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03:05 Amit heya chris
03:05 chris heya Amit
03:06 brendan_l heya amit
03:06 Amit heya brendan_l
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04:20 kmkale god morning all
04:20 kmkale s/god/good
04:23 chris hi kmkale
04:29 kmkale hi chris
04:29 kmkale how are you?
04:46 Amit heya kmkale
04:48 kmkale Hi Amit
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04:59 kmkale brb
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04:59 CGI453 hb
05:00 CGI453 Could any one point me to a good set of download and install instructions?
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05:49 kmkale Hi cait
05:51 cait hi kmkale :)
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07:50 chris hi kf and magnus
07:50 magnus g'day chris
07:53 magnus or is that more of an australian salutation?
07:54 kf hi chris
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08:00 chris you can use it here, but yeah its much more australian
08:02 magnus ta
08:04 kf magnus: training for nz? :)
08:04 magnus yeah, it's just 1 month until we touch down in auckland!
08:05 darling listening to will help
08:05 darling they talk pretty funny here
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08:05 chris heh
08:06 chris hmm
08:07 chris magnus: have you listened to trinity roots?
08:08 chris[…]?event_id=5026963
08:10 magnus i think i just found one track on spotify... reagge isn't really my cup of tea, though...
08:11 chris just as well its not reggae then hehe ;)
08:12 chris  is one of my faves
08:12 magnus re-listening to that track now, guess not...
08:13 chris they are one of the best bands i have ever seen live, because they love what they do
08:14 magnus good starting point! ;-)
08:14 chris thats the town hall, in that video, thats where the conference is .. but we are upstairs
08:17 magnus cool
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08:27 KohaHelp hello
08:28 chris hi
08:28 magnus hi KohaHelp
08:29 Amit Hi Koha Help, magnus
08:29 magnus hi Amit
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12:12 Nate Hello #koha!
12:12 jwagner Hi Nate
12:12 Nate morning jwagner!
12:15 magnus good morning usa'ians!
12:15 owen Hi folks
12:32 kf hi owen and jwagner
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12:33 jwagner Hi kf
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12:39 * owen wonders if rotating collections are really going to get yanked from 3.2 as previously promised
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12:51 kf owen: why should they get yanked? bad bug?
12:51 owen gmcharlt said quite a while ago they would be removed because the feature was too buggy
12:52 owen I had started to work on fixing up the templates for it but stopped based on that information.
12:53 kf oh
12:53 kf good to know - preparing a presentation for next week about 3.2 now
12:53 kf better not include this one in the feature list :)
12:55 owen At this point I'm starting to worry.
12:56 kf worry?
12:56 owen I just don't want to see a buggy feature in 3.2.
12:57 kf ok, this sounds not nice, but I don't think rotating collections is our main problem
12:57 kf there are worse
12:57 kf regressions
12:58 kf like singlebranchmode not working :(
12:58 kf or some acq bugs
12:58 kf but I think we must get 3.2 out, and fix some things later
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13:00 schuster owen worry about what?
13:01 owen I worry that rotating collections won't get pulled from 3.2 and we'll be releasing a buggy new feature
13:01 schuster ah.
13:02 schuster Has there been any more discussion about a timeline for 3.2?  Seems every time I ask we are 2 weeks out or when this or that gets fixed.  What's holding it up?
13:02 * owen doesn't know
13:02 schuster not to be snooty, just curious.
13:02 * Braedon 's two cents - fix later is bad. When i was deploying 3.0.6 over the summer there were a few really blatantly broken things that IMO should just not have been there. It can give a really bad impression. You can add a feature later. It is much harder to remove a bad impression from a broken feature
13:02 * owen agrees
13:02 schuster ++
13:03 kf I agree too
13:03 kf but those problems are in bugzilla - most of them over my head and we don't know what will make it into 3.2
13:03 * magnus agrees
13:03 kf and for some of them there are no patches at all yet
13:04 kf I asked gmcharlt about the timeline some days ago, he told me he would look at Colin's patch for the acq blocker
13:04 kf not sure what the result was
13:05 jwagner The code freeze for 3.2 was the first week of September, a year ago....
13:05 kf yep
13:05 kf and work already started for 3.4
13:05 gmcharlt patch tests out OK, so it'll go ing, rotathign collections will go out, and 3.2 will go out as well
13:05 * kf jumps
13:06 magnus last time i asked chris, he thought the main blocker was bug 4310
13:06 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4310 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---, henridamien, NEW, No Migration for budgets from 3.0 to 3.2
13:06 gmcharlt but as thus far I've been up for 28 hours straight with no end in sight, not today
13:06 magnus ouch
13:06 * kf hands gmcharlt some hot chocolate
13:06 Braedon gmcharlt was standing right behind kf all along...
13:07 * jwagner hands gmcharlt some concentrated caffeine...
13:07 owen :D
13:07 * Braedon hands gmcharlt a defibrillator
13:07 kf Braedon: feels like that :)
13:07 schuster Sorry about that and hope you have a chance for sleep in the VERY near future.
