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00:00 wasabi aaah, ok..
00:01 wasabi still, i wouldnt put it past them! lol
00:01 chris i mean KOHA was invented by liblime donchaknow
00:01 wasabi anyhoo, if got some actual work to do today :) , as do you...
00:02 chris yup, im deleting biblios with no items attached as we speak
00:03 wasabi aah, the 'history-of-koha' blurb has long disappeared from too...
00:04 chris yeah like i say, we dont, and never did exist
00:04 wasabi so the site is designed to obscure koha's history, etc, yawn...
00:05 wasabi ahh, KOHA i've heard of that, its really good!
00:05 wasabi oooh, heres the 1st website from google......
00:06 wasabi ahhh, liblime, ooohhh, grandfathered 95% of code... omg, squee!!
00:06 wasabi ok, back to a 3.0 install...
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03:03 Amit heya chris
03:03 chris heya Amit
03:04 chris you should go to the commonwealth games, its empty!!
03:04 chris :)
03:04 brendan_l heya amit
03:04 Amit chris: haaa
03:05 Amit heya brendan
03:05 Amit chris: have u seen India vs Aus first test match
03:05 Amit india win by 1 wicket
03:05 chris yes, so good :)
03:24 * Shiny supports any team playing australia
03:25 Amit heya shiny
03:25 Amit Shiny u mean to say cricket match or CWG
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03:31 Shiny i have no idea what CWG is
03:32 Shiny crickets that game with a ball right?
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04:00 chris[…]-hosted-by-calyx/
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04:12 irma Online catalogue here
04:12 irma Next? Using the customised MARC framework for their archives
04:13 wasabi heya irma  ;)
04:17 irma heya Mason
04:17 brendan_l heya irma
04:17 brendan_l what up mason :)
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04:18 irma heya Brendan ... see U soon
04:18 brendan_l I'm not going to be making it :(
04:19 irma :-(
04:19 brendan_l but it's not sadness -- my wife is pregnant - and we're expecting a little girl in December
04:19 irma that's not such good news!
04:19 irma number 1?
04:19 brendan_l I decided that we'd use the time off then - instead of NA
04:19 brendan_l yup number one
04:20 irma Congratulations! We loved our pregnancies :-)
04:20 brendan_l s/NA/NZ
04:20 irma Hope she is feeling well...?!
04:20 brendan_l Finally - the first 5 months were really bad...
04:20 brendan_l the last month or so has been good
04:20 irma :-(
04:21 brendan_l we've got a little kicker on the way
04:21 irma cooler months will help too
04:21 brendan_l I can feel her kicking up a storm nightly
04:22 irma sounds like a healthy and clever baby in construction mode
04:22 brendan_l irma - you're most definitely going to KohaCon right?
04:23 irma indeed and so is Bob and one of our clients
04:24 brendan_l we've got Nicole (nengard), Ian (sekjal) and Nate (nate) going
04:24 irma another client was going to come too (and wanted to catch up with Walter re Kete) but could not get leave
04:24 brendan_l And the big secret (well not anymore) Nate is going to propose to his girlfriend we'll he is in NZ
04:24 irma ++ for ByWater Solutions!
04:25 brendan_l so I think you all should tease him a little bit ;0
04:25 brendan_l ;)
04:27 irma IRC Koha log not read by Nate's girlfriend?
04:28 brendan_l I'm hoping not -- Nate would kill me ;)
04:29 irma Pity I wont get to meet you but looking forward to meeting the other ByWaterSolutions team members
04:30 irma better get back to some tasks (silently waiting...) Cheerio all.
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05:00 brendan_l hi hdl ;)
05:00 brendan_l early morning for you
05:00 hdl hi brendan_l how are you?
05:00 hdl 7. AM
05:01 hdl late night for you ;)
05:01 brendan_l ok so not too bad
05:01 brendan_l 10am
05:01 brendan_l whoops 10pm
05:02 brendan_l so are you: hdl going to KohaCon?
05:02 hdl I will.
05:02 brendan_l or maybe this is a better questions - who from biblibre is going
05:02 hdl are you on the trip ?
05:02 hdl paul and I
05:03 brendan_l no - my wife is pregnant - so I'm going to stay behind
05:03 brendan_l but Ian (sekjal) nicole (nengard) and Nate (nate) (irc nicks in () ) - are going
05:06 hdl good.
05:07 hdl congratulations
05:08 hdl It is a pity we cannot meet.
05:08 brendan_l thanks :)
05:08 hdl But it is the most beatiful reason ;)
05:08 brendan_l another time
05:09 brendan_l we are having a girl - and she'll need to see paris at some point -- so we'll meet you then ;)
05:12 brendan_l I know you are not close to paris - but france isn't that big
05:13 brendan_l I've been to carcassonne when I was young - so I'm hoping that I can show our little one the same
05:15 chris marseille is great to visit too
05:15 chris and cassis
05:18 brendan_l I learned how to windsurf on lake leon :)
05:19 chris :)
05:20 robin yay, just got confirmation that my Koha talk at OSDC in Melbourne has been accepted :)
05:20 chris and its a most apt title too !
05:20 brendan_l sweet
05:20 * chris lets robin tell people
05:21 robin "Software-as-a-Service Without Crimes Against Freedom"
05:21 chris :)
05:21 brendan_l hopefully ptfs attends ;)
05:21 robin heh
05:22 brendan_l robin I've been looking at and messing around with your scripts
05:22 brendan_l robin++
05:22 robin ah cool, hope they're useful
05:23 robin Probably going to be doing more with them soon, as I have a bunch more CSVs that need to be converted, so there's bound to be things I didn't account for that I need to this time around.
05:24 chris i did a script today, that ill push up, for deleting unattached biblios safely
05:24 chris (wont delete them if they have reserves, orders or items attached)
05:24 brendan_l next up for you, a script that uses MARC::record - with a table feed ( the table would be -- for example 852_a to 952_p)...
05:25 brendan_l so that you could feed in a table of all the marc feeds that need to be converted to 952's
05:25 robin so, remapping MARC records from one form to another?
05:25 brendan_l yup
05:25 robin that should be relatively easy
05:25 brendan_l yup - just need to find the time
05:26 robin yeah :) that's always the hard bit
05:26 chris doing that within koha
05:26 brendan_l so you could have an import MARC file and then feed the table in and then get MARC files ready to import
05:26 chris now that would be good
05:26 chris batch edit of biblios (not just items)
05:26 robin yeah, that would
05:26 brendan_l maybe even some more flags for bulkmarcimport
05:27 chris *nod*
05:28 chris -m /path/to/mapping/table
05:28 chris so you give a file which could be as simple as 245a|245c
05:29 chris or something
05:29 brendan_l would be great if you could run - -barcode=852_p, itemcallnumber=852_h,852_i etc.
05:30 hdl we did a batch biblio tool it is on master
05:30 brendan_l can you post a link to the code here?
05:31 chris oh excellent
05:31 chris so that will be in 3.4 :)
05:31 chris yay
05:31 chris biblibre++
05:32 hdl[…]b74b2e8653658143a
05:32 hdl here is the first patch
05:33 hdl[…]980b6c0213bf43728
05:33 hdl here the latest.
05:33 brendan_l yup chris - batch edit of biblios would be great and really important -- but also respecting authorities at the same time
05:35 hdl ok my day has to begin
05:35 brendan_l cya later hdl ;)
05:35 hdl see you soon on chat
05:35 chris cya later
05:35 chris http://library-matters.blogspo[…]ive-and-well.html
05:36 chris jo has a good way with metaphors
05:38 brendan_l glad I'm on the nerds/geeks side
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05:40 chris :)
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05:41 brendan_l Jo++
05:43 chris yeah its a good summary i thought
05:44 chris i hoping the ppl who are currently playing the role of the teacher will see what their oh its ok attitude is doing
05:44 brendan_l added a comment ;)
05:44 brendan_l nothing exciting - just more of a ++
05:44 chris :)
05:48 chris oh cool
05:48 chris the keirin is on
05:48 brendan_l ?
05:49 chris only the most funnest track cycle event
05:49 chris
05:49 chris in the common wealth games
05:50 brendan_l ah crazy peeps on bikes
05:50 chris yup
06:06 chris
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06:14 * brendan_l added to openhatch
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06:18 chris sweet
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06:50 * magnus is happy to play with the nerds in the paddock
06:52 chris heh
06:52 chris they have certainly drawn a line in the sand
06:53 * Elwell_ catches up on the Paul Henry fiasco - and they still employ this guy?
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06:54 chris Elwell: i hear his next job is at ptfs
06:54 chris Elwell: and yes, they do, hopefully not for too much longer though
06:54 Elwell chris: nah, he's too tactful for ptfs
06:55 chris lol
06:57 Elwell mind you, looks like you've been employing glaswegian postmen over there too (Mangere voting thing)
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07:01 chris heh
07:02 hdl back
07:04 chris hi hdl
07:05 chris Elwell: i think the whole 'supercity' idea is dumb too
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07:20 ivanc good morning #koha
07:20 chris hiya ivanc
07:20 ivanc buon giorno chris :)
07:22 paul_p hi chris & ivanc . live from Lille, (far north of France)
07:22 chris ohhh, working up there?
07:23 magnus @wunder bodo, norway
07:23 munin magnus: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 14.0�C (9:20 AM CEST on October 06, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Steady).
07:23 ivanc hi paul_p, ( AltoAdige/SouthTyrol north of Italy )
07:23 magnus that's *hot* for october up here
07:23 paul_p ivanc, usually, i'm in Marseille, so close from you
07:23 ivanc hi magnus
07:23 paul_p hi magnus. 20°C here in Lille, 25 in Marseille, that's hot too.
07:24 paul_p some friends of mine were on the beach last we, and the water was really good they said
07:24 magnus hi ivanc, paul_p, chris et al
07:25 ivanc 15°C here in Bolzano after a night of rain
07:25 magnus meeting in 2,5 hours?[…]g,_6_October_2010
07:26 chris yup think so
07:27 ivanc I did not know, but 'I am here :)
07:27 chris you wanna send a reminder to the list magnus?
07:27 magnus ooh, guess i could
07:28 magnus just to the main list, or main and devel?
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07:31 kf good morning #koha
07:31 kf chris++ # for signing-off on my patch :)
07:32 magnus hiya kf
07:32 kf hi magnus
07:33 ivanc hi kf
07:36 kf hi ivanc
07:37 chris no worries kf
07:37 chris magnus: either or :)
07:40 chris thank you
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07:41 jransom evening all
07:43 chris heya jransom
07:44 magnus hi jransom
07:44 jransom heya
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07:44 jransom koha con coming up fast Magnus
07:44 jransom make sure you bring sun glasses - weather is gorgeous at the moment
07:45 jransom bbq 2 nights in a row - in october!
07:45 magnus heh, it's almost hot enough here too for that at the moment
07:45 magnus won't last long though
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07:48 kf @wunder wellington nz
07:48 munin kf: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 12.0�C (8:00 PM NZDT on October 06, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 9.0�C. Pressure: 30.24 in 1024 hPa (Rising).
07:48 chris was a nice day today
07:49 kf jransom: only 3 more days at work for me :)
07:50 kf before kohacon
07:50 * kf really excited
07:51 chris :)
07:51 * hdl too
07:51 hdl thanks for the tip jransom
07:52 jransom my boys have been on the beach for 2 days and are very sun burnt
07:53 jransom it could still turn but I'd be packing sun block and sun glasses too
07:54 jransom and still chilly evenings
07:54 chris layers
07:54 chris thats the key to wellington
07:54 hdl so layers... layers.
07:54 jransom yep
07:55 hdl can't wait to meet you jransom ;)
07:55 chris
07:55 jransom oh me too. its is going to be great
07:56 magnus it is!
07:57 magnus kf: i have 8 days of work left?!?
07:57 kf 1 week vacation and for shopping :)
07:57 kf vistiting my parents
07:57 magnus (+ 4 weekend days that will probably be some work too...)
07:57 kf visiting
07:57 magnus ah, sounds good!
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07:58 kf :)
07:58 kf but cait will be here I think, she can't stay away from #koha
07:58 kf jransom: can't wait to meet you too :) I was thinking a lot about you on monday when we did our first acq training
07:59 chris hehe
07:59 jransom thats nice
08:00 jransom because i spead so much angst around when trying to understand acqusitions?
08:00 jransom lol
08:00 kf no
08:00 kf because you showed me it works ;)
08:03 jransom oh - thats alright then
08:03 jransom i do tend to over think things until i understand them thoroughly - then i'm sorted
08:03 jransom its because I'm old apparently
08:04 kf no, it sounds a bit like me
08:04 jransom are you over 30?
08:04 kf nope
08:04 kf 27 still
08:04 jransom oh ... well it can't be coz you are 'old' then
08:04 jransom :)
08:05 kf :)
08:07 magnus "old at heart"? ;-)
08:07 chris have you seen the movie young at heart?
08:10 ianB joined #koha
08:10 magnus don't think so
08:14 chris if you get the chance, you should watch it
08:14 chris its a great movie
08:14 chris
08:15 chris hi ianB
08:15 ianB Hi Chris.
08:15 chris magnus:
08:16 * magnus gotta run out for a bit
08:17 ivanc chris: I just watched the trailer, looks funny, at least the music is not bad
08:18 chris yeah it was a great movie, you come out feeling very good about life
08:21 ivanc ok you've conviced me :)
08:27 chris ianB: ian bays im guessing? here for the meeting later on?
08:30 magnus chris: reminds me of - their repertoir is more traditional, but they are a bunch of great characters...
08:30 chris excellent ill have to check it out
08:38 kf ah a meeting
08:39 kf in 1 hour 13 minutes?
08:39 chris indeed
08:41 ianB Chris: yes, wanting to make sure chatzilla was still working after all the Firefox upgrades... never know when you might need it.
08:42 chris yup :)
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08:49 chris that was a good race (the keiran final at the commonwealth games)
08:54 magnus joined #koha
09:02 jransom Has anyone read the comparitive study referenced here:[…]voyager-compared/
09:02 jransom needs a proquest subscription
09:03 kf I read the comment, but have no access to the study :(
09:03 jransom me neither - would love to read it though
09:03 chris yeah i have, its fairly flawed, and wasnt actually comparing koha, eg and voyager
09:03 jransom oh - well i won't worry then :)
09:03 jransom anything usefl about what makes a 'good' OPAc
09:04 chris did you read dan scotts blog post about it?
