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00:31 Genji Hiya all!
00:33 Genji How do i do: if session param libraries_set not set, goto else goto, upon login?
00:49 wasabi a redirect
00:50 wasabi Genji:[…]2caff;hb=HEAD#l86
01:40 wasabi Genji:[…]EDIRECTION_HEADER
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02:08 schuster chris - sorry to bother you but do you happen to have a copy of the schedule from KohaCon09?  Due to some company things and shared google docs and a wiki move
02:09 schuster all of those links are gone.
02:09 ryanb006 Hi, I've just migrated my library to Koha 3.00.06, and it's working great except patrons can't place holds on any materials in the OPAC. When they try to place a hold, it says "Sorry, none of these items can be placed on hold." and under the "place hold on a specific copy" it says "Unavailable (lost or missing)". None of our items are marked missing, and RequestOnOpac is turned on. Any idea what is going on?
02:10 schuster Just checking to see if it existed anywhere else!
02:10 robin ryanb006: check to ensure you have circulation rules that let them place a number of holds greater than zero.
02:11 schuster ryanb006 - check an item out and see if you can place a hold on it.
02:11 schuster do you want them to be able to place holds if the item is on the shelf?
02:11 ryanb006 Robin: I will check that. Schuster: I tried both an item on the shelf and and item checked out, and neither one works. Both say "lost or missing".
02:14 schuster hmmm did you have anything in the subfield one of each of the 952 fields when you loaded it?
02:14 schuster You may want to edit an item record and see what is in the subfield 1 - if it is blank then all should be working.  If there is something selected there...  that is why you are getting that error.
02:15 ryanb006 Ok, I'll check one of the items.
02:16 schuster best I could do sorry.
02:16 ryanb006 Subfield 1 is not marked lost...
02:19 ryanb006 Robin: Where do I check that the holds allowed is > 0?
02:20 robin ryanb006: in koha 3.2, it's Admin->Item circulation and fines rules
02:20 robin but that may have changed since 3.0, I'm not sure.
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02:24 ryanb006 Ok, I see at the bottom of that screen a section about holds, but it is just no holds allowed, allowed from any library, or allowed from home library for particular item types. I can't get it to set for "any item type".
02:24 ryanb006 I mean "all item types"
02:24 robin not sure, I guess that's all changed since 3.0
02:25 chris schuster:[…]renceprogram.html
02:25 ryanb006 Ok, thanks robin and schuster! I'm going to leave it alone for the night and get a fresh look at it tomorrow. Thanks again!
02:26 chris something useful to do, would be to shift that to the new wiki, we were in the process when someone turned the old one off
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02:27 chris did you see that schuster ?
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02:33 schuster OK yes I did you are awesome as always thanks.
02:34 schuster Sorry to missing coming to NZ...  Just couldn't swing that on my own and my wife would have hung me out to dry with the 2 boys during school...  one is playing soccer and the other football and we are going non stop almost every night.
02:35 chris yeah, wont be long til im doing the same :)
02:36 schuster Are you all going to try and do something like this: - for KohaCon10?
02:36 schuster I think Liz put it together on the fly for KohaCon09 - and I didn't even know it was there!
02:37 chris yeah im thinking that or this
02:37 chris
02:37 chris but for #kohacon10 instead of just following me
02:37 schuster it is fun...  Especially if your kids are any good at it and luckily my kids come by it naturally with no help from me...  your kids will be at an advantage as you understand the rules and would probably be able to teach them something!
02:37 chris the nice thing is it archives it all away for ever too
02:39 robin You don't mean having one of those displays running behind the presenters, do you? They're a terrible idea.
02:39 chris no
02:39 chris we didnt do that
02:39 robin oh good :)
02:39 schuster Cool - as long as Liz can put links to the conference up so people can get to it easily on
02:39 chris but coveritlive allows ppl not there
02:39 chris to at least get a nice feel for whats going on
02:40 schuster We did put it up during the breaks though on the first day so people knew it was there and could follow it.  the venue we had was awsome for this type of stuff.
02:40 schuster Not that I'm biased or anything to a facility we have here in Plano... ;)
02:41 robin Just so long as it works with, otherwise it doesn't count :)
02:41 chris yeah it should
02:41 chris[…]th=470&height=550
02:41 schuster KUDOS is kicking around the idea of a spring meeting in the US..  NOT a KohaCon but a KUDOS conference, but we would welcome international presentations etc.. if we can get it going...
