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03:22 Amit heya chris, brendan
03:22 brendan heya amit
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04:26 wasabi i have a mysql dupe-keys Q...
04:26 wasabi im loading in some new fwrk rows into a koha
04:27 wasabi but im getting this error sometimes..
04:27 wasabi DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Duplicate entry 'POST-830-a' for key 1 at
04:28 wasabi how do i delete these "entries" before my load?
04:28 robin Delete just the ones that are duplicates?
04:29 * wasabi googles...
04:29 wasabi 'DROP {INDEX|KEY} index_name'
04:29 robin If you can get the ones you're going to import into another table, then you can use SQL to delete.
04:30 wasabi currently just a foo.sql file..
04:32 robin Hmm. I've done something like 'delete from table where key in (select key from table2)' as preperation for a merge with overwrite before.
04:32 wasabi > alter table marc_subfield_structure drop key 'POST-998-c';
04:32 robin but in that case I was able to put the date into a holding table fairly easily.
04:32 wasabi right syntax to use near ''POST-998-c'' at line 1?
04:33 wasabi hmm, sql looks OK to me :/
04:33 robin well, won't that mean that you just get the duplicates in the table, and can't put the key back?
04:33 wasabi just testing removing 1 key, so far...
04:34 robin OK
04:34 wasabi thanks for the help fyi ;)
04:34 robin no problem, I'm not so sure it'll be useful, but hopefully...
04:34 wasabi Q, its a KEY im dropping right?
04:34 wasabi[…]/alter-table.html
04:35 robin hmm. maybe it should be '...drop key 1'?
04:35 robin I don't really get what mysql is saying though, I usually live in postgresql-land
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04:36 smustafa Good morning all
04:36 smustafa its monring my time :)
04:36 wasabi ta, np
04:37 smustafa Does anyone else have this problem? or knows away to fix it....I am using Koha 3.00.00
04:38 robin The solution to using koha 3.00.00 is to upgrade :)
04:41 wasabi robin++
04:41 smustafa am i getting text
04:41 smustafa checking checking
04:41 smustafa ok, Robin, does 3.01 fix this issue?
04:41 smustafa Can someone confirm if they are infact able to search by LC Call Number?
04:41 wasabi 3.0.6 is current-stable...
04:41 smustafa If it is, I can upgrade and just redo my client customizations ...
04:42 smustafa does origin/master have the 3.0.6 changes incorporated in it?
04:42 robin smustafa: you hadn't actually said (that I saw) what your problem was.
04:43 robin I don't have a 3.06 install handy to test anything on though, only 3.2
04:43 wasabi robin: twas LC searching
04:43 smustafa Does the 3.2 of koha works?
04:44 robin Assuming that by 'origin' you mean the repository, origin/master is the almost-released 3.2
04:44 wasabi works OK for me :)
04:44 smustafa ok thats great...then I shall do a GIT checkout
04:44 smustafa ok so this resolves one issue,
04:44 robin Yeah, we're using it in somewhat-production with no major issues.
04:44 smustafa the other issue.  My difrector wants me to implement [Searching by DLC [document of Library of congress} in Z3950
04:44 smustafa Is that easy to do/possible?
04:48 smustafa olla :)
04:48 smustafa everyone left..hehe
04:48 wasabi koha does that already
04:49 smustafa where Wasabi? I don't see it in the Z39.50 Search window -When creating a new MARC record
04:50 wasabi /cgi-bin/koha/cataloguing/z3​
04:50 wasabi '# LC Call Number:  '
04:51 smustafa oh no dear, I know this.   The library director is requesting a new field called {DLC}
04:51 smustafa Which stands for Document of Library of Congress
04:51 smustafa I have no idea what that is...but she wants it -O_O-
04:52 wasabi http://imagepaste.nullnetwork.[…]image.php?id=1200
04:52 smustafa Thanks for the screen shot, but I don't think it is the same thing dear.
04:53 wasabi well, i have no idea either
04:53 smustafa its ok :) thank you for your help
04:53 wasabi but thats how you "search by LC Call Number?"
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04:55 smustafa yes thank you :)
04:55 smustafa but for me because koha 3.00.00 it does not work for LC Call Number :)
04:55 smustafa its ok, thats a bug.  THe issue is with this new requirement of DLC
04:55 smustafa I will have to search on a way to implement it
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05:05 cait hi #koha
05:24 robin hi
05:31 cait hi robin
05:31 cait you are fixing a lot of acq bugs - that's great :)
05:34 robin cait: yeah, one of our clients has been encountering a few of them, and often when I test out the fix for one of those, I find another one at the same time :)
05:35 * cait knows that feeling...
05:36 cait can you perhaps take a look at bug 4438
05:36 cait ?
05:36 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4438 major, P5, ---, henridamien, ASSIGNED, incorrect "Budget total exceeds period allocation" error when editing fund
05:37 robin hmm, I can't say I've noticed that in 3.2, although I haven't looked.
05:38 robin Will have a go with it tomorrow, see if I can reproduce it. It shouldn't be too hard to fix.
05:39 cait I think it occurs when you add a child fund to a fund
05:39 cait 2 levels of funds
05:39 cait I can retest it later and try it
05:39 robin ah right, I haven't tried that.
