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00:08 wajasu it just sits there.
00:09 wajasu i looked at what and where the files are files are installed and they seem fine.
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00:10 wajasu however the detects its presence isn't working for some reason.  maybe because I am running perl 5.12?
00:10 wajasu the version matches 1.72
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00:12 wajasu reports its current vesion as 0
00:13 wajasu my only other module is HTTP:OAI which has a conflict, but I've usually commented that out of the makefile. can't do that with Date::ICal
00:13 wajasu i'll research
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00:17 robin yeah, it sounds like Perl itself can see it fine, so not sure what is upset about
00:18 chris sounds like the version number
00:18 chris it checks for a version, not just the existence of it
00:19 wajasu there is some new module version support in this version of perl.  maybe there is something different about Date::ICal compared the the other modules.
00:19 chris it wants 1.72 as a minimum
00:20 chris maybe it doenst export its version correctly
00:20 wajasu i'm looking into its code right now to see,
00:22 chris perl -MDate::ICal -e 'print $MODULE::VERSION';
00:22 wajasu Can't locate Date/  ...
00:23 wajasu let me install that
00:24 wajasu i installed that and now it works
00:24 wajasu :)
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00:47 wajasu when i build a package for HTTP::OAI, and then try to install with my pacman package manager, i have a conflict. (i had this in 3.0.6 as well). It says its want to overwrite a file that belongs to another package (i.e. XML::SAX::Parser related).  So I just comment HTTP::OUI out inthe makefile.
00:49 wajasu the file that is overwritten is different and I didn't want to overwrite any core xml parsing implementation.
00:50 sekjal just felt like venting.  sorry all
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01:27 wasabi 'item-level_itypes' syspef should be set ON as a default, i reckon..
01:28 wasabi and then all that bibitem-level-itypes cruffy code needs to be ripped out
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03:07 Amit heya chris
03:08 chris hi Amit
03:13 robin ...did sekjal just apologise for not venting?
03:13 chris heh
03:13 robin (well, by just, I mean a few hours ago)
03:14 chris yeah, he was at the airport trying to vent about being trapped on the tarmac missing his connection, but the 3g was crap too and dropped his message
03:14 robin ah right
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03:16 Amit heya brendan
03:17 brendan hey amit
03:17 chris hi brendan
03:17 brendan heya chris
03:17 brendan almost beer time for chris
03:17 chris yup half an hour or so
03:22 darling beer time!
03:22 darling oh, no
03:22 darling son
03:22 darling soon
03:25 brendan I like that - oh, no son!
03:26 chris heh
03:26 robin oh it is almost that time again.
03:27 chilts like you didn't know :-p
03:29 chris youve probably been drinking all day chilts
03:30 darling yeah, now that he's retired
03:30 robin chilts: you lush! :)
03:31 darling he can take it easy and go sit on the beach and catch paua and sip gin
03:31 darling and etc
03:31 robin sip paua, catch gin.
03:31 darling ick
03:32 chris if he's sitting on beach to catch paua ... he's doing it wrong :-)
03:32 darling diving robot
03:32 robin this is also true :)
03:32 darling pruby can make us one
03:32 chilts if only I could hit the beach :)
03:33 chilts though it does feel good even if I'm not there
03:33 darling so -- any fisheries regs about catching paua by robot?
03:35 robin may be he could be running around chasing toheroa instead (or however
03:35 robin you spell that)
03:35 chris you have to freedive for them
03:36 chris not even allowed tanks
03:36 chris so i suspect not robots either
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03:40 darling toheroa? what's that? is this 'learn rude Māori words day'?
03:41 robin darling: ah, you would never have gone digging for them (and always failing to catch them) as a kid, given you're from some remote country.
