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00:03 nengard we need a week long freeze?
00:03 nengard so if we're talking 2 weeks, then maybe you should write up something for the newsletter ;)  or I can take your blog post
00:07 chris you can take the blog post
00:07 chris i dont have time to write much of anything im afraid
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00:41 joetho "...What caused the major split between the Koha community and LibLime was the company's decision to keep its fork private and not give back. It promised to do so, but instead withdrew from the Koha community altogether...."
00:46 joetho[…]ember/020204.html
00:47 joetho ^ ^ ^ but there are a few typos: remove the leading 1 and 0 from "100%"
00:49 joetho a better link, but you have to subscribe to
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01:34 chris_n thanks for the link joetho
01:41 chris its probably nicer not to share that link
01:41 chris thats someones paid for subscription, and it would be nice to lwn, who just wrote that good article if didnt do that
01:41 larsw the lwn link? the one joetho gave requires you to be logged in to see the page
01:41 chris ahh thats aill rignt then ;)
01:42 chris it seems to work without a login for me
01:42 larsw hmm
01:42 robin He posted two LWN links
01:42 robin that's why
01:42 larsw ah
01:42 larsw I only noticed
01:42 chris i think ill kill the logged in one
01:42 chris from the  logs
01:42 chris not fair to lwn
01:43 chris_n says right on the page: "The following subscription-only content has been made available to you by an LWN subscriber. Thousands of subscribers depend on LWN for the best news from the Linux and free software communities. If you enjoy this article, please consider accepting the trial offer on the right. Thank you for visiting! "
01:43 chris_n so it sounds like a link intended to be shared imho
01:43 chris not to the world
01:43 chris in a google crawled log page
01:43 * chris will remove from the log
01:43 larsw I forget what lwn's actual stated policy on that is
01:43 chris_n ahh, did not think of that
01:43 chris sharing it with individuals seems fine
01:44 larsw sharing with individuals is definitely fine
01:44 larsw
01:44 larsw "As long as people do not use subscriber links as a way to defeat our attempts to gain subscribers, we are happy to see them shared. "
01:44 larsw so they should be fine with that
01:44 chris cool
01:44 chris ill leave it
01:45 robin that's a nice policy they have
01:45 chris_n yup
01:45 larsw it's why they haven't grown to a global media conglomeration... yet
01:45 larsw doing things Right takes more
01:45 larsw time
01:45 chris_n Where is it appropriate to post a subscriber link?
01:46 chris_n Almost anywhere. Private mail, messages to project mailing lists, and weblog entries are all appropriate
01:46 chris_n so should be ok
01:49 joetho deleting from the log would probably be a good idea
01:50 joetho do that, please?
01:50 robin joetho: not necessary :)
01:50 joetho the link I got was a twitter feed, which I posted here,
01:50 robin LWN is OK with that sort of sharing
01:50 joetho then realized it was a subscription link
01:51 joetho well anyway.
01:55 chris turns out i was wrong
01:55 chris they dont mind sharing it
01:55 joetho are you sure?
01:55 chris
01:55 chris Where is it appropriate to post a subscriber link?
01:55 chris Almost anywhere. Private mail, messages to project mailing lists, and weblog entries are all appropriate. As long as people do not use subscriber links as a way to defeat our attempts to gain subscribers, we are happy to see them shared.
01:56 chris so if some ppl subscribe (i just did)
01:56 chris then its working as intended
01:58 chris_n hehe, it worked on me too :)
02:07 chris_n g'night
02:07 chris night chris_n
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03:33 Amit_G heya brendan, chris
03:34 brendan heya Amit_G
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04:32 robin yay, I now have a working-but-basic csv-to-MARC-XML converter that doesn't require weird windows programs.
04:33 Amit_G heya robin
04:33 robin hello
04:33 larsw how big do Koha databases get?
04:50 robin larsw: about this big: [................] (not to scale:)
04:52 chris heh
04:52 larsw it'd be nice be able to guesstimate the size, given, say, number of patrons and items
04:52 larsw but "manageabley big" is good enough for me now :)
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05:19 robin <-- if anyone is interested, these are the docs for the tool I'm working on. Its aim is to help smaller migrations (i.e. those that have been using a spreadsheet or simple database.)
05:19 robin It's still a work-in-progress though, but the important functions work, and MARCXML comes out the other end.
