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00:22 jloucks Test.
00:22 chris succeeded
00:31 chris looks like gmcharlt is pushing patches from his hotel room
00:31 chris mle: not AD is a good choice :)
00:34 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 3217 Impossible to change biblio record FW to Default <[…]49d3925df975dded5>
00:36 * gmcharlt is not, however, pushing patches that have merge conflict markers in them ;)
00:36 chris :)
00:44 pastebot "gmcharlt" at pasted "std_push - may be of interest to chris and chris_n" (26 lines) at
00:44 munin New commit(s) kohagit: (BUG #4857) consideration of Planning categories with authorised values <[…]ccb353a4cc5589ac6> / MT3652 : Unifying the search of neworder with Search <[…]bf10a0a57d1a4fe0e> / (BUG #4811) display borrowers name in suggestion informatio
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00:55 custard chris: well at least they were undefeated, *and* they weren't prevented from progressing by being clobbered in the first round (by say the Germans).
00:56 chris custard: there is that :)
00:56 custard chris, lars and robin: there's now a worked example of applying the koha .debs to ubuntu lucid on the wiki.
00:56 chris excellent thank you
01:04 munin New commit(s) kohagit: bug 4312: DBrev = 140 <[…]0970576941135dd3e> / bug 4312 change default for tagsmoderation to 0 from NULL <[…]8865f5b1e9abe747e>
01:14 chris_n hey, we're beta... nice
01:14 chris yup :)
01:14 chris_n gmcharlt++
01:19 chris
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01:24 chris_n wow, high was 39C today here
01:25 custard swap?
01:25 chris_n heat index was nearly 42C
01:25 chris_n anytime custard
01:26 * chris_n will take a cold winter any day of the week over a hot summer
01:26 * custard goes looking for another layer clothes
01:27 wizzyrea_ @wunder Lawrence, KS
01:27 munin wizzyrea_: The current temperature in Channel 6 Downtown, Lawrence, Kansas is 27.6�C (8:34 PM CDT on June 24, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 20.0�C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015.1 hPa (Rising).
01:27 wizzyrea_ it was really nice here today
01:27 chris http://lists.koha-community.or[…]-June/001470.html
01:27 gmcharlt geez, that will teach me to tag before I compose the email announcing the release ;)
01:27 chris heh
01:27 * wizzyrea_ cheers
01:27 chris i do like gits annotated tags a lot
01:28 wizzyrea_ grats fellas
01:29 chris_n itchy trigger finger gmcharlt?
01:29 gmcharlt no, just took me a moment to remove the trivial commits from the release email
01:31 custard Ok, probably not your standard of cold, but last real numbers are 5.4 with apparent temp of 2.6 at about 0900 (about half an hour back)
01:31 chris @wunder wellington, nz
01:31 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 11.0�C (1:00 PM NZST on June 25, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 9.0�C. Pressure: 30.36 in 1028 hPa (Steady).
01:31 chris_n any snow yet?
01:32 chris in wellington? not for the last 160 odd years
01:32 chris :)
01:32 richard it's a rare event to get snow in wellington
01:32 * chris_n shows his ignorance about NZ :P
01:32 richard actually in the late 80's it sleeted.
01:33 * richard was working outside at the time and thoroughly miserable
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01:35 chris_n ok, time to roll up the sidewalks
01:35 chris_n g'night
01:42 robin custard: awesomecross
01:43 chris lars and kf get a shout out
01:44 chris
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02:04 jloucks Anyone have any experience moving from Follett to Koha?
02:05 chris i dont think anyone here, but i know it has been done before
02:05 wizzyrea_ what's your specific question?
02:06 gmcharlt jloucks: I've done migrations from Follett as well (more to Evergreen than Koha, as it happens)
02:06 wizzyrea_ < has been in orbit around follett > koha migrations
02:06 * chris thought you guys were off having lives :-)
02:06 wizzyrea_ eh
02:07 wizzyrea_ i'm watching bones on netflix, why not answer follett questions :P ;)
02:07 chris :)
02:07 gmcharlt @dict life
02:07 munin gmcharlt: devils, foldoc, gcide, easton, wn, jargon, bouvier, vera, and moby-thes responded: vera: LIFE Logistics Interface For manufacturing Environment; vera: LIFE Laboratory for International Fuzzy Engineering [research] (MITI); foldoc: life <jargon> The opposite of {Usenet}. As in "{Get a life!}" [{Jargon File}] (1995-04-21); easton: Life generally of physical life (Gen. 2:7; Luke (39 more messages)
02:07 wizzyrea_ and gmcharlt had to look it up
02:07 wizzyrea_ see
02:07 wizzyrea_ :)
02:07 jloucks Ha. Wish I was watching bones.
02:08 wizzyrea_ netflix streaming, almost all the seasons, 8 bucks a month
02:08 jloucks Manged to get everything imported from follett with the conversion script. The data looks clean. Not sure it got assigned to a particular library or not, though.
02:12 gmcharlt jloucks: "assinging to a particular library" is using done for the item records
02:13 gmcharlt if you were creating 952 fields in the bib records to transfer the items to Koha
02:13 Genji joined #koha
02:13 Genji greetings all.
02:14 gmcharlt 952 subfield $b would have the item's home branch code, and $d the holding branch code
02:14 Genji multiple databases / libraries on same server...  how does one use addbiblio to shove the record into a particular library?
02:15 gmcharlt er rather, make that $a for home and $b for holdings
02:15 gmcharlt Genji: do you mean multiple Koha databases?
02:17 Genji gmcharlt: boss wants to have some records shared between libraries... and some not. But,  some users  should not be able to access some libraries... some people should be able to search all....
02:17 Genji i suggested seperate koha databases.. he didn't like that idea.
02:21 chris your boss might be up for shelling out a chunk of time/money to develop code to do that then
02:21 Genji yeah. thats me.
02:21 Genji Whats 'filter by library' do currently?