13:08 * Braedon is off to bed (sorry to rub it in gmcharlt)
13:08 Braedon adiós #koha
13:08 schuster Didn't mean to ruffle feathers, just asking a question.
13:10 kf me too
13:10 schuster Wonders if there would be a way for the community to see/track things that the RM is seeing as a problem so the community could step up and help.  More of a list of things that need addressing.
13:10 kf not wanting to ruffle feathers
13:11 Braedon schuster: wouldn't that be the blocker's list?
13:11 schuster I know we have bugzilla, but there are LOTS of bugs there, but from my understanding only blockers hold up a release.
13:11 kf schuster: we have bugzilla...
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13:11 kf schuster: I think a lot of annoying things ar not blockers, blockers are for loss of data
13:11 * Braedon marvels at schuster's preemption skills
13:12 * Braedon is on his way to bed, honest
13:12 kf Braedon: sleep well
13:12 Braedon kf: thanks
13:12 schuster Sleep...  oh wishes he could go back to bed after being up only 2 hours.
13:12 owen kf: There are certainly non-blocker bugs that are blockers to *me*
13:12 Braedon good luck gmcharlt, try to sleep soon
13:13 gmcharlt thanks
13:13 kf owen: yep, but some bugs can not be addressed by the reporters and perhaps get kind of lost in bugzilla
13:13 kf so schuster is not wrong here, there are a lot of blockers - I really appreciate your looking at old bugs owen
13:13 schuster ok I'm going to stop so gmcharlt won't fret over my questions.
13:14 gmcharlt schuster: it's a free channel
13:14 schuster I just know that people are probably anticipating 3.2 release some are actually using it live - so what's holding up a full release?
13:15 schuster If the community could understand that maybe we could help.
13:16 schuster Just food for thought for the next release managers...  A wiki page or something that could list things the RM is concerned about or working on...
13:16 owen schuster: It's fine to say "we could help," but really there are only a select few of us smart enough to tackle the really tough problems.
13:16 * owen is not included
13:16 * kf thinks owen is very smart
13:17 schuster I know I can't "help" but I could possibly throw some money at a programmer for things that are important to me...
13:17 owen kf: I pick and choose my battles :)
13:17 kf oh, a coworker asked me today if we use a plugin to make text boxes grow automatically
13:17 schuster Unfortunately - I have to work through my vendor and can't just ask and pay someone.
13:17 kf do we? I can't think of an example
13:17 owen kf: No
13:18 kf owen: thought so, thank you
13:18 schuster OK off to do other things and will wait calmly for the 3.2 release.  I hope everyone has a great day.  Happy Tuesday in America!
13:20 magnus schuster: are you sure throwing money at programmers is considered polite? ;-)
13:21 schuster Only if they accept(!:)
13:21 * owen considers it very polite! Bills preferred, naturally
13:21 schuster Large monetary bills or some I think work for chocolate or cookies actually.
13:21 magnus owen: of course, i was thinking coins...
13:21 * owen wouldn't want to accept payment in rolls of quarters that way
13:23 schuster Throwing rolls of coins would be rude...  Had a library system friend once that wanted the auto hand installed on the monitors so when the library staff did something stupid it would reach out and slap thme.
13:23 schuster That's why I sit way back from my monitor.
13:35 * owen wonders if tag clouds aren't old-fashioned now
13:38 schuster hmmm...  kinda like RSS.
13:38 owen :P
13:41 * magnus gives the whole interwebs malarkey another year before people start loosing interest
13:42 owen yeah, we should go back to developing Koha as a telnet-based system.
13:43 magnus hehe
13:44 jwagner punch cards!  That's the wave of the future!!!
13:44 * jwagner remembers working with a punch card system. Is I old???
13:44 magnus the librarian interface for bibsys, the main system for norwegian academic libraries, is actually telnet-like...
13:55 imp magnus: cli interfaces are nice :)
13:55 imp (at least sometimes ;)
13:56 magnus imp: yeah, the lurning curve is steep, but once you know your way around you can work really fast
14:07 schuster Ah yes the old Dynix Classic...  What a dream system...  except people hated the dot commands...  except me!
14:14 jwagner My first ILS system was one written by Georgetown University for medical libraries.  Written in MUMPS, running on a PDP 11/84. Now that had some interesting command line experiences....
14:18 * magnus thought mumps was some kind of disease or something...
14:21 schuster I hear ruby on rails and wonders how much that costs!
14:21 tcohen hi, does anyone remember *where* does zebra control word truncation?
14:22 tcohen I'm having some issues with words ending with ía in some installs
14:22 tcohen which are found searching for 'metodolog' but not with 'metodología'
14:26 schuster I just want to make sure there isn't a way to move a copy of a book from one biblio to another without deleting and readding.
14:26 owen You can do that in 3.2 schuster
14:28 schuster Thanks smarty pants... owen...
