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00:09 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #282: SUCCESS in 41 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/282/
00:09 jenkins_koha * ruth: Bug 6467: Add shelving location to checkin screen
00:09 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 5268: Change all occurances of 'debar' to 'restrict'
00:09 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6467 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW , Add shelving location to checkin results screen
00:09 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5268 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---, nengard, ASSIGNED , Language Issue: Debarred
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00:43 rangi pianohacker++ #another sign off
00:44 pianohacker Piece by piece. I am getting paid for it, which makes wading through other people's code a bit more pleasant :)
00:46 rangi *nod*
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00:48 pianohacker1 wireless crapping out, logging out so as not spam the channel
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01:20 druthb o/
01:20 bg hi ruth
01:20 druthb hi, brendan.  :)
01:21 druthb bg++ #BEST BOSS EVAR
01:21 druthb Six months now; I can speak with Authority.
01:21 rangi wb druthb
01:21 Space_Librarian druthb: sounds like an awesome boss.
01:22 bg heh heya Space_Librarian
01:22 Space_Librarian hey Brendan
01:23 druthb he is, Shelley.  He insists otherwise, of course.
01:23 Space_Librarian humility is a good thing. ;)
01:24 * mtj waves
01:24 rangi heya mtj
01:25 druthb hi, mtj!  :)
01:25 mtj heya, spoke to theo-soc last nite...
01:25 Space_Librarian hey mtj
01:25 rangi ah yeah, i told them to give you a call
01:26 rangi shes coming to the koha users group meeting
01:26 rangi speaking of which, you are coming right mtj? :)
01:33 mtj ah, yes - i planned too
01:33 * mtj looks at calendar
01:34 rangi sweet, you should fill in the registration form
01:34 rangi so we can get numbers for food
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02:15 mtj roger, will do
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02:33 hdl hi there
02:33 wahanui what's up, hdl
02:34 rangi wow, working late hdl
03:00 hdl waking up early.
03:02 rangi ahhh
03:02 rangi very early, its 4am?
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03:10 hdl now it is 5
03:12 rangi ahh we are only 10 hours in front at the moment
03:26 rangi hdl: if you are awake enough :) do you know much about bug 5436?
03:26 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5436 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, guillaume.hatt, ASSIGNED , Extended patron attributes display improvements
03:28 hdl Well I think I know yes...
03:28 hdl since we sent that.
03:30 rangi yep, guillaume seemed to find a problem with it
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03:30 rangi once its sorted i think we can sign off 5872 which would be great ;)
03:31 hdl Is there a branch I could jump to ?
03:31 Irma Hi all
03:31 rangi i can push it up on a branch if you like
03:31 rangi 2 secs
03:32 Space_Librarian Hey Irma
03:32 Irma bonjour space_librarian :-)
03:32 Space_Librarian bonjour :)
03:33 Irma Looking forward to knitting a wrap for the world soon?
03:33 Space_Librarian Indeed I am. :)
03:33 rangi ill reformat it for template toolkit and push it up for you, will take me about 20 mins, ill let you know when its ready
03:33 Irma 10 degrees in Sydney right now ... a bit chilly for us ...
03:34 Irma bring your wool jumpers
03:34 Space_Librarian O.o Heavens, that *is* chilly for Sydney.
03:34 Space_Librarian Mind you, I'm used to Canberra's dry cold.
03:34 Irma ;-)
03:34 Irma I have a quick question re Koha 3.4.
03:35 Irma NO_LIBRARY_SET                              (Set)                      |                                                kohaadmin                          (Log Out) |                  [ ? ]
03:35 Irma I don't see the (Set) in Kopha 3.4.
03:35 Irma Is that a known bug?
03:36 Irma what I pasted at 13:39:59 comes from a Koha 3.2. installation
03:37 rangi not that im aware of
03:37 Irma ah ... thanks rangi
03:38 Irma a system preference?
03:38 wahanui a system preference is ReservesMaxPickUpDelay
03:38 Irma ah ... checking this out ... 2 seconds pls
03:39 rangi im not saying it doesnt happen, just its not known to happen ;)
03:40 Irma no sys preference for No_Library_Set
03:42 rangi have you tried logging in as a real user
03:42 rangi you should only login as kohaadmin long enough to set up a real user
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03:59 rangi hdl:[…]iting_qa/bug_5436
04:00 hdl ok thanks will test that soon
04:00 rangi cool thank you
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04:00 rangi guillaime said something about it renewing a patron? but im not sure how
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04:40 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: BUG6067 When Add Duplicate changing framework would loose data <[…]332f374aa2bba603e> / Merge remote-tracking branch 'kc/new/bug_5868' into kcmaster <[…]fd21ba543b74eb334> / Bug 5868 follow-up: missing subfields in subject index <
04:42 jenkins_koha Starting build 283 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
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04:55 francharb hi everyone
04:55 rangi hi francharb
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05:24 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #283: SUCCESS in 42 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/283/
05:24 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 5868 follow-up: missing subfields in subject index
05:24 jenkins_koha * fridolyn.somers: BUG6067 When Add Duplicate changing framework would loose data
05:24 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5868 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, jcamins, ASSIGNED , Subject indexes do not search most 6xx fields
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06:04 Ropuch Morning #koha
06:10 rangi hi Ropuch
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06:27 magnuse kia ora #koha
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06:33 reiveune hello
06:33 wahanui what's up, reiveune
06:34 magnuse bonjour reiveune
06:34 reiveune hi magnuse
06:38 rangi hi magnuse and reiveune
06:38 magnuse ata marie rangi
06:38 reiveune hi rangi
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06:40 clrh hi
06:40 magnuse bonjour clrh
06:52 alex_a hello magnuse rangi and all
06:52 magnuse bonjour alex_a
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06:56 hdl hi all
06:58 magnuse bonjour hdl
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07:00 julian hello #koha
07:00 magnuse bonjour julian
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07:07 cait joined #koha
07:07 cait good morning from berlin! :)
07:07 cait konferenzwlan leider furchtbar langsam
07:08 Oak thank you thank you
07:08 Oak good morning to you too cait :)
07:08 cait ah, wrong window :)
07:08 cait it's too early
07:08 cait hi Oak :)
07:08 Oak good mood huh?
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07:09 cait too many smileys?
07:09 Oak nah :)
07:09 Oak just enought
07:10 cait yeah, had a good breakfast and have some time
07:10 Oak enough
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07:10 Oak that's good.
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07:13 aaaa How to modify the login screen of koha
07:13 aaaa ?
07:13 aaaa the GUI part
07:13 cait aaaa: you can use css and jquery I think
07:13 cait intranetuserjs and intranetusercss in the sysprfs
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07:13 cait but depends on what you want to do
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07:16 magnuse guten morgen cait
07:16 cait hi magnuse :)
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07:23 Amit_Gupta heya chris ;)
07:23 Amit_Gupta heya collum
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07:30 rangi back, kids asleep
07:30 Oak peace now?
07:31 Oak :)
07:32 rangi yep
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07:34 cait hi rangi
07:36 rangi heya cait
07:36 magnuse rangi++ # for signing off patches
07:36 matts_away is now known as matts
07:36 cait rangi++
07:36 magnuse maybe we should declare a global signing off day before summer?
