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00:21 paul_p chris ?
00:27 chris sorry was talking, yes?
00:31 chris ive printed those emails, ... so you can grab them from my desk
00:59 paul_p chris, do you have received the 2nd boarding pass ?
00:59 chris yep, printed off
00:59 chris at my desk
00:59 paul_p ok, coming to get it, thx
01:17 paul_p chris,[…]y-comme-on-l-aime could be interesting ;-)
01:19 chris :)
01:19 rach hello
01:19 robin paul_p: but it's all written in funny moon words :)
01:20 russ paul_p: that is an epic try
01:21 paul_p robin, lol ;-) it's just a rugby game that was ended ... if the yellow team (that was winning) shoot the ball outside of the field. but ... a 3rd try could be scored, giving them the "bonus point" for 3 try...
01:21 paul_p and they did
01:21 paul_p yep, epic is the word !
01:21 * rach wonders how many people are still in town hacking?
01:22 paul_p ian, hdl, me & mason
01:22 paul_p (3rd floor of catalyst)
01:28 rach Would you guys like to come over for a (simple) dinner tonight or tommorrow night?
01:32 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote branch 'kc/new/bug_5162' into kcmaster <[…]e591d7133e09bff20> / bug 5162: follow-up patch to not clear hidden input setting attribute type <[…]3c764ce2fa338ef7a> / Fix for Bug 5162, patron attributes 'new' link should create blank value <http://gi
01:40 paul_p rach, we already have a dinner planned with nengard & some other ppl
01:40 paul_p (for tonight)
01:41 paul_p rach, for tomorrow, nothing planned yet, so your proposal would be gratefully accepted !
01:45 richard paul_p: rach has had to shoot off
01:45 richard i'll leave a stickie on her monitor
01:45 wasabi[…].94/lib/Graph.pod
01:45 paul_p richard, thanks
01:57 rach Cool paul
02:01 sekjal got an initial .png of the C4 Perl interdependencies
02:01 sekjal want to share, but it's too kinda huge
02:02 robin sekjal: can you output as PDF?
02:02 sekjal will try that instead
02:02 robin also more likely to be useful with scaling
02:04 sekjal much better
02:04 sekjal[…]10/11/C4dep-2.pdf
02:05 gmcharlt wheeee!
02:05 gmcharlt sekjal++
02:05 * robin notes that C4::ClassSortRoutine 'use's itself.
02:06 sekjal some of the self-deps are because of POD
02:06 robin oh ah
02:06 sekjal my script isn't smart enough to know when to ignore 'use C4::<blah>' when it's in the doc
02:07 jcamins That's terrifying.
02:07 sekjal 218 files
02:07 sekjal 350 something edges
02:07 robin if you want to make a more awesome one, have one that figures out which dependencies aren't actually used by the code :)
02:08 sekjal perhaps I can play with that on the plane
02:08 robin :)
02:08 chris gmcharlt: did you see this?[…]s/heads/git-hooks
02:08 chris the last 2 commits
02:08 sekjal I'd thought it would be readable enough for a person to find cycles, but that would be more work than writing another script
02:09 gmcharlt chris: looks good
02:09 chris it mostly even works
02:09 gmcharlt a pre-commit hook that runs the entire test suite would be nice, if too impratical to actually use
02:10 chris ahh yeah thats what i started with
02:10 chris this one will run any tests that start with 00
02:10 chris which at this point is just the one test
02:10 chris but any we deem critical, if you name them 00-something.t
02:10 chris they will get run
02:12 gmcharlt sekjal: you may find this of interest for mark II:[…]-1.213/lib/
02:14 sekjal gmcharlt: very promising, thank you
02:15 sekjal my script to generate the .dot file this is built from doesn't use many modules (just GetOpt::Long)
02:16 sekjal I could try to do more with ranking, too, though that would involve changing it to a hash-based implementation, likely
02:18 sekjal okay, with that small success under my belt, time to go out and enjoy the sunshine
02:19 chris :)
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02:20 sekjal oh, that was disappointing.... I wanted to say hi to pianohack
02:20 sekjal oh well
02:20 sekjal time to see what I can see up Mt. Victoria
02:20 robin sekjal: a lot, generally
02:21 sekjal is the Weathertop site easy to find?
02:21 robin[…]on_City_Night.jpg <-- this is from Mt Vic
02:21 robin not sure, never actually looked, despite the fact that I live half way up the street that it's apparently at the top of.
02:21 jcamins Should the non-English SQL files be in English?
02:22 jcamins That seems... odd.
02:23 chris which file?
02:23 jcamins The French MARC21 framework.
02:24 chris ah yes
02:24 chris because no one in france uses MARC21
02:24 chris they didnt bother to translate it
02:24 jcamins Ah.
02:24 jcamins So that's okay then.
02:24 chris i think for fr-CA
02:24 pastebot "sekjal" at pasted "My rather naive code for generating the graph's .dot file source" (124 lines) at
02:24 chris it would need to be translated
02:25 robin they use FRAC, named after BSG.