02:24 chris you can restrict searches to a library
02:24 chris but afaik there is no way to have a record availabe in some, .. i think its either one or all
02:25 jloucks Out of curiosity--is there any way to restrict to a library by default? Or have a drop down available on the main search screen?
02:25 Genji right... and i can take out libraries not permitted, from the library dropdown.
02:26 pianohack joined #koha
02:26 Genji but how do i put records at creation time, into libraries?
02:29 chris you dont
02:29 chris items belong to libraries
02:29 chris records dont
02:29 chris as it stands
02:29 Genji okay... how do i create an item?
02:29 chris srsly?
02:30 Genji yeah.. its been ages. the library ive been working for, for the last couple of years... doesn't have items. its a digital library.. never needed items.
02:30 jloucks LOL. I know how both of you feel...
02:31 chris right, id still have items ;) each item would maybe just contain a url :)  but thats by the by
02:31 jloucks I've been assigned this project by the school I work for, though I've got little to no understanding of marc records and library systems. I'm the tech guy, so I'm just supposed to figure it out. At least there is a decent community.
02:32 chris its the last part of the adding a new record process, you add a biblio record, then the last part is adding items
02:32 chris luckily we have a good manual too :)
02:32 wizzyrea_[…]-manual/?ch=x6925
02:32 chris[…]?ch=x6925#AEN6928
02:32 Genji hmm... never seen that page, in the process..
02:32 jloucks I've got records and items imported, but the import must not have had branch/location information.
02:33 jloucks You're supposed to have a great wiki, too... unforunately it doesn't exist that I Can find.
02:33 chris yep
02:33 wizzyrea_
02:33 chris
02:33 wizzyrea_ you are going to the wrong website
02:33 wizzyrea_
02:33 chris is a great place to explain why the koha-community bit ;)
02:33 chris stop copying me wizzyrea_ :_)
02:33 wizzyrea_ neener neener
02:34 jloucks well the appropriate link sure helps!
02:34 wizzyrea_ ya, is kind of.. um... dead to us
02:35 chris ever since that thing with the cousins
02:35 * wizzyrea_ giggles
02:35 larsw yay, beta
02:35 Genji what fields in items control which libraries?
02:36 chris check out youre koha-marc mappings
02:36 wizzyrea_ er rather, make that $a for home and $b for holdings
02:36 wizzyrea_ says gmcharlt
02:36 wizzyrea_ 952
02:36 chris usually its 952 $a and $b
02:36 wizzyrea_ AGAIN with the copying!
02:36 chris but you are running some weird version genji, so best be checking ;)
02:37 gmcharlt chris: wizzyrea: you may find it more comfortable if you stop occupying each other's brains ;)
02:37 chris theres a better couch in wizzyrea_'s
02:37 wizzyrea_ chris has way better booze in his
02:38 chris 1 hour and 16 minutes until beer oclock!!
02:39 Genji oh hey, chris, Can i get ops?
02:39 Genji please?
02:41 Topic for #koha is now Koha, a free integrated library system -  This channel is publcly logged.
02:41 Topic for #koha is now Koha, a free integrated library system -  This channel is publicly logged.
02:42 * gmcharlt breathes sigh of relief that he had dropped the 'i' instead of the 'l'
02:42 Genji gmcharlt: and the log address is?
02:42 Topic for #koha is now Koha, a free integrated library system -  This channel is publicly logged at
02:42 jloucks Alright... Checked out the marc-koha mappings and used marcedit to take a look at my import... Guess that none of my records have any data for 952-a or 952-b.
02:43 chris that'd do it jloucks
02:43 jloucks Yep...
02:46 * gmcharlt is going to bed
02:46 gmcharlt g'night
02:47 Genji Night...
02:47 chris sleep well
02:49 jloucks Just did a batch replace of =952  \\  with =952 \\$aNCHS$bNCHS (NCHS is the site code) -- hoping that'll do the trick.
02:50 gmcharlt jloucks: should, assuming that you've set up NCHS as a branch code in the Koha database first
02:50 jloucks now I've gotta wait to undo my last export... bleh.
02:50 chris now, make sure you set that branch up
02:50 chris oh no, now im in gmcharlt's brain too
02:50 * gmcharlt settles into the collective apartment that apparently combines my brain, chris', and wizzyrea's
02:51 jloucks Hmmm.. I've set up the library code. Where is branch setup at? I didn't see that in the admin area.
02:52 chris branch/library
02:52 chris same thing
02:53 robin <gmcharlt> OK, so who do those dishes belong to? And pick your clothes off the floor!
02:53 gmcharlt heh
02:53 jloucks Yeah. I've got a library set up with the name of NCHS Library and the code of NCHS. This seems promising.
02:54 gmcharlt robin: considering the way I keep house, that question would be asked of me, not by me :)
02:54 robin gmcharlt: hehe
02:55 jloucks As I add the other libraries later, is there a way to force the user to choose a specific library/branch? Or even to link to a specific library/branch?
02:55 jloucks like via a dropdown next to the search...
02:55 chris yes
02:55 wizzyrea_ ya
02:55 gmcharlt jloucks: and you can also configure things so that a given Apache virtual host limits to a particular library by default
02:55 chris[…]ha/
02:56 chris if you want to just let them pick they can do it from there
02:56 jloucks I really want this to work. I'm tired of the admins around here not giving anything open source a chance, and subsequently draining our budget.
02:56 wizzyrea_ jloucks++
02:57 wizzyrea_ gmcharlt: someday, you must teach me the secret of that
02:58 jloucks Gmcharlt--that sounds awesome.
02:58 jloucks When I Get the basics down and everything imported and functioning, I'll definitely have to follow up with that.
02:58 pianohack jloucks: What ils are you importing from?
02:58 wizzyrea_ follett
02:59 jloucks Follett.
02:59 jloucks Yeah.
02:59 pianohack oh, cool
02:59 wizzyrea_ i'm fast ;)
02:59 jloucks Librarian was pushing for destiny, but the cost is astronomical.
