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00:25 gmcharlt @quote random
00:25 munin gmcharlt: Quote #38: "<owen> Holy Bugzilla activity explosion, Batman!" (added by ricardo at 10:00 AM, October 07, 2009)
00:28 chris apt
00:28 jcamins Heh. That Bugzilla activity explosion apparently coincided with the ANS's decision to migrate to Koha.
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00:34 Brooke yo
00:35 jcamins Greetings. I enjoyed the newbie's guide to Koha.
00:35 * Brooke feels certain Chris has been distributing kool aid...
00:35 Brooke thank you
00:36 jcamins I even knew who wrote it before I looked at the history. ;)
00:36 Brooke I've to slap considerably more into the knew one
00:36 Brooke new even
00:36 jransom hi everyone
00:36 Brooke kia ora
00:42 chris im too busy drinking kool aid to distribute it
00:42 Brooke a likely story.
00:42 * Brooke should just give in and go patrol NYC with her bud.
00:45 jransom I love that newbie's guide Brooke
00:48 Brooke glad you're pleased
00:51 * slef extracts his own teeth with a USB plug... it's got to be more fun than creating a technical committee.
00:51 slef Anyone remind me: can we email into existing bugs?
00:52 jcamins slef: I'm sure it could be worse.
00:52 jcamins Speaking of which...
00:52 jcamins Anyone want to go to my budget meeting on December 9? I've been informed that it's "impossible to predict how long it will be."
00:52 Brooke I'll go
00:53 chris yes we can slef
00:53 Brooke my arse is capable of withstanding any length of meeting
00:53 chris[…]api/email_in.html
00:54 chris
00:54 slef chris: thanks. I'm going to try auto-feeding patches links into bugs.
00:54 jcamins Brooke++ # for writing a newbie guide and offering to go to my budget meeting
00:54 chris have a try ... I *think* it works
00:54 * jcamins goes to eat some dinner
00:54 slef I'll test it slowly.
00:55 chris lemme know if it bounces or anything and ill take a look
01:06 * chris_n thinks perhaps folks need to participate in the present venues of discussions/proposals/decision-making/etc. prior to inventing new venues
01:09 Brooke meh, I think a proper forum wouldn't kill people
01:09 Brooke and uh, if one of those ratbag Americans would index some shtuff, shtuff would be easier to find
01:09 slef It's so tempting to flame individuals involved in the discussion for their own failings when ... OH YEAH!
01:09 slef I was watching the BBC Breakfast news this morning
01:09 slef and the sports presenter called one of the anchors a ratbag
01:09 robin I propose the pub down the road and round the corner from Catalyst as a venue.
01:10 robin I'm sure everyone will be in favour.
01:10 slef I have it recorded.  Worth trimming and posting?
01:10 Brooke ++ robin
01:10 slef robin: depends if you'll pay expenses ;-)
01:10 robin slef: if you really thought your views mattered, you'd make it here ;)
01:10 richard slef: was the presenter an australian?
01:10 Brooke also, ye've to slide me past Immigration
01:10 slef richard: no, pretty sure not. Let me get his biog.
01:12 slef[…]kfast/4370574.stm
01:12 slef Notable credit(s) BBC Breakfast, Run Fatboy Run
01:13 gmcharlt slef: the email gateway to does indeed work
01:13 gmcharlt I tested it last week
01:13 slef gmcharlt: I'm automating spamming it then :)
01:13 gmcharlt slef: just make sure that the recipes for the enhancement products are all open source, then :)
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01:14 CGI230 change to hayander
01:14 CGI230 hello
01:14 Brooke yo
01:14 slef CGI230: hayander to queen's four.
01:14 * Brooke pushes a pawn
01:15 * slef pushes some porn over the autospammer
01:15 Brooke 0.0
01:15 slef ahem, let me code this a bit more
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01:15 slef oops, we scared the fish
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01:16 Brooke My Fraternity nickname came from somewhere, ye know.
01:16 CGI353 hello
01:16 Brooke howdy
01:17 CGI353 who is this
01:17 CGI353 ?
01:17 slef I don't know.  Who are you?
01:18 CGI353 as a matter of fact i am the creater of a new software programme
01:18 robin Oh, me too!
01:18 CGI353 really
01:18 slef I'm writing a new one right now.
01:18 CGI353 which one
01:18 slef patches2bugs
01:19 robin eMusic/J
01:19 CGI353 thats so cool
01:19 slef I'm not very imaginative with names.
01:19 robin neither
01:19 CGI353 whats your real name
01:19 CGI353 are you still there
01:19 robin that's an awfully personal question, CGI353!
01:19 jcamins CGI353: did you have a question?
01:20 CGI353 well im just asking
01:20 jcamins CGI353: by the way, Koha's website is
01:20 CGI353 which country do you live in
01:22 CGI353 hi
01:22 jcamins CGI353: can we help you with something?
01:22 jcamins Something Koha-related, I mean.
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01:23 CGI353 yes
01:23 janecitiz CGI353, your mum
01:23 CGI353 hi
01:24 CGI353 hello
01:24 janecitiz im 12 yo girl, wanna have some fun
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01:26 gmcharlt oy
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01:27 ghugyigy hey, chris
01:27 * richard needs to write that down - +b *!*
01:28 chris the sooner the cgi::irc goes away the happier i will be
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01:28 zeb hello
01:28 zeb chris: hello
01:28 Brooke argh 10k engris crit in olde newbie guide
01:29 jcamins Brooke: what?
01:29 Brooke I used to have instead of so that
01:29 Brooke and as a result
01:29 Brooke the sentence was not purdy
01:30 zeb Brooke: what
01:30 Brooke just makin crap sound better
01:30 zeb oh
01:30 zeb Brooke: what country are you from
01:31 * Brooke is a Yank.
01:31 zeb whata
01:32 zeb are you still there
01:32 ghugyigy zeb: Hi.
01:32 zeb hello
01:32 zeb excuse me
01:32 ghugyigy Hi.
01:33 ghugyigy Where are you from zeb?
01:33 zeb Brooke: hi
01:33 ghugyigy How old are you?
01:33 zeb 28454
01:33 ghugyigy nice, nice.
01:33 ghugyigy Still flexible?
01:33 zeb what country are you from
01:34 ghugyigy I don't know yet. What country are you from?
01:34 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha - you must fix at least two bugs before doing A/S/L
01:34 zeb not telling
01:34 zeb Brooke: hello
01:34 ghugyigy aw. Why so serious?
01:34 ghugyigy I thought we were having a good time...
01:34 jcamins gmcharlt: heh. You're generous.
01:35 jcamins I would've said five.
01:35 zeb Brooke: where did you go
01:35 ghugyigy Why no asl?
01:35 ghugyigy How old are you, gmcharlt?
01:35 ghugyigy Where are you from?
01:35 ghugyigy You mean..
