where else?
18:37 wizzyrea go ahead Syneran
18:37 wizzyrea :)
18:38 wizzyrea @quote search ask
18:38 huginn wizzyrea: 7 found: #117: "<druthb> basking ? You bask on the", #126: "<rangi> The beauty of Koha is we develop in the...", #13: "<atz> ricardo: ask and ye shall receive.......", #145: "Don't ask to ask, just ask!", #155: "libsysguy: I always hate touching somebody...", #45: "<CGI988> sekjal - you are a genious!!!!! asking...", and #4: "< kf> I often get asked: You have to study to..."
18:38 wizzyrea @quote get 145
18:38 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #145: "Don't ask to ask, just ask!" (added by wizzyrea at 02:37 PM, July 07, 2011)
18:38 wizzyrea ;)
18:38 Syneran Thanks!  my error log is producing this error:
18:39 Syneran Field 'marcxml' doesn't have a default value at line 3454
18:39 rangi Sup crackalackas
18:39 mbalmer joined #koha
18:39 cait morning rangi
18:40 Syneran The method that is executing the xml doesn't seem to include a value for marcxml, yet, it's specified as not null (with no allowed default value) in kohastructure.sql
18:40 mbalmer re koha
18:40 Syneran method executing [sql] not xml :/
18:40 cait Syneran: what are you trying to do when that error shows up?
18:40 Syneran catalog an item
18:41 sekjal Syneran:  what version of Koha?
18:41 cait which verison did you install?
18:41 sekjal cait: jinx
18:41 cait oh
18:41 Syneran 3.06.03
18:41 wizzyrea oh poo, opendns is canceling "Free" usage for all but home users
18:41 wizzyrea hey rangi :)
18:42 cait Syneran: and how are you trying to catalog the item?
18:42 cait what steps?
18:42 wizzyrea perhaps you nuked a field you shouldn't have out of your framework
18:42 wizzyrea have you edited your frameworks?
18:42 Syneran no, i haven't edited frameworks
18:42 Syneran and i don't know much about marc records
18:43 Syneran so i may have messed it up
18:43 Syneran i'm actually trying to add first item into catalog
18:43 Syneran and it's a toy, I'm trying to add as a "kit"
18:44 Syneran from, i went to followed link for "add marc record"
18:45 Syneran then followed "Kits" in framework drop-down
18:45 wizzyrea hm try wit hthe default framework?
18:45 wizzyrea maybe it's a prblem in the kits framework
18:46 Syneran ok...i'll give it a try
18:46 sekjal reading the code, it doesn't seem like a frameworks error
18:46 Syneran since it's a toy, and not something marc records are accustomed too...are there any steps i should take to account for a non-standard item?
18:46 sekjal this is taking place in _koha_add_biblioitem, which is a private subroutine for AddBiblio
18:47 Syneran that's what it seems like to me, as well, sekjal
18:47 sekjal that subroutine doesn't insert anything into biblioitems.marcxml
18:47 sekjal just into biblioitems.marc
18:48 wizzyrea though I just found another bareword error ><
18:48 wizzyrea in master.
18:48 wizzyrea oh never mind, it's the same one for additems.
18:49 Syneran the schema for biblioitems seems to require something for the marcxml column...otherwise adding a row gets rejected
18:49 Syneran does the marcxml get automagically generated at some point in the processing of an add item request?
18:50 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #630: SUCCESS in 48 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/630/
18:50 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 7545: Can't edit items
18:50 jenkins_koha * kyle: Bug 7018 - need all acq permissions to search
18:50 jenkins_koha * maxime.pelletier: Bug 6718 No manager_id saved for writeoff fines.
