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00:00 ibeardslee whenever I have to push myself hard I have that at the top of my list
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00:00 ibeardslee I often wonder about my background from my Dad's Mother's side
00:01 ibeardslee part Blackfoot
00:01 ibeardslee so much lost, so much gone
00:01 rangi yeah
00:01 ibeardslee :(
00:08 pianohacker rangi: signed off, attached, emailed, let me know if everything's kosher
00:09 pianohacker and that's enough for the day, bye all
00:09 rangi thanks, looks good to me
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00:58 glernil blank notices are being sent to the patron who checked-out more than one item.. any work around?
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00:59 glernil i'm using the debian "koha-common" package
01:01 eythian do you have the notice set up?
01:04 glernil i think so.. it can send notice with complete info when a patron only checked-out 1 item.. if more than one the notice being sent is blank.. no list of checked out item
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01:07 eythian hmm. You'll have to find someone who knows more about notices than I do I'm afraid.
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02:02 sekjal when you have to fall back on title/callnumber as a unique identifier for a biblio, you know you're desperate
02:07 bg hi
02:07 bg heh desperation
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03:28 hdl hi
03:29 rangi hi hdl
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03:30 Amit_Gupta heya chris
03:30 Amit_Gupta heya all
03:30 rangi hi Amit_Gupta
03:30 Amit_Gupta Good morning koha ;)
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04:02 Brooke kia ora
04:03 rangi hi Brooke
04:03 Brooke 0/
04:05 Brooke I pēhea tō rā?
04:07 rangi ahua pai, engari kei te ngenge au
04:07 * Brooke hands rangi a flat white.
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04:19 Brooke 0/
04:20 Space_Librarian \0
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04:22 Brooke tag
04:22 Space_Librarian morning cait
04:22 cait hi Brooke and Space_Librarian
04:22 cait :)
04:23 rangi hi cait
04:23 rangi go back to sleep
04:23 cait heeh
04:24 cait would love to do that, but it's my normal wake up time
04:24 eythian why do you get up in the middle of the night?
04:25 Space_Librarian to catch a train?
04:25 * Space_Librarian is trying to remember the last time we had this conversation....
04:25 cait um work?
04:25 wahanui work is progressing nicely
04:25 cait it's 6:30
04:26 cait last time we had this conversation it was before 5 I think
04:26 Space_Librarian yes it was
04:26 eythian yes, the middle of the night.
04:26 eythian (6:30 I mean)
04:27 cait yeah, it is.
04:27 cait eythian: i have no more ideas about that bug - asked magnuse to test it, not sure when he will find time
04:28 cait I just can't make it work the way it work for you :(
04:29 eythian that's pretty strange really
04:30 cait yeah
04:33 rangi yay!!!!
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04:33 rangi[…]3505/Default.aspx
04:33 Brooke namaste
04:33 kmkale Namaskar #koha
04:34 kmkale Namaste Brooke
04:34 cait yay !
04:35 kmkale back from a holiday but brought viral fever with me :(
04:35 bg :(
04:35 cait :(
04:36 rangi stink one
04:38 Space_Librarian namaste kmkale. Oh no! :(
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04:40 kmkale_ Hi Shelly saw your paper abstract :)
04:40 kmkale_ Also Jo has submitted one. So if she is attending may be we can ask her for the keynote?
04:40 Brooke :D
04:40 * Brooke would be non neutrally all for that.
04:41 kmkale_ I may not be able to attend tomorrows Volunteers meeting. May be at the doctors at that time. Can someone hold forte?
04:41 kmkale_ I will try but may not make it
04:41 Brooke send me the minutes of the stuff you want to say
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04:42 kmkale_ Nothing much Abstracts need to be reviewed and we need sponsors still only the one sponsor :(
04:43 kmkale_ Also we need a heds up about whos staying behind for the Hackfest after the con
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04:53 * Space_Librarian needs to figure out how to be in 2 places at once tomorrow...
04:54 cait if you do, can you share?
04:54 kmkale_ :)
04:56 Space_Librarian I will let you in on the secret, yes. If I figure it out in time.
04:57 Brooke no more than 3 turns!
04:57 cait Space_Librarian: :)
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04:59 cait hm back to 69
04:59 cait hm bug 5580
04:59 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5580 enhancement, P5, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED , BibLibre acq improvements for 3.4
04:59 cait any reason to not close that one?
05:00 rangi nope everything it depends on is resolved
05:00 cait :)
05:01 rangi yay!
05:02 cait that one was easy
05:03 cait I wonder abut bug 6090
05:03 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6090 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---, julian.maurice, ASSIGNED , empty mails in message_queue are sent
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05:09 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6190] Custom field removal from patron entry screens <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6190>
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05:22 cait 67 :)
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05:35 cait @wunder Konstanz
05:35 huginn` cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 8.7�C (7:35 AM CEST on June 01, 2011). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 95%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Windchill: 9.0�C. Pressure: 30.15 in 1020.9 hPa (Steady).
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05:52 kmkale bbl
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05:57 magnuse git bz
05:57 magnuse git bz?
05:57 magnuse git-bz?
05:57 wahanui hmmm... git-bz is at[…]_bz_configuration
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06:03 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6437] Div tag needed in advsearch <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6437>
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06:08 Ropuch Morning #koha!
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06:09 cait hi Ropuch
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06:16 alex_a bonjour #koha
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06:17 Amit_Gupta heya alex_a, cait
06:17 kmkale Hi Amit_Gupta
06:17 kmkale hi cait
06:17 * cait waves
06:19 alex_a hi Amit_Gupta, cait
06:28 magnuse bonjour Ropuch, cait, alex_a, Amit_Gupta, kmkale & #koha
06:29 cait hi magnue
06:29 cait magnuse even
06:29 kmkale Namaste magnuse :)
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06:30 Oak \o
06:30 magnuse o/
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06:31 reiveune hello
06:31 wahanui hey, reiveune
06:34 kmkale hey in case anyone of you needs invitation letters to attend Kohacon for Visa etc please let me know.
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06:49 julian hello #koha
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07:38 kf hi #koha
07:39 magnuse hi kf
07:40 kf hi magnuse
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07:40 rangi i have emailed Yury and asked him to send me a gpg encrypted email outlining the vulnerability they have discovered
07:40 magnuse rangi++
07:41 kf oh
07:42 kf new sec bug?
07:42 rangi yep
07:42 magnuse kf: there's amil on the list
07:43 magnuse s/amil/a mail/
07:43 kf security lab
07:43 kf interesting
07:43 wahanui interesting is good
07:43 rangi ive asked them to send me encrypted mail
07:44 kf ok
07:44 kf hope it's nothing really bad
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07:45 rangi well nothing is bad once its found
07:45 rangi the only bad bugs are the ones not known about :)
07:45 magnuse true dat
07:45 rangi and i quite like the fact security firms are looking
07:46 magnuse we do have a couple of open xss bugs...
