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00:10 Scott ironic thats its as quiet as a library in this channel...
00:11 chris only us southern hemispherites left
00:11 chris the busy time is our night
01:00 * chris_n looks in
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01:22 Scott i see...
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02:56 chris my fingers twitch everytime i see this page
02:56 chris[…]ect-organization/
02:56 chris just itching to change the z to an s :0
02:57 brendan heh
02:57 brendan go for it
02:57 chris url is out there now, so too late
02:57 chris :)
03:00 chris oh brendan i tried to set up the en_usspecial language
03:00 chris but pootle thwarted me
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03:18 Amit_G heya brendan, chris
03:18 brendan heya amit_g
03:19 chris heya Amit_G
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04:23 richard anyone know how valid is this for getting chinese / korean / japanese in search results -[…]ncodingscratchpad
04:23 richard in 3.0.6
04:24 chris i think that is old an out of date
04:24 richard ah, thought so
04:24 chris its all to do with zebra icu stuff now
04:25 chris anthony mao has got it all working
04:25 richard just got a query from a person who reckons that their chinese titles aren't appearing in search results but english ones are
04:25 chris lemme see if i can find it
04:25 richard cool
04:27 chris id point them at
04:27 chris
04:28 richard thanks chris
04:30 richard guess the same things will apply for their Japanese and Korean titles too eh
04:30 chris reckon so
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05:20 Amit_G heya nicomo
05:20 nicomo hi Amit_G
05:25 brendan night all
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05:46 Ropuch^_ Morning #koha
05:48 Amit_G heya Ropuch
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06:27 greenmang0 @wunder mumbai
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07:13 kf good morning #koha
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07:43 chris morning
08:05 Ropuch^_ Hi kf, chris
08:07 chris hiya Ropuch^_
08:07 chris lnts
08:07 chris ltns even
08:12 Ropuch^_ heh
08:15 Ropuch^_ CSNE is organizing Congress of Germanologist and I'm doing everything but library related stuff
08:20 chris ahhh
08:25 Ropuch^_ If only i had not so much to do at the Library, I would call those activities quite refreshing instead of 'waste of time I don't have' ;>
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09:50 Amit_G heya genji
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10:10 CGI416 Any Amazon images gurus hanging about in here!? I'm having some trouble
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11:12 chris_n @wunder 28334
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11:24 jdavidb Hello, #koha! :)
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11:35 chris hi jdavidb
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11:42 kf hi jdavidb and chris
11:42 kf chris: do you ever sleep? :)
11:42 jdavidb Hi, chris and kf. :D
11:43 chris every now and then kf :)
11:43 chris actually i get 7 or so hours in most nights
11:43 kf :)
11:44 kf I whish I would
11:50 gmcharlt good morning
11:51 chris_n morning #koha
11:52 jwagner Morning, all
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12:18 owen Hello all
12:24 jwagner morning, owen
12:36 hilongo Hello owen, jwagner and all :)
12:37 hilongo I have just woke up and smell the coffee :P
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13:15 jwagner owen, still online?
13:15 owen All day!
13:16 jwagner I just tried an updated head server with your patch and a Syndetics ID from a different server -- still no syndetics content at all.
13:17 owen Hmmm.. Okay. I'm hoping it's a problem with my template logic
13:17 jwagner I was a little dubious about whether the first ID was still valid, but I doublechecked this one.  Works fine on its "real" server, no content at all on the head one.
13:17 owen jwagner: I'll try to work on this later today and send you an updated version of the file if you're willing to do more testing
13:18 jwagner If jdavidb can apply the patch to our test server.  I confess to ignorance in that area....
13:18 * chris_n finds the less his ignorance, the longer his to-do list :)
13:18 owen jwagner: I could send you the whole file if that was easier
13:18 * jwagner thinks that's why I've been resisting learning it :-)
13:19 jdavidb I can apply the patch, yes, where-ever it's needed.
13:19 jwagner owen, the whole template file?
13:19 owen jwagner: Yes, if the impediment is patch-application but you have access to the test server
13:19 jwagner If you send me the whole file, I can set it up as a branch & then copy the file over -- wouldn't need him & he's busy.1
13:19 jwagner That's probably easier.
13:22 jwagner I'll be in & out of meetings all day, but will try to squeeze it in.
