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00:43 darling question about -- http://koha4arcadialibrary.blo[…]tron-privacy.html
00:44 darling isn't that just displaying info that's kept anyway?
00:44 darling or is circulation history not normally stored?
00:44 chris in americaland
00:44 chris most libraries purge it
00:45 chris when an item is returned
00:45 darling ah
00:45 darling cool
00:45 chris theres options for it in koha
00:45 chris in nz, where we actually have privacy laws, libraries can keep it without worrying so much :)
00:46 chris you can even switch it so borrowers can opt not to have it stored
00:46 chris so kinda 3 levels, store it for all, dont store it for all, store it for some
00:46 chris you really should be purging all your logs too
00:46 darling there was definitely a well known problem not too long ago in the US where govt was asking 'tell me who all borrowed this book'
00:46 chris in the US
00:47 chris yep, under patriot act, they dont need a warrant for that
00:47 darling or just sell all yer crap and move to nz
00:47 chris here they can ask that, but they have to have proved to a judget theres a damn good reason why they need to know
00:48 chris the problem is, that data is really really really useful
00:49 chris for doing pick lists, or people who ask you what was that book i got out last year, but also for the person who returns it with 19 pages missing
00:49 chris and now you have no idea who it was
00:49 darling maybe 3rd party store -- or encrypt w/key library doesn't have
00:49 darling so it's available during session
00:49 darling but not so seizable
00:49 chris if its available during session
00:49 chris then they will make you enact the session
00:50 chris theres a big legal opinion thing on it
00:50 chris the consensus was, the law is so broad
00:50 chris the only way to be safe is to simply not have the data
00:50 darling stink
00:50 chris yup
00:50 chris the other thing is
00:50 chris you cant tell ppl if they have been investigated
00:51 chris which is why jessamyn made these signs
00:51 darling heh
00:51 chris
00:51 darling nice!
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01:00 chris tara is cool
01:01 darling she is
01:01 darling miss her
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02:37 CGI983 is it possible to install koha on ubuntu 10.10
02:38 chris when 10.10 is released im sure it will be
02:39 CGI983 would it be stupid to try with 10.10 beta right now
02:40 chris depends why you are doing it, to see if you can, then its fine, to run in production .. then yes
02:40 chris that wouldnt be the best idea
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02:42 CGI983 we just upgraded our schools library computer to 10.10 at the same time we are looking to implement a library automation system
02:42 CGI983 the only operating system that really matters is the server though   correct?
02:42 chris exactly
02:43 CGI983 alright thanks
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03:12 Amit heya chris
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03:40 chris and that email, is about as terse as i get
03:44 darling ...
03:45 darling yeah
03:45 darling i wonder if he's trying that old windows version that's floating around
03:46 chris gotta be
03:46 darling actually -- should always take the opportunity to point people at the official site, he might be looking at the old pooey one
03:51 darling ^ done
04:05 chris :)
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04:23 chris  <-- i hope we get some weather like today for the conference
04:23 darling too still
04:23 darling spooky
04:24 darling when wlg gets like that it puts me on edge
04:24 darling pretty tho
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06:43 kf good morning #koha
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06:47 Amit heya kf
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06:48 kf hi Amit and hdl
06:48 hdl hi amit and kf
06:48 Amit hi hdl
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07:38 Mehwish Hello All. Can anyone here suggest a good guide on "how to install, configure and setup Zebra for Koha"? I have installed koha with "No Zebra" option, now I want to use Zebra as am getting some sort of error.
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07:43 Mehwish Can anyone here suggest a good guide on "how to install, configure and setup Zebra for Koha"? I have installed koha with "No Zebra" option, now I want to use Zebra as am getting some sort of error.
07:45 robin I imagine there are instructions in the wiki.
07:48 Mehwish OK I am trying to search there. one question while installing Koha during make, make test and these types of steps (I don't remember exact one) I was asked abou Zebra and I selected "No Zebra". Now do I have to repeat all steps from that point?