05:40 cait turning off the javascript does work, but if you want to change the owner of the fund you need the javascript - so there is no way to do that
05:40 cait if you want to delete the owner
05:40 robin Yeah. If it's reasonably easy, I'll be able to find time next week to deal with it, I'm sure.
05:41 cait cool :)
05:41 cait ok, time to walk to work and it's raining again :(
05:42 cait @wunder Konstanz
05:42 munin cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 15.3�C (7:47 AM CEST on August 05, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 13.0�C. Pressure: 29.73 in 1006.7 hPa (Steady).
05:42 robin It's not raing here at least, it's been kinda on-aga-off-again the past few days.
05:42 robin Also, I'm losing the ability to type I think.
05:43 cait a lot of rain here and colder than it should be this time of the year
05:43 cait bbl
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06:24 kf morning #koha
06:25 Amit heya kf
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06:28 kf hi Amit
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07:34 smustafa coolies, I just discovered Chatzilla :)
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11:29 smustafa hello
11:29 smustafa I am getting this error
11:29 smustafa Modification of non-creatable array value attempted, subscript -4 at /var/www/koha-2010-08-04/c​ataloguing/ line 197.
11:30 smustafa Using the latest head koha + upgraded my database successfully
11:30 smustafa anyone familar with this?
11:31 smustafa I tried to search by LC Call Number in Koha 3.01 version (latest from Head)
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11:33 kf smustafa: sorry, never seen that, but we don't use LC Call numbers
11:33 kf hi jwagner
11:33 kf was very silent in here today
11:34 smustafa I was told by wasabi that the LC Call Number search by Z3950 works in this version
11:34 smustafa thats why I am trying to upgrade...sighs..
11:35 chilts I imagine that the $k in that case is zero, hence the index is then -1, which is a 'non-creatable array value)
11:35 chilts could you print out what $k is and see if it's zero
11:35 chilts I have no idea other than a hunch
11:35 chilts then again, there is the check on $k beforehand
11:35 chilts dunno, sorry
11:35 wasabi smustafa: 3.0.6 is latest stable koha , not 3.0.1
11:36 smustafa sorry I meant 3.1
11:36 smustafa I got the master from GIT
11:36 smustafa that should be updated to include all the 3.0.6 branch
11:36 smustafa correct?
11:36 wasabi no :)
11:37 jwagner hi kf
11:37 smustafa no??
11:37 wasabi 'master' means the latest unstable version, which is currently
11:37 wasabi[…]oha.git;a=summary
11:38 wasabi currently 'v3.02.00-beta'
11:38 wasabi stable is currently 'v3.00.06'
11:38 smustafa ok wasabi, just a question...
11:39 wasabi do your testing on a stable koha
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11:39 smustafa If i do remote branch based on --V3.00.06
11:39 smustafa What happens in the future to my code, [if this branch is merged into the 3.2 beta]
11:39 smustafa I have no clue..
11:39 kf but if it's not working in 3.1 we should have a bug report
11:39 wasabi the unstable branch is sometimes broken,
11:40 smustafa It is not working in 3.1....I tried many different LC Call numbers
11:40 smustafa sighs..
11:40 kf 3.1 is not far from release, if there is a problem with z39.50 searches you should file a bug report
11:41 smustafa how should I proceed now
11:42 smustafa Does the 3.0.6 have this fix?
11:43 wasabi i tic...
11:43 kf sorry, I have no 3.0.x installations, we are running 3.01.061 in production
11:43 smustafa KF dear, on your 3.1.06
11:44 smustafa Does searching by LC Call Number in Z3950 return you any results
11:44 smustafa If you search the call number TH7414 .S65 1997
11:44 smustafa or any variation of this number.
11:44 kf can you give me an example to search for?
11:44 kf ah
11:44 kf mom
11:44 kf one moment
11:44 smustafa It should in reality return the book "Solar Energy houses"
11:45 smustafa from Library of Congress Online Catalogue
11:45 kf no results
11:45 smustafa So this is in fact a bug??
11:45 kf I think it can be a problem of loc too
11:45 smustafa I dont know what that means?
11:46 wasabi fails for me too
11:46 wasabi lc-callnumber '77026825' to LOC fails...
11:47 smustafa I don't know what you are doing wasabi.
11:47 wasabi should return 'The complete guide to Middle-earth :' ?
11:48 smustafa so should I make a bug??
11:48 smustafa or how do I proceed...
11:48 smustafa kindly advise
11:48 kf I would file one
11:48 wasabi im testing a z39 search for lc-callnumber '77026825' to  LIBRARY OF CONGRESS []
11:48 kf describe what you are doing, give examples and perhaps someone else can help
11:48 smustafa ok
11:50 wasabi fails on koha-3.2 too, so its a bug ;)
11:50 smustafa ok I shall do a bug report
11:50 smustafa on Z3950 service/HEAD
11:50 wasabi yes please, yes
11:51 smustafa what does the [raw any] field in Z39.50 do???
11:53 wasabi pass, sorry
11:53 smustafa ok
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11:56 smustafa I have created the bug,
11:56 smustafa hopefully someone checks
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12:46 kf hi owen
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12:47 owen Hi
12:50 nengard sick just in time for big bbq at my house this weekend .... hmmm :(
12:50 kf oh :( hope you get better soon
12:50 nengard owen you've been on a roll!!