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13:34 schuster Hello all...
13:35 owen Hi schuster
13:35 owen jwagner: Do you get "No cover image available" ?
13:36 jdavidb schuster++
13:38 jwagner owen, no -- no indication that any content is in place at all.
13:38 jwagner Same as if syndetics etc. was turned off
13:39 owen jwagner: Could there be a broken image there? (I don't know if your browser would tell you)
13:39 owen If you view source and search for "syndetics" can you find an image tag?
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13:40 jwagner No.  I don't see anything at all in Firebug and searching source for syndetics doesn't find anything.
13:41 owen That's weird. I wouldn't think the change I made would do that... Hm...
13:46 jwagner Dunno if it makes a difference -- I've been checking primarily the results list, but have also gone into the detail page on some.  No change.
13:47 owen jwagner: My patch didn't touch the results page
13:47 owen If the results page isn't working you've got a different problem.
13:47 jwagner Well, that might account for it, then.  Wonder if the Syndetics ID is IP-limited or something.  I copied it from a production server.
13:48 jwagner We haven't had a problem in the past, though, with running Syndetics on test servers.
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13:50 jwagner Nope, just tried the same ID on a different test server (not at current head) and it works fine.  Syndetics covers, notes, etc.
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13:53 owen jwagner: All *I* changed was opac-detail.tmpl. If you don't see Syndetics content on your opac-results page where you normally would, there must be some other issue going on too
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13:54 CGI766 Can anyone help with me with an Amazon images problem, I have been battling it for ages
13:55 owen We can try CGI766. What's the problem and what version of Koha are you on?
13:56 CGI766 The problem is that I can't get any enchanced content to work. I am hoping for Amazon but Google is the same - just getting the version for you now
13:56 CGI766 Version 3.0004019
13:57 CGI766 I have the AccessKey, PrivateKey and AssocTag entered correctly and all turned on in Admin
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13:58 owen CGI766: Google cover images don't work either?
13:58 CGI766 Correct
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13:59 kmkale hi all
13:59 owen Since Google cover images don't require any kind of authentication, I wonder if you have a firewall issue?
13:59 jwagner Have you verified that your records have ISBNs?  Both Google & Amazon link on them.
14:00 owen jwagner++
14:00 CGI766 What sort of traffic is required outbound? Mind you all my clients are allowed full access to to the internet
14:00 CGI766 All records are full, complete MARC records with ISBNs
14:01 owen CGI766: Is your catalog online where we can see an example?
14:01 CGI766 not at the moment, but I could put it up there.....will need to change some firewall rules do to it
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14:13 CGI766 OWEN - Site externally now, you can view it here - >
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14:14 owen CGI766: Do you have an example record in mind?
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14:14 CGI766 Any of them! Try a seach for music
14:15 owen CGI766:[…]?biblionumber=178
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14:15 owen I see an ISBN, but it's not in the ISBN field
14:15 owen It's in 001 when it should be in 020
14:16 owen If your system maps 020 to biblioitems.isbn then Koha isn't getting any isbn data to use to display book covers
14:17 CGI766[…]biblionumber=2473
14:17 CGI766 better example
14:17 CGI766 sorry, that;s the internal address
14:18 CGI766 should be[…]biblionumber=2473
14:19 CGI766 This is even better, no text in the 020:[…]biblionumber=2206
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14:22 owen CGI766: I notice with that record Amazon itself doesn't have a record with that ISBN
14:23 CGI766 OK, I'll get one that does, I had a load earlier.....2 mins
14:23 owen I also notice that in your OPAC I don't see a "no cover image" box, suggesting to me that Amazon cover images are not turned on
14:23 jwagner is now known as jwagner_meeting
14:24 owen CGI766: As on this page:[…]?biblionumber=159
14:24 CGI766 I know, thought that was strange too, however I can assure you it's on. The cover image appears when Google gets turned on but not Amazon
14:24 wizzyrea do you  have all of your keys inputted properly?
14:24 CGI766 I mean the "no cover image"
14:24 wizzyrea someone probably asked that already
14:24 wizzyrea sometimes something silly like a space at the end can muck it up
14:24 CGI766 Yeah, as far as I can see. Simple copy and paste really
14:25 wizzyrea < had that happen once
14:25 owen CGI766: I'm also curious about why your detail pages have a broken layout. Have you modified the template?
