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00:23 jcamins_away sfx--
00:23 jcamins_away ebrary--
00:23 jcamins_away Who else has abusive closed information infrastructures?
00:23 jcamins_away elsevier--
00:27 druthb whazzup, jcamins_away?
00:33 jcamins_away druthb: doing research.
00:33 jcamins_away And SFX and Ebrary irritate me no end.
00:34 jcamins_away (that would be SFX "why no, my output isn't determinate, why would I tell you the same thing twice, when I can give you *different* wrong information every time?" and Ebrary "you don't need to see any page other than this one, right? good, I think I'll freeze now")
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01:08 Brooke kia ora
01:19 snail Brooke: mōrena Brooke
01:19 Brooke :D
01:20 Brooke I  pÄ“hea tō rā?
01:38 jcamins_away Today is the day when Myshkin's winter coat comes out all at once.
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01:39 jcamins_away Naturally I'm wearing black, black, and black.
01:39 druthb and stray hairs, right
01:39 druthb ?
01:40 jcamins_away Yes.
01:40 jcamins_away Well, mostly just stray hairs.
01:40 jcamins_away Somewhere underneath all the hair, though, there's black.
01:40 druthb Capt. Midnight's fur is short enough that it's not too big a problem.  And it's *solid* black.
01:56 snail Kei te pai tō rā, e hoa.
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02:18 rangi screenshot of the day
02:18 rangi[…]hment.cgi?id=4038
02:46 snail rangi: yes, but is he still alive because he's a human and the book allowed him to survive the zombies, or because he's a zombie and the book spread useful (to him) misinformation among the humans?
02:47 rangi only one way to find out :)
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05:45 cait morning #koha
07:11 rangi heya cait
07:15 cait hi rangi :)
07:53 rangi cait: did you see this?[…]hment.cgi?id=4038
07:56 cait the libravatar feature? yes :)
07:57 cait very cool
07:57 cait hope to look at your notices thing later - planning to at least
07:57 cait have to do some other paperwork first
07:57 rangi cool thanks
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08:04 scl hi... any zebra experts around?
08:04 scl is now known as indradg
08:04 indradg hi... any zebra experts around?
08:10 cait indradg: I am not an expert, but ask your question - perhaps someone will read and respond
08:12 indradg cait, thanks... i need to index several indic languages - bengali, hindi and assamese in my catalog... does zebra play funky without proper ICU settings?
08:13 cait you already use icuß
08:13 cait ?
08:15 indradg cait, oops! didn't phrase that correctly! mea culpa
08:15 indradg what i meant was this option from the koha installer - "Primary language for Zebra indexing (en, fr) [en] "
08:16 indradg i vaguely remember that one needs to do something to tweak it for other languages... and came up with some mails from kete forum
08:17 cait indradg: I think it will not work without icu for you - it doesn't work for hebrew witout
08:17 indradg[…]39-managing-zebra particularly Ahmad Maher's description of problems with arabic with truncation
08:17 cait and you can't select ICU with the web installer
08:17 cait you have to modify koha manually to make it work
08:18 indradg and I'm fine with that.. so I'm looking for where to do that work :)
08:21 cait perhaps this helps:[…]em-p28106148.html
08:26 indradg checking!
08:28 indradg cait, ah thanks a bunch :) i kind of vaguely remembered this post... thanks for the link :)
08:33 cait hope it helps :)
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10:53 druthb o/
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11:38 * Oak waves
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11:44 * cait waves
11:44 * jcamins waves
11:45 cait hi jcamins :)
11:45 druthb good morning, jcamins. :)
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12:24 indradg hi.. if I've life members who's only criteria is they must be over 18 years of age, what do most people do with the enrollment period?
12:24 druthb The couple of times I've run into it, they set the expiration for 60 months; that lets them check up on the borrower address every five years.
12:39 indradg druthb, thanks
12:41 jcamins If I run rebuild_zebra without -z or -r, it won't take down the index, right?
