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01:17 slef at levin
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02:48 bob hi, i've a quick koha 3.2 upgrade question - running the file it says a few existing modules need a newer version - will upgrading them break other 3.0 kohas on the same box?
02:49 bob they are YAML, Storable, Locale::PO, DateTime, CGI::Session::Serialize::y
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03:32 mason bob: short answer is no
03:33 bob that is a short answer
03:33 mason ive got a dev-box with a bunch of 3.0 and 3.2 kohas
03:33 bob excellent - that's the sort of thing i wanted to hear
03:33 mason deb-lenny fyi, and everything is happy
03:34 bob cool
03:34 bob thanks mason
03:34 mason yeah, your setup should be real close to mine, so you'll be fine, i reckon
03:35 bob my server is etch - but hopefully that won't cause problems
03:36 mason ok, i've previously done the same with etch too
03:37 mason u might need to upgrade perl from 5.8 to 5.10
03:37 bob ah, hmm that sounds a pain
03:37 mason which will mean a bit more work
03:37 mason yeah :/
03:38 mason wot perl u on?
03:38 mason perl -v
03:38 bob 5.8.8
03:38 mason right, some of those deps, might want perl5.10
03:39 mason cant remember...
03:39 richard according the the release notes - The minimum version of Perl required is now 5.8.8.
03:39 mason ok, sounds good
03:39 bob well i'll try to install the modules tonight and if any complain i'll have to go down the perl upgrade path
03:40 mason try it on a dev box 1st, i reckon
03:41 bob right
03:41 mason but 3.0 and 3.2 kohas on etch, worked fine for me
03:41 bob i'm sure it'll all be fine :)
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07:13 kmkale hi all
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07:13 ivanc good morning #koha
07:15 Amit heya kmkale
07:16 kmkale hi Amit
07:16 kmkale Amit: thought you would be at the Kohacon10
07:16 Amit hmmm
07:17 kmkale Amit: is the book out?
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07:18 Amit no
07:19 Amit kmkale: in november
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07:19 kmkale cool
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08:04 slef kohacons returning from the marae
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10:33 slef PTFS?
10:33 slef munin: PTFS?
10:33 munin slef: Error: "PTFS?" is not a valid command.
10:33 slef munin: PTFS
10:33 munin slef: "PTFS" could be Ptfs: They Fork Software
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11:16 kmkale @weather Mumbai
11:16 munin kmkale: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 34.0�C (4:40 PM IST on October 28, 2010). Conditions: Smoke. Humidity: 49%. Dew Point: 22.0�C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa (Steady).
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12:21 owen Oh I don't know chris_n I thought the backtick was kind of jaunty.
12:21 chris_n hehe
12:22 chris_n kohacon in nz sure makes for a large scroll-back
12:28 owen I was about to ask "Hackfest doesn't start until tomorrow?" but then I remembered that tomorrow is coming earlier for them
12:35 gmcharlt heh
12:36 owen This is the part I really hate to be missing
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13:05 schuster Owen - do you all use patron suggestions?
13:06 owen Not Koha's. We use our own system.
13:06 schuster owen - do you all use Koha's acq or something else?
13:07 schuster Last question as I have a ton of other things I should be doing...  Do you allow patrons to write reviews?
13:07 owen We don't use any acquisitions software. We do some cataloging in Koha and some outside of Koha
13:08 owen We do have comments enabled, but I've never seen a single one submitted.
13:08 schuster K thanks...  Thinking about QR codes and how others I have seen are using them in the library and with books.
13:09 owen How are people using them?
13:14 schuster Links to databases that are relevant to a topic that are posted in the stacks...(Legal section might have a qr code in the middle of the stacks that links to Legal ref database or a youtube on how to search a legal ref database)
13:14 schuster reviews of books or book trailers
13:15 schuster I see that gutenberg now has them available in their system for users to scan and take the book with them.
13:15 owen QR codes seem like they must be of such limited interest: People who have the right phone, with the right software, and know what QR codes are...