07:46 rangi its most likely something like that
07:46 paul_p rangi, I wrote a mail to say you're the man to contact too ;-)
07:47 kf I wonder why they were looking?
07:48 rangi thanks paul_p
07:48 rangi paul_p: do you have a gpg key?
07:49 kf there is a koha entry
07:50 paul_p rangi, nope. I was investigating recently, but could not finish ...
07:53 rangi
07:54 magnuse too bad we forgot about the key signing thingy durig kohacon10... (not that i know what that really means or anything... ;-)
07:54 rangi medium
07:54 rangi im guessing xss
07:56 rangi magnuse:
07:56 rangi im going to try to do one at ALA
07:57 magnuse don't say that, you'll tempt kf even more ;-)
07:57 rangi when liw was in nz, he signed my (and others keys)
07:57 rangi you'll notice that when i send things as the rm
07:57 rangi i sign my mails
07:57 rangi which means thats you can verify it came from me
07:58 magnuse cool
07:59 rangi but equally as useful
07:59 rangi which my public key (available all over the place)
07:59 rangi which=with
07:59 rangi you can encrypt a mail to me, that only I can decrypt
07:59 liw yay for gpg and keysigning (not a big fan of keysigning parties, but they're bad or anything)
08:00 rangi keysigning lunches are more fun :)
08:00 liw definitely
08:00 magnuse ooh, now we're talking ;-)
08:05 kf magnuse: hmpf!
08:17 mib_3pfr02 hi #koha
08:21 mib_3pfr02 in koha marc record entry form which field is using to enter the editors,compilers and translators ?
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08:23 rangi marc21, unimarc or normarc mib_3pfr02 ?
08:24 rangi (not really a koha question, more a MARC/Cataloguing question)
08:24 mib_3pfr02 marc21
08:24 rangi you probably need to find a cataloguer to ask
08:25 rangi unless someone knows the answer off the top of their head
08:25 rangi otherwise
08:25 magnuse i guess the short answer is, it's not done differently in koha than in marc21... ;-)
08:25 rangi what he said :)
08:26 mib_3pfr02 for entering author name I used tag100 (Main entry  Personal Name)
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08:34 kf ah, now he is gone
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08:41 slef my scrollback didn't go far enough to see the questions
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08:43 magnuse <mib_3pfr02> in koha marc record entry form which field is using to enter the editors,compilers and translators ?
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08:46 mib_3pfr02 hi #koha
08:50 mib_3pfr02 can anyone help me to find  the answer?
08:50 kf ther eis no easy answer
08:51 kf the fields can be different for every book or media you want to catalog
08:51 magnuse but field 100 and 700 are probably the ones to look at?
08:51 kf marc21 / cataloging is a bit complicated
08:51 kf yeah
08:51 magnuse
08:51 magnuse
08:51 kf @marc 100
08:51 huginn` kf: A personal name used as a main entry in a bibliographic record. [a,b,c,d,e,f,g,j,k,l,n,p,q,t,u,4,6,8]
08:51 kf @marc 700
08:51 huginn` kf: An added entry in which the entry element is a personal name. (Repeatable) [a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,j,k,l,m,n,​o,p,q,r,s,t,u,x,3,4,5,6,8]
08:51 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn`.
08:55 slef yeah pretty sure you want name in 700$a and the relationship in 700$e
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08:56 slef with code in $4
08:56 slef
08:56 slef but I'm no cataloguer
08:59 mib_3pfr02 ok thanks alot <slef>
08:59 slef ok, I'm running patches2bugs again
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09:19 magnuse hm, in 3.4.2 i have email enabled for item checkout, but no message is put in the message_queue table when i do a checkout?
09:19 magnuse s/3.4.2/3.4.1/
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09:49 kf magnuse: where did you enable it
09:49 kf ?
09:49 kf and have you notices defined for it?
09:49 magnuse it worked in 3.2.6...
09:49 kf enhmessaging preference, patron record and or patron category
09:49 kf how long have you waited?
09:50 kf it waits a little while until it generates the message
09:50 magnuse before putting it in message_queue?
09:51 magnuse it's been et least 10 minutes now, and still nothing in message_queue
09:52 magnuse nothing is selected for the patron category, but it is selected for the specific user
09:53 magnuse EnhancedMessagingPreferences = Allow
09:54 magnuse all boxes are green under Item Circulation Alerts
10:02 magnuse to be continued - after lunch...
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10:09 druthb \o
10:11 rangi hi druthb
10:13 druthb hi, rangi.  :)
10:18 kmkale hi druthb :)
10:21 * druthb waves to kmkale.
10:25 kf hi druthb
10:25 kf :)
10:26 druthb :)
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10:30 NurAhammad hi everyone
10:30 NurAhammad how are you?
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10:33 clrh Bonjour
10:33 wahanui que tal, clrh
10:34 kf I have a request
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11:02 kf hm, picking the collective #koha brain
11:02 kf does someone have a link to a koha+sopac opac?
11:08 kf judging from the sopac website and forums the project seems not very active
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11:29 slef kf: searched biblibre?
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11:35 kf searched the web
11:35 kf not much success so far
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11:35 kf slef :)
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11:40 clrh kf  yes
11:40 clrh ask alex_a
11:40 clrh maybe a demo site somewhere ;)
11:40 kf ah, so it's not used in production?
11:41 kf alex_a: around?
11:41 alex_a kf: yes ?
11:43 hdl kf : yes it is used in production
11:43 kf alex_a: I was searching for a sopac example
11:43 alex_a kf:
11:43 hdl kf: look at darienlibrary. It uses sopac
11:44 kf koha + sopac
11:45 alex_a kf: is a demo of sopac using ilsdi connector for koha
11:46 kf alex_a, clrh: thx
11:46 kf I hoped perhaps a library would be using it
11:47 alex_a kf: yes, a french library:
11:47 alex_a but theming is not finished
11:48 kf thx again :)
11:48 kf I am giving a presentation about koha in a session where vufind will be a big topic
11:49 kf so I was looking for koha and alternative discovery interfaces
11:49 kf I know there is BRAC using vufind and was looking for a sopac example
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11:51 alex_a kf: sopac is not out of the box
11:51 alex_a it needs a lot of bugfix
11:51 kf ah ok
11:51 kf so perhaps say it can be done
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11:52 vfernandes hi ppl :)
11:52 kf is now known as kf_mtg
11:52 kf_mtg have a meeting now, thx for the help, will be back later :)
11:53 alex_a kf_mtg: no pbm
11:53 vfernandes guys what means 'L', 'F' and 'FU' in the accountline table?
