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00:25 * chris_n1 wanders by
00:25 chris hiya chris_n1
00:54 chris_n1 cool... html labels appear to conquer the utf8 issues with label printing
00:55 * chris_n1 exports labels in Chinese without problems now
00:55 chris_n1 excepting the fact that I cannot read them ;-)
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01:16 chris thats cool about the utf8
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02:43 brendan_l @wunder 93117
02:43 munin brendan_l: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 15.9�C (7:49 PM PDT on October 04, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 61%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.93 in 1013.4 hPa (Steady).
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04:12 wajasu would be nice to have the utf8 label thing solved.  my librarian edits records to not have diacritics and prints a lebel then edits things back. slow and errorprone workaround.
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04:34 mib_zt590 hello
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05:05 cait @wunder Heidelberg germany
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05:35 LUMHS I want to open ports which supported the z39.50, could any one help me in this regard?
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07:10 good hello chris
07:11 good hello richard
07:11 good hello all
07:11 good i m new to koha
07:11 good can any1 help me
07:14 hdl good: what's up?
07:14 good i need help
07:14 good i m new to koha
07:15 good can u help me hdl
07:15 hdl I  could if you have read the install documentation and asked questions.
07:16 hdl
07:16 good ya i have tried to install bt getting sum errors
07:18 good r u there hdl
07:19 hdl yes I think you can force installation
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07:19 good i m getting errors at localhost
07:20 good “localhost” refused the connection.Likely causes of the problem are     * some service isn't started, or    * you got the port number wrong.
07:21 hdl have you read documentation and installed apache vhosts ?
07:21 good no not installed that
07:22 hdl[…]ki/Koha_on_Ubuntu
07:22 hdl step 3
07:23 good bt i m installing koha-3.00.06 on debian-lenny
07:23 good do u have any idea
07:23 hdl step 3 is the same on debian lenny
07:24 good k
07:24 good r u sure problem wil be solved
07:26 good thnx
07:26 good bye
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07:27 chris i hate that cgi irc thing
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08:15 magnus here's something i never quite understood: why does install.debian recommend doing "git checkout -b myinstall origin"?
08:15 magnus whu create my own branch to install from, and not install from master?
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08:33 chris it is master
08:33 chris everything is a local branch in git
08:34 chris you can call it whatever you want
08:34 chris it just depends on what you merge into it, or rebase it on
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09:00 reed chris, you there? Jan has a question about Māori surnames
09:00 chris yep
09:01 reed name is--
09:02 reed Sir Archie John Te Atawhai Taiaroa
09:02 reed which bit is the surname?
09:02 chris Taiaroa
09:02 reed !
09:02 reed was her guess
09:02 reed jan sez thanks
09:02 chris np
09:02 reed she's doing some library index thing
09:04 chris ahh right
09:05 reed she's getting trained to do new things
09:05 reed article indexing right now
09:06 reed we've been talking about doing language classes; would help for stuff like that
09:07 chris yup :)
09:21 magnus chris: sorry for being slow... i get that i can call the branch what i like, i don't get why i have to create a new branch to install from. why not just install from master, when that is what i want?
09:23 chris it is master, just called something else
09:23 magnus um, so why call it something else?
09:24 chris because by doing the install it changes some files
09:25 chris when you do a git clone
09:26 magnus a ha! ;-)
09:27 magnus so later on i want to update the install and do a "git pull", but then git complains because of the changed files in the myinstall branch
09:27 chris yup
09:28 magnus and to update i should check out master, pull, check out a new branch and install/update from that?
09:28 chris well you can do a commit to commit local changes then merge from upstream master
09:29 chris i like to have master be exactly the same as upstream master
09:29 chris not have local changes in it
09:29 magnus yeah, sounds reasonable
09:31 magnus btw: can you see the lightbulb above my head? thanks for taking the time to explain that to me, chris!
09:32 chris no problem
09:35 wasabi Q, whats the fedora equiv. of the 'daemon' .deb package?
09:35 wasabi ?
09:35 wasabi anyone?
09:37 wasabi well, here's a start... ->
09:41 wasabi answer ->[…]org/msg00389.html
09:42 wasabi daemon package not yet in fedora-core :/
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09:43 wasabi ... and the rpm fail-dance begins
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11:19 hdl wasabi: I installed daemon from source.
