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03:03 Amit heya chris
04:04 brendan hi amit
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05:20 CGI978 .
05:21 CGI978 I want to know when the koha version of 3.2 will be released
05:22 chris when the release manager decides it's ready
05:22 chris there should be a release candidate in the next few days (we have had 2 alpha and a beta release already)
05:23 CGI978 thnx chris...
05:24 CGI978 what is the process of installing alpha and beta version
05:24 CGI978 ?
05:24 CGI978 is it same like koha-3.06
05:24 chris yes
05:24 chris 3.0.6 that is
05:24 chris (the second . is important)
05:24 chris
05:26 CGI978 the second " Im nok
05:26 CGI978 pk
05:26 CGI978 ok
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05:39 kf morning #koha
05:39 chris hiya kf
05:40 kf hi chris :)
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07:56 chris evening richard
07:59 chris hmmm who wants to be the one to tell Bob Ewart that the 3.0 manual (on the old site, not the new one by the wayne state students) is not licensed under a license that allows him to take it and put a logo on it
08:00 chris dont all volunteer at once :)
08:01 * larsw would whistle if he could
08:01 chris heh
08:02 chris so larsw what do I need to bring tomorrow? passport?
08:02 larsw chris, passport and fingerprints of your key
08:03 larsw gpg --fingerprint
08:03 chris righto
08:03 larsw preferably printed rather than handwritten, but either is fine :)
08:03 chris ill print it out at work :)
08:04 larsw :)
08:06 magnus sounds intriguing...
08:06 larsw we're meeting for lunch and will do a bit of pgp keysigning at the same time
08:07 chris magnus: we can do a keysigning at the developer conference at kohacon too
08:07 larsw yay!
08:07 chris since you will all have your passports with you :)
08:07 larsw cross-oceanic keysigning ftw
08:07 kf is there any known reason why koha would state an item as imported in importitemd but it is not in intems and not in deleteditems?
08:08 chris magnus:[…]signingparty/#ss1.1
08:08 kf we have 266 items like this one of our installations and I have no idea wh
08:08 kf y
08:08 chris what was the rule used for them?
08:08 kf i cut one of those out of the marc file and imported it without problems
08:08 chris maybe it was set to not create items?
08:09 magnus chris: thanks for the link, it all seems a bit clearer now...
08:10 kf overlay_action: ignore (bibs from union catalog were imported first), nomatch_action: create_new, item_action: always_add
08:10 kf chris: I checked that, the only difference to my import is, that I used add_only_for_matches as item_action
08:11 chris hmm im out of ideas then
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08:13 greenmang hello friends, where can I get a list of public NCIP Complient ILS Servers?
08:13 greenmang I tried googling but no luck
08:13 chris NCIP?
08:14 greenmang chris:
08:15 chris yep i know what it is
08:15 chris i just dont think you will find much of any ILS that are compliant
08:15 chris SIP2 still has a stranglehold
08:16 chris envisionware and polaris are 2 I know of
08:17 chris unfortunately openncip stalled, but there are plans to restart it, which will allow Koha and Evergreen to enable NCIP
08:17 greenmang chris: ok... I installed Drupal NCIP module... so I wanted to test If I can connect to any NCIP ILS
08:18 chris im not sure any will have publicly available interfaces
08:18 chris since its used for circulation
08:19 greenmang chris: ok... so is it a paid service?
08:19 chris no its a protocol used for things like self check
08:19 chris its not something you expose for the world to use
08:20 chris and ILL
08:21 greenmang chris: ok.. :)
08:21 chris so if you had an ils you could connect your drupal instance up to talk to it, and get information about circulation data
08:22 chris like who has what out, and for how long etc
08:22 chris and could even issue things
08:22 magnus sounds a bit like what ILS-DI does?
08:22 kf chris: I am out of ideas too, but the library is closed for summer holidays (teacher's library). will try to repair it
08:23 chris magnus: a bit, ILS-DI is a webservice
08:23 chris and does less, im not sure you can actually issue with ILS-DI
08:24 magnus probably not
08:24 chris magnus: its a replacement for SIP2
08:25 chris think of NCIP as odf
08:25 chris and SIP2 as .doc
08:25 magnus renew, but not issue
08:25 magnus ah, that gives some perspective... ;-)
08:26 chris NCIP is an ANSI standard, SIP2 is a 3M 'standard' :)
08:26 chris <-- new sponsor, 2nd from bottom
08:27 magnus nice!
