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00:47 mtj is slow for people?
00:48 mtj or just me :/
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01:33 mtj hmm, looks like my interweb is glitchy today - prolly not
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01:38 rangi hey NateC
01:38 NateC hey rangi
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01:42 rangi[…]c&feature=related
01:42 rangi or if you prefer dubstep
01:42 rangi[…]A&feature=related
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01:45 Leftmost I'm looking for a piece of software to cover three fairly sizeable and inter-related personal collections, consisting of VHS, vinyl, CDs, DVDs, print books, digital audio, digital video and ebooks. Ideal data entry would be done through services like MusicBrainz and OpenLibrary. Would koha be suitable for this? Or overkill? Or just plain wrong?
01:45 rangi overkill mostly
01:46 NateC priceless
01:49 Leftmost Hmm. I kind of figured. Kind of stuck, as smaller solutions don't seem to be suitable and Koha seems large (and like data entry would be difficult considering).
01:50 jcamins Leftmost: if nothing else is sufficient, Koha is a good choice.
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02:14 pianohacker git.k-c.o broken?
02:15 rangi yep
02:15 rangi i think it needs more ram
02:15 wizzyrea hm
02:15 pianohacker mirrors?
02:15 rangi ah no
02:16 rangi git is fine
02:16 rangi its just gitweb
02:16 pianohacker sorry for terseness, just switched to colemak
02:16 rangi no worries
02:16 pianohacker really? git pull hangs w/ no output
02:16 rangi hmm git fetch just worked for me
02:17 rangi git fetch
02:17 rangi From git:// dcf5333..f2fa6c8  master     -> kc/master
02:17 rangi rorohiko:[git/kcmaster-]:~/git/koha%
02:17 bg what's rorohiko mean?
02:17 rangi computer
02:17 bg duuh
02:17 rangi :)
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02:20 library_systems_guy so anybody have a record for highest load on their server while reindexing zebra
02:20 * wizzyrea makes a bet that you do
02:20 library_systems_guy because i feel like im setting a record here
02:21 rangi did you forget to stop your cron jobs?
02:21 rangi ie do have a crapload running at once fighting each other?
02:21 rangi cos that will do it
02:21 library_systems_guy yes i do
02:21 library_systems_guy load average: 30.00, 29.37, 28.57
02:21 rangi yeah comment out the cronjob
02:21 library_systems_guy there are like 30 running
02:21 rangi it will only get worse otherwise
02:21 rangi and then you just have to wait for them to finish
02:21 rangi what id do
02:21 library_systems_guy will it ever just stop itself?
02:22 rangi if you stop telling it to start more
02:22 rangi yes ;)
02:22 rangi so comment out the cron job, let it finish then uncomment it
02:22 library_systems_guy gotcha
02:22 library_systems_guy done...thanks
02:22 rangi you can then find the oldest one running, and nice it up, so it gets priority
02:22 rangi then it will finish, and then do the next etc
02:22 library_systems_guy i left it running after doing a batchload
02:23 rangi or you can just wait .. either works
02:23 library_systems_guy least i know cron is working :p
02:25 library_systems_guy rangi++ btw
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04:36 Waylon Hey all. koha 3.0rc2 with Zebra. With zebraqueuedaemon depreciated, is ModZebra, that updates zebraqueue, even necessary?
04:40 Waylon reason i ask, in implementing rubyrep, to do multimaster replication where if one master disappears, doesn't affect the rest, found a strange bug... that zebraqueue 'authorityserver' inserts last_insert_id stick.. so when INSERT INTO biblio occurs, its inserting into authorityserver's last_insert_id... for some reason it fails.. and INSERT INTO biblioitems fails due to foreign key constraint or
04:40 Waylon something like that.
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04:41 * Oak waves
04:47 Waylon though.. i did put a before insert trigger on zebraqueue.. why would that save the last_insert_id for the next insert into biblio though?
04:55 mtj Waylon:  heya, i wanged a master/slave replication setup for a client - a while ago
04:56 mtj my twist was i added a 'done_slave' column to the zebraqueue table
04:57 * Waylon nods. "you still have the slave pull code handy?"
04:57 mtj it worked well...
04:58 mtj the only catch was the slave box needed to be manually switched to run as the master
04:59 mtj yep, somewhere
05:00 mtj ill put it out later tonight for you...
05:00 mtj it may suit your needs
05:00 mtj s/put/pull/
05:01 Waylon thanks.
05:02 Waylon what i don't get... is sometimes insert biblio just works... that is.. has worked... i think.. though i don't know any arabic to check.
05:02 mtj its a pretty clean mod to the daemon script
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05:04 Waylon other times... a insert to biblioitems throws a foreign constraint.
05:04 mtj just test using western chars then?
05:04 Waylon im hoping that the time that it does work... the insert to biblio is giving the right last_insert_id to biblioitems..
05:05 mtj pass...
05:05 Waylon else.. two days of data entry will be down the drain.
05:06 mtj if you changed (busted?) some of the tables properties, weird stuff happens, imho
05:07 mtj ahh, and sorry! - i know nothing of 'rubyrep'
05:08 mtj i assume your db defs are unchanged-ish?
05:08 Waylon the biblionumber for biblioitems inserts always comes from last_insert_id?
05:09 mtj pass...
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05:10 mtj its a pretty low-level bug, on an old-ish and db modified Koha
05:11 mtj Waylon: can you replicate your bug consistently?
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05:13 Waylon yah... looking at my binlogs..