02:25 robin sekjal: use strict; use warnings; :)
02:25 jcamins Phooey, that means I need to find out how to say "Fussnote zu biografischen oder historischen Daten" in French.
02:25 sekjal robin: yeah, yeah
02:26 jcamins chris: fr-CA is missing from my git clone.
02:26 sekjal also got to get around the hardcoding of the $dir
02:26 jcamins Is this a problem?
02:27 sekjal alright, I'm out.  good <localtime>, #koha
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02:27 chris nope, they just havent ever got round to translating
02:28 paul_p jcamins, I confirm what chris says, except that a few marc21 libraries exist in France. At least one of them is looking at Koha atm. so we could be interesed in marc21 in french next year (not before, and maybe in 2012, it's a long term project)
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02:29 jcamins paul_p: if I don't have to figure out what the 545 field is called in French, I see that as a good thing. ;)
02:29 jcamins Argh! My helpful cheatsheet for Polish doesn't list 545.
02:30 ray good day! can a user print card catalogs using koha?
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02:31 jcamins chris: if I can't translate into Polish, is it better to leave it in English, or not add it to the framework?
02:31 chris the former
02:31 jcamins Okay, that's what I thought.
02:32 jcamins Guess I don't need to worry about Russian or Ukrainian.
02:38 jcamins chris: if I want to rebase on master before I commit my changes, I can run git stash && git rebase && git stash pop?
02:38 jcamins I always get confused by this.
02:39 chris yes you can
02:39 chris git stash
02:39 chris git rebase
02:39 chris git stash apply
02:39 jcamins Ah, git stash apply.
02:40 robin pop == apply
02:40 chris apply takes an argument, you can have lots of things stashed
02:40 chris but if you leave the argument off its the same as pop
02:40 jcamins Ah.
02:41 robin not according to the docs :)
02:41 robin git stash ( pop | apply ) [--index] [-q|--quiet] [<stash>]
02:41 robin /pedantic
02:41 chris Like pop, but do not remove the state from the stash list.
02:41 chris its not the same
02:42 chris /pedantic more
02:42 robin I would have gotten away with it too, if not for your pesky reading!
02:42 chris hehe
02:43 jcamins How do I find out what language it is, so I can put the correct label in for the German?
02:44 jcamins Oh, I guess we don't do that.
02:44 jcamins We really should.
02:44 chris find uot what language what is?
02:44 jcamins What language the database is in.
02:45 jcamins I'm writing the patch for bug 5226
02:45 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5226 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, MARC21 field 545 missing
02:45 chris ah ok
02:45 jcamins The label for German is actually translated.
02:48 jcamins Ooh, bug in
02:49 jcamins If you change something and hit "Save," it refreshes to the wrong screen.
02:58 jcamins My patch is corrupted, and I can't figure out why.
02:59 jcamins There's a line "\ No newline at end of file"
03:01 robin jcamins: that's fine
03:01 robin it just means that there's no newline at the end of the file
03:01 jcamins Okay.
03:01 jcamins I can ignore it then?
03:01 robin it's a hint to the patch system
03:01 robin yep
03:02 munin New commit(s) kohagit: bug 5243: avoid crash when saving authority records on certain setups <[…]7ec66884915544663>
03:02 jcamins Hm.
03:03 jcamins The indent is messed up on this patch. Do I need to resend?
03:03 chris 2 branches waiting for colin to do QA on now
03:03 * chris has nearly caught up on the patches from the last few days
03:07 jcamins Yay!
03:07 jcamins chris++
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03:13 jcamins Is there any way to remove patches from a branch?
03:13 robin jcamins: revert?
03:13 robin it applies a reverse patch
03:14 jcamins Will it work for patches in the middle of the history?
03:14 robin yep
03:14 jcamins Actually, better idea: I'll cherry-pick the patches I want into a new branch.
03:14 robin that's also an option :)
03:14 robin although I'd usually just revert
03:15 robin given I squash them before I upstream anyway, the pair vanish
03:16 Amit heya robin
03:16 robin hello
03:28 jcamins Okay, time for some sleep.
03:28 jcamins Good night, #koha
03:28 robin bye
03:28 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
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03:37 chris hi ronald
03:37 ronald hi
03:37 ronald am back in the solomons
03:37 chris made it back home safe :)
03:37 ronald yap
03:38 ronald still preparing my report for my boss
03:38 chris ahhh
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03:49 wasabi
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04:08 wasabi
04:08 wasabi[…]oha.git;a=summary
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04:25 brendan evening
04:25 chris ok, time to head out, paul_p and hdl you ready?
04:26 brendan later all have a good night
04:26 Amit heya brendan
04:26 brendan hi amit
04:26 paul_p chris, me yes, hdl not yet, needs a few mn
04:26 chris ahh, well i will have to go, or i will get in trouble with my wife .. is someone there to lock up for you?
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04:32 Genji same office yet you comm over Irc?
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04:36 Genji hmm... someone turned off the router?