11:20 hdl
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11:25 druthb Hello, #koha
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11:45 magnus hiya druthb
11:45 magnus ...and jwagner
11:47 jwagner Hi magnus
11:47 druthb hi, magnus!
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12:01 wasabi hdl: thanx, i installed successfully from source too
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12:30 magnus oh please, PDF::API2::Simple...
12:32 owen PDF::API2::Simple is a vengeful god which doesn't respond to prayer
12:33 * magnus was afraid of that
12:34 magnus but you are plotting to replace it with good ol' html?
12:34 owen Sounds like chris_n is
12:35 magnus ah, i'm probably getting names mixed up...
12:36 magnus ...again
12:37 chris_n magnus:[…]s_n.git;a=summary
12:37 chris_n beware the pdf export is somewhat broken in that branch, however
12:38 magnus chris_n
12:38 magnus chris_n++
12:38 magnus d'oh
12:38 magnus i installed Module::Install, but still get "'/usr/bin/perl Makefile.PL INSTALLDIRS=site' returned status 512, won't make", even when doing force install - any and all hints, tricks and tips
12:38 magnus ...are very welcome
12:39 chris_n magnus: I usually cd into the source directory under .cpan and build it myself with sudo
12:41 magnus woohoo, that seems to have done the trick - actually i followed these steps:[…]March/023254.html
12:57 wasabi chris_n: well done on the utf-labels
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13:06 wasabi chris_n:  whats the perl-module that does the utf heavy-lifting?
13:06 chris_n wasabi: yeah, there's a bunch of cleanup to do on the code, but I was producing chinese labels last evening
13:07 chris_n actually, the capability is already in koha since we display multi lingual chars in the browser
13:07 wasabi fyi: a feat i thought was rather impossible!
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13:07 wasabi aaaaah...
13:08 wasabi well, the capability is in the web-browser...
13:08 chris_n so I just worked over the pdf code to spit out css parameters
13:09 chris_n married that to a template
13:09 chris_n and away we go
13:09 wasabi aah, that was my 1st attempt :)
13:09 wasabi it failed pretty badly, for me
13:11 wasabi but the only real work-around for utf->pdf conversion
13:13 wasabi well done, and thanks for your perseverance too!
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13:21 wasabi man, yum is just so slow  :/
13:22 owen yum?
13:23 wasabi apt-get/dpkg for redhat/centos
13:39 * chris_n thinks of cookies or some sort when he hears 'yum'
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13:41 tance hello
13:41 owen Hi tance
13:42 tance i uusing koha version 3.06 and i want to create depend branchs
13:43 tance i have dependBranch on and every user can modify the catalog o the other library
13:43 tance how can fix this
13:44 owen tance do you mean IndependentBranches?
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13:47 tance yes IndependentBranches
13:48 owen I don't have any experience with IndependentBranches, but I wonder if your users have the right permissions?
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14:11 tance does anybody know about my broblem with IndependentBranches on ?
14:12 owen tance: Did you check your user permissions?
14:12 owen I wonder if having superlibrarian users would cause your problem
14:14 tance yes in the user permision i add the cataloging permision adding modifiing but the user can modify and the record of the other libraries that he is not member
14:14 tance becouse im builting a federating koha
14:15 owen tance: But not the superlibrarian permission?
14:15 tance not superlibrarian permision
14:15 tance i am the superlibrarian
14:16 owen Sorry, meeting
14:16 owen is now known as owen-away
14:16 wizzyrea magnus: thanks for asking those questions about git, answered some of my own. :)
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14:34 tance does anybody know about my broblem with IndependentBranches on ?
14:35 tance other librarian edit the record of the other libraries
14:35 tance i`ve checked the user permisions
14:50 owen-away is now known as owen
14:54 owen tance: Are you talking about bibliographic records or item records?
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15:03 tance bibliographic records and item records
15:04 tance both
15:04 wizzyrea chris_n:
15:04 wizzyrea about?
