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03:27 Amit heya chris, brendan
04:22 brendan hey amit
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05:38 wajasu i'm going to do an update from 3.06.  Is 3.2's release imminent? i.e. in the next week or two?  Or shoud I grab the current alpha.
05:39 chris There is a beta
05:39 * chris clocks on from the bus, I love android
05:40 chris And a release candidate is due out any day now
05:40 wajasu so there will be rc1, rc2 ... over the next few months.
05:40 chris Hopefully just rc1
05:41 chris Maybe rc2 if needed but I don't think it will be
05:41 chris Libraries are running beta in production
05:42 chris Also you hit my pet peeve :) its 3.0.6 .... silly to worry about but I do hehe
05:42 wajasu yeah my typo.
05:43 wajasu my librarian is doing labels and if i upgrade, then maybe the label module is better.
05:44 chris It is definitely better in 3.2
05:44 chris Do you use debian?
05:44 wajasu i also want to see if diacritics are handled in labels, and web pages.
05:44 wajasu i see some records with a letter then a diacritic nex to it.
05:44 chris The diacritics is a problem with the pdf spec
05:44 wajasu i use archlinux.
05:45 chris For labels anyway
05:45 chris The website we have more control over
05:45 chris Ahh I won't suggest u use the debian packages then
05:46 chris Chris_n is the one to ask about labels
05:46 chris He did the rewrite for 3.2
05:47 wajasu if the website show diacritics next to the letter in cases, could it be a problem of how I encoded the unicode and stored it in the database when creating marc21 records? or is it a lack of sophistication in the page display logic?
05:48 chris For 3.2 diacritics display right, as do umlauts and macrons etc I can't remember for 3.0.x
05:50 wajasu ok.  i need that.  its an academic library and many authors and texts have diacritics.
05:50 wajasu i'll grab the beta and try it out.
05:50 chris Yep many multilingual libraries use koha
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05:51 wajasu is a git based pull with a certain tag worth grabbing instead? i.e. more fixes closer to the 3.2 release?
05:53 chris Yeah
05:53 chris Just grab master
05:54 chris Master will branch after the rc
05:54 chris But for now master is what will be 3.2
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05:55 chris Stuff for 3.4 is in the new/ branches
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05:56 wajasu ok.  i'll dupe my prod db and run that against it to see the benefits, then hopefully the 3.2 will be released, and i'll install that.
05:57 chris Good plan
05:57 chris Do you use acquisitions?
05:58 wajasu you mean purchasing from vendors...?
05:58 chris Yeah the acqusitions modulw in koha
05:59 chris The last blocker for release is to do with data upgrade for acq
06:00 chris Ok my bus is nearly home bbl
06:00 wajasu no acquisitions used yet.
06:00 wajasu thx
06:01 wajasu i just got back from the philippines and I'm now back in texas and now i'm up all night.
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06:15 greenmang has anybody tried working on Amazon's API to search books?
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06:32 kf morning #koha
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07:24 kf @wunder Konstanz
07:24 munin kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 14.7�C (9:33 AM CEST on August 18, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 29.88 in 1011.7 hPa (Steady).
07:24 kf hmpf.
07:41 jo waves at kf
07:41 kf hi jo :)
07:42 kf nice to see you :) started feeling a bit lonely here :)
07:42 jo i would usually be home - working late to get report done for auditors
07:43 kf does not sound like a lot of fun
07:45 jo no. and i'm so tired already
07:45 kf working out some cataloging rules for a new library
07:46 jo oh thats head work to
07:46 kf it's not that bad, just working out how they should catalog their items in union catalog so we get all needed information for koha (item types and locations)
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08:23 chris evening
08:24 kf hi chris
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08:29 kf testing sekjals patch for bug 4385 now
08:29 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4385 enhancement, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, With XSLT on, results list doesn't show both hardcopy and URL availability
08:32 chris cool
08:34 kf looks great so far
08:34 kf had to import records with items first :)
08:34 chris :)
08:43 chris jo: updated the levin trip page
08:45 kf chris: is the library (new sponsor) missing in the list on the start page)
08:47 chris yep, ill add that
08:54 chris done
08:58 kf done testing too
09:03 chris cool
09:04 chris what you could do
09:04 chris is signoff the patch and attach it to the bug
09:04 chris or resend it even
09:05 chris that way galen knows someone has tested the patch applies and works, makes his life easier
09:05 chris[…]cce54cae5609e3a7f
09:05 chris like that
09:08 kf I added a comment to the bug, not sure how to resend it?