02:42 chris cool, let me know
02:42 schuster Will do - we are thinking early May but are still trying to get our ducks in a row organizationally.
02:44 chris cool
02:44 chris someone needs to pitch for kohacon11
02:44 schuster OK I have to grade some graduate student papers tonight so better get busy.  I knew you would be on now so thought I would ask for your help which you are always so gratious to provide with the right answers!
02:44 chris[…]Con2011_Proposals
02:45 chris if you can shouldertap anyone
02:46 schuster Well - maybe we push KUDOS and KohaCon11 together...  The annual thing for international is hard unless we can do some things and have decent internet at a hotel/conference center and use is 10-7 one day and 8-5 another or something and do more video conference type stuff.
02:47 schuster We had talked about doing a virtual conference here in the fall, but we just couldn't get that together with what we are trying to do with KUDOS.
02:47 chris yeah virtual is expensive
02:47 chris maybe one kohacon in europe then back the us the year after
02:47 chris give everyone a turn
02:48 schuster Well not really if you have the right tools at your disposal and the institutions behind it....
02:48 chris since magnus and paul, and slef and cait etc are flying this far this time round
02:48 chris schuster: here it is, just because of hte bandwidth required
02:48 schuster Yeah Europe would be great if KohaLA would be able to step up...
02:48 chris you can get that cheap
02:48 chris here, its stupid expensive for international bandwidth
02:49 schuster Ah...  See here I don't think international - we just use it, but...  I don't deal much with international stuff...  Once it leaves Plano ISD I don't understand what happens!
02:49 schuster But as you know our pipe is BIG...
02:50 schuster thanks for the chat...  Off to grade those Graduate papers - wanna be librarians!
02:51 chris :)
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03:26 Amit heya chris
03:26 chris hiya Amit
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06:45 kf good morning #koha
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07:18 yourasifk Salam to all
07:19 yourasifk hope some one can solve my problem
07:19 yourasifk im trying to import serials record with holding inoformation
07:20 yourasifk bib data is imported but the holding doesn't can any body help me in this regard
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07:20 ivanc hi #koha
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07:51 kmkale hi all
07:52 hdl hi kmkale
07:52 kmkale hi hdl
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10:34 Amit hi kmkale
10:34 kmkale hi Amit
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12:37 owen Hello #koha
12:39 jwagner Hi owen
12:42 ivanc hi owen
12:44 kf hi owen, jwagner and druthb .. and everybody else .)
12:51 Nate Hi Owen and kf
12:51 Nate and jwagner and ivanc
12:51 Nate and everyone else :)
12:52 kf :)
13:01 ivanc hi Nate, kf
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13:26 CGI632 hi everyone
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14:10 CGI811 hi
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14:13 cabillman Hello, is anyone aware of any open bugs regarding the 520 fields not showing up in the description section of It only happens on some items.
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14:13 cabillman for 3.0 .x
14:14 owen cabillman: Is your catalog online for us to see examples?
14:15 cabillman yes, but I think I have a patch that fixed the problem
14:16 owen That was fast :)
14:16 cabillman I wish :) I have been looking at it for a few hours
14:17 cabillman I think I have the original file, let me check quick
14:19 cabillman[…]blionumber=103230
14:19 cabillman that one is broken
14:19 cabillman[…]blionumber=103230
14:19 cabillman is patched
14:20 * owen recognizes those tabs :)
14:20 cabillman I hope you don't mind that I used them
14:20 owen Not at all!
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14:21 owen cabillman what do you mean by "patched?"
14:22 cabillman it just has the changes i made to
14:23 owen Oh I see, you swapped the file out. I thought you were showing me two simultaneous examples.
14:23 mirbolt hi there, can anyone tell me roughly what the min sys requirements are for a koha installation on debian lenny for a collection of about 100,000 bib records?
14:23 owen cabillman: If you think this is a consistent bug (one that affects all 3.0.x users), you can file a bug, create a patch for your changes, and attach your patch to the bug report
14:23 cabillman nope.  Same biblio but one is the stock 3.0
14:24 owen
14:24 cabillman Should i email koha-patches as well?
