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01:41 * chris_n drags by after another 650 bales of straw :-P
01:41 chris yikes
01:42 chris hay baling was one of my least favourite holiday jobs
01:44 chris_n that makes 1150 bales between this evening and Saturday
01:44 chris thats a lot of hay
01:45 chris_n it's a tough job, but my children enjoy it (especially the selling part ;)
01:45 chris do you do rectangle bales?
01:45 chris the rage here is now round ones
01:45 chris_n yup
01:45 chris_n we do round ones too, but the small ones make more $$$
01:46 chris right
01:46 chris i remember throwing them up onto the back of the truck, that followed the tractor
01:46 chris need good leather gloves, or that baling twine shreds your hands
01:46 * chris_n runs the baler and lets the kids do the pickup work
01:47 chris and by the end of the day, my arms were shot, so i couldnt throw them high enough and they would bounce off the stack and hit me on the head
01:47 chris fun times :)
01:47 chris_n yeah, it will burn you up if you're not careful
01:47 chris_n hehe
01:47 chris_n we actually had about 15 kids helping
01:47 chris_n it was a blast
01:47 chris it still is better than crutching though
01:47 * larsw realizes how urban he is
01:47 chris
01:48 chris ah yeah, with a big group of kids, that'd be fun ;)
01:48 chris_n ouch
01:48 chris the thing that gets you in crutching, is unlike full shearing, you dont get to stand up between sheep
01:49 chris basically someone jsut keeps dragging new ones over and you stay in a crouch
01:49 chris shearing you go grab a new one each time
01:49 chris really hard on the back
01:49 chris_n I saw a sheep sheared with hand shears the other weekend
01:50 chris_n it did not look fun for either the person or the sheep
01:50 chris that takes a lot of skill
01:50 larsw sheep. I have not seen enough sheep in NZ yet. must fix.
01:50 chris_n this lady did it in about 15 min
01:50 chris impressive
01:50 chris_n no nicks either
01:50 chris doubly impressive
01:51 * chris_n invites larsw to the country :)
01:51 chris i used to be able to do one in about that time .. with electric shears :)
01:51 chris_n it was amazing to me how much lanolin there was in the fleece
01:51 chris oh yeah, shearers have some of the softest hands in the world :-)
01:52 larsw if I could buy a 600mm lens for an APC-C sized sensor, or effectively 960 mm, I could experience sheep from quite far away -- but that might still be close enough :)
01:52 chris_n lol
01:52 chris you're not an nzer until you have had a ram head butt you in the crotch
01:52 larsw well, s/buy/borrow/
01:52 * chris_n winces
01:52 larsw chris, thanks for the warning, I'll be leaving on the next ship :)
01:52 * chris makes up a new rule :)
01:54 chris_n I must say that after staring at a computer screen all day, some good old-fashioned hard work makes for a nice change
01:56 reed we should all go see the gold shears competition when it happens next
01:56 reed short train ride from here I think
01:56 reed golden
01:58 chris heh
01:58 chris you can catch it on tv usually
01:58 chris
01:59 reed yeah, seen bits
01:59 chris maybe we could build them a website
01:59 reed and it's something Jan would even like
01:59 larsw ice hockey, shearing... reasons to not have a tv :)
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02:04 chris wb wizzyrea_laptop
02:04 wizzyrea_laptop thanks :)
02:19 chris oh nice email from atz
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03:23 Amit heya chris
03:23 Amit @weather Dehradun
03:23 munin Amit: The current temperature in Dehradun, India is 22.0�C (5:30 AM IST on June 08, 2010). Conditions: Mist. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 19.0�C. Pressure: 29.53 in 1000 hPa.
03:23 Amit @weather Bangalore
03:23 munin Amit: The current temperature in Bangalore, India is 21.0�C (5:30 AM IST on June 08, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 19.0�C.
03:23 Amit @weather New Delhi
03:23 munin Amit: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 21.0�C (8:30 AM IST on June 08, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: 21.0�C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1004 hPa (Steady).
03:24 chris @weather wellington,nz
03:24 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 8.0�C (3:00 PM NZST on June 08, 2010). Conditions: Rain Showers. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 5.0�C. Windchill: 3.0�C. Pressure: 29.68 in 1005 hPa (Steady).