15:04 owen bibliographic records are not, as far as I know associated with a particular library
15:04 chris_n wizzyrea: here
15:04 wizzyrea woot
15:04 wizzyrea I had a suggestion for the label creator
15:04 wizzyrea (from my librarians)
15:04 owen tance: In my test installation of 3.0.6, I am correctly prevented from editing items which don't belong to my branch
15:04 * chris_n s all ears
15:05 wizzyrea In the search for items bit, they would like to be able to limit the results by branch
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15:05 * chris_n runs and hides at the mention of search code 8-P
15:06 wizzyrea lol
15:06 wizzyrea sorry >.<
15:06 chris_n that's a great idea, though
15:06 wizzyrea we have 33 libraries, it gets quite cumbersome sometimes
15:07 chris_n file an enhancement request and I'll take a look at it
15:07 wizzyrea I will do that
15:07 tance but how to limit the search
15:07 chris_n if it is not toooo difficult I'll put it into my fifo buffer :-)
15:07 tance there is no option for this
15:08 wizzyrea :D My librarians might worship you. Perhaps there would be cookies involved.
15:08 * chris_n 's day-to-day buffer is lifo
15:08 chris_n cookies++
15:09 owen wizzyrea: I remembered why I wasn't able to change the batch mod table the way I wanted to
15:10 owen I wanted to put the title on a separate row, with the field details in the row underneath?
15:10 owen It breaks the table sorter
15:10 owen Here's what I'm playing around with instead:
15:11 wizzyrea !!!
15:11 owen Check a box to hide the column
15:11 wizzyrea !!!!
15:11 owen Sorry, the checkboxes don't match the results in that screenshot
15:11 wizzyrea I like that idea!
15:12 owen I'm probably crazy, but I'm thinking about saving the selection in a cookie so that it remembers your column choices
15:12 wizzyrea so it's per user too
15:12 wizzyrea that would be SO FRICKIN COOL.
15:12 * owen hopes he's not getting in too deep with this cookie idea
15:13 * chris_n thinks one can never be too deep in cookies
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15:45 Drl-Ulm Hallo
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15:56 owen Got the buttons working right at least:
15:56 wizzyrea <3 that looks so fabulous
15:57 wizzyrea the only thing, I wonder if you could put the homebranch in the first column?
15:57 wizzyrea or does that make it look dumb
15:57 wizzyrea looking again to see what you've got in there
15:58 wizzyrea ISBNs?
15:58 reva hi all good morning, I am in the process of installing my 3.2 Koha in Debian Lenny. In the instruction page, I am at the stage where I am invoking CPAN archives to install the addition dependencies for Perl module.
15:59 owen wizzyrea: I'm not wedded to the ISBN showing there, but the script was written that way. I just fixed it so it worked.
15:59 owen I don't think I would find it useful myself
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16:01 reva Should I answer to configure as much as possible automatically? (Yes) or opt for manual. In which case, how do I know which ones I have installed through the Debian package, so that I won't duplicate them?
16:01 owen wizzyrea: So you would add homebranch to the title/author column?
16:02 reva Also when would I use this command (I am following the install instruction page): /etc/perl/CPAN/ initialized.
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16:03 wizzyrea I think I would, let me get some feed back here just a sec
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16:04 reva wizzyrea, was that for me?
16:04 wizzyrea Ah, they claim that the ISBN is useful
16:04 wizzyrea er
16:04 wizzyrea useless
16:05 wizzyrea they claim the isbn is useless
16:05 wizzyrea by the time you're at that table
16:05 Drl-Ulm OWEN: Hey that rocks! Will be very useful!
16:05 wizzyrea owen++ he's awesome
16:06 wizzyrea reva: no, for owen
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16:07 reva owen, waht is the "no" for?That wizzyrea was not responding to me; or to not take the automatic configuration option?
16:08 owen reva: No one has answered your question yet
16:08 reva wizzyrea, sorry, just a little cross-eyed today; reading everything right to left. Got it.
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16:12 reva anyone able to answer if I should I let it configure automatically? (Else, how do I find what Perl dependencies were already installed through Debian?)
16:12 owen reva: You should follow the directions, and let CPAN configure everything
16:13 reva thanks owen. :)
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16:18 Drl-Ulm OWEN: Ah, show and tell
16:18 reva Now, it asks if I need the Probe-perl-0.01.tar.gz installed permanently"? (It has the comment that it is just needed temporarily). Should I say I want it permanently, or no?
16:22 wizzyrea you know, when I am faced with such questions, I do what I think is best according to my judgement. You probably should do the same. No one can tell you how to configure your system, because their way might not be your way.
16:23 wizzyrea occasionally I get it wrong and have to back up and try again, but there's certainly no shame in that.