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07:26 ivanc good morning #koha
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07:55 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5192 Enhancement to add new index for 658 curriculum field <[…]2e6c9fdf4be6ed169>
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11:19 markk good morning all
11:23 markk i'm a little confused about the Barcode in koha ... should it auto-increment right as stated? bcuz when i add an item it gives me the same barcode starting with 1 and it doesn't increment!! in this case i get an error that the barcode is already in use!! should i edit it manually every time i insert a new item?
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11:44 wasabi markk: depends on your barcode syspref,
11:45 wasabi is it set to auto-incr, etc…
11:45 wasabi[…]l-benchmarks.html
11:45 markk its set to hbyymmincr
11:48 wasabi
11:49 wasabi hmm, pass then
11:49 markk :) 10x for ur help
11:50 wasabi np, try upgrading to 3.2 , see if the problem remains
11:51 markk i have a 3.2 in virtual .. i'll give it a try
11:54 wasabi nice one ;)
12:01 markk in 3.2 there's another weird thing happening ... if i add the barcode to an item and save, a box appears above with the items in it ... in the column entitled <Total Holds> it contains THE barcode! is it normal ? plus the barcode number doesn't increment upon adding a new item too !!
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12:05 jcamins Good morning, #koha
12:05 markk good morning jcamins
12:08 owen paul_p++ # for suggesting we ditch YUI
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12:12 markk owen, jcamins : do you have any idea about the auto-increment of the barcode behaving weirdly?
12:13 markk not incrementing while adding new item to be more specific
12:13 jcamins markk: there's a syspref to enable auto-increment.
12:13 markk yes i set it to hbyymmincr
12:13 markk in 3.0.6
12:13 owen markk: So when you're populating the "add item" form the auto-incremented barcode doesn't appear in the barcode field when you click it?
12:13 markk and test it in 3.2 with hbyymmincr and 1-2-3
12:14 markk it appears in the text box, but if i already added an item with barcode 1, the new one takes 1 as well as its barcode
12:15 markk in 3.0.6 it give an error about duplicate barcode
12:15 markk in 3.2 it just add it
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12:16 kmkale hi all
12:16 jcamins Hello.
12:16 kmkale hi jcamins
12:20 owen markk: I just tested adding items in 3.0.x with autobarcode set to hbyymmincr
12:21 owen The first item I added got the barcode "APL10110001"
12:21 owen The second one I added got "APL10111001"
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12:23 markk mmmm so should the issue reside in the mysql configuration? should the mysql auto-increment the value or the ""/ ""  ?
12:24 owen I don't think anything happens in mysql
12:24 owen The plugin script generates the next value, and Javascript populates the form field
12:24 owen AFAIK
12:25 markk on what platform are you running koha?
12:29 owen Ubuntu
12:29 owen 10.04 LTS (via VirtualBox)
12:30 markk is it from the kohalivecd ?
12:30 owen No
12:34 chris_n ditch_yui++ # /me jumps on the bandwagon
12:34 jcamins I don't know anything about it, but it sounds like a good thing.
12:34 chris_n this is one bandwagon you want to be on jcamins... believe me
12:34 owen The alternative, upgrading YUI, would probably be harder
12:34 owen However, I think we should still stick with the YUI grid
12:35 chris_n owen: what do you think about my suggestion regarding a fail over mechanism if we keep the external source option?
12:35 markk seems like the kohalivecd have a problem with barcode auto-increment .. i tried it in koha 3.0.6 that i installed on ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron and it works perfectly!!
12:35 owen I think the most we can expect for jquery is a CDN source for the core jquery library, and that's tiny
12:36 owen I don't think we need to provide an external source.
12:36 chris_n owen: if we keep any aspect of yui, however, such a mechanism would be nice for times when the source was unavailable for whatever reason
12:37 owen markk: Are you clicking in the barcode field to populate it?
12:37 markk owen: yep
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12:39 jcamins owen: what does the YUI grid offer that jquery (or other things) do not?
12:40 owen The YUI grid system is all CSS. jquery is all javascript. So there's no functional intersection
12:40 jcamins Ah.
12:44 owen chris_n: Maybe I spoke to soon about the CDN. I wasn't considering the JqueryUI dependencies.
12:49 * owen starts looking for where in Koha we can use JqueryUI's "explode" effect...
12:50 jcamins "explode" effect?
12:50 owen
12:50 jcamins Wow!
12:50 jcamins That's nifty!
13:02 owen I think this is really nifty, an upcoming feature in jqueryUI:[…]g-menu/index.html
13:02 owen Check out the ipod-style menu w/breadcrumb
13:03 owen Looks like that's scheduled for jqueryUI version 1.9, and they're on 1.8.5 now. That's good news for us.
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13:11 owen Hi cait, back home?
13:11 cait yep
13:11 cait but suitcase not
13:11 cait :(
13:12 owen On its way, I hope?
13:12 cait I have no idea
13:12 cait I have a number I can call later
13:13 cait sorry, I am sooo tired and need a shower
13:15 owen Then you're in the wrong place :)
13:15 cait yep, but they gave me a number and a link - hope to get information about suitcase
13:18 cait :(
13:23 * cait wishes she was still in NZ
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13:38 kmkale bye all
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13:39 jcamins cait!
