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00:25 jcamins gmcharlt: pushed two additional patches adding use warnings and authentication.
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00:39 chris sekjal: emailed to your gmail
00:40 sekjal got it
00:45 jcamins chris: do we have an ETA on the Template::Toolkit conversion?
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00:45 chris im hoping early december
00:46 jcamins Ooh! Soon! Yay!
00:47 jcamins Doesn't AMICUS use a strange encoding?
00:48 jcamins I seem to recall someone having issues with that before.
00:49 jcamins chris++ # for being 3.4 RM
00:49 jcamins catalyst++ # for hiring brilliant interns
00:49 jcamins interns++ # for converting Koha to use Template::Toolkit
00:50 chris heh
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00:52 brendan_l heya jcamins
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00:54 jcamins Hi brendan.
00:56 jcamins How are things in sunny CA?
01:00 chris_n2 wb hudsonbot
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01:10 chris_n2 seeya hudsonbot
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01:22 chris_n2 !hudson build Koha_3.2.x now
01:22 hudsonbot chris_n2: job Koha_3.2.x build scheduled now
01:39 dafydd jcamins_a, I'm finding bug 5333 isn't just AMICUS - LOC is giving me issues as well
01:39 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5333 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Undefined value stops import from z39.50
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01:46 jcamins_a dafydd: That's a strange bug.
01:47 jcamins_a I can't really troubleshoot right now, but are you able to import anything?
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02:00 ebegin hey Koha!
02:01 ebegin just noted something strange in the etc/zebradb/marc_defs/marc21/biblios/record.abs and I want to check that with you
02:02 ebegin the field for the date uses the 008, pos 35 to 37.  For value such as eng (english) , fre (french), spa (spanish) etc... is that correct?
02:02 ebegin the field for the language, not for the date, sorry ;)
02:03 ebegin the record.abs file seems to specify the search by digit (n) instead of word (w).  ln:n:range(data,35,3)  is this normal?
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02:13 gmcharlt ebegin: there's a recent patch in the queue that fixes that
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02:14 ebegin ok, so it changes the n for a w, right?
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02:14 gmcharlt right
02:14 ebegin ok.  thanks gmcharlt
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02:16 jcamins_a ebegin: that's a bug. I think gmcharlt signed off on the patch to fix that a few days ago.
02:16 jcamins_a Oh, and gmcharlt just said that.
02:16 jcamins_a Sorry.
02:17 ebegin jcamins_a, :) thanks anyway ;)
02:18 ebegin jcamins_a, aren't you away? :D
02:18 jcamins_a ebegin: yes, can't you tell?
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02:22 munin New commit(s) kohagit: History updates <[…]3041a3d95b71c562a>
02:22 dafydd jcamins, yeah, I can import at least 80% of my stuff currently,
02:22 jcamins dafydd: that's really weird.
02:23 jcamins What's the LCCN of an LC record that doesn't work?
02:23 dafydd one sec
02:25 dafydd 2005281191
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02:26 Oak \o
02:27 gmcharlt dafydd: that one works for me
02:27 jcamins Works for me.
02:28 jcamins Python cookbook?
02:28 dafydd Yep
02:32 munin New commit(s) kohagit: history updates - recent releases <[…]c395185d9f6be3aee> / bug 5327: follow-up to fix SIP tests <[…]7532ee2fe814e5365> / Bug 5327: More basic unit tests for C4 modules <[…]d68249db0c8acec03
02:32 jcamins dafydd: sounds like a problem with your installation.
02:33 dafydd crap
02:33 jcamins Also, could you clarify which version you were running before your upgrade?
02:33 dafydd
02:33 gmcharlt dafydd: other things I would suggest checking are your versions of MARC::Record, MARC::Charset, and yaz
02:34 dafydd will do
02:35 jcamins I'm confused by that version.
02:35 jcamins gmcharlt: is that 3.0.x or an early development snapshot for 3.2?
02:36 dafydd It was on the preconfigured VM for 3.0
02:36 gmcharlt 3.0.1 specfically, I would assume
02:36 jcamins Ah!
02:36 dafydd (tried the new 3.2 VM in Koha tools, but it didn't boot in VirtualBox)
02:36 jcamins Yeah, that's what I thought it was too.
02:37 jcamins This is Kyle Hall's old VMWare image?
