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00:15 pianohac2 gnite
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00:18 chris_n http://www.globalscaletechnolo[…]etails.aspx#block <<<<runs debian
00:19 chris_n to think you could hold an entire Koha server in the palm of your hand
00:19 chris ohh cool
00:21 larsw I wonder what it costs
00:21 chris yeah
00:23 chris_n 99 usd for the basic model
00:23 chris_n no sata port and one ethernet port
00:23 chris_n its based on a quite powerful ARM processor with many more features than the guru package exploits
00:24 larsw I might want the esata port, but not necessarily
00:24 chris_n 129 usd for the "luxury" model with the sata2 port and extra ethernet
00:25 larsw oh dear
00:25 larsw now you tell me I can put Debian on it, my day is going to be ruined
00:25 chris heh
00:26 chris_n slap a solid state disk on it and away you go
00:26 larsw oh, it has power plugs for different kinds of sockets?
00:27 larsw well, some kinds of sockets, anyway, there's too many in the world to work with everything
00:27 chris_n portable computing at its finest
00:27 chris_n more fun:
00:29 larsw oh dear, oh dear, oh dear
00:29 larsw I wonder if those are actually capable of running Koha, for small libraries?
00:29 chris yeah
00:30 larsw imagine that... "Oh, you want Koha? Do you have a spare power socket? OK, done, have a nice day."
00:30 chris you mmight need a bit of disk
00:30 chris but the rest would work
00:30 larsw might be a thing for cases where internet access is dear
00:30 chris *nod*
00:30 chris or unreliable
00:31 larsw like, say, Nigeria, perhaps
00:31 chris yup
00:33 larsw oh dear, oh dear, oh dear:[…]plug_server_plus/
00:33 larsw also:
00:34 * chris_n is very tempted to buy one just to take it for a spin
00:34 chris yeah, theres a lot of neat things you could do with one
00:34 larsw I wonder if they can act as wifi access points
00:35 larsw would be make it easy to use one of those to set up a friendly LAN in a hotel room, when travelling around the world with your spouse and more electronics than the allied power had in WWII
00:37 larsw[…]WiFi_Access_Point
00:37 larsw otoh, most hotels provide access via wifi, so that's not going to work
00:38 larsw since the plug would either be an access point for our machines, or connect to the hotel wifi, it can't do both
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02:11 * pianohack actually just sent a koha install to ethiopia
02:11 pianohack but it was an old laptop
02:11 pianohack just as old as this conversation
02:13 chris heh
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03:43 cait morning #koha
03:43 chris hi cait
03:43 chris you're awake early
03:53 cait jsp...
03:54 chris ahhh
03:54 cait wish me luck? starting online test now.
03:54 chris good luck
03:56 cait thx :)
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04:16 cait done :)
04:17 chris yay
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04:23 cait yay :)
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06:13 cait bye #koha bbl
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06:49 greenmang @wunder mumbai
06:49 munin greenmang: The current temperature in Mumbai / Santacruz, India is 27.0�C (11:30 AM IST on June 16, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 90%. Dew Point: 26.0�C. Pressure: 29.60 in 1002 hPa.
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07:18 magnus @wunder bodoe, norway
07:18 munin magnus: Error: No such location could be found.
07:18 magnus @wunder bodo, norway
07:18 munin magnus: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 9.0�C (8:50 AM CEST on June 16, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Windchill: 6.0�C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Steady).
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07:32 chris hi magnus
07:32 magnus hiya chris
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07:33 kf hi #koha
07:34 magnus hi kf
07:34 kf hi magnus
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07:38 chris wb kf
07:38 chris hi paul
07:39 kf :)
07:39 kf hi paul
07:40 * magnus thought i'd answer this:[…]tuses/16285107607
07:40 paul hi chris & kf & magnus &all
07:40 magnus os x on the client side is easy of course, but does anyone have experience installing koha on os x, if that is what she means?
07:42 chris yeah
07:42 chris it works
07:43 chris but you have to be familair with the commandline
07:43 magnus sure
07:43 magnus is the install much the same as on linux, or are there complications?
07:44 magnus this one is kind of old now: ;-)
07:44 chris its harder
07:44 chris but its doable ... its harder because osx doesnt have a nice package management system out of the box
07:44 chris and its BSD not linux .. but it mostly has the same GNU toolset
07:45 magnus ok, but not impossible, then. and probably easier to run a virtual debian on os x, if it's for testing
07:45 chris when i was working at liblime we had macbooks, i got koha going on it .. but i havent tried since then
07:46 chris just ditch osx and put debian on :-)
07:46 magnus yay!
