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00:02 darling we really need to get higher in the google rank -- maybe we should add "official" or similar in the home page title so it shows in the google results
00:02 darling or some little phrase like that in the title
00:06 Braedon @wunder auckland
00:06 munin Braedon: The current temperature in Auckland, New Zealand is 15.0�C (12:00 PM NZST on August 25, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 9.0�C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Falling).
00:12 robin darling: the best way is to wait until links start to change. Especially if you can get public catalogues to have a link back to it by default.
00:14 darling ah! is that where the ranking is coming from? -- lot's of existing public installations pointing back to poo url
00:15 robin well, I'm under the impression that it is. Lots of high-quality sites (eg. at companies, universities) linking to you is a good thing.
00:19 chris yeah
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01:14 wajasu ok. got my dev install running.
01:14 wajasu more stuff showing on XSLT details/results.
01:15 wajasu shouldn't the field being shown as   Literary Form: not fiction       be  Literary Form: non fiction?      not vs non
01:17 chris you'd have to ask a cataloguer that ;)
01:17 wajasu And comparing my older version, I see that Series: has no field data showing.  Just the Label for the same reocrd.
01:20 wajasu The XSLT is there for it.  But nothing showing.  Maybe a bug was introduced?  If you are running a dev install.  Can someone  pull up any Series item and see the Series text?
01:21 wajasu if not, I'll log a bug for that.  It was there 3 wks ago.
01:27 wajasu I see they got rid of the trailing "/" delimeter for the XSLT results title.  (Ah but its there for the corresponding right to left language title still).  And its there in the XSLT details still.
01:28 wajasu ah, and the 505 fields are there now.
01:39 wajasu and some 6xx and 8xx fields too.  My librarian will be happier.
01:40 wajasu 260a is missing (i.e. publisher location a.k.a London)
01:42 wajasu maybe some general notes could be shown.  (i.e. as in ISBD view)
01:44 wajasu But overall, now the XSLTdetails have filled out as an academic library needs to distinguish editions, content, etc.
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03:17 jo Chris: levin trip at KohaCon 2010 just stepped up to a whole nother level
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03:17 jo they are going to give us a taiaha challenge
03:18 jo have colleges in doing a kapa haka performance
03:18 robin which of the attendees gets to use the taiaha? ;)
03:18 chris a full wero?
03:18 jo yep
03:18 jo want 2 speakers from our side: you in Te Reo plus Ema calling
03:18 chris bags not being the one picking up taki
03:19 jo plus a distinguisehed guest from our side as well
03:19 jo we'll have to sort that out my friend...
03:19 robin Wish I had a car to drive myself up there for it now :)
03:19 jo hangi is definitely on the cards
03:19 jo come in the bus robin
03:19 chris you dont want to come on the bus?
03:19 robin well, I didn't want to steal a seat from someone who wouldn't otherwish have a chance
03:20 jo They want us there at 4pm so will have to negotiate with Council
03:20 jo lots of seats Robin
03:20 jo and if we have too many peole OI have a car we can use
03:20 jo and we can get a shuttle / mini van
03:20 robin oh OK then. Twist my arm why don't you :)
03:20 chris :)
03:20 jo bring you your wife / girlfriend / girls
03:20 chris heh
03:21 robin All of them? They're not supposed to meet!
03:22 jo hehe
03:22 jo there will be kids floating around out there so the more the merrier
03:22 jo and they may want a hand from some volunteers to prepare the hangi
03:23 robin I haven't done one of those for a good number of years.
03:26 jo oh Robin ! just discovered that koha paypal button is adding GST on
03:26 jo I'll change it immediately and I owe you a refund
03:27 robin Oh, OK. I saw that but I didn't think anything of it.
03:30 jo i updated the button and obviously did the GST wrong
03:30 jo the earlier enrolmenst went through correctly
03:30 jo sorry
03:32 robin no problem
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03:35 chris jo: that means 2 waiata
03:44 jo yes.
03:44 jo he warned me of that
03:44 jo so we willneed 2.
03:44 chris maybe we will do maku ra pea for the distinguished speaker
03:44 jo he offered to stand on our side if we needed him to
03:44 chris and i can do one for me
03:45 jo but was very happy to hear you speak reo
03:45 jo Ema can call if we have no one more willing
03:46 chris i think ema is probably the best bet
03:46 jo yep
03:46 jo I think local Iwi are pulling out all the stops for us .... pretty humbling
03:47 jo and will be a brilliant experience for our overseas visitors
03:47 chris yup
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04:00 chris heya brendan
04:00 brendan heya chris
04:11 Amit heya chris, brendan
04:11 brendan hey amit
04:11 chris hiya amit
04:11 Amit chris: Today India vs NZ
04:12 chris should be a good game, oram is out
04:13 Amit hmmm.......may be hope so.. from indian side
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04:42 jo hey amit
04:45 Amit heya jo
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05:00 jo Amit: are you coming to Koha Con?
05:00 Amit Jo: I think no
05:00 jo thats a shame .. I was so looking forward to meeting you
05:01 brendan jo you going to KohaCon ;)
05:40 jo Brendan - yes, thought I might :)
05:41 brendan :)
05:52 Amit @weather New Delhi
05:52 munin Amit: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 27.0�C (11:00 AM IST on August 25, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 26.0�C. Pressure: 29.68 in 1005 hPa (Steady).