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07:55 robin No, you should just be able to change it in the Koha system prefs
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08:07 kf internet connection to nz is sooo sloooow today
08:18 robin probably my fault. I'll stop youtubing.
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08:50 kf robin: :)
09:23 chris evening
09:35 hdl hi chris
09:36 kf hi chris
09:36 kf isn't it late for you?
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09:41 chris 9.45pm
09:43 kf ah, ok
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09:44 CGI814 hello
09:44 CGI814 every body
09:44 CGI814 is anyine there
09:45 CGI814 i have some questions
09:45 kf look at our topic - Don't ask to ask, just ask :)
09:46 CGI814 i have installed koha
09:46 CGI814 but i cant access var/www
09:47 CGI814 other sites like wordpress etc
09:47 CGI814 that i have installed in my lovalhost
09:47 CGI814 localhost
09:48 kf hm I think this is a problem with your apache configuration and virtual host for koha
09:48 kf sorry, I am not an expert here, perhaps someone else can help out
09:51 wasabi CGI814: disable your other apache configs , before testing koha
09:52 wasabi have only the koha apache config active, and tail your apache error.log
09:52 wasabi and restart apache2 too ;)
09:54 CGI814 now i have installed koha
09:55 CGI814 how to eccess my other sites
09:55 CGI814 access
10:17 wasabi same way, but reverse :)
10:23 wasabi well.. add *one* other config back at a time..
10:24 wasabi when apcahe breaks, that one is your problem config
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11:23 ivanc hi #koha
11:31 kf hi ivanc
11:32 ivanc hi #kf
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11:37 Braedon hmm, no gmcharlt. Hopefully that means he finally managed to get to bed?
11:37 gmcharlt indeed I did
11:38 Braedon wait, what?
11:38 Braedon why are you not on my user list?
11:38 Braedon damn empath grumble grumble
11:39 Braedon but that is good. How long where you up in all?
11:40 gmcharlt about 40 hours
11:40 Braedon ouch. that is impressive
11:40 Braedon i've done that a few times, but only been functional for a fraction of it
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11:56 kf Braedon: I think this time he stood behind you :)
11:57 Braedon indeed he did
11:57 Braedon with an invisibility cloak :P
12:04 kf yep
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12:29 owen Bug 3881
12:29 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3881 blocker, P5, ---, paul.poulain, NEW, No Page for Opac Privacy
12:30 owen Just sayin'.
12:42 owen Anyone willing to give me some gitorious coaching?
12:54 Braedon an in git? or am i missing something here...?
12:54 owen I don't think I understand the workflow with the official Koha repo, my local repo, and another remote one (could be gitorious or github or whatever I guess)
12:56 Braedon anything specific?
12:56 hdl[…]ember/004973.html
12:56 hdl owen you could try and use git am-3
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13:02 owen hdl: git says "Patch format detection failed"
13:03 owen Braedon: The gitorious faq lists "How do I point my local Git repository at Gitorious"
13:04 owen Won't setting gitorious as "origin" override the official Koha repo's "origin" ?
13:04 Braedon ya
13:05 Braedon when you do the git add, just call it something different
13:05 Braedon so, git add bla
13:05 Braedon then git push bla master
13:06 Braedon what is this gitorious repo?
13:06 owen And if I want to push other branches "git push bla Bug-2392" ?
13:07 owen I don't have one set up yet Braedon
13:08 Braedon yipyip. apparently it looks for the specified branch in the local repo, and pushes to a branch of the same name on the remote, creating if necesary
13:08 Braedon more wanting to know what you are wanting to use it for
13:08 Braedon and what you are using the local repo for
13:09 Braedon usually influences how you set up the remote refs
13:09 owen I want to share my work-in-progress which is already in a local repo
13:09 Braedon right
13:10 Braedon i belive the usual setup would be to clone your remote repo, not the Koha master repo
13:10 Braedon then set up the koha master as a remote called upstream
13:10 Braedon then you pull in from upstream
13:10 Braedon and push to origin(ie, your remote repo)
13:12 Braedon the idea is that the local and remote repos are of your version, and you occasionally merge in changes from the 'upstream' project repo
13:12 owen I don't understand what you mean by "clone your remote repo, not the Koha master repo"
13:13 Braedon well, to create a local repo you usually use git clone <repo address> right?
