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00:21 pauln outta here
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01:09 * chris_n sits down to relax 525 bales of straw later
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01:46 chris_n g'night #koha
01:47 rangi cya chris_n
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02:43 rangi hi jransom
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02:44 Space_Librarian hey jransom
02:45 jransom heya
02:46 eythian hello
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03:26 Amit_Gupta heya chris
03:26 rangi hiya Amit_Gupta
03:31 glernil previous notices are always being sent with the new notice.. which lead to multiple notices being sent in the email address of a patron.. any idea?
03:44 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6433] does not handle MARC::Record exceptions gracefully <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6433>
04:03 rangi @later tell gmcharlt any word on when mail on the wiki will be going again (or some other way for new people to be able to edit it)
04:03 huginn` rangi: The operation succeeded.
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04:29 druthb @seen Brooke
04:29 huginn` druthb: Brooke was last seen in #koha 1 day, 0 hours, 12 minutes, and 47 seconds ago: <Brooke> rangi++
04:32 rangi heya druthb
04:33 rangi
04:34 * druthb chuckles.
04:35 druthb Hi, rangi! :)
04:35 rangi its new business card day at catalyst
04:36 druthb awesome.  :)  I'm gonna suggest to NateC that we add our IRC handles to ours; I can't count how many times I've *told* folks, or scribbled it on the back.
04:36 druthb (and mine's easy.)
04:37 rangi we have our gpg keys on ours, and a qr code on the back
04:38 druthb I fear for us to do that, would require that someone besides NateC do it.  ;-)  He's relatively low-tech
04:43 rangi reminds me
04:43 rangi i must organise a gpg key signing party one night of ALA
04:52 * druthb can't find anything further to fix tonight on this little test data load, so the work is done.  :)
04:52 druthb I get to go watch my firstborn graduate from high school tomorrow.    #littlehappylittlesad
04:53 Space_Librarian be proud, not sad. :)
04:54 druthb I'm very proud of her, yes.  :)  but my lil girl all grown up....
04:54 druthb Off to bed.  Be well.  :)
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05:02 Oak \o
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05:09 Amit_Gupta heya Oak ;)
05:23 Oak hello Amit_Gupta :)
05:27 Oak Amit_Gupta, any idea what would be the cost to travel from Pakistan to Thane, India?
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05:42 cait morning #koha
05:42 Amit_Gupta heya cait
05:42 cait hi Amit_Gupta :)
05:42 Amit_Gupta Oak no idea
05:43 Oak ok
05:43 Oak hiya cait :)
05:43 cait hi Oak :)
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05:45 cait eythian: around?
05:45 Oak no idea
05:46 Amit_Gupta cait: are you coming for attending kohaconf
05:47 cait not sure yet
05:48 Ropuch Morning #koha
05:50 cait hi Ropuch
05:50 Amit_Gupta heya Ropuch ;)
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06:14 cait morning magnuse
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06:23 reiveune hello
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06:34 cait hi reiveune and clrh :)
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06:35 alex_a hi #koha
06:35 alex_a bonjour cait :)
06:36 clrh hi cai :)
06:36 clrh raté
06:36 magnuse bonjour #koha
06:47 alex_a hallo magnuse
06:47 magnuse bonjour alex_a
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06:52 reiveune cait , magnuse : hi
06:54 magnuse hi reiveune
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06:59 francharb morning #koha
07:02 magnuse hi francharb
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07:07 kf hi #koha
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07:14 bigbrovar Timezone Appropriate greetings everyone
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07:24 magnuse kia ora bigbrovar
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07:36 kf mornign magnuse
07:38 magnuse guten morgen kf
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07:49 clrh[…]DyNKiFL7gWso/edit
07:49 clrh oups
07:58 magnuse ? ;-)
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08:32 julian hello #koha
08:34 kf hi julian
08:52 Amit_Gupta heya kf ;)
08:54 kf hi Amit_Gupta
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10:10 vfernandes hi :)
10:10 magnuse hiya vfernandes
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10:12 druthb o/
10:14 magnuse \o
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10:18 vfernandes people it's possible to include the date due in the check out letter/email?
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10:30 magnuse vfernandes: doesn't look like items.datedue is available to the notices - i have no idea why...
10:32 vfernandes :/
10:34 magnuse sorry vfernandes, forget what i just said, i was getting my db tables mixed up!
10:36 vfernandes issues.date_due can't be included in the notices?
10:38 magnuse doesn't look like it
10:38 magnuse but it sure looks like something that would be nice to have
10:40 rangi you can do it from items
10:40 rangi 0    1 * * *  $KOHA_CRON_PATH/ -t -itemscontent "date_due,title,barcode,author"
10:41 rangi etc
10:41 vfernandes but isn't for overdue notices, it's for check out notices
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10:47 rangi yep, just need to add a couple of lines so that you can use itemscontent in it too
10:50 rangi see line 2628 of C4/
10:50 rangi if you add
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10:51 rangi C4::Letters::parseletter($letter, 'items',    $item->{itemnumber});
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10:52 rangi then you can use <<items.date_due>> (or something similair)
10:52 rangi or you could add
10:53 vfernandes items.on_loan
10:54 rangi yep
10:54 vfernandes i'm seeing in the database and item.on_loan is the column responsible to save the item date_due
10:55 rangi so add that line to C4/ then <<items.on_loan>> to the notice and you should be good to go
10:55 rangi if it works, you can send a patch :)
10:56 vfernandes C4::Letters::parseletter($letter, 'items', $item->{itemnumber}); in the sendCirculationAlerts method
10:57 vfernandes and added <<items.on_loan>> in the check out notice
10:57 vfernandes testing now...
