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00:12 rangi oh this is pretty cool
00:12 rangi[…]rice-availability
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00:38 vvilchez Buenas!
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00:41 rangi hi vvilchez
00:42 vvilchez hi!
00:42 vvilchez I have problems with fines
00:42 vvilchez koha 3.02
00:43 rangi 3.2.? or 3.0.2 ?
00:43 vvilchez 3.2
00:43 rangi right 3.2.?
00:44 rangi 3.2.0 , 3.2.9 3.2.10 ? :)
00:44 rangi the about page should tell ya
00:45 rangi (either way its pretty old )
00:45 rangi but if you tell us the problem you have with fines, we can tell you if its fixed in a newer version
00:46 vvilchez
00:46 rangi right 3.2.0 very old
00:47 wizzyrea a year old
00:47 rangi ?
00:47 rangi nope
00:47 rangi ah yeah sorry
00:47 wizzyrea :P
00:47 vvilchez give notice of delay alone does not reflect the fines
00:48 rangi i was thinking 16 versions ago (but there was some overlap of 3.2.x and 3.4.x)
00:48 rangi vvilchez: hmm i dont quite understand what you mean im afraid
00:48 wizzyrea me either
00:50 vvilchez My institution does not venture to make and there are 57,000 records updated
00:50 rangi hmm still not understanding :(
00:50 rangi vvilchez: do you speak spanish?
00:51 rangi
00:51 rangi it might be worth asking here
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00:59 rangi i tried
01:00 wizzyrea sometimes, you just can't help
01:00 slef ARGH. 4th and 5th June are bank holidays. Anyone think it matters?
01:00 rangi yep, i couldnt parse that at all
01:00 rangi not to me
01:00 rangi but im the guy who organised kohacon10 on labour day
01:01 slef stupid bloody royal jubilee means some of our bank holidays are on irregular dates
01:01 rangi does the city shut down? or just the banks?
01:01 slef mainly banks, but mass transport runs strange schedules and things get more booked up
01:02 rangi right
01:02 slef mle_away: 4th and 5th June are bank holidays :-/
01:02 rangi i think id cope
01:02 rangi but might want to check with others
01:02 rangi the booked up would perhaps be the issue
01:02 slef nothing's simple, is it?
01:02 rangi not usually no
01:06 slef and now, high packet loss to one of our data centres :-/
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01:16 rangi hi buster
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01:36 rangi bye buster
01:39 slef I hate it when I'm 6h away from the data centre and there's no response from the on-site workers.
01:40 rangi ahh crap
01:41 slef time to start bringing up a backup from another data centre if I can, I guess :-/
01:41 slef what else would I want to be doing at 2am the night before a conference?
01:42 rangi :(
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02:07 rangi chur talljoy
02:07 talljoy chur
02:07 talljoy wassup!
02:07 wizzyrea how was the musical?
02:07 talljoy helluva an evening.
02:07 talljoy painfully patriotic play by prepubescents
02:08 talljoy sitting by a putz (my ex husband)
02:08 talljoy coming back to a message where i'm referred to as a two year old.
02:08 talljoy sigh.
02:09 wizzyrea O.o
02:09 talljoy yea.  pretty sure i wasn't supposed to see that last remark.
02:09 wizzyrea toddlerizing is generally not uh, the best idea
02:09 talljoy no, since clearly i'm a least four.
02:09 talljoy am not, are so, am not, are so
02:11 wizzyrea hee
02:11 rangi i wish i was 2
02:12 eythian *were
02:12 wizzyrea 2 is pretty awesome
02:12 * eythian shows his "supporter of the dying subjunctive" badge
02:12 rangi heh
02:12 wizzyrea lol
02:12 rangi oh cool
02:12 rangi chris_n++
02:12 wizzyrea bbiab
02:13 rangi[…]ols.git;a=summary
02:13 talljoy i wish i was 2 feet from the yahoo who called me two.
02:13 talljoy just saying.
02:13 eythian *were
02:14 * eythian shows his ....
02:14 * slef stabs eythian with his subjunctive
02:14 slef well, it is a dying one
02:14 eythian I didn't say "deathly"
02:16 eythian nor "murderous" for that matter.
02:16 rangi[…]ded&v=hRTh63rRDtA
02:17 eythian kohacon people can tell you about monkies.
02:25 libsysguy rangi:
02:26 rangi oh dubsteppy
02:26 libsysguy oh the dubstep goodness
02:28 eythian
02:29 rangi heh
02:29 libsysguy oh nyan cat you so silly
02:29 rangi that top comment is pretty epic
02:30 rangi I was 6 years old, playing at the bottom of the stairs in my house, when I saw my morbidly obese aunt slouch to the top of the stairs and step on my Thomas the Tank Engine. Her fat ass flew into the air, bounced off the bannister and instead of rolling down the stairs, actually crashed THROUGH the staircase and dropped into the cupboard below it, hospitalising her for 6 weeks. That was the most brutal drop I had ever experienced... Until I heard 0.55
02:30 libsysguy lmao
02:31 rangi
02:31 rangi have you seen this?
02:31 libsysguy anybody messed with Node.js?
02:31 rangi not me, but ppl here at work have, and chilts has
02:31 libsysguy I've heard the normal song...but not the dubstep remix
02:32 rangi the dance is pretty amazing
02:32 libsysguy any word?
02:32 libsysguy he floating
02:32 rangi we were dissing it this weekend at kiwicon
02:32 rangi single thread
02:32 libsysguy crap...
02:32 rangi i think its cool for some things
02:32 libsysguy ahh...well I was going to use it for this chat application to build into my drupal site
02:32 libsysguy for support
02:33 rangi it'd probably be fine for that
02:33 libsysguy yeah it works fine with ajax just is a little delayed
02:34 rangi this dancer is blowing my mind
02:34 Phlunk3 yeah that guy is amazing, saw it a few weeks ago :D
02:35 libsysguy i just had to submit it to reddit...that good
02:35 rangi holy crap
02:35 rangi 4.13 !!