05:52 Amit @weather Dehradun
05:52 munin Amit: The current temperature in Dehradun, India is 23.0�C (8:30 AM IST on August 25, 2010). Conditions: Light Drizzle. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 22.0�C. Pressure: 29.63 in 1003 hPa.
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06:57 kf morning #koha
06:57 brendan heya kf
06:58 kf morning brendan :)
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07:03 kf morning hdl
07:03 hdl hi kf
07:09 brendan heya hdl
07:10 hdl hi brendan..
07:10 hdl are you in a European timezone ?
07:10 brendan nope just up late
07:10 brendan MARC is keeping me awake
07:11 hdl ah....
07:11 hdl MARC ...
07:13 kf brendan: I hope it's not MARC nightmares that keep you awake
07:13 brendan not too bad
07:13 brendan at least yet
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07:16 hdl MARC and the rise of the dead.... loook It is still moving its toes :D
07:16 brendan heh
07:17 hdl (It has been claimed dead for ages now... librarians, please, please,  do kill him) :D
07:18 kf
07:18 kf hdl: wrote back to paul right now, booked at travelodge
07:19 hdl kf: thanks
07:23 kf hdl: no problem :)
07:24 brendan alright - night all - I think I've killed him - good and dead for tonight
07:25 brendan have a great day all :)
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07:42 chris evening
07:42 kf hi chris :)
07:44 fredericd good morning all
07:45 larsw joined #koha
07:47 kf hi fredercd and larsw
07:47 kf #koha is waking up :)
07:47 larsw hola
07:47 chris heya larsw :)
07:48 chris an fredericd
07:48 chris larsw: did you see[…]/cloudy-horizons/
07:48 larsw chris, nope, I've been too busy having birds sit on me, still catching up with the Internet
07:50 chris heh
07:50 chris so i see
07:50 chris what type of birds?
07:54 kf larsw: I thought this was only happening to the princesses in disney movies :)
07:55 larsw chris, some kind of parrot and some kind of pidgeon, both native to NZ
07:56 larsw (I leave identification of birds to my SO :)
07:56 slef chris: my main complaints with qmail was user-unfriendliness, combined with a licence for ages that hindered fixes for that.  If it was just a silly licence, it wouldn't have been quite so annoying ;-)
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07:57 slef larsw: so I saw. What's with that?  Your head feel like it's full of birdseed after a flight again?
07:59 chris larsw: im guessing a kereru and a kea (or maybe kaka)
07:59 slef anyone know if I reply to an email From: bugzilla-daemon, will it appear in the bug?
07:59 larsw chris, those sound like good guesses
08:00 chris the koha bugzilla? i dont think so
08:00 chris but there is an email address you can mail
08:00 chris lemme find out
08:02 kf[…]-thought-leaders/
08:03 chris bug-submit
08:03 chris slef
08:04 slef the koha bugzilla... no, it's a reply to a comment... I'll use the web when I'm out of my inbox then
08:05 chris i could maybe try and make a .procmailrc for that address too
08:05 chris but id probably screw it up
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08:06 chris hi magnus
08:06 magnus hiya chris, kf & #koha
08:07 slef .procmailrc is so 1990s... aren't you using Sieve yet? (although I can't remember if Sieve can pipe OTTOMH :-D )
08:08 kf morning magnus
08:08 chris slef: i only barely understand procmail, my brain is too full to try and cram more in there
08:10 chris and i fixed the index page of the kohacon site
08:11 slef fixed as in clarified the 28th?
08:11 chris also, the trip to levin keeps getting better, the marae want to do a full powhiri, complete with wero, and a hangi for dinner
08:11 chris yup
08:13 chris[…]cols/powhiri.html
08:13 magnus chris: wow, that sounds... completely... translateable? ;-)
08:14 magnus "Koha – a gift, generally an envelope of money" ;-)
08:15 kf magnus: google helps :)
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08:17 chris magnus: part of the cost for the trip is for the koha (the rest for the bus)
08:18 magnus sounds good
08:18 chris most people in nz will never have a wero performed for them, it usually is for visiting dignatories and heads of state etc, so we are pretty privileged
08:20 slef magnus: hadn't you told booklovers about the road trip?  I'm getting questions...
08:22 magnus slef: huh? i told her i will be arriving on the sunday, but i'm not sure when
08:23 slef yeah, I wrote that I wasn't sure when because I was arriving on the koha road trip and got "what's that?" sort of questions back :-D
08:23 kf does koha support unAPI and CoINS?
08:23 * kf writing text for our flyer
08:23 slef kf: I think it does CoINS if the templates used are OK. I don't remember what unAPI is.
08:24 kf I think unApi has more information and is used for zotero
08:24 chris well it works with zotero
08:25 kf yes, with coins it works too
08:25 slef I thought it was CoINS that made it work with zotero
08:25 kf I think zotero can use both, as other services can
08:25 wajasu ok. i see the reason for my Series: field in the XSLTDetails biblio having no data showing is because the XSLT rule is only for @ind=0 and my example record has @ind=1.  Should the rule handle both types? either 0 or 1?