03:42 darling
03:42 chris thats them
03:42 darling ah, cool
03:42 darling being this close to an ocean at all kind of freaks me out
03:43 chris people went mental in the 50's and 60's
03:43 robin darling: did you know there could be an earthquake at any moment and you could sink into the sea :D
03:43 chris and tried to eat them all
03:43 darling robin, can't fool me, earthquakes go up, not down
03:43 robin yeah, there was one day a year if there were enough you could try to catch them (in Invercargill, anyway)
03:44 chris i blame this article
03:44 chris[…]-t1-body-d18.html
03:44 darling hmm, maybe we add to Levin trip
03:44 chris blasted railways magazine
03:45 chris theres a chance we may get a hangi on the levin trip
03:45 robin darling: the odds of being allowed to get toheroa are pretty low
03:45 robin they're very protected
03:45 chris yeah, its like one or 2 days a year
03:46 chris and sometimes not even that
03:46 darling dang, now I'm hungry
03:46 darling we could go catch mussels
03:46 chris yeah they move pretty slow
03:46 darling they're very slow moving and ...
03:46 chris we used to dig up pipi
03:46 darling I think the limit it 2 tons/person/day
03:47 chris you get a sheet of roofing iron
03:47 darling are pipi those little white flattish ones?
03:47 chris and leave it out in the sun, then you can dig up pipi and chuck them on there, and the heat opens them
03:47 chris cockels
03:47 darling cool!
03:48 chris[…]on/L+-+R/Pipi.htm
03:48 chris you can get 150 of them :)
03:48 chris only allowed 50 mussel
03:48 darling 50's plenty
03:48 robin I reckon I'd get bored after 50.
03:48 chris tuatua are great too
03:49 robin tuatara look like terrible eating
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03:50 chris[…]Shortfin+Eels.htm
03:50 chris and im the only person at catalyst who can take eels from Lake Forsyth
03:50 chris so take that!
03:50 chris :)
03:51 robin I don't even know where that lake is
03:51 * chris either
03:51 chris but now i have to find out
03:51 robin heh
03:51 darling mmm, yeah, eels just don't sound tasty tho
03:51 chris eel is great
03:51 chris specially smoked
03:51 robin I used to go eeling around southland
03:51 darling are the grocery store eels any good?
03:52 robin No idea
03:52 chris i never paid for eel (well except for sushi)
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03:52 chris ahhh its on banks peninsula
03:53 chris on the way to akaroa
03:53 chilts beer!
03:53 chris with eel!
03:53 * chilts wonders what the Catalystas are doing
03:53 darling oh crap, it's 4.01
03:53 darling er 3
03:53 chilts heh
03:54 * chris waits for the email
04:04 darling beermail!
04:04 chilts lol
04:05 chris yay!
04:06 darling i want some eels now
04:13 wajasu anyone tried "balut" in the philippines?
04:14 robin wajasu: everyone is going for beer now :)
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04:22 wajasu i'm just trying to reconcile the problem where HTTP::OAI depends on and requires XML::SAX:Base, but that would overwrite files from XML::SAX. Specifically, /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/XML/SAX/, /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/XML/SAX/, /usr/share/man/man3/XML::SAX::Base.3pm.gz, and usr/share/man/man3/XML::SAX::Exception.3pm.gz.  Are folks that use CPAN just overwriting with...
04:22 wajasu ...the latest?
04:23 wajasu Which and is the better one?
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05:26 wajasu if i have an existing 3.0.6 koha and i want to migrate to 3.2, must I run an Makefile driven update? OR can I export data and reimport it into a fresh 3.2 koha installation?
05:42 wasabi wajasu:  dump the db, then load it into yr 3.2
05:43 wasabi you will be asked via the web-gui to update your db to the 3.2 structure then
06:19 wajasu ahhh.
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06:22 wajasu so create a new koha db. load the dumped 3.0.6, then hit the web gui, and it'll see my version is older than my code, and run the update scripts. Will try that.
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06:37 wajasu ok. since i'm doing a new install, maybe I should try getting the zebra index/server scripts running as koha instead of root.  should I just chown -R g+w the /var/lib/koha/zebradb /var/lock/koha/zebradb directories and chgrp -R koha /var/lib/koha/zebradb /var/lock/koha/zebradb as well?