14:25 wizzyrea owen: is looking really nice these days :)
14:25 owen Thanks!
14:26 CGI766 Only by using the UsersCSS and MainUserBlock etc, not directly
14:27 wizzyrea yea, the layout does look a little funky :/
14:28 wizzyrea just for fun, kick out your CSS and see if it's working
14:28 owen I can't image why, in this page, you have 8 holdings tables listing no items
14:28 owen[…]biblionumber=2206
14:29 wizzyrea and good morning
14:29 wizzyrea :)
14:30 schuster owen - I see on - you have rotating kids covers on the left.  Is that a seperate "special" css you created?
14:31 owen schuster: That's built in PHP, completely separate from Koha. It just links to Koha
14:31 schuster ah ok.  Drat another PHP attachment.
14:31 wizzyrea I wish there was a plugin system for koha
14:31 wizzyrea a la WP
14:31 wizzyrea so you could shortcode really cool content in.
14:32 owen CGI766: I wonder if you get a similarly weird display when you view that record in your staff client?
14:32 CGI766 I have removed any of the custom CSS changes but the problem remains. Is there anyway to turn on enchanced logging?
14:32 brendan wizzyrea - plugin system - I know that's sekjal's dream to code into koha somewhere somehow
14:33 CGI766 Yes, the record looks the same, a little more detail but seems to have many blank locations
14:33 wizzyrea I would love him forever.
14:34 sekjal awww
14:35 sekjal I have so many dream projects
14:35 sekjal I just need to figure out how to plug a computer into my brain, so I can code them up while I sleep
14:35 * chris_n thinks if we could all finish all of our koha dream projects, the world would not need any other ils :)
14:37 sekjal chris_n:  agreed
14:37 owen chris_n: Except for some folks who would insist that it should have been written in Python using Postgres
14:37 wizzyrea *giggle*
14:37 sekjal owen: they could run a modified version of Evergreen, then
14:38 wizzyrea 766, I don't suppose you'd feel comfortable giving any of us a login to look at your prefs?
14:38 wizzyrea (which is fine)
14:38 owen CGI766: Because that record looks so strange and you have weird empty locations, I'm wondering if there was a problem with your biblio load or with your data mapping
14:39 CGI766 Maybe, should I trunc and start again? It is only a test system at the moment?
14:40 owen CGI766: Where are you getting your records? Are you trying to import from another system?
14:40 CGI766 Yes, a Horizon system
14:41 owen CGI766: You might want to start over and try to create a new MARC record from scratch or from a Z39.50 search
14:42 wizzyrea ^^ what he says
14:42 CGI766 OK, will do. Thanks.
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15:24 kf bye #koha
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15:57 brendan @wunder 93117
15:57 munin brendan: The current temperature in ASOS_HFM SANTA BARBARA, CA, Santa Barbara, California is 12.8�C (8:35 AM PDT on April 27, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.97 in 1014.8 hPa (Rising).
16:03 schuster @wunder 75074
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16:04 brendan heya schuster
16:04 schuster Hey!
16:04 schuster Hope all is going well...
16:05 brendan you too :)
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16:20 wizzyrea oh schuster! been a while!
16:20 wizzyrea hi
16:20 wizzyrea :)
16:30 schuster hey wizzyrea...  Yes busy with trying to get things ready to close down for the summer.
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16:55 cait hi #koha
16:59 jdavidb Hi, cait!  :D
17:00 cait hi jdavidb :)
17:00 wajasu my cataloger was replacing a marc record via a z3950 search. it has 45 volumes.  Now no searches return anything.  shall i do a complete zebra
17:02 wajasu i'm going to try to rebuild see if zebra is stoping its indexing because if a bad marc record.
17:07 chris_n wajasu: yes
17:07 chris_n you might also see the FAQ on Searching at
17:07 wajasu ok
17:07 chris_n it contains some important suggestions regarding
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17:20 chris_n brb
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17:25 wajasu i ran the rebuild -b -v and zebraidx bailed with an assertion error --> zebraidx: records.c:913: rec_get_int: Assertion `rec->size[i] == 0' failed.