18:50 jenkins_koha * Bug 3264 UnCloneField() / minus button in MARC editor can clear all subfields (authorities AND biblio)
18:50 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7545 blocker, P1 - high, ---, nengard, Pushed to Master , can't edit items
18:50 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7018 critical, P5 - low, ---, henridamien, Pushed to Master , need all acq permissions to search
18:50 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6718 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Pushed to Master , No manager_id saved for writeoff of fines
18:50 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3264 major, P2, ---,, Pushed to Master , Uncloning a dropdown list in MARC authorities/biblio editor may clear all subfields (see comment 17)
18:51 sekjal Syneran:  are you finding that the item doesn't get a cataloged at all, or just that you're getting errors in your log
18:51 Syneran the item is not being added to the biblioitems table
18:51 cait Syneran: you added a bibliographic record first?
18:52 Syneran i'm not that, I mean I'm not certain of the terminology (forgive me!)
18:52 Syneran i was "cataloging" is that trying to enter a bibliographic record?
18:52 sekjal Syneran:  you can confirm the information isn't getting saved in the database
18:53 Syneran Yes, sekjal.  Using the mysql client, that table is completely empty (the biblioitems table)
18:54 sekjal hmmm
18:54 rangi What about biblio?
18:54 nengard how do i pull a branch in git? the manual says it's out of date on my 3.6 branch, but every command i try failes
18:54 Syneran biblio DOES have the item in it!
18:56 Syneran If I use the search feature, nothing shows up, though
18:56 sekjal Syneran:  what fields are you filling in when cataloging the new material?
18:56 rangi It won't it needs biblioitems too
18:56 Syneran thanks rangi
18:58 Syneran I'm wondering if the execute() should handle the marcxml field somehow?
18:59 cait I wonder what's going wrong for you :(
18:59 rangi My stop bbiab
18:59 wizzyrea sekjal should we change 3916 to "in disscussion"
18:59 cait we are using 3.6.3 in production and adding items and records works nicely there
19:00 wizzyrea maybe you're missing a dependency?
19:00 cait Syneran: you can find a table showing some of the dependencies under more > about koha
19:01 nengard the new AllowItemsOnHoldCheckout  preference - is that only for self checkouts?
19:01 wizzyrea only for SIP
19:01 nengard we might want to make that clearer
19:01 wizzyrea go right ahead
19:01 nengard I'll put it in the manual, but it says self checkout - that could be assumed to be Koha's self check
19:01 wizzyrea it would not be the first time the two were confused.
19:01 nengard heh
19:02 sekjal wizzyrea:  done
19:02 Syneran more > koha has a perl modules tab.  It has a table of dependencies.
19:03 cait something red there?
19:03 Syneran there are four that are not installed, though it was my understanding from koha_perl_deps that they were optional
19:05 Syneran Graphics::Magick, Net::Server, Gravatar::URL, DBD::SQLite2
19:08 Syneran i don't see how that execute() function could ever work if it doesn't provide some value for the marcxml field.  the database does't seem to allow it
19:08 janPasi I was wondering about this debian stuff...
19:08 janPasi which version should I choose?
19:08 janPasi the latest stable?
19:09 liw janPasi, yeah, the latest stable version is almost certainly the best for your purposes
19:09 janPasi ok, thanks :)
19:10 rangi
19:12 cait Syneran: a record needs a marcxml field
19:14 Syneran cait: any idea how that field gets populated?  the _koha_add_biblioitem doesn't make any reference to that field in it's query (that I can tell, anyway)
19:15 cait Syneran:  not sure about the code
19:15 cait still wondering what's going wrong in your installation
19:16 rangi yeah i have libraries in production with 3.6.3 and they havent run into this
19:16 cait I don't think it#s a bug
19:16 cait more a problem with your installation
19:18 Syneran ok.  well...that is certainly fair cait :)   this installation is unusual in that it's on windows 7
19:18 Syneran <ducks> am i gonna get egged now ;)
19:19 sekjal Syneran:  very interesting
19:19 sekjal that would explain why
19:19 sekjal almost everyone here is installed on Linux (the vast majority being Debian, I believe)
19:19 Syneran why i am getting an error?
