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00:49 akSeya hey
00:49 akSeya i'm bacl
00:49 akSeya back*
00:49 akSeya koha is in apache but I'm getting a 403 message,
00:50 akSeya i changed the koha-http.conf. The virtualhost now is named koha. on /etc/hosts I addedd koha to the line.
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03:17 akSeya hi there again
03:18 akSeya here is my koha-http.conf that i'm using on gentoo
03:19 akSeya apache is working fine, but when I "activate" this file, I get "You don't have permission to access / on this server."
03:21 akSeya addicionaly, koha-opac-error_log says: client denied by server configuration as may be seen here (
03:23 akSeya what am I missing?! :(
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03:38 akSeya well.. i got to go.. be back tomorrow if I can't get it to work
03:38 akSeya exir
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07:06 kf hi all
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07:37 chris hi paul
07:38 paul hi chris
07:38 paul french was heavily beaten by south africa last week end ...
07:40 chris as bad as nz beat ireland?
07:42 * paul now registered & logged in
07:42 chris cool
07:43 paul chris 42 - 17
07:43 larsw 42-17 sounds like basketball...
07:43 paul larsw, lol, but it's rugby, really
07:44 chris 66-28
07:44 chris both bad :)
07:44 paul AUS 27 - 17 ENG
07:44 paul 3-0 for southern countries !
07:45 paul fortunatly, in soccer, france will beat everybody.
07:45 chris hehe
07:45 paul mmm... who is lol ? everybody ? well, you're right
07:45 paul we will probably stay in South Africa just a few more days...
07:46 paul soccer as well as rugby teams. Maybe they could take the same plane to lower the cost...
07:47 chris heh
07:47 chris the all blacks are wearing all white this weekend in support of our soccer team
07:47 paul it was not very successfull...
07:47 paul (but not as bad as for aussies ;-) )
07:48 chris yes
07:48 chris germany++
07:48 chris :)
07:48 chris[…]World-Cup-support
07:49 paul in france, we used to say : "world soccer cup, it's a competition where a lot of ppl play soccer, good or very good, and, at the end, germany wins"
07:49 chris heh
07:49 kf :)
07:49 chris larsw: have the heater on tonight? cold southerly coming in
07:49 larsw chris, aye
07:50 paul rough translation. better one : "soccer, it's 22 men running after a round ball and trying to score a goal, and, at the end, germany wins"
07:50 larsw we won't be cold, I got my benchmark machine up and running and it's burning the cpu all night now :)
07:50 chris :)
07:50 kf not sure we will win, but it was a good start yesterday
07:51 Elwell meh, roll on next years 6 nations :-)
07:51 paul chris : in soccer, germany/france, it's like nz/aus in rugby !
07:51 paul our best ennemies
07:52 * paul has found the traveling to auckland will cost 1800� and take 30 hours (for each of us)
07:52 chris is that return?
07:53 chris because that seems like a lot
07:53 chris it cost russel and i a lot less than that to get to france (took longer than 30 hours tho :))
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07:56 chris but i have never booked coming the other way, so i dont know
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08:23 chris Larsw: I installed bip the other day, I like it so far :)
08:23 larsw bip is not bad :)
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08:38 magnus g'day koha
08:43 chris hi magnus
08:44 magnus hi chris!
08:49 magnus good to be back after some intense days et ELAG - managed to squeeze some koha into the twitter-stream... ;-)
08:49 chris i noticed that :)
08:55 larsw hej, magnus
08:56 magnus tjänare larsw
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09:43 hdl wb magnus
09:43 magnus thnx hdl
10:36 kf hi magnus
10:36 magnus hiya kf
10:36 kf how was elag?
10:37 magnus great
10:37 magnus really inspiring
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11:09 jdavidb hi, #koha.
11:09 chris hi jdavidb
11:15 kf hi jdavidb
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11:16 magnus new limit on the length of nicks?
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11:24 kf magnus: I think its the configuration of the new irc server
11:25 magnus there's a new server? no problem for you though, kf ;-)
11:25 kf no, and cait is ok too :)
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11:26 kf hi jwagner
11:26 jwagner Morning, kf
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11:50 chris_n g'morning
11:50 jwagner Morning
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12:29 jwagner @quote random
12:29 munin jwagner: Quote #30: "< pianohacker> Dealing with me can indeed be painful" (added by chris at 05:34 PM, September 02, 2009)
12:31 * jdavidb chuckles
12:31 jdavidb @quote random
12:31 munin jdavidb: Quote #75: "<jwagner> They do get over it though. Starting along about my 20s, the older I got the smarter my parents got :-)" (added by gmcharlt at 09:13 AM, May 18, 2010)
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13:18 kmkale good evening all
13:19 kmkale I dont think I saw a single koha mail today. Hope nothing is wrong..