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07:37 rangi well thats not until october
07:37 rangi so lots of time ;)
07:37 rangi but yes
07:37 Oak rangi++
07:37 magnuse would be good if the number was a bit lower...
07:38 rangi a global sign off days, 24 hours in whatever timezone you are in, to try and get as many signed off as possible
07:38 cait what is before october?
07:38 rangi winter cait :)
07:38 cait hmpf
07:38 cait :)
07:38 * cait is still a bit sleepy
07:38 magnuse ah, sorry for northern-hemispere-centricity rangi ;-)
07:39 rangi hehe im used to it :)
07:39 magnuse "in june" might have been better
07:39 rangi how about next friday, 17th
07:39 magnuse that would be perfect for me!
07:40 rangi ill leave it for you to propose it on the lists then ;)
07:40 magnuse hehe, thought so!
07:40 magnuse ;-)
07:40 rangi there are quite a few patches i reformatted, so cant sign off on
07:40 magnuse are there any cool ways we could visualize the work done? to make it more inspiring?
07:40 rangi i can do something
07:40 cait oh :(
07:40 rangi because i can query the db
07:40 cait travelling all day on friday
07:41 rangi and make funky graphs
07:41 sophie_m joined #koha
07:41 cait real time would be good
07:41 cait perhaps a page on the wiki
07:42 rangi how about a realtime count
07:42 rangi that moves from red if over 50
07:42 rangi orange if under 50 over 20
07:42 magnuse yeah, we might have a page on the wiki where people can say what they are testing, so we are not all testing the same thing?
07:42 rangi and green if under 20
07:42 magnuse sounds cool!
07:42 rangi that sounds like a good idea too
07:42 rangi claim a bug
07:43 magnuse yup
07:43 Oak like... 'that's my bug, go find your own bug'
07:43 magnuse cait: you can test patches on the train!
07:43 cait yep
07:43 cait with that wobbly internet connection? :(
07:43 cait I had a hard time to stay on irc
07:44 cait downloading files and looking at twitter was too much
07:44 magnuse cait: claim a couple of bugs before you set off, download the patches and test offline
07:45 cait could try that
07:45 miguel hello all
07:45 magnuse it's possible to get graphs from bugzilla too:[…]substring&emailty
07:45 magnuse pe2=substring&emailtype3=substring&field0-0-0=​cf_patch_status&keywords=&keywords_type=allwor​ds&longdesc=&longdesc_type=allwordssubstr&quer​y_format=report-graph&resolution=---&short_des​c=&short_desc_type=allwordssubstr&type0-0-0=no​tequals&value0-0-0=---&x_axis_field=&y_axis_fi​eld=cf_patch_status&z_axis_field=&format=bar&c​type=png&action=plot&width=600&height=350
07:45 magnuse oops
07:45 rangi yes
07:45 rangi but the url is horrid :)
07:46 magnuse a little bit, yes ;-)
07:46 rangi what id like is a little status button
07:46 rangi on the get-involved page
07:46 julian joined #koha
07:46 rangi that changes colour ;)
07:46 magnuse ohh, cool!
07:46 rangi but i can do lots of reports as the day goes on
07:47 rangi and do a leaderboard :)
07:47 magnuse showing who has signed off the most?
07:48 cait what about monday next week?
07:48 cait ... but I see that friday makes sense probably
07:48 magnuse 13th? that's a holiday here...
07:49 cait right, here too
07:49 cait bad suggestion
07:49 rangi yeah, mondays are always busy too
07:49 cait and you were talking about next friday 17th - not travelling then, but have a gues
07:49 cait t
07:49 cait so even worse
07:49 cait hmpf
07:50 rangi hehe, you can do it nz time cait
07:50 rangi which is the 16th
07:50 cait she will keep me up
07:50 Oak :)
07:50 cait and arrives on thursday
07:50 cait we will be at the zoo on friday
07:50 cait it's not about me
07:50 rangi you have already done lots anyway
07:50 magnuse cancel the zoo and teach her to help you sign off patches ;-)
07:51 cait it's ok
07:51 rangi if it works
07:51 rangi we could do one every month
07:52 magnuse yeah, that would be cool
07:53 magnuse so we have landed on the 17th?
07:53 magnuse i can do a wiki page and send an email
07:53 magnuse just to the devel-list, right?
07:54 rangi why not to the main one too
07:54 rangi we might get some new volunteers ;)
07:54 magnuse sure
07:55 cait last try, what about wednesday?
07:55 magnuse fine with me
07:55 cait 15... nice.. middle of month...
07:55 rangi the only thing is that is pretty close, might be hard for people to organise
07:55 magnuse hehe
07:56 rangi but it would be ok by me
07:57 cait ok, now I feel like pushing you around. Set a date and I will try to find that link I was looking for
07:57 rangi 15 is fine by me
07:58 magnuse ok, that's settled then?
07:58 rangi any opinions from france? :)
07:59 cait silence
07:59 Oak who is from france?
07:59 cait Oak: 15th ok for you?
08:00 rangi about 10 people here :)
08:00 Oak yes!
08:00 Oak ah, cool
08:00 rangi i suspect they are all busy eating pain au chocolat
08:00 rangi :-)
08:00 magnuse hehe
08:00 Oak that can't be possible
08:00 Oak :D
08:00 rangi or creme brulee
08:00 * rangi wants to visit france again
08:01 * magnuse too
08:01 * cait too
08:01 Oak ok, me too then
08:02 cait or yummy pizza
08:02 Oak and Italy
08:03 paul_p well, today, no creme brulee or pain au chocolat
08:03 paul_p but it seems kim made some tiramisu
08:04 magnuse ooh
08:04 paul_p (not really french, but really good though :D )
08:04 rangi :)
08:04 paul_p (kim = our sales assistant)
08:04 magnuse tiramisu++
08:04 cait kim++
08:04 magnuse kim++
08:04 paul_p what is very nice with being 15 at BibLibre, is that we really often have someone coming with some good things
08:05 paul_p some cherries from the garden last week
08:05 rangi ohh cherries
08:05 paul_p a "clafouti aux cerises" last week too
08:05 rangi in nz, we have cherries for christmas
08:07 rangi ok, i reckon 15 it is magnuse
08:07 magnuse rangi: consider it done ;-)
08:08 * cait sends lots of cookies and chocolate
08:10 julian_ joined #koha
08:11 cait ...and found the link:
08:12 Oak nice
08:12 magnuse yay
08:13 rangi cool
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08:20 julian_ is now known as julian
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08:26 Oak joined #koha
08:27 Oak ... electricity was out
08:27 cait oh :(
08:29 Oak I should try to replicate this look on local install ... just for fun :)
08:31 magnuse first attempt at a wiki page:[…]f_day,_2011-06-15 i'll give y'all a little time to improve it before i send an email to the lists ;-)
08:34 christophe_c joined #koha
08:34 magnuse hm, this might be a better name for it:[…]f_day,_2011-06-15 (or is glogal a word?)