08:27 kf cool
08:27 kf when is the welcome reception?
08:28 chris monday night
08:28 kf ah :)
08:28 chris round 5.30 ish
08:29 greenmang chris: that was good info.. any links which can explain NCIP in layman's language? :)
08:29 chris hmm lemme see if i can find one
08:29 magnus cheese, port, single malt... sounds good to me! ;-)
08:33 chris magnus: they are sponsoring the first round of bubbles (sparkling wine)
08:33 chris greenmang: hmm nope only this
08:35 greenmang chris, hehe ok... thanks!!
08:35 chris magnus:[…]w&id=33&Itemid=44   <--- they are joined to this restaurant too, so after drinks we can go next door for a meal
08:38 magnus chris: wow, are those the prices on the right there?
08:39 chris yup
08:40 magnus :-)
08:41 chris there are less expensive alternatives within easy walking distance too
08:41 * chris doesnt know if that seems expensive or not too you :)
08:41 chris to even
08:42 magnus um, not at all. ridiculously inexpensive by norwegian standards...
08:43 chris ahh, well, thats reasonably pricy by wellington standards
08:43 magnus cool :-)
08:44 chris there are plenty more expensive, but plenty less
08:46 chris (at least in terms of asian food)
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09:02 kf chris: the prices look ok to me too
09:02 chris cool
09:04 chris im sure robin will take us here too
09:04 chris
09:07 magnus just beer? hm...
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09:18 Amit heya magnus, davi
09:19 davi hi Amit
09:19 magnus hi Amit
09:19 * kf drinks no beer
09:22 chris wine?
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09:23 ivanc hallo
09:23 ivanc I'm new here what is the difference between and ?
09:23 kf chris: not much alcohol at all :)
09:24 kf but I am sure I wll find something :)
09:24 chris ahh well there will be plenty of non alcoholic drinks there
09:25 chris ivanc:
09:25 chris explains it
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09:26 chris koha-community is open to all the community, used to be, but is now controlled by one company who is actively hostile to others in the community
09:27 ivanc chris: tnks
09:27 ivanc but the software is the same? who develop?
09:28 chris is the official site, and official releases are posted there (,, etc)
09:29 ivanc whi I need ( in the next future ) some help to realize a project for italian biblios
09:29 ivanc ( I hope )
09:29 chris you should talk with zeno tajoli
09:30 chris who is a koha developer in italy
09:30 ivanc chirs: tnks a lot
09:30 chris
09:33 ivanc chris: a german/austria developer ?
09:35 magnus kf is german, but usually denies being a developer... ;-)
09:35 kf magnus: yep
09:38 ivanc Tnks, here on the border I need support also for the German
09:38 ivanc :)
09:38 kf magnus: perhaps I will stop denying after KohaCon
09:39 kf ivanc: where are you from?
09:39 magnus kf: i think chris will do his best to persuade you :-)
09:39 chris :)
09:39 ivanc kf: bolzano
09:40 ivanc south tyrol
09:40 kf ivanc: ah :) I am in Konstanz
09:41 ivanc then I could ask for some help?
09:41 kf yes
09:42 ivanc kf: perfect!
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09:45 ivanc kf: depends on whether the project will start but if start I'll need aid
09:46 ivanc kf: your email?
09:55 kf pm
09:59 ivanc kf: thanks, see you soon (I hope) :)
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10:00 * kf wonders what his project is about :)
10:02 chris i guess we'll have to wait and see
10:07 kf chris: import with same command now added our missing items...
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10:07 kf chris: do I really want to know what happened last time?
10:09 chris not sure you can figure it out now
10:10 chris not without spending a lot of time trying to recreate the problem
10:10 kf chris: I see no way to find out now, but I will be extra careful with our next migration
10:11 chris *nod*
10:17 * chris usually uses instead of the web interface
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10:34 kf chris: we needed matching
10:34 kf and we use staged marc import on command line
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10:51 OpenUser Hi, I did ask this yesterday but I had to leave before anyone answered! I upgrade to 3.06 and now, in the Holdings screen in the Status Column it just says "On Loan" before the upgrade it showed the user it was checked out to.
