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00:01 Judit morning
00:02 eythian no it isn't
00:02 Judit it is
00:02 eythian it's afternoon
00:02 Judit morning
00:03 eythian you're just being contrary now. That's what happens when you live in the past.
00:03 Judit :)
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00:04 Judit1 i prefer the past over the future: it is nice and worm here
00:05 Judit1 i bet it is raining over there
00:05 Judit1 warm
00:05 eythian actually, it's sunny.
00:05 eythian Which is a change really.
00:05 ibeardslee only just
00:05 eythian it is out my window, anyway
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00:42 jcamins eythian: I realized the backup script could use the Koha MySQL user if the user had replication slave privileges. What are your thoughts on giving the Koha user replication slave privileges?
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01:27 phlunk3 hey guys, I am trying to transfer a database from another koha installation to my current install (to use the new data instead) and have ended up with the issue that koha can't connect to my newly created database, I guess I don't know what db name it is trying to access, can someone point me to the config file which holds the database settings for koha 3.4.2?
01:29 eythian phlunk3: it's in the koha-conf.xml
01:29 phlunk3 tx
01:29 eythian jcamins: I'm not totally sure what the effects of that would be, but it sounds like a good approach on the surface. Bonus points if it can query its permissions first, and maybe give a warning of the correct ones don't exist.
01:31 phlunk3 I've given the user which my library is using full access to the database required, except for grant. any reason why it would still be returning a failure to connect message?
01:32 jcamins eythian: I'm not entirely sure what the ramifications of adding the replication slave privilege would be, either.
01:33 jcamins eythian: but that's how I'm dealing with my remote databases, and I realized there was no reason that it had to be a separate user.
01:33 eythian phlunk3: incorrect password? typo in the database name? not granted access to connect from localhost? could be many things.
01:34 phlunk3 yeah I meant besides connection issues, as that all seems fine. Shall try dropping db and recreating, maybe there is something wacky server side.
01:36 ibeardslee check the ownership of the database
01:37 ibeardslee the 'old' install could have a different owner than the 'new' one is expected to be
01:39 phlunk3 owner? I have just done this but it doesn't seem to be enough: grant all on koha_library.* to koha_user@'localhost';
01:39 ibeardslee postgres?
01:39 phlunk3 using mysql
01:40 ibeardslee oh
01:42 phlunk3 was my bad, password issue.
01:43 phlunk3 so anyway, I have imported a db from an older version into my new version, can I simply run the koha-upgrade-to-3.4 script and it will handle the database stuff? or is there something more I need to do?
01:44 phlunk3 more or less just running a test case to find the quickest way for me to upgrade a lot of different koha installs to the same version and at the same time move them to a uniform vm
01:46 eythian phlunk3: run koha-upgrade-schema first
01:46 eythian and then koha-upgrade-to-3.4
01:46 phlunk3 thanks
01:46 eythian in hindsight, I should have made upgrade-to-3.4 check the schema first.
01:47 eythian (koha-upgrade-schema requires the instance name, koha-upgrade-to-3.4 doesn't)
01:52 jcamins eythian: is there any way to install two versions of the Koha package, so you can gradually upgrade instances?
01:53 eythian jcamins: no, that would be very difficult :)
01:54 eythian I tend to move the data to a test server and upgrade it there to make sure everything is going to be OK
01:56 jcamins eythian: okay, that's what I figured.
02:11 phlunk3 thanks eyth that worked a treat, seems the only thing not working now is the search, is there a wildcard which we can use in the search fields of koha?
02:12 eythian I usually use 'a', because almost all records have it somewhere.
02:13 phlunk3 okay then I've got the error with zebra not being indexed properly I guess, zebra is also used in the frontend search right? for users and not for librarians I mean.
02:13 eythian it's used for everything that's not a simple field lookup, yeah.
02:13 eythian are your zebra processes running? easy test: sudo /etc/init.d/koha-common restart
02:13 eythian that'll make sure they are.
02:15 phlunk3 good point, I recall that being an issue for me once before, shall check.
02:18 phlunk3 hmmz this seems very wrong, but if you could look and confirm that it'd be great lol.
02:18 pastebot "Phlunk3" at pasted "ps ax|grep zebra" (5 lines) at
02:19 eythian you don't appear to have a zebra server running
02:19 phlunk3 will try find the command to restart the thing
02:20 eythian there is a rebuild going on, and the daemon command thinks it's restarted zebra, but it's not actually running.
02:20 eythian I don't know why that would be.