09:08 kf resign?
09:08 kf need help :)
09:11 chris :)
09:11 chris how did you apply the patch
09:11 chris git am -s -i -3 -u  ?
09:11 kf with the command you taught me
09:11 kf yep
09:11 chris right, the -s is signoff
09:11 kf on a new branch
09:11 chris so now if you do git format-patch
09:11 chris it will make a new patch, with the signoff line
09:12 chris git show
09:12 chris will show you it if you want to look before you make the patch
09:12 kf Signed-off-by: Katrin Fischer <>
09:12 kf did not know git show, normally use vi
09:12 kf but this is a good tip
09:13 kf just resend it now or add a comment?
09:14 chris if you want to to add a comment you can
09:14 chris with git commit --amend
09:17 kf let me try
09:20 kf ok, done, but forgot to set the date in my vb...(again)
09:21 kf hm and my comment got lost
09:22 kf ah, I have to do format-patch again after amend?
09:23 chris yup
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10:08 pentarex hey guys
10:08 pentarex i have this problem with my harvest
10:08 pentarex PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class locum in /usr/local/etc/scas_dsn.php on line 15
10:09 pentarex can someone help me please
10:09 pentarex ops
10:09 pentarex is not that problem
10:09 pentarex PHP Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare class locum in /usr/local/lib/locum/locum.php on line 15
10:09 pentarex its this problem
10:12 chris koha is not written in php
10:12 chris that doesnt sound like anything to do with koha
10:12 jo homertime ! night all
10:12 chris night jo
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10:13 pentarex i mean i have problem with this connector module for drupal - locum
10:13 pentarex anyone can help me
10:13 pentarex with this
10:14 chris you are probably better off asking on a drupal mailing list, or drupal irc channel
10:14 chris this one is about Koha, which is written in perl not php
10:19 pentarex sorry
10:19 pentarex ;)
10:19 pentarex 10x anyway
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10:25 chris people are weird
10:38 kf is locum used for sopac perhaps?
10:39 kf chris: locum is in nicoles manual - so not that weird perhaps :)
10:39 kf[…]manual/?ch=x10143
10:39 chris yeah, nothing to do with koha though
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11:30 kf jcamins: around?
11:30 kf jcamins_a: around?
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11:33 jwagner Morning, all.
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11:34 kf morning jwagner
11:34 jwagner I don't work at the MySQL level -- how can I see what MySQL indexes are usually created?  Right now I'm interested in the borrowers table.  I'm looking at kohaclone/installer/data/mysql/kohastructure.sql but I'm not sure that's where I should be looking.
11:36 kf sorry, I never worked with indexes
11:37 kf but this would be the place I would look too
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11:38 chris show indexes from tablename
11:38 kf jwagner: look here
11:38 chris in mysql
11:38 chris so
11:38 chris show indexes from borrowers;
11:39 * kf takes notes
11:41 jwagner OK, I think that's what I was looking for -- the KEY entries in the kohastructure.sql file or the MySQL command.  In either case, it looks like there are not indexes on the various name fields (surname, firstname, etc.), so that answers the question I was investigating.  Thanks.
11:44 chris jwagner: explain
11:44 chris is a great command
11:44 chris explain some sql
11:45 chris will tell you what indexes are being used
11:45 chris by a given query
11:46 chris ok bedtime
11:46 kf night chris
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11:48 pentarex hey guys ... again
11:48 pentarex in koha when i want to add a record
11:48 pentarex in section 9
11:48 pentarex mark up c : item type
11:48 pentarex is blank
11:48 pentarex how i can fix it
11:50 pentarex anyone ?
11:53 pentarex i found it now
11:53 pentarex everything is ok
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14:39 rhcl_away Morning brendan
14:39 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
14:48 brendan mornign rhcl
14:48 brendan s/mornign/morning
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16:14 owen Hi druthb
16:14 druthb Hi, owen!  :D
16:14 * druthb struts around on her new prosthetic leg.