01:35 ghugyigy :(
01:36 zeb where did brooke go
01:36 zeb is it wandering
01:36 jcamins The late nineties. Brooke is trying to return its users to AOL.
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01:38 Topic for #koha is now Koha -  Next general meeting 10 November 2010 at 19:00 UTC+0.  This channel is logged.  Pastes at
01:40 ghugyigy was kicked by chris_n: ghugyigy
01:41 chris_n and good riddance
01:41 * chris_n tries to get his fur combed back in the right direction
01:41 * gmcharlt searches for a lawn to tell the kids to stay off of
01:41 Brooke heheh
01:41 jcamins What's with the recent influx of CGI::IRC visitors?
01:42 Brooke They figured that Catalyst was in the red light district and came to see the show.
01:48 chris if anyone at ptfs ever listened to anything i said
01:48 chris id ask them again, to remove it
01:48 jcamins Interesting fact: if you search ISTC in Google, the Incunabula Short Title Catalog is not on the first page of results.
01:49 robin who woulda though, eh?
01:49 gmcharlt jcamins: clearly you have a lot of googlebombing to do
01:50 jcamins gmcharlt: I suppose so!
01:50 Brooke crap missing the Rachel Maddow Show. This cannot stand!
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02:10 slef[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2965 shows an example of the patches-list-linker - how far back into the past should I run it?
02:10 munin Bug 2965: enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, srdjan, ASSIGNED, Allow the user to specify due dates in the past
02:12 robin slef: oh, that's what your spamming is in aid of. Good stuff.
02:12 jcamins slef: ooh, nifty.
02:14 slef robin: jcamins: thanks.  It's another thing started during hackfest which I didn't get time to finish.
02:16 jcamins @later tell nengard How did you learn to use LimeSurvey? I am finding it unintuitive, and the documentation isn't really clearing much up for me, which makes me think that you must have read different documentation.
02:16 munin jcamins: The operation succeeded.
02:18 jcamins slef: so how does that work? You recursively download the mailing list archives and search for the string "Bug [0-9]\{1,4\}"?
02:18 slef jcamins: nothing recursive, but basically yes.
02:18 slef jcamins: then it checks the bug to see if the patches archive URL was already linked, and sends mail to the bug if not.
02:19 slef jcamins: I search the archive html index page for the pattern /\b[Bb]ug (\d+)/
02:20 jcamins Ah, that makes sense.
02:20 slef Anyone an opinion on how far back to link? Just October? Further back?
02:20 * jcamins doesn't have an opinion
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02:23 slef wizzyrea: how much should I spam bugzilla? A little, a lot or massively? :)
02:23 chris not massively
02:23 robin also maybe restrict to open tickets
02:23 wizzyrea_ dk, it's hosted in a different place from the website ;)
02:23 chris cos then ill miss someone saying that the branch i asked them to test is good
02:24 chris and will miss merging it
02:25 chris maybe a few a day until you catch up, so i dont ahve 10 million bug emails to read tomorrow :)
02:26 slef robin: good idea.
02:29 chris_n slef: please comment on my thread on the dev list :-)
02:29 * chris_n wonders where thd-away` is
02:29 slef bug 5194
02:29 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5194 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, katrin.fischer, RESOLVED FIXED, Patron notification on new issues not working
02:29 slef ok, I have exclusion working
02:29 chris_n joe and I will run out of breath soon
02:30 slef chris_n: which thread?
02:30 chris_n A Discussion on A Policy Setting Forth Standards of Code Submission, etc.
02:32 jcamins chris_n: not to get off-topic, but have you been reading eighteenth century literature recently?
02:32 * chris_n often reads from that century
02:34 jcamins chris_n++ # for, on top of everything else, having awesome taste in literature
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02:42 chris_n slef++ # patches-list-linker
02:42 chris_n tnx jcamins :)
02:51 slef chris_n: just found your thread! You didn't say it was a subthread.
02:51 chris_n sorry
02:51 * chris_n is busy just trying to keep it out of the depths of the list :-)
02:56 * jcamins curses LimeSurvey
02:57 jcamins I spent all that time writing a welcome screen, and it's gone.
02:57 jcamins I mean, everything I wrote is still in the database, but there's no welcome screen anymore, now that I've activated my survey.
02:58 jcamins Ah-ha! There's a cookie or something, so you can only view it once.
02:59 chris_n the cookies strike again...
02:59 jcamins Mmm... cookies...
03:00 * chris_n 's wife has been baking sweet-potatoe, cream-cheese bread all day
03:01 jcamins Oh.
03:01 jcamins It's a setting.
03:01 jcamins And also a cookie...
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03:07 jcamins Enough of that.
03:07 jcamins Good night, #koha
03:07 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
03:08 chris_n g'night jcamins_a
03:18 robin @tell hdl you guys back in November?[…]/1838398734077952
03:18 munin robin: Error: I haven't seen hdl, I'll let you do the telling.
03:18 robin munin is pretty forgetful
03:18 munin robin: Error: "is" is not a valid command.
03:18 chris tell only works if he is here
03:19 chris you need @later tell
03:19 robin oh, right.
03:19 * robin is pretty forgetful.
03:19 chris heh
03:19 robin @later hdl you guys back in November?[…]/1838398734077952
03:19 munin robin: Error: The "Later" plugin is loaded, but there is no command named "hdl" in it.  Try "list Later" to see the commands in the "Later" plugin.
03:19 robin @later tell hdl you guys back in November?[…]/1838398734077952
03:19 munin robin: The operation succeeded.
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03:47 Brooke Bonjour
03:48 hdl hi Brooke
03:48 hdl salvete
03:48 Brooke ca va?
04:06 hdl Well I am up at 5.AM catching up with "community emails"
04:06 hdl jet lag is horrible.
04:06 wizzyrea_ I'm still dealing with it, hdl
04:07 wizzyrea_ it's getting better though, I think
04:07 hdl How are you ? wake up late ?
04:07 Brooke insomnia cures jet lag
04:07 Brooke get with the programme!
04:07 wizzyrea_ it's not so much late tonight, but the last few days have been pretty brutal
04:07 wizzyrea_ with daylight savings switch piled on top like a moldy cherry on the jetlag sundae
04:08 Brooke yeah, that was a bit of a bitch
04:08 hdl what a tasty one ;)
04:09 wizzyrea_ kiddo seems to be doing ok I think, i'm middling, the hubs is still having the most trouble of all of us
04:09 wizzyrea_ how are you?
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04:13 Brooke hola
04:22 Brooke k
04:22 Brooke *now* I'm sleepy
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04:26 hdl wizzyrea_ I am not so fine.
04:26 hdl my stomach is not playing nice.
04:26 wizzyrea_ sorry to hear that :(
04:27 hdl And in the evening I am dizzy at 4. PM, which is a little bit early
04:27 wizzyrea_ you know, thatcher felt dizzy too
04:27 hdl but it was so great to see you all.