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06:59 kf good morning #koha
07:00 magnus good morning kf & #koha
07:00 kf hi magnus
07:00 kf @wunder Konstanz
07:00 munin kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 16.9�C (9:10 AM CEST on August 20, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 15.0�C. Pressure: 30.13 in 1020.2 hPa (Steady).
07:01 magnus @wunder bodo
07:01 munin magnus: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 14.0�C (8:20 AM CEST on August 20, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Steady).
07:01 magnus not so bad...
07:05 * magnus wonders if this can/will benefit koha in some way "Developer collaboration leads to implementation of NCIP 2.0: OCLC to contribute NCIP 2.0 code to XC NCIP toolkit"
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07:08 kf morning paul_p
07:08 kf :)
07:08 kf magnus: wondered about that myself yesterday :)
07:09 magnus sounds like the kind of thing chris would know...
07:20 paul_p hi kf & magnus
07:20 paul_p it rained tonight in Marseille. Very good news...
07:20 magnus hiya paul_p
07:23 kf paul_p: we have sun today - very good news here, had a lot of rain recently
07:28 kf paul_p: still afraid of us librarians? :)
07:31 wajasu i created my db and have mysql/apache setup for UTF8.  if my librarian edited the z3950 servers to return marc-8, instead of utf8, does that mean my web biblios(details) will show diacritics to the side of letters and not above?
07:34 kf I use one of the ISO codes for one of our Z3950 servers. Koha translates it to utf8 with correct display of diacritics.
07:34 kf not sure for marc-8, but you can test it easily
07:56 wajasu ok. i see some authors: in the detail with diacritics beside the letter. (Small font)  When I hover over the author and it displays in a bigger font, the diacritics show above correctly.  maybe its a font issue, or that text is needs some hint for rendering better.
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11:47 kf @wunder Konstanz
11:47 munin kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 23.7�C (1:57 PM CEST on August 20, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 18.0�C. Pressure: 30.13 in 1020.2 hPa (Steady).
11:50 jwagner @wunder 20817
11:50 munin jwagner: The current temperature in Langley Fork Park, McLean, Virginia is 19.7�C (7:59 AM EDT on August 20, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 96%. Dew Point: 19.0�C. Pressure: 29.97 in 1014.8 hPa (Steady).
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12:00 magnus @wunder bodo
12:00 munin magnus: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 18.0�C (1:50 PM CEST on August 20, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 52%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Steady).
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12:08 owen Hi #koha
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12:43 ebegin good morning all!
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12:53 druthb howdy, #koha!  :D
12:54 kf hi druthb
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12:59 jcamins Good morning, #koha
13:08 nengard owen++ for helping me with a complicated JQuery
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13:35 zen i am new to koha and am doing koha marc bulk import it works fine but it display multilple copies of the same book at once
13:36 owen zen: Have you reindexed?
13:37 zen no i didn't
13:37 owen[…]/faq/searching/#5
13:42 zen owe what i mean is for example with the title bible if i have 6 copies when i search it it display 6 copies separately like they are different books instead of display one bible book with 6 copies
13:43 wizzyrea Oh, are you importing one bib for each copy?
13:43 wizzyrea probably what you need to do is put your copy information in the several 952 fields of one bib record using MARCEdit
13:43 zen no i mporting all copies
13:44 * wizzyrea tries to find an example record
13:44 wizzyrea and good morning
13:45 pastebot "wizzyrea" at pasted "marc record with multiple items" (1 line) at
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13:46 wizzyrea that one has one title, and 40-something copies
13:47 wizzyrea zen: make sense?
13:48 wizzyrea here's the corresponding OPAC entry for that book
13:48 wizzyrea http://catalog.nexpresslibrary[…]iblionumber=47833
13:48 zen sorry i cant understand it
13:49 wizzyrea hmm. Ok. I think I hear you saying that when you search for a title, you get 6 individual results, each with one copy
13:49 wizzyrea is that right?
13:50 zen you are right.