12:50 nengard owen++
12:50 nengard thanks kf - me too!
12:51 owen Thanks nengard, I'm feeling driven these days
12:51 owen Trying to set a bug-fixing example
12:51 nengard I'm feeling driven - but also incapable - I keep reading through bugs and i can't find any i think i can resolbe :(
12:51 nengard or resolve
12:52 owen "resolbe" is right if you're sick with a head cold ;)
12:52 kf owen: you make a great example
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12:53 nengard owen looksl ike my fingers are having sympathy pains for my head :)
12:54 nengard owen i can do bug 5035 for new installs only of course
12:54 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5035 normal, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, opaccolorstylesheet preference should be empty by default
12:55 nengard but i think i'd have to leave the file there ...
12:55 nengard color.css
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13:07 owen Thanks nengard
13:13 kf nengard++
13:13 kf owen++
13:14 nengard no prob
13:17 kf I was working on bug 5090 yesterday- but have no working solution yet :(
13:17 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5090 critical, P5, ---, henridamien, NEW, New order from empty record does not save publication year and ISBN
13:18 owen nengard: I looked at Bug 5019 the other day and almost concluded we should remove the link altogether
13:18 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5019 normal, P5, ---, nengard, ASSIGNED, funds link doesn't go to list
13:18 nengard I'm changing it
13:19 owen I couldn't figure out where it should point
13:19 nengard to say Budgets & Funds
13:19 nengard and point to the budgets page
13:19 nengard cause that's how you get to the funds
13:19 nengard kf those acq bugs are scary - way out of my league programming wise
13:20 kf nengard: way out of my league too :(
13:21 kf chris and jwagner helped me to fix the first part, but I still have problems to get it working
13:21 kf spend hours on it yesterday
13:21 nengard the way i see if - if those who can fix the small bugs that leaves the big bugs for the people with more skills
13:22 nengard what i meant to say was that the people with mad skills don't have to waste their time on the small stuff :)
13:22 kf yeah, but trying on bigger bugs make you learn :)
13:23 * wasabi realises he's been giving susan bad koha-version info
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13:24 wasabi i always get the koha-db and git-tag versions mixed up
13:24 nengard question for owen:
13:25 nengard how does a page know where to look for a include (usually a menu)
13:26 owen All includes are looked for in the same place, the includes directory
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13:26 nengard got it
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13:34 jcamins Good morning, #koha
13:35 nengard so i guess i was wrong - there are bugs i can fix :)
13:53 JeremyLC If I submit a bugfix (well, commit via git?) how do I know if it is accepted?
13:53 nengard kf is bug 4977 still an issue for you?
13:53 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4977 normal, P5, ---, henridamien, NEW, Acq: link to Z39.50 search missing from no results page
13:53 nengard JeremyLC when Galen commits it he updates the bug report to say it was pushed
13:54 nengard you can also subscribe to the commits list
13:54 nengard
13:55 JeremyLC I'm not sure there's a bug report for it.  It's a minor detail in the way Auth_with_ldap works (don't look me up if using auth_by_bind and not using  updating or replication)
13:56 owen nengard: 4977 is still valid
13:57 nengard JeremyLC you can put a minor bug report in and then label your patch with the bug number
13:57 JeremyLC would I just commit my file via git?
13:58 nengard owen do you see what kf shows in her screenshot? or do you see what I see?
13:58 JeremyLC or, is there a different process?
13:58 nengard The process is on this page:[…]Control_Using_Git
13:58 nengard but yes, I submit via my git repo
13:58 JeremyLC thanks
13:59 nengard I guess you want this link in particular:[…]public_repository
13:59 kf was afk, see my name - reading back now :)
14:00 kf nengard: let me check
14:00 owen I see exactly what kf sees nengard
14:00 nengard hehe ... okay off to try again
14:02 nengard owen kf - i cannot get to that page - here are my steps:
14:02 nengard 1. create new basket
14:02 nengard 2. click order from external source
14:02 nengard 3. do a search for a fake title
14:02 nengard 4. see the page i attached to the bug report
14:02 owen Number 2 is the wrong step
14:02 nengard what am i doing differently?
14:02 nengard oh!
14:02 owen 2. Type a search term in "from an existing record" form and click search
14:03 nengard i see!!!
14:03 nengard sorry
14:03 nengard will go fix it now :)
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14:03 kf yay :)
14:11 nengard kf fixed bug 4977
14:11 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4977 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, nengard, ASSIGNED, Acq: link to Z39.50 search missing from no results page
14:12 kf thx :)
14:17 nengard owen have you ever looked at bug 4498 ?
14:17 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4498 normal, P5, ---, chris, NEW, Acq always shows '1 suggestions waiting'
14:18 nengard I looked at that template and I'm not sure what it thinks it's doing
14:19 kf yeah, I wanted to look at that too
14:19 kf perhaps we can just kill the link?
14:19 owen I take collum's comment on 2010-05-18 as accurate
14:19 kf there is always a link to suggestions, there are 2 links now
14:19 hdl kf: I am working on that.
