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00:26 custard chris: have some notes on the problem that you helped me with. Would they be useful to put somewhere?
00:29 wasabi custard: try the wiki...
00:29 wasabi
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00:31 mib_ffzoy hi, all!
00:31 mib_ffzoy what do i do if a long call number appears cut off in the OPAC?
00:33 wasabi mib_ffzoy: check that its not cut-off in the DB ;)
00:34 mib_ffzoy i enter it in the item record but then it gets cut off
00:35 wasabi itemcallnumber       | varchar(30)
00:35 wasabi 30 chars is the DB limit
00:37 mib_ffzoy all i see i itemcallnumber is: 050ab
00:38 mib_ffzoy have no idea what chars are :(
00:39 wasabi char is a abbreviation of characters
00:39 wasabi so, a 30 character limit....
00:40 mib_ffzoy oh, ok, :)
00:40 wasabi works ok for me
00:41 mib_ffzoy so what should i do to increase the limit
00:41 wasabi my advice  - set up a new koha-stable (3.0.6) and observe it working correctly
00:41 wasabi then compare it to your current busted koha
00:42 wasabi try to work out why your busted koha is busted
00:42 mib_ffzoy it's Koha Express
00:42 mib_ffzoy maybe that's why
00:43 pianohack mib_ffzoy: There's an itemcallnumber systempreference
00:43 wasabi aah, you need to contact your vendor for this problem...
00:43 pianohack and an itemcallnumber database table
00:43 pianohack *database column
00:44 pianohack mib_ffzoy: How long is this call number? Is it longer than 30 characters (letters)?
00:44 wasabi only PTFS/liblime have access to the koha-express codebase?, i think
00:44 mib_ffzoy HD31 .R5647 2007 study guide c.2
00:45 wasabi other koha-express users maybe lurking on irc, and may be able to help you
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00:45 pianohack Oh my goodness
00:46 pianohack mib_ffzoy: That is longer than Koha's 30 character limit
00:46 pianohack You can ask your vendor to change it
00:46 pianohack But why are they so long?
00:46 mib_ffzoy i guess i'll have to shorten it
00:46 wasabi 'study guide c.2' should not be in the callnumber?
00:46 mib_ffzoy i''ll just use "guide"
00:47 mib_ffzoy it's not on the bib record but it's on the item record
00:48 wasabi yep
00:48 mib_ffzoy to differentiate from the actual book
00:49 wasabi i'd put additional stuff like 'study guide c.2' , in the enumchron field, rather than callnumber
00:50 mib_ffzoy and where is "enumchron"?
00:50 wasabi but thats poss. incorrect too, but a better solution than yours
00:50 mib_ffzoy i think a better solution is just to enter "guide" which does fit
00:50 pianohack mib_ffzoy: What is the actual physical thing in question
00:51 pianohack There is also a copy number field for entering copy-specific information
00:51 pianohack like c.2
00:51 mib_ffzoy i'll use that, you are right
00:52 pianohack mib_ffzoy: Is this some massive bib that has, say, an actual book and an accompanying study guide?
00:53 wasabi ahh yes, copy-number is a better place than enumchron :)
00:53 pianohack wasabi: also, copy number is visible in the database
00:53 pianohack *interface
00:54 pianohack I don't even know what enumchron shows up as in the interface
00:54 wasabi enum does the same
00:54 pianohack Well, yes, but not as enumchron
00:54 pianohack It has some other weird name
00:55 wasabi 'Publication Details'
00:55 mib_ffzoy there are many examples like this, i assumed whatever fit in the field would actually show up but turns out it's only up to 30 characters... thanks for the help, guys!
00:56 mib_ffzoy enumchron is a system pref?
00:56 wasabi yeah, some of those columns could get increased a bit, disk is cheap etc..
00:57 wasabi nah, its a column in the items table
00:57 pianohack mib_ffzoy: internal name for another item field
00:57 pianohack also, hi, mason :)
00:57 wasabi
00:58 chris_n[…]/24wimbledon.html
00:58 mib_ffzoy ah, i saw it
00:58 wasabi enumchron            | varchar(80)  | YES  |     | NULL              |                             |
00:58 wasabi oooh, 80 chars :)
00:59 mib_ffzoy boy, i guess i'll have to learn SQL soon
00:59 pianohack mib_ffzoy: Not necessarily
00:59 pianohack Though it is awesome for reports
00:59 custard out of curiosity, how were you planning of fitting all that on the spine label?
01:00 mib_ffzoy it does fit
01:00 mib_ffzoy comfortably on a 2X1" label
01:00 mib_ffzoy .12 font
01:01 mib_ffzoy Courier New
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01:02 custard and labels on the back of the book?
01:02 mib_ffzoy just barcodes
01:04 custard sorry, I'll rephrase. These 2x1" spine labels are going on the back of the book?
01:04 mib_ffzoy spine
01:05 custard Just being, most  of the books I can see at the moment wouldn't cope with a 2" wide spine label without wrapping it round the sides and making it hard to read.
01:06 mib_ffzoy let me rephrase, I meant 1X2"
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01:07 custard ok, I think I can understand you wanting a nice big field for that then.
01:09 mib_ffzoy using the copy number should work just fine, that's about the longest a call number can get
01:11 mib_ffzoy thank you all for your help!
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01:15 mib_ffzoy good night
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01:27 chris heya wizzyrea_
01:28 wizzyrea_ hello
01:28 wizzyrea_ how's stuff
01:28 chris ?
01:28 chris all good :)
01:29 pianohac1 chris!
