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00:00 bengard slef: maybe your ears need a patch ;)
00:02 slef argh I just confused myself with numbers... when + what no Tory st is dinner?
00:02 bengard 6pm, I believe
00:02 bengard not sure about the number
00:03 cait across the library they said?
00:03 slef ta... will find it :-)
00:03 bengard it's near the library (the bar)
00:03 bengard on a cross street, though, not on the same street (I think)
00:03 nengard right
00:04 bengard someone set us up the bomb!
00:04 magnus if you cross the street from The Library and go round the corner on the left you get there, i think
00:05 cait magnus++
00:05 bengard that sounds right to me
00:05 braedon bengard:  Main screen turn on.
00:05 bengard you can see the sign from the intersection
00:05 nengard hey - i took that picture of chris ;)
00:05 bengard braedon: what you say???
00:06 braedon (we need a third person to be CATS)
00:06 bengard heh
00:06 bengard I'm out of quotes, anyway
00:06 slef back
00:06 braedon (it was the second line)
00:06 braedon (the third being the famous one)
00:07 slef phone crashed :-/
00:07 bengard (being the one that was in the slide show)
00:07 braedon (o, so not spontaneous then?)
00:07 * braedon is slightly disappointed
00:07 bengard (no, it was in reaction to visual stimuli)
00:09 slef I feel misunderstood again btw. I think we said that a policy-compliant one-line installable package yet, so we started trying to extend debian perl policy to cope with it... and then we got distracted by people paying us to work on other stuff
00:10 slef s/yet/wasn't possible yet
00:10 chris it wasnt you that said it was impossible
00:10 slef no idea if debian perl policy was updated since
00:10 slef oh... who?
00:10 chris vincent
00:10 slef wow, really?
00:11 chris i think really really hard not impossible to be fair
00:11 slef not sure it's even hard. hard is making it acceptable to ftpmaster policy
00:12 slef as both perl and webapps policies sucked
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00:12 chris yep
00:12 slef oooh! tubular bells at the back!
00:13 slef are packages in d.o yet?
00:13 slef or d.o-ready?
00:13 chris no, our copyrights too messed up
00:13 chris but once we fix that
00:13 slef yeah that's another unfun side
00:16 slef what?
00:16 slef only open, not free? :-(
00:16 wajasu if i run the overdue notices crontab script, should it keep queueing up the same set of notices?
00:17 slef wajasu: mmm, run on same day?
00:17 wajasu yes
00:18 wajasu i want to test email before having all this go out.
00:20 wajasu i know when I use sendmail form the command line, the user i send to gets  "root" as the display name and the correct KohaEmailAdminAddress, but I want them to get "MyLibrary Librarian" as the display name.
00:20 slef wajasu: sorry, distracted
00:20 wajasu i also saved "MyLibrary Librarian" <>    so I hope that is what gets put in the From:  header.
00:21 slef wajasu: I'd expect it to queue the same things, but read C4::Letters to check
00:22 wajasu ok
00:23 slef think I'll not ask a q in public... I'd only flame
00:23 wajasu note: when i saved the email address formatted as above, the greater than/less than messup in the the system preferences editor.  need to be escaped i guess.
00:24 chris slef: feel free to flame him after the talk in private, id love to have involved and we would be willing to change whatever to make that happen
00:24 slef wajasu: can you check that's filed on bugs please?
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00:25 wajasu ok.  if not, i'll add one.
00:25 slef chris: big thing is it'll be 2010-11-02 to get it to members+back so we'll've missed the launch which irritates me never mind other members who haven't heard this talk.
00:26 chris yeah we only came up with the idea 10 days ago
00:27 chris and the site went live 3mins before he got to that slide, so its all bit rushed :(
00:27 slef and we try to form alliances since years, but bywater is the first one to start working
00:27 chris yep
00:28 slef chris: 7 days would be ok, 2 days doable, even 1 day if urgent
00:28 slef chris: but it's 0140 back home now, no members online afaict
00:28 chris right
00:30 * slef goes to add this to the next members' meeting, shuffle bugs and email
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00:42 wajasu oooh.  the branch admin email address is used before the koha admin email address.  We need this documented better, or when folks run their 1st, they might send em where they don't want to, and as in my case, with a display name of "root", since I didn't specify one.