05:13 Waylon and twice i tried skipping over a position, and hit another foreign key constraint error.
05:13 Waylon maybe its something to do with triggers and old mysql.
05:14 mtj cool, and can you replicate that same bug on an upgraded 3.2 or 3.4 Koha ?
05:14 Waylon unknown.
05:14 mtj on *your* upgraded 3.2 or 3.4 Koha ;)
05:14 * Waylon sighs.... "don't have one."
05:15 mtj meaning...upgrade your system to a recent version-  then test that very bug
05:16 mtj $ git clone git:// kohaclone :p
05:17 mtj set a test one up now - then have it sitting around for future handy testing
05:19 mtj or ... just dump your db, then 'git reset --hard v3.04.01'  on your current Koha repo
05:19 mtj that will upgrade your codebase, etc
05:20 mtj ... then update fron the web-gui
05:21 * mtj goes back to his tax return
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05:43 cait morning #koha
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05:57 Leftmost There's no way to import a holding without at least a partial MARC, is there?
05:57 mtj tax return finished :)
05:57 mtj heya cait
05:57 cait hi mason :)
05:58 mtj Leftmost: all you need is an isbn or issn, via z39
05:58 mtj heya cait, i gotta scoot off now...
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06:00 cait ok
06:00 cait have a nice evening :)
06:00 Leftmost Well, I have a fair few books which aren't catalogued by anyone with a Z39.50 interface (to my knowledge), and I'm also going to be cataloguing audio/video/digital holdings.
06:02 mtj ahh, there is an AV media equiv to that - a cataloguer will tell us
06:03 mtj but hey - you can import anything from any format , if the data is parseable
06:03 mtj and you have the need
06:04 mtj gotta scoot....
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06:05 samerrill1 Leftmost:  I catalog a lot of movies and have found the Amazon2Marc utilty quite useful:
06:05 francharb hello all
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06:09 Leftmost samerrill1, that looks very useful. Don't suppose you know if the author makes the source available anywhere.
06:11 samerrill He has a contact link on his site and he's been very responsive every time I've contacted him.
06:12 Leftmost Excellent, thanks. It would be great to be able to integrate that into a barcode scanning tool for rapid import.
06:12 samerrill The Firefox plugin or Greasemonkey script work the best for me.  You can even add your holding data before exporting.
06:13 samerrill I scan the UPC into Amazon's search and the export MARC button appears on the page.
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06:17 Leftmost Hmm. I have some improvements that could be made as well. :)
06:24 alex_a hi
06:24 wahanui what's up, alex_a
06:34 Leftmost Also don't suppose anyone knows how to get MARC/MAB data from Deutsche Nationalbibliothek.
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06:36 reiveune hello*
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07:00 Waylon figured out, one could use mysqlbinlog itself, to simulate replication.
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07:07 Judit hello
07:07 wahanui que tal, Judit
07:07 Judit not much thanks for asking :)
07:08 Judit i have a question though if anyone around, and feels like to answer it
07:09 Judit how do you add a new authority record- personal name- from a z39.50 search
07:11 Judit in  Home › Authorities i only have the option to choose from the authority types and add it manually
07:12 Judit in Home› Cataloging i have the option to search with z39.50, but i dont have the Personal name Framework available
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07:22 kf morning #koha
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07:34 paul_p hello world
07:35 kf hi paul_p
07:38 paul_p kf, do you have your new laptop ?
07:39 kf nope
07:39 kf still hoping for today
07:39 kf and that my neighbour will be at home
07:40 kf but trying to be there tomorrow
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08:50 Judit hi koha people
08:50 alex_a hi Judit
08:51 Judit where can i read tge koha channel logs, do you know?
08:53 alex_a Judit: tge ?
08:53 Judit the
08:53 Judit sorry
08:53 alex_a :)
08:53 Judit :)
08:53 Judit yeah eating and typing
08:53 Judit no good
08:54 alex_a Judit: that is waht you want ? :
08:54 Judit i just had a questionon authoriries and want to see
08:55 Judit ok
08:55 Judit thanks alexa_a
08:55 Judit wow, nothing happened here since my question- i scared everyone off i guess
08:55 Judit :)
08:57 alex_a Judit: indeed :)
09:01 Judit you dont seem to be scared alex_a
09:02 Judit how abot a nice question on authorities? :) hm?
09:06 alex_a Judit: sorry i don't know
09:07 Judit :/
09:07 Judit that is ok, at least you are not scared:)
09:07 alex_a but indeed, it's a very nice question ;)
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10:07 kf what is your question Judit?
10:07 * kf should perhaps be scared
10:08 Judit kf :)
10:08 Judit i will just copy paste ot again
10:08 Judit how do you add a new authority record- personal name- from a z39.50 search
10:08 Judit in  Home › Authorities i only have the option to choose from the authority types and add it manually
10:08 Judit in Home› Cataloging i have the option to search with z39.50, but i dont have the Personal name Framework available
10:09 Judit and look:[…]-07#i_709173Judit left #koha
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10:11 kf ok
10:11 kf correct me if I am misunderstanding you :)
10:11 Judit ok? that is not and you run away?
10:11 Judit ah ok
10:11 kf no
10:11 Judit ask
10:11 kf not planning to run away
10:11 Judit :)
10:11 Judit even better
10:11 kf when you download a title record, there is an option I think to make koha create authority records on the fly (never used that)
10:12 kf and you can add themmanually
10:12 kf by using the ... plugin behind the fields of your downloaded record
10:12 Judit okay
10:12 kf there is no way to download an authority using z39.50
10:12 kf new authorities are added in the authorities module
10:12 Judit manually
10:12 Judit only
10:12 Judit ?