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01:29 wizzyrea_ har de har
01:29 wizzyrea_ no, stuff and things silly
01:29 pianohack ...
01:29 pianohack APPLE
01:29 chris_n anybody following tennis at wimbledon?
01:29 chris the longest match in history?
01:29 chris_n yeah
01:29 chris yep
01:29 wizzyrea_ lol it's crazy
01:30 chris 09:07 < wizzyrea> best article ever:[…]-match-in-history
01:30 chris she beat you by a few hours chris_n :)
01:30 chris_n my wife used to play lots of tennis and says they must be nearly dead
01:30 pianohack nice photo choice
01:30 chris_n its hard to beat wizzyrea on the draw
01:30 chris_n :)
01:31 * chris_n hates the constant whinning of windows to be rebooted after updates
01:32 chris theres a fix for that
01:32 pianohack chris_n: Go to control panel -> administrative tools -> services
01:32 pianohack then find a service related to automatic updates
01:33 pianohack (not sure of the name)
01:33 pianohack and kill it dead
01:33 wizzyrea_ DEAD.
01:33 pianohack with a stick
01:33 wizzyrea_ kill windows dead too, while you're at it
01:33 pianohack if only
01:33 * chris_n takes aim at his windows box
01:34 wizzyrea_ you can do it
01:34 wizzyrea_ go all office space on it
01:34 chris :)
01:34 chris_n but suddenly realizes that a better solution would be to recycle it into a ubuntu box
01:34 wizzyrea_ no chris, you can not have my mac to go office space on
01:34 wizzyrea_ >.>
01:35 chris heh
01:35 gmcharlt_ reminds me of an instance where a librarian I was doing a migration for threatened to drop the old ILS server off the roof the moment they went live - the hardware maintenance fee was a killer, evidently
01:41 * chris_n has threatened to throw a few windows boxes out into the midst of I95 traffic as it is so handily nearby work
01:41 gmcharlt_ !
01:41 gmcharlt_ what did those poor drivers ever do to you?  inflicting windows on them like that!  yike!
01:42 chris_n it would be just my luck that the wrong windows would break
01:44 wizzyrea_ ba dum bum
01:44 wizzyrea_ I'd imagine the thrown windows were already broken before their fated crash into a car windshield
01:45 robin gmcharlt_: drivers make windows crash, therefor windows makes drivers crash.
01:45 gmcharlt_ heh
01:45 chris_n hehe
01:45 gmcharlt_ @quote add <robin> drivers make windows crash, therefor windows makes drivers crash.
01:45 munin gmcharlt_: The operation succeeded.  Quote #78 added.
01:45 robin I just wish you'd fixed my spelling before doing that ;)
01:45 wizzyrea_ robin: that's a good one
01:46 gmcharlt_ @quote remove 78
01:46 munin gmcharlt_: The operation succeeded.
01:46 gmcharlt_ @quote add <robin> drivers make windows crash, therefore windows makes drivers crash.
01:46 munin gmcharlt_: The operation succeeded.  Quote #79 added.
01:46 wizzyrea_ @quote random
01:46 munin wizzyrea_: Quote #5: "<jwagner> Why is it every Koha rock I turn over produces a zillion (metaphorical) ants, each with a new question????" (added by kf at 09:13 AM, June 12, 2009)
01:46 chris_n lol
01:46 robin heh thanks, that makes me seem a lot more edumacated :)
01:46 wizzyrea_ @quote random
01:46 munin wizzyrea_: Quote #35: "<sekjal> it seemed like a good idea at the time...." (added by jwagner at 02:58 PM, September 17, 2009)
01:46 chris_n @quote random
01:46 munin chris_n: Quote #15: "<|Lupin|>ricardo: you are like the Portuguese Hitchcock!!" (added by wizzyrea at 10:58 AM, July 10, 2009)
01:47 gmcharlt_ @quote add <robin> heh thanks, that makes me seem a lot more edumacated :)
01:47 munin gmcharlt_: The operation succeeded.  Quote #80 added.
01:47 gmcharlt_ ;)
01:47 wizzyrea_ the idea of a portuguese hitchcock makes me giggle
01:47 robin heh
01:47 wizzyrea_ @quote random
01:47 munin wizzyrea_: Quote #37: "< nelsonf> I'm pretty sure I deleted this one in the name of being thorough..." (added by chris at 07:27 PM, October 04, 2009)
01:47 wizzyrea_ @quote random
01:47 munin wizzyrea_: Quote #46: "<brendan> tip - don't pet a burning dog" (added by a user that is no longer registered at 11:08 PM, November 13, 2009)
01:47 wizzyrea_ LOL
01:48 chris_n heh
01:48 wizzyrea_ @quote random
01:48 munin wizzyrea_: Quote #1: "<pianohacker> resolve, rather, I doubt it needs lotion" (added by gmcharlt at 11:05 PM, May 30, 2009)
01:48 wizzyrea_ *giggle
01:48 chris_n @quote random
01:48 munin chris_n: Quote #3: "< bignose-work> the only constant in climate over the next several decades will be that the climate doesn't match what you just got used to." (added by chris at 09:55 PM, June 11, 2009)
01:49 wizzyrea_ lol we are a funny bunch
01:50 wizzyrea_ the light outside is rose colored... it's quite lovely but it looks a bit weird
01:50 robin wizzyrea_: wait until you get up in the morning and the sky is a deep yellow.