13:14 owen Right
13:14 Braedon so normally when you start setting up a repo for dev you will clone your remote repo, not upstream
13:15 Braedon (though if you are using github your remote repo will usually be a fork of the upstream anyway
13:15 Braedon do you already have a local repo with changes in it? or are you starting fresh?
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13:16 owen I've got a local repo with many bugfix and feature branches
13:17 Braedon ok, so you can either just add your new remote repo as a new remote, leaving upstream as your origin, and push explicitly to your remote
13:18 Braedon or you can rename the existing origin to upstream, and set up your new remote as origin
13:18 Braedon or whatever works for you
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13:18 ivanc hi #koha again
13:18 Braedon if you do want to rename anything, the easiest way is probably to manually edit your .git/config file
13:19 owen Can you git push all branches at once?
13:20 Braedon if you don't specify a branch, it will do all
13:20 owen Okay, I think I'm getting it.
13:21 owen Thanks Braedon for taking the time to talk it out
13:21 owen Braedon++
13:21 Braedon no probs
13:21 Braedon woo, that may be my first upvote :P
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13:25 jcamins_a owen: I had a great guide to using multiple repositories when I started with github. Let me see if I can find it for you.
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13:25 jcamins Good morning, #koha
13:26 Braedon github help has some great guides, perhaps that? :)
13:26 jcamins Oh, maybe.
13:26 Braedon
13:26 Braedon a lot easier to read than the more official git guides in my experience
13:29 jcamins I think it may have been this:
13:33 jcamins Argh.
13:33 jcamins 561 and 563 aren't indexed.
13:36 jcamins How do I add something to the keyword index?
13:37 jcamins Yay! I have my own MARC Organization Code!
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14:03 Leo Hi to everybody, I'm starting in Koha (3.00.06) and I´m having problems with Marc 006 in the subfield 0 (form of material)  where I can see only items a & b.....I think I'mm losing a lot of them (c,d,e,f,g,......t).Any help? Thanks!
14:09 owen Leo: What do you mean you can see only items a & b?
14:09 owen In the editor? Or the catalog?
14:10 Leo when I'm cataloging
14:10 Leo addin a new item
14:12 Leo new record, like a cd or a book
14:15 owen Leo: I'm not an expert in MARC, but it sounds like there are choices missing from the 006 subfield 0 menu?
14:15 owen Are you saying there should be more choices than a & b?
14:16 Leo yes i think that
14:16 Leo
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14:17 owen Hm, that doesn't list "b" at all
14:17 Leo i 'm seeing that
14:18 Leo that's strange
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14:20 magnus The template only has values for a and b:[…]fba02e537877b401d
14:20 owen So the first part of the problem is that the "plugin" for 006 doesn't list all the correct choices
14:20 Leo i will take a look at it
14:21 owen I was going to wonder whether there was also a problem with the framework, but I guess 006 doesn't need subfields for those values eh?
14:22 Leo Yes sounds logical
14:22 magnus 00* doesn't have subfields, only positions, methinks
14:22 Leo ok
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14:23 Leo so it's ok what I'm seeing, thanks for your help!
14:23 owen It sounds like a bug Leo
14:23 * magnus gotta run
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14:26 jwagner owen, it is a bug, see Bug 3013 -- I fixed the value builder for the 007 field, but the 006 and 008 still need doing.
14:26 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3013 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, mjr, NEW, Value builder for 007 and 008 seems to only include choices for Book -- need all format types
14:27 Leo I will take a look
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14:42 Scot Hi all... Anyone have luck getting the patron card tool to work?  I get to the screen with the PDF icon after exporting, but come up with a 500 error when I click on it.
14:42 owen What Koha version Scot?