02:20 phlunk3 yeah, the first two entries disappeared now, not sure why they were running tbh as I didn't manually call them
02:21 eythian they run automatically
02:21 phlunk3 ahh okay :)
02:21 phlunk3 do you know the command I need to restart the zebra process?
02:21 eythian sudo /etc/init.d/koha-common start
02:24 pastebot "Phlunk3" at pasted "after start" (2 lines) at
02:25 phlunk3 seems like thats not starting, should it be logging the error to start anywhere?
02:25 eythian /var/log/koha/mylibrary/zebra-error.log possibly
02:26 eythian does it say anything when you start it?
02:26 phlunk3 no but it is logging it, moment will paste last few lines
02:26 eythian Like, 'Starting Zebra server for mylibrary'?
02:27 pastebot "Phlunk3" at pasted "20110920 14:24:47 mylibrary-ko" (9 lines) at
02:27 phlunk3 sorry brb got a phone call
02:29 eythian phlunk3: run this: sudo -u mylibrary-koha zebrasrv -v all -f /etc/koha/sites/mylibrary/koha-conf.xml
02:29 eythian that should manually start it, and give you a pile of debug output. A working version looks like:
02:29 pastebot "eythian" at pasted "Good zebra output" (47 lines) at
02:30 pastebot "Phlunk3" at pasted "sudo -u mylibrary-koha zebrasrv -v all -f /etc/koha/sites/mylibrary/koha-conf.xml" (33 lines) at
02:30 eythian ohh
02:31 eythian are you on ubuntu?
02:31 phlunk3 yes
02:31 eythian bother, I thought that bug had been fixed.
02:31 eythian hang on a moment...
02:31 phlunk3 shall I just touch the missing file?
02:32 eythian you'll have to mkdir /var/lock/koha and /var/run/koha
02:32 phlunk3 tx will try it
02:32 eythian Bug 4873 has a patch
02:32 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4873 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, robin, NEW , Debian packaging should avoid /var/run and /var/lock in the package
02:33 phlunk3 probably I need to update this vm, just wanted to use an existing one for the test.
02:34 eythian hmm, that bug should be fixed
02:34 eythian do you have an old version of koha-common on there?
02:34 phlunk3 probably is mate, Im not running the latest version on here.
02:34 phlunk3 Im still on 3.4.2 on this test
02:35 eythian yeah, it went in for 3.4.3
02:35 eythian or just after
02:35 * eythian makes a note that bugs will only be diagnosed if you're on the latest version
02:36 phlunk3 we're doing this test migration install cause of the number of upgrades needed, we upgraded to 3.4.2 a day before the 3.4.3 arrived :P so we decided to wait with upgrades till we were sure we could upgrade all servers in the same way, hence the base vm setup.
02:37 eythian ah right
02:37 eythian well, keep in mind that many things are being updated through the 3.4 cycle, and that updates between them should be smooth.
02:37 eythian Especially package related things, as they get more use, more things get polished.
02:39 phlunk3 yeah have been told things are a lot easier than in the past :) we figured it'd be easier if we just set all our installs to ubuntu so we didn't have diff bugs per installation. things have been a bit splintered here (our installs not koha) until now.
02:40 eythian yeah, the packages should work on Ubuntu just fine. The only missing bit was that patch which caused zebra to fail. I really ought to put the dependencies that Ubuntu lacks into the repo too to make it easier still.
02:40 eythian One day...
02:43 phlunk3 will apply this patch n then just restart the koha-common right? or does the whole system need to reboot?
02:43 eythian nah, just restart koha-common
02:47 phlunk3 cool, zebra runs :) will try rebuilding the index then I presume it should work, fingers crossed
02:50 eythian you probably won't need to rebuild
02:50 eythian but it can't hurt
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02:56 phlunk3 didn't work even after the rebuild, so no idea lol
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02:57 eythian check to see if the processes are still running
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02:58 eythian also, if you run it at the command line again, it may tell you what's wrong, again.
03:00 phlunk3 14:59:05-20/09 d00682b6 [fatal] Zebra server already running [Resource temporarily unavailable]
03:00 phlunk3 so yeah, its running lol
03:01 eythian then kill (sudo /etc/init.d/koha-common stop) it and run it from the command line and see what happens when you search for things.
03:04 pastebot "Phlunk3" at pasted "result when search for a" (33 lines) at
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03:04 Brooke 0/
03:05 phlunk3 those two failed locks are on files which dont exist yet, do I manually need to create the entries?