03:27 richard was 6 deg in brooklyn 20 mins ago - according to my car anyway
03:28 wizzyrea_laptop @weather lawrence, KS
03:28 munin wizzyrea_laptop: The current temperature in Channel 6 Downtown, Lawrence, Kansas is 22.5�C (10:31 PM CDT on June 07, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 78%. Dew Point: 19.0�C. Pressure: 29.88 in 1011.7 hPa (Rising).
03:29 chris yeah its not warm
03:29 chris metservice say 6, feels like -1
03:29 chris (with the windchill)
03:29 wizzyrea_laptop brr
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03:30 larsw it's just a matter of dressing properly...
03:31 chris :)
03:31 wizzyrea_laptop well, here it's more an issue of UN dressing properly
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05:34 indradg_ Amit, ping
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05:47 Amit hi indradg
06:07 Elwell @weather christchurch, nz
06:07 munin Elwell: The current temperature in Christchurch, New Zealand is 5.0�C (6:00 PM NZST on June 08, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 4.0�C. Windchill: 0.0�C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Steady).
06:25 indradg_ @weather kolkata
06:25 munin indradg_: The current temperature in Kolkata, India is 36.0�C (11:50 AM IST on June 08, 2010). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 63%. Dew Point: 28.0�C. Pressure: 29.59 in 1002 hPa (Steady).
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06:46 kmkale Good afternoon
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07:01 kf morning #koha
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07:09 paul hello world
07:12 Amit heya kf, kmkale, paul
07:12 kmkale hi Amit
07:51 Amit kmkale: i seeing your mail on koha mailing list
07:51 Amit kmkale: i m seeing your mail on koha mailing list
07:51 kmkale yes Amit
07:52 Amit good idea
07:55 kmkale Thanks. Good projects like need all the support we can get
07:55 chris
07:56 chris Elwell++ #for the pod fixes
07:57 kmkale thanks chris
07:57 * chris wonders if richard is around?
08:01 Elwell no worries
08:37 hdl_laptop hi all
08:44 chris hi hdl_laptop
08:46 hdl_laptop hi chris
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09:20 richard hi chris
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09:23 * richard wanders off
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09:59 Amit @weather New Delhi
09:59 munin Amit: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 25.0�C (3:00 PM IST on June 08, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 83%. Dew Point: 22.0�C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1004 hPa (Steady).
09:59 Amit @weather Dehradun
09:59 munin Amit: The current temperature in Dehradun, India is 31.0�C (2:30 PM IST on June 08, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 45%. Dew Point: 20.0�C. Pressure: 29.50 in 999 hPa.
09:59 Amit @weather Bangalore
09:59 munin Amit: The current temperature in Bangalore, India is 29.0�C (2:30 PM IST on June 08, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 52%. Dew Point: 20.0�C.
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10:51 kf @wunder Konstanz
10:51 munin kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Germany is 23.1�C (12:54 PM CEST on June 08, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 69%. Dew Point: 17.0�C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008.0 hPa (Rising).
10:53 kf which version is the debian repository?
10:54 kf there is a question on German mailing list "how to install German translation during installation" and it depends on version :)
11:03 chris master
11:04 chris http://debian.koha-community.o[…]pool/main/k/koha/
11:04 chris see that number there?
11:04 chris 20100608105233.2b2434ef
11:04 chris tells you it was updated today
11:05 chris and 2b2434ef is the commit
11:05 gmcharlt thought at some point debian packages of Koha translations would be nice
11:05 chris yep, its on the list
11:06 chris kf: so the short answer is its built from master, until a 3.2 branch is created, then it will be built from there
11:07 chris[…]ian#Update_policy
11:07 kf hi chris
11:07 chris hi kf
11:07 kf he wrote to my mail address yesterday and now to list, really want to answer today
11:08 chris heh i guess so :)
11:08 kf so master branch is 3.0?
11:08 chris no
11:08 kf 'Until Koha 3.2 is released, the Koha packages will be built from the master branch, for the squeeze-dev pocket. When Koha 3.2 releases, packages for the squeeze pocket will be built from the 3.2 branch.'
11:09 chris master is what will be 3.2
11:09 kf 3.2-master?
11:09 kf but where can I see now what version that is? how old?