06:06 brendan robin++ that looks great
06:07 brendan that will be really usefully
06:07 robin I hope so :)
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06:41 kmkale good afternoon everybody :)
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07:00 brendan night
07:08 kmkale @seen chris_n
07:08 munin kmkale: chris_n was last seen in #koha 5 hours, 1 minute, and 3 seconds ago: <chris_n> g'night
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07:10 chris he will probably be around in about 4 hours kmkale
07:11 chris hi kf
07:12 kmkale chris: thanks
07:16 kf good morning chris and #koha
07:17 kmkale good morning kf
07:18 kf hi kmkale
07:21 Ropuch^_ Morning #koha
07:21 chris hi Ropuch^_
07:22 Ropuch^_ Hi chris
07:23 kf hi Ropuch
07:23 Ropuch^_ Guten Tag, kf [;
07:23 kf ;)
07:28 kmkale in the label creator add items how do I get barcodes listed serially? when I select barcode from the drop down I get only 1. I tried adding a * or a % at the end of the barcode string but that does not work
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07:40 magnus g'day #koha
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08:40 CGI575 Bonjour, est ce que qqun sait s'il est possible de dupliquer la configuration d'une install Kaho pour la réinstaller sur une autre machine ?
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08:44 kf CGI575: not all people here understand french (me included) perhaps you want to ask in the french channel or repeat your question in english
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08:47 magnus CGI575: "le salon francophone est accessible sur le serveur, salon #koha-fr" ;-)
08:55 CGI575 thank KF. sorry
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08:57 kmkale On a fresh git downloaded dev install I am getting number of errors during make test. "Error:  "MarkIssueReturned" is not exported by the C4::Circulation module" this is repeated for many modules
08:58 kmkale any ideas?
08:58 CGI575 somebody know how it's possible to export configuration and use it, to install koha under another computer ?
09:00 kf the configuration is in the database
09:00 kf there is no export option, but you could perhaps reuse your database in another install
09:01 magnus and there is some config in koha-config.xml too
09:05 magnus sorry that should of course be koha-conf.xml
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09:06 magnus kmkale: sounds like a bug to me
09:06 CGI575 oky. I try it to know if it's work, thnak you
09:07 kmkale should I paste the errors somewhere like paste buffer?
09:11 magnus kmkale: i'm not sure i can help you, but maybe others can - please do
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09:13 pastebot "kmkale" at pasted "Koha fresh git down and dev install make test fails with "MarkIssueReturned" is not exported by the C4::xxx module" (307 lines) at
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09:21 magnus kmkale, i'm a bit out of my depth here, but in the newest version of C4/Circulation it certainly *looks* like MarkIssueReturned is exported:[…];hb=HEAD line 86
09:21 magnus could you have a look at your actual C4/ and see if looks the same?
09:24 kmkale magnus: i just did a git fetch and rebase again and re ran through the routine starting with make clean till make test again same errors
09:27 kmkale magnus: line 86 looks exactly same in my local C4/ as it does in the link above
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09:29 kmkale back in an hour or so
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09:30 magnus kmkale: hm, i'm out of ideas then... :-(
09:30 chris you can probably safely ignore that test result
09:31 * chris will check the code
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09:32 chris in the base of your git clone
09:32 chris can you type
09:32 chris prove
09:35 chris it should run the tests
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09:43 magnus chris: kmkale left, said he'd back in an hour
09:44 chris heh i should pay more attention
09:45 magnus :-)
09:47 kf importing records into my own development installation - yay :)
09:49 magnus way to go, kf ;-)
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09:51 magnus chris: i just did the whole upgrade process on my installation of HEAD (where i just "git pull" in new changes), and did not see any warnings from make test about MarkIssueReturned
09:54 chris yeah ditto
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10:04 Irinie Goodmorning
10:06 Irinie Please, I want to know : "Which format it better with koha : Marc21 or Unimarc"
10:07 magnus Irinie: depends on who and where you are, i think...
10:07 Irinie I'm librarian from Egypt
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10:08 Irinie I just want to know if Unimarc have any bugs or problem with koha
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10:09 magnus Irinie: i think they both work just as well, there is a large number of french libraries using it
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10:10 Irinie ok. could I do the migration of data from excel file to unimarc using marcedit
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10:16 magnus sorry, i'm not familiar with marcedit, but i think so. anyone else know?
10:16 kmkale i know marcedit pretty well
10:16 kmkale but never used unimarc
10:18 joetho that requires the marcedit "delimited translator" feature, and I have had some problems with that
10:18 joetho this marcedit feature converts a txt or csv file to marc.
10:19 joetho the column headings are converted to marc tags
10:19 kmkale joetho I have converted 550000 books with the delimited translator wizard
10:19 kmkale work well
10:20 joetho Oh I have got it to work before, but my current project is a little complex.
10:20 magnus kmkale: chris replied re MarkIssueReturned while you were away:[…]10-05-06#i_435480
10:22 Amit_G heya kmkale
10:23 kmkale thank magnus
10:23 kmkale hi amit
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10:25 kmkale chris: prove says result pass
10:26 chris right, so im not sure what is up with your make test
10:26 chris i think ignore it
10:26 kmkale :(
10:26 chris both prove and make test don't throw that error for me
10:27 chris and why is joetho awake before ive gone to sleep
10:27 chris :)
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10:30 chris_n g'morning
10:30 kmkale chris make test does not throw it on my laptop where I just did a git fetch
10:30 kmkale buut on this fresh git pull I am getting these errors consistently
10:31 chris try a git clean
10:31 kmkale ok git clean and then git fetch?