03:05 eythian no
03:05 eythian 'Permission denied' is probably the important bit
03:05 eythian how have you been rebuilding zebra?
03:06 phlunk3 sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -v -f mylibrary
03:06 eythian oh. odd.
03:06 rangi wizzyrea:
03:07 Brooke stop taunting me with your forbidden BBQ
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03:07 * Brooke has been brainwashed into thinking that KC stands for Koha Community in the stead of Kansas City.
03:07 eythian phlunk3: you should check the permissions on those directories.
03:07 eythian They are apparently wrong
03:08 eythian (I'm not sure why they'd be wrong, maybe something was done as root at some stage that upset things.)
03:08 * Brooke smells a chmod in the future.
03:09 eythian rangi: that's a very small person holding that food
03:10 Brooke yeah, I don't know if I can trust BBQ coming from a less than stout woman...
03:10 rangi heh
03:10 phlunk3 thanks eyth, I fixed the permissions and all works as expected. Will do my best to ensure next time I'm bugging you I'm running the newest version ;)
03:11 phlunk3 proper bbq in nz is damn hard to come by :/ but, where on earth is petone?
03:11 eythian good good :)
03:11 eythian phlunk3: just a bit north of Wellington
03:11 rangi other side of the harbour
03:12 Brooke South of Titahi Bay
03:12 phlunk3 might be worth a visit sometime lol. I really should learn our geography better too!
03:12 eythian rangi: we should take the train out for a Friday lunch some time ;)
03:12 phlunk3 my girlfriend just moved over here but we've had no time to show her around so far, her sisters will come stay with us in January so when that happens I imagine we will do a full tour
03:13 * Brooke gasps.
03:13 Brooke manaakitanga requires bbq. Take one for the team!
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03:37 Brooke 0/
03:38 Oak o/ :)
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04:03 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 2830] Hold not removed when "trapped" item on hold shelf is checked out to a different patron in the holds queue <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2830>
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05:24 wajasu it sure was lonely on the old server for the past week.
05:24 eythian week? I thought everyone moved months ago.
05:25 wajasu i had the path in my client and haven't been around for 5+ months.  usually upgrade koha servers in the summer.
05:26 wajasu upgrading from koha to
05:26 wajasu i'm testing against my mysqldump of my production db. ran perl 5.12.1 in perlbrew environment and cpanm installed of modules, with koha installed in single mode.
05:27 wajasu waiting for to finish.
05:28 wajasu i did have 3 errors when the upgrade script ran.
05:28 wajasu i'm so happy i found you guys.  i thought you all moved to the mailing lists.
05:29 eythian The first error is nothing to worry about, I see it too. Not quite sure what's happening there.
05:30 eythian The other two are unlikely to be a problem, you may just have some dodgy dates somewhere. That said, it might pay to track it down just to be on the safe side.
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05:34 wajasu ok
05:36 Judit joined #koha
05:47 wajasu maybe the topic on the old irc can get set so that it says to come here. i saw people come and go occasionally looking for some help. makes you think the community is dead.
05:47 wajasu greart to see the jenkins, paste, etc up.
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06:24 alex_a hello
06:28 cait hi alex_a :) morning #koha
06:29 alex_a hi cait :)
06:36 wajasu looks like success upgrading from to  yeah!
06:42 wajasu so no more marcxml in biblio items. and the templates are all template toolkit. neat!
06:43 cait :)
06:43 cait koha++
06:44 wajasu now to see if diacritics are printing in spline labels.
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06:48 reiveune hello
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06:56 francharb hi all
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07:36 kf good morning #koha
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07:52 sophie_m hello kf
07:53 kf hi sophie :)
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07:59 rangi evening
08:02 kf evening rangi :)
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08:18 hdl hi
08:19 rangi hi hdl
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09:00 Judit hi
09:00 wahanui hello, Judit
09:01 Judit i cannot find a high resolution koha logo on the website, any idea where to find one
09:05 hdl there once was some vectorized version.
09:05 Judit any idea where
09:08 hdl Judit: can't find that.
09:08 Judit thanks for loooking
09:08 hdl you should ask nengard when she is there.
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10:03 kf catalyst++
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11:56 kf sekjal: around?
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12:13 kf hi Jesse
12:13 Jesse Hello kf, Morning
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12:26 oleonard Hooray for QA
12:52 jcamins qa++ # what are we celebrating QA for?
12:52 oleonard I just like seeing patches pass QA.
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12:53 oleonard Especially mine. I'm selfish that way.
