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04:47 cait morning #koha
04:58 chris hiya cait
04:59 cait hi chris
04:59 cait chris++ # for repairing xslt translation
05:07 chris did you test the patch?
05:07 chris i hope it works, it seemed to on the de file i tried
05:09 cait I wll test later
05:09 cait have to finish jsp things first
05:09 cait deadline at noon tomorrow
05:09 chris ahh, good luck
05:10 cait thx :)
05:18 cait staying at home today, will take a break to watch nz later :)
05:21 chris 4 hours til kickoff
05:21 chris :)
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05:22 chilts 6 hrs isn't it?
05:22 chilts 11:30
05:23 chilts unless you're talking rugby or something :)
05:25 chris oh yeah
05:25 chris i cant count
05:25 chris i blame the cold medication
05:25 chris 6 hours it is
05:25 chris where are you watching it chilts ?
05:25 cait 12:30 pm here
05:26 cait and get well soon chris!
05:26 chilts I have Sky so at home in a warm lounge :)
05:26 chris ditto
05:26 chris but quietly
05:26 chilts should be three of is (two Brits and a Kiwi) :D
05:26 chilts is=us :)
05:26 * chilts taped the Holland v Denmark match last night and will watch that when he gets home
05:27 chris you dont want to know the score then ?
05:27 chris :)
05:27 chris i saw some of italy v paraguay this morning .. put me back to sleep
05:27 chilts I know them all already, so not too worried :)
05:27 chilts yeah, I was saying last night that Italy bore me
05:28 chris 2 defensive teams
05:28 chris so far germany have played the best football
05:28 chris well according to my uneducated eye
05:29 chilts they have, and Argentina (though they were up against a keeper on fire)
05:29 * chilts always says never rule the Germans out
05:29 chilts ok, hometime :)
05:29 chris cya later
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08:41 chris robin: you around?
08:47 cait chris: bug 4892?
08:47 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4892 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW, Make the accounts page page, so that the list of records doesn't end up being huge.
08:48 chris yep?
08:48 cait I think its a duplicate to bug 2644
08:48 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2644 enhancement, P3, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Paginate Fines
08:48 chris sure looks like it to me
08:48 cait will mark it
08:48 chris thanks
08:48 cait robin send a patch for it
08:49 cait jsp-- *sighs*
08:49 chris yep
08:50 chris although it didnt hit the patches list did it?
08:50 * chris can't see the patch in the archives
08:51 cait hm I got not mail
08:51 cait no
08:51 chris yeah, i think it went missing
08:52 chris ill get robin to resend
08:52 cait :)
08:52 chris he did another patch today as well
08:56 cait which bug?
08:57 chris not sure, ill find out tomorrow :)
09:05 chris @wunder wellington nz
09:05 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 11.0�C (9:00 PM NZST on June 15, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Steady).
09:06 chris heh, there is no way its 11 out there
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09:13 chris heya robin-hom
09:23 robin-hom chris: hola
09:23 imp heyho, who is in charge for the kohails twitter account? (2x4 times the same tweet...)
09:25 chris you sure they werent retweets?
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09:25 kmkale good afternoon
09:25 imp chris: yes, i'm sure, they are all from kohails via and not retweets
09:26 imp chris: just take a look
09:26 kmkale From the OPAC, how do I search for all books published before certain year?
09:27 chris yahoo pipes flipping out then
09:27 chris or someones rss feed flipping out .. which causes the same thing
09:27 chris i suspect pipes is doing it
09:28 chris robin-hom: hdl reports those messages arent the queue, might have to try a resend tomorrow
09:28 robin-hom chris: curious. It's strange that I'm not getting a bounce from them.
09:33 chris yeah its weird
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09:37 zico hi everyone
09:37 zico it`s nice to see you people here!! :)
09:37 zico this mibbit is great too! :)
09:40 chris kmkale: go to the advanced search
09:41 kmkale chris: and?
09:41 chris http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]ha/
09:41 chris there are instructions there
09:41 zico by the way
09:41 zico i am facing an annoying problem here :D
09:41 kmkale aww I am on 3.00.00 so this is not there
09:41 zico some of my patron cannot issue their books/cds or anything
09:42 zico because, the "confirmation window" does not comes for them
09:42 zico and.. this thing happened for some other users before
09:42 zico but.. it became ok after certain time
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09:42 zico this is not black magic, right?
09:42 zico can anyone help me out?
09:42 kmkale chris: any ti: type query I can type in the box on 3.00.00?
09:42 zico i really need your help guys :(
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09:43 chris why 3.00.00? not 3.0.6?
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09:44 chris kmkale: ill look
09:44 chris zico: there must be some setting
09:44 zico what kind of setting it may be chris?
09:44 zico i mean... this became an uncertainity
09:44 kmkale chris: is on 3.00.00 and I haven't dared yet to upgrade :(
09:45 zico some times i prayed to my server to make it happen!!! :D
09:45 zico chris: what kind of setting it may be?