14:20 owen Whatever happened to the "pending suggestions" box that used to be in the central area of
14:20 kf hdl: ok :)
14:20 owen That was more useful
14:20 kf owen: I don't remember the box :(
14:21 owen We have it in our 3.0.something in-production installation of Koha
14:22 owen hdl: You're working on Bug 4498? If so, can you assign it to yourself?
14:22 hdl owen: just done it
14:22 nengard owen i don't remember ever seeing that box either ...
14:22 hdl I happen to see that in my tests of acquisitions.
14:22 hdl And fixed it today
14:23 owen
14:24 nengard owen - ohhhhh! I remember that now :)
14:25 owen Placing the notice there eliminates collum's concern about calling CountSuggestion on every page with the sidebar menu
14:26 nengard agree
14:27 kf aah
14:27 kf now I remember
14:27 kf :)
14:27 hdl Should we change the menu to remove Suggestions ?
14:28 nengard no
14:28 nengard i think the link to manage suggestions should be there
14:28 nengard but the # of waiting suggestions should be removed from the menu
14:28 nengard and put on the main acq page
14:29 JeremyLC Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5094 patch sent :)
14:29 munin Bug 5094: minor, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, auth_by_bind authentication can fail even if given a correct password and userid
14:29 nengard awesome!
14:29 JeremyLC very minor issue
14:30 nengard still awesome! :)
14:30 nengard someone has to fix the minor issues
14:31 JeremyLC I guess I just wait to find out if it is accepted now
14:32 kf ok, have to leave - save me some small bugs ;)
14:32 kf @wunder Konstanz
14:32 munin kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 14.9�C (4:38 PM CEST on August 05, 2010). Conditions: Rain. Humidity: 92%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 29.81 in 1009.4 hPa (Steady).
14:32 kf brr
14:33 JeremyLC @wunder 76019
14:33 munin JeremyLC: The current temperature in Shady Valley West, Arlington, Texas is 32.2�C (9:38 AM CDT on August 05, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: 25.0�C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011.1 hPa (Steady). Heat advisory in effect until 7 PM CDT Friday...
14:33 kf the rain started early in the morning... and never stopped since
14:33 JeremyLC trade?
14:33 kf and I have to walk home now
14:33 kf after a day like this 32 sounds not so bad
14:33 kf bye all :)
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14:34 druthb @wunder 20852
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14:38 nengard JeremyLC I'm not seeing your patch coming through the patches mailing list
14:38 nengard did you send it to the list?
14:38 nengard[…]rest_of_the_world
14:39 nengard @wunder 19030
14:39 munin nengard: The current temperature in Mercer County, Ewing, New Jersey is 31.8�C (10:44 AM EDT on August 05, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 48%. Dew Point: 19.0�C. Pressure: 29.76 in 1007.7 hPa (Rising). Heat advisory in effect from 11 am this morning to 10 PM EDT this evening...
14:39 nengard hmmmm - where is the rain we were promised?
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14:54 rhcl_away where is the bagles and coffee I was promised?
14:54 rhcl_away is are whatever
15:04 nengard who promised that?? :)
15:06 chris_n hmm.... local air port reports a heat index of 56 C... <boggle>
15:15 jcamins ::boggle::
15:16 jcamins Am I missing something obvious? Is there any way to set an indicator in a framework?
15:17 jcamins The boggling, by the way, was about the fact that chris_n made it to work in that heat.
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15:19 nengard jcamins i don't think there is a way to set an indicator inthe framework
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15:20 jcamins nengard: Ouch. Thanks. At least it's not me being stupid.
15:20 nengard i could be wrong
15:20 * chris_n heads off to fry eggs on the sidewalk
15:20 nengard LOL
15:21 nengard jcamins - off to poke and prod
15:22 nengard yeah - i don't see indicators anywhere
15:22 reva chris_n: Hello from Antigua and Barbuda. I have a very basic question about 092 tag. It is not showing up in the default framework when entering or editing a record; only the 082 tag. How do I have it show up when entering/editing bib records? Thanks for any hlep.
15:23 nengard reva you need to add the 092 to the framework - read this page of the manual for instructions for that:[…]?ch=x3725#AEN3728
15:24 reva Thanks nengard: I will do that and get back here to tell you if it worked for me.
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15:26 jcamins nengard: Looking at kohastructure.sql, it seems that there is nowhere to store indicators.
15:26 nengard that's possible
15:26 * jwagner sneaks back in between meetings
15:26 jwagner owen, online?
15:26 jcamins marc_tag_structure, right?
15:26 owen jwagner: Yes
15:27 jwagner I know I've done this recently, but darned if I can find where & how.  One of my sides wants the background color of the opacheader to match the blue of the masthead.  I've copied the background color & also the background image from opac-main-search, but it's showing up as a darker blue than the masthead
15:28 jwagner Do you know offhand what I need to adjust?  I tried lightening the background color but couldn't dial it in.
15:29 owen The masthead uses a repeating background image, a gradient
15:30 owen You wouldn't be able to accurately get them to match unless you reset the default background of opac-main-search
15:30 owen
15:30 jwagner I copied background-image : url( ../../images/menu-background.gif); background-repeat : repeat-x; background-color : #739ACF; from opac-main-search
15:32 jwagner So maybe drop the background image from both & just use the same background color?