16:14 * owen checks his watch and taps his foot
16:14 owen ;)
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16:18 owen nengard do you find new bugs every time you do training? :)
16:19 wizzyrea hey ruth :)
16:20 nengard yes owen
16:20 nengard :(
16:20 nengard but at least these were small(ish)
16:21 druthb hi, wizzyrea!
16:21 wizzyrea better than not finding them :)
16:21 * wizzyrea waves, squees
16:21 * druthb squees back, and sashays back and forth some more.
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16:27 nengard druthb I need some tips for getting around on crutches cause right now i'm at the mercy of hubby!!
16:28 druthb Two sticks or one, nengard?    And I assume you've got one foot totally out of action, and holding it off the floor.
16:28 nengard 2 sticks and yes - 1 foot totally off the floor - no weight allowed
16:28 nengard for 1 month!!!!!!
16:28 wizzyrea omg what happeneD/
16:29 nengard turns out I have a condition called avascular necrosis - easy explanation is my hip is dying.  my mom had both hers replaced at 45 and when I felt a little pain i went right in.  the idea is no weght bearing for a month might let it heal a little
16:29 nengard keyword = might
16:29 wizzyrea :O
16:29 nengard if that doesn't work it's surgery
16:29 nengard and if that doesn't work
16:29 druthb Okay.  Commonest problem I see is poorly-fitting sticks.  Wearing a shoe you normally wear, stand ramrod-straight, like at military "Attention".  The crutch should *just* make contact with your armpit, or be not more than an inch under it.
16:29 nengard it's a new hip
16:30 nengard druthb - when i stand i'll check to see if it's right, I think I'm pretty close to straight
16:31 druthb People tear up their shoulders alla time by slouching onto their crutches.  If they're sized right, you can't slouch.  Handgrips should be where your arms are almost straight, and weight should be about evenly distributed between armpits and hands.
16:32 nengard yeah day one i put bruises on my armpits!!! but i fixed things after that and put memory foam on the arm pads :) hehe
16:32 druthb Keep the tips close together; they should remain more-or-less vertical.  a big outswing like you're rowing is unhealthy and dangerous for you and everyone around.
16:32 nengard that's i'm not doing
16:32 nengard i have them out wide
16:32 nengard maybe why i feel like i'm gonna fall :)
16:32 druthb yep.
16:33 druthb It's just like standing with your feet way apart; you feel unstable, because you *are.*
16:33 druthb They'll feel "tall", like you're hauling yourself over a hump, but it is much more stable and sustainable.
16:36 druthb Some courtesy things--when you sit down, store them vertically, rather than laying them down across the floor.  Even as short as yours must be (compared to mine), they present a big trip hazard, unless laid down against a wall or something.
16:36 nengard funny how while helping me you find a way to pick on me too :)
16:36 nengard I have been keeping them standing all over
16:36 nengard cause i can't really bend down to get them on the floor anyway ;)
16:36 wizzyrea oh you poor thing nengard
16:37 nengard i'm doing better than i was when i found out
16:37 druthb yup.  When we had lunch at ALA, sitting on the floor, I pushed mine over against the rail to keep 'em out of the way.  It bugged me to not stand them up.
16:37 nengard still scared of what may happen -but bri (awesome hubby) came with me to vegas last week and to MO next week
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16:48 cait hi #koha
16:50 cait @wunder Konstanz
16:50 munin cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 17.9�C (6:59 PM CEST on August 18, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 15.0�C. Pressure: 29.88 in 1011.7 hPa (Steady).
16:51 jcamins Hi cait.
16:51 cait hi jcamins :)
16:52 druthb @wunder 20852
16:52 munin druthb: The current temperature in Flower Valley, Rockville, Maryland is 21.8�C (12:53 PM EDT on August 18, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 20.0�C. Pressure: 29.78 in 1008.4 hPa (Steady). Flood Watch in effect through late tonight...
16:53 jcamins druthb: is that a ten degree temperature drop compared to yesterday?
16:53 druthb yep.  Cooler and very, very rainy today.
16:54 owen Anyone here familiar with the AddPatronLists preference?
16:54 cait sounds familiar
16:54 owen "List [general patron types / specific categories ] under the new patron menu"
16:55 cait ah
16:55 cait It changes the list in the borrower record
16:55 cait I think you see the categories with one selection
16:55 owen I think, but I'm not positive, that with either setting it is still assumed that you have created your own patron sub-categories
16:55 cait or I am totally wrong about it - did not find it very useful
16:56 cait yeah, i think it's only a display thing
16:56 cait showing the categories (staff, child, adult) as heading in the pulldown above your category types
16:57 cait or I just did not understand how it works
16:58 wizzyrea ok
16:58 wizzyrea holdsqueue
16:58 wizzyrea I'm on a crusade.
