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00:23 jo brendan from nsw?
00:23 brendan nope - but hi jo
00:24 jo :)
00:25 mib_d6my8 jo\
00:25 mib_d6my8 Brendan from vicnet mylanguage
00:30 chris hi jo
00:38 jo hi chris
00:39 chris i think mib_d6my8 might be the brendan you are after
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00:51 jo yep - thanks chris
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02:57 chris burning the midnight oil jdavidb ?
02:57 jdavidb eh, not that late yet...and not sleepy.
02:58 chris fair enough
03:08 custard with Lars's .debs, has he found someone to test them on ubuntu lucid?
03:09 chris not anyone who has documented it
03:09 larsw I haven't heard of anything
03:09 custard and the intention is that they go into a fresh install?
03:10 larsw I should state here, for clarity, that I am withdrawing from Koha development; I'm mainly hanging out here in case there's any questions I can answer, and to hang out with people I know
03:12 * custard nods
03:13 * wizzyrea_ mourns the loss of larsw
03:13 larsw anyway, I hope the existing packages work in ubuntu lucid, but if not, please file a bug explaining the problems
03:13 custard is anyone else taking on the .deb idea?
03:14 larsw Robin's succeeding me in the packaging
03:16 custard Good.
03:16 custard I was just in the middle of updating my koha box to lucid, and spotted a note in the irc logs a while back looking for a volunteer to test them, and thought that maybe I could help there.
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03:22 custard but since I've already got data in the system that I don't really want to loose, I'm probably after a good way of preserving the records and items.
03:22 custard Would just restoring a sql dump work? or would that loose important bits?
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03:24 chris what version of koha are you currently running?
03:25 custard
03:25 Amit hi chris
03:26 Amit good morning #koha
03:26 custard (and was about to bump it up to 3.2a1 anyway)
03:27 chris alpha2 is out, and the beta is out soon but the packages are running off master, so ahead of even alpha2
03:27 chris im not sure an upgrade from 3.0.6 will work flawlessly, no fault of the packages though, theres blockers around the upgrade
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03:28 larsw backups, backups, backups. oh, and backups.
03:28 chris i'd certianly do the install on something i dont care too much about first :)
03:34 custard Ok, I'll see what I've got lying around and test it out first.
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07:13 kf good morning #koha
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07:19 Amit heya kf
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07:24 kf hi paul, hi Amit
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07:30 paul hello kf & al
07:30 chris hi paul
07:34 kf hi chris
07:35 chris heya kf
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07:52 chris paul: nz maori vs england rugby on at the moment
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08:35 hdl hi chris
08:35 chris hi hdl
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08:38 chris hi magnus
08:38 magnus hi chris
08:38 chris hows the ticket hunting going?
08:38 magnus havn't quite got round to it yet
08:39 magnus i'm on "holiday" from next week, so i'll do it then
08:39 chris ahh good idea
08:39 magnus have a few loose ends to tie up before this week is out
08:41 magnus catalyst++ # by the way, for volunteering personnel to help with the biblibre patches!
08:49 chris :) ill pass that on to my boss
08:52 kf catalyst++ :)
08:57 kf nengard: around?
09:00 chris she'll be asleep
09:00 chris for a couple more hours at least
09:02 kf ah, you are right
09:02 kf wanted to ask her if she still has problems to get amazon working
09:03 chris can you remember what bits of amazon weren't working?
09:05 kf reviews
09:05 kf I think covers were ok
09:06 kf and similar items
09:06 chris reviews are working at hlt
09:06 kf ok, to be more clear: I had problems with similar items and reviews not working, covers were ok
09:06 chris[…]iblionumber=11580
09:06 kf yes, they were working for owen too, but not for nengard and me
09:06 chris weird
09:06 kf yes
09:06 kf will test on my dev install later
09:08 chris w00t!!!
09:09 chris nz maori beat england!
09:10 chilts heh, awesome :)
09:11 chris not a bad way to celebrate their centenary
09:14 magnus chris: the tag browser looks cool - is that something for 3.4?
09:14 chris thats in 3.2
09:15 magnus ooh, cool!