13:39 jcamins You made it back to Germany!
13:39 jcamins Welcome back to Germany. ;)
13:42 reva hi good morning. I have a couple of questions regarding import/export. When I save bib records from online catalogs, they have different file extensions: .cgi, .do and even .txt (this .txt is a little different as it is eye-readable only partially). Koha imports them fine and the records are proper good ones.
13:43 reva But I have to save and import each record by itself. Is there a way to append the different file types together and do them in batches?
13:44 reva I mean stage and import them in batches.
13:45 cait hi jcamins and thx :)
13:46 gmcharlt reva: if you have access to a linux server, you can use the cat command to put them together
13:47 jcamins cait: how was your trip?
13:47 jcamins I mean, travel-wise.
13:47 jcamins I already know that NZ was awesome.
13:47 cait yep, nz was awesome
13:47 cait the travel back was very good, until I arrived in zürich at baggage claim
13:48 cait I had a feeling it had been to smooth until then :(
13:48 reva Thanks, gmcharlt. I know to catanate. But do I have to con catanate  and pipe the files by file types?
13:48 gmcharlt if the files are all actually MARC blog files, you can just put them all together
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13:48 reva Because some of them are .cgi and some .do.
13:49 jcamins cait: I'm sure they'll find your luggage and send it to you.
13:49 jcamins If you're lucky they'll even do that within a few days.
13:49 reva I do not know what MARc blog files are. These come from various online catalogs where they let you save them as Raw MARC.
13:49 cait reva: I think you can ignore the file endings, they are not really correct
13:49 jcamins And not tell you that it'll be delivered at 2 in the morning and then decide not to deliver it after all.
13:50 cait jcamins: that's the problem - near to all my clothes are in there and I have a presentation on thursday :(
13:50 jcamins Oh no!
13:50 reva Ok. Thanks cait.(FYI, the .sav ones do not even stage; but the other extensions do fine.)
13:50 cait and a library visiting for a presentation on friday
13:51 * owen knows jcamins' 2AM comment to be true from experience
13:51 jcamins Do you know anyone who wears the same size clothes you do?
13:51 cait noe
13:51 cait nope
13:51 jcamins That's too bad.
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13:51 cait and go to the city and buy new things is not an option, bcause of my size :(
13:53 reva There is a Koha 3.2 Live CD out and I am hoping to install it and transfer our bib and item records into it. Could anyone point me to a link where there are instructions (command line is fine) for the backup/export and import records into the upgraded version?
13:53 bigbrovar Hi guys I setup koha 3.0.6 on our school with the aim of getting a hang on koha, marc and LMS generally. I have been able to setup a working koha system now and succesfully migrated 90% of our catalog records into koha. With the release of version 3.2.0 I am considering tiring down all I have done (I have our catalog in marc backed up btw) and setting up a new koha based on 3.2 and on debian (the current 3.06 is running on ubuntu 8.04)
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13:57 bigbrovar is 3.2.0 really worth the upgrade? or do I stick to 3.0.6? is it stable enough for production deployment? the idea was to use 3.2.0 for our koha system but I was using 3.0.6 to get a hand on things which I think I have been able to do.
13:57 jcamins bigbrovar: I would think that 3.2 is worth the upgrade. It will be updated for much longer than 3.0.
13:58 owen bigbrovar: Libraries have been using 3.2 since even before the official release
13:58 reva Also, I am trying out installing 3.2 from scratch in Virtual Box. I have used the synaptic package manager and installed mysql server and apache 2 http server. When I do a search for Perl module too many listings come up. Do I pick them all to install? If not which ones do I select?
13:58 bigbrovar Thanks. is there a debian package somewhere I can use or do I have to compile from source? and which debian release is recommended
13:59 jcamins bigbrovar: there is indeed a package.
13:59 jcamins I will find the link for you, if someone else doesn't first.
13:59 jcamins bigbrovar:
14:00 reva bigbrovar, go to for a Live CD of 3.2. He has all the modules compiled and for me it is painless.
14:00 jcamins bigbrovar:
14:00 bigbrovar jcamins: awesome
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14:00 reva sorry jcamin. Did not mean to preempt Koha-Community site.:)
14:01 ivanc hi cait, I'm sorry to read as above ...
14:01 cait ivanc: at least I am here in time :)
14:01 cait so, it could be worse.
14:01 ivanc :)
14:02 reva In my Virtual Box install, debian boots; but there is a message saying kernel failure. But everything seems to be working fine. Anyone what that could be?
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14:05 reva Can anyone tell me which perl modules I should pick to install? I am using the synaptic package manager.
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14:06 jcamins reva: I would suggest following the installation instructions.
14:07 reva jcamins, I thought I could first install what the package manager can do, and then use cpan as instructed for the rest.
14:08 owen reva: I would also suggest following the installation instructions
14:08 jcamins reva: if you follow the instructions, you will end up with a working Koha installation.