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17:29 chris_n wajasu: you might try -b -r -v which will drop the indexes and rebuild from scratch
17:29 * chris_n is not sure about that error
17:29 rhcl Here's one old thread on the zebra:
17:29 rhcl[…]ugust/000532.html
17:29 chris_n sanity check: you are running the script as your kohauser
17:30 wajasu as root
17:30 chris_n you should be running as your kohauser
17:31 chris_n ie. su kohauser (or whatever the correct account is)
17:36 wajasu i'm going o have to make sure the dirs that zebra uses belong to a koha group and the koha user as well, to get the crontab to run as koha.
17:36 gmcharlt cute - edit war on
17:36 wajasu the rebuild you had me do ran through.
17:37 wajasu but when i went to opac to search, nothing is found still.
17:37 wajasu i'm, going to run rebuild -b -v now.
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17:45 wajasu when i set up my distribution, i had to do httpd setup manually, and user virtual hosts.  is there some setup that runs the koha cgi/perl scripts as the koha user? thus the zerba directories need to be readable and/or writeable by koha?
17:48 chris_n wajasu: in all setup variations all things zebra related are owned by the kohauser iirc
17:48 chris_n there are only three variations: development, single directory, and standard
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17:54 chris_n interesting... the gnome interface in lucid looks much more mac-ish
17:59 owen lucid?
18:01 Nate joined #koha
18:02 chris_n owen: the latest ubuntu beta
18:03 chris_n the thing boots extremely fast
18:09 * jdavidb is thinking of a switch to Ubuntu at home, but has about a half-dozen windows-only things on that machine, that don't seem to like wine much.
18:11 * chris_n runs the complete MS Office 2003 suite under wine: a) to keep it under my thumb ;) and b) to accommodate some users who cannot let go of their M$ security blanket
18:12 * jwagner perks up my ears. Wine? Someone's drinking wine? I could use a slug....
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18:15 jdavidb chris_n:  the two games that get most of my cycles on the home machine baldly refuse to run under wine, so I'll probably keep Windows.  XP-pro, so it's not too evil.
18:17 owen brendan: I submitted a patch for the Amazon covers issue and updated Bug 3863
18:17 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3863 major, P5, ---,, NEW, Amazon Content Not Working
18:21 brendan owen++
18:24 jdavidb owen++
18:24 * owen should be working on statistics but Koha keeps sucking me back in!
18:24 * jdavidb fails to see the problem..
18:29 jwagner is now known as jwagner_meeting
18:30 chris oh that sux
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18:46 chris thats just blatant hostility to the community
18:47 owen chris: ?
18:47 gmcharlt owen: looking at edit history for the wikipedia page about Koha
18:47 chris[…]e)&action=history
18:48 chris kelly sherman has been changing links to
18:51 chris_n wow, and moving liblime links to the top of the list...
18:52 wizzyrea as competitors to koha
18:52 chris and pointing it to
18:52 wizzyrea which I find funny :)
18:52 chris speaks volumes
18:52 chris liblime ->
18:52 wizzyrea OMG
18:52 wizzyrea koha is a competitor to koha!
18:53 * wizzyrea 's mind blows
18:53 chris ah well, at least true colours are being shown
18:54 * chris_n finds it interesting that today it appears she changed the link back to
18:54 chris that last change?
18:54 chris thats not her
18:54 chris_n[…]t&oldid=358417377
18:54 chris_n ok, I see
18:55 chris that link was broken, so someone fixed it
18:55 chris someone should probably fix all the rest too
18:55 chris preferably the person who broke them
18:55 chris but the chance of ptfs growing some ethics seems slim
18:55 chris_n interesting that all of this appears to have taken place after the email exchange over the weekend
18:56 chris_n I wonder if that is our answer
18:56 chris seems to be
18:56 chris why do it otherwise?
18:56 chris you don't accidentally edit the page 8 times
18:57 * sekjal gets started fixing links
18:58 chris_n this sort of reeks of kados
18:59 chris pretending to be ptfs?
18:59 chris_n no, but motivating
19:00 wizzyrea and I'm sorry, it kind of also reeks of, how to say... ignorance on the part of the editor.
19:00 wizzyrea I mean, she put a LibLime, linking to, as a *competitor* of koha.