01:51 robin That's quite freaky. (and happens here when there are big fires in Australia)
01:51 wizzyrea_ we had one of those a few days ago
01:51 wizzyrea_ but in the evening
01:51 wizzyrea_ (big thunderstorms, I swear I thought I was wearing yellow sunglasses)
01:51 robin ah, big thunderstorms are rare here
01:52 chris_n big thunderstorms in Kansas = big tornados
01:53 wizzyrea_ you know, it seems like we've had fewer of those this year
01:53 wizzyrea_ oklahoma is getting them
01:53 wizzyrea_ and farther north
01:53 wizzyrea_ but not here
01:53 wizzyrea_ at least not this year
01:53 wizzyrea_ we've had lots of big lightning, heavy rain, high wind storms
01:53 wizzyrea_ but not so much tornado
01:54 wizzyrea_ at least, nothing that lives up to our reputation as toto's home
01:54 chris_n down bursts are the big problem here
01:55 robin We just have a lot of wind, so it's got to be quite something before it counts as extreme here. ALso, anything that's likely to blow down in a storm probably blew down already on a normal day :)
01:55 chris_n lol
01:55 wizzyrea_ hehe
01:55 wizzyrea_ where in australia?
01:56 robin wizzyrea_: in NZ (Wellington)
01:56 wizzyrea_ oh I thought you said australia
01:56 wizzyrea_ guess I should have guess NZ since you work with chris, right?
01:56 robin wizzyrea_: no, when Australia has big fires, we sometimes see the results here.
01:56 wizzyrea_ s/guess/guessed
01:56 robin yep.
01:56 wizzyrea_ AH
01:56 wizzyrea_ well that makes sense
01:57 * chris_n heads off to sleep
01:58 chris_n g'night
01:58 wizzyrea_ gnite
01:58 robin cya
01:59 chris night chris_n
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02:14 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 4897: Invalid XHTML in opac-userupdate.tmpl. <[…]8ad02f64f25105735>
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02:34 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 4869 - Non-staff patrons logging into the OPAC don't have option to place... <[…]8b54ff16e85042c21> / Bug3916 : Batch Modify tool overwrites branches fields <[…]95d6bf08d23556aa0> / Bug 4474 swap options for sys pref singleBranchMode <http://git.ko
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02:44 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 4821, With multiple 5XX fields, the font display gets progressively smaller <[…]621976959cc2edd44> / Partial fix for Bug 4423, Staff Client XSLT is just a copy of the OPAC one <[…]13a60340fd3899196> / More fixes for Bug 4423, Staff Client XSLT is j
02:54 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 4532, Use include file for bibliodefaultview logic <[…]4e0c911b2de9ecf43>
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03:03 Amit good morning #koha
03:03 Amit heya chris
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03:23 brendan evening
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06:46 kf good morning #koha
06:49 Ropuch Morning #kf
06:50 kf hi Ropuch
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06:51 magnus g'day #koha
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08:11 Elwell doh! /dev/coffee fail. 'git pull' wasn't updating
08:12 Elwell then realised I was in ~/GIT_Sources/koji/ not ~/GIT_Sources/koha/
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08:26 * magnus thinks there is an error in INSTALL.debian and .ubuntu: it says "git clone git:// kohaclone", but should say "git clone git:// kohaclone"?
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09:11 chris i thought that was fixed
09:11 chris at least i thought i sent a patch, ill chase it up
09:25 kf morning chris
09:30 chris hi kf
09:32 kf is there a way to check if something is already utf-8?, I'm working on bug 4904, when I comment out $formatted_fine = Encode::encode("utf8", $formatted_fine); its working perfect. Not sure I can just do it or if there needs to be a test for utf-8 or something.
09:32 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4904 major, P5, ---, henridamien, NEW, Problem with printing fines in overdue notices
09:39 kf hm I will kill the encode part and send a patch
09:42 magnus chris: great!
09:50 chris magnus: wow, that really is a fail from dell
09:50 chris kf: unfortunately no, there is not a reliable way to detect encoding
09:51 magnus chris: rather!
09:51 kf chris: I looked at the documentation of Locale::Currency::format. i think it returns utf-8 as default
09:52 kf so it should be save to remove the encoding
09:53 paul kf, do you plan to introduce Loacale::Currency::format ?
09:53 kf its already there
09:53 paul (hi magnus, kf, chris & al)
09:53 kf paul: see my bug report 4904, there is a link to chris_n's patch
09:54 kf and hi paul :)
09:54 paul kf, yep, but it's not used in acq. It's on our todolist : the display of the money is poor in acq : hardcoded fr or en display :'((((
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09:56 magnus chris: someone from dell just contacted me on twitter - the power of public complaints...
09:57 kf paul: two options are better than before. but I think acq really needs a bit of work. hope I can get it to print an pdf today.
10:01 kf oh, i forgot to reset the date in my vm after testing... now the patch was sent out on Sat Jul 24 10:37:32 CEST 2010
10:01 kf do I need to resend it?
10:01 chris its the time of the commit
10:02 chris i wouldnt worry about it :)
10:02 paul kf, do you plan to come to kohaCon NZ ?
10:02 kf atm no, but still thinking about it
10:02 kf the journey is a bit scary
10:03 * paul strongly encourage you...
10:03 paul kf, yep, 30 hours from Marseille !!!!
10:03 paul will stop&go in HongKong probably
10:03 paul (& 1800� !)
10:04 magnus kf: scary yes, but i think it will be worth it
10:05 paul it's definetly worth it ! undoubtfully !
