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00:50 brendan_l @wunder 93117
00:50 munin brendan_l: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 16.9�C (5:54 PM PDT on October 03, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 84%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 29.93 in 1013.4 hPa (Steady).
00:50 brendan_l feels colder than that
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01:29 cait morning #koha
01:32 chris hi cait, up earlyish again eh?
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01:56 cait1 @wunder Konstanz
01:56 munin cait1: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 11.0�C (4:00 AM CEST on October 04, 2010). Conditions: Light Fog. Humidity: 97%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.73 in 1007 hPa (Falling).
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01:57 munin cait1: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 15.0�C (2:00 PM NZDT on October 04, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 9.0�C. Pressure: 30.51 in 1033 hPa (Steady).
01:57 chris why are you awake at 4am?
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02:04 cait1 train leaves at 4:48
02:05 cait1 and I am not really awake :)
02:05 chris heh
02:07 cait1 more like living dead
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03:06 Amit heya chris
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07:31 ivanc hallo #koha
07:35 chris hdl: thanks for the email
07:35 chris fredericd: are you around?
07:35 chris hi ivanc
07:35 hdl hi chris you're welcome
07:38 ivanc hi cris
07:40 larsw hi
07:42 chris hiya larsw
07:43 magnus g'day #koha
07:43 chris scandanavia in the house
07:44 hdl Hi magnus
07:46 magnus yo!
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07:58 chris
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08:06 LUMHS I want to install koha-3.06 on ubuntu 10.04
08:06 magnus chris: as someone said on twitter: beautiful! same designer as HLT?
08:07 LUMHS when I want to access following link by following the install.ubuntu file, it is not accessing
08:07 LUMHS[…]ncodingscratchpad
08:07 chris magnus: HLT was katipo design, catalyst did the design for HDC
08:08 magnus chris: ah
08:10 LUMHS is it necessary to follow these instructions which r on link mentioned above on ubuntu 10.04
08:10 chris LUMHS: with 10.04 you dont have to actually worry about that anyway, it will be set up for utf8
08:11 LUMHS another thing My network is on wifi, so is it ok for installation of koha
08:11 LUMHS what should I use instead of ip address
08:11 chris ?
08:11 chris wifi still uses ip addresses
08:15 LUMHS chris: actually our wifi n/w get random ip addresses each time
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08:16 chris well if you want to connect to the koha server, you are going to need to set it up so that it does static dhcp for the server
08:18 LUMHS chris: ok Im trying to keep static. I am just new user of linux  and koha, I would be thankful to u if u will guide me throughout installation
08:20 chris if you are knew to linux and koha
08:20 chris then you should install it using the packages
08:21 chris[…]ing_Koha_packages
08:45 * magnus wonders if this might be useful and/or fun
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09:04 chris might be fun
09:04 chris last kohacon wizzyrea set up coveritlive
09:04 chris which worked quite well
09:05 chris
09:05 chris magnus: did you set it up? (the lanyrd one)
09:06 magnus nice
09:06 magnus no it was already there
09:09 LUMHS CHRIS: thanks for providing this information, now should I follow these links or follow install.ubuntu
09:09 chris LUMHS: if you are new to linux, id use the packages
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09:17 LUMHS ok Im reading
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09:19 Amit heya magnus
09:20 magnus hi Amit
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09:22 LUMHS .
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10:02 LUMHS how can I add the security keys for repositories
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10:10 LUMHS chris: How can I add the security keys for repositories
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10:24 LUMHS when I tried to install package by package koha it show error sudo apt-get install koha
10:24 LUMHS E: Couldn't find package koha
10:27 pastebot "LUMHS" at pasted "didn not work sudo apt-get install koha" (9 lines) at
10:38 magnus LUMHS: did you follow these steps?[…]_packages#Sources
10:48 LUMHS magnusI have followed all the steps before "installing kona"
10:48 magnus and you did "sudo apt-get update" after you edited "/etc/apt/sources.list"
10:48 magnus ?
10:49 LUMHS yes I did
10:50 LUMHS during update it show "E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead."