00:43 wajasu it makes sense, but some documentation next to the cronjob description for that script might be worth it.
00:44 wajasu does anyone know if its safe for me to just delete the messages in the message_queue?
00:45 wajasu i have 3 sets of 44 in thre cause i ran 3 times
00:45 cait I think it should be ok to delete them from the database
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00:47 wajasu done.
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01:08 chris_n g'evening
01:08 cait hi chris_n
01:09 chris_n hey cait, how's things on the other side of the world?
01:09 jcamins_a I hope nengard posts on whatever the discussion was about OpenLibrary. From Twitter it looks interesting.
01:09 cait great :)
01:10 cait jcamins: chris has more analytics patches for us to look on
01:10 cait look at
01:10 cait ... whatever
01:11 chris_n wonderful thing,language :-)
01:11 * slef stops blue funking around and gets excited about openlibrary
01:11 nengard jcamins_a it's coming
01:11 jcamins_a cait: really? Yay!
01:11 jcamins_a nengard++ # for summarizing so us poor exhausted USians can understand what's going on
01:11 jcamins_a is now known as jcamins
01:12 cait nengard## # for us poor Europeans not understanding everything during the presentation
01:12 cait nengard++
01:12 cait jcamins_a: hope it's ok I volunteered you ;)
01:13 jcamins cait: okay, I guess.
01:13 cait :)
01:13 slef openmarginalia?
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01:13 chris_n slef: please define
01:13 slef openbookmarks
01:14 jcamins But turn about is fair play, so I'm going to volunteer you to figure out how libraries that don't store ISBD punctuation in their records can use the simple cataloging interface.
01:14 slef chris_n: open standards for annotations and bookmarking
01:14 jcamins :)
01:14 chris_n ahh
01:14 cait jcamins: ouch
01:15 chris_n slef: OSAB is easier to remember
01:15 cait jcamins: but only fair :)
01:15 slef chris_n: george oates mentioned them in her q+a
01:16 slef wondered if anyone had a link :-)
01:16 chris_n oh for a live a/v feed :'(
01:17 slef if I had a rewal keyb, I'd try to transcribe, but for now you have tweets and nengard
01:17 slef real
01:18 nengard blog post published
01:18 slef ahah!
01:18 slef speak of the devil!
01:18 chris magnus: http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]
01:19 chris openlibrary covers in koha
01:19 cait you didn't to that right now, did you?
01:20 * chris_n goes for yet another reboot
01:20 chris_n bbiab
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01:20 magnus chris: cool, thanks!
01:21 magnus cait:[…]eads/open_library
01:22 cait aah
01:22 slef chris: is that in core?
01:22 chris naw 2 months ago :)
01:22 magnus slef: not yet
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01:42 * jcamins wonders if he can work Koha into an essay on the Russian avant garde "play" Zangezi.
01:42 sekjal for those here not at KohaCon, we're talking about best practices for support for Koha.  If you have any ideas, please speak up!
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01:44 jcamins Educate your customers as much as they're willing to learn! Give them a sheet on "what's a repository, and what does it have to do with me" (i.e. "open source" means *open*).
01:44 chris_n wow... nice to have the gui back for irc/inet stuff
01:45 jcamins Oh, and share said sheet with the rest of us, because my acting out a git repository just left everyone more confused. ;)
01:45 jcamins chris_n: what was wrong with your computer that you didn't have a workin UI?
01:46 jcamins working, even
01:47 chris_n a power outage this morning lead to a reboot on our gateway which booted to a buggy kernel which.... you know the rest of the story
01:47 jcamins Ah.
01:47 chris_n lots of non-happy people around here today
01:48 * chris_n was the most non-happy though
01:51 jcamins sekjal: I should point out that it's possible that most librarians who are managing a library that uses Koha understand what "open source" means, in which case it might not be necessary to have a nice sheet that explains how source code is available on the internet.
01:51 jcamins Legally.
01:53 sekjal jcamins: I'll bring up your comment next time the mic is available
01:57 chris_n nengard++ # excellent session summaries
02:00 sekjal jcamins: relayed!
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02:19 Lee last chance for library support issues
02:19 wizzyrea_
02:20 jcamins Lee: a set of suggested best-practices for libraries in terms of backing up, etc.