14:25 owen Yes you can do that too
14:26 cabillman Sounds like a plan. I'm not exactly sure why this patch changes the behavior though
14:27 cabillman instead of doing template->param( normalized_oclc         => GetNormalizedOCLCNumber($record,$marcflavour) )
14:27 cabillman i save the result in a variable first
14:27 cabillman and pass that to the template
14:28 owen As far as I can remember normalized_oclc is only used by Syndetics enhanced content
14:30 cabillman I had to change both the call to normalizedOCLCN and normalized upc
14:32 cabillman I also can't figure out how to duplicate it. It only seems to be some of our biblios but I can't find a consistent pattern.
14:33 cabillman I will open the bug and attach the patch explaining everything
14:34 cabillman Thanks for your help
14:34 owen cabillman: For what it's worth, if I grab that record via z39.50 in my 3.0.6 test installation I see the same problem: no description
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14:41 owen mirbolt: You could check out this thread from the koha-devel archive:[…]March/009306.html
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14:52 reva hi all, good morning. I have a question as to which tar.gz of the Koha 3.2 I should download from the community download page?
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14:53 owen koha-3.02.00-beta.tar.gz if you want the beta release of 3.2
14:54 joetho good morning,
14:54 owen Hi joetho
14:55 joetho anybody in here have any experience migrating the ILS "Concourse" (vendor=Book Systems) into Koha?
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14:55 reva thanks owen: but I find 4 choices under the Beta. (ex: there is gz.sig; and Which one?
14:55 owen reva: The one I said
14:58 reva owen: so I just download the plain tar.gz from the beta 3.2; just confirming my understanding of what you said.
14:58 reva ok. got it.
14:58 owen http://download.koha-community[…]02.00-beta.tar.gz
15:00 reva Thanks owen: I have downloaded the Debian ([…]6-i386-CD-1.iso); I hope that is the only one I need as there were quite a few Cds in Utexas mirror. How about the Apache HTTP server; which version?
15:01 owen reva have you looked at this?[…]e8d3c59d7;hb=HEAD
15:03 reva I am not sure owen: Because I had the idea to install the 3.2 when we go into production only recently; the Live CD 3.0.6 has been a serious contender. But now I will go through the page you just gave.
15:04 owen reva: That document is intended to be a start-to-finish guide. You'll probably find things you need to ask questions about, but it will give you most of what you need
15:04 reva Yea; jacamins gave me the page just day before yesterday. So I will read through that first before asking questions.
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15:30 reva owen: do I have to install Debian from the business card version CD? Or can I download a full CD iso, burn it on a CD and install it? (we do have pretty stable connection, but frequently there is a lot of congestion.)
15:31 owen I think either one is fine
15:32 reva Ok, because I was the eager beaver and started downloading the regular CD image. Thanks.
15:38 larsw reva, either Debian ISO image is fine; in fact, the smaller images (business card and netinst) are usually recommended, so you don't have to install a lot of stuff you won't need: the full ISO image probalby has a lot of packages you won't be installing, especially on a server
15:38 kf travelling tomorrow - have a nice weekend all :)
15:38 larsw however, the full CD and DVD images are good for people to get if they are bandwidth-starved and can get them without using the scarce bandwidth (e.g., via snailmail)
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15:56 reva larsw: thanks. We are on a peer-group network, so no server. And we will be using one of the workstations as the "admin" console. Debian/Koha will be residing as a "dual boot", along with the windows XP OS on the machine. So questions: the other workstations are windows Xp. How would I give them access to Koha?
15:58 reva What I mean larsw: is we will be either booting into XP or Debian/Koha. In such a situation, how would I give access to staff client on another workstation which is running XP?
15:59 ivanc see you #koha
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16:16 owen reva: Others won't be able to access Koha if the server isn't running
16:17 owen The server won't be running if you're booted into Windows
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16:25 reva owen: so basically, if I have the Koha running on my 'admin" console (which acts as my server), others would be able to access the staff client or OPAC on their workstations. But if I am running my XP on the console, the other workstations will not have access to Koha. Understood. The other workstations are running XP, but would not be an issue?
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16:28 * owen grumbles about his flaky internet this week
16:29 reva owen: If the answer to my first question is "yes they can use it even if they are on a station running XP", I have a further question: Our admin workstation has: 2.53 Ghz processor and 1.98 RAM; would I be taxing if there are two simultaneous staff client users on two workstations?