13:50 wizzyrea and what you want to see is one result, with 6 copies
13:50 zen exactly that is my question
13:50 wizzyrea ok
13:50 wizzyrea so
13:50 wizzyrea taking this example of twilight
13:51 wizzyrea This is the single result for this particular title, think of it like a folder. Written on the folder is all of the MARC information up to the 900's
13:52 wizzyrea each slip of paper we put in the folder is a copy, and each paper has a set of 952's
13:52 wizzyrea when you set up your records for import
13:53 wizzyrea you need to set up each folder, then add the papers to it (it's an analogy, I don't know how else to explain it)
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13:57 briceSanc hello all !
13:58 wizzyrea good morning
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14:04 zen wizzyrea when i see marc view of twlight till 900's it is one 952 field have alot
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14:05 zen so what i have done is for every record there is one 952 field
14:05 kf wizzyrea: I like your analogy :)
14:06 kf zen: one record, multiple 952 fields :)
14:06 zen thank you kf
14:06 kf there is another way, but not sure I can explain it
14:07 kf hm. too complicated.
14:08 zen just tell me i can discuss about it with other my staff members.
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14:14 zen wizzyrea: thank you let me try it and i'll back with the result.
14:14 wizzyrea ok, good luck
14:14 wizzyrea :)
14:15 jcamins wizzyrea++ # great analogy
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14:33 jcamins Does anyone use Koha on their iPhone or Android phone, or the like?
14:33 wizzyrea I have, it seems to work fine
14:33 jcamins Nifty!
14:33 brendan jcamins - feeling the need to design a iPhone app?
14:34 brendan that would be pretty cool
14:34 brendan I think mason was thinking about doing that at one point - but I don't know how far he got
14:34 jcamins brendan: not at all, but if I'm going to need to find someone to do it, I'd like to know in advance. ;)
14:35 brendan mason for now I think he equals wasabi
14:35 brendan @seen wasabi
14:35 munin brendan: wasabi was last seen in #koha 8 hours, 51 minutes, and 51 seconds ago: <wasabi> you will be asked via the web-gui to update your db to the 3.2 structure then
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14:36 sekjal I'm excited about the possibility of a mobile interface for Koha that'll work on iPhone, Android, PalmOS, etc.
14:36 sekjal the OPAC would be easier; I'd want to get access to the device's camera for barcode scanning for the staff client
14:36 sekjal make inventory so much easier
14:36 jcamins sekjal: that would be awesome!
14:36 jcamins I was just thinking of the OPAC, but, wow!
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14:37 * jcamins may need to get a smartphone, if it can do *that*
14:37 sekjal jcamins: there was a Javascript library I heard about last Code4Lib that aims to do that
14:37 sekjal that would really help make it cross-platform
14:38 dagentoob I am trying to print labels and the outline box isn't printing. Any ideas
14:38 dagentoob ??
14:38 sekjal putting a Koha app in Apple's walled garden seems so... inconsistent
14:38 dagentoob koha on Android would be AWESOME
14:42 owen making Koha an iOS app would put it in Apple's walled garden. Making it a mobile app would make it open to everyone.
14:46 wizzyrea ^^ agreed
14:46 wizzyrea I would love to see the bit with the camera though
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14:47 wizzyrea I did a preso earlier this month that included QR codes as a way to tie your library to digital spaces, and it would be SO COOL if you could use any of your koha barcodes with your smartphon
14:47 wizzyrea e
14:47 sekjal one of my dream developments for my personal Koha install is to get it to work with QR codes
14:50 wizzyrea jcamins: offtopic: we made the curry cookies again, but accidentally got curry powder with garlic (!) and cumin (!)
14:50 wizzyrea we thought they would suck
14:51 wizzyrea but we added extra pumpkin pie spice and you know what, they smell garlicky, but they taste right fine.
14:51 jcamins Oooh, I like the idea of pumpkin pie spice.
14:52 wizzyrea my kid has half of one every morning as his before daycare snack
14:52 wizzyrea (he's super crabby when he's hungry, as we all are)
14:52 jcamins Awww. I've started a trend. :D
14:54 * jwagner proposes a new Koha listserv for recipes
14:54 jwagner Or a wiki section
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14:56 owen Could someone check their HEAD installation and tell me wither the "category" dropdown is populated on the patron search screen?