10:05 Ropuch The most scary part is the flight cost ;>
10:05 kf yes, but it needs a lot of organisation too
10:06 Ropuch I'm sure it does
10:06 kf paul: do you have plans for a kohacon in france? ;)
10:06 chris the first kohacon was in france kf
10:06 paul kf, yes, there will be on in may ...2006
10:06 paul :D
10:07 paul s/on/one/*
10:07 * chris flew the 30 hours to get there :-)
10:07 chris and it was definitely worth it
10:07 paul yep, and the hackfest part was really a great great time !
10:08 kf paul: have you booked your flights to kohacon?
10:08 paul the kohacon is not a "must go", but the hackfest IS for a developper. No doubt !
10:08 paul kf not yet, I plan to do that in the next days/weeks
10:08 kf not sure Im a developer
10:08 paul kf, you send patches, isn't it ? so you are !
10:08 chris we have a really good room we can use for hte developer conference, its the training room at work, has projector and laptop stations etc .. and all are welcome :)
10:09 chris plus the conference programme is shaping up to have some great talks... from librarians all over the world
10:11 kf Im sure it will be great
10:13 magnus i'm looking forward to hearing about integration of koha and kete, i think walter(?) said he would give a talk on that?
10:13 chris yep
10:16 chris magnus: do you have any idea which route you will be taking?
10:17 magnus not really
10:17 chris i wonder if it might be possible to coordinate with kf that you end up on the same flight ? :)
10:17 magnus would be nice
10:17 magnus i'm thinking of maybe stopping over to visit relatives in LA
10:18 chris ahh, stopovers are a nice way to break the trip up
10:18 magnus but then, i may just grit my teeth and do it as direct as possible
10:18 magnus yeah, several people have told me as much
10:23 kf magnus: perhaps you can tell once you have decided on a flight?
10:23 magnus i will! hope to figure it out some time next week
10:26 chris cool
10:51 kf lunch, bbl
10:52 custard I don't suppose there's a wiki page on how to make/edit pages in the wiki?
10:53 Ropuch Ok, I'm pretty sure i messed something up
10:53 Ropuch I have a koha dump  - database version is 3.0100041
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11:00 chris custard:[…]arting_a_new_page
11:09 custard chris: thanks.
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11:12 jdavidb howdy, #koha!
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11:40 gmcharlt_ good morning
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11:42 jwagner morning, gmcharlt_ and all
11:42 Amit heya galen, jwagner
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11:57 owen Hi #koha
11:57 munin New commit(s) kohagit: fix two broken calls to _FixPriority <[…]dd073503d49e2315b> / bug 3344: display in-transit status on holds priority list <[…]95ee5fce101178f4d> / bug 4224: explicitly mark hold requests as being handled by item in transit <
12:05 jdavidb hi, owen! :)
12:05 * owen thinks it must be his birthday...a bunch of his patches approved!
12:11 owen Well, that cuts down my list of patch-sent branches
12:12 owen Thanks gmcharlt_ !
12:17 kf hi owen, jdavidb and jwagner
12:17 jdavidb hi, kf! :D
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12:24 kf thanks gmcharlt_ :)
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12:28 jwagner hi kf
12:36 chris_n` is now known as chris_n
12:36 chris_n g'morning #koha
12:36 jdavidb hi, chris_n. :)
12:37 * chris_n waves toward the north
12:37 kf hi chris_n
12:38 * chris_n heads back to OpenLDAP land for the day
12:39 magnus does anyone have experience with the koha offline plugin for firefox? i can't seem to make it sync, and i can't find the file to upload...
12:39 kf magnus: sorry, never tested it
12:40 magnus Kivutar around?
12:43 Kivutar magnus: yes
12:43 Kivutar this plugins don't generate a koc file
12:43 Kivutar it posts the data to koha
12:43 magnus hi! oops, i thought it did... i must be confusing it with something else
12:44 magnus cool
12:44 Kivutar magnus: you can ask Kyle Hall about the plugin using koc files
12:44 kf Is it ok to close bug 3046? I did  alot of fines testing and it think maxfine is working.
12:44 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3046 major, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, System ignores MaxFine syspref
12:44 magnus Kivutar: what goes in the server field?
12:45 Kivutar magnus: the url of your intranet
12:45 magnus so the whole ?
12:46 Kivutar yes, but i can't remember if there is the trailing / or not
12:46 magnus ok
12:46 Kivutar magnus: without
12:47 magnus thanks! and what is the difference between "commit to koha" and "apply directly"?
12:48 Kivutar magnus: if you commit to koha, the operations are stored in a table of the db
12:48 Kivutar allowinf you to order them by timestamp
12:48 Kivutar this is usefull in the case of many people doing offline circulation at the same time
12:49 Kivutar everybody post to koha, then koha order the operations, and someone with the rights launch the process
12:49 magnus um, which process is that?
12:49 Kivutar apply directly send the operations to koha, and koha apply them
12:50 Kivutar magnus: in circulation tools, there is a new page, where you can see the pending operations
12:51 Kivutar it is in biblibre/master, i have no idea if it has been integrated to the community 3.2 or future 3.4
12:52 magnus a ha, i can't see it in HEAD...
12:52 Kivutar arf
12:53 Kivutar too bad, because these patches come with an api rewritte for the offline circulation
12:53 Kivutar maybe it was too late, feature freeze or something like that
12:54 magnus does that mean "apply directly" doesn't work either?
12:54 Kivutar (coffee time)
12:54 magnus this is on
12:54 Kivutar magnus: wont work
12:55 magnus ok, thanks for answering a lot of questions anyway!
