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02:07 reva Good evening to anyone who is up and looking at this.
02:16 Braedon 'evening
02:19 reva When editing item records (that were generated by a serial subscription), the edit mode does not display the publication details (i.e., there is no column for enumera). So one has no idea which issue's item record one is editing. And when the edit click puts up the edit mode screen, there is nowhere one can tell there which issue's item record one is editing.
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09:53 cait hi #koha
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13:48 kmkale good evening all
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19:02 cait hi chris_n1
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19:22 richard hi
19:25 cait hi richard
19:25 richard hi cait
19:25 chris_n1 heya cait
19:26 cait hi chris_n1
19:26 cait is this you or one of the many clones? :)
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20:19 cait git expert around?
20:20 robin Possibly, depending on what you need to know
20:20 cait hi robin
20:20 robin hi
20:20 cait I set up a public git repository, I pushed myster and one of my branches
20:21 cait after that I noticed, that my branch was not up to date - so I rebased, and now I am not able to push
20:21 cait and confused :)
20:22 robin ah
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20:22 robin yeah, that'll happen :)
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20:22 robin if you want to force it, put a '+' before the branch name when you push
20:22 cait is forcing it a good idea?
20:22 robin but rebasing is something you should be very careful doing, in general
20:23 robin well, if someone else is using the repo, it may confuse them.
20:23 robin But if not, it should be fine.
20:23 cait hm, nobody else is using it
20:23 robin then you should be OK
20:23 cait ok, it worked
20:23 robin cool :)
20:23 cait but what is the right way to do it?
20:24 cait and thx :)
20:24 robin usually do a pull then do a push
20:24 robin forcing is only needed if you change the history, which is what rebasing does.
20:25 cait hm
20:25 cait not sure I understand how this works
20:26 cait if I do a git pull, I get the changes from
20:26 cait and can git push that to the public repository after that?
20:27 robin yes, I have both the and the catalyst public on in my repo. I'll do things like:
20:27 robin git checkout kc/master -b my_branch
20:27 robin
20:28 robin git push local_repo my_branch
20:28 robin you can probably tell pull to pull from another branch
20:28 * robin checks the docs
20:28 robin yeah, you can do
20:28 robin git pull some_repo
20:29 robin or git pull some_repo some_branch
20:29 robin if you want to change which one it uses by default, edit .git/config in the project directory
20:29 robin (there are commands to edit it for you, but I don't know what they are)
20:30 cait ok, I will try to do that next time :)
20:30 cait thx robin
20:31 robin also handy if you working with multiple repos is 'git fetch --all', it's usually the first thing I do for the day.
20:31 robin you're welcome
20:31 cait and nothing will break? :)
20:32 cait hm git tells me it does not know the option --all
20:32 robin really?
20:32 robin like this:
20:32 robin robin@zarathud:~/catalyst/koha$ git fetch --all
20:32 robin Fetching origin
20:32 robin Fetching kc
20:33 robin what version are you on (git --version)? I have
20:33 cait can you tell me how to check?
20:33 cait ah got it
20:33 cait
20:33 robin ah, that might be it
20:34 robin Are you on an older Linux version?
20:34 cait yep
20:34 cait older ubuntu, I always forget the name
20:35 robin oh right. It's usually worth upgrading :)
20:36 cait will do, but it's only my vb, so not that bad
20:36 robin The current one is 10.04, which is an LTS (so will be supported for a long time), 9.10 will be end-of-lifeing pretty soon I think.
20:36 robin vb?
20:36 robin oh, virtualbox?
20:36 cait yes
20:36 cait hm still does not know git fetch --all
20:36 robin still, you get flashy new features :)
20:36 cait oh, no newer version
20:37 cait I only use it for koha :)
20:37 * robin considers upgrading his work desktop to 10.10, which is coming out in about a week
20:37 cait hm, I think I can't get a newer version with apt-get
20:38 robin No, you can't very easily without upgrading the whole distro
20:38 cait *sighs*
20:38 robin however, just for getting --all it may not be worthwhile
20:38 cait ok, but not today
20:38 robin you can do git fetch one_repo and git fetch another_repo just fine
20:38 robin (I expect, anyway)
20:39 cait I will try it out
20:39 cait thx for your time :)
20:39 cait my train leaves in 6 hours :( better get some sleep now
20:39 robin no problem, it's the "catch up on weekend email" phase of the day as it is, so not terribly busy right now :)
20:39 robin cya
20:40 cait cya and have a nice day :)
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21:14 chris_n1 for anyone interested, here is the latest output of my html label export option:
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22:19 chris
22:19 richard nice chris
22:24 chris evonne did a great job on the design i reckon
22:25 richard yeah it is pretty striking
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22:28 CGI978 hello everybody
22:29 brendan hey chris that's really nice
22:29 CGI978 hello brendan
22:30 brendan hi
22:30 CGI978 im dritan
22:31 CGI978 im setting up koha federated system
22:31 CGI978 and i give permision to staff acces for each library
22:32 CGI978 but user can access the catalogue of the others library
22:32 CGI978 ca delete modifiy etc
22:33 chris do you have independentbranches switched on?
22:33 CGI978 no
22:33 chris switch it on
22:33 CGI978 but i using multi opac
22:33 chris thats only for hte opac, that doesnt do anything about staff permissions
22:34 chris if you want people to be able to only modify their own catalogue, then you need independentbranches on
22:39 CGI978 yes i have independentbranches
22:39 CGI978 on
22:39 CGI978 but nothin they can modify
22:40 CGI978 the option singlebranch mode is of
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