16:59 wizzyrea Can somebody give me a good reason not to show a specific barcode for every hold on the holdsqueue?
17:00 jwagner wizzyrea, because for some holds any item could fill it?  If you pre-select a barcode and that one can't be found for some reason (or someone has just checked it out), you don't know if it's OK to pull the next copy from the shelf.
17:00 jwagner (We've noted chris's patch & put it on the list to cherrypick, incidentally, so you don't have to ask for it....)
17:01 owen jwagner: The converse is that if you don't show a barcode and there are multiple copies on the shelf you don't know whether any particular one of them can be pulled
17:01 wizzyrea Mmm, I don't think I agree with that rationale. Having the barcode helps you pick the right item off of the right bib
17:01 cait wizzyrea: why have a barcode there? isn't the call number and title better because they are on the outside of the book?
17:01 owen ...because a copy might be attached to a different biblio
17:02 wizzyrea no, it doesn't really work well, because the call number isn't unique to each book
17:02 wizzyrea it's a tradeoff: you trade human compute time for computer compute time
17:02 jwagner When we worked on the holds queue report, I think we set it up so that it only showed a barcode if it was an item-specific hold.  No barcode, then any item could fill.
17:03 owen jwagner: That's how it's been since the release of 3.0
17:03 cait what happens if you show a barcode and a patron takes this copy before you get to the shelf?
17:03 jwagner Maybe I'm thinking of a different holds report then -- I know we worked on one of them.
17:03 wizzyrea it's fine
17:03 wizzyrea the pick list is only a suggestion
17:04 cait ok
17:04 owen Let's take it further: why not show ALL the barcodes which could be pulled?
17:05 cait because this could get really ugly for some things?
17:05 * jwagner has to run out for a few minutes -- back in a bit
17:06 cait hm, to show the call number it must already select one item as suggestion?
17:06 wizzyrea owen: that would be wowie, imagine all 60 twilight copies on a single pick list!
17:07 wizzyrea :D
17:07 wizzyrea er
17:07 wizzyrea hold queue
17:07 chris if you put barcode, you would need to add another column
17:08 wajasu left #koha
17:08 chris to tell ppl whethere this hold is an any, or a specific item
17:08 chris at the moment you can tell, if it has a barcode, the borrowers wants exactly that
17:08 chris if not, the borrower doesnt care
17:08 wizzyrea I have already done this!
17:08 wizzyrea :)
17:08 chris wheres the patch?
17:09 chris local changes do me no good :)
17:09 owen How about showing 2 or 3 barcodes and an indication that there are more?
17:09 wizzyrea I am trying to decide if there is a technical reason, and not a workflow reason, to change it
17:09 chris the only technical one is it involves a second sql query
17:10 wizzyrea I'm not sure it does
17:10 chris to fetch the items, (that exist in the right branch)
17:10 wizzyrea it looks like the flag for barcode displays the picked item regardless of whether it's item or title level
17:11 wizzyrea certainly owen's proposal would require additional work
17:11 owen wizzyrea: I also wonder if the 1 barcode you get with the existing query matches all requirements (available, for loan, etc)
17:11 wizzyrea that I do not know
17:11 wizzyrea but, I haven't gotten complaints about it
17:11 owen Also: Hi chris, aren't you up too early?
17:11 chris got another flight
17:12 jcamins chris sensed confusion on #koha.
17:12 chris and the dogs woke me up
17:12 owen Oh right, one that will land hopefully?
17:12 chris wizzyrea: it doesnt currently
17:13 wizzyrea[…]ba30-1a200c2f0f17 this is what I'm thinking
17:13 wizzyrea lordie
17:13 wizzyrea it doesn't currently check for all requirements?
17:14 wizzyrea is what you mean?
17:17 chris yeah, although i think its good enough
17:18 wizzyrea I just talked to my peeps
17:18 wizzyrea the only time a damaged item has ever been on the pick list, that we know of, was when the item was marked damaged after it was picked by the script
17:18 owen That is contrary to our experience
17:19 wizzyrea hmm.