10:32 kmkale fatal: clean.requireForce not set and -n or -f not given; refusing to clean ??
10:36 kmkale git clean -f then git fetch then perl Makefile.PL then make then make test same errors :(
10:37 chris how weird
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11:18 kmkale chris: yikes the error is now on webinstall screen
11:18 kmkale i went ahead and did make install as you said ignore :(
11:19 kmkale you can see it here
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11:42 Amit_G heya jwagner
11:43 Amit_G @wunder New Delhi
11:43 munin Amit_G: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 35.0�C (4:30 PM IST on May 06, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 39%. Dew Point: 19.0�C. Pressure: 29.59 in 1002 hPa (Steady).
11:43 Amit_G @wunder Bangalore
11:43 munin Amit_G: The current temperature in Bangalore, India is 30.0�C (11:30 AM IST on May 06, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 51%. Dew Point: 21.0�C.
11:43 jwagner Morning/Evening Amit_G
11:46 chris_n hi Amit_G and jwagner
11:46 Amit_G heya chris_n
11:47 Amit_G @wunder Dehradun
11:47 chris_n jwagner: do you all use notices?
11:47 munin Amit_G: The current temperature in Dehradun, India is 33.0�C (11:30 AM IST on May 06, 2010). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 35%. Dew Point: 19.0�C. Pressure: 29.61 in 1003 hPa.
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11:49 jwagner chris_n, a lot of our sites use notices
11:50 chris_n how about advanced notices
11:50 jwagner Some do.
11:50 * chris_n cannot seem to get them to work properly
11:50 jwagner What's the question?
11:50 chris_n I have the advanced notice setup with no delay
11:50 chris_n and the overdue notice with a delay of 1
11:51 chris_n yet both are sent on the day the item is due
11:51 jwagner In the notice triggers?
11:51 chris_n yup
11:51 jwagner The advance notices shouldn't be set up in the triggers -- they're controlled by the cron job.
11:51 chris_n ahh
11:52 jwagner Number of days in advance has to be set from the patron's message settings.
11:52 jwagner Notice triggers are only for overdues.
11:52 chris_n that's my problem
11:53 chris_n what a messed up section of code :-P
11:53 jwagner script is misc/cronjobs/
11:53 chris_n the fact that advanced notices appears in the notice triggers section is quite confusing
11:53 * chris_n seems to remember going down this line of thought once before
11:54 chris_n thanks jwagner :)
11:55 jwagner Yeah, the wording on the notice triggers page could be improved, if nothing else.
12:00 pastebot "kmkale" at pasted "git woes on rebase origin/master" (25 lines) at
12:00 kmkale chris_n: i just did a git fetch and git rebase origin/master and this is what I got. Can you please help me understand and resolve this?
12:02 chris_n you need to edit koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/​modules/members/boraccount.tmpl
12:02 chris_n search for '<<<<'
12:02 gmcharlt good morning
12:02 chris_n you will see that this marker indicates the start of code that is in the current HEAD
12:02 chris_n hi gmcharlt
12:03 chris_n kmkale: after some lines
12:03 chris_n you will see: =======
12:03 chris_n then more lines
12:03 chris_n and then >>>>>
12:03 kf morning jwagner
12:03 chris_n those lines are the ones form the patch
12:03 chris_n from, even
12:04 kmkale ok then?
12:04 jwagner morning kf
12:04 chris_n you have to figure out which lines should stay and which should go
12:04 kmkale ouch. and I just learnt to read perl :(
12:04 chris_n kmkale: after working that out be sure that the lines with <<<<< and ==== and >>>>> are removed
12:04 chris_n save
12:05 chris_n and 'git add koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/​modules/members/boraccount.tmpl'
12:05 chris_n then 'git rebase --continue'
12:05 chris_n and hold your breath :-)
12:05 chris_n kmkale: it is not as bad as it sounds
12:05 chris_n paste the file koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/​modules/members/boraccount.tmpl
12:05 chris_n and I'll see if I can help sort it out for you
12:06 kmkale whats the emoticon for crying in irc? just assume I wrote it
12:06 chris_n :'(
12:06 chris_n whooo... biometrics aaa for Koha
12:08 pastebot "kmkale" at pasted "boraccount.tmpl" (90 lines) at
12:10 * chris_n looks
12:10 chris_n kmkale: ahh.. this is not bad
12:11 kmkale i just see 3 lines between those markers but cant fig out whats wrong
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12:21 kf I want to install syspref translation - has someone a link with instructions or some hints for me?
12:22 kf is it just the same as for intranet and staff?
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12:40 kf fredericd: around?