14:57 jwagner It says "Any"
14:57 sekjal owen: no
14:58 owen Thanks, I wasn't sure if it was just me
14:58 owen Yay, new bug!
14:58 owen :P
14:58 sekjal something about renamed categoryloops?
14:58 kf owen: I wrote a patch for that
14:58 owen Oh yeah, kf? There's already a bug for it?
14:58 kf no new bug, an old one, I send it as follow up to one of your bugs :)
14:58 kf let me check
14:59 owen Ah right, I remember that. You fixed something I broke.
14:59 * owen git blames himself again
14:59 kf no
14:59 kf you did not really break it I think, it was mixed all over
14:59 kf just missed one
15:00 kf patch: http://lists.koha-community.or[…]ugust/012393.html
15:00 kf you can test it and sign-off on it - that will make chris happy :)
15:01 owen I missed the lesson on that.
15:02 kf it's somewhere in the chat logs but not sure I can find it... and forgot to write it down
15:02 kf ah
15:02 kf it happens automatically
15:02 kf if you apply the patch mit option -s
15:02 kf it writes something in the commit message
15:02 kf and you can resend the patch
15:04 sekjal kf was just so kind as to do that with a patch I submitted
15:04 owen Hm... but you have to use git am for that, you can't use git apply?
15:05 * owen doesn't have patches in a mailbox
15:05 kf sekjal: chris made me do it
15:05 kf I always use git apply
15:06 kf ah, no I don't
15:06 kf I copy the command from my cheat sheet (the heading is git apply...)
15:06 kf git am -s -3 -i -u name_of_patch
15:06 kf I download them from bugzilla as owen told me
15:06 kf ;)
15:07 wizzyrea I do git apply too, which seems to work better than git am
15:07 owen How so wizzyrea ?
15:07 wizzyrea dunno I don't think git am has worked a single time when I've tried it
15:07 * wizzyrea is relying on faulty human memory
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15:12 * owen thinks "Puny human memory" in Morvo's voice
15:13 * kf can't follow
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15:14 zen i have mapped like this: but there is no change BARCODE CALLNODATEOFPUBAUTHORTITLEEDITIONPLACEPUBLISHERISBNbranch libraryiteam type shelvinglocation  "063168,063169""338.88 ROB,338.88 ROB"2007Robertson Christopher J.International business2nd Ed.DubuqueMcGraw0073527815"BPL,BPL""BK,BK""GEN,GEN"
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15:19 zen wizzyrea:i have mapped like this: but there is no change  BARCODE   CALLNO    DATEOFPUBlication     AUTHOR    TITLE   EDITION   PLACE  PUBLISHER  ISBN   branchlibrary   itemtype     shelvinglocation     "063168,063169"    "338.88 ROB,338.88 ROB"  2007    Robertson Christopher J.  International business    2nd Ed.   Dubuque   McGraw   0073527815 "BPL,BPL" "BK,BK"   "GEN,GEN"
15:19 zen please help
15:20 owen kf: You apply the patch using "git am...", test, and then send the patch in as if it was your own?
15:21 kf owen: that's what chris told me
15:21 kf hm wait, perhaps I am missing a step, there was a git format-patch involved
15:21 owen Yeah
15:22 kf let me check the log
15:22 owen No, I think that's it
15:23 zen can u help me how to map record using marcedit?
15:25 zen helo!
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15:25 owen Please be patient zen, someone will help if they can. If they can't, you can try again later.
15:25 kf owen: the irc log is here:[…]10-08-18#i_486541
15:26 kf ah cool :)
15:27 kf ok, weekend time :)
15:27 kf have a nice weekend everyone!
15:27 brendan bye kf
15:28 kf bye brendan
15:28 owen Bye kf, thanks for your help
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15:28 kf owen: no worries :)
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16:17 wizzyrea owen++ for that latest patch you sent
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16:23 owen If no one smart enough will fix a bug, sometimes you have to settle.