11:55 vfernandes F => Fine?
12:00 jwagner vfernandes, see[…]Hard_Coded_Values
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12:18 conan hello everyone
12:18 conan I'll start the morning firing up a question
12:18 conan where does koha store the patron renewal  period?
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12:19 conan I don't see it on Administration>Patrons, nor looking for 'renewal'
12:21 oleonard conan: It is under Administration -> Patron types and categories
12:22 oleonard "Enrollment period" is the label in English
12:24 conan oleonard++
12:24 conan thanks
12:25 conan you know... I probably set that a couple of days ago... I guess it takes time to get to know by heart all the stuff
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13:17 vfernandes jwagner thanks
13:17 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6442] opacnav pref explained wrong <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6442>
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13:32 nengard the patch for bug 6442 is a tini tiny one if anyone wants to get sign off credit :)
13:32 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6442 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---, nengard, ASSIGNED , opacnav pref explained wrong
13:33 bigbrovar Hi guys, is there a way to search for and delete duplicate entries in koha?  I got a spreadsheet from our librarian which I converted to marc file and imported to koha. however (despite my warning) some of the files in the spreadsheet she gave me were duplicates of entries already in koha.
13:34 bigbrovar now I to figure a way to hunt down this duplicated enteries and delete them or even if I have to delete all items and start from sratch
13:34 conan bigbrovar: I believe koha finds those duplicates and don't insert them... but I'm not sure, are you getting duplicated biblio data in DB?
13:35 bigbrovar conan: when I search opac I see dulicate entries show up even though
13:35 nengard if it's duplicate bibs i think i have a report for that on the wiki
13:36 magnuse does anyone have check in/check out emails working in 3.4? i don't, and i can't for the life of me see what's wrong...
13:36 bigbrovar basically 50% of the items I imported were already in records :/
13:36 bigbrovar am on 3.4 btw
13:36 conan bigbrovar: did you set up matching rules in  Home › Administration › Record Matching Rules  ??
13:37 bigbrovar conan: nno let me check that out. (still getting a grip of koha :) )
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13:40 bigbrovar conan: the matching rule by default uses isbn and issn which is fine, I might have to add more though. mainwhile whats the best way to find dublicates. without having to empty the biblo records and starting from scratch
13:41 hilongo Hello #koha  :)
13:41 conan hilongo: hello karma claimer :P
13:42 conan bigbrovar: you can put different weight to your rules
13:42 conan bigbrovar: about finding dups, have you access to DB?
13:43 conan I'd do it at DB level
13:43 bigbrovar yeah I do via phpmyadmin
13:46 conan bigbrovar: well you have items information saved in items table, then you have biblio and biblioitems which also record bibliographic information
13:46 oleonard library_systems_guy: I signed off on your patch for Bug 6437.
13:46 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6437 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, tdavis, ASSIGNED , Div tag needed in advsearch
13:46 conan I guess you'll have to check a couple of dups to know at which level you have dups
13:46 wizzyrea library_systems_guy++ oleonard++
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13:47 bigbrovar guess its just easier to delete everything and start all over. delete all records and start from scratch
13:48 kf_mtg is now known as kf
13:50 conan bigbrovar: I can't give you a made up SQL sentence since I haven't been in this situation before, I'm pretty new here
13:51 conan bigbrovar: but I guess starting over should not be a good decision, at least not right now
13:51 conan bigbrovar: try to massage your data a little bit, give yourself an hour to look into the problem
13:51 conan there's no assurance that you wont get dups again
13:52 conan start working with biblioitems
13:52 conan look for the dups and look into the data to find something that lead you to differentiate them
13:53 kf oleonard: sometimes git bz apply didn't work forme but git am -is3 worked perfectly fine - I see your comment on 6190
13:53 bigbrovar conan: u are very right, just that am still new to koha have learnt quite a lot but this is not a full time job  just something I do in my free time. still alot to learn. starting over would be easier for me. though I wish there was a way to do this cleaning
13:54 oleonard Thanks kf I'll try again.
13:54 bigbrovar It would have been more ideal if there was a tool which can check records and bring up dups without having to mess with db. am not a db guy u see :/ just the very basic to get by
13:56 wizzyrea there are entire companies devoted to deduping bibliographic databases
13:56 wizzyrea it's all they do, and they are highly paid for it
13:56 wizzyrea :P
13:56 wizzyrea so it's not easy for anybody.
14:02 bigbrovar wizzyrea: the more reason why I should just start from scratch, I still have the .mrc files of all the enteries with me, so hopefully all should be fine :)
14:02 wizzyrea bigbrovar: are you losing a lot of work if you start over?
14:02 oleonard kf: No luck applying the patch directly. But I'm glad to know I should try.
14:02 conan bigbrovar: good luck, be sure to set up right your matching rules before, so you don't get into the same situation
14:02 kf :)
14:02 bigbrovar wizzyrea:  nope not really, just need to know if emptying the biblio db is same process as it was in 3.2 in which case I usually just delete biblio  from mysql
14:02 bigbrovar conan: yeah its one of those moment u go back and hit urself in the head "damn I should have setup the matching rules "
14:12 bigbrovar wizzyrea: in koha 3.2 to delete all records I deleted entries in the following tables  delete from biblioitems, items and biblio. those this still apply in koha 3.4?
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14:13 wizzyrea the tables haven't changed afaik
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15:14 reiveune bye
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15:34 wizzyrea oleonard: lol
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15:55 hdl bug 619
15:55 huginn` Bug[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=619 normal, P2, ---, chris, CLOSED FIXED, Visiting automatically resets branch
15:55 hdl bug 6190
15:55 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6190 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, srdjan, ASSIGNED , Custom field removal from patron entry screens
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15:56 nengard joined #koha
16:01 oleonard Did you test that one hdl?
16:02 hdl Nope. I had something quite similar for one of our libraries... Would be glad it finally comes in for 3.6. But have little time to test that.
16:06 * wizzyrea will try it out
16:09 wizzyrea patch doesn't apply for me either
16:12 wizzyrea (either way)
16:25 kf left #koha
16:29 bigbrovar left #koha
16:31 aogle joined #koha
16:57 cait joined #koha
16:59 clrh bybye koha
16:59 clrh left #koha
17:01 bigbrovar joined #koha
17:09 nengard is now known as nengard_lunch
17:23 vfernandes left #koha
17:43 nengard_lunch is now known as nengard
17:45 hdl left #koha
17:46 hdl joined #koha
17:50 skushner joined #koha
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18:02 hdl bye there
18:10 hdl left #koha
18:35 oleonard Is it Friday and no one told me? This place feels like a Friday today...