02:35 eythian it's been there already
02:36 libsysguy im not even sure how he is pulling this off
02:36 libsysguy it looks like he has a puppet master
02:36 eythian > How many dubstep musicians does it take to clean a shower?
02:36 wizzyrea oh yea pumped up kicks is epiiiiic
02:36 eythian a: One hundred. One to clean it, and ninety-nine to talk about how dirty it is.
02:36 rangi heh
02:36 eythian b: 100 of them would just WUB WUB WUB the dirty parts away
02:37 wizzyrea HEHE
02:37 rangi
02:37 rangi oldy but a goody
02:38 libsysguy rangi did you watch his other video?
02:38 rangi not yet
02:38 libsysguy equally good
02:38 wizzyrea isn't this guy how we found foster the people?
02:38 wizzyrea well at least it's how I found foster the people...
02:38 rangi probably ;)
02:39 * wizzyrea sits on a ball at work... bounced all day yesterday and today to foster the people
02:40 rangi :)
02:40 rangi[…]ung-old-man-remix
02:42 rangi banjo and dubstep
02:42 wizzyrea libsysguy have you looked into webim?
02:42 wizzyrea if you want chat support
02:42 libsysguy I haven't
02:42 wizzyrea it's epic
02:43 wizzyrea i mean... it's a pretty good solution, imo
02:43 rangi heh
02:43 wizzyrea >.>
02:43 libsysguy
02:43 wizzyrea epic might be overstating a bit.
02:43 libsysguy you can check out what I implemented
02:44 rangi and the last one ill post
02:44 rangi[…]viners-incredible
02:44 rangi mostly because Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band
02:44 rangi is an epic name for a band
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02:49 wizzyrea ok, really give this a chance until about 23s, which is when it gets good:
02:49 wizzyrea and 54s is even better
02:50 rangi only cos its you asking
02:50 wizzyrea :P
02:50 rangi oh that is pretty amazing
02:51 wizzyrea i can't believe birds can do that
02:51 * rangi is glad he gave it a chance
02:51 talljoy bats
02:51 wizzyrea and bats
02:52 wizzyrea found that at one of my favorite blogs:
02:52 wizzyrea
02:52 Phlunk3 those are birds right?
02:52 wizzyrea *nod* starlings
02:52 rangi that is a good blog
02:52 wizzyrea very few videos there that kiddo hasn't fully enjoyed
02:55 jcamins_away Wow!
02:57 wizzyrea last one I promise:[…]ded&v=LE-JN7_rxtE
02:57 rangi heh
02:57 rangi its 5 mins to beer oclock
02:57 wizzyrea :D
02:57 rangi im not gonna stop you posting them
02:58 Phlunk3 lol
02:59 wizzyrea in that case;[…]ded&v=hzrwG0dNhDE
02:59 rangi awesome!
03:00 * wizzyrea sees rangi doing that with the kids this weekend ^.^
03:00 rangi hehe
03:00 rangi once they stop hitting each other with them
03:00 jcamins_away Wow! I don't see exactly how that works, though.
03:00 wizzyrea hehe
03:00 wizzyrea[…]oding-Stick-Bomb/
03:01 rangi[…]R=1&v=jiWxU3jXOFc
03:01 wizzyrea :S
03:01 wizzyrea :D
03:02 wizzyrea I like the "woohoo" at the end
03:02 rangi hehe yeah
03:03 jcamins_away Yeah, pretty impressive.
03:04 rangi[…]c&feature=related
03:05 wizzyrea :O
03:05 rangi zomg
03:05 jcamins_away Oops.
03:05 rangi[…]U&feature=related
03:05 wizzyrea oh. dear.
03:07 jcamins_away Only 91? Apparently there's a video with 622.
03:07 wizzyrea 20000 bottle rockets
03:07 rangi hehe
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03:08 jcamins_away They did it for science!
03:08 wizzyrea[…]oding-Stick-Bomb/
03:08 wizzyrea no
03:08 wizzyrea sorry
03:08 wizzyrea[…]I&feature=related
03:08 * druthb waves excitedly at wizzyrea and jcamins
03:08 * wizzyrea waves at druthb
03:08 * jcamins_away waves back, equally excitedly.
03:08 druthb :)
03:08 rangi heh thats pretty awesome
03:09 wizzyrea lol the guy in the middle "OW!"
03:09 jcamins_away Uhhh... is there video?
03:09 jcamins_away It looks kind of... gray.
03:09 wizzyrea yea, about 1:35
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03:10 jcamins_away Ah, so there is.
03:10 wizzyrea lol that looks TERRIBLY dangerous
03:10 wizzyrea it really goes about 2:15
03:10 jcamins_away OMG! That's incredible!
03:10 rangi hehe
03:10 * jcamins_away just reached 2:15.
03:11 jcamins_away And it's just getting more incredible.
03:11 rangi sweet!
03:11 jcamins_away 10.5 million firecrackers?
03:12 rangi im watching that one too now jcamins_away
03:12 * jcamins_away isn't so impressed by this one, actually.
03:12 rangi yeah its just noise
03:13 jcamins_away 300 wooden matches?
03:13 jcamins_away Kind of interesting, I suppose.
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03:30 * wizzyrea clicks on "don't mix milk with red bull"
03:31 talljoy sounds like a guy I went out with ^
03:31 wizzyrea hm that was underwhelming.
03:32 talljoy what does happen?
03:32 wizzyrea the milk goes curdly
03:32 talljoy oh dur.
03:32 talljoy riveting watching i'm sure
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03:33 Amit_Gupta heya chris
03:33 Amit_Gupta Good morning #koha :D
03:33 talljoy evening!
03:33 wahanui i think evening is better for me - but not too late
03:33 talljoy lol
03:33 Amit_Gupta heya talljoy
03:33 talljoy hi!
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03:40 wizzyrea oh I am so making one of these for spud
03:40 wizzyrea[…]Q&feature=related
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03:44 talljoy wonder how it tastes
03:44 jcamins_away talljoy: gross.