08:25 slef kf: could search manual and archives for for unAPI
08:26 slef wajasu: depends what @ind means :)
08:26 kf slef: yes, but it's both there, I wanted to know what is actually working now :)
08:26 magnus kf: there is support for unAPI. have a look at the source for record-page  in the OPAC: <link rel="unapi-server" type="application/xml" title="unAPI" href="" />
08:26 wajasu serries tracing
08:26 kf wajasu: there was already a patch sent for that problem
08:26 kf wajasu: I tested it
08:27 wajasu so i should just git pull again.
08:27 kf magnus: yeah, but my browser shows me coins is used for zotero (tool tip of icon in url field)
08:27 kf wajasu: I think it has not been pushed yet
08:28 kf bug 2794
08:28 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2794 normal, P3, ---, chris, RESOLVED FIXED, Browse Shelf doesn't work with ISBN containing '-'
08:28 kf ah sorry, bug 2704
08:28 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2704 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, 440 Display Issues
08:28 kf the second
08:28 magnus kf: HEAD gives a good reply to, but older versions don't...
08:29 kf ok, the installation I was testing is a bit behidn current head
08:30 magnus kf:[…]743479a0d3fe45f89
08:32 kf thx magnus!
08:32 magnus kf: here's a live example:[…]r:2&format=oai_dc
08:33 magnus kf: the format parameter can be any of these: (guess that was a bit more info than what you actually wanted... ;-)
08:34 kf yep, just figured out
08:34 kf cool!
08:34 wajasu kf: thanks.
08:34 magnus slef: i just said i didn't know when i would be there, not why...
08:34 kf is there a way to get the availability information as xml too?
08:35 kf we talked about an API to check availability for ILL requests
08:36 wajasu would anyone here know if the  Literary Form: should be  "not fiction"  or "non fiction"  ?  Is a cataloguer here?
08:36 kf non fiction
08:36 magnus kf:[…]ruary/022607.html
08:36 kf wajasu:
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08:37 slef magnus: heheh
08:37 kf and I think the terms used are from MARC21
08:37 magnus kf: ils-di has a call called GetAvailability:[…]b=GetAvailability
08:37 slef munin: MARC21?
08:37 munin slef: Error: "MARC21?" is not a valid command.
08:37 slef munin: what is MARC21
08:37 munin slef: Error: "what" is not a valid command.
08:37 slef munin: you suck
08:37 munin slef: Error: "you" is not a valid command.
08:38 slef anyway, look it up at
08:38 slef often MARC21 isn't that specific about terms
08:39 kf wajasu: hm looking at marc 21 perhaps I was wrong:
08:39 kf slef: @marc 008
08:40 chris @marc 008
08:40 munin chris: This field contains 40 character positions (00-39) that provide coded information about the record as a whole and about special bibliographic aspects of the item being cataloged. These coded data elements are potentially useful for retrieval and data management purposes. []
08:40 kf magnus: yes we were thinking about ils-di too - but available in library is not always the same as available for ill
08:41 magnus kf: sure!
08:41 kf so perhaps parsing marcxml is another way to go... hm!
08:41 kf magnus: thx for the links, this is really great to know
08:42 magnus kf: np
08:42 wajasu so "Not fiction" seems to be standard then. thx kf.
08:44 slef I've been looking at that and
08:44 slef @marc 040
08:44 munin slef: The MARC code for or the name of the organization(s) that created the original bibliographic record, assigned MARC content designation and transcribed the record into machine-readable form, or modified (except for the addition of holdings symbols) an existing MARC record. These data and the code in 008/39 (Cataloging source) specify the parties responsible for the bibliographic record. [a,b,c,d,e,6,8]
08:44 slef recently, to see if openbibliography can figure out anything about the licensing of a record.
08:45 kf magnus: ils-di looks good to me, but it would be even more useful if id_type could be marc 001 too
08:45 slef Which reminds me: does/should Koha update a field in 040 with the library's MARC code when a record is edited?
08:45 kf slef: I am not sure, we import them with 040 set
08:47 chris its a compulsory field in the default framework, so unless you change that koha will force you to put a value in
08:47 kf slef: no, only 003 with sys pref MarcORGCode and koha does not generate an id
08:48 chris but you can type nonsense in
08:48 chris and looking at a lot of records, thats what ppl have done :)
08:48 kf I am grateful that our union catalog takes care of such things, not so much nonsense in our data
08:50 magnus kf: it's just the biblionumber or or the biblioitemnumber?
08:51 kf magnus: yes
08:51 kf if I understand the documentation correctly
08:52 kf our ill system does not have those
08:52 magnus kf: ok, i hadn't thought about that... shouldn't be too hard to do marc 001 too?
08:52 * magnus put in an enhancement bug for it?
08:53 kf magnus: not sure how it works, but hope it's not too hard to do
08:53 kf magnus: good idea, I will make a note to do that, but perhaps look at all ils-di functions first
08:55 kf looking at GetRecords - what is id (Required)   list of system record identifiers?
08:59 slef looking at GetRecords where?
09:03 kf[…]e&verb=GetRecords
09:04 kf sorry magnus to use your url, but my installation is behind a firewall
09:04 magnus kf: np, be my guest!
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09:08 CGI429 hii
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09:10 magnus kf: i *think* id = biblionumber
09:12 kf perhaps
09:13 kf quite possible
09:13 magnus kf:[…];hb=HEAD#l145 "Given a list of biblionumbers, returns a list of record objects that contain bibliographic information"
09:13 kf ah ok
09:14 kf perhaps doc should look similar to getAvailability then
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09:15 magnus (it seems odd that id_type is used to specify "the metadata schema" for that call, but "type of record identifier" for GetAvailability...)