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09:47 chris zico: not sure, i havent seen it happen ever befor
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09:50 chris kmkale:[…]sort_by=relevance
09:50 chris zico: my guess would be the circulation rules
09:50 kmkale chris: you are great
09:50 kmkale chris++
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09:55 kmkale chris: it does not work though. that search should have got only books after 2008 but it got almost everything. incl this "Date of publication, distribution, etc  1987"
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09:55 chris im guessing the indexes dont exist right then
09:58 chris you might need to check what field the yr is being mapped to
09:58 zico :(
09:58 zico is not there any solution??
09:58 zico i cannot see anything in circulation thing
09:59 kmkale chris: record.abs?
10:00 chris kmkale: yeah
10:01 kmkale chris: look for pubdate?
10:01 chris not sure for 3.0.0
10:02 chris you'll probably need to look at C4/ find what limit-yr maps to, then find out what marc field that maps to
10:06 kmkale chris: ok. thanks. I have in records.abs "melm 260$c      copydate,copydate:s"
10:08 chris st-numeric .. what does that map to?
10:09 kmkale and my pub year is also mapped to 260$c
10:09 kmkale st-numeric looking..
10:09 chris actually no ignore that
10:10 chris we have to find out what yr is mapped to
10:11 kmkale looking
10:11 cait chris: perhaps 008
10:13 chris or perhaps nothing :)
10:13 cait or that
10:13 chris which might be the problem
10:14 cait I think the pub year option in adv search works with 008. (3.1.61), 260 c can be problematic, not only numbers there
10:15 kmkale chris: # Date of Publication
10:15 kmkale if ( $index eq 'yr' ) {
10:15 kmkale $index .= ",st-numeric";
10:15 kmkale $indexes_set++;
10:16 chris yep
10:17 chris so what we have to find out is what yr ends up as
10:18 kmkale in records.abs melm 008        date-entered-on-file:n:range(data,0,5),date-ent​ered-on-file:s:range(data,0,5),pubdate:w:range(​data,7,4),pubdate:n:range(data,7,4),pubdate:y:r​ange(data,7,4),pubdate:s:range(data,7,4),pl:w:r​ange(data,15,3),ta:w:range(data,22,1),ff8-23:w:​range(data,23,1),ff8-29:w:range(data,29,1),lf:w​:range(data,33,1),bio:w:range(data,34,1),ln:n:r​ange(data,35,3),ctype:w:range(data,24,4)
10:18 kmkale ,Record-source:w:range(data,39,0)
10:18 chris yep, but how does yr get to be pubdate
10:19 kmkale ?????
10:19 kmkale in there are no marc tags mentioned
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10:21 cait
10:22 cait in git:
10:22 cait 332 #Date-publication       31  The date (usually year) in      008/07-10, 260$c
10:22 cait 333 #which a document is published.  046, 533$d
10:22 cait 334 Date-of-publication 1=pubdate r=r
10:22 cait 335 #dp Date-of-publication
10:22 cait 336 yr Date-of-publication
10:22 cait 337 pubdate Date-of-publication
10:22 chris thats it
10:23 chris but we need to check the version in 3.0.0
10:24 chris yep, 008 it is
10:24 cait ...
10:24 cait ;)
10:24 cait ok, need to buy something for lunch bbl
10:24 chris[…]iblionumber=24077
10:25 chris 9999
10:25 chris thats why
10:25 chris the 008's for the records have bad values
10:26 chris 9999 is much bigger than 2008
10:26 chris :)
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11:57 albertos hi all again...
11:57 cait hi albertos
11:57 albertos a question (again..)
11:58 albertos when i edit items in koha
11:58 albertos field "r - Type of item and material " is mandatory
11:58 albertos so... when we fill it with data
11:58 albertos and save its ok
11:58 albertos but when we edit that item...
11:58 albertos that particular field... contains no data
11:59 albertos and we have to enter it again...
11:59 albertos does anyone knows why this is happening?
12:00 cait unimarc?
12:01 albertos yeap
12:04 albertos any suggestions?
12:05 cait using marc21 :(
12:06 albertos oh...
12:06 cait perhaps there is something in the error logs?
12:06 albertos cant find anything (till now) but i'll check again
12:06 albertos is it supposed to happen?
12:07 cait koha to marc mapping?
12:07 cait no, dont think so.
12:07 albertos did changed anything
12:07 cait is it a pulldown or a normal field?
12:07 albertos its in default
12:07 albertos normal field
12:07 cait which koha version?
12:08 albertos 3.0.06
12:10 cait sorry :(
12:10 albertos ok
12:10 albertos i'
12:10 albertos i' ll try to figure it
12:10 albertos and postback
12:10 albertos :-)
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12:33 albertos hi again...
12:34 albertos simple question... that i cant find anywhere..
12:34 albertos how can i display all items in my catalog in backend?
12:34 albertos all entries
12:38 cait not sure what you want to do
12:38 cait all items are displayed at the title
12:39 cait there is no separate view for only items, they are always displayed below the title
12:40 cait title = bibliographic information
12:41 albertos no..