13:17 gmcharlt owen: it depends on the area - AIUI, QR codes are *heavily* used in Japan
13:17 schuster You can use almost any smart phone you just have to download the qr reader...  I'm thinking with High school kids it could be of great interest as a "cool" think.
13:17 schuster think/thing
13:17 schuster I'm seeing them more here in the states - there was a Sears add this weekend with one on it, and in some magazines I am seeing them.
13:18 schuster last April I went to a session at the state library conference where several of the universities were looking at its use on campus.
13:18 schuster They even talked about it on CSI - NY the TV show!
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13:19 schuster Evidently there was a session at Computers in Libraries West that talked about it as I had a call from a librarian that was attending..  Had to burst her bubble that I know about them and am presenting on it in 2 weeks.
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13:22 owen I wish people would attach patches to their bug reports when marking them "patch-sent"
13:25 * chris_n cheers gmcharlt on in his patchwork
13:26 * owen too
13:51 schuster Question for those also keeping the pulse of Kohacon10...  Were there any posts on the Wed - support session discussin?
14:21 kmkale bye all
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15:08 rhcl hi brendan
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15:42 brendan heya rhcl
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17:18 brendan ah back - morning all
17:20 rhcl afternoon
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17:22 chris_n gmcharlt about?
17:22 gmcharlt ues
17:22 gmcharlt yes, even
17:23 chris_n do you know if it is possible for a dev install not to have the 'HomeOrHoldingBranch' pref present?
17:23 chris_n actually
17:23 chris_n for that value to be null?
17:25 gmcharlt not under normal circumstance
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17:26 chris_n hmm
17:26 chris_n actually the pref does not exist in this install
17:26 chris_n but it rebases fine against the current head
17:27 chris_n the trouble is it shows up in the prefs editor
17:28 chris_n well... setting it to other than the default adds it to the systempreferences table
17:28 chris_n interesting
17:29 * chris_n shrugs
17:30 druthb @seen jwagner
17:30 munin druthb: jwagner was last seen in #koha 5 days, 23 hours, 8 minutes, and 22 seconds ago: * jwagner is heading out now -- see you in NZ!
17:30 * druthb chuckles
17:30 druthb @seen jdavidb
17:30 munin druthb: jdavidb was last seen in #koha 17 weeks, 5 days, 22 hours, 16 minutes, and 49 seconds ago: <jdavidb> hi, cait!  :D
17:30 gmcharlt druthb: I was going to say, surely you haven't misplaced her
17:30 gmcharlt @karma druthb
17:30 munin gmcharlt: Karma for "druthb" has been increased 37 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 37.
17:31 gmcharlt @karma jdavidb
17:31 munin gmcharlt: Karma for "jdavidb" has been increased 0 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 0.
17:31 druthb Gosh, has it been that long already?  wow.
17:31 druthb We haven't misplaced her, I don't think.  She IMs me most every day, at least for a few minutes.
17:33 druthb It's probably good they sent her, and not me.  I would be tempted to vanish into thin air, I think.
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17:33 jcamins druthb: is vanishing into *thin* air as impossible in DC as in NYC?
17:34 druthb quite impossible here.  you have to have good cover around here.  I'm no longer nondescript enough to become effectively invisible.
17:35 druthb jwagner is missing an informal bash tomorrow at the office, in honor of National Crossdressers' Coming Out Day...I mean, Halloween.    I suspect she's heartbroken.
17:36 jcamins This morning, my boss and I spent several minutes staring out the library's windows at the fog bank that was rolling in over the Hudson. It looked like all of the city north of the Village was on fire.
17:37 jcamins We're pretty sure it wasn't, but it certainly reminded one of the fact that NYC's air isn't the greatest.
17:37 druthb We don't have fog and pollution terribly bad around these parts, but we do have some "orange alert" days from time to time.  Mostly in the summer.
17:39 druthb The humidity here is fierce..  the western part of downtown DC used to be a bog on the shore of the Potomac; our office is about a mile, maybe, from the Potomac, a little farther upriver.