19:20 sekjal Syneran:  being installed on Win 7 is a big enough difference that issues like this could easily crop up.  Perhaps the way MySQL works on Win 7 is just different enough to cause problems like this
19:21 Syneran so, I "fixed" the query in _koha_add_biblioitem to set a default value to the marcxml field if that field is undef on the $biblioitem object, and the request worked.
19:21 Syneran in other words, I added $biblioitem->{'marcxml'} = "<x></x>" unless defined( $biblioitem->{'marcxml'} ); then added the marcxml field to the query
19:22 Syneran what I don't know, is <x></x> a really bad idea as a default value?
19:22 cait that will not work
19:22 Shane-S joined #koha
19:22 cait all the important information goes into that field.... I highly doubt it will work
19:22 sekjal better to use ""
19:22 sekjal I think empty string would be acceptable
19:22 sekjal since it's not NULL
19:23 sekjal cait: I think marcxml gets populated later in the AddBiblio subroutine
19:23 cait ok
19:23 sekjal this would just be a crutch get to Win 7 (and perhaps other OS's) to get to that point
19:23 Syneran interestingly, post query that field looks nothing like the default value i gave it.
19:23 Syneran lemme change it to "".
19:23 Shane-S I got Koha installed, but nothing it showing up at localhost:8080 and localhost just has the default "It Works!"  How do I get Koha as a recognized Apache site?
19:24 sekjal Shane-S:  usually you need "sudo a2dissite default" then "sudo a2ensite koha"
19:25 Shane-S I followed[…]ing_Koha_packages for the most part (change the sources.list to use squeeze versus squeeeze-dev
19:25 sekjal also be sure your apache2/ports.conf has a Listen 8080 line
19:25 Shane-S sekjal: AH! that second line is missing from the tutorial
19:25 sekjal and then restart apache to reload these modified configurations
19:26 Shane-S kk let me give that a try, ty
19:27 Syneran erm, so, things seem to be working for me (now that I modified everyone
19:27 Shane-S sekjal: Site koha doesn't exist, and etc/apache2/sites-available is now empty (no default files)
19:27 Shane-S is there a koha conf I cna copy or do I manually make it
19:28 Shane-S well i guess symlink versus copy
19:28 sekjal Shane-S:  ah, so you'll need to symlink the koha-httpd.conf from your install directory to /etc/apache2/sites-available
19:28 nengard need some git help - i can't push to the 3.6 manual - i tried doing a reset to HEAD, that didn't work, how do i pull an updated branch?
19:28 Syneran add the line  Include {pathTo}/koha-httpd.conf into apache httpd.conf (at the end)
19:29 Syneran well...that's what I had to do on windows cuz there's no equivalant to the a2 cmds
19:29 Shane-S Syneran: I was told that is so Apache 1 by someone in #Apache on so I havelearned to symlink :P
19:30 Shane-S WIndows...yeah...think 7 have a symlink feature now though
19:30 Syneran perhaps shane-s but i don't think apache for windows has a sites-available directory
19:31 Syneran at least i couldn't find one :)
19:32 Shane-S grr...I dont have a koha-https.conf in /etc/koha I see apache-shared.conf (few more with dis-,intra-,opac) is it somewhere else?
19:32 Syneran while I'm here, is there any interest (in a general way) about the problems faced when installing to windows 7?  I'd be glad to document what I've had to do and post it some where for others
19:33 Shane-S *raises hand* I love linux...but I run all Windows Server / 7 here at work
19:33 Shane-S I suck at Linux too :P
19:34 Syneran e.g., the Schedule::At module doesn't work at all for any windows platform (I hope to remedy that in the near future...already in discussion with the author)
19:35 Syneran Alright shane-s.  Just need to have some idea where such a document would go
19:35 rangi i wont try to stop you, but proprietary software holds no interest for me, so probably wont be much help either
19:36 Shane-S is the apache-shared.conf = koha-httpd.conf ? I can find this apache-shared.conf in an install guide
19:36 Shane-S can't*
19:37 Shane-S Syneran: subpage here:[…]gory:Installation ??
19:38 rangi nengard: what is the error you are getting when you do a git pull?