10:50 magnus hm, i'm out of ideas, then...
10:53 LUMHS
10:54 LUMHS magnus: what should I do now, May I follow install.ubuntu file or this one
10:56 LUMHS during apt-get update it show 'The host was not found'
10:59 ivanc LUMHS look down
10:59 magnus in it says on the first line - that should be
11:00 magnus i get a response from
11:00 ivanc magnus yes correct!
11:01 magnus LUMHS go back to /etc/apt/sources.list and check the spelling
11:02 LUMHS ok
11:03 LUMHS magnus: what is the meaning of add the security keys for these reporsities
11:04 LUMHS and 'you're already sudo-active before you run Koha Community Key "
11:04 LUMHS Im not getting these points
11:06 magnus sudo-active - if you go for a while without using sudo it will ask you to re-enter your password. i think it means that you should make sure you are "logged in" to sodu, otherwise sudo asking for the password will mess up the commands. i think
11:07 LUMHS ok
11:08 magnus s/sodu/sudo/
11:09 * magnus has to run out on an errand
11:09 magnus is now known as magnus_er
11:10 LUMHS Im running each command with writting prefix as sudo
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11:15 LUMHS Thanks It is working now
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11:22 LUMHS what should I keep 'mail name of your system'
11:30 LUMHS Im stick on  'Configuring nullmailer' and getting what is it?
11:30 LUMHS could any one help me
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11:43 magnus not sure of that one...
11:45 LUMHS magnus: what about database, we have to create or it would be created by default
11:46 magnus as long as you use the packages i *think* it is created for you - i have only run through that process once, though, so i'm not absolutely sure
12:00 LUMHS Hurrah! I completed succefully
12:01 LUMHS I thankful to those who cooperated me
12:08 magnus LUMHS: congratulations! :-) wooho!
12:13 LUMHS magnus: couple of thanks for guidance
12:14 LUMHS I just want to ask one thing what is difference b/w normal installation of koha and this package by package
12:14 magnus the package does a lot of the work for you
12:15 magnus the alternative is to do lots of the steps by hand
12:15 LUMHS Yes, I think so, bz in install.ubuntu, lot of steps are there
12:16 LUMHS most of people r using MS windows, so when will the latest version of koha will relese for windows
12:31 magnus i don't hink that is high on the list of priorities - the classic LAMP stack is the main focus
12:36 magnus and anyway i think it is more a question of getting the perl modules that koha builds on to work on windows, which is sort of "ourside the scope" of the koha project
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13:00 jcamins Good morning, #koha
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13:01 magnus g'day jcamins
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13:05 jcamins How's life on the other side of the pond, magnus?
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13:06 magnus not too shabby, jcamins, but fall is definitely approaching...
13:06 magnus and on your side?
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13:07 jcamins Well, today it's finally cool, which is nice, but the rain storm last week left a mold infestation in our office.
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13:08 owen Man, I had to slip munin a twenty just to get in
13:10 jwagner Maybe munin doesn't like to work on Mondays either....
13:10 jcamins If munin would like, there's a contractor to be supervised at my apartment this afternoon. Technically that's not "work."
13:12 magnus jcamins: wow that must have been some rain storm
13:13 jcamins magnus: yeah, it was pretty amazing. I was out in Forest Hills on Saturday, and there was a giant, seven-storey tree that had been knocked in half by the wind.
13:14 magnus ouch
13:14 jwagner We got 7-8 inches or more in Maryland -- lots of flooding and general wetness.
13:18 magnus that is a LOT of water!
13:20 jcamins jwagner: I hope that water stayed out of your home?
13:21 jwagner Mostly.
13:21 jwagner I have an outside stairwell to my basement door and when the drain gets clogged or there's a lot of rain in a short time, water backs up over the doorsill and into the basement.  I'm trying to get zoning approval now to build a roof over the stairwell, sigh.
13:23 jcamins Ick.
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13:35 owen Hi sekjal & druthb
13:36 druthb Good morning, owen! :)
13:36 sekjal morning, owen
13:36 * druthb sees kf's chair empty, and pouts a little.