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17:47 joetho hello- anybody got any experience converting xml to marc? Any alternatives to marcedit?
17:51 jcamins joetho: what format?
17:52 * jcamins usually just writes an XSLT and uses saxon
17:52 joetho original file has 13,000 records in .xml format
17:52 gmcharlt joetho: yaz-marcdump can do that conversion
17:52 gmcharlt something like yaz-marcdump -i marcxml -o marc file.xml > file.mrc
17:53 jcamins joetho: never mind. Do what gmcharlt says (actually, I think that's always a good rule...). I answered a different question entirely.
17:54 brendan man the koha 10 years in 10 minutes is pretty cool to watch
17:54 joetho add quote time: "Do what gmcharlt says (actually, I think that's always a good rule...)
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18:03 druthb hi, owen.
18:04 owen Hello fellow American.
18:04 druthb fellow-American-stuck-in-America?  :P
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18:05 joetho hi druth
18:06 joetho My fellow amerikansan Liz has fled and we miss her terribly
18:06 owen I think you'll be lucky if she comes back joetho, by the sound of it
18:07 jcamins owen: would _you_?
18:07 owen Depends how many job offers I got while I was there
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18:08 * druthb would be tempted to find some nice quiet sheep station somewhere...and effectively disappear.
18:08 druthb herding critters would lower my stress level some, maybe.
18:08 thd hdl: are you present?
18:09 hdl i am
18:09 owen druthb: Herding my critters doesn't always lower my stress level
18:09 jcamins owen: true... maybe they need bakers in NZ! I could reinvent myself as a baker on the other side of the world...
18:09 thd hdl: I did not understand the use of 'function' in "Maybe we could just use function and caching results."
18:10 hdl subs
18:10 thd subs?
18:10 hdl sub myfunction { return aaa; }
18:10 druthb  could do all sorta things, jcamins. :)
18:10 slef yengh
18:11 hdl memoize::memcached ( myfuction,ladida)
18:11 thd hdl: OK so its a caching function or subroutine
18:12 hdl yep
18:12 hdl I think that data persistance is more the way we should do rather than just caching.
18:13 thd hdl: You mean persistence in memory?
18:13 hdl But in both cases (data persistance or caching) you have the same issues : you have to flush whenever data is edited.
18:13 hdl thd: yes.
18:15 thd Presumably, edits are infrequent in an ILS unless we are also caching or persisting circulation data as well.
18:16 thd s/edits/edits to any significant number of records which might have been cached or otherwise persisted in memory.
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18:16 hdl thd: it would even be caching branches and so on.
18:17 hdl But still, if you are caching issuingules.
18:17 hdl It is still quite disapointing when you see that the issuingrules taken is the previous one ;)
18:17 hdl There are ways to flush cache.
18:18 hdl I think we could use either flush cache on a regular base or just whenever and edit occurs.
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18:20 thd When I have communicated with chris in the past about the relative benefit of file system access or DB storage he seemed to express the view that DB storage almost always wins with good caching over the file system.
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18:24 joetho oh and gmcharlt:  thanks for the yaz tip!
18:24 joetho yer the best!
18:24 thd hdl: How does caching or persistence really help for bibliographic records in a large collection in any case?
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18:25 thd hdl: Are you referring merely to some benefit of the most popular queries from which records would be cached or persisted?
18:26 hdl (on skype)
18:26 thd ok
18:29 chris thd: that's our experience with stuff, which has highly dynamic content and a lot of it, keep it in ram ftw
18:31 chris We have millions and millions of rows, most of it persists in ram
18:32 chris As serialised objects
18:32 thd chris: Would libraries have enough RAM to keep everything in RAM?
18:32 chris Pretty much every story is much larger than a marc record
18:32 chris Yes
18:33 chris And it doesn't need to be everything, memcached is smart
18:34 chris But as ppl will learn at the talks today fetching data is not our bottleneck
18:34 chris There are some very easy wins but I'm not going to preempt the talks
18:34 thd chris: What about the issue which hdl raised that the cache or persistence has to be flushed every time there is an update.
