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00:18 * rangi wanders off to meet chilts for lunch
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00:28 * druthb returns, washing her hands with some strong soap to get the icky feel of the other ILS off.
00:31 druthb I'm never too big to admit when I'm wrong.  SirsiDynix Unicorn is *not* the worst user interface I've ever seen, any more.
00:31 Space_Librarian what's worse?
00:32 druthb "CyberTools for Libraries."
00:32 druthb Nasty thing.  I'd not ever seen it before.
00:32 Space_Librarian that sounds like a d-grade movie
00:33 druthb I couldn't find a place to request a patron listing report!
00:35 druthb its' developers seem to think it's the best thing since the library book, but I don't see how they made any money on it.
00:44 druthb At least the MARC data is plausible and pretty straightforward.  so far, anyway.
00:46 Space_Librarian so far... :)
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00:49 druthb the serials data may be a little messy, but the monographs are simple simon.
00:50 druthb's a goodie:  "Politeness and consideration for others is like investing pennies and getting dollars back." --Thomas Sowell
00:58 * library_systems_guy discovered that he passes out at the sight of needles today
00:59 library_systems_guy sorry for being random and off topic
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00:59 Space_Librarian library_systems_guy: shoot
01:00 Space_Librarian library_systems_guy: that's inconvenient
01:00 library_systems_guy indeed it is
01:00 library_systems_guy you end up missing a lot of programming the day you pass out
01:00 library_systems_guy apparently that is frowned upon
01:01 druthb hi, brooke.
01:01 druthb library_systems_guy: hope you're okay now!
01:01 Brooke howdy miss
01:01 * Brooke made a mean pizza.
01:01 library_systems_guy indeed
01:01 library_systems_guy thanks druthb
01:01 Brooke holy smokes
01:01 Brooke what did you pass out from?
01:01 Brooke hope it was summat pleasant
01:02 Space_Librarian Brooke: did you have a piece for me?
01:02 library_systems_guy Brooke: needles and blood
01:02 Brooke lib dude: that is NOT pleasant
01:02 Brooke a yep
01:02 Brooke it was torture of the worst sort
01:02 Brooke but I buckled down and had one for ye ;)
01:04 library_systems_guy druthb: that biblio script has been running since lunch lol
01:05 Brooke how many records?
01:05 druthb which one?  Shouldn't take that long, unless you've a bazillion recs.
01:05 library_systems_guy 450K
01:05 Brooke that would be a bazillion, no?
01:05 library_systems_guy close enough i suppose
01:05 library_systems_guy lol
01:05 druthb the builder?  Yeah, that one might run that long.
01:05 library_systems_guy yeah that one
01:05 Brooke ha, see I *do* think in a flowchart?
01:05 library_systems_guy and yeah i had to up the ram on my vm to 4 gigs to process it
01:06 druthb It's got a lot to do, splicing in the items and all.
01:06 Brooke How many records? If less than X, then it's problematic :P
01:07 library_systems_guy lol
01:07 library_systems_guy i can't tell where its at...its making me nervous
01:08 * Brooke crosses her fingers for ya.
01:08 druthb It should be running a counter...I program those.
01:09 library_systems_guy well...its running in the emacs dumb i can't really read it very well
01:09 library_systems_guy lol
01:09 Brooke go to Ocean City. Play skeeball. Come back.
01:09 druthb oh.  Then Don't Do That, the doctor said.
01:09 Brooke this is normally the super sekrit loading bar time in which druthb screws about with a certain resident of the Commonwealth.
01:10 Brooke so you've comfortably a few hours to burn, methinks ;P
01:11 druthb when I ran that script with about 130K bibs, it ran for a skosh under three hours IIRC.  So you have some time to kill.
01:13 druthb ....and yeah, this is normally when I buzz off and go meet Brooke for dinner or take a snooze or something.
01:15 Brooke (She's really paying ice cream vendors to say scandalous things.)
01:15 Brooke (Or more like just working on ANOTHER migration.)
01:17 druthb hee hee...
01:18 druthb how'd you know I've got three in the works this week, Brooke?
01:18 * Brooke has druthb's number.
01:18 druthb Two go-lives and a test.
01:20 Brooke I suspect there's some sort of rule that when I'm reading an article entitled Salbutamol improves diaphragm force generation in experimental sepsis for fun, I should prolly be doing medical indexing...
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01:24 * druthb blinks
01:28 rangi back
01:28 Brooke welcome back
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01:28 Brooke hey o bobo
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04:05 * Oak waves
04:09 druthb Hi, Oak.
04:12 Oak Hello druthb :)
04:29 druthb rangi++
04:30 * druthb staggers off to bed.
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04:30 rangi sleep well
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04:33 Brooke kia ora
04:34 Oak kia ora to thee dear Brooke !
04:34 Brooke[…]d/for-librarians/
04:34 Brooke Contributing your custom reports
04:34 Brooke should prolly point here:
04:34 Brooke[…]L_Reports_Library
04:34 Brooke but it 404s.
04:36 Brooke might want to point the documentation link at:[…]g_the_Koha_Manual
04:36 Brooke but not a very sechsy wiki page atm
04:36 Oak[…]L_Reports_Library works
04:36 Brooke yes
04:36 rangi fixed the sql reports link
04:36 Brooke but not from the first bit ;)
04:36 Brooke thanks :)
04:36 Brooke I would do it meself, but I can't mess with the webpage.
04:39 Brooke I *think* I'm gonna go to sleep
04:39 Oak sleep well Brooke
04:39 Brooke hopefull I will wake up in time
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04:40 Oak use alarm
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05:37 rao Hi, No mails from these days? Is it true?
05:37 rao Some issues?
05:38 rao Or some problem with my subscription?
05:39 rao knock...knock....
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05:57 cait morning
05:57 Oak Guten Morgen Miss cait
05:57 cait Salam Oak
05:57 Oak :)
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06:07 koha hi
06:08 koha I have a typical problem faced after upgrade to Koha 3.4 from 3.00
06:09 koha The issue is if I want to do criculation (check out or check in) there will be an error in Can't call method "subfield" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 2829.
06:10 koha but actal action happens, i tested this by refershing it again i works. I an not sure why that error is coming? Can anybody help on this.
06:10 koha Thanks in advance
06:10 cait have you run the scrpt to remove your items from the xml?
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06:11 francharb hello
06:11 cait hi francharb
06:12 koha yes I did remove item script
06:12 koha but got uninitalization warning with m//
06:13 cait HM
06:13 cait sorry, caps lock
06:14 cait so you are not sure if it worked correctly?
06:14 koha yes cait
06:14 koha but rebuild zebra worked
06:17 cait I think I would check the marcxml field to see if the 952 fields have really been removed
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06:19 koha ok how do I do that? I am a beginner to Koha
06:19 alex_away is now known as alex_a
06:19 alex_a hi there !
06:23 cait hi alex_a
06:23 cait koha: perhapy try to ask around later - I have to leave for work
06:23 Oak Bonjour Monsieur alex_a
06:23 cait or write to the mailing list
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06:28 koha hi
06:29 koha I have a typical issue let me know if any one come across following issue this observed after the upgrade to 3.4 from 3.00
06:30 koha The issue is if I want to do criculation (check out or check in) there will be an error in Can't call method "subfield" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 2829.
06:30 wahanui i already had it that way, koha.
06:30 alex_a bonjour Monsieur Oak :)
06:30 Oak heh
06:30 Oak :)
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06:36 julian hello #koha
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06:39 sophie_m hi #koha
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06:40 reiveune hello
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07:12 kf morning #koha
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08:35 Brooke hoo ra!
08:53 * Brooke is alt tabbed.
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08:59 jransom evening all
09:00 Brooke howdy miss
09:01 jransom heya
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09:03 Brooke 0/
09:13 kf hi all
09:14 jransom hey babe
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09:15 Brooke ahoy cait
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09:24 kf :)
09:27 slef I may be a few mins late. how  long to go?