10:12 kf there you should have a framework for personal name
10:12 kf and the other possible types
10:13 kf current situation is manually only
10:13 kf yes
10:13 kf there is a command line option for importing authorities
10:13 Judit i have, but for example library of australia has z39.50 for authorities only
10:13 kf I think it would be a good feature to add download for authoriries perhaps
10:13 kf we use the command line option - but different situation here
10:14 kf all our records come from the same source (bibliographic and authorities) with all the right numbers for linking in place already
10:14 kf if you download from different sources and import into koha making them link is a problem afaik
10:14 kf does not work well automatically
10:14 Judit okay
10:14 Judit and
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10:15 Judit your still-personal name- authority "database" will build on the records you already imported
10:16 kf sorry
10:16 kf can you explain?
10:16 Judit lets say you import a book from sylvia plath using lib of au
10:16 kf ok
10:16 Judit so next tie you want to add a book by her
10:16 Judit time
10:17 Judit you will have her name laready listed
10:17 Judit ok, so you wan to add a book by her,  by original cataloging- not downloading, but typing it in yourself
10:18 Judit you go to[…]/koha/ ›[…]guing/ › Add MARC Record
10:18 Judit click on 100 a
10:19 kf and search for her name in authorities
10:19 Judit and if you search for sylvia plath- she will show up there
10:19 kf yes
10:19 kf and link her
10:19 Judit okay
10:19 Judit thank you very much
10:19 kf hope it helps! :)
10:20 Judit it did!
10:20 Judit it is not me being blind/stupid, but Koha
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10:52 druthb o/
11:00 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 2505] enable Perl warnings in all modules and scripts <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2505>
11:12 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6469] Remove compile time warnings introduced in patch to C4::Accounts <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6469>
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11:46 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6562] Reserve request generates unnecessary runtime errors <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6562>
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12:54 hdl @later tell Judit : the reason why there is no facility to import authorites from z3950 servers is that z3950 authority servers are quite rare... If we imagined that Koha users would expose their authorities to the world, we would have implemented a z3950 search for authorities too :D
12:54 huginn hdl: The operation succeeded.
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13:13 kf hm
13:14 kf searching a special koha catalog - the one |Lupin| did for the digital library
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13:15 library_systems_guy so I've been killing off zebra cron processes that are backed up
13:15 kf hah
13:15 kf found it
13:15 kf
13:15 library_systems_guy should i also be killing off the zebraidx processes
13:16 sekjal library_systems_guy:  how frequently do you do your on cron?
13:17 library_systems_guy well i was importing our catalog and forgot to turn it off
13:17 kf hm something between 3-5 minutes I think
13:17 kf not sure
13:17 kf oh
13:17 kf ignoreme
13:17 library_systems_guy i think ours is set to 10 atm
13:18 library_systems_guy the load was at 30
13:18 library_systems_guy but i've killed enough rebuild processes that its back down to 3.5
13:19 sekjal library_systems_guy:  I think you'll be okay
13:19 library_systems_guy ok cool
13:19 library_systems_guy it was bogging down the import...silly zebra
13:23 sekjal Silly Zebra, incremental indexing is for kids!
13:26 library_systems_guy i forgot about the cron running the incremental update and thought it was the bulkimport script
13:27 hdl library_systems_guy: you could also use a bash script to check that rebuild_zebra is not running before the cron launches a rebuildzebra
13:27 hdl ;)
13:27 library_systems_guy thats true...i never thought about that
13:34 oleonard Man, the JS in really brings IE to its knees.
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13:47 slef better if rebuild_zebra checked for itself, rather than adding a bash script... lockfile or maybe something from man perlfaq or anything... sorry if that's scrolled off the top of my screen
13:50 oleonard Hi slef
13:51 slef hi all
13:51 slef hi oleonard
13:51 slef hi
13:51 slef wahanui dead?
13:52 slef details not on[…]te_Administration
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13:52 wizzyrea hm yea he's not here
13:52 oleonard wahanui left for some reason
13:52 wizzyrea but rangi runs that one
13:52 slef ran on
13:53 slef @later tell rangi where's wahanui?
13:53 huginn slef: The operation succeeded.
13:53 slef huginn: thanks
13:53 huginn slef: I suck
13:53 slef huginn: yeah, but you're still here, unlike that quitter.
13:53 huginn slef: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
13:53 slef huginn: when will RDA be ready?
13:53 huginn slef: I suck
13:54 oleonard I had not seen that page on the wiki before. That's awesome.
13:54 slef I suspect someone got bored with me bricking the wrong people when stuff broke.
13:55 wizzyrea nah, when we set it all up we documented it. ;)
13:55 wizzyrea well rangi, gmcharlt, nengard, and myself did
13:57 wizzyrea hmm, has anyone noticed that picking barcode on the labels prints the actual barcode, and not the numbers?
13:57 gmcharlt wizzyrea: handy, though :)
13:57 jcamins You've heard of superlibrarians? Well wizzyrea is a SuperAdmin, too! :D
13:57 wizzyrea !
13:57 wizzyrea thanks :)
13:58 jcamins wizzyrea: just reading from the Website Administration page.
13:58 wizzyrea oh dear
13:58 wizzyrea lol, oh that
14:00 wizzyrea we really ought to get contribs running again
14:00 wizzyrea i keep saying that
14:00 wizzyrea meaning to do something about it
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14:00 wizzyrea it's currently at that *other* domain.