16:24 Drl-Ulm Here is one, a quick change we could add, click here->[…]b81d-4e5880879d3e  <- puts google previews into Koha. Needs to be made an option, easy setup:
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16:26 owen That would be a nice addition to the Google Jackets options Drl-Ulm
16:28 Drl-Ulm Could be an option
16:29 reva That is true wizzyrea. But just seeing the wisdom out there. Now "i /Test::More\Locale::Currency::Format/" command comes up with "bash: i command not found".  (I am assuming in the perl module all this will be working, only the Test is composed wrong.)
16:32 Drl-Ulm Here is another, barcodes for cell phone being used as a patron card. click here ->[…]8b10-9659dacaaf0f
16:37 Drl-Ulm You need linear imaging barcode scanners to be able to scan an LCD screen cellphone
16:54 Drl-Ulm Here is another link to our internal "Stow-Extras" tools we use. Lots of work on these, can't show all results because of patron names ->[…]be89-1bb416eb5f1f
16:55 Drl-Ulm I need to submit some of this stuff back to the project :)
16:55 Drl-Ulm Always working on Win-PCs however - sigh.
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16:57 cait hi #koha
16:58 owen Hi cait
16:58 mag_away is now known as magnus
16:58 magnus hi cait
16:59 cait hi owen and magnus :)
17:00 Drl-Ulm It's alot, I need to submit some of this back.
17:03 schuster drl-ulm were those built with php?
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17:05 Drl-Ulm The OPAC stuff is Perl / Koha and the Slip Scheduled Notice is Perl
17:05 Drl-Ulm All the rest of the stuff is PHP
17:06 reva Hi anyone, the command "/etc/perl/CPAN/ initialized." says permission denied; yet I am at the root.
17:08 owen Are you instructed by the install file to enter that?
17:09 reva owen, yes; it says to initialize it if you have never run CPAN before.
17:10 reva As I have to run for the CPAN before the long command (with all the ::checkdigit, etc.) will take effect.
17:11 reva as otherwise, is not able to install the modules it thinks is needed.
17:12 wizzyrea lunchtime!
17:12 Drl-Ulm 3D Koha maps: Now for the 3D map project (in progress) by location / call project similar to NEU-GRAND in Turkey Click Here -->[…]84c2-eb2ca3555b83
17:13 magnus reva: just give the "sudo cpan" command, i think
17:13 Drl-Ulm Yes, it is def. in progress.
17:14 magnus reva: i dont think "/etc/perl/CPAN/ initialized." is supposed to be a command
17:16 reva magus, I am at root; I tried all combinations of sudo; when I prepend sudo it says sudo (followed by whatever) unable to resolve hot ABBS05 (which is the computer name).
17:16 reva So magnus, what is the command.
17:16 owen reva: sudo cpan
17:16 reva for initializing the CPAN; I just following the instructions on the page. Ok owen, I will try that.
17:17 magnus reva: what owen said... ;-)
17:17 reva since I am at the root I did cpan and it now has the cpan[1]> command prompt.
17:18 reva so which command would I be running at this prompt now?
17:18 reva do I run the long command at this prompt?
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17:25 magnus reva: exit the cpan shell and run "sudo cpan Algorithm::Chec..." from the regular command line
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17:26 reva ok magnu. I will.
17:28 cait has someone email enabled in their dev installation? I have a patch for new serial issue notification not working
17:28 reva magnus, are the back slashes supposed to be included, or do i just continue on the line and let it wrap?
17:28 cait I would be nice if someone would signoff on it
17:29 magnus reva: not sure, try it! ;-)
17:32 owen is now known as owen-away
17:34 cait owen flees :)
17:37 reva magnus, it is saying that "make install" returned bad status, install seems impossible. Anyone know what to do?
17:41 magnus reva: sorry, that could be a ton of different reasons...
17:43 reva ok, let me give you a page  from another site; if you see that can help me (though the instructions are for Ubuntu not Debian), would you take a look?:[…]k3-on-u810-6.html
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18:08 magnus reva: that is for an older version of koha, on another os. i think sticking to install.debian is better
18:08 magnus hiya nengard!