09:27 kf 30 mins
09:28 kf if I did the time conversion correctly
09:28 kf morning slef
09:28 slef yeah, so I may be walking across town then
09:28 slef hi :)
09:28 slef train arriving... biab
09:29 jransom cool - hat means i did time conversion correctly this time too
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09:29 kf :)
09:29 Brooke heh good on ye
09:29 kf this time feels kind of weird
09:30 kf I think we didn't have a lot of meetings at this time
09:30 kf must be quite early for us?
09:30 kf us = US
09:30 Brooke the US can ttfu.
09:31 alex_a Does anyone know where i can find documentation about enabling SRU servers on koha ?
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09:32 jransom oh thats very early for you, very late for us
09:32 jransom NZ
09:32 kf alex_a: not sure there is documentation, I know my coworker tested it though
09:32 Brooke very early is 3 ;)
09:32 kf ouch
09:32 Brooke same here, alex
09:32 Brooke don't think you can consult unwritten documentation but lemme see
09:33 kf alex_a: seemed to work he was quite happy with it
09:33 kf alex_a: I think if you didn't activate it during install you might have to change your conf xml file?
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09:34 Brooke I've summat on test queries
09:34 Brooke[…]_with_Solr/Lucene
09:35 alex_a kf: yes, it's what i want to know about
09:36 alex_a what to change in the koha-conf.xml file
09:36 Brooke listen options to listen on a tcp port if it's the same as 3.x
09:36 alex_a i found lot of documentations about using/quering SRU but not about enabling ...
09:37 Brooke SRU servers conf through google ;)
09:39 alex_a google ? i don't know
09:39 alex_a :p
09:39 Brooke hey, it's what you have Librarians for ;)
09:40 kf alex_a: have you checked the xml file?
09:40 kf or you could do a fresh install somewhere and activate it during install - see what it does
09:40 alex_a install is done yet
09:41 alex_a i have to check xml file
09:41 alex_a kf: oh yes i just understand what you mean :)
09:41 alex_a good idea
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09:47 kf hi magnuse
09:47 kf how is vacation? :)
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09:55 magnus_mobile vacation is good, but forgot my laptop so is on mobile phone. will get it tomorrow
09:55 Brooke pullin' a Cormack
09:56 kf oh, hope it's not too hard
10:00 jransom heya magnus
10:02 magnus_mobile hiya jransom
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10:03 Brooke 0/
10:03 Brooke who's driving this bus?
10:03 magnus_mobile isn't there a meeting now?
10:03 Brooke a yep
10:04 thd Yes, Brooke is the only experienced driver.
10:04 Brooke not so cait is also experienced :P
10:04 Brooke but I'm more than happy to
10:04 Brooke cause that was a special circumstance
10:04 kf yep, please do
10:04 Brooke righto
10:04 Brooke #startmeeting
10:04 huginn Meeting started Wed Jul  6 10:04:16 2011 UTC.  The chair is Brooke. Information about MeetBot at
10:04 huginn Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
10:04 Brooke Haere Mae, Haere Mae, Welcome to the Koha Community Meeting!
10:05 Brooke #topic Introductions
10:05 Topic for #koha is now Introductions
10:05 kf #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ Germany
10:05 Brooke please state who ye be with a #info tag
10:05 jransom Joann Ransom HLT, NZ
10:05 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
10:05 jwagner #info Jane Wagner, LibLime/PTFS
10:05 rangi #info Chris Cormack, Catalyst IT, RM 3.6
10:06 jransom #info
10:06 jransom #info Joann Ransom, HLT, NZ
10:07 jransom (Connor is my son - observing how koha irc meetings work)
10:07 magnus_mobile #info Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway
10:09 Brooke speak now or forever lurk in peace.
10:10 Brooke #topic Roadmap to 3.2
10:10 Topic for #koha is now Roadmap to 3.2
10:10 Brooke no hdl
10:10 rangi thats chris_n anyway
10:10 Brooke ta
10:10 hdl #info Henri-Damien LAURENT
10:10 Brooke not movin' at this hour anyway, yes?
10:11 rangi nope
10:11 matts is now known as matts_away
10:11 Brooke anything burning to discuss about 3.2?
10:12 rangi nope
10:12 Brooke well that was simple :)
10:12 Brooke #topic Roadmap to 3.4
10:12 Topic for #koha is now Roadmap to 3.4
10:12 Brooke Chris :D
10:12 rangi thats chris_n too
10:12 Brooke nuffin to say?
10:13 rangi not my baby anymore
10:13 druthb joined #koha
10:14 Brooke 0/
10:14 Brooke anything at all on 3.4, other than stating it's been nice to see somewhat regular releases continue on? :)
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10:15 Brooke #topic Roadmap to 3.6
10:15 Topic for #koha is now Roadmap to 3.6
10:15 Brooke the original Chris.
10:16 rangi Work is progressing nicely, already a pile of stuff for 3.6.0 in master, and more to go in
10:16 Brooke #link
10:17 magnus_mobile yay!
10:17 rangi thats about all i have, nothing new to report
10:18 Brooke righto
10:18 Brooke that brings us to
10:18 Brooke #topic KohaCon2011
10:18 Topic for #koha is now KohaCon2011
10:19 Brooke no kmkale
10:19 Brooke which is rather mystifying given it's a cherry of a time for Mumbai...
10:20 jransom and he is concerned at lack of attendance at planning meetings - hence shifting it here
10:21 oleonard joined #koha
10:21 Brooke 0/
10:21 thd Maybe he needs an extra reminder about these meetings and his intention of shifting.
10:21 thd Perhaps he thought we would sort the arrangements without him if he did not appear.
10:22 jransom someone should phone him up
10:22 Brooke #help find other parties in India to assist kmkale with organising
10:22 jransom do we know what the sticky bits are:
10:22 Brooke if you've volunteered to approve a paper, please do check your queue
10:22 jransom venue = sorted
10:23 jransom dates - sorted
10:23 jransom programme: have we enough abstracts?
10:23 Brooke to me, the sticky bit is the website
10:23 mtj hi peoples
10:23 * mtj waves
10:23 jransom regsitarnts: good : (150 last count)
10:23 jransom heya mj
10:23 Brooke some of the features meant to make things run smoother are causing abstract purgatory
10:23 jransom so i think its programme really
10:23 jransom and website
10:24 jransom brooke / mj: do you know the state of the prpgramme?
10:24 Brooke we had three approved abstracts
10:24 Brooke that were then taken down...
10:24 jransom is that all so far?
10:24 thd Brooke:  all the way down to purgatory?
10:25 mtj were they accidentally deleted?
10:25 jransom how many more submitted?
10:25 Brooke I think there are about 8 in the queue, but I can't seem to see what I once saw on the site
10:25 jransom so 11 in total
10:25 BobB Hi #koha - just joining the meeting now.  Sorry I'm late.
10:25 Brooke no problem Bob
10:26 jransom maybe we need to set the programme ie what we want presented then recruit presenters?
10:26 Brooke I think we're just about fine were everything in the queue approved, but that'd be a faulty assumption, as everything in queue might not be great. However, I don't have reservations at this point about filling time slots.
10:26 BobB #info BobB
10:27 jransom who is in charge of programme?
10:27 Brooke last I checked MJ Ray
10:27 Brooke but I'm not sure that's official
10:28 jransom ok. MJ : are you willing to be a benevolent dictator to get this show on the road?
10:28 * Brooke thinks unoffical + done > official + not done.
