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03:22 Amit heya chris
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04:36 chobbs anyone awake?
04:37 robin nope
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04:40 chobbs no worries - tracked down my issue on my own :)
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04:41 smustafa good morning everyone.
04:42 smustafa Is Chris available at this time? to discuss how to get Zebra working on DEV koha setup...
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05:02 wasabi smustafa: chris has prolly just left werk, to go home..
05:02 smustafa oh ok
05:03 wasabi 5pm, NZ time
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05:03 wasabi smustafa:  but ask way... :)
05:03 wasabi s/way/away/
05:04 smustafa export KOHA_CONF=/home/mistuser/k​oha-dev/etc/koha-conf.xml
05:04 smustafa I did that as koha:koha
05:04 smustafa then I did perl -I /var/www/koha-2010-08-04 /var/www/koha-2010-08-04/misc/m​igration_tools/ -b -a -r
05:04 smustafa but it shows nothing on the screen.  Just stays there hanging....
05:04 smustafa :( :(
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05:05 cait morning #koha
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05:12 smustafa any ideas wasabi?
05:12 smustafa or cait?
05:12 smustafa <smustafa>export KOHA_CONF=/home/mistuser/k​oha-dev/etc/koha-conf.xml <smustafa>I did that as koha:koha <smustafa>then I did perl -I /var/www/koha-2010-08-04 /var/www/koha-2010-08-04/misc/m​igration_tools/ -b -a -r <smustafa>but it shows nothing on the screen. Just stays there hanging....
05:12 smustafa trying to setup Zebra on my Koha-DEV setup...but when I run the tool it does not work...
05:13 cait sorry smustafa, no real idea
05:13 smustafa ok..
05:13 cait I would peraps try -v as option to see more
05:13 cait and make sure your zebra files are owned by your koha user
05:14 wasabi smustafa:  -v
05:14 wasabi -v means verbose
05:15 smustafa oh is that why...ok now I see things showing up....
05:15 wasabi ;)
05:15 smustafa ok thanks wasabi.. :)
05:16 wasabi look for file-permission errors at the end of the rebuild...
05:16 cait sorry, I just got up
05:17 wasabi as cait said before
05:17 cait still half asleep :)
05:18 wasabi $ chown -R koha:koha  /home/mistuser/koha-dev/etc/zebradb
05:18 wasabi to fix your possible file-perm errors...
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05:21 smustafa THanks, I shall do that :)
05:26 Amit heya wasabi
05:29 wasabi hey amit
05:32 cait hi Amit
05:33 smustafa I can't seem to search eventhough I ran the zebra indexing
05:33 smustafa it does not return anything..
05:34 cait is your zebrasrv running?
05:35 smustafa well I think so, otherwise the zebraindexing would not be running right?
05:35 smustafa It shows exporting biblio....................etc etc
05:35 smustafa when I ran in it..
05:36 Amit heya cait
05:37 cait not sure one needs the other
05:37 smustafa well at the last step of REINDINXG Zebra
05:37 smustafa +++++++++++++++++++++++
05:37 cait no errors in the output of rebuild zebra?
05:38 smustafa it is trying to load some filter modules...and it works ok, but then it stops at 01:47:06-26/08 zebraidx(26648) [log] Loaded filter module /usr/lib/idzebra-2.0/modules/
05:38 smustafa not sure why..
05:38 cait me neither
05:38 smustafa The size of koha-zebradaemon.err and koha-zebradaemon-output.log is 0 both
05:38 smustafa same for the koha-zebraqueue.err and koha-zebraqueue-output.log
05:38 smustafa also 0 size..
05:38 cait but most of the times indexing was ok and I got no results I forgot to start zebrasrv
05:39 smustafa how do I start it..
05:46 cait sorry, I can't look at my notes now, have to get ready for work
05:50 smustafa its alright :)
06:14 wasabi smustafa: $ ps -ef|grep zebrasrv
06:15 wasabi is how to check
06:16 cait bbl
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06:16 wasabi but, if you dont rememebr starting your zebrasrv, process then it prolly is not started
06:17 wasabi zebra-indexing, and the zebrasrv process are 2 seperate things
06:18 wasabi smustafa: $ zebrasrv -f  /home/mistuser/koha-dev/etc/koha-conf.xml
06:18 wasabi ... starts your zeb
06:18 smustafa ok let me try that wasabi
06:19 wasabi then try yr search again
06:21 smustafa let me try that and get back to you dear
06:23 wasabi yep, no problem..
06:25 smustafa it is still saying exporting biblio
06:25 smustafa so I am waiting..
06:25 larsw chris, :)
06:26 smustafa I think it is working Wasabi, I see that it is adding gr.marcxml.record and it was not doing that before..
06:29 wasabi its working, when you get search-results back ;)
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06:34 magnus g'day #koha
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06:42 smustafa ok dear it worked
06:42 smustafa Thanks wasabi :D
06:42 wasabi ooh, great stuff!
06:43 wasabi ive got a train to catch now....
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06:53 smustafa ok bye :)
06:53 kf hi äkoha
06:53 kf #koha
06:54 kf smustafa: your zebra working now?