12:53 hdl hi Jesse oleonard jcamins and america
12:54 jcamins Ah. Yes.
12:54 Jesse hello
12:54 jcamins Yes, hello, hdl, Jesse, and oleonard.
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13:40 oleonard sekjal and nengard:[…]79f990a08a896370c
13:41 oleonard "As part of this patch, commented out the JavaScript tablesorter, which could cause the browerer to lock up if the picklist contains more than a couple hundred items to pull."
13:41 nengard oh ?.
13:42 oleonard Table sorting was added to the holds queue report on 2008-05-27 and removed again on 2008-08-18 with the above comment.
13:42 sekjal oleonard:  ::sigh:: I was afraid of that
13:43 oleonard I have investigated in the past the possibility of triggering the tablesorter *after* page load, without success. That might be an avenue to revisit.
13:44 oleonard That is: the user's click initiates the sorting process
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13:44 sekjal oleonard:  that's more than just putting the <script> tag at the end of the page, isn't it?
13:45 oleonard Yeah, because the tablesorter automatically process the contents of the table upon page load, no matter where on the page the <script> block is.
13:45 sekjal right
13:45 sekjal what about a system preference?  TableSortLessThan?
13:45 sekjal only adds the table sorter if a table has fewer than X entries
13:46 oleonard Perhaps in conjunction with server-side sorting if the table has more.
13:47 oleonard Just what everyone loves to code...handling of server-side sorting.
13:47 sekjal ugh
13:47 sekjal hmmm
13:47 sekjal perhaps I can figure out how to put this in intranetuserjs
13:47 hdl oleonard: I think that the best thing would be to use
13:48 hdl and use some ajax to get the data out
13:48 oleonard That's just a different sorting tool. Do we know whether it is more efficient?
13:48 hdl and only the data required.
13:48 hdl well. It is much more flexible and you can use an ajax call back
13:48 hdl we used that with succes.
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13:50 oleonard I was just testing Bug 6836 in fact
13:50 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6836 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, julian.maurice, ASSIGNED , jQuery plugin Datatables integration
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14:04 magnuse hello koha
14:04 wizzyrea morning magnus_away
14:04 wizzyrea well that did not work as intended.
14:04 wizzyrea well, afternoon I guess.
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14:31 Barrc Anyone up on, specifically GetRecordValue?
14:31 Barrc fucntion within.
14:32 jcamins Barrc: what are you trying to figure out?
14:33 Barrc jcamins: I am trying to find why a subtitle isn't displaying in Staff Client.
14:33 jcamins Barrc: on which screen?
14:33 Barrc (results)
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14:34 jcamins Hm.
14:34 Barrc If I Dumper the values to the screen I can see the subtile in the MARC data
14:34 jcamins Sounds like the mapping isn't set up correctly.
14:34 Barrc I think so, just trying to make sure.....
14:34 libsysguy sekjal around?
14:35 sekjal morning, libsysguy
14:35 libsysguy morning sekjal
14:35 libsysguy do you think it would be worth my time to write a script to run in the cron to do email notices
14:36 oleonard sekjal: Galen's comment mentions a holds queue with "more than a couple hundred items," but I've got my list up to almost 300 without ill effects. Maybe a factor of better js performance since 2008.
14:36 libsysguy so I can just run different scripts based on different time intervals
14:36 sekjal libsysguy:  what notices are you looking to run differently?
14:36 libsysguy overdues and fines
14:37 libsysguy so I can run ILL overdues/fines everyday
14:37 libsysguy and all others once a week
14:37 sekjal libsysguy:  wait, you're talking about only running overdue notices every week?
14:38 libsysguy the mail outs
14:38 sekjal print?
14:38 libsysguy oh...i think i see the confusion
14:39 libsysguy they would get the notice once a week (email) for each week they are overdue
14:39 sekjal oleonard:  good to know... more testing may be required
14:39 sekjal libsysguy: okay...
14:40 sekjal I'm not really understanding why that's more desireable than running them daily, and making use of the Triggers
14:40 libsysguy it is my understanding the triggers only allow for 3 total mail outs
14:40 sekjal ah
14:42 sekjal libsysguy:  you can run the script without the -t flag
14:42 libsysguy ahh
14:42 sekjal I believe there is also a flag to indicate which patron categories to send to, as well
14:42 wahanui okay, sekjal.
14:43 sekjal so you could have two entries on cron, one weekly without -t, and one daily but only for ILL patrons
14:44 libsysguy I wish I would have known that earlier :-\
14:44 libsysguy oh well...I know it goes :)
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16:41 Oak \o
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16:59 rhcl off to go fishin'
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17:29 maximep ran into bug 6806 again. Any chance my patch could be signed-off/applied ?