10:28 oleonard Not mtj, slef
10:29 mtj #info mason james. kohaaloha, nz
10:29 druthb #info D Ruth Bavousett, ByWater Solutions
10:29 jransom MJRay - who is not here yet
10:29 BobB Hi mtj
10:29 oleonard #info Owen Leonard, Nelsonville Public Library
10:29 thd slef seems not to be here
10:30 mtj heya BobB  :p
10:30 jransom no - hes walking somewhere off a train
10:30 BobB I just read the discussion so far.  Kmkale is an apology.  At the KohaCon meeting he foreshadowed that he had another commitment and would not be here tonight.
10:30 Brooke I wonder if we oughtn't be redundant at this point
10:31 Brooke I am tempted to propose that authors resubmit abstracts to the wiki
10:31 thd BobB: When is the next KohaCon meeting?
10:31 Brooke 2 people sign off on each abstract
10:31 Brooke we mock a programme up from there
10:31 jransom sounds proactive
10:32 BobB There's a poll
10:32 Brooke have a look over at #link[…]ry_talk:KohaCon11
10:33 Brooke BobB there's a poll for what in particular?
10:33 jransom so we could add the submitted abstracts to that list
10:33 BobB the next KohaCon11 meeting!  :)
10:34 BobB It was announced on list before the weekend, iirc
10:34 mtj perhaps the KohaCon12 website admins could check no submissions were deleted from database backups
10:34 Brooke don't think they were deleted, think they were moved.
10:35 mtj hmm. ah ok...
10:35 jransom We really should aim to put together a strong programme if possible: do we have a small group prepared to take charge of this?
10:35 jransom and just get it done
10:35 rangi my only comment is i think kohacon11 has had about 20 more meetings than kohacon10 had ... time to start just doing
10:35 rangi and stop talking :)
10:35 jransom +1
10:36 thd :)
10:36 jransom so whose up for taking charge of the programme: MJRay plus who? Brooke? Shelley?
10:36 BobB Everyone's busy.  But there doesn't seem to be a local committee.  Just Koustabha.
10:37 jransom Bob: It really isnt that hard to pull this together now
10:37 thd BobB: I think that is the problem
10:37 rangi yeah thats the thing lacking, and maybe something we need to make sure is understood for kohacon12 proposals
10:37 rangi if you bid to host it, you better organise it too :-)
10:37 jransom time, date, place and attendees all sorted
10:37 jransom just need a programme!
10:38 jransom i agree. but having booked and paid I not willing to take a chance on it getting organised
10:38 * Brooke doesn't care if there's a proper committee, but there better be someone on the ground that is seeing to things.
10:38 thd BobB: One person maybe a little too little for local planning without delegation to others..
10:38 Brooke worse comes to worst, unconference in Vihang's Inn :D
10:38 jransom :)
10:39 Brooke I will review abstracts to the wiki that are not my own.
10:39 thd There should be no need for worse.
10:39 Brooke hopefully someone else *hint you* will sign off as well.
10:39 * slef = MJ Ray,, still in another meeting
10:39 jransom will we use the koha community wiki to advance the programme?
10:39 jransom yay:
10:39 jransom MJ's here :)
10:40 Brooke MJ any insight on the programme?
10:40 slef not yet. need more suggestions is the biggest need
10:41 Brooke I have suggested that anyone with an unreviewed abstract move it to the wiki for approval
10:41 Brooke 2 signoffs that aren't theirs, like a bug
10:41 thd I think we should propose the wiki as an alternative for where the current software in use is failing.
10:41 jransom i second that
10:42 jransom and can someone copy submitted abstracts over?
10:42 slef Erm, or report the bug. I'll read scrollback later see if we need to act
10:42 BobB I think logistics are OK at this early stage.  What's needed is:
10:42 BobB more papers (in a programme) and more sponsors.
10:42 BobB #action:  I'll put another call for sponsors on the list
10:42 slef but there's only a few papers submitted so far
10:42 thd slef: Fixing the bug maybe easier and then we have everything in one place.
10:42 Brooke the bug is that papers have been sitting in purgatory for months on end at this point.
10:43 Brooke there are at least 8 when I could last see what was submitted
10:43 jransom my post asking for ideas hasnt generated any new ideas
10:43 thd Brooke: Is that a humans in the system bug?
10:43 slef yeah I thought 7 Brooke
10:43 Brooke kmkale is waiting on full papers over abstracts which frankly is not how conferences work.
10:43 jransom OMG - is he expe ting a written paper from me?
10:43 thd Ahhh....
10:43 slef I've reviewed 2 abstracts, had nothing further from authors, I need to chase.
10:44 slef Brooke: I'm reviewing abstracts and have set ocs to work that way now (since last week)
10:45 thd jransom: kmkale may be hoping to prepare a book of conference papers as is customary for many types of conferences.
10:45 slef I need to ask kmkale if there's a nice way to contact reviewers
10:45 Brooke that is *the* last step
10:45 Brooke he's stated that he's done so twice.
10:45 jransom ok. so rocking up with a presenation the day before is not going to cut it :)
10:46 jransom (slack Kiwi's letting the side down :)
10:46 kf perhaps the written papers could be demanded once the program is set?
10:46 thd jransom: Some people who are uncertain of attendance may submit full written papers without actually attending.
10:46 kf so people know they will speak and when and how long...
10:47 jransom a set date - 2 or 3 weeks out is reasonable. would allow time for printing / burning on usb drives etc
10:47 * Brooke nods.
10:48 mtj left #koha
10:48 thd jransom: 2 or 3 weeks from when?
10:48 Brooke from conference
10:48 jransom out from conference
10:48 thd OK
10:48 Brooke which at this point is quite rapidly approaching.
10:48 thd yes it is.
10:48 slef kf++
10:48 Brooke kf that is generally how conferences work
10:49 Brooke you submit an abstract
10:49 Brooke someone goes "Hey this sucks!"
10:49 Brooke or "Hey, this is cool."
10:49 mtj joined #koha
10:49 Brooke if it's the latter, you do the full paper
10:49 slef bbl sorry
10:49 slef (back in 70)
10:49 Brooke but you build the programme on abstracts, not papers.
10:49 jransom ok. lets take that approach - kmkale might be relieved
10:50 Brooke at very least, we've a cherry of a keynote speaker.
10:50 jransom lol
10:50 jransom i cant talk for 3 days though:)
10:50 Brooke no but I can ;)
10:50 rangi ive never submitted a written paper
10:50 kf me neither
10:50 hdl oh jransom of course you can :D
10:50 druthb I have, but only once.
10:50 jransom i have twice: natinal library board of singapore and VALA
10:50 kf normally they select only a few presentations for a publication
10:50 magnus_mobile jransom: sure you can ;-)
10:51 jransom oh ok - i was being modest :)
10:51 rangi i never even write a paper :)
10:51 rangi the kind of conferences that demand full papers = conferences i dont attend
10:51 jransom o folks
10:51 jransom shall we list decisions
10:51 Brooke please
10:52 hdl Biblibre Will submit some papers on solr and latest developments.
10:52 jransom 1. we will develop programme from abstracts
10:52 Brooke great thank you hdl
10:52 jransom 2. programme organisers will fill gaps with recruited speakers
10:53 jransom 3. slef will fix the bug in the website software
10:53 Brooke not a software bug
10:53 Brooke it's a bug between the keyboard and the monitor.
10:53 jransom 4. failing that / (or as well?) we will use community wiki?
10:54 jransom 5, what else?
10:54 Brooke anyone OPPOSED to using the wiki as a fallback at this point?
10:54 thd The wiki should be available as a fallback for anything.
10:54 thd People should be encouraged to use the wiki more in fact.
10:55 magnus_mobile yup
10:55 jransom 5. ANyone thinking of submitting an abstract please do so asap
10:55 druthb thd++
10:55 Brooke yup you have reservations or yup you're agreeing with thd?
10:55 kf hm, that will make the process open to everyone - not sure it's a problem if an abstract is rejected?
10:55 mtj i think we should switch to the wiki, until the kohacon12 website is stable
10:55 thd However, deferring to whomever is doing the hard work locally is reasonable.