02:37 dafydd yeah
02:37 dafydd looks like MARC:Charset was kind of old, upgrading it now
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02:49 dafydd updated MARC::Charset, MARC::Record, and yaz - still no luck :-(
02:57 dafydd Just tried modifying BiblioAddsAuthorities, which was mentioned on the mailing list for the same problem - again no luck
02:59 jcamins dafydd: how much data do you have in your database?
03:00 dafydd about 20 records so far
03:00 jcamins Any patron data?
03:00 dafydd about 30 patrons
03:01 dafydd (with plans to expand :-)
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03:01 jcamins I was just wondering if it might be less trouble for you to just install off of the new 3.2 Live CD.
03:03 dafydd I'll export my stuff and take a look at that later tonight
03:08 jcamins If you're able to do a mysqldump and restore, and everything works, that means it was the installation.
03:08 jcamins If you're not, that means it's the configuration.
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03:49 wasabi are the bywater and biblibre guys heading to catalyst tomorrow too?
03:50 hdl wasabi: BibLibre yes
03:50 brendan_l I think sekjal will too
03:50 wasabi ok, great
03:50 wasabi i will be able to come along too, tomorrow
03:50 hdl ok... maybe we should be in level 3
03:50 wasabi i sorted my problem out today :)
03:51 hdl good.
03:51 hdl saw taht on twitter
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03:53 wasabi hdl: really?
03:53 hdl yes. ppl donot shout woohoo without a reason ;)
03:53 hdl (was with chris)
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05:06 brendan_l night all
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05:19 kmkale hi all
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07:23 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 5223, 'related subjects' should read 'subjects' <[…]a61971b827714f9ba> / Fix for Bug 4261 - keyword mapping should show which framework the map is for <[…]d88cb91fb1c8678fd>
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07:43 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Merge branch 'signoffs' into kcmaster <[…]8fa6ae0ddad0069b2>
07:43 chris @later tell chris_n  hope this is some help for you
07:43 munin chris: The operation succeeded.
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07:53 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote branch 'kc/new/background_jobs_tested' into kcmaster <[…]3b0788ebf287820f8>
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08:07 chris heya wizzyrea_
08:07 wizzyrea_ hi there
08:08 wizzyrea_ had one last walk down by the harbor.. spud was kissing things and atelling them goodbye
08:08 wizzyrea_ I almost cried.
08:08 chris awww
08:09 chris what time is your flight tomorrow?
08:09 wizzyrea_ at the butt crack of dawn
08:09 wizzyrea_ 6:40 am
08:10 chris yikes
08:10 wizzyrea_ yea
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08:50 slef moo from wairau valley
08:57 wizzyrea_ heya how's the south island?
08:58 slef dark again
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08:58 wizzyrea_ well yes, that happens when your planet turns
08:58 slef with misbehaving internet
08:58 wizzyrea_ well that's not so cool
08:59 slef well I guess it's good to have wifi at a vineyard at all, really
08:59 wizzyrea_ hrmm
09:00 slef think I'll switch back to cellular if it doesn't settle soon
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09:05 slef switch... apparently wifi did 1Mb in 20mins :-/
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09:13 slef wizzyrea_: glacier lakes are pretty cool, if you'll excuse the pun
09:19 hdl hehe
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09:54 hdl gmcharlt: around ?
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12:16 owen Hi #koha
12:21 gmcharlt hi owen
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12:32 owen gmcharlt: I'm a little confused about the current branches... When you say a patch has been pushed to "master," what does that mean?
12:33 gmcharlt owen: 'master' is HEAD, i.e., on the mainline for inclusion in 3.4
12:34 owen Okay, that's what I thought. I was surprised that you were the one doing the pushing
12:34 gmcharlt I'm not
12:34 gmcharlt I'm just noting that the fix has hit master
12:35 gmcharlt I'm working on a post-upload hook for the public git repository to add that kind of notification to bugs automatically whenever something gets pushed
12:36 owen That would be excellent
12:39 gmcharlt owen: I'd be curious to know your opinion of the styling of slip news in Darrell's patch
12:39 gmcharlt[…]d2ae9ffcbd808f8ad
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12:40 owen Sure, I'll take a look later today gmcharlt
12:40 gmcharlt thanks
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13:23 jcamins Good morning, #koha
13:34 jcamins @marc 541
13:34 munin jcamins: Information on the immediate source of acquisition of the described materials. The field is used primarily for original or historical items or other archival collections. (Repeatable) [a,b,c,d,e,f,h,n,o,3,5,6,8]
13:40 schuster That's interesting but how do you know which one if you have multiple branches.