09:04 chris[…]nd-Libraries.html
09:04 jransom dont think so
09:05 kf afk, will be back for the meeting
09:06 jransom thanks chris
09:07 magnus not much point in reading the study after reading that blogpost, it seems...
09:08 chris yeah, i made a comment too, it was actually LLEK not even Koha
09:08 Colin joined #koha
09:08 jransom no - its a fairly sound thumping
09:09 chris hiya Colin
09:09 chris watching the points race jransom ?
09:09 Colin Hi Chris hows things
09:10 chris Colin: pretty good keeping busy ... just over 2 weeks til kohacon10, hows you ?
09:10 jransom no - kids are watching napolean dynamite and since I'm on the PC I don't get to pull rank #democracy sux
09:10 chris heh
09:11 Colin ok busy as well - got a lot of libraries choosing koha at the moment
09:12 chris great to hear, we put 3 publics (well one system 3 libraries in it) live last week
09:12 chris
09:12 kf hi Colin
09:12 chris it seems that everyone is nice and busy so thats excellent
09:13 jransom colin: where abouts are you?
09:13 Colin UK
09:14 jransom nice that there is a good Koha interest there
09:14 kf Colin: we did serials training yesterday - do you know if there are pending patches for date problems?
09:15 kf we use iso dates and I had some XXX and 00/02/0 (or similar) dates appearing
09:15 kf or am I confusing people again...
09:16 jransom I'm trying valiantly to stay up for this meeting
09:16 Colin No its a definite problem I'm looking at what I've done for the UN and trying to extract the sate fixes
09:18 kf we use metric dates. I have a lot of notes from training, but not sure I will manage to test and file bug reports before kohacon - only 3 days left for me here
09:18 kf :(
09:19 jransom lets fix it at koha con
09:19 jransom at the hackfest :)
09:19 kf the library has access to a test installation now, so I hope we will get some feedback
09:19 kf jransom: :)
09:19 Colin OK if you dont file bug reports. I'll be going through some of the date handling for serials in relation to an existing bug
09:20 jransom Colin: are you working on 3.2?
09:20 Colin yes
09:20 kf Colin: our test installation is on current head and I will try to track some problems down and file bug reports
09:21 jransom cool. I wasn't sure trhe relationship between ptfs usa and eu
09:21 kf I think some of your patches are not pushed to head yet, so perhaps some of thep roblems are already solved
09:21 jransom but you guys are working on koha rather than lek or harley
09:21 kf like bug 5086
09:21 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5086 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, colin.campbell, ASSIGNED, claim date broken in serials
09:22 jransom or as well as?
09:22 Colin Yes our sites are on koha
09:23 jransom thats great
09:23 jransom so can i ask what the relationship is between PTFS USA and you?
09:23 jransom are you the same company or different?
09:24 jransom coz you seem very open and approachable
09:24 Colin We're a different company but we market archivalware in Europe.  PTFS have a share in us
09:25 jransom very good.
09:25 jransom glad i asked
09:25 jransom i just like to know who i'm talking to :)
09:26 wasabi Colin: what do you think about ptfs/liblime's recent KOHA rebranded attempt?
09:27 chris heh, is it grill colin hour?
09:27 kf ok, I am afk now - Colin++ for great work on serial problems :)
09:27 chris Colin: who is gonna win this points race?
09:27 kf yeah, be nice to Colin!
09:27 jransom I wasn't being mean
09:27 Colin kf++
09:28 jransom sins of the father and all that
09:28 wasabi nor was i, i ask a genuine question to Colin
09:29 jransom its quite difficult situation aye
09:29 Colin To be honest I dont know what to think. I don't think its an evil conspiracy tho
09:29 chris just cluelessness?
09:30 chris cluelessness can often look like malice
09:30 jransom i do wonder if it is all as perplexing for them as it is for us
09:30 Colin Indeed all conspiraacy theories underestimate cluelessness
09:31 Colin I believe someone is going to kohacon and I hope that might clarify things
09:32 chris yeah i was feeling better about that, before the new logo, and history rewrite, but im sure we can clear some stuff up in person
09:32 Amit heya cloin
09:33 Colin Hi
09:33 slef Who was it wrote recently that any sufficiently advanced conspiracy is indistinguishable from incompetence?
09:33 slef bbi15ish
09:35 wasabi ...its basically based around ptfs/liblime having a US trademark for 'KOHA'
09:35 jransom Colin: do you know who is coming down?
09:35 jransom I did invite John Yokley
09:37 wasabi ptfs are attempting to capitalize 'Koha' to 'KOHA' to suit their US trademark?
09:37 adegroff joined #koha
09:37 Colin I think its Patrick He's in charge of the library system side of the business (this is all second hand)
09:37 jransom ok
09:38 jransom no offence meant in grilling you colin
09:38 jransom feeling a bit raw down this end of the world
09:39 thd-away is now known as thd
09:40 wasabi i second that emotion, jransom
09:44 chris now that song is stuck in my head
09:45 wasabi i just want someone from PTFS/liblime to confess that the *are* playing an FUD war against the Koha project itself
09:45 gmcharlt good morning
09:46 magnus g'day gmcharlt
09:46 jransom heya galen
09:46 wasabi ... and quit pretending to be coy/unaware of it
09:47 chris hi gmcharlt
09:47 wasabi it really *is* an evil conspiracy
09:47 adegroff good morning everyone
09:48 jransom hi amy
09:48 hdl hi
09:48 magnus hiya adegroff
09:48 kf back
09:48 adegroff where can I find an agenda for today?  John asked me to join you in case there were specfici questions related
09:48 adegroff to the proposal we shared
09:48 chris nope
09:48 chris this is just a general development meeting
09:48 adegroff ok thank you
09:48 magnus[…]g,_6_October_2010
09:49 adegroff oh dear I will likely be in the way then - let me hang around for  bit either way
09:49 hdl hi adegroff nice to see you there.
09:50 jransom you could stay amy, more the merrier
09:50 adegroff well its 6 AM be glad you don't actually SEE me
09:50 jransom honey its 11pm here so touche
09:50 kf 12... pm/am? - it's lunch time
09:50 thd wasabi: I say extremely foolish rather than evil.
09:51 hdl 12am here lunch time
09:51 kf am then :)
09:51 Amit heya kf
09:51 kf hi Amiot
09:51 kf sorry, Amit
09:52 thd wasabi: evil requires more careful deliberation than could be possible for some of the foolishness.
09:52 wasabi i think its close to evil, they've exploited the trust we all have in each other
09:52 gmcharlt good morning, it's 10:00 UTC+0
09:52 gmcharlt meeting starting now
09:52 gmcharlt page for the meeting is[…]g,_6_October_2010
09:52 hdl hi gmcharlt
09:52 gmcharlt agenda items are
09:52 gmcharlt Update on Roadmap to 3.2.
09:52 gmcharlt Update on Roadmap to 3.0.
09:52 gmcharlt Update on Roadmap to 3.4.
09:52 gmcharlt Follow-up on actions from General IRC Meeting, 1 September 2010.
09:52 gmcharlt Agree times of next meetings.
09:52 gmcharlt first, introductions
09:52 * gmcharlt = Galen Charlton, 3.2 RM
09:53 * hdl = Henri-Damien LAURENT, 3.0 Release maintainer
09:53 jransom Joann Ransom, HLT, NZ
09:53 wasabi wasabi: = mason james, kohaaloha, nz
09:53 magnus Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway
09:53 Amit Amit Gupta: Nucsoft Osslabs, Bangalore, India
09:53 adegroff Amy  De Groff, LibLime, a division of PTFS, USA
09:53 Colin = Colin Campbell PTFS-Europe Ltd
09:53 * kf = Katrin Fischer, BSZ
09:53 ivanc ivanc = Ivan Ceradini,
09:54 * slef = MJ Ray,
09:54 * chris is Chris Cormack RM 3.4
09:55 thd Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City - [recovering from a severe cold]
09:55 chris ohh EthicalSoftware .. what a great name
09:55 jransom (my thoughts too - great name)
09:55 slef I don't like it.  Seems like co-op lite ;-)
09:56 thd :)
09:56 chris you never like anything :P
09:56 jransom lol
09:56 kf lol
09:56 slef not when they seem to be chasing my lunch ;-)
09:56 jransom he doesn't - you're right!
09:56 ivanc chris: the license is great the name is only a name ;)
09:56 slef I like Koha...
09:56 chris :)
09:56 jransom :)
09:56 gmcharlt heh - I think that finishes the introduction section, on to the agenda
09:57 gmcharlt 3.2 - I've tested and pushed Colin's patch for 4310, the remaining big blocker
09:57 chris w00t
09:57 jransom yay
09:57 gmcharlt I'll do a little more tidying today, then this afternoon is the RC1
09:57 hdl yay
09:57 kf Colin++
09:57 magnus yay
09:57 kf gmcharlt++
09:57 Amit gmcharlt++
09:57 gmcharlt I am expected a very short period to go from RC1 to R, as it were
09:57 gmcharlt then will hand over the reins with gratitude to chris and chris_n
09:58 hdl gmcharlt++
09:58 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5191 Patron notification was being reset to none <[…]8b428f4e76e6f7f4c> / Bug 4310 Map orders to new budget structure <[…]6ebe8c9de80ed838e> / Bug 5205 Fix compile time warnings in tools/ <[…]=koha.git;a=commi
09:58 jransom and your work will be done
09:58 gmcharlt jransom: no, it won't :) I'm not going anywhere
09:58 jransom gmcharlt ++ a great big job well done
09:58 chris yeah, i have jobs for him
09:58 gmcharlt chris: how are we doing in translations?  about ready for a pull?
09:58 chris gmcharlt++
09:58 jransom well, the big pressure will be off
09:58 wasabi Colin++ thats my original bug :/
09:58 chris gimme 10 mins and we will be
09:59 gmcharlt the main thing that I noticed a while back was a what was effectively a syntax error in the es-ES po that broke it
09:59 gmcharlt so if you could double-check that es-ES applies, I'd appreciate it
09:59 chris will do
09:59 kf ah, I remember having problems with es-ES
10:00 kf and french - because of the html entities, but I think this was fixed
10:00 gmcharlt speaking of translations - fredericd, are you set up to switch to your new pootle?
10:02 gmcharlt k, anyway moving
10:02 gmcharlt 3.0.x - hdl?
10:02 hdl still working on the release
10:02 ricardo joined #koha
10:03 hdl should be out before kohacon
10:04 hdl this or next week
10:04 hdl any questions ?
10:04 gmcharlt hearing none .. on to 3.4
10:04 gmcharlt chris?
10:04 chris syntax error in the es opac, will fix and commit then a pull will be good
10:05 chris ok, i think we are good to start work on 3.4, colin and i had a brief email conversation
10:05 sirexkat joined #koha
10:05 chris he is going to start creating qa branches and applying patches, for me to pull from
10:06 wasabi cool, great to hear
10:06 chris ill be pushing them up as feature/bug branches as they pass, but wont be merging to master just yet
10:06 chris this gives people are chance to rebase their patches off master while it is stable
10:06 chris and resubmit
10:07 chris over the summer break I also have 2 students working at catalyst who will be doing a bunch of work like the template changes, so we should be able to get things rocking along
10:07 chris oh and hi sirexkat :)
10:07 sirexkat Hi all :)
10:08 chris Colin: anything ive missed out?
10:08 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5194 - Patron notification on new issues not working <[…]fe6734bced75d084e> / Bug 4867 - cannot clone subfields in marc editor, other clone/unclone weirdness <[…]b91a07a2013865249>
10:08 Colin No I think that's it
10:08 chris cool
10:09 paul_p (i'm reading, although i'm not speaking)
10:09 hdl talking about templates, are you planing to split them into reusable parts ?
10:10 wasabi paul_p, hdl , great news on your solr work too! :)
10:10 chris hdl: first cut is a straight translation
10:11 chris 2nd pass yes, split them into smaller includable (and thus cachable) chunks
10:11 magnus cool
10:12 hdl wasabi: we also had some time on a memoryleak Plack module.
10:12 kf chris: will you look at the patches that will not make it into 3.2 - or better rebase and resend everything?
10:12 hdl So that we could trace that.
10:12 gmcharlt kf: current patches do not need to be resubmitted
10:14 Colin I'll try and review anything that is submitted but not in 3.2
10:14 chris excellent
10:14 gmcharlt any other question re 3.4?
10:14 hdl hard work.
10:14 gmcharlt next item on the agenda is Follow-up on actions from General IRC Meeting, 1 September 2010.
10:15 gmcharlt but before we do that, jransom, do you want to make a plug for KohaCon?
10:15 jransom i could
10:15 gmcharlt (sorry to put you on the spot, but I figure you're always ready to do that :) )
10:15 jransom the sun is shining and welliongton is justglorious
10:15 jransom chris knows betterthan i do but registrations are strong
10:15 jransom and over 50% from overseas
10:16 jransom have 1 place still on the road trip, loads of room on the trip up to Levin on the thursfay night
10:16 jransom chris: anything lese?
10:16 jransom amazing speakers
10:16 * kf is registered for both :)
10:16 francharb left #koha
10:17 wasabi great coffee!
10:17 * magnus hopes lots more joins the trip to Levin - sounds like fun
10:17 francharb joined #koha
10:17 ivanc hi mi company develop and promote free software, and together with other local groups we are tying to "convince" the public schools to adopt Koha as ILS
10:17 jransom that is a big BIG deal for us
10:17 ivanc mi/my
10:17 jransom as in ourlocal Maori are really turning it on
10:17 chris yeah, its a pretty once in a lifetime thing
10:17 jransom and the mayoral reception is nice
10:18 jransom probably all the councillors and mayor will be joining us at the marae becuase its a bit special
10:18 wasabi ivanc++ , we are doing the same in NZ :)
10:18 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Bug: 4904: Problem with printing fines in overdue notices <[…]77048a2deb088c17c> / Bug 2664: Add item should preselect logged in branch <[…]77532408c2939ede6> / Fix for Bug 5265, error message on lists is misleading <
10:18 jransom they don't do the whole powhiri very often at all - and all because of you international Koha folk ")
10:18 slef The do's/don'ts postings, while seemingly common sense to us English, are a bit scary and I feel may be chilling signups.