03:44 * wizzyrea envisions "science saturday"
03:44 talljoy pickled eggs  - people eat em
03:44 wizzyrea wherein we perform all of the weird science tricks of the internet
03:44 talljoy you have to make flubber
03:45 jcamins_away talljoy: yes, but I still think they would probably taste gross.
03:45 wizzyrea I was going to make cloud dough
03:45 talljoy and that weird cornstarch solid/liquid concotion
03:45 talljoy ooblek
03:45 wizzyrea and we've already broached non-newtonian fluids
03:45 wizzyrea (oobleck)
03:45 talljoy love oobleck.
03:45 wizzyrea me too
03:46 talljoy i've made borax snowflakes b4.  that was fun.  although takes time.
03:46 talljoy but now is good time with holidays coming up
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04:03 Oak kia ora #koha
04:03 Oak hello druthb :)
04:06 druthb hi, Oak! :)
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04:31 Amit_Gupta heya Oak, druthb
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04:36 Oak Hello AmitG :)
04:37 AmitG D
04:37 AmitG :D
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05:07 eythian[…]-could-benefit-NZ <-- I agree
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05:11 cait hi #koha
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05:23 Oak hello miss cait
05:24 cait hello mr Oak
05:24 Oak :)
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06:05 AmitG heya cait
06:05 cait hi AmitG
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09:02 kf good morning #koha
09:06 Oak joined #koha
09:15 magnuse kia ora kf and #koha
09:21 kf hi magnuse :)
09:22 kf ugh
09:23 kf did I do the conversion wrong or is the next irc meeting really at 3 am?
09:23 magnuse ?
09:23 AmitG hi kf, magnuse
09:23 magnuse namaste AmitG
09:23 kf hi AmitG
09:23 kf[…]_16_November_2011
09:24 magnuse 3 am it is
09:24 magnuse count me out...
09:24 kf that is a real bad plan
09:24 kf yeha
09:24 kf I did the 4 am thing last time
09:24 kf it was hard
09:24 kf but 3!
09:24 magnuse well, since we move it by 8 hours it will be like that every third time
09:25 kf yeah, tell me why we started doing that?
09:25 * kf grumbles
09:25 magnuse so everyone would get the meeting in the middle of the night every now and then?
09:26 kf *sighs+
09:29 magnuse lots of people tried to find a better scheme, but they came up empty handed, i think
09:34 kf only moving it by an hour 2 hours... would help
09:34 kf but not for everyone I guess
09:34 kf it's ok :)
09:34 kf only complaining every 3rd meeting
09:35 * mle_away looks in.
09:36 magnuse hehe
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09:58 Oak magnuse
09:58 magnuse Oak
09:58 Oak got a light?
09:59 magnuse yup. need to borrow some light?
09:59 magnuse @wunder boo
09:59 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 8.0�C (10:50 AM CET on November 11, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 4.0�C. Windchill: 6.0�C. Pressure: 30.51 in 1033 hPa (Steady).
09:59 magnuse ooh
09:59 Oak nah, i don't smoke.
09:59 Oak @wunder islamabad
09:59 huginn Oak: The current temperature in Islamabad, Pakistan is 27.0�C (2:00 PM PKT on November 11, 2011). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 45%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Steady).
09:59 magnuse hehe
09:59 Oak :)
10:01 AmitG wunder @bangalore
10:01 AmitG @wunder bangalore
10:01 huginn AmitG: The current temperature in Bangalore, India is 27.0�C (2:30 PM IST on November 11, 2011). Conditions: . Humidity: 30%. Dew Point: 13.0�C.
10:01 AmitG @wunder Dehradun
10:01 huginn AmitG: The current temperature in Dehradun, India is 26.0�C (2:30 PM IST on November 11, 2011). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 49%. Dew Point: 17.0�C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa.
10:01 Oak Partly Cloudy wins
10:01 AmitG heya Oak ;D
10:01 Oak hello AmitG :)
10:05 kf magnuse: :)
10:05 magnuse kf
10:05 kf the nav on[…]ha_/svc/_HTTP_API is broken... and I still don't know how to work with the categories
10:05 kf would you? plzß
10:06 magnuse just edit the page and add it to a category (checkboxes below the textarea) and the nav should be ok
10:07 magnuse no idea why the nav is pushed down when there isn't a category...
10:07 magnuse you can do it!
10:08 magnuse or do you still want me to?
10:10 kf nah, got distracted
10:10 kf will try
10:11 magnuse and that api in /svc is pretty cool, btw
10:12 kf yep
10:12 kf ILL!
10:12 magnuse ah yes, that too
10:13 magnuse in sweden they need to push records into koha - related to buying materials. very relevant for that too
10:13 kf yeah
10:13 kf I knew we had it
10:13 kf because there once was a quite nice documentation on the biblios page for it
10:13 kf wonder if the interent still remembers that somewhere... hmmm!
10:14 * Oak goes to lunch
10:15 magnuse wayback machine, if nothing else?
10:15 kf testing that :)
10:16 kf hm no
10:17 magnuse guess you'd have to know the url?
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10:33 dpavlin_away is now known as dpavlin
10:34 dpavlin I would appriciate feedback on bug 7213 and[…]ha_/svc/_HTTP_API since I'm newbie with this API
10:34 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7213 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, dpavlin, NEW , Document /svc/ HTTP API and provide example command-line client
10:36 magnuse dpavlin: i don't think a lot of people have a lot of experience with it ;-)
10:37 magnuse but it's great to have it documented!
10:37 magnuse and to have an example script that works with it
10:37 magnuse what's the goal for the script - to have it be part of koha, as a usable example?
10:38 dpavlin I will turn script into command-line utility before submission which will allow to get/create/update biblio record
10:38 dpavlin I think that would be useful part of Koha's tool chain.