12:41 albertos i meant all biblios
12:41 albertos like in authorities
12:41 albertos i leave a blank field
12:41 albertos and displays everything
12:41 albertos is there an analog in catalog?
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12:45 cait hm I think no
12:45 cait when you leave it blank, you get to adv search
12:45 cait you can try and search on all item types
12:45 cait or if you have the marcorgcode in every title you can search for that
12:45 cait thts what I normally do
12:47 albertos yes... we do that also...
12:47 albertos but there is a need now for displaying the full catalog
12:47 cait not sure how to do it, perhaps one of the developers has an idea
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12:52 albertos ps.
12:52 albertos for the "r" field i was talking about before...
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12:52 albertos i edited the subfield
12:53 albertos to bind over items.itype
12:53 albertos and its ok now
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13:01 cait albertos: hm, itype should be a pulldown
13:02 cait albertos: its very important for loan conditions
13:06 cait albertos: hm, perhaps unimarc is differnet here, but it seems a bit strange to me
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13:23 nelsonlib Hey there, I'm looking for some help with the 'Add Item' function of the Batch Label Creator
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17:51 cait hi koha
17:52 jwagner Hi cait.  Been a _real_ quiet day here....
17:52 cait hi jwagner
17:53 cait i was alone here half of the day, but left some time ago to do my online exam for distance study
17:53 cait not enough time to finish uml diagram :( *sigh*
17:53 jwagner That doesn't sound like a fun way to spend the day .....
17:54 cait no
17:55 cait stayed at home today to finish everything, deadline is at noon tomorrow
17:56 cait can only register for the real exam when I pass the online tests
17:57 * cait harrumphs
18:03 jwagner me harrumphs in sympathy
18:05 jwagner What's the exam for -- certification?
18:13 cait Im doing a distance study computer science
18:13 cait bachelor of science in the end... somewhere in the not so near future
18:14 cait my current course is about html/css and javaserver pages
18:15 jwagner Oh, good.  You can be our backup to owen for all the OPAC questions :-)
18:16 jwagner (I seem to have a mental block about understanding HTML and CSS....)
18:19 cait I like html and css... but java makes me harrumph ;)
18:22 jwagner I think it has that effect on everyone.  But CSS _really_ is incomprehensible to me.
18:23 jwagner And the basic HTML I do know was learned back in the early days and is now completely outdated.  Most of the commands I use are now deprecated.  Sigh.
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18:27 cait @karma java
18:27 munin cait: Karma for "java" has been increased 0 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of -1.
18:27 cait @karma jsp
18:27 munin cait: Karma for "jsp" has been increased 0 times and decreased 5 times for a total karma of -5.
18:27 jwagner @karma css
18:27 munin jwagner: css has neutral karma.
18:28 jwagner css--
18:28 jwagner So There!
18:28 cait my html is outdated too :) html5 is not int he course yet
18:28 cait ooh poor css
18:28 jwagner It deserves it!
18:28 cait jsp--
18:29 jwagner And while we're at it....
18:29 jwagner XSLT--
18:29 jwagner @karma XSLT
18:29 munin jwagner: Karma for "XSLT" has been increased 2 times and decreased 3 times for a total karma of -1.
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18:32 cait we scared hdl away
18:32 jwagner Oh, well....
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18:39 cait wb hdl
18:39 hdl hi cait
18:40 jwagner Hi hdl -- cait was afraid we had scared you off
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18:45 chris morning
18:45 chrisd Hi there
18:45 * chris wanders off to get ready for work, bbiab
18:47 chrisd Just wanted to pick your brains here.  I've been playing with the Harley Release and all the records that have multiple items attached are not showing up in the OPAC.  All the other records are showing up fine.  Is this possibly a setting?
18:47 jwagner Shouldn't be -- URL for an example?
18:48 chrisd I dont' have it public.  I'm on a local test server
18:48 jwagner Do you mean the title itself doesn't show in the OPAC? or just the items?
18:49 chrisd The title
18:49 jwagner But other titles do show up OK?
18:49 chrisd yeah, all the titles with only one item show up fine...weird
18:50 jwagner Definitely odd -- I've never seen that one in testing.  Maybe you could send me a couple of sample records (one single, one multiple)?
18:51 chrisd Be glad to.  How do you want me to send them?  Also, I was wondering if it might have something to do with OPACITEMHOLDS
18:52 jwagner attach the MARC records to email --
18:52 jwagner I don't think it would have to do with that syspref, but I'll take a look
18:55 jwagner I just verified on one of our test systems, and titles with multiple titles show up fine.  Are these for different branches? Do you have independent branches on maybe?
18:55 jwagner multiple items, that is
18:57 chrisd same branches.  We have multiple branches but the mulivolume sets (items) are usually all at the same branch.
18:57 chrisd i'm working on getting the item records.
18:58 jwagner Do an export from your Koha system under Tools, so I can see all the item info that's there now.
18:58 chrisd ok
19:01 jwagner Forgot to ask, you can search & see these titles in staff mode?
