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03:38 brendan night
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03:40 Amit_G heya brendan, chris
03:42 chris hiya amit
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04:00 chris hi kmkale
04:22 Amit_G heya kmkale
04:27 kmkale Hey Hi,
04:27 kmkale sorry was away from desk
04:28 kmkale how are u amit?
04:37 kmkale hi chris
04:39 Amit_G kmkale: what new
04:40 kmkale Nothing much Amit; routine
04:40 kmkale how abut you?
04:52 chris Amit_G:  (down the bottom)
04:52 Amit_G ok
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06:09 Amit_G heya nicomo
06:09 nicomo hi Amit_G
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07:15 kf good morning #koha
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07:36 nicomo hello kf
07:37 chris hello europe
07:43 kf hello chris and nicomo
07:48 paul_p hi chris / NZ !
07:49 chris hiya paul_p
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07:52 chris hi Mike
07:53 Mike hello
07:58 Amit_G heya Mike, kf, paul_p
08:00 kf hi Amit_G, Mike and paul_p ;)
08:01 miguel owen: hi all
08:02 Amit_G heya miguel
08:05 kf hi miguel
08:05 kf chris: thx for fixing the "overdues block circ" bug :)
08:06 chris no problem, had you bumped into it before?
08:06 kf chris++
08:06 kf yes
08:06 kf I did a lot of notices and fines testing on our test installations
08:07 kf I think its bug 4036
08:07 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4036 blocker, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, Two conditions missing from circ template messages: USERBLOCKEDOVERDUE  and USERBLOCKEDREMAINING
08:07 kf did you take a look a the date? I got the impression that it starts blocking on due date, I would think it should start blocking when the checkouts are actually overdue
08:07 chris ahh ill mark that too
08:08 chris now its controlled by a syspref
08:08 chris so it blocks, or doesnt block, or asks for confirmation
08:08 kf thats a good solution
08:10 chris have updated 4036
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08:25 kf :)
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09:08 chris hi hdl_laptop
09:09 hdl_laptop hi chris
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10:17 woker hi, I'm working with a small group on a site about books and we'd like to interface with Koha libraries catalogs
10:18 woker are there web services or API entry points we could use ?
10:18 woker (I'm a developper)
10:18 woker thanks in advance for your kind answers :)
10:24 chris most koha servers run a z3950 server
10:26 chris you would of course need to get the connection details from the libraries
10:26 chris but that would be the easiest way
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12:48 * owen was surprised to hear from jransom that the HLT Koha Committee *still* hadn't heard from PTFS
12:48 * owen disappointed
12:50 paul_p @chris_n++
12:50 munin paul_p: Error: "chris_n++" is not a valid command.
12:50 paul_p chris_n++
12:50 paul_p (for your mail to PTFS)
12:50 paul_p owen, were you really surprised ? I was disappointed, but not surprised (hélas !)
12:51 paul_p hello USA !
12:51 gmcharlt hi paul_p
12:51 * owen really wanted to be optimistic :(
12:51 gmcharlt owen: on the not-so-dim side, it has happened now
12:51 chris_n heya paul_p
12:51 chris_n && gmcharlt
12:52 gmcharlt hi chris_n
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12:52 * paul_p about to leave to take a plane to Amsterdam... ( now live with Koha, a few question/training remaining)
12:53 chris very cool
12:53 * chris is about to go to sleep, just have about 15 mins of stuff left to do
12:53 chris_n go to bed chris :)
12:54 * paul_p send wave of spring weather to chris, that helps sleeping well ;-)
12:55 chris :)
13:00 paul_p gmcharlt++
13:00 paul_p (for mail to ptfs)
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13:01 * paul_p hesitates between gmcharlt & chris_n : who wrote the most appealing & encouraging answer ? hard to decide. Both were VERY positive & encouraging !