02:59 pianohack Were there scripts for that on
02:59 wizzyrea_ indeed
02:59 wizzyrea_ contribs is still up
02:59 jloucks yeah. They require some easy editing.
03:00 pianohack I have a migration from follett lying around that I need to take care of, so I was curious how that was going, jloucks
03:00 jloucks Just the item types though.
03:00 wizzyrea_ nobody has offered to take up hosting of that one yet
03:00 pianohack I'd offer our library, but I'm leaving soon and our tubes are not quite internet enough for it
03:00 jloucks then I had to batch edit our site code in because we were running individual sites...
03:00 pianohack Right
03:00 jloucks What needs hosted?
03:00 pianohack You touched borrowers yet?
03:00 pianohack
03:00 wizzyrea_
03:01 pianohack well, yes
03:01 pianohack See, I live in the brain next door ;)
03:01 wizzyrea_ hehe
03:01 jloucks what kind of bandwidth does it need? We've got 10mb upstream we barely touch.
03:01 wizzyrea_ probably not a whole lot
03:01 wizzyrea_ but I really have NO idea
03:01 pianohack I have no idea who even admins that, come to think of it
03:02 wizzyrea_ almost has to be LL :/
03:02 jloucks Ha. Well, we could do it, I'm sure.
03:02 chris well back in the day
03:02 chris i set it up
03:02 jloucks As far as hosting goes, anyway
03:02 chris but i long since lost access
03:02 chris i suspect we'd have to get all the files, from there (There isnt much) and set it up somewhere else
03:02 pianohack wizzyrea, chris: Yup, looks like it's on one of ll's ec2 instances
03:03 pianohack Would we want to replicate the exact setup?
03:03 pianohack Wordpress, being the closest earthly example of a perfect CMS, might be a better way
03:03 wizzyrea_ >..
03:03 wizzyrea_ >.>
03:03 chris wouldn't have to be, it is quite nice .. but just something that allows people to upload stuff, and do version etc
03:03 wizzyrea_ <.<
03:03 Genji Drupal, myself.
03:03 pianohack (minor exaggeration, but the answer to so many problems seems to be "use wordpress dammit")
03:03 wizzyrea_ idk ANYBODY who has wordpress...
03:03 * wizzyrea_ gives the shifty eye
03:04 chris i think we'd be stretching wordpress
03:04 pianohack maybe a bit
03:04 wizzyrea_ depends, there's probably a plugin for that
03:04 chris i wonder if the code that runs freshmeat is gpl
03:04 wizzyrea_ ^^ good point
03:05 pianohack maybe. the current contribs interface and freshmeat get the job done, but they're a tad clunky
03:05 Genji sourceforge engine is opensource.
03:05 chris yeah sourceforge is way overkill
03:06 chris i find the latest incarnation of really clean
03:06 pianohack Ironically, this software would work quite well:
03:06 jloucks I could set up a 20gb dedicated virtual on ESXI with dedicated IP with either 2003 or whatever flavor of linux if someone wants to remote in and take care of the rest once it is done.
03:07 pianohack jloucks: Sounds like an awesome offer
03:07 pianohack also, why is freshmeat actually attractive, this must be against some law
03:08 jloucks if you guys get serious about it, just drop me an e-mail at with the reqs and I'll get it setup.
03:08 pianohack jloucks++
03:08 wizzyrea_ ok, I know I should know where you're from now
03:08 wizzyrea_ since I live in KS
03:09 Genji jloucks++
03:09 jloucks MO Here.
03:09 wizzyrea_ where in MO, if you feel ok telling
03:09 jloucks near columbia.
03:09 wizzyrea_ i'm lazy, I could google it
03:09 wizzyrea_ OH MORTAL ENEMY!
03:09 chris there is a new version of PEM
03:09 jloucks Smack dab in the middle of the state.
03:09 * wizzyrea_ hisses
03:09 jloucks HA.
03:09 jloucks Don't worry, I'm not a college sports fan.
03:09 * wizzyrea_ might live in the land of the jayhawks
03:09 wizzyrea_ >.>
03:09 jloucks I watch Hockey and that's it.
03:09 wizzyrea_ me either really, but I did graduate from KU :P
03:10 jloucks I went to columbia college, so I avoided MU myself.
03:10 wizzyrea_ ok, we can be friends
03:10 wizzyrea_ :)
03:10 pianohack bah, midwesterners
03:10 wizzyrea_ bah, colorado folks
03:10 pianohack hehehe
03:10 jloucks I haven't been on irc in like 12 years... Maybe 14.
03:10 wizzyrea_ what are you coloradans?
03:10 pianohack I have no idea
03:10 pianohack westerners?
03:11 wizzyrea_ mountain folk?
03:11 pianohack I think the southwest is maybe 2 or 3 actual states
03:11 Genji so, is jloucks offer going to get taken up?
03:11 pianohack Well, we'll have to figure out what to put there
03:11 wizzyrea_ ya
03:11 pianohack But definitely yes, I would think
03:11 jloucks It'll be good to use some of our bandwidth that wer'e paying a crap ton for... for something useful.
03:12 jloucks And if I'm hosting something, I will subsequently feel less dirty asking lazy questions.
03:13 pianohack Bah
03:13 pianohack Ask away; personality is far more important than bugginess
03:13 pianohack Nice buggy people keep koha alive ;)
03:14 wizzyrea_ ^^
03:14 jloucks So, I'm guessing it is worth the time to setup Zebra? The language made it sound like it was going to be a PITA to do... We've got 30-40k items.
03:14 pianohack jloucks: Well, it can be
03:14 wizzyrea_ but yea, it's probably worth it
03:14 jloucks About 10k per site.
03:14 chris defintely worth doing
03:14 pianohack yup, even at that level
03:14 chris even if you had 7 records
03:14 pianohack Fast and accurate searches
03:14 jloucks How much of it is library lingo that will be foreign to me.
03:14 wizzyrea_ not much
03:14 pianohack It's much more tech than library lingo
03:14 pianohack Zebra lingo actually
03:15 jloucks Oh, well if it is like NAT and whatnot that's no problem.