18:35 jwagner oleonard, I _wish_ it was Friday!
18:36 jwagner @wunder 20740
18:36 huginn` jwagner: The current temperature in Hollywood, College Park, Maryland is 35.4�C (2:39 PM EDT on June 01, 2011). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 48%. Dew Point: 23.0�C. Pressure: 30.00 in 1015.8 hPa (Falling). Heat advisory in effect until 8 PM EDT this evening...
18:36 oleonard @wunder 45701
18:36 huginn` oleonard: The current temperature in Athens, Ohio is 30.0�C (2:35 PM EDT on June 01, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 31%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Steady).
18:36 oleonard At least your weather makes mine look good
18:37 wizzyrea @wunder lawrence ks
18:37 huginn` wizzyrea: The current temperature in Channel 6 Downtown, Lawrence, Kansas is 27.8�C (1:41 PM CDT on June 01, 2011). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 63%. Dew Point: 20.0�C. Pressure: 30.13 in 1020.2 hPa (Falling).
18:37 jwagner That's not much comfort.  I have trouble breathing when the air quality is this bad -- working from home & not going out....
18:40 tcohen @wunder cordoba, argentina
18:40 huginn` tcohen: The current temperature in Cordoba Aerodrome, Argentina is 16.0�C (3:00 PM ART on June 01, 2011). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: 9.0�C. Pressure: 29.96 in 1014 hPa (Falling).
18:41 jwagner Let's all go to Argentina....
18:41 tcohen you r all invited, asado at home
18:42 rhcl left #koha
18:42 wizzyrea nom!
18:48 hankbank joined #koha
18:51 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6444] Encoding problems with vendor names in <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6444>
18:55 tcohen left #koha
18:56 rhcl joined #koha
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19:05 bg @wunder 93109
19:05 huginn` bg: The current temperature in K6LCM - Westside / Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 20.1�C (12:09 PM PDT on June 01, 2011). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 57%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016.1 hPa (Steady).
19:09 skushner joined #koha
19:11 cait @wunder Konstanz
19:11 huginn` cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 11.0�C (9:00 PM CEST on June 01, 2011). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 9.0�C. Pressure: 30.29 in 1026 hPa (Rising).
19:15 magnus_away is now known as magnuse
19:17 magnuse g'evening #koha
19:18 * magnuse will see an eclipse of the midnight sun in a couple hours, if the clouds collaborate[…]1may_midnightsun/
19:20 wizzyrea !!! awesome
19:20 magnuse yup
19:21 rhcl joined #koha
19:26 skushner Geez, Tornado watch in this area...and we're on the east coast!
19:26 Soupermanito left #koha
19:26 wizzyrea I just saw that! wtf!
19:27 skushner Don't know...weird.
19:29 rhcl Where approximately are you on the east coast? Tornados aren't that unusual for Florida.
19:29 skushner New Jersey
19:29 rhcl Oh, that's north of Florida
19:30 skushner Yes, it is
19:30 Ahmuck-Sr left #koha
19:36 Soupermanito joined #koha
19:41 rangi skushner: you know whats sad, the only thing young people here know about nj is jersey shore
19:43 nengard while that's all wrong ... it's not that much better :)
19:43 nengard sorry - lived there way way too long
19:43 nengard got away as soon as I could
19:44 sekjal skushner:  tornado warning here in MA, too
19:44 wizzyrea warning or watch!
19:44 wizzyrea if it's a warning why aren't you in the basement?
19:45 * wizzyrea gives sekjal the stern, kansan, eye
19:45 sekjal wizzyrea:  I am (that's where my office is)
19:45 sekjal well, lower floor
19:45 wizzyrea good. Middle of the house?
19:45 sekjal no, facing a couple windows at the moment
19:45 wizzyrea !!!
19:45 rhcl gee, give him a break...gonna quiz him about food and water and his tetnas shot?
19:45 rhcl :)
19:46 wizzyrea hrmph
19:46 sekjal[…]Tornado%20Warning
19:46 wizzyrea !!!!
19:46 sekjal @wunder 01373
19:46 rhcl Tetanus
19:46 huginn` sekjal: The current temperature in Plain Road East, South Deerfield, Massachusetts is 30.2�C (3:05 PM EDT on June 01, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 68%. Dew Point: 24.0�C. Pressure: 29.85 in 1010.7 hPa (Falling). Tornado Watch 411 in effect until 8 PM EDT this evening...
19:46 wizzyrea do not like!
19:46 rhcl @wunder 64505
19:46 huginn` rhcl: The current temperature in St Joseph, Missouri is 27.4�C (2:50 PM CDT on June 01, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 32%. Dew Point: 9.0�C. Pressure: 30.24 in 1023.9 hPa (Falling).
19:47 nengard @wunder 19030
19:47 huginn` nengard: The current temperature in Maple Point, Langhorne, Pennsylvania is 33.6�C (3:50 PM EDT on June 01, 2011). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 55%. Dew Point: 23.0�C. Pressure: 29.90 in 1012.4 hPa (Steady). Excessive heat warning in effect until 8 PM EDT this evening...
19:47 sekjal it did get awfully dark and rainy all of a sudden
19:47 nengard bleh
19:47 wizzyrea I like that -- our weather reports never ask for people to report tornadoes
19:47 magnuse wow, that's hot!
19:47 nengard yuh huh
19:47 nengard I'm inside with the air on and a fan blowing on me
19:47 wizzyrea (because we have spotters)
19:48 wizzyrea i will get quite worried if sekjal goes offline all of a sudden O.O
19:48 sekjal I'm thinking perhaps I should switch to the laptop, in case I lose power
19:48 wizzyrea do you have sirens?
19:49 wizzyrea or do they depend on the TV EAS activation?
19:49 wizzyrea tv/radio
19:49 sekjal ... I really don't know.  Just moved up here
19:49 sekjal pretty sure no sirens
19:49 sekjal though my wife is reporting alarms on UMass campus
19:49 wizzyrea !!
19:51 wizzyrea what's your zip, sekjal?
19:51 wizzyrea (for the wx site)
19:51 magnuse 01373 maybe?
19:52 wizzyrea argle bargle!
19:52 wizzyrea[…]=11101111&loop=no
19:52 rangi I figure tornado drill is much the same as earthquake
19:53 rangi ie get away from outside walls/windows
19:53 danmc sekjal:  umass boston?  or amherst?
19:53 danmc tornados in boston are indeed unusual.