18:08 nengard howdy
18:09 magnus waiting for your book to arrive ;-)
18:13 cait hi nengard :)
18:13 cait serials training - even more questions
18:13 reva ok, where would i find the old password in mysql so I can run "sudo mysqladmin password <password>" also, is the new password supposed to be surrounded by anything?
18:14 nengard cait - i feel your pain :)
18:15 Drl-Ulm book ++
18:15 cait could be worse, questions are ok, although I suspect some bugs hiding there too
18:15 cait we had some strange dates like XXX and 02/00/0
18:19 wizzyrea reva: no.
18:21 reva ok, so where would i find the old password so i can insert in the command and replace it with the new (without enclosing, of course; thanks wizzyrea).
18:22 Drl-Ulm Galen: R U on?
18:22 gmcharlt hi Drl-Ulm
18:23 Drl-Ulm gmcharlt: Hi. If I have a patch for 3.2 which is a small enhancement, can this get into the 3.2 release?
18:23 reva This is an aside for anyone: i copy and pasted lines of commands from the instruction web page; but now all my commands are in bold? how do I un-bold the command line edits?
18:23 gmcharlt Drl-Ulm: definitely into 3.4, possibly back-ported into 3.2.1 depending on what chris_n thinks of it
18:24 Drl-Ulm OK, it was just a couple of quick ones - if you think they would fly. One is the Google Preview function, added independantly of other Google / Amazon / etc. options
18:25 Drl-Ulm gmcharlt: the other is tools->news->and add a slip option to print scheduled news items on the checkout slips
18:25 Drl-Ulm gmcharlt: should I go ahead and submit?
18:25 wizzyrea we've been in feature freeze for a long time for 3.2
18:25 gmcharlt Drl-Ulm: yep, both sound worthy of consideration, so go ahead and submit for 3.4
18:26 chris Yeah those could go into 3.4 assuming they pass QA
18:26 Drl-Ulm wizzyrea: gmcharlt: OK, I will toss them on for 3.4 to see if they fly, thanks.
18:27 chris Once colin as qa manager has looked at them, then I would look at them for 3.4 inclusion
18:30 chris Because with 3.4 we are going to be aiming for a time based release, I'm gonna be a bit stricter about what goes in, having your patch signed off by others helps its chances
18:30 chris As does unit tests and good documentation
18:31 chris Of course we plan to work with ppl to help them achieve that
18:32 chris Make sense dr-ulm?
18:36 reva hi i do not even see a mysqladmin file for it to change the password. There is a mysql folder with my.cnf. I do not see a password in it when I look at it in the reader.
18:37 chris I should hope not
18:37 reva chris, are you answering me?
18:37 chris Yes
18:37 chris And I'm gonna say
18:38 chris There are docs there
18:38 reva ok, I did not get that. At this point I am not sure any packages were installed through Debian.
18:38 Drl-Ulm gmcharlt: also working on an opac (patron) controlled automated email message sent when new items arrive based on a patrons preference. Here is the Link:[…]afdf-38f0293e8607
18:39 Drl-Ulm gmcharlt: I will work on sending these, 2 of them are already done, thanks
18:39 Drl-Ulm chris: yep, makes sense, I was called out on the floor (again) a frequent occurence
18:40 Drl-Ulm Thanks people!
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18:41 owen-away Hi pianohack
18:41 owen-away is now known as owen
18:41 pianohack Hey owen
18:42 pianohack How's it going?
18:42 cait hi pianohack
18:42 pianohack Hi cait
18:42 reva ok, so I am at the MySql site. But I thought Debian installs basic MySQL package. No?
18:42 wizzyrea PH!
18:43 pianohack hey liz!
18:43 * wizzyrea pounces pianohack with a big hug
18:43 pianohack reva: You can install a mysql-server package in debian, yes, though it usually isn't installed by default
18:43 wizzyrea how's the new gig?
18:43 pianohack paperwork's still going through
18:44 chris Reva: you were asking about changing passwords for mysql
18:44 chris Not installing
18:44 pianohack Between HR bureaucracy and endless background checks, it might be another week :P
18:44 chris Pianohack: hey you!!!
18:44 pianohack Gah
18:44 pianohack Hey chris
18:44 pianohack How's it going?
18:44 chris So I'm behind ... new gig?
18:45 owen Background checks? pianohack is joining the FBI?