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12:50 Nate good morning all
12:53 collum joined #koha
12:54 chris_n hey Nate
12:54 Nate howdy chris _n
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12:55 kf :(
12:58 chris_n bad day kf?
12:58 kf not really
12:58 kf just not going as I want it to
12:58 chris_n sounds familiar :)
12:58 kf have you installed other languages in your installation?
12:59 kf I cant get sysprefeditor translated :(
12:59 chris_n I have not, sorry to say
12:59 kf hm, ok
13:00 kf the script seems to write the files, but they are still english, its weird
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13:08 kmkale guyz I am still having the   Error:  "MarkIssueReturned" is not exported by the C4::Circulation module    reported by make test issue inspite of doing a git reset --hard HEAD
13:08 kmkale and if I ignore that and do make install, the web installer throws ""MarkIssueReturned" is not exported by the C4::Circulation module""
13:09 kmkale any help?
13:10 kf kmkale: sorry
13:11 mirbolt hello, i am on a very slow connection, i hope this gets through. i have just installed koha and am getting Access denied for user 'koha'@'localhost' (using password: YES) at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 666. when i try to access the opac or the intranet, you anyone tell me something i might have missed?
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13:12 kmkale I am using git://
13:13 kf mirbolt: it looks like you cant access the database - perhaps you have a mistake in dbuser / password / database name
13:15 mirbolt from when i did the grant all on the database?
13:15 kf did the web installer start?
13:15 mirbolt no the web installer didn't start
13:15 kf first you need to create the database and grant all, as you said, then you rund and enter database name, user and password, those must match
13:16 mirbolt hmm, i thought i did all that, i will go and check, thanks
13:17 kf I had the same error message today, the problem was a typo in my database connection, wrong user name
13:17 kf or wrong password
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13:20 mirbolt kf: you are my new favourite person in the whole world :) thanks
13:25 kf wow
13:25 jcamins kmkale: Are you around?
13:25 kf :)
13:26 hdl_laptop hi
13:27 kf hi hdl_laptop
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13:30 kmkale jcamins: yes
13:31 jcamins Oh, good. I am trying to understand my difficulties with Stage MARC Record for Import, and I remember that it worked fine for you...
13:32 jcamins Do you use a Linux machine or a Mac? I'm suspecting that the problems I was running into may come from my Windows XP/Firefox 3.6 desktop.
13:33 jcamins (and I want to figure out what works to tell our IT guy)
13:33 kmkale i use ubuntu
13:33 kmkale what problems are you facing?
13:33 kf hdl_laptop: I try to install German sys pref editor, I tried French too it worked without problems. I get the same output from translate for German, but translation does not happen, still everythng is english. have you perhaps an idea where the problem could be?
13:34 jcamins kmkale: Eventually I got it to work, but the upload times out whenever the file is more than 4 MB.
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13:34 jcamins And this seems like a client issue more than a server issue.
13:35 kmkale jcamins:Are you and the server on same LAN
13:37 jcamins Yes we are.
13:38 jcamins However, we're using a consumer router/switch for a 30-some node LAN, which might have something to do with it, now that I think about it.
13:39 kmkale not sure but you can try copying the file on the server and ruiing firefox on it and upload locally
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13:40 jcamins That's a brilliant idea. I think perhaps I'll give that a try.
13:40 wajasu joined #koha
13:40 jcamins Clearly I spent too much time banging my head against a wall, and my brain cells were crushed.
13:41 jcamins :)
13:47 kmkale I know. mine is pulp already with all this git fun I am having lately :)
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13:48 jcamins Yay! Fun with git!
13:48 Colin joined #koha
13:48 jcamins If it makes you feel better, I have the sinking sensation that I may have broken my public repository.
13:50 kmkale all that tell me is that you are a advcanced git user and I can ask for you help on matters git if other kind folks who are helping me gain my feet in #koha aren't around or get tired of my bugging :)
13:50 jcamins Not terribly advanced, but I can try and help. At the very least, I can relate to the pain of not having a clue what the documentation means. ;)
13:51 kf hah
13:51 kf it worked
13:51 kf hdl_laptop: it worked, forget my question :)
13:52 schuster joined #koha
13:52 kmkale :)
13:54 jcamins Apparently it's not entirely the client. I guess we're back to the usual suspect: Virtual Box (we're running our server in a Virtual Box instance).
13:55 jcamins Oh well. I'll just file an enhancement request to make this work with
13:55 kmkale oh. there you go
13:56 kmkale i usually throw hardware at it
13:56 jcamins For good reason (this reminds me: our public catalog has probably crashed again).
14:07 kmkale i dont like virtual machines much and actively try to run things on hardware as much as possible
14:08 jcamins I feel the same way. I don't like the idea that my "hard drive" can be erased by someone sitting down at the unsecured host machine and hitting the delete key.
14:09 kmkale :)
14:11 chris_n` is now known as chris_n
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14:20 jcamins chris: Around?