09:15 chris if you have librarything for libraries
09:15 magnus ah, ok
09:15 magnus i thought it was based on the tags in koha - should have known there wouldn't be that many tags, even for LOTR...
09:16 chris there is a koha tag browser too
09:16 chris but yeah, you get much more useful info if you utilise millions of ppls tags :)
09:16 magnus :-)
09:17 chris HLT have librarything for libraries, and also syndetics
09:17 magnus there should be some way to aggregate tags accross Kohas, and other systems too
09:17 magnus sweden has one, called "Öppna bibliotek" - "open libraries"
09:18 chris yep, no reason why we cant do that
09:18 chris i want to do that with recommendations too
09:19 magnus i'm part of a norwegian "think tank" (the library laboratory) that will be investigating the swedish software this year, and arguing that all norwegian systems should contribute to one open pool, not one pool per ils vendor...
09:19 magnus sure recommendations, comments, tags...
09:19 chris yup
09:19 chris would be easy to do
09:20 chris just need to make a submit to 'some cool name'
09:20 chris button
09:20 chris in the tools
09:20 magnus would be nice
09:21 magnus "Awesome  Classic  Mad"[…]koha/ hehe
09:22 magnus hm, when i click on "mad" i get this error: "Error: Language 'nb' does not exist"
09:23 chris yeah, its trying to be too smart detecting your language from your browser
09:23 chris there are a few little bugs like that in C4/Languages
09:23 chris its due for an overhaul in 3.4
09:24 magnus good
09:24 magnus trying to be too smart is... not so smart... :-)
09:25 chris yeah
09:29 custard Is there anything obvious that would give an "Auth ERROR: Can't get_session() at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 606." when attempting a local connection?
09:31 custard This is on an existing system after an OS upgrade. MySQL is running, and has retained the pre-existing user/password combo.
09:36 chris its the session bit that is failing
09:36 chris so, im guessing some modules that were cpanned on
09:36 chris are now missing
09:37 chris did perl get upgraded?
09:48 custard yes. 5.10.0 to 5.10.1
09:48 chris hmm, that shouldnt have been a problem the perl modules should be in the same place still
09:49 chris can you try
09:49 chris installing CGI::Session::serialize::yaml
09:49 chris then try koha again
09:50 custard now, it's interesting that you mention YAML.
09:52 custard previous to this error, I had a longer one that was very much like this one:
09:52 custard[…]2-td26211666.html
09:55 chris yeah koha uses yaml, and so does cgi session
09:57 custard and adding the package fixed the error. Thanks.
09:58 custard not sure what happened to those two.
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10:03 custard can I ask why you thought of that module?
10:04 chris because it said cant get_session
10:04 chris so it was something cgi::session related
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10:31 chris custard: did that fix it?
10:32 custard Yes it did. Thanks.
10:32 custard Sorry, thought I'd said that.
10:32 chris cool
10:33 chris yeah you did
10:33 chris i just didnt notice :)
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11:19 damien Hi, does Koha have an API for plugin development work?
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11:28 magnus damien: i'd say there is no plugin architecture as such, but you can include modules from the C4 directory to get the functionality you need[…]tree;f=C4;hb=HEAD
11:29 magnus have a look in the misc and misc/cronjobs folder for some (cli) examples[…]ee;f=misc;hb=HEAD
11:39 chris_n g'morning
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11:56 jwagner morning chris_n and all
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12:26 kf morning jwagner
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12:37 owen Hi nengard
12:37 nengard howdy!
12:44 owen nengard: How's greader treating you?
12:44 nengard actually haven't looked at it in a few days - trying to catch up from being away before leaving again tomorrow!!
12:44 nengard that said - i love that i can now send and receive SMS for free with Google Voice!!!
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12:45 nengard greader has a few things that bug me - #1 I know i have more than 1000 things to read give me the damn number -- #2 why can't I share a list of everything I subscribe to? -- #3 why can't I mark everything in every folder read?