16:30 reva I meant if the answer to my LAST question, not first, of course, owen:
16:31 owen I don't think it would be too taxing but I'm not an expert. Two users is a very small number!
16:33 reva Ok, so I assume that it does not matter the my peer-group LAN stations are running XP, I take it only the machine in which Koha is installed it has to be running Debian?
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16:35 owen Yes, but you'll have to be sure to configure your Debian machine to accept connections from your other machines
16:39 reva Ok, I will configure enable Debian to accept network clients. Though I am too far away from that yet.:0
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16:47 reva also, what would be an ideal partition size for the Debian? We will be creating maybe a 1000-1500 records, so I know our catalog part of it is going to be rather small. Though we do not have too much free room on our C drive currently, we  can add to make room for Debian/Koha
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17:33 reva Hi again, I have a record which only has a 245 (Title proper) and an author added entry (710 corporate author) in it. But it is showing as if it is the main author. It shows like this: Establishment and management of a national standards body. by International Organization for Standardization . Why is it not showing as related author lable?
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17:53 chris_n wizzyrea:[…]2267759f1ea465e80
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18:20 chris_n @later tell hdl my mails to patches@... seem to be landing in jail lately; could you look in on the problem? tnx
18:20 munin chris_n: The operation succeeded.
19:05 chris and so i begins
19:06 chris s/i/it/
19:07 cait chris: what begins?
19:08 chris_n[…]ion#United_States
19:08 owen "[Liblime] would expect permanent representation on its board of directors. Initially, LibLime would request 40 percent of the positions in the board of directors"
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19:09 chris_n yes, that would present a problem if all major contributors required a permanent, 20% share of board positions
19:09 * chris_n thinks the board would be an ever-growing monstrosity
19:10 brendan board--
19:10 chris monsters--
19:10 * chris lightens the tone
19:10 brendan well monsters are cool sometime (but that's only in books and movies)
19:10 chris_n unbridled_government--
19:11 chris[…]s_Not_To_Form_One
19:11 chris you know, slef said that self selecting permanent things were a reason why foundations are bad
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19:11 chris i should listen to him more
19:12 owen Imagine if the original Liblime had gotten permanent representation on a Koha board?
19:12 chris please feel free to add to the reasons not to form one, if you have any
19:12 chris well the thing to remember, so we dont get too upset
19:12 chris is that no one has to listen to the board anyway
19:13 chris certainly any board that has permanent rep for anyone, im not interested in
19:13 * owen thinks we should all add our of proviso's demanding permanent representation on the board owing to our significant contributions
19:13 chris the gpl2+ allows us to just do our own thing anyway
19:14 chris i mean we have to buyin before it has any say.. and at any time we can opt out
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19:14 chris but i do think it is sending a clear signal
19:14 chris of intentions, and thats good
19:15 chris i read it as an intention to replace the existing roles, with board elected ones, and wrest control of the project from the community
19:16 chris and anything that is going to be involved in 'managing' rather than just a place to store stuff safely does not interest me at all
19:17 chris </rant>
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19:17 chris and putting on my vendor hat
19:18 chris any vendor not represented by the board has a huge disadvantage
19:18 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
19:18 chris so we need permanent spots for all 28
19:18 chris </vendor_hat_off>
19:18 chris and thats ridiculous :)
19:19 owen And new permanent spots for all new vendors!
19:19 jcamins As a kind-of-Koha-vendor, I would share the concerns of your vendor hat. ;)
19:19 chris i really think its trying to solve a problem that doesnt exist
19:19 chris_n imaginary_problems--
19:19 chris the problem that exists, is that one company has property that the community sees as shared property
19:20 chris_n there are enough real ones to contend with
19:20 chris thats easily solved
19:20 jcamins As someone who values his sanity, I would prefer not to have an active foundation. Boards cause headaches.
19:20 chris jcamins++
19:20 cait and what about contributing libraries?
19:21 chris they dont count cait
19:21 jcamins (with all due respect to the HLT board... I think they must all be Saints)
19:21 chris no intellectual property dont you know
19:21 cait chris: I don't hink we need an foundation
19:22 chris if you just buy something, that gives you eminently more say than the people who thought it up, and specced it, and paid for it
19:22 * chris is being sarcastic
19:22 cait why are some people so eager to have one? can't we just act as a democracy like we do in meetings?