09:15 magnus kf: yeah, it would probably be good if the doc was a bit more specific...
09:16 kf magnus: there is always room for improvement, but it's nice to have the doc in the opac
09:17 kf I think we will come back to ils-di soon
09:17 magnus kf: yup
09:48 wajasu i can't remember. was there a migration from an old bugzilla.  do i need to reregister or do the forgot password thing.
09:57 wajasu will create a new account.
10:15 wajasu i found[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5057 that mentions the need to remove[…]ncodingscratchpad from the INSTALL.ubuntu.  Should I edit the bug to include INSTALL.fedora7 as well OR create a new big for it.
10:15 munin Bug 5057: enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Update koha INSTALL.ubuntu
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10:35 kf chris: ?
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11:02 smustafa Hi everyone
11:03 smustafa anyone available to help me with my zebra?
11:03 smustafa For some reason I can't run and I have a [DEV] configuration where my work is located in /var/www/koha-dev
11:03 smustafa and the configuration files and such are located in /home/user/koha-dev
11:03 smustafa The error I get is unable to locate Koha configuration file koha-conf.xml at /var/www/koha-2010-08-04/C4/ line 307.
11:03 smustafa after I did
11:03 smustafa mistuser@mistuser-desktop:/var/www/koha-2​010-08-04/misc/migration_tools$ sudo perl -I /var/www/koha-2010-08-04 -b -a -r
11:04 chris export KOHA_CONF=/path/to/your/koha-conf.xml
11:05 chris is there are reason you are running as root?
11:05 smustafa I don't know what do chris...honestly
11:05 smustafa how do I run it
11:05 chris what user is zebrasrv running as?
11:06 smustafa Dear Chris, I have to go sighs...they are shutting down the Internet for maintenance.  It is 3:18 PM my time that is why (We finish work at 3:00 PM)
11:07 smustafa will you be avialable tomorrow earlier on Chat so I can talk to you about this?
11:07 chris maybe, its 11.17pm here
11:07 smustafa ok ok that is fine
11:07 smustafa I hope to talk to you then...
11:07 smustafa bye for now :)
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11:26 * slef squelches
11:26 slef @wunder weston-super-mare
11:26 munin slef: The current temperature in Weston-Super-Mare, United Kingdom is 13.1�C (12:36 PM BST on August 25, 2010). Conditions: Rain. Humidity: 92%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011.1 hPa (Steady).
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11:39 * magnus basks in the sun
11:42 kf @wunder Konstanz
11:42 munin kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 20.5�C (1:52 PM CEST on August 25, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 13.0�C. Pressure: 30.07 in 1018.2 hPa (Steady).
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11:43 magnus @wunder bodo
11:43 munin magnus: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 12.0�C (1:20 PM CEST on August 25, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 51%. Dew Point: 2.0�C. Pressure: 29.56 in 1001 hPa (Steady).
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11:46 Amit @wunder bangalore
11:46 munin Amit: The current temperature in Bangalore, India is 22.0�C (2:30 PM IST on August 25, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 91%. Dew Point: 21.0�C.
11:49 hdl hi amit
11:49 hdl hi amit
11:49 Amit hi hdl
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12:00 kf hi Amit
12:01 kf hmpf. one of my libraries deleted my favourite example for enhanced content :(
12:01 kf it had review, cover and other editions
12:02 kf oh and similar titles
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12:18 owen Hi #koha
12:22 magnus hiya owen
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13:20 jcamins_a Good morning, #koha
13:23 magnus g'day jcamins_a
13:23 jcamins_a david: often /nick jcamins
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13:23 jcamins_a Sorry about that.
13:23 jcamins_a is now known as jcamins
13:23 jcamins That's what I get for getting distracted in the middle of saying something on another channel.
13:26 jcamins kf: if you're around, the answer to your earlier question is that Koha kind of supports COiNS.
13:26 wajasu explores using puppet for configure koha, then installs/updates on various distributions, etc could be checked in and shared.
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13:50 magnus wajasu: cool!
13:53 wajasu if i code all that metadta that is in the makefile install and INSTALL.* and how to get and build packages for the perlmodules with version and dependency management, it might be a push button excercise to deploy and update koha. OpenQRM has puppet integration, so we can deploy in the cloud or lxc-containers. and developers can deploy for testing.
13:57 magnus wajasu: wouldn't it be possible to use puppet anywhere?
13:57 wajasu yes.
14:00 magnus cool, i have heard a lot about puppet, but havn't had time to look into it yet. sounds like a lot of work initially, though?
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14:04 wajasu i wrote a bash script and package for archlinux and deployed to a lxc-container.  but if i did it with puppet, and we checked it in git to be shared, only the different dependencies for debian, ubuntu, etc would need tweeking. Plus it would be a common language to communicate what is intended.
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14:24 wizzyrea there hasn't been a change to mainline where due and predue notices are added to the overdues email
14:24 wizzyrea right?
14:24 owen Hi wizzyrea
14:24 wizzyrea hey owen :)
14:26 aarkerio hi!  I'm trying to import some record after Z39.50 search, but item options are not displayed properly:
14:26 aarkerio[…]aarkerio_2053.png
14:26 owen aarkerio: Have you configured your authorised values for things like "withdrawn," "lost," etc.?