10:51 OpenUser any ideas?
10:56 chris in the opac or the intranet?
11:01 chris because I dont see On Loan in the templates for either
11:02 chris in the staff client i see Checked out, and if you have independent branches switched on, and you are logged into a different branch to where the item is from, it wont show you who has it
11:02 chris btw its 3.0.6
11:03 OpenUser it's in the OPAC
11:06 chris ah well we dont show the user who has it out in the opac, privacy violatons etc
11:06 OpenUser actually it's the STAFF interface
11:06 OpenUser and I am a muppet
11:07 OpenUser the reason it wasn't showing "checked out" to was because I was looking in the OAPC
11:07 OpenUser OPAC
11:07 chris yup, that'd do it
11:07 OpenUser when I look in STAFF - the details are there!
11:07 OpenUser Sorry for wasting your time........
11:07 chris it wont show you the user in staff, if you are running with independent branches on (and the item isnt from your branch)
11:07 chris so if it disappears, check that system preference :-)
11:08 OpenUser I have signlemode ON though?
11:08 chris yup, then it will show
11:08 OpenUser cool!
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11:15 magnus there is still a pref called OPACShowCheckoutName, but the default is "off", of course
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11:21 chris ok, time for sleep
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11:36 Amit heya jwagner
11:40 jwagner Hi Amit
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11:43 kf hi jwagner, druthb and nate :)
11:43 Nate Hiya kf!
11:43 druthb howdy.  :)
11:43 magnus good morning america ;-)
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11:44 kf hi nengard :)
11:44 nengard long time no see everyone :)
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11:54 Amit heya nengard
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12:09 owen Hello #koha
12:12 greenmang how does the barcode chage with a book? is it different for different copies of same book or different for different of same book?
12:12 greenmang or different for different editions* of same book?
12:18 owen greenmang: A barcode is an arbitrary unique identifier for a physical item
12:18 owen Each separate physical item in your collection would have its own barcode
12:37 kf owen++
12:37 kf for filing I18N/L10N bugs :)
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13:00 magnus owen++
13:00 magnus for fixing bugs, old and new ;-)
13:01 owen Thanks guys :)
13:01 kf I try to vary the reasons a bit :)
13:02 greenmang owen: thanks a lot :)
13:05 sekjal kf: just sent a patch for bug 4385.  lost some of my commit message, though... :(
13:05 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4385 enhancement, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, With XSLT on, results list doesn't show both hardcopy and URL availability
13:09 kf sekjal: cool! will try to test it tomorrow - have to leave earlier today
13:09 jwagner sekjal++ -- Saves me doing it :-)  You're going to attach a copy of the patch to the bug report, right?
13:09 sekjal jwagner: Thanks for reminding me!  I'll do that now
13:10 kf owen: I saw that you changed bug 2188 - do you plan to work on this?
13:10 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2188 major, P3, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, outputs untranslatable English strings
13:11 kf I started to look into it, but I think it requires a lot of changes
13:11 owen Yeah, that put me off too the last time I looked at it.
13:11 owen I just wanted to update it with the proper version info since it won't make it into 3.2
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13:11 kf ok
13:12 kf I wanted to check my production systems, was not sure how the descriptions for f and fu from look like
13:12 kf but I fear it's a lot more than a display problem :(
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13:13 jcamins Good morning.
13:14 kf hi jcamins :)
13:14 kf ok, time to leave for me - bye all :)
13:14 greenmang can anybody give me the list of ILSs which implement NCIP protocol?
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13:15 greenmang <- is it?
13:18 jcamins greenmang: since this is a Koha-specific channel, you'd probably be better off asking your question in a more general venue. It looks like the "Implementation Registry" page on that site lists some ILSes that implement NCIP.
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13:51 briceSanc hello
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14:09 owen paul_p around?
14:12 paul_p hi owen, yes i'm around
14:13 paul_p good morning USA !
14:13 owen Hi paul_p, I'm looking again at Bug 3285
14:13 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3285 critical, P5, ---, paul.poulain, NEW, Location on Add Subscription should be pull down
14:13 owen I wonder if you know whether my latest comment on that bug report is correct?
14:14 paul_p owen, it's correct (and it's in if i'm not mistaking)
14:17 paul_p we have so many patches to submit to koha-community :-((((
14:22 paul_p owen, just sent you something by mail. probably the patch to this bug
14:22 paul_p HTH
14:23 owen Thanks!