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13:36 wizzyrea good morning
13:37 kmkale hi wizzyrea
13:42 chris_n heya wizzyrea
13:42 wizzyrea hi chris_n
13:42 wizzyrea how was everybody's weekend/monday
13:42 chris_n great
13:43 chris_n chris and si setup channel services over the weekend
13:43 chris_n so we should not go opless again
13:43 chris_n knock on wood
13:43 wizzyrea I saw the announcement! that's pretty excited
13:43 wizzyrea exciting.
13:43 wizzyrea even
13:43 wizzyrea I'm busily setting up my replacement computer
13:43 wizzyrea I may be productive again in a few days, lol
13:46 * chris_n grimaces
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15:50 librarian hello, can someone tell how best to update Koha or can point me in the right direction
15:51 librarian I'm going to update koha 3.0.1 to 3.0.6 but I can't be any documentation on how to update ... Am I suppose to install it all over again?
15:52 librarian *I can't find any
15:53 wizzyrea you should be able to download the new package, unzip it, then run the installer and ask to "upgrade"
15:53 wizzyrea which should preserve your koha-conf and zebra settings and whatnot
15:54 wizzyrea caveat: I haven't done it, because I use dev installs and do updates through git
15:58 sekjal librarian: if you've downloaded 3.0.6 in a compressed folder, and you're doing a production installation, you can find upgrade instructions in the INSTALL files included in the download
15:58 sekjal the instructions consist of:
15:58 sekjal perl Makefile.PL --prev-install-log /path/to/koha-install-log
15:58 sekjal make
15:58 sekjal make test
15:58 sekjal sudo make upgrade
15:59 librarian thank you so much
15:59 sekjal gladly.  :)
16:11 kf bye all
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16:39 Owner hi folks
16:39 Owner I am installing koha for an ngo
16:40 Owner they have succesfully entered some items
16:40 Owner they are running 3.0.6
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16:41 Owner when they go to create a batch to print labels we cannot get the results for all items added between certain dates
16:41 Owner any ideas?
16:41 Owner I checked the documentation
16:42 Owner by I can't kind the syntax to add all items added between a certain date
16:45 wizzyrea so you clicked add items to batch
16:45 librarian i have the same problem
16:46 wizzyrea and you see "barcode", added on or after and added on or before
16:46 wizzyrea and if you put a date in each, it returns nothing?
16:46 Owner yes
16:47 Owner if I select barcode
16:47 wizzyrea sadly it works in both systems I have access too, but neither are exactly 2.0.6
16:47 wizzyrea 3.0.6, i mean
16:47 wizzyrea to*
16:47 wizzyrea wow that was a typo festival
16:47 Owner I went with the latest stable
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16:48 Owner iI don't know what I should do
16:48 Owner as they have already entered items
16:48 Owner now we are unable to do a batch
16:48 wizzyrea is the window behind your main window?
16:48 librarian yeah, i started doing it individually by searching by titles
16:49 Owner it is a popup
16:50 Owner doing it manually
16:50 Owner is unreasonable
16:50 Owner is there s workaround?
16:50 wizzyrea sorry, I can't help you with that I'm not running your version.
16:51 Owner what are my options?
16:52 librarian last resort would be to pay for help
16:52 Owner they are an ngo
16:52 Owner there is no budget for this
16:52 Owner I am just doing this pro bono
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17:06 librarian is there a way to create labels without Koha's label creator?
17:07 cait joined #koha
17:08 Owner not that I am aware of
17:09 Owner I would have to go within the database
17:09 librarian there must be way to spit out all the info from the database using another mysql interface
17:13 librarian have you tried phpmyadmin
17:20 wizzyrea you can also get csv output from the guided reports wizard
17:21 Owner there is an issue with that
17:21 Owner I still need to get the barcodes printed
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17:24 cait hi koha
17:24 jdavidb hi, cait! :)
17:24 cait hi jdavidb :)
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18:12 Joe_Me hello?
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18:15 Joe_Me I can't add a new Item Type. I try to add it and then it closes the window, but doesn't list a new item type. I tried it logged in with superlibrarian access and with the root account I setup for Koha. Anyone have any ideas?
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19:53 chris morning
19:53 * chris is off work today with some kinda crazy flu thing
19:54 larsw ouch
19:56 wizzyrea poor chris
20:00 chris yeah, started with a headache, im in the sore throat and coughing phase now, so better for larsw and others if i dont go in and cough all over them
20:00 chris :)
20:03 wizzyrea yes, coughing on your coworkers is not nice
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20:23 chris_n chris: I just got over three weeks of that sort of thing
20:23 chris_n along with the worst sore throat of all time :-P
20:23 chris eek 3 weeks!!!
20:23 wizzyrea ew
20:23 chris im gonna need more painkilers
20:24 wizzyrea omg it's internet communicable
20:24 chris_n I finally resorted to Tylenol and Tussin with Codeine to kill the pain
20:24 wizzyrea ^^ hard core
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20:25 chris_n you're right about that... I hate medicine, but that is how bad the throat got
20:25 joetho Hello, any idea what table I would find shelving location descriptions in?