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12:43 freebe I am getting the below error on a Koha 4.0.0 installation
12:43 freebe /usr/share/demo/bin/migrat​ion_tools/ -b -a -z
12:43 freebe Can't call method "field" on an undefined value at C4/ line 359.
12:43 freebe Any hint?
12:44 jcamins freebe: what version of Koha?
12:44 freebe Koha 4.0.0
12:44 jcamins Ummm... there's no such thing.
12:44 freebe 3.4.0
12:44 cait more likely ;)
12:44 freebe :)
12:44 jcamins Oh, okay. Well, I'm glad I checked that, because I was going to tell you 3.0.0 was very old. ;)
12:45 cait probably an indexing problem
12:45 jcamins freebe: do you use
12:45 cait happens when you try to take a look at a record?
12:45 freebe jcamins, let me look for it
12:45 jcamins freebe: no, if you haven't used it before, don't!
12:46 jcamins It's very, very dangerous.
12:46 freebe cait, It happens when the Koha cronjob execute /usr/share/demo/bin/migrat​ion_tools/ -b -a -z
12:46 freebe jcamins, ok
12:47 jcamins freebe: check your environment?
12:47 jcamins Maybe KOHA_CONF isn't set?
12:47 jcamins freebe: you do have data in the database, right?
12:47 freebe yep
12:47 jcamins Is this an upgrade?
12:47 freebe I think that can be the problem, let me add one record
12:47 freebe No, it is not an upgrade
12:47 freebe It is a clean and new install
12:47 jcamins Okay. Did you go through the web installer?
12:48 freebe yes
12:48 freebe Circulation works
12:48 freebe and so on
12:48 jcamins Okay. I think the problem is that there's a typo in KOHA_CONF or something like that.
12:48 jcamins Try manually running -b -a -r
12:49 freebe trying
12:50 freebe /usr/share/koha/lib$ /usr/share/koha/bin/migrat​ion_tools/ -b -a -z
12:50 freebe Can't call method "field" on an undefined value at C4/ line 359.
12:50 freebe Same error
12:51 jcamins Not -z.
12:51 jcamins -r
12:51 freebe trying
12:51 freebe It works with -r
12:51 freebe and now also with -z
12:51 jcamins Yeah.
12:51 freebe thanks
12:51 jcamins I had a feeling.
12:51 jcamins You're welcome.
12:52 freebe What do you think it was the cause of that?
12:52 jcamins Your index wasn't properly initialized.
12:52 freebe I see
12:52 freebe thanks
12:52 jcamins And you had something in zebraqueue that was pointing to an invalid record.
12:52 cait jcamins++
12:53 freebe jcamins, I think I had something in zebraqueue that was pointing to an invalid record because I deleted a record which I was circulation and maybe Zebra was not able to sync properly
12:53 freebe ?
12:53 jcamins Yes.
12:54 jcamins tcohen wrote a fix for this.
12:54 jcamins It's a very major bug, in my opinion.
12:54 jcamins tcohen++
12:54 cait does it still need sign-off?
12:54 jcamins I don't think so.
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12:54 freebe Can you let me know the bug number
12:54 freebe I am going to repeat the test to see if that lack of synchronisation happens again
12:54 jcamins It's part of bug 5166.
12:54 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5166 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, tomascohen, ASSIGNED , Refactor into a library
12:55 freebe thanks
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12:55 jcamins freebe: no, it probably won't now that you've gotten your index initialized properly.
12:55 freebe I see
12:55 freebe thanks
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13:06 freebe jcamins, Note that even now, with the Zebra index right, I get
13:06 freebe Can't call method "fields" on an undefined value at /usr/share/demo/lib/C4/ line 2096.
13:06 freebe When importing the same record
13:07 freebe I get that error as Koha offers me to choose between Edit the record or add a new one
13:07 jcamins freebe: okay, in that case it's a corrupted record.
13:07 freebe If I choose to edit the record (which does not exits as it was deleted) then I get the above Error in the Koha admin web interface
13:07 jcamins Oh, of course.
13:08 jcamins If you've deleted the record, you can't edit it.