06:54 smustafa yes dear
06:56 kf ah, great :)
07:02 hdl hi all
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07:05 kf hi hdl
07:22 hdl *
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07:51 kf crazy week
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08:05 chris larsw: cool :)
08:06 hdl hi magnus
08:06 hdl hi chris
08:06 chris hiya hdl
08:11 magnus hiya chris, hdl, kf et al
08:14 magnus larsw: i'm looking even more forward to kohacon now... ;-)
08:15 magnus and talking about nz birds:
08:18 chris magnus: just dont copy your fellow norwegians and shoot them :)
08:18 chris[…]who-killed-kereru
08:19 magnus i remember that one, yeah. i|ll make sure i stay a long way away from any firearms...
08:21 chris a pretty good rule in general i reckon :)
08:22 magnus hm, maybe i should track them down, stuff them in my suitcase and hand them over to the authorities on my arrival in nz...
08:22 chris hehe
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08:29 kf hi chris and magnus
08:32 chris hi kf
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09:42 magnus anyone from biblibre around?
09:43 kf I think hdl was here earlier
09:44 hdl magnus: yes.
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09:54 * chris bumped into the cuecatdecode code today, and that reminded me to do a new unsung heroes post
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10:15 kf chris: hm, didn't you mention the cuecat code in one of your earlier posts?
10:16 kf hm, perhaps I read about it in the history :)
10:17 kf yep: May 18 2001 Glen Stewart leaves his job and working on Koha, gives us cuecat decoding code as a parting gift.
10:22 chris yup, it still exists
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10:57 magnus how do y'all interpret marc field 952$0 (zero) "withdrawn" - something that has been withdrawn by the publisher?
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10:58 magnus or to put it another way: how would you code an item that has been scrapped/thrown away, but where the record should still be kept in the catalogue? just delete the scrapped item?
11:00 kf sounds confusing for the patron
11:01 kf I think mark it as withdrawn is better, but not sure what consequences this has for search, checkout etc. our libraries are not using it
11:04 magnus kf: what's confusing? records without items?
11:05 kf yep
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11:14 magnus kf: i guess i agree... i'll ask if i can delete the records, i think
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11:18 mib_66k37 hola
11:19 mib_66k37 hi
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11:21 dagentoob hey
11:22 dagentoob anyone know a way to rebuild the zebra database
11:22 dagentoob ??
11:22 dagentoob I tried
11:22 dagentoob and I am still getting search results for the wrong thing
11:24 dagentoob can I delete the whole zebra DB and start over?
11:24 kf dagentoob: which options did u use for your rebuild?
11:25 kf there is an option to do that for
11:25 kf dagentoob:[…]/faq/searching/#5
11:25 dagentoob ./bin/migration_tools/ -z -b -a
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11:28 dagentoob k
11:28 mib_66k37 I want to install koha with debian 5.0, which version of perl and mysql need ?
11:29 dagentoob I keep looking at and not finding stuff
11:29 dagentoob thansk
11:29 dagentoob thanks
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11:34 mib_66k37 I want to install koha with debian 5.0, which version of perl and mysql need ?
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11:35 druthb Mornin', #koha.
11:37 mib_66k37 I want to install koha with debian 5.0, which version of perl and mysql need ?
11:38 druthb mib_66k37: the ones that install naturally with Debian (using netinstall or apt-get) work Just Fine.
11:39 mib_66k37 druthb: thanks
11:40 druthb you betcha.  Koha is pretty tolerant of that sort of thing; install it according to the directions, and it just works.
11:40 mib_66k37 druthb: what version of koha recommended me for a first installation?
11:41 Amit heya jwagner
11:42 jwagner Hi Amit
11:42 druthb The 3.0.x series is really solid, but there are a lot of newer features in the 3.2 release candidate that are worth looking at, at the cost of (possible) bugs here and there.  I think most of the worst ones have been worked out.
11:42 magnus dagentoob: run with the -h option to see available options
11:43 mib_66k37 druthb: thank you very much
11:43 druthb my pleasure. :)
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11:52 pentarex hey guys
11:52 pentarex is there anyone who knows something about integrating koha to drupal via sopac ?
11:53 Amit heya pentarex
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11:53 kf pentarex: there is some information about it in the manual on
11:54 kf args
11:54 kf
11:54 pentarex yeah ive saw it but i cannot make my search I dont understand about this prefix
11:54 pentarex SOPAC URL prefix
11:54 pentarex and the node prefix
11:55 pentarex anyone got any experience here ?
11:55 kf sorry pentarex, I have never installed it myself. perhaps someone from biblibre can help, they have done the work on sopac integration
11:55 pentarex do they have IRC channel ?
11:58 owen pentarex, you will often find them here: paul_p, hdl, nahuel
11:58 owen I guess not today
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13:02 magnus hiya nengard
13:02 nengard howdy
13:08 jcamins_a is now known as jcamins
13:08 jcamins Good morning, #koha (it's Thursday, not Friday like I thought it was going to be :( )
13:10 nengard sorry jcamins ... i understand your disappointment :(
13:11 nengard anyone else having trouble with the koha site?
13:13 jcamins nengard: I am, but I'm having trouble with the internet in general.
13:13 nengard hmmm
13:13 magnus nengard: looks a bit slow from here
13:14 nengard k - good it's not just me, it timed out on me
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13:20 jwagner nengard, which site?
13:22 nengard koha's site - but i think it's cause liz was upgrading - it's on the new new wp now! :)
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13:25 kf jcamins: is today not your big day?
13:27 jcamins No, I thought yesterday was Thursday. It's not. :'(
13:27 jcamins So now I am counting the hours so I can't get confused. ;)
13:27 jcamins 25, in case anyone was wondering. :)
13:29 nengard hehe
13:30 kf :)
13:30 kf we will help and remind you if we see you here tomorrow!