17:29 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6806 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---, colin.campbell, NEW , Encoding problem with biblio titles in
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18:25 sekjal is there any utility to being able to search the reservoir for titles or isbns?
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18:28 wizzyrea i'm honestly not sure what people use it fo
18:28 wizzyrea for
18:28 sekjal it's only used on cataloging/
18:28 sekjal which searches both Zebra, and records that have been imported
18:29 sekjal unfortunately, the search on the imported records is.... bad
18:29 wizzyrea right
18:29 wizzyrea idk why we need the cataloging search at all >.>
18:29 wizzyrea *need a separate
18:29 sekjal unlimited SQL, using multiple "like" statements "OR"ed together
18:32 sekjal the whole C4/ module could probably be scrapped
18:32 sekjal the import is only used in the two pages, and the search only on
18:32 sekjal and those are the only two subroutines
18:36 oleonard maximep: Signed off.
18:36 wahanui i guess signed off is approval
18:36 oleonard You don't need to seek approval wahanui, we love you just the way you are.
18:38 maximep oleonard: thanks!
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18:43 * oleonard could use a signoff on Bug 6766
18:43 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6766 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Template variable scope errors in holds template
18:46 wizzyrea is there something wrong with the git server?
18:46 wizzyrea my git fetch is hanging
18:47 oleonard Me too
18:59 sekjal we're looking at it now
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19:01 wizzyrea there is something very wrong with the patch for 5533
19:01 wizzyrea bug 5533
19:01 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5533 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, srdjan, ASSIGNED , marking item lost diff in two places
19:02 wizzyrea when you edit items now, there's no guarantee you're editing the *right* item.
19:02 wizzyrea
19:03 wizzyrea that is long and drawn out, but shows basically that editing items is screwed with the patch :(
19:03 sekjal wizzyrea:  will look at that in a bit...brb
19:03 wizzyrea is no biggie sekjal... imma fail it. (even though I want it)
19:12 sekjal wizzyrea:  yeah... that's wicked buggy looking behaviour
19:12 wizzyrea *nod*
19:13 wizzyrea reminds me of when we tried to nuke it using jquery
19:13 wizzyrea is probably a similar issue
19:13 sekjal yeah, that is familiar... some kind of array shift
19:13 wizzyrea ^^
19:14 sekjal should be restored, ps
19:15 sekjal oleonard:  I'll look at 6766, if you look at 6887... :)
19:17 sekjal oleonard:  okay, you don't actually have to; I've passed 6766 through QA regardless
19:18 sekjal but if anyone would give a third set of eyes to bug 6887, I'd be appreciative.  I feel odd pushing it through with just me and nengard having looked at it
19:18 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6887 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, ian.walls, ASSIGNED , Show "checked out from" column on current checkouts
19:18 wizzyrea i'll look at it
19:18 wizzyrea :)
19:18 oleonard It does need one tweak
19:18 wizzyrea sharon wants to see it anyway
19:18 cait joined #koha
19:19 cait hi #koha
19:19 sekjal hi, cait!
19:19 cait hi sekjal :)
19:19 wizzyrea hi cait
19:19 cait hi liz :)
19:20 wizzyrea ah, 6887 I approve!
19:20 wizzyrea with whatever owen wants to add
19:20 wizzyrea but I like that!
19:21 oleonard It just needs to have the tablesorter columns adjusted to accommodate the new column.
19:21 wizzyrea oo
19:22 wizzyrea can I pass it or would you rather I not?
19:22 oleonard It's a quick fix, can I send you the revised version?
19:22 wizzyrea that would rule
19:22 sekjal oleonard:  tablesorter worked ok on members/
19:22 sekjal is this for circ/
19:23 sekjal brb
19:23 oleonard I started on, looking at now
19:23 wizzyrea i really really like that, kudos to whoever came up with the idea to show that
19:23 wizzyrea I suspect the libraries will like it as well
19:25 cait wizzyrea: what will the libraries like? :)
19:26 wizzyrea adding the "checked out from" column to the circ table
19:26 cait ah
19:26 cait hm
19:27 cait this is one of the things we could hide when there is only one branch :)
19:27 wizzyrea yep
19:27 wizzyrea
19:27 wizzyrea is what it looks like
19:27 * wizzyrea really needs some fresh test data.
19:28 cait what I always wondered - do we need price in there?