14:29 owen paul_p: It looks like that patch adds information about the location to the heading of but doesn't affect the location field in the add item form.
14:29 owen Do I misunderstand what subscriptions.location is for?
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14:37 owen The resolution of this bug is probably tied to that of Bug 2664 as well, as both require that some data be passed to whatever routine builds the add item form
14:37 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2664 normal, P3, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, Additem form should preselect logged-in branch
14:43 JeremyLC Is it possible to use Koha without MARC?  We have an existing catalog of 1700+ items (small for a library, but we aren't a library) to import, and we have no MARC records for any of them
14:44 jcamins JeremyLC: not at the moment, no.
14:47 ebegin JeremyLC, you can convert them to MARC though and then, import them in Koha
14:47 ebegin JeremyLC, what is the format of your data?
14:48 JeremyLC we're using an in-house system now
14:48 JeremyLC the data is in a MySQL database, most of the data for a given record is specific to this system
14:49 JeremyLC the only useful info we have is an accession number, item title/name, language, and media type
14:49 JeremyLC and copy counts (1 copy made, 2 copies made, original only, etc.)
14:52 JeremyLC ebegin I can format it for import, but I don't think I have enough information to create the MARC records in any automated way
14:52 ebegin MarcEdit is what you need :)
14:53 paul_p owen, is your items.location field mapped & active on the items ?
14:54 JeremyLC ebegin but how long will it take to take to enter 1700 items? (more than that since we have items that need to be catalogued, but are unavailable for circulation)
14:54 ebegin few seconds :)
14:55 owen paul_p: items.location works in other cases (regular item editing) if that's what you mean
14:55 chris_n any suggestions as to the best strategy to use when merging branches that have several conflicts?
14:57 briceSanc i think that i found a bug in ? Someone can't check with me ?
14:57 briceSanc can
14:57 JeremyLC ebegin using the delimited text translator, perhaps?
14:58 ebegin that is correct
14:59 ebegin you have to assign each of your fields (title, author, etc) to their actual Marc Field. Title: 245$a, Author: 100$a, Media Type: 942$c and 952$y.
14:59 sekjal briceSanc: what have you found?
15:00 ebegin You can set your accession number to 952$p which is the document barcode.
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15:04 briceSanc sekjal, when i want to import authorities marc record, i check duplicates with the marc21 fiels "001- Control number"
15:05 briceSanc sekjal, my cmd lime looks like this : ./ -a -file path/to/record.mrc -d -n 10 -match sn,001
15:07 briceSanc my 001 field in my marc21 record looks like "201-0000001" to "201-0000014"
15:07 briceSanc but in the Koha-DB, table : auth_header
15:07 briceSanc sekjal, there is just the last import "201-0000014"
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15:09 owen An amusing comment in, "This code is subject to change in 3.2 with the implemenation of ajax based autobarcode code"
15:09 briceSanc sekjal, and if i modify the 001 field to looks like "201" to "214"
15:09 owen The best laid ajax plans...
15:09 briceSanc sekjal, all of the records are writing in Koha-DB
15:10 sekjal briceSanc: so it sounds like the '-' is messing up the -match parameter
15:10 sekjal like it's dropping everything after it
15:11 briceSanc sekjal, i think that doesn't like the "-"
15:11 briceSanc saorge_, yes
15:11 briceSanc oops
15:11 briceSanc sekjal, yes :)
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15:11 owen paul_p: The fact that the patch you sent me includes this markup in serials-collection.tmpl, "<i><!-- TMPL_VAR name="bibliotitle" --></i> (<!-- TMPL_VAR name="location" --> ) " lead me to believe that I misunderstand what subscriptions.location is for
15:12 owen Is subscriptions.location supposed to be biblio-level information distinct from an item's shelving location?
15:12 paul_p owen, it's supposed to be the default location for items created when recieving the serial
15:12 briceSanc sekjal, i will try with rename 001 field "201-0000001" to "2010000001"
15:25 briceSanc sekjal, it works with "2010000001"
15:25 sekjal briceSanc: looks like the dash is the problem, then
15:26 briceSanc sekjal, or the field type in database : bigint(20)
15:28 sekjal I'm not sure if is checking the db field, or Zebra.