13:01 gmcharlt paul_p: you don't need to choose
13:01 paul_p gmcharlt, I know ;-)
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13:01 * owen would get the award for most exasperated
13:01 gmcharlt we need as many voices as possible
13:01 chris_n ditto
13:02 paul_p yep, of course, it was just a joke (and it was to point that I really appreciated your mails)
13:02 gmcharlt paul_p: yeah, I get that :)
13:03 gmcharlt but I feel the need to be dull and humourless about this matter, to avoid cases of misunderstanding :)
13:03 chris im glad indranil and koustubha replied too
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13:04 chris i think people sometimes feel scared to reply to those kinda emails
13:11 chris_n wb jwagner :)
13:11 jwagner Thanks, chris_n -- had to reboot
13:13 chris_n must be a windos box
13:13 gmcharlt jwagner: we need to set you up with an IRC proxy so that you *never* need to leave #koha :)
13:14 jwagner gmcharlt, what makes you think I never want to leave ???  I do try to have a life outside of work :-)
13:14 gmcharlt fie on that ;)
13:14 owen gmcharlt: I confess I don't know what that means. How does an IRC proxy work?
13:14 jwagner I didn't say I was successful....
13:15 gmcharlt owen: a proxy sits between your IRC client and the IRC servers
13:15 gmcharlt and keeps your connections going
13:15 gmcharlt so if you stop your client or reboot
13:15 gmcharlt next time you connect to the proxy
13:15 gmcharlt you can see what happened without having to check external logs
13:15 gmcharlt I use bip
13:16 * jdavidb programs an ELIZA into his IRC proxy, so when he's away, she'll ask questions like, "jwagner: how did it make you feel when you said you were successful?"
13:16 chris_n bip++
13:16 * owen thinks "books in print?"
13:20 * jwagner wondered why so many people never leave -- I just thought you were trapped!
13:21 * jwagner starts singing Hotel California
13:21 jwagner "You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave"
13:21 * owen kinda likes that people can assume that if I'm here I'm here
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13:32 Nate Hello #koha!
13:32 sekjal morning, Nate
13:32 Nate morning sekjal!
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13:38 chris_n hey Nate
13:38 Nate hiya chris_n
13:39 Nate I really liked your email to the list
13:39 Nate well said!
13:40 chris_n tnx;  there have been a lot of very good responses
13:40 chris_n I hope some of it is sinking in :)
13:46 owen This is a weird one... I've got an entry in my branchtransfers table with a bad branch code
13:46 owen "cov" instead of "COV"
13:46 owen So the item is perpetually in transit
13:47 jwagner Huh.  How could that happen?  There's no place anyone can manually type in the branch code, right?
13:47 jwagner Is this recent?
13:49 owen The entry in branchtransfers is dated 2009-02-12
13:49 owen Hmmm... I wonder if this could have been triggered by a MARC import with incorrect branch data? It might have been an item record with "cov" instead of "COV"
13:51 * owen wishes for a way to cancel transfers manually via the interface
13:51 jwagner That would be about the only way I could think of.  What does the item record look like?
13:52 owen Looks fine now
13:52 chris_n what is a "forced branch transfer"?
13:52 chris_n branchtransfer rather
13:52 owen Good question
13:52 * chris_n has three entries for the same item with that note
13:53 owen Maybe one made via
13:53 chris_n hmm... the item is transfered from branch X to branch X and so is in perpetual transfer afaikt
13:54 chris_n actually, it is not showing as in transit, but another item is which has no entry in the branchtransfers table
13:55 * jwagner snarls curses at SQL queries
13:55 * chris_n was looking at this the other day
13:58 greenmang0 @wunder mumbai
13:58 munin greenmang0: The current temperature in Mumbai / Santacruz, India is 34.0�C (5:30 PM IST on April 26, 2010). Conditions: Smoke. Humidity: 49%. Dew Point: 24.0�C. Pressure: 29.76 in 1008 hPa.
13:59 greenmang0 @wunder kolhapur, india
13:59 munin greenmang0: Error: No such location could be found.
