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02:12 chris_n g'evening
02:12 chris hiya chris_n
02:12 chris_n how's monday going chris?
02:12 chris so far so good
02:13 chris_n this week is already becoming too short for my list
02:14 chris that sounds like every week :)
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03:23 Amit heya chris, brendan
03:23 Amit @wounder Bangalore
03:23 munin Amit: Error: "wounder" is not a valid command.
03:26 Amit @wunder New Delhi
03:26 munin Amit: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 29.0�C (8:30 AM IST on August 16, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 89%. Dew Point: 27.0�C. Pressure: 29.71 in 1006 hPa (Steady).
03:26 Amit @wunder Dehradun
03:26 munin Amit: The current temperature in Dehradun, India is 24.0�C (5:30 AM IST on August 16, 2010). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 96%. Dew Point: 23.0�C. Pressure: 29.70 in 1006 hPa.
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04:01 cait morning #koha
04:01 chrisc hi cait
04:01 cait hi chris
04:13 larsw hi, ciat
04:13 larsw er, cait
04:13 larsw typing's hard
04:13 cait hi lwars
04:13 cait larsw ;)
04:13 larsw :)
04:13 cait I can say it's too early
04:16 cait and vacation was too short
04:17 Amit heya cait, chrisc
04:17 cait hi amit
04:18 chrisc is now known as chris
04:18 larsw hi, chris :)
04:18 chris heya larsw and Amit
04:19 Amit heya larsw
04:19 larsw hi, Amit
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04:52 indradg_ hi all... morning!
04:55 cait time to go to work, bbl
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05:01 indradg_ chris, around?
05:02 indradg_ @wunder Kolkata
05:02 munin indradg_: The current temperature in Kolkata, India is 33.0�C (10:20 AM IST on August 16, 2010). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: 27.0�C. Pressure: 29.71 in 1006 hPa (Steady).
05:06 indradg_ Amit, morning
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05:15 Amit heya indradg_
05:16 indradg_ Amit, have you used GoogleJackets?
05:16 Amit yes
05:19 indradg_ Amit, I ran into this issue yesterday -[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5138
05:19 munin Bug 5138: normal, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, Erroneous display for OPACShelfBrowser with GoogleJackets enabled
05:19 indradg_ any idea Amit ^^^
05:19 Amit wait
05:19 Amit i have to see
05:19 indradg_ ok
05:20 Amit indradg: same image of book on browse shelf
05:26 indradg_ Amit, yes
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05:27 kf back :)
05:28 Amit heya kf
05:29 Amit indradg_: hmm i have the same problem
05:29 Amit same book cover comes
05:30 indradg_ Amit, ok! so this is replicable issue.... that good!
05:30 Amit yes
05:31 indradg_ bugzilla has auto assigned owen... haven't seem him online yet
05:31 Amit i have to check this on another version of koha
05:32 indradg_ which version did you check against atm?
05:32 Amit 3.0.6
05:35 indradg_ ok
05:36 Amit indradg_: it's running fine on master branch
05:36 indradg_ hmmmm
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06:31 magnus g'day #koha
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06:51 kf hi magnus
06:51 magnus Guten Morgen, kf!
06:51 Amit heya magnus
06:51 kf :)
06:51 magnus hi Amit
06:51 magnus @wunder bodo, norway
06:51 munin magnus: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 11.0�C (8:50 AM CEST on August 16, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 4.0�C. Pressure: 30.33 in 1027 hPa (Steady).
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06:58 * magnus wonders if anyone knows how works - do all the libraries use koha as their main system, or are records federated from other systems into a union catalogue?
07:08 indradg_ magnus, do you have a koha 3.0.6 install around?
07:10 magnus indradg_: sorry, i only have and HEAD
07:11 indradg_ magnus, ok! /me is running into bug 5138
07:11 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5138 normal, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, Erroneous display for OPACShelfBrowser with GoogleJackets enabled
07:11 magnus hm, don't think i ever tried enabling Google Jackets...