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13:32 jcamins Thank you.
13:32 jcamins I realized why, though... my server thinks it's tomorrow.
13:32 jcamins I should probably fix this.
13:38 pentarex what is koha harvest port ?
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13:46 hilongo hello #koha :)
13:50 magnus g'bye #koha
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13:50 hilongo I'm testing the future 3.2 and messing around with the 'suspension in days' circ rules
13:51 hilongo I have found that this works... had some overdued loans and the patrong gets 'suspended' acording to the rules
13:53 hilongo what I can't find is where this info is saved. as hdl said to me a few days ago, the patron gets debarred until certain date but I cannot see that date in the patron's record in borrowers table
13:54 hilongo so ... where would it be? :)
13:56 sekjal hilongo: as I recall, the date isn't stored anywhere
13:57 sekjal the system does some kind of dynamic thing based off the issuing record
14:01 hilongo really? ... wow :)
14:02 slef @seen gmcharlt
14:02 munin slef: gmcharlt was last seen in #koha 1 day, 22 hours, 18 minutes, and 33 seconds ago: <gmcharlt> with lots of help - ideally Linus would right it, then have an editor to translate to remove the "Git-qua-Linus" aspects of the text
14:02 gmcharlt hi slef
14:02 slef heh
14:02 slef hi all
14:03 sekjal hilongo: I remember messing with Suspension in Days, and being kind of confused by it, and I think that's what I found
14:03 sekjal that was a lot of operations back, and my mental history file only so long
14:04 hdl hi
14:06 hilongo hi hdl :)
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14:21 jcamins slef++ # I've been wishing someone would put explanations for sysprefs onto the wiki
14:24 nengard jcamins - what kind of explanation? what they do? cause that's in the manual? or how to add prefs to the code?
14:25 slef how to add prefs to the code
14:26 slef check wiki recent changes
14:26 slef or koha-patches list email
14:27 wizzyrea[…]system_preference
14:27 jcamins The latter.
14:28 jcamins I need these things in very simple language. ;)
14:28 jcamins chris_n++ # for providing slef with the explanation that is now on the wiki
14:30 * chris_n waves as he heads back out
14:31 jwagner I'm still a bit confused, though.  Since I do patches that are meant for several levels of code, am I correct in believing that it won't _hurt_ anything to submit a patch at current head that also has the sysprefs.sql updates?
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14:32 jwagner And conversely, if I do a patch at a lower level, the yaml stuff won't hurt it?
14:32 jwagner Or do I need to do separate patches depending on the level?
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14:38 jwagner gmcharlt?
14:38 pentarex hey can koha users  use different library cards for different library i mean if  I have library card for library Centerville can I use other for Union ?
14:38 slef pentarex: yes, but the borrower accounts won't be linked AFAICR
14:39 sekjal pentarex: slef is right; you'd have to have two separate patron records for each barcode
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14:39 * slef boogies
14:41 gmcharlt jwagner: correct - do both
14:41 pentarex 10x for the answer
14:42 nengard got a question - does the last seen date get updated when editing items (in batches or one by one)?
14:42 jwagner gmcharlt, two separate patches?
14:42 gmcharlt single, preferably
14:43 jwagner OK, one patch with both the .pref change and the .sql change?
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15:29 davi Is already in the wiki the re-licensing option: AGPLv3+, GPLv3+, as now
15:30 davi in the wiki, with its description, so that we can review them
15:30 davi as I promised
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15:34 kf owen: around?
15:34 owen Yes
15:34 kf bug 5178
15:34 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5178 normal, P5, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, New order from suggestion pulls wrong field for copyright date
15:35 kf I have a patch for part of that problem that, it's a UNIMARC/MARC21 problem
15:35 kf if you order from a suggestion a new marc record is created, unimarc has no mapping to copyrightdate, it has publicationyear
15:35 kf ah
15:36 kf perhaps I am wrong, my patch addresses new orders from nothing
15:37 slef owen: did I ever find out what you wanted a few days ago?
15:37 owen slef: If only I could remember what it was about...
15:38 kf owen: I was talking about bug 5090
15:38 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5090 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, katrin.fischer, NEW, New order from empty record does not save publication year and ISBN
15:38 owen Thanks kf, I'll take a look at the patch to see if it applies to my bug as well.
15:39 owen Does copyright date not exist in UNIMARC, or is it a matter of which date it prefers?
15:39 kf owen: did not want to cause confusion
15:39 kf it's the standard mapping
15:40 kf marc21: 260c = copyrightdate
15:40 kf unimar: ??? = publicationyear, no mapping for copyrightdate, marc21 no mapping for publicationyear
15:40 owen Hence no end of headaches for all of us
15:40 kf yep
15:41 kf but suggestions is a table, as long as no marc record is created, your problem might be different
15:41 kf but perhaps the confusion is caused by this fact
15:42 nengard got a question - does the last seen date get updated when editing items (in batches or one by one)?
15:42 kf it took me a week to find and solve the problem - I m still very slow at those things - but chris tested my patch
15:42 jcamins nengard: yes, it seems to.
15:42 nengard thanks
15:43 owen I wonder if the French translation of Koha takes care of the "publication year" vs. "copyright date" labels?