04:28 wizzyrea_ we really ought to conjure up ways to get together more often :)
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05:41 brendan evening
05:54 ray joined #koha
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06:10 cait good morning #koha
06:10 brendan morning cait
06:10 cait hi brendan
06:14 brendan how's things
06:17 kmkale joined #koha
06:18 kmkale hi all
06:23 brendan hey kmkale
06:23 kmkale HI brendan
06:27 chris evening
06:28 brendan evening chris
06:31 cait hi chris and kmkale
06:31 kmkale hi chris cait
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06:35 * wasabi waves
06:36 wasabi looking at UPS's
06:41 cait hi wasabi
06:45 brendan heya wasabi - try fedex
06:56 wasabi[…]02&MinorCatID=241
06:57 wasabi[…]cols/megatec.html
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06:59 wasabi … might go with an APC brand one
07:00 wasabi heya magnus
07:00 magnus hi wasabi
07:00 kmkale wasabi: try emersion
07:00 kmkale great service here in India
07:01 kmkale s/emersion/emerson/
07:39 * magnus thought i'd send a reminder about the irc meeting tomorrow - should i send it just to the general list, or to devel too?
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07:51 wasabi magnus:  both , i think :)
07:51 magnus yeah, that's what i did too... so sue me! ;-)
07:58 brendan night all
08:18 chris what the hell is david langs problem
08:19 chris oh enlighten us all with your wisdom
08:19 chris what a twat
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08:23 * Elwell_ has just done a scan of the mailing list archives. Least he's consistent.
08:23 chris consistently annoying :)
08:24 chris i wish he'd put the same effort into doing something productive
08:25 Elwell_ is now known as Elwell
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08:26 Elwell wasabi: [UPS] Just be aware that APC are rolling out a new (non open, non apcupsd compatible) protocol on some of their models.
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08:30 larsw chris, a common malady is that you don't have time to do anything productive because arguing on the Internet takes all your time
08:31 larsw which reminds me, I should ignore a few more mailing lists and Atom feeds :)
08:35 chris :)
08:35 chris im loving branchable btw
08:36 larsw chris. cool :)
08:36 chris great service from joey when i locked myself out of my account (space at the front of the openid url)
08:36 chris i think it was about 1 hour until i was up and going again :)
08:38 larsw we strive to provide great service, but that was a happy accident of timing :)
09:06 Elwell found it: :-)
09:17 magnus Hehe
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09:51 kf oh, closed wrong window
09:51 kf hi #koha
09:52 chris heh
09:53 chris kf: wanna see something kinda cool?
09:54 magnus guten tag, kf
09:54 chris http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]?biblionumber=595
09:54 chris might take a while to load, but check out the open library tab
09:54 kf chris: I always want to see cool things
09:54 kf fighting with my travel bills right now
09:54 kf complicated
09:54 chris it should be pulling in related subjects
09:54 chris from open library
09:55 magnus OL-tab? cool!
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09:55 kf it was fast
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09:55 kf it is kind of cool
09:55 kf but I am not sure how to use it
09:56 kf can they be linked to find more in my catalog?
09:56 chris yep
09:56 chris thats the next step
09:56 kf ok, now it is cool :)
09:56 magnus agreed! ;-)
09:56 kf it was cool before... but you know what I mean!
09:56 chris gimme 10 mins
09:56 magnus i'll give you 9,5 chris...
09:57 wasabi hey, thanks for the IRC email to the dev-list magnus...
09:57 magnus np wasabi
09:57 wasabi i really appreciated your thoughtfulness
09:58 wasabi :)
09:58 magnus wow, thanks! ;-)
10:03 wasabi i'm just *not* going to reply to that fucktarded list email
10:05 chris http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]?biblionumber=595
10:05 chris check it out now
10:05 chris should have links that search the catalogue
10:07 wasabi open-library stuff?
10:07 chris yep
10:07 chris it fetches the list of related subjects according to openlibrary
10:07 chris and then uses that to search your koha
10:07 chris was just trying out their new api
10:08 chris but now i know how to do it, i could do something more useful, like use it to tune the recommendations
10:08 kf hm, but it will only search in the subjects in the title, right? not in the open library subjects?
10:09 chris what?
10:09 kf you make a search in su - the index for subjects
10:09 chris yes
10:09 kf but really really cool would be if it would use the subjects from open library :)
10:09 wasabi it pulls related-subjects from OL
10:09 chris using the subject headings fetched from open library
10:09 * kf knows she is terrible
10:09 wasabi click
10:10 chris you mean search openlibrary?
10:10 chris thats easy
10:10 chris what it is doing, is finding the subjects we have in our catalogue
10:10 chris then for each of those
10:10 chris finding the related subjects from openlibrary
10:10 chris and making them a link to search the catalogue
10:11 chris the bold ones are the subject headings in our catalogue
10:11 chris the linked  ones are the ones from open library
10:12 magnus way cool!
10:12 chris those links could easily be links to openlibrary instead of local search
10:12 chris but i figured people would most likely want to stay inside their catalogue
10:12 magnus one problem is: you might get subjects from OL that gibe zero hits in local opac...
10:13 magnus s/gibe/give/
10:13 chris yep
10:13 magnus e.g. http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]pl?q=su:OverDrive
10:13 chris its quite likely on my small catalogue
10:14 chris but this was just to prove i could get the subjects :)
10:14 magnus what would also be cool is if you could "enrich" all the records in koha with subjects from OL, and then search those added subjects too
10:14 chris i dont think id actually use them like this
10:14 chris you could easily do that
10:15 chris for anything that had an isbn
10:15 chris you could make that a step in cataloguing, fetch subjects from openlibrary
10:15 magnus hm...
10:16 magnus do they have subjects in more languages than english?
10:16 chris to make them searchable you'd have to add them to the marc record
10:16 chris probably not
10:19 chris
10:19 chris so ive got subjects and covers working now
10:20 chris books is the one you would use to enrich the data about a work
10:21 chris but that will do for tonight, i had to do it, as george evil laughed at me :)
10:21 chris!/openlibr[…]/1796080761053184
10:21 magnus hehe ;-)
10:22 hdl left #koha
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10:24 magnus we better make her do that often, then... ;-)
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10:27 * magnus can't help thinking that rdf is a better "substrate" for enriching data than marc...
10:28 chris stabbing myself in the eye is better than dealing with marc
10:28 chris but until we convince the rest of the world to stop using it, we are stuck with it
10:29 magnus sigh... yeah
10:30 magnus unless we could hide "something better" in the background and just import and export marc...
10:30 chris that was my original plan
10:31 chris people were concerned about it being a lossy conversion
10:31 chris personally i think there is a pile of stuff we could lose .. and make the world a better place
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10:31 laurenthd is now known as hdl
10:31 chris now cataloguing ninjas will come attack me
10:31 chris for saying that
10:32 magnus hehe, i'll stand by you!