19:00 chris well it is
19:00 chris there is koha
19:00 * chris_n can think of lots of not so nice things a bucket can be filled with
19:01 chris and then there is the unreleased fork
19:01 chris its the only truthful edit made
19:02 chris_n what a sadly poetical phrase: "For other meanings of Koha, see Koha (disambiguation)."
19:09 wizzyrea hm, that bit in our wikipedia page about the support companies might be better served to link to the list on the koha-community website
19:09 chris true
19:10 wizzyrea I mean, we all know there are more than just bywater, ptfs, and Nucsoft
19:11 brendan awwwhhh shucks
19:11 chris_n hehe
19:11 brendan agreed though - a link to koha-community would server everyone better
19:12 chris_n +1 # as if it's needed :)
19:12 brendan +1
19:13 gmcharlt +1
19:14 wizzyrea well I just went and did it, so I hope that's ok >.>
19:14 wizzyrea guess I should get a wikipedia login >.>
19:14 brendan wizzyrea++
19:16 cait history could link to koha-community too
19:16 wizzyrea indeed
19:16 cait it sounds like liblime were the first company and its the only one mentioned
19:17 wizzyrea yea, I'm going to do a little proper editing on this I think.
19:17 cait wizzyrea++
19:17 * chris_n cheers wizzyrea on
19:18 owen wizzyrea while you're in there please change the link for Nelsonville Public Library to
19:19 chris last time someone started an edit war with librarians
19:19 chris the librarians won
19:19 cait dont miss the liblime link under see also
19:20 wizzyrea owen: done.
19:20 chris was when an nz author (a very mediocre one) said libraries were stealing by lending books out
19:20 wizzyrea (haven't saved yet)
19:20 chris then tried to pretend it never happened
19:21 chris[…]rds_(New_Zealand)  <-- librarians won
19:21 chris ok time to go feed my kids
19:28 chris_n wizzyrea: maybe reordering in alphabetical order would be in order... like on
19:28 wizzyrea oh no no no we're not going to discuss sorting methodology
19:28 wizzyrea lol
19:28 * chris_n ducks
19:29 nengard joined #koha
19:29 chris_n heya nengard
19:29 brendan heya nengard
19:29 chris_n snap
19:30 nengard i hear someone messed with my wikipedia edits???
19:30 brendan missing some good action in the list
19:30 brendan whoops in channel
19:30 chris_n hehe
19:31 nengard people should know better than to change my edits!!!
19:31 * chris_n ducks again
19:31 * owen too
19:31 nengard hehe :)
19:31 nengard it wasn't you!!
19:32 nengard you wouldn't do that
19:33 wizzyrea I admit it, it was me >.>
19:33 wizzyrea at least this time
19:33 nengard no no
19:33 nengard you guys misunderstand
19:33 nengard i mean someone changed the fact that i put the links in to the official koha page
19:33 nengard now you're just re-doing what i did
19:34 nengard that's a-ok :)
19:34 wizzyrea ok...
19:34 wizzyrea mostly in the history section
19:34 nengard i'm talia679
19:34 nengard in the history :)
19:36 owen wizzyrea: You forgot to move LibLime from the Open-source section of "competitors" to the Proprietary section :P
19:36 wizzyrea I wasn't working on that section yet
19:36 wizzyrea :)
19:36 wizzyrea but it's done now
19:37 sekjal wizzyrea: also, the LibLime link in the See Also is incorrect.  Should point to LibLime's wikipedia page, in my opinion
19:37 wizzyrea ooh, yea good catch
19:37 wizzyrea you know what
19:37 nengard k
19:37 wizzyrea I don't think that should even be there
19:38 wizzyrea I think it should be "List of Koha Support companies"
19:38 wizzyrea and point to the website
19:38 wizzyrea because there's no reason that LL over anyone else should have a see also on that page
19:38 * cait mumbles mentioned see also too...
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19:42 cait sorry, just a bit tired and moody today
19:43 wajasu chris_n: so those koha tips in the community web, say "Be sure you are *not* running the zebraqueue daemon".  So should I just run a full index build every 5 minutes? (-b -a, without -z)
19:43 jdavidb left #koha
19:43 chris ok bus time back later
19:43 wajasu i've done full rebuilds, but i get nothing the search results.