14:29 aarkerio mmm, no,   there is a "default" structure values can I import?
14:29 owen There is. The web installer should have offered to install some defaults for you.
14:30 owen installer/data/mysql/en/optional/auth_val.sql (for the English version)
14:31 aarkerio perfect! I will import the tables, thx a lot!
14:32 owen installer/data/mysql/en/optional/sample_itemtypes.sql if you want some default item types
14:32 aarkerio ok!
14:33 * wizzyrea has noted that it's a lot easier to deal with a brand new koha if you import many of the default values.
14:33 wizzyrea we really ought to force more of those in I think
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14:44 aarkerio there is some .sql file with  "Authorized values Asort1" samples?
14:46 owen No
14:46 aarkerio some wiki page?
14:47 owen Not that I know of. You can safely ignore it.
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14:56 aarkerio but why I can not see the options like "Withdrawn status" in "Add item" screen:[…]aarkerio_2053.png
14:57 kf aarkerio: have you chosen to import them during install?
14:57 aarkerio yes
14:57 kf check your authorized values for LOST
14:58 kf if the values are nto there, they can not be displayed
14:58 aarkerio in "Authorized values for category Asort1"  are no values
14:59 kf check the categories I listed for you
14:59 kf asort is always empty, it's a custom field for acquisitions
14:59 aarkerio in  "Basic parameters > Authorized values"  screen?
15:00 kf yes
15:01 kf if you have no categories for LOST etc. they were not imported during install
15:01 kf but you can create them
15:07 brendan left #koha
15:08 Danke joined #koha
15:11 Danke How do i go about cataloging children's toys? I'm guessing the z39.50 client won't be helpful there
15:11 wizzyrea hmm
15:12 wizzyrea we have a collection of cake pans in our collection
15:12 wizzyrea maybe it would be similar?
15:12 wizzyrea let me find you an example record for that
15:12 Danke sounds like it would be :)
15:12 kf hallo Danke
15:12 Danke hello
15:12 alex_a left #koha
15:12 kf where are you from?
15:12 Danke i've created an item type, do i create a marc framework for them too?
15:13 kf I wonder because your name means thank you in German :)
15:13 Danke yep, a happy accident in my real name i noticed one day
15:13 Danke i'm from england
15:13 paul_p (& kf is german, as her nick don't say ;-) )
15:13 Danke ahh... unfortunately, i'm not
15:14 owen Danke: You would only create a MARC framework if you were going to catalog a lot of them and the existing frameworks didn't work well for you
15:15 owen Creating a new framework is tedious, so don't undertake it lightly
15:15 Danke ah, i see. i'd like to simplify the cataloging as much as humanly possible... the users are mostly techophobes
15:16 kf :)
15:17 Phil joined #koha
15:17 Danke when i go to add a new record in the cataloging section, i barely understand what i'm being asked for
15:18 Phil Hi... is this the right place to ask a general question about koha ?
15:18 sekjal Phil: sure is.  what can we help you with?
15:19 slef hi Danke - are you in England as well as from it?
15:20 slef kf: my nickname means spit in Icelandic or some other language.
15:20 Danke yep, the south west
15:20 slef kf: but it's actually a ytpo of self.
15:20 slef Danke: greetings from Somerset!
15:20 Danke ah, hello all the way from devon! haha
15:21 Phil can koha be used by roaming librarians ?... i mean can you take your own copy of the database with you... lend some books, come back and synchronize with the main database ?
15:21 slef Phil: you'd be better off using the offline client I suspect
15:21 slef and that's not something I know well... kyle is the nick to talk to here
15:21 slef but he's not here right now (US time I think)
15:21 Phil k
15:21 slef anyone else know offline?
15:22 owen There's a bug report saying the Firefox plugin doesn't work. I don't know beyond that.
15:22 sekjal[…]line-circulation/
15:22 Phil is there documentation about it ?
15:22 Phil oh thank you !
15:22 rhcl_tng joined #koha
15:22 wajasu the XSLTDetails doesn't have the "Published by:" publisher as a link as the non XSLT code does.  Shall I add a bug?
15:22 slef rhcl The Next Generation?
15:22 owen Unfortunately[…]fline-circulation
15:23 owen Not unfortunately. That's a typo :)
15:23 slef That's one heck of a big typo.
15:24 slef Danke: add yourself to[…]_Worldwide#Europe when you feel confident enough ;-)
15:24 sekjal Phil: there are actually two different offline circ tools:  Kyle's (which we've linked) and Kivutar's Firefox extension (which seems broken at the moment)
15:24 Phil k
15:24 Danke slef, will do :)
15:25 sekjal we have a data standard for Offline Circ information, so new modules can always be written
15:27 Phil that's very interesting ... thank you very much !
15:32 francharb left #koha
15:36 Phil the KOC is only available in 32 bits ?
15:36 Phil do you think I can still install it on a 64 bits system ?
15:43 Phil nevermind... ill find a workaround
15:50 Oak left #koha
15:56 wizzyrea hmm
15:56 wizzyrea that's interesting
15:56 wizzyrea i'm looking at the sysprefs on current HEAD
15:56 wizzyrea and I clicked on "Local Use"
15:56 wizzyrea then I tried to click any other tab
15:56 wizzyrea and it gave this: Software error:
15:56 wizzyrea Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /usr/lib/perl5/YAML/ line 72.