10:38 magnuse very cool
10:38 magnuse dpavlin++
10:39 dpavlin I'm toying with idea of creating in-line package Koha::SVC::Client so you can just require script and create programmatic import
10:39 dpavlin My own use-case is continuous import from EPrints to Koha (which should be really easy with /svc/ API ;-)
10:40 magnuse yeah, nice
10:40 magnuse i know swedish libraries are interested in having records pushed into koha when they buy new stuff
10:42 kf dpavlin++
10:42 kf dpavlin: I think it was developed for and there used to be some documentation - but seems it got lost :(
10:42 dpavlin We have another library in Croatia which is about to push meta-data about papers from CMS to Koha, so that was primary motivation for writing documentation. I needed to send them some URL to implement it :-)
10:42 kf very happy someone is workingo n it
10:42 kf I have been toying with the idea to use it create records for ill
10:42 kf that patrons request
10:42 * magnuse too
10:42 kf do you know if you can also create items with it?
10:43 magnuse i would think pushing records with data in 952 should work?
10:43 dpavlin kf: it doesn't call any of items koha API, just biblio. But it shouldn't be too hard to add.
10:43 magnuse (ouch, i meant i was happy someone was working on this, not that i was thinking about it for ill...)
10:45 dpavlin OOH, I would like to see also search implemented. Our use case is to get borrower number from existing records in Koha based on 856$u
10:46 dpavlin (or any other field). But with current Koha search rewrite, I'm allmost biasd towards implementation which use SQL and XPATH...
10:47 dpavlin (pending Solr search rewrite, and biased -- I still need one more coffee :-)
10:48 kf ideal for us would be
10:48 kf supporting control number (001 from record) additional to bibnumber
10:48 kf but this is not really well supported in koha right now... special use case here
10:50 dpavlin kf: something like /svc/search/856$u= or /svc/search/001=123456
10:52 AmitG heya dpavlin
10:52 dpavlin which might return plain/text with one biblio number in each row (for easy scripting) or full MARCXML dump with optional ?limit=3 param?
10:52 kf dpavlin: yeah, that looks good .)
10:53 kf what we would like to do is use it for updates
10:53 kf the 001 should be unique, but there is a chance that people manage to reuse the number... I really need to write a plugin for that in koha one day
10:53 kf dpavlin: I found that:[…]/biblios-send-api
10:54 kf perhaps helpful for your documentation?
10:54 dpavlin will I be tainted if I look at this page? ;-)
10:54 kf tainted?
10:55 kf I don't think so... it's a piece of very old documentation about the api
10:55 kf found it in internet archive
10:55 dpavlin It's nicer that my docs, but than again, I'm not native speaker.
10:56 kf I think we need new documentation, was only wondering if that could be helpful for you
10:56 kf *sighs*
10:56 kf I have an item stuck in transit... someone an idea?
10:56 dpavlin It seems consistant with current implementation.
10:57 trea left #koha
10:58 dpavlin Can I bulk copy/paste relevant parts from 11:52 < kf> tainted?
10:58 dpavlin ups. from[…]/biblios-send-api to our wiki?
10:59 kf hm not sure really :(
10:59 magnuse i'd paraphrase if i were you, just to be safe... :-(
10:59 kf yeah :(
11:39 Oak item stuck in transit kf?
11:41 kf yeah
11:41 kf but fixed it :)
11:41 Oak good ;)
11:41 Oak uh oh. not winking. shift key stuck.
11:44 * Oak never winks at his teachers
11:44 kf uuh
11:44 kf don't say that, now I feel old
11:44 kf and I am not teaching anyone
11:44 Oak you taught me
11:45 Oak now you'll always be my teacher.
11:45 Oak deal with it.
11:45 Oak :)
11:45 magnuse hehe
11:48 Oak teacher, may i go to the washroom please?
11:48 Oak that's you kf. answer.
11:49 magnuse i think she is boycotting you now, Oak...
11:49 Oak :)
11:49 Oak ah
11:49 Oak well, will annoy her when she gets back from work
11:50 magnuse moahaha
11:50 Oak :-D
11:50 * kf hides
11:55 Oak me go to bazaar now.
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12:09 * kf comes back ou
12:09 kf t
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12:41 jwagner joined #koha
12:44 Oak hello nengard, jwagner :)
12:44 jwagner Hi Oak
12:50 druthb joined #koha
12:50 druthb Good morning, #koha!
12:50 nengard morning
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12:56 oleonard joined #koha
12:58 oleonard 'sup.
12:59 druthb Hello, oleonard. :)
13:04 kf hi oleonard
13:04 kf Oak: back from the bazaar?
13:04 Oak yup
13:05 Oak i mean, yes, teacher.
13:05 * kf growls
13:05 Oak hehe
13:05 druthb kf == teacher?  I musta missed something overnight.
13:06 kf I showed Oak how to sign-off on bugs
13:06 kf and now he got confused
13:06 * kf promises Oak a cookie for not calling her teacher
13:07 druthb kf:  teachersnack apple.
13:07 Oak teacher, can i have 2 cookies?
13:07 * druthb puts on a cute little schoolgirl uniform, and gets ready for class.
13:09 kf rofl
13:09 kf sure, you would side with him
13:10 * druthb tries to look innocent.
13:10 druthb naah, I just like the outfit.
13:10 kf ok
13:10 kf homework for today
13:10 kf Oak: sign off on a bug this weekend
13:10 kf druthb: sign off on a bug this weekend
13:10 Oak yes mam
13:10 kf more cookies for more bugs
13:11 druthb yes ma'am.  :)
13:11 Oak oh wait, my exams starting on Monday
13:11 druthb Can I bring a new library live on Koha as an extra-credit project?
13:11 oleonard Comment spam:[…]e-1/#comment-4086
13:11 Oak Monday to Wednesday.
13:11 kf ok, sign-off until next weekend then
13:12 Oak yes mam
13:12 Oak can i go to washroom now, teacher?
13:13 * druthb watches for steam to start coming out of kf's ears.