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18:34 chris Easy peasy
18:35 chris We have to do that too
18:35 chris You can't have old news on a news site
18:36 chris But the easy wins involve no caching
18:36 gmcharlt thd: also, managing the cache is well, part of life - it isn't *that* hard to fire appropriate cache-clearing actions when something gets updated
18:36 chris After we pick the low hanging fruit we can tackle those
18:36 gmcharlt i.e., it isn't rocket surgery, to borrower one of my colleague's catchphrases
18:37 thd chris: Do you mean that flushing and replacing the entire cache has a trivial impact on performance even on a site as busy as
18:37 chris Exactly
18:37 chris Why flush the whole cache?
18:37 chris Why would you ever do that?
18:37 thd chris: If the cache is segmented that is fine :)
18:37 * thd does not understand the details of caching
18:38 chris You'd have to try really hard not to segment it :)
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18:38 chris With memcached anyway
18:39 hdl thd: well caching imho would not be on record queries, what is most interesting is caching the parameters and branches and categories and all the settings.
18:39 hdl Could be on records.
18:40 chris Id cache records too
18:40 chris Memcached reclaims space from things that aren't used
18:40 hdl But settings and branches and categories are the most database consuming.
18:41 chris the settings affect scalabilty
18:41 hdl chris: there are many ways to 'cache records'
18:41 chris Records speed
18:41 hdl you could cacher record pages.
18:41 thd chris: cfouts refers to parsing inefficiencies for XML.  I know that pales in comparison to circulation and record editor inefficiencies.  However, all queries require parsing, while circulation and the record editor are used much less frequently.
18:41 hdl (but could be done in apache)
18:41 chris Ie you can fetch a syspref ftom the db faster than the cache
18:41 gmcharlt once we get items out of the bibs, caching the the display versions of the bib data would be a win
18:41 chris Yes
18:42 nod reminder, hack fest starts at 9am NZDT :)
18:42 nod level 3 catalyst house
18:42 chris On the bus now nod
18:42 nod
18:42 hdl gmcharlt: i pushed a wip_removeitems
18:42 nod chris: sweet, although hopefully theres nothing for you to do :)
18:42 hdl branch on
18:42 thd gmcharlt: Where should display optimised records be stored?
18:43 * nod works on his best practices talk
18:43 chris thd: hence store the serialised object not the xml blob in the cache :)
18:43 gmcharlt thd: stored?  nowhere.  cached?  in memcache
18:43 gmcharlt there's a distinction
18:43 thd gmcharlt: but where stored prior to be cached by memcache?
18:43 gmcharlt nowhere
18:44 chris Its rendered to the cache
18:44 chris_n thd: the view is generated and cached
18:44 gmcharlt the display version would be computed when needed (e.g., applying the OPAC XSLT to the MARCXML)
18:44 chris And the screen
18:44 gmcharlt and the results cached
18:44 chris Yeah what he said :)
18:44 chris_n snap
18:44 thd gmcharlt: So if the server never goes down they can all live in a preparsed form forever?
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18:45 * chris_n presumes they would go stale at some expire time
18:45 chris Don't have to chris_n
18:45 gmcharlt right, or depending on the level of granularity of our cache control, the cached version of an individual record could be invalidated if/when the bib gets updated
18:45 chris_n how would we decide if they were current or not?
18:45 chris If you instead flush them when you change them
18:45 chris_n ahh
18:45 gmcharlt i.e., what chris said :)
18:46 * chris_n must try to keep up
18:46 chris We always know when they change
18:46 chris Ok my stop, coffee the bbiab
18:46 chris_n drink some for me
18:47 hdl We have to go to
18:51 thd chris_n: I have not posted to the list, I have another update I want to do first  on AGPL 3 advocacy.  However, have a look at[…]copyright_license
18:51 thd chris_n: The IRC meeting about the ballot is fully summarised
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18:54 chris_n nice work thd
18:55 thd chris_n: sorry that when I was having problems with my computer or my health in the past two months I did not have enough of me to do that work.