15:56 wizzyrea but if you are on any tab besides local use
15:56 CGI372 joined #koha
15:57 CGI372 left #koha
15:57 wizzyrea and you click on any tab except Local Use, it works fine to click between them
15:57 jcamins It works for me.
15:57 wizzyrea weird, ok, thank you for checking
15:57 wizzyrea it's just me :)
15:58 slef someone has broken your koha while you slept
15:58 wizzyrea haha
15:58 wizzyrea I have a sense
15:58 wizzyrea actually
15:58 wizzyrea that it may be my data.
15:58 jcamins Actually, I may be a few commits behind HEAD.
15:58 jcamins Nope, I'm not.
15:59 wizzyrea ok
15:59 wizzyrea jcamins
15:59 wizzyrea switch from localuse to Cataloging
15:59 wizzyrea can you do that?
15:59 jcamins Ooh, no, that one's broken.
15:59 jcamins I tested OPAC and Administration earlier.
16:00 wizzyrea ok whew, now I don't feel so nuts
16:00 jcamins Everything except for Cataloging works.
16:01 wizzyrea cataloging works as long as you don't switch from local use
16:01 wizzyrea at least for me
16:01 jcamins Yeah, for me too.
16:01 wizzyrea ok I'll report that then
16:01 jcamins I meant, switching from Local Use, everything except for cataloging works.
16:02 Danke left #koha
16:13 SelfishMa left #koha
16:13 SelfishMa joined #koha
16:25 sekjal does anyone know a quick way to rebuild the marcxml field in biblioitems from the marc?  I have 11 records out of sync
16:28 slef sekjal: I'll sell you my ;-)
16:29 kf left #koha
16:30 slef that's not particularly quick, actually, because you have to save the marc fields to a file, convert them, then load them back into marcxml
16:30 slef oh wait
16:31 slef sekjal: does it have to be rebuilt from the MARC and not the db records?
16:31 slef if db records ok, quickest way right now is to do a no-change edit on the record in cataloguing
16:31 slef that provokes both marc and marcxml to be rebuilt IIRC
16:32 sekjal can't get to the cataloguing editor; records won't load because the MARCXML is bad
16:32 slef wow
16:32 jcamins sekjal: export the records, then reimport?
16:33 sekjal records won't export, since the .mrc is generated from biblioitems.marcxml
16:33 slef I can give you this script, but it needs work to operate directly on the database fields.
16:33 jcamins Oh.
16:33 jcamins Hm.
16:34 sekjal slef: if you don't mind, I'd take a look at it. It might give me a better place to start
16:36 jcamins SELECT biblioitems.marc TO OUTFILE `example.mrc` (or whatever the proper syntax is), make sure the 999$c is there, then reimport, enabling overlay?
16:36 slef sekjal: where do you want it?
16:37 sekjal slef: will work
16:37 sekjal jcamins: hmm... that could do it
16:37 sekjal 999c does seem to be in there
16:38 jcamins You may need to create a new matching rule. I don't quite remember.
16:39 jcamins (one that matches 999c to the biblionumber index)
16:39 slef sekjal: on its way
16:40 sekjal slef: got it, thanks!
16:44 paul_p left #koha
16:48 slef sekjal: alternative approach would be to C4::Biblio::ModBiblioMarc(a copy of C4::Biblio::GetMarcBiblio that uses the marc field instead of the marcxml one)
16:50 rhcl_tng it appears that currently there is no way to set a maxlogsize for things like Letterlog,  BorrowersLog,  CataloguingLog --is there generally no problem with logs getting too large? Would it be nice to have an option to set a maxlogsize on the System Preferences -> Logging Preferences page?
16:51 druthb left #koha
16:52 slef sekjal: or actually something more like $dbh = C4::Context->dbh; $sth = $dbh->prepare("SELECT marc FROM biblioitems WHERE biblionumber = N"); $sth->execute(); C4::Biblio::ModBiblioMarc($sth->fetchrow());
16:52 slef rhcl_tng: no, it's the wrong place to set it.  Configure logrotate.
16:52 rhcl_tng pk, tnx
16:52 rhcl_tng ok i mean
16:53 slef (what would koha do when it hit maxlogsize anyway?)
16:53 rhcl_tng terminate at a size or date point?
16:53 slef oof!
16:53 slef :)
16:53 rhcl_tng expunge beginning at a size or date point is probably better wording
16:54 jcamins slef: but isn't the log stored in the database?
16:54 sekjal slef: got to get the corrupted fields out first... hang on... trying something
16:54 slef jcamins: ah.  If it's those ones, there's a script which truncates, isn't there?
16:54 rhcl_tng I was assuming it was just a flat file somewhere, like system logs
16:55 slef some things are in database, some are in files
16:55 jcamins Probably. I've never felt the need to truncate the log, I was just asking for clarification. ;)
16:55 slef misc/cronjobs/
16:56 magnus left #koha
16:56 jcamins Cool. Thanks.
