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00:26 jcamins rangi: how do I remove amend the previous commit to not touch a certain file?
00:27 jcamins s/remove//
00:29 jcamins Oh, figured it out.
00:38 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6800] Koha authentication should handle proxies better <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6800>
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01:15 jcamins :q
01:16 jcamins Whoops. Wrong window.
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01:33 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 7345] Should be possible to export MARC records without private fields <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7345>
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05:13 bag evening
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05:56 druthb o/
06:18 bag heya druthb
06:19 druthb hi, bag!
06:19 druthb gotta hit the hay...brain is fried, fried.
06:19 bag me too
06:19 bag :)
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08:46 magnus_afk o/
08:47 mbalmer the north wakes up ;)
08:48 magnus_afk slightly...
08:48 * mbalmer had no coffee yet, either
08:48 rangi hi magnus_afk mbalmer and cait
08:49 cait morning magnus_afk and mbalmer
08:49 mbalmer I think I got my system finally up and running, trying to localize it now.
08:49 mbalmer and, morning all, btw ;)
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08:53 ihussien hello
08:54 ihussien i'm ihab from jordan
08:54 ihussien i want to ask some questions
08:54 ihussien Dose Koha support Arabic title
08:57 mbalmer The german translation is funny:  "Hier klicken if you're not Marc Balmer" ;)
08:57 cait mbalmer: I am open for better translations ;)
08:58 cait it's like amazon, Klicken Sie hier, wenn Sie nicht ... sind
08:58 mbalmer yeah.  but it's a mix of english and german, that is what I meant.
08:58 mbalmer and I am not yet familiar enoigh with the system to offer you a patch, sorry.
08:58 cait ah
08:59 cait you don't need a patch
08:59 cait really
08:59 cait translations are handled with po files
08:59 cait what version have you installed?
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09:00 mbalmer from the debian package koha-common, let me try to find the exact version...
09:00 * mbalmer is not so familar with Linux...
09:00 rangi the about page will tell you
09:00 rangi in koha
09:01 mbalmer uhhh, that looks old:
09:02 cait no, not really old :)
09:02 cait why do you think it's old?
09:02 rangi a month and a half
09:02 cait yep
09:02 mbalmer the zero confused me, sorry.
09:02 mbalmer 3.0 was what I thought.
09:03 mbalmer (still to early in the morning and still no coffee)
09:03 mbalmer how can one remove translations?
09:04 cait remove?
09:04 cait I am not sure how installing translations with the packages work
09:05 mbalmer if you do 'perl translate install de-XY', the translate script will fail (de-XY does not exist), but the admin interface will show you 'de-XY' as a language choice under I18N/L10N
09:05 mbalmer so it creates bogus entries
09:07 mbalmer ah, rm -r /usr/share/koha/intranet/htd​ocs/intranet-tmpl/prog/de-XY helps
09:08 mbalmer same for opac
09:21 magnus_afk mbalmer: there is some work under way to create proper packages for the translations too, but it's not finished yet
09:22 mbalmer for the time being I will add a note to the wiki and file a bug report
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10:55 mbalmer maybe a stupid question, but:  how can I import media information into Koha?  I have the ISBN numbers, can I somehow get the "official" data of a book?  (I am not a librarian, but a software developer…. ;)
11:04 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 7346] 'perl translate install' creates template directories for invalid languages <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7346>
11:09 mbalmer huginn, I tested your diff, it works.
11:11 magnus_afk mbalmer: huginn is a bot, trying to be helpful ;-)
11:11 mbalmer I see, LOL ;)
11:11 magnus_afk if you test patches you might want to sign off on them:[…]gn_off_on_patches
11:13 magnus_afk to get media info into koha you might want to have a look at http://manual.koha-community.o[…]ng.html#addbibrec
11:13 mbalmer gosh, that git signoff procedure is complicated ;)
11:14 magnus_afk nah, you'd get the hang of it pretty soon i'd think
11:14 mbalmer I use git in other projects, too.