15:32 owen That's what I did in the rfpl example.
15:33 jwagner OK, let me try that.  THanks.  (Darn it, I _KNOW_ I did this recently but I can't remember where....)
15:34 jwagner THat did it.  Thanks much!
15:38 cfouts good day, all.
15:38 owen Hi cfouts, what's up?
15:39 cfouts is there a use case for user-added sysprefs? i.e. ones that don't have any tie-in to the perl code?
15:41 reva nengard: the default framework does not have an edit link in the Edit column. (It only has the MARC structure link.) I have looked at the other frameworks that comes with the demo.When I look at the "Books"c. framework and click on show only used tags and subfields it shows that 092 is a tag I can use when I choose "Books" framework when cataloging. But it does not show  when I go into entering a new record or editing one.
15:41 owen reva: You want the MARC structure link
15:42 * jwagner heads off to another meeting now :-(
15:42 jwagner is now known as jwag_mtg
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15:44 reva Owen: I tried clicking the MARC structure link and then checked the box to show currently configured for use with that framework (for example, Books). Ity is showing 092 field is used, but why is it not showing when editing/entering a record?
15:45 owen reva: You have further to go
15:45 cait back
15:45 cait hi again all :)
15:45 reva owen: can you please lead the way?
15:45 owen reva: Click the "subfields" link for 092
15:46 owen Then click the "edit subfields" button
15:46 owen Choose which subfield you want to display in the editor and click the corresponding tab
15:46 owen Click the "display more constraints" link
15:47 owen Change the "hidden" value from "-6" to 0
15:47 owen To see a list of all the possible values for "hidden," click the [?] link in the upper right corner of that page
15:52 owen chris_n: You still out on the sidewalk?
15:54 owen How's this for an "edit" link icon for the MARC editor:
15:54 owen replace the "..."
15:56 jcamins owen: awesome!
15:56 jcamins owen++
15:56 jcamins That will save so much time with training my next batch of interns.
16:10 chris_n owen: very, very cool
16:25 hdl cfouts: imho, you will always have some lines of code to link to system preference
16:29 owen More editor icons. Tag repeat/tag delete, choice one:
16:29 owen Tag repeat/tag delete, choice 2:
16:31 cfouts hdl: that's my reckoning, too.
16:32 cait hm choice one :)
16:35 hdl cfouts: But some users like to have the power to add some new preferences.
16:40 jcamins owen: I can't tell which is which, but I like the one withthe narrower images.
16:41 jcamins -2, I think.
16:47 owen I wanted to make the tag repeat/delete icons different than the ones for the subfields.
16:47 owen I'm a little concerned things are looking cluttered
16:48 cfouts hdl: then they shake their fists at the sky celebrating their impotent addition of a syspref that doesn't have the power to change anything? Or you're saying that they then also customize their code to change behavior?
16:49 jcamins owen: that's why I liked the narrower one. It seemed more distinct.
16:49 chris_n cfouts, hdl: arn't all sysprefs loaded into the session?
16:49 moodaepo @wunder 56001
16:49 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is 23.6�C (11:54 AM CDT on August 05, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 49%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 29.99 in 1015.5 hPa (Rising).
16:49 owen FWIW I prefer that one too
16:49 cfouts the only potential use case I can imagine is if there's some existing mechanism (that I don't know about) that exports sysprefs to be accessible in template parsing.
16:50 hdl cfouts: sometimes, they ask for so strange behaviours, that one has to allow them to add local sys prefs...
16:50 chris_n if so, then they could be used inside of templates w/o code modification
16:50 hdl chris_n: no, they are not.
16:51 hdl at least I donot think so
16:51 * chris_n was asking this same question about local sysprefs when contemplating adding back in a local syspref editor option
16:51 chris_n it seems that if you add a syspref, you put it in an existing category or make a new one for it
16:52 cfouts my overarching question for this is wondering why we have to increment the dbrev each time we add a new syspref.
16:53 chris_n cfouts: I think that is required only for other-than-local sysprefs
16:53 chris_n here is one use case of local sysprefs:
16:53 chris_n but it still requires touching code
16:53 nengard cfouts we have librarians using the local use preferences to create pages on their koha server
16:54 nengard basically they do this: -- but that too is linked to code
16:54 chris_n cfouts: incrementing the dbrev ensures that existing installs pickup on the addition
16:54 * chris_n hears an echo... ;-)
16:54 nengard ? did someone else say that? I was trying to read back :) oops soory
16:54 nengard sorry
16:55 chris_n :)
16:55 cfouts why isn't the information about the syspref hard-coded, just like its tab affiliation, then seed a default value into the DB table the first time it's accessed?
16:55 hdl left #koha
16:58 chris_n cfouts: are you speaking of the new syspref editor?
16:58 reva owen: Sorry, an interruption just got back and followed what your instructions to show the field in the selected framework. Thanks it worked great and now it is showing when I am creating and editing a record.:) And thanks nengard too!
16:58 cfouts I think so. I'm not sure what the old syspref editor is.