10:59 magnuse rangi++
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11:11 rangi i guess we'll never know if it works :)
11:22 kf rangi: sleep?
11:23 rangi soon
11:29 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6434] Many changes for Ukrainian and Russian sql-tables <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6434>
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11:37 magnuse hm i wonder if the work on bug 5166 crashes with the patch for bug 6433?
11:37 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5166 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, tomascohen, ASSIGNED , Refactor into a library
11:37 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6433 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, srdjan, ASSIGNED , does not handle MARC::Record exceptions gracefully
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11:45 magnuse hiya nengard
11:45 nengard monring
11:45 nengard morning
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11:56 magnuse nengard: i need to edit my entry on the paid support page - how do i find it? is it a post?
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12:15 conan hello everyone
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12:15 oleonard Hi #koha
12:15 magnuse hola conan and oleonard
12:20 nengard magnuse sorry, missed your question, it's not a post, it's in a directory and i think wizzyrea knows the specifics
12:21 magnuse thanks nengard, i'll bug wizzy when i see her
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13:23 conan I get tired of going over the questions everytime I need to test a new install (for a branch, a bug, etc)
13:23 conan I was wondering if is there a way to tell the installer about some defaults and it doesn't ask anything
13:24 conan I was about to modify 'sub get_configuration' to read from environment if appropriate values set
13:24 conan but I decided to ask first, how do you do?
13:24 magnuse conan: i think you could use a fake koha-install-log, same as when you upgrade
13:24 conan you go over every configuration question every time, pressing enter?
13:25 conan magnuse: I saw that, but I don't understood it
13:25 conan it just have lines like:
13:25 conan SOMEVAR=__SOMEVAR__
13:25 conan I don't know what's taht
13:26 conan I was thinking about modifing Makefile.PL like this for every variable:
13:26 magnuse the file is created when you have run through perl Makefile.PL
13:26 conan if(defined($ENV{'SOMEVAR'})) { # use that value if allowed }
13:27 conan magnuse: yes, I'm looking at it right now, it says for every var:
13:27 conan LOG_DIR=__LOG_DIR__
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13:27 magnuse not loking at the right file, then
13:28 magnuse what you see is a kind of template
13:28 conan ah...
13:29 magnuse if you have dev install it's in koha-dev/misc/koha-install-log
13:29 conan magnuse: found it, thank, you saved me a lot of typing (I was about to reinvent the wheel)
13:29 magnuse cool!
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13:33 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6436] Don't allow deletion of an itemtype used in items.itype <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6436>
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13:40 oleonard The dreaded "Can't call method "field" on an undefined value." Seems like we're getting this a lot lately.
13:40 oleonard I got it today when trying to populate 100a with an authority record
13:41 oleonard Can anyone reproduce this error? Or is it a problem with my records?
13:50 matts is now known as matts_away
13:56 oleonard That Koha can't gracefully handle errors like that frustrates me.
13:58 conan oleonard: tell me how to reproduce and I'll try
13:59 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
13:59 conan magnuse: it seems I'll have to reinvent the wheel anyway :(
13:59 oleonard conan: I opened a blank MARC entry form with a framework which links 100a to an authority record
14:00 oleonard conan: I clicked the link to open the authority search form; Searched for an author; Clicked 'choose' for the author I wanted
14:00 conan magnus_away: that file is useful only if you already made an installation, what I want is to define defaults for test installations and don't be bother with questions
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14:02 conan oleonard: let me try it
14:03 conan oleonard: wait, do I have to have an authority record defined? or not to fire the bug?
14:03 oleonard You have to have an authority record in order to test
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14:09 library_systems_guy hey is hdl around?
14:09 hdl library_systems_guy: yep
14:10 library_systems_guy hey hdl, what was that command for updating with changes?  I am going to try and add that to the git section of the wiki
14:10 hdl git commit --amend ?
14:10 library_systems_guy no it was like git stash maybe?
14:11 hdl oleonard: which is the MARCflavour you have and what is the bug ?
14:11 hdl git stash save
14:11 hdl git stash apply
14:11 library_systems_guy then git fetch
14:11 hdl git stash list
14:11 library_systems_guy ah cool
14:11 hdl git fetch
14:11 wahanui git fetch is, like, timing out
14:11 hdl git rebase origin/branch
14:12 hdl git stash pop
14:12 library_systems_guy ok awesome, thanks hdl
14:12 hdl wahanui: forget git fetch
14:12 wahanui hdl: I forgot git fetch
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14:12 hdl library_systems_guy: np
14:12 wizzyrea git fetch is <reply>
14:12 oleonard hdl: MARC21. When I try to choose an personal name authority record to populate 100a I get an error
14:12 library_systems_guy hdl++
14:13 hdl which is it ?
14:13 hdl oleonard: ?
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14:13 oleonard "Can't call method "field" on an undefined value."