19:02 chrisd yes i can see the titles in staff mode
19:03 jwagner I have an idea, then, but I need to see the item data to confirm
19:03 chrisd i'm sending it right now
19:09 jwagner Well, that wasn't it....  We have an item suppression feature that makes use of subfield i in the item record -- if all items on a title are marked as suppressed, the title is also suppressed in the OPAC.  However, your items don't have a 952 subfield i.  Nor do you have a 942 title suppression that I can see.  I'm puzzled...
19:11 chrisd I'm going to try to shut the OPACItemholds off and see what happens.
19:12 chrisd Didn't work...  :-(
19:12 jwagner If you make any kind of edit to one of the hidden titles, and wait for zebra to pick it up, does the title then show in the OPAC?
19:13 chrisd let me try..hold on a  sec.  i'll make a change and run rebuild_zebra
19:18 chrisd No luck...bummer
19:19 * wizzyrea notes that harley is the ptfs only release, and that all mainline koha releases are done through
19:20 wizzyrea not judgin, just sayin.
19:20 jwagner Hrmm.  We probably need jdavidb's input, and he's off work today.
19:22 chrisd ok.  I'll check back another time.  I'm just playing around to see what it can do.  :-)
19:22 jwagner chris_n, online?
19:24 chrisd jwagner.  Thanks for the help
19:24 jwagner Apparently not :-(  wizzyrea, have you played with his label feature?
19:24 wizzyrea some
19:25 jwagner That's more than I have :-) Question from one of our sites -- does it have the ability to print set of labels -- 2 disparate label types on the same sheet of label paper
19:25 wizzyrea hmm
19:26 wizzyrea jwagner: i'm not sure, actually. It seems fairly flexible but I'm having a hard time visualizing what exact type of output you/they are looking for
19:27 chrisd left #koha
19:27 wizzyrea I have a 3.2 test server if you'd like to play around with it.
19:27 jwagner I imagine they want to print, say, a spine label and a back-of-book label at the same time.
19:28 wizzyrea hm, I think you can do something like use the same batch for different templates, but I'm not sure you can do both on the same sheet
19:29 jwagner I didn't remember ever hearing about that capability, but I might not have beenpaying attention....
19:29 wizzyrea well it seems rather like a relatively fringe scenario to me
19:30 wizzyrea but what do I know
19:30 chris you can do same batch for different templates
19:30 chris but yeah,having a template that has 2 different types of labels on it ... might be possible, but sounds like something that is far more likely to go wrong than right
19:30 wizzyrea the templating bit seems to be predicated on the same format being replicated on every label on the sheet
19:31 chris and might be solving a problem that doesnt need to be solved
19:31 wizzyrea lemme guess...
19:31 wizzyrea sirsi did it?
19:31 wizzyrea ;)
19:31 wizzyrea or iii
19:31 chris i for one am sick of that as a reason for doing things
19:32 wizzyrea well, they do some things very well, but the very best ILS fits the product to the librarian, not the librarian to the product (which is what sirsi did very well... making people's workflow match the ils, not the other way around)
19:33 wizzyrea (imo)
19:33 chris they might do things well
19:33 chris and thats the reason to do it
19:33 chris not that they did it
19:33 chris ie, lets do things because they are good ideas
19:33 wizzyrea ya
19:33 chris and realise some things just arent
19:33 jwagner It's for a site with a very odd workflow.  Before we go back & say "you're going to have to change your workflow" I wanted to verify existing options.
19:34 wizzyrea I agree with that sentiment.
19:34 wizzyrea aha
19:34 wizzyrea I'm glad to know that I don't have the only really crazy workflows in my system :)
19:34 wizzyrea er, odd.
19:34 chris heh
19:35 chris my favourite clients are always the ones who realise a new library system is the perfect time to examine their business practices and decide if things make sense, or if they are just doing things cos thats how they do things
19:36 jwagner I am running out of astonishment capacity for what various librarians think are absolutely necessary processes....
19:36 chris yeah, it really is pretty amazing eh jwagner
19:36 chris if i cant press f8 on this page, god kills a kitten
19:36 wizzyrea lol
19:37 wizzyrea we have a library that has a collection of kids books (duplicate to their normal collection) just for storytime
19:37 wizzyrea they are marked not for loan
19:37 wizzyrea but they want to hide these items from the opac
19:37 wizzyrea so patrons can't see that they have them
19:37 chris ummm
19:37 wizzyrea we're like, why?
19:37 chris yeah
19:38 wizzyrea what's the harm in showing your patrons that you have another copy, in your professional collection, that you don't loan?
19:38 chris_n jwagner: there were some vestigial capabilities like that in the very old labels code, but they did not work well and I have not had time to add such to the new code
19:38 wizzyrea i mean, they're clearly marked in the OPAC
19:38 wizzyrea it was def a facepalm moment.
19:38 jwagner Thanks, chris_n, just wanted to verify current functionality
19:38 chris_n jwagner: it could certainly be done, however
19:38 jwagner shhhh.  Let's not encourage them :-)
19:39 * chris_n thinks most anything can be done... its just a question of buffer overrun
19:39 jwagner Actually, that by itself wouldn't be a problem, but some of the OTHER stuff they want to do....