08:34 christophe_c @sophie_m++
08:34 huginn` christophe_c: downloading the Perl source
08:34 rangi heh
08:34 christophe_c hello
08:34 magnuse christophe_c: skip the @ ;-)
08:35 rangi hi christophe_c :)
08:35 magnuse bonjour christophe_c
08:35 christophe_c oups sry :-[
08:35 christophe_c magnuse++
08:35 christophe_c ;-)
08:35 christophe_c sophie_m++
08:36 christophe_c hello all
08:37 f3ew left #koha
08:38 cait hi christophe_c :)
08:38 cait magnuse++
08:39 christophe_c hi cait
08:39 cait magnuse: wiki page looks great
08:39 cait ok, have to go to find our booth
08:39 magnuse have fun cait!
08:39 Oak take care
08:40 cait :)
08:40 cait left #koha
08:40 magnuse one more sign off now and we reach an all time low (?) of 65!
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08:48 slef hrm, so I'm not going to enjoy opening my koha list mailbox today, am I?
08:49 magnuse depends on when you opened it last...
08:52 rangi yeah, id just avoid the one thread, its pointless
08:53 rangi the rest are fine tho :)
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09:03 Brooke joined #koha
09:03 Brooke kia ora
09:04 Oak Haere Mai Brooke
09:04 Brooke :)
09:04 Oak :)
09:05 Oak Whānau
09:05 Brooke heheh
09:05 Oak :]
09:06 Brooke He aha ō mahi i tēnei rā?
09:06 Oak uh oh. i'll get back to you in few minutes with an answer
09:07 Oak Tāiho
09:08 rangi magnuse:[…]bin/
09:08 rangi it changes to orange when it gets below 60
09:08 rangi and then green below 30
09:08 Brooke it's like homeland security but better!
09:08 rangi yep :)
09:09 rangi it actually isnt futile ;-)
09:09 magnuse rangi: very cool!
09:09 rangi feel free to embed it with ajax whereever you like
09:09 magnuse hm, i wonder if there is some way to get it into the wiki...
09:09 Brooke prolly :D
09:10 Oak Brooke, Piro rawa atu! He aha pea he mahi mā tāua?
09:10 Oak no wait
09:10 Oak that's wrong
09:11 Oak Pai mārika taku rā! Hei aha māu?
09:11 Oak better!
09:12 rangi but not quite right
09:12 Oak hmm, yes
09:12 rangi brooke asked what you are working on today
09:13 Brooke isn't Hei aha māu? a wee bit combative?
09:13 rangi nope
09:14 Oak quite friendly in fact
09:14 rangi but doesnt really answer the question
09:14 Oak but i would not say that to my mom
09:14 rangi what are you working on today
09:14 rangi my day is really good
09:15 rangi and you?
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09:15 Oak i made a newsletter, and made updates to one of our websites
09:15 Oak now time for lunch...
09:15 Brooke now that we need vocabulary for
09:15 Brooke I was messin' with the wiki.
09:15 Brooke wiki should be relatively the same
09:17 Oak hm
09:21 Oak @wunder islamabad
09:21 huginn` Oak: The current temperature in Islamabad, Pakistan is 39.0�C (12:00 PM PKT on June 07, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 27%. Dew Point: 17.0�C. Pressure: 29.59 in 1002 hPa (Steady).
09:21 Oak oh good, it's cooler than yesterday
09:23 magnuse @wunder boo
09:23 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 13.0�C (9:50 AM CEST on June 07, 2011). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.62 in 1003 hPa (Rising).
09:24 magnuse summer!
09:24 wahanui summer is probably here now
09:24 magnuse right you are wahanui!
09:24 magnuse @wunder wellington
09:24 huginn` magnuse: Error: No such location could be found.
09:24 magnuse @wunder wellington, new zealand
09:24 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 15.0�C (7:00 PM NZST on June 07, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Steady).
09:26 Oak time to get ready for class
09:26 Oak later
09:26 * Brooke thinks huginn ought know which wellies we mean
09:27 Brooke see ya!
09:27 Oak :)
09:27 Oak left #koha
09:29 rangi its ipv6 day
09:29 rangi or soon will be
09:30 rangi 8th june
09:30 magnuse
09:30 rangi
09:30 Brooke do they mean New Zealand, or do they mean for the unwashed masses?
09:31 rangi well probably us time
09:31 rangi google and a few others will be serving over ipv6
09:33 Brooke dude!
09:33 Brooke Kansas is on there ;)
09:34 rangi and a few norwegian ones
09:34 magnuse huh?
09:35 Brooke and Ore Pee Eye!
09:35 Brooke but not me, cause Comcast sucks again.
09:35 rangi
09:35 rangi scroll down to the bottom
09:36 rangi they are ipv6 all the time now ;)
09:36 magnuse woohoo ;-)
09:41 * Brooke thinks this is prolly an opportune time to complain about the router again...
10:00 rangi magnuse: i have nothing to add to the wiki page
10:01 Brooke I added a link, but I should poke at it to embed cooly
10:01 magnuse cool, i'll send the email in a short while
10:02 magnuse i think you need to fiddle with php and extensions on the server to get it into the wiki page, Brooke...
10:05 rangi sounds likely
10:05 rangi but it should be easy to add with ajax to th get-involved page
10:05 rangi on the main site
10:05 magnuse probably
10:05 rangi ill pester wizzyrea about it tomorrow
10:17 tcohen joined #koha
10:17 Brooke 0/
10:24 magnuse rangi: what colour names are you using in i'm trying to convert it into an image...
10:25 rangi red, orange and green
10:25 magnuse ok, thanks
10:27 matts is now known as matts_away
10:28 druthb joined #koha
10:28 magnuse o/
10:29 druthb o/
10:29 rangi hi druthb
10:30 druthb hi, magnus and rangi! :D
10:31 slef hrm
10:31 * druthb waves to slef.
10:31 slef so after detaching items from biblios, koha doesn't handle 100s of items in 3.4? Or have I misunderstood when that happened or its effect?
10:32 slef hi druthb
10:32 rangi slef: dont expect anything but lies, thats all i expect
10:32 rangi its not worth the time, its bullshit and the author knows it too
10:33 rangi but yes, if you rebuild_zebra with -b -x -z and another job running -a -z it copes with 100s of items
10:34 rangi the detail pages get a bit clunky, but thats nothing a bit of paging couldnt fix
10:34 slef so I can just reply with "that's been fixed and there are other capacity-improvement patches and branches linked on the wiki"?
10:34 mib_op1jc3 left #koha
10:34 slef I'd like to rebut but minimise the time.
10:34 rangi if you want to feed the troll, they have a case of last worditis
10:35 Ropuch^ joined #koha
10:35 rangi so im sure some crap will come back
10:36 rangi maybe it will now be the UK koha
10:36 rangi bleagh
10:36 rangi so stupid, i wish they would just play in their own sandpit and leave everyone else alone
10:39 rangi and with that, im going to go to sleep
10:40 Ropuch left #koha
10:41 magnuse sleep tight, rangi
10:42 * Brooke gives slef an inoculation against last word syndrome.
10:42 Brooke night rangi
10:44 slef "don't feed the troll" is an antipattern
10:44 slef I've suffered it many times.