10:19 ivanc wasabi++
10:19 chris slef: for the levin trip?
10:19 slef chris: yeah
10:19 jransom the no sitting on ntables thing etc?
10:19 kf not throwing foods
10:19 slef chris: we don't want to start an international cultural incident...
10:19 jransom better you know than inadvertently offend someone
10:20 slef yeah, it all seems common-sense, but it's still a little scary
10:20 jransom and its not arduous
10:20 jransom we'll look after youmate
10:20 slef not that we'd throw food... but that did surprise me in Florida, that people did that
10:21 jransom i'd never do it either
10:21 ivanc we have some problem first koha is not fully qualified for this purpose and second in italy is not widely used
10:21 chris gmcharlt: translation branch is ready to pull
10:21 gmcharlt slef: they do that in Florida?  news to me! :)
10:21 jransom but biffing a bread roll across the table to yor wife for instance
10:21 slef gmcharlt: maybe it's only sales workers...
10:21 jransom just don't do it now you know
10:21 chris oh another plug for the conference
10:21 jransom the pub :)
10:21 chris are sponsoring us some drinks for the first night
10:22 jransom sponsorship has been phenomenal
10:22 jransom local levin businesses delighted to spo nsor
10:22 hdl will there be music ?
10:22 jransom at the marae
10:22 jransom yes
10:22 wasabi oooh, ive heard about that place!
10:22 jransom kapahaka performances
10:22 ivanc kf helped me, but now, I realy need a librarian ( with witness )  that use koha
10:23 jransom ok - I'm done.
10:23 chris theres gonna be music in at least 2 presentations too
10:23 jransom nothing else useful to add
10:24 gmcharlt jransom++
10:24 gmcharlt any follow-up items from the September meeting?
10:24 gmcharlt chris: I've pushed the translation updates
10:25 chris coolio
10:25 ivanc we will happy to add these features to the distribution, but the school bust confirm the task
10:25 chris oh i forgot to mention hudson
10:25 slef Does the Koha holdings data fields item need to come back?
10:25 gmcharlt ah, yes - please say more about hudson
10:26 chris
10:26 slef Also I'm still massively behind with koha list mails I need to send. :-/
10:26 chris its just noticed that galen has been pushing things
10:26 chris so is doing a new build then is going to run all the unit tests
10:26 chris and complain about the ones that fail
10:26 chris soon im gonna make it complain at the people who committed the code tha makes it fail
10:27 chris it also runs a coverage test as well
10:27 chris[…]b/Koha/lastBuild/
10:27 chris the build that just ran
10:27 chris[…]/32/HTML_Report/?
10:27 hdl 39 tests failed already, and weather shines.
10:28 gmcharlt and this is where I make a plug for people to write more test cases, to make hudson even more useful
10:28 chris yep
10:28 hdl yes.
10:28 chris you can see we can improve our coverage a lot
10:28 gmcharlt chris++
10:28 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Merge branch 'translation' of git:// into master <[…]f0d277a0239b2a999> / Fix for syntax error in the spanish opac file <[…]4a2b8b973c8f7d69d> / Language updates <[…]mmitdiff;h=34165a
10:29 chris we want more blue, less red[…]ha/30/testReport/
10:29 chris but yeah, it just sits there and runs the tests everytime things change
10:29 chris (well every 15 mins if something has changed)
10:30 chris so lets try and get it passing everything and then increase that coverage
10:30 chris or both at the same time :)
10:30 hdl ok.
10:30 wasabi cheers for setting this up chris!
10:31 slef where's the link to[…]ha/30/testReport/ found?
10:31 wasabi ... and the IRC chanserv stuff too
10:31 gmcharlt chris++
10:31 gmcharlt chris: although, a question - is it possible to have hudson turn up verbosity on the test results?
10:31 chris slef:
10:31 chris if you click on the graph
10:31 jransom this is pretty cool
10:31 gmcharlt i.e,. to get the name of test cases that fail?
10:31 jransom chris++
10:32 slef chris: oic. Ta.
10:32 jransom goodnight folks - fallen asleep
10:32 chris[…]ha/29/testReport/
10:32 gmcharlt ok, time to set the next meeting date
10:32 slef jransom has been eaten by a grue
10:32 chris if they are named it will tell ya
10:32 kf good night jo
10:32 gmcharlt 19:00 UTC+0 on November 3?
10:32 chris and you can click on them to find out more
10:32 jransom wats a grue?
10:32 slef gmcharlt/chris: what's that in NZ?
10:33 jransom left #koha
10:33 hdl quite early in NZ
10:33 slef A grue is a fictional predator, first from the Zork series of interactive fiction games by Infocom, and subsequently in other Infocom games. The word grue was first used in modern times as a fictional predator from Jack Vance's Dying Earth universe (described as being part "ocular bat", part "uncanny hoon" and part man). Vance probably took the name from an archaic/dialectal...
10:34 chris 8am
10:34 chris november 4
10:34 chris in nz time
10:34 slef where am I then... checking :)
10:34 thd +1
10:34 chris we are +13 at the mo
10:34 gmcharlt slef: do we need to put out an APB to find you? :)
10:34 chris nov 5 is of course guy fawkes, you'll still be here for that?
10:35 hdl chris++
10:35 slef chris: nah, need to get home to recover before other trips in November, sorry
10:35 hdl Maybe I could be on plane...
10:35 thd A yes gmcharlt
10:36 chris hmm you might be actually .. maybe the week after instead?
10:36 thd maybe the week after
10:36 gmcharlt chris: November 10, then?
10:36 kf coming back an 2nd - perhaps we can make the next meeting a bit later?
10:36 slef I'm travelling back too.
10:36 chris works for me
10:36 kf 10+
10:36 hdl ok
10:36 gmcharlt ok - trying this - 19:00 UTC+0 on 10 November 2010
10:36 slef Nov 10 is OK... +/-1 day would be better
10:37 slef actually, hell, 10 Nov is fine
10:37 chris +1
10:37 thd +1 10 Nov.
10:37 slef (I should be travelling in a good signal area and I can't do much else at that time)
10:38 thd :)
10:38 thd slef: Will that be cell phone IRC?
10:38 slef yep
10:38 gmcharlt ok - 19:00 UTC+0 on 10 November it is
10:38 gmcharlt thanks all
10:39 slef e90, symbian and putty FTW!
10:39 gmcharlt meeting adjourned
10:39 wasabi thanx again galen
10:39 slef thanks gmcharlt
10:39 Amit thanks galen
10:40 kf thanks gmcharlt
10:40 hdl thanks
10:40 magnus thanks all - good meeting
10:40 adegroff thank you all for your time
10:42 wasabi congrats on your KOHA rebranding amy
10:43 adegroff i am sorry I am not following
10:50 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Missed adding the beta release <[…]93c9e912e27323b09> / Updating history doc <[…]9f274881e34931639> / Bug 5090: New order from empty record does not save publication year and ISBN <[…]h=53a11dbea95bb82
10:50 chris_n gmcharlt++
10:52 kf gmcharlt++
10:56 adegroff i must go begin my day - it was nice to meet many of you this morning.
10:57 kmkale joined #koha
10:57 nengard joined #koha
10:58 slef I take it back. It seems is another co-op. Yippee!
10:58 * slef does a little dance
10:58 kmkale hi all
10:59 ivanc slef yes since 2006
11:00 munin New commit(s) kohagit: bug_5245 Fix SQL syntax in GetItems <[…]54edbdc3db969bdcf> / Merge remote branch 'koha-fbc/k_bug_5203' into master <[…]f04b92a0630355384> / Fixes bug 5231: bad call to GetAuthType in BiblioAddAuthorities() <[…]/?p=koha.git;a=co
11:00 chris hi kmkale and nengard
11:00 nengard morning all
11:00 kmkale Is there a way I can configure Koha to use a mail server which requires authentication for outgoing mails?
11:01 kmkale hi chris
11:01 kf hi kmkale and nengard
11:01 chris yep kmkale
11:01 kmkale a hint chris?
11:02 chris well, koha uses the Mail::Sendmail module
11:02 kmkale hi kf
11:02 slef kmkale: I guess either 1. use mailserver on local system and configure that to authenticate; 2. hack the fraudulently-named Mail::Sendmail settings on the Koha system.
11:03 nengard sorry i missed the meeting ... was a bit too early to get my eyes to open :)
11:03 slef Anyone else irritated the Mail::Sendmail module doesn't use /usr/lib/sendmail?
11:03 nengard i'm off to read the logs
11:03 slef hi nengard
11:03 nengard hiya slef - are you counting down??
11:03 nengard Today is 14 days for me :)
11:03 slef nengard: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh :)
11:04 chris slef: i was gonna suggest nullmailer, to handle the handing it off
11:04 nengard that doesn't sound positive
11:04 chris or yeah, hack Mail::Sendmail
11:04 kmkale chris nullmailer does not do authentication does it?
11:04 slef nengard: it has a smiley. I just hate planes.
11:04 nengard ah yes! I'm a bit nervous about that part too
11:04 adegroff left #koha
11:05 slef LIMITATIONS
11:05 slef No suport for the SMTP AUTH extension.
11:05 slef
11:05 nengard but I get to sit with hubby and sekjal so they can keep me calm
11:05 kmkale aahh
11:05 slef ok, so it would be a biiig hack to Mail::Sendmail
11:05 kmkale iii? that big?
11:05 chris exim4 can easily, and send all its mail to a smarthost
11:05 laurence left #koha
11:06 slef Yes, reliable SMTP handling is hard.
11:06 kmkale cause this place does not have a static IP so I cant set up relaying reliably
11:06 slef I think install something that can do SMTP AUTH (exim4, postfix, or something lighter if you can find one) and tell Koha to use localhost.
11:07 chris yeah
11:07 kmkale chris exim4 can do auth and handover?
11:07 chris yup
11:07 slef exim4 could probably control space flight with the right configuration
11:07 kmkale slef: tell Koha to use localhost.. Where?
11:07 chris it will use localhost by default
11:07 chris so you wont even have to tell it
11:08 slef yeah, unless you've changed it, sorry
11:08 ivanc dovecot is realy simple
11:08 kmkale cool. Exim4
11:08 slef does dovecot do smtp?
11:08 slef I only use it for IMAP
11:08 kmkale I have used dovecot as IMAP server many times. But not for smtp
11:09 slef nullmailer can do smtp auth
11:09 slef I'm not sure how secure (TLS? C-R login?), mind.
11:10 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 5101, Creators tab isn't highlighted when selected <[…]78b7e1abb8eb3ff95> / Merge remote branch 'koha-fbc/k_bug_5215' into master <[…]995967e5ecc315d19> / Merge remote branch 'koha-fbc/k_bug_5247' into to-push <
11:10 ivanc yes right, with postfix
11:10 slef ok np
11:11 kmkale googling up on nullmailer auth
11:12 kf ivanc: you got no response from the library in stuttgart?
11:13 kmkale yup "smarthost.dom smtp --port=2525 --user=user --pass=pass"
11:13 kmkale nullmailer remotes
11:13 kmkale thanks slef chris ivanc
11:14 ivanc kf no :(
11:15 sirexkat left #koha
11:15 chris magnus: thanks for updating the minutes
11:15 kf ivanc: you could try and contact him or one of our libraries directly
11:16 kf but they are not school libraries of course :(
11:17 ivanc kf  yes I dont have a lot  more possiblity
11:17 chris ivanc: how big does the school need to be?
11:18 ivanc I'need a librarian who uses Koha, no limit :)
11:19 chris oh
11:19 chris easy peasy
11:20 ivanc better if the librarian is a german
11:20 chris
11:20 chris use koha
11:20 Colin ivanc we support a school library in the uk running koha
11:20 nengard um ... i did a rebase and now i have an ugly error
11:21 chris
11:21 chris they are interesting cos everything they use is floss
11:21 kf there are a lot of koha school libraries - but German is a problem
11:21 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "error after rebase" (20 lines) at
11:21 nengard anyone else see this?
11:22 kf nengard: I think I have an idea
11:22 chris oh thats not an ugly error
11:22 chris you are just missing a module
11:22 kf you need to install another module
11:22 nengard chris - any error is ugly :)
11:22 chris apt-get install libbusiness-isbn-perl
11:22 Colin Business::ISBN
11:22 kf :)
11:22 ivanc tnks chris Colin kf
11:22 * kf thinks #koha is such a great place to be
11:23 nengard hmmm - isn't there a more graceful way to let people know that they're missing something for Koha to run?
11:23 kf there was a hint in the commit message of frederic's patch
11:23 chris the installer checks
11:23 Colin kf: are you doing anything with analytics?
11:23 kf Warning! On some devel installations, you will have to install by hand a
11:23 kf new CPAN depency:
11:23 kf Business::ISBN
11:23 chris but no, if you are running out of git and just rebase like that .. no easy way
11:23 kf Colin: bug 4506
11:23 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4506 enhancement, P5, ---, katrin.fischer, NEW, Add support of record linking by record control number in $w
11:24 kf I did some work on that
11:24 chris Colin: have you seen the rfc?
11:24 kf Colin: but I have still not read the rfc :(
11:24 kf my work is here:[…]ree/bug_4506_xslt
11:25 nengard so i just installed it and now koha says it needs an upgrade .... kind of like Graphics::Magick
11:25 kf but I am quite new to the public repo thing - hope I did everything right
11:25 kf and it still needs some work, it's not showing 733 $h at the moment
11:25 chris on the about page nengard ?