19:53 sekjal wizzyrea:  01373
19:53 danmc for that matter when I lived in the city, we rarely had thunderstorms
19:53 sekjal danmc: amherst
19:54 wizzyrea except for the part where there is whirling splinters and glass
19:54 wizzyrea only falling stuff like that in earthquakes :)
19:55 rangi nope
19:55 sekjal going to log off briefly, pack up the cats, move to the center of the house, and then log back in
19:55 rangi when windows shatter
19:55 oleonard
19:55 rangi shit flies
19:55 wizzyrea right, but it's not necessarily whirling in the air at 200mph
19:56 rangi when the whole wall flexes and snaps back it essentially fires glass at you
19:56 sekjal left #koha
19:56 wizzyrea yea that's bad
19:56 oleonard
19:56 wizzyrea ^^
19:56 wizzyrea that
19:56 danmc and the whole "take refuge in a hot air balloon" approach works better with earthquakes ;)
19:56 rangi but it only does it once
19:57 wizzyrea hehe danmc
19:57 wizzyrea I'm not *really* trying to argue with you ^.^
19:58 rangi oh I was reading about the underpass thing and tornadoes
19:58 wizzyrea oh sheesh, no kidding.
19:58 rangi just drive faster looks like the real advice
19:58 wizzyrea get in the ditch face down with your head covered
19:59 wizzyrea is what I usually hear
19:59 wizzyrea dirty, but better than dying :P
19:59 skushner Man..just got our VM and San, but not installed yet...hope nothing happens here, or anywhere! Jersey Shore = New Yorkers..
19:59 sekjal joined #koha
20:00 skushner data not backed up to the cloud yet...
20:00 chaosecho joined #koha
20:00 sekjal wow, my cats are pissed! (put them in their carriers)
20:00 rangi obnam skushner
20:00 rangi check it out sometime :)
20:01 liw rangi's my best marketer :)
20:01 rangi hehe
20:04 Ahmuck joined #koha
20:04 wizzyrea wow that storm is just not going away
20:05 rangi magnuse: there was a tv show last night
20:05 rangi they followed police for 24hr on the same day
20:05 rangi in 4 cities
20:05 rangi auckland, perth, oslo, and san francisco
20:05 rangi (well it was 12, the next 12 is next week)
20:05 rangi I like norwegian policing
20:06 magnuse heh
20:06 magnuse no guns?
20:07 rangi yeah same as here
20:07 rangi less yelling and macho bullcrap than perth too
20:07 * wizzyrea is not at all surprised by that
20:07 rangi for better results
20:07 Guillaume joined #koha
20:08 Guillaume left #koha
20:08 fredericd left #koha
20:08 magnuse yeah, i think they do get some things right
20:08 rangi lots more snow also hehe
20:08 magnuse surprise!
20:09 magnuse you probably have police on snowscooters in some places...
20:09 rangi :)
20:09 Brooke joined #koha
20:09 ibeardslee hmmmmm
20:09 Brooke kia ora
20:09 rangi san fran seem to be doing some stuff right too
20:09 rangi they have reinstated foot patrols
20:10 sekjal thunder's getting intense
20:10 rangi and talking to ppl like they are humans
20:10 ibeardslee wot?!?
20:10 wahanui i think wot is d diff btw Staff client interface and OPAC
20:10 rangi situations escalate less
20:11 rangi heh
20:11 rangi thanks wahanui
20:11 * oleonard wonders who told wahanui that
20:11 magnuse some real sinsight from wahanui there...
20:12 rangi kf++
20:12 fredericd joined #koha
20:12 ibeardslee sinsight? is that like a curved vision?
20:13 cait the mail?
20:13 magnuse nah, more like sin-sight
20:13 rangi yep
20:13 rangi coffee time brb
20:13 cait hm thx
20:13 cait druthb++
20:13 cait she knows why
20:14 chaosecho left #koha
20:15 rhcl rhcl wonders if druthb has ever installed Koha in a VBox VM on a netbook?
20:15 wizzyrea she has, I know it to be true
20:16 * oleonard is off
20:16 oleonard left #koha
20:16 Soupermanito left #koha
20:17 Brooke druthb++
20:17 Brooke I surely would agree with Cait's sound logic.
20:19 cait magnuse: could the mail problem you see be related to us renaming the variables?
20:19 magnuse which variables?
20:20 cait the message_name thing was changed for 3.4 because of template toolkit
20:20 cait supposed to have an underscore now I think
20:21 Soupermanito joined #koha
20:21 cait WHERE  message_attributes.message_name = 'Item Check-in' this here has changed
20:22 magnuse yes, in message_attributes it says Item_Check_in - obiously not a match!
20:23 rangi ohh good spotting
20:23 cait :)
20:23 rangi now you just have to reply to the email
20:23 rangi so others dont reply and give wild goose chase answers ;-)
20:23 cait habe you talked to druthb?
20:24 rangi today?
20:24 wahanui rumour has it today is Black Friday
20:24 rangi nope
20:24 cait hm
20:24 Soupermanito left #koha
20:24 magnuse but when i put WHERE  message_attributes.message_name = 'Item_Check_in' in the query i still get 0 results
20:24 cait hm
20:24 cait does it work in mysql?
20:24 magnuse well, it's certainly an angle worth pursuing!
20:25 magnuse no, empty set when i run it in mysql
20:25 cait and have you waited a little bit?
20:25 rangi it should show in that query pretty much instantenous
20:25 magnuse hm, running the query should not rely on anything else, i think
20:25 rangi yeah
20:26 magnuse it's just asking for what types of messages to send
20:26 magnuse not related to any concrete "action"
20:26 cait ah
20:26 rangi magnuse
20:27 rangi try it without AND borrower_message_preferences.borrowernumber = 51;
20:27 rangi and see if you get any results that way (maybe limit 10 just in case)
20:27 bigbrovar left #koha
20:27 magnuse oh well, i'll have to look more at that tomorrow, i'm gonna have to go outside and look for the midnight sun eclipse now!
20:28 cait oh, now that it gets exciting
20:28 cait :)
20:28 magnuse yeah, i get results without the AND
20:28 magnuse yeah, too bad
20:28 magnuse but next time is in 87 years or something... ;-)
20:28 magnuse sorry guys
20:28 magnuse cait++
20:28 magnuse is now known as magnus_eclipse
20:28 sekjal is now known as Guest3092
20:28 sekjal joined #koha
20:28 rangi no worries, but yeah if you get results with the and, then the query is on the right track ;)
20:28 cait have fun :)
20:28 Brooke 0/
20:33 Guest3092 left #koha
20:33 wizzyrea bother I ahve to add a new category for cait's listing ^.^
20:34 wizzyrea I don't mind though
20:34 cait Germany?
20:34 cait :)
20:34 wizzyrea :) yep
20:35 cait :)
20:35 jwagner left #koha
20:36 sekjal storm seems to be moving south
20:36 rangi is that good?