17:19 owen ...unless something has changed
17:19 chris yeah it doesnt check damanged at all
17:19 chris it checks onloan, not for loan, withdrawn, and lost
17:19 wizzyrea then I guess we've just never come across that one
17:20 wizzyrea well
17:20 wizzyrea hm
17:20 wizzyrea I suppose you could say "<barcode> or any available item"
17:20 chris its a 2 line change to get a barcode to show
17:20 chris yep
17:20 wizzyrea just split the difference
17:20 wizzyrea yea
17:20 wizzyrea I've got that part done, I just wanted to make sure there wasn't a technical reason not to
17:21 wizzyrea like "OMG if you do that the world will implode"
17:21 chris no, just a workflow
17:21 wizzyrea I think I'll add "or any available item,' submit it and call it good. :)
17:21 chris and that some ppl might get annoyed if they get told to pick a barcode that isnt there, (which will happen more)
17:21 paul_p left #koha
17:21 chris yeah, if you do the patch then git blame blames you
17:21 cait make it a sys pref? *ducks*
17:22 chris and its not my fault
17:22 chris :)
17:22 wizzyrea hey I"ll take the blame. You don't have to take it
17:22 wizzyrea ;)
17:22 cait our libraries were quite happy that it was very easy to see the difference between item level and title level holds
17:22 wizzyrea oh it will still be easy I think
17:22 cait it should be easy to see the difference in the list
17:22 wizzyrea i'll tell you what, I'll protoype it and send a jiing, just a sec
17:23 wizzyrea I think it will still be easy to tell which is which
17:23 cait ok :)
17:23 cait our libraries are smaller, the call number works for them
17:24 owen I *wish* our call numbers were each unique
17:24 jcamins I *wish* we had call numbers.
17:25 wizzyrea < has 31 libraries, each with a unique scheme, and definitely not unique call numbers
17:25 wizzyrea like, an entire area with J F H, for example >.<
17:25 cait ouch
17:25 wizzyrea or all juv fiction books with author last name beginning with H
17:25 wizzyrea yea.
17:25 wizzyrea sigh.
17:26 cait the call numbers in most academic libraries around here are quite unique
17:28 wizzyrea cait:
17:29 wizzyrea and owen, for that matter
17:29 cait looks ok to me
17:29 chris is that doig the subtitle and stuff too?
17:29 wizzyrea Yep, see star wars
17:30 wizzyrea I prettified your work >.>
17:30 chris cool
17:30 wizzyrea the "clone wars adventures" wouldn't have shown before
17:30 owen Looks good to me wizzyrea
17:30 wizzyrea WOOT
17:30 wizzyrea ok
17:30 wizzyrea I shall submit it.
17:31 wizzyrea thank you all for your excellent discussion that led to a change we can agree on. :)
17:31 wizzyrea or mostly agree on
17:32 cait :)
17:34 chris if you put [followup] in the patch, thats helpful too
17:34 wizzyrea k
17:35 chris that way its easy to see if its a replacement patch, or a supplementary one
17:39 cait chris: are you doing patch training today? :)
17:41 chris :)
17:43 cait oh, it was your yesterday that you told me how to sign-off on a patch
17:44 tcohen hi, 1 question
17:44 tcohen as the usage of zebraqueue-daemon seems to be discouraged
17:44 * jwagner is back
17:45 tcohen is there a way for setting the accumulative reindexing
17:45 owen jwagner: here's what you missed:
17:45 tcohen faster than once a minute
17:45 tcohen ?
17:45 tcohen (via cronjob)
17:45 chris cron cant run faster than a minute
17:45 wizzyrea you must have crazy fast cataloger
17:45 wizzyrea s
17:45 tcohen exactly
17:46 tcohen the thing is that when our librarians add an authority
17:46 tcohen they want it "instantly" available
17:46 jcamins tcohen: if you really feel like you need it to run more frequently, write a script that sleeps thirty seconds, then runs the reindexer.
17:46 wizzyrea zounds
17:46 jwagner Thanks, owen, was just reading back.  wizzyrea, have you submitted that as a patch?
17:46 owen Man, librarians are freakin' impatient. It's universal.
17:46 jcamins As a cataloger, I can relate.