11:25 chris you can safely ignore that
11:25 nengard oh, yes, sorry i wasn't clearer
11:25 jwagner joined #koha
11:25 kf Colin: I can provide you with an example of our marc21 data to show you how it works
11:25 chris or upgrade to squeeze (id pick the former)
11:26 Colin Yes. I've seen the rfc I think we may get sponsered to do some related work
11:26 kf Colin: we have a lot of $w links and relationships in our data
11:26 Colin kf: a sample would be helpful
11:27 kf Colin: ok, give me some time to export the data, will try to do it later
11:27 kf I can email you the file
11:27 Colin Thanks
11:28 kf no problem
11:29 kf I did some manual manipulation on my records, want to sent you a clean sample
11:32 Amit left #koha
11:33 chris ok, sleep time for me
11:33 chris have good days all
11:34 tcohen joined #koha
11:34 kf good night chris :)
11:35 nengard reading through new commits and love that chris_n put a documentation note in there for me :) now i know what to update in the manual :)
11:36 ianB_ joined #koha
11:36 ianB left #koha
11:36 ianB_ is now known as ianB
11:40 munin New commit(s) kohagit: bug 5086: fix setting claim date <[…]3be2dfd7a5f07779b>
11:50 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5032 Remove duplicate code <[…]9ff5b6ac281babe26> / Bug 5047 html option not in -help output <[…]7d54ccb15d7b57792> / Bug 5160 Stop words should be stop words not strings <[…]9497ea74339277b08
11:51 * kf hands munin a cookie
11:53 magnus oooh, gotta love all those commits
11:53 kf me too
11:53 kf I am so excited watching it
12:00 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 4922 - Item display tries to show serial info for titles with series... <[…]ae0af64d5b862b47d> / Update VOKAL icon set <[…]615eb7779aea2da3b> / Bug 5217 : package/CPAN updates for Ubuntu Lucid install <
12:01 magnus left #koha
12:06 magnus joined #koha
12:09 owen joined #koha
12:09 tajoli joined #koha
12:09 owen Hi all, sorry to have missed the meeting
12:10 * chris_n too
12:10 chris_n but the sleep was good ;-)
12:10 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 3630 Impossible to perform Scan Indexes search <[…]54d0f8e3aa17492fa> / Avoid to add a warning in log <[…]2a856d8e9ba84c888> / Fix for Bug 4849 - Cannot delete records from Labeled MARC view <[…]t;a=commitdiff;h=
12:10 * owen was getting kids out of bed, getting them breakfast, etc.
12:10 owen jwagner here?
12:10 jwagner Yes
12:11 owen Please have my quote removed from this page:
12:11 owen The company for whom that quote was given no longer exists
12:11 owen and it was given about a product which Liblime no longer supports
12:11 jwagner owen, please email and I'll forward it.
12:12 owen Thank you.
12:12 slef runs in ASP?  Yikes
12:13 slef anyone else seeing all the menu links on that page go to
12:13 owen Haven't you heard slef? Liblime isn't an open source company anymore.
12:14 slef owen: no. I've been working too much :-/
12:14 * chris_n noted the redirection problems last evening
12:14 slef I tend to watch the ball more than other players.
12:14 chris_n s/redirection/rewrite/
12:15 slef After all, if the co-op is good at what it does, most of the other players are irrelevant.
12:16 * paul_p feels we should just take note of what happends & continue our job. too much distracting. Now, I even think it's a kind of strategy.
12:16 paul_p 'morning owen & other US ppl I haven't seen before
12:16 nengard slef did you read jo's blog post? that's what i pictured when you mentioned watching the ball :0
12:16 jwagner owen, there's a lot of revisionist history going on right now, and I'm pretty tired of it.  Your comment and Joann Ransom's quote "They took the ball, the code, and played with it a while cutting out the orginal players by not pasing it back in the way of bug-fixes and enhancements." in particular.
12:17 chris_n heya paul_p
12:17 owen jwagner: You're certainly right about the revisionist history
12:17 jwagner We HAVE passed back bug fixes and enhancements, somewhere around 100 patches if my count is accurate.  We do support open source.
12:17 jwagner And we have been trying our best to participate.  People don't seem to pay any attention.
12:18 slef nengard: no... I've barely been reading lists, definitely few blogs. What post?
12:18 jwagner My question now is, do you want us to keep trying to participate?  The constant negativity here and elsewhere makes it really hard for me to feel welcome or wanted.
12:19 nengard slef: http://library-matters.blogspo[…]ive-and-well.html
12:19 owen jwagner: You can start by withdrawing the NZ trademark application
12:20 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 2947, value_builder scripts using authnotrequired <[…]a5f1f7e62ce88460d>
12:20 slef jwagner: the unretracted legal threat means I mostly ignore you and your colleagues. I try not to be negative about PTFS beyond that, but statements by John Yokley and co do not make it easy to keep my neutrality.
12:20 slef nengard: ta. Reading.
12:21 nengard jwagner, i think the point that is that I only see 2 ptfs people sending patches[…]author&  and we appreciate those people, but participating in a community is about so much more than sending a few patches - it's about acting like a member of the community and that's what people keep getting upset about
12:22 slef PTFS would probably be much more agreeable if led by jwagner.
12:22 nengard it's the whole actions speak louder than words thing ... it's what slef and owen are saying and so much more
12:22 nengard agreed!
12:23 slef I'm tempted to say that what we need is someone with big money to go and buy liblime. But that already happened and doesn't seem to have helped.
12:23 nengard yeah :( we were all so positive about the change over when it happened
12:23 chris_n jwagner: I must say that ptfs grab of koha-community.* domains does not constitute "good will" imho
12:23 kf but perhaps we can still try not to treat some people as responsible for all their company does and decides? the people that stay around #koha and send patches to make it worse
12:24 chris_n jwagner: I do see contributions of two of PTFS's developers and am grateful, but cannot overlook the rather hostile overtones of other PTFS actions toward the community
12:24 jwagner nengard, perhaps you don't remember that when you were with Liblime your organization did its best to block us from any community participation.  The community was hostile to us from the beginning.
12:24 chris_n if this offends, I'm sorry, but do not have plans to change my appraisal of the facts as they stand
12:25 chris_n PTFS is welcome to change the facts
12:25 slef kf: not completely, sorry, if the workers do not wish to be seen as supporting the company, they should not work for it.
12:25 nengard jwagner and if you remember as soon as i was told i couldn't be a member of the community i quit ....
12:25 chris_n and my appraisal of them will change accordingly
12:26 slef jwagner: no, we were neutral, but before we really decided, we had a nice threat from PTFS.  That does pretty much polarise.
12:26 nengard also - just like you're not the one we're talking about at ptfs - i wasn't part of the decision making process at LL and wasn't part of that decision
12:26 kf slef: sorry, I don't agree it is as easy as this.
12:27 slef kf: it's not easy, but corporations only exist through actions by their workers and owners.
12:29 * nengard nengard_breakfast
12:29 nengard oops - not what i meant to do :) hehe
12:29 nengard anyway - off to get food
12:29 slef lunchtime here, too
12:29 slef bbi45
12:30 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5089: Add German translation of borrowerRelationship and BorrowersTitles values <[…]0ac663ba9c7ad40e2> / Fix for Bug 5093 - JavaScript error in IE8 when choosing authority record <[…]c2e6628fb544ac6be> / Bug 5092: No results when searching by LC Call Numbe
12:30 slef kf: I think our difference in points of view is why I keep working for co-ops, rather than agreeing to be a private company employee when they ask.
12:31 slef I'm ill-suited to be a manager, but equally don't want to be powerless over company direction.
12:32 kf I think I agree most with paul_p - let us keep working on koha, stay open for everybody to contribute and make the best product out of koha
12:33 kf not getting distracted (that's what paul_p said earlier)
12:33 paul_p kf, tout à fait !
12:33 * kf goes to ask google translate ;)
12:33 * owen sheds a happy tear to see that some of his long-neglected patches are getting pushed
12:34 kf owen: I was happy to see your serial / enumchron patch :)
12:36 paul_p just to be complete : jwagner my main disappointment was to see that 2 weeks after writing "we want a foundation, we have some propositions", there is a so "bad" thing (at the very bare minimum, something totally irrespectuous) fact
12:37 paul_p s/complete/say everything/ (frenchism detected :D)
12:37 jwagner paul_p, I'm not understanding
12:39 ianB left #koha
12:40 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5264 (Retain additional bibliographic subfields when merging authorities) [for... <[…]cc09e57e3e00ee608> / Fixing non placeholder sql in UpdateGuarantees <[…]72dcf10a76134c0bd>
12:40 paul_p 2 weeks ago, your boss wrote something on the mailing lists, that has been really positively welcomed. But the new website just result in a question : "why should we trust what he promised, when what he do is so irrespectfull for the community..."
12:41 paul_p bue nevermind, I repeat, as other says : you (jwagner) are not counted as responsible for your company.
12:42 magnus jwagner: i for one think of you and druthb as valuable parts of the community, and i hope you are both able to *not* take criticism of your employer personally. on the other hand, i do hope you understand the frustration of the community when your employer does things like acquire variants of the domain without pointing them to the community site, even if you are not able to say so in public
12:42 jwagner Would you please email me with what you think is disrespectful about our corporate web site?
12:42 owen jwagner: The new "KOHA" logo perhaps?
12:43 paul_p jwagner, i'll probably write a blog entry about that today. Just trying not to react too quickly (it's sometimes a bad idea to react too quickly)
12:44 jwagner magnus, I appreciate your comment, but I think you and slef and others are somewhat misunderstanding my position.  You seem to assume that I disagree with everything my company does but am powerless to say so.  In fact, while I have disagreed with some decisions (and argued my point internally), I am fully supportive of my company's work.  I think we are doing a good job supporting our clients,
12:44 jwagner and that is our primary goal.
12:45 jwagner We have also undertaken some massive development projects, and have submitted features to the community when they are finished.
12:46 magnus jwagner: well, that is a disappointment
12:46 jwagner I personally am up to over 30 patches of my own work, independent of the development projects, all of which have been submitted.
12:46 owen it's a shame LEK still isn't finished.
12:46 magnus i'll shut up now and get on with my work
12:46 jwagner owen, we inherited the contract that governs LEK and are bound by it.  When that contract is completed, the LEK features will be released.
12:50 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 5156 - JavaScript error when adding list <[…]3d994cfebe739eb12> / fixes bug 4385 <[…]72a954c05bdab8778>
12:51 kf yay!- bug 4385
12:51 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4385 enhancement, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, With XSLT on, results list doesn't show both hardcopy and URL availability
12:56 schuster joined #koha
13:00 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 5100, Incorrect link to System Preferences <[…]276788a5fd7925153>
13:03 reva joined #koha
13:09 reva hi good morning all. I am reinstalling my debian as it froze on me; Have a question: do i include the two for // at the end of commands given in 1.6 of this page[…];f=INSTALL.debian ? Thanks for any help.
13:10 slef reva: looking
13:10 slef reva: yes
13:10 slef although I think they should be single \s
13:11 slef or you can put the whole command on one line with out \s
13:11 slef and note they are \\ not /
13:11 slef and reinstalling is a drastic way to deal with a freeze
13:11 reva thanks sief. ok I will, without. Got it about the \ instead of /:)
13:12 gmcharlt I've fixed the typo
13:13 slef ta
13:14 gmcharlt @later tell chris I've installed libbusiness-isbn-perl  on bugs to fix the false test failures
13:14 munin gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
13:14 reva I know, but you see we had tried to use synaptics and it would not let us boot into the shell again. It goes through the boot and accepts password, but stops with a blank blue screen. So have to reinstall (after trying many ways to get in)
13:16 nengard ick! totally un related to anything here - my pup (coda) just came for some pets and she has a new growth on her neck - ick! -- and time to call the vet
13:16 gmcharlt nengard: sorry to hear that, hope it turns out to be minor
13:17 nengard it was last time - just a cist they had to drain
13:17 nengard i think that was a year ago - so at least it was gone for a while
13:17 sekjal joined #koha
13:18 ivanc nengard I'm sorry for your puppy
13:18 nengard thanks, she doesn't seem to mind as much as I do :) hehe
13:20 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Merge branch 'test_cases' of /home/koha/koha1/dev into to-push <[…]52a476153b6054bc8> / fix typo in INSTALL.debian <[…]0da6588586fe1e047> / use Test::More for t/Koha.t <[…]1b499650fb6aefdcd
13:23 briceSanc joined #koha
13:23 briceSanc hello all
13:23 owen Hi briceSanc
13:23 briceSanc it's great to see activities on Koha git :)
13:24 irma hi all
13:24 jwagner owen, your quote has been removed from the site.  FYI, because the old site was done in Plone and was totally unusable (as many noted when LL first went to it), we have been working to transfer the site into a different environment.  We are aware that there is some old content and will be cleaning that up, now that the overall site is editable.
13:24 kf hi irma )
13:25 owen Thank you jwagner
13:25 slef jwagner: I'm sorry that you feel that way.  No company serves its clients well by attacking the wider community, but serving its clients is not PTFS's primary goal. As I understand US law (Dodge v Ford and so on), serving its stockholders must be PTFS's primary goal. Sometimes that may coincide with serving its clients well, but not always. Maybe we should discuss this elsewhere?
13:26 jcamins_a gmcharlt++ # wow!
13:26 jcamins_a is now known as jcamins
13:26 jcamins Good morning, #koha
13:26 briceSanc Should I wait for update my git ?
13:26 briceSanc jcamins, good morning !
13:26 jwagner slef, Patrick Jones will be attending KohaCon -- feel free to discuss it with him there.
13:27 jwagner And I again note that _we_ are not attacking the community, in my opinion.  The community has been attacking us.
13:27 sekjal briceSanc:  if you git pull now, you'll probably need to do it again at the end of the day, too
13:27 briceSanc ok
13:28 briceSanc sekjal, thks :)
13:28 kf gmcharlt is pushing patches like crazy
13:28 kf fun to watch :)
13:29 jwagner Do I understand from the meeting log that the last blockers for 3.2 have been fixed?  Does this activity mean that 3.2 is finally getting finished?
13:30 slef jwagner: does that mean you consider things like reopening koha project organisation after others had agreed, TM applications and domain registrations cannot be seen as disruptive attacks by some?
13:30 owen Bug 3881?
13:30 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3881 blocker, P5, ---, paul.poulain, NEW, No Page for Opac Privacy
13:30 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 2377 - Review tags: format date according to system preference <[…]0fb16874c3876023a>
13:32 seneca joined #koha
13:32 irma jwagner Do you like PTFS's KOHA logo?