19:39 cait clear passswords?
19:40 jwagner cait, go stand in a corner!
19:40 chris heh ive had that one
19:40 chris_n jwagner: the "alternating" layout type is part of the vestigial stuff
19:40 chris we want to be able to email ppl their lost passwords
19:40 chris 'how about no?'
19:40 cait oooh
19:40 chris_n but the template code does not accommodate that layout type atm
19:40 jwagner If the client insists, and pays us to do it, we'll do it.  But we REALLY STRONGLY pointed out to them that it was a Bad Idea, and were quite glad to be able to kill it in the end.
19:41 wizzyrea ok, a password recovery function might be useful
19:41 wizzyrea just sayin
19:41 chris yes thats fine
19:41 wizzyrea but that's diff from emailing the password
19:41 chris thats what i suggested, and yep it will be in 3.4
19:41 wizzyrea wahoo
19:41 cait nice
19:41 wizzyrea !
19:41 wizzyrea sorry, that came off less excited than i actually was
19:41 jwagner Speaking of labels, though, I remember a bug from early last year with searching by acquisition date in creating a batch.  I know it was fixed, but I can't find the bug report.  Ring any bells for anyone?
19:42 chris along with temporary passwords
19:42 wizzyrea luv
19:42 chris_n jwagner: I never could find the bug either
19:42 jwagner chris, yes, that would be a nice feature.
19:42 chris ok bus time
19:42 chris_n but it works in the current head afaik
19:42 * chris_n heads back off to finish an estimate.. yuk
19:42 wizzyrea someone was in here yesterday asking about 3.0.6 and not being able to search by acq date
19:43 jwagner Hmmm.  I thought I remembered a specific patch, but it's been a while.  I'll dig deeper when I get a chance.
19:43 chris_n I think the problem with 3.0.x is a data formatting issue
19:43 wizzyrea ok wish me luck I'm about to blow shit up.
19:43 wizzyrea er
19:43 wizzyrea stuff.
19:43 wizzyrea sorry.
19:43 wizzyrea where stuff = my koha install
19:43 jwagner wizzyrea, need some help?  I feel like doing that too :-)
19:43 wizzyrea >.>
19:43 wizzyrea <.<
19:43 wizzyrea ^.^
19:43 * jwagner reminds wizzyrea that backups are a Good Thing
19:44 cait is there development to make odue notices listen to the calendar/holidays?
19:44 wizzyrea hehe, my koha install is really nothing to write home about
19:44 * chris_n hands wizzyrea a pair of safety glasses
19:44 wizzyrea but I will back up all the same
19:44 jwagner cait, in what sense? Not to send an overdue on a holiday date?
19:45 cait exactly
19:45 cait send it on the next opening day instead
19:45 cait like fines
19:45 jwagner Hmmm.  I'm not sure I see the reasoning.  If it's overdue, why not send the notice even if it's a holiday?  they can always wait to check their email until the next day.
19:46 cait I have to time fines and notices to the same day
19:46 cait with weekly fine interval, fines work nice, but notices are a problem
19:46 cait when there is a holiday in the week it gets out of sync
19:47 jwagner Ah. That's a different issue.  I don't know of any development along those lines, but it shouldn't be too hard to do.  We did something similar for hold expiration, so the pickup expiration date didn't fall on a calendar holiday
19:47 cait because we have weekly fine intervals and you want to tell them: you have x fines on your books now
19:47 collum left #koha
19:48 cait and Im testing with negative grace periods now... I really hope it worked
19:48 cait because with fine interval 5 and grace period 0 the first fine is set five days after due date
19:50 cait hm will think about it tomorrow
19:53 sekjal joined #koha
19:59 magn_away left #koha
20:09 jwagner chris, back yet?
20:14 LBA joined #koha
20:14 wizzyrea heya LBA
20:14 LBA yo
20:14 wizzyrea how you doin today
20:15 LBA good!  getting the hang of the world of IRC - it rocks!
20:15 wizzyrea :D
20:22 LBA anyone know if I can connect to two different IRC servers/channels using Pidgin?
20:22 LBA at the same time...
20:22 bigbrovar left #koha
20:26 sekjal left #koha
20:29 wizzyrea I think you can
20:29 richard joined #koha
20:29 richard hi
20:29 wizzyrea hi richard
20:33 chris back
20:33 chris sup jwagner
20:33 chris LBA: yeah you can
20:34 jwagner Just a followup on that patron password you were talking about -- for 3.4, is it going to have the ability to force a password change?
20:34 chris the temporary ones? yep
20:34 jwagner Like if staff resets a password, the next time the patron logs into the OPAC they have to change it?
20:34 chris yep
20:34 chris exactly like that
20:34 jwagner GREAT
20:35 jwagner Will that also take effect for when patrons are created/loaded for the first time?
20:35 chris yep
20:35 jwagner When we load patron data & set a default password, it would be nice to make them change it
20:35 chris if you set it
20:35 chris it'll be a simple as a switch, basicaly its a one time login switch
20:36 jwagner In the patron record, like a radio button or something?