16:56 slef np
17:19 wajasu left #koha
17:31 sekjal in hindsight, it's easier to just skip the corrupted records for now, and deal with them if they come up in later scripts.  that way I can keep moving forward with the day's work
17:52 indradg joined #koha
17:52 cfouts joined #koha
17:55 Braedon left #koha
17:56 Braedon joined #koha
17:59 Braedon left #koha
18:00 owen Wouldn't it be nice if all these people who want to install Koha 2 on Windows would support each other for a change?
18:00 Braedon joined #koha
18:14 nengard joined #koha
18:20 briceSanc Have you ever had encoding problems when importing Marc21 authorities ? My accent looks like that before import: {grave}e to �.
18:21 briceSanc and they looks like that after import : e'
18:22 Phil left #koha
18:25 aarkerio left #koha
18:41 cait joined #koha
18:41 cait hi all
18:42 owen Hi cait
18:42 jwagner Hi cait
18:42 cait hi owen, hi jwagner :)
18:43 jwagner Hey owen, FYI -- when I was asking the other day about stylesheets for the multiple URL setup?  It does just need the equiv of the opaccolorstylesheet, not the full opac.css.
18:43 tcohen left #koha
18:43 * jwagner is working on 16 interfaces -- shuffling stylesheets like mad....
18:44 owen 16 in one organization?
18:44 jwagner Yep.
18:44 jwagner And that's not all their libraries, just the ones they wanted to do at this time.
18:44 owen It would have been easier to tell them, "Sorry, can't do that!"
18:44 jwagner Those words aren't in our vocabulary :-)
18:45 * jwagner admits certain OTHER words are in my personal vocabulary during projects like this....
18:46 jcamins cait: if you have a moment for a German question, should all the words in the title "Historisch-Emblematischer Medaillen-Kaste" be capitalized?
18:49 cait oh
18:49 cait I dont really understand it
18:49 cait can you show me the title?
18:50 cait Kasten perhaps?
18:50 jcamins Neither do I. I'll find the Worldcat record.
18:50 jcamins Ooh, perhaps I mistyped it.
18:50 jcamins Maybe that wiggly thing is supposed to mean there's an 'n' at the end.
18:51 jcamins
18:53 cait ok, that's old
18:53 jcamins Yes. Oh, sorry, I should've mentioned that.
18:53 cait no problem
18:53 cait I think kasten makes more sense
18:53 cait it means box
18:54 cait a box with medals and explanation of them?
18:55 jcamins Yeah, it's a book about medals to do with the Dutch Wars of Independence.
18:56 cait not sure what marc21 says, but I think you can use the way it's written on the book?
18:56 cait hmpf
18:56 jcamins Everything's in capital letters.
18:56 cait and it's even one of our records
18:57 cait
18:58 jcamins Oh, that says that emblematischer doesn't need to be capitalized. Thanks!
18:59 cait would have been my guess too
18:59 cait but not sure about the rules here :)
19:00 cait jared:  and I have no microwave...
19:01 jcamins Aww, that's adorable!
19:01 jcamins But you said you had a teeny oven, right?
19:01 cait right :)
19:02 jcamins That's so cute I may have to make those, even though there are enough people to eat a cake.
19:03 cait tell me if it works :)
19:03 jcamins And I could always give excess cake to my parents and brothers when they come to visit for the wedding tomorrow.
19:03 jcamins Hm.
19:03 cait but my twitter contact said it did
19:03 jcamins Maybe I should just make a proper cake.
19:03 cait a wedding?
19:03 jcamins Yes.
19:03 jcamins Oh, right.
19:03 jcamins I'm getting married tomorrow.
19:04 cait oh, congratulation :)
19:04 larsw jcamins, congratulations!
19:04 jcamins Thanks.
19:04 jwagner Congrats!
19:04 chris congrats jcamins :)
19:04 cait and you are spending the evening before your wedding with cataloging real old German books?
19:04 jwagner Now THAT'S a bachelor party!
19:04 jcamins It's only 15:15.
19:04 jcamins But, yes.
19:05 wizzyrea !! jcamins!
19:05 wizzyrea congratulations!
19:05 jcamins Thank you all.
19:05 jcamins Apparently I forgot to tell, well, anyone in the end-of-semester rush last spring, and then I forgot that I hadn't told anyone.
19:06 jwagner On the bright side, that keeps the stress level down, I'd think.
19:06 jcamins True.
19:10 sekjal whoa, just came back in to jcamin's news.  Congratulations!!
19:10 jcamins Thanks.
19:12 jcamins cait: if it makes you feel any better about my sense of priorities, I just came across a _beautiful_ Thou binding with a 3-color manuscript from, probably, the fifteenth or sixteenth century used as binder's waste. :)
19:13 cait jcamins: you are really one of us :)
19:13 nengard left #koha
19:13 cait one of us crazy librarians :)
19:15 jcamins No doubt about it.
19:15 jcamins Wait, is today Wednesday? Okay, day after tomorrow.
19:16 jcamins I hope the patron who I told we were open Wednesday didn't come in to the ANS.
19:16 jcamins (just checked my e-mail)
19:16 cait jcamins: I am checking our big union catalogs for your title right now - at the moment it's 2:1 for Emblematisch ;)
19:17 jcamins There may be multiple editions of it, although probably not.
19:18 jcamins Or at least multiple issues (same text, different title page). :)
19:21 cait yep
19:22 cait http://www.ubka.uni-karlsruhe.[…]k/kvk/kvk_en.html good for research
19:22 cait can't post you the link to the search result, it's too long for my link shortener
19:23 jcamins I can do the search.