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14:13 hdl One of our devs developped C4::Logguer in order to have a really unified Logguing system
14:13 hdl (work in progress...)
14:14 hdl The MARC::Record seems not created or it has an empty field.
14:14 hdl Can you give me the line # referred to in your apache logs ?
14:16 oleonard Can't call method "field" on an undefined value at /home/oleonard/kohaclone/authorit​ies/ line 80.
14:18 conan oleonard: can't reproduce, my zebra isn't working
14:21 hdl oleonard: do you have an authid ? and an authority already created in your catalogue for that ?
14:22 hdl seems $record should be tested.
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14:23 oleonard hdl: That must be it. The authority is showing up in searches but seems to no longer exist.
14:24 hdl *nod...
14:24 hdl should I say it ?
14:25 oleonard Are you going to say, "Koha really should be able to display a human-friendly error in situations like this!" ?
14:25 hdl oleonard: this is a work in progress...
14:26 oleonard with "-a" to clean up my authorities index?
14:26 hdl -r to clean it up
14:26 hdl -a yes
14:26 hdl -a only won't reset the idex database.
14:27 hdl -a only won't reset the index database.
14:28 oleonard It doesn't seem to have had any effect. The same results are appearing.
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14:35 conan oleonard: is this your error?
14:35 conan Can't call method "config" on unblessed reference at /home/koha/C4/ line 680
14:35 oleonard No, that's a new one to me
14:35 hdl oleonard: zebraidx -c path/to/zebra-authorities.cfg -d authorities init
14:35 hdl oleonard: zebraidx -c path/to/zebra-authorities.cfg -d authorities commit
14:35 hdl tehn reindex
14:35 conan got my zebra working and got that
14:36 conan hdl: do we have to reindex? isn't rebuild_zebra enough?
14:36 conan or that's for oleonard case?
14:37 hdl conan: it appears that rebuild_zebra sometimes is not enough.
14:38 hdl conan: for instance, if you donot have any authorities in your database.
14:38 hdl conan: doing a rebuild_zebra -r won't reset the index... Because when it exports nothing, it doesnot perform the init on the database.
14:39 conan hdl: not my case, I had 2 authorities
14:39 hdl and sometimes, when one record breaks the indexation, zebraidx is not raising any error... and Koha would not manage that.
14:39 conan anyway, my test install seems to have died
14:39 conan now I can't go anywhere
14:40 hdl conan: this was in oleonard's case
14:41 oleonard Thanks hdl, that seems to have worked.
14:41 oleonard Can you explain what those commands did?
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14:58 reiveune bye
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14:59 hdl oleonard: sure.
14:59 hdl zebraidx init ... reinit the zebra  database for authorities.
15:00 wizzyrea is that akin to deleting existing db and making a completely fresh db?
15:00 hdl zebraidx commit ... commits the modification (in case you use a shadow cache in database.
15:00 hdl wizzyrea: aye... you should use zebraidx init in that case.
15:00 wizzyrea gotcha, thx
15:01 * oleonard suspects this copy of "ASDJKGFAKSEHFK" in our catalog may not be legit
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15:07 kf rain!
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15:11 oleonard Thanks hdl
15:11 oleonard hdl++
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15:22 rhcl ping?
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16:06 slef naught rhcl, pinging hdl off
16:06 slef naughty even
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16:35 slef evening cait1
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16:35 slef scary salads in Germany
16:35 cait1 hi slef :)
16:35 cait1 yeah, we got vegetable salad in the cafeteria today
16:35 cait1 not so tasty
16:36 slef heh, your cafeteria doesn't follow the government advice then?
16:36 cait1 no salad
16:36 cait1 but cooked vegetables as salad replacement
16:43 * slef goes for a coffee break :)
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16:52 rhcl naught's had, all's spent, where our desire is got, without content
16:53 cait1 ?
16:53 cait1 ie--
16:58 oleonard rhcl: If your wife is encouraging you to murder your superior, just say no.
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17:02 rhcl but that was Shakespeare, Lady MacBeth, in response to Slef's comment above
17:02 rhcl one of those things from my distant past that never made it to the status of a post-nominal
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17:12 * oleonard is sorry he stepped outside
17:12 oleonard @wunder 45701
17:12 huginn` oleonard: The current temperature in Athens, Ohio is 32.0�C (12:55 PM EDT on May 31, 2011). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 40%. Dew Point: 16.0�C. Pressure: 30.26 in 1025 hPa (Steady).
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17:15 wizzyrea oof
17:17 library_systems_guy is it possible for me to attach a patch as an attachment in the bug not sure if email is working on my dev server...
17:20 wizzyrea git bz?
17:20 wizzyrea git-bz?
17:20 wahanui git-bz is at[…]_bz_configuration
17:20 library_systems_guy doh...thanks wizzyrea
17:21 wizzyrea :) it's new
17:21 library_systems_guy ohh...well that makes sense then...complicated?