19:22 chris exactly
19:22 chris im with you
19:22 chris i would just like a place to put things, like the tm and domain name
19:23 jcamins Also, just so no one says they weren't warned, executive secretaries and executive directors are expensive!
19:23 cait we are not so many people that this is over complicated, perhaps sometimes make votes on the mailing lists or like we did when we voted for hlt
19:23 chris so we dont have to worry about them, and then just get on with workng on koha,
19:23 chris usually we come to consensus fairly easily
19:24 chris the license being an exception :)
19:24 chris but on the things that matter, what goes in a release, who is release manager, etc
19:24 chris we work those things out without a board telling us
19:25 chris sorry, im talking to much
19:25 * chris stops
19:25 jcamins Did we ever get an explanation of why LL thinks there should be a foundation?
19:26 cait not really, I think some people talked about getting funds for things?
19:26 owen It's their condition for donating the Koha trademark
19:26 owen (and, etc.)
19:26 cait but can't you get funds with a local user group like kudos perhaps too? without 'governing' the project?
19:26 chris yeah
19:27 chris[…]s_Not_To_Form_One
19:27 chris point 5
19:27 chris KUDOS could get money for US libraries
19:27 chris Kohala for french
19:28 schuster someone - don't remember who - talked about having a foundation so that part of its function would be to pay an independent RM for the project and that would be their full time job.
19:29 chris pooling donations to pay for that would be good, could still do that with spi of softwarefreedomconservancy
19:29 chris dont need an active foundation, with any say in who that rm is
19:29 cait to make him independent everybody should have the same vote in this foundation
19:29 chris_n good point chris
19:29 cait which makes it difficult I think
19:30 chris all you need for that is a bank account really
19:30 chris which is what sofware in the public interest etc get you
19:31 * chris simplifies
19:31 chris_n probably some sort of escrow account
19:31 jcamins Well, in the US you also need a tax ID.
19:31 chris gets you that too :)
19:31 chris_n spi is in the us
19:31 chris its a nice idea
19:31 chris i dont think we wll have the money to do it in the near future
19:31 jcamins I started typing in response to "all you need for that is a bank account really." ;)
19:31 * chris_n agrees that a paid rm might help
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19:32 chris_n wonderful thing... irc
19:32 chris fwiw im being paid to be RM
19:32 chris_n everybody can talk at once and be understood... most of the time anyway ;-)
19:32 chris parttime at least
19:32 owen What we have are "sponsored" RMs, and I'm not sure we could do it any other way
19:33 owen Is someone supposed to be paid to be RM full time? Who gives up their regular job for it unless it's permanent?
19:33 chris the nice thing about the way dev works
19:33 chris is everyone can see
19:34 cait owen: good point
19:35 chris theres no hiding decisons
19:35 chris what goes in, is totally transparent
19:35 chris and thats why im still here
19:36 chris 3933 days, 2:45:22 later
19:36 * chris <3 gitstats
19:36 * jcamins was kind of wondering about the precision
19:36 jcamins :)
19:36 chris time of the first commit, to my last commit
19:38 * chris gets sucked into reading stats again
19:38 owen 2453 days, 23:27:55!
19:39 chris hehe
19:40 chris 2003-10-31  thats a while agon now
19:40 owen Took me a minute to count the scratch marks on the side of my wall
19:41 cait 2453 days?
19:41 chris 300 days, 22:21:51
19:42 chris for you cait
19:42 chris[…]ster/authors.html
19:42 cait what did I do on these 300 days?
19:42 cait and is this an anniversary? :)
19:42 chris thats the time between your first commit and the latest commit of yours in master
19:42 chris active days, 15
19:42 cait ah
19:43 chris so you made a commit on 15 different days
19:43 chris and 22 in total (that have been pushed theres about 10 more to go)
19:43 cait ohloh knows about 22 commits...
19:43 cait hm only 10? :)
19:44 chris ohloh tracks master
19:44 * chris was guessing about 10
19:44 cait I know, I think one is missing, because I send it as "root"
19:44 cait ok, 12 waiting and more to come :)
19:45 chris_n 980 days, 3:01:46
19:45 * chris_n feels young still
19:46 owen munin should wish us all happy anniversaries on the anniversaries of our first commits
19:46 munin owen: Error: "should" is not a valid command.
19:46 cait 300 is a nice number
19:46 cait could be more patches...