12:46 nengard but bloglines was unstable and that was annoying too
12:46 owen You should be able to do #3
12:46 owen There's a "mark all as read" button
12:50 * owen got tired of Bloglines randomly forgetting what I'd read and what I hadn't
12:55 owen brb, Windows bugging me to restart
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12:59 owen Whoa, Windows updated my nVidia driver and it's like I just arrived in Munchkin Land
12:59 owen The colors are burning my eyes
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13:06 * owen finds the nVidia setting "Digital Vibrance" and cranks it down from 78%
13:07 NickyNick Anyone have an opinion on using 3.2 Alpha on a production site?
13:08 owen NickyNick: Have you browsed the bug database to see what the major issues are?
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13:09 NickyNick um, that would be wise I suppose! I will, just wondering if anyone thinks, generally, that there is much point staying back on 3.06 until 3.2 is released!
13:09 owen[…]D&version=rel_3_2
13:09 nengard sorry owen - was reading emails and writing patches - there is a mark all read button on each folder - but not for all folders ... not that i saw
13:09 nengard and is munchkinland a good thing??
13:09 owen Sorry for that URL NickyNick, that's should give you the major, critical, and blocker bugs
13:10 owen nengard: Munchkinland wasn't a good thing in this case
13:10 nengard hehe
13:10 owen I see nengard, you wanted a button for the nuclear option
13:10 nengard yes!!
13:10 nengard i just said have 1000+ things to read :) once in a while i just wipe it all out!
13:10 nengard and start fresh
13:12 owen nengard: What if you click the "All items" link in the left-hand menu and "mark all as read" from there?
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13:12 nengard didn't try that - will try later
13:12 nengard right now upgrading FF :)
13:13 * owen should be doing that too
13:13 * owen should also get back to fighting with Drupal
13:14 nengard hate drupal!
13:14 nengard i know i'm a bad open source educator - but i hate drupal!!!
13:14 owen Drupal and I have a tense but productive relationship
13:15 nengard convincing one of my associations to switch from drupal to wp cause i hate it so much and don't want to manage it anymore
13:16 nengard and just to go back - 188 bugs in that list!!!! NOOOOOO :(
13:17 nengard keey trying to find bugs I can fix to make the list less daunting, but i just don't have all the knowledge i need yet :(
13:17 owen I'm with you there
13:17 owen I would really like to see more people working from that bug list
13:18 nengard yeah - although I am seeing a good number that are marked as patch sent, so we just need them pushed/tested/and closed
13:19 nengard that will lessen the list some
13:20 nengard owen maybe you have an idea for bug 4068
13:20 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4068 major, P5, ---, henridamien, NEW, Accepting a suggestion hides 'pending' tab
13:21 * jdavidb bounces around happily.
13:21 nengard and maybe bug 3969
13:21 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3969 major, P5, ---, henridamien, NEW, Budget Search Doesn't Work
13:21 nengard what's up jdavidb???
13:22 jdavidb Just heard from my prosthetics shop; I'm getting a new artificial leg, and insurance is paying 100%.
13:22 nengard WOO HOO!!!
13:22 nengard love when insurance actually comes through
13:23 owen jdavidb: Will it have racing stripes?
13:23 nengard hehe
13:23 jdavidb This is a Very Good Thing--my old one doesn't fit right, and it's coming apart.  This will be an upgrade--better shock-absorber built in, and adjustable-heel-height foot.
13:24 jdavidb Got an appointment this afternoon for them to make a mold of me, to build the interface for it.
13:25 jdavidb owen: I know people who have taken t-shirt decorations and molded them into the plastic of the leg, as a "tattoo".
13:27 nengard i know i ask this everything, but can someone remind me how to tell someone something later in IRC?
13:27 jdavidb at-later tell <nick> <message>, I think
13:28 nengard @later tell wizzyrea can you add screenshots to this:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3265
13:28 munin nengard: The operation succeeded.
13:28 munin Bug 3265: major, P5, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, LOST status not  changed after issued item is checked in
13:28 nengard worked :)
13:28 jdavidb looks like I remembered it right.
13:36 owen nengard: I'll try to take a look at those bugs later today
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13:43 schuster So I'm looking at bug 3500
13:43 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3500 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, chris, NEW, New Circulation, patron, fines, other granular permissions
13:43 schuster How can we determine if it actually is in 3.2 or if it is going to 3.4?