13:08 freebe yes
13:08 freebe I think Koha admin should not me offer to edit it if it does not exist
13:09 cait it will not offer it any longer, once the index has been updated
13:09 jcamins I guess I'm not entirely sure what the issue here is. It will show up until the cronjob runs.
13:09 freebe I thought the index was already updated with -b -a -z
13:09 freebe isn't it?
13:09 jcamins How often is that running?
13:10 freebe 5 minutes via cron
13:10 freebe but I run it by hand
13:10 freebe previously to that Koha admin operation
13:10 jcamins freebe: I'm not sure what the problem is, but I suspect it's in your workflow.
13:10 freebe ok, thanks
13:11 cait delete - run cronjob
13:11 cait after that it should have disappeared
13:15 freebe done
13:16 freebe testing again
13:16 jcamins freebe: what is it exactly that you want to do?
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13:17 freebe I want to know how to get rig of that error
13:17 freebe being my mistake or Koha one
13:18 jcamins freebe: I guess what I'm wondering is, if this error is specific to your unusual workflow of adding a record, immediately deleting it, then trying to edit the record, couldn't you just tell your librarians "don't try to edit records immediately after deleting them"?
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13:19 freebe yes, I think so
13:20 freebe and telling them not trying to import the same record just after deleting it
13:20 freebe or increase the cron frequency
13:22 jcamins Right.
13:24 freebe Just for your information
13:24 freebe I have deleted all records
13:24 freebe run -b -a -z
13:24 freebe and imported again
13:25 freebe and the Koha admin offers Edit besides the create option
13:25 freebe clicking 'Edit' shows
13:25 freebe Can't call method "fields" on an undefined value at /usr/share/demo/lib/C4/ line 2096.
13:25 freebe So maybe it is not an index update problem?
13:26 jcamins freebe: where are you seeing this?
13:27 jcamins Also, how did you delete the records?
13:27 freebe I see it at
13:27 freebe /cgi-bin/koha/cataloguing/
13:27 freebe I deleted it at
13:28 freebe /cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/
13:28 jcamins And how are you importing?
13:29 freebe I imported it via a Z39.50 search
13:29 jcamins Hm.
13:29 freebe The import worked rightly as I was able to circulate it
13:30 jcamins Hm.
13:31 jcamins I'm out of ideas, sorry.
13:31 freebe no problem
13:31 freebe thanks for all your help
13:32 freebe I can look at it a little more and report to you if I think I find the cause
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15:52 jcamins Brunch time! Hip hooray for brunch time! Everybody stop at brunch time!
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18:43 jcamins It turns out that 20 pounds of chapatti flour is just as heavy as 20 pounds of whole wheat flour. :)
18:50 cait1 is that surprising?
18:50 jcamins cait1: no, just commenting.
18:50 cait1 oh
18:50 cait1 is now known as kf
18:50 kf is now known as cait
18:50 cait killing the 1
18:50 jcamins That was supposed to be a diplomatic way of cheering about the fact that I just got 20 pounds of chapatti flour. :)
18:51 cait aha!
18:52 jcamins Now I need a container large enough for storing all purpose flour.
18:55 magnus_away is now known as magnuse
18:56 cait2 yes
18:56 cait2 keep it save from the bugs
18:56 jcamins Exactly.
18:57 jcamins A 5 gallon bucket ought to do pretty well.
19:00 jcamins But then, perhaps a larger one would do better.
19:07 cait salmon and green salad
19:07 cait yum
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19:08 cait evening hdl
19:12 magnuse kia ora
19:20 cait hi magnus
19:20 cait waking up?;)
19:21 magnuse nah, going to sleep soon
19:29 magnuse gotta get up at 6 tomorrow - not used to that...
19:36 cait travelling?
19:36 wizzyrea_away is now known as wizzy_home
19:37 hdl hi cait
19:38 magnuse yep, i'm in stavanger tonight, and travelling half an hour by train tomorrow morning, for two days of koha training
19:38 magnuse hiya wizzy_home
19:38 wizzy_home hello :)
19:38 cait hi wizzy :)
19:39 wizzy_home how is everyone?
