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00:00 Judit happy sysadmin day - dont forget to buy/make pizza to your sysadmin :)
00:02 rhcl ya think? I'm thinking it wouldn't hurt it, but maybe I'll just buy a new one.
00:06 jcamins_away rhcl: I'd say it's worth a try.
00:06 jcamins_away It depends on the type of plastic.
00:07 * jcamins_away is not feeling optimistic about this pizza.
00:07 jcamins_away It's just way too humid.
00:07 rhcl Well, I wash them (keyboards) in the dishwasher fairly often, but then they have to dry overnight. I was thinking alcohol might speed up the drying process.
00:08 jcamins_away rhcl: the last time I washed a keyboard with rubbing alcohol was probably about a decade ago, and it was a *really cheap* one.
00:10 rhcl I did learn, after about my third one, that it was better to take the time to actually take them apart and wash just the upper part, not the electronics. It took about three days to dry out if I washed
00:10 rhcl 'em whole.
00:12 rhcl off to do stuff...ltr
00:12 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
00:16 danmc I prefer to not put leaded items in my dishwasher...
00:17 danmc but perhaps yours is a ROHS one
00:19 jcamins_away Oh no! I have no cheese!
00:21 Judit :)
00:50 Brooke joined #koha
00:50 Brooke kia ora
00:50 Brooke wahanui: friday?
00:50 wahanui friday is It's Friday, Friday Gotta get down on Friday
00:51 * jcamins_away reinterprets "pizza" in the loosest possible sense of the word.
00:51 * Brooke grunts.
00:51 Brooke That sounds dangerous
00:51 Brooke I still have some venison and wild rice.
00:53 Topic for #koha is now druthb ninja
00:53 jcamins_away Venison and wild rice pizza?
00:53 jcamins_away Intriguing.
00:53 Topic for #koha is now hey I shouldn't be able to do that.
00:54 Topic for #koha is now Next General IRC Meeting 2 August 2011 at 02:00 UTC.
00:54 Brooke nah no pizza
00:54 Brooke just venison and wild rice
00:54 Brooke some dried cranberries in there, though
00:55 Brooke not that I *can't* make pizza
00:55 Brooke I just _didn't_/
00:55 jcamins_away That sounds good too, but it fails the "must be pizza" requirement for my dinner.
00:55 jcamins_away Also, I have neither venison nor wild rice.
00:56 Brooke psha, fine hunter / gatherer you are :P
00:56 * jcamins_away hunted and gathered extensively in the wilds of his refrigerator and pantry.
00:56 jcamins_away Hence the looseness of the definition.
00:56 Brooke "He's a business man from Buffalo?"
00:56 jcamins_away What?
00:57 Brooke
00:58 jcamins_away Heh.
01:01 Brooke ooooh Melissa Harris Perry
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02:01 libsysguy evening #Koha
02:02 libsysguy anybody around that can offer up some advice on the borrowers table?
02:05 rangi maybe
02:06 libsysguy we are probably just going to be doing LDAP auth at the university but i have a feed of currently enrolled students that I am going to push to the database that doesn't contain passwords
02:06 libsysguy is that going to be a problem?
02:07 rangi nope
02:07 rangi if its doing ldap auth, dont need a password in the koha db
02:07 libsysguy until it replicates i suppose it won't be there
02:07 libsysguy ok cool :)
02:11 rangi libsysguy:[…]ux-power-stalkers
02:35 libsysguy now this is my kind of music
02:36 rangi how bout[…]oys-no-sleep-till
02:36 libsysguy rangi++ for good coding music selection
03:26 libsysguy rangi do you know what the sort 1 and sort 2 fields are for when you enter a new patron
03:27 jcamins_away Hypothetically speaking, could a valid MARCXML document have attributes on the subfield tag from a different namespace?
03:28 jcamins_away libsysguy: they're for your own use for reporting.