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13:29 custard is there anyone in the room at the moment who could help with a wiki formatting question? (it's for the Koha wiki so somewhat appropriate)
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13:43 magnus custard: shoot!
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13:51 custard right. Ludicrously long bit of text (command with web path in it) that I was planning to do as preformatted text. But it goes way, way outside the box.
13:52 custard If the page is useful, this is something that would probably be cut and pasted, so I don't want to put hard breaks into it, but I think it should at least be on the screen.
13:54 custard At the moment I've got it differentiated using the <code></code> markup, but it is not as obvious as I would like. Is there any way of reconciling this?
13:57 magnus not that i know of, i'm afraid...
13:58 wizzyrea custard, which page
13:58 magnus one way i have seen is to have a \ at the end of "artificial" lines
13:58 wizzyrea which page are you working on?
14:03 custard[…]ing_Koha_packages
14:04 custard about 3/4 of the way down.
14:04 wizzyrea dependencies?
14:05 custard yes.
14:09 wizzyrea custard: like this?
14:09 kf bye all
14:10 kf left #koha
14:10 wizzyrea nah that won't work
14:10 wizzyrea but it will look pretty
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14:11 wizzyrea you could just tell people to wget each one separately
14:11 amadan hello folks
14:11 wizzyrea which of course no sysadmin would really do, but it would make it easier to display
14:11 custard blimy, glad they gave you a way to shorten that url.
14:13 amadan can i convert my catalog from csv into marc?
14:13 amadan wrong question
14:13 amadan how do i convert my catalog from csv into marc?
14:13 amadan for koha
14:14 wizzyrea usually using MARCEdit
14:14 custard Tried that. Even on their own they go outside the pretty little box. But the I suppose that's only a but to way outside the box instead of way, way outside the box.
14:14 amadan any url?
14:14 wizzyrea hm. it's not doing that on mine
14:14 wizzyrea what's the resolution you are working at?
14:15 wizzyrea (mine is rediculous, but window size is close to 1024x768
14:15 amadan any url for MARCEdit?
14:15 custard ah. box is window size related. I'll break them into individual wgets.
14:15 wizzyrea I"ll do it, I already have it done :)
14:16 wizzyrea done
14:16 CGI061 joined #koha
14:16 CGI061 left #koha
14:18 amadan left #koha
14:26 magnus left #koha
14:35 custard Thanks.
14:47 tomascohe left #koha
14:58 laurenc1 joined #koha
15:01 laurence left #koha
15:04 greenmang left #koha
15:12 wizzyrea heya
15:13 jwagner owen, online
15:13 jwagner ?
15:14 owen Yes
15:15 owen jwagner: Ask me a Koha question to calm my Drupal rage
15:15 jwagner Do you (or anyone else) know of a site that's embedded the Koha OPAC into a frame on the main library web page?
15:15 * owen doesn't
15:16 jwagner Drat :-(
15:16 jwagner Is there some stylesheet setting that controls page width? Embedding the OPAC as-is is too wide for the frame.
15:17 owen jwagner: The YUI grids CSS controls the page width, so you'd have to go about overriding each page's layout
15:18 owen ...assuming you're talking about something fixed-width
15:18 owen Other things just plain won't fit if you try to squeeze them too small. like the search bar with the cart and lists buttons
15:20 jwagner That's not the answer he wanted :-( but it's the answer I was afraid of.  Thanks.
15:21 Kivutar left #koha
15:21 owen I take it this library isn't satisfied with their customization options?
15:22 jdavidb sounds like one of our customers who is Never Satisfied, period.  Something in the water where they live, I think.
15:23 * owen shudders at the thought of any site embedded into a frame on any other site. Period.
15:24 * jwagner agrees....
15:26 jwagner The main problem is the organization redesigning its web site & demanding that the library fit into the scheme of things :-(
15:28 owen It seems to be a rule of thumb that libraries must be in the middle of a web site redesign when it comes time to implement Koha
15:28 jwagner And in this case, they sprang a surprise on the library -- new org web site goes live next week, and library isn't due to go live until around 1st of August.  There's nothing to put in the frame yet, but the org still wants something.  Sigh.
15:30 * jwagner hopes this at least diverted owen from his Drupal rage :)
15:30 * owen Drupal... rage... rising!
15:30 wizzyrea ogm
15:30 wizzyrea omg*
15:30 * jwagner sends waves of calming thoughts toward owen -- ommmmmmm
15:31 wajasu left #koha
15:32 wizzyrea jwagner: you can do some pretty wicked stuff with the CSS headers to make it look pretty close
15:32 wizzyrea combined with the side nav
15:32 jwagner wizzyrea, know of a sample site I could look at?
15:32 wizzyrea do you have clearance to give us a link?
15:32 wizzyrea to what you are looking at?
15:33 jwagner If they can see someplace where it's more or less working, maybe they can design something similar.
15:33 jwagner There's nothing to look at yet -- don't even have a test load done.
15:33 wizzyrea well I meant the organizational website
15:33 wizzyrea that it's supposed to fit ito
15:33 wizzyrea into*
15:34 * owen thought this came off pretty well:
15:34 owen Compare to
15:34 wizzyrea HLT too
15:34 wizzyrea
15:34 wizzyrea so I mean
15:34 owen Of course since then they redesigned their main page: *sigh*
15:34 wizzyrea it can be done that the *theme* is preserved
15:35 wizzyrea that's probably another one on jwagner's list >.>
15:35 wizzyrea and
15:35 wizzyrea jwagner
15:36 wizzyrea don't forget that you can lift out that koha search box and put it on *any* web page
15:36 wizzyrea same with login boxes
15:36 jwagner Yep, I already have the colors/images to match the main site.  The new main site isn't available where I can see it yet, though, to see what they're trying to do.  the librarian is trying to explain it to me.