10:44 slef You cannot let lies go unchallenged because some people will believe them.
10:44 slef Possibly they will repeat them.
10:45 slef Eventually, enough people believe the lies that it harms you.
10:45 vfernandes joined #koha
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10:47 vfernandes joined #koha
10:47 vfernandes hi people :)
10:47 Brooke hola
10:47 wahanui niihau, Brooke
10:49 vfernandes let me start with one question: who ordering by title result search records work? because when ordering from A to Z it appears for example A then T then C... which is a incorrect order
10:49 vfernandes *how ordering
10:55 vfernandes in the Author it appends the same thing
10:56 vfernandes what could be wrong with ordering?
10:58 slef sounds like zebra config, perhaps?
11:01 vfernandes maybe but how i can debug the problem?
11:03 vfernandes i think that zebra doens't count with word "The"
11:03 hdl left #koha
11:05 Brooke MARC usually doesn't count "The"
11:05 Brooke or at least, shouldn't.
11:06 Brooke because you ought have summat in there that says "Hey! Skip this crap." namely a 4
11:08 vfernandes why doesn't count "the"? is a word... lol i'm not a librarian so it's making me confused
11:08 vfernandes http://catalogo.biblioteca.isc[…]&sort_by=title_az
11:09 vfernandes without "The" the result list is well ordered
11:11 vfernandes how to solve this? any idea slef or Brooke?
11:12 Brooke that looks to be how it is meant to sort
11:12 Brooke it isn't sorting on initial articles
11:12 slef The is a stop word
11:12 Brooke and it oughtn't unless that article is special
11:12 Brooke as with stephen king's "It"
11:13 hdl joined #koha
11:13 Brooke arguably the prejudice titles are improperly sorted.
11:14 Brooke though it probably treats : as a full stop
11:15 Brooke so my verdict is, you'll drive yourself insane if you try and fix summat that isn't actually broken.
11:16 vfernandes i don't even know where to start debugging the problem
11:18 Brooke there is no bug
11:18 Brooke language is filed letter by letter word by word
11:18 Brooke here I'll dig up the filing rules
11:19 Brooke[…]onepage&q&f=false
11:19 Brooke See 4 Initial Articles.
11:20 vfernandes i know that isn't a bug, but for me it's a problem because the librarian i'm work with wants it correctly ordered
11:20 Brooke then show the Librarian 4.
11:20 Brooke diplomatically, of course ;)
11:21 JesseM joined #koha
11:21 Brooke 0/
11:23 vfernandes there is also problem with portuguese titles "A história"... "A" doesn't counts for ordering
11:24 nengard joined #koha
11:30 tcohen left #koha
11:31 Amit_Gupta left #koha
11:31 Amit_Gupta joined #koha
11:32 druthb left #koha
11:34 Irma left #koha
11:34 vfernandes damn :/
11:35 jwagner_away is now known as jwagner
11:35 jwagner left #koha
11:41 jwagner joined #koha
11:43 Irma joined #koha
11:44 Brooke 0/
11:47 vfernandes i've changed marc_defs of zebra where there is a map of the words "The", "An", "a"...
11:47 vfernandes i've commentated that mapping... let's see if worls
11:47 vfernandes *works
11:52 Irma left #koha
11:55 matts_away is now known as matts
11:58 vfernandes commentate doesn't solve my problem but changing the map solved :)
11:58 vfernandes vfernandes++ lol
11:58 huginn` vfernandes: Error: You're not allowed to adjust your own karma.
12:02 NateC joined #koha
12:08 Brooke 0/
12:16 Amit_Gupta left #koha
12:21 tcohen joined #koha
12:31 nengard left #koha
12:34 Brooke left #koha
12:40 nengard joined #koha
12:43 slef hrm, don't know if that will do any good
12:47 tcohen left #koha
12:57 tcohen joined #koha
13:00 bigbrovar left #koha
13:04 talljoy joined #koha
13:05 tcohen hi #koha
13:05 bigbrovar joined #koha
13:22 skushner joined #koha
13:23 vfernandes problem with title ordering solved
13:23 vfernandes but the problem with author ordering remains
13:33 Soupermanito joined #koha
13:34 nengard left #koha
13:36 tcohen I want to make translating SQL files for 'es-ES' possible
13:36 tcohen do I make a copy of 'en'?
13:36 tcohen can the RM do it so it is up-to-date? (i.e. no wait until accepted)
13:37 tcohen is that the common workflow every other language followed?
13:40 magnuse paul_p++
13:40 paul_p magnuse, for which mail ? the koha-devel or the holiday in Marseille ? ;-)
13:41 magnuse paul_p: both, definitely! ;-)
13:42 paul_p and only 1 ++ ? (in french we say "radin", which is translated by google to skinflint or tightwad. dunno if it's a correct translation, "radin" has a funny/joking part)
13:43 magnuse ok then
13:43 magnuse paul_p++
13:43 magnuse ;-)
13:44 magnuse although i was thinking about the koha-devel one right now
13:47 wizzyrea paul_p++
13:48 wizzyrea slef++
13:49 cait joined #koha
13:49 cait left #koha
13:49 cait joined #koha
13:50 * cait waves
13:52 magnuse o/
13:52 magnuse how's the bibliothektag, cait?
13:53 cait busy :)
13:53 magnuse good busy?
13:55 cait yep
13:56 magnuse cool
13:57 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
14:07 cait paul_p++
14:07 paul_p same question as the one asked to magnuse :
14:07 paul_p cait, for which mail ? the koha-devel or the holiday in Marseille ? ;-)
14:08 paul_p :D
14:08 cait koha-devel :)
14:08 cait but paul_p++ for the other too :)
14:08 paul_p ;-)
14:09 magnuse paul_p is probably just fishing for double ++'s ;-)
14:09 paul_p damned, i'm caught :D
14:10 cait hehe probably
14:17 paul_p magnuse, why 15th ? why not 10th (for the global sign-off day)
14:17 cait why 10th?
14:17 cait ;)
14:17 wizzyrea i like how paul_p cracks the whip on signoffs :)
14:17 cait 15th is my fault...
14:17 paul_p I ask because yesterday, we've dediced to dedicate half a day every 2 weeks to this task (for all BibLibre), and our 1st will be 10th ...
14:18 paul_p (wanted to announce that, but magnus mail has been sent before...)
14:18 cait biblibre++
14:19 * cait will spend 10th on a train
14:19 magnuse biblibre++
14:20 magnuse well, this is just to set the ball rolling
14:20 magnuse i think 3 days warning might have been a bit short?
14:21 magnuse if a global sign off day is a success we can coordinate it with biblibre in the future
14:21 paul_p i'll check if we can switch our 1st day to the 15th. But then, we think that friday is a good day (end of the week for everybody)
14:21 magnuse and/or expand it to other stuff, like closing bugs etc
14:21 paul_p magnuse, we don't plan to do signoff only, but also other stuff ;-)
14:22 magnuse cool
14:22 * magnuse has nothing against fridays
14:22 magnuse :-)
14:25 paul_p not possible for biblibre on 15th (3 devs outside, for a customer installation or training, including hdl & clrh). So let's stay with 15th for you and 10th for us, next time we will coordinate better ;-)
14:26 magnuse yup
14:26 magnuse lots of sign offs any way ;-)
14:36 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6299] Provide a list of authorized values for relator terms <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6299>
14:36 sekjal joined #koha
14:38 magnuse kia ora sekjal!