03:28 rangi libsysguy: yeah, you can leave them blank safely
03:28 libsysguy jcamins_away: do you know where they are in the database
03:28 rangi borrowers table
03:28 libsysguy i was looking for a field to put whether a student is a freshman, sophomore etc
03:29 libsysguy any ideas?
03:29 wahanui any ideas are welcome :)
03:29 rangi yep, you could use it for that
03:29 rangi or you could use extended attributes
03:29 libsysguy ok i might do the extended attributes
03:30 jcamins_away rangi: any idea if I could add a koha:visibility attribute to MARCXML?
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03:31 libsysguy are the extended attributes in borrowers?
03:31 libsysguy oops
03:31 jcamins_away Actually, that's how we handle items already, isn't it?
03:31 libsysguy i see it in the other table
03:31 jcamins_away libsysguy: no, they're in the extended attributes table.
03:31 rangi yup i think so jcamins_away
03:32 rangi libsysguy: you have seen the borrower import tool in koha eh?
03:32 rangi that can import a csv file, and do extended attributes etc
03:32 jcamins_away rangi: thanks.
03:33 libsysguy no i haven't
03:33 rangi ahhh
03:33 rangi look under tools
03:33 rangi in the staff interface
03:33 libsysguy but im going to be upset if it does the same thing as the script i just wrote lol
03:33 rangi i suspect it does ;)
03:33 * libsysguy cries a little on the inside
03:34 rangi sorry i didnt tell ya earlier
03:34 libsysguy its cool...writing a script is a learning process anyway
03:35 rangi *nod*
03:35 rangi[…]down-by-filetype/
03:35 libsysguy well i can safely safely say that Koha's was far more complex than mine :p
03:35 rangi heh yeah it has to cater to everything
03:35 libsysguy exactly
03:52 libsysguy rangi in the bulk patron import tool i see there is a patron attribute field
03:53 libsysguy if i have a patron attribute defined
03:53 libsysguy what would i put there?
03:53 eythian rangi has gone to prepare for friday drinking
03:54 libsysguy omg there is an entire day dedicated to drinking
03:54 libsysguy *jealous eyes*
03:54 eythian yes?
03:54 eythian don't you do that?
03:54 libsysguy negative good sir
03:54 libsysguy but thanks for making me want to move to NZ
03:54 libsysguy lol
03:55 libsysguy you wouldn't happen to know the answer to my question would you?
03:55 eythian wow. You must miss out on a lot.
03:55 eythian unfortunately now
03:55 eythian *no
03:55 libsysguy its ok...i don't think i can finish this tonight anyway
03:56 eythian it is Friday after all
03:56 libsysguy and i had my days of
03:56 libsysguy i still have an hour till its friday
03:56 libsysguy :'(*
03:56 eythian Man. The past sure does suck.
03:57 libsysguy yeah it does...
03:57 libsysguy oh off to bed to welcome friday in with shut eyes
03:57 libsysguy thanks eythian
03:57 libsysguy :)
03:57 eythian cya
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05:06 cait morning all
05:16 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 4222] Nonpublic note not appearing in the staff client <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4222>
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06:33 bg bye peeps
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06:34 bg welcome back peeps
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06:55 julian hello!
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07:13 kf hi #koha
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07:48 lds paulp_: bonjour
07:48 wahanui hola, lds
08:09 paul_p BibLibre mail server hacked...
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08:12 kf ouch :(
08:18 paul_p shut down by the provider. mailing lists down
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08:25 kf double ouch
08:33 kf paul_p: and that on a friday - hope you can solve it soon
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08:34 paul_p well, the server is OK. We could request the provider to reboot it normally. But he could detect a hacking again. Except it seems that this provider sometimes shutdown for security reason, without a valid reason (some complains found on the forums...)
08:35 paul_p security++, but reboot without warning--
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08:43 Brooke kia ora
08:45 Brooke anyone on that's cool enough to IP ban a wiki bot?