17:22 wizzyrea nah not really
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17:27 adnc hello koha
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17:31 conan library_systems_guy: but you could do it manually too
17:32 conan and after saying that, I have to run :P
17:32 conan later
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17:32 library_systems_guy oh yeah just sending it to koha-patches
17:32 library_systems_guy lol thanks conan
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17:33 cait1 hi adnc
17:33 adnc cait1, huhu
17:33 cait1 :)
17:34 cait1 is now known as cait
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17:35 library_systems_guy hmm ok
17:35 library_systems_guy so i did a git commit file
17:35 library_systems_guy and now i don't see the file in that directory :'(
17:35 * library_systems_guy just wants to add a div id
17:36 wizzyrea get in a safe directory, i use ~/kohaclone/patches
17:36 wizzyrea and issue a git format-patch origin
17:36 wizzyrea or you did that
17:36 wizzyrea and you don't see the file?
17:37 library_systems_guy oh no i just ran a git commit file
17:37 wizzyrea aha
17:37 library_systems_guy ohhh
17:37 wizzyrea version control using git?
17:37 wahanui i guess version control using git is at[…]Control_Using_Git
17:37 library_systems_guy i didn't scroll far enough on the wiki
17:37 wizzyrea have you seen that?
17:37 library_systems_guy boo
17:37 wizzyrea aha
17:37 wizzyrea :)
17:37 library_systems_guy yeah thats what i was reading lol
17:37 * library_systems_guy feels silly
17:37 wizzyrea don't, git is wonderful and evil, all at once.
17:37 library_systems_guy exactly
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17:45 Soupermanito library_systems_guy, your nick is really long
17:46 library_systems_guy indeed it is Soupermanito...but that is what autocomplete is for lol
17:46 library_systems_guy wizzyrea, was there something else i was supposed to do for git-bz other than whats on the wiki?
17:46 Soupermanito :P but it messes up whit my irc client XD
17:46 library_systems_guy what client are you using
17:46 wizzyrea no, that ought to do it
17:47 library_systems_guy hmm...i get an error that says bz is not a git command
17:47 wizzyrea AH
17:47 wizzyrea yes
17:47 library_systems_guy o_0
17:47 Soupermanito heya wizzyrea :D i figured uot what was the problem the other day, it turns out i hadn't created the MySQL database, thats why the password was wrong for it
17:47 wizzyrea you need to make sure your symlink to git-bz is in your path
17:47 wizzyrea Soupermanito: Yay!!
17:47 wizzyrea :D
17:47 Soupermanito :D
17:47 library_systems_guy ohhh
17:48 library_systems_guy so i need to export it
17:48 wizzyrea yep
17:48 library_systems_guy boo lol
17:49 wizzyrea something like export PATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin
17:49 wizzyrea would get it for this session
17:49 Soupermanito library_systems_guy, i use xchat whit auto indent nicks
17:49 library_systems_guy and that is broken?
17:50 Soupermanito not really, its just your name
17:50 library_systems_guy wizzyrea i guess i could put it in /usr/games because Koha + git = fun times
17:50 wizzyrea lol
17:50 library_systems_guy xchat hates /me
17:50 Soupermanito XD
17:50 wizzyrea @quote add library_systems_guy: I guess I could put (git-bz) in /usr/games because Koha + git = fun times
17:50 huginn` wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.  Quote #139 added.
17:54 library_systems_guy so do i just reference the bug number in the comments when i do a commit?
17:54 wizzyrea usually what I do
17:54 wizzyrea and this is just me
17:54 wizzyrea is
17:54 wizzyrea Bug xxxx - what this bug is about
17:54 wizzyrea on the first line
17:54 library_systems_guy ahh ok i can do that...seems logical
17:54 wizzyrea then on the next few lines
17:54 wizzyrea a test plan is nice
17:55 wizzyrea so a quick summary of what it's supposed to do
17:55 wizzyrea and a quick idea of how someone who has never looked at it before could test it
17:55 library_systems_guy ok cool...maybe not so much on the testing end if i am just added a div id?
17:56 wizzyrea right, to test that you pretty much say "with this patch applied a new div id will be around X element" or somesuch
17:56 wizzyrea but you're right
17:56 wizzyrea you don't have to say much about that sort of thign
17:56 wizzyrea thing*
17:57 library_systems_guy but yeah i can definitely understand having some good testing procedures around non-trivial stuff :)
17:57 wizzyrea well and even pretty trivial stuff
17:57 library_systems_guy ok ill see what i can whip up :)
17:57 wizzyrea it'll be fabulous, I'm sure :)
17:58 library_systems_guy lol...iv'e just got to figure out how to edit my commit to have the bug number in it
17:58 wizzyrea git commit --amend
17:58 wizzyrea ;)
17:58 library_systems_guy aww thanks wizzyrea you are the best
17:58 library_systems_guy wizzyrea++
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17:58 wizzyrea should let you ammend the last commit. you'll also need to re-do your format-patch origin stuffs
17:59 wizzyrea amend with one m even.
17:59 wizzyrea library_systems_guy: it took me ages to learn this stuff.
17:59 wizzyrea AGES.
17:59 library_systems_guy yeah im feeling the same way lol
17:59 library_systems_guy but with bz i shouldn't have to do a format correct?
17:59 wizzyrea right
18:00 library_systems_guy cool...i think i like that better
18:00 wizzyrea you'll still have to poke bugzilla and change it to 'patch sent' and 'awaiting signoff'
18:01 library_systems_guy i can do that i think :-/
18:01 nengard joined #koha
18:01 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "script for checking records" (86 lines) at
18:02 library_systems_guy wizzyrea, for returns in the commit string is it just \n
18:03 library_systems_guy lol umm well i use emacs...guess im stuck lol
18:03 wizzyrea I'm sorry I don't have an answer for that particular question, maybe someone else can hop in
18:04 library_systems_guy i just saw nengard get on and she is the patch queen lol
18:04 nengard huh what??