19:39 nengard PMed cause it was a bit long for paste
19:40 Syneran Thanks everyone so much for your help! bye now
19:40 oleonard So... we really do simply *trust* that a self checkout user is who they say they are?
19:41 oleonard Do we make this assumption because the SCO station supposedly has no keyboard?
19:41 cait hm I think we require login?
19:41 cait there is a system preference
19:41 oleonard Ah, I see: either barcode or username/password.
19:41 rangi yup
19:41 rangi some places do trust
19:41 rangi like corporate libraries
19:45 sekjal some libraries set their SIP-enabled SCO machines to only require barcode, as well
19:45 sekjal but Koha is not as forgiving with that
19:46 sekjal it will only allow the barcode-only auth if no password is defined in the database for that user
19:46 cait interesting
19:46 wahanui rumour has it interesting is sometimes bad or sometimes good
19:46 sekjal I was working on a way to configure that, but ran into some problems
19:47 sekjal like, at what level should the config be set?
19:47 sekjal I'd argue against globally, since you may want one SIP machine to be barcode-only, but other services like Overdrive or EnvisionWare to require passwords
19:48 sekjal so at a per-listener end, then, but I don't believe that bit of config code is accessible during the authentication subroutine
19:48 sekjal I know it can be done, but it was a pain to fight with
19:51 Shane-S is there a way to tell if Koha is installed...because[…]LL.ubuntu;hb=HEAD has way more to do then[…]ing_Koha_packages
19:52 luisb joined #koha
19:57 Shane-S *sigh* does Koha use a web-based setup at all or is it all via perl Makefile.PL?
19:58 rangi[…]ocs.git;a=summary  yay
19:58 rangi Shane-S: uses a web based one as well
19:58 Shane-S I just dont know where[…]ing_Koha_packages has left me
19:58 rangi and if you installed it using packages, not the Makefile.PL if you did it using the tarball then yes you have to run perl Makefile.PL
19:59 Shane-S I don't have a koha-httpd.conf file
19:59 rangi you wont
19:59 rangi if you installed via packages
19:59 wizzyrea joined #koha
19:59 Shane-S I did install it via .deb packages
19:59 rangi
19:59 rangi[…]ebian#Quick_Start
19:59 rangi i bet you are up to that bit
20:00 chris_n 29k bibs and counting... :P
20:00 rangi you have done the apt-get install koha-common eh?
20:00 * chris_n removes items from bibs
20:00 chris_n heya rangi
20:01 rangi heya chris_n
20:01 wahanui release maintainer for 3.2, 3.4, and 3.6.
20:01 Shane-S rangi yep... and "After install, edit /etc/koha/koha-sites.conf with details about your site." I have koha-conf-sites.xml.ini, but not that
20:01 rangi yep, make one
20:01 Shane-S ah okay :P
20:01 rangi that looks very similair to that snippet
20:01 rangi leave out the DEFAULTSQL bit
20:02 Space_Librarian joined #koha
20:02 Space_Librarian o/
20:03 rangi hi Space_Librarian
20:03 rangi tgif
20:04 jcamins_away chris_n: what were we discussing?
20:04 ibeardslee I can never understand that sentiment .. it's like it should be 'tgim' .. back at work, awesome!
20:04 Space_Librarian tgif indeed rangi :)
20:04 chris_n jcamins_away: fine chocolates maybe?
20:04 chris_n :)
20:04 Space_Librarian did somebody say chocolate?!
20:05 chris_n actually, the storage and retrieval of images
20:05 jcamins Mmmm. Chocolate.
20:05 jcamins Ah, yeah.
20:05 jcamins You could generalize the C4::Images class I did.
20:05 Space_Librarian mmmm. Chocolate.
20:05 oleonard Hmm... I see you can renew an item for anyone via the OPAC if you know their borrowernumber and the itemnumber...
20:05 ibeardslee I ended up pigging out on a box of chocolates last night
20:06 rangi it doesnt use the borrowernumber that you are logged in as?