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14:08 oleonard ...where I'm sure it gets loads of use, being actively promoted by its host
14:14 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6531] clicking print button in opac causes 404 error <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6531>
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14:36 swegner knock knock - anyone home and game to answer a koha barcode question?
14:37 oleonard Ask to find out!
14:37 wizzyrea @quote add Don't ask to ask, just ask!
14:37 huginn wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.  Quote #145 added.
14:37 wizzyrea @quote get 145
14:37 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #145: "Don't ask to ask, just ask!" (added by wizzyrea at 02:37 PM, July 07, 2011)
14:38 * wizzyrea giggles
14:38 swegner heh - cool.  Just got my koha install running... imported some data from WINNEBAGO - I have recrods...
14:38 oleonard huginn: ask is Don't ask to ask, just ask!
14:38 huginn oleonard: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
14:38 oleonard whoops
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14:38 * oleonard checks his bot register
14:39 swegner and there is a MARC field called "Piece Designation" which is the barcode on my physical books...
14:39 kf very good question slef
14:39 swegner not sure how to make that number the koha barcode. :/
14:39 jcamins swegner: put it in the barcode field.
14:39 kf hm should scroll down -talking about wahanui
14:39 jcamins 952$p.
14:42 wizzyrea in the label creator, what are all of the item data keywords?
14:42 wizzyrea i know itemcallnumber, barcode, homebranch
14:43 wizzyrea but I'm having trouble getting the date acquired
14:43 wizzyrea and I've tried dateacquired, acqdate...
14:43 wizzyrea swegner: did that answer your question? To put the barcode in the 952$p?
14:44 hdl wizzyrea: dateaccessioned
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14:44 wizzyrea hdl++ thanks!
14:45 wizzyrea hdl: perfect, thanks again
14:45 swegner ya - kind of makes sense ... just not sure at what stage I can/should do that.  I have the data imported now... an SQL script could maybe copy that data from the current field to the 952$p marc field..
14:45 wizzyrea aha
14:46 hdl wizzyrea: np
14:46 swegner but ... maybe it would be best to tweek the data before it gets imported into koha.... :/
14:46 wizzyrea you probably want to use marcedit to move it from where it is to the proper spot in the 952$p pre import
14:46 wizzyrea ^^ that
14:46 wizzyrea :)
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14:47 druthb o/
14:47 swegner ya - k - I'm familiar with MarcEdit a little.
14:47 swegner I'll mess with it.
14:49 wizzyrea gl :)_
14:51 slef or use any tool that can remap MARC
14:56 hdl hi druthb
14:57 druthb hi, hdl! :)
14:57 kf hdl: it seems your demo isntallation is broken:[…]ha_Demo_Databases
14:58 hdl is now on a 3.4
14:58 kf I think the links are wrong then
14:58 hdl But still has to point to that.
14:59 swegner is seems as though when I search various mail lists for a 852 to 952 'howto' - they all point to the now commercial koha site which says: "sorry sucker!" :)
14:59 swegner re: marcedit
14:59 kf hm
14:59 kf I think we have a table with the fields on the manual
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15:15 wizzyrea quick!
15:15 wizzyrea check this out
15:15 wizzyrea go to additem
15:15 wizzyrea and try to add an item --
15:16 wizzyrea check out what shows up in your 952$8
15:16 swegner k
15:16 wizzyrea if you're like us
15:16 wizzyrea it will show you a branch code instead of a collection code
15:16 wizzyrea d'oh
15:17 wizzyrea 952$8 is collection code
15:18 swegner I don't even have the 952 field.  only up to 942
15:19 wizzyrea add item
15:19 magnuse hey, global bug squashing day is already 5 hours old in Kiritimati, Christmas Island, Kiribati[…]k/city.html?n=274
15:19 wizzyrea magnuse: I have a great bug
15:19 wizzyrea see above
15:19 wizzyrea though I haven't filed a bug yet
15:19 wizzyrea but it's kindofabigdeal
15:20 magnuse ooh
15:20 matts is now known as matts_away
15:20 wizzyrea it looks like the additem subfields are off by 1
15:21 wizzyrea
15:22 hdl wizzyrea: which version ?
15:22 wizzyrea this is pretty close to master
15:23 wizzyrea let me look super quick
15:23 wizzyrea nm that might be a bad bit of js
15:26 matts_away is now known as matts
15:29 matts is now known as matts_away
15:29 matts_away is now known as matts
15:30 reiveune bye
15:30 reiveune left #koha
15:31 matts is now known as matts_away
15:33 wizzyrea ok yea, we had a bit of bad js in there -- sorry for the alarm yikes
15:33 * magnuse breathes a sigh of relief
15:33 kf ah
15:33 kf was about to suggest that
15:33 * kf is too slow today
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15:38 wizzyrea kf that would have been a super suggestion
15:49 swegner using marcedit to copy 852 to 952 fields - any urls or howtos come to mind... I'm only finding bits and pieces with a google search.
15:58 slef swegner: I've URLs that explain the layout of 952 and the theoretical layout of 852 but every proprietary system seems to use 852 differently so you'd need to check it. Would they help?
15:59 slef @marc 852
15:59 huginn slef: Identifies the organization holding the item or from which it is available. May also contain detailed information about how to locate the item in a collection. (Repeatable) [a,b,c,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,p,q,s,t,u,x,z,2,3,6,8]
15:59 bigbrovar left #koha
16:00 swegner ya - I'll take it.  :)
16:01 slef I've added the 852 link to my 952 URL[…]data_fields_(9xx) but I can't help you with marcedit because I usually use XSLTs to convert other systems to koha
16:02 swegner cool - thanks!