16:24 wizzyrea pff it's hardly settling
16:24 wizzyrea I kinda did the same yesterday
16:25 wizzyrea with the locations addition I made... I added the home location, but it's not pretty
16:38 cait joined #koha
16:38 cait hi again #koha
16:39 jcamins Hi cait
16:39 cait hi jcamins :)
16:41 jwagner joined #koha
16:44 cfouts_ joined #koha
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16:48 cfouts_ is now known as cfouts
16:54 sekjal just sent an update patch to the VOKAL icon set
16:54 cait more icons? :)
16:54 sekjal yes
16:54 sekjal including Puzzles/Games, Bluray and ILL items
16:54 cait cool!
16:55 sekjal and smaller versions of othem all
17:00 sekjal
17:03 cait I like the smaller icons
17:03 cait and our teacher's libraries have games :)
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17:50 briceSanc joined #koha
17:54 briceSanc Hello
17:55 briceSanc I make a script to import University Laval authorities and i want to ask the user in the command line, do you know where i can find an exemple in KOHA ?
17:56 ebegin briceSanc, you want to ask the path of the file?
17:56 briceSanc ebegin, no i want to ask "Are you sure you want to delete all authorities"
17:58 ebegin We do ask for user input in the installer script.
18:04 briceSanc thks
18:08 owen Anyone else ever seen a patron with 70+ checkouts crash Firefox?
18:08 owen That's what was just reported to me
18:11 * owen does find that Firefox doesn't like loading a patron with 200 checkouts
18:12 jwagner Nobody likes loading patrons with 200 checkouts :-(
18:13 owen Chrome is tickled pink to do it. Firefox 3.5 wants to cancel execution of javascript on the page
18:14 jwagner owen, question for you -- you did a writeup a while back on multiURL OPACs.  When you're talking about having apache point to the separate stylesheets, does that stylesheet have to be a full copy of opac.css, or just the equiv of the opaccolorstylesheet one?
18:14 jwagner I can't remember & don't seem to have that in my notes.
18:14 owen The opaccolorstylesheet if I recall correctly
18:14 owen schuster has that setup, you could confirm with him
18:14 cfouts_ joined #koha
18:14 jwagner That's what I was hoping.  We'll find out :-)
18:15 owen cfouts_ may have even written that, you could ask him :)
18:15 jwagner He's kinda busy today.....
18:16 brendan @wunder 93117
18:16 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 19.5�C (11:20 AM PDT on August 20, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 29.81 in 1009.4 hPa (Steady).
18:16 jwagner But I'll check some of the other setups.  I was just merrily working along on a big project & suddenly had a major qualm about the css settings I was keeping track of.  Thanks.
18:18 cfouts left #koha
18:18 cfouts_ is now known as cfouts
18:21 cfouts what did I write?
18:21 owen cfouts: multiopac css handling?
18:44 cfouts_ joined #koha
18:45 druthb cfouts -es for everyone
18:45 druthb !
18:46 cait ?
18:48 cfouts left #koha
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18:52 druthb There were two cfouts-es in here for a few minutes.  Heaven knows we need a couple of clones of him...
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18:56 cait ah :)
18:57 cait bye all
18:57 cait left #koha
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19:03 wizzyrea helpful or not helpful: a set of scenarios for testing holds published on the wiki
19:03 tcohen left #koha
19:05 owen wizzyrea: helpful
19:07 jwagner wizzyrea, especially if you include multi-library test scenarios -- transfers, holds allowed, holds forbidden, independent branches, etc.
19:07 wizzyrea yep, that was the plan
19:07 wizzyrea we've got them all fresh in our minds right now, we were going to write them up
19:07 wizzyrea so
19:07 wizzyrea format
19:07 wizzyrea flowchart or prose?
19:08 jwagner I'd do a How to test [scenario]:
19:08 jwagner Config is [indybranch or not] holds are allowed/forbidden
19:08 jwagner Log in as patron/staff from Library A, place hold for patron/on item from Library B
19:09 jwagner Log in as patron/staff from whichever library, run through checkin, make sure it triggers
19:09 jwagner etc. etc.