08:52 kf not sure
08:54 kf Brooke: there is lots of spam on the wiki - but normally someone blocks very fast
08:54 Brooke I reverted what I could
08:54 Brooke but it'd be cool to drop the ban hammer on em
08:56 Brooke I'm positive that nengard, paul, magnus, gmcharlt can all do so. (hint, hint.)
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09:29 paul_p seems the server has really been hacked...
09:29 Brooke git 'em Paul! :)
09:31 Brooke *knocks on wood* at least the bot programmers were lazy and didn't foresee a revert war
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09:47 paul_p OK, solution for restarting the server found.Should be back in less than 2 hours...
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10:00 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6066] itemtype when ordering and item-level_itype=no <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6066>
10:03 kf paul_p: bub 6066 has already been pushed, I will reset the status and have added a comment. I was testing to close the bug when I found a problem.
10:05 paul_p kf, oups, sorry
10:05 paul_p shouldn't we let "patch pushed" so ? (even if there's a problem)
10:05 kf I think leavint it open is best, without a status for patch send
10:06 kf paul_p: no reason to be sorry :) Easy to miss, I just didn't want you to worry about the patch
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10:46 druthb good morning, #koha. :)
10:56 rangi i may be drunk, but i can still ban wiki spammers
10:56 druthb rangi++
11:07 kf lol
11:07 * kf will be sore tomorrow - gymnastics
11:07 kf gymnastics_at_work++
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12:05 druthb hi, oleonard!  :D
12:05 oleonard Hi
12:10 Agent_Dani Hi
12:10 wahanui niihau, Agent_Dani
12:10 druthb hi, Agent_Dani!
12:11 Agent_Dani :D Slogging through work. Dealing with low-priority stuff as I can't do anything with my high-priority project right now.
12:12 kf hi Agent_Dani
12:24 oleonard it drives me crazy that Koha scripts don't gracefully handle errors when parameters are missing.
12:24 oleonard If I load without passing a biblionumber I don't think I should get an ugly error page
12:24 oleonard A pretty one, maybe...
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13:15 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6635] Can't page through results in label batch <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6635>
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13:28 libsysguy can somebody give me a hand with the bulk patron import script
13:28 libsysguy i have an extended attribute that i want to import
13:28 libsysguy and im not sure how to format it in the csv file
13:31 oleonard The instructions do sound tricky.
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13:38 libsysguy oleonard: where are the instructions...did i miss them on the wiki or are you referring to the instructions on the side of the page
13:38 oleonard The ones on the page
13:40 libsysguy oh yeah...a bit
13:42 wizzyrea friday morning stumper:
13:42 libsysguy YAYYYY
13:42 wizzyrea a report that shows how many patrons place holds
13:42 libsysguy hey oleonard i think ifigured it out
13:43 wizzyrea something like - count each unique patron number in reserves and old_reserves
13:49 oleonard You could do it with a subquery I suppose wizzyrea
13:49 oleonard select * from borrowers where borrowernumber in (select distinct borrowernumber from reserves) ?
13:50 wizzyrea that lists them out and gets the same as select count(distinct borrowernumber) from reserves;
13:50 wizzyrea same number
13:50 wizzyrea so yay~!
13:51 * oleonard always feels that using a subquery is "cheating," but isn't sure why
14:03 oleonard List traffic... that's a good sign.
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14:09 wizzyrea druthb, hi thar
14:10 druthb wizzyrea, hi thar
14:11 kf sekjal: around?
14:11 wizzyrea how's it goin?
14:11 libsysguy druthb your perl scripting skills are far superior to my own
14:11 sekjal kf:  here, but in a meeting at the moment
14:11 kf ah
14:11 kf checksum, 3m self check
14:11 kf we have problems with titles with umlauts and wonder if that could be the reason
14:12 kf and I think I remember you talking about checksums
14:12 druthb i-am-but-an-egg, libsysguy, but thank you.  I've been at it a while, and I've learned a few useful tricks.
14:12 wizzyrea 3m self check?
14:12 kf yep
14:12 wizzyrea using SIP?