20:36 chris LBA: if you plan to use irc a bit, i recommend looking into something like bip
20:36 chris jwagner: yep, something like htat
20:36 jwagner Terrific.  Will look forward to it :-)
20:36 LBA hi chris. pidgin won't let me start up another channel on another server...
20:37 chris LBA: you should be able to just make another 'account'
20:37 * chris tries
20:38 LBA that's what I thought but it isn't working for me
20:39 hdl left #koha
20:39 chris2 joined #koha
20:39 moodaepo LBA: Works for me on Ubuntu I'm connected to koha and evergreen on diff servers
20:39 chris hmm that seems to work
20:40 chris2 left #koha
20:40 reed joined #koha
20:43 LBA welllll, guess, I'll go out and see if I can do it the other way around.  I'm trapped on this server so far....
20:43 * LBA back later
20:43 LBA left #koha
20:47 jwagner G'night, all....
20:48 jwagner left #koha
20:48 jo joined #koha
20:50 pianohack Hi, lowercase jo
20:51 LBA joined #koha
20:51 jo hiya
20:53 chris hi jo
20:53 cait good night #koha
20:53 * LBA applauds.  got three channels going.
20:54 LBA nighty night cait
20:54 cait night LBA
20:54 cait left #koha
21:02 chris LBA: gonna stick round for the meeting in 50 minutes or so?
21:07 LBA chris, yes, I'll be here.
21:07 chris cool
21:08 LBA by accident :-[
21:08 chris its the kohacon volunteers meeting, so not a full community one
21:08 LBA okay, happy to lurk.
21:15 pianohack left #koha
21:17 pianohack joined #koha
21:37 davi left #koha
21:51 russ joined #koha
21:52 russ 3 mins to KohaCon volunteers meeting
21:56 russ ok start time
21:56 chris cool
21:56 russ KohaCon10 volunteers meeting starting now
21:56 russ first up - who is here for the meeting
21:56 chris me
21:56 * russ -> Russel Garlick, Catalyst
21:57 chris it might be just you and me as nicole is on the road and most of nz is asleep after watching football all night
21:57 chris jo was about
21:57 russ and fair enough
21:57 russ be a nice quick meeting then :-)
21:57 chris jo ?
21:57 jo yep
21:58 chris cool
21:58 jo sorry just getting update on fuinances
21:58 chris sweet thanks
21:58 Nate can I be of any assistance?
21:58 jo can you make coffee?
21:58 chris you can point out when our schemes are mad Nate :)
21:58 Nate Great will do!
21:59 chris ill do a quick run down on the programme
21:59 chris calls for talks closed last night nz time
21:59 chris and we are totally filled up
21:59 chris so thats great
21:59 jo brillliant :)
21:59 russ excellnet
21:59 chris next step is emailing all the people and confirming they can/are still coming
22:00 chris then ill get more ppl to check the programme, we might shuffle some things around
22:00 chris but its looking pretty good
22:00 chris have some neat talks
22:00 Brooke joined #koha
22:00 jo waves
22:00 chris yay its Brooke :)
22:00 Brooke howdy sorry I'm late
22:00 russ np
22:00 jo the programme looks good
22:01 jo and lots of time for networking and talking too
22:01 chris anyone who wants to see it, lemme know your google account email address and ill add ya
22:01 chris yeah i tried not to make the days too crammed
22:01 russ chris: nicole has offered to help with the emailing the presenters
22:01 jo good idea
22:01 chris cos hallwaycon is the most important part
22:01 russ heh
22:01 jo yep
22:01 Brooke *nod*
22:02 russ ok so plan is to contact the presenters in the next 2 weeks, get them to confirm
22:02 chris cool
22:02 Brooke LITA's schedule was great in terms of how they made it fold behind a namebadge. Not so great in terms of font size.
22:02 BobB joined #koha
22:02 chris heya BobB
22:02 jo hi Bob
22:02 russ and then we can start publishing to the website
22:03 jo that might generate more registrations too
22:03 chris we can ask bob right now, save an email :)
22:03 BobB Good morning all.  Well done NZ for draw with Slovakia.  Very exciting.
22:03 Brooke indeed beat me to it :D
22:03 jo lots of NZ-soccer hangovers today
22:03 russ jo: yeah
22:04 russ the plan is to get some info up on the site early july
22:04 chris BobB: we are going to be emailing speakers over the next 2 weeks, to confirm they can still do their talks, you are good to go with yours?
22:04 jo or headaches for lack of sleep thanks to ratbag twins, 1 of which stayed up very late and the other got up very earlytwin
22:04 russ and then start the registration drive
22:04 BobB If you want the paper, I'm happy to do it.
22:05 chris yeah its a timely and good topic
22:05 jo is there a list of registratnts received already
22:05 jo Bob: great topic
22:05 chris i have one
22:05 jo k
22:06 jo Finances now?