14:28 schuster Didn't we just have that discussion?
14:28 schuster owen are you in production on 3.2?
14:29 owen No
14:29 rhcl_away jwagner: Ah VistA!
14:30 owen schuster: There are still a couple of bugs that are blockers for us
14:30 rhcl_away VistA <- runs on top of MUMPS
14:30 jwagner rhcl_away, no, not VistA -- it was called LIS.  Specially tailored for medical libraries
14:31 rhcl_away No, I understand, just that your MUMPS reference made me think of VistA
14:31 rhcl_away One of the UG's I dabble in is installing VistA for a free medical clininc in KC
14:31 jwagner I think Georgetown stopped developing/supporting LIS about the time we migrated to Unicorn.
14:31 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
14:31 chris_n nice catch chris
14:32 jwagner It was a quantum leap in technology when we migrated from LIS on the PDP 11/84 to LIS on a VAX 64 :-)  From room-sized minicomputer to a desktop machine.  Imagine that!!!
14:34 chris_n VAX... now we're getting back in time
14:34 jwagner Sure feels like a long time ago.  Oh, wait, it was....
14:37 chris_n they say time flies when you're having fun :-)
14:40 jwagner I've had fun before.  That wasn't it....
14:40 hdl owen: wich ones ?
14:40 owen hdl: Which are blockers for us?
14:41 hdl yes
14:42 owen Bug 4945 is one
14:42 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4945 major, P5, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW, Patron search is limited by default to the currently logged-in library
14:42 * owen is looking for his notes on the others
14:43 wizzyrea oh yea
14:43 wizzyrea that's a biggie
14:43 wizzyrea for us too
14:43 wizzyrea at the very very least
14:43 wizzyrea the selection for branch should not be hidden
14:44 * wizzyrea has to go away for a bit
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14:48 * owen fails to find any of the emails he's looking for
14:48 chris_n which syspref determines the max fine a patron can have before being debarred?
14:49 owen Ah, hdl the other bugs I'm watching are Bug 4045 and Bug 4430
14:49 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4045 critical, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, No check for maximum number of allowed holds.
14:49 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4430 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Staff Results Display Showing Wrong Numbers
14:51 * chris_n wonders if that sort of limit is even an option currently
14:53 sekjal owen: 4045 looks like one you mentioned earlier... special prize for fixing it before 3.2 and all...
14:53 sekjal thought it was a much earlier number, though
14:54 * chris_n reminds everyone to tag regression bugs with the regression keyword
14:54 hdl owen: patch is already in 3.0 for maximum number of allowed hold
14:54 sekjal ah, it was bug 2142
14:54 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2142 critical, P2, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, maxItemsInSearchResults No longer used
14:54 hdl iirc.
14:54 owen 2142 I think is the same as 4430
14:55 sekjal it is
14:55 sekjal sorry, got my numbers reversed earlier
14:55 owen hdl: But not in 3.2?
14:57 kf chris_n: there are many limits
14:57 kf chris_n: different for renewals, checkout etc.
14:58 kf chris_n: maxoutstanding, noissuecharge, OPACFineNoRenewals
14:58 kf chris_n: it's not setting the debarred flag, but a dynamic thing
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14:59 hdl should be #4055 sent from nahuel
15:00 chris_n kf: so the proper combination for denying privileges for patrons with over $5.00 in fines is?
15:00 kf hm
15:00 kf perhaps all of them
15:00 * chris_n grips very briefly about the confusing array of choices
15:00 kf noissuecharge will prevent checkout, maxoutstanding opac login
15:01 kf and you can set opacfinenorenewals just to make sure ;)
15:01 kf have not tested the last one, it's new in 3.2
15:01 chris_n where is noissuecharge located?
15:02 chris_n opacfinerenewals only disallows renewals and not new loans....
15:02 chris_n seems inconsistent
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15:03 CGI191 is now known as blaker
15:04 chris_n ahh... noissuescharge... found it
15:04 kf chris_n: I searched for fine in the sys pref editor
15:04 chris_n thanks, kf
15:05 blaker hello guys, i've got a couple of patron categories defined respectively as student and teacher.  i want to restrict some items to be "teacher check out only".  what's the simplest most sensible way to do this?  i feel like i'm just missing something somewhere in the patron categories because that sounds like what it was built for
15:05 * chris_n wonders what sort of situation would dictate denying renewals, but allowing new loans
15:05 owen too many renewals, a hold on the item
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15:06 kf chris_n: not allow renewals, but login into account and no new checkouts
15:06 chris_n owen: these deal with $
15:06 owen Sorry, watching with just one eye
15:06 kf blaker: its in circulation rules, not on ptron categories
15:07 kf blaker: in the circulation rules you combine borrower categories and item types and set the rules for those combinations, loan period, how many renewals (in 3.2), fine etc.
15:08 blaker kf: thank you very much this is exactly what i was looking for
15:09 chris_n it seems the opacfinenorenewals and noissuescharge could be safely combined
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15:10 jcamins_a chris_n: reserve books... even if you have fines that should prevent renewals, you still need to be able to check out in-library reserve books.