14:12 kf yep
14:12 wizzyrea yea, special characters + 3m + sip = sad panda
14:12 kf only supposed to check out
14:12 kf ohoh
14:12 wizzyrea it'll kick it offline, in my experience
14:13 kf how do we make the sad panda happier?
14:13 libsysguy yeah i think it'll take time for me to learn
14:13 wizzyrea well
14:13 wizzyrea that, my dear friend
14:13 wizzyrea is something that we have been trying to figure out for a couple of years :/
14:14 druthb libsysguy: it does take time, and it takes doing it a lot.  One thing I've learned a lot from is Perl Best Practices.  There is no one right way to do all this--that's one of the features of perl, is that you can do darn near anything six ways--but PBP advocates for, and presents, one way to do things that makes for easy to read, easy to maintain code that you can recycle and use over and over.
14:15 kf wizzyrea: ouch
14:15 kf we had no problems with our other vendor
14:15 kf and they have hebrew titles
14:15 kf migrated hebrew in 245$a titles
14:15 kf and it all shows up perfectly
14:16 wizzyrea other vendor for self check?
14:16 libsysguy druthb any tips on doing a split and only taking the first trying to split an email on the @ and only grab the name so would return elliott with split('@','')[0]
14:16 kf yeah
14:16 kf other library uses german vendor
14:16 wizzyrea that is VERY interesting
14:16 wizzyrea so maybe the problem isn't SIP, it's 3M
14:16 wizzyrea uh, i realize how ironic that sounds.
14:16 wizzyrea specifically, the problem isn't koha
14:17 druthb my ($result,undef) = split(/\@/,$incoming_variable,2);
14:17 kf not sure if they had to do a lot of stuff
14:17 druthb you could use ,1 and leave off the undef, but this is explicit--I want the first thing, and deliberately toss the rest.
14:18 kf we send test cases for them to work and they tested a lot and so far except for the known problems with holds we had no bigger problems
14:18 libsysguy hmm is there anyway to do it without assigning it to a var
14:18 kf especially not with diacritics
14:18 libsysguy here is what i actually have     push(@patron,split('@',$row[3])[0]); #split email to get userid
14:18 wizzyrea welllll
14:18 kf I think they probably made it work with unicode
14:19 wizzyrea yes, that
14:19 wizzyrea actually that's a very very good point
14:19 jcamins_away libsysguy: I think you're better off using a variable, so that you can figure out what it means.
14:19 wizzyrea and an excellent stick to beat 3M with
14:19 wizzyrea "the germans can do it, why can't you"
14:19 kf lol
14:19 druthb split returns an array, and you're wanting to push a scalar, so you have to grab a specific could do what you're trying, but better to take a line, so you can read it later.
14:19 * libsysguy is a lazy java programmer
14:19 kf and I will get beaten up for it in the end? ;)
14:19 wizzyrea nope
14:19 druthb hi, jcamins_away! :)
14:19 libsysguy ok i can do that
14:19 wizzyrea you will be hailed as the mighty savior of pokémon
14:20 wizzyrea at least in our self check library
14:20 kf paul_p: still around? aren't you working with 3m too in some of your libraries?
14:20 kf oh my
14:20 kf pokemon :)
14:20 jcamins_away Hi, druthb!
14:20 * druthb hugs her second-favorite New Yorker, and sends one with him to pass along to her favorite.
14:20 druthb ;-)
14:21 kf wizzyrea: and you found no work around for pokemon?
14:21 * jcamins_away passes along the hug, and returns with a hug for Ruth.
14:21 wizzyrea not yet
14:21 wizzyrea though I admit I haven't looked at it in months, the library just deals with it
14:21 kf I wonder how they work in france
14:21 druthb :D
14:22 kf hdl told me they had 3M self checks and it worked 'like a charm'
14:23 wizzyrea that is also interesting. I wonder what they did to fix it, because special characters make our 3M machines puke.