13:59 owen Interesting... Checking it out to myself (at the item's home branch) and checking it in again (at the item's home branch) fixed the bad transfer entry
13:59 owen chris_n: Now it reads "Forced branchtransfer"
14:00 sekjal msg owen: you've also got some mixed-case entries in both tobranch and frombranch
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14:02 * chris_n was trying to figure out what would cause an item to be reported as in transit from branch X to a null branch
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15:09 kmkale @weather mumbai
15:09 munin kmkale: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 32.0�C (8:10 PM IST on April 26, 2010). Conditions: Smoke. Humidity: 66%. Dew Point: 25.0�C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa (Rising).
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15:20 kf bye #koha
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15:29 kmkale guyz I cant find link to koha ppl's blogs on the koha-community site
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15:47 gp5st hello, i'm having an issue when importing a z39.50 record (well, just adding a record). the 942$c field is blank and it won't let me save, but there are no options to select
15:48 owen gp5st: Sounds like the field is specified in your framework as mandatory
15:49 gp5st that's probably true, i'm using the default framework
15:49 gp5st but i don't know where to get information to put in it, or how to put information in it
15:49 gp5st it seems to be the dewy number from the 0 tab
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15:50 jcamins gp5st: I believe that's the itemtype. Do you have any itemtypes defined?
15:50 owen gp5st: My 942c is "Koha item type," mapped to biblioitems.itemtype
15:52 gp5st how do i define an item type, or is that a config option i need to find and set?
15:53 owen Administration -> Item types
15:53 gp5st i'm sorry
15:53 gp5st it's not even noon and it's been a long day
15:53 gp5st thank you
15:54 owen Remember that Koha uses item types to set circulation rules, so if you have classes of items which need to have different circulation periods or restrictions you should set them up with their own item types
15:54 gp5st ok
15:55 gp5st i guess i should sit and read the manual back to back instead of just trying to find pieces i need as i need them
15:55 gp5st thank you for your help
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15:56 hilongo Hello there!!  have some questions about web based MARC import tool  :)
15:58 hilongo It is working very well .... but item information, when a item already exists, is not updated
15:58 hilongo is it the desired behaviour?
16:00 chris_n hilongo: I think the options are to 1. create duplicate items or 2. do not import iirc
16:02 gp5st thanks again!
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16:09 chris_n hilongo: I think with regard to the bib, you can elect to replace, however with items it appears the options are either add or ignore basically
16:11 chris_n you could always add such a feature :)
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16:44 brendan morning all
16:44 chris_n heya brendan
16:44 brendan heya chris_n
16:50 owen I would think PTFS would be happy to be rid of just so they wouldn't have to maintain a Plone site. Bleh.
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16:54 brendan owen++
16:54 cait hi all :)
16:54 brendan hi cait
16:54 cait hi brendan
16:54 cait @wunder Konstanz
16:54 munin cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Germany is 12.8�C (6:50 PM CEST on April 26, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 89%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 30.23 in 1023.6 hPa (Steady).
16:55 brendan @wunder 93117
16:55 munin brendan: The current temperature in ASOS_HFM SANTA BARBARA, CA, Santa Barbara, California is 12.2�C (9:45 AM PDT on April 26, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.97 in 1014.8 hPa (Rising).
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17:18 wizzyrea owen: plone sucks
17:18 wizzyrea plone--
17:19 wizzyrea[…]ect-organization/
17:19 wizzyrea in case anyone asks you "how the community is structured"
17:21 chris_n nice work
17:21 wizzyrea oh I didn't do it
17:21 wizzyrea gmcharlt did
17:22 chris_n either way :)
17:22 wizzyrea glad to have that on the project site
17:28 brendan wizzyrea++ #excellent job with the website no matter
17:30 cait wizzyrea++ :)
17:30 cait what about adding the community guidelines there too?