16:04 kf left #koha
16:16 thd is now known as thd-away
16:23 hank_bank joined #koha
16:25 sophie_m left #koha
16:27 Johnindy joined #koha
16:35 Johnindy_ left #koha
16:36 rhcl[…]_control.html.csp
16:36 hank_bank left #koha
16:37 wizzyrea oops
16:37 wizzyrea left #koha
16:38 wizzyrea joined #koha
16:51 magnuse ouch
16:52 wizzyrea ?
16:52 Guillaume left #koha
16:54 magnuse the twitter thing (a bit slow...)
16:59 francharb left #koha
16:59 slef yeah well unknowable security and slow support is twitter for you (and facebook and ...)
17:01 slef until one of the open social networks takes off, this will keep repeating itself, with Hennepin County Library, with Fox News, with many more
17:05 oleonard Until then I reserve the right to hate it when it happens to Hennepin and like it when it happens to Fox News.
17:05 slef Libraries should take a bit of preventative medicine, use twitter a bit less and instead get involved with Diaspora, thimbl or one of the others and let them know what you think, to help them improve.
17:06 wizzyrea that kind of goes against the whole "be where your users are" movement
17:07 slef You need to both "be where your users are" and also "lead your users to where you'd like them to be"
17:07 wizzyrea yea, that really only works if Ashton Kutcher leads.
17:07 slef Users don't know everything. Hell, they don't value librarians enough.
17:08 slef 38degrees does OK without a celeb leader AFAICT
17:15 swegner thanks for the help all!  loging out.
17:15 swegner left #koha
17:15 wizzyrea lat... bye
17:21 cait joined #koha
17:22 magnuse hiya cait
17:22 cait hi magnuse
17:25 magnuse will probably join the gbsd on nz time
17:26 cait oh
17:26 cait tonight?
17:26 cait thought about that too
17:26 cait no new laptop... *sighs*
17:26 cait but could be worse
17:26 jcamins cait: do you have a tracking number?
17:26 magnuse hehe
17:26 cait not on it's way yet... waiting for a small part that I ordered with it...
17:26 cait big mistake
17:27 jcamins Aww. I hate it when that happens.
17:27 * magnuse has been burned by that too
17:27 cait status in account is still the same, called the hotline almost every day this week...
17:27 cait ok
17:27 cait so why did you 2 - knowing that I was about to order my laptop - not tell me?
17:27 * cait glares
17:28 * magnuse hides
17:28 cait ;)
17:28 cait jcamins: you can stop me from glaring with cookies :)
17:29 * magnuse hands cait a milk chocolate cookie
17:29 druthb oooo
17:29 * druthb wants a cookie, too!
17:30 bigbrovar joined #koha
17:30 magnuse druthb: you have to frighten us first ;-)
17:30 * cait glares a little more at jcamins while nibbling on ther cookie
17:30 * jcamins offers a conciliatory cookie to cait and druthb, and a cheering cookie to magnuse.
17:31 druthb to frighten I *want* to frighten him...?
17:32 magnuse moahaha
17:32 cait conciliatory?
17:32 hdl see ya
17:32 jcamins Yes, to make sure we're friends again.
17:32 cait hm, ok :)
17:33 * druthb waves an angry cat at magnuse, to see if that frightens him.
17:33 cait oh
17:33 cait why is captain midnight angry?
17:33 jcamins cait: probably because druthb won't give Captain Midnight a squirrel to play with?
17:34 magnuse oh no, not the cat, not the cat!
17:34 cait magnuse: seriously?
17:34 cait your achilles something is a cat?
17:34 * magnuse hands druthb a a cookie exactly like the one cait got
17:34 jcamins Speaking of cats, Myshkin knows they're the topic of discussion.
17:34 * cait thinks this feels like friday... perhaps because she is on vacation tomorrow :)
17:34 jcamins He's trying to knock me over.
17:35 cait hehe
17:35 * cait waves to myshkin
17:35 magnuse cait: nah, i'm fine with cats but being waved at with an angry one sounds scary
17:35 jcamins He just fell off the desk onto my lap.
17:35 magnuse hehe
17:36 wizzyrea
17:36 magnuse cait: gbsd-vacataion?
17:36 cait testing-new-laptop-on-gbsd-vacation
17:36 cait but...
17:36 jcamins That is one angry cat.
17:36 cait now you are right
17:40 hdl left #koha
17:41 jcamins The Harry Potter movie is opening tonight?
17:42 wizzyrea I guess so
17:42 wizzyrea ya
17:42 jcamins Am I a bad twenty-something for not having known that previously?
17:42 wizzyrea newp
17:44 cait good
17:44 * cait didn't know it too
17:45 * magnuse didn't either, but isn't exactly twenty-something...
17:45 * druthb knew it, but only because the minion was telling me.
17:47 * magnuse needs better informers
17:49 * cait is still a twenty something :P
17:51 * druthb wishes she was a youngling like cait sometimes.
17:51 * druthb is an ooooold lady
17:51 cait no, you are not
17:51 cait a lady yes, but not old
17:54 cait :)
17:55 * druthb is feeling the old today...creaky out of shape ol body.
17:58 jcamins Wow, Myshkin is in rare form.
17:59 druthb ?
18:00 jcamins He is running back and forth from the floor to the other side of the desk, by way of my lap, arms, mouse, and keyboard.