15:28 sekjal if it's the DB field, there would be the problem of mapping the dash to a value
15:29 briceSanc sekjal, i check that
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15:42 wizzyrea owen: quick question re: the holds queue list
15:42 wizzyrea how difficult to get the subtitle added?
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15:42 owen ?
15:42 wizzyrea yea
15:43 owen I'm not sure if I've looked at that before. If I have, then it must be hard or I would have done it. If I haven't, then I don't know :)
15:43 wizzyrea hehe
15:43 wizzyrea fair enough :)
15:43 owen I can take a look
15:44 wizzyrea it's just, without the barcode, and with no subtitle, staff can't tell which item in a series to pick without clicking through to the bib
15:44 wizzyrea very time consuming
15:44 wizzyrea I'll file a bug for reminder if that's helpful
15:45 owen Sure
15:49 briceSanc sekjal, it works when i change the type of the field
15:49 sekjal briceSanc: interesting
15:50 briceSanc sekjal, we are searching an idea to improve the script
15:50 briceSanc sekjal, i need to do more tests
15:51 ebegin make sense since a '-' can not be part of a BIGINT, unless its a the begining.  So the question is if 100-100000 is a legal Control Number and I beleive so.
15:51 ebegin s/its a/it's at/
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16:21 cait hi all
16:21 cait @wunder Konstanz
16:21 munin cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 17.3�C (6:30 PM CEST on August 17, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015.1 hPa (Steady).
16:21 owen Hi cait & nengard
16:22 cait hi owen - saw your patch for location in serials. my coworker will be happy about that, she is preparing for serials training :)
16:22 owen I wish it was more complete
16:22 cait is it difficult to do the last part?
16:23 owen It is for me :)
16:23 cait ok, so probably for me too
16:23 nengard howdy owen
16:23 owen I don't know how to make the subscription add-item screen preselect the location
16:23 cait a framework for serials like the acq framework would be a nice addition
16:24 owen nengard: I see several patches were approved for Bug 3317. Could you check to see if it's still outstanding?
16:24 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3317 normal, P5, ---, gcollum, ASSIGNED, Author displays inconsistently ( and incorrectly ) in (and when emailing cart )
16:26 nengard owen, trying to catch up on a few things  - will look in a minute
16:26 owen Thanks, no hurry
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16:43 nengard owen the name in the cart is right - i don't have email set up on my test server those so I can't test that
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18:55 cait @wunder Konstanz
18:55 munin cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 16.0�C (9:00 PM CEST on August 17, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 63%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 29.96 in 1014 hPa (Falling).
18:58 druthb @wunder 20817
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18:58 jcamins @wunder 11105
18:58 munin jcamins: The current temperature in Astoria, Astoria, New York is 32.2�C (3:05 PM EDT on August 17, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 45%. Dew Point: 19.0�C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014.1 hPa (Falling).
19:05 cait brr
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19:05 wizzyrea bug 5144
19:05 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5144 enhancement, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, Duplicate holds allowed if patron clicks back button after placing hold
19:08 owen Could probably be merged with Bug 4054 as "Don't allow duplicate holds!"
19:08 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4054 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Double-clicking the 'place hold' button can result in duplicate holds
19:09 wizzyrea aha
19:09 owen This is a long-standing problem that no one has decided was worth fixing
19:09 wizzyrea ...
19:09 wizzyrea why no love for reserves
19:09 wizzyrea oh right
19:10 wizzyrea never mind, I answered my own question, and I can't say it.
19:16 owen When you pull the string in Koha Barbie's back she says "Holds are hard!"
19:16 wizzyrea hehe
19:18 chris Morning
19:19 wizzyrea hey chris
19:19 cait hi chris
19:19 cait has anyone seen problems with normal display in HEAD?
19:19 chris No
19:20 chris At least none have been reported to me
19:20 cait I had a perl error until I changed to xslt, now it's gone... today is mystery bug day
19:21 chris Heh
19:21 wizzyrea normal display in the opac or staff interface?