03:15 pianohack Zebra is weird in some fairly unique ways
03:15 pianohack But we're here to help!
03:15 wizzyrea_ ^^
03:15 jloucks fantastic.
03:15 jloucks Reverting this import is taking for freaking ever.
03:15 pianohack Yes, can imagine
03:16 pianohack Last import I did was in the 2.2 days, where I just TRUNCATEd everything after a bad import, so I wouldn't know...
03:16 jloucks Probably should have just started over from the base image... could have been importing by now.
03:16 jloucks Import only took a few hours here.
03:16 chris -d from the commandline :)
03:16 pianohack my tactics might not work so well in a more civilized age :)
03:16 chris i use bulkmarcimport to do mine, i dont use the web based version for migration stuff
03:17 jloucks didn't know anything else existed.
03:17 chris misc/migration
03:17 jloucks Cmdline is great if you know what you are doing.
03:17 chris yup
03:17 jloucks I tried running an update when I first installed--screwed everything up.
03:17 jloucks But, of course, I was being lazy and using the vmware image.
03:18 wizzyrea_ at least you're honest
03:18 pianohack Maybe I should port the import profiles work Idid that's languishing in the repos of an... unnamed vendor to
03:18 chris that would be handy
03:18 pianohack Would actually be far easier without having to deal with AJAX UI stuff
03:18 Amit joined #koha
03:18 Amit heya chris
03:19 chris pianohack: no doubt
03:19 chris hi Amit
03:19 pianohack browsers--
03:19 pianohack Also, hi amit
03:19 Amit hi pianohack
03:22 jloucks hey, while I'm sitting here waiting for this revert to finish--is there any way to automatically fill in the "item description" field with the book summary from another database?
03:22 wizzyrea_ like amazon?
03:22 pianohack jloucks: Not exactly, but if you turn on Amazon content, you'll at least get it to show up in the catalog (staff and OPAC)
03:23 jloucks Trying to think of things that might make our head librarian more receptive.
03:23 jloucks And automatically pulling in item info would be one thing she'd love.
03:23 pianohack "Koha: we don't even WANT your soul!"
03:24 pianohack jloucks: Example: http://catalog.florencecolibra[…]iblionumber=22423 under title notes
03:24 jloucks I got my codes last night from amazon, but they weren't activated until a few hours ago. I'll have to try putting them in now.
03:25 jloucks So--the title notes there--was that manual or from amazon/
03:25 pianohack You'll have to make sure that the other Amazon system preferences are turned on
03:25 pianohack From amazon
03:25 jloucks Fantastic
03:25 jloucks Yeah, I actually know where the amazon settings are.
03:25 pianohack awesome!
03:25 jloucks need to go find my codes and put them in.
03:25 pianohack It's just slightly strange and confusing, so wanted to be sure
03:26 pianohack (really need to convince my library director to spend the extra money on a shorter domain name)
03:26 wizzyrea_ ph: we have one at
03:27 wizzyrea_ tell me that's not way too long
03:27 pianohack gah!
03:27 pianohack -> = bliss, for only $15 a year
03:28 pianohack also, I want to get rid of our internal domain name .jcfl
03:28 pianohack but anyway
03:28 pianohack ignore the ocd sysadmin
03:28 wizzyrea_ I don't ever have to be OCD
03:28 wizzyrea_ I have
03:28 pianohack lucky. Do your internal systems use subdomains of that?
03:29 wizzyrea_ only
03:29 pianohack ah, k
03:29 pianohack supposedly that is a better idea (tm)
03:29 wizzyrea_ idk about that, but it works out
03:30 pianohack because who knows, the joshing country of malodorous librarians might register .jcfl, AND THEN WHERE WOULD WE BE
03:30 pianohack *joshing country of falafel librarians
03:30 pianohack supposedly that's the reason to not use an internal, unregistered domain like .corp or .nekls
03:31 jloucks when I started here we were
03:31 pianohack yeah, the .us domains are a bit unwieldly
03:31 jloucks we're just now
03:31 pianohack anyway, time for netflix. see you all later!
03:31 jloucks still long, but not nearly as bad.
03:32 wizzyrea_ we had for a while
03:32 wizzyrea_ well, we still have it
03:32 pianohack is now known as piano|afk
03:32 wizzyrea_ but don't use it
03:32 jloucks So-- I got the amazon stuff enabled, but title notes and reviews still don't show up.
03:32 jloucks The book jacket shwos now, though.
03:32 wizzyrea_ do you have *all* of they keys in?
03:32 wizzyrea_ and *all* of the prefs on?
03:34 jloucks all of the ones in "enhanced content"
03:34 jloucks Are there more/
03:34 jloucks ?
03:35 jloucks I'm also not sure about my AmazonAssocTag -- I've got an amazon associates ID. And, of course, I also have the AccessKeyId.
03:35 wizzyrea_ do you have the secret key too?
03:35 jloucks Yeah, I've got one... didn't see where it was to be put in, though.
03:35 wizzyrea_ ooh
03:35 wizzyrea_ what version?
03:35 wizzyrea_ more -> about koha
03:36 jloucks
03:36 jloucks Take it I need to start over?
03:36 wizzyrea_ if you don't have a place for the secret key, you probably won't have the ability to get all of the advanced content
03:36 wizzyrea_ for amazon content, yea
03:36 wizzyrea_ :(
03:36 jloucks Ah well. I was trying to avoid setting up debian from scratch.
03:36 chris yeah thats a pretty old version
03:37 chris you *should* be able to use the vmware image
03:37 chris and just download and install koha
03:37 chris and then point to your new version, instead of the old one
03:37 chris if the upgrade didnt work
03:37 jloucks <--linux newbie. I'm an Active Directory 2000/2003/2008 admin.
03:38 chris you could even install a new version of koha
03:38 chris then dump the db frmo the old one
03:38 chris import it into the new one
03:38 chris then koha will go, hey, this needs upgrading, and upgrade the db
03:38 jloucks the db is basically empty right now, because the first import was jank.