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13:55 owen Hi nengard
13:55 nengard hiya
14:03 hdl hi
14:03 jwagner Bonjour hdl
14:05 jcamins Can you run while people are using your catalog?
14:06 sekjal jcamins: you can, but it may slow things down.  I don't think it breaks indexing, though.
14:06 jcamins Okay.
14:06 jcamins It's not like we're a high-activity library, anyway. :)
14:09 owen Hmm... So Bug 5265 happens because "if ( $item = GetItem( 0, $barcode ) )" in returns true for a non-existent barcode
14:09 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5265 minor, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, error message on lists is misleading
14:10 owen Should GetItem *not* return true in that case, or should just check for the existence of $item->itemnumber?
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14:17 owen The only other similar example does the latter.
14:17 hdl I think should check existence
14:17 owen Thanks hdl
14:20 * chris_n thinks OO should offer a command filter which handles vim command syntax :)
14:22 jcamins chris_n: you should contribute one to LibreOffice. ;)
14:27 chris_n occasionally muscle memory becomes a problem...
14:30 nengard on hold with virgin australia cause i need to tell them about my 'mobility limitations' (as they call it) and the music is kind of annoying
14:31 wizzy_fre nengard: when do you leave
14:31 wizzy_fre ?
14:31 wizzy_fre is now known as wizzyrea
14:31 * wizzyrea realizes she could just look on tripit >.>
14:36 nengard wizzy_fre 10/20
14:38 wizzyrea o cool, os you're staying after the conf.
14:38 wizzyrea we are coming early
14:39 wizzyrea tacking the conf on the end
14:39 nengard we're doing the other way
14:39 nengard we come back on the 5th of november
14:39 jcamins Stupid-date-search-hate-it-hate-it-hate-it.
14:39 nengard turns out we're on the same 2 flights a sekjal so i was just calling to get us all seats together :)
14:39 wizzyrea we come back the 2nd
14:40 wizzyrea I like the idea of a koha appliance rather like the datto (remote backup)
14:40 * wizzyrea ponders this.
14:40 wizzyrea (reading the ARM thread on the list)
14:40 jcamins Hm.
14:41 nengard woo hoo I just won a free tech book on :
14:41 owen hdl still around? Or anyone who can answer a UNIMARC question?
14:41 jcamins How do you specify a boolean AND operation in the advanced search?
14:41 hdl owen: yes ?
14:42 owen I'm looking at Bug 5240 and wondering whether we really need to paginate that page, especially with such a high number as 30 per page
14:42 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5240 minor, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, next link hidden on edit subfields
14:42 owen There couldn't be more than 36 lines total, right?
14:42 owen 0-9 and a-z ?
14:43 jcamins owen: uppercase and lowercase.
14:43 owen Ah, thanks jcamins. So 62 is possible
14:44 jcamins Yeah, though possibly not advisable.
14:45 owen Still... I wonder if paginating is worth it?
14:45 hdl owen: I donot think so
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14:53 ivanc hi #koha
14:55 jcamins Okay, that's really weird.
14:55 jcamins Named indexes break search limits?
14:57 jcamins How do I add an option to the idx boxes on the Advanced Search screen only when "More Options" has been selected?
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15:00 jcamins Okay, I don't have an answer to my second question, but CCL search prefixes do seem to break the year limit, if nothing else.
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15:01 crion good day!
15:01 wizzyrea hello there
15:01 crion can anyone explain how can we set koha to send text messages
15:01 crion ?
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15:03 jcamins I have confirmed my bug on the ByWater demo, which I don't think has any customizations.
15:03 sekjal jcamins: nope, that demo runs straight community code.  nothing that wasn't committed by the RM
15:04 sekjal it is a couple revisions behind... I think on
15:05 jcamins I don't think I heard anything about this bug recently, though, so I don't imagine the most recent patch(es) fixed it.
15:06 nengard crion you need an SMS driver for text msgs to work - and those aren't free
15:07 nengard see SMSSendDriver on[…]al/?ch=c19#AEN486
15:08 wizzyrea nengard: do you have on your manual list the addition of a note.gif to the repo?