13:32 jwagner slef, I think there are legitimate arguments to be made on both sides.  I also think it's a pity that the environment has gotten so poisonous that anything we do is viewed as suspicious and an attack.
13:33 ricardo left #koha
13:33 jwagner irma, from what I've been told, that logo is not new.  We designed it and started using well over a year ago, after the community/LibLime at that point refused to allow us to use the official Koha logo.  Patrick can dig up the history on that if you want.
13:33 paul_p irma: not sure it's a good idea to put oil on fire (frenchism detected ;-) ). And anyway, it's a kind of personal opinion "do you like this painting/music/...")
13:33 irma jwagner Why confuse librarians worldwide by introducing 2?
13:33 slef I keep getting "There was an error processing this form. Please try again." on http://library-matters.blogspo[…]ive-and-well.html - can anyone suggest why?
13:34 seneca Greetings - anyone care to help me figure out a strange behavior wth report exporting that I don't understand?
13:34 paul_p slef, I this there was an error processing you form :D :D
13:34 slef paul_p: yeah yeah :D
13:35 slef jwagner: I agree it's a pity, but how does peeing in the pool more make it less poisonous?
13:36 seneca When trying to export the output of the report for items with no checkouts, the option to choose "to a file" is greyed out, but that option is available when exporting the output of the patrons with no checkouts report.
13:36 seneca Is there a setting or switch I need to flip?
13:36 owen seneca: That is known as Bug 3946
13:36 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3946 major, P5, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, can't export Items with no checkouts
13:37 seneca ah
13:37 owen I speculate that the "to a file" feature was never added? I don't really know.
13:37 Drl-Ulm joined #koha
13:37 seneca Is it odd that it is specified for patrons with no checkouts?
13:37 reva hi sief do I install the packages. We are using the graphical interface. What packages would I choose so installs MySQL (with the admin module) and Perl?
13:38 slef "Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval." hahahaha
13:38 Drl-Ulm Hello
13:38 slef now requires cookies :-(
13:38 seneca No worries, though - I can run an export from the mysql db and be patient. Thanks!
13:38 slef reva: look in the file in misc that has a list of packages?
13:39 * owen wonders how much useful information leaked out of his brain to make room for Koha bugs
13:39 kf seneca: file a bug report / enhacnement request for it
13:40 slef owen: my brain is full of bugs. Sadly they seem to be roaches.
13:41 jcamins @later tell SJeffery I would suggest that you might be better off using 773 for analytics, with all the work that kf is doing on linking.
13:41 munin jcamins: The operation succeeded.
13:41 reva ok sief, i will. It has given me a a choice of sql database, web server, file server, print server (this is the gui installer; not yet in misc.)
13:42 seneca @kf It seems that there is already a bug report for it - would adding my voice help move it up proority?
13:42 munin seneca: Error: "kf" is not a valid command.
13:42 ianB joined #koha
13:42 reva so do i pick these? or wait to get in and pick from the misc folder? sief
13:43 kf seneca: a comment that the problem exists and which version you use is always good It hink
13:43 kf that the problem still exists...
13:43 tajoli left #koha
13:44 kf jcamins: I have a public repo for the linking work now and working on a file with example records
13:44 reva by the way, I downloaded CD1. I am not sure it has all the packages. hi jcamins.
13:44 seneca kf: Ok, I know I'm not running the newest version, so maybe I'll file it if it still exists after I upgrade... whenever that is. ;)  Thanks!
13:44 seneca left #koha
13:47 reva do i need the file server?
13:48 slef reva: sorry, I'm at work, so slow.  I think only sql database and web server
13:49 slef or if only one to pick, webserver... fileserver will be things like samba
13:50 reva Thanks sief.
13:56 jcamins kf: yay!
13:56 jcamins kf++
13:57 jcamins reva: I would suggest following the instructions. Really.
14:08 slef instructions to install debian can be found somewhere on
14:09 slef If the system will only do koha, a minimal install will be OK, as the Koha installation will configure the rest.
14:09 reva ok, I am following instructions strictly. Thanks sief and jcamins.
14:10 reva It is now installed with web server and sql packages. we had difficulty only when we started Perl, as far as I recall.
14:22 druthb joined #koha
14:22 * druthb sneaks in, hides behind jwagner.
14:23 kf hi druthb :)
14:24 reva Am I supposed to see the ok as my response, when it has added the key to the indexdata.asc? Because that is what is on the screen after i ran the command. Anyone.
14:24 * jwagner tells druthb THAT WON'T WORK!
14:26 slef reva: I would guess OK is OK.
14:26 magnus is now known as mag_away
14:26 * druthb looks for a less-fierce place to hide.
14:27 reva After I fetch the Koha am I to start on its installation, or wait till 2.2? (because the instruction just says to fetch it, nothing about installing it.)
14:29 slef reva: good point. Don't start installing it, but do unpack it if you picked option B in 1.4.
14:30 slef the file install_misc/ is in the koha package
14:32 kf druthb: you can hide behind me :)
14:32 reva thanks sief.
14:32 * druthb hides behind kf.
14:33 * kf shares some cookies with her new shadow
14:33 druthb mmmm
14:34 slef reva: it's slef not sief
14:34 briceSanc[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5281 i have a patch
14:34 munin Bug 5281: trivial, P5, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW, "Check in" then "Renew" checkboxes checked in the same time
14:35 ianB left #koha
14:36 reva sorry I cannot see very well, I kept seeing slef (correct?) as sief.
14:36 owen Grr! Why is my page suddenly giving me a js error? "uncaught exception: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: )"
14:36 kmkale left #koha
14:36 jcamins kf: do you know, I never noticed LDR/19?
14:36 slef owen: mismatched parentheses
14:37 kf jcamins: I am not sure how long it existed
14:37 kf jcamins: is it what I used for set?
14:37 jcamins Yup.
14:38 jcamins Ohhh.
14:38 jcamins There's why.
14:38 jcamins It was redefined in 2007.
14:38 jcamins Our documentation is from the 80s.
14:39 jcamins I think maybe I should campaign for a new set.
14:40 munin New commit(s) kohagit: various improvements to t/db_dependent/VirtualShelves.t <[…]f78ec01d33b8475cc> / removed AddToShelfFromBiblio from C4::VirtualShelves <[…]1dbbde4fe5a7be12c> / fix test plan and false test errors in Search.t <[…]b/?p=koha.git;a=c
14:41 owen briceSanc: Please submit your patch for bug 5281
14:41 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5281 trivial, P5, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW, "Check in" then "Renew" checkboxes checked in the same time
14:41 ianB joined #koha
14:42 kf jcamins: I always use the online documentation of loc
14:42 kf jcamins: the german doc is available as pdf - not very handy
14:43 reva slef, should I be extracting it to root? or to the kohauser (another log in)? I mean would it mess up permissions if it is all extracted to root?
14:44 slef reva: it depends but I'd do it to the kohauser.
14:45 reva thanks, slef:)
14:47 jwagner is now known as jwag_mtg
14:47 briceSanc owen, could i submit tomorrow ?
14:48 owen Of course briceSanc, I just wanted to make sure you were going to :)
14:50 jcamins kf: yeah, I use the online one mostly, too.
14:53 hudsonbot joined #koha
14:54 owen Uh oh. I get the feeling hudsonbot isn't here to give us cookies.
14:54 chris_n lol
14:55 chris_n more likely to give out coal
14:55 kf owen: I think he expects us to share our cookies with him
14:55 hudsonbot Starting build 45 for job Koha (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last STILL UNSTABLE #44 18 min ago)
14:55 wizzyrea OH
14:55 wizzyrea that's what he does :P
14:55 reva I am running the sudo install_misc/; but even when I am in the extracted folder, it says no such file or directory. But I see the folder. anyone?
14:57 brendan_l left #koha
14:58 * jcamins gives hudsonbot an oatmeal coconut curry chocolate chip cookie bar as a peace offering
14:59 jcamins kf: this is fantastic
14:59 slef !rename hudsonbot KnechtRuprecht
14:59 ianB_ joined #koha
15:00 reva ok it ran it now(my typo) It says package daemon is not available, but available from another source (It contiues to say that this may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted.... package daemon has no installation candidate)
15:01 reva it says Package Daemon is referred to by another package.
15:01 reva So should I ignore and continue on to the next step?
15:02 hudsonbot Project Koha build (45): STILL UNSTABLE in 6 min 44 sec:
15:02 ianB left #koha
15:02 ianB_ is now known as ianB
15:03 slef reva: you need to install package daemon to completely install koha. Do what it suggests, or put the message on the pastebin if you'd like help interpreting it.
15:04 kf jcamins: glad you like it
15:04 reva slef, where would I find the Package deamon to install it? I mean is it something I fetch from outside? what is the url for it?
15:06 slef reva: but it should be available to your package manager already.
15:07 jcamins What does getIndexes do?
15:07 hudsonbot Starting build 46 for job Koha (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last STILL UNSTABLE #45 12 min ago)
15:08 reva how would I install if it is already there? I mean which folder is it in, and what is the command to installing it in (inside the Koha-3.02.0-beta/misc ?
15:08 slef hudsonbot: you are too chatty.
15:08 hudsonbot slef did you mean me? Unknown command 'you'
15:08 hudsonbot Use !hudsonhelp to get help!
15:08 slef !hudsonhelp
15:08 hudsonbot Available commands:
15:08 hudsonbot abort <job> - specify which job to abort
15:08 hudsonbot alias [<alias> [<command>]] - defines a new alias, deletes one or lists all existing aliases
15:08 hudsonbot botsnack [<snack>] - om nom nom
15:08 hudsonbot build <job> [now|<delay>[s|m|h]] [<parameterkey>=<value>]* - schedule a job build, with standard, custom or no quiet period
15:08 hudsonbot comment <job> <build-#> <comment> - adds a description to a build
15:08 hudsonbot h [<job>|-v <view>] - show the health of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
15:08 hudsonbot health [<job>|-v <view>] - show the health of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
15:08 hudsonbot jobs [<job>|-v <view>] - show the status of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
15:08 hudsonbot q - show the state of the build queue
15:08 hudsonbot queue - show the state of the build queue
15:08 hudsonbot s [<job>|-v <view>] - show the status of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
15:08 hudsonbot schedule <job> [now|<delay>[s|m|h]] [<parameterkey>=<value>]* - schedule a job build, with standard, custom or no quiet period
15:08 hudsonbot status [<job>|-v <view>] - show the status of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
15:08 hudsonbot testresult [<job>|-v <view>] - show the test results of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
15:08 hudsonbot userstat <username> - prints information about a Hudson user
15:09 slef reva: the command to install it is probably in install_misc/ but I would guess: aptitude install daemon
15:10 jcamins kf: I'm a little confused about the changes in marc21_framework_DEFAULT.sql. Is this two sets of changes?
15:11 munin New commit(s) kohagit: cleanup of DB-dependent fund test cases <[…]82615dda7e869ce4c> / fix typo/thinko in list test <[…]1a1235dfa6c84eacd>
15:11 kf jcamins: not sure what you mean, I added the $w subfields that were missing to all existing frameworks
15:11 reva slef, so I am not getting you. so I would prepend aptitude install deamon to the install command. I am sorry, I am very new to this install from scratch.
15:11 kf jcamins: can you give me the link what you are looking at?
15:12 jcamins kf:[…]b3144958ab#L2L114
15:12 moodaepo joined #koha
15:13 reva Slef, I do not even know the path to finding the daemon package inside debian. Say I download it. I would place it in the koha3.02.0-bet/misc. What would be the command to run it at that stage?
15:13 kf jcamins: now I am a bit confused myself
15:14 jcamins reva: just run exactly the command that slef suggested.
15:14 hudsonbot Project Koha build (46): STILL UNSTABLE in 6 min 21 sec:
15:14 hudsonbot * Galen Charlton: fix typo/thinko in list test
15:14 hudsonbot * Galen Charlton: cleanup of DB-dependent fund test cases
15:14 stephane1 left #koha
15:14 gmcharlt hudsonbot: yeah, I'm working on it
15:14 hudsonbot gmcharlt did you mean me? Unknown command 'yeah,'
15:14 hudsonbot Use !hudsonhelp to get help!
15:15 kf jcamins: those are the french marc21 frameworks, they were a copy fo the marc21 frameworks, only some item fields were named different
15:15 jcamins Ohh.
15:15 kf I think the changes happened when I copied some of my work over
15:15 jcamins I see.
15:15 kf they are not translated
15:15 kf I remember checking every file for differences
15:16 kf some other languages don't even have copied marc21 frameworks
15:16 reva jcamin: I got the when I ran the "sudo install_misc/", the response said the Package Daemon is not available. So I would just add the "aptitude install daemon" at the end of the "sudo install_misc/" ?
15:16 gmcharlt chris_n: are the label and patroncard failures in[…]#showFailuresLink also happening to you?
15:17 jcamins reva: no, there is no prepending or appending.
15:17 jcamins Type "sudo aptitude install daemon" and press enter.
15:17 reva ok, jcamin:
15:17 reva That was supposed to be a smiley:)
15:18 jcamins kf++ # still reading through the bug 4506 fix
15:18 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4506 enhancement, P5, ---, katrin.fischer, NEW, Add support of record linking by record control number in $w
15:19 * kf blushes
15:19 reva Would I be in the misc folder? Or should I be at the root. Because I was in the misc folder when I ran the "sudo install_misc/" command. May be that is why it gave the message. I should have been at the root.
15:19 slef reva: sorry, I'm at work, so time is limited.  Please read the instructions, get help from tech support or maybe a local user group.
15:19 kf jcamins++ for proof reading all those marc21 things!
15:19 slef reva: no, it doesn't matter where you are when you run aptitude.
15:20 chris_n gmcharlt: yup; those are most likely outdated tests
15:20 reva ok thanks; sorry for the trouble. But you have been great help. I appreciate that, taking time out to answer a beginner.
15:20 gmcharlt chris_n: ok - can you do the surgery to remove the obviously bogus test cases today?