14:38 sekjal hi, magnuse!
14:38 cait hi sekjal
14:39 sekjal hi cait
14:39 slef wizzyrea++
14:39 wizzyrea !
14:40 slef bg++ too
14:40 magnuse koha_community++
14:41 cait mailing lists?
14:41 wahanui mailing lists is better imho
14:41 wizzyrea forget mailing lists
14:41 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot mailing lists
14:42 wizzyrea mailing lists are at[…]ha-mailing-lists/
14:42 wizzyrea mailing lists?
14:42 wahanui mailing lists are at[…]ha-mailing-lists/
14:58 reiveune bye
14:58 reiveune left #koha
15:01 Johnindy joined #koha
15:06 magnuse has reached berlin!
15:20 talljoy is now known as talljoy_brunch
15:21 cait left #koha
15:25 cait joined #koha
15:30 druthb joined #koha
15:36 slef magnuse++
15:38 * magnuse blushes
15:40 druthb magnuse++
15:40 matts is now known as matts_away
15:41 jwagner left #koha
15:47 bigbrovar left #koha
15:49 bigbrovar joined #koha
15:49 vfernandes left #koha
15:51 rhcl @seen rangi
15:51 huginn` rhcl: rangi was last seen in #koha 5 hours, 12 minutes, and 9 seconds ago: <rangi> and with that, im going to go to sleep
15:52 julian left #koha
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15:57 nengard joined #koha
15:57 Ahmuck-Sr left #koha
15:59 wizzyrea[…]internet-archive/
15:59 wizzyrea neat !
16:04 rhcl Quote: "A library that would prefer to not be named was found to be thinning their collections and throwing out books based on what had been digitized by Google."
16:05 * druthb boggles
16:08 wizzyrea yea, what's that about
16:12 cait left #koha
16:13 magnuse hey, who needs dead treas when you can access the content 24/7 from google - from anywhere? ;-)
16:16 paul_p left #koha
16:22 wizzyrea ooooh
16:22 wizzyrea[…]orials-beginners/
16:23 wizzyrea git for beginners is at[…]orials-beginners/
16:31 druthb is now known as druthb_away
16:32 nengard what is the command to view the perl doc?  i want to see what does
16:32 sophie_m left #koha
16:32 cait joined #koha
16:42 hdl perldoc
16:42 hdl perldoc
16:42 magnuse No documentation found for "".
16:42 hdl purge_suggestions is to delete the old suggestions.
16:43 hdl perl --h
16:43 nengard that i knew :) just wanted to include instructions on how to use the cron in the manual - i have the perl docs in the manual if they exist
16:43 hdl perl -?
16:48 talljoy_brunch is now known as talljoy
16:49 nengard is now known as nengard_lunch
16:51 wizzyrea also, we should add an example cron to the crontab.example
16:51 wizzyrea if there's a new job
16:51 wizzyrea what's the recommended interval for that
16:51 * wizzyrea has a mind to do it
16:51 * magnuse urges wizzyrea on
16:51 wizzyrea I'd need to know the recommended interval tho >.>
16:52 wizzyrea or, we should come up with a recommended interval
16:52 wizzyrea weekly?
16:52 magnuse sounds good to me
16:53 magnuse i doubt there are many libraries that would run out of space because that script was not run more often
16:53 wizzyrea right
16:53 magnuse but then again
16:53 magnuse @quote get 123
16:53 huginn` magnuse: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
16:54 magnuse ;-)
16:54 wizzyrea hehe
16:55 wizzyrea are there any other new cronjobs that need to be added while i'm in there?
16:56 wizzyrea[…]acba8f243;hb=HEAD
16:56 wizzyrea is current
16:58 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
16:58 bigbrovar left #koha
16:58 * magnus_away gotta run
17:00 wizzyrea and oy! purge_suggestions isn't in 'cronjobs'
17:00 wizzyrea !
17:00 * wizzyrea mutters
17:00 wizzyrea derr
17:00 * wizzyrea facepalms
17:00 wizzyrea perhaps if your terminal window was not dragged half way off of your screen
17:01 * cait sends liz a cookie
17:01 druthb_away is now known as druthb
17:02 wizzyrea thanks :)
17:03 * Agent_Dani has managed such on occasion.
17:04 wizzyrea zounds how did this ever work before git bz
17:05 wizzyrea now: lunch.
17:05 druthb folks, say howdy to Agent_Dani, a friend of mine who has expressed some interest in our little community...she's a DRA admin from way back.  :)
17:06 Agent_Dani Hi!
17:07 cait hi :)
17:07 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6478] needs an example crontab <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6478>
17:11 tcohen i'm stuck, couldn't ifnd a way to split a file into several patches (for size matters)
17:15 tcohen anyone there to give me a hint?
17:19 nengard_lunch is now known as nengard
17:22 chris_n tcohen: make more frequent commits, maybe?
17:22 nengard regarding this item on the release notes for 3.4 "Printed receipts can now include the library phone, address and other fields" how does it work? What do you do to customize it?
17:22 nengard updating the manual in case you all can't tell
17:22 tcohen i have a 3.5MB frameworks file
17:23 tcohen i'll use a shell script to split that file into several commits
17:27 Ccorrales joined #koha
17:30 clrh tcho
17:30 clrh left #koha
17:39 hdl left #koha
17:41 wizzyrea nengard: I never found that either
17:42 nengard hmmm
17:42 nengard how about the holds stats ... did you ever get that to work?
17:45 wizzyrea i haven't checked it lately
17:46 wizzyrea I suspect that it was a recent TT bug keeping that from working
17:46 Oak joined #koha
17:47 * Oak waves quickly
17:47 wizzyrea o?
17:47 wizzyrea er o/
17:48 wizzyrea though the ? makes it look like he's scratching his head
17:48 Oak heya wizzyrea did not want to get noticed
17:48 nengard wizzyrea no, it didn't work before the TT change
17:48 * wizzyrea completely ignores Oak
17:48 Oak good
17:50 wizzyrea nengard hmm
17:50 * druthb can't ignore Oak!
17:50 druthb o/
17:50 Oak hiya druthb
17:51 cait me neither
17:51 cait hi Oak
17:51 Oak aw, you both are too kind
17:51 Oak Whānau
17:51 wizzyrea hey, I was only following directions
17:51 Oak :]
17:52 Oak hello cait
17:52 Oak do you have a cat
17:52 cait no
17:53 Oak ok, i'll think about it why I asked that
17:53 cait why?
17:53 * wizzyrea wonders if Oak is feeling alright today
17:53 Oak still thinking
17:54 * druthb wonders the same thing.