13:13 Oak don't tease my teacher druthb
13:14 druthb hehehe
13:15 Oak nah, i'm just kidding. go ahead. let's figure out ways to annoy the teacher. soon magnuse will join i hope.
13:15 druthb rofl
13:16 Oak :]
13:19 Oak the cookies i'll receive from the teacher will give them to others to call cait teacher. evil. i know. soon there will be a "teacher movement" and all will be looking at cait for enlightenment and wisdom.
13:20 druthb Oak++  #good plan!
13:23 JesseM joined #koha
13:27 anandology joined #koha
13:31 * jcamins_away always looks to kf for enlightenment and wisdom.
13:31 * druthb does too...and inspiration, too.
13:33 Oak kf++
13:33 anandology left #koha
13:33 anandology joined #koha
13:35 Oak she has lot of patience. and very kind. and not tells what to do, but also the reason why we are doing it. and what are the alternatives...
13:35 Oak ...and not only tells what to do*
13:38 druthb :)
13:39 ago joined #koha
13:39 anandology left #koha
13:43 Oak me go now.
13:43 Oak left #koha
13:45 oleonard He didn't even ask to be excused.
13:47 talljoy joined #koha
13:54 kf omg
13:54 kf I had a webinar training... and now I come back to #koha conspirating against me
13:55 kf hi oleonard :)
13:56 kf and hi jcamins_away too - not so away it seems :)
13:56 edveal joined #koha
14:05 jwagner kf, life is not fair :-)
14:08 maximep joined #koha
14:08 kf jwagner: but fun :)
14:09 jwagner At times, yes :-)
14:10 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 7124] Back to search wrapping in lower resolutions <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7124>
14:26 jwagner Grump.  Speaking of life not being fair, I'm working on a holiday specifically to accomodate one client who swore he couldn't reschedule a training session for any other day.  Now he's cancelled it.
14:30 edveal1 joined #koha
14:31 edveal1 left #koha
14:31 edveal1 joined #koha
14:35 edveal left #koha
14:41 * chris_n proceeds to rip oracle's java off of his ubuntu install and replace it with openJDK
14:42 nengard what does this mean when I try to use git bz to apply a patch "previous rebase directory /home/nengard/kohaclone/.git/rebase-apply still exists but mbox given.
14:42 nengard Patch left in /tmp/patch-WVAVQH.patch"
14:43 chris_n try 'git rebase --abort'
14:43 chris_n then do the git-bz thing again
14:43 nengard that didn't work but git am --abort did :)
14:43 nengard thanks
14:44 chris_n np :)
14:48 kf nengard: or try a git am -is3 /home....
14:48 kf nengard: left a comment for you on the bug - the git bz apply does not do the -3
14:48 kf so sometimes a patch will apply when you do -is3 instead, but not when using git bz
14:52 nengard which bug? testing a bunch this morning
15:01 kf hmm
15:01 kf I wrote the same as here :)
15:01 kf not sure which bug
15:02 kf only thought it would help you to know - might get some things to apply
15:02 kf nengard: you could try on 4530 - but might still fail
15:05 nengard kf read my comment on 4530 - is that applied?
15:10 kf checking :)
15:11 kf yep
15:11 kf looks ok to me
15:11 kf you can check with git log - see if the patch appears on top
15:11 kf and git status should show now conflicts
15:11 kf or changed files
15:16 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 4530] Circulation & fines rules aren't always applied from most specific to less specific <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4530>
15:22 Bren joined #koha
15:22 Bren Hello
15:22 wahanui que tal, Bren
15:23 Bren How's everyone doing?
15:23 anandology joined #koha
15:29 kf hi Bren
15:32 Bren Hi
15:33 jcamins_away is now known as jcamins
15:33 jcamins Good morning, #koha.
15:35 jwagner good morning jcamins
15:37 oleonard nengard: Didn't you mean to set 6977 as "does not apply?"
15:37 nengard no - signed off ;)
15:37 nengard paul's patch was pushed already
15:38 nengard it doesn't apply cause it was pushed
15:38 nengard i signed off on the follow up
15:38 nengard read the comment thread
15:38 nengard that's how i found out
15:38 * oleonard assumed from the last comment
15:40 nengard yeah - i see what i did
15:40 nengard i had that in there when it didn't apply and then i re-read and apparently when i refreshed it left my message text in there
15:40 nengard sorry about that
15:42 dpavlin is now known as dpavlin_away
15:42 libsysguy joined #koha
15:43 edveal1 left #koha
15:44 kf I killed my koha vm *cries*
15:44 jcamins :(
15:45 jcamins kf: what happened to it?
15:45 kf it died during a snapshot
15:45 kf and now it will not start and presents me an error message
15:45 jcamins Uh-oh.
15:45 jcamins What's the error message?
15:45 wahanui the error message is correct because that's not how you're supposed to run it
15:45 kf sent you a pm, it's long
15:48 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6475] Edit it's not possible subfield "0" in MARC framework <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6475>
16:02 nengard oleonard based on your last comment ? does bug 5150 need sign off still?
16:02 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5150 trivial, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Issuing should read Circulation
16:02 oleonard Yes
16:02 oleonard ...because I found a different correction to make.
16:03 nengard okey dokey
16:03 nengard testing
16:05 nengard signed off
16:05 wahanui signed off is approval
16:05 nengard we're not emailing signed off patches anymore ? right?
16:06 oleonard That's the way I understand it
16:06 nengard okey dokey
16:06 nengard that's what i was doing today
16:08 bg oh whoops I usually email the signed off ones too
16:08 bg it doesn't hurt I guess
16:08 * bg loves the git-bz when it works
16:08 oleonard bg: It was a fairly recent change in procedure
16:09 kf only attaching them to the bug now
16:23 jcamins Does anyone know of any server-side programs (no idea what they'd be called) that would easily enable one to fetch images out of them using AJAX?
16:24 oleonard AJAX uses http, so that would be... a web server?
16:24 jcamins oleonard: thanks. :)
16:25 * jcamins is not a front-end developer.