16:59 chris_n the entire thing is hard coded now with the db only storing the actual values
16:59 chris_n except in the case of local sysprefs which still rely on old code
16:59 chris_n hopefully that will be fixed in 3.4
17:00 hdl joined #koha
17:01 chris_n cfouts: I see what you're suggesting... that's a good idea
17:01 cfouts I think it's not clear to me what differentiates a local from non-local syspref. "local" are one's that aren't part of the official panoply dstributed with koha?
17:01 chris_n the default value could be added to the yaml file and then some code to push it if there is no value currently in the db
17:01 hdl left #koha
17:02 sekjal it does seem a bit odd to have staff be able to add system preferences through the staff client, but not be able to do anything with them without editing Perl.
17:02 chris_n cfouts: correct
17:02 sekjal the barrier for getting the local prefs to take effect is still there
17:03 sekjal now, if the templates were editable through the staff client...
17:03 chris_n cfouts: if such a change were made it would make the work flow easier for adding a syspref
17:03 cfouts sekjal: so syspref contents are accessible from template space?
17:03 cfouts chris_n: exactly. that's what I'm trying to get around is the DB updatedatabase coordination.
17:04 cfouts which makes merging a pain.
17:04 sekjal cfouts: if they aren't all universally available, it could be done
17:04 * chris_n agrees with anything that makes life easier
17:06 pianohack joined #koha
17:06 chris_n pianohack!
17:06 chris_n just in time for a syspref discussion
17:06 cfouts speak of the devil
17:06 pianohack In a meeting at the moment, but I'll browse the scrollback :)
17:06 owen pianohack felt a disturbance in the system preferences force
17:07 chris_n fwiw, a wad of sysprefs are loaded in the template
17:08 * chris_n tests to see if a newly added local pref shows up
17:09 chris_n nope
17:09 chris_n so it will always take code work to make a syspref appear in the template
17:09 chris_n the way things stand atm
17:10 * chris_n loves git
17:10 chris_n pianohack: when you're back here is the thought: the default value could be added to the yaml file and then some code to push it if there is no value currently in the db
17:11 sekjal all this is making me that Koha needs to have themes/skins and plug-ins, much like other systems
17:11 chris_n allowing us to get rid of using and dbrevs to add new prefs
17:11 chris_n sekjal: true
17:11 brendan left #koha
17:12 * chris_n looks around for gmcharlt
17:12 chris_n cfouts: why not shoot a post to the dev list outlining your idea and see what folks have to say about it
17:13 * chris_n thinks it has merit
17:14 chris_n bbiab
17:16 alohalog left #koha
17:16 alohalog joined #koha
17:25 brendan joined #koha
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17:42 indradg joined #koha
17:47 CGI350 joined #koha
17:48 reva left #koha
17:51 CGI350 I'm trying to create a batch so that I can print labels for books.  Koha has an option to search for the items according to the date they were added, however, it does not seem to be working.  any suggestions?
17:51 chris_n CGI350: what version are you using?
17:52 CGI350 3.01
17:52 CGI350, to be exact
17:53 briceSanc joined #koha
17:55 briceSanc hi
17:55 chris_n CGI350: the label item search is broken in that version iirc; it works in 3.2.beta
17:55 * chris_n suggests upgraded
17:56 CGI350 what's the easiest way of upgrading to 3.2.beta?
17:56 sekjal chris_n: is only 2 dbrevs behind the current HEAD
17:57 chris_n opps... sorry, I miss-read and was thinking 3.0.x
17:58 sekjal CGI350: did you migrate your items from a previous system, or add them directly into Koha?
17:58 chris_n CGI350: it works fine here
17:58 * chris_n suspects data problems
17:59 CGI350 I imported the records from loc, etc.
17:59 CGI350 loc = Library of Congress
18:00 CGI350 I made a few minor changes to them of course
18:00 sekjal CGI350: right.  and you added item records for those biblios once they were imported?
18:00 CGI350 I can search by title and add items to the batch but searching by add date doesn't seem to be working.  I've tried it in the past as well
18:01 CGI350 sekjal: correct.  though koha did most of the work for me
18:01 * chris_n verifies the item search works in .143 as well
18:01 sekjal it does seem like a data problem, that your records are somehow missing the necessary date information
18:01 pianohack chris_n: The only problem there is that default values would have to be added to every C4::Context->preference call, because a preference might be referred to by the code before the screen is loaded
18:02 chris_n pianohack: what about some code to check at login time?
18:03 chris_n CGI350: the search is performed on the accession date, so maybe check to see if that is missing from your item records
18:04 briceSanc Could we make a codabar search in OPAC ?
18:06 CGI350 chris_n: would I check that in the marc record or in the items that are added after importing the marc record?
18:06 chris_n in the item records which you added after marc import
18:07 CGI350 I checked.  The dates are there
18:09 CGI350 I can see the "acquired date" in box d when I edit the items
18:10 CGI350 Anything else I can check?
18:18 chris_n if you are using zebra, be sure you have re-indexed after item entry and prior to searching
18:19 CGI350 no zebra.  i'll reindex right now and then try again
18:22 CGI350 Still nothing
18:28 chris_n owen about?
18:28 owen Yes
18:28 chris_n any thoughts on why I get "Could not find opac-search.xml" in the opac advanced search?