18:45 pianohack I have a student web developer position with the USGS (government agency, does a lot of geological work)
18:45 chris Going good 2.5 weeks until kohacon, keeping me busy
18:45 chris Ohhh sweet
18:46 pianohack One would think I'd be driving the president
18:46 chris Heh
18:46 pianohack but no, I'm writing PHP/Perl to drive an earthquake visualization website. Government...
18:46 pianohack And yes, conferences. Lots of work involved :)
18:46 reva correct. but when I tried the instructions from[…];f=INSTALL.debian, I am stuck in this part.
18:46 chris Just don't discover oil here
18:46 chris :)
18:47 chris Ohh really
18:47 reva I eman chris: I am stuck at 2 and 2.1. It is not obliging
18:47 chris Did you see the chch earthquake visualisation?
18:48 chris When I get to my desk ill find you the url pianohack
18:48 pianohack chris: The visualization that loads in Google Earth? Installing GEarth as we speak
18:48 chris :)
18:49 chris They are still having tons of aftershocks
18:49 chris 5.0 the other night
18:49 tcohen left #koha
18:50 nengard chris 15 days til I fly out!!!!!
18:50 chris Woot
18:50 chris Wizzy and lee have you beat tho
18:50 wizzyrea RAR
18:50 wizzyrea :)
18:50 chris I think 10?
18:50 cait 14 days :)
18:50 wizzyrea 10!
18:51 chris_n howdy pianohack
18:51 pianohack Hey chris_n
18:51 chris Ill start cleaning now
18:51 chris_n owen: thanks for catching that
18:51 cait cleaningß
18:51 Drl-Ulm Anyone: in 3.2 are patron messaging settings working yet? (Days in advance Email Digests only? Do not notify)
18:52 chris Yep
18:52 owen chris_n: Bug 4988
18:52 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4988 enhancement, P5, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW, password field in change password form should not display
18:52 chris Hlt and hauraki are both using them in production
18:52 chris_n owen: I'm adding a second field
18:53 cait Drl-Ulm: we use them in 3.01.61
18:53 chris_n and will mark the other a dup
18:53 chris_n Drl-Ulm: we use the latest HEAD in production
18:53 chris Ok my stop bbiab
18:54 ebegin joined #koha
18:54 Drl-Ulm chris_n: OK, Ill take your word for it. I am showing
18:55 Drl-Ulm chris_n: hold the phone, what is the repository of HEAD? Am I using an old version?
18:55 chris_n om
18:56 cait
18:56 Drl-Ulm that is 3.2? or 3.0?
18:56 cait both I think
18:56 chris_n
18:56 cait ah
18:57 Drl-Ulm chris_n: So I am running up to date (almost)? You are running .145?
18:57 chris_n yes, and yes
18:57 Drl-Ulm OK, good then it is time for lunch
18:58 pianohack brendan++ # my old library, now supported by him, is up to date :)
18:58 Johnindy left #koha
19:05 nengard pianohack we're happy to help :)
19:05 pianohack bywater++ # there
19:06 Braedon left #koha
19:06 Braedon joined #koha
19:10 nengard left #koha
19:12 jcamins_a is now known as jcamins
19:12 jcamins Is there any way to get a list of all topical authorities?
19:12 jcamins When I change the authority search from "Default," I get a 500 Error.
19:14 jcamins (unless I enter something into the search, but what I want is a list of every single topical heading)
19:16 cait jcamins: I am sorry, I dont know how to get them all
19:17 cait jcamins: the empy search does not work there
19:18 reva so how do i list the packages that are there in the debian install? is there a command for that/
19:20 jcamins cait: I'll have to file a bug for that.
19:21 jcamins Thanks for checking.
19:21 owen reva: Why do you need to?
19:23 richard joined #koha
19:29 reva because I am not sure what packages I selected when I installed (I used the built inGUI installer for Debian). I remember picking sql and perl and I see two folders that it has created for them. But when I follow the instructions per the web page, it is throwing up "errror" or command not found msgs.
19:30 reva jcamins, hi. I am in the middle of installing mysql. (Just to let you know, i do not see a folder for yaz or zebra; i only see ones for mysql and perl).