18:04 * nengard ducks
18:04 * library_systems_guy throws random commit question
18:04 library_systems_guy how do i insert returns into the commit string
18:05 library_systems_guy so its not just one giant line when i throw in my testing message
18:05 library_systems_guy im using the emacs shell buffer...if that helps lol
18:05 cait commit string?
18:05 library_systems_guy the -m bit
18:05 cait ah
18:05 library_systems_guy message**
18:05 library_systems_guy sorry cait
18:06 cait I normally do it when I commit it, or you can do git commit --amend
18:06 cait the first line will be the mail subject and you can write a commit message below that
18:06 cait not sure about -m :)
18:06 wizzyrea ^^ is the way I do it
18:06 library_systems_guy oh so nobody uses -m?
18:07 library_systems_guy my SVN background has failed me
18:07 * oleonard likes having more than one line
18:07 wizzyrea i'm sure there are people who do, but not me >.>
18:07 * wizzyrea too
18:08 library_systems_guy so i don't need the -m but i can just type a message after the commit?
18:08 slef I use -m
18:08 * library_systems_guy is so confused
18:08 wizzyrea right
18:08 wizzyrea git commit /path/to/the/file
18:08 library_systems_guy slef halp
18:08 slef it's not required but avoids the editor being fired up
18:08 wizzyrea AHA, this is against the editor bias :)
18:08 slef reading scrollback
18:08 nengard i do the same as cait
18:09 clrh left #koha
18:09 slef library_systems_guy: M-x start-server, then export EDITOR=emacsclient in your emacs shell window
18:09 library_systems_guy wizzyrea, that is what i was mine looks like git commit /path/to/file -m "some info about the bug"
18:10 wizzyrea right, I leave off the -m
18:10 wizzyrea *shrug*
18:10 slef I never put a file on the commit command line :-S
18:10 slef is that the commit message?
18:10 wizzyrea yea
18:10 wizzyrea wait what?
18:10 library_systems_guy oh?
18:10 slef no it isn't wizzyrea I just read the man page
18:11 wizzyrea ok
18:11 library_systems_guy i think the path to file is for the file you want to commit
18:11 wizzyrea ^^
18:11 wizzyrea is what I was talking about
18:11 wizzyrea it's not mandatory, you can do -a and get all files you've changed
18:11 slef I use git add and git rm, so don't need to mention files on the commit
18:12 library_systems_guy oh
18:12 wizzyrea I do it the way it says to on the wiki
18:12 library_systems_guy cursed wiki documentation leading me astray
18:12 slef anyway library_systems_guy you OK for a mo now?
18:12 wizzyrea tmtwwtdi
18:12 wizzyrea tmtowtdi
18:12 wizzyrea there we go
18:12 library_systems_guy o_0
18:12 wizzyrea tmtowtdi is there's more than one way to do it
18:12 slef yeah tmtowtdi and the wiki often doesn't mention that because only one person wrote it ;)
18:13 slef tmtowtdi?
18:13 wahanui rumour has it tmtowtdi is there's more than one way to do it
18:13 slef wahanui: botsnack!
18:13 wahanui :)
18:13 slef I so nearly typed botsex
18:13 wizzyrea ROFL
18:13 wizzyrea slef++ for the funny of the day
18:13 slef wahanui: botsex!
18:13 wahanui slef: sorry...
18:13 library_systems_guy umm i see what you did there slef
18:13 wizzyrea lol
18:14 slef library_systems_guy: oh and C-x # to finish with an emacsclient buffer I think
18:14 cait lol
18:14 library_systems_guy so you are running emacs inside of emacs
18:14 library_systems_guy lol
18:14 cait I also do git add and git commit without file path - if someone is still interested :)
18:14 * slef goes to bludgeon the bank website into submission to pay some bills
18:14 slef library_systems_guy: emacs invoking the shell invoking emacs...
18:14 * wizzyrea falls down dizzily
18:15 slef library_systems_guy: if you're only changing one file, C-x v v will commit it
18:15 oleonard library_systems_guy: Is the problem that git is invoking the wrong editor?
18:15 tcohen i've pasted a script that helps in the task of upgrading to 3.4, by telling which biblionumbers would fail
18:15 tcohen
18:15 tcohen i'd like someone to take a look at it
18:15 slef there's probably a way to manage more files but I don't do much editing in emacs
18:15 slef tcohen: hero!
18:15 tcohen before posting in public
18:16 wizzyrea what would cause them to fail?
18:16 tcohen (don't want to be embarrased)
18:16 wizzyrea (curious)
18:16 tcohen encoding problems
18:16 wizzyrea aha
18:16 cait tcohen: I agree with slef :) tcohen++
18:16 slef tcohen: I'm busy for an hour at least but PM me a link and I'll look?