11:09 chris its running the latest code from master, everyday
11:09 kf ok, I think its without german web installer files and german interface should work, but not sure how old the files are, better download from pootle
11:10 kf oh
11:10 kf cool
11:10 kf larsw++
11:10 chris until 3.2 is released, and then the stable package will only be updated at each release, and the unstable one will track master again (maybe :))
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11:11 kf really cool - thanx chris! chris++
11:11 chris but at the moment it means once you havce installed the package, you can just apt-get update
11:11 chris apt-get upgrade
11:11 chris to be running the latest (or close to it)
11:12 chris of course, we are still testing the packaging, and there is more work to do but it mostly works :)
11:12 CGI751 hi there
11:12 kf ah, but I still have to perl translate install de-DE before I use the web installer?
11:12 chris larsw is fixing any bugs reported
11:13 kf does it include translations or do you need to download them?
11:13 chris lemme look
11:13 CGI751 an expert man can help about koha 3
11:13 chris kf: have to download them
11:14 CGI751 i install koha 3 succesfully
11:14 kf ok - thx a lot.
11:15 kf but before I can answer him, I have to find out why my library cant reset passwords for their borrowers...
11:15 CGI751 what can i import old record into koha library ?
11:16 CGI751 i test script , but it dosn't work ?
11:17 kf CGI751: not sure I can help, but more information is needed here: which version of koha, unimarc or marc? what kind of records are you importiing? error messages?
11:17 CGI751 koha
11:18 CGI751 iso2709 to unimarc
11:18 CGI751 no error message
11:18 CGI751 my iso file contain more than 3000 record
11:19 CGI751 but when i import it ,
11:19 kf your records are unimarc?
11:19 CGI751 message tel me one record importet !!!???
11:19 kf which options did you use for import?
11:20 CGI751 option =  -file
11:21 kf try to use -v for verbose
11:21 kf and I think you perhaps need to set the marc format to unimarc
11:21 kf nto sure what standard is, but I think marc21
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11:22 CGI751 my old record is iso2709
11:22 jdavidb g'mornin', #koha
11:23 chris hi jdavidb
11:23 CGI751 i test it now
11:23 kmkale hi jdavidb
11:24 CGI751 hi jdavidb
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11:28 chris hi jwagner, francharb, nengard
11:28 francharb hi chris
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11:29 jwagner morning/evening chris
11:31 chris the hail is keeping me awake
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11:35 CGI401 Anyone around to help with an Koha install "make test" error?
11:35 chris whats the error?
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11:36 nengard i'm working on a section for the manual with all of the check out warnings that pop up - the yellow boxes - I have found 2 - can someone remind me of triggers for these messages?
11:36 CGI401 I don't even know why it's doing this check as the DB is still empty: DBD::mysql::db selectrow_array failed: Table 'koha.itemdeletelist' doesn't exist at /tmp/harley/blib/PERL_MODUL​E_DIR/C4/ line 147.
11:37 chris nengard: huh?
11:37 nengard when you check things out
11:37 nengard you get those yellow pop up boxes
11:37 nengard if someone tries to check out an item on hold for someone else
11:37 jwagner nengard, in general any condition that blocks a checkout will bring up one of those boxes.  If all the bugs have been fixed :-) the box will have text in it with the reason for the block.
11:37 nengard right - but i'm trying to trigger them so i can get screenshots for the manual - so i'm looking for a list of things that trigger them :)
11:37 chris yep, checking the template is probably the easiest way
11:38 nengard good idea
11:38 nengard thanks
11:38 chris CGI401: yeah you can ignore that one
11:38 CGI401 Super! Thanks
11:39 chris it should have asked you if you wanted to run the db dependant tests
11:39 CGI401 When I ran the make test?
11:39 chris when you ran perl Makefile.PL
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11:40 CGI401 Yes, it did. defaulted to No if I remember correctly. Should I re-run it with that test? or would this message not have appeared if I ran the test first?
11:41 CGI751 hi again KF:
11:41 chris no, it shouldnt be doing any tests the need the db if you choose no, but its safe to ignore for now
11:41 CGI401 Thanks
11:41 kf sorry, phone call
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11:54 nengard so looking at the template for the check out page - and not all of these messages trigger ... uh oh :)
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12:21 owen Happy birthday jdavidb!