17:47 jcamins I think it would be less annoying if it weren't for the fact that you _have_ to search for an authority in order to populate $9.
17:47 chris yeah, a bash script with an infinite loop
17:47 chris and a sleep
17:47 tcohen yeap, i'll do it that way
17:48 chris you might want to just do -a
17:48 tcohen I think i'll do it on perl and set a config variable for administering it
17:48 chris and let the cron job do -b
17:48 tcohen chris: you're right!
17:48 jcamins chris: ooh, clever.
17:48 tcohen maybe I can use the zebraqueue structure
17:49 chris i wouldnt
17:49 chris thats why its deprecated :)
17:49 tcohen I mean, so it can be treated as a system service
17:49 chris well if you did a .sh
17:49 chris that just called rebuild_zebra
17:50 chris then you could daemonise it
17:50 chris using daemon, or another of the debian utils for doing that, and have it as an init.d script
17:51 wizzyrea jwagner: i am just about to
17:52 chris that way it handles logging etc for you too
17:52 wizzyrea stopped to get lunch :P
17:52 owen Now that the holds queue report is polished we just have to fix the holds to pull report :| Bug 3060
17:52 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3060 major, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, item number not on holds to pull report
17:52 * owen doesn't use the holds to pull report actually
17:52 tcohen chris: thanks, 'ill do it and ping back
17:52 chris cool
17:52 chris tcohen: you could send it as a patch
17:53 tcohen ack
17:53 chris for all the impatient cataloguers of the world to use :)
17:53 wizzyrea i'm not sure she's not referring to the holds queue...
17:53 jwagner owen, see Bug 4493 -- that's the report I was thinking of that we worked on
17:53 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4493 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Enhancements to holds to pull report
17:58 * wizzyrea has to go refer to owen's blog post and the koha git usage manual
18:41 chris[…]el-countries-2010
18:44 cait 3rd nz and 7th germany - cool :)
18:46 Nate joined #koha
18:46 sekjal joined #koha
18:48 cfouts joined #koha
18:50 cfouts_ joined #koha
18:54 cfouts left #koha
18:54 cfouts_ is now known as cfouts
19:01 chris ok time to head to the airport
19:02 chris cya
19:02 chris s
19:06 larsw fly safe
19:07 druthb left #koha
19:19 wizzyrea question, how can I amend the commit message of a commit a couple back?
19:19 wizzyrea just edit it?
19:20 cfouts_ joined #koha
19:23 cfouts left #koha
19:23 cfouts_ is now known as cfouts
19:30 gmcharlt wizzyrea: git rebase -i {hash of commit before} the one you want to edit
19:40 jwagner Oddball question for everyone.  If a patron does not have any of the messaging options set, then in theory they should not be receiving any of those notices (DUE, PREDUE, etc.).  Correct?
19:40 owen I like it when you think gmcharlt isn't even here and then BOO! he pops up and it makes you jump.
19:40 * jwagner hides from gmcharlt
19:41 sekjal jwagner: that sounds correct
19:41 gmcharlt jwagner: correct
19:41 nengard left #koha
19:41 jwagner That's what I thought.  But I have at least one example of a patron who got both a DUE & PREDUE, with no messaging option set.  I'm checking to see if the settings were modified recently.
19:42 jwagner Separate problem of why the title shows in some DUE/PREDUE notices & not others. But I'll worry about that later :-)
19:42 wizzyrea I can't say that we've ever seen that
19:43 jwagner I never have either (getting notices without the settings).  Weird.
19:46 jwagner wizzyrea, you're going to update Bug 5143 with your two followup patches and that screencast link?
19:46 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5143 trivial, PATCH-Sent, ---, chris, ASSIGNED, Subtitles not showing on
19:47 wizzyrea yep.
19:47 * wizzyrea has other jobby stuff to do first though.
19:49 sekjal jwagner: might their email somehow be attached to another account, as well, one that has Advanced Messaging set up?
19:50 cfouts_ joined #koha
19:51 jwagner sekjal, there are three patrons with that last name, but the notice used his firstname
19:52 jwagner Nope, just verified that the others of that lastname have different email addresses.
19:52 sekjal jwagner:  huh.  weird.  I'm out of ideas for now
19:52 jwagner Me too.  Gremlins.  It's Always Gremlins!