13:44 jwagner schuster, according to the page Galen & Chris set up, it's still slated for 3.4 --[…]HarleyIntegration
13:45 gmcharlt_ schuster: jwagner is correct
13:46 schuster OK just reading the "enhancement" and a patch is "ready" so trying to figure out where these things fall and when things can be closed.  confused...:) as normal.
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15:16 nengard okay i've gone over the list of major+ bugs 10 times now and I can't find any I have the skills to fix
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15:36 * chris_n` glares at chris_n
15:36 chris_n` and says "Get to work over there."
15:37 kf :)
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15:42 brendan BIG GOAL there
15:42 brendan USA in stoppage time
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16:15 kf bug or feature: patron search only shows patrons from my library?
16:15 wizzyrea bug
16:15 kf I turned independantbranches on and off and got the same result
16:16 kf sure?
16:16 wizzyrea yea, we've talked about it before
16:16 wizzyrea with indybranches it should my library only
16:16 wizzyrea with non-indy it should default to the whole patron db
16:16 kf ah ok
16:17 kf is there a bug?
16:17 wizzyrea it seems to be related to the patron search box near the [+]
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16:17 wizzyrea it's picking up the limits when it's not supposed to
16:17 hdl wizzyrea: if it is owed to that.
16:17 kf ah yes
16:17 kf it defaults to my library
16:17 hdl I sent someone a patch about that.
16:17 wizzyrea ya
16:18 wizzyrea It's sort of coming back to me
16:18 wizzyrea (lots of water under the bridge in wizzyrea land)
16:18 wizzyrea (a lot's happened in the last few weeks)
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16:18 hdl Is there a bug filed about that ?
16:18 wizzyrea I thought there was, let me look
16:18 hdl It is already fixed on our master.
16:19 kf did not find it
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16:19 kf hdl: I still see some problems with suggestions in acq and I was not able to create a pdf file, will test more tomorrow
16:20 kf we started documenting acq and serials in German
16:21 hdl 9a02771f7dcebccf4121520c343c9c858f020ddb on
16:23 nengard kf are you updating the manual in git with your documentation? or are you writing something different?
16:23 nengard if you're writing something different, make sure we get a link to it so we can put it on the koha site
16:23 kf something different traning materials, no translation
16:24 wizzyrea hdl: I"m not seeing the bug
16:24 nengard kf we have this page for stuff like that:[…]ation/other-docs/
16:24 nengard if you want it linked
16:24 wizzyrea listed... let me look one more place
16:24 nengard language doesn't matter
16:24 kf nengard:[…]ha-handbuch:start
16:24 nengard cool
16:24 nengard what should I title it?
16:25 nengard training materials?
16:25 hdl nengard°°
16:25 hdl nengard++
16:25 nengard :)
16:25 hdl sorry
16:25 kf I used something like german koha handbook, its directed to our libraries, no administration
16:25 hdl kf++
16:26 kf there are some things special because they work with our union catalog, no cataloging happens in koha
16:27 nengard cool - added -[…]ation/other-docs/
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16:27 kf cool .)
16:27 kf :)
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16:28 kf thx nengard++
16:28 nengard np
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16:57 kf ok, time to go - bye all
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18:02 cait hi #koha
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18:11 rhcl Hi cait
18:11 cait hi rhcl
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19:47 chris_n @wunder 28334
19:47 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 37.1�C (3:36 PM EDT on June 23, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 5%. Dew Point: -9.0�C. Pressure: 29.68 in 1005.0 hPa (Steady). Heat advisory in effect until 7 PM EDT this evening...
19:47 * chris_n considers frying eggs on the sidewalk for supper
19:47 owen @wunder 45701
19:47 munin owen: The current temperature in Ohio University, Athens, Ohio is 30.6�C (3:45 PM EDT on June 23, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 60%. Dew Point: 22.0�C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010.0 hPa (Falling).