07:46 chris dont let the man keep you down :)
07:47 magnus hehe. i finally received my dell laptop yesterday, which should have Ubuntu preinstalled, but it seems they forgot to install it... guess it's not supposed to be easy... ;-)
07:48 chris :)
07:52 magnus chris: thanks for the answers. community is great! i'll go sign up for kohacon and the roadtrip now...
07:52 hdl magnus: we have installed koha 3.0.x on osx
07:52 chris do it :)
07:53 hdl And we created macports so that installation is manageable
07:57 kf chris: I will try and send a patch for "Granular permissions for the serials module" - userpermissions.sql needs to be changed for other languages too (only french and en so far)
07:57 magnus which hashtag should we use for kohacon? kohacon or kohacon10? probably the last one?
07:57 chris that patch needs to be tested, i just forward ported it from 3.0.x
07:58 chris the later one :)
07:58 magnus hdl: manageable, but still harder than on debian?
07:58 chris kf: but yes other languages would be great
08:01 chris magnus: yay, got your registration
08:02 magnus chris: yay!
08:02 magnus now i just need to decide on how to get there...
08:02 chris it is going to be a truly international conference, norway, usa, france, uk, taiwan, nigeria, italy and australia
08:03 chris when i fly to europe, i go through singapore
08:03 chris because it breaks the trip, and it is a great airport, with showers etc
08:03 chris so you can feel human again
08:04 chris lufthansa and singapore airlines codeshare and fly from frankfurt to nz
08:05 magnus ah, good to know
08:08 chris looks like you could do SAS, via heathrow
08:09 chris ahh bodo->oslo->heathrow->hong kong->auckland
08:09 chris youd need a good book or 2 for that :-)
08:11 magnus i sure do!
08:11 magnus and preferably shorter legs
08:11 chris heh
08:12 chris how tall are you?
08:12 * chris asks for the exit row
08:12 chris it sometimes work
08:12 chris s
08:17 magnus 195 cm
08:18 magnus yeah, the exits are a good option
08:18 chris ahh 10 cm taller than me
08:20 magnus heh
08:23 magnus and there's my registration and donation for the road trip made. really starting to look forward to this!
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08:33 chris :)
08:33 chris the roadtrip looks like fun
08:33 paul magnus: i'm 1.94 good idea from Air France : you can request the exit row. bad idea: they charge EUR50 for it !
08:33 paul for us, the trip will be Marseille => Paris => Hong-Kong => Auckland
08:34 * paul heads to pay for hdl & me the trip AUK => WEL ;-)
08:34 magnus paul: there's always a catch, isn't there? ;-)
08:34 paul magnus, yep.
08:35 paul chris : the $200 = it's NZ$, isn't it ?
08:35 chris i think so
08:35 chris yeah im sure it is
08:35 paul it's cheap then !
08:35 chris yep once you get here, it will be cheap for you
08:36 chris everything is half price :)
08:36 paul it's just that it cost EUR1800 to reach you :D
08:37 chris yeah
08:37 kf 1800 for the flight?
08:37 chris do you get any time in hong kong?
08:38 paul kf, yep, 1800 for the flight
08:38 paul chris, tickets not taken yet, but yes, i'll ask for a stop & go at HK
08:39 magnus paul: the 200NZD is just a deposit, see[…]-June/024242.html
08:39 paul magnus, yes, I know. but even, it's not USD ;-)
08:39 chris yep, HK is a fun place to visit
08:40 magnus paul: ok. yeah, that price isn't too scary
08:40 * magnus wishes it was possible to have a stopover at some pacific island...
08:41 chris try looking up air pacific flights
08:41 chris youd have to fly via the us probably
08:41 chris but they stop in fiji
08:42 chris or air tahiti
08:42 chris they fly via tahiti (suprise suprise :))
08:42 chris air calin goes via new caledonia
08:43 * chris has done flights too many times hehe
08:48 magnus ooh, that sounds intriguing, i'll have a look at those!
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08:59 chris hi jransom
08:59 jransom hi Chris
08:59 jransom just the man I was looking for :)
09:00 jransom and I'm over being grumpy now
09:00 chris did you see magnus is coming for the road trip?