10:32 * chris goes to hide in bed
10:32 magnus
10:32 chris night all
10:33 magnus night chris
10:33 hdl night chris
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10:42 kf night chris
10:45 * magnus must find lunch
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12:10 gmcharlt godo morning
12:11 gmcharlt good morning, even
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12:18 hdl hi gmcharlt
12:18 gmcharlt hi hdl
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13:00 druthb Good day, #koha.
13:00 owen Hi druthb
13:01 druthb howdy, owen.
13:01 gmcharlt hi owen, druthb
13:01 * druthb waves to gmcharlt
13:05 owen Are slef's "this bug is mentioned in..." bug comments automated?
13:05 francharb joined #koha
13:05 gmcharlt owen: yes, slef was working on that last night
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14:47 kmkale bye all
14:49 slef bye kmkale
14:50 kf hi slef
14:50 kf I think I share your opinion about technical comittees
14:50 kf and bureaucracy
14:51 jcamins_a is now known as jcamins
14:51 jcamins Good morning, #koha
14:51 kf hi jcamins
14:51 kf and now I am leaving to cure my cold...
14:51 jcamins Good plan.
14:52 wizzyrea the proposal for a branch available that's passed QA for librarian testing (put a timer on it, if they're not gonna look they're not gonna look)
14:52 wizzyrea I like
14:52 kmkale left #koha
14:52 kf yeah, I like that too
14:53 * jcamins must have missed that message, but he thinks it sounds like a good idea
14:54 wizzyrea just realized I didn't finished my sentence
14:54 wizzyrea I blame the morning.
14:57 kf left #koha
15:02 owen left #koha
15:12 druthb is now known as druthb_mt
15:12 eric_b is now known as ebegin
15:28 cait hm, forgot to shut down laptop :)
15:29 cait cold--
15:34 jcamins cait: well, at least you have the heat from the laptop being left on? :)
15:34 cait hmpf
15:34 cait was talking about the cold that involves a red nose and lot of tissues :)
15:35 jcamins Oh.
15:35 jcamins Yes.
15:35 jcamins Time to write my "Want to Learn to Use Koha? Learn SQL!" post, I guess.
15:36 cait I still have to do the Learn Linux part :)
15:44 druthb_mt is now known as druthb
15:46 wizzyrea oh hi druthb
15:47 druthb oh hi wizzyrea! :)
15:47 jcamins Oh hi wizzyrea and druthb
15:47 wizzyrea :D
15:48 cait hi liz :)
15:49 jwagner Hi everybody
15:49 jcamins Hi jwagner
15:49 wizzyrea hey there
15:49 cait hi jwagner :)
15:49 cait jwagner++ # for delivering postcards :)
15:50 jwagner And you'll notice that the accompanying item made it through intact :-)
15:50 druthb cait++ # for sending
15:50 jwagner But cait, I think I could do without your cold....
15:51 jwagner Although mine is probably due to Qantas having extremely cold air blowing in the plane for the entire flight.  Three blankets and a scarf around my head weren't enough.
15:51 cait jwagner++ # for smuggling chocolate into the us ;)
15:51 jwagner Customs seemed more concerned about where I marked on the form that I'd been on a farm.
15:51 jwagner Didn't want me smuggling in mad cow disease I guess.
15:52 * jwagner thinks the cows I encountered were more hungry than mad
15:53 cait you were at a farm?
15:53 jwagner A tourist version thereof -- the Agrodome in Rotorua.  Lots of sheep, cows, ostriches, emus, alpacas, ducks, geese, pigs, etc. etc.
15:54 jwagner The sheep shearing and sheep herding demos were interesting.  I grew up on a farm with cows, so I'm not real interested in them -- been kicked & stepped on too many times for that.
15:55 cait aaaw
15:55 * cait wants to go back to nz
15:55 jcamins NZ has some of the best wool.
15:55 jwagner Although I got a picture of one of the cows that's the same breed we had for a milking cow.  Reminded me of old days -- morning cereal was never the same after we stopped having fresh-from-the-cow milk.
15:56 * jwagner definitely wants to go back to nz!
15:59 * cait *sighs*
15:59 * jcamins wants to go to NZ in the first place!
16:00 jwagner jcamins, it's definitely worth the trip, despite the horrible flight.  But allow at least 2-3 weeks, if not more -- there's too much to see and do, and things are pretty far apart.
16:02 wizzyrea or just go more than once
16:02 * jcamins prefers both!
16:02 jwagner That would be good too :-)
16:02 cait chris said he will not organize another kohacon...!
16:03 * jcamins doesn't blame him
16:03 jwagner That's OK, it means we can use the entire time for sightseeing!
16:03 * jcamins thinks planning a 2-hour seminar is hard enough!
16:04 owen joined #koha
16:05 nengard joined #koha
16:06 cait jcamins: a 2 hour seminar, 2 weeks hackfest and 3 weeks sight seeing?
16:06 jcamins Hello, nengard and owen
16:06 jwagner cait, I'd go for that :-)
16:06 jcamins cait: oy!
16:07 jcamins Seriously, I had *no* idea how hard it is to make invitations.
16:07 jcamins I thought "gee, how hard can it be? We just need to send invitations to a few hundred people."
16:07 nengard hi jcamins
16:08 * druthb waves to owen and nengard
16:08 wizzyrea getting the addresses alone is oi
16:08 * owen ducked out to listen to a webcast on the budget prospects for Ohio libraries under the new governor
16:09 jwagner prospects bleak?
16:09 owen Hint: New gov. wants to eliminate the income tax.
16:09 wizzyrea !!!!
16:09 wizzyrea double eww tee eff
16:10 jwagner I have never understood why people can't grasp the simple concept -- if you want services, you have to pay for them.
16:11 wizzyrea because from our childhood we are taught that we are entitled to whatever we want without having to give anything back?
16:11 jwagner Dunno about you, _I_ was never taught that!
16:11 jwagner But parents like mine seem increasingly scarce these days.
16:12 * wizzyrea was being snarky
16:12 * jwagner knows, just grumbling at modern conceptions of parenting
16:12 jwagner Including the parent in the seat across from me on the LA-DC flight :-(
16:13 wizzyrea i'm happy to say that we only had one flight where spud was even remotely annoying.
16:13 wizzyrea the rest he happily watched videos or looked out the window or napped.
16:14 jwagner Kids his age aren't so much the problem -- I didn't mind (too much) the baby crying on the Auckland-LA flight because babies do cry & there's not a lot you can do.  But school age kids who never stop whining and fussing from the moment they get on the plane are another matter.  Grump.
16:15 slef wizzyrea: better than being grumpy :-/
16:16 slef I'm sure I opened this window to write something.  Now I'm distracted.
16:16 jwagner Isn't that the purpose of this IRC?
16:16 slef Oh yeah, on returning to the UK, I noticed three things that NZ doesn't do so well: pork, chicken and road junction priorities.
16:17 jcamins Pork, chicken, and road junction priorities?