18:00 druthb lol
18:06 magnuse go myshkin go!
18:06 library_systems_guy ahh i got a conflict :'(
18:07 cait hm solve it?
18:07 * cait hands library_systems_guy a cookie
18:07 library_systems_guy im not really sure how...should i delete the conflicting files and repull?
18:08 library_systems_guy i think it is because i have a patch in queue
18:12 cait hm, you have commited changes?
18:12 cait or only changed some files? without committing?
18:16 * magnuse takes the dogs for a walk, will be back to squash bugs in a bit
18:16 magnuse is now known as magnus_walkies
18:29 francharb joined #koha
18:29 francharb left #koha
18:33 library_systems_guy cait: i commited some changes
18:37 tcohen left #koha
18:39 cait does git status show you the conflicted files?
18:40 cait hm
18:40 library_systems_guy no, but it did show me when it was trying to rebase
18:40 cait I think you could do a git reset --soft HEAD^ to undo your commit and git stash to save your changes away before updating, or you can solve the conflict
18:41 library_systems_guy hmm...well my commit is an approved patch
18:41 library_systems_guy so i assume it will end up in head sometime
18:41 cait you can get it back later from the git stash
18:41 cait our you could make a patch, undo it and apply the patch later
18:41 cait solving the conflicts after rebasing
18:41 cait or rebase and resolve in one step
18:42 cait what I do is git rebase
18:42 cait and then git status to see the files with conflicts
18:42 cait open viles and search for <<< to find the conflict markers
18:42 cait delete them out and make the code work again
18:42 cait git add the files
18:42 library_systems_guy i think it was seeing patch files in my patches folder
18:42 cait and git rebase --resolve / --continue (it tells you, not sure which it is)
18:42 library_systems_guy and trying to apply them
18:43 cait hm no, it shouldn't do that
18:43 library_systems_guy hmm...regardless...i think it is fixed now
18:43 cait ok
18:43 library_systems_guy i tried to do a stash
18:43 library_systems_guy and it said there was nothing to save
18:43 cait yes
18:44 cait git stash will only save changed that are not commited afaik
18:44 library_systems_guy another random question
18:44 library_systems_guy ahh
18:44 library_systems_guy do you rerun make after doing a rebase?
18:44 cait I think you can do it but I normally don't
18:44 cait if you want to get changes to index and zebra files you have to copy them over or rerun it
18:45 cait because they live in koha-dev
18:45 library_systems_guy i just notice some cp lines among the skips when i run a make
18:45 cait I think I copied them over last time I did have to check something and it worked - being careful with file permissions
18:45 library_systems_guy ok...thanks cait
18:45 library_systems_guy cait++ :)
18:46 cait ugh hope it's all true what I told you :)
18:46 library_systems_guy haha well if its not it can be fixed
18:46 bigbrovar left #koha
18:52 cait :)
18:53 davi left #koha
18:57 druthb1 joined #koha
18:57 bigbrovar joined #koha
19:00 wizzyrea oy what am I doing wrong here
19:00 wizzyrea i want records with ISBN's that have e-book in them
19:00 druthb left #koha
19:00 wizzyrea SELECT isbn, biblionumber FROM biblioitems WHERE isbn LIKE '%e-book%';
19:00 wizzyrea i know they exist
19:01 sekjal and you're getting empty set?
19:01 wizzyrea yea
19:01 wizzyrea without the limit it works
19:01 sekjal and are these ISBNs the first the MARC record, or do the non-ebook ISBNS come first?
19:02 wizzyrea that is a good question
19:02 wizzyrea I'd guess both
19:02 wizzyrea what's the difference?
19:02 sekjal the ISBN field in the database is only 20 char long
19:02 wizzyrea ooooo
19:02 sekjal so it'll get the first ISBN in the MARC record, and as much of the next as is possible
19:03 sekjal separated by " | "
19:03 wizzyrea and the rest are...
19:03 wizzyrea hidden away in the marcxms?
19:03 wizzyrea marcxml
19:03 sekjal yup
19:03 wizzyrea bother.
19:03 wizzyrea k I think I know what to do ;)
19:03 wizzyrea thx
19:03 library_systems_guy down with MARC...
19:03 wizzyrea sekjal++
19:03 library_systems_guy just saying
19:03 sekjal you'll need to use an Xpath to extract them
19:03 sekjal or use Zebra
19:05 wizzyrea k I think I get it
19:05 wizzyrea something like
19:05 wizzyrea SELECT CONCAT('',biblionumber,'')
19:05 wizzyrea AS bibnumber, ExtractValue(marcxml,
19:05 wizzyrea '//datafield[@tag="020"]/subfield[@code>="a"]') as isbn FROM biblioitems WHERE
19:05 wizzyrea (isbn LIKE '%ebook%') having isbn != ''
19:05 wizzyrea ew sorry paste
19:05 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6534] Duplicate opac renew buttons at the top of the checkouts list <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6534>
19:08 bigbrovar left #koha
19:12 cait wizzyrea++ :)
19:13 oleonard sekjal: Were you working on a patch for Bug 6484?