16:25 jcamins Things like this are *not obvious* to me.
16:25 melia joined #koha
16:26 jcamins So I guess the "challenging" part there is something to conveniently upload images, which doesn't seem like it should be too difficult.
16:27 oleonard See the comments on Bug 6874 to dissuade you of that notion
16:27 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6874 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, julian.maurice, ASSIGNED , File upload in MARC
16:29 * chris_n takes the deb packages out for a test drive
16:30 collum joined #koha
16:30 jcamins Hm.
16:30 * jcamins can't believe that there is no program out there that has solved this problem.
16:30 talljoy jcamins should know it is always the seemingly easy things that are inordinately difficult.
16:32 chris_n the law of difficulty simply stated is the appearance of difficulty and the reality of difficulty are inversely proportional
16:32 talljoy amen
16:33 jcamins True.
16:33 jcamins Bah, humbug.
16:33 jcamins So you're telling me no one has ever written a PHP or Perl script that securely handles uploading and retrieving images?
16:33 anandology left #koha
16:33 chris_n you mean sftp or ssh or some such?
16:34 jcamins chris_n: the problem is that I need something I can use from Windows computers that are not mine, where I can't install Putty.
16:36 chris_n a quick google returns Net::SFTP as a possible candidate
16:37 chris_n maybe Net::SSH::Perl?
16:37 chris_n but perl stuff will require win32 perl to run on winders
16:37 jcamins Right. Hence why I'm thinking I need some sort of web-based uploader.
16:38 oleonard jcamins: The problem is that getting the right permissions on files and folders is difficult
16:38 * jcamins grumbles about nothing being as easy as it ought.
16:39 oleonard Maybe not if you know what you're doing and have control over the server, but that's not true of everyone installing software like Drupal, for instance.
16:39 trea joined #koha
16:39 oleonard People end up changing permissions to 777 just so their uploads will work
16:40 * jcamins knows that's a bad idea.
16:41 jcamins Maybe better to just upload into a database, and have a script that retrieves the image based on a param?
16:42 kf weekend time - bye all :)
16:42 kf left #koha
16:43 ago is now known as ago_away
16:46 Bren Is there any indepth documentation for the koha-common package for deviants?
16:46 Bren Debian*
16:46 * wizzyrea laughed a bit at "deviants"
16:46 Bren Damn auto correct......
16:46 wizzyrea :D
16:46 chris_n jcamins: just do web based over ssl
16:47 wizzyrea[…]e_Debian_packages
16:47 Bren Yea I looked at that
16:49 Bren I need more info on what it does to eat up apache
16:49 Bren Set *
16:50 * wizzyrea thinks that your autocorrects are THE BEST
16:50 Bren Rofl
16:50 jcamins Omnomnomnom.
16:51 wizzyrea you can ask your question here... really, sadly, the documentation lives in us :P
16:51 jcamins Bren: I suspect the part you're having problems with is the lack of a koha-sites.conf (or something like that).
16:51 wizzyrea worst place for it, but it is what it is.
16:51 jcamins Bren: or, like me, you can't type your own domain name. ;)
16:52 * jcamins did that last night. Thought the packages had suddenly, inexplicably broken, and spent a while trying to troubleshoot it, before realizing that I had forgotten a period. ;)
16:53 jcamins Bren: man koha-create should clarify, if the problem is the koha-sites.conf.
16:54 * jcamins waits to hear what the problem actually is, having exhausted his store of unsolicited advice.
16:54 Bren I'm using localhost for now, but the problem I'm getting is that when I try to connect to 8080 to run the web installer I'm redirected to the page
16:55 jcamins Bren: swapped ports on intranet/opac? Take a look at /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/whatever
16:56 nengard does anyone know where the sample label data is? when you do an install it asks if you want to install the sample label data, but i don't see it in the EN folder in the installer
16:56 nengard chris_n?
16:56 wahanui hmmm... chris_n is release maintainer for 3.4, and merges things into 3.4.x branch
16:57 jcamins wahanui: no, chris_n is release maintainer for 3.2, 3.4, and 3.6.
16:57 wahanui ...but chris_n is release maintainer for 3.4, and merges things into 3.4.x branch...
16:57 jcamins wahanui: forget chris_n
16:57 wahanui jcamins: I forgot chris_n
16:58 jcamins chris_n is release maintainer for 3.2, 3.4, and 3.6.
16:58 nengard there are files in other language folders ? just not EN
16:59 Bren I have opac set to port 80
17:00 Bren Internet set to 8080
17:00 jcamins Bren: hm. That is very peculiar. I've never experienced that problem.
17:00 jcamins And you're certain this isn't Chrome automatically removing the :8080?
17:01 Bren Any page I visit on localhost sends me to maintenance
17:01 Bren Running firefox. If you Talking about the browser.
17:02 jcamins Bren: okay, I had a problem with Chrome "fixing" my URLs and removing the port.
17:02 jcamins Bren: I'm not sure. I've never actually tried to access a package install on localhost.
17:02 jcamins For that matter, I'm not sure that I've ever run a Koha install on localhost, period.
17:02 nengard @later tell chris_n bg and I were doing some research and couldn't find the sample labels for english installs - was there ever a file? there is one in the polish folder and the french folder but not the english one
17:02 huginn nengard: The operation succeeded.
17:06 Bren Is there a way to set maintenance mode on or off from a config file?
17:07 wizzyrea not that I'm aware of
17:07 Bren Bren googling for the last two days.
17:08 nengard @later tell chris_n neverdmind - sample_creator_data was the file :)
17:08 huginn nengard: The operation succeeded.
17:08 jcamins Bren: ooh, I bet I know what it is.
17:08 jcamins Add Listen localhost:8080 to your ports.conf.
17:08 * wizzyrea knew jcamins would come up with something
17:10 jcamins (or *:8080 if you're using *)
17:12 Bren Now it just returns unable to connect
17:13 jcamins Odd. Are you sure your VirtualHosts are configured to listen on the proper interface?