10:55 jransom so 4: use wiki as well as
10:55 rangi mtj: kohacon11 (not 12 yet)
10:56 BobB 6.  Bobb will issue second call for sponsors.
10:56 * magnus_mobile agreed with thd
10:56 Brooke k #agreed[…]ry_talk:KohaCon11 for new abstracts in addition to the VPM site. 2 signoffs as with a bug will approve an abstract.
10:56 Brooke are we exhausted on this?
10:57 druthb completely.
10:57 thd I hope we are :)
10:57 jransom yup
10:57 Brooke #topic kohacon 2012
10:57 Topic for #koha is now kohacon 2012
10:57 kf we should probably use #action for this or #agreed (next time)
10:57 kf is there a deadline for the proposals?
10:57 kf for kohacon2012?
10:58 kf if not we should perhaps set one so we can move on to have a poll at some point
10:58 magnus_mobile that' what i think we need to set...
10:58 magnus_mobile i added some points to the wiki page for this meeting
10:59 nengard joined #koha
10:59 kf #link[…]als_for_KohaCon12
10:59 magnus_mobile deadlines for proposals and voting
11:00 kf I thik the goal was to have the place and date ready at kohacon11?
11:01 magnus_mobile what's a reasonable deadline for proposals?
11:01 kf how long do we need for the poll?
11:01 jransom i'm going to slope off to bed folks - night all.
11:01 jransom left #koha
11:03 magnus_mobile 1st september for the proposals, 1 month for voting?
11:03 kf sounds ok to me
11:04 kf all asleep now? :)
11:04 thd We should have proposals with sufficient time to vote a year on the question a year in advance of the event.  However, we may not have quite managed that.
11:05 Brooke magnus that sounds good to me
11:05 magnus_mobile anyone disagree?
11:05 thd magnus_mobile +1
11:06 kf +1
11:06 mtj +1
11:06 Brooke #agreed proposals are due 1 September
11:07 mtj nice ;)
11:07 Brooke anything else on KohaCon 12?
11:07 magnus_mobile yay!
11:07 magnus_mobile agreed on deadline for voting too
11:07 magnus_mobile ?
11:08 Brooke I'm gonna say so
11:08 thd magnus_mobile +1
11:08 Brooke seeing no objections
11:08 BobB +1
11:08 Brooke #agreed voting closes 1 October
11:08 kf +1
11:08 magnus_mobile yay!
11:08 thd Voting does require some period of time to ensure participation.
11:08 mtj +1
11:08 Brooke magnus++
11:09 Brooke a month is more than enough time.
11:09 kf I think with setting up the survey we should have at least 3 weeks of time for voting
11:09 Brooke 4 were set
11:09 Brooke we shall be fine.
11:10 * magnus_mobile will update the wiki once he is on a proper 'puter
11:10 BobB .. and post the lists?
11:10 Brooke anything else for KohaCon12?
11:10 thd Brooke: I had not understood that aspect of the proposal from magnus_mobile but I am fine with a 4 weeks voting period.
11:10 magnus_mobile not from me
11:11 BobB I think there shoudl be some conditions ...
11:11 BobB Like only propose if you have an organising committee and resources to organise the event...
11:11 BobB and only vote if you intend to personally attend (or at least try).
11:11 magnus_mobile one country can not host two years in a row is the only condition so far i think
11:12 kf I think Evergreen has a nice ilst
11:12 BobB kf: good find.
11:12 kf searching...
11:13 kf[…]rence_nominations
11:13 kf I think this was what I had in mind
11:13 Brooke #link[…]rence_nominations
11:14 Brooke #idea continue not to clash with EG if possible.
11:15 kf might not all apply for us, but perhaps a good starting point
11:16 thd kf ++
11:16 BobB yeah, its mostly pretty good.
11:16 magnus_mobile looks good
11:16 Brooke I can flesh out some things to think over
11:16 thd The last requirement about transport cost obviously cannot be applied internationally.
11:17 kf no, too hard
11:17 kf perhaps add something like international airport easy to reach?
11:17 kf cost is too difficult, too hard to evaulate too
11:18 Brooke which is one of the reasons you rotate a conference venue
11:18 Brooke another is fatigue
11:18 thd kf: Some worthy venues may be at a significant distance from an international airport.
11:19 Brooke anything further to add to bidding procedure?
11:19 mtj that EG conference page is fantastic!
11:19 kf thd: true, but good train connections might make up for that
11:20 thd kf: Proximity to an international airport may mean that the cost of accommodations would be relatively high.
11:20 BobB Its a factor to consider, rather than a mandatory condition
11:20 Brooke I agree Bob
11:20 kf thd: I didn't say anything about distance - but we are an inernational group so it should not be too hard to get to the conference venue
11:20 Brooke I think most if not all of the conditions will be suggested
11:21 thd Yes, it is certainly a factor to consider.
11:21 Brooke movin on from minutia
11:21 thd kf: It is the 'usual cost' wording which would be especially difficult to sort internationally.
11:22 Brooke #topic Global Bug Squashing Day
11:22 Topic for #koha is now Global Bug Squashing Day
11:22 Brooke #link[…]bug_squashing_day
11:22 Brooke do eeet.
11:22 Brooke Anything to add magnus?
11:22 magnus_mobile not really
11:22 Brooke #topic Old Business
11:22 Topic for #koha is now Old Business
11:22 thd kf: The intention is quite good with some more appropriate wording.
11:22 magnus_mobile it's all on the wiki, i hope
11:23 Brooke seeing none
11:23 Brooke #topic Miscellaneous
11:23 Topic for #koha is now Miscellaneous
11:23 Brooke random stuff goes here
11:24 Brooke #topic time and date of next meeting
11:24 Topic for #koha is now time and date of next meeting
11:24 Brooke k when next?
11:25 Brooke I am limiting time of discussion on this to ten minutes because I'm an iron fisted dictator.
11:25 julian left #koha
11:25 druthb +1 for ten-minute topic limits.
11:25 * druthb needs caffiene.
11:25 magnus_mobile Brooke++
11:26 druthb Brooke++ #iron-fisted dictators.
11:26 mtj i suggest '2011-08-06'
11:27 Brooke if you mean 6 August that is a Saturday
11:27 kf and time is 8 hours back I think
11:28 Brooke 3 August is that Wednesday
11:28 Brooke but if you're keen on Saturday I'll let you do it, just be aware that you will not be like to have any playmates
11:28 mtj 3 August 2011 at 18:00 UTC+0
11:28 BobB I have to go.  Thanks all.  Good night.
11:28 Brooke cheers Bob
11:29 Brooke thanks for toughing this out
11:29 mtj no no!  not saturday :)
11:29 Brooke k
11:29 Brooke any objections to 3 August 1800 UTC?
11:29 rangi hmmm shouldnt it be 0200
11:29 kf nope +1
11:29 rangi but i dont mind either way
11:29 magnus_mobile +1
11:30 kf I think last was 20 for me, today is 12 - so should be 4 next
11:30 kf whatever this is in utc
11:30 kf we are doing -8 instead of +8 it seems
11:30 rangi yeah that would be 0200
11:30 braedon left #koha
11:30 kf ok, so I agree with rangi
11:31 kf although it
11:31 mtj rangi: ah - sorry, i thought the rule was add 8 hours
11:31 kf 's an evil time
11:31 Brooke for you
11:31 Brooke for kiwis, not so much :P
11:31 kf yep for me :)
11:31 kf slept through the last 4 am meeting...
11:32 Brooke so
11:32 rangi ok, im off to sleep
11:32 Brooke objections to 3 August 2 UTC?
11:32 mtj 3 August 0200 UTC
11:32 thd 2 UTC is less desirable for more people than other times but my effort to find times which worked for everyone did not produce a great result.