15:36 jwagner Two non-web developers trying to interpret web design.  Oh The Humanity!
15:36 hdl jwagner: you could use ILSDI and zebra to send direct data to the site.
15:36 wizzyrea oh god
15:36 wizzyrea web design by committee makes me cry
15:36 hdl Then ppl could be z
15:37 hdl able to display the data the way they want.
15:37 jwagner hdl, I don't have a clue what you're saying :-(  I think you're beyond my level....
15:38 wizzyrea I think he's saying basically rebuild an all new OPAC that fits in your new theme
15:38 wizzyrea or maybe not
15:38 jwagner Not without major development $$$, we don't....
15:39 wizzyrea[…]e/harley/C4/ILSDI, and
15:40 wizzyrea (because I didn't know what it was)
15:42 jwagner Dunno about that one. I've suggested to the librarian that he put a placeholder page with a search box as something to go into the frame, then let it link & open the OPAC in a new window, but he thinks they won't go for that.  Sigh....
15:42 wizzyrea I won't even ask why it has to go in a frame
15:43 jwagner Because the Powers That Be _Say So_ -- no rational reason....
15:44 wizzyrea ha
15:44 jdavidb putting a perfectly good web page in a frame is like putting a 6 year old behind the wheel of your new Lexus...sure, you could, but why would you want to?
15:44 wizzyrea oh and jane... I was wrong, on the day of our talk there were 11 blockers
15:44 wizzyrea and a couple of them were for 3.4 (which is where I got 2)
15:45 wizzyrea I meant to tell you sooner (i.e. apologize)
15:46 chris_n now for a momentary diversion: "History is written by the winners, and failing that by the people who keep the best backups"
15:46 wizzyrea hee
15:46 hdl wizzyrea: jwagner I was just saying that you could embed your search and patron accounts using ILSDI and SRU/SRW research. It was better intgrated than a simple iframe.
15:47 hdl just require adequate xslt
15:47 laurenc1 left #koha
15:51 jwagner hdl, thanks.  It sounds like it would still require some development, correct?  This library has no extra money to spend building anything.
15:52 wizzyrea then, ehm, beggars can't be choosers?
15:52 * wizzyrea runs and hides
15:52 owen It doesn't sound like they're in a position to ask for much then :P
15:54 chris_n lol wizzyrea
15:54 jwagner Yes, I've been trying to tactfully make that point to them.  There's the standard OPAC customization I do, and then there's Other Stuff.  This falls in the Other Stuff category.
15:54 * chris_n thinks it could also be driven by the $$$/year they represent even if there is no liquid $$$ atm :-P
15:55 jwagner I was hoping, if someone has done it successfully, then their own web developers could look at such a site and do their own mods to opac.css.  Doesn't sound hopeful, though.
15:58 alex_a left #koha
16:00 NickyNick Anyone know why I would get this error when starting Zebrasrv even though Koha user has full right to the zebradb directory? - lock file /var/lock/koha/zebradb/biblios/ [Permission denied]
16:01 custard left #koha
16:01 wizzyrea are you running the jobs as the koha user?
16:01 NickyNick Yep
16:02 custard joined #koha
16:12 thd-away left #koha
16:17 cait joined #koha
16:17 cait hi #koha
16:19 joetho joined #koha
16:19 joetho the goblin newbie zone has a quest where you feed monkeys explosive bananas and fight a giant mechanical chicken!
16:20 jwagner joetho, something for the "cherrypick into Koha" list?
16:24 joetho left #koha
16:24 joetho joined #koha
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16:30 paul_p joined #koha
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16:50 jdavidb joined #koha
16:51 jdavidb @karma jdavidb
16:51 munin jdavidb: Karma for "jdavidb" has been increased 28 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 28.
16:51 jdavidb @karma
16:51 munin jdavidb: Highest karma: "chris" (149), "gmcharlt" (148), and "owen" (116).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-57), "failed" (-40), and "-" (-25).  You (jdavidb) are ranked 14 out of 874.
16:52 jdavidb @karma jwagner
16:52 munin jdavidb: Karma for "jwagner" has been increased 34 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 34.
16:52 owen gmcharlt and chris are neck-and-neck. They should spend more time ingratiating themselves with us.
16:53 jdavidb A redesign of the OPAC--right in your wheelhouse, owen--would put you right in there with 'em.
16:53 jdavidb @karma kados
16:53 munin jdavidb: Karma for "kados" has been increased 16 times and decreased 2 times for a total karma of 14.
16:53 * jdavidb chuckles.
16:54 jdavidb @karma cfouts
16:54 munin jdavidb: Karma for "cfouts" has been increased 10 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 10.
16:55 jwagner I can't go get a bite of lunch without karma wars breaking out again?
16:58 jdavidb nope.
16:59 jdavidb @eightball is it possible for me to catch up with stuff before the weekend?
16:59 munin jdavidb: NO!
16:59 jdavidb Din't think so.
17:01 thd-away joined #koha
17:02 cait hi jdavidb
17:02 cait @karma kf
17:02 munin cait: Karma for "kf" has been increased 16 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 16.
17:02 cait @karma cait
17:02 munin cait: Karma for "cait" has been increased 14 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 14.