19:29 wizzyrea I am sure it's a quote 123 thign
19:29 cait probably
19:29 wahanui well, probably is mate, Im not running the latest version on here.
19:29 cait oh, I know
19:29 cait we need to make it configurable!
19:29 * cait hides
19:29 jcamins @quote get 123
19:29 huginn jcamins: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
19:29 jcamins Ah, right.
19:30 cait hi jcamins :)
19:30 wizzyrea hi jcamins :)
19:31 jcamins Hello.
19:33 oleonard Price is in there for when people say, "I lost it. How much do I need to pay?"
19:35 cait hm
19:35 cait but wouldn't you be able to tell him that when marking it lost?
19:35 cait because that happens on another screen anyway?
19:35 oleonard Letting them know the price is incentive for them to try again to find it
19:36 oleonard "That audiobook cost HOW much?!"
19:36 oleonard "...I guess I'll take another look..."
19:37 cait hmm
19:38 rangi morning
19:38 oleonard Hi rangi
19:40 hankbank joined #koha
19:40 cait hi rnagi
19:40 cait rangi
19:44 NateC left #koha
19:47 aogle joined #koha
19:49 hankbank_ joined #koha
19:52 hankbank__ joined #koha
19:53 oleonard Bug 5083 is not relevant anymore, correct? Because translations are built instead of included?
19:53 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5083 normal, P5, ---, chris, NEW , Some source files lack on ca-VA tree distribution
19:54 cait let me take a look
19:55 rangi I think so
19:55 cait hm could be a problem with the po files too?
19:55 cait sometims if yo have mistakes in there it stops and doesn't finish
19:55 rangi could be
19:55 cait creating the files
19:55 hankbank left #koha
19:56 hankbank__ is now known as hankbank
19:56 rangi Srdjan has nearly finished the translation packages
19:56 cait yay! :)
19:56 rangi soon will be able to just apt-get install them
19:56 hankbank left #koha
19:58 collum left #koha
19:59 hankbank_ left #koha
20:13 Guillaume joined #koha
20:16 wizzyrea oh my:[…]tm_medium=twitter
20:16 pastebot "rangi" at pasted "Perl::Critic" (70 lines) at
20:22 pastebot "rangi" at pasted "permissions.t" (28 lines) at
20:24 cait oh
20:24 cait we pass perl critic?
20:24 cait cool
20:24 juan_sieira_ joined #koha
20:25 oleonard left #koha
20:26 juan_sieira left #koha
20:27 maximep well it doesn't pass for me
20:27 maximep going to send a little patch for it =)
20:30 rangi cait: only for a small fraction of the code but its increasing as we fix things
20:30 cait ok, still an impressive list already :)
20:39 Jesse left #koha
20:43 nengard left #koha
20:47 rangi every so often i turn it to test more and fix some
20:47 rangi something ppl can do if they get bored :)
20:48 cait if you phrase it like that it's not going to happen
20:48 cait perhaps make it an adventure on chore wars ;)
20:48 maximep well you never know, had nothing to do the last week at work
20:49 maximep fixing those small things would be better than reading facebook -_-
20:49 cait hehe
20:49 ibeardslee ^^ ++
20:50 rangi ibeardslee: might be perfect for the academy kids, if russ does want them to do some perl ;-)
20:51 ibeardslee teaching perl will depend on the projects for the 2nd week
20:51 ibeardslee if he wants perl taught, he'll need to cough up with a project
20:51 rangi yup
20:52 ibeardslee that's assuming your dashboard project happens rather than the perl you had them doing last one
20:52 rangi i was gonna do koha again, but this time more around the front end
20:52 rangi yeah
20:53 rangi i could do a couple on either
20:53 rangi but might be hard to split time effectively between them
20:53 sekjal @later tell oleonard still cannot find the root of bug 6673... seems to be in the batch creation, somewhere....
20:53 huginn sekjal: The operation succeeded.
20:53 ibeardslee yeah .. but of course numbers may make a differnce
20:54 ibeardslee and it might be in Jan again
20:54 francharb left #koha
20:58 sekjal left #koha
21:01 wizzyrea is there a way to see who deleted a hold? I know the answer is "probably not"
21:02 wizzyrea but i'm not remembering
21:02 rangi dont think so
21:02 rangi unless it does it in the logs
21:03 wizzyrea hmm
21:04 wizzyrea gr modlog. /me considers querying directly
21:07 wizzyrea no, nothing in the modlog.