18:01 Oak left #koha
18:15 aogle joined #koha
18:25 rhcl @seen rangi
18:25 huginn` rhcl: rangi was last seen in #koha 7 hours, 45 minutes, and 50 seconds ago: <rangi> and with that, im going to go to sleep
18:31 bigbrovar joined #koha
18:32 conan joined #koha
18:33 conan hi everyone
18:34 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6316] es-ES translation for SQL files <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6316>
18:35 rhcl hi conan
18:38 tcohen hi conan
18:40 Ahmuck joined #koha
18:41 Oak joined #koha
18:42 Oak uh oh, druthb, cait, wizzyrea electricity went out from 23:00 to 23:45...
18:42 wizzyrea oh no!
18:42 cait :(
18:42 Oak i forgot about the schedule before talking nonsense :)
18:43 Oak well, it goes daily, will go again at 3am
18:43 Oak fun
18:44 druthb welcome back, Oak. :)
18:44 Oak thank you druthb :)
18:45 rangi tcohen: about?
18:46 cait morning rangi
18:46 * Oak listening to The Sundays - Wild Horses
18:48 tcohen Oak: nice version
18:48 Oak :) yes, i like it very much
18:48 tcohen rangi: i wanted to talk about bug 6316
18:48 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6316 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, frederic, ASSIGNED , es-ES translation for SQL files
18:49 nengard left #koha
18:49 tcohen and the better path to have it
18:49 rangi @later tell tcohen just fyi for a lot of commits like that a pull request sometimes is better
18:49 huginn` rangi: The operation succeeded.
18:49 rangi hi cait
18:49 conan tcohen: there's new discussion about that
18:49 conan don't recall the bug number
18:49 Ccorrales left #koha
18:49 conan but someone was proposing another way to deal with those translations
18:50 rangi only for sysprefs conan
18:50 rangi the rest still need sql (and sysprefs do too, until we fix the web installer)
18:51 rangi because prefs are translatable via pootle/po
18:51 rangi we can change the installer to just use en, no matter what language
18:52 rangi but for now, we have to update all syspref files until thats done
18:53 conan rangi: no, I recall him talking about fields and subfields , I'll check my browser history
18:54 danmc left #koha
18:54 rangi but frameworks, letters etc, all need their own files
18:55 rangi yeah those changes are way way away
18:55 rangi sysprefs is achievable easily
18:56 rangi and having sql files for them is less of a problem
18:56 rangi they change rarely
18:56 rangi sysprefs change a lot
18:56 rangi so sorting that for 3.6 would be great
18:59 tcohen left #koha
19:01 Johnindy_ joined #koha
19:02 rangi ok time to make lunches
19:05 druthb left #koha
19:05 Oak cranky. should sleep. night.
19:05 Oak left #koha
19:08 Johnindy left #koha
19:16 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6479] Encoding problem in "recievedlist" when the numbering formula contains utf-8 characters <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6479>
19:19 danmc joined #koha
19:23 sekjal I'm compiling a list of MySQL queries to sanity-check a Koha database.  I'd like to automate these in script so one can quickly check their data for known problems
19:23 thd-away left #koha
19:24 sekjal is there an existing script in /t to tack this onto, or should it go into something new?
19:25 thd-away joined #koha
19:26 bigbrovar left #koha
19:28 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6480] Koha produces a lot of apache logs for UNIMARC <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6480>
19:35 rangi as predicted last worditis kicks in
19:35 rangi and the rant becomes even less grounded in fact
19:36 rangi for the record clay, MJ alone has 3 times as many commits in koha as the whole of ptfs
19:37 wizzyrea i'm not sure why we're even still talking about this.
19:37 wizzyrea besides clarifying that local forks vs what they did are different animals
19:38 rangi yep no point responded to his emails
19:38 rangi responding even
19:38 wizzyrea so for the record: don't feed the trolls.
19:38 wizzyrea ^.^
19:39 conan we should call stallman and sue them for removing names in about :P
19:39 rangi be nice if the trolls played on their own mailing list
19:39 wizzyrea word.
19:39 wizzyrea to the 2nd, not the "call stallman"
19:40 conan rangi: do you recall our talk last wed? you recommended me to fill sub themelanguage with warns
19:40 wizzyrea as much as I like feeling outrage over the wrongs they have perpetrated on our project, I'd rather just help make koha better.
19:40 conan rangi: couldn't do it then, so I'm testing now
19:40 conan curious thing
19:40 conan I just downloaded and installed .po files from Pootle, that are 100% translated
19:41 conan I log in and wander and all is ok
19:41 conan then I ask a user to log in and check
19:41 atz joined #koha
19:41 conan and he sees the header and menu in english and the rest in spanish
19:41 conan I check his cookies, and he doesn't have the Opac... cookie
19:42 conan in fact, I have 3 cookies and he only has 1, the one from login
19:42 conan there's no cookie filtering going on his machine
19:42 conan I checked that
19:42 rangi something to look at then,cookie lost logging in?
19:42 conan he logs, we check cookies, boom, only one
19:42 conan he doesnt have KOhaopaclanguage nor marcdocs_0
19:43 conan I'm tailing -f error log and it shows this:
19:43 rangi yep that I think has always happened
19:43 rangi login starts a fresh session
19:44 rangi if he sets his language now does that stick?
19:44 pastebot "conan" at pasted "cookies and language problem" (16 lines) at
19:45 rangi on my phone can't look easy
19:45 conan the one from above is me, seeing all beautiful in english, using linux+firefox
19:45 rangi but I believe u
19:45 conan ah, sorry, are you walking?
19:45 rangi bus
19:45 rangi the thing is try 3.2 and see if login resets cookie
19:46 rangi and if so we know where to look
19:46 rangi if not then we do too :)
19:46 conan I'll have to set up an new installation for that check
19:47 conan do you happen to recall where to look? I think maybe it will be easier to look before doing a full install
19:47 conan with a strong remark on maybe ;)
19:47 rangi c4::output
19:47 conan ah!
19:47 conan that one
19:48 conan why are there two sub themelanguage ?
19:48 rangi it does the headers/cookies
19:48 rangi it wont be that, that only reads the cookie
19:48 conan the sub seems to be a copy from
19:49 cait left #koha
19:52 rangi other way round
19:52 rangi template is a copy from output
19:52 rangi but like I say
19:52 rangi not the problem
19:52 rangi it only reads not sets cookies
19:53 rangi too hard to debug on a crowded bus
19:54 rangi you'll figure it out :)
19:57 conan rangi: your suggestion to set the language worked
19:57 conan rangi: so I guess the problem is there's no cookie kohaopaclanguage at login
19:58 conan and to make it work you have to do an initial language switch
19:58 conan now I need to figure out why there's no cookie set at the beginning
19:59 cait joined #koha
20:04 rangi yup
20:08 rangi bus stop bbiab
20:08 conan I'm thinking this is not a cookie problem, is a logic problem!
20:09 conan Where are we telling koha we would like to use this or that language?
20:09 conan From what I'm seeing in Home › Administration › System Preferences > I18N/L10N preferences
20:09 conan never
20:09 conan we just give it a list of languages
20:10 conan Am I mistaken?