20:37 wizzyrea not for the people to the south :P
20:37 sekjal for me, yes.  for Springfield, not so much
20:37 sekjal @wunder 01373
20:37 huginn` sekjal: The current temperature in Montague Center Weatherbot, Montague, Massachusetts is 22.3�C (4:34 PM EDT on June 01, 2011). Conditions: Light Thunderstorms and Rain. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 21.0�C. Pressure: 29.45 in 997.2 hPa (Rising). Tornado Watch 411 in effect until 8 PM EDT this evening...
20:38 wizzyrea cait:[…]port/country/#ger
20:38 rangi yay!
20:41 cait yay :) thx liz!
20:41 wizzyrea *wink* you got it. :)
20:43 cait hm, germany shows up empty for me
20:43 rhcl strange I don't see cait listed anywhere, dumped the browser cache even....
20:43 wizzyrea der, lol, sec
20:43 wizzyrea stupid connections starts them as unlisted
20:44 wizzyrea there it shouuld be there now
20:45 rhcl yep, is good
20:45 cait there is html in it
20:46 nengard left #koha
20:46 cait like visible html :)
20:46 cait p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 12.0px 0.0px; font: 10.0px Helvetica} <p class="p1">
20:46 JesseM left #koha
20:46 rhcl oh, yea, you're right, I see the html too
20:47 rhcl cait, do you normally capitalize Katrin as part of your email address?
20:48 cait no, that was probably auto correct in outlook
20:48 NCARMichael joined #koha
20:48 cait I hate it
20:48 rhcl so I thought...maybe correct that too wizzyrea?
20:48 * wizzyrea yawns
20:48 * cait offers liz a cookie
20:48 wizzyrea that stuff was fixed like ages ago
20:49 wizzyrea ;)
20:49 rhcl yes, well, I still see "<p class="p1">T"
20:49 cait me too
20:49 wizzyrea no you don't
20:49 cait sorry liz
20:49 rhcl hehe
20:50 cait now it's ok
20:50 cait you are cheating :)
20:50 wizzyrea you see the cached version :P
20:50 wizzyrea (I just deleted the cache)
20:50 rhcl OK, now it looks fine!
20:51 NCARMichael hi peeps. today's question is...
20:51 NCARMichael How do I set a default value in a particular MARC field? (I'd like the 003 field to always have CoBA in it)
20:54 bg NCARMichael: there should be a field for entering in default info when you are editing the subfield in the marc-frameworks
20:54 NCARMichael (investigating...)
20:55 skushner left #koha
20:56 bg Default value
20:56 bg defines what you want to appear in the field by default, this will be editable, but it saves time if you use the same note over and over or the same value in a field often.
20:56 bg found here -[…]marcbibframeworks
20:58 Brooke left #koha
20:59 rangi manual++
20:59 cait nengard++
21:01 cait wizzyrea++
21:02 NCARMichael So, I'm adding a new subfield for 003?
21:03 cait hm wait
21:03 NCARMichael oh wait
21:03 cait isn't there a syspref for that?
21:03 cait marcorgcode or something?
21:03 cait @marc 003
21:03 huginn` cait: The MARC code for the organization whose control number is contained in field 001 (Control Number). []
21:03 cait yeah
21:03 NCARMichael I see.  I had to click on Advanced Constraints.
21:04 cait NCARMichael: you should check the system preferences, I think there is one adding a default value to all your 003 fields
21:04 NCARMichael Oh
21:04 cait search for marcorgcode
21:05 sekjal storm seems to have passed.
21:05 cait yay :)
21:05 NCARMichael ooh yeah!  "MARCorgCode"
21:05 cait :)
21:05 NCARMichael (testing...)
21:09 sekjal alright, time to get some rest.  until later, #koha!
21:09 NCARMichael it works! gracias.
21:09 NCARMichael ciao
21:09 NCARMichael left #koha
21:09 sekjal left #koha
21:13 jenkins_koha Starting build 272 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
21:16 rhcl very interesting article on "Institutional Repository" for law libraries in Information Technology and Libraries (current version). Discusses ContentDM, DSpace, Greenstone, et al
21:16 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5918 : Use the default messaging preferences if the user does not select any <[…]3fb084c112b55a6eb> / Merge remote-tracking branch 'kc/new/bug_5683' into kcmaster <[…]e1328ab24797894ed> / Fixing permissions, no need for this file to be executable <http://git.koha
21:16 rhcl short blurb on indexing and retrieval
21:19 Space_Librarian morning #koha
21:21 aogle left #koha
21:24 rhcl My very talented except for base 60 assistant is creating they Best Children's Computing System Ever based on Ubuntu and Mint.
21:26 danmc rhcl:  what is the target use and age range for that?
21:27 * danmc has kids and is also a computer geek
21:32 Space_Librarian rhcl: where can I find a copy of this article?
21:33 Soupermanito joined #koha
21:37 rhcl Well, it's in the June issue of  Information Technology and Libraries, a publication of ALA/LITA. Let me check and see if it's online @
21:38 rhcl The use was for digital items at a small Texas law school, "Texas Tech University School of Law"
21:38 Space_Librarian great, thanks. Just wondering if it's embargoed on this side of the world for another month. I'll check ALIA's listings...
21:39 rhcl designed to "collect, preserve, share and promote the law school's digital materials"
21:41 rhcl quick synopsis: they looked at several systems, couldn't afford ContentDM, settled on DSpace, had trouble installing it due to lack of IT expertise (Vendors Listening?),
21:41 rhcl eventually outsourced that part, and they are doing well now.
21:42 rhcl danmc: were you asking about the article or about the children's computers?
21:42 rangi for a cooperative oclc sure screw the hell out of their members
21:43 rhcl rangi: referring to contentdm?
21:43 rangi yup, but in general too
21:45 rhcl thing about contentdm that would concern me is getting your content buried/locked in their proprietary database. I'm sure there must be system level ways of getting to it, but it's never been clear that you can or what they are.
21:45 rangi exactly
21:46 rangi when you look at TCO, you should always count how much it costs to leave too
21:47 rhcl but it've seen demo's of it, it looks pretty and has good features. But some of those features also make it hard for others (the public) to download the content outside Contentdm,
21:47 rangi *nod*
21:47 rhcl and for everything we want to do we want to encourage full, complete access to our holdings
21:47 rangi yup, the best that can happen is people use your data
21:47 rhcl yep
21:48 rangi ohhh good quote from bradley kuhn
21:49 rhcl getting back to our children's computer project, we want a free, OS solution. We've looked at Kiddex (Linux but licensed) and Qimo, and been neutral on those, although we currently have several of both in the library
21:49 Ahmuck left #koha
21:49 rangi I'm more worried about sw freedom than "how far a project can go". Free Software is a multi-generational marathon, not a sprint
21:50 rhcl So now we're rolling our own. I have a very bright CS college student working for me that can do anything when his alarm clock works
21:51 * Space_Librarian shakes fist at kohacon's reviewer window's constant fatal error. Slef is going to get spammed at this rate.