17:13 druthb left #koha
17:14 Bren NameVirtualHost *:80 and 8080 in ports.conf
17:15 jcamins *:8080?
17:15 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 7121] remove comma on items info <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7121>
17:15 jcamins Bren: I meant the actual VirtualHost definitions in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/whatever
17:15 Bren I just added it now to see what would happen
17:18 Bren <VirtualHost *:80> for opac
17:19 Bren And 8080 on Intranet
17:19 bg Bren - you wouldn't happen to be named Brendan would you?
17:19 jcamins <VirtualHost *:8080>?
17:21 Bren I just changed it to 8080 from 80
17:21 Bren Ten minutes ago.
17:22 jcamins Bren: and what's the ServerName for those two VirtualHosts?
17:22 Bren LibraryLOCALHOST
17:23 jcamins Bren: yeah, that's completely wrong. It just be localhost for the OPAC and localhost:8080 for the intranet.
17:23 jcamins It *should* just be...
17:23 jcamins There's the problem.
17:23 * jcamins never uses different ports with the packages, so he didn't think of checking that first.
17:23 jcamins The packages are generally used with subdomains.
17:24 jcamins We should perhaps file a bug about the fact that they don't handle separate ports quite right.
17:24 jcamins (by "we", I actually mean "you", as the person who experienced it;)
17:26 Bren My noobish attempt at setting this up may not be bug worthy.
17:26 jcamins The reason you were having the problem is that the ServerName on the intranet didn't match what you were requesting, and it was just defaulting to the first configured VHost it found.
17:27 jcamins Bren: other people could well run into the same problem.
17:29 wizzyrea ^^
17:29 wizzyrea you should file a bug
17:29 wizzyrea bugs?
17:29 wahanui bugs are at
17:29 wizzyrea :)
17:30 wizzyrea i'm actually kind of surprised we haven't seen that before.
17:30 talljoy is now known as talljoy-away
17:30 jcamins Me too, now that I know it's an issue.
17:30 * jcamins goes to eat some lunch.
17:31 Bren I'll try to pull together the info on it.  I'm happy to file a bug if I could just figure out what I did to cause it.
17:31 wizzyrea you probably didn't do anything
17:31 wizzyrea it probably did it for you
17:31 wizzyrea hence why it's a bug :)
17:31 Bren Thank you for your help jcamins
17:31 Bren I  really appreciate it.
17:32 wizzyrea jcamins++ for being a super-helper
17:36 bg man I love it when a simple little fix (adding four letters to a file) - fixes something that has been annoying me for two years now
17:36 bg HEH
17:36 bg so simple but just floats ones boat ;)
17:37 nengard @later tell chris_n when creating a layout what is 'alternating' as a type
17:37 huginn nengard: The operation succeeded.
17:37 bg alternating is
17:37 bg when you have 1st label be barcode 2nd label be biblio
17:37 bg or visa verse
17:39 * jcamins returns.
17:39 ago_away is now known as ago
17:40 chris_n nengard: what bg said :)
17:40 edveal joined #koha
17:41 bg heya chris_n
17:41 wahanui chris_n is release maintainer for 3.2, 3.4, and 3.6.
17:41 nengard chris_n and bg - but those labels have to be on the same type of label (spine or address type size) right? cause we can't handle two different label sizes on one sheet yet
17:41 bg yes you can have two different labels on a sheet
17:41 chris_n right
17:42 chris_n heya bg
17:42 chris_n didn't recognize your abbreviated nick there for a moment :)
17:42 bg it takes a little bit of time to get it working right - and I usually pull my hair out
17:42 bg but it does work
17:43 bg no worries chris_n - I do miss having brendan - but with the change to oftc - I went simple ;)
17:44 chris_n oleonard: I had to do some circ rules editing the other day and thought that would be one area which would benefit from the use of datatables and in-line editing
17:44 nengard bg, i'd like you to do a tutorial video on that!!
17:44 cait joined #koha
17:44 oleonard chris_n: Biblibre was working on a patch for that so I haven't touched it. Don't know if we'll ever see the result
17:45 nengard is now known as nengard_lunch
17:45 cait hi again #koha
17:45 chris_n I've done a bunch of work with both in an in-house app; its heavy on js, but very smooth
17:45 chris_n heya cait
17:46 cait hi chris_n :)
17:46 jcamins chris_n: is datatables a jQuery thing that allows inline editing?
17:46 chris_n jcamins: datatables + jeditable
17:46 chris_n the datatables website has some very slick demos
17:46 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 2847] Use HTML escape in templates where appropriate <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2847>
17:47 * jcamins is looking at one of the demos.
17:47 jcamins Wowie!
17:47 jcamins (it requires more than just a simple "Wow!")
17:47 chris_n hehe
17:48 chris_n the staff interface could probably benefit speed wise from a little ajax, if nothing else
17:48 chris_n perception is 90% of the battle, after all :)
17:49 jcamins chris_n: how compatible is it with multiple browsers?
17:49 chris_n I've not done much testing
17:49 chris_n I work mostly in FF and have the luxury of requiring it for use with in-house apps here ;-)
17:50 jcamins Lucky you. :)
17:50 chris_n ie-- # just because
17:50 jcamins ie--
17:51 chris_n back to configuring up my aws instance of koha
17:51 cait ie--
17:51 * jcamins thinks that it might be nice to have an interface like that for the cataloging module.
17:51 chris_n yes, very nice
17:52 chris_n lots of very nice possibilities with that tool
17:52 chris_n you can write plugins for it as wel
17:52 chris_n l
17:52 chris_n and use callbacks to munge things up if you like as well
17:52 chris_n quite flexible
17:52 chris_n and then skin it as you like
17:54 jcamins oleonard: how hard do you think it would be to do a cataloging interface with datatables + jeditable?
17:54 oleonard Offhand? Hard.
17:55 oleonard is a tangled mess, and every time we touch it we break something.
17:55 jcamins oleonard: I meant a new cataloging interface.