13:48 jcamins @marc 541 5
13:48 munin jcamins: Institution to which field applies  See Control Subfields
13:48 jcamins @marc 541 3
13:48 munin jcamins: Materials specified
13:48 jcamins schuster: ^^
13:49 jcamins :)
13:50 jcamins On my to-do list is making Koha parse subfield 5s.
14:23 owen gmcharlt: I'm looking at that patch now
14:23 gmcharlt thanks again
14:23 owen We don't use slip printers here, so I'm not sure what the limitations are.
14:23 owen Does the content need to have an explicit width?
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14:25 owen My only comment about it cosmetically is that I would probably take out the "news" heading since the title of the "item" can serve as a heading, and "news" might be too specific
14:29 gmcharlt the limitations will vary from printer to printer, of course, so can't catch them all
14:30 gmcharlt safest would probably be making the default template not have any real formatting whatsoever
14:30 gmcharlt but that may be a little too least-common-denominator
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14:43 owen gmcharlt: How do you choose to send a pull request as opposed to sending a patch?
14:45 gmcharlt owen: so far, I've been doing pull requests if for some reason a patch can't be emailed or if the topic branch has a not-small number of patches
14:45 gmcharlt where 'not-small' is currently a bit fuzzy
14:48 tcohen anyone using unimarc?
14:49 tcohen i'd like to know where to find references for unimarc authority records
14:49 jcamins tcohen:[…]oritiesFormat.pdf ?
14:49 gmcharlt tcohen: documentation at[…]ted-documentation is up to date
14:50 tcohen jcamins, gmcharlt thanks
14:56 tcohen it's a pity there's only a pdf
14:58 tcohen with marc authorities we can have
14:58 tcohen function PopupFieldDoc(field) {
14:58 tcohen if(field == 0) {
14:58 tcohen"");
14:58 tcohen } else {
14:58 tcohen // avoid local fields
14:58 tcohen""+field+".html");
14:58 tcohen }
14:58 tcohen }
15:00 jcamins Ooh, that's kind of cool.
15:01 jcamins Was there ever any patch submitted for bug 5226?
15:01 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5226 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, MARC21 field 545 missing
15:03 jcamins I'm not seeing one, and I reported that bug before I had access to any development machine.
15:04 gmcharlt I'm not aware of any
15:04 jcamins Okay.
15:04 jcamins I'll try and remember to submit one.
15:06 jcamins But my server is on 3.2-RC, so I won't be doing it now.
15:09 jcamins Hm. nengard's patch for bug 5040 doesn't appear to have made it in, either.
15:09 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5040 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, nengard, ASSIGNED, "Distance" misspelled in default framework
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15:37 markk hello again ...
15:40 markk i have a problem in koha while adding a new MARC record I can't edit the fields 003 and 005 for example by clicking on the <...> to the right of the text box. Any idea why? 008 is working and popping a window with fields to edit.
15:40 markk should I upgrade or is there anything else I should do/check?
15:45 jcamins markk: you should be able to just enter text directly into the box for 003.
15:45 jcamins 005 is automatically filled in, I think.
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15:47 markk yes I can ... but as far as I recall an older version did popup upon clickng on the <...> ... the librarian @ the library I installed it keeps asking me to make it work .. they have some option to set for the Arabic things
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15:49 markk btw where can I download th 3.2.0 version?
15:49 owen
15:52 jcamins markk: 003 and 005 don't have any flexibility in their values.
15:52 jcamins Do they mean 006?
15:53 markk 006 is working ... apparently they'r just asking for it bcuz of the <...> not showing up anything ... btw i'm not a librarian and don't know what r these used for :)
15:54 jcamins 003 should *always* be set to your MARC organizational code, and 005 should always be the date that the record was last modified.
15:55 jcamins So there shouldn't be ellipses next to the 003 and 005. Good catch.
15:55 markk mmmm i see ... 10x jcamins
16:48 brendan morning
16:50 markk morning
16:50 markk though it's still 7.05pm here :)
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18:20 chris And another group fly out
18:24 owen Are you in kohacon withdrawal chris?