18:28 * chris_n just rebased
18:30 owen No idea. I've never seen that one before
18:34 * chris_n suspects syspref data corruption
18:36 nengard left #koha
18:40 chris_n hmm... broken pazpar2 server
18:41 wizzyrea owen++ #for teaching jquery at kohacon last year
18:42 owen Who's doing it this year? :)
18:42 wizzyrea >.< nobody that I know of
18:42 wizzyrea < is not qualified to teach it, for sure
18:42 chris we use jquery a lot at catalyst
18:42 chris ill be able to find ppl for the dev conference if its wanted
18:44 wizzyrea owen: just saying that because it's because of you that I get a lot more done :)
18:44 owen And good morning chris :)
18:45 chris morning owen
18:47 CGI350 left #koha
18:47 chris_n hi chris
18:48 chris hey chris_n
18:49 chris_n chris: when you get a chance maybe comment on the discussion earlier of modifying the method of adding sysprefs
18:49 cait hi cris
18:49 cait chris
18:49 chris_n brb
18:50 chris im not sure i think incrementing the db version is such a bad thing
19:07 wizzyrea if I wanted to add a tablesorter, could I do that for a specific table through intranetuserjs?
19:07 wizzyrea I think I see that I could but I'm doubting myself
19:07 wizzyrea guess the worst that would happen is that it would break :P
19:08 owen I haven't tried it that way wizzyrea but it should be possible if the markup is correct
19:08 owen The catch is that the table needs a <thead> and  a <tbody> and not all do
19:08 wizzyrea right, the one I am trying to do does
19:08 wizzyrea (view_holdsqueue)
19:09 wizzyrea #holdst
19:09 wizzyrea so I would include <script type="text/javascript" src="<!-- TMPL_VAR name="themelang" -->/lib/jquery/plugins/jqu​ery.tablesorter.min.js"><
19:09 wizzyrea or would I not need to
19:09 owen the tablesorter js isn't included by default
19:09 wizzyrea and then the  $("#holdst").tablesorter(); in the right place
19:10 owen You'd have to enter it with the correct full path to the plugin though, w/o the TMPL stuff
19:10 wizzyrea right
19:10 wizzyrea good point
19:11 wizzyrea so en/lib/etc
19:11 wizzyrea since en is my lang
19:11 wizzyrea or do you have to go back further than that
19:11 wizzyrea bah, I'll just try it
19:12 owen /intranet-tmpl/prog/en/etc...
19:12 wizzyrea aha
19:12 wizzyrea so from koha base
19:12 wizzyrea guess that makes sense :P
19:13 wizzyrea ^^ is serious
19:16 jcamins You can use jQuery to make sortable tables?!?
19:16 jcamins Wow.
19:16 owen And we do :)
19:22 wizzyrea owen: it totally works
19:22 wizzyrea :D
19:22 * wizzyrea does a little dance
19:23 wizzyrea thanks for the advice
19:25 druthb left #koha
19:26 chris owen: can you think of a reason not to include the tablesorter? given we can use expires headers etc to have the browser cache it, it would be handy if it was available almost everywhere in the staff side
19:26 owen chris: I think originally I wasn't sure how often it was going to be used
19:27 chris makes sense
19:27 jwag_mtg is now known as jwagner
19:28 owen When you say "we can use expires headers etc" is that something that can happen through Koha, or only through Apache configuration?
19:28 wizzyrea you'd still have to have the little tag to actually implement it on a given table, right?
19:29 jwagner Not to change the subject, but I was astonished today to find that Koha will accept and use barcodes with spaces in them.  This seems like a recipe for disaster to me -- was it intended?
19:29 wizzyrea ^^ has also noted this
19:29 wizzyrea (some of our tiny libraries type them in with the spaces
19:29 wizzyrea )
19:29 wizzyrea and are surprised when they don't work
19:30 owen Spaces are just data right? The only time you might have problems is when doing something like auto-incrementing them
19:30 chris owen: through webserver configuration
19:30 jwagner We were working with a dataload, and there are barcodes on the same title like 330320096470 1, 330320096470
19:30 jwagner 2, 330320096470 3 -- Koha seems happy with them, but _I'm_ not.
19:30 chris owen: the default koha-httpd.conf puts some on now i think
19:30 wizzyrea owen; it's a problem when you try to scan a barcode that you've typed in with spaces... it no worky
19:31 chris owen: but i use nginx to serve all my static content, and apache2 just for the dynamic stuff
19:31 sekjal left #koha
19:31 wizzyrea i imagine those barcodes don't work well with their respective scanners
19:31 chris wizzyrea: because the scanner doesnt insert the spaces?
19:31 wizzyrea right
19:32 chris yeah, not really a koha problem, spaces are just data
19:32 wizzyrea (of course, if our lil librarians were... well, we won't say, but they should be scanning in the barcode instead of typing it)
19:33 chris we could warn, did you mean to put a space here?
19:33 chris i dont think it should auto correct though, thats more of a recipe for disaster
19:33 * wizzyrea refrains from proposing a syspref for "accept spaces in barcodes?"
19:33 * wizzyrea realizes she just did
19:33 wizzyrea crap.