12:21 kf ooooooh
12:21 jdavidb Thanks, owen! :)
12:21 kf happy birthday jdavidb! and Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
12:22 chris hari huri tau ki a koe jdavidb
12:23 * jdavidb loves working on a global project.
12:23 jdavidb Thanks, kf and chris.  :)
12:24 jdavidb It's my 39th birthday, version 4.0.  :)
12:25 chris :)
12:25 kf :)
12:25 owen I've had some years that could've used a bug fix or two
12:27 jdavidb My 29th became abandonware after v9.0.  Just had gone too far afield...
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12:28 kf i think i will adapt your versioning system
12:28 owen I'm still waiting for them to publish a manual for age 13.
12:29 chris it involves lots of door slamming
12:29 chris they wrote the manual, but then the person writing it declared i hate you all, and set it on fire
12:29 owen :D
12:30 kf :)
12:31 collum Paraphrase of Mark Twain's manual.  When they are 13 put them in a barrel with a knot hole to feed them.  When they turn 15 plug up the knot hole.
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12:33 chris heh
12:34 chris ok time for some sleep
12:34 chris_n g'morning
12:34 chris_n errr g'night
12:34 owen g'morning works for me ;)
12:35 kf good night chris
12:35 * chris_n wishes jdavidb happy birthday too
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12:35 kf we need to find a way to send birthday cakes by irc
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12:42 kmkale back.
12:42 nengard kf i'm for finding a way to send any food at all via irc :)
12:42 kmkale happy b'day jdavidb
12:43 jwagner kmkale, congratulations on your announcement!
12:43 kmkale Thanks jwagner
12:43 jwagner nengard and kf, ESPECIALLLY chocolate!
12:43 nengard hehe
12:43 jdavidb so many, many nice folks....thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes  :)
12:44 * jwagner tells people to stop being nice to jdavidb now -- he'll start expecting that every day :-)
12:44 kmkale jdavidb: great versioning system. I think I will adapt it too..
12:45 gmcharlt jwagner: I'll have to disappoint you a bit longer :)
12:45 gmcharlt jdavidb: hapy birthday!
12:46 jdavidb woo hoo!
12:47 jdavidb collum:  I prefer a Mark-Twain-ish "gom jabbar":  nail them in a barrel with two years worth of food...if they figure out how to escape before the grub runs out, they're intelligent enough to be called human.  If not...well, they won't make more...
12:48 collum :)
12:48 collum Happy birthday jdavidb
13:03 kmkale nengard: is something missing in these below lines?
13:03 kmkale #  Copy /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-t​mpl/prog/en/modules/opac-main.tmpl to /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac​-tmpl/prog/en/modules/pages.tmpl
13:03 kmkale # At approximately line 38, change this:
13:03 kmkale # To this:
13:04 nengard hmmm
13:04 nengard probably an image ...
13:04 nengard the old wiki is gone so I can't find it - let me check the manual
13:05 nengard oh
13:05 nengard it was a commented bit of code
13:05 nengard will find it
13:08 * chris_n thought someone got a snapshot of the old wiki
13:08 gmcharlt as of a few months ago, I do
13:08 chris_n there was a bunch of stuff which did not get moved over
13:09 nengard okay it's there - i need formatting help though
13:09 nengard html as a syntax highlight doesn't work
13:09 nengard so i did perl and that screwed the page up
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13:43 hdl_laptop Happy birthday jdavidb and Kivutar
13:43 * jdavidb perks up.     Kivutar and I share a birthday?
13:44 paul jdavidb, yep ;-) (although he's only 26. A baby geek :D )
13:45 gmcharlt they're so cute at that age ;)
13:49 chris_n lol
13:50 gmcharlt Kivutar: happy birthday
13:50 jdavidb Happy birthday, Kivutar! :)
13:51 Nate Happy Burfday jdavidb and Kivutar!
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13:58 Kivutar :D
13:58 Kivutar thanks a lot
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14:17 jwagner morning, wizzyrea -- caught your thieves yet?
14:18 wizzyrea no, I wish.