07:15 indradg_ magnus, the bug only comes up in the Shelf browser... not for one-on-one opac queries
07:16 indradg_ magnus, being in India... imho Google jackets cover more items than Amazon (for books)
07:16 magnus cool
07:17 Amit indradg: which version of koha r u using
07:19 indradg_ Amit,
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11:43 kf monday--
11:43 kf @karma monday
11:43 munin kf: Karma for "monday" has been increased 1 time and decreased 5 times for a total karma of -4.
11:45 jwagner kf, I have thought for years that what we really need is a five-day weekend and a two-day workweek.  But then Monday (or the equivalent) would be REALLY bad....
11:46 paul_p kf & jwagner : does it mean you're not happy to go to work every day ? I am, so, monday, tuesday or saturday, i'm happy either (as we is for my family, which I love too, of course)
11:48 kf paul_p: I love my work too, but on mondays strange things tend to happen
11:48 kf suddenly appearing migration problems, not noticed for months (missing items) or such things
11:49 jwagner paul_p, I love my job, but I don't like Mondays....
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11:59 * magnus did "rm *" in the wrong directory earlier today...
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12:02 * jwagner sends much sympathy to magnus -- been there, done that...
12:02 magnus thanks! at least it wasn't "rm -r *"
12:03 magnus and there is supposed to be a backup somewhere
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12:04 jwagner or at the root level
12:04 druthb howdy, #koha. :)
12:04 owen Hi everyone
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12:17 kf hi druthb and owen :)
12:19 magnus hiya druthb, owen et al
12:21 owen Does anyone know what Jo meant when she said on the list "Chrome interface does not 'show' reserves when items are being checked in"
12:21 kf perhaps that the message does not come up?
12:21 kf the message box
12:22 kf never worked with chrome, but that's what I thought
12:22 owen It does
12:22 owen I guess I'll reply and ask
12:23 kf hm you never see if there are waiting reserves for the borrower (although this would be nice) and fines
12:23 kf i think you only see if items were overdue
12:23 owen ?
12:23 kf but perhaps hlt has some more features
12:23 kf at check-in
12:24 kf you don't see information about waiting reserves for the borrower or open fines, you have to open the account for that information
12:24 kf so if the box shows I have no idea... just thinking loud.
12:24 kf it's monday...
12:24 * kf goes and hides under her desk
12:36 * jwagner joins kf
12:37 * druthb joins kf and jwagner, and brings cookies.
12:38 magnus can i come too?
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12:40 * jwagner proposes a group Monday hideout
12:42 kf cookies... *sighs happily*
12:42 * jwagner will bring chocolate :-)
12:42 kf magnus: we can use my coworkers desk too, enough room for 4 people
12:42 jwagner We have a nice big table in our conference room -- plenty of space for hiding :-)
12:42 magnus kf: cool!
12:43 magnus jwagner: even better
12:43 kf lol
12:46 schuster wish I could join you but have 2 presentations Wednesday that I must get done!!  and our office is under renovation so generally people can't find me anyway!
12:47 magnus schuster: good for you ;-)
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12:57 jcamins Good morning, #koha
13:03 owen Hi jcamins
13:04 kf hi jcamins
13:07 magnus g'day jcamins
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13:28 kf jwagner: I have a library comlaining about bug 4385 - any news there?
13:28 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4385 enhancement, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, With XSLT on, results list doesn't show both hardcopy and URL availability
13:28 sekjal kf: I've got a patch for that
13:28 sekjal just need to rebase it to the latest master (it's a few revisions back)
13:29 kf sekjal: you would make me really happy - in fact it's the third of our three libraries complaining about that ...
13:29 sekjal kf: I'm doing some training today, but I'll have it ported over very soon.