19:43 cait wajasu: -z will just reindex new and changed records from zebra_queue table - so yes :)
19:43 chris go go librarian fact checkers
19:43 chris_n wajasu: -z every 5 mins would be fine
19:44 brendan wajasu - have you confirmed that zebraserver is running ?
19:44 chris_n what he said ^^
19:44 brendan you can try this
19:44 brendan ps -aef | grep zebra
19:44 wizzyrea sorry cait, just missed your comment I think.
19:44 wizzyrea but it should be fixed now
19:44 * chris_n thinks brendan is just a mite faster on the keyboard :)
19:45 brendan yeah but usually with typos ;)
19:45 wizzyrea
19:45 wizzyrea please double check what I've done.
19:45 cait wizzyrea: no problem, thx for correcting everything! :)
19:45 chris_n wizzyrea: might sweet of you to correct that competition blunder :)
19:46 chris_n at least they will never be able to accuse us of malice
19:46 wajasu i did a fresh install/deploy last week.  now they added/replaced their 1st marc record (that had 45 volumes).  and now no results in the searches.
19:46 chris_n wajasu: were you able to confirm that zebra is running?
19:47 wajasu yes its running.   /usr/bin/zebrasrv -v none,fatal,warn -f /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
19:47 chris_n and -b -r -v ran with no errors?
19:48 wajasu no errors.  unless somehow i blocked the port it listens on with iptables/firewall?
19:48 wajasu but things were searching fine last thursday.
19:48 chris_n zebra should be running on a socket
19:48 chris_n hmm
19:49 brendan maybe restart zebra ?
19:49 wajasu i saw those sockets and they are read/write owned by root.
19:49 wajasu i'm running alpha
19:49 chris_n wajasu: and this faq does not apply:[…]faq/searching/#16
19:49 brendan in your ps -aef | grep zebra output
19:50 brendan what does the user say ?
19:50 brendan something like --user=koha
19:50 wajasu i just didi all that.
19:50 chris_n k
19:51 wajasu i just chowned -R koha:koha /var/lib/koha/zebradb /var/run/koha/zebradb
19:51 wajasu and ran rebuild as koha user with success.
19:51 Mike joined #koha
19:52 wajasu i see lots of records exported, etc with -v when I rebuild.
19:52 chris_n and your zebra process is owned by the koha user (confirmed in the ps -ef output)?
19:53 * chris_n is puzzled
19:53 chris_n zebraqueue daemon is not running, right?
19:54 wajasu no.  As root. because the instructions have me install as a daemon /etc/rc.d/koha-zebra-daemon  (whihc i symlinked to /usr/share/koha/bin/
19:54 wajasu i stopped zebraqueue an hour ago so its out of the picture.
19:55 wajasu i haven'd installed any sudo functionality in this dist.
19:58 wajasu this is the 1st time i ever got zebraqueue running and it ran every five minutes since last thursday.
19:59 wajasu wait. i think i see somehting in the opac error log.
19:59 chris_n wajasu: it has bad memory leaks
19:59 chris_n zebraqueue that is
19:59 wajasu Use of uninitialized value in string eq at /usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac/ line 468
19:59 wizzyrea well I'm going to take it as a good sign that no one is objecting to my changes (yet)
20:00 wajasu i'm look at the source luke.
20:02 chris_n wajasu: what version do you have?
20:02 wajasu alpha
20:02 chris_n no, version number
20:02 chris_n about->koha
20:02 chris_n in the staff interface
20:02 wajasu where should i look
20:02 chris_n in the staff client, 'About'
20:02 wajasu i'm ssh'd into  the server from home with only command line.
20:03 wajasu 1 minute
20:03 chris_n cat
20:03 wajasu
20:03 chris_n you can also test your zebra with the yaz-client
20:04 cait bug 4416++
20:04 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4416 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, renew all and return all buttons too close together
20:05 wajasu i'll try the yaz client now
20:05 chris_n wajasu: you might want to check the zebra username/password
20:05 chris_n verify the ones in koha-conf.xml
20:05 chris_n match those in zebradb/etc/passwd
20:05 owen Re: Bug 4416, one of my librarians questioned the need for a "renew all" button given the fact that we have a "select all" link under the Renew column.