17:30 gmcharlt wizzyrea++
17:30 gmcharlt cait: community guidelines?  what do you mean by that?
17:31 wizzyrea I'm going to be working on it later... was about to ask the same things
17:31 cait mom
17:31 cait gmcharlt: the codument about domains and such
17:31 wizzyrea you mean the ones from about "how to get listed as a support company?"
17:31 wizzyrea I was going to transfer those over today
17:31 * gmcharlt is trying to be careful about having[…]ect-organization/ be descriptive and not prescriptive
17:31 cait yes, that one, not sure if it needs an update
17:31 wizzyrea it probably does
17:32 slef hi all
17:32 gmcharlt hi slef
17:32 wizzyrea hi slef
17:32 * wizzyrea ducks away for lunch
17:32 wizzyrea is now known as wizzyrea_lunch
17:32 cait for me its javaServer pages now again... *sigh*
17:32 slef am I right in thinking that ISO-8859-15 coding is not valid MARC-8?  I'm beginning to doubt myself with how one vendor is behaving
17:33 gmcharlt slef: MARC-8 was never made an ISO standard as far as I know
17:33 brendan gmcharlt - do you have any recommendations to achieve this - be descriptive and not prescriptive
17:33 slef cait: could be worse. I think I've been writing emails instead of code most of the day :-(
17:33 gmcharlt and ISO-8859-15 certainly isn't MARC-8
17:33 cait for me programming is still a bit frustrating
17:33 cait it took me 6 hours to get a small program working yesterday :(
17:33 gmcharlt brendan: well, there are organizational practices of the Koha community that are well known and agreed to
17:34 brendan yeah I was wondering if that was what you were talking about
17:34 slef cait: I used to have a fake textbook cover on a shelf in my past office "Java makes me want to smoke crack"
17:34 gmcharlt but things about how one would *like* the project to be organized should be on the page, but proposed for community vote
17:34 brendan heh java = crack
17:34 gmcharlt rather, should *not* be on the page, but proposed for community vote
17:34 * slef opens his koha mailbox
17:35 cait slef: and I already forgot almost everything from my java course (jsp and java is needed for my distance study courses)
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17:35 slef oh I remember why I'm here... when does kohacon10 end? Dates on the website are inconsistent.
17:35 gmcharlt slef: if it's like the EG or C4L conferences, when the beer runs out ...
17:35 gmcharlt seriously, a good question
17:36 slef ok, and another: is the bus trip on and where do I express an interest?
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18:29 chris morning
18:30 jwagner morning chris
18:30 owen chris, it doesn't feel like enough time has passed for you to be back
18:30 chris slef: the bus trip to levin for mayoral reception and dinner? we are still researching costs tentative yes
18:31 brendan morning chris
18:32 * chris_n wonders if he can safely hand chris coffee now? :-)
18:32 chris and conference is 3 days, mon, tues, wed, thursday break (bus trip would be this day)
18:32 chris and then the dev conference starts
18:37 slef hi chris
18:38 slef the bus trip Auckland-Wellington mentioned on librarymatters
18:38 chris ahh roadtrip
18:38 chris yes, thats on
18:39 slef who do I need to tell?
18:39 chris the mayor of levin would like to give us a mayoral reception, and then on to a marae for dinner (thats the bus trip north from wellington)
18:39 chris slef: joann
18:39 wizzyrea_lunch I"m thinking we might come early and put the conf in the middle of our trip
18:39 chris
18:39 wizzyrea_lunch instead of the beginning
18:39 wizzyrea_lunch so we can do the roadtrip
18:40 wizzyrea_lunch have a few days before in auckland, road trip down to wellington, conf, then play around in the south.
18:40 slef Also, date inconsistency "October 25 - November 2 2010" on front page against 3+3 description which would be 25-30 October
18:41 chris yeah, one day break in there
18:41 slef still 2 days short?