15:08 wizzyrea (I can't remember)
15:08 nengard wizzyrea - you told me and I promptly forgot :)
15:08 nengard I'll do it todday
15:08 nengard today
15:08 wizzyrea we have Tip and Important, just need "note"
15:08 wizzyrea COOL
15:08 wizzyrea ty
15:09 jcamins Weird...
15:09 jcamins Are language limits broken?
15:09 wizzyrea jcamins: the stuff in the 880?
15:10 wizzyrea wait that's translations
15:10 wizzyrea never mind
15:10 jcamins No, limit by language in the Advanced Search.
15:10 crion nengard: so how can i acquire sms driver? Do i have to contact one telecommunication company here? sorry but i just can't imagine what a sms driver is..
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15:10 jcamins wtf?
15:10 jcamins Okay, now I'm beyond baffled.
15:10 jcamins There seems to be no relationship between my results and my searches.
15:11 jcamins I'll blame it on bad data.
15:11 wizzyrea ^^ I have noticed similar things, but thought it also was bad data
15:11 jcamins Who is running Koha on head with a lot of records in multiple languages?
15:11 jcamins Or near head, for that matter.
15:11 wizzyrea I don't have records in multiple languages, but I think I"ve got at least spanish
15:12 wizzyrea you're talking about the OPAC?
15:12 jcamins Yup.
15:12 jcamins What I am seeing is that the search is not using the correct language codes.
15:13 jcamins Wait, let me revise that.
15:13 jcamins French is broken.
15:13 nengard crion, I've never done it - all I know is that I was told you had to pay for a sms driver ... has anyone else done this?
15:13 jcamins Mystery solved.
15:15 wizzyrea which brings up something else
15:15 wizzyrea I just did a full search limited by spanish, and what kind of results should I be expecting?
15:15 wizzyrea anything with "spanish" in the marc record?
15:16 wizzyrea because that's what I got
15:16 wizzyrea with spanish *anywhere* in the marc record
15:16 jcamins You should be getting records with spa in 008 or 041.
15:16 wizzyrea so dvd's with spanish subtitles
15:17 jcamins I was thinking I'd file a bug on that, too.
15:17 wizzyrea ooh, yea, that's not right
15:17 wizzyrea it's looking through the entire record
15:17 jcamins Correct behavior should be 008 or 041*a*
15:17 wizzyrea oh wait
15:17 wizzyrea 041... let me double check
15:17 sekjal other 041 subfields are also good... but not $h
15:18 wizzyrea yea, these results look better than I first thought
15:18 crion nengard: I think i have to dig more on this. thank you for the time. Got to sleep now.
15:18 wizzyrea bc the dvd's all have spa in the 041
15:19 wizzyrea bc of the subtitles
15:20 wizzyrea which is a little bit misleading, but eh.
15:22 wizzyrea My french seems to be working, it's finding fre
15:22 wizzyrea afk
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15:24 jcamins Yeah, but it's also finding any other language with "fr".
15:24 jcamins Like Afrikaans.
15:24 jcamins Ohhh.
15:24 jcamins I see why.
15:24 jcamins So that it will also pull up Middle and Old French.
15:25 jcamins Sadly that means it also pulls up Frisian.
15:25 jcamins Probably no one else ever has anything in Frisian or Afrikaans, so it's not obvious.
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15:30 rhcl If an overdue item has reached the "bill" stage, would running still generate an overdue notice on that item?
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15:35 * jcamins is very glad that his family sent a container of cookies home with him after he dropped the cat off in central Jersey where it would be safe from the mold
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15:41 jcamins # Deprecated, but preserved because it's interesting :-)
15:41 jcamins ^^ comment in
15:44 jcamins There must be some way to have jquery catch when expandedOptions are in use.
15:45 jcamins Or should I just add "Journal title" to all the search dropdowns, come what may?
15:46 jcamins I'll do the latter. Voyager has that option, and no one understands it. Why shouldn't we?
15:47 jwagner jcamins, you have mold at home?