20:06 rangi thats definitely a blocker bug if so
20:06 Shane-S rangi: thanks, I assume using koha-create --create-db mylibrary is safe once that is done?
20:06 * Space_Librarian breaks out the s'mores pop tarts
20:06 Space_Librarian (dealing with subject headings today)
20:06 rangi youve done the a2enmod rewrite etc?
20:06 jcamins Space_Librarian: s'mores pop tarts aren't goign to cut it.
20:07 Shane-S yeah that was done from the other tutorial I followed for Ubuntu
20:07 Space_Librarian they all I have here for now
20:07 Space_Librarian I'll rectify the situation when it's not 9am. :)
20:07 Shane-S peanut butter on them might help ;)
20:08 wizzyrea it's marshmallow, chocolate, and graham, what more could anyone want
20:08 wizzyrea peanut butter, I guess.
20:08 Space_Librarian thanks wizzyrea! :p
20:08 * wizzyrea makes smores in the microwave with marshmallows and nutella
20:08 jcamins wizzyrea: you don't put peanut butter on s'mores?!?
20:08 wizzyrea !
20:09 wizzyrea no?
20:09 wahanui no is, like, failing unit tests
20:09 * jcamins doesn't either, but it sounds like a great idea.
20:09 cait heh
20:09 * wizzyrea was going to make almond milk swedish pancakes this week but just never got to it
20:09 wizzyrea so much better than cow milk ones.
20:09 jcamins wizzyrea: pop tarts don't generally have real chocolate, do they?
20:09 wizzyrea well no.
20:10 wizzyrea chocolate flavored syrup stuff
20:10 jcamins wizzyrea: there we go. One could want real chocolate. ;)
20:10 wizzyrea but in a pinch, it could work.
20:12 oleonard rangi: In my test, as long as I'm logged in as a valid user in the OPAC I can renew items for someone else using a properly constructed URL
20:13 oleonard Tested with a non-admin user
20:13 jcamins oleonard: you should report that as a blocker.
20:13 rangi right that definitely needs to be fixed fast
20:13 rangi yeah
20:13 * oleonard will do so
20:13 * jcamins can't look at it, but that's kind of a huge problem.
20:13 jcamins At least for places that do circulation.
20:14 rangi most likely an easy fix
20:14 Space_Librarian jcamins, wizzyrea ina pinch it does work. There's a Belgian chocolate place that will be visited at lunch though...
20:14 jcamins Space_Librarian: very good idea.
20:14 rangi discard the param passed in, and use the borrowernumber from the userenv
20:14 wizzyrea nom
20:14 jcamins Space_Librarian: you may want to look at bug 7284 for your subject linking needs. :D
20:14 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7284 major, P3, ---, jcamins, Needs Signoff , Authority matching algorithm improvements
20:15 * chris_n still wonders what keeps a person from running a self-checkout on someone else's card
20:16 chris_n but I suppose that is an exercise for the library using self-co
20:16 Space_Librarian jcamins - *swoon* - that is going to be awesome!
20:17 jcamins Space_Librarian: I know. All it needs is a sign off... hint hint...
20:18 jcamins And it was just rebased this morning, too.
20:18 wizzyrea chris_n: the power of prayer.
20:18 bag Has anyone added a message to the cgi-bin/koha/  (on the OPAC) when a patron is placing a hold?
20:18 bag through JQuery maybe?
20:18 wizzyrea before or after the hold is submitted?
20:18 bag I want to add some html on that screen
20:18 bag wizzyrea: yup
20:18 bag sorry
20:18 bag before the hold is place
20:18 wizzyrea I think so
20:19 * chris_n figures retinal scans might fix that issue
20:19 bag like once you click on the place hold button…
20:19 chris_n perhaps using the built-in webcam
20:21 oleonard Bug 7551
20:21 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7551 blocker, P1 - high, ---, oleonard, NEW , Any logged-in OPAC user can renew items for others using a properly constructed URL
20:21 rangi thanks oleonard
20:21 * rangi looks now
20:23 Shane-S So I have the installer (web) up, but I need a username and password. The XML password looks encrypted, what is the default for kohauser?