11:32 mtj no objections from me
11:33 mtj +1
11:33 magnus_mobile no objections, but i will probably not attend...
11:33 thd Much of Europe may be on holiday in early August so perhaps we would miss fewer people than usual.
11:34 Brooke Much of Europe will be asleep at that time :P
11:34 * magnus_mobile is on holiday now ;-)
11:34 kf yep
11:34 kf more asleep than on holiday I woudl guess
11:34 thd s/on holiday/on holiday and asleep/ # :)
11:34 Brooke and the iron fisted dictator says your ten minutes is just about up!
11:34 kf oh :(
11:35 kf so, dictator set the last #agreed :)
11:35 Brooke yep
11:35 Brooke hearing nothing more brilliant
11:35 Brooke #agreed 3 August 0200 UTC
11:36 Brooke ta for coming all :)
11:36 thd Shifting by 6 hours each time may be something to consider in future.
11:36 magnus_mobile ta for chairing Brooke
11:36 julian joined #koha
11:36 matts_away is now known as matts
11:36 mtj thanx Brooke for chairing
11:37 thd Brooke: You have identified a problem with uploading and categories on the wiki.
11:37 * oleonard is off to work. bbl.
11:37 oleonard left #koha
11:37 thd Brooke: The uploading should be easy to fix.
11:37 Brooke no skin off of my nose
11:37 magnus_mobile yup, categories on the wiki are messed up
11:38 thd Brooke: When did you first notice a problem with setting the categories?
11:38 Brooke a bazillion months ago
11:38 BobB left #koha
11:38 Brooke you can sort of set them manually
11:38 Brooke but that's a bit of a bear
11:38 thd a bazillion months ago all was fine and I was using it regularly.
11:39 magnus_mobile or some plugin that turns the categories into a hierarchical list with checkboxes is not doing it's thing, to be precise
11:39 Brooke ta da there are the words I lack
11:39 thd It does still work currently except that there are extra categories which have been added by something which may have been installed.
11:39 magnus_mobile Brooke: close the meeting with the bot?
11:40 Brooke oops
11:40 Brooke #endmeeting
11:40 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.4.2 and 3.2.10 are now available | Next IRC meeting 6 July 2011 10:00 UTC+0 | | This channel is logged | Pastes at
11:40 huginn Meeting ended Wed Jul  6 11:39:50 2011 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
11:40 huginn Minutes:[…]-07-06-10.04.html
11:40 huginn Minutes (text):[…]1-07-06-10.04.txt
11:40 huginn Log:  […]06-10.04.log.html
11:40 magnus_mobile what is listed as categories are mostly not categories at all
11:40 thd magnus_mobile: do you have any better idea than a bazillion months ago?
11:41 thd magnus_mobile: exactly
11:41 magnus_mobile can't really remember...
11:41 Brooke winterish sound right to you Magnus?
11:41 thd magnus_mobile: Something must have changed as no one created those 'categories'.
11:41 Brooke cause I want to say it was that long...
11:42 magnus_mobile i seem to recall something was imported into the wiki. templates maybe? and then it happened...
11:42 nengard database/mysql question
11:42 nengard is biblioitem.totalissues populated?
11:42 nengard it doesn't look like it on my system ...
11:42 magnus_mobile yeah winterish
11:42 thd magnus_mobile: Do you remember what was imported?
11:42 magnus_mobile in the northern hemisphere, that is ;-)
11:43 thd I am in the north and I had not had enough time for Koha during the winter.
11:43 magnus_mobile thd: i think maybe the stuff that is now listed as categories
11:44 * magnus_mobile apologizes for slow typing on mobile phone
11:44 thd magnus_mobile: Yes but I suspect that comes from installing an extension.
11:44 magnus_mobile maybe, not sure
11:44 mtj nengard: nor for me either - an unused column perhaps?
11:45 thd My telephone number for similar big problems with the wiki +1 212-674-3783
11:45 nengard mtj, any idea how to get totalissues - other than counting on the issues table?
11:45 thd I may not always look at email but I almost always answer the telephone.
11:45 nengard or maybe items.issues
11:46 magnus_mobile thd: noted
11:47 francharb left #koha
11:47 julian left #koha
11:47 Brooke thd talk to galen
11:47 thd I am going to look for the source of the problem now.
11:47 Brooke he might have a better bead on this
11:47 thd Brooke: most likely
11:48 mtj nengard: my hunch is totalissues column is buggy
11:48 thd bugs are everwhere eeek :)
11:48 nengard mtj - me too
11:48 nengard reporting now
11:49 thd gmcharlt_: are you with us?
11:49 * magnus_mobile wanders out into the sunshine and hopes to see everyone on good form on global bug squashing day!
11:49 thd Brooke: blocking uploads may have had something to do with the wiki spam problem.
11:49 nengard bug 6557
11:49 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6557 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , biblioitems.totalissues unused
11:50 magnus_mobile left #koha
11:50 Brooke thd: well set protections however ye need to to let me upload me shtuff when I'm logged in.
11:51 mtj nengard:  mysql> select sum(issues)  from items where biblionumber = 51;
11:51 * Brooke feels a left join comin' on
11:51 mtj nengard: that sql should do the same, for a bib
11:51 thd Brooke: I am merely guessing and of course there is no intention of blocking anyone who is not a spammer :)
11:52 nengard thanks mtg, it looks like the librarian wants the total issues for each item, so I didn't have to do the sum bit
11:52 Brooke k I'm going back to bid because I'm ornery.
11:52 thd Brooke: If a hammer was the only tool at hand it may have been used on the delicate cake.
11:52 Brooke left #koha
11:58 jwagner left #koha
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12:39 oakivil so EDI never made it into 3.4
12:40 oleonard Because the work is still in progress
12:40 oakivil is there any place where to follow its current whereabouts?
12:46 oleonard slef: Was sekjal working with you on that?
12:46 oakivil yeah
12:47 oakivil i guess i already asked them about it
12:47 oakivil sekjal: where can I find more information about the EDI module?
12:47 oleonard oakivil: sekjal is not here
12:47 oakivil so it seems
12:47 oakivil he hasnt been around in a while
12:50 oleonard oakivil: Are you hoping to help develop or test, or are you just wanting to know when it's ready?
12:51 oakivil to know when its ready
12:51 oakivil oleonard: possibly help develop it if it will be in production for years
12:51 oakivil oleonard: we definetely need to tweak it for our own needs anyway
12:52 oleonard If you're going to need to tweak it anyway then I suggest getting involved now so that your "tweaks" can be incorporated
12:52 samerrill left #koha
12:52 oleonard Unless you plan on running your own branched version long-term
12:53 oakivil we are still planning our steps to move to Open Source ILS'
12:53 oakivil just finding out what modifications are needed to have Koha match our needs
12:53 oakivil and what they might cost
12:54 oleonard If EDI is a requirement then I suggest you inquire about helping to sponsor it
12:59 JesseM joined #koha
13:00 oakivil does LibLime have its own proprietary code?
13:01 oakivil I'm reading an article where it says the Enterprise Koha has more functionality than the community Koha?
13:01 oakivil I thought Koha is licenced as such that it cannot be branched like that
13:03 kf long story
13:03 kf I would say different featuers
13:03 oleonard LibLime bends the rules by promising to release code "soon."
13:03 kf there is a git repository now - but I think it's not the version they run for their customers
13:03 oleonard ...and then not releasing code for years.
13:03 kf and there is no community
13:03 oakivil sounds dirty
13:04 oakivil so liblime is developing the EDI, so there will be no EDI for the community
13:04 nengard oakivil, there will be EDI for the community because it's being worked on
13:04 nengard it will probably be implemented differently
13:04 nengard since developers didn't see the other EDI code before starting their work
13:04 oakivil ok
13:05 kf not sure acq are the same in liblime koah and koha
13:05 kf I think they have the old acq module or get it
13:05 oakivil hmm
13:05 oakivil so what can I write about the community EDI?