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02:20 jcamins Probably already mentioned, but libraries should know how to protect their own data. (nengard touched on this in her blog post on MyKoha)
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02:21 wizzyrea_ oh yea
02:21 Lee IRC comments are being presented
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02:21 wizzyrea_ They say "have a good disaster plan
02:21 Lee MJ Ray is responding to the back up issues, what can you afford to lose?
02:21 wizzyrea_ ^^ and that
02:22 wizzyrea_ test your restores frequently
02:23 Lee do your back ups actually work?
02:23 chris_n backup_audits++
02:23 chris_n do random restores
02:23 jcamins Yeah. I feel like this is something that it would be really helpful if vendors provided to clients "oh, and here are some suggestions on what you might want to back up, etc."
02:23 Lee lockss is good
02:23 chris_n and verify restored data integrity
02:23 Lee lots of copies keep stuff safe
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02:24 robin- If you're using them, the packages automatically keep the last two days of backups:)
02:24 wizzyrea_ ooooo
02:24 chris_n cool
02:24 jcamins Lee: unfortunately, I'm the choir, not the congregation in this case. ;)
02:24 wizzyrea_ aren't you FANCY
02:24 jcamins robin-: that's awesome!
02:24 wizzyrea_ j/k
02:24 robin- (Which should then be shipped offsite)
02:24 wizzyrea_ ^^ of course
02:26 jcamins I should perhaps clarify that my suggestions are coming not as a demi-vendor but as a non-senior librarian at a small Koha-using library.
02:26 wizzyrea_ nah, your questions play fine in this forum
02:26 wizzyrea_ just as they are
02:29 wajasu i am trying to find where if you add a new patron, the code sends an email with account details. I added a patron and saw nothing in the message_queue.  Actullay it looks like an email is sent directly, by passing the message queue. now to look in my postfix logs i guess.
02:31 slef moo
02:31 wizzyrea_ jcamins I forget where you're from
02:31 robin- I'd be surprised if it bypasses the queue
02:32 jcamins wizzyrea_: my suggestions were as Asst Librarian at the American Numismatic Society.
02:32 slef robin-: are they in /var/backups? (I don't remember if we use them or our own stuff)
02:32 wizzyrea_ what's the url of your opac?
02:32 robin- slef: /var/spool/koha
02:33 jcamins Errr, my suggestions for this session. Otherwise I'm mostly representing C & P.
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02:33 jcamins
02:33 cait robin-: I think some mails are bypassing the queue
02:33 slef robin-: hmmm... what does policy say?
02:34 slef I think we could use /var/backups
02:34 robin- cait: curious. That should be fixed.
02:34 cait robin-: I think some things are older than the queue and sent out without using the cronjob
02:35 robin- slef: that was where Lars put them, I was assuming he knew what he was doing:)
02:35 cait robin: I could imagine the change address requests are one of them
02:35 cait but would need testing
02:35 robin- cait: if I get time I may have to fix that. Having the message queue is useful.
02:36 cait robin: it is
02:36 cait you can build reports on it
02:36 cait :)
02:37 cait robin-: can't send mails from my laptop, if you help me with that I can test ;)
02:39 cait robin-: I suspect the claim requests from serials and acq are perhaps not in the queue too - not sure here either. but they are sent out immediately after you press the button
02:44 wajasu looks like calls SendAlerts('members' ...) which as per fills in the letter, creates a mail, and calls sendmail
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02:48 slef robin-: I plead the fifth.
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02:49 cait slef: ? :)
02:50 slef video of 10y in 10mis to be released online
02:50 wajasu what would be nice is a way to test sending an email to an address to ensure things work.  i'll look for it in bugzilla, and add as an enhancement.
02:50 slef cait: I refuse to incriminate myself by disagreeing with lars :)
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02:51 cait slef: thx for explaining :)
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02:52 * cait waves to hdl
02:52 wajasu sends mail for issue, claimissues, claimaquisition,members.
02:53 cait so they go into the message_queue?
02:53 wajasu whatever    sendmail(%mail) or carp $Mail::Sendmail::error;      does.
02:53 wajasu i'll look for sendmail.