15:10 jcamins_a is now known as jcamins
15:10 jcamins Good morning.
15:15 kf chris_n: I think a more granular approach is better
15:15 kf chris_n: I would evenl ike to make it more granular, have the ability to make holds separate too
15:16 kf chris_n: and perhaps make it configurable for separate borrower categories and libraries too
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15:19 kf chris_n: but I am a bit crazy ;)
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15:26 kf bye all
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15:39 chris_n kf: holds are handled separately: maxoutstanding
15:39 chris_n opps
15:39 chris_n @later tell ciat holds are handled separately: maxoutstanding
15:39 munin chris_n: The operation succeeded.
15:42 jwagner chris_n, you misspelled cait
15:42 chris_n @later tell cait holds are handled separately: maxoutstanding
15:42 munin chris_n: The operation succeeded.
15:42 chris_n tnx, jwagner
15:42 owen Whenever ciat logs on he/she is going to be confused.
15:43 * jwagner visualizes chris_n's message sitting out there in lonely oblivion, waiting for a ciat user....
15:43 owen I wonder how many other messages munin is waiting in vain to deliver
15:43 chris_n @later list
15:43 munin chris_n: Error: The "Later" plugin is loaded, but there is no command named "list" in it.  Try "list Later" to see the commands in the "Later" plugin.
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15:53 wizzyrea any SIP users about?
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16:02 rhcl I SIP
16:02 wizzyrea do you also 3.2 beta?
16:04 rhcl
16:06 wizzyrea aha
16:06 wizzyrea can you test this for me
16:07 wizzyrea put a % on the end of a patron barcode and see if it authenticates (or does yours use opac login?)
16:11 rhcl We have two systems that use it...Userful and our Bluesocket wireless controller. I can test on userful pretty easily...gimme a sec
16:13 tcohen has anyone experienced this behaviour?
16:13 tcohen[…]í
16:13 tcohen[…]ía
16:13 tcohen ?
16:13 tcohen (zero results in the first search vs. lots in the second)
16:14 tcohen (where the matching words ARE th esame as in the second search)
16:17 rhcl wizzyrea: no, with a '%' it will not authenticate  (not using opac login--simple SIP query directly to the server)
16:17 wizzyrea k cool I will file a bug
16:17 wizzyrea thank you very much for testing that
16:17 rhcl np
16:18 owen wizzyrea: What's up with these % patron barcodes anyway?
16:18 wizzyrea you know, I asked the same questions
16:19 wizzyrea can you guess the answer?
16:19 owen Librarians are loony?
16:19 wizzyrea "because it's the way we've always done it"
16:19 wizzyrea "and we have boxes and boxes of them"
16:21 jwagner wizzyrea, there's a program item at a project management conference I'm going to entitled "Leading Your Horse to Water AND Getting It to Drink! Handling Stubborn Resistance to Change"
16:21 jwagner I personally just recommend holding their heads under water until they drink :-)
16:21 wizzyrea :)
16:21 wizzyrea !!
16:22 jwagner Tell them if they insist on using special characters that the computer interprets in a specific fashion, they should expect their data to break.
16:22 wizzyrea well
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16:22 wizzyrea normally I would agree with that
16:22 jwagner Yeah, I know....
16:22 * druthb makes note of that, for the next time it might be relevant to her dealings with jwagner:  do it her way, or drown.
16:23 * jwagner adds, or drown while being whacked with the baseball bat....
16:23 * jwagner can be very, er, assertive at times
16:23 wizzyrea I saw those barcodes and I thought "oh yay! new and exciting ways to break things!"
16:23 wizzyrea :)
16:23 wizzyrea I imagine though they'd rather not re-card 20k patrons
16:23 wizzyrea and 100k books
16:24 jcamins _All_ the barcodes have a % sign?
16:24 owen How about programming the scanners to strip the %? :)
16:24 wizzyrea no, not all, but half of them have + signs at the end, another percentage have %
16:24 rhcl all your libraries or just 1?
16:24 wizzyrea well
16:24 wizzyrea this is SIP
16:24 wizzyrea just 1
16:25 jcamins Why on earth did they do that in the first place?
16:25 wizzyrea in this case, anyway
16:25 wizzyrea lol
16:25 jcamins Oh, field end markers?
16:25 wizzyrea "because it's the way we've always done it"
16:25 rhcl token separator :)
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16:25 jcamins Yeah, but at some point they must've started, right?
16:25 wizzyrea right, but those people are looooooong gone
16:26 wizzyrea so now it's just myth
16:26 wizzyrea *nobody knows why... it's mystical*
16:26 wizzyrea oooOOOOoooo
16:26 sekjal if you take the + or % off, is there the possibility of duplicate values?
16:26 rhcl u have a way with words
16:26 wizzyrea I don't htink so
16:26 sekjal ::whew::
16:26 hdl tcohen: it looks like you should try yaz-icu or use a map `ii` i in your .chr file.