13:05 kf get it being a different program
13:05 kf I think you should talk to slef and bywater
13:05 kf it's in the works
13:06 oakivil slef: where can I follow the state of the EDI you are developing?
13:06 nengard[…]koha-edi-support/
13:06 oakivil seen that
13:06 wahanui I haven't seen 'that', oakivil
13:07 oleonard oakivil: Are you hoping to track an in-progress git repo?
13:07 oakivil i presume they have some kind of project management system
13:07 oakivil where they have tasks or goals set
13:07 oakivil and % of completion
13:08 oleonard ...
13:08 oakivil lika JIRA?
13:08 oakivil wiki?
13:08 oakivil but google doesnt know :D
13:09 oleonard wahanui: wiki is
13:09 wahanui OK, oleonard.
13:10 nengard those questions are for sekjal and slef
13:22 sekjal joined #koha
13:22 oakivil hi sekjal!
13:23 oakivil been waiting for you
13:23 sekjal hi, oakivil
13:23 oakivil sekjal: where can i get to know more about the EDI module?
13:23 druthb run away, sekjal!  run away!
13:23 oakivil now hold it there mister
13:24 sekjal oakivil:  it's not so much a module as a series of scripts by
13:25 sekjal slef has given ByWater access to those scripts, so that we can work on integrating them with current HEAD
13:26 sekjal unfortunately, at this time, I don't have much to show.  my time has been devoted to other business lately
13:26 slef yeah, it drives C4::Acquisitions
13:26 oakivil hmm
13:26 slef reacting to database and ftp stimuli
13:27 slef talk to me tomorrow when I'm not in a meeting
13:28 slef or interrogate sekjal
13:28 oakivil hmm
13:28 oakivil mhhmhhm
13:30 nengard left #koha
13:32 oakivil sekjal: do you have any established goals for the EDI? A vision, use-case plans or similar?
13:35 sekjal it should be able to handle the various EDI definitions used standard around the world.  the incoming file should be uploadable to a directory, whereby Koha parses the information according to the standard into the necessary places in the database
13:42 oakivil ok
13:42 oakivil sounds like we do it
13:43 reiveune left #koha
13:43 oakivil so it reads the daily changes/additions from a vendor and imports them to the database
13:44 reiveune joined #koha
13:44 oakivil then the purchased items are actually searched from Koha's own database, instead of browsing a vendor catalog
13:44 oakivil sekjal: or am i totally lost?
13:45 oakivil sekjal: how is the purchase work?
13:45 oakivil how does*
13:49 sekjal oakivil:  don't know, exactly
13:54 oakivil ok
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14:19 kf sixcms--
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14:46 rhcl_away Am I late for the meeting, I wonder?
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14:46 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
14:51 hdl rhcl: somthing like 4 hours.
14:53 rhcl oh
14:58 Callender joined #koha
15:00 oleonard rhcl: 10:00 UTC+0 = 6AM EDT
15:12 bigbrovar joined #koha
15:13 rhcl oh
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15:20 oleonard I'm sure sick of seeing "feature teasers" about "Liblime Academic Koha." Where's the mention of open source? Or has has it been agreed that it's not really open source after all?
15:23 kf chris_n: around?
15:24 kf hm, I lost track a little - what is the planned released date for 3.4.3?
15:24 kf oleonard: yeah :(
15:25 Oak joined #koha
15:25 * Oak waves
15:26 rhcl oak
15:26 sekjal oleonard:  jquery tablesorter question
15:26 Oak rhcl
15:26 oleonard sekjal: shoot
15:26 oleonard re: Bug 6484?
15:26 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6484 normal, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW , due date sorter on 'my summary' missing
15:27 sekjal yes.
15:27 sekjal is there any reason not to move the header sort info out of the Javascript, and into the <th>?
15:27 sekjal since the number and order of columns varies so wildly on that page?
15:29 oakivil sue liblime?
15:29 oakivil but who gets the money :D ?
15:29 oleonard sekjal: No reason not to that I know of, just haven't used that method in the past
15:30 collum joined #koha
15:30 sekjal oleonard:  okay, cool.  when columns keep popping in and out depending on your settings, using column numbers to designate which to sort gets iffy
15:31 oleonard Agreed.
15:31 sekjal and I didn't see another way to do the headers by ID, except to put the markup in the <th>
15:32 reiveune bye
15:32 reiveune left #koha
15:35 nengard joined #koha
15:35 rhcl I get the money. Pizza party at my shack upon receipt. Hackathon. With enough Lowenbrau the coders will transition nicely from Perl to Prolog, and Koha will be completely in Japanese on top of a MUMPS db.
15:36 matts is now known as matts_away
15:36 kf oakivil: afaik there is nothing we can sue for
15:36 oakivil rhcl: beam me up!
15:37 oakivil i thought Koha licence prevents selling as proprietary, any part somehow connected to Koha
15:38 oakivil or keeping the code to oneself
15:38 oakivil and code must be made available on request
15:38 kf I am not a license expert, but I think some people looked into that
15:38 oakivil ok
15:39 oakivil i tust your verdict
15:39 wizzyrea I think you're thinking of the AGPL
15:39 oakivil cant really remeber how the licenses went
15:41 sekjal oakivil:  so long as all the stuff they wrote is only hosted on their servers, not distributed to other people's machines, they can keep it closed-source
15:42 oakivil clever!
15:44 oakivil[…]loguing%20v03.pdf
15:45 oakivil wrapped up a preliminary raport about your cataloguing, acquisiton and authorities modules
15:45 oakivil you can read it and then mock me all you can. I can take it :D Then after i have collected the bits of my self esteem I will correct it
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16:10 kf nengard++
16:10 nengard :)
16:10 nengard on a roll
16:10 kf yeah I see it  :)
16:10 kf I am waiting for my new laptop - hope to do some bug squashing on friday :)
16:11 kf but not sure when it will arrive and how long installing koha and everything else willt ake :(
16:15 nengard from 50 needing sign off down to 46 ... not sure i can test any of the others ... too many with out descriptions of the problem or the solution
16:15 oleonard new_laptop++
16:17 kf nengard: I think we should ask some questions on them - but have not come around to do that :(
16:17 kf oleonard: I hope so :) on my old laptop loading a koha page takes 2 seconds
16:18 kf it's eight years old, time for retirement
16:18 oleonard Indeed!
16:18 kf more 3-4 seconds actually
16:22 kf bye all :)
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16:44 nengard is now known as nengard_lunch
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17:09 cait hi #koha
17:09 cait ah, now I missed paul_p
17:14 nengard_lunch is there a way (jquery?) to add a link to the more menu in the staff client?
17:14 nengard_lunch is now known as nengard
17:19 cait hm
17:19 cait jquery will work
17:19 cait but I wonder if there was/is a syspref
17:19 cait you can add more links to the nav bar - I did that for one of my libraries
17:20 nengard yup, but this library wants it in the 'more' menu
17:20 nengard not the nav bar ....
17:20 cait IntranetNav
17:21 nengard yeah, i know about that one
17:21 nengard but it adds it next to More not under More
17:21 cait if it doesn't work the description is wrong
17:21 cait Show the following HTML in the More menu at the top of each page on the staff client (should be a list of links or blank):
17:21 nengard hmmm
17:22 nengard it should say 'next to the More menu"
17:22 cait hm even before the More menu
17:22 cait looks a little weird with the cart now
17:22 nengard yup
17:22 nengard agreed
17:22 cait the cart should perhaps be at the end
17:22 nengard will report a bug and fix the text
17:23 nengard for that preference
17:23 cait want me to try and figure out the jquery for you?