19:39 jcamins wizzy_home: I was just thinking about you, actually.
19:39 wizzy_home oh yea?
19:39 wizzy_home that explains the tickle in my ear
19:40 cait weekend is over too early
19:40 wizzy_home *nod
19:40 wizzy_home much much too early
19:40 jcamins Yup. Among other things, I just bought 20 pounds of chapatti flour. :)
19:40 wizzy_home ooo
19:40 wizzy_home what are you planning on making?
19:40 jcamins I don't know.
19:44 magnuse chappatis, by the sound of it...
19:44 wizzy_home oho
19:45 slef mmm chappatis
19:46 wizzy_home hmm, wheat and malted barley flour eh?
19:46 wizzy_home that's a lot of roti :P
19:46 slef I've malted grain flour... is that the same?
19:46 wizzy_home i am not sure, i had to ask mr. google
19:46 * slef notes he has nfc where stavanger is
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19:47 jcamins wizzy_home: yeah, it's finely ground, and higher protein content than other wheat.
19:48 wizzy_home so, not as stretchy (less gluten?)
19:48 wizzy_home or is my thinking backwards
19:48 jcamins Backwards.
19:48 wizzy_home more stretchy :)
19:49 jcamins Right.
19:49 jcamins Or, I suppose, it should be more work to stretch it, but it'll hold its shape better.
19:49 wizzy_home i'm reminded that I ought to make naan
19:50 wizzy_home nom no m onm nom nom indianfood nom nom nom
19:50 jcamins We just went to an Indian restaurant for brunch.
19:50 jcamins _So_ good.
19:50 wizzy_home we went to a brunchy place, with fancy brunchy food.
19:51 wizzy_home spud was in heaven... they had canteloupe and ham. and cheesecake. And green beans.
19:51 wizzy_home not all together of course
19:56 magnuse hehe cool spud
19:56 magnuse what was that quote again? run run run fall down kick in the face?
19:56 wizzy_home hehe yea
19:56 wizzy_home he's still on about that
19:56 jcamins What?
19:56 wizzy_home when watching rugby, that's spud's cheer
19:56 jcamins Aww.
19:56 wizzy_home "run! run! run! Fall down! Kick in the face!!"
19:57 jcamins That's slightly disturbing, but very cute.
19:57 slef OT: when's the next general meeting?
19:57 jcamins 11 May 2011 0200 UTC+0
19:57 * jcamins reads from the topic
19:57 wizzy_home agreed, it's slightly disturbing, but think about rugby for a mo, and it's like, well yea
19:57 wizzy_home that's pretty much what it's about
19:57 jcamins True.
19:58 wizzy_home honesty, I like it ;)
19:58 magnuse hehe, that quote pops into my head every now and then ;-)
19:58 jcamins :)
19:58 wizzy_home :D
19:58 slef jcamins: thanks. :)
19:59 slef 0300 local :-/
19:59 jcamins slef: you're welcome.
19:59 jcamins I don't think I'll be there.
19:59 slef I probably will be. Unless I pass out first.
19:59 wizzy_home or get up reeeallly early
19:59 slef wizzy_home: yeah. naw.
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20:10 adnc_ cait, hallo!
20:11 cait hi adnc_
20:12 jcamins @later tell rangi Bug 5449 was never merged into Master. I reset the patch status to "Signed off," because I wasn't sure what else to do with it. The patch still merges cleanly.
20:12 huginn jcamins: The operation succeeded.
20:13 cait bug 5449
20:13 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5449 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---, brice.sanchez, ASSIGNED , JSON malformed in Koha - Blocker with jQuery 1.4.x
20:20 rangi hmm i never put a comment on the bug, i suspect i just switched the wrong status
20:21 rangi ah yes i was/and still am waiting for more information on it
20:22 rangi but if its causing no errors for owen, ill meerge it
20:23 jcamins Well, in my testing it didn't cause any errors.
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20:23 jcamins But I was only using 1.3.whatever-comes-with-Koha and 1.4.whatever-comes-with-Debian.