21:51 rhcl He's using a web server to serve the pages to clients and have all the local executables fire off from there....even wrote a py script to enable ssl...
21:51 rhcl looks like it might work.
21:51 rangi cool
21:53 rhcl The world needs better FOSS children's games, however. A lot of what's available, including, for example, GCompris, are just not very polished and can be flakey.
21:53 rangi yep
21:54 rangi kahurangi plays childsplay, pingus, gcompris, puzzle bobble, and writes emails
21:55 rhcl I'll pass those on to aogle
21:55 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #272: SUCCESS in 42 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/272/
21:55 jenkins_koha * Jared Camins-Esakov: Add unit tests to ensure bug 5683 doesn't reappear
21:55 jenkins_koha * Jared Camins-Esakov: Bug 5683 follow-up: calls to ModBiblio can still fail
21:55 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5683 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, jcamins, REOPENED , can corrupt records
21:55 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Fixing permissions, no need for this file to be executable
21:55 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 5918 : Use the default messaging preferences if the user does not select any
21:55 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5918 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW , When AddPatronLists is set to "general" and EnhancedMessagingPreferences is set, messaging prefs not copied from defaults
22:05 rhcl Space_Librarian>: if ITAL makes the article available online it might appear here (in a month?)[…]alinformation.cfm   (under #2 June)
22:06 rangi rhcl:[…]09/in/photostream
22:06 rhcl looking...
22:07 rhcl amplifying graphics I see  :)[…]9/in/photostream/
22:08 rangi :)
22:09 rhcl fuji? everest? mount kilimanjaro?[…]1/in/photostream/
22:09 rangi taranaki
22:10 rangi seen that horrible movie the last samurai with tom cruise?
22:10 wahanui I haven't seen 'that', rangi
22:10 rangi they filmed that in nz, use mt taranaki cos it looks like fuji
22:10 rangi[…]21/in/photostream <-- what i was doing
22:10 rhcl ic
22:11 rangi and that was the view from outside the building
22:11 rhcl yea, saw that collection of nettops and surge protectors :)
22:12 rhcl[…]6/in/photostream/    surely not NZ?
22:12 rangi heh nope
22:12 rangi thats atarau playing with the amish in PA
22:13 rangi he fit in cos he was wearing blue too ;)
22:15 rangi[…]3/in/photostream/
22:15 rhcl like this one:[…]1/in/photostream/
22:16 rangi yeah that was when they were in Pittsburgh childrens hospital
22:16 rangi got gastro enteritis
22:16 rangi (hence the drips)
22:16 rangi but still had the energy to annoy each other :)
22:18 rangi heh this is an old one
22:18 rangi 2003
22:18 rangi[…]63/in/photostream
22:18 rangi look at that traffic spike, as ppl started looking at the webcams for the lotr world premiere
22:19 NateC left #koha
22:19 rangi i did manage to sneak outside for a bit, and take photos[…]1/in/photostream/
22:20 rhcl palantir I see-that's what our ISP has installed for us to use.
22:20 rangi while sijobl made sure we only saturated most of nz's bandwidth
22:20 rangi ahh that was just the hostname
22:20 rangi that looks like cricket to me
22:21 rangi and rrd
22:22 rangi[…]hp?g2_itemId=3564  <-- thats the rest of my lotr photos
22:25 Irma left #koha
22:26 library_systems_guy left #koha
22:30 NateC joined #koha
22:37 magnus_eclipse is now known as magnus_away
22:39 magnus_away is now known as magnus_eclipse
22:41 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
22:44 Irma joined #koha
22:44 magnus_eclipse is now known as magnuse
22:46 cait took photos?
22:47 magnuse yup
22:47 cait :)
22:47 magnuse there's one of me on facebook... ;-)
22:47 cait rangi: any news from the security thing?
22:47 cait trying to get me on facebook?
22:47 cait not fair!
22:47 rangi nope havent heard back
22:48 magnuse cait: hehe
22:48 Space_Librarian rhcl_away: thanks. I'll keep an eye out
22:49 cait magnuse: holiday tomorrow?
22:49 magnuse cait: yup!
22:49 cait here too :)
22:49 magnuse might get some work done though
22:50 magnuse at least we don't have to go to bed at a decent time ;-)
22:51 cait yeah, but I am getting tired
22:51 magnuse pic from my mobile, not too good, will gete the ones from the real camera tomorrow:[…]79/in/photostream (you had to have spacial glasses to see the actual eclipse))
22:52 magnuse we're debriefing with G&T's ;-)
22:53 eythian[…]ine/5225045?src=5 <-- the album for today
22:54 cait hi eythian :)
22:54 eythian hello
22:55 conan joined #koha
22:55 magnuse kia ora eythian
22:56 magnuse no holiday in nz?
22:56 eythian nah, we don't really do the ascension day thing here, alas.
22:56 eythian we do have Monday off for Queen's birthday though, I realised yesterday.
22:58 magnuse well, that's something
22:58 conan hi again all, quick question: how does koha know from where it must pull includes? I think I've found a bug today
22:59 eythian includes, as in Perl libraries?
22:59 conan no, as in templates
23:00 conan today we found that even when es-ES was used, the include pulled was coming from the en directory
23:00 conan but there's no path definition in the templates
23:00 conan so I guess that must be saved somewhere
23:00 eythian I think it uses the syspref to work it out.
23:01 eythian But it's not something I know a large amount about really.
23:01 magnuse @later tell rhcl do you know ? read about it in Linux Journal recently...
23:01 huginn` magnuse: The operation succeeded.
23:03 rhcl_away oh, I'm still here :(
23:03 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
23:03 cait oh, I am falling asleep
23:03 cait good night all
23:04 eythian byebye!
23:04 conan hum... there're only a couple of things under I18N/L10N preferences
23:04 conan cait: bye
23:04 cait conan: I think it's somethig from userenv perhaps? it should get the language path of the templates you are looking at, not in the sys pref
23:04 rhcl magnuse: yes, we looked at sugarlabs, it seems to really be more for teaching children, rather than as a stand-alone children's computer
23:04 cait s
23:05 conan cait: found paths stuff under Staff Client preferences
23:06 cait css files?
23:06 conan but I think that's for local changes
23:06 conan yes, and includes
23:06 cait ah
23:06 cait those includes
23:06 cait never used that
23:06 conan but...