14:23 * kf nods
14:30 paul_p kf, yes around (and just discovered one of our recent customer has all his table in myISAM, so witjout contraints...) sh..t friday !
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14:33 paul_p kf, about 3M, I can't help i'm afraid, only hdl could.
14:39 * oleonard finds notes in his notebook about NPL's upgrade to Koha 2.2
14:40 oleonard I guess it's taken me a while to fill this one up.
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14:48 kf hi paul_p: we solve dit :)
14:48 * kf grins
14:48 kf wizzyrea: want a patch?
14:49 sekjal kf:  meeting done
14:50 sekjal kf:  are we talking critics in titles over SIP connections?
14:50 kf yes
14:50 kf we got it working now
14:50 sekjal how?
14:50 kf solution was on the web
14:51 kf we changed the checksum calculation, he told me something about not counting letters but bits?
14:51 sekjal oh!
14:51 kf our customer was able to checkout the books now on the self check
14:51 sekjal that's much more elegant than the hack I wrote
14:51 kf he says the slips are not printing correctly, but the checking out process works now
14:51 kf this might be your hack
14:51 sekjal I scrubbed the diacritic marks
14:51 kf I am posting the patch we created to pastebin, give me a sec
14:52 kf not a solution for germany
14:52 kf really
14:52 sekjal right
14:52 pastebot "kf" at pasted "From 9176fd464eae3782fe96b53bc" (33 lines) at
14:52 kf not sure this is the perfect solution- but it solves our problem
14:53 kf other problems may arise
14:54 sekjal I think I could wrangle some volunteers to test it
14:57 kf we don#t do returns on this self check - so not sure there is needed something at other places in the code
14:58 kf coworker said he copied the solution from a source in the internet
14:58 sekjal I think it should work all around... but I could be mistaken
15:00 paul_p OK, mail server is back !
15:01 paul_p probably a backdoor in drupal or mantis (that are also on this server) let the hacker upload enlightement rootkit. We will upgrade ASAP & check the server everytime...
15:02 oleonard drupal-- # for making upgrades difficult.
15:04 sekjal brb
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15:32 libsysguy can i use the import_borrowers script via command line
15:33 libsysguy because it looks like it pulls the csv file out of the http header
15:33 kf hm I think there is a patch for 3.6
15:33 kf to do that, not sure about the version
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15:33 libsysguy hmm
15:33 libsysguy so for now its online only?
15:39 kf afaik
15:53 kf ok, time to leave
15:53 kf have a nice weekend all!
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16:43 nengard can someone remind me where the publication year for marc21 goes? for unimarc it's biblioitems.publicationyear
16:43 nengard i think
16:43 nengard found it biblio.copyrightdate
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17:49 bg rhcl here you go
17:49 bg rhcl_away: here you go
17:49 bg @wunder 93109
17:49 huginn` bg: The current temperature in K6LCM - Westside / Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 16.8�C (10:48 AM PDT on July 29, 2011). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 95%. Dew Point: 16.0�C. Pressure: 29.96 in 1014.4 hPa (Rising).
17:50 bg see it's cold :)
17:51 nengard @wunder 19030
17:51 huginn` nengard: The current temperature in Maple Point, Langhorne, Pennsylvania is 30.0�C (1:50 PM EDT on July 29, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 74%. Dew Point: 25.0�C. Pressure: 29.87 in 1011.4 hPa (Falling). Heat advisory in effect until 10 PM EDT this evening...
17:51 nengard HA!
17:52 nengard I want to move to 93109
17:52 wizzyrea @wunder lawrence ks
17:52 huginn` wizzyrea: The current temperature in Channel 6 Downtown, Lawrence, Kansas is 30.6�C (12:51 PM CDT on July 29, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 22.0�C. Pressure: 29.96 in 1014.4 hPa (Steady). Excessive heat watch in effect from Sunday afternoon through Wednesday evening...