19:13 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6484 normal, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW , due date sorter on 'my summary' missing
19:13 druthb1 is now known as druthb
19:13 sekjal oleonard:  I was looking at it, but hadn't started coding yet
19:14 oleonard Just wondering if it should be assigned to you
19:14 wizzyrea dunno, i'm getting kind of weird results from that
19:15 Guillaume joined #koha
19:16 sekjal oleonard:  if you've got the time and inclination to tackle it, I wouldn't object (you're probably quicker to fix it than I would be)
19:17 * oleonard finds another bug while he's at it
19:20 cait oleonard creates more patches for gbsd :)
19:21 oleonard I was worried there weren't going to be enough to go around ;)
19:23 cait hehe
19:24 cait sometimes creating patches is more fun than testing them
19:24 cait more creative
19:25 jcamins cait: isn't it always?
19:28 cait hm yes
19:28 cait hm or not, some things I can't fix myself and it's fun to test them and know that's something I will not have to worry about any longer
19:37 magnus_walkies is now known as magnuse
19:48 oleonard left #koha
19:57 JesseM left #koha
20:06 jwagner left #koha
20:07 collum left #koha
20:21 rangi morning
20:22 magnuse kia ora rangi
20:23 cait morning rangi
20:25 bigbrovar joined #koha
20:32 rangi[…]Dem+Bugs/56508714  <-- bug squishing music
20:32 wizzyrea ok, one more question
20:32 rangi ?
20:34 cait yay
20:35 cait squish dem bugs?
20:35 rangi heh
20:36 rangi oh and btw eythian looks after wahanui now, so ill get him to look when he pops up
20:38 * magnuse doesn't have enough bandwidth
20:38 rangi ah bummer
20:38 magnuse but i do have an ipod (eek) full of music...
20:40 * rangi is working on rebasing bug 1232
20:40 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1232 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Add Invoice/Credit/Fines Payed For Day on Issues (Print Page) (Print Slip)
20:40 magnuse yay
20:41 rangi they are pretty old, no guarantees i can get them into a usable state
20:41 sekjal is now known as Guest1326
20:41 sekjal_ joined #koha
20:41 sekjal_ is now known as sekjal
20:41 rangi but ill have a go
20:42 cait :)
20:43 cait go rangi go :)
20:43 * rangi cranks the bass
20:46 magnuse yay
20:46 * cait needs some coffee
20:48 cait I am going to look through some older bugs
20:48 cait checking status and such
20:49 rangi nope the patches dont do anything useful
20:49 * rangi moves on
20:49 magnuse i'm trying to figure out which bugs with "needs signoff" can't be signed off e.g. because they depend on some other bug that failed qa
20:49 rangi ah good idea
20:50 cait rangi: marked the bug?
20:50 magnuse 'cause there's no way to do that with a search or something, right?
20:50 rangi yep removed patch sent
20:51 cait k
20:51 cait waited for themail to show up
20:51 cait perhaps qa missing
20:51 rangi ah yeah could be
20:51 cait rangi: bug 4831?
20:51 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4831 critical, P5, ---, henridamien, NEW , Actual Price being ignored after receive
20:52 rangi yes?
20:52 cait only suggesting :P
20:52 rangi that doesnt even have a patch sent :)
20:52 cait I know
20:53 * cait starts the music
20:53 wizzyrea alright
20:53 wizzyrea this is elementary
20:53 wizzyrea here's my question
20:54 * cait is waiting for the ran
20:54 cait rain
20:54 cait[…]_niederschlag.php
20:54 wizzyrea we have instances of bibs that have items on them with both large print and any other ccode
20:54 wizzyrea I need to be able to identify them
20:54 cait the lake is in the right top corner... big clouds coming
20:54 wizzyrea but I'm not having any particular luck
20:54 wizzyrea well
20:54 wizzyrea i'm lacking in creativity
20:54 cait what is the question?
20:55 cait find bibs with ccode large print and another ccode?
20:55 wizzyrea and any other ccode
20:55 cait ok
20:55 cait hm
20:55 wizzyrea i know this should be easy!
20:56 cait select * from items where bib# in (select distinct bib# from items where ccode="large print") and ccode != "large print"
20:56 cait perhaps?
20:56 Guest1326 left #koha
20:57 cait rangi++
20:57 * cait sends cookies
20:57 wizzyrea it runs at least :)
20:57 wizzyrea results to follow
20:57 sekjal_ joined #koha
20:57 wizzyrea I will... I don't know what, but that's been stumping me for a while.
20:57 wizzyrea if it works
20:58 cait hm
20:58 cait hope it doesn't kill it
20:58 wizzyrea it's the reporting server, no worries
20:59 * rangi marks one does not apply as resolved fixed, another bug already fixed it
21:02 bigbrovar left #koha
21:02 magnuse yay!
21:04 cait confirming bug 3337 is still existing in master
21:04 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3337 minor, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , RSS link is not correct
21:06 wizzyrea cait++
21:06 wizzyrea cait++
21:07 wizzyrea you deserve 2 for that
21:07 cait oh
21:07 cait thx :)
21:07 cait so I assume it worked?
21:07 druthb cait++
21:09 magnuse cait++
21:09 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 2809] Some search problems <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2809>
21:09 rangi kapow
21:09 magnuse heh
21:10 rangi 59 in does not apply now
21:10 cait :)
21:11 cait magnus: do you have the number we started with noted somewhereß
21:11 cait ?