11:14 magnus_afk that's an advantage!
11:14 mbalmer problem could be: I tested the diff on a release, but need to sign off in -current
11:15 magnus_afk yeah, current master is best for doing proper signoffs, i guess
11:16 magnus_afk but just adding a comment saying "this worked on 3.6.1" or similar would be a good thing too
11:20 mbalmer bah, I think I accidentally created a branch.
11:21 mbalmer what is the name of the "master" branch?
11:23 magnus_afk um, just "master"
11:23 magnus_afk[…]refs/heads/master
11:24 mbalmer <- lost in git
11:26 magnus_afk you lost master?
11:26 mbalmer I lost my mind, I think ;)
11:26 magnus_afk hehe
11:26 mbalmer how do I delete a branch?
11:27 magnus_afk git branch -d branchname *i think*
11:28 magnus_afk yeah, looks like it
11:28 magnus_afk it might tell you yo have to use -D
11:28 mbalmer yes that works.  but I created accidentally the branch 'translate', and apparently I am currently in that one.  how do I change back to the master branch?
11:28 magnus_afk git checkout master
11:30 mbalmer yep, that worked.  thanks
11:30 magnus_afk no problem!
11:36 mbalmer woah, I have no idea how do this git thing...
11:36 mbalmer maybe someone smarter should do it ;)
11:37 mbalmer locally committed the diff, but how can I get the patch against the master branch?
11:38 magnus_afk hm, what are you trying to do?
11:39 mbalmer sign off a diff.
11:39 magnus_afk oops, time for me to wander off again - see ya later!
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12:35 jcamins_away Anyone who uses UNIMARC around?
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13:08 jcamins I don't suppose anyone is around who can help me troubleshoot the sudden appearance of multiple content-type lines in my git patches?
13:14 jcamins Never mind.
13:14 jcamins Figured it out.
13:17 mbalmer I now go read the Git book, seems about time I understand it a bit better
13:18 jcamins mbalmer: which git book?
13:19 mbalmer Version Control with Git
13:19 jcamins mbalmer: ah, that's a good one. :)
13:20 mbalmer I read it once, but the mayhem I caused to my repo this morning clearly showed I did not fully understand it ;)
13:20 mbalmer and since I want to fix a few things, I need it.
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14:55 mbalmer my git repo is now ahead of the master branch by 2 commits (but no changes), can I somehow reset that?
14:57 jcamins mbalmer: if you didn't mean to make any changes, I'd just create a new branch:
14:57 jcamins git checkout origin/master
14:57 jcamins git branch -D master (assuming that's what the branch you inadvertantly committed to was called)
14:57 jcamins git checkout -b master origin/master
14:58 * jcamins is in a getting rid of stuff kind of mood, though, so you might not actually want to delete the branch.
14:58 jcamins ;)
14:59 mbalmer jcamins, that worked, thanks!
14:59 mbalmer <- will never commit to master again
15:02 jcamins Wise. :)
15:03 mbalmer well, I should have know better, using git on as well, plus on another project ;(
15:27 mbalmer who are the good folks working on PostgreSQL support for Koha?
15:28 jcamins mbalmer: I think that was you volunteering.
15:28 jcamins mbalmer++ # for taking up a neglected task
15:28 mbalmer it has always been the database of my choice, since 1995...
15:29 jcamins Database independence would be awesome!
15:29 mbalmer And I am very close to the dev team, see my many talks on it ;)
15:29 mbalmer the biggest handicap right now is that I don't know perl, and really don't feel to much like learning it.
15:30 mbalmer to me it's a write only language, no one can read that code….
15:30 mbalmer ok, ymmv ;)
15:30 jcamins mbalmer: we prefer to call it WORN. ;)
15:30 mbalmer hehe ;)
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17:04 cait hi #koha
17:05 mbalmer hi cait
17:05 cait hi mbalmer
17:06 jcamins Hi cait.