15:21 chris_n I'll get on it after lunch edt
15:21 gmcharlt thanks
15:21 jcamins reva: <-- reading the documentation would help, since really all the problems you're having are with getting used to Linux and have very little to do with Koha
15:22 * chris_n becomes the first of hudsonbot's victims... ;-)
15:24 gmcharlt chris_n: those are old failures, actually, so you're OK - we haven't yet achieved 100% test passage, so it's premature to pick on anybody for breaking the build ;)
15:24 reva Says I neet to get 0B of package After unpacking 0B will be used. so where would I get this 0B?
15:25 jcamins reva: that's a Linux question, but it sounds to me like you already have everything. Just try things, see what happens. The only way you get used to new software is experimenting with it.
15:29 reva jcamins: even as I am writing I am trying various things. But to no avail. I keep getting the same message for aptitude install daemon: Need to get 0B archives.
15:31 larsw that just means it does not need to download anything
15:32 larsw it might, for example, have already downloaded everything, or be installing them from a CD
15:33 reva larsw, are you saying that to me? Yes, I installed Debian from a iso cd. But why is it not finding it? Rather where would I find it in my folders to extract it?
15:33 larsw reva, yes, that was for you
15:34 reva Thanks larsw: so where would I find it to unpack it? Or the command to unpack it, so that i can run aptitude install.
15:34 larsw reva, I don't know what you're installing, but I think jcamins is right that a more general Linux (or Debian) support channel might be more helpful; you could try #debian on the network, or the brand-new site
15:35 gmcharlt @later tell chris fixed permissions on  the symlink to make hudson marginally happier
15:35 munin gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
15:35 slef reva: aptitude install will unpack and install it. But without seeing what aptitude responded, I don't understand what problem you are encoutnering.
15:37 reva will log in and try to post a screen shot. Because it says No Candidate Version found for daemon. But I have to log in from that station.
15:38 jcamins kf: I see you added display of 775. You disagree with OCLC that the only 76x-78x fields that should display are 773, 780, and 785? (see[…]/7xx/76x-78x.shtm )
15:38 Lee joined #koha
15:39 jcamins (I agree with you on that, by the way, just checking that I understand)
15:40 kf jcamins: you ask difficult questions :)
15:40 kf let me check
15:40 jcamins That's what I'm here for. :)
15:41 jcamins Wow. kf has gone where angels fear to tread: "<!-- 490 Series traced, Ind1 = 1 -->"
15:41 kf where do they say it shoudl not be displayed?
15:41 jcamins The very end of that page I linked to.
15:41 briceSanc Does Koha support UQAM barcode ?
15:41 slef Not by default, but support in what way? A lot more depends on your barcode hardware.
15:41 jcamins I have long claimed that OCLC is wrong in that.
15:42 kf I am not sure about OCLC - but I can show you a record where it makes a lot of sense
15:42 jcamins I could show you records where it makes sense, too. ;)
15:43 kf why would you not want to show it?
15:43 briceSanc slef, i would like to know if Koha can generate UQAM barcode or not ?
15:43 jcamins kf: I cannot begin to imagine why you wouldn't want to show it. OCLC is pretty ridiculous.
15:44 briceSanc slef, but you say it's the barcode hardware who read barcode and decrypt the barcode?
15:44 slef briceSanc: in automatic numbering, or printing? But the answer is probably that it can, but does not as released.
15:44 slef briceSanc: yes, the barcode hardware should just send a number to the computer.
15:44 briceSanc self, ok
15:44 briceSanc self, thanks!
15:45 slef briceSanc: best situation probably would be if you also have a barcode printer which takes a number from the computer and prints the right barcode for you.
15:45 slef but that is less common.
15:46 slef so you end up limited to what the perl barcode modules support printing. I forget their names. Check the manual.
15:46 brendan_l joined #koha
15:46 slef You can always add UQAM style if you wish and it's not there.
15:47 briceSanc ok i will tink about that
15:51 munin New commit(s) kohagit: more test case fixes <[…]9692fdd776a139603>
15:52 hudsonbot Starting build 47 for job Koha (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last STILL UNSTABLE #46 45 min ago)
15:54 brendan_l left #koha
15:55 brendan_l joined #koha
15:58 Lee left #koha
15:59 hudsonbot Project Koha build (47): STILL UNSTABLE in 6 min 36 sec:
15:59 hudsonbot Galen Charlton: more test case fixes
16:01 jcamins Wow, I thought for a moment that hudsonbot was reporting to gmcharlt that the build was working better.
16:01 gmcharlt yep, alas, hudsonbot is not automatically fixing the test cases for us
16:02 owen Drl-Ulm: can you please also attach patches to your bug report?
16:02 jcamins Maybe that's the next step for hudsonbot.
16:04 kf gmcharlt: can I suggest one more patch to push? :) bug 5013
16:04 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5013 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, "New patron" menu button broken on circulation patron select screen
16:04 ivanc bye
16:04 ivanc left #koha
16:07 ianB left #koha
16:10 * owen spent way too much time on this:
16:10 owen But now it has pretty color-changing buttons and it remembers the columns you chose for next time
16:13 wizzyrea owen: i love you.
16:14 wizzyrea in a you just fixed something that has been so broken for so long kind of way
16:14 wizzyrea owen++
16:16 hdl1 joined #koha
16:17 hdl left #koha
16:19 kf gmcharlt: thx again :)
16:21 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5013: Advanced patron search category pull down broken <[…]49cfef46500b6e2f8>
16:22 hudsonbot Starting build 48 for job Koha (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last STILL UNSTABLE #47 30 min ago)
16:23 jcamins slashifyDate?
16:23 francharb left #koha
16:23 reva left #koha
16:25 gmcharlt jcamins: back in the date we liked our dates in little pieces, I suppose :)
16:27 reva joined #koha
16:28 reva I hope my last request for including the ftp address in the file it is supposed to go in so that debian coud go fetch the daemon for itself and then I can aptitude install on it.
16:28 hudsonbot Project Koha build (48): STILL UNSTABLE in 6 min 16 sec:
16:28 hudsonbot Galen Charlton: Bug 5013: Advanced patron search category pull down broken
16:29 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5013 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, "New patron" menu button broken on circulation patron select screen
16:29 kf oh no
16:29 kf my fault?
16:31 irma left #koha
16:33 nengard wizzyrea i'll give that patch a whirl again :)
16:33 nengard unless someone else has
16:37 reva hi when I do a search file search (using my graphical interface), it finds 144 files with daemon is the name. (such as mailer-daemon, gnome-settings-daemon. exactly what daemon is Koha referring to? Does anyone here know the answer? (I have written to the debian channel, but I am not sure when I will get the answer.)
16:39 wizzyrea jcamins was going to do it after lunch, but you can try if you like
16:39 wizzyrea I'm feeling kind of dumb, this is like the 5th time I've tried
16:40 owen reva, when you type "sudo aptitude install daemon" and hit enter, what happens? Are you presented with a question, "Do you want to continue? [Y/n/?]" ?
16:41 reva Also I used the "install_misc/" from inside the misc folder found in koh-3.02.0-beta. Could that be the reason it is not finding the daemon. (I am logged in as root, but installing Koha in usr named Kohauser.)
16:41 kf left #koha
16:42 chris_n cool... fixing a test actually showed up a bug in real code
16:43 owen reva, when you type "sudo aptitude install daemon" and hit enter, what happens? Are you presented with a question, "Do you want to continue? [Y/n/?]" ?
16:43 reva owen. Debian does not understand sudo it only speaks su. and I switched to su root and entered the root password. So I do not need the sudo in front of the commands. Anyway, the answer to your question is "no, it does not come up with a dialog. with [Y/N]?
16:45 owen What does it say when you type "aptitude install daemon" and hit enter?
16:48 reva I get "Building dependency tree. Reading state information. bzip already newest version." and then it says , Package daemon (that is referred to by another package is not available). That is for "install_misc/". when I do "aptitude install daemon" after saying initializing this and that, it says No candidate version found. and it says .
16:48 nengard wizzyrea - done - in a confusing way - but done :)
16:50 reva sorry owen, my line got long: so with aptitude install daemon command it adds the info that Need to get 0B of archives. After unpacking 0B will be used.Writing extended state information... Done
16:51 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Followup to Bug 4305: multiple ISBNS in biblioitems.isbn breaks patron <[…]31d7aff71f9a23e6c> / fix invalid invocation of GetBranches in test case <[…]38e657dc7142c7696>
16:51 wizzyrea oh dear
16:51 wizzyrea care to elaborate?
16:51 wizzyrea was it broken?
16:51 * wizzyrea moans that she can't do anything right lately
16:51 reva owen, so slef here informed me that I must already have the daemon in the packaged archives, so no need to download it.
16:52 owen reva: I wold interpret "done" and meaning you don't need to do more with that step.
16:52 wizzyrea j/k :)
16:52 reva owen, so I can proceed to the next step and see?
16:52 hudsonbot Starting build 49 for job Koha (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last STILL UNSTABLE #48 30 min ago)
16:52 nengard wizzyrea - i was broken :)
16:52 wizzyrea OH
16:53 nengard I formatted the patch wrong and had to resend :)
16:53 wizzyrea lol YAY
16:53 owen reva: Yes, and you should do so without asking for permission each time
16:53 nengard your patch was perfect - or at least it did what it was supposed to do :)
16:53 wizzyrea WOO HOO
16:53 * wizzyrea gets unnecessarily excited about these thigns
16:53 reva ok owen:) Just timid about wrecking anything and having to start over; this is our second try:(.
16:54 * owen reads wizzyrea's typo as "gets unnecessarily excited about these thighs"
16:56 owen If I do a search using this CCL: "fic:1", where is zebra looking in the MARC record for that data?
16:56 wizzyrea ...
16:57 wizzyrea I can't say I have even once been unnecessarily excited about these thighs
16:57 wizzyrea ...far from it, even
16:58 jcamins owen: 008/33? (guessing)
16:59 hudsonbot Project Koha build (49): STILL UNSTABLE in 6 min 29 sec:
16:59 hudsonbot * Galen Charlton: fix invalid invocation of GetBranches in test case
16:59 hudsonbot * Galen Charlton: Followup to Bug 4305: multiple ISBNS in biblioitems.isbn breaks patron
16:59 gmcharlt owen: jcamins is right
16:59 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4305 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, frederic, ASSIGNED, Amazon book covers do not work with ISBN13
16:59 owen Thanks gmcharlt and jcamins
16:59 gmcharlt ah, I see we have bots talking to each other
17:01 jcamins Communication is important, especially for bots. ;)
17:01 jcamins Apparently that's why bots are supposed to use /notice
17:02 jcamins (we had this issue on another one of my channels)
17:02 owen is now known as owen-away
17:05 jwag_mtg is now known as jwagner
17:05 * druthb hides behind jwagner, since kf went away
17:06 * jwagner says, "what did I tell you earlier???"
17:07 * druthb goes :P at jwagner.
17:11 reva well someone corrected the double \\ to single. But in the second line of that command it should be Memorize (the r is missing.)
17:12 gmcharlt reva: no, it is indeed Memoize
17:12 hdl1 gmcharlt: any hint about the choice of hudson compared to smolder ?
17:12 gmcharlt hdl1: ask chris, he set it up
17:13 gmcharlt but seems to work well enough
17:13 hdl1 thanks gmcharlt. I thought you might have been part of the discusion.
17:13 hdl1 indeed.
17:14 reva gmchart, thanks, no wonder the command seemed to produce this after screens full of stuff : Need to get 0B of archives. After unpacking 0B will be used. Writing extended state information... Done
17:14 reva So I will recorrect it and run. I thought it was a typo.
17:15 hdl1 thanks for fixing tests.
17:16 hdl1 Well time to call it a day
17:18 reva sorry, the paste from the past:). Anyhow, I ran it with the Memoize. But it still says:
17:20 reva Checking if your kit is complete... Looks good Writing Makefile for Locale::Currency::Format   TNGUYEN/Locale-Currency-Format-1.28.tar.gz   make -- NOT OK Warning (usually harmless) and it adds..
17:20 reva 'YAML' not installed, will not store persistent state Running make test   Can't test without successful make Running make install   Make had returned bad status, install seems impossible.
17:20 wizzyrea druthb: you can always hide behind me, too
17:20 hdl1 left #koha
17:21 druthb good.
17:21 * druthb runs over and hides behind wizzyrea.
17:21 wizzyrea I have a mean snarl. And I'm not afraid of baseball bats
17:21 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 4472 Fix how are injected into XSL files <[…]b52cef9f77279ed83>
17:22 reva So what went wrong? or was it ok, nevertheless? Anyone?
17:22 hudsonbot Starting build 50 for job Koha (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last STILL UNSTABLE #49 30 min ago)
17:24 jcamins Poor hudsonbot is going to collapse from exhaustion if gmcharlt keeps on at this rate. Heck, I might collapse from sympathetic exhaustion with all that gmcharlt's been committing!
17:25 * wizzyrea gives gmcharlt a cup of coffee and some caffiene mints
17:26 * wizzyrea reconsiders, posts gmcharlt some chamomile tea, for after.
17:28 chris_n gmcharlt: patches to fix all outstanding labels test bugs may be picked up here:[…]/heads/k_bug_5284
17:29 hudsonbot Project Koha build (50): STILL UNSTABLE in 6 min 19 sec:
17:29 hudsonbot Galen Charlton: Bug 4472 Fix how &nbsp; are injected into XSL files
17:29 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4472 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---, chris, NEW, img tags in xslt broken after automatic translation
17:31 gmcharlt chris_n++
17:31 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote branch 'koha-fbc/k_bug_5284' into master <[…]aa965094b21d3d0ba> / Bug 5284 - Generic report covering various problems with the labels/patron card tests <[…]be1c01c10c726cbf2> / Bug 5284 - Generic report covering various problems with the labels/pa
17:32 reva I get the cpan> command prompt when i typed cpan at my root prompt. I ran the o config init, and it says commit: wrote /etc/perl/cpan/ So when I initialized cpan, do I run the long command for CheckDigits, currency at this prompt?