16:17 slef Yep.  Other than that, it was home from home with more dramatic landscapes.
16:17 jwagner Don't remember having much pork or chicken, but what I had was delicious.  Road junctions are another matter.  Even if I can remember to drive on the other side of the road, I always have trouble with roundabouts.
16:18 dafydd joined #koha
16:19 slef Their roundabouts were a bit freaky, with strange lane discipline (right lane for straight ahead???) and staggered stop lines, but it was the unmarked Ts and Xs that got me.
16:20 slef Actually, even marked Ts were strange, with traffic turning right off the through road having priority over things turning left off.
16:20 * wizzyrea is so glad she never had to drive
16:20 slef I was happy I only failed to take priority when I had it, rather than the reverse!
16:21 slef I did have one trucker seriously cross as he waved me on.
16:21 * cait remembery a very angry driver in a roundabout in scotland 2 years ago
16:21 slef cait: huh? We have the same rules as you, IIRC!
16:21 cait we had a rental car and he had no idea that we were not Scottish
16:22 * jcamins avoids driving abroad
16:22 cait you drive at the wrong side
16:22 slef no, you do :)
16:22 cait and we dont have this more than one lane roundabouts
16:22 nengard driving was only scary when the slide of the cliff was right at my wheels ...
16:22 slef cait: seriously?  I never noticed that.
16:22 nengard the rest was a piece of cake in comparison
16:22 cait we were doing something wrong about that, but we didn't find out what it was :)
16:22 cait it was a really big roundabout in inverness
16:23 slef cait: did you turn off from the inside lane?
16:23 cait perhaps we did
16:24 cait I have no idea )
16:24 slef as in from the lane nearest the middle of the roundabout
16:24 cait but I was really happy that I had no driver's license, so nobody could force me to drive :)
16:25 jcamins cait: very sensible.
16:25 * jcamins denied having an international driver's license when he was in Scotland... it seemed more pleasant to be a passenger
16:25 cait but I helped shouting: leeeeft!
16:25 jcamins Safer to close one's eyes when one isn't the driver. ;)
16:28 cait nah, it was fun
16:35 jwagner I have driven in England.  The last time, the rental car escaped with only minor injuries.... The problem wasn't remembering which side of the road to be on, it was that the roads were so narrow, with no shoulders or any place but the hedgerow to go when a large truck is coming at you.
16:37 slef Some roads are a bit narrow.
16:37 slef You learn to time reaching wide bits at the same time as oncoming traffic, or backing up or facing down.
16:38 slef It's fairly simple to spot drivers through the narrows on the road into the village who aren't used to them - they're the ones who pick the hedge instead of a gap.
16:39 slef There is one narrow road I try to avoid.  It's an A road but has too many trucks and buses using it.
16:40 slef SatNavs love it, though.
16:49 Brooke joined #koha
16:50 Brooke yo
16:50 jwagner slef, yet another fun part of driving in England was the disconcerting habit people had of parking in the middle of the road.
16:50 wizzyrea slef: is that the road that went through the tiny town that tried to get itself taken off the map in order to reduce sat-nav generated traffic?
16:51 slef wizzyrea: actually no, but that's not far from here.
16:52 slef wizzyrea: it's about 15 miles north from that one.
16:52 wizzyrea hee!
16:52 slef wizzyrea: the problem with Wedmore isn't narrows, it's historic buildings on tight bends.
16:53 wizzyrea slef: Ah! No wonder they wanted to get rid of the trucks and what-not vibrating their buildings apart
16:53 jcamins Whoops.
16:54 jwagner Reminds me of one place I visited last time -- where my dad was stationed in WWII.  He was with 3rd Armored Division, and the villagers still remember those Yanks trying to navigate tanks through narrow streets and around tight corners.
16:54 slef wizzyrea: Wedmore only has B roads, so trucks wouldn't use it except for satnavs making low-quality straight B roads seem faster than less direct but faster and easier A roads.  Wainfleet (All Saints?) in Lincolnshire used to have similar problems and that was a Z-bend on an A road.
16:54 * jcamins just realized that he's been happily working around a fully-functional "clone subfield" feature all day.
16:54 jcamins chris_n++
16:54 jcamins owen++
16:54 jcamins (for the work both of them did in making the clone subfield feature work)
16:55 wizzyrea chris_n++ owen++
16:56 Brooke how's the "clone developer" feature going?
16:57 jcamins Brooke: you were nominated to develop it. You tell us. :)
16:57 Brooke I pushed it to Chris
16:57 Brooke go ask him :P
16:57 chris hey, i helped make 2 new ones at hackfest
16:58 cait hehe
16:58 cait hi chris
16:58 chris oh 3, nate too
16:59 chris and yes, i did see hackfest as the perfect place for growing developers, i agree with that part of pauls email
17:00 paul_p joined #koha
17:00 Brooke my wrestling match is
17:00 Brooke speak of the devil
17:00 Brooke is timing before's_law kicks in
17:01 Brooke I think 3 months slack on any given deadline should do, but I'm a dunce
17:01 ivanc left #koha
17:03 cait chris: I was really happy about learning so many new things about git
17:03 cait and it was great that you took the time to teach me :)
17:09 jwagner chris, is the Ten years in ten minutes presentation online somewhere?
17:09 chris yeah its on youtube
17:10 jwagner Ah. Didn't look there.  Got a URL handy?
17:10 wizzyrea
17:10 jwagner Thanks.
17:10 * Brooke is slowly syncing up video presentations on the wiki.
17:11 hdl congrats druthb
17:11 druthb Thanks, hdl.    :)
17:12 jcamins druthb: are congratulations in order? If so, congratulations.
17:12 druthb jcamins, I'll let you be the judge of that; opinions may vary.  I have been persuing a legal name change, which was finalized by the court on Friday.
17:13 jcamins Oh, congratulations!
17:13 druthb thanks.  :)
17:13 jcamins That's wonderful news! Now you just have to spend the next gazillion years trying to get everyone to correct our name. :)
17:14 jcamins *your
17:14 druthb yup.  A few key documents will make a lot of inroads on that; I really haven't had much trouble with day-to-day stuff.
17:15 druthb A passport trumps a lot of other documents in this country, so despite not needing to travel out of the country, I may well get one, as it is possible to get one with the gender-marker on it that I want.  *shrug*
17:18 jcamins And apparently it doesn't actually matter if the name on your bank accoutns and credit cards matches your legal name.
17:18 druthb The bank records have my (now out-of-date) legal name, but I have a debit card with my (former alias/now legal name) on it.
17:19 druthb But a copy of the court order will correct the discrepancy, I am told.
17:19 jcamins I have a bank account which is in a name that was never mine, and it doesn't seem to trouble the bank (though I find it rather troubling).
17:20 druthb I would find that troublesome, yes.
17:20 jcamins And I never even changed my name.