18:16 library_systems_guy oleonard, no no, i was just trying to add a commit message
18:16 tcohen basically I put as_usmarc and as_xml_record in a try-catch block
18:16 library_systems_guy but i was trying to do it with bz
18:16 tcohen and print the biblionumbers that fail
18:16 slef tcohen: sounds reasonable
18:17 library_systems_guy it lets me commit now but something about cookies and a browser
18:17 tcohen
18:17 tcohen it could be improved of course to tell MARC is valid or not
18:18 tcohen but at least it will tell which records would fail for koha
18:18 wizzyrea the git-bz wiki page says: Optionally, if you plan on sending bugs to bugzilla from git, you'll need to have Chrome or Firefox installed on your dev machine, and have logged into bugzilla at least once from that machine. Git-bz uses Firefox's cookie to authenticate you to bugzilla, so remember to save at least that one cookie. Should you clear out your cookies on that machine, you will need to log into bugzilla again from that machine to ge
18:18 wizzyrea work again.
18:19 talljoy left #koha
18:19 library_systems_guy ahh ok...i wonder if i can just copy the cookie from my machine to the dev box...i seriously doubt it
18:19 library_systems_guy i only have shell access
18:19 library_systems_guy :'(
18:19 wizzyrea what I did, was install firefox from packages
18:19 wizzyrea then ssh -x user@host
18:20 wizzyrea then ran firefox from the command line. That of course requires you to an x server on your local machine. easy if you have a mac with the dev tools :P
18:20 wizzyrea probably if you are working from linux too
18:20 library_systems_guy well i have an ubuntu box
18:20 wizzyrea windows... I have no clue
18:20 library_systems_guy so i think i can make it happen
18:22 tcohen if you want to actually run in the remote machine you should add the -no-remote parameter to firefox command
18:22 wizzyrea oh right!
18:22 wizzyrea yes, thanks, I forgot that bit
18:22 tcohen otherwise it will reuse the gecko engine running in your local desktop
18:22 wizzyrea you only have to do it once, just enough to get you logged into bz
18:23 library_systems_guy right right
18:26 slef odd
18:26 slef should be easy enough to log into BZ and save the cookie from curl or wget
18:26 wizzyrea bbiab
18:26 wizzyrea is now known as wizzyrea_away
18:27 tcohen[…]d-problems-arise/
18:28 tcohen in the spanish version y posted a link to the .pl file
18:40 collum left #koha
18:48 library_systems_guy i gave up on submitting with BZ and just added the formatted patch as an attachment...hope that works
18:49 cait it's what we did before git-bz came along :)
18:49 library_systems_guy lol that stupid cookie thing
18:49 library_systems_guy if it wasn't  for that id have it working
18:55 slef the git-bz wiki page?
18:55 slef git-bz?
18:55 wahanui git-bz is at[…]_bz_configuration
18:55 slef but first, I read tcohen's pastebin
18:55 * oleonard wonders, git-bz = get busy?
18:56 cait hehe
18:56 slef oleonard: git-buzzed, being attacked by low-flying version control
19:00 slef tcohen: looks fine to me. Only thing I might change is to include $@ in the Error creating MARCXML... warn.
19:00 cait slef++ :)
19:04 tcohen alright
19:07 slef damn it, 140 lines of git-bz getting login cookies from browsers... it must be simpler to get it from python unless httplib2 is really awful
19:08 wizzyrea_away is now known as wizzyrea
19:20 rhcl what might cause an error 500 - internal server error, when saving a new patron record?
19:21 library_systems_guy database insert error?
19:21 cait no idea
19:21 library_systems_guy what does the log say?
19:21 cait is there a message in the error log?
19:21 cait jinx?
19:21 library_systems_guy dang it...
19:21 * library_systems_guy can't talk unless somebody unjinxes me
19:21 cait oh
19:21 cait I am sorry
19:21 cait didn't know that
19:22 cait how do you unjinx?
19:22 cait wizzyrea: help!
19:22 wizzyrea uh...
19:22 wizzyrea library_systems_guy library_systems_guy library_systems_guy
19:22 wizzyrea maybe?
19:22 library_systems_guy YAYY
19:22 library_systems_guy im saved
19:22 * wizzyrea didn't know which rules we were playing under :P
19:23 * library_systems_guy will accept any rules that allow me to talk again :D
19:23 wizzyrea though she didn't say "triple padlock" so...
19:23 cait ok, and now you have to explain that jinx thing to me again
19:23 wizzyrea lol
19:23 wizzyrea there's a kids game
19:23 nengard k - i'm missing something tini tiny here - i want a report of items that haven't circulated - i know there is a canned report but it doesn't let you download it - so I need to write on
19:23 nengard SELECT b.title, i.itemcallnumber, i.barcode FROM issues left join items i using (itemnumber) left join biblio b using (biblionumber) WHERE i.itemnumber NOT IN (SELECT issues.itemnumber FROM issues) AND i.itemnumber NOT IN (SELECT old_issues.itemnumber FROM old_issues)
19:23 nengard this gets no results ... what am i missing
19:23 wizzyrea nengard: isn't there one in the library for that?
19:24 ibeardslee left #koha
19:24 nengard yes, but it's insanely complicated
19:24 wizzyrea ooo
19:24 nengard trying to simplify it
19:24 cait let me look
19:25 cait hmhmhm
19:25 cait so we want itemnumbers that are not in issues and oldissues right?