16:27 tcohen could you explain me that latter?
16:27 jcamins wizzyrea: the extent to which I can sympathize with your tale is rather disturbing.
16:28 hdl tcohen: I guess you have this because you are i` can be spelled in three different manners in utf8
16:28 hdl NFC or NFD precomposed or NFD post-composed.
16:29 hdl Therefore, you would have to normalize data.
16:29 tcohen the map should be set in sort-string-utf.chr ?
16:29 hdl word-phrase-utf.chr should be a better guess
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16:32 tcohen hdl: do you have a file with that mapping?
16:33 hdl unfortunately no. You could ask koha list for that.
16:33 hdl We are using icu for most of our customers now.
16:35 tcohen is there a place to find info about using yaz-icu?
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16:40 reva Good morning all, I am looking at a record for which I deleted the corporate author entry; It is ok in staff Normal and Marc view. But the OPAC MARC view shows the 110 $9 RLIN field. And I cannot delete the 55 showing in the $9 subfield. Any solutions?
16:43 jcamins reva: I think you can click the three dots next to the subfield 'a' do any search and choose "Clear."
16:44 reva jcamins: I will be clearing it from Authorities module, you mean?
16:44 jcamins No.
16:45 jcamins You said you wanted to clear it from the record.
16:45 jcamins Right? You have a record which had a 110, then you went and erased all the subfields, leaving the authority link intact. What you now need to do is go in and unlink that record from the authority.
16:46 reva jcamins: ok, that did it. I understand the logic now.
16:47 reva jcamins: thanks.
16:56 reva jcamins: the link you gave for yesterday for Debian 5.0.6 has a series of links; I run a Intel x86 processor. I picked i386 (or something like that, but I do not know if this is the correct link for my processor). I then went to UTexas mirror, and it had CD1, CD2... in the ftp directory. So which CD#?
16:56 jwagner is now known as jwag_mtg
16:57 jcamins reva: I don't know anything about installing Debian.
16:57 jcamins I would recommend looking online for a tutorial.
16:58 jcamins reva:
16:58 jcamins See also
16:58 jcamins And now you know as much about installing Debian as I do. :)
17:00 reva But I have not even downloaded because the choices had a series of CDs and I did not which one to download. And that is a lot of reading to do. :) Are you sure you are not just being modest? Ok, so recommend anyone there with expertise I can ask later so that I can download the correct
17:01 hdl tcohen: There are a few threads about that on koha-devel
17:01 jcamins reva: no, I'm really not being modest. My host takes care of all OS installation.
17:02 tcohen hdl: thanks, i'll try to do some research in the topic
17:02 jcamins Why don't you choose one (I'd guess CD #1), and see what happens?
17:02 hdl tcohen: I think I sent a patch some timeago on that on the koha-devel list
17:02 tcohen hdl: ack
17:08 reva jcamins: Enviable; I am the IT/Library technology/Cataloger here; but did I get it right that I should go for the i386? Because I counted down the number of lines in this page ( Intel x86 is 6th) and went with the 6th counting across the first row (
17:09 reva jcamins: I will download CD1 and see it is big enough to be an OS:)
17:09 jcamins Sure, if you have a PC, i386 should work.
17:10 reva ok, then I will go with that CD1. And I would go with Apache http server. Any version I should target there?
17:10 jcamins Whatever version comes with Debian.
17:14 reva So I am not to download the http server separately as the instructions in the Koha community page ( has it?
17:15 jcamins You should install it through Debian.
17:16 jcamins reva:
17:16 jcamins There are the instructions for installing Koha on Debian.
17:16 jcamins I guess they probably work. :)
17:18 Nate joined #koha
17:19 reva jcamins: ok so I would install Debian and then the downloaded Apache, MySQL and Perl gets installed inside that. I will read the instructions and follow. Hope it will work also:).
17:25 jcamins Go for it.
17:26 jcamins Read those instructions first, though.
17:27 jcamins I think if you follow them they might also take care of installing Apache, etc.
17:33 reva jcamins: I will and write back here how it went. Thanks for your encouraging words and help. What is the command here for signing off the chat. Or do you abruptly quit by closing the window?
17:34 hdl left #koha
17:34 jcamins I think maybe it is /QUIT
17:34 jcamins But closing the window should work as well.
17:34 reva Ok, bye for now.
17:35 reva left #koha
17:35 sekjal is now known as sekjal_a
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17:53 nengard joined #koha
18:00 Braedon left #koha
18:01 Braedon joined #koha
18:03 reva joined #koha
18:05 reva jcamins: hi again, when I set the delete code in the leader for a record, is it still supposed to show up in OPAC?
18:06 jcamins No idea.
18:07 jcamins I'd suggest just deleting the record.
18:09 reva ok, because I had understood that setting it delete in Ldr makes it disappear to the public, but lets the library manage and create report on their collection. Or you can even reinstate a record without having to recreate it.