15:44 kf I think the difference is not even very clear in marc21
15:44 kf not to me
15:45 jwagner is now known as jwag_mtg
15:45 kf in German I use Erscheinungsjahr everywhere
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15:52 owen kf++
15:52 owen Your patch takes care of my bug as well
15:53 kf oh cool :)
15:53 kf I thought it was different because of suggestion vs. new order from empty :
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16:00 kf owen: not sure it is actually a bug, but if you enter something like "unknown" into publication year, it will be deleted
16:01 kf or not deleted, it's in the record, but there is code so that only the numeric part of the entry is saved to publication year or copyright date
16:02 owen Probably the same code that turnes "c. 1990" into a numeric date.
16:02 kf yes
16:02 kf so if you have no numbers, it will show nothing
16:02 kf because the display pulls not from the record, but from the database
16:03 kf this was very confusing for me at the beginning, because I was testing the fields with entries like "title" "year" ...
16:06 owen nengard: Thanks, and sorry I missed Bug 4829 when I was searching for the issue in Bugzilla
16:06 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4829 normal, P5, ---, henridamien, RESOLVED DUPLICATE, publication year in suggestion going to zero
16:06 nengard no prob - we all explain them diff and that's what happens
16:06 kf owen: have you tested the bug for your problem?
16:06 nengard i have a lot of bugs around that one with things not carrying over
16:07 nengard bug 4833
16:07 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4833 minor, P5, ---, henridamien, NEW, show all fields when ordering from suggestion
16:07 nengard and bug 4830
16:07 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4830 normal, P5, ---, henridamien, NEW, item type on purchase suggestion not carried over
16:08 owen nengard: Bug 4833 was actually the bug I started out looking at, but thought mine was different in scope
16:08 nengard oh okay
16:08 nengard those are just the ones i have with values in suggestions not coming over to the order
16:09 owen There's a whole can of worms around bug 4830 (and bug 4832) related to the fact that suggestions might use ccode or itype depending on your configuration
16:09 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4832 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, Re-editing a suggestion changes the item type
16:10 kf owen: I am not sure users understand how to use colleactions and itypes, we will probably kill these fields with jquery from the suggestions form in the opac
16:10 owen Suggestions follow the AdvancedSearchTypes preference
16:10 owen kf: I think you will not be the first. It's a very librarianish kind of field to offer
16:11 owen And honestly, "publication place?" What use is that?
16:16 kf I am quite it was what the customer wanted
16:16 kf but you are right about it :)
16:16 kf and the order from empty form does offer less fields than the suggestion forms in the opac
16:16 owen I can just see it: "Well, we tried to find the book you requested, but the one we found was published in Boston, and you said it was published in New York."
16:17 kf lol
16:17 kf I don't think they will fill it in
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16:17 jcamins owen: actually, I can see that mattering.
16:17 kf jcamins: but why have publication place in suggestions, but not in the order then?
16:18 jcamins kf: there's a bug in the order section?
16:19 jcamins I don't think it's a very common occurrence, but in academic settings the "same" book might be published in two places with different features (for example, New York has the CD, Boston doesn't).
16:20 owen jcamins: With the same ISBN?
16:20 jcamins owen: hm.
16:21 jcamins Maybe not.
16:21 jcamins Good point.
16:21 jcamins You can just ignore me... I'm not used to these new-fangled ISBN things.
16:21 jcamins They didn't have them in the 17th century.
16:23 * owen admires/hates the ability of catalogers to give an exception to every example ;)
16:25 owen Has there been discussion of deprecating biblio-level itemtypes altogether?
16:25 jcamins Nnnoooooo!!!!
16:26 * owen will pretend he didn't mention it
16:26 jcamins We use biblio-level itemtypes to deal with the fact that much of our catalog is analytics, which at present can't be linked to physical items.
16:27 sekjal jcamins: well, once we solve that problem, though... killing biblio-level itemtypes would work?
16:27 * sekjal has a draft spec for analytics
16:27 jcamins Yes.
16:27 kf I all for killing them, they are still messing with things
16:28 kf I am... oh so many typos today
16:28 jcamins I was going to say, once sekjal et. al. solve that problem, though, I would wholeheartedly support eliminating them.
16:28 kf time to leave for me :)
16:28 kf sekjal++ ;)
16:28 kf jcamins: I wish you a very happy day tomorrow!
16:29 kf bye all :)
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16:34 * owen was thinking about itemtypes because of Bug 4841
16:34 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4841 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Advanced search returns 0 results if the itemtype have no items
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16:40 owen Hey, it's the birthday girl!
16:43 wizzyrea :) hi
16:44 owen I hope it's going well
16:45 wizzyrea so far so good
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16:53 nengard happy birthday wizzyrea!
16:53 wizzyrea :D thanks
16:54 nengard when did you upgrade the koha site? somehow i missed the change :) hehe
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17:04 jcamins Happy birthday, wizzyrea!
17:08 gmcharlt wizzyrea: happy birthday!
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17:18 joetho HB???
17:18 joetho Yikes!
17:19 joetho I'm gonna jump in the car and go serenade her!!
17:19 cait hi koha
17:19 joetho bib itemtypes: at least rename them
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17:36 indradg wizzyrea, happy birthday :)
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17:53 * chris_n wishes wizzyrea happy birthday
18:12 cait wizzyrea: happy, happy birthday !
18:12 * wizzyrea feels the love
18:12 wizzyrea thanks everybody :)
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18:21 larsw wizzyrea, hyv�� syntym�p�iv��
18:21 wizzyrea lars: finnish?