20:26 chris authorised values joetho
20:26 chris or authorized
20:26 hdl hi chris
20:26 * chris_n heads home
20:26 joetho I looked for that table first and didn't see it
20:27 hdl hi all
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20:28 chris joetho: you should be able to change it in the admin interface
20:28 chris or are you wanting it for a report?
20:33 * magn_away wishes chris a speedy recovery and everyone a good night (or other time-of-the-day of their choice)
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20:36 joetho report
20:36 richard joined #koha
20:36 richard hi
20:38 hdl good night all
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21:12 larsw hi again
21:14 wizzyrea wb
21:53 jo joined #koha
21:56 jo morning
21:56 jo do we have a kohacon meeting thismornign?
21:57 larsw "15 June 2010 at 22:00 UTC" -- I _think_ that's in 24 hours
21:58 jo there you go then :)
21:58 jo thanks larsw
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22:12 bugweiser Hi.  I have a "library," which right now consists of some shelfs with a bunch of books, with no organization whatsoever.  I own a barcode scanner, several windows machines and a headless desktop that I plan to use as a server.  Is Koha a good place to start for me?
22:14 bugweiser I need to track circulation, and I have books with multiple copies.  I'd like to be able to simply use the ISBN label that is already on the books as the circulatory ID for the book.
22:15 larsw bugweiser, it sounds like Koha might do the job for you, yes (I don't know about details, I'm too new to this stuff myself)
22:16 bugweiser Oh, and I don't need differentiation between the different copies.  In other words, say I have 5 copies of The Jungle Book.  Lets say Bill takes out one copy for a 2 week term, and then a week later Jack takes out another copy, for a 2 week term as well.  I don't care which copies they all have (i.e., Bill has copy B and Jack has copy E)
22:16 bugweiser I just need to the inventory system to be able to inform me that there are presently 3 copies on the shelves, 1 copy that Bill has out, due back in a week, and
22:16 bugweiser another that Jack has out, not due back for 2 weeks.  Also I'd want to be able to cross reference books to patrons, in other words to be able to pull up Jack's file and see that he presently has 2 books out, The Jungle Book and The Fantasic Mr. Fox and when each is due.  Other extras such as email notifications to Jack when his books become overdue with optio
22:17 bugweiser s to copy an administrator or something would be nice but those are the two essential things I need.  I don't even NEED to be able to find the
22:17 bugweiser physical location of the book on the shelves, really, although it would also be nice.
22:17 bugweiser larsw: Hi. :)
22:17 chris yeah koha will do all that in more, koha might in fact be overkill for you
22:17 chris s/in/and/
22:18 bugweiser chris: Okay, simplicity is a plus for me, but not a must.
22:19 bugweiser chris: Do you think you could give me an idea of what the setup process would be like for me?
22:20 bugweiser I.E., 1) Get a server with Debian, 2) Putz around on the command line for approx. X hours installing the server side, 3) scan ISBN barcodes on books...
22:21 chris install debian squeeze, use to install koha
22:21 larsw bugweiser, if you can put Debian squeeze on the box, software installation is pretty easy ("apt-get install koha", plus some manual steps; see
22:21 chris then spend a bunch of time learning how to be a librarian
22:21 chris thats going to take the longest time :)
22:22 bugweiser haha :)
22:22 chris koha has a lot of features and things like MARC that is pretty scary when first encountered
22:22 chris its designed to run 'real' libraries, so while you can use it for a home one .. there's a lot to get your head around
22:22 bugweiser I have had SOME minimal exposure to the terminology and what not of library systems...
22:24 bugweiser What if I don't utilize all of the bells & whistles on it?
22:25 robin chris: looking at the archives, that patch I sent yesterday didn't appear to make it to the list - any idea why?
22:25 chris yep you can do that, but in order to catalogue an item you are going to have to deal with marc ... id suggest having a look at the manual
22:25 chris robin: ill have a look ... you are subscribed to koha-patches eh?
22:26 robin yep, just have it set to nomail
22:26 robin Jun 14 11:20:47 zarathud postfix/smtp[24493]: 2A83D358149: to=<>,[]:25, delay=0.26, delays=0.13/0.04/0.04/0.05, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0 Ok: queued as 877A56836F)
22:26 larsw bugweiser, a tip from a newbie: it's possible to import most of the cataloging data from public sources, for most books: the Z24352.3546313 search (can never remember the numbers) is the tool for that, highly recommended
22:27 bugweiser chris: where can i find the manual?
22:28 chris not sure why then, the biblibre ppl run the list so ill check with them
22:28 chris bugweiser:[…]ation/3-2-manual/
22:34 bgkriegel bugweiser: larsw means Z39.50. On other hand, every copy must have a unique identifier, then you can't use the ISBN label if you have more than one copy of a book
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