02:54 wajasu maybe its in Mail::Sendmail
02:54 slef perldoc Mail::Sendmail, wajasu
02:55 slef it's misnamed, it uses smtp
02:55 wajasu well i guess that mean no message_queue.
02:55 cait hm, so my guess was not bad )
02:55 slef if you search irc archive websit, you should find my test command
02:56 slef I cannot easily from here :-/
02:56 wajasu ok
02:56 cait i have to log off, low battery
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02:58 slef bbl
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03:00 wajasu found your Mail::Sendmail commandline. trying.
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03:09 wajasu ok. i see its failing to connect to localhost.  because I configured a postfix null client (no smtp.  i've been running the commandline /usr/bin/mail and /usr/bin/sendmail which work.
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05:41 wajasu looks like i have to supply a username and password when adding a patron to get the account details emailed to them.
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06:12 kmkale hi all
06:33 wajasu hiya
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06:48 wajasu well. i figured out how to get my overdue notices working.
06:48 wajasu gnight
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10:38 bigbrovar Hi guys its me again (the new guy who always ask the noob question lol ) anyway I am almost done migrating our spreedsheet based catalog system to marc. I just want to add a field for reserved works. but I don't know the marc equivalent to use for that. any help?
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11:42 kmkale_ hi all
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13:01 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.2.0 released
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13:17 markk hey guys!! I have a problem adding a new currency with a high rate. LBP is 1507.5 against USD. no error is given, only that the "Data Recorded". any idea if there's a max Rate and where can it be altered?
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13:21 owen markk: Are you seeing that the rate is recorded as "99.99999" ?
13:22 markk yep
13:23 owen The database column is defined as "float(7,5)" so there's not room for your value
13:24 jcamins_a The Reports module just gave me an error "1" when trying to create a new report from SQL.
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13:24 owen It's probably only enforced in the database structure, though, so you could probably alter that table column
13:24 markk mmmmm ok 10x :) i'll check it and report back
13:24 jcamins Ah. No queries that start with spaces.
13:26 owen markk: ALTER TABLE  `currency` CHANGE  `rate`  `rate` FLOAT( 15, 5 ) NULL DEFAULT NULL
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13:30 ebegin Hey!  I just noticed that the marc 500 field is not search though the kw index.  Anyone can confirm that?
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13:34 markk owen: Thank You!! It Works!!
13:35 owen markk: Feel free to submit a bug report about that. If it is agreed, the database could be altered in the next version.
13:36 markk where can i submit it?
13:37 owen
13:37 markk ok
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13:46 gmcharlt +1 to widening currency.rate
13:47 ebegin Is there a way to search through the Notes (field 500) using the Keyword search?
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14:00 jcamins ebegin: it should do it automatically, I think.
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14:02 kmkale bye all
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14:03 ebegin jcamins, that what I though too...
14:03 ebegin I'll try on the demo catalogue too see if the problem in on my side.
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14:23 ebegin Does is reindexed once a while?
14:24 jcamins ebegin: should be reindexed every 15 minutes, I think. brendan would be the one to ask, though.
14:25 jcamins He's usually online starting around 11.
14:25 ebegin ok.  I'll check in 15 minutes or so :)
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15:04 ebegin brendan, how often is reindexed the demo ( ?
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15:54 brendan_l ebegin the catalog is refreshed every hour
15:55 ebegin by refreshed, do you mean reindexed or the database is overwritten?
15:55 brendan_l I mean the database
15:55 brendan_l is overwritten
15:56 ebegin ok.  and it is never reindexed, right?
15:56 brendan_l usually do a mass index on the weekends and then fast indexer should be every minute
15:56 brendan_l going to double check now
15:57 brendan_l ah commented out the fast indexer - will uncomment
15:57 ebegin :)
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17:19 schuster Clarification on series - we have some 490's one was not traced so had a first indicator of 0 so in the series line on the opac it said "Series" and listed it.
17:20 schuster Another of that same series had a 490 indicator of 1(should be traced in the 800's which it was) but Series - on the opac was blank.
17:20 schuster So is that a bug? or???
17:22 jcamins schuster: yes. It is both a bug and... ;)
17:23 owen And may be fixed in 3.2. I seem to remember something similar
17:23 jcamins cait, sekjal, and I are all working on that issue, I think.