19:21 * wizzyrea recalls something like that
19:21 wizzyrea but I can't be sure of my memory
19:21 cait wizzyrea: staff
19:21 wizzyrea sec, lemme check
19:22 cait import in fresh database, zebraqueue looked good, because of the error I reindexed again and the error was still there, after that I changed to xslt, now I can change back and forth and it's always working
19:23 wizzyrea I sort of remember this from when I first imported my DB
19:23 wizzyrea but now it's always working
19:23 wizzyrea I just checked, normal view is working on both
19:23 wizzyrea with and without xslt
19:23 chris owen does the duplicate holds happen in both staff amd opac?
19:24 * wizzyrea is checking
19:24 wizzyrea yep, it sure does
19:24 chris I think blocking identical is not too hard
19:24 cait wizzyrea: thx :) a real mystery bug then :)
19:24 chris Don't want to accidentally block similar tho
19:24 wizzyrea :) def
19:25 chris Ie for 2 diff items on same biblio
19:25 wizzyrea well, the same patron should, in most cases, never be allowed to place 2 title level holds
19:26 chris Ill see if I can get someone to take a look
19:26 wizzyrea ptfs has some code that lets you specify itypes that allow dupe holds
19:26 chris Heh never and in most
19:26 wizzyrea i know right
19:26 jcamins wizzyrea: how does one deal with multi-volume sets in this case?
19:26 chris Its rules like that that make libraries nightmares
19:27 wizzyrea agreed.
19:27 wizzyrea that's what the ptfs code hoped to address I think
19:27 owen Actually chris now I can't reproduce Bug 4054 in HEAD
19:27 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4054 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Double-clicking the 'place hold' button can result in duplicate holds
19:27 wizzyrea (we couldn't get it to work though)
19:27 wizzyrea I just duplicated it on my test system
19:27 wizzyrea my 3.2 test system
19:28 chris Can u update the bug with the exact steps you took
19:28 wizzyrea i'll do you one better and record it
19:28 chris Cool
19:29 chris So what we want is
19:29 chris A confirmation
19:29 chris This is identical hold to this one
19:29 chris Are you sure?
19:30 chris Then if they hit yes, its their own fault
19:30 * chris goes the low tech route
19:30 owen Under what circumstances are duplicates holds allowed?
19:31 wizzyrea
19:31 chris Can u link it to the bug
19:31 wizzyrea it's in the bug :)
19:31 chris On my phone at the mo
19:31 wizzyrea I made a comment on the bug with the link
19:32 chris Owen: who knows
19:32 owen :)
19:32 chris That's why I think catching them
19:32 chris And amking someone confirm is the most workable solution
19:33 wizzyrea well, I think actually the holds generated are so closely identical, that in this case, filling one fills the other
19:33 chris Then you can just tell whoever keeps clicking yes to stop it
19:33 wizzyrea so they're not ACTUALLY two separate holds
19:33 chris Yeah this would catch that
19:34 chris It would also catch it
19:34 wizzyrea owen: re: times when dupe holds would be desirable
19:34 chris If someone munges a url to bypass the check
19:34 wizzyrea as jcamins said, multi volume sets, teachers placing several copies on hold for a class, book clubs
19:35 owen there might be a reason why someone would *want* to place multiple holds, but doesn't Koha usually block them?
19:35 wizzyrea yep
19:35 chris This hold is identical to this, naybe you hit back by mistake, if you really want to do this click yes
19:36 chris Librarians may yell at you though
19:36 owen I was just blocked when I tried to do it, although turning off javascript let me bypass it
19:36 chris Yup
19:36 chris We need it in the code
19:36 wasabi FYI, im re-writing ptfs/BL holds this week, for kapiti...
19:36 wizzyrea I was doing it in chrome, maybe that's a difference as well
19:36 chris You can't trust js for stuff like this
19:36 cait wizzyrea: I remember we had a problem like this with opera once
19:37 cait not with koha, but horizon opac
19:37 cait resulting in duplicate ill requests - so I think it can be browser dependant
19:37 cait dependent?
19:37 wasabi i started splitting into 3 separate files, yesterday
19:37 owen Yes, dependent :)
19:37 chris bbiab
19:38 cait thx owen :)
19:38 wizzyrea wasabi: if you can make holds work, I will love you forever.
19:38 wizzyrea for. ev. er.
19:38 cait wizzyrea: be careful :)
19:38 wizzyrea lol
19:39 * wizzyrea might be inspired to poetry if holds can be made to work properly.