17:37 hudsonbot Starting build 51 for job Koha (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last STILL UNSTABLE #50 15 min ago)
17:39 chris can 51 get us into single figures
17:39 reva oh, well. I have tried twice. I am not cracking the code and i get stuck in the same place. So I guess I fall back on installing my Live CD Koha 3.0.6 and then may be I can make upgrade from there to 3.2 one day. Sigh:(!
17:39 chris Latest Test Result (11 failures / -1)
17:39 chris was 50
17:40 owen-away Hi chris
17:40 owen-away is now known as owen
17:40 gmcharlt chris: depending on timing 51 should bring it down to 1 or 0
17:40 gmcharlt 52 should catch them all if not
17:41 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote branch 'koha-fbc/k_bug_5284' into master <[…]6075729ffdca6bb4a> / Bug 5284 - Generic report covering various problems with the labels/patron card tests <[…]e817bb04c9d2208bb>
17:43 hudsonbot Project Koha build (51): STILL UNSTABLE in 6 min 11 sec:
17:43 hudsonbot * Chris Nighswonger: Bug 5284 - Generic report covering various problems with the labels/patron card tests
17:43 hudsonbot * Chris Nighswonger: Bug 5284 - Generic report covering various problems with the labels/patron card tests
17:43 hudsonbot * Chris Nighswonger: Bug 5284 - Generic report covering various problems with the labels/patron card tests
17:43 hudsonbot * Chris Nighswonger: Bug 5284 - Generic report covering various problems with the labels/patron card tests
17:43 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5284 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, cnighswonger, RESOLVED FIXED, Generic report covering various problems with the labels/patron card tests
17:44 jcamins 1 failure.
17:44 chris_n k hudsonbot, play it again
17:44 jcamins So close.
17:44 chris_n that will resolve next run
17:45 chris in 7 mins or so
17:45 chris_n still awake? :-)
17:46 chris went back to sleep
17:46 reva hi I am still trying to continue though it said "install seems impossible". Now I did not do any dselect command. So how would I reset the password for mysqladmin.
17:48 jcamins reva: did you actually try that step?
17:52 hudsonbot Starting build 52 for job Koha (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last STILL UNSTABLE #51 15 min ago)
17:55 reva what do you mean jcamins? yes, when I type in sudo mysqladmin password <password>, replaced  <password> with a chosen password (without the angle brackets), but it says command not found. Even when I add the sudo in front of it (I am logged in as root; so did not have to running any so far.)
17:56 reva it thinks mysqladmin is the command. I searched for a file or folder called mysqladmin, but I found others with mysql in the name, but mysqladmin.
17:56 jcamins reva: try running this command:
17:56 jcamins apt-get install mysql-client
17:56 reva ok, i will;
17:57 jcamins Then try the step again.
17:58 hudsonbot Project Koha build (52): FAILURE in 5 min 24 sec:
17:58 hudsonbot Chris Nighswonger: Bug 5284 - Generic report covering various problems with the labels/patron card tests
17:58 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5284 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, cnighswonger, RESOLVED FIXED, Generic report covering various problems with the labels/patron card tests
17:58 chris oh noes, failure
17:59 nengard okay - this may have been answered-  but who is this hudsonbot?
17:59 chris_n ouch
17:59 chris
17:59 chris_n sup with that?
17:59 chris we have clouds
17:59 reva jcamins, I get this when I ran the command: Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution that some required packages have not yet been created or been moved out ...
17:59 chris its the test bot, and it will blame the ppl who caused the failure ... its a meany
18:00 nengard it's honest :)
18:00 chris PANIC: could not determine stream at /usr/share/perl/5.10/App/ line 496
18:00 chris not your problem chris_n
18:00 reva ... of Incoming. The following information may help to resolve the situation:  The following packages have unmet dependencies:   mysql-client: Depends: mysql-client-5.0 but it is not going to be installed E: Broken packages. jcamins, that all of the msg i get when I ran the command.
18:00 chris_n hudson bug?
18:01 chris oh maybe it is
18:01 chris Parse errors: No plan found in TAP output
18:02 chris_n that patch removed the test file entirely
18:02 chris t/db_dependent/Patroncards        (Wstat: 512 Tests: 0 Failed: 0) Non-zero exit status: 2 Parse errors: No plan found in TAP output
18:02 chris Files=42, Tests=878, 249.667 wallclock secs ( 0.45 usr  0.26 sys + 232.04 cusr  6.46 csys = 239.21 CPU)
18:02 chris Result: FAIL
18:02 chris_n hmm....
18:02 chris[…]lastBuild/console
18:02 chris end of the output here
18:04 chris yeah its not there, but its still trying to run it it looks like
18:04 jcamins reva: I have no explanation.
18:04 jcamins This is a Linux problem.
18:05 jcamins I was able to follow the instructions that you have exactly and at the end Koha worked perfectly.
18:05 jcamins (that is, this is not a problem with Linux-the-system, but a problem for Linux experts)
18:05 chris_n chris: does hudson make clean every time?
18:06 owen reva: It would probably be a good idea to find someone with Linux experience who can sit down with you and help you through the process
18:06 chris_n the log does not say
18:06 Drl-Ulm but, Linux is perfect! ;)
18:06 chris chris_n: that might be the problem lemme explicitly make it
18:06 chris and kick off a new build
18:07 reva ok, jcamins:) I tried and you definitely tried to help. I have a couple of people who answered on the daemon package and what to insert in the sources.list file. Let me start at the point.
18:07 jcamins Drl-Ulm: Linux provides all the tools you need for perfection. However, perfection is a state of mind, not a place. ;)
18:08 reva Owen, I have tried, Begged, cajoled, and whatever other artifice I can muster. Now I am in Antigua and there seems to be a paucity on IT experitse (let alone linux expertise).:)
18:08 Drl-Ulm Of course!
18:09 chris_n chris: the log is unclear, but I'll bet hudson is not cleaning up from the previous build
18:09 chris hudsonbot: !build
18:09 hudsonbot chris did you mean me? Unknown command '!build'
18:09 hudsonbot Use !hudsonhelp to get help!
18:09 chris !hudsonhelp
18:09 hudsonbot Available commands:
18:09 hudsonbot abort <job> - specify which job to abort
18:09 hudsonbot alias [<alias> [<command>]] - defines a new alias, deletes one or lists all existing aliases
18:09 hudsonbot botsnack [<snack>] - om nom nom
18:09 hudsonbot build <job> [now|<delay>[s|m|h]] [<parameterkey>=<value>]* - schedule a job build, with standard, custom or no quiet period
18:09 hudsonbot comment <job> <build-#> <comment> - adds a description to a build
18:09 hudsonbot h [<job>|-v <view>] - show the health of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
18:09 hudsonbot health [<job>|-v <view>] - show the health of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
18:09 hudsonbot jobs [<job>|-v <view>] - show the status of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
18:09 hudsonbot q - show the state of the build queue
18:09 hudsonbot queue - show the state of the build queue
18:09 hudsonbot s [<job>|-v <view>] - show the status of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
18:09 hudsonbot schedule <job> [now|<delay>[s|m|h]] [<parameterkey>=<value>]* - schedule a job build, with standard, custom or no quiet period
18:09 hudsonbot status [<job>|-v <view>] - show the status of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
18:09 hudsonbot testresult [<job>|-v <view>] - show the test results of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
18:09 hudsonbot userstat <username> - prints information about a Hudson user
18:09 reva So jcamins, since your install went so smoothly, how about a vacation in Antigua (it has 365 beaches) and you can install our set up?:)
18:09 gmcharlt hudsonbot: build now
18:09 hudsonbot gmcharlt: syntax is: 'build <job> [now|<delay>[s|m|h]] [<parameterkey>=<value>]*'
18:09 gmcharlt hudsonbot: build Koha now
18:09 hudsonbot gmcharlt: job Koha build scheduled now
18:09 hudsonbot Starting build 53 for job Koha (previous build: FAILURE -- last STILL UNSTABLE #51 31 min ago)
18:09 chris there we go
18:09 owen hudsonbot is trying to make a play for the top of the IRC stats list
18:10 chris heh
18:10 jcamins hudsonbot: if you do this right, I'll give you a cookie.
18:10 hudsonbot jcamins did you mean me? Unknown command 'if'
18:10 hudsonbot Use !hudsonhelp to get help!
18:10 cait joined #koha
18:10 chris_n hudsonbot: status Koha
18:11 hudsonbot Koha(BUILDING: 1 min 18 sec and counting): last build: 52 (18 min ago): FAILURE:
18:11 cait re #koha
18:11 chris_n hudsonbot: health Koha
18:11 hudsonbot Koha(BUILDING: 1 min 40 sec and counting): Health [Build stability: 1 out of the last 5 builds failed.(80%):
18:11 chris_n hudsonbot: botsnack cookie
18:11 hudsonbot chris_n: great! yum yum. I could eat cookie all day long
18:12 druthb hudsonbot: botsnack Rice Krispie Treats
18:12 hudsonbot druthb: thanks a lot! om nom nom. how did you know that Rice Krispie Treats is my favorite food?
18:12 * druthb giggles a little
18:13 druthb @roulette
18:13 munin *BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
18:13 * munin reloads and spins the chambers.
18:13 druthb hmp
18:14 chris munin isnt opped, cant kick
18:14 munin chris: Error: "isnt" is not a valid command.
18:14 druthb so I see.
18:14 hudsonbot Project Koha build (53): STILL FAILING in 5 min 9 sec:
18:15 druthb @roulette
18:15 munin druthb: *click*
18:15 druthb @roulette
18:15 munin druthb: *click*
18:15 druthb @roulette
18:15 munin druthb: *click*
18:15 druthb rats
18:15 * cait takes the gun away from druthb
18:15 cait no!
18:16 * druthb pouts
18:16 chris Can't open perl script "t/db_dependent/Patroncards": No such file or directory
18:16 chris t/db_dependent/Patroncards ..........
18:16 chris_n hudson appears to be specifically retesting previously failed tests
18:17 chris something must be referencing it
18:17 chris_n can we force him to start over?
18:17 chris_n + prove_cover t/ t/db_dependent/ t/db_dependent/Labels t/db_dependent/Patroncards --harness=TAP::Harness::JUnit
18:17 chris_n here it specifically calls for the Patroncards tests
18:18 chris_n just after exporting the envars
18:18 chris ahh ha
18:18 chris good spotting
18:18 * chris fixes
18:19 hudsonbot Starting build 54 for job Koha (previous build: STILL FAILING -- last STILL UNSTABLE #51 41 min ago)
18:19 chris fingers crossed!
18:19 chris then it will stop messaging me blaming you :)
18:19 chris_n hehe
18:19 chris 07:23 -!- Irssi: Starting query in bugs with hudsonbot
18:20 chris 07:23 <hudsonbot> Nighswonger
18:20 chris_n that is, however, a very cool feature
18:21 chris it sure is
18:21 chris when its more happy
18:21 owen left #koha
18:21 chris i can make it email people
18:21 chris when their commit breaks tests, it will send them an email
18:21 Drl-Ulm Bye!
18:21 Drl-Ulm left #koha
18:22 jcamins chris: I think you scared Drl-Ulm away with your talk of threatening e-mails from hudsonbot.
18:22 chris if ths shoe fits ... *grin*
18:23 chris the nice thing is, a bot is a lot easier to not take personally
18:23 owen joined #koha
18:23 chris wb owen
18:23 chris jcamins: so it can be meaner than a person can, if that makes sense
18:24 jcamins True.
18:24 chris gmcharlt: just got an email from one of the spanish translators
18:24 * jcamins thinks his commits had better not break the build, though ;)
18:24 chris he has updated the spanish file
18:24 chris ill commit and let you know
18:25 hudsonbot Yippie, build fixed!
18:25 hudsonbot Project Koha build (54): FIXED in 6 min 5 sec:
18:25 chris we made the bot happy!!
18:25 gmcharlt Yippie? heh
18:25 owen So these tests... They are something we should be doing when we change something?
18:26 chris that would be awesome owen
18:26 chris_n hudsonbot: botsnack 1 dz cookies
18:26 hudsonbot chris_n: yummy! how did you know that 1 dz cookies is my favorite food?
18:26 owen Okay... How? :)
18:26 * owen doesn't know how it works
18:27 jcamins hudsonbot: botsnack curried coconut oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
18:27 chris how about we schedule a tutorial on irc eh?
18:27 hudsonbot jcamins: yummy! I could eat curried coconut oatmeal chocolate chip cookies all day long
18:28 rhcl @rulette hudsonbot
18:28 munin rhcl: Error: "rulette" is not a valid command.
18:28 jcamins Whoops, I meant cookie bars, but hopefully hudsonbot doesn't mind.
18:28 rhcl @roulette hudsonbot
18:28 munin rhcl: (roulette [spin]) -- Fires the revolver. If the bullet was in the chamber, you're dead. Tell me to spin the chambers and I will.
18:28 rhcl munin: shoot hudsonbot
18:28 munin rhcl: Error: "shoot" is not a valid command.
18:29 gmcharlt owen: assuming a normal development setup, you can just do
18:29 gmcharlt prove t
18:29 cait tutorial++
18:29 gmcharlt and, assuming it's a deve database and you don't mind a little script of scribbling
18:29 gmcharlt prove t/db_dependent
18:30 jcamins Oh, sugar.
18:30 jcamins Without cait's patch for bug 4506, Koha doesn't display 490/830 at all.
18:30 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4506 enhancement, P5, ---, katrin.fischer, NEW, Add support of record linking by record control number in $w
18:31 cait jcamins: there is a patch from owen I think
18:31 cait removing the indicator check
18:33 jcamins Oh, wait.
18:34 owen Thanks gmcharlt. I guess the tutorial is needed to explain what do with the test results
18:34 jcamins I flipped my indicators.
18:34 cait and how to write new tests
18:34 chris yeah
18:35 cait bug 2704
18:35 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2704 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, 440 Display Issues
18:36 reva left #koha
18:40 Braedon left #koha
18:40 cait another good 3.2 candidate
18:40 Braedon joined #koha
18:43 * chris_n votes for a more graceful way of handling new deps on installs running over git
18:45 chris well you can run the deps checker
18:45 jcamins gmcharlt++
18:45 chris as a .git hook
18:45 chris ok, gotta head to work
18:45 chris will talk on the bus
18:45 chris gmcharlt: will push the es.po update when i get to work, but dont let that stop you if you beat me getting rc1 ready
18:46 cait gmcharlt++
18:46 gmcharlt chris: there's time enough for the es-ES update
18:46 chris sweet
18:46 cait @karma gmcharlt
18:46 munin cait: Karma for "gmcharlt" has been increased 169 times and decreased 3 times for a total karma of 166.