18:10 jcamins No, that's the OpacSuppress feature.
18:10 jcamins You can look in the manual to learn about that.
18:10 jcamins I don't use it.
18:10 * owen never heard of a delete code before
18:12 jcamins owen: OCLC tape load, I think.
18:14 reva Ok, I will look at the manual now jcamins: Owen: it is one of the Record Status selections.
18:14 reva owen: just like New, Corrected, you can set it to "deleted".
18:17 hdl joined #koha
18:18 eric_b is now known as ebegin
18:19 ebegin Hey!  A quick question for you
18:19 cait joined #koha
18:19 ebegin Which is the best field to search based on the language?
18:19 reva jcamins: in my Koha it is set to "Off"; so if I turn it on, what happens exactly?
18:19 cait hi #koha
18:20 jcamins reva: I don't use the feature, so I don't know exactly.
18:20 jcamins I do know that you *must* have a suppressed item, or searches won't work at all.
18:21 jcamins And that you have to reindex.
18:21 jcamins Other than that, I believe when you suppress an item, it won't show up in the OPAC (with that syspref set to on).
18:21 jcamins Hi cait.
18:22 reva ok, I will experiment with it and ask if I have questions. Thanks jcamins:
18:25 wizzyrea chris_n:
18:25 wizzyrea I just found another oops in the label creator
18:25 chris_n wizzyrea
18:25 chris_n ahh
18:26 wizzyrea sorry, I had an autocomplete fail
18:26 wizzyrea :)
18:26 wizzyrea bug 5230
18:26 chris_n sup?
18:26 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5230 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, MARC export by call number range results in a zero byte file
18:26 wizzyrea 5238
18:26 chris_n bug 5238
18:26 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5238 minor, P5, ---, cnighswonger, NEW, Fatal error when saving printer profile if paper bin field is blank
18:26 wizzyrea bug 5238
18:26 wizzyrea there we go
18:26 chris_n ok, that should be a simple fix
18:27 chris_n I'll add it to Thursday's list
18:27 wizzyrea BUT: I really like the new label creator.
18:27 wizzyrea a lot.
18:27 wizzyrea :)
18:27 chris_n wizzyrea: when its done, you can pick it up here:
18:27 chris_n[…]a-fbc.git;a=heads
18:28 wizzyrea ooooo!
18:28 wizzyrea thanks!
18:28 chris_n I'll update bugzilla also as well of course
18:28 wizzyrea right
18:28 chris_n I'm now using the one-branch-per-bug method
18:28 wizzyrea me too. owen is a good example >.>
18:29 hdl left #koha
18:29 jwag_mtg is now known as jwagner
18:32 cait chris_n: got your message - thx :)
18:33 chris_n cait: I'm thinking some sort of configuration matrix, either in Koha itself or at least in the docs would make setting things up much easier
18:33 chris_n ie. if you want effect X, you need to set sysprefs Y and Z
18:36 cait chris_n: yes
18:36 cait I m trying to write something up for my coworkers and a questionnaire for the library - but it's difficult
18:38 wizzyrea chris_n: that's an interesting idea
18:39 wizzyrea also interesting would be if we had "simple" and "advanced" controls
18:39 wizzyrea so, activating simple pref A would activate everything necessary to do X
18:39 chris_n perhaps some "eye candy" for those who don't want to wade through the deeper parts of the pref stuff
18:39 wizzyrea but if you want to do it differently, you still have the nerd knobs
18:39 chris_n exactly
18:39 wizzyrea (and the simple pref gets turned off)
18:40 * owen snickers... nerd knobs.
18:40 wizzyrea ^.^
18:40 CGI625 joined #koha
18:41 CGI625 for some reason, every time i stage a marc record for import and then import that staged record, it says that nearly all of my items were not added because they have a "duplicate barcode"
18:41 owen CGI625: Do your items have barcodes?
18:42 CGI625 of course the barcode 952p marc field has the barcode in it for each record
18:42 CGI625 is there anything else that might cause this, assuming my marc file is ok?
18:43 jcamins CGI625: is it possible that you already imported the file successfully?
18:43 owen CGI625: I asked because Koha might reject an item with no barcode because it "matches" an existing item with no barcode.
18:43 CGI625 yes, i did but i tried truncating the tables biblio, biblioitems, items, etc. and cleaning the imports
18:43 CGI625 perhaps i'm missing a table?
18:44 CGI625 very quick responses in here btw, thanks
18:44 jcamins That would be my guess, although I'm not sure where it would be.
18:46 ebegin left #koha
18:48 * owen wonders if record-matching uses zebra?
18:48 owen If so you'd need to re-index
18:48 jcamins It does.
18:48 jcamins Ooh.
18:48 wizzyrea ^^
18:48 jcamins Sneaky.
18:48 wizzyrea then yea, that might be it
18:48 jcamins Wait, it may just be matchpoints that use Zebra.