14:24 CGI430 joined #koha
14:24 collum jcamins:  too early for Chris.  I think it's 2 am in NZ.
14:27 jcamins Yeah, I realized that after asking.
14:28 kmkale jcamins: fyi the max file size I have gotten up to is 50m so far
14:30 jcamins kmkale: Wow! Definitely Virtual Box. We'll talk to IT about maybe getting an actual computer set up. It's not like we should need a super powerful computer.
14:34 kmkale YIKES i trashed my kohaclone, did a new git clone and lo and behold sure enough those nasty make test errors are back :(
14:35 wizzyrea jcamins: I broke my git this morning too
14:35 wizzyrea must be something in the water
14:36 kmkale I am using git://
14:45 vdsmile joined #koha
14:45 vdsmile hello
14:46 vdsmile now i am working on koha and i want to develop an import module for notices
14:46 vdsmile anyone have an idea
14:46 vdsmile ?
14:46 vdsmile please help
14:49 vdsmile left #koha
14:49 wizzyrea ...
14:49 vdsmile joined #koha
14:49 wizzyrea welcome back
14:49 vdsmile thx
14:49 wizzyrea what kind of module for notices?
14:50 wizzyrea[…]d/for-developers/ to get started
14:50 vdsmile thx for the uri
14:51 wizzyrea sure :)
14:51 vdsmile i will return back later after reading the doc
14:51 wizzyrea sounds good
14:51 vdsmile thnak you
14:51 wizzyrea good luck :)
14:51 vdsmile :)
14:53 wajasu i added a bug for the amazon associate id tag to be used so reverred revenue might be had.
14:53 vdsmile another question
14:53 jwagner_meeting is now known as jwagner
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14:54 vdsmile there are many pages in koha where you can choose the site, so i want to do something which catching the user connecting site and propose it for default
14:56 vdsmile for example in the search module page, I have an input select containing a list of sites availables
14:57 vdsmile i want to mask it and process the search just in the user connected site
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15:04 ebegin Hi all!  Anybody has suggestion for managing ILL?
15:06 kf jcamins: I just saw your bug report - we use staged marc import from command line
15:06 kf jcamins: overlaying records using matching rules
15:06 jcamins kf: Really? How?
15:08 kf jcamins: my colleague did it... I just know we do
15:10 jcamins kf: If at all possible, I would love to find out exactly how. Should I e-mail and ask?
15:10 kf jcamins: I asked him, he said it was no problem to use the scripts from command ilne
15:10 jcamins And they just... worked?
15:11 kf thats what he told me
15:11 kf we had a problem, because they give you no error when matching rule does not exist... but this is a problem thats solvable :)
15:12 jcamins Huh. Clearly I did something wrong, then, because every time I tried, it just duplicated the records, or ignored matching records.
15:13 kf no not bulkmarcimport
15:13 kf the scripts for staged marc import
15:13 jcamins Oh. That would be why it didn't work.
15:13 jcamins Where are they?
15:14 kf
15:14 kf I think here, but dont know how to use them
15:16 jcamins Oh, wait. There's a script called ''
15:16 jcamins Look at that.
15:17 jcamins I guess I need to change my enhancement request to refer to the documentation.
15:18 sekjal joined #koha
15:24 magnus left #koha
15:35 kf jcamins: just thought it would perhaps help you to solve your problem
15:35 kf jcamins: I have set up a koha installation for xslt development and can start now to look into the linkings
15:36 kf for analytics
15:36 kf ok, time to leave now - bye #koha
15:36 kf left #koha
15:36 jcamins Hooray!
15:36 jcamins kf++
15:48 jwagner gmcharlt, online?
15:48 gmcharlt hi jwagner
15:48 jwagner Hi there.  You left me a message yesterday about Syndetics and the latest head?
15:48 jwagner I just updated my 3.2 server and it looks like Syndetics content is now working OK
15:49 gmcharlt cool, thanks for confirming
15:49 jwagner So does this now mean that owen's patch is OK too?
15:49 gmcharlt most likely, yes
15:49 jwagner good news!
15:51 brendan left #koha
16:06 kmkale left #koha
16:07 kmkale joined #koha
16:08 kmkale cloning over is noticeably faster than over
16:13 alex_a left #koha
16:14 vdsmile left #koha
16:15 hdl_laptop left #koha
16:19 schuster hmmm going through problems on my desk - If  you checkout a book - send it to lost, it will still allow you to check that book out to someone else, but leaves it still as lost on the first borrower.
16:19 schuster I found this bug, but I don't think it is 100% related to my situation. bug 3399
16:19 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3399 normal, P2, ---,, REOPENED, Item checked out - marked lost - checked in - switches status to 'lost' & checkout status switches to 'not checked out'
16:23 wizzyrea my librarians just came up with a pretty decent idea
16:24 wizzyrea so we have this problem in our consortium: one library has a "fan club" where they put 20 holds on a title for their patrons at the top of a new bestseller list
16:24 wizzyrea er, title
16:24 wizzyrea so the first 20 items available go to that library
16:24 wizzyrea this pisses off the other libraries
16:24 wizzyrea "why should their patrons get MY item first?"