14:18 wizzyrea I don't hold a lot of hope
14:19 jwagner :-(
14:20 kmkale Happy B'day Kivutar
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14:21 jwagner is now known as jwagner_meeting
14:21 * jwagner_meeting dons sweater in preparation for ice-cold meeting room :-(
14:25 * kf sends jawagner hot chocolate ;)
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14:57 CGI401 Hello all, having an apache problem with Koha. Can't get Admin interface up to run the web installer, port 80 is fine. When I restart apache I get this:
14:57 CGI401 VirtualHost MYIP:8080 overlaps with VirtualHost MYIP:8080, the first has precedence, perhaps you need a NameVirtualHost directive
14:57 CGI401 Any ideas? This usually just works!
14:57 wizzyrea you probably need to disable your default interface
14:57 CGI401 Tried that, same error
14:57 wizzyrea a2dissite default
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15:00 kf bye all
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15:04 CGI401 Anyone!?
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15:20 bgkriegel CGI401, have you more than one VirtualHost MYIP:8080?
15:21 CGI401 No, It's really strange. I can't get any back from 8080, if I telnet to it locally I get disconnected, although nmap tells me something is there
15:22 CGI401 if I swap OPAC and ADMIN ports the same problem occurs, that is, I can then connect to the ADMIN page but not OPAC which is now on 8080
15:23 wizzyrea do you have something like NameVirtualHost * in your koha config?
15:24 wizzyrea you may need to comment that out
15:24 CGI401 When you say Koha config, where do you mean? Site-enabled?
15:24 wizzyrea yep
15:25 CGI401 It's the first line but it's commented out by default
15:25 wizzyrea can you paste the contents of that into a pastebin (
15:25 wizzyrea maybe it will be illuminating
15:26 CGI401 yep.....1 minute
15:26 wizzyrea of your koha host
15:26 CGI401 koha host?
15:26 wizzyrea sorry, your koha apache config file
15:26 CGI401 into pastebin? Yep...
15:26 wizzyrea yes please
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15:30 CGI401 That's there now - KohaConfigfile
15:31 wizzyrea link?
15:31 CGI401 T'wud by handy.........
15:32 CGI401 BTW, I changed to port to 81 as you can see
15:32 wizzyrea try putting in the actual IP of your machine instead of * in front of :80 and :8080
15:32 wizzyrea and remove :81
15:33 CGI401 I did that at the start, will try it again, one minute
15:34 CGI401 Same problemo, port 80 comes up fine, nothing on 81
15:36 chris_n CGI401: do you have a 'listen 81' directive in your config?
15:36 wizzyrea or listen 8080
15:36 wizzyrea depending on which you want to work
15:37 CGI401 Sorry, I can see this looks confusing now. At the moment ports are set to listen on 81. I thought there might be a conflict on 8080, I can change back to 8080 to make it read better?
15:37 CGI401 so ATM, ports.conf: listen 80, and 81
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15:38 chris_n I assume that there are two 'listen' lines
15:38 chris_n just a sanity check
15:38 CGI401 Yep!!!
15:44 CGI401 I noticed this when restarting Apache:
15:44 CGI401 [warn] NameVirtualHost *:80 has no VirtualHosts
15:44 CGI401 But port is up and running fine?
15:48 chris_n that might be an indication that your apache config has a NameVirtualHost * directive somewhere else in the config
15:49 CGI401 Even more strange, it was the ports.conf file had a reference to it. That warning is gone there any verbose loggin I can switch on?
16:08 CGI401 OK - I have resovled the problem and its a pretty basic and embarassing problem!
16:08 CGI401 Wait for it......................port 8080 was not open to my host
16:09 CGI401 ditry iptables
16:15 wizzyrea owch
16:15 wizzyrea glad you figured it out though :D
16:16 CGI401 Thanks....and thanks for the help too!
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16:33 owen hdl_laptop or paul around?
16:33 hdl_laptop I am
16:34 owen Hi hdl_laptop. I'm looking at Bug 3628 and have a question
16:34 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3628 normal, P5, ---, henridamien, NEW, functionalities not present
16:34 owen It looks like two of the three items on that list have been pushed. The third one I think not?
16:35 owen If that is correct I'll revise the bug report and change it to an enhancement asking for the opacSerialDefaultTab preference
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17:04 cait hi #koha
17:04 jwagner Hi cait
17:05 cait :)
17:06 owen is now known as owen-away
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17:19 jdavidb hi, cait! :)
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17:45 * jdavidb tempts fate once more.
17:46 jdavidb @roulette
17:46 munin jdavidb: *click*
17:46 jdavidb rats.