13:29 kf we have a lot of urls in the record, urls to covers, reviews and tocs
13:30 kf catalog enrichment from our union catalog
13:30 kf sekjal: thx :)
13:30 sekjal I'm glad it's something other folks are interested in; I'd whipped it up as an XSLT customization, and wasn't sure it would be universal enough to fold into Koha
13:32 jwagner kf, was off on another screen, just saw this.  sekjal, how does your fix work?
13:33 jwagner The workaround I figured out was to put hardcopy & URL availability on separate lines
13:33 sekjal jwagner: as I recall, that's the way mine displays, as well
13:33 kf sekjal: I am sure others are interested too. I think there are more libraries with links for catalog enrichment, not only online ressources
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13:52 greenmang hello friends... this site lists a perl binding for searching LoC online catalogue, can anybody tell me what does "@attr 1=7" means?
13:54 greenmang i just found that @attr 1=7 is used for ISBN number... but why 7 is used for ISBN or why 4 is used for Book Title or 1003 for Author name? is it a standard? where can I find it?
13:58 magnus greenmang:
13:59 magnus greenmang:
14:00 magnus one of those areas where library data gets really obscure...
14:05 wasabi nice magnus - i dont think ive every seen that BIB-1 doc before
14:06 magnus i don't know how i would live without it... ;-)
14:06 greenmang magnus: thanks a lot :)
14:09 wasabi lol, the marc spec's are so crazy... - the 'identifiers' especially
14:11 magnus yep, time to put a lot of this tech out of it's suffering and start using modern tools/formats etc! :-)
14:11 wasabi cataloguing using them correctly, and coding to handle them correctly in the marc-editor is really difficult
14:11 wasabi yes please!
14:12 wasabi someone described RDA to me recently, saying the final (and most difficult) part of the spec was incomplete...
14:14 wasabi it sounded like the RDA-spec team still had doubts to whether the final part was even do-able
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14:15 briceSanc hi all !
14:15 wasabi (that's how it was explained to me - by an v. experienced cataloger )
14:20 magnus wasabi: RDA sounds like the worst kind of design-by-committee...
14:20 * magnus signs off before blood preassure starts to rise... ;-)
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15:04 owen Hi collum
15:05 collum Hi owen
15:10 kf hi collum
15:13 chris_n` is now known as chris_n
15:14 collum Good Morning, almost afternoon, kf.
15:14 kf not almost :)
15:14 owen Almost evening kf? :)
15:15 kf yep
15:15 kf 5 pm
15:16 kf 5:24
15:16 kf so time to leave and go home - bye all :)
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15:17 owen Another questionable "open source" label? http://www.librarytechnology.o[…]
15:19 owen No mention that it's Windows-only. No mention of version control
15:19 jcamins Isn't gist the name of a Linux installer stack?
15:21 jcamins Also, aren't you not supposed to use CC for source code?
15:23 jcamins Sorry, I was thinking of yast.
15:23 briceSanc what is the best Authorities script to import marc records : or ?
15:23 briceSanc for koha 3.2beta
15:25 owen jcamins: Did you see a reference to CC?
15:26 owen briceSanc: I think bulkmarcimport. I'm not sure bulkauthimport works if I remember correctly
15:26 owen I've used bulkmarcimport to import authorities successfully
15:27 briceSanc and how you manage duplicates ?
15:27 owen Sorry briceSanc, I've only run tests. I don't have experience with duplicates
15:27 briceSanc ok
15:27 * owen is not an actual authorities user, just plays one when testing
15:28 briceSanc no problems
15:28 jcamins owen: I downloaded the source.
15:28 owen From where?
15:28 briceSanc thank you
15:28 wasabi GIST -> 'Access to your ILLiad web server (written on .net framework, so GIST will work for OCLC hosted sites)'
15:28 wasabi[…].php?id=wiki:gist
15:29 wasabi or is that req. just for 'GIST for ILLiad Webpages'
15:29 jcamins Yep. That's where I downloaded it from.
15:30 wasabi looks like GIST runs on win-fail.. :/
15:32 wasabi ...and a current OCLC-iliad account?