17:23 jcamins (different aspects of the problem)
17:24 jcamins owen: yeah, 490s are all displayed in 3.2, but that means that the display is not *strictly* AACR2-compliant.
17:24 * jcamins thought about writing "AACR2-complaint," but managed to misspell that and get "compliant."
17:25 schuster HAH AHHHHH...
17:45 chris_n am I the only one missing bugs.
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17:48 owen Missing bugs?
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17:52 owen Good morning paul_p and hdl
17:53 owen jcamins: displaying all 490s is better than not displaying some isn't it? Given there is no handling of 800's
17:54 paul_p hi owen
17:54 paul_p skyping with wife & sons now ;-)
17:57 chris_n owen: sorry... I meant hudson
18:01 chris did hudson take a nap?
18:01 jcamins owen: yes, most definitely. However, there's still a bug, and I figured that might be schuster's next question. :)
18:01 * chris goes to look
18:02 * chris takes this opportunity to upgrade it
18:04 jcamins owen: by the way, are you going to the largest halloween party in the US?
18:05 owen Is that what they're calling our local one?
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18:06 jcamins Aren't you in Athens, OH?
18:07 owen Yes. I didn't know it was characterizes as the biggest in the US. I haven't attended for many years.
18:07 jcamins brendan said it was the largest.
18:08 brendan well it was always billed to me in that sense
18:08 chris it has the best tshirts
18:09 chris chris_n: hudson is back
18:09 * owen was about to point you all to the local free paper's site which covers the event, finds that Google says it hosts malware now
18:10 chris heh
18:11 chris_n lol
18:12 chris_n !hudson botsnack m&m's
18:12 hudsonbot chris_n: thanks a lot! om nom nom. I just love m&m's!
18:14 brendan morning chris
18:15 jcamins Hey, you know what would be cool? I was just talking about this with one of our interns- an initiative to offer steeply discounted hosting to school libraries in developing countries which have the infrastructure and need for an online catalog, but not the ability to host it in-house.
18:16 brendan chris you going to levin too?
18:17 gmcharlt jcamins: interesting idea.  by "have the infrastructure" you mean a sufficient degree of net connectivity?
18:17 jcamins Right.
18:18 gmcharlt is the hackfest today?
18:18 jcamins There probably aren't that many places where there is both the need and the connectivity, but I'd imagine there are some.
18:19 gmcharlt connectivity is a relative thing - I would not be too surprised if somebody told me that there were countries that had reliable 3G service but poor wired connectivity
18:20 gmcharlt following a common pattern of countries that have decent cell phone coverage but poor copper
18:20 chris brendan: yep, gotta teach them all a song on the bus
18:21 chris gmcharlt: from what i learnt from amzari, olugbenga and farasats talk
18:21 chris connectivity is the least of the problems
18:21 chris its reliable electricity
18:21 brendan hackfest starts tomorrow
18:21 brendan cool what song?
18:21 chris maku ra pea
18:22 * brendan likes to pee from time to time
18:22 brendan ok sorry - that's wasn't great
18:22 * brendan googles maku ra pea
18:23 chris jcamins: cheap solar panels .. we need to invent them
18:23 chris and cheap batteries to store the collected power
18:23 chris with electricity, everything else becomes easy
18:24 * gmcharlt would settle for just cheap batteries that had (a) a higher energy density and (b) were cleaner
18:25 gmcharlt get that, and you almost don't need better solar panels
18:25 chris yeah true
18:26 chris well i should make my way into town for meetings before the levin trip
18:32 jcamins Well, if you don't have reliable electricity, you probably wouldn't want an electronic catalog at all.
18:36 jcamins (of course, then there are the people who feel that have an *electronic* catalog is more important than a functioning catalog, but there's nothing to be done about them)
18:36 gmcharlt which of course is exactly why some people still need to be able to print catalog cards from their ILS
18:43 jcamins Yes.
18:44 jcamins Or book catalogs.
18:44 * jcamins is very fond of book catalogs/handlists.
18:57 cyrixbmx Why in Koha when I have a double quote in my sentence I can not translate de sentence in my file .po?  Exemple : in the file fr-CA-pref.po  I have the following string : msgid "enhanced-content.pref#AmazonEnabled# data from Amazon on the staff interface (including reviews and \"Search Inside\" links on item detail pages). This requires that you have signed up for and entered an access key."