19:53 cfouts left #koha
19:53 cfouts_ is now known as cfouts
19:53 jwagner I might have to have cfouts track it down!
19:53 * jwagner hides quickly
19:53 wizzyrea you have to be nice to cfouts.
19:54 jwagner We try :-)
19:55 collum left #koha
19:56 jwagner Anyone know the table name for the messaging options offhand?  Am working from home today & don't have my cheat sheet
19:57 owen show tables like '%mess%' ?
19:57 jwagner I'm not at the MySQL level -- just doing a report
19:58 owen borrower_message_preferences ?
19:59 jwagner Yep, that's it. THanks.
20:00 jwagner Nope, nothing in the table for that borrower number.
20:00 owen jwagner: I'm surprised you don't have a VM running Koha
20:01 jwagner druthb keeps threatening to come over & install one on my home PC.  I keep dodging....
20:01 chris_n` joined #koha
20:01 jwagner I usually just hop around on various dev systems or production ones as needed.  But I don't work at the MySQL level unless someone holds my hand throughout.
20:02 sekjal jwagner; there are about 4 tables that deal with this
20:03 sekjal borrower_message_preferences, borrower_message_transport_preferences, message_transports, and message_transport_types
20:04 chris_n`` joined #koha
20:04 jwagner I think it's going to take some intensive prowling & testing to figure this one out.  May have to pass it on to the developers after all....
20:05 chris_n left #koha
20:06 chris_n` left #koha
20:07 chris_n`` is now known as chris_n
20:07 brendan_ joined #koha
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20:09 owen left #koha
20:11 brendan left #koha
20:19 * chris clocks in ftom the airport
20:19 cait wb chris
20:20 cfouts_ joined #koha
20:20 richard joined #koha
20:20 richard hi
20:21 cait ouch
20:21 cait my import from yesterday is not in the items table
20:22 chris I wonder what was different
20:22 cait *sighs*
20:23 cfouts left #koha
20:23 cfouts_ is now known as cfouts
20:23 chris Hmmm someone else can answer that harley question, I'm sick of it
20:23 cait not sure, it looked all ok yesterday. and I have imported status in importitem
20:23 chris Was it in the items table yesterday?
20:23 cait and the windows question?
20:23 cait ;)
20:24 chris Windows annoys me less
20:24 cait not sure I checked, perhaps I just looked at the result list and thought it was ok
20:25 cait and the message I got from the import script looked ok too
20:25 chris Hehe wizzyrea is all over the patches list
20:26 wizzyrea badly
20:26 wizzyrea very. badly.
20:26 brendan joined #koha
20:26 chris Yeah I never do it the way you do kf, so don't have any suggestions I'm afraid
20:27 cait you never use staged marc import?
20:27 wizzyrea ug. there it is, i'm not sure it's right still but I'm done with it for today.
20:27 * wizzyrea and git are having a disagreement.
20:27 chris Not for importing things with items
20:28 chris The other 2 worked
20:28 chris Btw
20:28 wizzyrea >.<
20:28 chris :)
20:28 cait I had only 20 records, thought it was easier this way
20:28 cait but I think I found the problem - although it's a bit annoying the tool did not tell me about it
20:29 chris Yeah make sure you report a bug
20:29 chris And then fix it :)
20:30 chris Hehe the new one has boraccount stuff wizzy
20:30 wizzyrea >.< yea, I know
20:31 wizzyrea I told you we were having a disagreement, git and me
20:31 * cait hides
20:31 chris Did you squash some commits?
20:31 wizzyrea I can't do any more until I get my crap cleaned up.
20:31 cait copy and paste problem when preparing item data - had 2 $b and no $a
20:31 chris That'd do it
20:32 jcamins Weird.
20:32 chris If I get time wizzy I can clean it for ya
20:32 jcamins An authority wasn't automatically created for one heading only.
20:32 chris No promises I will tho
20:32 jcamins I think maybe it's the question mark.
20:32 wizzyrea I'm not even sure what happened, I needed to edit my commit messages to add the -[followup] bit
20:32 wizzyrea nah, I will clean it up
20:32 chris Ok boarding
20:32 wizzyrea safe travels chris
20:32 chris Cyas
20:33 cait safe travels
20:34 cait jcamins: cookies?