18:55 chris_n that is very understandable
18:55 thd chirs_n: your improvements are needed.
18:56 chris_n plus, the issue really took second place to 3.2.0
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18:56 chris_n thd: I'll devote some time to it over the next week
18:57 * chris_n wonders aloud if slef has looked into possible voting mechanisms
18:57 * dpavlin_ applogies for jumping in just now
18:57 thd chris_n: I asked recently.  I suggested that he prepare.
18:57 thd chris_n: I think after KohaCon we can restart the process.
18:57 chris_n dpavlin_: jump on in, the water's fine :)
18:58 chris_n thd: right
18:58 dpavlin_ I can do some more work with NYTProf to see which codepaths are real problem.
18:58 dpavlin_ But, to do that, I would need some direction in how to add caches (so I can mesure improvements) and yet have it somewhat usable.
18:59 chris_n dpavlin_: chris has a repo with code setup to use memcached iirc
18:59 dpavlin_ (as in somewhat usable for later -- I had a long day today and it's 21hrs here :-)
18:59 thd chris_n: the delay will not be nearly as long as between the proposal to relicense the wiki license and the vote on the wiki relicensing.
19:00 chris_n thd: I'd hope not :-)
19:00 * brendan thinks aloud when is the next IRC meeting
19:00 * dpavlin_ would appriciate pointer to it :-)
19:00 brendan anyone that knows - can they add that to the channel header?
19:00 chris_n dpavlin_: om, i'll look
19:01 brendan thanks chris_n I just don't know that date or time yet ;)
19:01 thd brendon:[…]_10_November_2010
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19:03 chris_n dpavlin_: well, chris will have to point you to it
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19:04 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.2.0 released!! | Next general IRC meeting: 10 November 2010 1900 UTC +0
19:05 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.2.0 released!! | Next general IRC meeting: 10 November 2010 1900 UTC +0 | Convert meeting time:
19:05 brendan joined #koha
19:05 chris_n brendan: done
19:05 hdl left #koha
19:06 brendan sweet thanks chris_n++
19:06 brendan I guess when I engage VPN I loose IRC
19:06 chris_n probably not using split tunneling
19:07 * chris_n seems to remember it is bad practice to do that sort of thing
19:07 brendan nope
19:07 brendan yeah not my vpn - I just login - kick a script and get out
19:07 brendan go screen
19:12 thd is now known as thd-away
19:15 richard joined #koha
19:15 richard hi
19:17 brendan hi richard
19:21 brendan is the hackfest going to taped?
19:21 alan joined #koha
19:21 * jcamins thinks that would be a great idea
19:22 * brendan thinks we'll be able to follow along with the patches sent?
19:22 brendan somewhat - been seeing a lot of patches sent by gmcharlt
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19:40 rhcl gmcharlt: Is FulfiLLment analogous to OCLC?
19:41 gmcharlt rhcl: not in terms of its implementation
19:42 gmcharlt it lets a group of libraries interecirculate
19:42 jcamins gmcharlt: is there anything you don't know?
19:42 gmcharlt but it isn't a centralized service a la OCLC ILL
19:43 gmcharlt instead, it sits in the middle of a group of local catalogs
19:43 rhcl hummm
19:43 gmcharlt jcamins: considering that Equinox is writing FulfILLment, I ought to know what it is ;)
19:44 rhcl gmcharlt even speaks croatian
19:44 richard wow
19:44 jcamins gmcharlt: oh, well, yes, I guess that makes sense.
19:45 chris_n dpavlin_: found it...[…]ads/new/memcached
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19:49 owen Hello ladies of Koha
19:49 wizzyrea_ hi owen!
19:50 wizzyrea_ did you see the video of 10 years in 10 minutes?
19:50 owen Yeah, that was fun
19:50 wizzyrea_ 10 years of koha development that is
19:50 wizzyrea_ I loved watching you flit about the templates ;)
19:50 owen If they'd asked I would have given them a head shot ;)
19:50 * owen has a stack of glossies handy at all times
19:50 wizzyrea_ maybe they'll do a new version with submitted headshots
19:51 wizzyrea_ hahahaha
19:51 owen It would also be cool with little 8-bit style avatars
19:52 wizzyrea_ you gonna whip those up then?