16:24 wizzyrea so the proposal
16:25 wizzyrea is some kind of method to denote that a hold is for a book club
16:25 wizzyrea and randomize it's priority
16:25 wizzyrea so that it gets mixed up with the other holds
16:25 wizzyrea which sounds to me like an insane programming problem
16:26 wizzyrea and;
16:26 wizzyrea apparently Sirsi already does this
16:26 wizzyrea (so our sirsi library claims
16:26 wizzyrea )
16:28 joetho joined #koha
16:33 chris_n wizzyrea: does it follow, then, that randomization is the settlement to all arguments? ;-)
16:34 gmcharlt who here rules their life by d20? ;)
16:34 wizzyrea lulz
16:34 wizzyrea but we had another brilliant idea in kohakansas...
16:34 wizzyrea what if
16:34 wizzyrea instead of the *library* managing the fan club
16:34 wizzyrea koha did?
16:34 wizzyrea so a patron logs in
16:34 wizzyrea says "I like james patterson"
16:34 Colin I think theres a weighting element to it as well not just random
16:35 wizzyrea so when a new title is added by james patterson that is marked "for liking by book clubs"
16:35 wizzyrea they get a hold placed
16:35 wizzyrea and all patrons who like that, get a hold, in a randomized order
16:36 wizzyrea and those who like an author get first dibs, because they are the heaviest users
16:38 wizzyrea am I talking crazy talk?
16:39 jwagner wizzyrea, see Bug 4245 -- it's an expansion on Kyle Hall's original bestseller club feature
16:39 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4245 enhancement, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, Bestseller's Club and email notifications
16:40 wizzyrea wait... there's already a bestseller club thing?
16:40 wizzyrea how did I not know this >.><
16:40 jwagner In the works....
16:40 wizzyrea jwagner++ I was not aware of that
16:40 wizzyrea spectacular
16:40 johnindy that is awesome!
16:40 jwagner It's insanely complex to set up, but works well once it's in place.
16:41 wizzyrea I love it
16:41 wizzyrea spectacular, I'll report on that thanks
16:42 Sharon joined #koha
16:43 Kivutar joined #koha
16:43 jwagner owen's not on, is he :-(
16:44 tekonivel joined #koha
16:44 jwagner I'm looking at a system which was upgrade from, say August of last year's code to mid-October.  Something has crept into the area where the opacsmallimage goes, and I don't know where it came from.
16:44 jwagner Anyone recognize this: <a id="endpage">  _moz-rs-heading="" name="endpage">   </a>
16:45 jwagner It has the effect of pushing the logo down in the masthead.  If I take it out in firebug, the logo goes back to its proper place.
16:46 wizzyrea you know what I also want? a link to the OPAC from the staff client.
16:46 wizzyrea but that's easy
16:47 joetho hardcode it right in there. Make it a default.
16:47 jwagner wizzyrea, filling in the OPACBaseURL syspref makes that happen, I think
16:47 wizzyrea hmm
16:48 jwagner But won't work if you have separate OPAC URLs for your various sites.
16:48 wizzyrea mm not working in current head
16:48 wizzyrea or maybe I don't know where to look
16:48 wizzyrea no, this is a test server, only 1 opa
16:48 wizzyrea opac*
16:49 jwagner In the admin group of sysprefs.  If it's filled in, when you're in a staff record display, there should be a link to the OPAC for that record.  I think.
16:49 wizzyrea oh, I just meant a link to the front page of the opac
16:50 jwagner Add it as a staff nav link
16:50 wizzyrea
16:50 wizzyrea ?
16:51 sekjal left #koha
16:55 jwagner in the IntranetNav syspref, put in a <a href link
16:55 wizzyrea OH. der.
16:56 schuster or setup your browser to open two windows when it launches one staff one pac.
16:56 ebegin left #koha
16:57 * wizzyrea mutters something about "sometimes I just want to click to the opac, dangit.
16:57 wizzyrea ;)
16:57 * jwagner mutters something about "sometimes I just want my PC to read my mind" :-)
16:58 wizzyrea HAHA ^ agreed
16:58 wizzyrea I use a mac, it gets pretty close sometimes
16:59 schuster See told you she wasn't herself... wizzyrea - she is controlled by a MAC...
16:59 joetho wizzyrea, I don't have an opac pref called "appearance"
16:59 joetho wonder why THAT is
17:01 wizzyrea jwagner re: intranetnav: brilliant, thanks
17:01 wizzyrea that will HELP SO MUCH.