22:06 LBA left #koha
22:06 russ jo: yep
22:06 jo we have $2280.66 still in the nbank
22:06 jo next payment is $1046 on the 25th July so thats covered
22:07 chris cool
22:07 Brooke ++
22:07 chris some of that is earmarked i think too, the stuff from lee anyway
22:07 LBA joined #koha
22:07 jo a final payment of $2092 will be due on 25/09 and we will be bit a bit short for that one.
22:07 russ jo: i know there is still a contribution to come in
22:07 chris yep catalyst is covering that
22:07 jo great
22:08 jo Donations recd from: Bywater, Magnes, Calyx, Miguel and Equinox
22:08 chris and frederic from tamil was offering some sponsorship, which would allow for some morning teas, ill follow up with him on that
22:08 chris right, so to come - biblibre, catalyst and lee from montana
22:09 chris those are the ones i know about
22:09 jo I am planning to give $500 from HLT as well
22:09 jo but will be next budget now
22:09 chris and maybe tamil
22:10 russ I have been turned down by 2 other orgs (at the moment :-))
22:10 russ but it all appears to be in hand
22:10 jo for cash or services?
22:10 chris i was thinking to ask nicole to ask her publisher
22:10 chris if they would donate a couple of copies of her book
22:11 russ jo: cash - which is fine, there are some other orgs who have indicated they can help in other ways
22:11 russ and i will contact them closer to the time
22:11 BobB chris: great idea
22:11 jo I'd love to see a few libraries donating too - not heaps - but a token. everyone knows conferences cost to run
22:11 jo russ: cool.
22:11 chris also the library bar here in wellington
22:12 chris seems foolish not to ask them to sponsor a round
22:12 jo True.would there be any WCC money or
22:12 BobB chris: beer for me thanks. :)
22:12 jo digital innovation / initiatoive / busineees house money around from WCC?
22:13 chris
22:13 chris jo: i doubt it
22:13 jo well it looks like we'll be okayish
22:13 Brooke they'll come out 9 rounds ahead if you ask me, at least.
22:13 chris jo: yeah we'll be fine
22:14 chris Brooke: yeah, exactly
22:14 russ chris: agreed
22:14 BobB I guess WCC is the city council?  They might help you with tourist info or other stuff if we will try to put a satchel together?
22:14 russ thanks again to tall teh sponsors
22:14 chris BobB: good idea
22:14 chris tourism wellington, or
22:14 chris might help out with that
22:14 Brooke ++ russ, it's good to see real cooperation
22:15 jo Word is our council will be sponsoring the reception up our way
22:15 chris nice
22:15 BobB Jo: very nice!
22:15 pianohac1 joined #koha
22:15 jo i think so - i hoped so but you never can tell with council's
22:15 Brooke hey there jesse
22:15 chris true
22:16 jo hi Jesse
22:16 jo KohaCon registrations and financial commitment is open now.
22:16 Brooke what's their fiscal year?
22:16 Brooke that can often have a lot to do with donations and sponsorships?
22:16 jo Brooke: council run July - June
22:16 BobB So ask now and if no go ask again in July.
22:17 Brooke *nod*
22:17 Brooke exactly
22:17 tirabo joined #koha
22:17 jo bit of a glitch with the hotel rooms lost but lining up a different one now (and prices went up too much so I'm calm about the change)
22:18 pianohac1 Hi Brooke
22:18 Brooke if you want help hotel wrangling, I'll help
22:18 jo What else do we need to cover now?
22:18 Brooke those guys often offer group discounts that are higher than online rates, and it's a pet peeve
22:18 jo Thanks Brooke - I';ve got a travel agent on it and her prices were miles better than I could get
22:19 jo but I will bear that advice in mind
22:20 jo Russ: do want to know about equipment ie that I have a prohjector and screen I can bring down?
22:20 russ sorry team i have to head off to another meeting
22:20 russ jo: send me an email
22:20 russ we have some stuff here
22:20 jo Are we done now or what else needs to be covered?
22:20 russ i think we are done
22:20 chris av gear is what we need
22:20 Brooke dunno if anyone said this
22:20 Brooke or noticed
22:20 Brooke but em
22:21 Brooke a long time ago when animals could talk, I offered to see if I could get us listed on this amazing Library Conference site
22:21 Brooke that has like every conference every where
22:21 chris oh yeah
22:21 Brooke that's even remotely LIS
22:21 Brooke Wellllll
22:21 russ jo: if you know anyone with radio mics/speakers/sound desk
22:21 Brooke I went to check it out
22:21 Brooke and it was already there
22:21 LBA left #koha
22:21 jo :)
22:21 russ i am going to talk to a couple of mates in bands here
22:21 jo how are registrations going Chris?
22:21 Brooke so good job somebody and or the dude's own research
22:21 russ they won't be using their gear during the day
22:22 jo Russ: cool.
22:22 russ ok to recap
22:22 BobB Jo:  how are the numbers for the roadtrip?  Will you fit on one bus?
22:22 jo Bob: I have 1 confirmed.
22:22 chris russ: sweet
22:22 russ Call for papers closed - programme full - Chris, Russ and Nicole will coordinate contacting presenters
22:23 chris jo: bout 45 at the mo
22:23 russ Goal is to publish programme as soon as possible
22:23 jo I'm planning 12 in a van with a trailer for luggage.