17:52 jcamins_away @wunder 11375
17:52 huginn` jcamins_away: The current temperature in Middle Village, Queens, New York is 27.8�C (1:50 PM EDT on July 29, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 75%. Dew Point: 23.0�C. Pressure: 29.88 in 1011.7 hPa (Falling).
17:52 jcamins_away Yay! No warnings or watches!
17:53 nengard heh
17:53 libsysguy @wunder 75799
17:53 huginn` libsysguy: The current temperature in South Central Tyler, TYLER, Texas is 33.8�C (12:52 PM CDT on July 29, 2011). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 50%. Dew Point: 22.0�C. Pressure: 30.05 in 1017.5 hPa (Steady).
17:53 nengard that's funny
17:53 nengard it's hotter in TX but there is no warning there :0
17:53 jcamins_away Heh. It's much hotter in Tyler than anywhere else, and there's no warning.
17:53 nengard jinx
17:54 libsysguy exactly...tyler is the hottest place in the US i swear
17:54 nengard tyler was plenty nice when i was there
17:55 libsysguy you were in the in the winter
17:55 libsysguy lol
18:06 oleonard @wunder 45701
18:06 huginn` oleonard: The current temperature in Athens, Ohio is 33.0�C (1:55 PM EDT on July 29, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 49%. Dew Point: 21.0�C. Pressure: 30.02 in 1016 hPa (Falling). Heat advisory in effect until 8 PM EDT this evening...
18:07 oleonard You've only got .8° on us libsysguy
18:07 oleonard @wunder 66044
18:07 huginn` oleonard: The current temperature in Channel 6 Downtown, Lawrence, Kansas is 30.7�C (1:07 PM CDT on July 29, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 61%. Dew Point: 22.0�C. Pressure: 29.96 in 1014.4 hPa (Steady). Excessive heat watch in effect from Sunday afternoon through Wednesday evening...
18:08 oleonard wizzyrea is going to need a sweater if it gets any cooler there.
18:08 wizzyrea :)
18:08 wizzyrea it's nice today
18:08 wizzyrea cloudy, for the first time in weeks
18:08 wizzyrea but it says clear
18:08 wizzyrea that's odd
18:08 wizzyrea it doesn't look clear
18:09 * wizzyrea actually goes OUTSIDE to check
18:09 oleonard Crazy talk.
18:09 bg man you all are like twice as hot as me -- 16 vs. 30
18:10 wizzyrea ah yea, it's high thin clouds. I can see why they say clear. But that's still more clouds than we've had in weeks. :P
18:13 wizzyrea ooooo
18:13 wizzyrea the librarians want a "trending" display on the OPAC
18:13 libsysguy MUHAHA oleonard loses the heat wave by .8 degrees
18:13 wizzyrea such as
18:13 * oleonard gives libsysguy an ice cream cone as a prize
18:13 wizzyrea what items have the most checked out items
18:13 wizzyrea which items have the most holds
18:14 * libsysguy accepts oleonard's prized ice cream
18:14 * wizzyrea puts ice down libsysguy's shirt as a prize
18:14 * wizzyrea runs away laughing
18:14 oleonard don't worry wizzyrea it will melt down his shirt on its own
18:15 Agent_Dani wizzyrea: I'll take the ice here...might break the all-time record high here.
18:25 wizzyrea those of you using redhat/fedora/centOS, there's an android app "Linux Cheat Sheet"
18:25 wizzyrea that's free today
18:26 wizzyrea I don't have much interest in it, but thought maybe someone here might
18:54 Brooke joined #koha
18:55 Brooke 0/
18:58 Agent_Dani wizzyrea: Cool! I'll have to check that out.
18:59 wizzyrea cait / kf
18:59 wizzyrea about?
19:01 Brooke you prolly have to @later
19:01 Brooke cause I don't see either handle on
19:01 wizzyrea ah it's all good I can ask her monday
19:02 SirDekar joined #koha
19:02 Brooke 0/
19:02 SirDekar alguien ha instalado Koha en español?