19:47 cait I really have to find someone to do these organisational things for me... so I find finally some time to write patches
19:47 * cait grumbles a bit
19:47 * collum wants 1.29% of the seats on the board of directors. :) And needs to stop doing home repairs and start sending more patches to koha.
19:48 jcamins 2:16:24!
19:48 jcamins :D
19:50 chris heh
19:50 chris ok bus time
19:50 chris bb from on the bus, 3g permitting
19:51 * chris_n thinks the board percentages ought to be based on first on good standing and second on % of commits... ;-)
19:52 cait the more I think about a fair way .to build a board, the more I think the foundation thing is not a good idea
19:52 jcamins chris_n: the problem with that is then paul_p, chris, owen, gmcharlt, and hdl wouldn't have any time to spend on Koha.
19:53 chris_n lol
19:53 owen We'd be too busy ruling with iron fists
19:53 gmcharlt *thud*
19:53 * chris_n can hear the whip cracking now
19:53 alan joined #koha
19:53 chris_n work code mules, work!!
19:54 owen Cheese it it's gmcharlt !
19:54 * owen looks busy
19:54 alan left #koha
19:54 chris_n bye alan
19:54 * gmcharlt uses his awesome power to will the 'wthdrawn' typo directly out of existence
19:55 cait lol
19:55 owen It's not a typo, it's time-saving efficiency!
19:55 jcamins Gee, my board memberships only give me the power to produce paperwork.
19:55 jcamins I'm jealous. ;)
19:55 chris_n and endure boring meetings
19:56 chris_n hence the name 'board'
19:56 anitsirk joined #koha
19:56 anitsirk left #koha
19:56 jcamins Okay, I'm jealous of chris_n, too... my board memberships don't come with the power to endure the meetings they require, either.
19:56 cait 46443 lines added - yay :)
19:56 chris_n or is that describing the thickness of such members?
19:57 chris Heh
19:58 rhcl chanting...SPI~~~SPI~~~SPI~~~SPI~~~
19:58 reva joined #koha
19:59 chris I wonder if anyone is gonna comment. I don't think ill bother
20:00 jcamins I'm thinking about asking that LibLime clarify their stance on *why* this is necessary.
20:00 owen It really is galling that their intellectual property is worth more than all our years of work.
20:00 reva Good afternoon, was wondering should I set the type of control (Leader/09) to MARC-8 or UCS/Univode? Thanks.
20:00 owen jcamins: Because it's the only conditions under which they'll release the Koha trademark and domain to a third party
20:01 chris Unicode reva
20:01 owen Those are actions we've asked them to take jcamins
20:01 owen jcamins: So they're saying, "Okay, if you want 'em here's what you have to do."
20:02 reva Thanks owen: I thought as much because who uses 8 bit coding anymore?
20:03 chris I think the answer is in nz speak 'yeah .... naw'
20:03 zico joined #koha
20:03 zico hi
20:03 zico I am having a weird problem with PO file
20:04 zico I am trying to enable Arabic font in my Staff
20:04 chris[…]e?term=yeah%20nah
20:05 zico I am downloading the PO file from
20:05 zico but.. when I go to add that PO file in my system
20:05 zico it shows me the error that ... "CORRUPTED PO FILE or not even PO file"
20:05 zico what`s wrong?
20:06 chris Its probably corrupt
20:06 chris Someone might have uploaded a corrupt version
20:06 chris Ill try to have a look when I get to work
20:07 zico As it mentioned there... you have already "chris" reviewed that! :)
20:07 collum left #koha
20:07 chris Some ppl edit with text editors and aren't careful
20:07 chris Yeah I removed spam from it
20:08 chris But haven't tested it
20:08 zico is it possible to get the correct PO arabic file by tomorrow?
20:08 chris It doesn't log if someone uploads a new one
20:08 zico I have a big workshop in which I have to show demonestration on Koha
20:08 chris Only if someone edits it in the web interface
20:08 chris Look in git
20:09 chris In the 3.0.x branch
20:09 reva owen: Is it automatically set to the code "a" for unicode, because though there is a drop down choice and it "seems" like MARC-8 is selected, it shows "a" for Unicode in the Leader?
20:10 owen reva: No idea.
20:11 zico owen: what`s the address please?
20:11 owen Why is everyone talking to me?
20:11 reva Ok, anyone else? Just curious; because it always shows "a" for Unicode, why there is a drop down for it in the Leader Builder?