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14:09 reva Ok, so I am not to use the package manager, I see. Will follow instructions. After all it is in Virtual Box and I can learn. Also, is there a link for the commands for backup/export and reimport (into an upgraded Koha) all the bib and item records?
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14:27 owen I would think it would be easier to install 3.0.x on the new system, import the old database, and then upgrade?
14:30 jcamins owen: wouldn't it work to just import the database, then run the web installer?
14:31 owen I don't know, I've never done it.
14:31 owen So: Install 3.2, import the old database, run web installer?
14:32 jcamins I think so.
14:32 jcamins I've never done it either, but I think that's what I'd try.
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14:50 schuster I've done that with upgrades of 3.0x - but I am not sure about the transfer from 3.0x - 3.2.
14:50 schuster Good test though of the "public" upgrade option.
14:51 schuster Something I need to work on with my "play" system, but haven't had time.
14:51 schuster owen - I have a question about the new "template::toolkit"
14:52 schuster How will that impact the current opac layout design?  I'm still playing with the "visual search" with the canned search options, but don't want to get too far into that and find out it won't work with 3.4+
14:52 janPasi Hi #koha!
14:52 jcamins schuster: chris has a script that will translate the current template system into Template::Toolkit.
14:53 owen schuster: It will only impact the current opac design if someone decides to redesign the opac. No one has indicated plans to do so.
15:02 markk guys .. does anyone know why installing phpmyadmin via synaptic breaks the connection to koha? it autoconfigured the apache and couldn't access the opac nor the staff page!! redid the steps in the INSTALL file about apache configuration but didn't succeed!!
15:03 owen markk: It probably messed with your apache virtualhosts
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15:13 schuster owen - in your designing process - have you used much creative commons?  I'm trying to think of the best way to "provide attribution" for the photos I want to use with the kids search.
15:14 jcamins chris_n++ # good ideas
15:14 jcamins chris_n: don't we already have a policy that only code that people agree is a good idea gets included in master?
15:14 owen schuster: No I haven't. And "provide attribution" shouldn't be said it quotes, it should be said in a straightforward manner: Provide attribution!
15:15 schuster I'm going to try and get what I have completed up for you to take a peek at and give some feedback on making it better.  We've built some java around it so that we can get to the local holdings display we are using currently to limit by location.  Sorry - as a Librarian we are all about doing it right.
15:15 owen schuster: Koha at large uses the "about" page to provide attribution. You might consider setting up a page you can link to
15:15 schuster Provide attribution!
15:17 schuster Interesting idea!  I could possibly have an about page for each of the visual page that pretty much mimics the current one with the Attribution under the picture.  Have to play with that and get some feedback...
15:17 schuster This had stalled a bit we had many other things going on - and the attribution piece had me stuck until I could figure out a way to do it.
15:18 chris_n jcamins: well... I think a qualified 'yes' is the answer, but a very clear, written restatement will serve to bring about a clearer accountability to that policy
15:18 schuster With the java snippet we are using to create the location limit we think we can also add a link back to the virtual view - it's crude, but works.
15:19 schuster hmmm thunder here - hope the UPS's are ready to keep charge!
15:19 jcamins chris_n: ah. Well, I understood that my code wasn't guaranteed a place in master unless it was good.
15:20 owen I think in the past we've depended on the common sense of the RM more than anything
15:21 chris_n jcamins: that is a good understanding and one we all should have and probably stand in need of being reminded of on occasion :-)
15:22 * chris_n hopes this discussion will see good participation *and* be brought to a conclusion
15:23 jcamins It would be nice if it were easier to figure out what to do with RFCs.
15:40 ivanc left #koha
15:42 chris_n jcamins: yes, RFC101 would be nice
15:49 eternalsw joined #koha
15:52 eternalsw I'm running build_browser_and_cloud and it says it inserts 2 records, but I check the browser table and it's empty.  I am running the mysql database on a different machine.  KOHA_CONF and PERL5LIB are both set properly.  Any ideas?
15:52 alex_a left #koha
16:00 CGI800 joined #koha
16:01 CGI800 left #koha
16:24 reva hi again, is the 830 (series entry added) display in 3.2. When I used it in 3.0.6, along with the 490 (series statement) it did not display. So had to use the obsolete 440 tag so that I can show the series title.
16:26 markk left #koha
16:38 reva Hi I am on the line where I get the key for Index Data. I copied the command exactly as shown; but it is saying cannot write broken pipe. (I have already sudo (actuall su for me) to the root user. Is the command syntax at the end correct?
16:42 gmcharlt reva: what are you pasting, exactly?
16:45 reva no I am copuying. But the line looks funny as given towards the end. I cannot paste, as my clipboard is not integrated in the virtual box. (I have not run the guest additons.)
16:45 reva I meant I am keying the command in, gmcharlt
16:46 reva I am following the instructions here:[…];f=INSTALL.debian
16:48 jcamins reva: if you have already su-ed to root, take out the sudo.