03:38 jloucks Not worried about that.
03:38 chris and you wont even have to to dthe import
03:38 chris right
03:38 chris well if you dont want to install debian
03:38 chris keep using the vmare image
03:39 chris and just get a new version of koha
03:39 jloucks Yeah, Just need to learn the command line etc. I've used ubuntu a little, and suse a little, and mint a little.
03:39 jloucks But it seems like the commands are always slightly different, and I use them rarely enough that I forget everything
03:40 jloucks going to go find the initial setup guide now and see if I Can install the latest version
03:42 jloucks probably be easier to just start from scrach instead of vmware. Every time I log in as root it automatically starts the koha admin instead of taking me to an elevated cmd line.
03:52 jloucks hmmm... koha user has cmd line... now I'll try the upgrade from here.
03:56 * Genji uses mint.... usually. "Except now, i rigged up a jackd install, and ive got only 2 channel sound, when i should have 6.. so i have ot use windows to watch dvds...."
04:02 jloucks Mint is very nice.
04:02 jloucks I haven't used it a lot, but I have it on my laptop as my linux machine... just trying to get a better feel for linux in general.
04:02 Genji i think mint is the most mature linux ive used.
04:05 jloucks it is great, right off the installer.
04:08 Genji i put debian on another machine because of its ease of creating raid in installer.. but now i have the problem of.. a unprivileged user can't just insert a cd and have it automount.. and it also refuses to mount, too... even using a su'ed terminal...fustrating.
04:15 robin yay, almost have a handler made to allow Apache to authenticate against Koha. But now, beer o'clock has arrived.
04:15 richard oooh beer o'clock
04:17 Genji whats the disadvantage of having libraries vs databases?
04:36 brendan joined #koha
04:37 brendan heya #koha
04:51 brendan @wunder 93117
04:51 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 16.3�C (9:57 PM PDT on June 24, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 29.84 in 1010.4 hPa (Falling).
04:51 brendan left #koha
04:52 Genji left #koha
05:06 brendan joined #koha
05:08 richard left #koha
05:27 Sa|vador joined #koha
05:27 Sa|vador left #koha
05:44 Ropuch Morning #koha
05:46 jloucks I've got nothing done today because I've been toying with koha and trying to figure out marc records, follett conversion etc... yet at the same time these are the days that are most rewarding.
05:48 Ropuch ;>
06:09 cait joined #koha
06:09 cait hi #koha
06:11 Amit left #koha
06:17 cait left #koha
06:17 cait joined #koha
06:17 jloucks as much as I want to stay up and work on this... it's bed time.
06:23 cait work time bbl
06:23 cait left #koha
06:26 saorge left #koha
06:27 saorge joined #koha
06:31 laurence joined #koha
06:31 alex_a joined #koha
06:32 francharb joined #koha
06:33 alex_a bonjourr
06:33 alex_a rr
06:47 wizzyrea_ left #koha
06:55 Kivutar joined #koha
07:04 greenmang joined #koha
07:11 jloucks left #koha
07:12 kf joined #koha
07:12 kf good morning #koha
07:18 hdl joined #koha
07:20 kf hi hdl
07:20 paul_p joined #koha
07:22 Ropuch Morning kf, hi paul_p, hello hdl
07:22 kf hi Ropuch
07:23 hdl hi Ropuch kf and all
07:27 hdl reçu
07:36 Ropuch I guess 'there's no aqbudget/aqfund import just yet' in 3.2 is true? ;>
07:48 davi joined #koha
07:58 brendan left #koha
08:00 brendan joined #koha
08:07 piano|afk left #koha
08:16 paul_p is now known as paul_dent
08:19 Genji joined #koha
08:19 Genji hiya all
08:20 mib_r0lbs joined #koha
08:24 gmcharlt good morning
08:24 mib_r0lbs morning
08:25 kf good morning gmcharlt
08:29 hdl hi gm
08:29 hdl hi gmcharlt
08:29 gmcharlt hi hdl
08:30 hdl will resend the culprit patch
08:36 Mehwish joined #koha
08:36 Mehwish Hello All
08:37 Mehwish I have a problem in Koha.. in OPAC Search.
08:37 Mehwish can anybody help me out?
08:39 Mehwish Actually when I search for a particular book, it is showing its copies in only one library.. It is not showing names of aall libraries in which that book is present.
08:40 Mehwish in Koha Staff client it shows names of all branches but in OPAC only any one of libraries..
08:41 gmcharlt Mehwish: is it doing this just in the summary search results, or also on the OPAC bib details page?
08:42 bigbrovar joined #koha
08:42 Mehwish Thanks for reply
08:43 Mehwish actually in details page if there are multiple copies of that book in different libraries
08:43 Mehwish then it shows error message..
08:44 Mehwish An Error has Occurred Error 404      * An error occurred while try to process your request.     * To report this error, you can email the Koha Administrator.     * Use top menu bar to navigate to another part of Koha.
08:45 Mehwish any Idea? Anything missing in installation?
08:46 gmcharlt Mehwish: are you using Zebra?  It shounds like some indexing is out of sync, and doing -b -r
08:46 gmcharlt may help
08:47 Mehwish No I have selected No Zebra at the time of Installation.
08:47 gmcharlt ok
08:47 Mehwish I thought it is not necessary and it will require soem more configurations..
08:48 gmcharlt do you see anything in the Apache error when you try looking at one of those bibs?
08:48 Mehwish hmm Let me check on my server.. telling u in few minutes..
08:48 chris good grief, how are you awake already gmcharlt
08:50 gmcharlt woke up like I was shot out of a cannon half an hour ago, couldn't go back to sleep, so here I am
08:53 chris bummer
08:56 hdl gmcharlt: resent.
08:56 Topic for #koha is now Koha, a free integrated library system -  This channel is publicly logged.  Use for pastes
08:57 Mehwish gmcharlt: no i did not find any error in apache error log.