14:43 Scot
14:43 Scot I think it's actually 3.2 beta
14:43 Scot but that's what the help page shows
14:43 owen Scot: Can you check your Koha error logs for the actual error?
14:44 Scot can you point me to a directory?
14:44 owen standard or dev install?
14:44 Scot standard
14:45 owen Hmm... I don't remember offhand where to look in a standard install.
14:45 owen jwagner do you?
14:45 Scot what's the filename and i'll 'locate' it
14:46 owen In my dev install it's koha-error_log
14:47 Scot fwiw, it's /var/log/koha/koha-error_log
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14:52 owen Scot: Finding anything in the log related to patroncards?
14:52 Scot yes, trying to grep it out now
14:52 * jwagner perks up ears
14:53 jwagner No, offhand I don't know where to look -- I always have to go exploring for the log files.
14:53 Scot :18 2010] [error] [client] BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-​bin/patroncards/ line 24., referer: http:$ [Wed Sep 22 09:45:18 2010] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers:, referer: http://librarian/cgi-bin/koha/[…]roncards/ [Wed Sep 22 09:47:46 2010] [erro
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14:58 owen Scot: "premature end of script headers" is a generic error. There should be a more specific one as well.
15:00 Scot hang on
15:02 Scot I think this is it:
15:02 Scot [Wed Sep 22 09:45:18 2010] [error] [client] Can't locate Graphics/ in @INC
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15:04 owen That sounds like a problem
15:06 Scot can I just cpan the module?
15:06 Scot i thought it had installed though
15:07 owen There's a tab on the About page which shows what modules are installed (or not)
15:07 Scot brb
15:08 Scot Perl @ INC shows:
15:09 Scot not showing up for some reason
15:09 Scot when i paste the dir's in
15:09 Scot does chat not like /'s?
15:10 kf I see your dir's
15:10 kf perhaps your chat client?
15:10 owen IRC commands start with a slash. Put a space at the beginning of your line
15:10 * owen doesn't see em in Chatzilla
15:10 kf ah
15:10 kf I misunderstood....
15:10 Scot /usr/share/koha/lib /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.10.0 /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.10 /usr/share/perl/5.10 /usr/local/lib/site_perl
15:11 * kf goes back to hide under her desk again
15:11 Scot thanks for the tip
15:12 wizzyrea graphicsmagick is almost always a problem
15:12 owen Hi wizzyrea (and kf!)
15:13 kf owen: you want me to come out again? :)
15:13 * druthb follows kf, carrying the cookie-box with her.
15:13 kf cookies...!
15:14 druthb :)
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15:16 Scot installing the latest graphicsmagick available from the site.... will see if that helps
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15:29 wizzyrea oh hi everybody
15:35 ivanc hi wizzyrea
15:39 * owen wonders if Bug 3013 is fixed in Harley
15:39 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3013 normal, P5, ---, mjr, NEW, Value builder for 006 and 008 need choices for all format types
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15:51 druthb Don't think so, owen.  Not by me, anyway, and I don't think jwagner has gotten back to that yet.
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15:55 owen Thanks druthb. wizzyrea pointed out that I could just look at the Harley repo, and sure enough.
15:55 wizzyrea I try to be helpful
15:58 jcamins Wow, Jason Thomale's article is great.
15:59 jwag_mtg is now known as jwagner
15:59 jwagner No, I haven't done anything further with 3013.  The fixes needed for 006 and 008 are more complex than the 007 was, and every time I look at them, I quail and cower under the desk....
16:01 owen The patch I submitted makes some simple changes to 006/0, so there must be more complex changes to be done
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16:03 jwagner The problems I had were that each type of format had different requirements, like in 006 Maps position 01-04 is designated as Relief, but in Mixed Materials 01-05 is Undefined.
16:03 jwagner and the 008 got even more complex about which positions were used by which format types
16:04 jwagner Especially for 008 positions 18-34
16:05 jwagner Just the thought of trying to write all those special cases gives me the willies...
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16:15 owen Just got an angry email from a patron who couldn't log in to the catalog.