17:21 jcamins Anyway, that's wonderful news. :)
17:32 Brooke k
17:32 Brooke someone tell me how I'm meant to change the default messaging preferences for a given patron category
17:33 cait is there a bug for something really boring that doesn't need much thinking?
17:33 * cait is bored but can't concentrate ;)
17:33 Brooke lookin' here
17:33 Brooke http://intranet.bywatersolutio[…]
17:34 cait what's the login?
17:34 Brooke and my wee cursor will not get into a box. I only have one drop down for advance notice, and I've checkboxen at the side. Is this a switch that needs an "on" elsewhere in parameters?
17:34 wizzyrea bywater/bywater
17:34 cait oh
17:34 wizzyrea you added one?
17:35 wizzyrea and you click edit?
17:35 cait that's great - I have seen that too, but it vanished
17:35 wizzyrea and you don't see the default messaging preferences?
17:35 cait it's great that someone else is seeing it too :)
17:35 cait wizzyrea: the table is broken
17:35 Brooke yep
17:35 wizzyrea weird, it's not in my one that's tracking master
17:35 cait hm, but I am seeing it in German and the language chooser is not there
17:36 Brooke the submit itself might be wonky, but I've not been circling like a hawk, so it could well have timed out. Reloading it.
17:36 cait wizzyrea: yeah, that was my problem, saw it in one of our installations but couldn't reproduce it
17:36 cait and I think it vanished at some point after updating
17:36 cait hm. I think after I recreated the database
17:37 Brooke *nod*
17:37 Brooke the form's taking now
17:37 druthb Brooke, hard to tell, but there may be something awry with the message_transports, that's normally what causes the pulldowns for email vs sms to appear, unless there have been big changes in that area.
17:37 Brooke but I still can't jigger with the table
17:37 Brooke I will just tell people to blissfully ignore it for now
17:38 wizzyrea hmmm
17:38 wizzyrea that seems odd
17:39 wizzyrea this is what mine looks like:
17:40 Brooke I'm thinking I might have to flip a switch in parameters *someplace*
17:40 * owen hands wizzyrea some tabs to go with her tabs
17:40 wizzyrea shhhhhhh
17:40 * jcamins boggles
17:40 jcamins I have 7, and that seems like a lot to me.
17:40 wizzyrea ...
17:41 Brooke it's impolite to comment on a lady's tabs, tyvm
17:41 * druthb has three, and that's a-plenty.
17:41 cait lol
17:41 wizzyrea admittedly, this is pushing the realm of what's possible to deal with >.>
17:41 jcamins wizzyrea: I'm glad to see that Koha is well-represented. :)
17:41 owen Firefox just threatened to quit on me just looking at it
17:41 wizzyrea lol. It's chrome, it can handle it >.>
17:42 jcamins It must be nice having a powerful computer.
17:42 wizzyrea pff
17:42 wizzyrea it's *chrome*
17:42 wizzyrea it's just that awesome.
17:43 jcamins wizzyrea: I use chrome at home, and I still start having problems if I go above a dozen tabs.
17:43 wizzyrea …there's nothing special about my computer
17:44 wizzyrea revision: the only thing that's special about my computer is me.
17:44 wizzyrea some people think I have an aura
17:44 cait hehe
17:44 wizzyrea is now known as wizzy_lun
17:44 Brooke most people have an aura. How silly ;)
17:44 wizzy_lun ch
17:44 * jcamins wonders if wizzyrea's aura is available in bottles :)
17:45 wizzy_lun lol
17:46 wizzy_lun
17:46 wizzy_lun and with that
17:46 wizzy_lun I bid you adieu.
17:46 wizzy_lun for now.
17:49 chris time for a shower for me, bbiab
17:49 paul_p time to go back home for me. see you tomorrow
17:49 slef grrr
17:50 nengard okay - so owen you can hate me - but i just don't get firebug .... how the heck do i find out what style is controlling a specific part of a page?
17:50 nengard left #koha
17:50 Brooke oooh oooh mr. kotter, mr. kotter
17:50 slef erm, that makes it harder :)
17:50 jcamins nengard: ... I'll comment when you get back.
17:51 * Brooke thinks it would be the bee's knees to have a firebug style interface to parameters
17:51 jcamins o.O
17:51 jcamins That would be a lot of work.
17:52 Brooke it would ultimately save a lot of work
17:52 jcamins Yes, true.
17:52 Brooke and it would make the interface a lot more user friendly
17:52 Brooke plus
17:52 Brooke firebug is theoretically open source
17:52 Brooke unlike say erm cover flow
17:53 Brooke which would also be neat and a lot of work
17:53 jcamins ... I think I'm thinking about something completely different from what you are.
17:53 Brooke no
17:53 Brooke those are two completely different ideas :D
17:53 cait jcamins: don't worry, I think it's normal
17:53 jcamins I was going to say "even better would be to make the behavior predictable."
17:53 * cait hides
17:54 jcamins cait: lol
17:54 cait I got lost at the bee's knees
17:55 jcamins cait: "really great"
17:55 cait strange
17:55 owen Don't worry cait, it's a pretty old-fashioned usage
17:56 jcamins I have no idea where it comes from, but that's what it means.
17:56 Brooke[…]erm=bee's%20knees
18:02 cait thank you all :)
18:03 Brooke aiiii taverna cretekou is luring me with its dreaded siren song.
18:03 Brooke left #koha
18:04 * jcamins reflects briefly on the fact that he lives in a Greek neighborhood, and hasn't had any Greek food in almost a year
18:04 jcamins Rather, any non-pastry Greek food. ;)
18:05 nengard joined #koha
18:06 collum left #koha
18:10 juan joined #koha
18:10 juan left #koha
18:11 * slef bombs away
18:12 slef nengard: don't you click "Inspect" and then the part of the page whose style you want to find out, or has the firebug interface changed?
18:12 nengard um ... maybe :) never done it successfully
18:12 nengard will try in a sec
18:12 nengard on to another task
18:33 hdl left #koha
18:35 * chris goes to catch his bus
18:35 chris bbiab
18:38 nengard okay slef i tried that - but i'm not getting anything that looks like the html element or the css that's controlling where i clicked ....
18:39 jcamins nengard: I don't know how to use Firebug, but Chrome's built-in debugger is really helpful.
18:39 nengard might have to go switch to chrome for this task
18:39 jcamins And it does what you're asking about.
18:47 owen nengard: I can't help bug think something is missing
18:47 owen s/bug/but
18:47 owen nengard: You have the firebug pane open?
18:47 nengard yes
18:48 owen and you clicked the button to inspect?
18:48 nengard yes
18:49 owen And what happens when you mouse over the web page? Do you see a blue outline?
18:49 nengard no
18:49 nengard i do see little flickers in the firebug pane
18:50 nengard but no blue outlines
18:50 owen when you click the "inspect" button, does the "HTML" tab become active?
18:50 nengard nope
18:50 nengard DOM
18:50 nengard should i click html first and then inspect
18:50 wizzy_lun can you click the html tab?