19:34 owen I think we need a syspref for "accept threes in barcodes." And one for fours. etc.
19:34 chris heh
19:34 wizzyrea sob.
19:35 jwagner I personally think we just shouldn't allow spaces in the barcode....
19:35 chris well i think people should cleanse their data before loading it
19:35 jwagner Or allow people to create policy codes with special characters in them like @ or ' that screw up the system.  Grump.
19:36 wizzyrea chris: to be contrary, our problems stem from original data entry
19:36 wizzyrea not at load time
19:37 chris wizzyrea: yup, but what if someone wants a space in it
19:37 chris and the scanner does insert them
19:37 chris now weve broken koha for them
19:37 chris how about you go to the staff, and say, look
19:37 wizzyrea to disallow them entirely is probably bad, hence my proposal that was not a proposal. :P
19:37 chris stop typing in spaces
19:37 chris or you are fired
19:38 chris problem solved
19:38 wizzyrea but in all truth, that's what we did (except for the fired bit)
19:38 wizzyrea NERD FIGHT!
19:38 wizzyrea :)
19:38 chris im sick of tech solutions to human problems
19:38 chris this is a really minor case of that
19:38 chris but i run into it all the time, make this system stupidly complicated, cos our staff are morons
19:39 chris and we cant make them actually do their jobs
19:39 owen I've sometimes wondered about adding a preference where you could enter a JavaScript regex that would check for your particular library's barcode pattern
19:39 chris plus ive been writing rfp responses which are stupidly complex, so im just grumpy
19:39 chris oh, that might be pretty cool
19:39 wizzyrea that'll do it
19:40 wizzyrea ooh, yea good idea owen
19:40 cait +1
19:40 cait :)
19:40 wizzyrea then you can set it howeveryouwant
19:41 jwagner That would be helpful, yes.  But I'm still shocked that it was allowed.  Guess my legacy prejudices are showing....
19:42 owen Who is Koha to presume you don't want spaces in your barcode?
19:43 chris thats what i was trying to say
19:43 * wizzyrea imagines owen on a soapbox
19:43 * wizzyrea listens with rapt attention
19:43 wizzyrea lol. ok, sorry. I'll stop now.
19:43 wizzyrea <3
19:44 cait good night all
19:44 owen Where's a fella even get a box of soap these days anyway?
19:44 cait :)
19:44 chris code128 allows spaces
19:44 chris code3of9 doesnt
19:44 wizzyrea gnite cait
19:44 cait left #koha
19:44 chris sorry, yes, 3of9 does too
19:44 chris code11 doesnt
19:45 chris code49 no space, code 93 space is valid
19:45 chris so yeah, i dont think allowing spaces is intrinsicly bad
19:45 chris since the specs allow them
19:46 wizzyrea you win. :)
19:46 chris heh
19:46 chris nerd olympics
19:46 chris ok bus time
19:50 * jwagner concedes the argument and heads home....
19:50 wizzyrea bye jwagner
19:51 jwagner left #koha
19:52 owen Disallowing spaces in barcodes can be the next big LLEK feature.
19:52 wizzyrea lol, you've been holding onto that one for a while haven't you
19:53 owen Every time I accidentally type a address and DON'T get intelligently redirected I get pissed off anew
19:54 wizzyrea oh humbug, you're leaving aren't you owen
19:54 wizzyrea i will ask you about barcodes on the holds queue report tomorrow maybe
19:54 owen Did you have a question?
19:55 wizzyrea it's not important enough for you to stay late
19:55 wizzyrea :)
19:55 owen Yeah, I can take a look tomorrow at how we added barcodes to our custom holds queue report
19:55 owen Bug me about it
19:55 wizzyrea k I will
19:55 owen Bye all!
19:55 owen left #koha
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20:26 sekjal joined #koha
20:27 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
20:27 richard joined #koha
20:27 richard hi
20:49 schuster left #koha
20:58 chris hi richard
20:58 richard hey chris
21:13 sekjal left #koha
21:22 Nate left #koha
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22:00 brendan_ joined #koha
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22:52 darling joined #koha
23:06 chris[…]ing-built-in.html  <--handy
23:11 robin chris: perl6 has a lot of awesome in it, just waiting for it to be closer to production ready.
23:11 davi left #koha
23:11 robin I want the ~~ operator.
23:13 robin[…]S03-operators.pod <-- search for the 'Smart matching' section
23:13 chris yup
23:13 robin apparently it's in perl 5 now, too
23:14 robin I just noticed.
23:14 robin I need to read perlsyn one of these days, I'm missing all kinds of new goodness I expect.
23:15 chris perlbuzz is good too
23:15 robin chris: reminds me, does Koha have a target perl version, or is it "whatever's in debian stable at the moment"?
23:15 chris 5.10
23:15 robin ah cool
23:15 chris pretty much equates to the same thing though :)
23:15 robin we should start putting 'use 5.10' in the files.
23:16 chris we do in some i think
23:16 chris or i might be dreaming
23:16 robin oh OK
23:16 robin I haven't noticed, but I haven't been looking.
23:16 robin Might start doing it as a matter of habit.
23:17 chris the packages certainly require it
23:17 chris .deb ones
23:17 chris yeah, good idea

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