21:07 wizzyrea spose it might be nice to know that
21:10 rangi yup
21:11 hankbank joined #koha
21:21 Johnindy_ joined #koha
21:29 Johnindy left #koha
21:32 Guillaume left #koha
21:46 rangi wizzyrea: got a sec?
21:46 wizzyrea about 900 of them :)
21:46 rangi :)
21:46 wizzyrea sup?
21:46 rangi 6576
21:46 rangi did you git bz apply that?
21:47 wizzyrea I did both
21:47 wizzyrea git am and git bz
21:47 rangi and with -3 on the am eh?
21:47 rangi just checking .. ill switch it to does not apply if so
21:47 wizzyrea well I will go do it again
21:47 wizzyrea just to be sure
21:47 wizzyrea :)
21:48 rangi failed qa get highlighted in my mail
21:48 rangi so just checking if it was a does not apply, or a failed qa
21:48 * wizzyrea missed the does not apply status
21:48 wizzyrea and I probably meant that
21:48 wizzyrea but let me check it one more time
21:49 wizzyrea aha there it went - I forget the -3
21:49 rangi that'd do it
21:50 wizzyrea ty i'll look at it and fix it
21:50 rangi one day when i get time
21:50 rangi HA
21:50 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Enh 6887: Add 'checked out from' column to issued items display tables <[…]2576b187adbb72292> / Fix for Bug 6842 - Branch transfer limits broken <[…]3ac3724378e12e9c5> / Fix for Bug 6766 - Template variable scope errors in holds template <http://git.koha-comm
21:50 rangi ill change git bz to allow a -3 to be passed through
21:50 wizzyrea ya that'd be handy
21:53 rangi you noticed that git bz writes the patch to /tmp eh
21:53 wizzyrea ya
21:53 rangi cool
21:53 wizzyrea that's where I got it from :)
21:54 wizzyrea the patch looks super good tho.
21:54 wizzyrea works a treat
21:54 rangi yay!
21:54 * wizzyrea backs it off to verify the old behavior
21:54 rangi was an annoying bug
21:54 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6576] changing framework while cataloging looses data <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6576>
21:55 rangi i still love
21:55 rangi[…]-the-year-equinox
21:58 wizzyrea yep, I can sign off on that.
21:58 wizzyrea works great.
21:58 wizzyrea :)
21:58 rangi yay!
21:58 cait good night #koha :)
21:58 cait and wizzyrea++
21:59 rangi night cait
21:59 trea is now known as trea-away
22:00 cait left #koha
22:03 * wizzyrea makes a note to do the -3 thing when bz won't let it in
22:03 wizzyrea hadn't seen that one before
22:03 wizzyrea with bz
22:04 wizzyrea outie, later maybe :0
22:04 wizzyrea :)
22:04 rangi yeah without the -3 it wont try a 3 way merge
22:04 rangi will just bail
22:04 rangi and often a merge works just fine with no conflicts
22:04 pastebot "maximep" at pasted "failing test" (20 lines) at
22:04 rangi not even im strict enough to force patches to apply totally clean with no hint of any merge :)
22:05 rangi maximep: hmmm
22:05 maximep do a create a new bug for the small fix of removing whitespcae in the test ?
22:05 rangi spacing is the only issue?
22:05 maximep yes
22:06 rangi naw, you can just send a patch for that, send it to and ill push it up
22:06 rangi or send it to me
22:06 rangi either is fine
22:06 wahanui i already had it that way, rangi.
22:06 rangi unless there is a catchall unittests bug? but i dont think so
22:06 * rangi looks
22:07 rangi[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5327
22:07 huginn Bug 5327: enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Unit tests required for all C4 modules
22:07 rangi lets use that for fixing any tests
22:07 maximep ok
22:32 maximep left #koha
22:40 juan_sieira joined #koha
22:41 juan_sieira_ left #koha
23:20 eythian <-- a couple of useful things for people using vim to write koha code
23:30 jcamins Heh:[…]ree_S_Calhoun.jpg
23:32 eythian that's a lot of effort :)
23:32 jcamins It sure is. Moving just one of those books takes all my strength.
23:33 f00bar in the fast add framework, why are teh author fields greyed out?
23:33 eythian f00bar: because they're tied to authority records
23:34 f00bar is now known as lastnode
23:34 lastnode oh so how can i
23:34 lastnode add to authority records? im a little confused about the concept
23:36 jcamins lastnode: you need to add them in the Authorities module.
23:36 eythian lastnode: it is possible to turn off the authority linking, if that's more useful for you.