17:55 jcamins oleonard: I know better than to touch
17:55 oleonard Oh, so how hard would it be to build a new cataloging interface?
17:55 oleonard Hmm.... Oh, hard.
17:55 wizzyrea oleonard re: 7121, there is supposed to be subtitle info on moredetail?
17:56 oleonard wizzyrea: There should be after my patch
17:56 wizzyrea right
17:56 wizzyrea ok sec
17:57 wizzyrea
17:57 * wizzyrea might be missing something
17:57 wizzyrea did you only put in the h?
17:57 wizzyrea or b and p too?
17:58 oleonard Anything that is mapped using Keywords to MARC mapping for "subtitle"
17:58 wizzyrea AH
17:58 * wizzyrea checks that
17:58 wizzyrea ty
17:59 wizzyrea yes thank you that was it
18:00 wizzyrea do those get installed by default now?
18:00 wizzyrea or do you have to add them by hand
18:00 wizzyrea every time
18:00 wizzyrea seems a fidldy thing
18:00 wizzyrea fiddly*
18:00 oleonard I think you have to do it by hand
18:00 rangi @wunder wellington nz
18:00 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 11.0�C (6:00 AM NZDT on November 12, 2011). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa (Steady).
18:00 wizzyrea oyyy
18:00 wizzyrea okies
18:00 wizzyrea ty for clearing that up :)
18:00 bg @wunder 93109
18:00 huginn bg: The current temperature in K6LCM - Westside / Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 18.0�C (9:58 AM PST on November 11, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 44%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Pressure: 29.88 in 1011.7 hPa (Steady).
18:00 wizzyrea aaand I notice that it's already been signed off, lol
18:00 * oleonard wonders if is still in business
18:00 wizzyrea i will add a note to the bug though about the mappings
18:00 jcamins oleonard: nope, it depends on Google Gears.
18:01 oleonard Ah right, I forgot about that
18:01 oleonard It was a promising project for a while there.
18:03 oleonard Perhaps they should take the web site down.
18:05 * chris_n has never known them to be open to suggestions
18:07 oleonard left #koha
18:07 cait morning rangi
18:08 oleonard joined #koha
18:08 oleonard Whoops, too many ^W's.
18:08 chris_n lol
18:08 chris_n @wunder 28334
18:09 huginn chris_n: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 11.0�C (12:55 PM EST on November 11, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 33%. Dew Point: -5.0�C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1019 hPa (Rising).
18:09 chris_n feels like NZ outside
18:13 rangi morning
18:13 jcamins cait: how did you know rangi had just gotten here? It doesn't look like he said anything earlier.
18:14 rangi I did a wunder
18:14 rangi just before bg
18:15 cait first time I see him tonight
18:15 * chris_n gets his ec2 koha up
18:15 cait so I thought I say good morning
18:15 jcamins Ah.
18:15 edveal1 joined #koha
18:17 trea is now known as trea-lunch
18:20 nengard_lunch is now known as nengard
18:20 edveal left #koha
18:20 edveal1 left #koha
18:42 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
18:44 rangi @later tell paul_p new guy from lyon starts at catalyst on tuesday
18:44 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
18:45 chris_n does the 'koha' package not setup zebra?
18:46 rangi I think they might both
18:46 rangi I only ever use koha-common tho
18:46 chris_n hmm... seems not to have on my instance
18:46 chris_n I'm missing the infamous zebradb lock files
18:49 oleonard Speaking of Catalyst, rangi did you work with Brenda Wallace?
18:49 rangi yes
18:49 * oleonard has been working with a Drupal module she wrote
18:49 rangi she sat next to me
18:49 rangi she wrote a lot
18:51 * oleonard hopes she's still responding to bug reports ;)
18:51 rangi hmm maybe
18:51 rangi she is all python now
18:51 cait chris_n: I think eythian always says not to use the koha packages
18:51 cait but not sure why
18:52 rangi working for the man
18:52 cait only koha-commons
18:52 rangi at weta
18:52 * chris_n is figuring out the hard way :-P
18:52 rangi ok time to go do something
18:52 rangi good weekends all
18:52 cait have a nice weekend
18:53 collum left #koha
18:57 edveal joined #koha
19:16 bg @wunder 93109
19:16 huginn bg: The current temperature in K6LCM - Westside / Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 17.2�C (11:14 AM PST on November 11, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 60%. Dew Point: 9.0�C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010.0 hPa (Falling).
19:17 talljoy-away is now known as talljoy
19:19 trea-lunch is now known as trea
19:25 * oleonard wonders why "the man" is or is at weta
19:35 tcohen left #koha
19:44 jwagner left #koha
19:46 JesseM left #koha
19:49 JesseM joined #koha
19:52 oleonard What would be a good way to check whether a change to a script has increased its execution time?
19:57 JesseM @wunder 06614
19:57 huginn JesseM: The current temperature in Brewer Stratford Marina, Stratford, Connecticut is 8.6�C (2:55 PM EST on November 11, 2011). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 36%. Dew Point: -6.0�C. Windchill: 5.0�C. Pressure: 29.67 in 1004.6 hPa (Rising).
19:57 nengard @wunder 19030
19:57 huginn nengard: The current temperature in APRSWXNET Levittown PA US, Levittown, Pennsylvania is 7.8�C (2:25 PM EST on November 11, 2011). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 51%. Dew Point: -2.0�C. Windchill: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.72 in 1006.3 hPa.
20:00 nengard is now known as nengard_afk
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20:09 nengard_afk is now known as nengard
20:22 cait left #koha
20:27 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 7198] overdue report does not display patron name if firstname and/or surname are null <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7198>
20:29 * oleonard wonders what new project has gmcharlt back in business
20:59 oleonard left #koha
21:03 nengard left #koha
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22:33 eythian chris_n: the 'koha' package is incomplete, it will eventually (hopefully) give you a koha set up from the get-go, but not yet, and I haven't had time to really dig into it.
22:33 eythian at the moment it gives you one that doesn't really have things like zebra hooked up.
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