17:06 wahanui Hi cait. are you looking at the rwc final?
17:06 cait forget hi cait.
17:06 cait and hi jcamins :)
17:10 * jcamins just disbound two massive course packets and is currently scanning them in so that he can throw out the physical volumes.
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17:11 mbalmer is there a mailing list that mails out git commits?
17:11 jcamins mbalmer: yes.
17:11 trea mailing list?
17:11 wahanui mailing list is at[…]ha-mailing-lists/
17:12 cait we have a list for almost everything :)
17:12 jcamins That one is koha-commits.
17:12 jcamins There's also koha-patches if you want to see proposed patches.
17:12 cait bugs is also interesting
17:12 mbalmer cait, like NetBSD, then
17:12 jcamins And koha-bugs for following the bugzilla.
17:13 cait there is a german list too
17:13 jcamins And koha-devel is a must if you're doing any development.
17:13 cait but there the traffic is very very low
17:13 jcamins Also a French list. :)
17:13 jcamins And maybe a Spanish list?
17:13 cait I still encourage you to subscribe, in hope it will get better
17:14 mbalmer I need koha-pgsql :>
17:14 jcamins mbalmer: you'll have to get Koha using a database abstraction layer for that, first.
17:14 jcamins Discussions about implementing that would go on koha-devel.
17:15 mbalmer abstraction layer _OR_ two interfaces to choose from
17:15 cait mbalmer: thx for the bug report :)
17:15 jcamins mbalmer: abstraction layer is better.
17:15 mbalmer jcamins I beg to differ
17:15 jcamins mbalmer: take a look at the code, then repeat that statement.
17:15 cait mbalmer: I think there was an attempt to do that
17:15 cait but the problem is we might have some mysqlisms in the code right now
17:16 mbalmer pgsql support would be a longer term project anyways.
17:16 cait installer/data/Pg is outdated
17:16 jcamins mbalmer: two interfaces would only work if there were some sot ofrtf of centralized database access.
17:16 mbalmer but if we want to jump on the wagon, it is a must for us.
17:16 cait jcamins: ??
17:17 cait what's between of and rtf?
17:17 mbalmer jcamins, way to early to dicuss this, keep in mind that I have no understanding of the koha codebase yet.
17:17 cait mbalmer: there are some bigger projects going on for code cleanup and performance at the moment
17:17 cait i think noone has started on the abstraction layer yet
17:18 cait mbalmer:  I am looking at 7346 :)
17:18 rangi actually the mysqlisms are pretty much confined to the. sql files now
17:19 jcamins Yikes.
17:19 cait it's good if you obsolete the original patch after attaching the signed off patch
17:19 jcamins Wireless is very screwed up.
17:19 jcamins That was supposed to be "some sort of centralized database access."
17:19 jcamins bug 7346
17:19 cait and thx for signing off :)
17:19 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7346 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, frederic, NEW , 'perl translate install' creates template directories for invalid languages
17:19 cait mbalmer++
17:19 jcamins Ah.
17:19 jcamins rangi: "mostly."
17:19 rangi yep, very few left over and easy to kill
17:20 cait heh
17:20 cait and good morning rangi :)
17:20 * jcamins imagines Black Knight-like MySQLisms.
17:20 rangi naw they aren't hard to kill
17:20 jcamins "It's just a flesh wound."
17:20 rangi or even needed
17:20 jcamins "No it's not, you're arm's off."
17:20 jcamins "Chicken! Chiiiccckkkeeennn! Bawk bawk!"
17:21 jcamins "Tell you what, we'll call it a draw."
17:21 rangi and DBI is the abstraction, what is needed is a better schema
17:21 mbalmer I am almost sure I would also introduce some PostgreSQL-isms.  If you want to take advantage of DB, you almost have to.
17:21 mbalmer else you can only use the lowest common denominator of all supported databases.
17:22 jcamins rangi: I didn't realize that C4::Context wasn't using the MySQL interface directly.