20:24 rangi we'll soon find out
20:24 jcamins :)
20:24 jcamins rangi++
20:24 adnc_ i'm getting a warning from the koha daily cronjobs: kutuphane: No branches with active overduerules at /usr/share/koha/bin/cronjobs/ line 296.
20:25 adnc_ does someone know what the problem could be?
20:25 jcamins adnc_: yes, that's because you don't have overdue triggers set up.
20:25 rangi means you have set up overdue rules
20:25 rangi havent even
20:25 adnc_ where are they? I think I did
20:25 cait adnc_ go to tools > notice triggers
20:25 jcamins Tools->Notices.
20:26 cait avoid the default library, set rules for your specific library
20:26 jcamins Wait, no, Tools->Overdue notice/status triggers
20:26 jcamins Sorry, I always get those two confused.
20:26 adnc_ cait, mahntrigger?
20:26 cait adnc: mahntrigger in der deutschen übersetzung, dort nicht bei Standard eintragen, Standard frei lassen - und bei deiner angelegten bibliothek regeln eintragen
20:26 cait geanu
20:27 cait genau
20:28 cait du kannst die Beanchrichtigungen unter Benachrichtigungen konfigurieren, unterschiedliche für die 1., 2. und 3. Benachrichtigung, wichtig ist nur, dass du dort Modul Ausleihe nimmst
20:28 adnc_ Es wurde eine Verzögerung von delay1 für Benutzertyp Personal der Bibliothek eingestellt, aber keine schriftliche Benachrichtigung oder Sperraktion festgelegt. Wenn eine Verzögerung eingestellt ist, sollte entweder eine Benachrichtigung, eine Sperraktion oder beides festgelegt werden.
20:28 jenkins_koha Starting build 243 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
20:28 cait adnc_ musst noch eine benachrichtigung auswählen
20:29 cait unter werkzeuge > benachrichtigungen kannst du die anlegen, die beispielbenachrichtigung heisst ODUE
20:30 magnuse g'night #koha
20:30 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
20:30 rangi cya magnus_away
20:30 cait night magnuse :)
20:32 adnc_ cait, super, jetzt müsste ich es noch probieren
20:32 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote-tracking branch 'kc/new/bug_5449' into kcmaster <[…]6bc8d52525a62d518>
20:32 adnc_ the warning is gone now, thanks
20:34 cait cool
20:38 * jcamins waves to druthb, very belatedly
20:39 * druthb waves back.
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21:10 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #243: SUCCESS in 41 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/243/
21:10 jenkins_koha Julian Maurice: Bug 5449: JSON malformed in Koha - Blocker with jQuery 1.4.x
21:10 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5449 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---, brice.sanchez, ASSIGNED , JSON malformed in Koha - Blocker with jQuery 1.4.x
21:10 rangi cool
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21:14 * jcamins mutters imprecations at the American obsession with having your own car.
21:14 wizzy_home ha
21:16 jcamins I want to get to a rather remote part of New Jersey.
21:17 jcamins I may end up forced to rent a car to get there.
21:17 wizzy_home hrm
21:18 jcamins This is absurd.
21:19 jcamins Just in case you were unclear on that.
21:19 jcamins Or catch a 4am train.
21:19 jcamins To get somewhere an hour away at 9.
21:19 wizzy_home hm neither prospect seems appealing
21:19 jcamins I agree.
21:20 rangi having driven in NJ
21:20 rangi id take the train
21:20 rangi :-)
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21:21 jcamins rangi: there is only one.
21:21 jcamins And it's on the wrong day.
21:21 wizzy_home d'oh
21:21 jcamins I think I'll end up taking the 4am train, though.
21:26 jcamins On that horrifying note, I think it's time to work on my paper.
21:29 cait good luck with the paper
21:29 cait time to sleep here
21:30 jcamins Good night, #koha
21:30 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
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21:50 indradg hi... is the holiday calender need to filled in, in a certain order to have them being listed in date-wise order in the list of "Unique Holidays" ?
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22:22 * druthb waves to Space_Librarian
22:23 * Space_Librarian waves back
22:23 druthb :D :D
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