19:25 nengard and the one on the wiki doesn't work either ... fyi
19:26 nengard cait yes,
19:26 nengard items that have never circulated
19:26 nengard the one on the wiki does work ... sorry
19:27 cait ok
19:27 nengard larryb helped
19:27 nengard SELECT b.title, i.itemcallnumber, i.barcode FROM items i left join issues using (itemnumber) left join biblio b using (biblionumber) WHERE i.itemnumber NOT IN (SELECT issues.itemnumber FROM issues) AND i.itemnumber NOT IN (SELECT old_issues.itemnumber FROM old_issues)
19:27 nengard woo hoo
19:27 liw left #koha
19:28 slef larryb helipad
19:28 ibeardslee joined #koha
19:29 cait wizzyrea: the jinx game?
19:29 wizzyrea right
19:30 wizzyrea so two people saying the same thinga t the same time, and if one person says "triple padlock" or "pinch poke owe me a coke" or summat before the other one does, the other person is jinxed until the conditions of the rule are met
19:30 cait ok
19:30 cait so you never say jinx actually?
19:30 wizzyrea triple padlock means you have to say their name 3 times
19:30 wizzyrea no you do
19:30 oleonard Is the procedure for importing authority records in the manual?
19:31 wizzyrea whoever gets it out first + the rule, the other person is jinxed and can't talk
19:31 cait ah
19:31 cait so I missed part of it
19:31 cait how do you undo the coke thing?
19:31 wizzyrea well yea, that's partly why I was confusticated ^.^
19:31 oleonard does authorities too, correct?
19:31 wizzyrea buy them a coke I guess
19:32 cait that one could get difficult to undo
19:32 cait oleonard: correct, you will need -a
19:37 JesseM left #koha
19:37 tcohen slef: i linked in the blog a modified version that adds $@ to the warn
19:38 tcohen already sent an email to koha-devel so others check it
19:39 slef tcohen: cool!
19:44 slef and in other news, it's crazy simple to get a bugzilla login cookie in python, so that's coming to git-bz when I get a round tuit
19:45 slef bbl dinner
19:45 library_systems_guy w00t slef
19:47 slef I'm thinking something like git config bz.username whatever ; git config bz.passcode whatever ; and then when you run git bz it replaces passcode with a login cookie
19:47 rangi morning
19:47 rhcl rangi
19:47 slef so if someone gets your .git/config, you need to change your password but they don't actually know what it was, so they're limited to whatever git-bz can do
19:48 library_systems_guy nice slef
19:48 * library_systems_guy would greatly appreciate that
19:49 cait ata marie rangi
19:55 library_systems_guy I made a change to the wiki...can somebody do a sanity check?
19:55 library_systems_guy[…]Control_Using_Git
19:55 library_systems_guy the See changes 'origin' Git repo from your branch section
19:56 library_systems_guy i added the last bit...
19:56 liw joined #koha
19:57 rangi heya liw
19:57 wizzyrea looks ok to me
19:57 wizzyrea hi liw
19:57 library_systems_guy thanks wizzyrea
20:00 * liw waves
20:09 tcohen byeeee
20:10 rangi my stop
20:10 rangi bbiab
20:12 oleonard left #koha
20:14 nengard is now known as nengard_afk
20:21 rangi back
20:22 * cait waves
20:22 bg hey cait :)
20:22 cait hi bg :)
20:22 bg @wunder 93109
20:22 huginn` bg: The current temperature in K6LCM - Westside / Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 20.2�C (1:26 PM PDT on May 31, 2011). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 51%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016.1 hPa (Steady).
20:22 wizzyrea wb
20:28 slef this is probably a silly question, but why does[…]_bz_configuration say to install python-httplib2? git-bz doesn't use it AFAICS
20:28 wizzyrea it wouldn't work for me without it
20:28 nengard_afk left #koha
20:29 slef hmm
20:42 tcohen left #koha
20:50 Space_Librarian joined #koha
20:53 pianohacker joined #koha
20:53 pianohacker The last hill riding home from work is trying to kill me, I tell you
20:53 pianohacker also, hi
20:54 rangi hehe
20:54 rangi hi pianohacker
20:54 pianohacker how's it going, rangi?
20:54 rangi not too bad, hows things with you?
20:55 pianohacker pretty good, actually
20:56 pianohacker lovely long weekend. Did you have any sort of holiday?
20:57 Space_Librarian we have one coming up, don't we, rangi?
20:58 pianohacker hi spacelib
20:58 Space_Librarian hi pianohacker
20:58 Space_Librarian cycling up hills? ouch. O.o
20:59 rangi yeah next weekend
21:00 ibeardslee Yay for Queenie
21:00 Space_Librarian hooray for queenie indeedz1
21:01 Space_Librarian z1 = !
21:01 pianohacker Space_Librarian: Downside of living next to these beautiful foothills :P
21:02 Space_Librarian lol. yeah. My parents live on a deceptive steep hill. I find walking it less evil than riding, so more power to you. ;)
21:05 pianohacker Heh, yeah. You can bike 10 miles of flat land as easy as walking 1 mile, but riding up a hill seems the exact opposite
21:07 hdl joined #koha
21:09 cait eythian: around?