17:22 rangi and thats why abstraction layers suck
17:22 cait jcamins: monty python?
17:22 jcamins The commands are pretty much identical to the C MySQL interface.
17:22 jcamins cait: yep.
17:22 cait yay :)
17:22 cait I got it
17:23 rangi its using dbi and dbd::mysql
17:23 rangi could be dbd::pg too
17:23 jcamins rangi: so in other words, that's not a direct MySQL interface. Cool.
17:25 mbalmer imo, a good implemetation offers interfaces to databases and takes advantage of the respective database.  although I see not a single positive aspect for the use of MySQL ;P
17:25 * mbalmer is a PostgreSQL guy
17:25 rangi mbalmer: koha used psql first
17:25 rangi but mysql far outperformed it
17:25 rangi that was in 99 tho
17:26 rangi postgres has got a lot faster
17:26 mbalmer oh yes
17:26 mbalmer and not only that
17:26 jcamins Only 23 articles left to scan.
17:26 * rangi works with a postgres developer
17:26 mbalmer with whom?
17:30 rangi mark Kirkwood
17:31 rangi we use postgres for most things
17:35 mbalmer I see.  Yes, we use it heavily for mission critical stuff (point of sale)
17:35 mbalmer so data integrity and safety is paramount, sth that is not given with mysql
17:36 rangi yep
17:37 rangi we use it for electoral roles and the like
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18:29 cait mbalmer: i got your mail?
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19:08 mbalmer cait, it's a simple diff.
19:08 cait I see that :)
19:08 mbalmer did I miss the attachment?
19:08 cait only wondered why you sent it to me :)
19:09 mbalmer I had no better address to send it to.  and I saw that you have commit acces, that's why ;)
19:09 mbalmer opening a PR for an 'n' seemed like overkill, tbh...
19:10 cait ah
19:10 cait nobody has commit access :)
19:10 cait or only the rm has
19:10 cait to be more precise
19:10 cait PR?
19:11 mbalmer problem report, aka bug. (term we use in NetBSD, sry)
19:11 cait np
19:11 cait I am not very familiar with other open source projects
19:12 mbalmer I am living in this cabal forever ;)
19:12 cait the normal procedure is that we open a bug, put the number in the patch and send it to koha-patches
19:12 mbalmer ok, I try to follow that
19:12 cait it's easier to track things this way, but you are right that it seems a bit silly for small things sometimes :)
19:13 cait but still it's helpful
19:13 mbalmer sounds a bit overengineered for little typos, though
19:13 cait what you can do
19:13 cait is open a bug
19:13 cait for "typos in documentation"
19:13 mbalmer but then, I might create a typo branch and do a collective patch once a year ;)
19:13 cait so next time... there will already be a bug number you can use
19:14 cait and for working with bugzilla git bz is a nice addition to make your life easier
19:14 cait git bz?
19:14 wahanui well, git bz is so much fun :)
19:14 cait hm wahanui, that's not so helpful
19:15 cait wahanui: git bz is also[…]_bz_configuration
19:15 wahanui okay, cait.
19:15 cait wahanui botsnack cookie
19:15 wahanui thanks cait :)
19:17 mbalmer can Deutsche Nationalbibliothek be queried from Koha using z39.50?
19:20 cait hm
19:20 cait I am not sure
19:20 cait if they have an open z39.50 server for marc21
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19:21 mbalmer afaik, the only have sutrs
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22:47 dani Hello
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23:26 eythian
23:29 eythian @later tell jcamins_away do you know if Koha can do "see also" sort of authority stuff? So you can put abbrevs in and it'll search for the full expansion and know about it due to the auth records.
23:29 huginn` eythian: The operation succeeded.
23:29 eythian I wonder if that made any sense in English.
23:39 jcamins_away eythian: I do know, and the answer is "no."
23:39 jcamins_away is now known as jcamins
23:39 eythian OK, ta

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