17:46 jdavidb @roulette
17:46 jdavidb was kicked by munin: BANG!
17:46 * munin reloads and spins the chambers.
17:46 jdavidb joined #koha
17:46 jdavidb Ah.  Better.
17:47 owen-away is now known as owen
17:47 owen jdavidb: munin has it in for you!
17:47 jdavidb It does!
17:47 jdavidb It's 3 for 4 since it got an op tag.
17:47 brendan @roulette
17:47 brendan was kicked by munin: BANG!
17:47 * munin reloads and spins the chambers.
17:48 * jdavidb whoops
17:48 owen munin is mad with power I tell you
17:48 munin owen: Error: "is" is not a valid command.
17:48 brendan joined #koha
17:49 jdavidb @karma munin
17:49 munin jdavidb: Karma for "munin" has been increased 8 times and decreased 3 times for a total karma of 5.
17:50 * jdavidb gets out a slingshot and a bag of Skittles, and prepares to defend himself against munin.
17:54 * jdavidb has birthday cookies from a coworker---anyone want some?
17:55 wasabi @roulette
17:55 wasabi was kicked by munin: BANG!
17:55 * munin reloads and spins the chambers.
17:55 wasabi joined #koha
17:56 wasabi @roulette
17:56 munin wasabi: *click*
17:56 wasabi @roulette
17:56 munin wasabi: *click*
17:56 wasabi @roulette
17:56 wasabi was kicked by munin: BANG!
17:56 * munin reloads and spins the chambers.
17:56 wasabi joined #koha
17:57 collum munin take_it_easy
17:57 munin collum: Error: "take_it_easy" is not a valid command.
17:57 collum :)
17:58 * chris_n tries to imagine munin with a 10 gallon hat and cowboy boots on
17:58 tomascohen does anyone know who is responsible for the code of "IsMemberBlocked"?
17:58 nengard heh
17:58 chris_n tomascohen: bit blame does
17:58 chris_n s/bit/git/
17:59 nengard i don't understand git blame
17:59 nengard or how to use it
17:59 nengard just fyi
17:59 tomascohen chris_n: thanks, i'll try.. We have weird behaviour in several cases
17:59 tomascohen i is getting worse
17:59 tomascohen :D
18:00 sekjal nengard: it's really handy.  shows you, line by line, who submitted the commit that added each line to a file
18:00 nengard but what do it give it to get an answer? like do i say git blame IsMemberBlocked ?
18:00 nengard or what?
18:00 tomascohen chris_n: its really awesome
18:01 nengard i haven't needed it
18:01 tomascohen git blame
18:01 nengard ahh
18:01 nengard cool
18:01 * chris_n runs and hides
18:01 sekjal you can specify only the lines for IsMemberBlocked, if you know them
18:01 chris_n git blame | grep culprits_name
18:01 sekjal rather than having to read the whole file
18:02 nengard very cool - thanks for the tips :) maybe an article for the next next newsletter (yes i meant to type next 2 times)
18:02 chris_n nengard: git blame | grep IsMemberBlocked
18:02 chris_n opps... git blame | grep IsMemberBlocked
18:06 cait left #koha
18:14 joetho joined #koha
18:37 nengard left #koha
18:47 jwagner @quote random
18:47 munin jwagner: Quote #3: "< bignose-work> the only constant in climate over the next several decades will be that the climate doesn't match what you just got used to." (added by chris at 09:55 PM, June 11, 2009)
18:47 wizzyrea @quote random
18:47 munin wizzyrea: Quote #10: "< pianohacker> You helped start an open source project; clearly your sense of what to avoid to make your life easier has been impaired for a while :)" (added by chris at 03:59 PM, June 23, 2009)
18:48 wizzyrea @quote random
18:48 munin wizzyrea: Quote #14: "joetho: I only looked for missing ccodes- not dysfunctional orphans." (added by wizzyrea at 04:31 PM, July 09, 2009)
18:50 jdavidb @quote random
18:50 munin jdavidb: Quote #43: "< Ropuch> Uh - beware of tea: it can burn your throat" (added by chris at 04:35 AM, October 30, 2009)
18:50 jdavidb @roulette
18:50 munin jdavidb: *click*
18:50 wizzyrea hehe
18:50 jdavidb @roulette
18:50 munin jdavidb: *click*
18:50 * jdavidb grins
18:50 jdavidb @roulette
18:50 munin jdavidb: *click*
18:50 jdavidb aw, c'mon...