16:48 reva I removed the sudo (this debian does not like sudo at all) since I am already logged in as root. that seems to have done it now
16:48 reva Thanks:)
16:52 laurenc1 left #koha
16:56 cait suitcase still not found :(
16:56 cait going to bed
16:56 cait good night all
16:57 reva gmcharlt, when I run this command apt-get install git-core git-email it said that some packages had unmet dependencies and gave the names of the perl modules that are not there in the library.
16:58 reva After that git clone git:// koha debian says git command not found.
16:59 reva that last line with the smiley was this command. I think it is because it has double slashes, your chat interpreter thought it was a smiley.
17:00 jcamins reva: you will need to describe the errors you get in more detail if you want help solving them.
17:00 jcamins *What* unmet dependencies?
17:03 reva jcamins: the first command to get Koha apt-get install git-core git-email, these are the unmet dependencies kiberror-perl but it is not installable; libdigest-shal-perl but it is not installable; Recommends: rsync, but it is not installable. E: Broken packages. I have reproduced the error exactly.
17:04 jcamins reva: and all you have done on this system is step 1.1 and 1.2 from the instructions?
17:05 reva the first unmet dependency is supposed to be liberror-perl, not kiberror-perl.
17:05 reva Exactly that is all as far as I got. I am just trying to download koha through the git repository.
17:06 jcamins And you ran apt-get update?
17:07 reva Yes, that went fine (after I removed the sudo, as I am logged in as root.)
17:07 jcamins What version of Debian did you install?
17:07 cait left #koha
17:08 reva Infact, apt-get update fetched 181kb of all the security, volatile.
17:08 reva I am running the debian the stable version 5.06
17:09 chris_n left #koha
17:09 jcamins That's very strange... this worked without any problems for me.
17:10 mib_mike joined #koha
17:10 reva jcamins, I suppose I could use the tar.gz version and unpack it; but I wanted to do it all through debian.
17:10 chris_n joined #koha
17:10 chris_n left #koha
17:11 jcamins Try running this command for me: apt-get upgrade && apt-get install git-core git-email
17:11 chris_n joined #koha
17:11 mib_mike Hi guys
17:12 jcamins You don't have to have it run all the upgrades, I'm just curious what it will tell you.
17:12 mib_mike Is there a method in koha to delete a bibrecord?
17:12 jcamins mib_mike: yes. In the staff client, find the record, then click the "Edit" button and "Delete Record."
17:12 chris_n left #koha
17:12 jcamins You have to delete all the items first.
17:13 mib_mike Excellent.  There isn't a "mass delete" though, is there?
17:13 bankhead joined #koha
17:13 jcamins I don't think so, no.
17:13 reva Ok, I will.for the upgrade command I get 0 upgraded and 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.And I get the same errors about unment dependencies.
17:14 mib_mike O.K. I guess I can look at the existing delete code and roll my own.
17:14 mib_mike Can anyone explain to me the reasons for the "deletedxxx" databases?
17:14 reva is your git repository uptodat or has there been anything removed from there recently since you tried the installation, jcamin?
17:15 reva I meant jcamins, of course.
17:15 jcamins reva: the problem here is with your installation of Debian.
17:15 jcamins You still haven't managed to even install git.
17:15 jcamins Wait.
17:15 jcamins reva: do you have a working internet connection on your Virtual machine?
17:15 reva Yes, i know. And the installation went fine for the Debian itself.
17:15 reva Yes; I have a working internet connection.
17:16 jcamins Hm.
17:17 reva12 joined #koha
17:17 jcamins Try: apt-get install liberror-perl libdigest-sha1-perl
17:17 reva12 you see jcamins, I am now reva12 from the debian
17:18 jcamins Okay, just checking that wasn't the problem.
17:18 reva12 No, I just let it install the desktop and standard windows and it went through with no complaints. I can log in fine.
17:20 reva12 I can just download the tar.gz from inside here. But is there an extractor in Debian?
17:21 jcamins tar zxvf $file
17:21 jcamins But I don't think this is going to solve your problems.
17:22 jcamins It's worth a try, though.
17:22 reva12 ok, I see I use the command line to extract it. (But it still is puzzling about the git)
17:22 jcamins The thing is, if you can't install git, you probably can't install other required packages.
17:23 jcamins At least, that would be my guess.
17:23 reva12 So what could be the problem?
17:24 jcamins I have no idea.
17:24 jcamins As I said, when I installed Debian, it just worked for me.
17:24 jcamins This is a Debian question.
17:24 jcamins I would see if there's some sort of Debian forum you could ask for advice on.
17:26 reva12 It said "Could not install some packages" maybe the other git files for which the dependencies are there were installed. So I can try going to the next command and see.
17:26 reva12 Ok, I will try the Debian forum also.
17:29 reva12 When I try the next command:  git clone git:// koha, it says git command not found. So it looks like it did not install any of the basic git files.
17:29 chris_n joined #koha
17:31 reva12 Thanks jcamins. I can try installing the 3.2 Live CD I just downloaded. But I was hoping to learn something.
17:31 jcamins Maybe the problem is export restrictions?
17:32 jcamins I noticed what failed is packages for encryption.