17:01 wizzyrea but joetho does bring up an interesting issue
17:01 joetho opacbaseurl yes, but liz' screencast picture shows that under "appearance" and mine doesnm't
17:01 wizzyrea why aren't all of the appearance prefs on their own tab...
17:02 wizzyrea oh, that's 3.2 joe
17:02 wizzyrea new sysprefs editor
17:02 joetho 3.2 sysprefs
17:02 joetho ahhh
17:03 joetho we are using v. -1.4 or something
17:03 joetho actually v.
17:03 wizzyrea
17:04 kmkale anyone has run 3.2 with perl 5.8.8?
17:04 ebegin joined #koha
17:05 kmkale or master for that matter?
17:05 wizzyrea hm. apparently intranet nav isn't following the nav styling
17:05 kmkale i think thats where my weird make test problems are comiong from
17:05 wizzyrea note the underline
17:06 wizzyrea 5.10.0
17:06 wizzyrea here
17:09 Sharon left #koha
17:09 wizzyrea ok, away again
17:09 brendan joined #koha
17:13 jwagner is now known as jwagner_lunch
17:16 Sharon joined #koha
17:17 kmkale good night all
17:17 kmkale left #koha
17:23 Colin left #koha
17:25 Sharon left #koha
17:29 miguel hi all
17:29 jdavidb joined #koha
17:34 miguel I've investigated something about Cross Site Scripting security in koha, someone else?
17:35 gmcharlt miguel: do you have a workup of the problem and/or a patch?
17:35 miguel yes
17:36 miguel both of them
17:36 miguel left #koha
17:37 miguel joined #koha
17:47 jwagner_lunch is now known as jwagner
18:01 ebegin left #koha
18:08 genji joined #koha
18:39 jcamins left #koha
18:48 genji left #koha
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19:19 indradg joined #koha
19:34 Sharon_ joined #koha
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19:49 sekjal joined #koha
19:56 hdl_laptop joined #koha
19:59 CGI074 joined #koha
20:00 CGI074 hello folks. looking for SQL for a report for patron item reservation record. anyone have one?
20:01 CGI074 left #koha
20:07 gmcharlt not in under 60 seconds, evidently
20:10 schuster left #koha
20:12 wizzyrea lol, I always wonder why people do that
20:12 wizzyrea welp, no one's here, I've waited 30 seconds.
20:15 * gmcharlt kicks self for forgetting to restart the insta-help IRC bot
20:15 gmcharlt oh
20:15 gmcharlt wait
20:15 gmcharlt there's no such thing!
20:15 wizzyrea just us fallible humans
20:19 bgkriegel left #koha
20:20 joetho (fallible?)
20:38 larsw joined #koha
20:41 CGI430 left #koha
20:43 cait joined #koha
20:44 cait hi
20:45 * chris clocks in from work
20:47 richard joined #koha
20:47 richard hi
20:49 chris cait:[…]ngen-um-koha.html
20:51 cait yes, read it :)
20:51 cait its not a lot different from the lwn article
20:51 chris yeah google translate did an ok job
20:51 chris if you wanted to comment
20:52 chris you could point out that bit about not being able to trademark the word is a fallacy
20:52 chris i wish it were true
20:52 cait fallacy?
20:52 chris but TM exist for wine called Koha, Coffee/Tea called Koha, Jewellery called Koha
20:52 chris (a false belief)
20:53 cait ah ok
20:53 cait so its possible but in a specific context?
20:55 indradg chris, a quick question... was Koha a TM of Katipo?
20:55 chris no
20:55 indradg chris, that "no" is for me or cait ?
20:56 cait I think for you indradg, but i m really near to sleep
20:56 richard left #koha
20:56 cait came online to point chris to the German article (but he was faster :) )
20:56 indradg cait, lol... ok
20:57 chris cait: yes to you
20:57 chris indradg: no to you ;)
20:57 larsw chris is very binary this morning :)
20:57 * gmcharlt doubts that anybody is faster than chris' RSS bots
20:57 chris heh
20:57 chris now i have my android phone, ull need to be even faster to beat me :)
20:57 sekjal left #koha
20:57 cait at least I was as fast as chris twice today ;)
20:57 indradg chris, shouldn't then the use of Koha in case of certain ILS known to us, fall under prior art and existing vocab... and not be trademarkable?
20:58 * indradg doesn't understands trademarks as good as patents and copyright issues
20:59 chris you'd think so indradg
20:59 chris if the application is not withdrawn, and it is accepted, then we have 3 months to object, which we will do
20:59 chris but it would be much better for everyone concerned if it never came to that
21:00 indradg chris, yeah... its like me trying to tm "man" :P
21:00 richard joined #koha
21:00 larsw it complicates matters that PTFS is applying for a trademark for the same software that has always existed under the name Koha
21:00 cait was there any reaction from ptfs about the trademark?