19:39 wizzyrea er, more properly
19:39 wasabi i think  have a good-shot, after i split
19:41 wasabi ill save my victory-lap after i finish
19:43 schuster left #koha
19:44 wasabi ...i still have a patch for your opac back-button auth-bug, i need to submit too :/
19:46 wizzyrea !!!
19:46 wizzyrea you fixed that!
19:46 wizzyrea really!?
19:46 * wizzyrea goes a bit slackjawed
19:47 wasabi its not a pefect-fix. but it works just fine on kapiti's firefox opacs
19:48 wasabi a very common web-app bug , it turns out...
19:48 wizzyrea :D
19:49 wasabi with a tricky fix, most web-browsers dont allow JS to modify (read: destroy) web-page history
19:49 wasabi ... as it could be used as a security-exploit
19:50 wasabi so the admin/user has to manually enable that permission on the browser, only then the JS fix works..
19:51 wasabi ill aim to send the patch in, this arvo
19:52 wizzyrea that would be so great. I can't wait.
19:52 chris Yay
19:52 wizzyrea wasabi++
19:52 wasabi promises, promises....
19:52 Johnindy left #koha
19:53 * wasabi back to working on holds...
19:53 owen Time to quit. Bye all
19:53 owen left #koha
19:55 chris The other option is run in private mode
19:55 chris Or incognito for chrome
19:55 chris Then close that on logout
19:55 chris History is then gone
19:56 wasabi still req. the user to do that...
19:56 collum left #koha
19:56 wasabi a pebcak fail
19:56 chris I reckon you could make the browser do it
19:56 chris At least with chrome
19:56 wasabi well, thats what my JS fix does :)
19:56 chris Its just a window close
19:56 cait I think there is a plugin for firefox too
19:57 chris Yeah but now ur js is modifying history
19:57 chris Rather than opening and closing a window
19:57 wasabi but, in FF a low-level perm needs to be enabled , to close that window
19:58 chris Yep you can do that on your opacs
19:58 wasabi close-window, mod window history needs the same perm enabled, afaik
19:58 wasabi yep, my prev. point :)
19:58 chris Seems a little dangerous
19:59 chris If now I can rewrite history on that browser
19:59 wasabi hmm, i better re-read my email to dan, to check that.... :)
19:59 chris I'm pretty sure the sysadmins here would kill me
20:00 wasabi ah, i was wrong :)
20:00 wasabi edit firefox's global 'user.js' file, and add this line to it...
20:00 wasabi user_pref("dom.allow_scripts_to_close_windows", true);
20:01 chris Yup ill have to read up on it too
20:01 wasabi pref closes/open a new window, destorying browser history :)
20:01 wasabi heres some links....
20:02 wasabi http://www.debian-administrati[…]all_firefox_users
20:02 wasabi[…]g/briefprefs.html
20:02 wasabi
20:02 chris But if it does allow arbitrary js to modify history, sounds very xss dangerous
20:03 wasabi yeah, that method was my 1st attempt,  i switched to window close/open method
20:03 wasabi more secure ;)
20:04 chris Cool so that's what it does now?
20:04 chris Close and open windows?
20:05 wasabi yep, with some little JS wrapper subs() for tidyness
20:05 chris Cool, much less scary than modifying the history
20:07 wasabi yeah, the mod-history method i recall, coz it stumped me, and i switched
20:07 chris You could inject nastiness
20:10 wasabi yep, its officially a stupid idea for a fix
20:11 jwagner left #koha
20:13 hdl joined #koha
20:13 hdl Hi all
20:14 wasabi heya hdl
20:14 wizzyrea hi hdl
20:17 briceSanc left #koha
20:18 Johnindy joined #koha
20:18 cait hi hdl
20:19 hdl Hi cait
20:20 hdl Have to go to sleep
20:20 cait me too
20:20 cait creating example patrons with characters from twilight and star wars instead ... ;)
20:22 cait ok, should better sleep
20:25 hdl left #koha
20:26 cait will do now - bye all
20:26 cait left #koha
20:28 richard joined #koha
20:29 richard hi
20:32 chris heya richard
20:32 richard hi chris
20:32 * richard wasn't ignoring you last night
20:32 richard just playing on the laptop in the sitting room
20:33 chris no worries
20:35 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
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21:40 wizzyrea owen++ for his intranetuserjs hackery
21:40 wizzyrea just sayin.
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