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18:37 chris Yup
18:40 brendan morning chris
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18:51 chris hiya brendan
18:52 gmcharlt hi chris, brendan
18:52 brendan heya gmcharlt
18:53 chris
18:53 * chris regained control of the freshmeat listing
18:53 chris
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18:58 chris also
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19:03 markk guys ... did anyone tried to install koha 3.2 on ubuntu 10.04? there's a perl requirement "Graphics::Magick" that i ain't able to install it through cpan
19:03 chris install the package
19:04 chris[…]phics-magick-perl
19:05 jcamins Oops, did I forget that one in my instructions?
19:06 jcamins I should write out proper instructions on the wiki.
19:07 chris gmcharlt: got a sec?
19:07 gmcharlt yep
19:07 chris would you be able to set up a repo for biblibre at please?
19:08 gmcharlt yep
19:08 gmcharlt sec
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19:14 munin New commit(s) kohagit: bug 5318: fix value of r4 rank weight <[…]56893f7a4cbff323a> / remove unused template include <[…]63a6502932236063b>
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19:17 chris_n !hudson build Koha_3.2.x now
19:18 chris bot isnt around chris_n
19:18 * chris_n looks around for hudson
19:18 chris_n k
19:18 chris i turned the irc off because it was breaking things, until they fix the plugin
19:18 chris its actually building anyway
19:18 chris
19:19 gmcharlt chris: done, wip/koha-biblibre, and hdl has push access
19:20 chris fab thank you
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19:22 chris_n chris: if its scratched off here its been pushed to master and is considered stable?
19:23 chris yes
19:23 chris_n cool
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19:24 chris for everything with a bug number, im pushing a branch, then merging it
19:24 chris that should hopefully make it easier for you
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19:25 chris ill do my list of patches pushed each day as well
19:25 chris its really easy to do, cos its just a git repo
19:25 * chris like ikiwiki a lot
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19:48 pianohack Hallo
19:50 * chris_n slaps pianohack on the back and says "Howdy!"
19:50 pianohack hey chris_n
19:50 pianohack How's it going?
19:50 chris_n fast and furious :-)
19:51 pianohack Good or bad? I've had good fast days and ... bad fast days
19:59 larsw chris, yay, ikiwiki!
20:01 chris_n pianohack: mostly good
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20:31 hdl chris : is it or ?
20:31 hdl (to push I mean)
20:32 chris gitmaster
20:32 chris
20:33 chris so i have a pre-commit hook, that runs compile tests .. can run perlcritic and perltidy too, but disabled at the moment, ill push up the branch with it in soon so you can test
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20:44 hdl thanks
20:48 hdl chris : is that githook sending back the compile errors so user can easily fix the errors ?
20:48 chris yep
20:51 chris like this
20:51 chris #   Failed test 'use C4::Auth_with_ldap;'
20:51 chris #   at t/00-load.t line 18.
20:51 chris #     Tried to use 'C4::Auth_with_ldap'.
20:51 chris #     Error:  No "ldapserver" in server hash from KOHA_CONF: /home/chrisc/koha-dev/etc/koha-conf.xml
20:52 chris im gonna drop that out of the critical tests
20:53 hdl chris 8-)
20:53 hdl neat
20:54 hdl I am rebasing on master. I think it is right ?
20:54 chris yup
20:56 hdl chris : is there a way to do git gc on gitosis servers ?
20:57 chris not sure
20:57 hdl (I know I could make a cronjob on the server.)
20:57 hdl But I donot know whether i could break anything.
21:00 hdl and rebase will create many objects.
21:00 hdl (commits objects)
21:00 hdl So we have to remove those...
21:01 gmcharlt hdl: git gc can be croned
21:01 gmcharlt and isn't particularly dangerious
21:01 hdl good.
21:02 hdl Have you tested that ?
21:02 hdl hi gmcharlt
21:03 hdl Is that you who were on the juice integration part for koha ?
21:05 gmcharlt no
21:06 hdl were you part of the decision takers ?
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21:12 hdl chris: should I commit a Plack branch ? Or will you ?
21:12 richard joined #koha
21:12 chris you can, ill poke at it
21:13 chris make it a wip branch
21:13 hdl chris: ok.
21:13 chris so people dont try to actually use it yet
21:13 hdl in git.koha-community or in new/koha-biblibre repo ?
21:14 chris id put it in your repo
21:14 hdl k
21:14 hdl have you made any other changes before testing ?