19:03 Brooke no, lociento
19:03 Brooke ha visto
19:04 SirDekar si
19:04 druthb joined #koha
19:05 Brooke yuck, documentation is only english; spanish is a version behind and only in pdf
19:05 Brooke at least what's linked.
19:05 wizzyrea from es?
19:05 wizzyrea ah yea I see
19:06 SirDekar web installer can be installed in Spanish, right?
19:07 Brooke *should*
19:07 Brooke
19:10 SirDekar clients/users know spanish
19:10 Brooke plenty of them
19:10 SirDekar just few of them could know english
19:10 SirDekar all of them, I am from Panama, spanish speakers
19:11 * Brooke nods.
19:11 Brooke did you try and encounter a problem?
19:12 SirDekar I am investigating
19:12 Brooke *before* installation, or _after_? XD
19:16 SirDekar :D
19:17 * Brooke wishes she had been Spanish cataloguing sooner than last year...
19:17 miguelxercode left #koha
19:20 miguel left #koha
19:21 Brooke ¿tienes problemas ahorra? ¿o solo preguntas?
19:25 miguelxercode joined #koha
19:27 SirDekar it was a problem
19:28 SirDekar no I found a command to apply traslations
19:28 SirDekar "$ cd misc/translator && perl fr-FR es-ES"
19:28 SirDekar I'll see if this solve my problem
19:29 miguel joined #koha
19:31 Brooke I just feel bad that no native spanish speakers are on at the moment. There are a tonne that use Koha, so try the listserv if all else fails.
19:33 oleonard left #koha
19:39 druthb left #koha
19:52 Brooke anyone have a screen shot of the 2.0 staff welcome screen? You know, ole lime green?
19:56 SirDekar I did it Brooke, thanks
19:57 SirDekar that command I mentioned was left :P
19:57 SirDekar had to start over
19:57 Brooke outstanding :D
19:57 Brooke sorry about the trouble
19:57 rhcl_away some images on, but I didn't see a welcome screen
19:57 SirDekar don't worry it was my mistake
19:58 rhcl_away but judging from some of the results a "koha" search term pulled I'd say google is using zebra as an indexer
19:58 Brooke rhcl I think it happens because of all of the library 2.0 crap messin it up
20:00 rhcl_away uh, no, I don't think anything library related would pull against some of the images that came up.
20:00 Brooke kitty feeding time, brb
20:00 wizzyrea you mean this one brooke
20:00 wizzyrea[…]home_v2.sized.jpg
20:01 * wizzyrea reminds rhcl_away to turn 'safe search' back on
20:02 rangi[…].php?g2_itemId=12
20:02 wizzyrea ohsnap
20:02 wizzyrea lookit all of those toolbars!
20:03 wizzyrea and good morning
20:04 Brooke no and no :(
20:04 Brooke looking for the big old koru that had modules next to it
20:04 * Brooke hopes that at least this slideshow will be of use to Ian if it's not gonna be at conference.
20:05 rangi oh, the opac
20:05 wahanui well, the opac is for patrons
20:05 rangi that was only on the opac
20:05 wizzyrea[…]sH9Fg/s1600/e.png
20:05 Brooke that is the intranet, no?
20:05 wizzyrea hm yea
20:06 Brooke that is what I meant, so thanks :)
20:08 wizzyrea i remember the very first time I installed koha
20:09 wizzyrea and it looked like that
20:09 wizzyrea and then I installed openbiblio :P
20:09 wizzyrea obviously we saw the error of our ways
20:09 nengard left #koha
20:10 Brooke it was loud, but more intuitive.
20:11 wizzyrea mm I'm not sure I agree, but I respect your opinion.
20:12 Brooke RESPECT MAH AUTHORITAY?!!$ !@$ ;)
20:12 Brooke feel free to disagree
20:12 Brooke that's usually how things get better. :D
20:13 Brooke I just can't resist Cartman, where Cartman can be quoted.