18:21 larsw yup
18:21 wizzyrea ^.^
18:21 * wizzyrea has been (very briefly) to finland
18:21 larsw everyone has, it seems
18:22 wizzyrea :) thanks
18:22 * wizzyrea thinks that if she had another kid, she'd name him lars. Such a great name
18:22 larsw heh
18:22 wizzyrea then I'd have a soren and a lars. A matched set. :)
18:23 larsw I'd recommend against it, actually, there's a huge social stigma in the name Lars
18:23 wizzyrea hm, interesting
18:23 wizzyrea how so?
18:23 larsw in every movie with a character named Lars, they're a stupid henchman who dies in scene 4
18:23 wizzyrea lol
18:23 wizzyrea like the red shirt guy in star trek?
18:24 larsw exactly
18:25 reva joined #koha
18:26 jcamins I guess this is why normal people take the day before their wedding off... focus is kind of difficult.
18:26 wizzyrea >.>
18:27 reva Hi anyone, where in the admin module will I find the "Shelving Location" (such as Audio visual, Children's, etc.) so that I can add/edi locations to/in it?
18:27 wizzyrea do you have a bridezilla, or a pretty laid back spouse-to-be
18:27 wizzyrea it's an authorized value
18:27 reva wizzyrea: where you responding to me?
18:27 * jcamins giggles
18:28 wizzyrea yep, sorry I left off your name
18:28 jcamins wizzyrea: I like the juxtaposition.
18:28 wizzyrea the 2nd line was for you, the first for jcamins ;)
18:28 jcamins My fiancee's very laid-back.
18:28 wizzyrea jcamins: oh good.
18:28 jcamins As demonstrated by the fact that she wasn't too troubled by the fact that I am working today, and Monday.
18:28 sekjal jcamins: just had my first anniversary.  Last year at this time we were just getting back from our honeymoon, and I had to make my library's Koha system go live in 3 days
18:28 wizzyrea ! ok, working monday might be a bit excessive
18:29 jcamins (and Tuesday-Friday next week, of course)
18:29 jcamins sekjal: thank goodness I don't have to do that!
18:29 * wizzyrea fights the urge to say terribly inappropriate things
18:29 reva wizzyrea: so I cannot (even as an administrator) edit these pre-selected values for the shelving location?
18:29 jcamins wizzyrea: my boss is out, and anyway, my fiancee is going to have tons of homework... her PhD classes started ten minutes ago.
18:29 wizzyrea yep, you can. Under Administration -> authorized values
18:30 jcamins reva: no, you can edit them. You have to go to the Authorized Values page to change them.
18:30 reva oh, ok, I will check that out now, wizzyrea:
18:30 wizzyrea i think it's under type LOC
18:31 wizzyrea oof , well ok then I guess I'll let you off jcamins
18:31 moodaepo left #koha
18:32 jcamins We managed to schedule everything imaginable in the last week of August/first week of September.
18:33 jcamins Although moving fell through (yes, that was originally planned for this past week)
18:34 wizzyrea !!
18:35 wizzyrea ok, that's almost as crazy as us moving 2 weeks before the due date of our baby
18:35 schuster joined #koha
18:35 wizzyrea (I don't recommend doing that, by the way)
18:35 jcamins No, I can't imagine that was fun.
18:35 jcamins Or pleasant.
18:35 owen Oh yeah, we did the same, only two weeks after the baby was born
18:35 schuster very interesting to drop into the middle of that conversation...
18:36 schuster Starting with "I don't recommend doing that..."
18:36 wizzyrea owen: yes, that is equivalently crazy
18:36 reva wizzyrea: got it. Thanks. I know this is not the place for it: But in my virtualbox install, I am not able to resize the guest desktop or bi-directional clipboard. I ran sudo blah blah upgrade, etc. but still no effect. Any ideas for solutions?
18:36 owen reva: You have to "install guest additions"
18:37 wizzyrea erm, since my computer got stolen I haven't even looked at virtualbox, but try owen's solution
18:37 owen reva: What's your host OS?
18:40 reva owen: my host OS is Windows XP and everything in Koha functions ok.
18:41 owen reva: You should have a menu option in your VirtualBox window: Devices -> Install Guest Additions
18:41 moodaepo joined #koha
18:42 owen This should mount a virtual drive which will appear on your Linux desktop
18:42 reva well, I did and from the developer I got the info that the guest kernel has to updated. That is why I ran sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. I followed all the instructions, still no clipboard or desktop resize possible
18:43 reva owen: I did get a folder on my desktop with the folders from the guestaddition iso and I ran the autorunx86 (I forget the exact name) but still no result.
18:44 owen reva: Did you restart your Guest OS?
18:44 reva owen: I tried that too:(
18:44 Braedon reva: you have to install guest addons every time you update the kernel
18:45 reva I mean restarted the machine as well as the VirtualBox itself.
18:46 reva Braedon: which is what I did and I got the all the files from the iso in a folder on my desktop; I ran the autorun for x86 linux.
18:46 Braedon reva: just checking :)
18:48 reva no, you were right to ask, because though I started my computing with command line terminals on UNIX, it has been a long time doing anything that way and as raw steps.
18:48 owen reva: Did the autorun program seem to run correctly? Did you end up with a terminal window which said "press enter to continue" or something like that?
18:49 reva owen: no I did not get that "press enter to continue".
18:50 owen It sounds like it didn't run properly, based on my experience.
18:50 owen I run Ubuntu on a Windows 7 host.
18:51 reva ok, I will try it again tomorrow: funnily, the response to the command to mount the cdrom said it did not find any such folder, it nevertheless copied the files to a folder on to the desktop.