17:26 cait hm, I am trying
17:27 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6558] intranetnav has the wrong description <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6558>
17:28 nengard there, all fixed
17:28 nengard thanks cait, jquery would be great
17:30 cait almost there, but looks a little wrong
17:31 cait $(document).ready(function(){
17:31 cait $("#moremenu .bd ul").append('<li><a href="/cgi-bin/koha/virtua​lshelves/">Lists again</a></li>');
17:31 cait });
17:32 cait will add your new link to the end of the list
17:33 cait do you need it to be at a special position in the list?
17:34 cait nengard?
17:34 wahanui i think nengard is fast
17:34 cait right :)
17:34 nengard hehe
17:35 nengard End of list is fine :)
17:35 nengard you're awesome
17:35 rhcl left #koha
17:35 cait :)
17:36 Guillaume left #koha
17:37 nengard cait++
17:37 nengard works lovely
17:38 oleonard_ joined #koha
17:38 oleonard left #koha
17:38 oleonard_ is now known as oleonard
17:38 cait hm missing a plugin here to check if the li was inserted at the right place
17:38 cait hi oleonard
17:50 bigbrovar left #koha
17:57 rhcl joined #koha
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18:33 salzaru left #koha
18:34 * slef is speeding home through the midlands and west country
18:36 rangi oleonard: we should send marshall a press release about the bug sign off day, he publishes anything verbatim, best counter to the talk about liblime ils, is to talk about actual koha
18:37 rangi you know, the one people can actually download and use
18:37 rangi :)
18:40 rhcl left #koha
18:40 oleonard Hey, your pragmatism is interfering with my angry ranting :P
18:40 cait morning rangi
18:40 wizzyrea ohsnap did someone just call rangi a pragmatist?!
18:40 cait I thik talking about real koha is the best thing we can do
18:43 rangi heh
18:44 slef someone should send nz some of these trains. tranzscenic is cool. SuperVoyagers are practical.
18:45 rangi track gauge here is wrong
18:46 rangi we cant have fast trains they fall off the tracks
18:46 rangi stupid narrow gauge
18:46 wizzyrea d;oh
18:46 wizzyrea d'oh
18:49 fiddlinmacx joined #koha
18:49 slef reguage as you replace. we did, twice IIRC.
18:50 slef SVs tilt to avoid falling off our tracks though :)
18:50 rangi yeah that would be sensible, our govt instead sold the track and trains to overseas interests who plundered it
18:51 rangi sold off most of the rolling stock
18:51 fiddlinmacx left #koha
18:51 rangi forget who owns it now
18:52 fiddlinmacx joined #koha
18:52 slef yeah, ours too, then a later one did fun stuff to help the track co go bust and move track into a non-profit
18:52 slef probably foreign banks, like our trains
18:53 rangi most likely
18:53 slef one reguaging was done pre-nationalisation though
18:53 rangi they own most everything else
18:54 rangi I think here it would have to be done with pubkic
18:54 slef yeah 2d and kiwibank trade on not being furry nahs, don't they?
18:54 rangi public money even
18:54 slef shame their service is a bit random :-/
18:55 rangi if we keep this current govt, they'll sell kiwibank
18:55 slef (emubank?)
18:55 rangi and the last of the power co's too
18:56 rangi they are asset sales junkies
18:56 rangi ohh its making money, quick sell it
18:56 rangi morons
18:58 slef nutty. once sold, it's hard to get back anything worth having. Privateers (including most of the news media) flame expropriation
18:58 rangi yeah
18:58 slef no chance of getting them sold to trusts?
18:59 slef = remove them from the privatisation game, if done right
18:59 rangi highly unlikely, john key is a former investment banker
18:59 fiddlinmacx left #koha
18:59 rangi privitisation is always the right thing
18:59 rangi its a dogma
19:00 rangi facts and logic have no place
19:00 slef hrm, you'd think a banker would be unelectable at the mo :(
19:00 rangi yeah
19:01 rangi election this year
19:01 rangi heres hoping
19:01 slef hrm, I'd best look at the police's website, see if my home is still cordoned off :/
19:01 rangi eeek
19:02 wizzyrea !!
19:02 library_systems_guy has anybody used druthb's migration scripts for Symphony before?
19:02 * wizzyrea gets scared about slef's house being cordoned off
19:04 rangi library_systems_guy: not me, they've been used a few times tho I bet
19:04 rangi at catalyst we never touch the existing system, thats up to the library to do
19:05 library_systems_guy sad day for the library lol
19:05 slef wizzyrea: and my
19:05 rhcl joined #koha
19:05 rangi well they have the license
19:05 rangi we dont
19:05 rhcl why do I keep getting disconnected I wonder
19:05 wizzyrea slef :(
19:05 library_systems_guy thats true...its amazing how hard it is to get your own data out of a legacy system
19:05 slef but no, cordon for another day... so I'll be dodging that then ;)0
19:06 wizzyrea slef: how small of a town constitutes a "village" in england?
19:06 wizzyrea how many residents?
19:07 rangi library_systems_guy: its unethical behaviour from the proprietary vendors .... free software ftw
19:07 slef wizzyrea: no formal definition. Parish (5 settlements) is about 3000 total IIRC
19:07 wizzyrea aha, ty
19:07 wizzyrea yea, that would be traumatic for a town that size
19:08 library_systems_guy rangi: agreed
19:08 wizzyrea I think in the entire time I lived in my hometown (about 4000 people) there was only one or two deaths that were remotely suspicious
19:08 wizzyrea everything else was accidents or natural deaths.
19:08 wizzyrea s/was/were
19:08 * wizzyrea facepalms
19:08 rangi thats what they want u to believe
19:09 wizzyrea stopit you're making me paranoid!
19:09 rangi heh
19:09 slef wizzyrea: we get 2 or 3 sus deaths a month, most are unremarkable, unreported
19:09 * wizzyrea remembers that rangi has never been to lindsborg... feels better
19:09 rangi yeah way more sus stuff if id been there
19:10 wizzyrea ^.^
19:10 rangi ok time to get up
19:10 rangi bb from the bus
19:10 slef wizzyrea: sus death = they hadn't seen a doc in3 months, here
19:10 slef I think.
19:10 wizzyrea ooo
19:11 slef these had helicopters and stuff landing on the village green, which is still taped off afaik
19:12 oleonard is now known as oleonard-away
19:12 slef I'm wondering whether to evade the cordon or just try riding straight through it like I did this morning :)
19:12 wizzyrea zounds
19:13 slef if you don't hear from me again, I rode through and it ended badly :)
19:13 slef well I think there must be a good 200 home inside the cordon. can't stop us all
19:14 wizzyrea you're such a rebel ;)
19:14 slef I suspect they're searching cars
19:14 wizzyrea you'll be on your bike though, right?
19:15 slef but I don't know
19:15 slef yeah, so small, armoured and mobile
19:16 slef (I left in rush hour, so wore protective nonsense)
19:16 wizzyrea huh, that's really bizarre:
19:17 slef bah... I've so,me rda podcasts to listen to but no motivation right now :/
19:17 slef wizzyrea: whassat (no browser open on phone atm)
19:18 wizzyrea it's a screencast showing the guided reports wizard, on the location limiter, it shows values that aren't in the authorized values
19:18 wizzyrea it's quite weird
19:18 slef Hmm. debug required?
19:18 wizzyrea yea, I think so
19:19 slef one for bsp?
19:20 wizzyrea mmm I don't think it's *that* big of a deal
19:20 wizzyrea certainly less critical than other days
19:20 wizzyrea s/days/bugs
19:21 slef sounds like a pita though
19:21 cait pita?
19:21 wizzyrea pita is pain in the arse
19:21 wizzyrea pita?
19:21 wahanui hmmm... pita is pain in the arse
19:21 slef wahanui: PITA is pain inthe arse
19:21 wahanui ...but pita is pain in the arse...
19:21 wizzyrea pita is also a kind of bread, usually with pockets
19:21 wahanui okay, wizzyrea.