18:50 wizzyrea @eightball Do you know the answer of that burning question I have?
18:50 munin wizzyrea: No chance.
18:51 wizzyrea bummer.
18:51 jwagner jdavidb, if you WANT to be shot, I'm sure we can oblige :-)
18:51 * jwagner is feeling snarky today
18:52 jdavidb @eightball Will I ever get caught up with stuff here?
18:52 munin jdavidb: One would be wise to think so.
18:52 * jdavidb kicks munin in the shins.
18:53 jdavidb @roulette
18:53 munin jdavidb: *click*
18:58 tomascohen left #koha
19:01 wizzyrea nengard​uploads/kohadocs/koha3-2manual.pdf
19:07 wizzyrea i know, no images, I'm looking into that part
19:08 jdavidb @roulette
19:08 munin jdavidb: *click*
19:10 jdavidb left #koha
19:40 brendan kind of more fun when munin has OPS
19:40 brendan ;)
19:40 wizzyrea well promote him
19:40 wizzyrea sheesh
19:41 jwagner left #koha
19:41 brendan he has OPS
19:41 wizzyrea oh I wasn't asking to be promoted... so much responsibility
19:42 wizzyrea ^.^
19:42 wizzyrea and hi
19:43 libtek left #koha
19:52 paul joined #koha
19:56 CGI343 joined #koha
19:57 CGI343 left #koha
20:11 wizzyrea damaged items should not be pickable
20:11 wizzyrea correcT?
20:11 wizzyrea for holds queues?
20:11 owen I think so, but whoever designed the holds queue report disagreed
20:11 wizzyrea AHA
20:12 wizzyrea so
20:12 wizzyrea bug or feature
20:12 pianohacker joined #koha
20:13 owen wizzyrea: I don't know, are you ready for the whole "define availability go-round" again? :)
20:13 wizzyrea mickey claims that it doesn't pick damaged items if it's the only
20:13 wizzyrea item
20:13 wizzyrea BRING IT
20:13 wizzyrea ;)
20:14 owen wizzyrea: In our experience that was not correct. Our holds queue report would list a damaged item even with other copies available
20:14 davi left #koha
20:14 owen However, we've been using a home-grown report for a while now, so I guess it could have changed.
20:15 wizzyrea ooh
20:15 wizzyrea some day you must share this with me >.>
20:16 owen I'll have to take a look at it to see if I would embarrass myself if anyone saw it
20:16 wizzyrea how is id different?
20:16 wizzyrea hehe
20:16 wizzyrea I could send you some of my code, then you woulnd't be embarrassed.
20:16 wizzyrea because at least you'd be better than me >.>
20:20 wizzyrea owen: If the only item that exists for a bib, and it's marked damaged, it picks it?
20:21 wizzyrea tenses, I mix them. rock and roll.
20:21 owen I'd have to run a fresh test to really be able to confirm that
20:21 wizzyrea it's ok
20:21 wizzyrea don't do that, because we can do that :)
20:21 joetho send it to her anonymously
20:21 owen The two things we wanted for our holds queue report: Exclude damaged items, and show the barcode.
20:21 joetho I send her anonymous stuff all the time
20:21 wizzyrea we did the barcode thing
20:22 joetho how did you do the barcode?
20:22 * wizzyrea added it to the template, we have a custom one for that
20:22 wizzyrea one of like, 5 templates we have that are custom on the staff side
20:22 joetho I figured
20:22 joetho I would like to customize ours at some point
20:23 collum left #koha
20:23 pianohacker I'd like to get down to 5 custom templates someday ;_;
20:23 * wizzyrea pats pianohacker
20:25 * owen built a PHP script that pulls from our Koha database
20:27 owen gotta go, quittin' time
20:27 owen left #koha
20:33 richard joined #koha
20:33 richard hi
20:39 wizzyrea well it looks like you can't *place* a hold on a damaged item
20:39 wizzyrea but if a hold is existent, the item can be PICKED
20:43 chris morning
20:43 chris stop picking at your items wizzyrea
20:45 wizzyrea they're like boogers, I can't stop
20:46 wizzyrea lol, how do you refer to the process of picking items to fill reserves
20:52 joetho if you keep picking items, they will never heal
20:55 chris heh
20:55 chris wizzyrea: i have no idea
20:58 chris richard: i was gonna ask, could i get a demo of kakama set up to try out?