18:57 cyrixbmx But since there is double quote in the string, koha can not translate the sentend with : msgstr "les donn�es d'Amazon sur l'interface professionnelle (y compris les critiques et les liens \"Recherche interne\" sur les pages de d�tails de l'ouvrage). Ceci n�cessite une demande de cl� d'acc�s et la saisie de cette m�me cl�."
18:57 jcamins cyrixbmx: did you try e-mailing the list?
18:57 cyrixbmx not again
18:57 jcamins Oh, you already e-mailed?
18:58 jcamins I don't recall seeing any message.
18:58 jcamins When did you send it?
18:58 cyrixbmx send what?
18:59 jcamins Your message to the list.
18:59 fcapo joined #koha
19:01 cyrixbmx I didn't send my message at the email list
19:02 jcamins Oh. Well, I would recommend trying to e-mail the list, because you've been asking that question for a week on #koha, and it seems no one has been able to answer.
19:03 cyrixbmx ok
19:22 richard joined #koha
19:22 richard hi
19:24 wizzyrea_ joined #koha
19:25 chris hey richard and wizzyrea_
19:25 wizzyrea_ hi there
19:25 richard hiyas
19:32 hdl left #koha
19:33 alan joined #koha
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19:39 CarolLosG joined #koha
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19:56 bigbrovar joined #koha
19:58 wizzyrea_ joined #koha
20:01 johnindep joined #koha
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20:16 brendan @wunder 93117
20:16 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 21.9�C (1:29 PM PDT on October 27, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 37%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016.1 hPa (Steady).
20:18 chilts robin: you around?
20:18 chilts I have a question about packaging :)
20:20 CGI984 left #koha
20:28 owen left #koha
20:39 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
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21:44 slef chilts: I think everyone sleeps now, after 3 days of intense talks and social meals
21:45 chris not me, im writing a speech
21:45 chilts I'm writing mine too :)
21:45 chilts though Amazon hasn't given me access to RDS so am just using Robin's koha package :)
21:46 chilts slef: also, some people are heading up the coast today :)
21:46 chilts chris: how was drinks last night?
21:49 chilts heh, from the homepage of opac and intranet, I keep getting redirected to /cgi-bin/koha/ and I'm not sure why
21:49 chilts I'm guessing DB connectivity
21:51 chilts I can get in with: mysql -u newkoha -p
21:51 chilts ah well, maybe after lunch :)
21:51 * chilts terminates his instance
21:51 slef bbl
21:52 chris chilts: they were good
21:52 chris i only had lemonade
21:52 chilts :)
21:53 chris but the conversation was good
21:53 chilts sounds cool, I wanted to go but made the right decision not too
21:53 chilts got lots done last night :)
21:53 chilts gotta do my GST return today too
22:17 wizzyrea_ joined #koha
22:19 nod joined #koha
22:50 nod levin trip leaves at 13:00
22:50 nod be at the bus at 12:45
22:50 nod :)
22:50 wizzyrea_ 12:45 is when we assemble, afaik
22:51 chris yup
22:51 wizzyrea_ woot
23:16 wizzyrea_ left #koha
23:38 slef hi from the Levin bus!
23:42 mason heya slef
23:42 slef mason: you not here?
23:43 mason ask wizzy if she wants a tshirt, im about to order them....
23:43 mason nope, working/day-off for me...
23:43 slef can't see her yet
23:43 slef oh I can
23:43 mason ask size/color, if so...
23:44 slef yes, white, large
23:44 mason oooh, nice choice ;)
23:44 mason is bob.b there too?
23:45 mason or is he flying in today...
23:45 slef not back yet afaik
23:45 mason yeah, thought so
23:45 slef his meeting was aus am no?
23:45 mason yep, i think
23:46 slef ook, we're off! I'm going to disconnect before it disconnects me
23:46 slef bbl
23:46 mason sweet azz
23:47 robin-hom joined #koha
23:47 mason spank that ukulele guys!!
23:47 robin-hom is now known as robin-bus
23:48 mason wild-thing rounds
23:49 richard heh
23:50 mason can you imagine how horrible that would be
23:52 richard one of the reasons i actively avoid bus trips

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