18:42 chris yeah, programme is still being worked on, ill fix that up soon but yes most likely start on a monday, finish on the next monday, 7 days all up
18:42 slef wizzyrea_lunch: would you like to collaborate on a trip to South Island, at least for the first few days?
18:43 gmcharlt slef: wizzyrea_lunch: my wife and I are planning to have a vacation around KohaCon as well
18:43 chris i think so is lee from montana, and nicole and her husband
18:44 slef I might bunk off hackfest early.  Love you all dearly, so would like to spark some ideas, but I can hack from Somerset better because there's less new-to-me stuff here.
18:44 chris well yeah, its changed from hackfest to dev conference
18:45 chris cos i feel the same, hackfest is fun, but sharing knowledge is better
18:45 slef right, I'd best go cut some grass before we run out of daylight
18:45 wizzyrea_lunch is now known as wizzyrea
18:45 slef bbl
18:45 chris ill make sure we put all the really interesting stuff first ;)
18:46 wizzyrea @later tell slef well, I'll have my 2 year old with me, so that kind of limits what we can do, schedule-wise (naps and all that)
18:46 munin wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
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19:10 zico hi
19:10 zico i have been facing problem with my outstanding fine problem
19:11 zico i have included perfectly Item Type,Fine Amount ,Fine Days ,Fine Grace Period ,Fine Charging Interval,  Current Checkouts Allowed &  Loan Period
19:11 zico but, it`s not working yet
19:12 zico i have ran manually
19:12 zico too
19:12 zico but.. yet Koha showing me that outstanding fine is $0.00
19:12 zico is there anyone..who can help me?? plz??
19:12 zico i need this very badly
19:12 zico i cannot generate fine for my patrons
19:12 zico is there anyone?
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19:14 brendan zico - check your system pref = finesMode
19:14 brendan you may need to change that to Calculate and Charge
19:14 zico brendan: it`s showing "production
19:15 brendan ah ok - which version are you on
19:15 zico 3.0.5
19:21 zico is the problem of 3.0.5?
19:22 brendan no it should work in that version
19:22 brendan <thinking>
19:22 cait what are your settings for the item type... ? perhaps we can see what is wrong from an example
19:22 zico brendan: i am waiting for you!! :(  i need it badly
19:22 zico :( :(
19:22 cait and which options did u use with fines.ol?
19:23 cait we use fines in 3.01.61 and its works fine
19:23 zico cait: which option? i cannot get it, sorry
19:24 cait command line options for
19:24 cait I think there is a test mode too
19:25 zico cait: i just ran that with the command    chmod +x fines. pl                 then               ./
19:26 brendan zico - try a ./ -v
19:26 brendan and see it it tells you anything
19:26 jcamins Real quick: does anyone have an example of a bulkmarcimport command line that uses -match?
19:26 jcamins (real quick so as to avoid distracting everyone from zico's problem)
19:28 zico brendan: it shows me
19:28 zico Fines assessment -- 2010-04-27 -- Saved to /tmp/koha_2010-04-27.log Number of Overdue Items:      counted 42     reported 42
19:29 brendan ok so it's got 42 in there that should be charging
19:30 brendan if you look at the system pref table in mysql confirm that the setting is production
19:32 zico brenden: ok, in test mode, it`s started working
19:32 zico but, is it possible to make it automatic?
19:32 zico i mean.. this file is in /cronjobs/ of /usr/share/koha/bin/cronjobs/
19:32 brendan something like this = select * from systempreferences where variable = 'finesMode';
19:32 zico but... will it work automatically?
19:33 brendan yes you need to set that as a cronjob
19:33 brendan there is an example here - misc/cronjobs/crontab.example
19:35 zico brenden: i have just put this in crontab -e
19:35 zico 0 1 * * * /usr/share/koha/bin/cronjobs/
19:35 zico will it work?
19:36 brendan it should
19:36 zico ok... thanks... let`s see how much it works? :) i will let you know
19:36 zico thanks.. .thanks a lot
19:40 zico left #koha
19:42 wizzyrea does anyone know if is still a requirement to get listed as a support company?