22:23 chris thats not counting quite a few ppl i know are coing
22:23 jo Chris: ok
22:23 chris its 95% overseas
22:23 jo Bob: I know of 6 or so who are keen
22:23 jo and Mark from Albany has access to a second van if we need more seats
22:23 Brooke <--- is keen, and must show Jo the money!
22:24 russ Next Meeting time: I want to confirm with nicole when she is availble
22:24 BobB Jo:  OK.  Sounds like Irma and I can come direct to Wellington.
22:24 jo Brooke: yep :)
22:24 russ once I have talked to her i will publish the next meeting time
22:24 jo Bob: that would be by far the easist for you
22:24 chris BobB: nice, yeah on virginblue?
22:24 * russ has to go
22:24 russ thanks everyone
22:24 jo cya Russ
22:24 Brooke watch the food! That's the infamous Richard airline sorta
22:24 chris cya russ
22:25 BobB Chris: on Qantas using points, I think.
22:25 chris cool
22:25 jo Brooke: I need to confirm the booking on 30th June so really do need reistrations in the next fortnight
22:25 jo if I only get 3 or 4 I'll just use my own car
22:26 Brooke yes m
22:27 BobB When the program is out CALYX will start promoting to customers and interested others.  We hope some Aussies will cross the ditch.
22:28 BobB Any registered yet, Chris?
22:28 chris lemme check
22:28 russ left #koha
22:28 chris nope
22:29 BobB Hmmmm.  OK.
22:30 chris but yeah, free conferences ppl are always slow to register
22:30 chris after we get the programme up and do some publicity, im sure we will get a flurry
22:32 BobB Irma asks whether any translations are needed?
22:33 BobB Also, will anyone need language support at the conference?
22:33 chris hmmm
22:33 chris not sure on both accounts
22:33 chris i dont think so
22:33 chris but
22:33 chris i think it would be nice if we got a list of who speaks what
22:34 chris so that if we do need help we have an idea who to ask
22:34 chris i think with paul and irma we have french covered :)
22:34 BobB Irma can help with French and German, for example
22:35 chris cool, how about we do a page on the wiki
22:35 chris and ask people to fill it in
22:35 jo thats a great idea Bob :)
22:35 BobB Jo: Irma's idea.  But thx.
22:38 chris[…]con10_Translators
22:38 Brooke sping!
22:38 chris maybe someone could send an email out about that page
22:38 chris and get ppl to fill it in
22:38 BobB chris: too cool for school!
22:39 BobB chris:  I'll ask Irma to do that if you like.
22:39 chris fab
22:40 chris i think pretty much everything else is under control .. anyone have anything else?
22:40 reed (so, meant to be present for the kohacon thing -- did I miss anything?)
22:41 reed (er - get anything assigned to me?)
22:41 chris you are running the sausage sizzle
22:41 chris but apart from that, no
22:41 chris :)
22:42 Brooke okay
22:42 Brooke someone sent a message about the translation
22:44 chris heh
22:44 jo thanks folks - i have to dash
22:44 jo agenda to get out
22:44 chris cya jo
22:44 Brooke thanks jo
22:44 BobB Thanks all.  Its sounding good.
22:44 Brooke I'm getting more psyched the closer it gets
22:45 chris BobB: if you ahve a google login and want to see the programme lemme know
22:45 chris and ill add you
22:45 BobB Will do that by email Chris.  Thx.
22:46 BobB Must go now.  Cheers.
22:46 chris reed: you can be our american translator
22:47 Brooke yank to kiwi filtre, engage!
22:49 reed oh bloody hell
22:49 Brooke cheers folks, feel free to assign me gopher duties
22:49 chris thanks Brooke
22:49 Brooke pfft thank me when I do summat :P
22:49 Brooke left #koha
22:55 alohalog joined #koha
23:00 pianohac1 Anyone using Koha with the latest ubuntu?
23:10 pianohac1 left #koha
23:10 pianohac1 joined #koha
23:12 pianohac2 joined #koha
23:12 pianohac1 left #koha
23:26 robin OK Koha people, we need a snappy term for the librarian side of the system, like OPAC is for the client side. I'm sick of writing synonyms for 'librarian interface' :)
23:27 larsw I've seen and used "intranet" in a few places
23:28 larsw . o O (/me dares not suggest Librarian Interface Web)
23:28 chris i say staff side
23:29 chris usually
23:29 larsw oh, that's short and clear
23:32 robin chris: that doesn't work inside a company: everyone is staff
23:33 chris library staff
23:34 chris it works for opus
23:35 larsw OPAC is Open Public Access Catalog; STAFF is Secret Tool And Fiddling Facility... that should be clear enough for everyone
23:44 pianohac2 consistent wording is boring
23:45 pianohac2 It should be different in each document, to keep the librarians alert
23:47 chris_n how about Librarian's Information Entry System aka LIES
23:47 * chris_n ducks
23:47 larsw haha
23:53 bgkriegel joined #koha
23:59 Nate left #koha

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