15:48 jcamins jwagner: yeah, we had a leak in the study, and my wife -- who is sensitive to mold -- was so sick I had to send her to stay with my parents within 48 hours of discovering the leak.
15:48 jwagner Yikes.  No fun.  I had mold in the basement after one of the various water problems.  Lots of removing drywall, applying mold-killing solutions, etc. etc.
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15:49 briceSanc[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5051
15:49 munin Bug 5051: normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, Renewal due date doesn't always show on patron Checkout tab
15:49 briceSanc hello
15:51 owen briceSanc: I doubt that patch will make it into 3.2. Hopefully 3.4.
15:56 jcamins nengard: a new record or an old record?
15:57 nengard editing an old records - if you're asking about my recent bug report
15:57 jcamins Yes, I was.
15:57 jcamins I'll give it a try.
15:59 nengard jcamins - i added my steps
16:03 jcamins Thanks.
16:11 jcamins nengard: the problem is that you can't change to the default framework.
16:12 nengard ah - you want to clarify that on the bug report? or should I?
16:12 jcamins I can do it.
16:12 jcamins It's related to wizzyrea's bug about resetting authorized values.
16:13 jcamins On the subject of which, perhaps a goal for 3.6 should be eliminating '' having the meaning 'default' and the meaning 'nothing.'
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16:13 cait hi #koha
16:13 rhcl hi cait
16:13 jcamins Hello.
16:13 cait hi rhcl and jcamins :)
16:26 briceSanc owen, thks for your answer
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16:38 Drl-Ulm Lo' all
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16:40 owen Hi Drl-Ulm , wajasu
16:41 wajasu hiya
16:42 Drl-Ulm We should all make our names look like "Myxlplyx"
16:42 wajasu or xyzzy
16:45 Drl-Ulm Sure
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16:55 wizzyrea oh, speaking of that bug
16:55 wizzyrea I have a patch if for bug 4935 on bugzilla if someone would sign off on it
16:55 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4935 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Batch Modify tool cannot "unset" options such as Lost status
16:55 wizzyrea or at least, someone apply it and let me know if it works for you like it did for me >.>
16:56 wizzyrea because there was a lot of drama around it.
16:56 wizzyrea (here)
16:57 nengard wizzyrea i'll give it a whirl
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17:14 chris morning
17:14 sekjal morning, chris
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17:16 reva hi all, do I pick En_US.utf-8 for my language choice in Debian Lenny?
17:17 reva it has en_US, and also en_US.iso-8859-15.
17:17 reva hi jcamins: I am installing my 3.2:)
17:21 cait morning chris
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17:24 reva hi cait: we are installing the Debian Lenny; should I click on openssh-client-udeb as one of the options for it to install?
17:24 cait reva: I think I have no answer here
17:24 cait if you want to use ssh perhaps yes?
17:25 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
17:25 jcamins_a Contractors. Argh!
17:25 jcamins_a So long, #koha
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17:25 reva thanks cait.
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17:40 chris how did the training go cait ?
17:44 Drl-Ulm nengard: Hello, any reviews yet for your book? IT looks intertesting.
17:44 nengard no one has told me of a review
17:44 nengard chris can tell you what he thinks about it though :)
17:44 nengard i actually don't even have my copy yet!
17:45 nengard so I assume others are still waiting too
17:45 chris i liked it :)
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17:49 cait chris: I think it was great, although a lot of new questions came up
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17:54 cait1 tt
17:54 nengard cait that's always what happens when i do training
17:54 nengard more questions & bug reports
17:55 cait1 yep
17:55 cait1 and enhancement requests
17:55 cait1 today was acq, tomorrow is serials
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18:12 owen Is there a preferred method for applying multiple regular expressions to a string?
18:13 owen One after the other? In a loop? doesn't matter?