08:57 Topic for #koha is now Koha, a free integrated library system -  This channel is publicly logged at  Pastes: http
08:57 hdl gmcharlt: thanks for beta release
08:57 hdl btw
08:57 Topic for #koha is now Koha, a free integrated library system -  Channel log:  Pastes: http://paste.koha-communit
08:58 Topic for #koha is now Koha, a free integrated library system -  Logged:  Pastes:
08:58 chris almost :)
08:58 gmcharlt there we go
08:58 hdl acquisition work and 3.0.x on my table for the next days. having a dog near me staring at my keyboard so that it is done
08:58 hdl (joking)
08:58 chris hehe
08:59 gmcharlt hdl: here you go:
09:01 magnus joined #koha
09:01 Mehwish gmcharlt: I did not find any error in apache error log.
09:02 gmcharlt to confirm, you can edit that same bib in the staff MARC editor?
09:06 Mehwish yes i can edit..
09:06 Mehwish everything is fine.
09:06 Mehwish i might have missed some configuration..
09:07 Mehwish but now more than 2000 records have been entered.
09:07 Mehwish do we need to enter all again?
09:07 Mehwish I am new to Koha and Linux.
09:07 Mehwish It must be my mistake at some place.
09:07 gmcharlt no, you almost certainly don't need to reenter everything - no worries on that
09:08 gmcharlt is your OPAC publicly available so that I could take a look at it for myself?
09:09 Mehwish not yet. we are just about to make it public.
09:09 Mehwish right now using it on LAN.
09:09 Mehwish but u can do some trick to see
09:09 Mehwish well here inside campus we write following address to see that.
09:09 Mehwish
09:10 Mehwish but we have not assigned it separate IP address yet.
09:17 munin New commit(s) kohagit: (MT #3651) Fix problems on search filters. <[…]334a04eaad6f25549> / (MT #3651) Fills "book fund" combobox with bugdets and fix some bugs of research... <[…]78ac274d8e2eb5049> / replace references to defunct info email address <
09:22 chris gmcharlt: do you know the dates you will be in wellington?
09:22 gmcharlt no, that's still up in the air
09:23 gmcharlt there's a dstinct chance that we'll be moving house around the same time - so will be crazy
09:24 chris ahhh
09:24 chris[…]?event_id=5014989
09:25 Mehwish OK gmcharlt I will try to make our system Online upto tomorrow. Then will request your assistance again.
09:25 Mehwish Thanks.
09:25 gmcharlt you're welcome
09:26 Mehwish left #koha
09:26 gmcharlt chris: cool - I'll have to keep that in mind
09:26 chris closer to the date ill do an email, and buy some tickets for anyone who is interested :)
09:27 munin New commit(s) kohagit: bug 2434: assign to DBrev 141 <[…]5e4f0d66e9f5088c4> / bug 2434 remove upcoming events for all languages <[…]183ab55e27786504e>
09:37 Kivutar left #koha
09:37 munin New commit(s) kohagit: remove byte order mark (BOM) from installer SQL files <[…]0ee2421d4ca454a85>
09:43 Kivutar joined #koha
09:48 kf bye all and have a nice weekend
09:48 kf left #koha
09:50 mib_r0lbs Hello all.....has anyone ever stuck an SSL cert on to Apache for use with Koha OPAC/Admin? Is there any difference to normal SSL certs etc?
09:59 paul_dent is now known as paul_p
10:11 gmcharlt mib_r0lbs: no, you'd follow the same procedure that you would for installing any SSL cert
10:22 jdavidb joined #koha
10:22 jdavidb howdy, #koha!
10:28 magnus g'day jdavidb!
10:28 jdavidb :)
10:34 gmcharlt hi jdavidb, magnus
10:35 jdavidb howdy, gmcharlt. :)
10:35 magnus hiya gmcharlt - kudos on the beta!
10:36 gmcharlt thanks!
10:37 chris hi jdavidb
10:39 jdavidb howdy, chris. :)
10:40 mib_r0lbs left #koha
11:08 ray joined #koha
11:09 ray how can i enable koha to send notices to patrons when then returned or borrowed a material?
11:09 ray how can i enable koha to send notices to patrons when they return or borrow a material?
11:10 ray @chris: how can i enable koha to send notices to patrons when they return or borrow a material?
11:10 munin ray: Error: "chris:" is not a valid command.
11:11 ray @chris how can i enable koha to send notices to patrons when they return or borrow a material?
11:11 munin ray: Error: "chris" is not a valid command.
11:19 nengard joined #koha
11:26 jwagner joined #koha
11:27 Ropuch ray: leave @
11:27 Ropuch It's not part of the nick
11:28 ray oops.. sorry
11:28 magnus left #koha
11:29 Ropuch[…]3.0/tools/notices
11:30 Ropuch That should answer your question
11:35 ray ow thank you.. another one.. how can i modify the opac design that will jive to the theme of our website? I'm planning to integrate the opac to our schools website but it will be odd to leave it  unmodified.
11:41 Ropuch
11:41 Ropuch You can find some articles on Koha customization here
11:47 ray tnx!
11:50 ray left #koha
12:06 owen joined #koha
12:10 owen So... What's to do?
12:11 collum joined #koha
12:18 jdavidb left #koha
12:18 jwagner owen, in what context?  World Peace, World Cup, or World of Koha :-)
12:18 owen You know, whatever. But within the next 7 hours.
12:19 jwagner It's Friday.  That always has a bearing on how much work gets done....
12:25 Genji huh... when i do a marc addbiblio on my works koha... it doesn't go to a item screen, it goes to another blank addbiblio.
12:27 * chris_n passes owen the other half of his todo list for the day :)
12:27 * owen checks the list suspiciously for network admin jobs
12:28 chris_n hehe
12:31 nengard jwagner - it's friday for some
12:31 nengard i'm working all weekend :(
12:31 nengard so if you're at ala come say hi to me
12:31 nengard i'm speaking (today and sunday), signing books (today) and exhibiting (all other times)
12:32 owen Go go nengard!