20:17 Brooke so uh
20:17 Brooke who had that blogspot screenshot
20:17 Brooke so I can credit it properly?
20:19 wizzyrea uhhhhhh
20:20 wizzyrea hmm
20:20 wizzyrea[…]t-of-koha-at.html
20:20 Brooke oh sweet
20:20 Brooke Kathmandu
20:20 Brooke practically local :D
20:21 wizzyrea in 2009
20:21 wizzyrea but in 09, we were on 3.0. That's bewildering.
20:22 wizzyrea oh, nm
20:24 wizzyrea also brooke
20:24 wizzyrea[…]qCAY0/s1600/c.png
20:24 rangi ppl still install 2.2.5 now
20:24 * wizzyrea thinks they might be crazy.
20:24 * Brooke nods.
20:25 wizzyrea but, it's their right
20:25 Brooke a yep
20:29 SirDekar left #koha
20:43 jwagner left #koha
20:47 JesseM left #koha
20:48 wizzyrea mah brain is not wurking.
20:48 Brooke it's American Friday afternoon
20:48 Brooke it doesn't have to work :)
20:49 wizzyrea i don't want to count how many distinct individual biblionumbers in reserves, I want to count how many reserves per distinct biblionumber.
20:50 wizzyrea i feel that this should be easier than I'm concieving it
20:50 * Brooke nods and smiles.
20:50 wizzyrea eiving it even
20:51 rangi select count(*),biblionumber from reserves group by biblionumber;
20:51 wizzyrea ok now I feel extra dumb.
20:51 wizzyrea but thank you
20:51 wizzyrea rangi++
20:52 rangi right, time to atarau to play football, bbl
20:54 Brooke hooray
20:54 Brooke football!
20:54 Brooke ata's gonna win
20:54 Brooke I just know it!
20:54 Brooke left #koha
20:58 NateC left #koha
21:32 sekjal left #koha
21:48 hankbank joined #koha
21:54 wizzyrea oh this is a fun report
21:54 wizzyrea top 20 bibs with most items checked out
21:55 jcamins_away Is one of them Twilight?
21:56 wizzyrea yes
21:56 wizzyrea any other guesses?
21:56 jcamins_away Harry Potter?
21:56 wizzyrea two of the books are in the top 20 yes
21:56 jcamins_away Stieg Larssen?
21:56 jcamins_away Book one and book seven?
21:56 wizzyrea no, surprisingly
21:56 jcamins_away (of HP)
21:56 wizzyrea :) yep
21:57 wizzyrea no to steig larssen
21:57 jcamins_away That's what I figured.
21:57 jcamins_away Okay, I have 3 of them.
21:58 wizzyrea several of the twilight books
21:58 wizzyrea Evanovich's newest
21:58 jcamins_away George R.R. Martin?
21:58 wizzyrea another surprising no
21:58 wizzyrea however
21:58 jcamins_away Okay, I'm not sure what else.
21:58 wizzyrea I suspect if you looked at old_issues
21:58 wizzyrea it'd be up there
21:58 wizzyrea i'm not sure a lot of our libraries are buying multiple copies of martin
21:59 jcamins_away Ah.
21:59 wizzyrea more issues = (to an extent) more items purchased
21:59 wizzyrea Tangled
21:59 wizzyrea the DVD
21:59 wizzyrea The hunger games trilogy
21:59 jcamins_away Oh, of course!
21:59 wizzyrea and how to train your dragon
21:59 wizzyrea ^^ is surprising
21:59 jcamins_away Don't know why I didn't think of Hunger Games.
21:59 wizzyrea to me
22:00 wizzyrea Patterson's new one is in there too
22:00 jcamins_away Hm. I guess I should've thought of that, too.
22:01 wizzyrea and with that, friends, I bid you adieu
22:01 wizzyrea :)
22:01 jcamins_away Good night.
22:06 rhcl_away left #koha
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22:27 miguelxercode joined #koha
22:30 miguel joined #koha
22:31 jati joined #koha

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