18:52 owen reva: I have never seen it copy files to a folder
18:53 owen reva: letting the cdrom auto-run always runs the program in a terminal window
18:53 Braedon ubuntu does show the mounted drive as a shortcut on the desktop - do you mean that reva?
18:54 reva owen: what should it put on the desktop? Following are instructions I got: > sudo -i > mount /dev/cdrom /cdrom > cd /cdrom > ./  - Wait for it to finish then reboot.
18:54 Braedon ahh
18:54 reva owen: forgot to put separator character for the commands.
18:55 Braedon sounds like you have a copy of the addons inside the guest os?
18:55 reva Yes Braedon.
18:56 reva Now, the copy of the folder on the desktop was no loger there when I rebooted!!
18:57 Braedon what is in /dev/cdrom?
18:57 Braedon probly not the best question..
18:58 reva No it was not a shortcut, it was a folder with all the different files that e guestadditions iso had. Because they did not have the shortcut arrow on them.
18:58 Braedon un, i mean how are you giving the virtual machine the disk to put in the virtual cdrom drive
18:58 Braedon what your commands do is mount /dev/cdrom to the /cdrom folder
18:59 reva You know, I thought the instructions must have meant fill in your drive name  where it said cdrom. but I left it as it was.
18:59 Braedon once you restart, that mount will not happen again, so the folder is not there
18:59 Braedon you shouldn't need to do that at all
18:59 Braedon ubuntu can mount the cd drive for you
19:00 Braedon o, wait
19:00 Braedon unless you are running headless?
19:00 reva ok, so starting from scratch what should I do?
19:00 Braedon sorry, not thinking straight. far too little sleep of late. Lets start again
19:01 jcamins reva: just to check, you tried following the instructions from the developer again after updating your kernel, right?
19:01 Braedon windows host, ubuntu guest. What ubuntu version are you running? server/desktop?
19:02 reva Braedon: it is server 10.04.
19:03 Braedon ok
19:03 cait left #koha
19:03 reva I will give you the page address where the instructions are (it is at the bottom of the web page):
19:03 Braedon first make sure that you have nothing in the virtual cd drive - virtualbox is not good at working with linux with regards to ejecting drives
19:04 Braedon if you go devices->CD/DVD drives, is anything ticked?
19:04 reva Breadon: ok, I will empty it.
19:05 reva No, nothing is checked under devices->CD/DVD drive.
19:05 Braedon ok
19:05 Braedon select devices->install-guest-addons
19:06 Braedon if virtualbox asks to download a new version of hte addons, allow it to do so
19:07 reva ok, I did the select devices-> install -guest-addons; now it has ticked the VBoxguestaddons.iso
19:08 reva Braedon, when I looked in the Oracle folder there was guestaddition file there, so it has added it from there.
19:10 Braedon ok, just a sec - need to cnfirm some things
19:10 reva Ok, will wait
19:12 davi left #koha
19:14 Braedon ok, try 'sudo mount /dev/sr0 /media/cdrom0'
19:18 reva Braedon, I will try that now.
19:20 reva Braedon, it says mount point /media/cdrom0 does not exist
19:20 Braedon ok, sudo mkdir /media/cdrom0
19:21 jcamins reva: I guess you decided to run your server off the VM permanently?
19:22 Braedon and then the mount command again
19:22 jcamins (if you have, make sure you have enough disk space configured for the VM!)
19:22 reva For now, until I test all the features on Koha. But I have iso cd of the Live CD and I will be installing it to our hard drive in days.
19:23 reva ok, I will try the mkdir command now.
19:24 reva ok it has created a directory on my desktop:)
19:26 Braedon ok, try running 'sudo /media/cdrom0/'
19:26 Braedon what does that say?
19:26 reva mount: block device dev/sr0 is write protected, mounting read-only is the response I got Braedon
19:27 Braedon from the mount command?
19:27 Braedon if so, that should be ok
19:27 reva yes, from the mount command.
19:28 Braedon have you tried 'sudo /media/cdrom0/'? what does that say?
19:28 reva ok, I will try the next command you have asked me to try now.
19:29 wizzyrea can someone tell me
19:29 wizzyrea ok
19:29 wizzyrea wow.
19:29 jcamins wizzyrea: ?
19:29 wizzyrea when you reorder the holds in a queue
19:29 wizzyrea does it update the timestamp on every one
19:29 wizzyrea ?
19:30 reva I am trying that now.
19:30 wizzyrea it's not something you would be able to tell through the web interface
19:30 wizzyrea I don't htink
19:30 wizzyrea think*
19:30 wizzyrea you'd have to pull the data from the DB
19:30 wizzyrea to see it
19:30 jcamins We don't use holds, so I'm afraid I can't advise.
19:30 reva ok, it is outputting a whole bunch checks and verifications now Braedon
19:31 wizzyrea maybe owen would know, I know he's poked about the holds some
19:31 Braedon reva: ok, watch the output and see if it looks liek it is succeeding
19:31 owen I don't know, but I'm testing
19:31 wizzyrea or I could just go test the dang thing.
19:31 reva it says it is building the guest additions kernels.
19:32 owen wizzyrea: The answer is yes
19:32 Braedon reva: yip. sounds good
19:32 reva It is installing all the drivers:)
19:32 wizzyrea Aha
19:32 owen Although, in my test, it didn't touch the one which was "waiting"
19:32 wizzyrea right
19:32 wizzyrea that's what I saw too.