15:34 wasabi still looks interesting tho
15:35 jcamins wasabi: I'm not sure those two things can be counted against it too harshly. After all, if you are an ILLIAD customer who needs to do whatever it does on Windows, why should you be expected to develop something cross-platform.
15:36 wasabi sure, i agree ;)
15:36 wasabi its worth looking at to see how someone else does an acq. workflow
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16:23 OpenUser Good Afternoon.  "Checked out to" on the Holding screen. Does anyone know why this would dissappear when I upgrade Koha and how I might get it back?
16:23 OpenUser Sorry,. in the STATUS row
16:23 wizzyrea perhaps there is a syspref?
16:23 OpenUser I did try looking but can't see one!
16:23 wizzyrea what did you upgrade to?
16:23 OpenUser 3.06
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16:29 cait hi #koha
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16:30 OpenUser hi
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16:38 owen Hmm... interesting function name in the javascript calendar library we're using, "continuation_for_the_fucking_khtml_browser"
16:40 jcamins Wow.
16:40 wizzyrea lol!
16:40 wizzyrea nerd rage!
16:41 owen Who else but a nerd would get enraged so? :)
16:43 cfouts I can't even type that without gritting my teeth in sympathy
16:43 cait :)
16:44 * collum now wants to do a recursive grep for dirty words
16:44 * wizzyrea giggles
16:46 briceSanc do you know if authorities are import in Koha-DB or Zebra-DB
16:46 briceSanc ?
16:47 JeremyLC find . -type f -exec grep -Hi "#$%^" "{}" \;
16:49 sekjal_a is now known as sekjal
16:49 jcamins briceSanc: Zebra extracts authority data from the Koha database.
16:54 briceSanc jcamins, they take place in import_records table ?
16:54 jcamins briceSanc: I've never tried importing authority records, so I'm not sure.
16:55 briceSanc ok
16:55 briceSanc ;)
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17:27 indradg_ owen, ping
17:27 owen Hi
17:27 indradg_ owen, saw your patch
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17:28 indradg_ going to test it now
17:43 jcamins Hm. I think this might be a bug. When I duplicate a 773 field, and try to add a subfield 'g' to the field I just created, it adds a subfield g to the original 773 field.
17:48 cait it definitely sounds like a bug
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18:02 briceSanc someone could help with the script and the option -match ?
18:04 jcamins briceSanc: I could not get -match to work for me. Probably you want to use the and scripts.
18:05 jcamins Unless you're still importing authorities, in which case I have no idea how to do it.
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18:09 aarkerio hi! how can add a new "admin" user ?
18:10 owen Add a new patron and and change their permissions
18:10 aarkerio I created a Personal->Staff user but I get Error: Unauthorized user
18:10 owen The type of patron doesn't matter, only the permissions
18:10 briceSanc jcamins, i still importing authorities and -match does work on my script.
18:10 aarkerio there is no "Admin" patron?
18:10 briceSanc si i continue to search...
18:11 jcamins aarkerio: you have to set the permissions.
18:12 ebegin aarkerio, do you have access to your installation directory?  If so, look for <user> in the etc/koha-conf.xml file
18:14 ebegin the one in the <config> section is your admin username with the <pass> just after.
18:15 ebegin You can use it to create your first account.  And then, as jcamins suggest, create your own user with the superlibrarian permissions
18:15 aarkerio ebegin, No, I mean I want to create new accounts for library staff
18:15 aarkerio I created "Admin" categorie but I can not found permission screen
18:16 ebegin More » Set Permissions
18:16 ebegin (in the user account)
18:17 ebegin aarkerio, Got it?
18:18 aarkerio There is no "More->Set Permissions" option in More menu
18:19 owen aarkerio: Do you have the patron's record open on the screen?