21:14 schuster Chris - I wanted to thank you for all your hard work in getting kohacon10 off the ground.  Sorry I wasn't able to attend, but look forward to the next few months to see how 3.4 will come along!
21:14 hdl schuster++
21:15 hdl actually
21:15 hdl chris++
21:15 schuster When we had it in Plano I didn't realize how valuable that Hackfest was going to be...  But then again my wife didn't understand either so....
21:16 schuster by all have a great time without me...  home again home again!
21:17 chris hdl: nope
21:17 schuster left #koha
21:19 chris[…]s/heads/git-hooks
21:21 bob joined #koha
21:22 chris hdl: try that out
21:22 hdl oh Dancer hack :)
21:23 hdl committers should make links to their websites :D
21:33 chris_n3 was kicked by chris_n: chris_n3
21:33 chris_n hehehe
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21:39 brendan heya sekjal
21:40 sekjal morning, brendan
21:40 chris_n howdy brendan and sekjal
21:41 brendan heya chris_n
21:41 sekjal hey, chris_n
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21:47 Genji hiya all.. what are available marc fields available for library's custom use?
21:48 jcamins Genji: you could use whatever fields you wanted. In MARC21, x9x and 9xx fields (except for 490) are not defined by the standard.
21:48 jcamins Koha uses 942 and 952, but I think you could change that if you really wanted to.
22:07 munin New commit(s) kohagit: bug 5050 move language prefs to I18N/L10N tab <[…]96799c912d3f3fdd7> / bug 5151 removed bolded terms in breadcrumbs <[…]3206c875bbe2ba157> / bug 5237: Testing renewals on patron barcodes with + signs at the end <
22:17 wasabi[…]ce-leaks-in-perl/
22:20 sekjal I've got my C4 Dependencies script to recursively walk all of C4, and spit out its findings in .dot format
22:21 sekjal hoping to drop that into Graphviz on the plane ride home, and see something useful
22:22 chris awesome
22:26 sekjal still need a little more logic to keep it from processing lines in the POD... probably a some kind of exit once it spots a line beginning with "=" would work
22:27 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote branch 'kc/new/for-3.4/spelling' into kcmaster <[…]79d0fae4af96abaa0>
22:29 hdl @later tell slef[…]/d7230db4e8fa6adb
22:29 munin hdl: The operation succeeded.
22:42 sekjal is now known as sekjal_a
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22:54 hdl chris are we going together for lunch ?
22:54 chris i have a meeting at 12.30 .. i think paul and you were invited to the meeting too?
22:56 hdl only paul as far as i know.
22:56 chris ahh
22:56 chris maybe you should go with mason and brooke for lunch?
22:57 hdl they already went ;)
22:57 chris ah ha
22:57 hdl that's ok.
22:57 chris is sekjal around?
22:57 hdl I'll see
22:57 hdl yes. (on phone)
22:58 jcamins hdl: if it makes you feel any better, I didn't have lunch with any Koha people today. ;)
22:58 hdl :D
22:58 * hdl sending you a virtual big breakfast....
22:59 jcamins :D
22:59 robin I'm up for lunch if people want :)
23:00 gmcharlt let's make it a transpacific lunch-dinner meeting :)
23:01 robin I dunno, IRC and food don't mix. Everyone knows you can't dissolve IRC in food.
23:01 robin hdl: or have you left already?
23:01 hdl still there.
23:02 hdl ok for me.
23:02 robin cool, let me know when you're thinking of going. I'm getting tired of trying to bend MARC to my will.
23:02 hdl I'll ask sekjal
23:02 jcamins robin: what is your will that MARC will not bend to?
23:03 robin jcamins: oh, just that I have multiple fields rather than one field with multiple subfields. It's not so much MARC's issue, just that it's adding to my converstion script, which is already 90% special cases.
23:04 robin and is now 1068 lines long, to convert CSV to MARC.
23:04 jcamins Ah. Yeah, I know exactly what you're talking about.
23:08 hdl (MARC is not really a handy format for data manipulation ;) )
23:08 robin that is certainly the truth
23:08 sekjal left #koha
23:09 ebegin left #koha
23:12 hdl robin: ok we can go now if you want
23:12 robin hdl: sure, I'll pop down to L3 in a minute
23:17 dafydd left #koha
23:31 laurenthd left #koha
23:45 pianohack joined #koha
23:47 pianohack left #koha
23:49 sekjal joined #koha

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