18:51 nengard i can
18:51 nengard and when i do i get it
18:51 nengard until i click inspect and it goes back to DOM
18:51 wizzy_lun can you then inspect
18:51 wizzy_lun weird. do you possibly need an update to either firebug or firefox?
18:51 nengard i can try
18:53 nengard reinstalling firebug
18:54 nengard and the same thing is happening
18:55 * cait would really like to stand behind nengard and see her screen right now
18:55 cait it's so much easier that way
18:55 wizzy_lun :/ yea
18:56 wizzy_lun there's always logmein
18:56 wizzy_lun is now known as wizzyrea
18:56 wizzyrea almost as good
18:56 owen Something is definitely wrong with your setup nengard, but I can't think what
18:56 nengard bleh
18:56 wizzyrea I'd try chrome
18:56 wizzyrea it's basically got firebug built in
18:56 nengard yup - jcamins said that
18:56 nengard gonna do that now
18:57 wizzyrea that's kind of the nuclear option
18:57 wizzyrea but, it will work
18:57 wizzyrea and there you can right click -> inspect
18:57 wizzyrea sometimes you have to do it twice, I've noticed
18:57 jcamins And then you'll have Chrome, which is kind of cool.
18:58 chris_n slef is so very colorful :-)
18:58 chris_n "If you don't want people to be suspicious, don't walk softly behind them with knives, even if you're just making sandwiches."
18:58 cait yeah
18:58 owen nengard: wizzyrea's comment makes me wonder whether in Firefox you have an "inspect" option when you right click
18:58 cait that was a good one
18:58 * chris_n will now be very careful when making sandwiches from now on
18:59 nengard owen - why yes I do!!!
18:59 nengard and it does open in the HTML window but It's a blank HTML window
18:59 nengard i mean HTML tab in firebug
18:59 owen nengard: Could you have a conflicting addon maybe?
18:59 wizzyrea your thing has about got to be busted somehow
19:00 * wizzyrea wonders if she could be *more* vague
19:00 druthb "It doesn't work!"
19:00 jcamins "Something doesn't work!"
19:01 nengard hmm - much more info in chrome :)
19:01 owen "Thingy no worky!"
19:01 jcamins "Broke!"
19:01 cait the machine is broken
19:01 * druthb has had support tickets from a Koha customer that were nothing more than "it doesn't work."  She finds those...un-useful.
19:02 owen I like the reports that say: "Koha wasn't working, so we restarted the computer..."
19:03 wizzyrea I had one the other day
19:03 wizzyrea "a dropdown isn't working"
19:03 wizzyrea ...
19:03 nengard hehe
19:03 wizzyrea which drop down?
19:03 cait very helpful g
19:12 cait @karma committee
19:12 munin cait: committee has neutral karma.
19:13 jcamins Go figure.
19:13 jcamins @karma budget_committee
19:13 munin jcamins: budget_committee has neutral karma.
19:13 jcamins !!!
19:13 cait @karma ie
19:13 munin cait: Karma for "ie" has been increased 0 times and decreased 13 times for a total karma of -13.
19:14 druthb lol
19:17 richard joined #koha
19:17 richard hi
19:18 chris back
19:18 cait wb chris
19:18 chris spent the bus ride talking to a forensic accountant policewoman, who works in the money laundering unit
19:18 chris best bus ride ever!
19:19 wizzyrea !!
19:19 cait wow
19:19 * cait wants to go back to nz...
19:19 cait but would probably not understand her...
19:20 trea joined #koha
19:20 jcamins A forensic accountant policewoman? Wow, I didn't know there was such a thing. That almost makes accounting sound interesting.
19:21 chris yeah, think of them as csi, for money
19:24 chris was an interesting talk
19:27 eternalsw joined #koha
19:30 larsw Charles Stross's books have had forensic accountants at least a couple of times
19:30 * larsw &heart; Stross scifi
19:31 chris lenora++
19:34 cait yes, lenora++
19:34 chris threads_that_jump_the_shark--
19:35 cait hm, first bee's knees and now chris wants to jump a shark...
19:35 owen This conversation really gets my goat
19:36 owen And that's straight from the horse's mouth!
19:36 * chris_n thinks that's mighty corny owen
19:36 jwagner cait, another pop culture reference.
19:36 cait owen: grrr
19:36 cait ;)
19:37 jwagner or Bah, to tie in with my earlier comments about sheep :-)
19:38 * druthb groans.
19:38 chris larsw: added to my toread list :)
19:38 larsw chris, :)
19:38 * larsw needs to learn to read faster
19:41 eternalsw I'm having trouble allowing holds.  I have made sure there are good values under circulation rules.  I've made sure OPACItemHolds is set to Allow as well as AllowOnShelfHolds.  When I try to make a hold through opac, it comes up with "This title cannot be requested"  If I do it through the admin panel, it says the user has too many holds.  The user doesn't have any holds.  The group the user is part of is set to be able to have 5 holds
19:41 eternalsw that item type.  Any ideas?
19:42 cait I heard you need to add a default rule to koha now
19:42 cait but have not tested it yet
19:42 wizzyrea eternalsw: what version?
19:43 cait wizzyrea: good first question.. should go to bed
19:43 eternalsw version 3.2 using the repository for debian squeeze.
19:51 eternalsw adding in the default item worked, however this overrides the rules for the other items.
19:51 * druthb leaves to catch the bus.
19:51 druthb left #koha
19:53 chris[…]ki/Roadmap_to_3.4
19:53 chris thanks slef for prodding me
19:53 chris ive now tried to make it more clear
19:57 eternalsw my issue seems to be[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4530
19:57 munin Bug 4530: major, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Circulation & fines rules aren't always applied from most specific to less specific
19:59 magnus joined #koha
20:02 cait hi magnus
20:04 Brooke joined #koha
20:04 Brooke yo
20:06 chris oy
20:07 wizzyrea yooy
20:08 chris_n yoyo
20:10 * cait gets more and more confused
20:11 cait time to sleep - good night all
20:11 cait left #koha
20:14 magnus yo
20:15 trea hi magnus
20:15 magnus hi trea
20:21 Brooke magnus :)
20:21 Brooke you're 10 minutes too late for cait
20:23 magnus yeah she said hi while i was looking elsewhere and logged off before i got back...
20:24 Brooke doh
20:24 magnus i'll see her tomorrow though ;-)
20:25 magnus (i hope)
20:25 nengard magnus - i'm heading to my front door to see if i have my book ... if not i'm gonna have them ship more :(
20:26 Brooke gl
20:26 chris don is reading my copy
20:27 nengard cool!
20:27 nengard and no books for me :(
20:27 nengard GRRR
20:27 Brooke :/
20:28 magnus ouch
20:28 sekjal joined #koha
20:28 magnus perhaps the mailman is reading them as we speak?
20:28 magnus hiya sekjal!