17:02 cait hey, 30 :)
17:02 jdavidb Hi, cait! :)
17:03 jdavidb @roulette
17:03 munin jdavidb: *click*
17:03 cait @roulette
17:03 munin cait: *click*
17:03 jdavidb @roulette
17:03 jdavidb was kicked by munin: BANG!
17:03 * munin reloads and spins the chambers.
17:03 jdavidb joined #koha
17:03 jdavidb all better... :)
17:08 cait @roulette
17:08 munin cait: *click*
17:18 zico joined #koha
17:18 zico hi all
17:18 zico how are you everybody?
17:19 zico as i mailed in the mailing list
17:19 zico but... i haven`t get any help...can anyone please help me regarding "Report Generation Wizard"? :(
17:19 zico i need it badly
17:20 zico our koha - 3.0.5 cannot generate any report if we go for "Statistics Wizard"
17:20 zico it shows *Total 0* for every position like Acquisition, Circulation, Patron...
17:34 zico left #koha
17:41 gmcharlt joined #koha
17:52 wajasu joined #koha
18:05 wizzyrea_ joined #koha
18:16 gmcharlt munin, you slacker
18:16 munin gmcharlt: Error: "you" is not a valid command.
18:16 gmcharlt ah, there you are
18:17 cait hi gmcharlt
18:17 gmcharlt hi cait
18:19 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Select in budget add forum <[…]12cd30306fd744542> / Bug 4905 Runtime errors in <[…]d85692e569359fd74>
18:29 munin New commit(s) kohagit: (MT2371) basket.tmpl, in basket details, change Open on => Opened on <[…]d520a0326bb608504> / (BUG #4356) adding a link to the basketgroup <[…]b1e557af238f29a52> / (BUG #4521) - Transform undefined budget spent value to 0.00 value <http
18:29 jdavidb gmcharlt++
18:29 jdavidb @karma
18:29 munin jdavidb: Highest karma: "chris" (149), "gmcharlt" (149), and "owen" (115).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-57), "failed" (-40), and "-" (-25).  You (jdavidb) are ranked 14 out of 875.
18:29 jdavidb o.O
18:29 wizzyrea_ jdavidb++ just because
18:30 jdavidb Aww!  thanx!
18:31 cait jdavidb++
18:32 jdavidb ooo...couple more, and I might actually catch jwagner!
18:33 collum jdavidb++ :)
18:33 cait @karma jdavidb
18:33 munin cait: Karma for "jdavidb" has been increased 31 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 31.
18:33 cait @karma jwagner
18:33 munin cait: Karma for "jwagner" has been increased 34 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 34.
18:33 * cait whispers jdavidb++
18:46 owen karma party for the next person to fix a bug older than one year. I'll bring the pluses.
18:48 owen Can anyone confirm something for me? In my up-to-date install of HEAD when I submit a suggestion with an item type the item type information is not saved to the suggestions table
18:48 owen What complicates things is that my submission form doesn't actually show item types, it shows collection codes.
18:49 owen Hm, I guess that's Bug 4830
18:49 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4830 normal, P5, ---, henridamien, NEW, item type on purchase suggestion not carried over
18:49 cait I wondered what the pull down is good for
18:50 cait I think it might be confusing for patrons (thought about hiding it with jQuery)
19:00 jwagner reading back, jdavidb will never catch me in karma!
19:00 Nate left #koha
19:03 chris_n *sigh*
19:03 chris_n why can't network administration be easy?
19:03 jdavidb I'm off to catch the bus, y'all.
19:03 jdavidb left #koha
19:03 chris_n run fast :)
19:03 wizzyrea_ chris_n: I can so relate
19:04 * owen does his best to avoid network administration, bolstered by healthy levels of ignorance
19:04 jwagner chris_n, if it were _easy_ they wouldn't need people of your ability to do it :-)
19:04 Nate joined #koha
19:05 * chris_n thanks jwagner for the vote of confidence
19:05 chris morning
19:05 chris_n heya
19:05 owen Hi chris
19:05 * chris is tired
19:05 jwagner morning, chris
19:06 chris_n that's not good this early in your morning
19:06 chris we managed to draw 0-0 with paraguay, so nz goes threw the world cup unbeaten
19:06 chris but stupid italy lost to slovaki
19:06 chris a
19:06 chris otoh, we do end up with more points than the defending world champs .. so thats ok :)
19:07 chris and it does mean i dont need to keep getting up at 2am
19:09 chris[…]ars-end-wild-ride
19:13 cait chris: you go unbeaten :(
19:14 chris yeah, not bad for the only team with amateurs in it :)
19:15 cait no not bad
19:15 cait but I will loose my bet :)
19:16 chris heh yeah
19:18 cait but will keep the nz flag in my office until the wc is over
19:19 cait and perhaps a bit longer to remind me about kohacon
19:26 chris :)
19:38 chris cait: did you see the nz pop culture page ?
19:38 cait yes I did
19:39 cait :)
19:39 chris you can play some nz music in your office :)
19:40 chris oh cool some more nz librarians registered last night
19:42 cait :)
19:45 chris bus time
19:47 moodaepo joined #koha
19:47 Nate left #koha
19:53 owen left #koha
19:56 Nate joined #koha
20:01 collum left #koha
20:10 hdl left #koha
20:35 chris back
20:40 larsw gooooood morning
20:41 chris hey there larsw ... it is actually quite a pleasant morning :)
20:42 larsw I am having one as well :)
20:42 richard joined #koha
20:42 richard hi
20:49 jwagner left #koha
20:49 chris cool another speaker confirmation
21:08 Nate left #koha
21:23 sekjal joined #koha
21:24 chris hi sekjal, in DC now?