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19:54 owen I hope I'll have my hands full kibitzing template changes coming out of Biblibre and hackfest
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19:55 wizzyrea_ I have no doubt that you will :)
19:55 nengard hi owen
19:55 owen wizzyrea_: Trick-or-treating tonight! You should show chris's kids how it's done.
19:56 nengard owen i might be wrong, but i think those headshots came from ohloh
19:56 wizzyrea_ lol
19:56 nengard off to see if they match :)
19:56 owen You could even try it after dark on the 31st rather than at 5PM three days before Halloween
19:57 nengard looks like i was was wrong about the headshots:
19:57 nengard not sure where they came from
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20:01 slef ok, is there a hack room?
20:01 owen You have to hack your way in slef
20:01 slef and it's chris's fault we're late :)
20:02 slef owen: I could but it often upsets ppl
20:03 wizzyrea_ is now known as wizzyrea
20:05 slef owen: nengard: headshots from kohacon 2006 dev_week IIRC
20:05 nengard oh!! okay
20:05 owen Reminders of missed cons past...
20:05 slef or may be 2009, but either way, that's why I'm not there
20:06 * brendan wonders if kohacon will become more of a yearly thing now
20:07 slef brendan: depends on demand and organisers
20:07 brendan well I'll start saving now
20:07 slef brendan: some say uk next, but I'd need to get co-op backing.
20:08 brendan that would be great slef
20:08 rhcl
20:08 owen slef: I'm certainly hoping for a kohacon somewhere in Europe next year
20:09 slef nengard: is that room to the left usable by us?
20:09 nengard yes
20:09 nengard bleh - slides going by too fast - can't blog
20:09 slef oops sorry to distract
20:10 slef let me know if I should stream a talk
20:10 slef brb
20:13 francharb left #koha
20:13 bob joined #koha
20:13 nengard slef  not your fault at all - just that andrew is going fast :)
20:16 jwagner joined #koha
20:18 Elwell_ 22:03 < ?wizzyrea_> did you see the video of 10 years in 10 minutes?
20:18 Elwell_ ^^^^ available online?
20:18 wizzyrea yep
20:18 Elwell_ for those of us not at kohacon
20:19 owen
20:19 Elwell_ ta
20:19 wizzyrea ^^
20:19 slef Elwell_: check for links and stuff
20:20 slef laptop doesn't like catalyst wifi :(
20:21 slef sodding passphrase wrong
20:21 nengard bengard cant log into irc - ERROR :Closing Link: (Too many host connections (local))
20:23 slef nengard: I'll set up a tunnel once I'm on the wifi..
20:23 nengard Elwell_ all videos and presentation summaries here:[…]nferences/kohacon
20:23 nengard thanks slef - cait also can't get in
20:26 Elwell_ cool nengard ta
20:31 slef am having serious fun with keyboards and mice too :/
20:32 slef it all worked at the b+b :/
20:32 slef rebooted and all works
20:33 owen left #koha
20:35 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
20:36 slef ok, irc server tunnel on for those at hackfest
20:36 slef it'll be up until 1130 at least
20:37 slef so that might give time to sort out the connection limits
20:40 hdl thanks slef
20:52 hdl left #koha
20:52 magnus joined #koha
21:06 cait joined #koha
21:06 cait yay!
21:06 cait slef++ :)
21:08 bengard joined #koha
21:08 cait hi bengard
21:08 bengard hello
21:08 bengard thanks to MJ for getting me onto IRC!
21:09 slef well that was more of a mess than I thought
21:09 slef thanks to the co-op for having multiple customer servers I could try until it worked!