09:00 jransom yes
09:00 jransom and paul too
09:00 jransom and lee and brooke
09:00 chris shoudl be a fun trip
09:00 jransom i think rosalie wants to come too
09:00 chris cool
09:01 jransom yep - I am so looking forward t it
09:01 jransom hey, Magnus has suggested a list of stuff about contemporary culture would be useful: movies, music, books
09:02 chris ?
09:02 jransom he's seen whale rider, piano and black sheep
09:02 chris ahhh
09:02 chris boy
09:02 jransom to prepare him for NZ
09:02 chris if you can find boy in a movie theatre
09:02 jransom I know ... I'm thinking of kicking him off the trip for asking too many hard questions
09:03 jransom No 2 was good too i thught
09:03 chris yeah no 2
09:03 chris siones wedding
09:03 chris stickmen
09:03 jransom oh yes - all good choices.
09:03 chris those are the movies i can think of
09:04 jransom thinking about nz society and culture in books is harder
09:04 chris for music .. for wellington .. see if you can find some 'trinity roots', 'the black seeds', 'fat freddys drop'
09:04 jransom yay - glad i asked you.
09:04 chris hmmm books
09:04 jransom penguin history is a good but to much
09:04 chris yeah
09:04 jransom lnely planet guides are good
09:04 jransom what about websites?
09:05 magnus heh, my wife actually saw 'fat freddys drop' live when she was at Online Information in London in december!
09:05 chris hehe cool
09:05 jransom te ara - wonder if that has a 'contemporary sectin
09:05 jransom fat freddy live would be amazing
09:05 * chris has seen them about 6 times
09:05 jransom chris is a showoff
09:05 magnus small world! ;-)
09:06 jransom hi Magnus
09:06 jransom just picking chris's brain
09:06 chris those are 3 of my favourite wellington bands... trinity roots have broken up now tho
09:06 jransom thinking about tv on demand
09:06 chris
09:06 magnus perhaps there could be a page on the wiki where everyone could add their favourites? or would that be too off topic?
09:06 chris their final concert, my hand is in there somewhere
09:06 chris magnus: good idea
09:06 magnus hi jransom
09:07 jransom I like this idea
09:07 chris the little bushman
09:07 jransom I'm also going to ask on twitter and see what other flk come up with
09:07 chris another band
09:09 chris
09:10 magnus "anklebiter"? hee hee
09:10 chris magnus: do you like rock? shihad are another wellington band
09:11 magnus chris: i like all kinds of music, as long as it's good ;-) shihad is on spotify, cool!
09:12 chris salmonella dub
09:12 * chris is just going through all his favourite bands now :)
09:12 jransom chris: can you set up a wiki page for this? I'll write a pst and send t on email, maybe get Reed to link t it from the kohacon site
09:12 chris ohh my friend penny has a great post on this
09:12 chris 2 secs
09:12 chris jransom: will do
09:12 jransom (Chris is on a roll :)
09:13 chris[…]-bright-grey.html
09:17 jransom chris: do you remember that need youtube you showed us once of the maori kaumatua whose wife died
09:18 chris[…]ki/NZ_Pop_Culture
09:18 jransom Outrageous fortune !!!
09:18 chris little things?
09:18 jransom Chris: that link is great
09:18 jransom little things - what is that?
09:19 chris
09:19 chris and of course
09:19 jransom Oh thats the one baby
09:19 jransom I loved that clip
09:20 chris
09:22 chris magnus: at least one night, i plan to take people out to see some live music
09:22 magnus cool
09:23 chilts 3/win 21
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09:23 chilts heh, oopse
09:24 joann I lost all thse links Cjris
09:24 magnus chris, just to be on the safe side: the hackfest is relevant for wannabes like me too, not just for the hardcore überhackers like yourself, right?
09:24 jransom left #koha
09:25 chris yeah, its gonna be a developer conference rather than a hackfest
09:25 chris its going to be about sharing knowledge
09:25 magnus nice!
09:25 chris if we can solve some bugs along the way all the better
09:26 chris but the main aim is teaching each other
09:26 magnus sounds perfect
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09:26 kf I hope you all twitter and blog a log
09:26 kf log = lot
09:27 chris we should be on irc still too kf
09:27 chris joann: all the links will be in the log
09:29 chris[…]10-06-16#i_458591
09:30 joann of course :) thank s
09:33 magnus thanks for the tips, folks. i just ordered Stickmen! ;-)
09:34 chris that one is filmed in wellington
09:35 joann Magnus:
09:36 magnus ooh, cool! what did we ever do before the interwebs came around?