19:09 jwagner Personally I can follow a series of steps -- numbered, bulleted -- better than I can follow a chart
19:10 cfouts it'd be nice to have scripted unit tests that did that
19:15 cfouts_ joined #koha
19:17 Johnindy joined #koha
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19:26 * cfouts eagerly awaits the delivery of his new wifi router that won't reset its NAT tables every 45 minutes
19:27 wizzyrea it would be super nice to have scripted test units
19:28 wizzyrea I was thinking that these scenarios would help someone to write the test units
19:28 mib_lqqib joined #koha
19:28 sekjal_a wizzyrea: it will also help us identify any other possible scenarios Koha doesn't yet support, and figure out how to make them possible
19:28 mib_lqqib hi
19:28 sekjal_a is now known as sekjal
19:29 wizzyrea that was the other part
19:29 mib_lqqib i have a question re printing checkout slips
19:29 wizzyrea to get the ball rolling on documenting what kind of behavior people might expect out of koha
19:29 mib_lqqib how can they be configured?
19:29 mib_lqqib meaning, can I choose the info that appears on the slip?
19:29 cfouts wizzyrea: spot on. it would help to have a descriptive set of use cases
19:29 wizzyrea mib_lqqib: no, it's hard coded
19:30 wizzyrea :(
19:30 mib_lqqib oh
19:30 mib_lqqib that's weird
19:30 mib_lqqib isn't it
19:30 wizzyrea agreed.
19:30 wizzyrea I think there's a bug to make them more configurable
19:30 jwagner Yet another candidate for "make everything editable through the notices-type interface" :-)
19:31 wizzyrea yup yup
19:31 mib_lqqib I'd prefer to have the user's name on the slip instead of card number, for example
19:32 wizzyrea ok, I'm going to start work on that. I think I'm going to do prose-ish scenarios, and maybe an accompanying chart. Steps...
19:32 wizzyrea bug 3246 mib_lqqib
19:32 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3246 enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Looking for a way to customize the patron slips (receipts)
19:34 wizzyrea re: prose scenarios, thinking of something like in the bug 3536
19:34 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3536 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---, chris, ASSIGNED, Checked In item requiring transfer does not consistently trigger transfer prompt
19:45 cfouts_ joined #koha
19:46 mib_lqqib thanks for the info guys
19:47 wizzyrea sure thing. If you have the expertise you might consider adding the functionality you want and submitting it.
19:49 cfouts left #koha
19:49 cfouts_ is now known as cfouts
19:49 mib_lqqib i don't have the expertise :(
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21:52 chris Morning
21:54 rhcl_away chris
21:56 cfouts it's a schpadoinkle day
21:57 rhcl_away are those baked or fried?
21:58 cfouts blanched, actually
21:59 rhcl_away ew. like poached eggs?
22:00 rhcl_away left #koha
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22:02 * cfouts is brought out of his coding haze into hunger at the thought of poached eggs
22:08 moodaepo @wunder 56001
22:08 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in MSU Physics Dept, Mankato, Minnesota is 29.3�C (5:17 PM CDT on August 20, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 25.0�C. Pressure: 28.67 in 970.8 hPa (Rising).
22:08 chris @wunder wellington, nz
22:08 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 10.0�C (10:00 AM NZST on August 21, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Steady).
22:35 chris wow, SD are continuing their FUD
22:35 chris "David Noll, our SirsiDynix Field Sales Consultant. Dave wanted to know why we intended on leaving Symphony. We discussed our current issues ... and the main problem was the cost of the product and how frustrated we are that the prices continue to climb. Dave informed us that 30% of the libraries that left SirsiDynix for open source software ended up with SirsiDynix again."
22:35 chris 97% of the statistics put forth by SD are bs
23:15 chris according to libwebcats: 88 horizon to koha, 52 from unicorn, 3 have gone from koha to proprietary, 0 of those being Sirsi Dynix (Polaris and Apollo)
23:18 davi left #koha
23:19 chris SD need to learn its harder to lie on the internet these days, at least its harder to get away with it
23:25 cfouts left #koha
23:28 ebegin Have a good week end everyone!
23:30 ebegin left #koha

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