18:49 jcamins I'm not sure.
18:49 wizzyrea clear out your indexes CGI625, anyway
18:49 wizzyrea since it *might* have something to do with it
18:51 tcohen left #koha
18:52 jcamins What an amazing book.
18:53 druthb left #koha
18:53 jcamins It's in a lousy nineteenth century cardboard binding, but there are extensive early (17th century?) marginal annotations *with* hand-drawn illustrations of coins.
18:56 owen chris_n: Got a sec?
18:57 chris_n sure
18:58 owen I'm finally testing the work you did on rfc822 date formatting (thank you thank you)
18:58 CGI625 thanks guys! i got it resolved
18:58 wizzyrea woo hoo!
18:58 CGI625 left #koha
18:58 owen ...but I'm not sure how to use it!
18:59 chris_n ahh
18:59 owen chris_n: format_date() doesn't take a parameter does it?
18:59 chris_n what exactly do you want to end up with... the current time in rfc822 format? or something else?
19:00 owen I need to pass it a specific date
19:01 wizzyrea rhcl: do you have access to your server and/or know how to check for hung SIP connections?
19:02 * wizzyrea vows to have a running sip server this week on 3.2. This is getting out of hand.
19:02 chris my $nice_formatted_date=format_data('2010-09-22');
19:02 chris_n then you need to create a new date object based on the date you have
19:02 chris thats how i use it
19:03 chris but spelt right
19:03 chris_n and then call the output method on the format you want
19:03 chris_n ie my $nice_formatted_date = $date_object->output('rfc822')
19:04 owen Okay, I think I get it
19:04 * owen tests
19:04 collum left #koha
19:05 chris_n you can do this sort of one-liner: print C4::Dates->new("21-09-1989", "metric")->output("iso");
19:05 nengard has anyone tried to delete a currency that was being used? I think I found a bug
19:06 nengard I tried to delete a currency and it confirmed that it was deleted but it wasn't - I then tried another and it deleted fine, so I'm wondering if currencies in use can't be deleted but the message is showing wrong
19:06 chris you could use format_date_in_iso
19:06 chris_n he's formatting in rfc822 rather than iso
19:07 chris yeah, i just saw your output iso bit :)
19:08 * chris_n was guilty of cut-and-paste from the POD on that one ;-)
19:08 chris might be worth making a couple more helper routines
19:08 chris if you look at the format_date ones
19:08 chris its pretty simple
19:09 brendan_l joined #koha
19:09 chris_n I agree it is a bit much to have to type just to get a date back
19:10 chris_n format_date_in_foo might be nice for all of the formats
19:11 chris *nod*
19:16 chris_n bbiab
19:20 owen chris_n++
19:20 owen I've got a working, valid RSS feed for OPAC comments!
19:20 wizzyrea :O
19:20 chris_n nice
19:20 wizzyrea owen!
19:20 wizzyrea owen++
19:21 jcamins Now you just need people to comment on records in the OPAC. :D
19:22 owen What better way to encourage people to comment than to offer a way to see what people are saying?
19:22 * owen crosses his fingers
19:22 wizzyrea hey, I think that having OPAC comments fed through to the library website is a great way to do that
19:22 jcamins Bribes are sometimes effective.
19:22 wizzyrea remember owen, RSS is dead :P
19:22 jcamins Chocolate, for example...
19:23 wizzyrea i like it because at least for me, it would make it super simple to see what all was going on in the catalog
19:24 owen So now I've got to make the OPAC tweet new comments?
19:24 wizzyrea ...
19:24 wizzyrea can't you pull rss into a tool that then tweets the entries?
19:24 wizzyrea like a yahoo pipe
19:24 jcamins If Koha could tweet new catalog entries, that would be amazing.
19:24 * owen doesn't like the idea of "killing" RSS in favor of a proprietary platform :(
19:25 * owen imagines the twitterspam when his cataloger bulk loads 500 new records
19:25 wizzyrea well you can do a search that gives a RSS feed of all the new additions
19:25 wizzyrea which you could pull into a pipe -> out to twitter
19:25 jcamins Hm.
19:26 wizzyrea (I haven't tried that, but *in theory* that should work)
19:26 chris or do it to and avoid the proprietaryness
19:26 wizzyrea or that
19:26 * chris goes to catch the bus
19:26 * jcamins doesn't quite get Twitter yet, but he's been told that he should Tweet more to increase his POW's visibility
19:27 jcamins And that would be an excellent way to persuade people not to have jcamins tweet. ;)
19:28 owen chris_n: What's the best way to handle all these separate commits? Right now I'm working with a branch that has cherry-picked commits from yours
19:28 * jwagner refuses to get involved with Twitter -- being forced into Facebook was bad enough
19:28 reva owen: I like the RSS new entries:). But how do I get Koha to assign Record Control Numbers (001) automatically for me? Anyone?
19:29 brendan_l left #koha
19:32 reva jwagner: you could go to one of the suicide machine sites to get yourself removed from all of these social media sites. I do not think facebook filed any case against the Dutch suicide site.