23:06 conan ok
23:06 cait I always use opacusercss and opacuserjs, never used the includes thing
23:06 conan the thing is, when I issue the translate blabla script
23:06 conan it creates directory es-ES and populates it
23:06 cait I think when you use the file paths you have to copy the file to all language folders to make it work correctly
23:06 rhcl having said that, and looking at it again now, I see that maybe there is some new stuff, so tomorrow we'll take another look
23:07 magnuse rhcl : ok, it just struck me when i was reading back
23:07 conan there are replicated includes there, translated includes
23:07 conan so, why is koha using the includes from the 'en' directory instead?
23:07 cait path not constructed correctly?
23:07 cait but really have to sleep
23:07 conan cait: go, there's no hurry
23:08 conan I was asking now because I don't usually meet rangi in my working hours
23:08 magnuse sounds like it shouldn't, but there are some strange things going on with different languages and templates etc
23:08 cait or I will have qwertz on somewhere on my face tomorrow morning :)
23:08 conan cait: go to sleep :)
23:08 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
23:08 magnuse et least you won't have qwerty...
23:08 cait hehe will do :)
23:08 cait left #koha
23:09 * conan is going to read koha-tmpl/templates.readme
23:09 rangi what version of koha conan
23:09 rangi if its master or 3.4.x
23:10 rangi look at C4/
23:10 magnuse conan: where are you seeing the problematic includes? does it happen all the time, or just sometimes?
23:10 rangi INCLUDE_PATH => "$htdocs/$theme/$lang/includes",
23:10 rangi where
23:10 rangi my ( $theme, $lang ) = themelanguage( $htdocs, $tmplbase, $interface );
23:10 rangi so look at the themelanguage sub in C4/
23:11 rangi for 3.2.x you're on your own ;-)
23:11 rangi C4/Output maybe
23:12 * magnuse seems to have a situation where the opac is displayed mostly in english if it has been a while since i visited, but in norwegian when i choose english then norwegian again - need more time to investigate...
23:12 Irma Good morning team :-)
23:12 magnuse kia ora Irma!
23:12 Space_Librarian morning Irma
23:13 eythian hiya Irma
23:13 Irma :) all
23:15 druthb joined #koha
23:16 druthb o/
23:16 magnuse \o
23:16 Space_Librarian \o/
23:17 druthb Hi, Magnus and Shelley.  :)
23:18 rangi oh look its ruth
23:18 eythian \m/
23:18 Space_Librarian Hi Ruth!
23:18 druthb :D
23:18 * druthb feels the love.
23:19 mtj morning all
23:22 magnuse kia ora mtj
23:22 rangi[…]brary-system.html <-- irma and eythian  you are famous
23:24 magnuse yay
23:25 Irma It will be interesting. I hope we can make a difference...
23:25 magnuse was it malaysia that might get Koha in 10.000 school libraries?
23:25 magnuse Irma: i'm sure you can!
23:25 Space_Librarian And Malaysia was looking at implementing Koha in all their public libraries... wasn't it?
23:25 Irma thanks magnuse
23:26 magnuse you can do it!
23:26 rangi philipines
23:26 rangi are doing all publics
23:26 Irma there are big plans on the drawing board in Malaysia
23:26 rangi malaysia its just starting to make a dent
23:26 skushner joined #koha
23:27 Irma MOSC 2011 ++
23:28 magnuse @karma MOSC 2011
23:28 huginn` magnuse: MOSC 2011 has neutral karma.
23:29 Irma There is strong vision and dedication to training and using OS well which is very exciting.
23:29 magnuse yay
23:30 Irma rangi I looked at Access 2011 and wish I could be there. Many great presentations!
23:30 rangi yep it should be a great conference
23:31 Irma and that bringing together of the collection sector's various arms which is one of my interests
23:31 Irma thanks for the quick hello ... must be on my way :-)
23:31 Irma Good day/evening all.
23:32 Space_Librarian bye Irma
23:32 Irma left #koha
23:36 eythian yay famous!
23:36 conan sorry, nature call
23:36 eythian except my blurb changes person half way through.
23:36 conan rangi: thanks. I'll look there. And yes, it's 3.4.x
23:37 eythian oh, they took it from linkedin, not the one that I sent them
23:37 tcohen joined #koha
23:38 conan magnuse: I haven't seen the thing in deep yet. I came out today during a meeeting with my boss, he tried to change some stuff, so I directed him to the templates and our eyes opened wide when we saw the change didn't show up
23:38 conan and even more wide when we tried the modification on the en include, and it showed up in the translated version
23:39 magnuse ouch
23:39 magnuse which include?
23:39 magnuse do you remember?
23:40 rangi the path is set in C4/
23:40 rangi so it will be very easy to track down, if its doing anything wrong it will be in themelanguage
23:40 rangi which is a short sub
23:42 conan magnuse: erm... let me look
23:43 conan magnuse: was in the checkout page
23:43 magnuse i was poking at themelanguage() the other day, but didn't get far enough to figure out if it was to blame for the things i have been seeing
23:43 conan the footer one
23:43 conan but then we noticed it wasn't the only one, so I'm guessing all
23:45 magnuse koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/in​cludes/ ?
23:48 conan magnuse: found it:
23:49 conan that's the one is not bringing from the es-ES subtree
23:49 conan magnuse: oh
23:49 conan I'm an idiot
23:49 magnuse probably not ;-)
23:49 conan should look before writing
23:49 rangi if it doesnt exist, it will fall back to en
23:49 conan rangi: nope, it exists
23:49 rangi so my guess is the path is set wrong
23:49 conan rangi: we notice the thing when we modified the es-ES version and it didn't show up
23:49 rangi so that it thinks it doesnt exist
23:49 rangi yep, i understand the problem
23:50 rangi im telling ay, its themelanguage
23:50 conan but, yes, there must be some path situation going a=round
23:50 rangi thats the only place that sets the $theme and $lang variables
23:50 magnuse not sure i like the ring of "searches through the themes and languages. First template it find it returns!
23:51 magnuse s/!/"/
23:51 conan I'm seeing themelanguage obeys cookies
23:51 rangi thats from the list of languages
23:52 conan but if it where a cookie issue, then there would not be mixing, all english or all spanish
23:52 rangi first thing id do is litter the new
23:53 rangi and themelanguage subs with warns
23:53 rangi ull track down whats happening pretty fast i bet
23:53 pianohacker joined #koha
23:55 magnuse n00b question: where do the warns show up? in the apache error log?
23:55 eythian usually, yeah
23:55 druthb hi, pianohacker!
23:56 magnuse thanks eythian
23:56 pianohacker hey guys
23:59 magnuse hiya pianohacker

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