20:28 Brooke hi sekjal
20:28 chris hey sekjal
20:29 sekjal hi, everyone!
20:30 sekjal safe journeys for those of you I met at KohaCon?
20:30 chris yep, barring nate, everyone is back home
20:31 sekjal hopefully he's having a good vacation
20:31 jwagner Long and tiring trip home.  Maybe I should just move to NZ :-)
20:31 sekjal jwagner: definitely considered it, myself
20:32 jwagner heh heh
20:32 wizzyrea anybody know how "the question" went?
20:32 sekjal the answer was "yes"
20:32 wizzyrea speaking of nate
20:32 wizzyrea YAY
20:33 jcamins brendan said that Nate was getting married, so I think the answer must have been "yes."
20:33 * wizzyrea pops a cork for Nate
20:33 jcamins Either that or there's quite a story.
20:33 jcamins Or you're talking about a different question entirely, and brendan mentioned that unrelated to "the question." ;)
20:35 wizzyrea !!
20:37 wizzyrea loving the openlibrary PoC. That is wicked awesome.
20:37 wizzyrea (proof of concept)
20:37 * jwagner is going home now -- still trying to shake off jet lag
20:37 wizzyrea chris++
20:37 chris at some point i might make it actually do something
20:37 chris more useful
20:37 sekjal g'night, jwagner!
20:38 wizzyrea well, the fact that you can get the subjects from such a complete source is pretty sweet
20:38 jwagner left #koha
20:39 chris well its related subjets
20:39 chris bold is our subjects, the links are what open library thinks are related subjects
20:39 wizzyrea but their algorithm for determining related subjects is pretty great
20:39 chris[…]heads/openlibrary
20:39 chris its there, fwiw
20:40 * Brooke smiles broadly
20:41 Brooke now just make the related subjects dance like liveplasma
20:41 Brooke
20:41 Brooke cooler than aquabrowser's diagramming
20:41 sekjal oh, right, diagrams!
20:41 sekjal speaking of
20:42 sekjal got that map of C4's dependencies enhanced a bit
20:42 sekjal cycles highlighted in red
20:42 chris_n sekjal: where's it at?
20:42 sekjal on my laptop right now... going to grab that and post
20:42 sekjal will link once it's up
20:42 wizzyrea something like this with openlibrary subjects would be cool too
20:42 wizzyrea
20:44 Brooke that map is less sexy than aquabrowser
20:44 * Brooke craves lines.
20:45 * wizzyrea doesn't like lines… too messy.
20:45 * Brooke also <3s differing sizes
20:45 wizzyrea differing sizes I can agree with :)
20:46 wizzyrea aw, I liked that plasma visualizer until they drew in the lines :P
20:46 wizzyrea aside: huh. no wonder my music collection looks like it does.
20:47 sekjal ah, got to do a git-pull and regenerate the map... there have been commits since I got home
20:48 chris meeting time
20:48 chris bbiab
20:48 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
20:52 * owen doesn't find aquabrowser useful
20:54 eternalsw I managed to fix my issue.  in /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 409, I changed '*' to '".$biblio->{itemtype}."'
20:55 wizzyrea you should submit that as a patch
20:55 eternalsw what's the diff format
20:55 sekjal[…]p-new-colored.pdf
20:56 * wizzyrea 's head explodes
20:56 sekjal it's still huge... but can be picked through a little easier
20:56 sekjal I'm seeing a cycle between C4::Reserves, C4::Search and C4::XSLT
20:57 jcamins_a What's the red?
20:58 sekjal red lines should be highlighted cycles
20:58 jcamins_a Ah.
20:58 sekjal I might be missing some highlighting... but its at least a LITTLE more readable than the original
20:59 sekjal next step is to strip out all the modules that aren't both used and using, simplifying the view a lot
21:03 owen left #koha
21:04 eternalsw anywhere to find patching guidelines?  I see coding guidelines, but I need to know the diff flags required for the patch generation.
21:04 wizzyrea we use git, if that helps
21:05 Brooke this is for doc patches
21:05 Brooke https://lists.koha-community.o[…]istinfo/koha-docs
21:05 Brooke I know nicole has info for patch patches somewhere
21:05 Brooke cause she like just linked it to me
21:05 jcamins_a I think.
21:06 jcamins_a To create a patch you commit the changes in git, then do git format-patch -1
21:06 Brooke Reporting and patching Koha bugs can be a simple process if you follow the many tutorials on the wiki and mailing lists. For those who are all ready to start patching, here are the steps you want to follow:
21:06 Brooke Report a bug (or enhancement)
21:06 Brooke Make yourself the assignee for that bug and change the Status to ‘Assigned’ so that others know you’re working on the bug
21:06 Brooke Write your patch and send it to the patches list
21:06 Brooke Change the bug Importance to ‘PATCH-Sent’ and attach your patch to the bug
21:06 Brooke Following these simple steps will keep everyone in the loop as you work on and fix bugs/features in Koha.
21:07 Brooke from[…]ue-8-august-2010/
21:07 wizzyrea also this:[…]Control_Using_Git
21:07 wizzyrea see: share your work
21:08 eternalsw guess I'll set up another machine for development then :D
21:10 gmcharlt always a good idea in any case
21:11 * Brooke suspects gmcharlt's cave is full of naught but blinking leds and boxen of chocolate...
21:19 magnus left #koha
21:19 wizzyrea and cats.
21:20 wizzyrea cats like computers
21:20 wizzyrea the white noise… the warmth
21:26 eric_b joined #koha
21:26 Brooke hi eric
21:28 ebegin left #koha
21:45 magnus joined #koha
21:45 Brooke :)
21:57 Brooke left #koha
21:57 magnus left #koha
22:18 chris back
22:19 chris eternalsw: there are scripts to build packages from git
22:19 chris so you can do you work in your repo, and deploy via packages
22:19 chris which is what we try to do at my work
22:20 eternalsw great.  I'll be sure to take a look at that.
22:21 chris robin is the best person to talk to about that
22:21 robin eternalsw: in the debian dir is 'build-git-snapshot'. That's a good place to start.
22:22 robin eternalsw: also:[…]g_Debian_Packages
22:24 wizzyrea nengard: remember your deal with firebug and how nice it would have been to show us what was going on on your screen?
22:24 nengard yuh huh
22:25 wizzyrea check out
22:27 chris speaking of .me
22:27 chris
22:29 chris kinda silly
22:29 chris but fun
22:31 trea left #koha
22:31 wizzyrea oh yea I saw that
22:35 chris how about tweetnest?
22:35 chris im the king of 'because i can'
22:36 chris
22:41 wizzyrea lol
22:41 wizzyrea that's funny
22:41 wizzyrea and handy
22:45 Brooke joined #koha
22:47 Brooke left #koha
22:52 nengard left #koha
23:16 rhcl_away left #koha
23:38 Brooke joined #koha
23:39 Brooke left #koha

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