21:10 slef hehe, magnus has stolen hdl's connection space
21:10 slef anyone else wants the connection info, ask me... I don't want to publish that one because it is too open
21:12 slef ok, now to hack stuff
21:13 brendan slef - sekjal may need a connection
21:14 slef I'll put it on the board if there's a marker
21:15 wizzyrea owen's gone isn't he
21:15 brendan yup past his bedtime
21:15 wizzyrea *sniff*
21:15 wizzyrea look at how kete handles "advanced search"
21:15 wizzyrea
21:15 slef will wait for chris to pause
21:15 wizzyrea click on the spyglass in the search box
21:15 slef wizzyrea: javascript #fail?
21:15 wizzyrea aside that
21:22 laurenthd joined #koha
21:29 magnus oops, what did i do?
21:30 schuster left #koha
21:30 bengard1 joined #koha
21:35 bengard left #koha
21:36 spider joined #koha
21:37 rhcl not sure about relevance (
21:38 spider left #koha
21:38 rhcl search for "fish" in pictures...expect so see some catfish? No, matches on personal name "Fisher"
21:39 wizzyrea did you click on the spyglass in the search box to see the advanced search?
21:40 wizzyrea because that's what is relevant
21:40 wizzyrea and it saves all of your previous searches
21:40 wizzyrea in that bo
21:40 wizzyrea box
21:40 wizzyrea which appears on every page
21:40 rhcl ya, the drop down options are nice
21:50 wizzyrea and re: upperhutt, there may not be any content in there about fish. Just sayin.
21:52 bankhead joined #koha
21:53 jwagner left #koha
21:53 rhcl no walleye for me :(
21:58 dpavlin_ left #koha
22:00 mason-xxx joined #koha
22:01 mason-xxx helloooooooooooooooo
22:01 mason-xxx this is a test
22:01 wizzyrea hey mason
22:02 mason-xxx hi liz
22:02 slef magnus: only N ppl can connect from each location, catalyst hack lab is at maximum
22:07 brendan mason-xxx sounds scary
22:10 LBA left #koha
22:17 slef brendan: you like mason porn, yes?
22:17 sekjal joined #koha
22:17 brendan heh
22:17 brendan not sure about that - was thinking of the movie
22:18 sekjal thanks, slef, for the IRC workaround
22:18 braedon|h brendan: that doesn't really clarify the issue
22:19 brendan nope not into mason porn then
22:19 slef sekjal: in return, can you let me know when reed starts?
22:19 sekjal slef: absolutely
22:19 slef tyvm... and thank the co-op more than me for having servers handy :)
22:20 sekjal thanks, !
22:20 bankhead left #koha
22:20 brendan left #koha
22:28 brendan joined #koha
22:36 grandimar joined #koha
22:44 slef so who's going to ask the if/elsif/else question?
22:44 slef oh, there is is
22:45 slef it is
22:45 slef but koha uses EXPR far too much... will this force a cleanup?
22:47 grandimar left #koha
22:48 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
22:49 cait bigger_fonts++
22:52 slef cait: I will bring binoculars for you tomorrow?
22:52 slef or you could just sit nearer the front
22:52 cait yeah, I could
22:53 wizzyrea cait:
22:55 slef mmm hard to ask questions here
22:57 cait wizzyrea++
22:57 slef awww, ajax--
22:57 slef so tt lets the expr survive :(
23:01 nengard bigger fonts and louder voices - might have to sit up front tomorrow
23:01 nengard or after lunch
23:03 nengard left #koha
23:04 slef no questions for slef :(
23:04 slef bbl
23:04 sekjal alright, lunch
23:04 sekjal need food
23:04 sekjal blood sugar low
23:04 bengard1 left #koha
23:06 sekjal left #koha
23:06 bengard joined #koha
23:06 hdl joined #koha
23:09 magnus left #koha
23:10 cait left #koha
23:11 collum joined #koha
23:18 paul_p left #koha
23:21 braedon|h @wunder auckland
23:21 munin braedon|h: The current temperature in Auckland, New Zealand is 19.0�C (12:00 PM NZDT on October 29, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 56%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 30.42 in 1030 hPa (Steady).
23:31 mason-xxx left #koha
23:40 owen-away joined #koha
23:46 owen-away is now known as owen

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