21:01 larsw indradg, "MAN" is a trademark, it's a (British?) company that makes trucks :)
21:01 chris nothing public cait
21:01 cait a reaction to the committee?
21:01 * larsw is curious about chris's RSS use now
21:02 chris i have a bunch of google searches, which have the results in rss form
21:02 larsw ah
21:02 chris it tends to find things pretty fast
21:02 larsw it's good to have a fairly rare name for your project/product, helps with those searches :)
21:02 Kivutar left #koha
21:03 chris yeah, the main confusion is a japanese pop singer called koharu (shortened to koha a lot)
21:03 Kivutar joined #koha
21:03 chris and Koha ditore an albanian (i think) newspaper
21:04 cait this situation is terrible :( and when I see jwagner and jdavidb helping out here, sending patches, commenting bugs and all I feel sad to read all the bad talk about ptfs.
21:04 cait I know its not ok what they do, it just makes me sad
21:04 cait because there is contribution to the project
21:04 chris the saddest bit is that it could be fixed in hours
21:05 cait they = ptfs
21:05 miguel_xercode joined #koha
21:06 chris im sure the people at ptfs are smart enough to do the right thing eventually
21:06 reed joined #koha
21:06 chris but the longer it takes, the longer it takes to heal
21:06 cait perhaps we could make it easier, making sure the door is open
21:06 chris its never been closed
21:06 joetho to clarify- is the NZ trademark application initiated by PTFS, or an individual?
21:07 chris it was initiated by liblime, subsequently bought by PTFS
21:07 reed left #koha
21:08 joetho so the term "liblime" actually appears on the application?
21:08 chris it certainly does
21:08 joetho just curious
21:08 chris no person names appear at all
21:12 gmcharlt joetho: Metavore, actually
21:12 gmcharlt but same effect
21:13 chris yeah Metavore DBA Liblime
21:13 Kivutar left #koha
21:17 cait left #koha
21:20 cait joined #koha
21:20 wizzyrea left #koha
21:22 joetho left #koha
21:22 larsw -- that's my analysis of the NZ TM situation; sorry about the PNG, but I suck at drawing and a whiteboard is easier than computers
21:24 chris i think thats it in a nutshell, which is why im sure ptfs will withdraw it
21:25 chris and a new developer to add to the history yay
21:33 cait :)
21:33 cait good night #koha!
21:33 chris night
21:34 cait left #koha
21:37 * brendan heads out to drive over the mountains on his way home 6000 feet here I come....
21:37 brendan left #koha
21:38 miguel_xercode left #koha
21:41 hdl_laptop good night all
21:41 chris night hdl_laptop
21:41 hdl_laptop left #koha
21:41 Nate left #koha
22:05 * chris_n gets back in time to see everyone leave :)
22:10 chris heh
22:23 rhcl rhcl likes larsw's drawing. Makes things clear.
22:25 larsw thanks
22:25 rhcl is now known as rhcl_wayaway
22:31 chris[…]solis/4520024767/
22:31 chris francois at work pointed me to this
22:34 larsw heh, so true
22:41 chris gmcharlt: you about?
22:42 chris or anyone for that matter
22:42 chris on the borrowers page we have a tab called 'Fines'
22:42 chris i would like to rename that to 'Charges'
22:42 chris because a lot of the time it is not fines at all, but rental charges or some other thing
22:43 chris might send an email to the list about it
22:43 richard charges sounds like a better catch-all
22:45 * chris sends email to koha-devel
23:12 * chris_n votes for ^^
23:21 larsw I don't vote for it, since I don't know enough of the context, but on the surface it sounds like an obviously correct thing to do
23:22 chris yeah if no one gives a good reason otherwise by monday its done
23:23 chris after all, git revert can undo it :)
23:24 larsw it's as if git was invented to make that kind of thing easy
23:28 gmcharlt chris: one of those things where terminology can overlap
23:28 gmcharlt in some libraries 'charges' means 'checkouts'
23:28 chris seriously?
23:28 gmcharlt yep
23:28 chris dang
23:28 chris how about 'money stuff'
23:28 gmcharlt heh
23:29 gmcharlt how about fees?
23:29 chris ohh fees would work
23:29 * larsw was going to suggest "financial instruments and transactions related to customers" but "fees" sounds better
23:29 chris heh
23:30 * chris will send a follow up email
23:30 chris oh you already did
23:30 chris :)
23:33 gmcharlt "Involuntary Donations"
23:33 gmcharlt "Things you must be or else be redirected to"?
23:33 chris :)
23:34 larsw "All your buck is belong to libs (they wish)"
23:35 gmcharlt "Our books or your money!"
23:35 larsw hah, I like that
23:53 chris_n lol
23:54 * chris_n thinks adding a credit card processing module to koha might fit right into this line of thought
23:57 chris well a gateway to processing sites
23:57 chris dont want to handle credit cards
23:58 chris but hand it off to a site then get the result back would be good

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