20:06 cait I have given back a lot of books by accident (very bad when you are testing notices and fines)
20:06 chris_n ok, gotta run, bbl
20:06 cait I think renew all is ok, but its too easy to click on renew all instead of renew selected
20:06 wajasu i recall changing a passwd for kohaadmin for the staff.  maybe its not synced.  I'll check.
20:08 cait owen: often I mark one or more items and klick on renew all or return all
20:09 nengard can someone tell me what is 'earliest hold date' on the holds to pull report?
20:09 davi left #koha
20:13 owen nengard: Since the report might list a title with multiple holds, I guess the report shows the date of the earliest one
20:14 nengard earliest one what? earliest available? earliest placed?
20:14 nengard first patron to receive the item?
20:14 owen The earliest hold date (being the hold for the patron who is next in line for it)
20:17 nengard left #koha
20:19 nengard joined #koha
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20:25 nengard left #koha
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20:38 jwagner_meeting is now known as jwagner
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20:39 wizzyrea it suddenly got very quiet
20:39 brendan joined #koha
20:42 richard joined #koha
20:42 richard hi
20:42 wizzyrea hi richard :)
20:42 richard hi wizzyrea
20:45 indradg joined #koha
20:46 wizzyrea I can't remember... bulk patron edits, in 3.2?
20:49 wizzyrea also, update patrons from child to adult
20:49 wizzyrea easy or hard to implement?
20:49 sekjal wizzyrea: I recall some kind of automatic child to adult script...
20:49 sekjal it'd be pretty straightforward to write, then put on a nightly cron.
20:50 wizzyrea well that was what I thought
20:51 chris_n back
20:51 wizzyrea I think we had them do "DB maintenance" once to do that for us
20:51 wizzyrea which we paid for
20:51 wizzyrea and it seems dumb
20:51 wizzyrea to pay for such things, it should be so easy
20:52 sekjal so long as you had date of birth in the child records
20:52 * chris_n wonders how much money is made doing easy things
20:52 chris_n and why he never gets a shot at them :-)
20:53 wizzyrea you are clearly too nice.
20:53 wizzyrea ;)
20:54 * chris_n shows all his teeth and growls
20:54 wizzyrea well I suppose you wouldn't update a child that didn't have a birthdate
20:54 wizzyrea just report it out
20:54 wizzyrea "these children were not updated: cause, no birthdate"
20:54 wizzyrea nope, still not scary
20:55 wajasu one things i notice in the logs (which might have been zebraqueue, was searches that look like someone cut and pasted a text marc record in the search field.)
20:56 wajasu for the past week. tons of entries.
20:57 wajasu my koha-opac-error_log is >17MB and only me and one other have done at most 200 queries on the search field of the opac.
20:58 wajasu i'll see if now that the zebraqueue is stopped, if that goes away.
20:58 wajasu i'm going to look into the table.
21:05 chris back
21:07 chris i wonder if someone should reply to the thread on the mailing list, pointing out the ptfs edits of wikipedia?
21:07 wizzyrea well they're all gone now
21:07 chris still all in the history
21:08 chris and it does show the environment in which we are operating
21:08 wizzyrea maybe it would be better to just say that we've cleaned up the wikipedia entry
21:09 wizzyrea to more accurately reflect the current state of the project.
21:09 chris could be
21:09 chris_n and suggesting that further edits be left to the appointed leaders of the community
21:09 chris i dont think we wanna go that far
21:09 * wizzyrea doesn't really fall in that category
21:09 chris_n or at least be run by the list
21:09 chris but sticking to the facts might be nice
21:09 wizzyrea chris: have you looked at it since I finished with it?
21:09 * chris_n imagines a long drawn out series of oppsing edits ensuing
21:10 chris chris_n: wikipedia stamp that out pretty fast
21:10 chris they will lock the page if they have to
21:10 wizzyrea can you suggest that they do so?