19:24 LBA joined #koha
19:24 chris hi LBA
19:24 cait check the column Germany and it will search all the big union catalogs
19:25 jcamins Ooh, why didn't I check VD17?
19:26 LBA hey Chris!
19:26 cait not sure, but got no results there
19:26 jcamins When you search VD17 directly, it lists two issues.
19:26 cait oh, perhaps I had a timeout earlier
19:28 cait oh, they even have a picute
19:28 cait picture
19:30 cait hard to read the old script
19:30 chris right bus time
19:30 chris bbiab
19:33 cait owen++
19:48 chris Back
19:50 cait wb chris
19:50 jcamins Welcome back.
19:50 sekjal anyone here happen to be an Xen expert?
19:51 jcamins I am not, but I can relay your questions to one of my other IRC channels where there are people who know about Xen.
19:51 chris I've used it, far from expert tho
19:52 sekjal I think I have a server that's choking Xen, and throwing it into a reboot loop.  I need to figure out how to a) disable that server on boot, and b) somehow get into it in a safe way to find the problem
19:53 alan left #koha
19:53 sekjal this is only vaguely Koha related, but I figured I'd ask here first, since you all are my favourite channel :)
19:54 cait aaw :)
19:56 chris The xm commands
19:56 chris No man on my phone but off the top of my head xm disable
19:58 sekjal I'm going to give it a go
19:59 sekjal to make matters more fun: I have to do this over the phone to someone, who has not gotten used to the Dvorak keyboard that's attached to the terminal they have to use
19:59 chris nice
20:01 chris Ok my stop bbiab
20:04 owen Ok my quitting time bbi16hours
20:05 owen left #koha
20:05 cait bbi8hours  - good night all
20:05 cait :)
20:07 cait left #koha
20:10 jwagner left #koha
20:18 sekjal left #koha
20:19 chris back
20:19 chobbs left #koha
20:20 richard joined #koha
20:20 richard hi
20:21 chris hiya richard
20:40 anitsirk joined #koha
20:54 richard hey chris
20:55 * richard a bit slow off the mark today :)
20:55 chris :) i blame the weather
21:04 paul_p joined #koha
21:07 anitsirk darling & melia: will be u in a sec.
21:07 chris wrong #koha anitsirk :)
21:08 anitsirk oh no. sorry about that.
21:08 anitsirk_ joined #koha
21:10 Nate left #koha
21:11 jo left #koha
21:13 anitsirk left #koha
21:13 darling joined #koha
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21:27 moodaepo @wunder 56001
21:27 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in MSU Physics Dept, Mankato, Minnesota is 21.3�C (4:38 PM CDT on August 25, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 29.24 in 990.1 hPa (Rising).
21:33 rhcl left #koha
21:34 rhcl joined #koha
21:48 paul_p left #koha
21:52 larsw chris, robin: would you happen to know what the responsible way to get rid of batteries is in Wellington?
21:52 larsw (sorry for the off-topicness)
21:53 chris hmm good question
21:53 chris i dont, richard do you?
21:54 richard is exide still going in petone
21:54 larsw AA and AAA batteries, that is, not laptop or car batteries
21:54 richard last year there was a stink about them pumping lead into the air from their car battery recycling operateions
21:54 richard ah
21:55 * richard doesn't know of a nice way to get rid of those
21:55 richard if you put them in the dump they end up leaching into the stream that runs by chris' place
21:55 larsw they're toxic waste, so I'd like to do something reasonable
21:56 larsw (as reasonable as is possible, given that I've given in and bought some)
22:01 chilts larsw: I took mine to the Telecom shop in Duke's Arcade!!!
22:01 chilts you are lucky, it had taken me 4 years to find out what to do :)
22:01 chris you AA, and AAA batteries?
22:01 chilts yep
22:01 chris what do they do with them? throw them in my stream? :)
22:01 chilts they take mobile phones and stuff, so I asked about batteries and they said yeah
22:01 larsw chilts, I'll do that today, then, thanks!
22:02 chilts chris: dunno, but then how can we check what anyone does with our rubbish
22:02 chris yeah
22:02 chilts I mean, there has to be some kind of trust somewhere
22:02 larsw chris, you'll want to suggest to your MP that NZ get the same law as many European countries have: any store that sells batteries must accept used ones and make sure they get disposed of responsibly
22:03 chilts larsw: that's a good idea
22:03 larsw (that's a business opportunity for battery recyclers if anyone wants to figure out a way to fund Koha development ;)
22:03 jcamins That's the law in NY, too.
22:03 larsw jcamins, oh, that's right, I remember noticing that
22:16 davi_ left #koha
22:28 jcamins Good night, #koha
22:28 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
22:38 cfouts left #koha
22:42 briceSanc left #koha
22:57 rhcl We used to take our dry cell batteries to Lowe's (a large home improvement chain here in the US) but they stopped taking them. Nearly all batteries like that have been mercury free for a number of years, so they're not quite as bad to trash as before, but it would be nice to find someone who could do something better than that with them.
23:09 robin yay, looks like the zebra fix will be getting an exception to the Debian freeze.
23:11 chris sweet
23:11 robin now just to wait until it gets into testing.

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