17:33 ivanc joined #koha
17:35 reva12 jcamins: if you are addressing the last two comments to me, it seems to be a perl error module. But you would know best.
17:35 jcamins reva12: yes, but the module that didn't work is libdigest-sha1-perl.
17:35 jcamins Something to do with encryption.
17:36 jcamins I wouldn't have thought there would be a problem in Antigua and Barbuda, but what do I know about these things? ;)
17:36 reva12 Ok, encryption. has it to do with my end of things, I mean if it worked for you. And you also had lenny 5.0.6?
17:37 jcamins Yeah.
17:37 reva12 We are on British English, could that be? Of course I have no idea what a module on encryption have to do with Antigua and Barbuda downlaods.
17:37 jcamins No idea.
17:38 reva12 even liberror-perl was not installable, according to the message.
17:39 reva12 so let me download it directly and see if I can do the rest of the install.
17:45 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote branch 'kc/new/bug_5301' into kcmaster <[…]a1ce2a3c5b2091efc> / bug 5301: improve escaping of XML characters in bib output <[…]a7a881077169fc8e5>
17:45 ivanc left #koha
17:46 reva12 Now I tried this:  wget http://download.koha-cmmunity.[…]ha-3.02.00.tar.gz, it says: unable to resolve
17:47 jcamins reva12: make sure you're spelling it right.
17:47 jcamins If you are, the problem is that there's something wrong with your internet connection.
17:48 mib_mike reva12 did you set up a static IP or a dhcp client to get your ip number?
17:51 reva12 I see I have missed the o in community; I have a sticky keyboard, honest.
17:51 reva12 ok, it is now doing it.
17:57 CGI586 joined #koha
18:00 owen Hello CGI586, do you have a question about Koha?
18:04 tcohen left #koha
18:04 CGI586111 joined #koha
18:05 owen Hello CGI586111, do you have a question about Koha?
18:06 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
18:07 tcohen joined #koha
18:07 mib_mike Can anyone explain to me the reasons for the "deletedxxx" databases?
18:07 CGI586 left #koha
18:07 chris you mean tables mib_mike ?
18:07 chris thats because often when people delete things, they delete the wrong things
18:08 chris and then ask for you to get them back
18:08 mib_mike So there is an "undelete" function somewhere?
18:08 chris there was
18:08 chris but even without it, at least you can get them back from the db
18:08 mib_mike Thanks, chris
18:09 owen Hi chris. Did the undelete disappear when MARC arrived? I don't remember it
18:09 chris round 2.2
18:09 chris when the catalogue maintenance module got broked
18:09 chris wouldnt be too hard to bring it back
18:09 chris its somewhere on my list of things to do
18:10 chris :)
18:10 mib_mike Is there any facility to empty the deleted tables to save space?
18:11 chris nope, you could run some sql to do it if you wanted ... but disk is cheap .. cheaper than someone asking you for that record back 2 hours after you just deleted it :)
18:11 CGI586111 left #koha
18:11 CGI586111 joined #koha
18:11 * chris speaks from experience
18:11 mib_mike I know the name of that tune.
18:12 chris if i were going to purge those tables, i would dump them first and save that somewhere
18:12 CGI236 joined #koha
18:12 CGI236 how to
18:12 CGI236 authenticate Koha with Active Directory
18:12 mib_mike O.K. chris thanks a lot.
18:14 francharb left #koha
18:15 CGI236 how to
18:15 CGI236 authenticate Koha with Active Directory
18:15 CGI236 ???????
18:15 tcohen left #koha
18:15 owen CGI236: If no one has answered your question, it is possible that no one knows the answer
18:16 mib_mike CGI236 Can you be more specific? Have you read the documentation? What error messages are you getting?
18:17 CGI236 invalid user name and apassword
18:17 CGI236 I installed in VMware:
18:18 CGI236 1. Configured virtual Koha apliance 3.02
18:18 CGI236 2. Windows Server 2003
18:18 CGI236 I installed Active Directory in Windows Server 2003 I created a
18:18 CGI236 domain where I created a user in this domain and want when I login
18:18 CGI236 with this user on Koha http://ip_address:8080 received "invalid
18:18 CGI236 username and password"
18:18 CGI236 http://ip_address
18:18 mib_mike CGI236 Have you tried to authenticate against Active Directory with an LDAP client?
18:19 CGI236 no
18:19 eternalsw left #koha
18:20 CGI236 i don't know how to authenticate against Active Directory with an LDAP client
18:20 CGI236 I am a begining
18:20 mib_mike I haven't setup Active Directory in Koha, but from my experience in other areas, what Active Directory thought of as the username and what I thought of as the username were two different things.
18:21 CGI236 when trying to log the user interface receiving error
18:22 mib_mike If someone else can confirm that koha uses the LDAP interface of Active Directory, I'd suggest you start with accessing Active Directory from a more transparent LDAP client.
18:22 CGI236 "invalid username and password"
18:23 CGI236 Tuesday, April 8, 2008 : It is a big news for all Koha lovers that now (using Koha 3) it can be linked with your LDAP and Active Directory via the Auth_with_ldap module....