20:23 jcamins Shane-S: it's that gibberish you see in koha-conf.xml.
20:24 rangi its not, look at the username and password at the bottom
20:24 rangi once you create a real user you should never ever log into koha with that user and password again
20:25 Shane-S okay :P
20:25 jcamins Never ever _ever_.
20:25 * cait seconds that
20:25 Shane-S looked like was salted :D
20:25 jcamins Shane-S: nope, just gibberish.
20:26 rangi oleonard: if you have a sec
20:26 oleonard Sure
20:26 rangi i whacked a patch up
20:26 cait rangi++
20:27 rangi it should ignore the borrowernumber param
20:27 rangi or it might explode in a ball of flame
20:27 rangi could go either way
20:30 kathryn joined #koha
20:33 oleonard Okay, with the patch I can't renew for others. Now let's see if I can renew for myself...
20:33 Shane-S through the setup and now I can't login, I see biblio and authoritative in the xml, but that isn't working, nor did the inital I have to make a login somewhere?
20:33 * chris_n gets out the fire extinguisher
20:34 schuster ok so I have 3 branches in my git that I have been working on.  I just realized that I crossed one of the branches as I was editing some of the code did work in branch1 then went to branch2 and did some work and also edited the file from branch1..  is this salvageable or do I start over?
20:34 cait Shane-S: you run the webinstaller and then log in again with the same user
20:34 cait and first thing you do is create a real user
20:34 Shane-S clipboard must have copied wrong
20:34 Shane-S in now thanks
20:34 oleonard ...and I can renew for myself. Looks like it's working as it should
20:35 Shane-S can't remember that gibberish :P
20:35 Shane-S Thanks
20:37 Shane-S is a user called a Patron even if the admin?
20:37 wizzyrea yep
20:38 Shane-S okay well at least I am in...leave it for another day I am stressed.
20:38 Shane-S Thank you all for the help :P
20:41 rangi oleonard: yay!
20:41 wizzyrea rangi++
20:41 cait hah rangi++ :)
20:42 wizzyrea flaming fireballs!
20:42 oleonard Signed off.
20:42 rangi excellent
20:43 rangi we may have broken the record
20:43 cait report, fix, sign-off?
20:43 cait qa and push missing
20:43 rangi 9.21am report
20:43 rangi 9.24 patch
20:43 rangi 9.40 signed off
20:44 wizzyrea sekjal! halp! :)
20:44 jcamins sekjal: QA bug 7551?
20:44 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7551 blocker, P1 - high, ---, oleonard, Signed Off , Any logged-in OPAC user can renew items for others using a properly constructed URL
20:44 rangi hes at a meeeting
20:44 jcamins Oh.
20:44 wizzyrea fumble lol
20:44 jcamins Well, he'll have lots of highlights when he gets back.
20:55 oleonard Now that that distraction is taken care of:
20:55 * wizzyrea giggles.
20:55 rangi heh
20:55 jcamins LOL!
20:55 jcamins You have the greatest patron image ever.
20:56 rangi Space_Librarian: going to the slis event on wed night?
20:56 Space_Librarian rangi, I am - and I'm dragging my staff with me - not quite kicking and screaming. Are you?
20:57 Space_Librarian oleonard - that is fantastic!
20:57 rangi atarau is getting his biopsy on wednesday, so nope, but im sure it will be fun :)
20:57 Space_Librarian :( I'm sure it will be
21:00 oleonard If we show the patron image in the OPAC next they'll ask us to update their image for them :)
21:00 wizzyrea should we offer to let them upload their own :P
21:01 rangi hells no!
21:01 * wizzyrea giggles
21:01 * wizzyrea just wanted to see rangi squirm
21:01 wizzyrea just once.
21:01 oleonard There goes our alternate business model of turning Koha into OKCupid
21:02 rangi heh
21:02 Space_Librarian wizzyrea, you're evil. I like it
21:02 * wizzyrea waves her arms "Just kidding! Really!"