18:14 chris one after the other is fine
18:14 chris of course you could probably do it all in one regular expression
18:15 chris but it would become fairly unreadable, 1 after the other is fine
18:15 chris also if you put a comment why you are doing it, and what it is doing .. future koha programmers will worship you for it
18:16 chris instead of cursing your name with wtfs
18:16 owen chris: I'm trying to split up the long ISBN string output by the z39.50 search results page so that the line will break and the table won't be so wide
18:16 chris cool, thats the perfect comment to put in the code
18:16 owen $oldbiblio->{isbn} =~ s/\|/ \| /g if $oldbiblio->{isbn};
18:16 owen So that finds "|" and pads with with spaces, " | "
18:17 owen But I'd like to do the same with "("
18:18 chris right
18:19 Drl-Ulm nengard: Thanks! had to go onto the floor again
18:19 nengard np
18:20 Drl-Ulm nengard: well, it is cool that such a book is coming out, especially from the Koha camp. Libraries could save so much more if more open source were adopted
18:20 chris how about \W
18:20 wizzyrea Drl-Ulm: not to mention that we wouldn't be tied to a specific vendor (*cough* overdrive *cough*)
18:20 nengard i only briefly mention cost benefits, since there isn't always a savings - it's more about open source in general
18:21 chris yeah cost is the least important reason
18:21 nengard community, collaboration, etc
18:21 chris thats why i like the book, it gets to the heart of what is really important about free software
18:21 Drl-Ulm Ah yes. Was there a solution to that in the book? - There seems to be an issue with "what is a digital checkout/download" Otherwise I could dump in Gutenberg and count download links.
18:21 tcohen left #koha
18:22 chris owen: \W is a non word character so will (\w is word so alphanumeric and _)
18:22 chris s/(\W)/ $1 /g;
18:22 Drl-Ulm nengard: well for us it has saved cost in most cases and certainly added lots of flexibility
18:22 chris although that would catch : too
18:24 chris owen: so to be better s/(\||\)/ $1 /g
18:25 chris that might work
18:25 chris i havent had coffee yet tho so test it :)
18:25 owen Ah, thanks, that's just what I was trying, but I left out the () around the OR
18:26 owen I knew there was some kind of contructionlike "$1" and I couldn't remember it!
18:28 sekjal left #koha
18:35 chris its a handy one
18:55 chris Back from the bus
19:05 chris @wunder wellington,nz
19:05 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 11.0�C (8:00 AM NZDT on October 05, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 30.57 in 1035 hPa (Rising).
19:07 nengard chris it better get warmer in the next couple of weeks :) hehe
19:08 chris Its 8am that's pretty warm for 8
19:08 wizzyrea what's 11... in the 50's F?
19:08 chris Who knows
19:08 * wizzyrea goes to convert it...
19:08 wizzyrea 51.8, I'm good. ;)
19:09 chris Its blue skies
19:09 wizzyrea we've had weather like that here the last few days
19:09 chris That's all I care about
19:09 wizzyrea just perfect
19:09 wizzyrea lil chilly in the morning, nice warm afternoons
19:11 chris Daily savings here too didn't get dark til after 7 last night
19:11 cait1 :)
19:12 chris So long afternoons
19:13 chris However this is wellington it could be howling gales tomorrow
19:13 chris You never know
19:18 nengard @wunder 19030
19:18 munin nengard: The current temperature in Mercer County, Ewing, New Jersey is 11.3�C (3:26 PM EDT on October 04, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 96%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 30.15 in 1020.9 hPa (Falling).
19:18 nengard wow - it feels so much colder than that here
19:19 cait1 @wunder heidelberg
19:19 munin cait1: Error: No such location could be found.
19:19 cait1 @wunder heidelberg germany
19:19 munin cait1: The current temperature in Mannheim, Germany is 16.9�C (9:00 PM CEST on October 04, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 29.53 in 999.9 hPa (Steady).
19:21 wizzyrea @wunder lawrence, ks
19:21 munin wizzyrea: The current temperature in Channel 6 Downtown, Lawrence, Kansas is 18.2�C (2:28 PM CDT on October 04, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 44%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Pressure: 30.31 in 1026.3 hPa (Falling).
19:21 wizzyrea poifect
19:29 richard joined #koha
19:31 nengard never thought I'd want to be back in kansas :) hehe
19:32 wizzyrea hrmph. Kansas has it's charms.