19:43 wizzyrea er, sending the form to*
19:43 brendan I don't think it should
19:43 wizzyrea i'm just working on the "how to get listed page"
19:43 wizzyrea the guidelines are good, I think
19:43 owen approvals--
19:44 wizzyrea I think what I might do instead
19:44 brendan anybody know when the next IRC meeting is ?
19:45 wizzyrea oh, this is one of those things isn't it.
19:45 wizzyrea well poop.
19:45 brendan yeah sorry I think that would be the best "one of those things"
19:45 wizzyrea in the interim, I'm going to make a form that sends to me, and I'll add anybody who asks, as long as it's a real vendor.
19:46 wizzyrea because there's no mechanism for who to contact to get listed
19:46 brendan fair enough
19:46 wizzyrea and the existing paradigm... yea, not gonna work probably
19:46 wizzyrea and I don't want to put people off from being listed.
19:47 wizzyrea at least not right now.
19:47 brendan you could always forward the message to the mailing lists and ask any objections ?
19:47 slef brendan: I'd expect it to be next week, but it's not on my calendar, so look at
19:47 wizzyrea it's not on the calendar either
19:48 slef I think it's worth asking here too, because #koha seems to spot domain abuse.
19:48 slef Anyway, I should be cooking, so bbl
19:49 brendan looks like 19:00 UTC May 5th
19:49 wizzyrea kk ty
19:51 gmcharlt +1 to discussing at next IRC meeting
19:52 * brendan wonders if there is any backlog for those who have not been listed
19:53 gmcharlt brendan: possibly one or two, but I'm not sure
19:53 brendan wizzyrea maybe a little message to the mailing lists to contact you if not listed and that you'd like this issue to be added to the next IRC meeting
19:54 brendan just thinking our loud
19:54 gmcharlt just add the agenda item to the wiki page, no need to ask to add it
19:54 gmcharlt regarding email to sweep up any pending listings, I agree with brendan
19:55 chris_n +1 # /me's $0.02
19:55 brendan thanks me's
19:55 wizzyrea okies, I will do that and I will add to[…]ow-to-get-listed/ that listing requirements are under review at the next IRC meeting
19:56 Mike joined #koha
19:57 brendan gmcharlt is the next agenda up anywhere ?
19:57 wizzyrea i'm looking, I don't see it. :/
19:57 gmcharlt brendan: should be same place it always is, on the wiki
19:57 wizzyrea but I will look again.
19:57 gmcharlt wizzyrea: ah, cloen from the last one, then
19:57 brendan bugger not finding it yet
19:57 brendan will keep looking
19:57 wizzyrea k
19:57 wizzyrea "The policies for getting your company listed are currently under review, and will be discussed at the 5May2010 IRC meeting. In the interim, should you like to get your company listed, please send the pertinent information to Liz Rea (wizzyrea (at) gmail (dot) com) "
19:58 wizzyrea and what, I can accept anybody? or do you want me to check with someone before I add them?
19:58 wizzyrea I suppose we can clean it up later if need be
19:59 wizzyrea (the only reason I'm pressing is because I want this "how to get listed" info on our site somewhere)
19:59 wizzyrea sooner rather than later
19:59 sekjal left #koha
20:00 gmcharlt wizzyrea: language is fine; since meeting is only a week away, I'd say tell people to send requests for listing to you and that you'll sit on them until after the 5 May meeting
20:00 brendan I think to cover yourself - send it out for approval from a few people - maybe the advisory board or something
20:00 wizzyrea Maybe it would be better to just forget "how to get listed" and go for "community guidelines for companies"
20:00 wizzyrea or something
20:00 wizzyrea I think I'll just sit on them
20:00 brendan sit_on_them++
20:00 wizzyrea and make a form for submission, like I first thought to.