16:15 owen Explanation: The Athens Public Library in OH != his library, the Athens Library of Athens GA
16:19 jwagner Details, details....
16:20 Scot @owen: you're in Athens, GA?
16:20 munin Scot: Error: "owen:" is not a valid command.
16:20 owen I'm in OH. This guy was in GA
16:20 Scot oh, right
16:21 Scot well, go Dawgs anyway!
16:21 owen :)
16:21 owen Athens High School Bulldogs maybe?
16:22 Scot UGA
16:22 owen We take what we can get
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16:46 Scot success... had to install PerlMagick, but I now have patron cards
16:46 Scot surprised it's not a prerequisite for building koha
16:46 Scot (or maybe it was)
16:47 owen Scot: I always find myself installing things that didn't get automatically installed
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16:48 Scot are there patron card templates available at the community site?
16:48 * owen doesn't think so
16:52 chris_n fwiw: some folks barked about it being required due to its size
16:53 Scot 3.8mb?
16:53 chris_n apparently so :-)
16:54 sekjal is now known as sekjal_a
16:54 chris_n however it probably should be mandatory as it is needed for patron images also
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17:24 joetho I just looked through some logs from the other day, about the 3.2 release. Owen makes a good point- there are very few of us capable of actually helping with it at this point.
17:25 joetho So I would like to thank those of you who actually are, and remind you that your work is deeply appreciated.
17:26 joetho And that any impatience on our part is really a reflection of the excellent work you are doing, rather than any dissatisfaction.
17:27 joetho So again, thank you.
17:27 chris_n sort of like the impatience evoked by the anticipation of unwrapping a gift?
17:27 chris_n :-)
17:27 joetho Sure.
17:27 joetho or cookies in the oven.
17:28 * chris_n is always impatient when it comes to cookies... especially hot out of the oven cookies
17:28 joetho Really good cookies can make the kitchen clock move verrrrry slowly.
17:28 chris_n time is inversely proportional to anticipation
17:29 chris_n time = 1/anticipation
17:33 jcamins chris_n: when it comes to cookies, I'm pretty sure time = 1/anticipation^2
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17:43 wizzyrea chris_n: how hard would it be to make default label creator templates for common label layouts?
17:43 wizzyrea dammit now I want cookies.
17:44 joetho sorry, you'll have to wait. But just think how GOOD it will be
17:44 chris_n not hard wizzyrea
17:44 chris_n I usually find the avery label template for word and steal the initial settings from there
17:45 chris_n they could be added to the sample data
17:45 chris_n for labels
17:45 wizzyrea ooo
17:45 chris_n I have some setup for a couple of demco labels
17:45 chris_n spine labels iirc
17:45 wizzyrea !
17:46 wizzyrea hm. What would be a good way to make those downloadable/insertable
17:46 wizzyrea snap-in able
17:46 * wizzyrea imagines a library on the wiki
17:47 chris_n good question
17:48 chris_n sql would be easiest
17:49 pastebot "chris_n" at pasted "label template for Demco WS14942260 spine label" (20 lines) at
17:50 chris_n wizzyrea ^^
17:51 pastebot "chris_n" at pasted "label template for Brodart 55459003 spine label" (20 lines) at
17:51 wizzyrea oooooooo
17:51 sekjal_a is now known as sekjal
17:51 wizzyrea <3 love that
17:52 pastebot "chris_n" at pasted "label template for Avery 5360 Mail Label" (20 lines) at
17:53 chris_n I think that is the three I have setup at present
17:53 chris_n avery 5160's are included in the sample data
17:53 wizzyrea right
17:54 wizzyrea someone tried to tell me that you couldn't take things out to 3 decimal places, but I didn't see that issue
17:54 chris_n for the last to be used with labels, you'd need to change creator_templates.creator to 'Labels' rather than 'Patroncards'
17:54 wizzyrea aha
17:54 chris_n we could
17:54 wizzyrea copy/pasting
17:54 chris_n but probably it would not make much difference
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17:55 chris_n if someone can provide me with a concrete and consistently recurring scenario where three decimal places make a difference, I'll make it do three decimal places
17:56 wizzyrea it's getting into quite minute adjustments at that point
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17:59 wizzyrea wb logbot
17:59 owen Is that a munin command? @slap <username>
17:59 chris_n wb logbot
17:59 chris_n snap
18:00 wizzyrea @slap wizzyrea
18:00 munin wizzyrea: Error: "slap" is not a valid command.