21:04 Space_Librarian ;)
21:06 oleonard Why do some scripts have "use warnings;" and others have "#use warnings; FIXME - Bug 2505" ?
21:07 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2505 major, P1 - high, ---, gmcharlt, Pushed to Master , enable Perl warnings in all modules and scripts
21:07 jcamins oleonard: 'cause there are warnings in those scripts.
21:07 sekjal back
21:07 oleonard jcamins: You mean there are warning in the scripts where the line isn't commented out?
21:08 rangi it means someone needs to uncomment use warnings
21:08 jcamins oleonard: no, there are warnings in the scripts where the line *is* commented out.
21:08 rangi and fix all the use of initialized variables
21:08 jcamins That should have been fixed but weren't.
21:08 rangi that suddenly start occuring
21:09 oleonard So "use warnings" is correct, the comment was added to remind people to fix that file
21:09 rangi donovan from work
21:10 rangi went through every file
21:10 rangi that didnt have use warnings
21:10 rangi and added that
21:10 rangi then fixed a few too, and uncommented
21:10 rangi but lots more to do
21:10 rangi he added that
21:10 rangi so you can grep "Bug 2505"
21:10 rangi to find them
21:11 jcamins oleonard: right.
21:11 oleonard Another basic question: Why do we still have scripts say stuff like 'template_name   => "opac-user.tmpl",' when that obviously doesn't mean anything anymore?
21:12 * jcamins has often wondered that.
21:12 rangi it gets changed to .tt by the C4::Templates
21:12 oleonard Okay, so it really does mean something to Koha
21:12 rangi it allowed use to migrate and have
21:12 rangi things not explode in a huge heap
21:12 rangi but feel free to change it to .tt
21:12 rangi on any scripts you touch
21:13 rangi now the change is all complete that should be safe
21:14 cait left #koha
21:15 rangi (it meant you could togggle between C4/Output and .tmpl and C4/Templates and .tt without having to change every single script)
21:15 Guillaume joined #koha
21:16 jcamins Hm. Maybe we should make a mass change, because that does confuse people.
21:16 rangi yup, eventually i will kill all template->param too
21:16 rangi but thats harder
21:18 * oleonard wonders why line 4673 of says "$DBversion = ""; #FIXME"
21:18 * jcamins wondered that as well.
21:19 rangi no idea about that one
21:19 rangi after my time :)
21:19 oleonard Maybe someone thought that the "XXX" required the #FIXME comment?
21:19 jcamins Yeah, probably.
21:25 sekjal bug 7551 passed QA
21:25 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7551 blocker, P1 - high, ---, oleonard, Passed QA , Any logged-in OPAC user can renew items for others using a properly constructed URL
21:26 oleonard Thanks sekjal
21:31 * oleonard will submit a patch for Bug 3516 after crossing some T's tomorrow morning
21:31 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3516 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Display picture of patrons in OPAC
21:31 oleonard Until then, bye #koha
21:31 rangi cya oleonard
21:34 sekjal scanned the opac for other security risks like 7551; no others detected
21:35 rangi thanks sekjal
21:38 smeagol joined #koha
21:39 smeagol Is 'reservenumber' ever going to be added to reserves table?
21:40 rangi if you stop chasing rings all the time and write a patch to do it, then yes :)
21:41 smeagol wants neeeeeeeeds it.....!!!
21:42 Space_Librarian my precioussssssss. lol
21:43 * Space_Librarian is getting endless queries about her elvish tattoo at work again.
21:43 rangi heh
21:43 wizzyrea endless?
21:43 wizzyrea so Space_Librarian, tell us about your tattoo
21:43 * wizzyrea waits
21:43 Space_Librarian everybody who passes my desk stops and asks.
21:43 Space_Librarian it's my name in Quenyan - okay?! Damnit. :p
21:44 Space_Librarian maybe I need in in Sindarin that says "stop bothering me" as well... ;)
21:45 rangi heh
21:46 rangi how about "Go away or i will eat your face" in black speech ?