19:32 owen Actually now I wonder if it would touch *all* of them, or just the ones which needed to be touched in order to re-order?
19:33 wizzyrea my evidence seems to bear that theory out
19:33 wizzyrea sec
19:33 nengard left #koha
19:33 reva now it is pausing for a while. is that normal, braedon:?
19:33 Braedon it may take a while, yes
19:34 Braedon hopefully it will complete within a few minutes :)
19:34 reva Ok, I will be patient:)
19:34 wizzyrea
19:34 wizzyrea T's are transit, obviously.
19:37 Braedon reva: assuming it completes with no error messages, try restarting. If it doesn't work then, the only thing i can think of is that virtualbox has an old version of the addons, and it hasn't detected that. Try deleting the addons iso from wherever it is getting it on the host os. this should prompt it to download the latest version when you try and load it next via devices->install guest addons
19:38 jwag_mtg is now known as jwagner
19:38 reva previous was the MAIN guest addition module, now it is building guest additions module (non-MAIN, I guess); yes, if it does not work, I will try that. I can call up the irc log and follow instructions, Braedon.
19:40 chris Morning
19:40 wizzyrea Good Morning New Zealand!
19:40 jcamins Morning.
19:40 Braedon howdy
19:40 Braedon (just to be different)
19:41 chris What's cracka lacking?
19:41 chris (Its Friday :))
19:41 jcamins Not here.
19:42 jcamins And it's driving me batty! ;)
19:42 Braedon it is indeed friday (here)
19:42 chris Wedding tomorrow?
19:42 Braedon and what a miserable looking friday it is
19:42 reva Bradeon, I empty the CD/DVD drive after I reboot, correct?
19:42 chris Not too bad down here
19:43 jcamins chris: Yep.
19:43 Braedon up here it is a gray dome of dreariness
19:43 owen chris is here, must be time for me to leave!
19:44 owen Bye all!
19:44 owen left #koha
19:44 chris jcamins: all the best for the big day, try not to stress :)
19:44 reva Braedon, it has worked. Ths desktop is now bigger!:)
19:44 jwagner left #koha
19:44 reva And let me try the clipboard function now.
19:44 Braedon reva: awesome
19:45 jcamins chris: Thanks. I'm not too stressed out about it, just excited.
19:45 chris That's the perfect way to be
19:45 jcamins :)
19:45 reva now, I still see the virtualcd it had copied to the desktop. So, do I empty my CD/DVD drive and then the next time I reboot it will go away?
19:46 reva ipboard working too.
19:47 reva that is supposed to be clipboard.
19:47 reva Bradeon, you are the man:)
19:47 Braedon if you go places->computer, or open any location actually, there should be a entry in the left side bar for the CD, with an eject symbol next to it.
19:47 Braedon if there is, click on the symbol
19:47 chris Braedon, when does your semester end?
19:48 chris Before oct 25?
19:48 Phil joined #koha
19:48 Braedon i think it ends on October the 15th
19:48 reva k, I will eject it and it should run fromt the drivers that have been installed in the ubuntu machine now, right?
19:49 Braedon chris: but then we have up to 3 weeks of exams - so perhaps..
19:49 chris Ahhh
19:50 Braedon reva: that will unmount it, and it should disapear from the desktop. the addons themselves have been installed, and it should continue to run fine
19:51 Phil Hi ! I have a question about koha : can I use the concept of a clerk in the check out process ? I want to be able to specify a clerk for each check out, and later see what item are checked out for a certain clerk... is that possible ?
19:51 reva Braedon, should I also release the VBoxguestaddtions.iso from the CD drive?
19:52 Braedon reva: when you mount a device such as a CD drive, Ubuntu detects it and places links to it in various places, such as the side bar, and on the desktop. these are not strictly shortcuts, but effectivly do the same thing.
19:52 tcohen left #koha
19:52 Braedon reva: yes, that should be fine
19:52 reva ok, I got it. It is just I seem have a block when it come to virtualization:). Thanks tremendously.
19:52 chris I totally don't understand what you mean phil
19:52 Phil lol
19:53 Phil do you understand what i mean by clerk ?.... when you buy something in a store... the guy at the register is the clerk... hes the one that handled the transaction
19:53 reva Now, reva if off to Gautemala for a much looked for vacation and good mexican food, yo'all> Good evening.
19:53 davi joined #koha
19:53 Phil i want to be able to introduce the concept of the "transaction guy" in a transaction
19:53 chris Ah you want a log of who processed the issue?
19:53 Phil yup
19:54 chris Yeah statistics table
19:54 chris Stores that
19:54 Phil but not just a log... i want be able to know what items are checkout by the guy
19:54 davi left #koha
19:54 briceSanc left #koha
19:55 Phil suppose the clerk name Bob helped 3 clients with checkouts... each client checked out 1 book... well i want to be able to see the 3 books that are out and that Bob handled
19:55 Phil do you understand ?
19:56 wizzyrea you want to know which books bob put his fingerprints on
19:56 chris Yep
19:56 wizzyrea makes sense to me.
19:56 Phil yep
19:56 Phil and bob is not the client.... hes my employe
19:56 wizzyrea right
19:56 chris I'm pretty sure a report on statistics will do that, but id have to check
19:56 wizzyrea do you have a problem employee?
19:56 wizzyrea >.>
19:57 Phil :P
19:57 wizzyrea heh
19:57 chris If not it would be a very small change
19:57 * wizzyrea is always on the lookout for people problems in search of a technological solution.