21:10 chris wizzyrea: yep much better, but that really isnt the issue IMHO
21:10 * chris_n is a bit releaved to hear that
21:10 * wizzyrea doesn't work with editing wikipedia much
21:10 wizzyrea oh I know it's not the issu
21:10 wizzyrea but I did change other stuff too
21:11 chris the issue is that ptfs have decided to attack the community, openly in public
21:11 chris_n it all seems a bit childish imho
21:11 chris and i think people should be aware of that
21:11 larsw joined #koha
21:11 chris_n heya larsw
21:11 chris_n nice work on the deb packages
21:11 larsw thank you
21:12 chris_n chris: some sort of post might not be out of order
21:12 sekjal larsw++
21:13 chris ill give it a day or 2
21:13 chris certainly if its edited again
21:14 chris man, what a waste of energy
21:14 wizzyrea no kidding
21:14 wizzyrea oh yes, larsw++
21:15 sekjal I'm very excited about "sudo apt-get install koha" becoming a reality
21:15 larsw stop that, I am only an 8-bit variable, you're going to overflow me
21:15 larsw (kidding aside: thank you, it feels good to get feedback)
21:15 wizzyrea sekjal: omg, no kidding.
21:15 * wizzyrea puts that in angry twitter guy's face
21:16 sekjal then, with the .deb, we can easily have a turnkeylinux app
21:16 * wizzyrea squees!
21:17 larsw I have a preliminary koha.deb, but it doesn't work out of the box yet; chris is helping me iron out the problems, and I will let koha-devel know when I have something that is safe for other people to try
21:18 sekjal thanks, larsw!  I'll happily put it through it's paces when it's ready
21:18 chris a patch i sent for fixing the libxml issue should help with that, i must check that with gmcharlt
21:18 gmcharlt chris: I'm strongly tempted to stick that into MARC::File::XML
21:19 gmcharlt but at any rate, if you wouldn't mind s/write/right/ on the patch
21:19 chris ahh doh
21:19 chris yeah can do
21:20 chris i love git commit --amend, make a branch, cherry pick fix the files git add git commit --amend and away you go
21:20 chris will do that right now
21:20 darling joined #koha
21:20 darling is now known as reed
21:24 chris i switched half way through and started saying correct, so ill just s/write/correct/
21:24 chris on the bad ones and resubmit
21:27 cait left #koha
21:28 wajasu can anyone give me a quick example command line for a yaz-cliinet search.  I'm trying to figure out auth/open, etc..
21:29 chris_n wajasu: check the list archives; there are several threads dealing with the yaz-client
21:29 wajasu ok
21:31 wajasu left #koha
21:37 chris gmcharlt: just rebasing the 2505 changes add a couple of conflicts, fixing now
21:38 scott joined #koha
21:39 chris sent
21:41 sekjal left #koha
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21:43 chris off to a meeting bbl
22:03 Nate joined #koha
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22:35 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
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22:58 wajasu connected with yaz-client and did a search and got 49 results. so the zebra server/index is not the problem at the moment.
22:59 wajasu when i search thru the opac, it seems the search never hits the zebrasrv
23:00 wajasu so maybe its a permissions problem. or an error inthe might be short circuiting things.
23:05 chris wasaju: you do have nozebra switched off?
23:05 wajasu if i see 'use of uninitialize value in string eq at /usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac/ line 468  which looks up $params->{'offset'} ...
23:06 wajasu i'm going to have to see if my staff person messed with prefs.
23:06 wajasu is there a mysql table tht logs changes?
23:07 wajasu i might be able to do a query to see their changes.
23:07 wajasu i'll check nozebra.
23:10 chris not for sysprefs i dont think
23:11 wajasu i queried sysprefs and saw NoZebra with value 1
23:11 chris ah ha
23:11 chris therein lies the problem
23:11 chris change that to 0
23:11 chris and try your search in the opac
23:11 wajasu i think i accidently ran then ctrl-c'd it.
23:12 wajasu so it might have changed that?
23:12 * chris is very happy to see email from cfouts
23:12 chris it is possible
23:12 wajasu thx, i will check it out later. got a meeting for a couple of hours.
23:13 Nate left #koha
23:13 * chris answers
23:17 CGI318 joined #koha
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23:31 brendan chris: I think that nozebra will be the trick
23:32 brendan when it comes down to it - it's always the easiest answer eh?
23:32 chris yep
23:33 chris always best to look like a dork and ask the obvious questions
23:33 brendan :)
23:33 brendan tried that with - is zebra running?
23:33 chris :)
23:33 * brendan needs to go more dorky
23:39 * chris_n asked the same questions twice... does that qualify?
23:40 chris thats just forgetful :)

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