12:32 nengard i'd rather sleep sleep :)
12:32 Genji for upgrade testing, as in copying an entire hdd to another linux's hdd and upgrading that install, is a virtual machine sufficient?
12:32 nengard but now i have to walk the pups - we're staying at a friends apartment and can't just open the back door like at home ....
12:32 nengard be back
12:40 jwagner I'll be at ALA for parts of Sunday and Monday afternoons -- probably hanging around the PTFS booth unless I'm in a meeting.  Swing by & say hello!
12:59 laurenc1 joined #koha
13:02 laurence left #koha
13:05 owen Do numbers on Biblibre commits indicate internal bug-tracking numbers? "MT #3651"
13:10 owen alex_a?
13:15 paul_p left #koha
13:34 nengard owen - yes they do
13:34 nengard i forget what MT stands for but it's the bug system they use in house
13:39 nengard left #koha
13:57 greenmang left #koha
14:15 hdl owen: It is our bug tracking system: MANTIS
14:15 owen hdl: I was confused because I spent a while updating Bug 4069 yesterday and almost immediately I saw a patch submitted for MT #3651
14:15 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4069 critical, P5, ---, henridamien, NEW, organize filter on suggestions doesn't work
14:17 hdl yes... I should have renamed the commit
14:18 owen And updating Bug 4069 would be good too
14:24 * chris_n thinks folks' internal bugs should reference equivalent bugs in the public koha bugzilla
14:33 laurenc1 left #koha
14:43 hdl chris_n: was written before.
14:47 chris_n heya hdl
14:48 hdl hi chris_n
14:48 chris_n that was not intended as a criticism of that particular situation so much as thinking out loud :)
14:48 hdl nm
14:50 hdl we ought to report all our bugs in bugzilla... But reporting in english things written in french would double our work. We do for most of them.
14:50 hdl But well.
14:50 chris_n yeah, language will always be a problem and lead to double work unfortunately (unless bugzilla gets some auto translation abilities)
14:54 owen Even though it was only on my test installation, checking the movie Baby Geniuses out to myself felt very wrong.
14:58 Kivutar left #koha
15:04 cait joined #koha
15:05 cait hi all
15:08 gmcharlt chris_n: hdl: since we can customize the Koha bugzilla, we could try a couple things
15:09 gmcharlt one would be adding a custom field to link to a big Koha contributor's bug system
15:09 gmcharlt and since BZ3 can accept bug updates via email and can support pushing bugs via a web service
15:09 * chris_n wondered if linking was an option
15:09 hdl gmcharlt: we could try.
15:10 gmcharlt adding hooks so that a bug in BibLibre's MT is automatically pushed to the Koha BZ would be feasible
15:10 owen Assuming the reports don't have customer-sensitive data?
15:10 chris_n even if it was in French, google translate should render enough to figure out what's going on
15:11 chris_n then there is always the option of asking for a translation or explanation if further is needed
15:11 gmcharlt owen: right, would like need to filter which bugs get cross-linked, I would assume
15:11 hdl I think some reasonable filters could make sensitive data out of scope.
15:13 alex_a left #koha
15:18 francharb left #koha
15:25 cait left #koha
15:53 bigbrovar left #koha
15:55 cait joined #koha
15:59 cait umts...
16:19 brendan left #koha
16:39 vedran joined #koha
16:41 jdavidb joined #koha
16:42 Mathieu joined #koha
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16:56 pianohack joined #koha
16:59 cait bye koha, bbl
16:59 cait left #koha
17:02 pianohack mornin'
17:03 owen Hi pianohack
17:03 jwagner Howdy.
17:04 jwagner @wunder 20817
17:04 munin jwagner: The current temperature in Langley Fork Park, McLean, Virginia is 31.7�C (1:11 PM EDT on June 25, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 46%. Dew Point: 19.0�C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017.2 hPa (Steady).
17:10 chris_n @wunder 28334
17:10 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 37.3�C (1:15 PM EDT on June 25, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 8%. Dew Point: -2.0�C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1003.9 hPa (Steady). Heat advisory in effect until 7 PM EDT this evening...
17:10 chris_n sizzle
17:11 owen I hope you have a nice cool rock to hide under
17:11 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 4911 Remove duplicated code <[…]94ec07486d1b9b98c>
17:11 jwagner chris_n, sounds like what we had yesterday.  Never thought I'd be grateful for an attack of food poisoning, but it kept me home and safely inside all day :-)
17:12 chris_n jwagner: we hit 102F here w/108F heat index
17:12 chris_n yesterday
17:13 owen Yesterday we hit LA LA LA I'M NOT LISTENING TURN UP THE AC
17:13 chris_n hehe
17:13 chris_n owen: would that be my pet rock?
17:14 owen Having a pet rock you could hide under would be like owning your own elephant.
17:15 * chris_n sure is glad we got the straw up several weeks ago
17:15 vedran how to upgrade from Koha 3.0 to Koha 3.1?
17:18 jwagner chris_n, we set all kinds of records yesterday too :-(
17:19 * chris_n is hitting a record frustration level trying to get TLS working with his openldap server :-P
17:21 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 3683 - 'Sort by' column in list interface is not translatable <[…]94ec283acc8ef4fa9> / Fix for Bug 3372 - OPAC Reading History sorting breaks limit <[…]3a3d752fe82a045a5> / Fix for Bug 4909 - extra > in path on contracts pages <http://git.koha-comm
17:22 * owen cheers
17:22 jwagner owen++
17:24 owen digging_through_bugzilla++
17:25 Ropuch Anybody working on budget/funds migration to 3.2?
17:25 Ropuch I;m not sure if i should get involved with my nearly-non-perl-skill
17:25 Ropuch ;>
17:40 Genji left #koha
17:45 vedran left #koha
17:52 jwagner speaking of digging through bugzilla, owen, Bug 3790 where I said you were planning a more comprehensive fix -- what's the bug number for yours? (if there is one yet)  I've seen a lot of patches fly by, but I don't remember if this was one of them.