19:33 jwagner reva, I didn't mean forced in that sense -- just that too many of my personal & professional circle were there.
19:34 chris Gah the hypothermia bus again today
19:35 reva Oh:0
19:36 reva Any takers for my question on automatic creation of the Record Control Number (010)?
19:36 jcamins I don't think Koha does that.
19:36 jwagner reva, there is no such functionality in Koha.  That's usually done by the site creating the record, such as OCLC
19:37 chris owen: new integration branch sounds good to me
19:39 owen Uh... okay...
19:39 sekjal_a is now known as sekjal
19:40 reva jcamins: I think you answered me; jwagner, I realized we are not on the world stage yet :), but wanted to prepare them for the day when we have the regional information network and they would be sharing their bib records in the WAIS there.
19:41 wizzyrea reva: either way, I think your answer is that "koha doesn't do that"
19:44 chris owen: ie keep doing what you are doing
19:44 jwagner left #koha
19:45 reva ok wizzyrea:) anyone know, when copy cataloging is it customary to remove the RCN from 001 (my "students" already know to remove and replace Org code from 003)?
19:46 chris_n owen: I usually create a new branch off of master and cherry-pick all related commits to it
19:46 chris_n then do patches/pull requests from there
19:46 chris_n that way they are easy to keep in sync with HEAD while they await inclusion
19:47 owen chris_n: So I should submit one patch which incorporates your changes and mine?
19:47 chris I would do a pull request
19:48 chris_n ^^what he said
19:48 chris Leaving the patches sep has advantages
19:48 owen ...but all of this is on my local machine
19:48 chris_n that will preserve things
19:48 chris Ahh make a gitorious account and push :)
19:49 chris You get a free backup as side effect
19:49 chris Or we can make one at koha-community for you
19:49 alan joined #koha
19:49 jcamins Is gitorious preferred to github?
19:49 owen I knew I couldn't put it off any longer :)
19:50 chris To me it is
19:50 chris Jcamins its agpl3
19:50 chris so free software
19:53 jcamins Ah. Well, I think for the moment I'll stick with github because that's what I have configured.
19:53 pianohack joined #koha
19:53 pianohack left #koha
19:53 jcamins And my code is equally open source wherever it's hosted.
19:54 jcamins :)
19:55 chris_n wow... quick flyby by pianohack
19:55 chris Yeah I just prefer to eat the dogfood :)
19:55 chris Walk the walk and all that
19:56 wizzyrea < got an android phone because of that. Still have my mac tho. :P
19:56 chris_n dogfood is probably ok... its the cool-aid I try to avoid :-)
19:56 jcamins Right.
19:57 brendan_l joined #koha
19:58 * owen will be back tomorrow with questions about gitorious workflows!
19:58 owen left #koha
19:59 chris Ok my stop
20:04 sekjal left #koha
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20:23 richard joined #koha
20:26 chris back
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20:39 cait left #koha
20:48 chris wtf is kardex?
20:48 jcamins I was just wondering that.
20:48 chris would it be wrong to reply and say
20:48 chris "Use more words"
20:49 chris hopefully someone else knows the answer, i suspect no, since i have no idea what it is :)
20:49 * wizzyrea consults teh googlez
20:49 jcamins[…]20serials&f=false
20:49 jcamins Ick.
20:49 jcamins Sorry about that.
20:50 jcamins
20:50 jcamins Much better.
20:50 wizzyrea oh, some sort of automated storage and retrieval system
20:50 chris yeah naw
20:50 jcamins I don't think so.
20:50 jcamins I think she's referring to what I just linked.
20:50 wizzyrea
20:51 jcamins I saw that, but that doesn't seem to have anything to do with serials.
20:51 chris so yeah, short answer is ... we dont know what you are talking about .. got a link? :)
20:51 wizzyrea I thought maybe it was an automated thing like the 3M stuff
20:51 jcamins I think "Kardex" is a historic term for "serial record."
20:51 wizzyrea < has no idea
20:51 wizzyrea you are probably right
20:51 wizzyrea I was so hoping it was something high tech.
20:52 wizzyrea oh well.
20:52 * jcamins is also completely at a loss as to what the question means
20:52 wizzyrea like "does koha interface in a useful way with these totally nifty automated machines that select magazines out of a rack for you?"
20:52 wizzyrea because that I would have an interest in :P
20:53 jcamins I've never seen those.
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21:21 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
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22:17 chris hi LBA
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22:59 richard joined #koha
22:59 * chris_n loves his catalogers for entering full TOC material into every bib in the system
23:10 Nate left #koha
23:15 darling joined #koha
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23:24 chris heh nice
23:25 chris_n especially for folks doing research... it saves many steps to the stacks
23:26 chris_n you can pretty much eliminate a book from the potential list of resources by reviewing its TOC
23:27 chris yeah
23:27 chris making stuff actually useful for borrowers++

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