19:58 davi joined #koha
19:58 chris Ok that's my bus stop
19:58 chris Back after coffee
19:59 Phil i thought i could use some kind of workaround with the librairies... i could do as if each employee was an independant library... then i could see what each library was doing.... only problem is i want the stock of items to be shared...
19:59 Phil if library 1 gets a book, i want the others to get the same book and the same quantity
20:00 Phil I know it's a bit far fechted
20:00 collum left #koha
20:02 mib_bapp1 joined #koha
20:02 mib_bapp1 left #koha
20:02 jcamins Phil: I would think that dealing with the HR issues would be preferable, but you could have separate branches if you wanted.
20:03 Phil can you sync the stock between branches ?
20:03 jcamins (though note that I have never tried this- I just know that it's possible to set it up so that any branch can check out any book)
20:03 jcamins You would only have one record for each item.
20:04 Braedon how do you need to view the info? if the data needed to calculate it is logged somewhere, could you use a script to generate it? Would be a lot easier to write a script than a new full feature to do it within Koha
20:04 Phil if branch 1 get 3 copies of a book.... will the other branches get the same qty ?
20:04 Phil .... nice
20:04 Phil i like it
20:05 Phil 1 robot piece for you my friend
20:05 Phil (to Braedon)
20:06 * Braedon installs new robot piece
20:06 Braedon (it wurrs and beeps technologically)
20:07 Phil :D
20:13 Phil I will leave you on that cheerful note... thanks a lot to everyone for your help !
20:14 * Braedon 's new part beeps "no problem"
20:14 Phil left #koha
20:18 reva left #koha
20:22 richard joined #koha
20:22 richard hi
20:23 chris hiya richard
20:23 wizzyrea hi richard :)
20:23 richard hi chris and wizzyrea
20:23 jcamins Hello.
20:33 darling joined #koha
20:34 jcamins Good night, #koha
20:35 jcamins If you see me online tomorrow morning... remind me that it *is* Friday. ;)
20:35 chris hehe will do
20:35 chris "GO GET MARRIED!!!"
20:35 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
20:35 wizzyrea yea, SHOO
20:35 jcamins_a Bye.
20:36 richard heh
20:36 jcamins_a You know what, I think I'll do just that!
20:36 jcamins_a left #koha
20:36 * wizzyrea claps
20:37 wizzyrea it's a good thing his fiancé is easy going lol
20:37 chris hehe
20:37 LBA joined #koha
20:37 chris hi LBA
20:37 LBA howdy
20:41 chris booked your ticket to NZ yet?
20:41 chris :)
20:42 LBA :'( sadly I won't be there....
20:42 chris bummer
20:47 anitsirk joined #koha
20:47 chris heya anitsirk :)
20:47 anitsirk hey chris.
20:49 schuster left #koha
20:51 chris ok, off to discuss contracts, fun fun fun
20:52 wizzyrea oof
20:52 wizzyrea gl
20:52 chris bbiab
21:08 sekjal did anyone know that there was a manual_match option in Stage MARC Records for Import?
21:09 chris yup
21:09 sekjal I'm so very excited
21:09 chris havent ever tried it though .. does it work?
21:10 sekjal well... haven't seen that particular proof yet
21:10 sekjal system is hanging on me
21:19 alan joined #koha
21:20 chris working from home today alan?
21:21 sekjal okay, manually adjusting the import data in the database doesn't so much work
21:21 sekjal but I was able to run a query to get me what I wanted, so I'm happy
21:21 chris sweet
21:24 sekjal story was: had 6 corrupted MARCXML records (marc blob was fine) that I couldn't edit in the staff client
21:24 chris ah yeah
21:24 chris we should build a subroutine, rebuild_xml_from_marc
21:24 chris that you pass a biblionumber
21:24 wizzyrea ^^ would be super handy
21:25 chris it sure would
21:25 wizzyrea or capture those fatal errors that it causes, and put a button on it that says "rebuild this"
21:25 sekjal I ran a report to get the marc blobs, saved to file, then reimported through Stage MARC records
21:25 sekjal very sloppy, but worked well enough
21:25 chris ohh that idea is even better wizzyrea
21:25 chris sekjal: neat workaround ;)
21:26 sekjal jcamins and slef helped me out
21:26 chris wizzyrea: you'll send a patch tomorrow? *grin*
21:26 wizzyrea man, gimme a long time and you might have that.
21:28 chris :)
21:28 chris it shouldnt be too bad
21:28 chris select marc from biblioitems where biblionumber =
21:28 chris make a marc::record object from that
21:29 chris update bibliotems set marcxml = ? where biblionumber = ?
21:29 chris $record->as_xml()
21:29 chris and stick a row in zebraqueue
21:29 sekjal I was working on a script to do this; hit a snag with bad characters on decode
21:31 chris you can tell MARC::Charset to be less strict
21:32 chris which im guess the stage marc must do, or it would run into the same decode issues
21:33 sekjal I'll check up on that... making a note now (almost time to go)
21:37 sekjal and now is that time.  cheers, #koha!
21:37 chris cya
21:38 sekjal left #koha
21:38 wizzyrea and for me too. I get grown up time tonight!
21:38 wizzyrea WHEE!
21:38 chris hehe
21:38 wizzyrea is now known as wizzy_awa
21:45 Nate left #koha
22:01 cfouts left #koha
22:10 jo joined #koha
22:14 hilongo left #koha
22:48 richard left #koha
22:49 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
22:51 davi left #koha

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