20:00 wizzyrea :)
20:00 wizzyrea that way I don't have to give out my email address :P
20:00 wizzyrea not that I mind,
20:02 wizzyrea In the interim, should you like to get your company listed, please fill out this form. Submissions will be held pending the outcome of the 5 May 2010 IRC meeting.'
20:02 wizzyrea (form not yet done, of course)
20:02 * chris_n has had all the fun he can have for a monday and so heads home
20:02 wizzyrea but gimme 15 mins or so :P
20:02 chris_n bbl
20:03 wizzyrea later chris_n
20:04 Mike morning all
20:04 wizzyrea morning Mike
20:04 jcamins left #koha
20:05 gmcharlt wizzyrea: not sure you saw it - for the May 5 meeting, just clone the meeting page from the previous general meeting
20:06 wizzyrea ok... will do that here in a few
20:06 wizzyrea (setting up this form)
20:12 nicomo left #koha
20:12 joethoks2 joined #koha
20:24 wizzyrea @later tell nengard the docs on have been updated (though I haven't fixed the holdings table yet)
20:24 munin wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
20:29 cait good night #koha
20:29 cait left #koha
20:42 chris anyone who asks with no judgement applied has always been my preference, fwiw
20:43 * brendan always forgets what fwiw means and has to google it
20:43 brendan :)
20:44 gmcharlt foxes who incite war?
20:44 chris damn foxes
20:44 brendan I do have to say that I love having the OPACUserCSS, OPACMainUserBlock, etc. - just a really great addition
20:44 owen I think it works best if you just pronounce it as a word.
20:46 brendan how would you pronounce that ?
20:47 owen Just like it's spelled! ;)
20:47 brendan fu-why
20:47 brendan fu-wee
20:49 richard joined #koha
20:49 richard hi
20:49 brendan hi richard
20:49 owen brendan: If you love OPACMainUserBlock you'll like Bug 3708
20:49 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3708 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Add another customizable region to the OPAC: right sidebar
20:49 richard hey brendan
20:49 owen I'm just sayin' ;)
20:49 owen left #koha
20:49 * brendan looks
20:49 joethoks2 it is pronounced fwiw. Geez.
20:50 brendan still don't think I'll remember that
20:51 gmcharlt ymmv
20:52 brendan your mileage may vary
20:52 brendan fast googling here
20:53 brendan it seems that bug 4289 - would help feeding the whole OPAC over https
20:53 brendan Bug 4289
21:01 larsw joined #koha
21:04 CGI600 joined #koha
21:05 CGI600 left #koha
21:08 francharb left #koha
21:09 wizzyrea hmm
21:09 wizzyrea
21:09 wizzyrea yahoo can't verify for openid access?
21:09 wizzyrea weird
21:10 schuster left #koha
21:10 CGI771 joined #koha
21:13 joethoks2 did that EVER work?
21:14 wizzyrea what, openid?
21:14 wizzyrea yea, it used to I though
21:14 wizzyrea t
21:16 wizzyrea I suppose a cataloging faq is "does koha support MARC
21:16 CGI771 left #koha
21:16 brendan would be silly ;0
21:16 brendan ;)
21:16 gmcharlt brendan: ain't silly until the last non-MARC-based ILS is dead!  dead! DEAD!
21:17 * brendan was being silly
21:17 * gmcharlt too
21:17 brendan agreed
21:17 brendan :)
22:04 joethoks2 left #koha
22:09 [DL] joined #koha
22:10 [DL] is now known as Scott
22:14 Scott good morning :) anyone around?
22:14 chris hi Scott
22:15 Scott hi chris (cormack?)
22:15 chris yup
22:15 Scott thanks for your replies in the list..
22:16 chris no worries, wish it was more help
22:16 Scott I'll work it out, it been 'put to side' for a few days :)
22:22 Scott i must have spent almost a whole day looking at it, I'm sure after a small break the cause will be obvious
22:24 chris thats what usually happens
22:34 brendan left #koha

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