20:12 reva Ok owen: I said anyone else?:)
20:12 chris Do my messages show up as owen or something?
20:12 zico chris: sorry owen... it would be chris
20:13 zico chris: what is the address please?
20:13 chris I'm on my phone too hard to look
20:13 chris But look in the git repo
20:13 owen[…]=refs/heads/3.0.x
20:14 chris Thanks owen
20:14 zico Thanks owen
20:14 owen That's it for me. See y'all later
20:14 owen left #koha
20:21 reva left #koha
20:26 richard joined #koha
20:26 richard hi
20:27 chris Hi richard
20:27 richard heya chris
20:28 * chris gives richard 20%
20:28 richard heh
20:28 * cait tries to bribe the board members with cookies
20:28 zico nah! I have downloaded PO file from git too
20:28 zico but.. it`s not working
20:29 zico I have downloaded from[…]9655ecbfeb33a22dc
20:29 jcamins cait: you mean I have to choose between wanting cookies and not wanting to be on another board?
20:30 cait hm you are right
20:30 cait better bribe everyone with cookies, just for the case they will get on the board at some time
20:30 jcamins :D
20:31 chris how are you trying to install it?
20:32 chris Ok my stop
20:32 chris Bbl
20:35 sekjal goodnight, #koha!
20:35 sekjal left #koha
20:41 jcamins Good night, #koha
20:41 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
20:42 zico chris: my command is this
20:42 zico ./ install -i /usr/share/koha/intranet/htdoc​s/intranet-tmpl/prog/ar-Arab/ -o /usr/share/koha/intranet/htdoc​s/intranet-tmpl/prog/ar-Arab/ -s /home/mohib/Desktop/misc_translator_p​o_ar-Arab-i-staff-t-prog-v-3000000.po -r
20:52 nengard left #koha
20:54 cait zico: which version of koha?
20:55 zico cait: 3.0.6
20:56 cait ./ install -i /home/katrin/kohaclone/koha​-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en -o   /home/katrin/kohaclone/koha-t​mpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/de-DE -s /home/koha/po/de-DE-i-staff-t-prog-v-3002000.po -r
20:57 cait thats what I use
21:06 logbot joined #koha
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21:09 schuster left #koha
21:13 chris yes
21:13 chris
21:13 chris i would talk to this guy and ask how he does it
21:18 zico chris: that will be great! Otherwise I have to install Koha each and every 30 machines in Workshop lab
21:20 cait good night all!
21:20 zico chris: if you know by tomorrow... can you let me know over email? my email address is:
21:20 zico it will be really helpful for whole workshop where more than 60 participants will come from all over the country of Bangladesh
21:23 chris zico: you should ask him
21:23 chris email him
21:23 cait left #koha
21:23 chris because i have a go live on monday, so will be pretty busy myself
21:23 zico chris: I have been searching for his email address... but... cannot find it there in his blog
21:23 zico :( :(
21:27 chris
21:27 chris maybe send a message on twitter
21:36 jo joined #koha
21:37 jo Hi all
21:38 jo Good to read PTFS laying their cards on the table about whats required if they are to give the domain name back.
21:38 chris yeah its nice that its all out in the open
21:38 jo we now know exactly what the price is and can decide accordingly.
21:38 jo I respect that honesty.
21:39 chris *nod*
21:39 Nate left #koha
21:40 jo so if PTFS get 40% of seats for buying the domain url how many should HLT claim for starting this all off, and naming it etc etc
21:40 Nate joined #koha
21:40 jo jo must go away now before i start getting bitchy ...
21:41 chris :)
21:45 rhcl well, I think the math works out to 60%, right?  :)
21:48 Nate left #koha
21:48 zico left #koha
22:07 davi left #koha
22:29 brendan left #koha
22:38 brendan joined #koha
22:43 brendan @wunder 93117
22:43 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 19.9�C (3:42 PM PDT on September 23, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 60%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 29.85 in 1010.7 hPa (Falling).
22:47 brendan left #koha
22:51 brendan joined #koha
23:01 logbot joined #koha
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23:24 darling joined #koha
23:26 russ hey jo - just got your phone message, yes i want you to do that :-)
23:26 russ sorry was in a meeting
23:56 jo np
23:56 jo just mking sure left hand and right stay in sync :)

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