18:00 wizzyrea no
18:00 wizzyrea lol
18:00 wizzyrea (I needed to wake up anyway)
18:00 * druthb hands wizzyrea a mug of hot cocoa
18:00 wizzyrea @trout wizzyrea
18:00 munin wizzyrea: Error: "trout" is not a valid command.
18:01 wizzyrea @fish wizzyrea
18:01 munin wizzyrea: Error: "fish" is not a valid command.
18:01 larsw munin seems to be a bot of peace and love
18:01 munin larsw: Error: "seems" is not a valid command.
18:02 wizzyrea it's true
18:02 owen Sure, until roulette turns ugly
18:03 joetho @roulette
18:03 munin joetho: *click*
18:03 joetho @roulette
18:03 munin joetho: *click*
18:03 joetho I'm good with two.
18:03 joetho @ROULETTE
18:03 munin joetho: *click*
18:03 joetho <--addictive personality
18:03 wizzyrea monologue
18:04 wizzyrea @monologue
18:04 munin wizzyrea: Your current monologue is at least 2 lines long.
18:04 joetho whoa
18:04 joetho I don't like that one
18:04 joetho I monologue a lot
18:04 wizzyrea @news
18:04 munin wizzyrea: No news for #koha.
18:05 druthb @roulette
18:05 druthb was kicked by munin: BANG!
18:05 * munin reloads and spins the chambers.
18:05 druthb joined #koha
18:05 * druthb giggles.
18:05 wizzyrea @news add "Website has moved to, join us there!"
18:05 munin wizzyrea: Error: 'Website has moved to, join us there!' is not a valid number of seconds.
18:05 wizzyrea hmm
18:05 owen druthb: munin really has it in for you!
18:05 joetho some of us are just lucky, drb
18:05 druthb sure seems like it.
18:05 joetho @roulette
18:05 munin joetho: *click*
18:05 druthb it's not the only one, though, so I am kind of used to it.
18:05 wizzyrea news add 600 Website has moved to, join us there!
18:05 wizzyrea bleh
18:06 wizzyrea @news add 600 Website has moved to, join us there!
18:06 munin wizzyrea: (news add [<channel>] <expires> <subject>: <text>) -- Adds a given news item of <text> to a channel with the given <subject>. If <expires> isn't 0, that news item will expire <expires> seconds from now. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent in the channel itself.
18:06 wizzyrea AHA
18:06 wizzyrea HELP
18:06 wizzyrea I like that
18:06 wizzyrea @news add 0 Website has moved: The Koha website has moved to, join us there!
18:06 munin wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.  (News item #5 added)
18:06 wizzyrea WOO
18:07 wizzyrea @news
18:07 munin wizzyrea: News for #koha: (#5) Website has moved
18:07 wizzyrea @news show 5
18:07 munin wizzyrea: Error: 'show' is not a valid integer.
18:07 wizzyrea @news 4
18:07 munin wizzyrea: Error: NoRecordError(4,) is not a valid news item id.
18:07 wizzyrea @news 5
18:07 munin wizzyrea: The Koha website has moved to, join us there! (Subject: "Website has moved", added by 5 on 02:11 PM, September 22, 2010)
18:08 druthb wizzyrea++
18:08 wizzyrea that's a cool thingie.
18:08 owen left #koha
18:09 owen joined #koha
18:24 owen left #koha
18:26 owen joined #koha
18:39 Leo left #koha
18:48 tcohen left #koha
18:58 chris ok whats wrong here
18:58 chris[…]-never-again.html
18:58 chris vs
18:58 chris
18:59 chris I think bookman needs to learn about attribution
18:59 * chris comments
18:59 chris_n can you say "cut-n-paste"
19:00 joetho @roulette
19:00 joetho was kicked by munin: BANG!