19:48 * owen hates the heat
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19:55 zevlag @wunder 84523
19:55 munin zevlag: The current temperature in Castle Dale, Utah is 29.8�C (1:27 PM MDT on June 23, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 11%. Dew Point: -4.0�C. Pressure: 24.27 in 821.8 hPa (Falling).
19:55 zevlag @wunder 84501
19:55 munin zevlag: The current temperature in Castle Dale, Utah is 29.8�C (1:27 PM MDT on June 23, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 11%. Dew Point: -4.0�C. Pressure: 24.27 in 821.8 hPa (Falling).
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20:08 jdavidb howdy, #koha.
20:08 wizzyrea heya
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20:11 cait hi jdavidb!
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20:29 richard hi
20:31 pianohack Hey
20:36 chris morning
20:37 pianohack morning
20:38 pianohack lazyweb question: anyone around here using a macbook?
20:38 pianohack looking quite tempting for a college laptop
20:38 cait morning chris, hi pianohacker
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20:39 wizzyrea I have a macbook
20:39 pianohack hi cait
20:39 pianohack wizzyrea: What kind?
20:39 gmcharlt_ pianohack: I do as well, and I'd endorse it for college
20:39 wizzyrea 15in MBP
20:39 wizzyrea me too
20:39 wizzyrea (endorse it for college)
20:39 wizzyrea esp for a coder
20:40 pianohack cool
20:40 pianohack I'll probably dual-boot it on ubuntu, but glad for the endorsement
20:40 wizzyrea (virtualbox runs like a champ, and an equivalent PC laptop will probably cost more anyway)
20:40 chris ill be the lone naysayer :)
20:40 wizzyrea yea, chris doesn't like macs
20:40 wizzyrea :)
20:40 pianohack Hehe
20:41 wizzyrea it's ok, nobody's perfect ;)
20:41 chris i dont like apple
20:41 wizzyrea I tease bc I love
20:41 pianohack ah
20:41 chris because they are bad wrong and evil
20:41 pianohack What, the overbearing evil empire tactics put you on edge?
20:41 chris and rms told me i had to point that out to my friends :)
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20:42 wizzyrea hehe
20:42 pianohack Anyway, have to run, but thanks all
20:43 chris cya pianohack
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21:29 cait good night all
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21:38 brendan pianohack why'd you lose the 'er ?
21:41 jdavidb name width limit, brendan.
21:41 brendan oh
21:42 * jdavidb is off to take the early evening catnap.  see y'all 'round
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23:10 larsw chris, chilts, robin: would you be able to suggest a good (reliable, but non-expensive) travel agent in Wellington?
23:11 robin larsw: I've used House of Travel in Dunedin in the past, found them to be effective, I imagine there's an office in wgtn. I haven't really shopped around though.
23:11 chris i usually find my flights on the intermanet
23:11 chris and then write down the flight numbers
23:12 chris and go into the flightcentre
23:12 chris and say 'i want these ones'
23:12 chilts yeah, FlightCentre or STA ... but they all have their own annoyances
23:12 chilts like a surcharge when paying by credit card
23:12 robin yeah, it depends what you want. For flying to and from somewhere, I'll do it myself, if I'm booking a more complex trip I'll use the agent.
23:12 chris they never actually seem to know the best deals, so i look them up before hand
23:12 chris and then get them to book it :)
23:12 chilts I think I'll do what Chris does next time
23:12 chilts though sometimes they have deals you can't get on the internet or at a particular time
23:13 chris yeah, its nice to have an idea of what it should cost before you go in though
23:13 larsw I'd book online except we are having a somewhat complicated trip to New York, via multiple places, and that'll be horrible to optimize online, based on past experience
23:13 chris *nod*
23:14 larsw so... FlightCentre or STA, I'll go find those, thanks :)
23:14 chris we usually go to pittsburgh via a few places, but i usually know what flight i want to get to LA
23:14 chris and tell them that bit, and let them work out the rest
23:14 chris :)
23:14 chris house of travel i used when i was at liblime
23:14 chris they were ok
23:15 chris but i use flightcentre for my personal stuff
23:15 chris certainly they seem to be able to get much better deals on accomodation
23:15 chris than you can do via the web

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