19:22 wizzyrea pita?
19:22 wahanui i guess pita is pain in the arse or a kind of bread, usually with pockets
19:22 slef heh, time and typing fail
19:22 cait lol ok
19:23 slef hrm, think the passenger next to me is alighting... biab
19:29 slef today was fun btw... socomemcon :)
19:30 slef (SOftware.COop MEMbers CONference)
19:31 slef I have a pic. mle has tons
19:33 sekjal does misc/translator/translate require any additional action to update a language's template files between 3.2 and 3.4?
19:34 cait action like?
19:34 slef can't remember sorry :(
19:34 cait for testing I used something like perl translate update de-DE
19:34 cait to see if new strings get added
19:34 cait I thik the script can do all languages at once now too
19:34 slef cait: like another command for the template language change
19:34 cait ah
19:35 cait hm
19:35 slef cait: like another command for the template module change
19:35 cait sekjal: rangi will now I think, should be back
19:35 slef I mean :)
19:35 cait soon
19:35 cait yep; I think I understood :)
19:35 cait I did a lot of testing, but not sure how it was done
19:35 slef cool
19:36 slef looked silent to me, then I realised I was crossing a not spot
19:36 cait ok- now I don't understand
19:36 slef (opposite of a hotspot)
19:37 cait ah
19:37 Guillaume joined #koha
19:37 slef no network for 200m or so
19:43 rangi I can't recall anything special, fredericd is the one to ask about translation stuffs
19:45 cait ah ok
19:45 cait probably we didn't do anything?
19:46 cait there are not that many with template strings
19:46 cait got all fuzzy I assume - because placeholders work differently now
19:49 rangi yep
19:51 druthb joined #koha
19:56 sekjal left #koha
20:02 rangi yay sun is coming out
20:02 rangi shit
20:03 cait ?
20:03 rangi tsunami warning
20:03 wizzyrea !!
20:03 cait :(
20:03 wizzyrea[…]N1E7651IT20110706
20:03 wizzyrea even better:[…]g-for-New-Zealand
20:04 rangi poor kermadecs
20:05 ibeardslee not good
20:05 wizzyrea those are some teensy tiny islands
20:05 ibeardslee is it just me .. or does poor old mother earth seem to be rebelling a bit more recently?
20:05 wizzyrea people live there?
20:06 rangi the ring of fire is starting to piss me off
20:06 rangi yep they do
20:06 rangi not many
20:06 ibeardslee rangi: less chilli then
20:06 * wizzyrea rimshots
20:07 wizzyrea 1m, big or small tsunami?
20:07 rangi small
20:07 * wizzyrea has no frame of reference for these things
20:07 rangi but still 3 feet
20:08 wizzyrea well I know about how big a meter is :)
20:08 rangi and its not a single wave
20:08 rangi it just keeps coming
20:08 ibeardslee more a surge than a wave isn't it?
20:08 rangi yeah
20:08 wizzyrea a really wide wave
20:09 rangi more like a river than a wave
20:10 rangi kermadecs are quite a way away, so most likely nothing
20:10 rangi but 7.8
20:10 wizzyrea that is pretty epic
20:10 rangi thats gotta leave a mark
20:11 ibeardslee I did see some mention of some rattles felt in nz .. don't know if that was a separate incident or a ripple from that quake
20:11 rangi oh crap tonga
20:11 rangi hope it misses them
20:12 rangi right my stop
20:12 rangi bbiab
20:16 oleonard-away left #koha
20:24 slef do the us or ca frack the pacififc rim?
20:25 slef wonder if that could affect it
20:26 sekjal joined #koha
20:26 cait hi sekjal
20:26 sekjal hi cait
20:26 sekjal sorry for disappearing; mandatory computer restart
20:28 slef right my stop... bbl
20:29 rangi
20:30 wizzyrea hmm
20:31 wizzyrea nice response time though
20:31 rangi i think we did ok there, 4 days after we got the details fix was out
20:31 rangi i sent ll a patch for theirs too, they havent integrated it yet
20:31 ibeardslee compare that to other software
20:32 rangi so anyone running Liblime ILS will want to apply that patch manually
20:32 wizzyrea hm, I imagine they can't do it directly :(
20:32 wizzyrea they'd have to request it
20:32 cait hm, and they might not know they are affected
20:32 rangi we can only do what we can do, patch is based on their fork, so should apply clean
20:33 rangi thats about all i can do
20:33 cait you did good
20:33 ibeardslee
20:34 rangi i think they cancelled the alert for nz now
20:40 juan_sieira joined #koha
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20:51 miguel joined #koha
20:58 jcamins_away Oh, I missed an IRC meeting?
20:58 jcamins_away Whoops.
20:59 slef back... cordon has fallen back 50m or so, the pub and my house are now outside it :)
20:59 slef yeah jcamins_away so did I
20:59 slef mostly
20:59 jcamins_away slef: is there rioting?
20:59 wizzyrea thank heavens... would hate for the pub to lose business ^.^
21:00 slef jcamins_away: no, suspicious death enquiry. Let me get the links again
21:00 slef and my
21:00 jcamins_away Does anyone have the links to meeting logs?
21:01 slef[…]-07-06-10.04.html
21:01 jcamins_away Yikes.
21:07 sekjal left #koha
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21:08 JesseM left #koha
21:14 cait bye #koha
21:14 rangi cya cait
21:14 cait left #koha
21:15 slef created[…]ng,_2_August_2011
21:16 nengard left #koha
21:17 druthb joined #koha
21:18 slef interesting...[…]_2011&action=edit doesn't let me put it in the IRC Meetings category any more. Anyone know why not? thd? gmcharlt?
21:18 rangi categories are totally busted, i think thd was looking into it
21:18 slef @query categories
21:18 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3580 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Control order in which facet categories display
21:18 huginn slef: Bug[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=737 enhancement, P2, ---, mjr, NEW , Map of library in search system
21:18 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2399 normal, P3, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , All status fields in the item edit interface offer two blank/null entries per dropdown instead of one
21:18 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3537 enhancement, P5, ---, chris, NEW , Option as to whether hold charges are determined by patron type or item type
21:18 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4171 enhancement, P5, ---, cnighswonger, NEW , needs an overhaul
21:19 slef hrm
21:24 wizzyrea you can do something like [Category|The_category] iirc
21:24 wizzyrea er
21:24 wizzyrea that might be wrong
21:25 slef oh yeah, I've seen that
21:25 * slef tests
21:26 slef done
21:26 slef wizzyrea++
21:26 slef [[Category:IRC Meetings]] fwiw
21:26 jcamins_away slef: thanks for the logs.
21:27 slef jcamins_away: np. I needed to read them anyway. Now linked from wiki too.
21:28 wizzyrea woot, I knew it was something like that
21:28 wizzyrea magnuse++ for originally teaching me that
21:31 slef that's the original WikiWikiWay... surprised it still works in mediawiki... most of the old ways don't :(
21:32 jcamins_away WikiWikiWay?
21:33 jcamins_away is now known as jcamins
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21:50 Space_Librarian 0/
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21:51 chris_n` is now known as chris_n
21:51 slef jcamins:
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21:58 slef can someone boot off of koha-patches please? http://lists.koha-community.or[…]-July/015374.html
21:58 chris_n` joined #koha
21:58 chris_n is now known as Guest1199
21:58 chris_n` is now known as chris_n
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22:25 rangi
22:32 bg heh I guess I've fallen way down that list...
22:34 jcamins Every time I get up, Myshkin steals my chair.
22:34 jcamins Every time I come back, he tries to chew on my hand.
22:42 slef heh, spot NZEU overlaps
22:44 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.4.2 and 3.2.10 are now available | Next IRC meeting 2 August 2011 02:00 UTC+0 | | This channel is logged | Pastes at
22:56 druthb joined #koha
22:56 druthb o/
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