21:47 Space_Librarian ooooh! Now there's one that could be awesome.
21:47 eythian[…]1500&l=368788dbe9 <-- Space_Librarian, a friend of mine got this done recently
21:47 eythian (don't know if you can see the photo, but you might be able to)
21:48 eythian https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamai[…]1_939130816_n.jpg <-- this may work better
21:48 Space_Librarian *gasp* - now that is something I could live with for the rest of my life...
21:49 eythian It's the: "All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost." thing
21:49 ibeardslee nice
21:49 eythian (that photo is from when it was just done, it probably looks a bit better now)
21:49 Space_Librarian That is just... yeah. wow.
21:50 ibeardslee trying to find something that has a meaning, and will still have meaning in 10, 20, 30, 40 years time
21:54 Space_Librarian ibeardslee all mine do - but yeah, think of things that have stuck with you for the last couple of decades, and probably won't change in the next...
21:55 sekjal okay, folks, I'm out for the night.  been a blast.
21:56 JesseM left #koha
22:03 smeagol I just thought maybe it was in the works..
22:03 nengard left #koha
22:04 rangi smeagol: i think its is part of the holds rewrite, so id check the bugs related to that
22:12 Guillaume left #koha
22:18 smeagol aha..thanks, rangi...i thought someone was doing it. i will check.
22:34 maximep left #koha
22:37 eythian[…]rians-get-crabby/
22:38 wizzyrea lulz
23:01 edveal left #koha
23:04 wizzyrea is vewwy quiet
23:08 trea left #koha
23:09 Space_Librarian awe yuw hunting wabbits? wizzyrea?
23:17 wizzyrea shhhh
23:19 * Space_Librarian zips her lips and sits vewwy still
23:32 jcamins_away Rabbits? Did someone say rabbits?
23:32 jcamins_away Myshkin says yum!
23:33 Space_Librarian now if only we had taters...
23:35 wizzyrea what's taters precious
23:36 jcamins_away Woohoo! My professor really is using Koha in his rare book cataloging course!
23:36 wizzyrea nice!
23:39 jcamins_away Alas, I don't have enough tomato sauce for pizza.
23:40 Space_Librarian boil 'em, mash 'em, put 'em in a stew...
23:40 jcamins_away Pizzas?
23:42 wizzyrea pheh
23:45 Space_Librarian right. chocolate...
23:46 jcamins_away Mmmm. Chocolate.
23:46 jcamins_away I'm making cookies today.
23:46 jcamins_away Or brownies!
23:46 wahanui brownies are a lie.
23:46 jcamins_away I could make brownies!
23:46 jcamins_away My grandmother's oven isn't defective!
23:46 jcamins_away Mmmm. Brownies.
23:47 * jcamins_away realizes that he doesn't have a pan suitable for baking brownies in.
23:47 jcamins_away Aaugh!
23:47 Space_Librarian the cake is a lie!
23:48 Space_Librarian jcamins_away
23:48 jcamins_away lol!
23:48 jcamins_away Space_Librarian: but aren't the middle brownies tastier?
23:50 jcamins_away wizzyrea: what is your stance on middle brownies vs. edge brownies?
23:51 Space_Librarian Personally, I like middle brownies. But then, I've never actually had  genuine American brownies.
23:52 jcamins_away Yayyy!!!! I found a dish I could bake brownies in! :D
23:53 * jcamins_away probably shouldn't be allowed around #koha evenings when he's home alone. No work is done, and the entire world is inflicted with a stream-of-consciousness view of his kitchen.
23:58 Space_Librarian which I always find entertaining. :)
23:58 wizzyrea you know, I don't actually have a preference
23:58 wizzyrea regarding brownies
23:58 wizzyrea Space_Librarian: we will have to fix that
23:59 * wizzyrea has an "edge brownie pan"
23:59 wizzyrea it was a gift
23:59 Space_Librarian does it work?

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