19:32 alan joined #koha
19:32 darling joined #koha
19:33 magnus left #koha
19:33 jcamins reva: other than saying that if you follow the instructions exactly, you should end up with a working Koha installation, I don't know what to tell you. To learn more about Linux in general I suggest this book: (I've never read it, but it looks like it provides an introduction)
19:37 reva thanks jcamins. but i have followed and the first part seemed to have worked. and the perl module threw up a lot of msgs as well; but i was told by someone here to ignore and see what happens if i went on to the mysql part.:(
19:37 jcamins Okay, that makes sense.
19:37 collum left #koha
19:37 jcamins So just run step 2.1-whatever.
19:37 jcamins :)
19:40 briceSanc joined #koha
19:40 briceSanc hello
19:40 chris hi briceSanc
19:41 pianohack bye all, time for a nap
19:41 pianohack left #koha
19:41 jwagner left #koha
19:42 owen A nap! The stories we've heard about gov't jobs are true!
19:42 chris hehe
19:43 cait hm time for a nap here too :)
19:43 cait only 3 work days before kohacon :)
19:43 cait good night all :)
19:43 reva yes jcamins, the 2.1 is giving me trouble.
19:43 cait left #koha
19:43 reva it says it cannot find mysqladmin.
19:44 jcamins Did you run all the steps before that?
19:44 jcamins Steps 1.4-1.5?
19:45 reva yes, just the perl module steps came up with some errors; but i was told that some of them may be inocuous and to go ahead to the mysql part.
19:46 jcamins Strange.
19:47 jcamins Then I have no idea what to tell you.
19:48 reva i think it ran ok to 1.5; but i remember having to tweak the command for 1.5. so I am not sure what happened at 1.5. also, cpan perl installer gave a lot of make "this" failed kind of msgs.
19:48 jcamins reva: how did you tweak the command for 1.5?
19:50 chris_n any ideas on what the designed scope of the borrowers permission was/is in light of the fact that the variable name used in is NoUpdateLogin?
19:51 chris_n was the intent simply to disallow modification of patron login info?
19:51 chris_n or more broadly to disallow modification of all patron info?
19:51 chris the former i think
19:51 reva ok, install_misc said install_misc...cannot be found. I cannot recall the tweak though. :( But I did have to do something to the command.) (Oh wait, may be I had switch it back to root to execute that.) But now I am logged in as root, so that is not the issue.
19:54 jcamins reva: I would suggest you start over at step 1.3. It will not break anything if you run a step twice.
19:55 jcamins Other than that, I have no suggestions.
19:56 reva Ok, I will do that start from 1.3. Thanks jcamins:)
20:04 Drl-Ulm left #koha
20:09 owen Cookies successfully baked!
20:10 chris ! :)
20:10 owen Javascript cookies :)
20:12 owen And now it is time to go. Bye all!
20:12 owen left #koha
20:16 Johnindy joined #koha
20:31 reva left #koha
20:33 chris
20:33 chris *sigh*
20:33 Nate left #koha
20:34 chris
20:35 chris not even pretending its not a fork anymore
20:36 jcamins What is agencyofrecord?
20:36 chris must be who did their site for them
20:36 jcamins Ah.
20:37 chris
20:37 chris links from here
20:37 jcamins Yeah, I saw. And was confused.
20:37 chris im pretty sure owen wont like being quoted
20:37 chris http://prelaunch.agencyofrecor[…]ime/our-customers
20:38 CGI020 joined #koha
20:38 jcamins No, I would suppose not.
20:38 CGI020 hello
20:38 wizzyrea hi
20:39 CGI020 hoe to enable the book cavers on opac serch
20:39 CGI020 how to enable the book covers in opac
20:40 wizzyrea do you have an amazon aws account?
20:41 CGI020 no
20:42 chris what version of Koha?
20:42 wizzyrea Then you should get one, first (if you want amazon covers)
20:42 CGI020 koha 3.00.06
20:43 wizzyrea have a look at[…]l/?ch=c19#AEN1024
20:43 wizzyrea under "amazon"
20:43 CGI020 i dont want amazon covers i want to add manualy mo covers
20:44 chris well built in , yuo can either use google or amazon covers, there is no built in way to add your own
20:44 CGI020 ok thanks
20:44 wizzyrea it's a copyright problem, anyway, for most things.
20:44 wizzyrea (unless the books are out of copyright, of course)
20:46 * jcamins supposes he probably won't have to worry about that issue when he starts working on custom book cover image support, since he works with sixteenth and seventeenth century books ;)
20:46 wizzyrea nope, def not
20:50 briceSanc Koha is a Liblime's registred trademark ????