20:35 cait jcamins: plz? :)
20:35 * jcamins hands cait some pomegranate-walnut chocolate fudge
20:35 cait wow
20:35 * jcamins also hands wizzyrea some pomegranate-walnut chocolate fudge
20:36 * cait sighs happily
20:36 cait thx
20:36 jwagner Hey!
20:36 * jcamins hands wizzyrea more, because she is battling git, and that requires lots of fudge
20:36 * jwagner feels neglected
20:36 wizzyrea jcamins: oh! that sounds good!
20:36 wizzyrea btw, we've made the cookies like 10x now
20:36 cait I am battling with notices and import and and and...
20:36 * jcamins hands jwagner some pomegranate-walnut chocolate fudge, late only because he thought that jwagner had left already
20:36 jwagner And I'm battling with a site going live and weird notices and, and
20:36 cait ;)
20:36 * wizzyrea hands jwagner some of her fudge, hides the rest of it like a squirrel
20:37 cait ok, I see, notices don't count :)
20:37 * jwagner says mmmmmm
20:37 jcamins I think I may have to make more of those cookies, actually... they were really rather satisfying.
20:38 wizzyrea yea, we nixed the chox chips, and put in dried apricots and pecans instead
20:38 wizzyrea and they are lovely breakfast cookies
20:38 cait jcamins always has the best cookies and sweets :) I cant even think of these great combinations
20:38 jwagner And on that note, I think I'll hang it up for the day.  Working from home is great, but I always seem to put in more hours than when I have to keep one eye on traffic.  Sigh.
20:39 jwagner left #koha
20:39 jcamins cait: I love baking.
20:39 jcamins On frustrating days, I threaten to quit my job and become a baker.
20:39 * wizzyrea is merely passable at baking
20:40 cait jcamins: I love baking too, but have no oven in this apartment, only a very small one to make pizza and such things
20:40 cait and very small cakes :)
20:40 * wizzyrea imagines cait's tiny cakes, thinks that would be a fun name for a bakery
20:40 jcamins cait: I make my fudge on the stovetop.
20:40 wizzyrea ooh, a cupcake boutique
20:41 cait will dream about that
20:41 cait stovetop?
20:41 jcamins Hob. I can never remember what other people call them.
20:41 wizzyrea top of the stove
20:42 jcamins So you don't need an oven, just a free burner on the stove.
20:42 jcamins And a pot. :D
20:43 cait ah
20:47 cait is there a recipe for that?
20:47 jcamins The fudge? Yes there is.
20:48 jcamins Actually, it's my entire Facebook profile, but I also just e-mailed it to someone, I think.
20:48 jcamins Let me check.
20:49 cait deleted my facebook account
20:49 jcamins Here, I found it.
20:49 jcamins Good for you, by the way.
20:49 cait hm?
20:50 jcamins On deleting your Facebook account.
20:50 cait ah, yeah, I hope it's really gone
20:50 cfouts_ joined #koha
20:51 cait hi cfouts
20:51 jcamins I'll give the recipe to you tomorrow.
20:51 jcamins Copy-and-paste isn't working.
20:51 jcamins :(
20:51 jcamins Just remind me.
20:51 cfouts_ hi, cait. I don't have any fudge recipes.
20:51 Nate left #koha
20:52 * cait feels a bit guilty
20:52 cait jcamins: will try :) thx!
20:53 cfouts left #koha
20:53 cfouts_ is now known as cfouts
20:54 jcamins You're welcome.
20:55 cait cfouts: cookies? ;)
20:55 jcamins We should have an official Koha fudge flavor.
20:58 cait yay
20:58 cait should I file an enhancement bug for that? :)
20:59 cait and our own cookies :)
21:00 wizzyrea the oatmeal coconut curry ones are pretty epic.
21:01 jcamins I'm happy to volunteer for the role of Official Koha Baker (In Absentia). ;)
21:02 cait :)
21:02 cait ok, now I will definitely dream about fudge and cookies
21:02 jcamins Have a good night, cait.
21:03 cait :) thx
21:03 cait bye all!
21:03 cait left #koha
21:20 cfouts_ joined #koha
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21:23 cfouts_ is now known as cfouts
21:36 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
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22:10 brendan @wunder 93117
22:10 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 25.5�C (3:18 PM PDT on August 18, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 51%. Dew Point: 15.0�C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012.1 hPa (Falling).
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23:05 sekjal pianohack++

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