18:48 * chris wanders out to the bus
18:48 chris brb
18:51 schuster vaguely remembers this same conversation about 3 weeks ago about training information for building tests... :) with wizzyrea!  Only she may get some first hand information at KohaCon...  wish I could go :(
18:51 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Another fix for Bug 2704, 440 Display Issues <[…]ac6782ea1d86c5516>
18:52 schuster by all off to visit a couple of libraries...
18:52 schuster left #koha
18:52 wizzyrea jcamins:[…]pkin-cookies.html
18:52 hudsonbot Starting build 55 for job Koha (previous build: FIXED)
18:53 jcamins wizzyrea: mmmm. Sounds tasty.
18:54 tcohen left #koha
18:55 jcamins I would like a script that automatically merges identical authorities.
18:55 jcamins Does such a thing exist yet?
18:55 chris On the bus and its another gorgeous day
18:55 jcamins chris: then clearly you are still in NZ and did not somehow teleport to NYC.
18:56 chris Heh
18:56 chris I have a soft spot for nyc
18:56 chris I would never have met my wife if I hadn't wanted to visit nyc
18:59 hudsonbot Project Koha build (55): SUCCESS in 6 min 23 sec:
18:59 hudsonbot Galen Charlton: Another fix for Bug 2704, 440 Display Issues
18:59 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2704 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, 440 Display Issues
18:59 chris Yay 2 in a row
18:59 chris The sun will come out on huson soon
19:00 chris I do like the little weather graphic
19:05 chris Its tempting to get off the bus and sit in the sun vs aircon office
19:06 cait :)
19:06 cait @wunder wellington nz
19:06 munin cait: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 10.0�C (8:00 AM NZDT on October 07, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 9.0�C. Pressure: 30.21 in 1023 hPa (Steady).
19:07 chris Not a cloud in the sky cait
19:07 cait :)
19:07 cait so I don't have to pack so many warm clothes?
19:08 chris Layers!
19:08 cait okok
19:08 cait layers
19:08 chris Hehe
19:08 * cait takes a note to buy layers...
19:09 cait hm
19:09 chris_n chris: which hook would you suggest for dep checking?
19:10 chris_n post-receive and post-update don't seem to work as expected
19:10 chris What ever gets called by a rebase or merge
19:10 * chris doesn't know off the top of his head
19:11 jwagner my current head server is complaining about not having Business/ -- does anyone know offhand if there are other new Perl dependencies?
19:11 cait jcamins: apple crumble?
19:11 chris_n maybe post-merge
19:12 chris Yeah sounds likely
19:13 chris Heh someone just got off the bus and said
19:13 chris_n jwagner: that's it atm
19:13 chris "It was a privilege to ride with you" to the driver
19:13 * chris_n is working on a git hook to alert for changes in deps
19:13 chris You get some good thank yous on a nice day like this
19:14 chris Oh yeah in wellington we usually say thanks to the driver when getting off the bus
19:14 chris Kohacon tip #1342
19:15 chris If you wanna look like a local
19:15 chris Say cheers driver
19:15 chris Or chur :)
19:16 sekjal chris: good to know, thanks!
19:16 briceSanc I've a problem with koha3.2b, i unable to see the fr_CA translate in the display location of
19:16 briceSanc in the display location option select
19:18 chris Ok my stop
19:18 chris Bbs
19:19 briceSanc what do koha needs to see a translation ?
19:19 cait the translation installed?
19:19 briceSanc yes
19:20 cait and activated in sys prefs?
19:20 briceSanc yes
19:21 bankhead joined #koha
19:25 bankhead left #koha
19:27 chris back
19:27 ebegin briceSanc, the C4/Languages/getTranslatedLanguages returns the language to display in the list
19:27 richard joined #koha
19:27 richard is now known as rich-away
19:29 chris @later tell lee congrats!
19:29 munin chris: The operation succeeded.
19:30 wizzyrea @later tell lee WOO HOO!!! Way to go on 3.2!!
19:30 munin wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
19:32 chris http://leephillips2.wordpress.[…]-3-2-test-server/
19:32 cait aaah
19:41 jwagner left #koha
19:43 jcamins cait: if that was an offer, I never say no to apple crumble. ;)
19:44 cait I was thinking about making some - but not sure it's a good idea
19:45 cait already late here :(
19:45 jcamins I baked my cookie bars at 10pm last night.
19:48 cait hm
19:50 chris gmcharlt: testing the spanish file now
19:51 darling joined #koha
19:52 chris seem ok, committed now, so feel free to pull whenever you want
19:57 briceSanc ebegin, yes but it can't return the fr_CA
20:06 druthb left #koha
20:07 owen left #koha
20:17 * chris_n heads out
20:20 jcamins ASFDLKJAFSDLKASFDLKNQTuihgjk​asgdnsvkl;klsfdlasmksdlkmasd
20:21 jcamins Argh!
20:22 jcamins For the record, the simultaneous use of MARC-8 and UTF-8 in catalogs is a profoundly bad idea.
20:22 chris im pretty the use of MARC-8 is a bad idea ;)
20:22 chris pretty sure too
20:22 hudsonbot Starting build 56 for job Koha (previous build: SUCCESS)
20:22 jcamins Well, yes.
20:23 jcamins This is just bizarre, though.
20:24 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Merge branch 'translation' of git:// into master <[…]78efd5b05495ba8c6> / Updated spanish files <[…]6a9c95eb5af942a53>
20:24 jcamins I appear to have found a record that breaks MarcEdit.
20:24 jcamins And the Normal display in the Staff Client.
20:25 chris youch
20:25 jcamins[…]blionumber=103298
20:26 jcamins Strangely the last two letters in Khatt display as capital 'U's with umlauts in the Staff Client normal view.
20:26 chris is one xslt and one not?
20:26 jcamins I'm pretty sure I'm using XSLT with both.
20:26 jcamins I'll check.
20:27 * chris always go for easy answers first
20:27 jcamins Yeah, using XSLT.
20:27 jcamins I'll try disabling that, see what happens.
20:27 jcamins Okay, font issue.
20:28 jcamins Wait.
20:29 hudsonbot Project Koha build (56): SUCCESS in 6 min 22 sec:
20:29 hudsonbot Chris Cormack: Updated spanish files
20:29 jcamins Now it works fine with the XSLT enabled.
20:29 chris heh,
20:29 chris i hate bugs like that
20:30 jcamins Well, except for the fact that the letters are bold. But I'm willing to overlook the fact that they are pulled from a different font.
20:30 jcamins I think maybe it's just time to call it a day.
20:32 chris :)
20:37 jcamins Yeah, definitely.
20:37 jcamins Good night, #koha.
20:37 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
20:39 chris cya jcamins_a
20:40 davi left #koha
20:40 nengard left #koha
20:44 mag_away left #koha
20:45 irmaB joined #koha
20:46 irmaB g'morning all
20:46 chris hi irmaB
20:47 irmaB what a day yesterday
20:49 chris wasnt a lot of fun thats for sure
20:49 chris still its over now, and onwards and upwards
20:49 irmaB amazing number of commits was the highlight!
20:50 irmaB yep..Keep Smiling!
20:59 cait Colin: I can reproduce the date problem - will file a bug report
20:59 chris bug_reports++
21:01 sekjal goodnight, #koha!
21:01 sekjal left #koha
21:07 briceSanc left #koha
21:12 LBA joined #koha
21:15 Braedon @wunder auckland
21:15 munin Braedon: The current temperature in Auckland, New Zealand is 15.0�C (10:00 AM NZDT on October 07, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 30.27 in 1025 hPa (Steady).
21:15 chris sent your cv yet Braedon ?
21:15 chris :)
21:16 chris heya LBA
21:16 Braedon ooo, no
21:16 Braedon damn
21:16 rich-away is now known as richard
21:16 Braedon had solid assignments for like 2 months
21:16 Braedon (and ongoing)
21:16 Braedon totally forgot about that
21:17 chris still worth sending one :)
21:17 Braedon sight
21:17 Braedon sigh*
21:17 Braedon 3 assignments remaining in my uni career
21:17 Braedon friday, monday, friday
21:18 Braedon i will try and remember to write up a cover letter tuesday
21:20 chris fabulous
21:21 Braedon i take it i should address it to the 'mike' in the email link - does he have a last name?
21:21 Braedon actually, would that be Mike )'Connor?
21:21 Braedon O'Connor*
21:22 chris thats the one
21:22 chris make sure you mention Koha :)
21:24 robin to be honest, I think if you mention Koha and Perl, your CV could say your hobbies include puppy-kitten cage-fights, and you'd be snapped up :)
21:25 chris lol
21:25 Braedon haha
21:26 chris @quote add < robin> to be honest, I think if you mention Koha and Perl, your CV could say your hobbies include puppy-kitten cage-fights, and you'd be snapped up :)
21:26 munin chris: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
21:26 Braedon it's a rebellion!
21:27 chris @quote add < robin> to be honest, I think if you mention Koha and Perl, your CV could say your hobbies include puppy-kitten cage-fights, and you'd be snapped up :)
21:27 munin chris: The operation succeeded.  Quote #95 added.
21:28 Braedon and quashed. That was close
21:31 thd is now known as thd-away
21:31 Braedon hmm. which is going to be easier - writing a client-cache-server in one night in java with sockets or rmi?
21:34 wizzyrea what if you say Koha and system administration, how about that >.>
21:37 hudsonbot Starting build 57 for job Koha (previous build: SUCCESS)
21:39 robin chris: I'd change that message to be: "This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: Great Success!"
21:40 robin (ref:
21:40 chris :)
21:42 Braedon isn't it "huge success"?
21:43 robin right you are, it's been a while since I've beaten Portal :)
21:43 * robin wants to go home and play it now actually :)
21:43 * Braedon takes off his pedantic hat
21:43 * Braedon wants portal 2
21:44 robin I still have yet to finish HL2 Ep2, I'm stuck right near the end.
21:44 hudsonbot Project Koha build (57): SUCCESS in 6 min 33 sec:
21:44 hudsonbot * Galen Charlton: bug 4472: in a hackish fashion, quiet warnings about DOCTYPE in the XSLT
21:44 hudsonbot * Galen Charlton: add explicit type to <input> elements missing it
21:44 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4472 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---, chris, NEW, img tags in xslt broken after automatic translation
21:44 robin Maybe I should deal to that this weekend.
21:44 wizzyrea oooooo success!
21:44 Braedon robin: sounds like a plan
21:45 chris wizzyrea:[…]/Koha/lastBuild/?
21:45 chris its nice and happy now
21:45 Braedon robin: make sure you finish it soon - you wouldn't want ep3 to come out before you do
21:46 robin yeah, that would be pretty bad :)
21:46 Braedon :P
21:46 Braedon it could be any day now - it is episodic after all
21:46 munin New commit(s) kohagit: add explicit type to elements missing it <[…]8b8354f02f00495eb> / bug 4472: in a hackish fashion, quiet warnings about DOCTYPE in the XSLT <[…]1f0aca4379ed129f5>
21:46 robin well, it's only been 2 or 3 years since the last one, hasn't it?
21:52 Braedon "The cache should provide an interface that allows the user to view the
21:52 Braedon contents of the cache’s log..." - from an assignment handout
21:53 chris and tail is not enough? :)
21:53 Braedon really? what is hte point of making logs if you are viewing them in the application?
21:53 Braedon exactly
21:53 Braedon sigh
21:53 Braedon lazy markers
21:56 Braedon hmm, the cache just has to provide an interface - it doesn't technically say the interface has to be part of the cache
21:56 Braedon include a copy of more?
21:57 chris :)
21:57 Braedon (or less, or tail, or any text editor)
21:58 Braedon it also needs an interface to show the list of cached files
21:58 chris_n nice to see the red going away on hudsonbot's graph
21:58 Braedon ls?
21:59 chris :)
22:00 chris yeah one more stable build and the sun will be out fully here
22:00 Braedon haha
22:01 Braedon is hudson internal? never heard of it
22:02 * Braedon does a slightly better google search
22:02 Braedon sorry, stupid question
22:03 chris it was originally for java, but is well versatile enough to use for anything
22:04 chris continious integration testing ftw
22:07 brendan_l left #koha
22:10 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
22:13 paul_p left #koha
22:21 * chris_n tries to crawl out from under the multitude of errors encountered while attempting to convert the manual from docbook to pdf :-P
22:23 chris the images were what i ran into problesm with
22:23 chris
22:23 chris was one effort
22:25 chris_n yeah, the image parameters in the docbook format need some fixing up
22:25 chris_n that's what I ran into last time
22:26 chris_n as well
22:28 chris_n pre-sizing them would help as well
22:28 * chris_n wonders if it will end up in a battle of formats
22:29 chris_n ie what works for the web doesn't for pdf, and vice-versa
22:33 chris yeah
22:33 chris_n images need to be 300x300dpi if it ever goes to print
22:33 chris_n bbl
22:43 darling we (me and wizzyrea) never did sort out the apache rewrites to make those pages tidy as possible under wordpress -- is still on my 'do this' list
22:45 cait good night #koha
22:45 cait left #koha
23:02 Colin left #koha
23:20 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Tighten system call to unzip <[…]b2489a891a86c215c>
23:22 hudsonbot Starting build 58 for job Koha (previous build: SUCCESS)
23:28 hudsonbot Project Koha build (58): SUCCESS in 6 min 12 sec:
23:28 hudsonbot Galen Charlton: Tighten system call to unzip
23:50 munin New commit(s) kohagit: further correction to the invocation of unzip <[…]a518e6669d172cd8f>
23:52 hudsonbot Starting build 59 for job Koha (previous build: SUCCESS)
23:58 hudsonbot Project Koha build (59): SUCCESS in 6 min 15 sec:
23:58 hudsonbot Galen Charlton: further correction to the invocation of unzip

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