20:51 chris in the US yes
20:51 briceSanc or KOHA is a Liblime's registred trademark ????
20:51 chris probably KOHA
20:51 briceSanc ok...
20:52 chris its bogus either way :)
20:53 wasabi a quick Q? liblime managed to reg. KOHA , not Koha, in the USA?
20:53 chris you'd have to do a tm search it might have been koha
20:53 chris they did it years ago
20:53 chris it doesnt really matter
20:53 chris its more the lies on the site that are offensive ;)
20:54 wasabi so why are they attempting a capitalization hack on the word?
20:54 chris same reason they changed the logo
20:54 wasabi KOHA, not Koha, koha , etc?
20:54 chris to distance themselves from actual koha
20:54 wizzyrea[…]te=4003:2ce3l.2.2
20:55 chris theres nothing on the site that mentions .. or any of the history of koha
20:55 chris they are pretending they are KOHA
20:55 wizzyrea wasabi does that help at all?
20:55 wasabi sure it does
20:57 wasabi such a strange game...
20:58 wizzyrea it *is* a strange game
20:59 SJeffery joined #koha
21:15 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
21:18 briceSanc left #koha
21:19 CGI020 left #koha
21:50 moodaepo liblime-- ptfs--
21:50 moodaepo @karma
21:50 munin moodaepo: Highest karma: "chris" (168), "owen" (163), and "gmcharlt" (157).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-66), "failed" (-43), and "-" (-28).  You (moodaepo) are ranked 159 out of 994.
21:51 moodaepo @karma liblime
21:51 munin moodaepo: Karma for "liblime" has been increased 0 times and decreased 11 times for a total karma of -11.
21:51 moodaepo @karma ptfs
21:51 munin moodaepo: Karma for "ptfs" has been increased 8 times and decreased 6 times for a total karma of 2.
21:52 moodaepo <!++
21:52 chris heh
22:15 davi left #koha
22:31 SJeffery left #koha
22:33 wasabi ptfs--    from me too
22:35 wasabi @ptfs please do not attempt to rebrand the Koha word, or the Koha logo, thank you :)
22:35 munin wasabi: Error: "ptfs" is not a valid command.
22:35 wasabi ->
22:39 richard a pity that the own the rights to the real logo
22:52 wasabi yeah, that was a fuck-up ;)
22:53 wasabi i like this post , on that topic  ->[…]e-koha-community/
22:56 chris_n I find it a bit poetic that the url rewrite does not work on liblime's site... http://prelaunch.agencyofrecor[…]m/liblime/welcome
23:06 moodaepo left #koha
23:19 jcamins_a chris_n: perhaps this is a known issue... URL rewriting breaks history rewriting and vice versa?
23:19 jcamins_a is now known as jcamins
23:19 brendan joined #koha
23:31 wasabi jcamins:  i think they have a buggy apache.conf, thats all...
23:36 jcamins wasabi: well, yes, but my suggestion struck me as poetic.
23:37 wasabi lol, ah... i think i got you :)
23:40 chris :)
23:40 wasabi jcamins  i really like your 'pledge' post
23:41 jcamins wasabi: I'm glad to hear it. I stand by it.
23:41 wasabi yes, i feel the same way as you
23:41 chris the good thing, and the thing not to lose sight of, is that almost everyone does
23:41 chris this isnt a bunch of organisations doing bad thigns .. its just one
23:42 wasabi lol, yeah pretty much
23:45 wasabi ... an opinion i plan on sharing at kohacon10, to be *quite* sure
23:52 chris well yeah, im not sure what we can do about it, but really enough is enough
23:53 wasabi well, one thing *i* can do is bitch to anyone that finds it slighty interesting, about what *specifically* is being attempted by ptfs/liblime
23:54 wasabi ... which we've all worked out months ago, but they are playing coy about
23:54 wasabi interested...?
23:54 wasabi :)
23:55 chris yeah exactly, well at leats its out in the open now, they are trying to hijack the project as a liblime only thing
23:59 wasabi i wonder how shortly we can expect the newly branded  'KOHA' wording and logo on ?
23:59 bankhead joined #koha
23:59 bankhead left #koha
23:59 chris i think they have given up on
23:59 chris they dont link/talk about it

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