18:24 chris mib_mike: it does
18:24 mib_mike See if you can connect to your Active Directory with[…]5_4-10072421.html
18:25 CGI236 install ldap-browser.exe in Windows??
18:28 mib_mike Yes. The ldap-browser is a client to examine your "directory".  You should be able to see better error messages when using it to connect to Active Directory.
18:28 CGI236 i connect without error to Unizeto CERTUM
18:28 mib_mike Sorry, I don't know what that is.
18:29 paul_p joined #koha
18:29 CGI236 error 91 can't connect to the ldap server
18:32 mib_mike O.K.[…]2Fadmin_gd368.htm
18:32 mib_mike Not particularly helpful, I suspect your Active Directory is not properly configured to "listen" to LDAP.
18:33 mib_mike You might do better in an Active Directory support forum.
18:33 mib_mike Sorry I couldn't be more help.
18:34 CGI236 and how to configure active directory to listen to LDAP?
18:35 mib_mike No clue, sorry.  I'm a Unix guy.
18:35 CGI586111 left #koha
18:36 CGI236 to configure active directory I use this forum
18:36 CGI236 and this
18:37 mib_mike try this:[…]manual/en/470.htm
18:55 chris Gonna be weird at work today
18:56 chris First day in weeks I don't have kohacon stuff to do
19:04 chris Ok my stop bbiab
19:10 CGI236[…]manual/en/470.htm    existe alternative method??
19:14 alan joined #koha
19:17 richard joined #koha
19:17 richard hi
19:18 chris back
19:24 Elwell_ joined #koha
19:24 Johnindy joined #koha
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19:31 CGI236 how to add new users from LDAP active directory to Koha database
19:31 CGI236 ?
19:39 owen CGI236: Did you get your authentication issues figured out?
19:42 schuster During Kohacon10 There was discussion about the ranking system - from the High school that is using Koha
19:42 schuster  - will that be included in 3.4?
19:42 schuster Or has it already been pulled?
19:42 chris the 5 star ratings?
19:42 chris if wasabi submits a patch based on master for it, it will go in
19:44 mib_mike joined #koha
19:45 schuster so do I need to start chanting or sending vibes or...  Oh great wasabi...
19:45 mib_mike Just upgraded to 3.2 Getting this error on new order in basket Mandatory parameter budget_id missing at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 903.
19:46 mib_mike Also saw warning "No ACQ framework, using default. You should create a framework with code ACQ, the items framework would be used"
19:46 mib_mike What's an ACQ framework? Is the use of default framework the cause of the Error?
19:48 nengard joined #koha
19:53 chris hi nengard
19:53 nengard hiya hiay
19:54 nengard hiya ;)
19:54 chris mib_mike: no, it the cause of the error
19:54 chris its not  i meant
19:54 chris you can make a ACQ framework, which is a cut down framework, for use just with acquisitions
19:54 chris but it isnt mandatory
19:56 nengard when i get home i'm going to have a LOT of email reading to do!
19:57 chris you sure are
19:58 owen left #koha
20:01 brendan heya nengard
20:02 nengard morning
20:02 brendan how goes vaca?
20:03 reva12 left #koha
20:09 collum left #koha
20:10 chris nengard: sync it all to your phone, and read it on the plane
20:10 chris will kill some time :)
20:10 nengard don't like reading emails on phone cause i like to be wordy in my replies :)
20:11 nengard brendan vaca goes well - doing the spa and the wineries today
20:11 chris well you dont need to reply, i just mark the ones i need to reply to
20:11 chris and archive the ones i dont
20:11 chris then i just have a list of ones i have to reply to when i get back to my computer ;)
20:13 nengard passing wifi to bengard - will be back later
20:13 nengard left #koha
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20:17 mib_mike Thanks again, chris.
20:17 saorge joined #koha
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20:24 briceSanc joined #koha
20:27 briceSanc hello all
20:28 briceSanc i want to translate the content of a placeholder="" in a input type text, do you know if i can do it with a .po
20:29 reva Hi chris, it looks like I cannot install some dependencies when I ran the git clone command. They were liberror-perl and lib-digest. I did go ahead and download Koha using the link on the command line but the cpan (long) commnd came up with "Make failed". Any idea why?
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20:51 reva left #koha
20:52 schuster by all!
20:53 hdl joined #koha
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21:13 richard is now known as rich-away
21:17 rms .
21:18 chris hi rms
21:29 francharb joined #koha
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21:41 hdl robin: around ?
21:41 robin hdl: yep
21:48 hdl left #koha
21:49 robin @later tell hdl had a look around but couldn't see any
21:49 munin robin: The operation succeeded.
21:54 nod left #koha
21:55 hdl joined #koha
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22:15 * chris_n bemoans the fact that the policy thread has been split now :-(
22:17 chris did i split it?
22:18 robin splitter!
22:19 hdl because?
22:19 hdl thanks robin
22:27 chris_n I think paul split it accidentally
22:39 rich-away is now known as richard
22:41 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
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