21:12 magnuse on the wiki page i think, under numbers
21:12 rhcl left #koha
21:15 cait ok
21:15 rangi yep
21:17 wizzyrea you can play this sound every time you squish one
21:17 wizzyrea
21:18 rhcl joined #koha
21:18 rangi 56
21:21 rangi all the ptfs ones wont ever apply, unless the person who wrote them rebases them on master (they are based on 3 year old code) and sends patches
21:21 rangi (they were based on 1.5 year old code when they were first submitted)
21:21 rangi so ill probably just mark them all as such
21:21 rangi skipping past them for now
21:22 cait +1
21:27 cait bug 3624 xhtml validiy patch needs to be redone for TT
21:27 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3624 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---, paul.poulain, REOPENED , Basket group delivery place
21:28 sekjal_ i've got folks interested in bug4329, so I'm willing to rebase and expand it until it's acceptable to the community
21:28 wizzyrea bug 4329
21:28 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4329 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, ian.walls, ASSIGNED , OPAC search by shelving location option
21:31 sekjal left #koha
21:31 rangi cool
21:32 cait sekjal: I think we have a text search option in the pull downs now, have you seen that?
21:33 cait I think we need something better - but it's useful for now
21:33 cait hm
21:34 cait I seeseveral  bugs about xss vulnerabilities
21:34 cait like bug 3652
21:34 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3652 critical, P1, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , XSS vulnerabilities
21:35 rangi yup i just moved that out of does not apply, it needs a rethink for template::toolkit
21:35 cait ah ok
21:35 cait thought about moving it to does not apply
21:36 cait so next bug
21:36 rangi heh, when the patch is so totally not right, it needs a total new one, not just rebasing/fixing
21:36 rangi so i remove patch sent status for those
21:37 cait ok :)
21:38 Guillaume left #koha
21:38 sekjal_ is now known as sekjal
21:38 magnuse the table for claiming bugs for sign off is up now, IF we want to use it:[…]a_bug_for_signoff.21 (based on templates this time)
21:39 cait failed qa = only for patches that have not been pushed yet?
21:39 Space_Librarian joined #koha
21:39 rangi yes
21:39 cait ok
21:39 cait so I will reset 4857 to empty status and remove patch -sent?
21:40 rangi if they have been pushed, and still dont work, need to be noted as such, id reset the patch status too
21:40 rangi yes
21:40 cait bug 4857
21:40 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4857 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, henridamien, ASSIGNED , consideration of Planning categories with authorised values
21:40 rangi hi Space_Librarian
21:40 Space_Librarian hey
21:40 cait hi Space_Librarian :)
21:40 Space_Librarian hi cait :)
21:44 sekjal goodnight, #koha!  see you tomorrow for bug squashery!
21:44 sekjal left #koha
21:50 Space_Librarian left #koha
21:50 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 3624] Basket group delivery place <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3624>
21:52 Space_Librarian joined #koha
22:01 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
22:04 hankbank joined #koha
22:06 library_systems_guy left #koha
22:07 magnuse as far as i can see there are 6 bugs that have status "needs signoff", but which depends on other bugs that have failed qa:[…]a_bug_for_signoff.21
22:07 rangi sounds plausible
22:08 hankbank left #koha
22:10 cait magnuse++
22:12 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5009] add autocomplete="off" to borrowernumbers and barcode forms <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5009>
22:15 magnuse updated this too, before that new one:[…]shing_day#Numbers
22:15 cait bug 5658 tested and resolved fixed
22:15 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5658 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, fridolyn.somers, RESOLVED FIXED, can't delete subfields in frameworks
22:15 rangi thats utc time?
22:15 magnuse "needs signoff" has gone from 50 to 54
22:16 magnuse rangi: meant to be, yes
22:16 rangi yeah i fixed 4 does not apply ones
22:16 rangi that should keep going up for a while, until ppl start signing off
22:16 magnuse added a note about utc
22:16 rangi cool
22:16 magnuse yeah, keep em coming
22:19 cait mark resolved fix but keep patch pushed? or remove?
22:19 rangi keep patch pushed
22:20 cait ok
22:20 cait sorry, got confused
22:20 cait bug 5240 resolved fixed
22:20 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5240 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, RESOLVED FIXED, next link hidden on edit subfields
22:20 rangi np :)
22:21 cait rangi: what's the easiest way to check to with branches a patch was applied?
22:22 rangi ?
22:22 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5263] Add support for including fields from the ISSUES table in advanced due notices <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5263>
22:22 cait looking at 5860 now - the stocknumber problem
22:22 cait there is only a note from you that it was pushed to master
22:22 cait but nothing about 3.4 or 3.2
22:22 rangi yeah i only ever push to master
22:22 rangi chris_n pulls to 3.4 or 3.2
22:23 cait I thought you perhaps know a trick to find out if it was also applied to those
22:25 rangi only if it was the same commit number
22:26 cait ok
22:26 * rangi gets yanked off to work on client work, will try to do some more squashing later
22:31 druthb left #koha
22:51 cait time to sleep -too tired to think
22:51 cait see you all tomorrow
22:51 rangi cya
22:51 cait left #koha
22:52 magnuse signed off my first bug, 54 still needs signoff...
22:52 * magnuse will be back for some more after a bit of sleep
22:53 magnuse g'night #koha
22:53 rangi night magnuse
22:53 magnuse ta!
22:53 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
23:09 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
23:43 Leftmost left #koha
23:43 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5511] Check for Change in Remote IP address for Session Security. Disable when remote ip address changes frequently. <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5511>
23:51 slef ok, can I object to a support provider listing request and how?
23:52 rangi last time this was discussed it was decided anyone could object and to do so on the mailing list
23:52 rangi im guessing this is the one that come through last night?
23:54 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5621] Google Translation for indian languages. <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5621>
23:56 druthb joined #koha
23:57 slef yeah :-(
23:58 rangi annoying
23:59 BobB joined #koha

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