21:11 francharb joined #koha
21:11 francharb left #koha
21:12 rangi not for another hour or so cait
21:13 cait ok
21:13 cait probably going to miss him again :)
21:14 cait but I added my comment on the bug :( probably not much more I can do. Someone else testing would be good
21:17 rangi right
21:22 adnc left #koha
21:33 NateC left #koha
21:39 Brooke joined #koha
21:39 Brooke kia ora
21:42 rangi hiya Brooke
21:42 Brooke :)
21:43 Brooke I've a question for the Library Open Source collective brain
21:44 Brooke anyone know if anyone else ever took Fred Brown's proper indexing suggestions to heart?
21:44 Brooke I'd love a nice botbi tool like Cindex but open source.
21:45 Brooke http://www.allegrotechindexing[…]indexingtools.pdf
21:45 Brooke for what I'm yappin' about.
21:45 rangi i can give you a free software answer
21:45 rangi[…]_isnt_better.html
21:47 rangi id look at xapian
21:49 wizzyrea lol wow, wtf is going on with open office?[…]ffice-update/9025
21:49 wizzyrea oracle has abandoned it, libre office is wildly successful, now apache's gonna give it a home?
21:49 wizzyrea maybe it'll unfork with LO
21:50 Brooke could be wizzy
21:53 hankbank left #koha
22:01 jwagner left #koha
22:01 library_systems_guy left #koha
22:04 Ropuch left #koha
22:04 Ropuch joined #koha
22:05 aogle left #koha
22:07 aogle joined #koha
22:13 NateC joined #koha
22:13 Brooke hey nate
22:16 Brooke You Might Be Lookin' at Redneck Territory when Google doesn't have Street View info, or even Street Info.
22:16 Ahmuck left #koha
22:17 Ahmuck joined #koha
22:17 ibeardslee wizzyrea: last I heard was that the LibreOffice folk were quite happy forked.
22:31 Brooke left #koha
22:36 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
22:36 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5918] When AddPatronLists is set to "general" and EnhancedMessagingPreferences is set, messaging prefs not copied from defaults <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5918>
22:40 cait good night
22:40 cait left #koha
23:19 Soupermanito left #koha
23:32 pianohacker rangi: around?
23:32 rangi yep
23:32 pianohacker rangi: testing 5918 for signoff, introduces whitespace errors. I'm testing the actual functionality, which looks kosher. Just not sure how picky I'm expected to be
23:33 rangi you can be picky about the whitespace if you like :) normally i just fix it
23:33 rangi but the functionality is the most important thing
23:33 pianohacker okay, cool
23:33 rangi (trailing spaces bother me less than they bother git :))
23:36 pianohacker heh, no kidding. Never understood why it set off fire alarms; tabs/spaces mixing can be problematic, but not trailing spaces
23:41 pianohacker rangi: push signed-off patch to bugzilla?
23:42 rangi yus please
23:42 pianohacker aight
23:42 rangi have you seen git-bz ?
23:42 rangi to make doing that easier?
23:42 rangi[…]_bz_configuration
23:42 druthb joined #koha
23:43 rangi heya druthb
23:43 druthb hi, rangi!
23:43 druthb Thanx for your tweet; Lindsey enjoyed getting messages from all over the world.  :)  you n Space_Librarian on one side, and cait on the other.
23:44 rangi cool
23:44 Space_Librarian :) She had a good day? Tearful but good?
23:44 druthb yes.  Her friends and I took her to get Mongolian barbecue after; she loves that.
23:45 ibeardslee mmmm .. is the Mongolian BBQ still going in Wellington?
23:46 pianohacker rangi: yes, actually, saw wizzy talk about a while back. Hadn't seen that page, though, thanks
23:48 aogle left #koha
23:51 * druthb is bemused; she got a membership invite from the National Rifle Association--apparently, one of their magazines you can choose from is "America's 1st Freedom."  Funny; I thought the First Amendment came first, not the Second....
23:54 rangi theres a great quote from Chief Joseph, of the Nez Perce
23:54 rangi that brooke would know im sure
23:55 hdl left #koha
23:55 rangi I claim a right to live on my land and accord you the privilege to return to yours.
23:55 rangi which is arguably the first american freedom :)
23:55 druthb :)
23:56 ibeardslee Robbie Robertson put that in one of his songs
23:56 rangi he did
23:56 rangi the entire speech in fact
23:56 * ibeardslee tries to remember the song
23:56 druthb I wouldn't mind the NRA quite so much, truly I wouldn't, if they did what they say on paper that they do.l
23:56 ibeardslee firing up Banshee
23:57 rangi racing ya
23:57 druthb ...but they chain the right to tote a gun to Repblican far-right conservatism, religion, and acute racism, waaaaay too much, when it comes to the local folx.
23:57 ibeardslee Words of Fire Deeds of BlooD
23:57 rangi words of fire, deeds of blood
23:58 rangi you win
23:58 rangi[…]lood/1TY8tt?src=5
23:58 ibeardslee rangi: I have the album on my PC if you want to listen to the whole thing
23:58 rangi i have the cd in my desk drawer
23:59 rangi :)
23:59 ibeardslee it brings shivers down my spine
23:59 ibeardslee lifts the heart
23:59 rangi yeah, it is a good day to die is a powerful one
23:59 ibeardslee oh yeah

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