21:24 sekjal chris: on the bus just yet
21:24 sekjal most of the way to New Haven, CT
21:25 chris ahh
21:26 sekjal chris: do you (or anyone else in channel) know why we have DOM filtering for Zebra authorities and not for Zebra biblios?
21:27 sekjal is it a technical difficulty I haven't found yet?
21:27 chris i think it just hasnt been done yet
21:27 chris there might be something to do with other language support, im not sure gmcharlt would know
21:27 sekjal ah okay.  I'll ask him this weekend, if I get the chance
21:28 gmcharlt sekjal: it just that it hasn't been done yet
21:28 sekjal oh, hi, gmcharlt
21:28 sekjal okay, cool
21:28 sekjal was just reading the code for
21:28 gmcharlt however, if we make a go of it, I think we should do it by putting up a frontend for storing and maintaining indexing definitions
21:29 gmcharlt so that we're not making users have to update the XSLT templates directly
21:29 chris definitely
21:31 sekjal there is still the issue of combining DOM and XML export (resulting in no root element), but that seems like it's achievable
21:32 sekjal getting past that would get us around the ISO 2709 file size limit bug, wouldn't it? since MARCXML has no such limitation
21:36 wizzyrea_ left #koha
21:40 gmcharlt sekjal: right, and it does that anyway with the -x option - the DOM filter isn't required to index MARCXML documents using the GRS-1 indexing config
21:40 sekjal but you can't combine -a and -x with
21:41 gmcharlt right, but you don't have to reindex bibs and authorities in the same run
21:41 sekjal I suppose... but convenience!
21:41 cait good night all
21:41 cait left #koha
21:42 jdavidb joined #koha
21:44 pianohack joined #koha
21:45 pianohack brendan|h or brendan_o: are either of you brendan gallagher, and are you around?
21:45 chris pianohack: i think he is on his way, or is at ALA and yes those are both him :)
21:45 chris hi jdavidb
21:45 pianohack k
21:46 jdavidb hi, chris.
21:46 sekjal brendan_o is his office bot
21:46 pianohack cool
21:46 pianohack thanks ian
21:47 sekjal np, pianohack.  On my way to ALA, myself
21:47 pianohack cool
21:47 pianohack also, hello
21:47 sekjal and hello to you
21:47 pianohack now that my brendan harassment has been delegated to munin
21:50 sekjal I'm very happy the bus has WiFi, but unfortunately it doesn't have power.... my battery will be giving in shortly
21:51 chris ahh bummer
21:53 sekjal yeah
21:53 sekjal ah, well, I can still design even if I can't actually code
21:53 chris :)
21:54 chris your flights to nz booked? virgin australia has usb for charging
21:55 sekjal chris; not yet... I really need to get on that
21:55 sekjal keep hoping I'll magically catch some sweet deal
21:55 chris :) the deal nengard got was pretty sweet
21:55 sekjal yeah, it does set a bit of a high (or rather, low) standard
21:55 chris :)
21:56 sekjal I've also got to get tickets for my wife, who will be joining me after the conference for a little vacation time
21:58 chris awesome! i think quite a few ppl are doing that
21:58 sekjal she got to spend a semester in Australia, but had to skip the week in NZ... so now we can make it up together!
21:59 chris sweet
21:59 sekjal alright, pulling into New Haven, with all of 13% battery remaining.  hope to be back on later today or tomorrow.
21:59 sekjal cheers, all!
21:59 chris cya sekjal
22:00 sekjal left #koha
22:15 chris nice song for friday
22:29 davi_ left #koha
22:31 jdavidb left #koha
22:35 davi left #koha
22:40 magnus joined #koha
22:42 * magnus has been grumbling a bit about the weather and just wants to put the record straight by pointing out that he now has a livingroom full of sunlight, at 45 minutes past midnight!
22:42 chris :)
22:44 magnus nights like these make the whole above-the-polar-circle-malarky worth wile...
22:45 chris that would be something special to see
22:46 magnus sure is!
22:46 magnus we should have kohacon up here some time, in the middle of summer
22:47 chris definitely
22:47 magnus it would make nz seem a *lot* less remote... ;-)
22:47 chris heh
22:48 robin magnus: nz isn't remote anyway. It's just that many people decide to live stupidly large distances away :)
22:51 magnus robin: i know!
22:54 magnus it's just that there seemed to be some reactions of that kind to having kohacon in nz... ;-)
22:58 larsw NZ is not far away at all
22:58 larsw barely five minutes by foot!
23:03 magnus yeah, and neither is the North Cape, just some 16 hours by car ;-)
23:06 magnus g'night #koha
23:07 magnus left #koha
23:07 mib_i7mf0 joined #koha
23:07 mib_i7mf0 left #koha
23:22 larsw left #koha
23:22 larsw joined #koha
23:48 Nate joined #koha
23:49 Nate left #koha
23:49 mle hey chris. hows tricks?
23:50 chris not bad, and you?
23:50 mle : )
23:50 mle got some SMAL training last week
23:50 mle got some SAML training last week even
23:51 mle looking into which directory to deploy
23:51 chris cool
23:51 mle tips?
23:51 chris i havent done any saml stuff myself, so your guess is as good as mine
23:51 mle hehe
23:51 mle ty
23:52 mle well its not gonna be AD

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