20:10 conan the cookie is working ok, it should be set when someone chooses the language, not upon login
20:10 conan because upon login koha doesn't know what the user wants anyway
20:12 paul_p joined #koha
20:12 conan I'm thinking about adding a new syspref to set that, unless someone prove me wrong in the above reasoning
20:16 JesseM left #koha
20:22 skushner left #koha
20:28 rhcl Inhalation Guide?  That's something I'd write.
20:28 rangi heh
20:29 rangi rhcl: would you be able to do me a favour
20:29 francharb good night @koha!
20:29 francharb left #koha
20:30 rangi i answered the inhalation guide, do you want to tackle teh Guidance email from Tim Bateson
20:30 rangi im diplomaced out
20:30 rangi or anyone else for that matter
20:31 moodaepo rangi++ diplomaced++
20:32 moodaepo @wunder 56001
20:32 huginn` moodaepo: The current temperature in MSU Physics Dept, Mankato, Minnesota is 37.0�C (2:56 PM CDT on June 07, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 35%. Dew Point: 19.0�C. Pressure: 29.48 in 998.2 hPa (Steady). Heat advisory in effect until 8 PM CDT this evening...
20:33 pastebot "conan" at pasted "default language setting: to be or not to be" (16 lines) at
20:34 cait hah
20:34 cait solved the second serials problem :)
20:34 cait hm, let's say it works better than before
20:35 magnus_away is now known as magnuse
20:35 magnuse conan: koha does not have a setting for default language now, but i sure think it needs one!
20:35 conan it can be though two ways:
20:36 conan or we add 2 new syspref for preferred language (opac and staff) and change the explanations/definitions on those language options that we have now
20:37 magnuse i think two new sysprefs are needed, for default language
20:37 cait I think we need both, default and activated languages
20:37 magnuse the sysprefs we have today only set available languages
20:37 cait so 4 sys prefs
20:37 magnuse cait: yup
20:37 conan or we add a new syspref called language_list or available_languages and start using language and opaclanguage to *really* set a default language, and not to hold a language list, which what they are doing right now
20:38 conan did you read the second option? ^^^^
20:38 conan which one would be easier to implement?
20:38 * magnuse thinks it's better to create new sysprefs for new functionality, not reuse old ones for it
20:38 conan magnuse: but check the explanations!
20:38 * magnuse thinks the first one is easier
20:38 magnuse we could change the explanations
20:39 magnuse i think it's easier to not make old sysprefs do something new
20:39 conan hum... then the names would be misleading
20:39 conan ok then
20:39 conan so two new syspref marching
20:39 rangi diplomacy worked with ed :)
20:42 magnuse conan: let's talk some more tomorrow (if you havn't fixed it in the meantime ;-)
20:42 * magnuse wanders off again
20:42 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
20:43 rhcl rangi: just came back to the computer, lemme look at the guidance email
20:43 rangi thanks :)
20:43 rangi rhcl++ # for bothering to even look
20:45 rhcl I'll get part of it, I don't use AD so won't be much help there, unless I can fiind some docs for it.
20:45 rangi ahh i can do that bit, it was more the bit that required diplomacy, and im all out ;-)
20:48 Brooke joined #koha
20:48 Brooke kia ora
20:49 cait hi Brooke
20:49 Brooke :)
20:50 rangi heya Brooke
20:50 rangi cait: is it very busy there?
20:50 cait here? ses
20:51 cait ye
20:51 cait can't type
20:51 cait yes
20:51 cait but not now of course :)
20:51 cait if there means the congress?
20:53 pianohacker joined #koha
20:54 wizzyrea opachiddenitems -- does this actually work?
20:54 wizzyrea I've consulted the referenced text file
20:54 Brooke hey there pianohacker
20:54 pianohacker Hi guys
20:54 wizzyrea and put in one of the examples
20:55 wizzyrea does it have to reindex?
20:55 rangi not sure wizzyrea
20:55 wizzyrea was that a biblibre thing?
20:55 wizzyrea just wondering who to ask :)
20:56 cait I think it mentioned a file somehwere?
20:56 cait ah
20:56 cait you did that, right? the example?
20:56 * cait decides to be silent and work on the serials thing
20:56 wizzyrea yepper :)
20:56 wizzyrea lol no don't!
21:02 cait not work on the serials thing?
21:02 cait :P
21:07 wizzyrea no be quiet :P
21:08 * wizzyrea gives cait cookies
21:08 wizzyrea do you know how the opachiddenitems works :P
21:08 wizzyrea j/k, I'll consult paul_p in the morning
21:09 rangi :)
21:09 Space_Librarian joined #koha
21:10 Brooke 0/
21:10 Space_Librarian morning #koha
21:10 Brooke morena
21:10 Space_Librarian goeie more ;)
21:12 cait thx for the cookies
21:12 Space_Librarian hey cait
21:12 cait hi Space_Librarian
21:12 cait :)
21:12 * cait shares a cookie with Space_Librarian
21:13 * Space_Librarian accepts half a cookie.
21:13 Space_Librarian Thanks cait. :)
21:13 * ibeardslee works out if he has a reason to wander to L7
21:13 * Space_Librarian hides her chocolate cake.
21:14 rangi heh
21:14 pianohacker Well, I'm hungry now, thanks to you all
21:14 pianohacker Better go take care of that
21:14 Space_Librarian :)
21:24 * Brooke sneaks a wee bit of choc...
21:24 * Space_Librarian grins at Brooke
21:25 pianohacker left #koha
21:33 talljoy left #koha
21:35 sekjal time to go.  night, all
21:35 Brooke night night
21:35 sekjal left #koha
21:36 paul_p left #koha
21:37 cait hah!
21:37 rangi ?
21:38 cait thought I solved the enumchron problem..
21:38 cait thought...
21:38 rangi rhcl++ # thank you
21:40 cait [Tue Jun 07 23:44:10 2011] [error] [client ::1] [Tue Jun  7 23:44:10 2011] Indicator in 952 is empty at /home/katrin/kohaclone/C4/ line 1906., referer: http://localhost:8080/cgi-bin/[…]1&serstatus=1,3,7
21:41 rhcl np
21:47 Brooke left #koha
21:53 rangi atz++ # signing off patches
21:57 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6305] The serials are not working properly <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6305>
22:01 ronald joined #koha
22:02 cait bug 6305: no idea why no items are created - perhaps someone can take a look at that?
22:02 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6305 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, colin.campbell, NEW , The serials are not working properly
22:02 cait it's one of those evil bugs
22:02 rhcl Of perhaps mild interest, it seems LC and Columbia Univ use Voyager on top of Oracle; Voyager uses perl scripts. By inference, it seems it may run on Windows.
22:03 rangi oh perl def runs on windows
22:03 rangi activestate and strawberry perl are 2 ways to do it
22:04 rangi chris_n had koha 3.2. running on windows as a proof of concept, it wasnt easy though .. and really ... free stack ftw ;)
22:04 rhcl No, a cursory search indicates Voyager runs on Windows, haven't checked enough to know if it runs on *nix.
22:05 rhcl We decided, just for fun, to install wireshark on our koha test server, then do a bunch of Z39.50 checks to different libraries.