20:59 richard have one for you already
20:59 * richard hunts up a url
20:59 chris sweet
21:00 chris have ppl seen this?
21:00 chris libraries do lots of staff rosters i imagine
21:00 chris and events
21:00 richard the next step for it is to do recurring events to make it more of a roster thing
21:01 chris cool
21:01 richard at the moment it's geared more to handle rosterging staff for one-off events
21:01 chris it will be being used to roster staff for kohacon10 i imagine .. the convention centre use it eh?
21:02 richard yeah they do
21:02 chris noice synchronicity :)
21:04 richard chris:
21:04 chris ta
21:06 brendan left #koha
21:07 larsw joined #koha
21:07 richard give me a yell if you want some tips on how to drive it - the website pages are the specs i wrote up for it so might be missing some "instruction manual" type stuff
21:08 chris ahh right cool will do
21:22 wizzyrea richard: I first read that as the "insurrection manual"
21:22 wizzyrea perhaps I should go home.
21:22 richard :)
21:25 paul left #koha
21:26 larsw it seems I need to learn about Koha translations so I can get them included in the Debian packages
21:27 chris :)
21:28 chris misc/translator/translate
21:28 pianohacker larsw: Chris is the person to ask :)
21:28 larsw pianohacker, yes, he generally is :)
21:28 chris if you run it without options it gives you a nice help page
21:28 pianohacker left #koha
21:28 chris fredericd actually wrote translate ... its nice
21:36 larsw chris turned around and discussed this with me
21:36 chris rl is handy sometimes
21:36 larsw I'll figure out the mechanics and include all the translations in the deb at some point
21:36 larsw filing bug about it now
21:38 reed joined #koha
21:45 wizzyrea left #koha
21:45 brendan joined #koha
21:47 sekjal left #koha
21:50 larsw left #koha
21:52 larsw joined #koha
22:00 bgkriegel left #koha
22:06 bgkriegel joined #koha
22:11 pianohackr|work joined #koha
22:16 bgkriegel left #koha
22:21 joetho left #koha
22:26 larsw left #koha
22:28 Nate left #koha
22:28 larsw joined #koha
22:33 hdl_laptop left #koha
22:49 robin joined #koha
22:52 wasabi any good git commands to check a repo's correctness?
22:52 jo joined #koha
22:52 chris gonna need to use more words wasabi
22:53 chris correctness as in what?
22:53 chilts git fsck gives some diagnostics
22:53 chilts but if it's broken, it's probably worth re-cloning
22:53 wasabi lol, ta :)
22:53 * chilts has _never_ used it
22:53 chilts have never seen the need
22:54 wasabi it was a silly question... :p
22:54 jo Mason: do you know much about the holds report options in circulation menu
22:55 wasabi not really...
22:55 jo ok
22:55 wasabi its refers to LLEK holds stuff i think?
22:55 wasabi twas 1 year since i looked
22:56 chris its definitely not to do with LLEK
22:57 chris[…]=x6583#holdsqueue
22:58 CGI269 joined #koha
22:58 CGI269 left #koha
22:58 wasabi checks...
22:59 jo thanks
23:00 CGI269 joined #koha
23:02 wasabi ahh, holds-report uses misc/cronjobs/holds/
23:03 wasabi i though referred to LLEK only holds-tables
23:04 chris nope, just like the manual says :-)
23:05 * wasabi slaps silly hand with authoritative hand
23:05 CGI269 left #koha
23:13 larsw what do the database-dependent tests actually do? is it safe to run them?
23:16 jdavidb joined #koha
23:17 jdavidb @roulette
23:17 jdavidb was kicked by munin: BANG!
23:17 * munin reloads and spins the chambers.
23:17 jdavidb joined #koha
23:17 jdavidb :)
23:18 chris larsw: yes its safe
23:18 chris jdavidb: you are up late
23:18 jdavidb 7:30 PM here.  Just logged on later than usual.
23:20 chris ahhh
23:43 jdavidb left #koha

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