23:36 eythian but, if you're doing proper cataloguing, it's worth doing it properly
23:37 jcamins Or change BiblioAddsAuthorities in your system preferences so that you don't require every heading to have an authority in place.
23:37 wahanui jcamins: that doesn't look right
23:37 wahanui left #koha
23:37 wahanui joined #koha
23:37 jcamins Or?
23:37 jcamins or change?
23:37 wahanui change is quite new
23:37 jcamins or change something?
23:37 wahanui jcamins: that doesn't look right
23:37 wahanui left #koha
23:37 wahanui joined #koha
23:37 lastnode so every author has to be added to the authoriites module
23:37 aogle left #koha
23:37 jcamins or change something else
23:37 wahanui jcamins: that doesn't look right
23:37 wahanui left #koha
23:37 lastnode that is so there is some uniformity?
23:37 wahanui joined #koha
23:37 jcamins lastnode: that's the idea.
23:38 * jcamins stops messing with wahanui.
23:38 lastnode under authorized values?
23:38 jcamins No, under authorities.
23:38 jcamins Go to the home page (of the staff client), and look on the right column, near the top.
23:40 lastnode ok got it. by default under fast add, only personal name is an authority value?
23:40 jcamins rangi: would it make sense to give the Koha MySQL user replication slave privileges so that the backup script could be added to Koha proper?
23:40 jcamins Or make that an option during set-up, anyway.
23:41 rangi id have to read up on the security ramifications of that
23:41 jcamins rangi: but your immediate response wasn't "what a stupid idea!," so perhaps this idea has some merit.
23:42 rangi[…]replication-slave
23:43 rangi what does having that privilege set give you?
23:43 jcamins The ability to request the binlog.
23:43 eythian it's to get binlog style backups
23:43 lastnode when i add a new authority, eythian jcamins, will going with thedefault control number koha generates cause me problems?
23:43 jcamins lastnode: no, no problems.
23:43 lastnode i just tabbed through tot tab 1, andput in the personal name
23:43 eythian I don't know. I expect not
23:43 lastnode ok
23:44 rangi hmmm at first glance i cant see anything too bad about it, you can tie it to a specific db righ
23:44 rangi t
23:44 rangi its not slave privileges system wide?
23:44 jcamins rangi: I'd have to try.
23:45 rangi cos i wouldnt like that
23:45 eythian yeah, that was my only concern
23:45 eythian but, I expect it's the case
23:45 jcamins rangi: I've been using my debian-sys-maint user, but the other day it occurred to me this might be an option.
23:47 jcamins eythian suggested checking for the privilege, and then reporting an error if it wasn't available, so that people could decide whether they wanted to give the user replication slave privilege or not.
23:48 rangi yup, id still like it if it was only on a specific db
23:48 rangi ppl do silly things ;)
23:48 rangi we should help them avoid it ;)
23:49 lastnode do PERSO_NAME authorities only store authorities we manually add, or also authorities imported from z39.50 searches?
23:50 lastnode i just added Rowling, J.K as a personal name
23:50 lastnode and though we have imported records for harry potter from searches, it doesnt show under authority search results
23:50 jcamins lastnode: you can't import authorities from Z39.50.
23:50 lastnode ok
23:50 jcamins Authorities won't show up until the rebuild_zebra job runs.
23:50 lastnode yeah i got that much
23:51 lastnode so authorities aer for our own cataloging, basically
23:51 lastnode stuff we're adding manually
23:51 jcamins You need them for records you import via Z39.50, too.
23:51 lastnode but the PERSO_NAME gets filled when we import data
23:52 jcamins I thought it wasn't supposed to let you save it unless you matched it to an existing authority.
23:52 lastnode we've added abou ta 100 books now, and this is the first authority we're ading
23:52 lastnode (because we want to use fast add)
23:53 lastnode *100 records, i realise books is a meaningless and ambiguous term
23:54 jcamins Hm, that seems like a bug.
23:54 jcamins Oh well.
23:55 lastnode :/
23:58 eythian I've never known it to not allow imports from Z39.50 for authorities, but I've never explicitly tried that either
23:58 lastnode jcamins: so id need to go go back and add authorities for all the records ive already added?
23:59 lastnode is proceeding without the authors already present in the db as authorities bad practice?
23:59 jcamins lastnode: not if it's been working ofr you.
23:59 jcamins eythian: you can't import authority *records*.
23:59 lastnode i realise this is pretty dumb to ask in a channel full of librarians, so forgive me, but what are authoriteis for exactly?

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