19:00 * munin reloads and spins the chambers.
19:00 chris i commented originally and said, wow great write up .. then i thought, im sure ive read that before
19:00 chris and yes, yes i had
19:00 chris so had to do another comment
19:02 owen Comments pending approval, or deleted?
19:03 chris pending approval afaik
19:03 chris ill set jo on them if they dont show up :)
19:04 chris[…]o-ann-ransom.html
19:06 druthb left #koha
19:06 * chris goes to get breakfast and put the rubish out bbiab
19:11 CGI525 joined #koha
19:12 owen Hi CGI525
19:15 CGI525 left #koha
19:16 CGI094 joined #koha
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19:20 CGI453 joined #koha
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19:23 cait joined #koha
19:23 cait hi #koha
19:27 hdl joined #koha
19:47 owen chris:
19:47 jwagner left #koha
19:49 chris Back
19:50 chris Yay owen
19:50 chris owen++
19:51 owen With many thanks to Braedon for helping me get that set up this morning
19:54 chris Yeah at stupid o'clock nz time ... students eh
19:54 chris :)
19:54 hdl owen++
19:55 hdl left #koha
19:56 chris @wunder wellington nz
19:56 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 11.0�C (7:00 AM NZST on September 23, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 47%. Dew Point: 0.0�C. Pressure: 29.42 in 996 hPa (Rising).
19:56 chris Partly cloudy my butt
19:56 chris Its gorgeous
20:00 hdl joined #koha
20:00 * chris must remind braedon to send me his cv
20:07 cait owen++
20:07 * cait must remind myself to read back in the logs to find out how to set up gitorious :)
20:08 * owen must remind himself to do a writeup for the blog and/or wiki
20:08 owen logs++
20:08 jcamins That's weird.
20:09 jcamins There are 3371 items in our catalog.
20:09 jcamins (that's not weird)
20:09 jcamins However, a log of "ADD" actions with info "item" pulls up 2909 lines.
20:10 cait jcamins: did you import records with items?
20:10 owen left #koha
20:10 jcamins Oh.
20:10 jcamins Yes, I think so.
20:11 jcamins That's not so weird, then.
20:11 hdl left #koha
20:14 jcamins Take it back. It is weird.
20:15 jcamins Imported bib records show up in the logs.
20:24 chris back
20:27 francharb left #koha
20:30 richard joined #koha
20:30 richard hi
20:31 chris hiya richard
20:32 richard nice spring morning again :)
20:32 chris yeah, its lovely out
20:32 sekjal left #koha
20:39 richard left #koha
20:40 anitsirk joined #koha
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20:42 richard joined #koha
20:44 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
20:44 Nate left #koha
21:10 Scot joined #koha
21:10 Scot back again...
21:11 Scot i'm able to get patron cards to print with barcodes
21:11 Scot but cannot generate a pdf if i add an image
21:11 Scot it creates the file, but won't open
21:11 Scot adobe says it is damaged and cannot be repaired
21:12 Scot i've tried png, gif, and jpg
21:12 Scot double-checked to make sure these are supported by imagemagick/perlmagick
21:12 Scot but no luck
21:12 Scot any ideas?
21:13 chris hmm chris_n is the main in the know
21:13 Scot i made sure to upload a 300ppi image
21:13 chris but not around at the moment
21:13 Scot ok, is there anyway to send him a private message or email?
21:14 Scot i see it
21:14 chris you should email the koha list, or the koha-devel list
21:15 chris that gets you a much wider audience
21:15 Scot gotcha, thanks
21:15 chris[…]ha-mailing-lists/
21:31 Scot left #koha
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22:09 darling joined #koha
22:38 Braedon left #koha
22:38 Braedon joined #koha
22:40 Braedon chris: hey, it was only 2 o'clock. Not That stupid...
22:42 chris :)
23:43 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
23:44 davi left #koha

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