18:20 owen You're not looking for the "more" menu item at the very top of the page, but the "more" toolbar button which is alongside the "edit," "change password," etc. buttons
18:20 aarkerio I see "Patron Category Administration" and I created a new "Admin" catgory in "Personal"
18:21 owen aarkerio: Forget about patron categories
18:21 owen Do a patron search for the patron you want to be an administrator
18:21 owen Click that patron's name to view the record
18:21 owen Then look for the "more" menu button in the button toolbar on that page
18:22 ebegin aarkerio, this will help you :[…]-manual/?ch=x5732
18:24 aarkerio thanks for your help, but I wanna create an "Admin" rol  and add the new users so the permissions are in the "heritance"
18:24 owen aarkerio: You can't do that. It's not how it works.
18:25 aarkerio I don't wanna edit user by user until finish 30 users
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18:25 aarkerio there is no ACL in Koha?
18:26 cait you don't need a user for every staff member, you can also use group logins, if you like that better
18:27 owen aarkerio: Permissions are attached to a user, not a category
18:27 cait one patron for more than one person
18:27 owen aarkerio: You could also update a group of patron's permissions directly in MySQL if you needed to do a bulk modification
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18:28 aarkerio ok, thx a lot!!
18:28 ebegin aarkerio, or there is the Import User features in the Tools module allowing you to import user from a csv file
18:30 aarkerio I will review[…]s-ACL-0.06/    and see how difficult is implement Acces Control Lists in perl
18:30 owen aarkerio: Feel free to add an RFC to the wiki if you develop a plan to add the feature to Koha
18:32 aarkerio I'm a python coder and I am  little rusty on Perl so I will check,  thx to all!
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19:48 indradg_ owen, around?
19:48 owen Yes
19:48 indradg_ owen, working nicely![…]r=15#shelfbrowser
19:48 indradg_ :)
19:50 owen Great!
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19:54 Flanagan My cataloger needs some instruction in importing OCLC records into Koha. Can someone direct me, please?
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20:26 wizzyrea Flanagan:[…]?ch=c7165#AEN7171
20:26 wizzyrea may help you
20:27 briceSanc left #koha
20:27 wizzyrea flanagan also:[…]-manual/?ch=x5033
20:28 * chris says hi from the airport
20:28 brendan hi chris_airport
20:29 wizzyrea hey chris
20:30 Flanagan I'll check those out.  Thanks.
20:34 * chris is off to christchurch for the day to do some koha work at the spinal unit of the hospital
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20:34 chris They are long time koha users
20:34 wizzyrea ooh, fun
20:34 cait hi chris
20:34 chris Hiya cait
20:35 cait have a nice day in christchurch :)
20:35 chris Thank you
20:36 cait ok, bed time - bye all :)
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20:38 chris Ok boarding time to switch the phone off
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21:20 JeremyLC Is it possible to use Koha without using MARC? I saw, through some searching, that that feature ell by the wayside a couple years back, but I couldn't find weather it ever made it back in.
21:23 sekjal JeremyLC: no, I don't believe it did
21:23 sekjal it would be great to allow for other metadata formats than MARC, but it would be a bear to get Zebra to be able digest them
21:23 JeremyLC I'm not seeing how to do cataloguing without using MARC records
21:24 JeremyLC "Yes Koha was originally designed to be used without MARC. As MARC support was added this functionality was lost. Its something I definitely want to add back. At least the ability to not ever have to see MARC, even if it is being used in the background" - Chris Cormack
21:25 JeremyLC guess we'll have to sort out what to do with the MARC records, then
21:26 sekjal the interface could certainly be modified to hide MARC from the user
21:27 JeremyLC I think we just need to setup some pared-down frameworks for our materials
21:28 JeremyLC the default "new framework" has a mind bending 15+ pages of fields
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21:47 darling JeremyLC, chris is out of the office today or he'd probably have you a response by now
21:47 wizzyrea hm, can someone tell me which marc field the pubdate sort is sorting on?
21:47 wizzyrea when you search in the opac?
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22:08 JeremyLC I'll try to catch him later.  Time for me to leave my office now, too.
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