19:32 wizzyrea :)
19:33 nengard your part does - other parts - well let's just say i've been in some places i don't need to return to
19:34 wizzyrea ooh, yea great bend not so much
19:34 alan joined #koha
19:37 darling joined #koha
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19:45 alan left #koha
19:48 reva hi anyone, how would I mount the other partition in my debian partition?
19:49 alan joined #koha
19:50 reva because I want to pull in some files from my winxp, which is in the other partition.
19:52 cait1 left #koha
19:54 chris reva: you probably need to find a linux support channel, or read some stuff on the web
19:56 richard is now known as rich-away
19:56 reva thanks chris; I thought someone here may know it readily:).
20:04 reva Right now, the boot sequence just flies by on the screen. Where do I change the time it displays for changing from one OS to another?
20:05 owen reva: you probably need to find a linux support channel, or read some stuff on the web
20:05 reva Ok. Are you the chris who amended the koha install manual?
20:06 Nate joined #koha
20:07 reva hi owen, I meant the Chris who responded before you.
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20:07 brendan_l joined #koha
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20:13 sekjal joined #koha
20:13 hdl joined #koha
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21:08 aindilis2 joined #koha
21:10 aindilis2 I have a library and I installed the sample database data.  Now we've gone and added lots of actual records to the system.  I cannot be sure of which "library" they are in.  Any suggestions on how to begin cleaning it up?
21:10 aindilis2 I would like to have just one library and one branch when completed, with multiple sections for Audio Visual, Archival, etc.
21:11 chris what version of Koha
21:11 aindilis2 3.00.00 I believe
21:11 chris really???
21:11 chris thats really really really old
21:11 aindilis2 well I haven't been so active, I am an volunteer amateur
21:12 chris when did you install koha?
21:12 aindilis2 I haven't upgraded the system thinking I should probably sort out the records first
21:12 aindilis2 I can tell you exactly if you hold on a sec, I should have logged in first
21:12 chris (august 2008 is when 3.0.0 was released)
21:13 aindilis2 2008-06-29 seems to be the install date
21:14 aindilis2 well should I just manually review the records or is there a way to test them somehow
21:14 chris well, in 3.2 there is a batch modification tool for items
21:14 aindilis2 also I'm a decent perl programmer
21:14 aindilis2 should I update to 3.2 then?
21:14 chris you could move them all to one branch in one go
21:14 aindilis2 with 3.2
21:14 chris yes
21:14 aindilis2 and how would you get rid of the fake ones?
21:14 chris the fake branches?
21:14 aindilis2 the marc records that are for holdings we don't want nor have
21:15 aindilis2 that were part of the initial sample database
21:15 chris is your koha actually in use?
21:15 aindilis2 sort of
21:15 aindilis2 the thing is we've been adding records to it that we don't have any other account of
21:15 aindilis2 history for
21:15 aindilis2 manually
21:16 chris you could export them
21:16 chris using the export records in tools
21:16 chris find the highest biblionumber of hte fake records, and export all records higher than that
21:16 aindilis2 Should I write a program that takes the original list of sample records and does a marc record comparison to see if each record was in the sample queue, to prune the export results and then reimplement
21:16 aindilis2 got it
21:17 chris then load the good ones ino a new 3.2 koha
21:17 aindilis2 okay very good thanks chris I owe you
21:17 aindilis2 has koha been made into a .deb yet?
21:17 chris you dont need to be that fancy, cos biblionumber autoincrements
21:17 chris yes
21:17 chris
21:17 aindilis2 thanks
21:17 chris for squeeze
21:17 aindilis2 alright well I'm going to get busy
21:17 aindilis2 again thanks
21:17 chris no problem
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21:28 davi left #koha
21:39 aindilis2 chris: the first biblionumber is one of ours, and I cannot find any sample marc records in the 3.00.00 installer, am I in the clear?
21:40 aindilis2 biblio.biblionumber
21:40 chris probably
21:41 aindilis2 also, to uninstall, everything is in /usr/share/koha?
21:41 aindilis2 k sounds good
21:48 Drl-Ulm left #koha
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