09:36 joann lots to find n there
09:36 chris the nz film archive is in wellington too
09:37 chris theres all sorts of stuff in there :)
09:39 joann National bank country calendar - theres a classic for you Magnus
09:40 magnus huh?
09:40 chris
09:40 joann[…]e18-video-3584245
09:41 joann country calendar is  along running tv show - real kiwi stuff, lots of countryside
09:41 joann documentary
09:41 joann sometimes gentle humour
09:45 magnus ah, i see. thanks!
09:46 magnus ouch "this video is only avilable inside nz"...
09:47 joann what site is that ?
09:47 joann not very friendly
09:47 magnus your last url[…]e18-video-3584245
09:48 joann well thats just dum.i aplize
09:49 joann what about nzonscreen?
09:49 joann thats got great stuff
09:50 magnus a random test on nzonscreen seems to be working
09:51 joann great - that site really is terrific
09:51 joann I feel so incompetent whenever I go near the wiki
09:52 joann i just can't 'do' it
09:52 joann right - i'm off t bed.
09:53 magnus good on you - i'm off to lunch
09:53 joann boys watching "The Colony" and i can't stand watching earnest americans trying to survive a holocaust
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10:31 chris_n msg chanserv login chris_n 4004bc
10:31 * chris_n goes back to bed :P
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10:43 CGI960 Hello Group
10:44 CGI960 I got documentation of Koha 3.2 Manual (en) at[…]ation/3-2-manual/  but not able to find sw of the same version
10:45 CGI960 when it is going to launch?
10:45 chris_n CGI960: you are looking for 3.2Alpha2
10:45 chris_n see
10:46 chris_n it will launch in the not to distant future; but we run it in production here and some others do as well
10:47 CGI960 Thanks Chris, is it better to run harley then alpha version ?
10:47 chris_n nope, not in my opinion
10:49 CGI960 any instruction available to install koha on CentOS 64bit ?
10:51 chris_n there are several INSTALL.* files here
10:51 chris_n[…]p=koha.git;a=tree
10:51 chris_n and these should be in the tarball as well
10:51 CGI960 Thanking you chris
10:51 chris the thing with harley is that it isnt an official koha release, the code is busy being reconciled with koha
10:51 chris_n none specifically for CentOS, but you should be able to pretty much follow one of those
10:51 CGI960 yes, sure
10:51 chris but its not there yet
10:52 CGI960 and one more help, I found document as in html format, I would appreciate if pdf format is available somewhere ?
10:53 CGI960 so it's easy to take printout, and newbie like me can first read and understand what I'm going to do :)
10:53 chris_n the INSTALL.* files are text based
10:53 * chris_n wanders off in search of food
10:54 CGI960 sorry, I mean documentation/manual in pdf
10:54 chris_n yes, om
10:58 chris_n CGI960: the manual is in pdf somewhere, I just cannot find it atm
10:59 chris_n @later tell wizzyrea can you remind me of the link for the pdf version of the documentation?
10:59 munin chris_n: The operation succeeded.
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11:36 jdavidb howdy, #koha.
11:37 jwagner mmmpf....
11:37 kf hi jwagner
11:37 kf hi jdavidb
11:37 jdavidb hi, kf.  :)
11:37 kf jwagner: need chocolate?
11:38 jwagner kf, that would improve the day a lot :-)
11:39 * kf sends a big pile of chocolate
11:39 kf ;)
11:39 jwagner mmmmmmmmm
11:39 kf I m waiting impatiently for someone to invent transportation by irc/web or a beamer
11:39 jwagner Rush hour would be SO much easier with teleportation!
11:40 * jdavidb would be tempted to jump into such a device, and take a vacation along the German/Swiss border somewhere.
11:41 jwagner That would be nice.  Or the Mediterranean, or England's Lake Country, or...
11:42 jdavidb Heck, I'd even take the high desert country of far West Texas, at this point.
11:42 kf I would buy you lunch
11:43 jwagner kf, where are you located?  I may have to make an entry on the vacation agenda :-)
11:43 kf @wunder Konstanz
11:43 munin kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 14.1�C (1:48 PM CEST on June 16, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 90%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012.1 hPa (Steady).
11:43 jwagner Lake Constance in English?  I've been through that region, many years ago.  It's beautiful.