17:52 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3790 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, chris, NEW, Fix item sort to be by library in OPAC record display, XSLT fix for call number spacing
18:18 pianohack brb work
18:18 pianohack left #koha
18:28 owen Sorry jwagner, got distracted by lunch
18:28 owen Taking a look now
18:32 * jwagner thinks lunch is ALWAYS a reasonable distraction
18:32 * owen wonders what kind of comprehensive fix he was planning
18:33 owen Funny how I can remember someone in 2005 promising they'll fix something but I can't remember myself promising to fix something 6 mos. ago
18:35 jwagner I think it had to do with the tablesorter function.  I remember seeing you patch something or other with the tablesorter, not sure if it was this.
18:35 jdavidb @roulette
18:35 munin jdavidb: *click*
18:36 jdavidb @quote random
18:36 munin jdavidb: Quote #56: "* jdavidb makes sure no kitty carcasses are among the dead bugs." (added by gmcharlt at 08:34 AM, February 11, 2010)
18:36 jdavidb :)
18:44 jwagner owen, I was primarily checking to see if I'd missed a patch -- if you can't remember it, you probably haven't sent one :-)
19:03 owen I invented a new git command, "git ranch"
19:03 owen To be used by east-coast born politicians running for office in Texas
19:03 pianohack joined #koha
19:04 jwagner owen, how about "git clue" -- can we add that one?
19:05 owen that's good, but it doesn't match any git command I'm always typing by mistake
19:06 jwagner No, but it has a much wider array of potential uses, I think....
19:08 pianohac1 joined #koha
19:08 pianohack left #koha
19:14 cait joined #koha
19:14 cait hi #koha
19:16 chris_n heya cait
19:19 cait hi chris_n
19:19 jdavidb hi, cait!  :D
19:20 * owen wonders how many times a block of text can repeat before it's worth it to create an include for it
19:21 chris twice
19:21 chris thats my rule of thumb, if i have to type it twice ... theres not gonna be a third time
19:24 * owen sees the steely look in chris's eyes when he says that
19:24 cait :)
19:25 jwagner But chris, we're NOT typing it a third time!  That's what cut and paste is for!!!
19:25 * jwagner ducks for cover
19:27 chris another speaker confirmation, only 3 left to confirm now
19:27 chris and then we can publish the programme
19:31 chris one from india, one from nigeria, and one from the us left to confirm
19:34 chris sorry make that italy, confirmation from india, malaysia, pakistan, one us, australia, france, uk, and of course nz already
19:34 chris its sounding more like a UN conference :)
19:35 rhcl_away left #koha
19:35 owen It just goes to show that NZ is easier to get to from much of the world than the US is
19:36 cait :)
19:36 chris certainly to get a visa, yep :)
19:36 owen Last year's conference wasn't nearly as international
19:36 jdavidb left #koha
19:37 * cait is thinking what it will need to add Germany to chris' list
19:37 chris you want to speak?
19:37 cait no
19:38 cait not speak, just attend
19:38 chris ahh, thats just the speaker list :)
19:38 * cait hides
19:38 chris the attendee one has even more countries :)
19:39 cait how many attendees?
19:40 chris we havent really publicised it in non koha channels, yet, will do once the programme is finalised (next few days) but we have about 53 registered already
19:41 chris i expect we will get a bunch more from nz when we send out emails to the nz library lists (australia too)
19:42 jwagner chris, I'm seeing a wiki page for 3.2 RFCs -- is there one for 3.4?
19:42 chris[…]RFCs_for_Koha_3.4
19:43 chris some programme highlights
19:43 chris Ask a Librarian- why I love Koha
19:43 jwagner Huh.  I searched for RFC and for RFC 3.4 and didn't find it.  Thanks.
19:44 chris Kete and Koha: Integration Built on Open Standards
19:44 chris From LAMP to KOHA: a case studies of Pakistan legislative assembly libraries
19:44 chris eBooks: why they break ISBNs
19:45 chris Freedom in the library: Convincing your boss that sharing is good
19:45 chris The efforts of promoting Koha ILS: Malaysian experience
19:45 * jwagner has to run -- see some of you at ALA
19:45 jwagner left #koha
19:46 chris (those are just a selection of the confirmed ones)
19:51 pianohac1 @last seen brendan
19:51 munin pianohac1: (last [--{from,in,on,with,without,regexp} <value>] [--nolimit]) -- Returns the last message matching the given criteria. --from requires a nick from whom the message came; --in requires a channel the message was sent to; --on requires a network the message was sent on; --with requires some string that had to be in the message; --regexp requires a regular expression the message must match; --nolimit (1 more message)
19:51 pianohac1 @seen brendan
19:51 munin pianohac1: brendan was last seen in #koha 15 hours and 23 seconds ago: <brendan> @wunder 93117
19:52 pianohac1 is now known as pianohack
19:52 pianohack brendaaaaaaaaan
19:53 wizzyrea I think he's at ALA, PH
19:57 chris yep
20:02 owen I'm off. See ya everybody
20:02 owen left #koha
20:04 pianohack I need a document from him
20:04 pianohack I have been reduced to petty irc stalking to obtain it. Ah well
20:04 pianohack How is everybody?
20:05 wizzyrea good, fridaylike
20:08 collum left #koha
20:19 cait haunted by javaserver pages
20:21 wizzyrea cait: they are scary but harmless ;)
20:21 wizzyrea like porcupines
20:21 cait will know tomorrow
20:22 cait had to look up porcupines :)
20:22 wizzyrea hehe
20:35 cait getting late, night all
20:35 cait left #koha
21:05 hdl left #koha
21:31 hdl joined #koha
22:07 wizzyrea_ joined #koha
22:50 chris
22:51 chris nice and clean
22:55 chris yay another confirmation
22:55 * chris sent out reminder emails
22:58 chris_n very nice
23:01 chris O M G
23:02 chris_n sup?
23:03 chris[…]thesocialnetwork/
23:04 pianohack left #koha
23:36 davi left #koha
23:43 moodaepo left #koha

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