22:10 rhcl You know, just a philosophical comment here not particularly related to Koha, but the thing I have always thought about Mono and Miguel de Icaza is that we have an obviously very talented programmer
22:10 rhcl who as invested a lot of coding time in a project to make something compatible with MS, and now HTML5 is probably going to make a great deal of it moot
22:10 ronald left #koha
22:11 NateC left #koha
22:11 rangi yep
22:12 rangi the problem for me, with mono, was the patent threats that hung over it
22:12 rhcl I have to work to remind myself that Sambais valuable; I really just want to make a rule: "Just use Linux!"
22:12 rangi well ... "Just use free software!" thats a pretty good one :-)
22:14 rhcl I know a group of programmers for a very large public transportation system that are writing mission-critical, public-safety critical, systems in C++ and C# running on Windows servers. It's almost beyond belief for me.
22:14 rhcl When I was a kid growing up anything critical was written in Ada and running on Unix.
22:14 rangi yup
22:18 * chilts used to write Ada
22:18 chilts Ada 83 (Ravenscar Profile)
22:18 rangi chilts! :)
22:18 chilts hello :)
22:18 chilts I still lurk
22:18 rangi when you were building rockets?
22:18 chilts yeah, 2000-2001
22:18 rangi sweet
22:19 chilts that was for Beagle2, before that it was C for the XMM-Newton control centre
22:19 chilts one day I'll have some good stories for my grandkids (I should write them down before I forget)
22:19 rangi can we blame you for it being lost?
22:19 rangi :)
22:20 chilts it was the parachutes :)
22:20 chilts heh, how does off work: [OFF] or OFF: or something? ;)
22:20 rangi test
22:21 rangi[…]11-06-07#i_688237
22:21 chilts it was kinda crazy
22:21 rangi ahh that'd do it
22:21 chilts that's my opinion anyway
22:21 * chilts deflects blame
22:21 rhcl interesting
22:21 wahanui interesting is good
22:21 chilts though they carried on doing the project for a year and a half after I stopped on it, only did it for 9 months
22:22 chilts I see XMM-Newton is still going though :)
22:22 chilts so that's good
22:22 * chilts use to have :) <- it was cool
22:24 rhcl Yea, I used to work at a different place too.
22:25 rangi thats a pretty cool address
22:26 rangi rhcl: airforce eh ?
22:26 rhcl um, yea
22:29 rhcl well, let's call it a day. see ya' all tomorrow
22:29 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
22:30 rangi cya
22:35 conan later
22:35 Space_Librarian left #koha
22:35 conan left #koha
22:36 Space_Librarian joined #koha
22:53 aogle left #koha
22:54 eythian rangi: I have to commend you not cracking a joke at "inhalation guide" :)
22:55 eythian I'm not convinced I could have been so disciplined.
22:55 rangi it was tricky
22:55 rangi got a nice off list email from ed though so it was worth it ;)
22:55 eythian heh
22:57 cait :)
23:00 eythian <-- relevant
23:01 rangi you manage to find the most irrelevant relevant things ;)
23:01 eythian it's a talent
23:02 cait left #koha
23:03 Space_Librarian Kitten huffing is so 2004
23:03 Space_Librarian ;)
23:06 eythian I just about replied to a message on the debian-perl list about installing Koha packages the debian way, getting my mailing lists confused (it was someone asking about installing modules using the cpan tool)
23:06 tcohen joined #koha
23:06 eythian Need to be careful of that...
23:08 Ricardo joined #koha
23:09 rangi ahh :)
23:09 rangi yep
23:09 Ricardo is now known as ricmarques
23:09 ricmarques is now known as Guest3804
23:10 Guest3804 is now known as ricmarques
23:10 ricmarques Ah, done.
23:10 ricmarques Hi everyone! :)
23:12 rangi heya ricmarques
23:12 ricmarques rangi: Hi Chris! I see that I'm not the only one that changed his nick from the IRC server of Katipo ;-)
23:13 rangi :)
23:14 ricmarques I see that Lenora has just followed-up to my Reply to Ed Veal (about installing Koha in openSUSE) but I don't understand her answer / comment:
23:14 ricmarques "If I can get the evaluation forms, I can get those into the program books."
23:14 ricmarques ?
23:16 rangi hmm didnt see that
23:16 rangi maybe not to the list?
23:16 rangi i just followed up too
23:16 rangi offering you 10 points to make a patch :-)
23:16 ricmarques rangi: Ah, you're right... She replied only to me (not to the list)
23:17 ricmarques rangi: Making a patch with changes from another user and getting karma points from that? That almost sounds like cheating ;-)
23:18 rangi nice thing is the wiki is gpl licensed, so you can do that :-)
23:18 ricmarques (I would keep both attributions it the path, obviously - to me and to Frank :)
23:18 rangi yep
23:18 rangi that would be perfect
23:19 ricmarques OK. I can try to do that, in the next few days (or over the weekend)
23:19 ricmarques BTW: have you noticed my post with my "bulkmarcimport" question about the "v 2" option?
23:19 rangi ah yeah, i havent had time to confirm
23:20 rangi sounds like its a bug to me though
23:21 ricmarques rangi: Right... I seem to recall (but I may be wrong) that the "v2 option" worked (dumped MARC records in the first 3.0.x versions). So, it might even be a regression
23:22 rangi could well be
23:23 ricmarques rangi: Anyway, if you find some ISO to run it over (with the "-t" option if you wish - so it only tests it, but does nothing) that would be great
23:24 rangi ill see if i get a chance, no promises though, hopefully someone else gets a chance too, otherwise it will have to wait til i get time .. .. whenever that might be :)
23:24 ricmarques rangi: Sure, no problem :)
23:29 ricmarques BTW. Do you rangi - or anyone here - know about some command-line program to "fix" "broken" ISO files?
23:30 rangi to fix the marc?
23:30 rangi hmmm
23:30 yhager joined #koha
23:30 rangi i dont, someone else might though
23:31 ricmarques rangi: OK, thanks for the feedback
23:31 yhager What could be the reason that when I click on a book in search results I get a 404?
23:31 rangi theres just too many things that can be wrong ricmarques
23:31 rangi yhager: you zebra index is out of date
23:32 yhager I am running rebuild_zebra -b -a -z every 10 minutes.. this had started a few days ago...
23:32 rangi it might be worth doing a total rebuild
23:33 rangi yhager: is it a book that has been deleted?
23:33 rangi if so
23:33 rangi[…]faq/searching/#20
23:33 yhager wait, I need to check if the cronjob is really running.
23:33 rangi yeah check that too ;)
23:35 yhager ok, my problem was in the cronjob, but I am curious about the delete issue
23:35 yhager do I need to run a full rebuild every once in a while, or is -z enough?
23:36 rangi -z should be enough
23:41 yhager rangi: so I assume the delete issue you linked above is not the normal course
23:41 rangi yeah, thats only if the -z is running and somehow a deleted record is still showing
23:46 ricmarques Well... It's sleep time for me. Take care rangi, yhager... and everyone else! :)
23:46 rangi sleep well ricmarques
23:48 yhager sleep tight :)
23:50 ricmarques rangi / yhager: Thanks! :)
23:50 ricmarques left #koha

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