11:43 kf Germany at the Swiss border, famous for the lake of Constance ;)
11:44 jdavidb From my peeking at a map, jwagner, she's just a loud scream from Switzerland
11:44 kf you can walk there
11:44 kf from the city centre
11:44 jwagner Sorry, hadn't made that connection before (Konstanz/Constance)
11:44 kf :)
11:45 jwagner I went through that general vicinity, Munich down through Bavaria and into Switzerland, many years ago.  I'd love to go back!
11:46 kf dont wait for teleportation :)
11:47 jwagner No, but the last couple of times I went to Europe, I stayed in England.  I'll have to get back over to the continent one of these years....
11:48 jdavidb I've already offered to hand-deliver the cookies anyone wants delivered to kf.    :)
11:48 jwagner I'm VERY close to having enough frequent flyer miles for two roundtrip tickets to Europe, but I'm targeting those for my sister & I to take a Mediterranean cruise.  Greek islands, Instanbul, etc.
11:48 kf cookies :)
11:49 jwagner jdavidb, and do you think the cookies would SURVIVE intact?
11:49 jwagner I think they might be all gone before they got to kf!
11:51 kf depends on packaging
11:51 kf perhaps a small safe...
11:59 * kf cant stop thinking about cookies now
11:59 * jwagner is hungry too, now
12:00 jdavidb hm...perhaps you're right, jwagner.  Might have to bake them on-site.
12:00 * jdavidb returns from drawing another smiley-face on jwagner's whiteboard.
12:01 jwagner I don't know.  It might be interesting to see you try to tote a safe in your carryon luggage.....
12:01 * jwagner points out that it isn't MY whiteboard. I don't LIKE whiteboards. It's my office mate's whiteboard!
12:02 jdavidb well, yes, but the smileys are for you, too.
12:02 jwagner OK, well, I'll take the smileys then....
12:02 jdavidb I could always draw a :/ next time, if you think I should be grumpier.
12:03 kf what does the smiley stands for?
12:03 jdavidb It's kinda a half-frown.  I don't do frown-faces much.
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12:30 kmkale good evening
12:32 jdavidb hi, kmkale!
12:33 kmkale hey jdavidb :)
12:40 kmkale completely OT but has anyone here used / developed  a FOSS workflow / BPM s/w?
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12:55 jjk morning.
13:04 hdl hi
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13:23 jdavidb hi, wizzyrea!
13:23 wizzyrea good morning :D
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13:46 Mathieu Hi everyone, I'm looking for some pointers on running the Alpha2 release in french. The script is missing from /misc/translator
13:49 magnus Mathieu: i think was replaced by[…]translate;hb=HEAD
13:50 magnus see the POD at the end of the file. i think "translate install fr-FR" should do the trick
13:51 Mathieu great thanks a bunch i'll try that
14:01 magnus is now known as magn_away
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14:35 kmkale bye all good night
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17:53 jdavidb @quote random
17:53 munin jdavidb: Quote #62: "<fallor> is this a known thingy?" (added by gmcharlt at 08:18 AM, February 26, 2010)
17:58 nelson joined #koha
17:59 nelson hey guys, anyone here familiar withe label generator?
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18:01 nelson specifically, i need help with adding items & adding text to the top of every barcode
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19:34 nml chris_n or chris (or anyone else), do you have a moment - I have a question RE: the label creator
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19:37 * chris knows nothing about the label creator
19:39 nml I'm sorry, it must be chris_n that I am looking for then
19:44 * chris goes to cathc his bus
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19:59 chris Yay my fave driver is back
19:59 chris I call him grumpy social commentary man
20:04 magn_away chris: say hi to grumpy social commentary man from me ;-)
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20:22 richard joined #koha
20:22 richard hi
20:27 nml Has anyone gotten the error:
20:27 nml NZAND at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 1910., referer:[…]2&amp;type=labels
20:31 chris nml: thats not an error a warn statement someone has commented out
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21:28 nml Chris, thanks for the response - do you have any idea why searching by date added wouldnt work?
21:28 brendan joined #koha
21:28 nml Specifically, it just refreshes the page
21:29 chris im guessing the index for it doesnt exist
21:29 Nate joined #koha
21:32 nml (Talking about the add item to label batch pop-up window) I know it does work b/c it works if I ignore the dates
21:33 nml Do you use the label creator application included with Koha for yourself or something else?
21:35 chris i dont use it
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21:44 cait hi koha
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23:25 jo Anyone care to comment on this:
23:31 larsw I will refrain from making unprintable comments
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23:32 chris :)

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